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Greetings from Neinchan /POL/ Blackshirt 11/13/2019 (Wed) 00:27:45 ID: d10025 No.1101 [Reply] [Last]
The kikes at Slate wrote about us both.
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>>4882 Idk if one actually does but that's the term used to describe the alternative chans besides julayworld.
>>4843 /cow/ is basically like babies making fun of adults.
>>4893 /cow/'s been shit for a while now. The Kraut and Sargon stuff was fun for a while back when it started but now it's just like shitflinging over ecelebs. It was the best when they were doing stuff like doxing Vee's mom and Sargon's orbiters like LouisLeVau
>>4883 It does not exist. An alt chan federation is all there is, and these are the boards that adhere to it: https://imageboard.net/ 16chan 3Dchan Nordchan Oneechan Spacechan
>>4908 Thanks for the clarification.

Oy Vey Shut It Down Blackshirt 10/06/2019 (Sun) 22:49:15 ID: f73b75 No.244 [Reply] [Last]
>be a humble gentile ending a nice day of gofing
>a hoard of jewish children start berating you for your kart exactly like a pack of niggers
What do you do?

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiDhiWh_Rlg
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This is why you don't join groups which maintain a roster of members.

You establish three-man cells.

None of us are members of "The Base," yet, we are all members of "The Base"

>tfw someone actually knows about this
>>1063 > someone posting Wan Chin Even noicer
I don't understand this video; they wanted the golf cart, sure, but then they all followed him to his vehicle and started hassling him as he loaded up his golf bag. What triggered those freakish assholes against him?

Operation Slovak Surge Blackshirt 02/11/2020 (Tue) 20:59:03 ID: 772fd4 No.4572 [Reply] [Last]
A national socialist party has risen to 2nd place in the poles. People’s Party Our Slovakia(LSNS) this week now has 12% of the national vote, up from 8%. The number one contender is down from 27% to 18%. The platform of the LSNS, formerly Kotleba, is remove kebab, remove gypsy, remove transfags, remove merchant, and to get Slovakia out of the EU and NATO. The leader, Marian Kotleba is on record calling jews “devils in human skin”, he also may face jail time for donating €1488 euros to charity. A lawsuit was filled against the party to disband it for “extremism” but the Supreme Court overruled it. February 29th is the election and these lads need some meme magic. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/neo-nazi-slovakia-election-results-kotlebovci-lsns-poll-a9281301.html?amp >Neo-Nazis on course to win second place in Slovakia election next month https://www.politico.eu/europe-poll-of-polls/slovakia/ >latest poles https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kotleba_–_People%27s_Party_Our_Slovakia >political platform expresses anti-immigrant and antiziganist rhetoric,[18] Christian fundamentalism, paternalism and economic interventionism, interest-free national loans, replacement of the euro currency with the Slovak koruna, strengthening of law and order, rejection of same-sex civil unions (popular with the major democratic parties), and strong anti-establishment sentiment, most notably against Slovakia's current foreign and domestic policy. >Members of the party have been repeatedly charged with Holocaust denial, which is a felony in Slovakia. Thread theme: https://youtube.com/watch?v=CxcazLwM4FE
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>>4577 What did the other parties of Germany believe in at that time? Did most of them agree with the NSDAP?
>>4774 >weed out and get rid of changelings and other supernatural entities Taking into account supernatural/occult investigations by the german authorities were an actual thing like unorthodox acoustics and chemicals like DMT (very highly distorted in recent years via yoofos) i doubt that culling-the-nature-sensitive aspect. They probably just wanted to neuter very health-flawed people and downright fuglies, along with euthanizing the suffering/insufferable retards.
>>4811 >supernatural/occult investigations by the german authorities Do you have any info on that? I've heard that once or twice bit I'm curious about their extent and what they found.
>>4608 It's not hatred, you are doing a favor to both the retard and the society. I'd choose being aborted over being born as a retard personally. Especially having my miserable existence artificially extended so pragmatic psychopaths can appeal to slave morality and gain political capital. >>4610 This. >Christian-influenced in origin Slave religion influenced in general. Their (((morality))) is only creating more death and suffering long term, but that was kind of the goal since their "god" thrives on misery.
>>4810 There was a mix of communists and socialists on the left and a slew of right-wing conservative and agrarian parties. The only truly revolutionary force, of course, was the NSDAP. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weimar_political_parties

Open file (124.73 KB 719x717 D W E E B - C O R E .jpg)
Open file (81.33 KB 310x425 L'arte Fascista.jpg)
A Fascist Publication Blackshirt 01/11/2020 (Sat) 19:19:05 ID: 39f737 No.3511 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is dedicated to evaluation and production of one or more fascist publications. I've being thinking of one for a while, a more relaxed sort-of lifestyle magazine, but instead of expensive watches and bogus diets I would feature fascist values, art and A E S T H E T I C S. The reason for this is that I was exposed to Fascism trough art and A E S T H E T I C S, I believe this is an interesting approach, as opposed to more traditional propaganda, it creates a more flexible Fascism which permeates every aspect of life, not dependent on governments but oneself it can be the source of inspiration for those living under precarious situations, for those who desire more in life than the mockery being handed out by modernity, priming them for more consequential actions but most importantly applying one of my ideas on how to change a nation, by starting from the bottom and slowly crawling up. The short-therm objective of this publication will be to persuade and inspire people into knowingly and willingly adopting fascist lifestyles by painting a casual and friendly approach to Fascism reachable by everyone now willing to become a fascist. To get rid of hate as the fuel for action, but the pursuit of beauty and self-realization. Everyone is welcome from either participating in my efforts or to make your own, however, if you are to participate get ready to have manny LARPy, leftist, overly-aggressive, needlessly-racist, InCelish, and flat-out stupid approaches and ideas shut down. If you want that then work on your own publication, you are more than welcome.
43 posts and 17 images omitted.
>>3535 >>3546 What is to be the religious nature of a modern Fascist regime? In Spain under Franco Catholicism was the state authorized religion, but Catholicism had been the dominate region for hundreds of years and the ideas of the church were in line with the national interests. In Germany and Japan there was a strong sense of what a citizen should be and what the established norms of a society should be, not to mention the distinctive language and cultural standards, but here in the modern west there is only religious and social chaos. I think this is a bigger issue than even some of the more well known social policies that a Fascist government would instate, if there is division among the people at the local and communal level the the required level of societal trust cannot be established and thus the nation would from its very beginning be prone to internal tensions.
>>4800 >What is to be the religious nature of a modern Fascist regime? We need to take the Third Reich route but turn it up a notch. Paganism was defined through its participation in ritual action and gatherings by the community, and to me the great gatherings of the Third Reich were certainly pagan in spirit. It's enough in my mind to start bringing back the values, symbolism and stories of old times in education for a small revival to begin. I wouldn't LARP it up to hard and try to blindly imitate the past, but I'd have the government do something like State Shintō where the native traditions were given renewed importance and were set as the spiritual basis for the government. I’m not talking about LARPing about an anthropomorphic Thor or Odin (not to disparage them either of course), but a more philosophical paganism based on natural theology / deistic worldviews. One can believe what they like so long as the practioners don't actively try to work against the nation and its people and undermine Aryan values and traditions. And though this post is mainly in regards to having state power, I think this general policy is what I would follow if I led a group as well. I would allow people of all religions in while having a hard pagan bias. As long as they recognize the 14 words and don't try to divert the course of the movement, whatever. Another anon said it best (>>4738) <paganism is tied to public life. in antiquity, there was no separation of Church and State, no clear boundary between secular and religious.
>>4803 >One can believe what they like so long as the practioners don't actively try to work against the nation and its people and undermine Aryan values and traditions. This is getting at the core of the issue I described. If those people are true believers in their own respective faiths the they will inevitably work against the interests of the nation. The abrahamic cults all have the prescription to 'multiply' through proselytization and in some cases through breeding, thus leading to the social tensions mentioned earlier. As such, if true Fascism is to be implemented then there must be a state religion that is rigorously enforced, there is simply no other way. However we are getting off topic. This would probably be best explored through an article in the publication OP described and I want to see that come about sooner rather than later.
>>4838 >If those people are true believers in their own respective faiths the they will inevitably work against the interests of the nation. The abrahamic cults all have the prescription to 'multiply' through proselytization and in some cases through breeding, thus leading to the social tensions mentioned earlier. You are 100% correct. These people, these "true believers" are a much different case, I believe, and would have to be watched very carefully (or if necessary would be dealt with) by any fascist government for the obvious harms that they can bring upon the nation if left to spread their poison, especially if backed up by large scale resources or funding. Don't get me wrong, the Christian danger cannot be wholly ignored. Anyway, you are correct, I don't want to derail this anon's thread any further. If you'd wish to continue this discussion or add anything post it here : >>385
>>4533 Thanks for the information, I'll go look for that book you mentioned.

Non-humor memetics/propaganda Blackshirt 01/28/2020 (Tue) 00:32:43 ID: 6e348f No.4141 [Reply] [Last]
I'll start with some OC done for 16's druid group B.O.N.D. I think honestly it could be modified to be used with Christian iconography as well, i.e. the top end of crosses, the Trinity. Flag is just bonus materials.
4 posts and 5 images omitted.
Open file (310.20 KB 791x807 1580175387091.png)
You can put messages in as well
Open file (400.79 KB 804x448 druid flag.mp4)
Looks pretty nice waving as well
>>4151 BASED thank you, anon
>>4152 Here’s the site I used to do it incase you guys ever have more stuff you’d like to play around with: https://krikienoid.github.io/flagwaver/ It really brings a flag to life. I used to make up fake countries back in the day and made their flags in photoshop and loved to simulate them in there.
Put this together for the B.O.N.D. guys from 16

/sig/ Self Improvement General Blackshirt 10/14/2019 (Mon) 03:06:32 ID: c13784 No.363 [Reply] [Last]
Daily reminder that being a weak beta male is a disgrace to your ancestors and family, and that you should be doing as much as possible to be fit, well-read and non-degenerate. We’re not perfect and we stunble sometimes but we’ve gotta strive for the best.

How is it going for you guys? I’m making this thread because I plan to step it up now.
55 posts and 24 images omitted.
>>4674 Schedule a (non-jewish) Dr apointment. That doesn't sound like something to fuck around with
>>4674 congrat anon you are doing everything you shouldn't, don't bother trying to find the problem youre just not commsuming enough. take a apointement and get you treated :^)
>>4680 Its been going on for 3 or 4 years now. It used to be really bad. Id piss straight blood at the end of my stream, my jizz would look like white clouds on a deep red sunset sky. I was pretty sure i had cancer, but i didnt care. After i realized it was spicy food, i kept eatinf spicy food anyway and it kept getting worse. I still didnt care. After awhile now, ive stopped eatinf spicy food, and realized its linked to sugar and stimulants as well. Now i just have a little pink in my cum and maybe some pink at the end of my pee stream, because i still eat a lot of sugar junk food, soda, and energy drinks sometimes (the worst! Lol). When i drink a monster energy or eat spicy food my stomach feels itchy. I dont even have health insurance though, i cant hold a job long enough to get it, and even then im not paying 150 200 a month for that shit when i know that all i ahve to do is avoid x y z and the problem goes away. I love those things though. And when im doing good and healthy no blood at all, it just means i have more leniency to eat those things again. Its a great life wage slaving as a single white male in america!
Has anyone here ZOGbotted? Was it worth it?
>>4689 I'm not sure what may have caused blood your urine but the blood, but it may not have been. It could have simply just turned red in color because of food or bad reaction, maybe it's a problem with your gut bacteria not being able to process certain foods? Bacterial imbalance can be caused by bad diets. Even a normal fungus like yeast(candida) can disable people if the gut imbalance gets out of hands.. After all 70% of the human body's Immune system is in the gut bacteria, connected to the vagus nerve which stimulates it. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/gut-brain-connection#section1 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26577887 It's scientifically proven, but it's not kosher science with kosher cures so nobody hears anything about gut microbiota, and they rather overlook it, instead of for example examining the role of autoimmune disorders, IBS, and maybe even depression with. You could try and make some(properly) home made kefir, perhaps your problems can be related to bacterial imbalance. In any case it doesn't hurt trying.

Open file (107.73 KB 520x402 13932477_f520.jpg)
Political Tribalism Blackshirt 01/20/2020 (Mon) 21:07:49 No.3909 [Reply] [Last]
I have been reading Against Democracy by Jason Brennan. I feel directly attacked and called out by this book. Jason calls out those who inform themselves exclusively to reinforce their own opinions and get better at arguing. Which is exactly what I do while reading his book: I have doubts against democracy, so I read "Against Democracy" to confirm those doubts, and get better at arguing against democracy. How would you get over this mindset? Even if I were to go read the "enemy's" literature, I feel like I would be doing it only to find points of their thoughts to attack. I'm also ashamed to admit that, because of my ignorance compared to the author, I'd be afraid of getting swayed with believable falsehoods and half-truths. I do not have such fears when reading material written by my side.
23 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>4620 I know that communist ideology places a large emphasis on money and class. But they don't tolerate material comforts and wealth accumulation like capitalists do and often criticize capitalists with that same argument. Even then the argument that those ideologies are bad because it allows for such material comforts is a weak argument still. I want my material comforts too I just think fascism does a better job at allowing me to access that. Yeah the communist countries had very conservative cultures in terms of being anti-gay, anti-abortion, ect. But they were against religion obviously. Socialist realism didn't promote lavish lifestyles as if it was capitalist propaganda. This is what I was saying.
>>4621 Modern society degrades the land. It too needs to go.
>>4641 I hope that it will be abolished, but personally I see a collapse at some point in the future as the most likely development. It will implode under its own degeneracy, contradictions and due to the misery of the people within it who have become enslaved by technology and placed in increasingly artificial living circumstances.
>>4642 Nah it will be feeding tubes and Netflix forever a worldwide Brazil. Screenshot this post I'm calling it now. Take the iron pill.
>>4688 (heil’d) That is the reality that will occur if we sit back and wait for our problems to be solved for us. Better to try and fail to prevent eternal clownworld than suffer within it. I’m echoing your call for the ironpill.

How to Get More Traffic Blackshirt 01/08/2020 (Wed) 03:55:53 ID: 4986ac No.3313 [Reply] [Last]
It’s been getting slower around here lately unfortunately, how can we bring in more posters that are of good quality? The last few weeks we usually hovered around 13-15 unique IPs, but earlier we were down to 7, currently 4. Post any ideas ITT or board changes that may be required to make a more inviting environment that still preserves board culture.
74 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>4422 >JUkay is really good and we can really develop, the admin are completely transparent and can be talked with easily and BO so far have no problem oing theyr jobs. I'm honestly pretty surprised with how good this site and the larger webring have turned out so far. I only stumbled across it through smuglo.li looking for where /cow/ was, deciding on a whim to set up shop. I didn't expect much but we're already at about 30% of the number of posts the original had (I think we had around ~13,500 posts when 8chan died) and are slowly regaining users. If anything 8chan dying removed the worst of the worst posters, who all went back to Cuck.
>>4421 Most of us crosspost on those chans, and they seem to have certain types of users gravitate towards each, which is not necessarily a bad development, as long as they interact with each other and organize once in a while. It means that (other than few dedicated glowniggers which follow us wherever we go), the total sum of shills and detractors is lower than it was on 8ch. Also, it should be at least slightly more difficult to take 4-5 places at once compared to one. Eventually, there will be a place where most will converge to at one point. I've seen (((them))) trying to reinforce a certain line of thinking at some, in order to use it as a d&c vector in the future, but this tactic won't be very efficient as they are still relying on obsolete methods.
>>4421 Is endchan even still up? I havent been able to get on there in a long time
>>4450 As of right now it’s still down. I didn’t really use it much but something happened and it’s down for now
>>3313 >How to get more traffic These sorts of discussions result in plans that are often the destruction of small high quality communities. A highway to hell, built with only the best intentions.

Theology/Philosophy Thread Blackshirt 10/30/2019 (Wed) 08:12:47 ID: c62175 No.750 [Reply] [Last]
I know we have a thread for the Gita but I figure one serving for any and all worthwhile theology/philosophy would do.

I'll begin the thread by linking a book by one Edward Feser:


Feser's a Catholic, but as far far they go he's rather able. He's overall something of a babbies' first conservative, but I suspect that it stems from not wanting to lose "Respectability.' Regardless his work is one of others worth a read for a movement.
29 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>4356 Be careful with that anon, certain NPC's astroturfing a certain cult (that they don't believe in themselves) might ask you for sources. Don't you know that in le current year +5 you are not allowed to form independent thoughts without appealing to (perceived) authority.
>>4377 I think that is one anon only. It's pretty sad that the Gita thread degenerated so much. Anons should definitely be careful of where they are getting their information and whether what is being pushed is kosher exotericism or not.
Has anyone here read much of the nag hammadi library? There are ideas in gnosticism that are very similar to gaudiya vaishnavism, i could swear some of the lines in the gospels of thomas and phillip are straight from the vedas. The nag hammadi has renewed my faith in gaudiya vaishnava teachings but the idea and symbolism of the demi urge is different compared to that of brahma. In vaishnavism Brahma is a 4 headed god who creates the imperfect world on the order of the supreme god, and although an imperfect being he is a grear devotee of the lord. In the shiva purana (shaivism tradition) brahma initially tries to claim himself as the supreme lord and engages in a variety of dispicible behaviors and routines that would be something the demi urge would do. The demiurge is most likely not brahma at all though because the form is completely different, a lion headed snake vs a four headed being born out of a lotus flower. Is there any other vedic character that could be the demi urge? I really want to see unity between the ideas of gaudiya vaishnavism and christian gnosticism.
Im worried that worship of the blood only, is worship of the material nature, the feminine nature of existence, and will always lead to degeneration and failure due to its inherent impermanence. The spiritual nature is masculine, eternal, and is superior to the feminine material nature. The material(feminine) should be submissive to the spiritual nature(masculine). The nature on the outside is material and feminine and the nature on the inside is spiritual and masculine. The rock hard penis goes inside the soft vulnerable quivering vagina to create life just as the indestructible indominable all potent eternal soul goes into the soft fleshy corruptible mortal body to create life. Just as the ubermensch battalion marches through the horde of the untermensch, indominable and potent(nazi k/d ratio, rhodesia k/d ratio). The superior races are marked and known by their obsession with spiritual pursuits, and it is their pursuits that shape them into materially superior forms, generation after generation. The inferior races are marked and known by their material pursuits, and it is those pursuits that degenerate them into materially inferior forms, generation after generation. A man becomes shaped by the works that he does, he is paid in accord with what the master he serves possesses. Knowing ourselves to be ultimately imperfect in morality and lacking in ultimate eternal potency and lacking in ultimate eternal knowledge we should always seek to serve, and thus accordingly benefit from, a form that has more potency than us, more knowledge than us, and a greater morality than us. In other words, a supreme lord. The guiding factor in our morality, which should be the guiding factor in all of our activities, is if what we are doing is pleasing to the material, or if what we are doing is pleasing to the spiritual. One of course would exclaim that we should simply serve ourselves! But now i ask of those, what is our selves? For if we serve ourselves by serving the whims and desires of our flesh, the desire to mate and own land, the desire to dominate and have dominion over the land, the desire to please our senses, we are infact serving the material nature which is corruptible, whimsical, and subject to dissolution and death, subject to change. And i ask further, what is it that does and does not please us? That which is most pleasing to us, factually is, and should be, that which is pleasing to The Lord, the ultimate spiritual. Without the guidance of acting in accord to please the higher spiritual, we will become lost in darkness as the jews are in their rejection of a higher power, seeking to be the ultimate themselves as yaldabaoth, their madness seen in their distasteful architecture, art, and music, and other abominable activities. The music, art, and architecture which pleases us, should be understood to please us because it pleases the highest spiritual entity, and in pleasing the spirit we serve ourselves for we are all, factually one within the great spirit. As serving and nourishing the soul within the body in turn nourishes and shapes the material body in a proper pleasing way, so the service to the supreme soul that exists in every soul, in turn, nourishes and shapes all souls in proper and pleasing ways. And as all the seperate souls (us) are nourished and shaped by the supersoul(god, supreme spiritual principle) so all souls begin to nourish and shape the material nature, the feminine nature, in a proper and pleasing way. Do not ignore and stop your discrimination of the multitude of the forms of man, for each form that man arrives with in this world is the indicator of his activities, it is what he has been given in return for the work he has done. And do not rely on the forms of man as a means of salvation, for that will not save you. As a hard earned bank balance can eventually be spent to zero, so the highest forms of the ubermensch can be brought down to the likeness of an animal, or even demons, if the eternal spiritual work is not continued.a

Open file (1.33 MB 1276x1654 1533679783690.jpg)
The Gay Question Blackshirt 01/25/2020 (Sat) 18:52:29 ID: fc2af4 No.4090 [Reply] [Last]
We know Gay bad, but why gay bad? What are you stands and solutions to the homo question? Refer to >>4089 >>4083 >>4064 >>4057 >>4052 >>4051 >>4050 >>4027 for some additional context
23 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>4526 No. It's not even known if it's a failure to produce enough enzymes or their failure to work as intended. Enzymes might completely change their properties depending on the environment. You could be trying to use all the right substances and not get any effects or make things even worse if you don't fix the systemic issues. Chronic stressors, both mental and physical, ruin every bit of the body in a multitude of ways. There are hormones and foods conductive to recovery and health but they don't work that well if the rest of the lifestyle isn't changed. Not making a mess in the fist place is the only proper way to go, anything else is akin to jews creating a problem and offering a half-assed solution or stupid golems neglecting things until they snowball into a catastrophic failure. If you're interested in several books worth of non-kiked science, a lot of which focuses on women and reproductive health, there is a commie who has a knack for digging up suppressed research and compiling the gist of it in approachable, concise language. Raymond Peat, physiologist and endocrinologist who dabbles in things like nutrition and environmentalism not so different from Linkola's. He doesn't sperg out about communism that much and it's easy to just ignore his occasional thoughts on politics, racial affairs and such. It's safe to trust his sourced scientific claims (he always provides a long list of sources) and discard his opinions. Though I do value what he has to say about government, corporate and academic corruption.
>>4526 No because homosexuality is caused by being molested. Look up the video where the guy goes undercover in a night club and all the fags admit it
Sexuality, like almost all behavior, is almost entirely conditioned. Whether or not genetics may make an individual more prone to it is irrelevant. While perhaps there might exist a select few people with some sort of neurological disability that forces them to experience only specific sexual arousal, such as to the same sex, this is not the case for 99.99% of men who have sex with men. And when tackling the issue of sexuality, or really when addressing any societal issue, we should only be concerned about the vast majority rather than the few outliers. Homosexuality is an objectively counter-productive action. Homosexuality is almost entirely a conditioned behavior. Therefore homosexuality is an active choice to perform a counter-productive action.
>>4532 This is true. I know my roommate suffered this.
>>4532 Like it’s been said, homosexuals reproduce through child molestation.

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