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Open file (62.24 KB 440x220 state-capitalism.jpg)
Economics Blackshirt 02/11/2020 (Tue) 21:07:12 No.4574 [Reply] [Last]
I want to learn about economics. Particularly these topics: >Basic economics. >Pros and cons of nationalizing the banks and having your own currency. >Is State involvement bad? Is protectionism bad? >Why was Nazi Germany so economically successful? In the long term, was its policy really dependent on war? Please give me good reads on these matters. About state involvement and protectionism, right now I think that protectionism is not worth it. It is not convenient economically, and achieving autarky is basically impossible. At the same time, I think the State should get involved when necessary for the well-being of its citizens. Remove harmful products, help smart young men achieve what they're capable of, grant a good healthcare. I already have a position on this but it is simply based on feelings. I need to read about it.
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>>4991 I'm not really a Synarchst (They, like Mosley, wanted democracy while I am spiritually against democracy), but I greatly respect them, at least they accomplished more than the « Acción Revolucionaria Mexicanista » >>4984 I just made a thread that might be relevant >>4994 My goal has always being this basic personal fascism that you can practice even in enemy territory
>>4991 >>4997 >>4995 I should clarify that I'm Mexican but I'm a burger not an actual Mexican national.
>>4997 I didn't know they wanted democracy. Also I'd stop short of saying Mosley wanted democracy. It depends on how you define democracy.
>>5001 If I remember correctly Mosley definitely wanted some form of democracy. I remember reading in one of his books (it was either Tomorrow We Live or 100 Questions) how they wanted to replace "government by talk" into "government by action", and how the government would have periodic referendums on its conduct and how voting would be done by occupation rather than the place in which one lived. Definitely democratic, but not in the liberal sense. I think Mosley was most concerned with ending the rule of finance and Jews over his country, and while I am very opposed to any form of democracy, I can't fault him on wanting to move at least somewhat in the right direction. It's been a while since I've read up on Mosley though so I might be forgetting or mis-remembering some aspect of his or the BUF's ideology. >>4992 >For A man can survive and a rare man even live a satisfying life when alone though I suppose he is never truly alone, for he is with the natural things and spirits of his ancestors/gods/Christ You're not wrong, there are certainly men who can live a satisfying life alone and actively seek this out, but it is certainly a harder existence, and an existence that would not be attractive to everyone, so I would argue that this is more of the exception to the general rule. Even with those who choose to leave the world for spiritual purposes are very much so rare individuals

Why Shouldn’t We Embrace Islam Again? Blackshirt 01/19/2020 (Sun) 15:56:04 ID: 81971a No.3850 [Reply] [Last]
>against (((usury))) >virile warrior ethos which persists to this day >anti-homo and tranny >against pre-marital sex and adultery >anti-Jew >affirms traditional gender roles (patriarchy) >modesty cherished >against alcohol and drugs This is a living, flourishing tradition which is the antithesis of the decadent Jew-controlled matriarchies of today. I think it’s no surprise that 20th century Traditionalists like Frithjof Schuon and Guénon embraced Islam, and today it seems even more sensible to me in opposing the Jew and its system. Christianity is dying and is an instrument of the Jews in destroying Europe, likewise paganism has no community, no real spirit behind it comparable to real religous fervor such as that inspired by “lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh”. I don’t see why I SHOULDN’T convert, find a white woman, convert her too and have a big traditionalist family with an actual moral anchor. Religion is instrumental in a sense, and is different expressions of one truth among different mentalities and cultures. More and more to me the anti-Islam sentiment seems to me anti-traditional, especially when we overlap so much in beliefs. Maybe I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that this will become more and more frequent as time passes. Thread theme: https://youtu.be/K8zgt6ZKvqk
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Fugg, guess another anon already posted these in this thread haven't visited the board in a while and they weren't here last time I checked. It wasn't a complete waste though because it includes a couple images he missed and the PDF.
>>4976 >look how Islam violates muh hyooomin raits!! >look how Islam is mean to sodomites! >look how Islam is mean to women!!! Yikes not gonna read this honestly
Open file (1.26 MB 1493x2000 1445488426877-4.png)
Open file (88.95 KB 1291x362 muh women.png)
>>4979 >include an entire appendix on how to shut down normalfags and kebabs who claim Islam supports muh human rights and muh women >OY VEY HUMAN RIGHTS I'M NOT READING THIS SHIT >OY VEY THERE'S A CHAPTER ON FAGS TOO nevermind that it goes into how kebabs can't stop buttfucking and the fag servant boys Muslims are rewarded with in Paradise >OY VEY THERE'S ANOTHER CHAPTER ON WOMEN Here's your (you). Also, >yikes Nice soyspeak, fag.
>>5004 >>include an entire appendix on how to shut down normalfags and kebabs who claim Islam supports muh human rights and muh women I don't believe that women should have equal rights or that the concept of human rights exists so I would never directly feed into a normalfags belief in such things. I hope no one here directly shills for this bullshit here. >OY VEY THERE'S A CHAPTER ON FAGS TOO Fags in the Qur'an get absolutely BTFO and Islam - as a doctrine, I'm not talking about how its actual followers may / may not act - is again completely right. Professor Kafir is directly shilling for modernism in his crying about muh wimminz and hyoomin raits - i.e. attacking Islam for not being liberal, loving homos and feminists, etc. You can oy vey it away all you want but Professor Kosher is (unwittingly) perhaps quite pro-modernist in his beliefs.
>>5008 >Fags in the Qur'an get absolutely BTFO and Islam - as a doctrine, I'm not talking about how its actual followers may / may not act - is again completely right. So out of all the religions and traditions that don't like fags, you choose to white knight the one that not only rewards believers with pretty boys described the same as the female virgins, but supports trannies. >Professor Kafir is directly shilling for modernism in his crying about muh wimminz and hyoomin raits - i.e. attacking Islam for not being liberal, loving homos and feminists, etc. You can oy vey it away all you want but Professor Kosher is (unwittingly) perhaps quite pro-modernist in his beliefs. Islam is not remotely traditional no, not in its treatment of women either: it is a tool designed to produce angry sandnigger virgins and turn them against the world where they pathologically lie, rape, and kill their way through their own and outsiders alike. Islam is no better for Europeans than it was for the Persians and you might as well call me a modernist for mocking a religion about worshipping dog shit: it may not be a modernist ideology but that doesn't stop it from being fucking retarded.

Open file (218.36 KB 496x556 tree spiker.PNG)
Open file (167.55 KB 878x420 pentti linkola war.png)
Open file (581.06 KB 601x357 ClipboardImage.png)
Anti-Tech, Deep Ecology, National Anarchism, Ecofascism Blackshirt 08/30/2019 (Fri) 22:10:40 ID: 4dbb92 No.31 [Reply] [Last]
I think it would be best this time around to merge deep ecology and anti-tech into a single thread since there is so much overlap. Old thread archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20190804033752/https://8ch.net/fascist/res/13412.html CORE READING > The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul > Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore J. Kaczynski > Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How? by Theodore J. Kaczynski > Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola > The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph A. Tainter OTHER GOOD READS > The Riddle of Amish Culture by Donald Kraybill (gives good insight into why the Amish do what they do and how it helps preserve stable, close knit communities lacking many of the defects of the degenerate secular world). > Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching by Dave Foreman > The NS Kindred Experiment

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by FashBO on 01/11/2020 (Sat) 01:51:50.
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>>4969 I can't tell you how much it pains me that there is not more by this man available in English. I own Can Life Prevail? and have seen videos like this, but besides that there's not much out there unfortunately. I mainly just enjoying hearing or reading how he presents his ideas. He's certainly got a certain flair and just doesn't give a fuck about how normalfags react. The good thing is, though, that while we lack a lot of Linkola content in English, his thought really isn't that hard to grasp, nor is it difficult to guess what he might think on a given issue. That isn't a jab at him, of course, but more a result of much of what he says being simply common sense. I can't wait until we get some Linkolafag to stand up IRL and put forward these views vehemently, I'm getting sick of goyim in suits telling me how they've fought issues such as pollution or environmental damage while simultaneously being the mayors of huge cities, or some CEO running a mega-corp how environmentally friendly they are. Fuck them
BBBBRRRRTTTTTTTT What now? I may be shitposting, I am not Anti-technology –But I do think 90% of it is non-essential–, but I am interested on what would the Anti-Technology answer to « BBBBRRRRTTTTTTTT » be
>>4981 >I am interested on what would the Anti-Technology answer to « BBBBRRRRTTTTTTTT » be The most common answer would probably that the way the technological society is developing it will likely implode and consume itself for a variety of reasons, some of them which have been discussed in this thread, either that or it will taken on increasingly dystopian overtones and will become impossible to opt out of. Therefore such an issue would not arise, as the collapse would cripple the ability to construct or fuel more of those planes for a very long period of time if the collapse is wide-spread enough. As globalism makes a more and more interconnected planet, any sort of catastrophic societal collapse will undoubtedly spread at a more wide-reaching scope, just as today economic downturns can be global. Either way, we will be surrounded by the machines, working or not, of this era for centuries if not millennia to come, even if we totally run out of resources ever to fuel them Kaczynski discusses this exact issue in his newest book Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How as one argument for why the current trend will not be reversed willingly, since states and groups tend to focus on their short-term benefit above all and it is currently in their benefit to keep on plundering the planet of resources at rapid rates and will do this as long as possible, consuming at unsustainable levels and similar problems. Self-restraint puts one at a competitive disadvantage. He lays it out much better than I did, but you get the basic idea I assume. Pentti Linkola on the other hand is more about controlling rampant technology and only keeping it in the hands of a few, so military defense would be less of an issue in such a case. That may seem like the more sensible solution then, but Ted's critiques of fixing our issues through state-power or attempting to control and predict the development of society (and how this is more difficult than one may originally seem) cannot be simply ignored.
>>4988 We are starting to see the massive failure of this interconnected globalist society thanks to the deadly corona-chan over 1.3 trillion chink money is lost in a couple of months and companies such as apple have already lost 4.3% stock value. Instead of making a complete high quality productional unit in 1 major string of national factories with QC on-site jews and capitalists have opted to pollute the world by shipping 1 part from each corner of the globe back and forth again so they could harvest extra shekel from slave labour. I'm overjoyed that globalist faggots are getting shit on by this. There is a big chance if this pandemic gets real bad globalism, mass immigration, production simply won't be the same again and will shift the view on borders.

The Woman Question Blackshirt 11/26/2019 (Tue) 14:30:00 ID: 26882c No.1613 [Reply] [Last]
What does /fascist/ think needs to be fixed in our society when it comes to the question of women, gender relations, marriage and their rights? Will women’s suffrage ever be repealed or is it too late to go back on some stuff?

In specific the following questions are the most important today, I feel
>modesty / clothing
>the age of consent
>women’s suffrage
>woman’s place in society
I of course have a position on all of these, but I don’t want to turn the OP into a blogpost
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>>4943 It's not eugenic when the best men breed all or even majority of women, including mediocre and below average. Women need to be filtered as much as men or weaklings and idiots will keep being born, to no fault of the males. Mothers have a stronger impact on the quality of offspring than fathers. At conception it's a 50-50 genetic split but afterwards gestation is entirely dependent on the mother's health and even her own mother's. There is trans-generational heredity of endocrine and metabolic profiles that is passed dominantly by women and the gestational environment they provide. I have no respect for men who think with their dicks and try to dress up their shitskin lust in fancy ideologies and philosophies while conveniently applying strict standards only to their sexual rivals but not their potential mating pool.
>>4949 Of course women need filtered as well. All of the unfit need sterilized. High quality men should have children with high quality men, and there are doubtlessly means available today to make the best matches for a given person. Those who are exceptionally high quality must he permitted to have as many children as possible, and polygamy is one way to ensure this. Some may say that I am self-inserting myself in this, but I am extremely aware of my own mediocrity.
>>4950 >High quality men should have children with high quality men I know you didn't mean it but I still chuckled. If you take say top 25% of each sex, there is absolutely no need for polygamy, there is a very similar amount of quality men and women. I would say polygamy is psychologically damaging to the offspring as evidenced by broken children who grew up with very little or no father presence. You'd go utterly nuts if you were raised by several women kept around by your ever absent father who is away working all day to support several women at once. Piling together a large number of women and children is creating an inherently infantile environment with no mental stimuli for growing up. A lot of kids as little as 4-5 prefer to follow their fathers and uncles around rather than stick to their mothers. A man can afford to let two or three kids tag along while he's working, but not a whole herd.
>>4949 Women not being kept to certain standards played a great role in how we came to this situation. A lot of men hurt their lineage by having children with inferior women. But the gender itself is lacking tremendously evolution-wise, which is why giving them freedom turned into disaster. They are barely above animals, and this difference makes them a dysgenic factor since they not only behave irrationally like animals, but also get drawn to animalistic (subhuman) traits in men, creating a spiral of devolution and degeneration. Selecting the rare, proper women (they exist, but they got targeted by kikes as well so there was less and less of them as poz reached it's terminal stage), and pairing them with high quality males is essential. Eugenics would require a serious breeding program, that would aim to eliminate deficiencies in both genders, with the great emphasis on women, only this way would their freedom come with responsibility.
>>4374 > I know futurism is “our” thing F V T U R I S T S wanted to fe Fascism's oficial A E S T H E T I C, while they did permeate a lot they were never official. Plus, Fascism is flexible Like you're mom. It can take manny forms and be found everywhere, I've being thinking about it, In manny cultures and religions there is always some mythical figure that bridges men and the Gods, someone who rises above the mundane and becomes a model. I will make a thread about this. >>4968 This is the right approach. Good women are rare, but they do exist, it is just that good people in general are rare these days. Instead of creating a society around controlling bad excuses for women –And ignoring that most men are just as bad– we should focus on promoting the existence good strong women and creating a society that takes them into account, no need for control when they by themselves will work for the betterment of society. Men should seek women on their level, not the first female that shows submission confusing it for respect, the later are usually weak and not fit to even take care of themselves, I can see why manny have such low expectations for women. Although, I would not put such a strong emphasis on genes, most of our problems are cultural, genes are not definitive and only make you more likely to be a certain way (You can see this with experiments involving twins raised in different conditions) and no amount of gene-editing will save you when your parents did not raise you right. Also ==DON'T USE « BREEDING » WHEN REFFERING TO HUMAN

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Fascist movie thread Blackshirt 02/21/2020 (Fri) 17:54:19 ID: 18c4d9 No.4953 [Reply] [Last]
Give me your best recommendations of fascist movies or 3rd position politics. I'll start. >Hans Westmar >Starship troopers This are only 2 I can think of at the top of my head
>>4953 Mussolini the Untold Story 1985 Mosley 1998 mini-series Those two are amazing.
>>4953 I mean Triumph of The Will is a classic.
Schindlers list

Animals Blackshirt 02/13/2020 (Thu) 16:10:02 ID: 6f038f No.4649 [Reply] [Last]
<“An extended chapter of our talk was devoted by the Führer to the vegetarian question. He believes more than ever that meat eating is wrong. Of course he knows that during the war we cannot completely upset our food system. After the war, however, he intends to tackle this problem also. Maybe he is right. Certainly the arguments that he adduces in favour of his standpoint are very compelling. – Dr. J. Goebbels. Goebbels’ Diaries (entry of April 26, 1942) Was Hitler onto something with vegetarianism? I’ve been thinking about it more recently while working through Savitri Devi’s The Impeachment of Man. I like the idea of it for a variety of reasons, but as of now I’m not compelled to try it, though I may some day in the future just to experiment. If anything though, animal experimentation, vivisection and kosher slaughter – at minimum – I feel are important issues for any National Socialist government to take on along with all-important environmental issues after securing their nation from (((outside influence))) and definitively solving the racial problems of our day. Even today the Third Reich sits well before all other countries in the steps they took in these areas. Video from a kosher slaughterhouse (inb4 muh PETA, I only care about the footage): https://youtu.be/KezHKbUzy0A
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Open file (321.06 KB 1053x865 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4876 >Platonic Forms, Archetypes, synchronicities etc. don't need some kind of original emanating point, they are eternal and permeate everything. There is no central, unifying entity or moral authority, it's an entirely open ended system bound only by certain eternal principles. You need artifice like "God" because otherwise you would be unironically eating people. I don't, because my virtues emanate internally without any need of central external authority. I am what I am :>) Yawn, more New Agey woo. "muh virtues emanate internally" = "I'm muh own guru". You just spurt out words like "muh oneness is bad because it doesn't emanate internally from muh feels" and "Platonic forms" but you can't explain why it's real or can be proven any more than the exact same anons you accuse of not being able to prove their God. You use all sorts of esoteric terms without real understanding, you are as exoteric as can be. It's no surprise that the elite in the past actually kept these doctrines secure from the real NPCs in brotherhoods and only past them down orally, so they wouldn't be bastardized by half-baked (((New Age))) faggotry like this
To those seeing unable to see why niggers and bastards are less than animals, read Savitri Devi: >In the eyes of the believers in quality, however, (in the eyes of those who deplore that broadening disparity between actual life and its divine pattern, which characterises evolution in Time) any Bengal tiger, nay, any healthy cat — any healthy tree; any perfect sample of manifested Life — is worth far more than an ugly, — degenerate human bastard. Alone man in his perfection — superior man “like unto the Gods,” not the patched-up weakling that this conceited Age exalts — is to be looked upon as “the highest creature,” “God’s image,” etc... National Socialism — and that is the root of its conflict with Communism, no less than with Christianity as the latter has come down to us, — strives to bring back that conception of man into living reality, and to prepare the reappearing of such a human type, through the preservation and strengthening of the best in our fallen Age, not at the cost of the other healthy and beautiful creatures of this earth but, no doubt, — and without a qualm of remorse — at the expense of those masses of racially inferior humanity which the Dark Forces are now organising,with the help of the Jews, their permanent agents, under the sign of the Hammer and Sickle. For those organised masses are, as Hans Grimm has clearly seen — alas, after the disaster of 1945 — tomorrow’s threat to the every existence of higher mankind (not “Asia’s” threat to “Europe,” — by any means! — but the threat of raceless numbers to the pure-blooded Aryan of Europe and Asia, America and South Africa and Australia, and to the pure-blooded and noble non-Aryan, also of the whole world.)
>>4867 > There's no morality at all which is not wholly relative without God. And how do you objectively measure "God" or any of the moralities he bestowed us?
>>4880 >Animals were never stated to be equal to humans Equally treated, having the same (or even higher) moral standards applied to them, etc. You are the one arguing sematics while being either too retarded or too much of a kike to address my actual points >Do animals cause crimes? Crime depends on legislature, most of which is entirely artificial and made to control other groups of people for personal benefit of the ruling clique. But if we take what's commonly considered as crime, then yes, animals do kill, rape, and destroy biological foundations of other races/species. >There's nothing about equality or diversity in this worldview There is, because according to your worldview, everything is equal at the very source, the rest being just different manifestations/degrees of the same. This is the very poisonous seed of egalitarianism, and from that, everything bad in our societies sprouts. You are quick to succumb to it as well, in spite of all the talk of hierarchy, castes etc. You are a SJW through and through. If you discriminate, you have to discriminate all the way to the source. >I'm not even sure at this point what you understand to be meant by animal welfare Not killing them for food, skin, or experiments - the matters which are practical, everything else is degenerate and should be abstained from >If anything niggers should be experimented on Do you really think that niggers have any rational capacity? So your only problem with niggers is that they do not ascribe to the same artificial (moral) standards as you do? How does that make you any different from christcucks and their godly niggers or civnats and their legal niggers? >abuse and neglect their higher capacities as a form of human beings on a much wider scale, thus being worse and more harmful than animals Is there anything compelling them to use their higher capacities for something else? Do they owe it to anyone? They are a higher lifeform than animals, it's their right. If they use it irrationally, they will suffer and go extinct. So is ours in dealing with niggers and other lesser lifeforms. The fact that you would rather hurt a higher form of consciousness than a lower one solely because it doesn't follow the entirely subjective morality of yours clearly shows that you are not being objective in the slightest. And the real reason for that is that you feel threatened by higher lifeforms (if we extrapolate your rational capacity argument to whites). You feel competition. This is the real reason why SJW's (and kikes) hate whites while "loving" animals and subhumans, they don't see them as competition, they don't have inferiority complexes with them. And they also use (((morals))) as a sort of a criminal code of conduct for them to destroy the superior and thus eliminate competition. You are much wiser in it's application as you consider long term and more encompassing effects as well, but in essence, you don't differ much. You are hiding behind "morals" in order to advance your personal interests and promote your individual Will. Moral higher ground is a falied meme, just look at the sad state of the nations which utilized it as a competitive strategy. It's a race to the bottom and only benefits the kikes, it's original creators. >This thread is only in relation to rational human beings There is zero practical difference between a human killing you and an animal killing you. Lack of rational capacity is not innocence. By the same logic, we should forgive subhumans many of their crimes solely because they are not as rational as we are. Morals only apply to beings of approximately same level of consciousness, not because they are universal, but because it's an agreement of two (or more) wills of the similar rank to not hurt each other or cooperate for mutual benefit, or simply because of sympathy and genuine desire to help. Having common blood/features, being of the same race plays a great role in this. This is why honor is the only valid concept, something which (((moralists))) lack entirely. >I'm not even going to bother replying to other schizo bullshit I'm impressed you managed to even last this far without conceding. You need to eat a good, juicy steak and then come back.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>4885 Quality is an universal value. Morals and ethics are not, except in their application and results.

What is idealism? Blackshirt 02/21/2020 (Fri) 17:50:46 ID: 9f5340 No.4952 [Reply] [Last]
Whats idealism I know 3rd position politics are described as "idealist" and I would like to understand. I heard Hegel is hard for newcomers. For a super beginner were should i start books, movies, etc.
>>4952 History of Political Philosophy edited by Leo Strauss. Mussolini's Intellectuals by James A Gregor Depends there are different interpretations from different people. I wouldn't describe fascist politics as idealist. But idealism is basically reality is tied to ideas afaik, or there is a utopian view of reality/idealism.
>>4955 Or it can be used to describe politics that are opposed to materialist worldviews/philosophies.
I would like to know if there is some relation beetween Nietzsche's philoshopy and Aristotle I have been reading Nietzsche (i know, about the critique of Plato and Socrates but, Aristotle is some different) About idealism: Hegel is absoluty wrong, his idealism finish in an absurd rationalism (see the end of "The Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical"). At least, when he quoted aristotle, he -aristotle- is more moderate in his trial And the Aristotle x Nietzsche question: Aristotle finish his life with scientific think, and NietzShe finish being positivsm

Greetings from Neinchan /POL/ Blackshirt 11/13/2019 (Wed) 00:27:45 ID: d10025 No.1101 [Reply] [Last]
The kikes at Slate wrote about us both.
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>>4882 Idk if one actually does but that's the term used to describe the alternative chans besides julayworld.
>>4843 /cow/ is basically like babies making fun of adults.
>>4893 /cow/'s been shit for a while now. The Kraut and Sargon stuff was fun for a while back when it started but now it's just like shitflinging over ecelebs. It was the best when they were doing stuff like doxing Vee's mom and Sargon's orbiters like LouisLeVau
>>4883 It does not exist. An alt chan federation is all there is, and these are the boards that adhere to it: https://imageboard.net/ 16chan 3Dchan Nordchan Oneechan Spacechan
>>4908 Thanks for the clarification.

Oy Vey Shut It Down Blackshirt 10/06/2019 (Sun) 22:49:15 ID: f73b75 No.244 [Reply] [Last]
>be a humble gentile ending a nice day of gofing
>a hoard of jewish children start berating you for your kart exactly like a pack of niggers
What do you do?

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiDhiWh_Rlg
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This is why you don't join groups which maintain a roster of members.

You establish three-man cells.

None of us are members of "The Base," yet, we are all members of "The Base"

>tfw someone actually knows about this
>>1063 > someone posting Wan Chin Even noicer
I don't understand this video; they wanted the golf cart, sure, but then they all followed him to his vehicle and started hassling him as he loaded up his golf bag. What triggered those freakish assholes against him?

Read the Bhagavad Gita, white man Blackshirt 10/15/2019 (Tue) 00:19:55 ID: 120dce No.385 [Reply] [Last]
You need to read the Bhagavad Gita right now, anons. Drop whatever you're reading and pick it up.

Before a great battle, the Aryan warrior prince Arjuna suddenly loses his nerve at the prospects of killing his enemy, among whom are his friends and family. Arjuna thinks that participating this in battle would upset the balance of caste, family and dharma. Conflicted, he asks his friend Krishna (who is an avatar of God) for guidance. Riding out into the battlefield in a chariot, the focus on the external battle turns to the inner battle within Arjuna himself

What does Krishna tell his friend? Does he tell him to love his enemies and turn the other cheek like Yeshua bar Yosef tought? No, of course not, Krishna drops redpills, telling him to stop running away from his duty as a warrior. The soul is immortal and unkillable, there is nothing to lament if he does his duty, killing his friends and family. The soul will simply be reborn, the former body discarded. This must be done in a disciplined and disattached manner in the service of the Supreme Lord. Goyim will write paragraphs trying to explain away the Sermon on the Mount, or how Jesus called gentiles dogs, always failing. Christians know how bad this shit looks on them. Embrace Aryan spirituality.
433 posts and 111 images omitted.
>>4864 Ramayana is directly about the Arya-Tamil race war, btw. (There's meat eating as well)
>>4824 >>4825 From Chapter 11: >O Supreme Lord, you are precisely what you declare yourself to be. Now I desire to see your divine cosmic form, O greatest of persons. >O Lord of all mystic powers, if you think I am strong enough to behold it, then kindly reveal that imperishable cosmic form to me. >The Supreme Lord said: Behold, O Parth, my hundreds and thousands of wonderful forms of various shapes, sizes, and colors. >Behold now, Arjun, the entire universe, with everything moving and non-moving, assembled together in my universal form. Whatever else you wish to see, observe it all within this universal form. >In that cosmic form, Arjun saw unlimited faces and eyes, decorated with many celestial ornaments and wielding many kinds of divine weapons. He wore many garlands on his body and was anointed with many sweet-smelling heavenly fragrances. He revealed himself as the wonderful and infinite Lord whose face is everywhere. >There Arjun could see the totality of the entire universe established in one place, in that body of the God of gods. The way I interpret this is Krishna is the physical manifestation of the unmanifest. The pure intelligence, the all pervading consciousness. If i am wrong in that interpretation then fine, but to state Krishna is a person is pretty special.
Most Vaishnava schools like Gaudiya or SriVaishnava are Personalist and Dualist. They tend to be more Vedic as well. Shaiva and Shakta schools like Trika or Advaita tend toward impersonalism and Monism. They tend to be Dravidian, Agamic and Tantric. https://www.iep.utm.edu/personal/#SH1a
Open file (58.51 KB 320x320 swastika.png)
Open file (293.90 KB 1100x1100 big dipper swastika.jpg)
I just learned that the Sanskrit term for the Polaris (Dhruva, which can also mean (fixed, immovable, firm, stable) is related to the Indo-European same root from where Dharma comes, *dher-, referring to the idea of stability. This of course links the Swastika even further with the idea of Dharma, with the North Star symbolizing an immutable axis or center around which all else moves, which leads of course to the further connection with "the one who turns the wheel" - the Chakravartin. The more I learn the more I doubt that Hitler was unconscious of such ideas, he may have even grasped them intuitively by his very nature.
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>>4888 (auspicious digits there, friend) The rabbit hole goes even deeper. Check out book two of the Analects, the very first verse: <The Master said: 'the practice of government by means of virtue may be compared with the pole-star, which the multitudinous stars pay homage to while it stays in its place'.

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