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THE FUTURE OF FASCIST II Blackshirt 05/02/2020 (Sat) 21:43:40 ID: 776bfb No.8020 [Reply] [Last]
OUR ONLY LOCATION IS NOW ANON-CAFE HOPPE-SAMA DIED, WE GAVE UP ON 8MOE AND SO WE HAVE ONE LOCATION NOW https://anon.cafe/fascist/ https://anon.cafe/fascist/ https://anon.cafe/fascist/ https://anon.cafe/fascist/ https://anon.cafe/fascist/ https://anon.cafe/fascist/
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>>8109 you can also use the /fascist/ (bunker) board on anon.cafe
Open file (44.33 KB 750x417 retarded.jpg)
>>8109 >post on a board full of retards >surprised when they do retarded shit
It's back on anon.cafe, if any other anons come back here looking for it and are momentarily bamboozled by the dead moe link like I was.
>>8109 Don't worry, I had some sense talked into me over a period of a few weeks and I nuked it. Anon Cafe is the only home of /fascist/ as of now.

Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads FashBO##yWPIHb 08/28/2019 (Wed) 22:55:22 ID: 5b336c No.9 [Reply] [Last]
Self-explanatory. If you have a one-liner question won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, post it here.
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>>7988 (heil'd) >shiva.kumar Seems like it might be a shitskin LARPing as a real Aryan
Can all of you do some spellcheck for me? I wrote this and I need some help with it, please.
>>7989 Probably just a dot Indian trying to expose the rothchilds
>>7808 I see. So are you of the opinion that the monarchy was actually benevolent? In defense of Napoleon and other revolutionaries it could be argued that they, like the rabble, were bamboozled by the pommie/freemason/traitor trickery. Of course, I don't know enough about the man to be able to say whether or not that applies to him specifically. >>7883 Oh, you just smelled like pineapple? I thought you meant like you hurt your kidneys or something. Pineapples smell good anyway so I don't give a shit about that. >post some photos here or on /ck/ Will do.
>>7998 Being an avid user of /monarchy/ too, I have to admit some bias towards Louis XVI respecting the French Revolution. But looking at his actions, the worst I think you can call it is a bit incompetent for having so much war debt for the 7 Years War and the American Revolution. But even then he want to fix that by economic reforms and taxing the nobles too. You can accuse him of underestimating how jewry and backstabbing the french nobility could be, but the same could be said for what you bring in your comment, that they were oblivious to the masonry´s true intentions (I think they were in all along though). Napoleon was a great general, but an horrendous statist. Change my mind.

Open file (54.74 KB 640x713 hitler brown house.jpg)
Rules / Moderation / Request / Meta Blackshirt 08/28/2019 (Wed) 22:34:09 ID: b3b0b3 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
WELCOME TO /FASCIST/, PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE POSTING Our Bunkers — https://anon.cafe/fascist/ (primary, first fallback) Neinchan on Tor: vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/fascist/catalog.html Welcome to the new location of /fascist/ on JulayWorld! /fascist/ is a board for discussion of fascism in its various manifestations and, in a more general sense, third-position ideology (e.g. Strasserism, etc) and positions that fall outside of the /pol/ - /leftypol/ dichotomy. Though this board is centered around the discussion of fascist movements, leaders and ideology, everybody is permitted to post here regardless of political beliefs, as long as they debate in good faith. Non-fascists and opposing beliefs of all kinds are welcome as long as they respect the rules of this board! This thread will also serve as a thread for requests to moderation, banners and general bitching BOARD RULES 1. Global rules apply 2. No spam, no flooding, serial double- / triple-posting in the same thread within a short period of time will result in a short ban 3. No fedposting* 4. No avatarfagging without reason 5. No pornography (non-sexualized nudity permitted) 6. Gore should be spoiled and relevant to the topic if posted 7. No self-advertising outside of specifically designated threads. No Disc.ord shilling, period.

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>>7918 that is if all 3 boards have their own domain, if they use 1 domain then faexample.com can lead to www.faexample.com/welcome/ where there are links to each board, so that part is easy backing up your shit up to now is the issue
>>7916 Hi. I'm currently providing hosting for /liberty/ and /monarchy/ and they thinks you should join. We have a domain and an usable imageboard. Post a throwaway email address like >>>/liberty/2852 if you are interested joining.
>>7941 ryn88@protonmail.com I’d also be interested in getting all of the content here moved there if possible at some point, I think Robi said it was possible, but we’ll deal with that when it comes time. Sorry for not replying sooner.
>>7941 it's good to know we're all friends at the end of the day. I'm vaguely aware of some sort of rivalry between /fascist/ and /liberty/, but wasn't sure how deep it went.
Haha, all pro-white activity is Nazism…. Why thank you, controlled Jewish Opposition. Apparently the white race, anti-antisemitism, Eugenics and nationalism didn't exist before Hitler (sarcasm). AND OBVIOUSLY it is an excellent idea to worship the man who killed Europe. Angela Merkel and Stalin are bastion holders of the white race as well? makes just as much sense.

Open file (180.28 KB 251x374 ClipboardImage.png)
Fascist and Third Position Books FashBO##yWPIHb 08/28/2019 (Wed) 22:41:41 ID: 024e41 No.5 [Reply] [Last]
Post good works that you've read and ask for recommendations ITT.

The list below only consists of works that I myself have personally read. If anybody can vouch for any other good works, let me know!

National Socialism (NSDAP):

>Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
There are many editions of this book, of course. The best are Thomas Dalton’s new translation and of course Stalag. I’ve also read Manheim and didn’t think it was too bad, but it’s a little too wordy and is translated by a Jew
>Zweites Buch by Adolf Hitler
>The Program of the NSDAP by Gottfried Feder
>The Manifesto for the Breaking of Interest Slavery by Gottfried Feder

Black Front / Strasserism:
>German Tomorrow by Dr. Otto Strasser
>Deutschlands Erneuerung by Dr. Otto Strasser (in German only)

Iron Guard / Romanian Fascism:
>For my Legionaries by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

British Union of Fascists (BUF):
>Fascism: 100 Questions Asked and Answered by Oswald Mosley
>Tomorrow We Live by Oswald Mosley
>My Life by Oswald Mosley
>Fascism v. Jewry by William Joyce
>National Socialism Now by William Joyce
>The Coming Corporate State by A. Raven Thompson

Italian Fascism:
>Origins and Doctrine of Fascism by Giovanni Gentile
>CasaPound Italia platform: http://www.casapounditalia.org/p/who-we-are.html

JSTOR Articles I've read on more obscure groups with little available material in English:
>Ação Integralista Brasileira: Fascism in Brazil, 1932-1938 by Stanley E. Hilton
>Integralism and the Brazilian Catholic Church by Margaret Todaro Williams
>The Chilean Movimiento Nacional Socialista, the German-Chilean Community, and the Third Reich, 1932-1939: Myth and Reality by Marcus Klein
>Nazism in Chile: A Particular Type of Fascism in South America by Jaime Antonio Etchepare and Hamish L. Stewart
>A Case of Non-European Fascism: Chilean National Socialism in the 1930s by Mario Sznajder
>Fascism and Sinarquismo: Popular Nationalisms Against the Mexican Revolution by Albert L. Michaels

Cultured Thug is also a good YouTube channel for overviews of fascist literature:

Helpful Links:
Edited last time by FashBO on 11/01/2019 (Fri) 13:21:03.
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Can anyone help me find a book? I am sorry that I have so little info on it because I hardly read it, and it's on my busted old computer. It talked about the kali yuga, but I don't think that this was in the title. It was extremely dense, written a fairly long time ago, had a chapter or two on math/physical world and the limitations of our knowledge on them. The mathematics stands out to me. The overall content were scientific and scholarly in tone, frequently referencing old religious myths and stories about Kali Yuga, but like I said I think it was just as much "science" and trying to prove the existence of the coming age through it. I think the cover might have been black? The book itself was very big and dense. If I see it again I'm sure I'll remember it. Sorry for the lack of info.
>>7767 Hmm I do not know of such a book, but if you happen to remember it I'd be interesting in knowing the title
>>7768 dude I feel so stupid. Sorry, my first trip here on this forum. That anon above posted the author's name and it's Rene Guenon which I recognized. The book is: The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times
>>7769 Kek, well at least I know what book to look into now and you remembered it as well. >my first trip here on this forum Hope to see you around, anon

Open file (2.28 MB 400x300 _h_N46.gif)
Brains Blackshirt 06/28/2020 (Sun) 20:28:13 ID: 7d601e No.8123 [Reply] [Last]
What is the racial hierarchy? How are they ranked?
It depends on what you rank them, if you rank capability for evil, top place goes to jews, but if you rank stupidity then top place would go to either Sub-Saharan africans, aboriginal australians or North Sentinel islanders.
Isn't it obvious?

Open file (7.80 MB 5152x3864 DSC00041.JPG)
Blackshirt 06/26/2020 (Fri) 18:58:31 ID: cde736 No.8121 [Reply] [Last]
>>8121 < anons are still using cuckbin after all these years knowing what a honeypot it is i can't see that behind cuckflare OP. use privatebin or wayback ffs.

Open file (1.03 MB 2560x1707 DPwiedervereinigung.jpg)
Deutsch/pol/-Wiedervereinigung Blackshirt 06/15/2020 (Mon) 00:00:56 ID: 9a3d8e No.8120 [Reply] [Last]
Achtung! Achtung! Deutsch/pol/-Wiedervereinigung Deutsch/pol/ war eine politisch inkorrekte Diskussionsgruppe, die bis zum Ableben von 8chan auf 8chan.net war. Wenn du uns vermißt oder hinzustoßen möchtest, besuche unseren Thread auf https://8chan.moe/de/ Laßt es gehört sein, Deutsch/pol/ kehrt wieder heim! English posters, this thread/post serves as a reunification spot for German posters. Do NOT report, sage or delete it. Instead PIN it. Spread it far and wide, Deutsch/pol/ will reunite!

Open file (197.23 KB 1400x1088 speech.jpg)
Blackshirt 06/08/2020 (Mon) 14:38:45 No.8110 [Reply] [Last]
WHY FREEDOM OF SPEECH MUST END Somebody told me once that freedom of speech is good because everything that increases freedom is good and everything that decreases freedom is bad. But does freedom of speech really increase freedom? No, because as every freedom it is self-defeating and logically inconsistent. For example if you give freedom to nazis to present their opinions publicly on the internet, then some of them get radicalized on such websites and they will go and murder bunch of mexicans (or jews, or slavs, or arabs). So by giving them the freedom to speak, you have caused many people to die. And since dead people can't do anything (and therefore can't make any choices) you have robbed them of ALL their freedoms. So by giving nazis the freedom to speak, you have taken away all the freedoms of the mexicans they have murdered. As you can see the overall freedom in the world has decreased in this case. And there are many cases like this when giving somebody the freedom to speak actually decreases the overall freedom in the world. In other words by giving somebody freedom of speech, you cause crimes to happen and by doing that you rob victims of these crimes of their freedoms instead. That means that freedom of speech is self-defeating and logically inconsistent bullshit (which is so dumb that only Americans can believe in it) and it must end.
>nazis Its National Socialists and they are the good guys so your argument is invalid.
>>8110 gtfo, commie. your freedom of speech being ended would actually to the entire world a great favor, so yea there's that.
Open file (148.83 KB 1000x600 jew speech bubble two.png)

Open file (96.25 KB 1291x332 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (96.25 KB 1291x332 ClipboardImage.png)
Come to Anon Cafe Blackshirt 05/30/2020 (Sat) 18:45:44 ID: 4d2cf2 No.8103 [Reply] [Last]
We're at our bunker in the following location: https://anon.cafe/fascist/catalog.html Soon we will be at 8chan.moe

Open file (34.98 KB 858x584 ClipboardImage.png)
Archive and Screencap Thread Blackshirt Board owner 04/28/2020 (Tue) 15:14:11 ID: 1e47ee No.7820 [Reply] [Last]
ARCHIVE EVERYTHING Since JulayWorld will be shutting down in 90 days or so I think it's important that we archive and screencap as much as possible, at least of content that is of value. Personally (though I biased about my own board), I think we've got a lot of good content here that I'd hate to lose once we are forced to move over to anon.cafe. For discussion of the move itself and how we should hand this see >>7822 https://archive.vn/
Edited last time by FashBO on 04/28/2020 (Tue) 15:21:32.
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>>8017 >>8016 >>8012 Most of the threads are there now. I might make a completely new update thread so as to get people's attention and alert them of this site and to decide what to do from there. Not sure yet. t. BO
Guys, is hoppe sama down? cannot access it via tor at the moment.
Open file (29.70 KB 738x504 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8099 Tor seems to be down and I've been getting a posting error where it reaches 100% and doesn't post. The latter issue I know that 8chan used to get as well. I will email the owner.
>>8100 still doesn't work

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