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Open file (139.98 KB 570x340 two headed snake.png)
Democracy Hate Thread Blackshirt 12/04/2019 (Wed) 22:34:45 ID: 4a418c No.1981 [Reply] [Last]
>allows two uneducated retards to outvote one educated man
>believes that the best policy or leader is chosen merely by getting more votes
>is incapable of sustained policy due to frequent interchange between parties and officials
>susceptible to corruption through money, propaganda and media manipulation which molds the electorate
>money buys exposure, which buys power. Money controls the politicians
>people are permitted to vote on issues w/o having expertise in the matters they vote on
>breaks the organic unity of the people by dividing them into warring parties
>the people will always vote for sycophants who promise bread and circuses (Yang, Bernie, etc)

Is there a single worse form of government than democracy? Should the ideal fascist state have any sort of democratic structures (such as what Oswald Mosley advocated for)? Post any arguments I missed and good anti-democracy redpills ITT
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>>3633 Some anon posted a website linking the aquarian conspiracy, certain institute that should not be named, etc. and Mosley appeared as someone connected to them. I'll post links if I manage to find my old bookmarks.
>>1981 The solution lies in killing the masses. Not in convincing them. The braindead masses will always side with laziness, convenience, bread + circus and comfort. They will never take the side that want eternal struggle for self-improvement. Therefore, the masses are enemies that will always side with the parasites, and thus, the masses must be eliminated. Reduce the world's population to a bare minimum, white only, enough to keep existing forever and be self-sufficient, isolated each in their own land with their own borders and their own rules. Any minimal attempt at expanding the numbers too much, after the purge, must be dealt with extreme violence.
>>4329 >fedposting
>>4329 How many threads are you going to shill this edgy garbage in? You’re not a fascist
>>4329 T.Kike

Open file (29.70 KB 336x516 0-e1577768717425.jpg)
>the vision for the future Blackshirt 01/29/2020 (Wed) 03:54:26 ID: 934974 No.4187 [Reply] [Last]
After doing plenty of thinking, I maintain I have the currently workable vision for the world post-war against Globohomo. Here: >Massive crackdown on entertainment. Torch Hollywood. Open censorship until entertainment ceases to be such. >Crackdown on social media. >Reduce the population. Hold onto no more than few cities for rulership and enforcement. Return the rest of the population to techno-agrarianism or the hunter-gathering life. The elites would enforce peace between the cuts of the new society and provide limited technological assistance such as medicine. >Offer the Niggers, Bangladeshis, etc. a choice between depopulation and confinement to an ethno-ghetto or expulsions to other lands on threat of destruction. Perhaps even give them a small pension if they leave. Cheaper than hospitals and schools. >End all means for women to depend on others outside of their bloodlines or husbands. Make shotgun weddings and lynchings legal. End all laws forbidding "marital rape" and "domestic abuse" Feminism will be dealt with. Women today don't respect their men since they act cucked. Have them show them who they need to be afraid of. >LBGT degenerates will be driven underground and be told to behave or get expelled on threat of destruction. >Permit segregation all around society. The anonymous mass society is the highest breeding ground of the liberal, the dyke, the cuck. We’d be much less degenerate living as either farmers, hunters, or aristocrats with limited technology.
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>>4274 >>4272 Okay, what about legal marriage starting from 18 years old? 16 still sounds too young.
>>4276 What about it? Those are already legal and the norm. Plus I'm fairly certain people can get married at 16 in a lot of countries/states. I don't think any norm or laws need to be changed. I just think people need to be getting married younger across the board.
>>4276 Personally I think if a minimum age had to be set I’d put it around 16 – and that’s not even too big of a change from how it is now in the United States, where it ranges from 16-18. There are even a handful of states iirc where there is no minimum age for marriage provided there is parental consent. The real problem is making it so people actually marry at that age. We can set the minimum age as low as we want but it doesn’t matter if no one is doing it or if slutting around is not shamed, obviously. Only renewed spirituality of some kind can bring this back, I think.
>>4253 What mainly concerns me about young women marrying is their ability to give birth to children properly. At 9 years old, the woman isn't fully grown. so I would be scared of something happening during child birth. I would at least suggest that child birthing years wait until 15-17. That seems like a good enough time for the woman's body to grow. >>4266 Is it a positive thing if you've never dated before?
>>4302 >I would at least suggest that child birthing years wait until 15-17. That seems like a good enough time for the woman's body to grow. I completely agree. The safety of the woman is ultimately more important than base instincts in these situations. >Is it a positive thing if you've never dated before? It’s not a bad thing in my mind. The most important thing to avoid though is premarital sex, especially if one is a woman. I certainly intend to avoid it. I have never been in a relationship either, but then again I rarely interact with females in my age range. I will probably find my future wife through dating, but my standards are such that the wheat will be separated from the chaff quickly since I don’t want premarital sex or other types of degeneracy in my future relationship. Luckily unlike with females males take longer to reach their prime, and if one is fit and moderately good-looking they can date down more. It’s very possible that I hold impossibly high standards for the Kali Yuga though and will be forced to monkmode though

Open file (10.57 KB 173x235 D'Annunzio_4.jpg)
Open file (239.91 KB 1244x809 legionari.jpg)
Gabriele d'Annunzio - A Fascist? Blackshirt 10/27/2019 (Sun) 14:56:18 ID: 2a00cf No.620 [Reply] [Last]
Dear /fascist/s,

What are your thoughts on Gabriele d'Annunzio?
Gabriele is still known in Italy today for his writings, but also for his capture and governance of the small city state of Fiume. I find there can no doubt that he was a heavy inspiration for Mussolini - the blackshirts and the Roman salute are inventions of d'Annunzio's mind.
If you haven't already, I can only recommend reading up on the political and violent micro-cosmos of political thinking that the small nation state became.
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>>3213 Glad to see you beaners back
Open file (36.26 KB 610x515 1816076D9.png)
>>3793 Took me three months but I found the way to jump back in
No, he was not a fascist. It does not make any sense to call him one. Fascism is about collectivism. It's in the name. This man had nothing to do with collectivism. He was a celebrity who disdained the masses and only cared about his own image. He wasn't even a leader. He tried being one and clearly failed.
>>4137 Unity =/= Collectivism And founding the first corporatist state seems pretty Fascist to me
>>4137 >He was a celebrity who disdained the masses Let's be honest here, I doubt we're great fans of the masses here at /fascist/ either. Hitler himself, to give one example off the top of my head, acknowledged that 99% of people are mediocre plebs and that the genius and natural leader is the rare exception. As far as I understand it though, d'Annunzio pioneered many of the features that became almost ubiquitous in fascist ideology. This board is indebted to his legacy more than we'd think in many ways.

WW3/Iran vs USA General Blackshirt 01/08/2020 (Wed) 15:26:41 ID: fba82e No.3325 [Reply] [Last]
Will the escalation in the ME lead to a world war 3, folks? Are the Amerimutts doomed to get the draft? Or who will back down first? So many questions, yet only a few answers to tell. RIP Soleimani 1957-2020
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>>3898 >we did it, goys, we saved our guns! 2 days later: <Virginia's state senate has passed a bill that would allow law enforcement officers to confiscate guns from or prevent the purchase of firearms by people deemed to be threats to themselves or others, just days after a massive gun rights rally swarmed the state capitol. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/virginia-senate-votes-in-favor-of-red-flag-law-bill/ar-BBZePnZ
>>4006 opticsfaggots BTFO
>>4018 Hopefully this will be a wake-up call to these fags. These literally occured right after, there’s no way that the people in attendence aren’t aware of this happening. Maybe I’m too optomistic, sometimes I feel like these people are permacucked
>>3898 this unironically needs to be a /fascist/ banner
>>4074 I'll see if I can recreate the sign within the banner-space here in a little bit, that would be a good one.

Brazilian Minister of Culture Quotes Goebbels in Announcement Blackshirt 01/17/2020 (Fri) 15:05:01 ID: b07750 No.3681 [Reply] [Last]
INTEGRALIST BRAZIL SOON ANAUÊ >A video in which Brazil's culture minister uses parts of a speech by Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Germany's propaganda boss, has sparked outrage. >Lohengrin by Wagner, Hitler's favourite composer, plays in the background. >In the clip posted on the ministry's Twitter page, Roberto Alvim details an award for "heroic" and "national" art. >Mr Bolsonaro, a former army captain with a conservative social agenda, has frequently accused Brazil's artists and cultural productions including schoolbooks and movies of "left-wing bias". He has not commented. >In the six-minute video detailing the National Arts Awards, Mr Alvim says: "The Brazilian art of the next decade will be heroic and will be national, will be endowed with great capacity for emotional involvement... deeply linked to the urgent aspirations of our people, or else it will be nothing." >Parts of it are identical to a speech quoted in the book Joseph Goebbels A Biography >”The German art of the next decade will be heroic, it will be steely-romantic, it will be factual and completely free of sentimentality, it will be national with great Pathos and committed, or it will be nothing." >In a post on his Facebook page, Mr Alvim said "the left was doing a fallacious remote association" between the two speeches, and that "there was nothing wrong with his sentence". >"The whole speech was based on a nationalistic ideal for the Brazilian art and there was a coincidence with ONE sentence of a speech by Goebbels. I didn't quote him and I'd NEVER do it... But the sentence itself is perfect." >He did not comment on the music that plays in the video. >The Brazilian Israelite Confederation said: "To emulate [Goebbels'] view... is a frightening sign of his vision of culture, which must be combated and contained." SHUT IT DOWN

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>3989 Harmony and hierarchy when the masses are included proved to be detrimental to a functional society. Fewer people, with only the capable and self-sufficient allowed to live is the right way to make a society durable in the long term. >>3992 >muh murder is bad All cucks sperg about this fallacy. Violence does produces the best results. Mass murdering the braindead masses and never allowing the lazy to exist is what improves a society.
>>4013 Gas yourself, edgelord.
>>4014 >edgelord Not an argument, impotent cuck
>>3989 >Most people will always be unexceptionable and mundane Just how much of the same do we actually need? A huge percentage of world population is completely redundant, and nothing of value would be lost if you erased 60-70% of them, which would include most non-whites. In fact, it would only leave room for higher humanity to spread. Aryans/Europeans need their living space (as NSDAP espoused), an Aryan would never want to live in hive cities and cope with the fact that he is somehow "higher in hierarchy" just because his insect pod is larger than someone else's and he gets an additional portion of soylent per day. Only a kike would want to keep the world population inflated with lesser humanity in order to make the living standards worse for everyone and prevent people from evolving the natural way (making them devolve instead). We are way past the population number that could be considered dharmic. Besides, you wouldn't need to kill many of them, all it would take is removing the artificial, Jewish life support that keeps inflating their numbers, and nature would take care of the rest. People like you are the very root of the problem. >>4013 Soyboys and other cucks will be cannibalized by the very subhumans that they are trying to (((harmonize))), all we need to do is to step out and let the nature take it's course. The only problem is technology (stolen for us) which allows these wastes of air to exist, but even if we fail in stopping this degeneracy, there are alien species out there that didn't make the same mistake. I just wish I could witness them being utterly exterminated by a species that never had such delusions. It is in those final moments before they get turned into biofuel, that they will realize that morals are just an obsolete meme invented for controlling people.
>>4063 >Besides, you wouldn't need to kill many of them, all it would take is removing the artificial, Jewish life support that keeps inflating their numbers, and nature would take care of the rest. People like you are the very root of the problem. That's implying that I disagree with these types of ideas, which I don't. There are certainly countless millions of completely worthless human beings on this planet and there is a need for depopulation to a more sustainable number (a billion? I'm not sure), but I see the recognition of this problem and the need for it to happen as quite different from the other anons position that we should just exterminate the masses with abandon because they're braindead and have fallen prey to the Jews. I have accepted the Pentti Linkola-pill long ago. If we're talking about drastically reducing the number of brown people some way I'm more willing to entertain such ideas. Like you said, the ZOGs have been artificially inflating their numbers for decades now with food aid, modern medical technology and all sorts of other deleterious things such as Christcuck missions.

Open file (279.37 KB 800x400 IMG_20200110_093751.jpg)
Open file (1.60 MB 2172x2565 IMG_20200111_024806.jpg)
Aryan Spirituality Library Blackshirt 01/19/2020 (Sun) 11:55:24 ID: f888f8 No.3839 [Reply] [Last]
Merged List as of JAN 19 2020 [Note: trying to keep this as Indo-European and focused as possible, as opposed to a useless messy mass of random shit like Ape's Library] --Helpful Anthropology-- >The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion by Frazer http://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=BB5683559C1ECBD51A4F0A0D613EBE6C >The Sacred And The Profane: The Nature Of Religion by Eliade http://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=3CF47842FD06FE2F7E74FBEF76785E06 >The Myth of the Eternal Return: Cosmos and History by Eliade http://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=84AB14E863667060F6E0384B708E4FDE --Magick Itself-- >Visual Magick: a manual of freestyle shamanism by Jan Fries

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (2.66 MB 1944x2592 IMG_20200113_081719.jpg)
Merged List as of JAN 22 2020 [Note: libgen.is links are now redirecting to libgen.lc so I went ahead and fixed the links in case libgen.is is going down] --Helpful Anthropology-- >The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion by Frazer http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=BB5683559C1ECBD51A4F0A0D613EBE6C >The Sacred And The Profane: The Nature Of Religion by Eliade http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=3CF47842FD06FE2F7E74FBEF76785E06 >The Myth of the Eternal Return: Cosmos and History by Eliade http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=84AB14E863667060F6E0384B708E4FDE --Magick Itself--

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Merged List as of JAN 24 2020 [Note: adjusted per community deliberation] --Helpful Anthropology-- >The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion by Frazer http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=BB5683559C1ECBD51A4F0A0D613EBE6C >The Sacred And The Profane: The Nature Of Religion by Eliade http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=3CF47842FD06FE2F7E74FBEF76785E06 >The Myth of the Eternal Return: Cosmos and History by Eliade http://libgen.lc/book/index.php?md5=84AB14E863667060F6E0384B708E4FDE --Magick Itself--

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Hong Kong Thread Blackshirt 10/12/2019 (Sat) 16:13:45 ID: c6e98f No.322 [Reply] [Last]
Do we have any opinions on the protests in Hong Kong? In particular, the advocates online, the PRC, and the protestors themselves.
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For those who REALLY want mainline traditional "fascism" in China try Han Fei or Shang Yang. (Please be aware that they value actual power and order over Confucian faith and traditions) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legalism_(Chinese_philosophy) But something closer to NatSoc would require a good blend of Confucianism and Legalism.
>>3322 The Art Of War isn't a bad book, its just Sun Tzu's optics sucked when he picked a leader
>>3324 Han Fei, he was a grandmaster, love his stuff. though I'd probably blend it with Perennial religious tradition as you said.
>>3371 >Art of War I always see people recommend it but are the things it discusses even relevant anymore for warfare?
>>3378 Guerrilla warfare derives from traditional warfare, learn to adapt from Art of War and see what you can use or interpret. The Art of War + The Art of Guerrilla Warfare by J.J. Tucker might be useful for the modern times.

Open file (135.26 KB 739x513 siegetards.png)
The accelerationism death cult Blackshirt 09/29/2019 (Sun) 05:17:05 ID: 642b5d No.191 [Reply] [Last]
So after BT went out and did his thing in the place, a big swarm of astroturfers started flooding the site with this retarded ideology. It consists of ampering up the acts of violence so that there can be discomfort in the population which would allow space for a revolution.
The problem is, the ones that integrate this ideology are bonkers-retarded. They would label anyone who is not supportive of their actions a coward that helps the machine, acting reactionary to whatever message they receive. There is no margin to integrate thought to someone's action, there's only calls for violence and ostracizing for denying any of this. And they're not leading by example as well, because if they did, there wouldn't be a need to call others to action and mindlessly shame bystanders for not participating.
How can a group that consists of calling others cowards while waiting for someone to lash out violently survive? There is hate towards modernity, but there is no desire to build from it.
I'd also like to /r/ that image comparing the idea of the swastika and how it has been misrepresented by these people.
155 posts and 33 images omitted.
>>191 Only jews and leftists fear the uprising in violence. Violence ALWAYS works. You kill your enemy, and you win. >acting reactionary to whatever message they receive Found the subversive communist. There is nothing wrong in being reactionary. In fact, those who aren't reactionary are always on the enemy's side and must be killed along with them.
>>3938 I'm not sure that "reactionary" in that context is referring to the communist usage of the term (i.e. "being a right-winger or supportive of the current and past ways of life")
>>3938 Right? How is it not clear what the narrative is. The cries of "I-I'ts f-fake" and "D-d-d-d-don't shoot your enemy goyim they win!!!" ad nauseum makes me laugh. It's so hilarious when reds/glow/homos try so hard to deradicalize. But especially reds. Stalin himself was a bank robber, muderer and criminal along with his early rag tag gang of scummy good for nothing bandits in 1900's. And while at the same time these neoliberals praise mao's slogan "Revolution comes out of a barrel of a gun" and not even a suspicion is given. [spoilers]Mao wasn't wrong[/spoiler] But the most damning is that the left are allowed to openly praise their killers on reddit/twitter/etc all the time with no problems like glowhomo shills showing up to throw their effeminate hissy fits in attempts to demoralize them. Faggots like OP try their best to ignore the fact that anyone remotely intelligent already know which side the bread is buttered on and just try to consensus crack people taking the Soy "Do nothing Goy" blackpill. I mean who are they fucking kidding. Leftists literally fucking sit there all the time and praise violence, 1917, uprisings, of hanging people without in the open most clearnet monitored social media, killing anyone, and they also carry it out often, while praising each-others actions openly on forums like Reddit like the ice killer and some many others in the past. No bid deal, but only when it's leftist reprobates. I'm dead sure many of their killers had accounts there and were actively praising violent insurrection too, they do it all the time anyway, but no "convenient" info like that is leaked to media or shut down, simply because they are the system's foot soldiers. Like the ICE killer, and killers before but they literally have no problems and they don't seem to get any problems beside what's caused their own stupidity and non-fame because low KR and just senseless soy optics. Only us Anti-ZOG is of interest, and they are completely ignored. Is it not obvious to everyone they 100% ignore leftist trash because they are system's Soros Jews paid gangs? The system doesn't give a fuck about violence, except when it happens to them and their tentacles. It's just so pathetic fags like OP even try to cop-out blame random anonymous persons for 100% independent decisions, the obvious fact that none of us even know each-other rofl. If one of their subhuman pro immigrant genocide soyboy smokes some of their enemies it's no big deal, max 2day to maybe 1 week of media coverage and then utter silence proceed to memory-hole. Meanwhile if people even sympathetic with valid arguments to not getting mega genocided with open borders does anything even remotely close the shoah hand-wringing stories span years to fucking decades with instant ZOG response and draconian tyrant laws. When all the left or the nigger gets response and not the casual "lol oh gee that sucks, these things just happen goy - be more tolerant lol" media responses.
>>3942 Extremely relevant pic to this post. This is honestly one of the worst behaviors present in our own circles - throwing our own under the bus when someone actually does something.
Open file (14.94 MB 1280x720 Pasta_Sempa.webm)
>>191 >retarded ideology Alright. Let's accept your premise. I have a rough idea of what the general "edgy republican" style wants to be: present idea, defend your right to speak no matter what, including violently. It's not bad, but will it win? I doubt it. I don't reckon you can be caught on the back foot over and over by receiving the first punches thrown over and over again without getting worn down and out. On the other hand, and what I assume you rail against, would be the ones who strike first. Truthfully, I don't know what you're complaining about. If anything, these guys prove just how powerful the advantage of surprise is, with Tarrant and Crusius both getting exceptional kill counts. Does it contribute to whatever revolution you have in your head? No idea, but nobody can deny just how effective the actions in and of themselves were, and how bleeding powerful it can be to throw the first punch. That's a powerful advantage that gets tabled to take the "moral high ground" while preaching an ideology that most normalniggers equate with mass death to begin with. webm unrelated

Christians: Friends or Enemies? Blackshirt 12/11/2019 (Wed) 03:57:21 ID: 00007c No.2318 [Reply] [Last]
In the case of National Socialism I feel like it succeeded in spite of Christianity rather than because of it. In fact much of Hitler’s domestic troubles were directly caused by Christian resistance, whether from Protestants or Catholics, though Protestants were much less of a problem and in general much more pro-NSDAP. The unified church scheme clearly failed and so did Positive Christianity as a larger institution, and all of this was back when Christianity, outwardly at least, was much less pozzed in the way it acted (though of course the seeds lay dormant in the soil).

Looking at today, I see that Christianity is weaponized to support cuckery of all kinds such as tolerance, non-resistance, forgiveness and mass-immigration, most of it coming from the teachings of Jesus. This is not surprising, since the teachings of Jesus are genuinely weakness-glorifying slave morality. And all of this is not to mention that Christianity is not even a mostly white religion at this point, quite the contrary. No matter what Christins say in defense of their Jewish-derived doctrine, nothing has been able to shake my belief that Christianity is completely and utterly incompatible with fascism or National Socialism. This said, what should be our approach to Christians? How will they be handled if we ever come to power? What should be the stance of groups towards religion in general?

Personally I think they should never lead our parties and groups-to-come for many of these reasons, but they should be permitted as members so long as their religion does not conflict with them doing their duty for their people. We need a pagan ethos. Pagan conceptions of the world were opposed to universalism and saw religion as completely bound up in tradition, social ritualism and a subordination of religion to the state — hence why Christians were seen as the subversives they were. We can see from this description why National Socialism has been called the first stirrings of the awakening of the Aryan pagan spirit.
11 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>3464 >Roman would've never conceived something like Out of Africa since they didn't have a theology teaching that all men everywhere have one origin rather than each set of men having each one's origin. A relevant quote from Emperor Julian on this matter: <when Zeus was setting all things in order there fell from him drops of sacred blood, and from them, as they say, arose the race of men. It follows therefore that we are all kinsmen, whether, many men and women as we are, we come from two human beings, or whether, as the gods tell us, and as we ought to believe, since facts bear witness thereto, we are all descended from the gods. And that facts bear witness that many men came into the world at once, I shall maintain elsewhere, and precisely, but for the moment it will be enough to say this much, that if we were descended from one man and one woman, it is not likely that our laws would show such great divergence; nor in any case is it likely that the whole earth was filled with people by one man; nay, not even if the women used to bear many children at a time to their husbands, like swine. But when the gods all together had given birth to men, just as one man came forth, so in like manner came forth many men who had been allotted to the gods who rule over births; and they brought them forth, receiving their souls from the Demiurge from eternity' http://www.tertullian.org/fathers/julian_apostate_letter_to_a_priest.htm <This at any rate is seen if one observes how very different in their bodies are the Germans and Scythians from the Libyans and Ethiopians. Can this also be due to a bare decree, and does not the climate or the country have a joint influence with the gods in determining what sort of complexion they have? https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Against_the_Galileans This all seems much more sensible to me. Similarly the Padma Purana declares that there are 400,000 different species of humans. Seems unbelievable at first, but we must recall that humanity is not just confined to Earth. There are countless planets where mankind is present in different forms, some many times more advanced than we are. Sometimes they even visit Earth (Nordic aliens are one variety that is much more spiritually advanced and closer in stature in perfection to devas than humans on Earth) On this latter topic at around 6:20 onwards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVUHeEmftE8
>>3464 It's a religion but I wouldn't compare it to say, esoteric orthodoxy
I believe that Christians should be accepted at first, then have their priorities tested over time. A lot of them are Christians solely because of cultural upbringing and due to lack of sufficient exposure to something else (Most people just don't care about religion that much and just go on with what they have been taught since childhood). While negative reaction when one has one's core beliefs challenged is expected, and natural, over time that person would show is it perpetually locked into the semitic slave morality mindset or has a potential to become something greater. Those who are incorrigible should be thrown to the lions, those who have potential and willpower should be given help to deprogram themselves fully. That applies to all spiritual semites, Christians, Muslims, Marxists (incl. other leftists), Transhumanists, soyentists (scientifically illiterate soyboys who worship pop "science"), Freemasons etc. In essence, it's not as much about what one believes, as much as it is about the mindset, attitude, functional natural instinct, developed intuition and intelligence. Aristocrats of the spirit part ways with semitic mindset sooner or later without anyone telling them to do so. >>3444 "American" is not a nation, it's a geographical denomination. Civnat states are always anti-nationalist, it's just a transition point between a nation-state and globohomo. >>3472 I elaborated on it more in another thread, but monotheism (and it's "secular" humanist equivalent), rather than Christianity alone, might be the very root of the problem.
>>3599 >but monotheism... rather than Christianity alone, might be the very root of the problem. More than just the idea of monotheism, I think it may be more accurately the specific depiction of God that Abrahamists adhere to. Many classical pagans like Emperor Julian believed in one God (ultimate source, Absolute, etc), and many lesser gods. Though believing this, he was completely free of the Abrahamic mindset where religion must be imposed and the native cultures of other people's destroyed. As Julian saw it different nations where under the aegis of different gods, which went part of the way to explain the different characters of different nations (not to mention more climactic and innate natures). Yet still there was God. The jealous Yahweh wants all to obey and submit, but the pagan conception of God (for those who have one) is in no hurry to draw every creature towards enlightenment immediately, nor even to broadcast to everyone identical notions concerning his nature and function of his divinity. This is especially true of the depiction of God we see in the Gita. The Abrahamic conception of a single deity is much more prone to subversion, especially due to his despotic and jealous nature. Many pagans mixed both polytheistic and monotheistic notions within a single tradition, as contradictory as it may first seem. The tales of the conflict between monotheism and polytheism envisioned by so-called "historians" results from ignorance.
>>3607 Jews have never accepted focal point theology, for them it always remained a completely exclusive, personal/tribal god. Meanwhile, they were trying to force it onto everyone else (we can notice similar tendencies across all major religions, and the systematic persecution of those who resisted them). This put them at a great advantage. While everyone else had to justify the morality of their actions and integrate their moral framework with the others, at least to a minimal extent (even across different religions that adhered to similar principles), they were completely exempt from it. This advantage later evolved into them being exempt from "secular" humanist laws which were forced onto non-Jews as well. None of this would be possible if other nations didn't accept focal point theology and had they remained true to their exclusive tribal deities and beliefs. Even if subjugated by force, they would have no convenient excuse to remain silent and passive about it. Logically speaking, you can hardly devise a belief that's based on a common "supreme deity" that can't be extrapolated into globohomo (whatever denominational variation of thereof, be it "progress" , Marxism, blood of Christ, international flow of capital etc.). Most resentment against Jews comes from them not adhering to common morality, and there were countless attempts to integrate them into it, all of which have failed with disastrous consequences for us. Simply because their position was better than ours. Despite all the subversion and well poisoning, it was ultimately the "ethics" that whites got subjugated (and exterminated) with. Rather than trying to repeat the same mistake again, why not adopt a model which has proven to work? But they too have tasted their own poison, as it becomes harder and harder to resist with the advance of Kali Yuga. The wiser of their rabbis have recognized that their universalist/globalist golem will finally devour them as well, which is why there are certain anti-globalist tendencies among certain sub-factions of the ZOG. They are still trying to steer it in a way that will destroy everyone else but them, however it's becoming harder to control with each passing day. This is why our most effective strategy would be to try to force their integration into it while simultaneously distancing ourselves from it. But I digress, the actual, pre-corruption notion of the supreme deity in the Vedas Was a state of being which one can potentially attain himself, without having to share that state with anyone else except other rare beings who have attained such perfection. Also, Indra was often portrayed as a jealous god who often put mortals and subhumans to their place. It was much more exclusivist than it may appear. Multiplicity of single God expressed through various forms of life implies that God having schizophrenia and maximum possible cognitive dissonance. Which is pretty ridiculous for a supreme being to have. While universal principles do exist, and while qualia is ultimately objective, there is no reason whatsoever why all emanations should emerge from the same point of origin.

Open file (862.06 KB 3024x4032 Das Heer.png)
Open file (451.63 KB 1120x697 Fitness.png)
Sportvorschrift Für Das Heer Blackshirt 12/04/2019 (Wed) 07:30:59 ID: 5fae0f No.1961 [Reply] [Last]
Anon actually got a copy of a 3rd Reich military fitness manual. Anons can try to translate it if they can. A small bit has already been translated. I'll post any updates when I can.
https:// mega.nz/#F!98Um2IJS!50nWllFVd_cTdUZGXiz3Jw

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>>3212 "negerisch" can just be translated as "negro", which in English is both a noun or an adjective depending on context. The other terms I'd do the following: >vorderasiatisch Near Eastern >orientalisch Oriental >hamitisch Hamitic >ostisch Eastern >nordisch Nordic Nice job on transcribing. I'd translate myself but I'm not confident in my abilities. I know some German from classes I took a few years ago but really only enough to skim and get the gist of an article or piece of writing.
>>3216 Thank you. I assumed it'd be something like that, but you can't find the more peculiar terms in a common dictionary. I'll definitely try again even though my active vocabulary in English is quite limited. That's why I chose this video; translating one of those books is too ambitious for me.
>>3217 For some of the more 'archaic' terms like 'hamitisch' I used dict.cc, it's a good website with a lot of dictionaries on it. https://www.dict.cc/
Slightly-off topic, but I don't know where else to ask. Does anyone remember the translation of Aufgang der Menscheit that /pol/ started to work on about a year ago? Is this still a thing or is it completely dead?
Would like to read this in English too

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