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Christians: Friends or Enemies? Blackshirt 12/11/2019 (Wed) 03:57:21 ID: 00007c No.2318 [Reply] [Last]
In the case of National Socialism I feel like it succeeded in spite of Christianity rather than because of it. In fact much of Hitler’s domestic troubles were directly caused by Christian resistance, whether from Protestants or Catholics, though Protestants were much less of a problem and in general much more pro-NSDAP. The unified church scheme clearly failed and so did Positive Christianity as a larger institution, and all of this was back when Christianity, outwardly at least, was much less pozzed in the way it acted (though of course the seeds lay dormant in the soil).

Looking at today, I see that Christianity is weaponized to support cuckery of all kinds such as tolerance, non-resistance, forgiveness and mass-immigration, most of it coming from the teachings of Jesus. This is not surprising, since the teachings of Jesus are genuinely weakness-glorifying slave morality. And all of this is not to mention that Christianity is not even a mostly white religion at this point, quite the contrary. No matter what Christins say in defense of their Jewish-derived doctrine, nothing has been able to shake my belief that Christianity is completely and utterly incompatible with fascism or National Socialism. This said, what should be our approach to Christians? How will they be handled if we ever come to power? What should be the stance of groups towards religion in general?

Personally I think they should never lead our parties and groups-to-come for many of these reasons, but they should be permitted as members so long as their religion does not conflict with them doing their duty for their people. We need a pagan ethos. Pagan conceptions of the world were opposed to universalism and saw religion as completely bound up in tradition, social ritualism and a subordination of religion to the state — hence why Christians were seen as the subversives they were. We can see from this description why National Socialism has been called the first stirrings of the awakening of the Aryan pagan spirit.
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>>3464 >Roman would've never conceived something like Out of Africa since they didn't have a theology teaching that all men everywhere have one origin rather than each set of men having each one's origin. A relevant quote from Emperor Julian on this matter: <when Zeus was setting all things in order there fell from him drops of sacred blood, and from them, as they say, arose the race of men. It follows therefore that we are all kinsmen, whether, many men and women as we are, we come from two human beings, or whether, as the gods tell us, and as we ought to believe, since facts bear witness thereto, we are all descended from the gods. And that facts bear witness that many men came into the world at once, I shall maintain elsewhere, and precisely, but for the moment it will be enough to say this much, that if we were descended from one man and one woman, it is not likely that our laws would show such great divergence; nor in any case is it likely that the whole earth was filled with people by one man; nay, not even if the women used to bear many children at a time to their husbands, like swine. But when the gods all together had given birth to men, just as one man came forth, so in like manner came forth many men who had been allotted to the gods who rule over births; and they brought them forth, receiving their souls from the Demiurge from eternity' http://www.tertullian.org/fathers/julian_apostate_letter_to_a_priest.htm <This at any rate is seen if one observes how very different in their bodies are the Germans and Scythians from the Libyans and Ethiopians. Can this also be due to a bare decree, and does not the climate or the country have a joint influence with the gods in determining what sort of complexion they have? https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Against_the_Galileans This all seems much more sensible to me. Similarly the Padma Purana declares that there are 400,000 different species of humans. Seems unbelievable at first, but we must recall that humanity is not just confined to Earth. There are countless planets where mankind is present in different forms, some many times more advanced than we are. Sometimes they even visit Earth (Nordic aliens are one variety that is much more spiritually advanced and closer in stature in perfection to devas than humans on Earth) On this latter topic at around 6:20 onwards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVUHeEmftE8
>>3464 It's a religion but I wouldn't compare it to say, esoteric orthodoxy
I believe that Christians should be accepted at first, then have their priorities tested over time. A lot of them are Christians solely because of cultural upbringing and due to lack of sufficient exposure to something else (Most people just don't care about religion that much and just go on with what they have been taught since childhood). While negative reaction when one has one's core beliefs challenged is expected, and natural, over time that person would show is it perpetually locked into the semitic slave morality mindset or has a potential to become something greater. Those who are incorrigible should be thrown to the lions, those who have potential and willpower should be given help to deprogram themselves fully. That applies to all spiritual semites, Christians, Muslims, Marxists (incl. other leftists), Transhumanists, soyentists (scientifically illiterate soyboys who worship pop "science"), Freemasons etc. In essence, it's not as much about what one believes, as much as it is about the mindset, attitude, functional natural instinct, developed intuition and intelligence. Aristocrats of the spirit part ways with semitic mindset sooner or later without anyone telling them to do so. >>3444 "American" is not a nation, it's a geographical denomination. Civnat states are always anti-nationalist, it's just a transition point between a nation-state and globohomo. >>3472 I elaborated on it more in another thread, but monotheism (and it's "secular" humanist equivalent), rather than Christianity alone, might be the very root of the problem.
>>3599 >but monotheism... rather than Christianity alone, might be the very root of the problem. More than just the idea of monotheism, I think it may be more accurately the specific depiction of God that Abrahamists adhere to. Many classical pagans like Emperor Julian believed in one God (ultimate source, Absolute, etc), and many lesser gods. Though believing this, he was completely free of the Abrahamic mindset where religion must be imposed and the native cultures of other people's destroyed. As Julian saw it different nations where under the aegis of different gods, which went part of the way to explain the different characters of different nations (not to mention more climactic and innate natures). Yet still there was God. The jealous Yahweh wants all to obey and submit, but the pagan conception of God (for those who have one) is in no hurry to draw every creature towards enlightenment immediately, nor even to broadcast to everyone identical notions concerning his nature and function of his divinity. This is especially true of the depiction of God we see in the Gita. The Abrahamic conception of a single deity is much more prone to subversion, especially due to his despotic and jealous nature. Many pagans mixed both polytheistic and monotheistic notions within a single tradition, as contradictory as it may first seem. The tales of the conflict between monotheism and polytheism envisioned by so-called "historians" results from ignorance.
>>3607 Jews have never accepted focal point theology, for them it always remained a completely exclusive, personal/tribal god. Meanwhile, they were trying to force it onto everyone else (we can notice similar tendencies across all major religions, and the systematic persecution of those who resisted them). This put them at a great advantage. While everyone else had to justify the morality of their actions and integrate their moral framework with the others, at least to a minimal extent (even across different religions that adhered to similar principles), they were completely exempt from it. This advantage later evolved into them being exempt from "secular" humanist laws which were forced onto non-Jews as well. None of this would be possible if other nations didn't accept focal point theology and had they remained true to their exclusive tribal deities and beliefs. Even if subjugated by force, they would have no convenient excuse to remain silent and passive about it. Logically speaking, you can hardly devise a belief that's based on a common "supreme deity" that can't be extrapolated into globohomo (whatever denominational variation of thereof, be it "progress" , Marxism, blood of Christ, international flow of capital etc.). Most resentment against Jews comes from them not adhering to common morality, and there were countless attempts to integrate them into it, all of which have failed with disastrous consequences for us. Simply because their position was better than ours. Despite all the subversion and well poisoning, it was ultimately the "ethics" that whites got subjugated (and exterminated) with. Rather than trying to repeat the same mistake again, why not adopt a model which has proven to work? But they too have tasted their own poison, as it becomes harder and harder to resist with the advance of Kali Yuga. The wiser of their rabbis have recognized that their universalist/globalist golem will finally devour them as well, which is why there are certain anti-globalist tendencies among certain sub-factions of the ZOG. They are still trying to steer it in a way that will destroy everyone else but them, however it's becoming harder to control with each passing day. This is why our most effective strategy would be to try to force their integration into it while simultaneously distancing ourselves from it. But I digress, the actual, pre-corruption notion of the supreme deity in the Vedas Was a state of being which one can potentially attain himself, without having to share that state with anyone else except other rare beings who have attained such perfection. Also, Indra was often portrayed as a jealous god who often put mortals and subhumans to their place. It was much more exclusivist than it may appear. Multiplicity of single God expressed through various forms of life implies that God having schizophrenia and maximum possible cognitive dissonance. Which is pretty ridiculous for a supreme being to have. While universal principles do exist, and while qualia is ultimately objective, there is no reason whatsoever why all emanations should emerge from the same point of origin.

Open file (862.06 KB 3024x4032 Das Heer.png)
Open file (451.63 KB 1120x697 Fitness.png)
Sportvorschrift Für Das Heer Blackshirt 12/04/2019 (Wed) 07:30:59 ID: 5fae0f No.1961 [Reply] [Last]
Anon actually got a copy of a 3rd Reich military fitness manual. Anons can try to translate it if they can. A small bit has already been translated. I'll post any updates when I can.
https:// mega.nz/#F!98Um2IJS!50nWllFVd_cTdUZGXiz3Jw

Internet archive:
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>>3212 "negerisch" can just be translated as "negro", which in English is both a noun or an adjective depending on context. The other terms I'd do the following: >vorderasiatisch Near Eastern >orientalisch Oriental >hamitisch Hamitic >ostisch Eastern >nordisch Nordic Nice job on transcribing. I'd translate myself but I'm not confident in my abilities. I know some German from classes I took a few years ago but really only enough to skim and get the gist of an article or piece of writing.
>>3216 Thank you. I assumed it'd be something like that, but you can't find the more peculiar terms in a common dictionary. I'll definitely try again even though my active vocabulary in English is quite limited. That's why I chose this video; translating one of those books is too ambitious for me.
>>3217 For some of the more 'archaic' terms like 'hamitisch' I used dict.cc, it's a good website with a lot of dictionaries on it. https://www.dict.cc/
Slightly-off topic, but I don't know where else to ask. Does anyone remember the translation of Aufgang der Menscheit that /pol/ started to work on about a year ago? Is this still a thing or is it completely dead?
Would like to read this in English too

How to deal with foreign influences Blackshirt 10/24/2019 (Thu) 05:08:09 ID: 02f8ff No.522 [Reply] [Last]
How do you deal with the anime influence on Western fascism? What would a future fascist state look like if you allowed anime to dominate the minds of fascist men instead of their own culture?

No shit posting, it's a real question
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>>3501 Until he's Dirlewanger tier drunk then tries to sell you/give away a canvas bag full of injun scalps. >>3506 You're lost on yourself, things domino. Raising the downtrodden is very much a noble goal, planting the seeds of the ideology is easy in those sorts.
>>3524 I think that he does not know how to read ID's and thinks you and I are the same Anon
>>3516 >Anime is becoming more and more mainstream And the point is? The popularity of a medium is not equivalent to saying that all types of propaganda work. Do you want an example? What if you try porn? Indeed, the medium addresses the feeling it evokes: in this case, excitement. The propaganda that is made for niggers is well known... But the question is clear: To whom will this garbage be directed? The problem with movies, anime, and other types of exposure (and even the opera) is clarified by a quick reflection: they abstract from reality, but no, it goes to it. It changes an effectively real intuition, to a fictitious one (how curious that most normies are unable to see beyond what is shown!), And this is, in light of the facts, harmful. The best means of propaganda, and that this is clear, for fascism (a doctrine based on action), is perhaps: the action itself. But referring to the essential question: propaganda is persuasion, not the demotion of something, this is the reason why, for example, we disdain generic propaganda that tries to impose as this anon comments: ( >>3489 ) >I skip every generic post I see with the same overused buzzwords [...] However, someone who does not know how to differentiate between the artistic medium and the propaganda medium makes a big mistake. Will we say that Idyll is a propaganda, trying to persuade someone to accept our love to someone? Ridiculous, the artistic medium exposes a feeling (intiutive or abstract), the propaganda medium evokes a feeling in the viewer. If persuasion (as in sophistry) is too fickle, then we immediately identify it and recognize what it is It must also be recognized that in every medium, it has its own way of exposing a feeling, and that regarding the limitations (such as, for example, animation cannot expose a reality) that are typical of the medium, the end of the medium is found. The fine, humanoid, and adorable stroke of a drawing will expose us sweetness, which in the anime, is easily recognizable. This last one, it dignifies us to recognize one thing: that the anime exposes sweetness, which aimed at women can be positive, but not in men. And an overexposure of the latter makes them effeminate. Secondary to this, we must know that a drawing is nothing more than a banalization of reality (exempting the paintings, which try to emulate reality), and that is why it is so effective in comedies; well, factions and expressions that that are clearly grotesque are adopted, which exposes us to a sense of ridicule, which we compare with expressions of the human face and that is why we find it funny (see video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrQzGNNvFIE Another thing, which should be noted in the anime. Isn't the character design curious, with light eyes, light hair, and with western features, like big eyes, etc?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>3532 >I'm probably younger than you Ok, kid
>>3532 >And the point is? It's not necessarily a fringe thing as you (or another anon) tried to portray it as >The best means of propaganda, and that this is clear, for fascism (a doctrine based on action), is perhaps: the action itself Agreed. Action facilitated by propaganda and following a strong message. They are inter-dependable >And an overexposure of the latter makes them effeminate Incorrect. That only applies to latent faggots who identify with the effeminate. Of course, males being portrayed as such is degenerate and should be avoided. Females however, portray the right role model for girls and women, and invoke certain feelings in men which are long lost in this decadent age. >Another thing, which should be noted in the anime. Isn't the character design curious, with light eyes, light hair, and with western features, like big eyes, etc? Japanese, being partially Aryan themselves, saw beauty and wanted to recreate it, at least on paper. Unlike the Jew and other semite animals, who only wish to destroy it and force their degenerate "art" , which is not even befitting animals. Even a maggot would be disgusted by Jewish "art" if it was conscious. TL;DR anime should not be forced on normies or part of some greater propaganda effort, but it's perfectly fine for certain groups of people and wanting to ban it, instead or re-purposing it is idiotic. /thread

Open file (90.60 KB 500x644 1324293614_377321_85.jpg)
Favorite fascists? Blackshirt 09/26/2019 (Thu) 03:53:45 ID: c0c701 No.169 [Reply] [Last]
Who were your favorite fascists?
I'm dedicating this thread to Il Duce.
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Ramos and de Rivera were pretty cool
Are you gay? Pinochet sold out to the US.
>>169 Oswald Mosley
>>257 No he supported free market neoliberal capitalism. Fascism is for planned economies.
>>1727 Not just his, pretty much every high ranking official was married to a kike, and not only that, but the movements founder was jewish and so where some of the higher ups. https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t894101/ >inb4 stormfront
Open file (81.72 KB 401x561 iur.jpeg)
Open file (103.12 KB 500x333 mosley surfing.jpg)
Favorite are Rivera and DVCE. Mostly from a practical point of view, however, they do not fill me with nearly as much energy as these two. Mosley was a great spokesman, D'Annunzio was the figure that turned me into a fascist. >>>2987 >Fascism is for planned economies. Fascism is for economies that work, simple as

Open file (13.26 MB 540x360 world on fire.webm)
webm/mp4 Thread Blackshirt 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:06:48 ID: 60403e No.2959 [Reply] [Last]
A video material sharing thread seems to be in order. Please post your educational and recreational board related videos here.
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R/JQ Infographics Thread, Truth goes here. Blackshirt 12/13/2019 (Fri) 17:44:32 No.2376 [Reply] [Last]
This will be the new info-graphic thread from now on. I'll keep dumping absolutely everything i got here at a later date since I will be busy tonight. Whoever got it post what you got. And remember to share the good ones wherever you can.

Last kike (((OP))) or whoever actually deleted the last one for whatever reason with all the important info i dumped go fucking hang yourself, little rat.
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>>2487 Do you have a version of the circumcision one without the star of rephams? I have a normie family member who will be giving birth to a baby boy in a month or so and I want to show this to her before it is to late. I'd edit it my self but I am a massive brainlet when it comes to most things computer related. On a related note does anyone know where this originally came from? I can't find an article or website containing it that doesn't contain things that would be an immediate turn off for a normie.
Open file (135.36 KB 599x801 272452456502345635073.jpg)
Open file (70.95 KB 606x427 247504859325.jpg)
Open file (195.69 KB 1080x799 nsjm.jpg)
Open file (418.35 KB 598x776 an.png)
Open file (97.22 KB 924x654 1943.jpg)
>>2896 Thank you mate. Hopefully you saved a boy from being circumcised.
>>3475 The second link is a kike, by the way, who weaves some untruths in there if I remember correctly, but I can't be assed to watch it again to recall what they were. Either way it's useful as an emotional appeal, which is particularly effective on normalfags and women.

Your Biggest Influences and Why Blackshirt 12/29/2019 (Sun) 05:45:29 ID: 93666d No.2937 [Reply] [Last]
>Adolf Hitler Self-explanatory for many. I admire his love for Germany, the selfless idealism and truly leadership he exercised, bringing Germany from its lowest point to the greatest heights in such a short time. His speeches can bring me to tears. Extremely influential in my own awakening to the Jews, white nationalism, authoritarianism and the like. A true man against time >Ted Kaczynski He redpilled me on the problems of the techno-industrial system and changed my entire worldview over time radically with ISAIF and his later book and essays. I aspire to live as he did one day. A bit too anarchistic for me at times, I admit, though all of his critiques are worth considering. Best coupled with Jacques Ellul. >Pentti Linkola I admire his ability to say it as needs to be said, and how he recognizes that violent force will likely have to be used to preserve this planet against the ignorant masses. He is also somewhat of a luddite and his statist proclivities are attractive to me. >Yukio Mishima I really enjoy his writings such as Runaway Horses and Sun and Steel, not to mention his dedication to Japan. Always good to see someone embody the Ironpill and Bushido. I never thought I’d read a book about some boy masturbating to male armpits, Saint Sebastian and gory deaths until I read him. >Savitri Devi The Lightning and the Sun and Impeachment of Man are some of my favorite books. Like her I am interested in paganism (esp. Vedic) and the radical protection of this planet’s environment and lifeforms other than human beings. I often employ her terminology of men “in Time”, “against Time” and “above Time” and see history in a cyclical fashion. Honorable mentions >Julius Evola

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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look at Mensa. I mean come on. SAGE for schizoposting
>>3288 >>3289 >>3290 >>3291 Can you try not to submit your posts until you've got everything you want to say down? I can't be the only one who finds this annoying to scroll through, just confine them to one post. Everyone double posts occasionally but you do this over and over. A friendly reminder about rule two: <2. No spam, no flooding, serial double- / triple-posting in the same thread within a short period of time will result in a short ban
>>3295 Sorry
>>3290 That's how it's always been, like minds think alike so and there is the preference for similarity, just like how a physicist most likely wouldn't enjoy the company of a bunch of construction workers after a 10 hour shift. And the construction workers probably wouldn't want to hang out with the physicist anyway because he'd probably not get instantly booze-blasted either and talk about bullshit they're not really intrigued by, worse odds of friendships working out. It's simple really. Obv nothing wrong with either of those professions, but group dynamics like that are just natural. >high IQ fedoras to hackers to the science community they exclude out the common man because he's not "one of them" Yeah and so what? People form cliques not a big deal, fedoras and science people aren't politicians. Their free time doesn't revolve around gathering votes pretending they like people they don't. Because respect is earned.
>>3298 It's a big deal when trying to run a state. You have to be a man of the people or people are not gonna be able to relate. Elon Musk has as much in common with regular folks as fish does a bicycle

My Personal Theory; Partial Biological Explanation Behind Narrative Followers i.e "Normies" or "Lemmings" Blackshirt 12/06/2019 (Fri) 07:19:00 No.2067 [Reply] [Last]
I think there may be a biological explanation for unrepentant party line followers aka lemmings, I believe much of this may be related to biological asymmetry. People tend to be either left-brained or right-brained, meaning that one side of their brain is dominant. Dominant left lobe people tend to be generally analytical, logical, and methodical in their thinking. Meanwhile right lobe brain people are more emotional creative or artistic, but are not thought to posses as much analytical or methodical thinking logic like reasoning, and vice versa it appears. And I think this raises and interesting question and offers the explanation to why the "pleb" or party-line follower of norms factor exists. However lobe dominance apparently can be changed through a number of genetic, epigenetic, or neural mechanisms which in the study im reading will not cite or specify how. Keep in mind my theory is not all encompassing and does not factor in IQ itself but probably has a lot to do with the "lemming factor" it either way, more than what is given credit for. Development of lobe dominance has been shown to some degree as early as the fetus stage and is probably genetically inherited.

Logic, independent reasoning processing of information, forming your own thoughts, in current hedonistic capitalist jew society are not learned, and i repeat, these traits today are NOT ever learned but yet somehow they appear in people. And they usually manifest themselves through inflection and intelligence by not adhering to preconceived beliefs and genetic predisposition, or simply the easiest natural solution which is brain biology or a combination of those. And many times nature simply has the easiest explanations for things but at the same time they are difficult to understand and extremely complex in depth.

My theory is just that right-lobe people are generally more gullible than left-lobe, and the pleb factor is higher in left brain lobe people than vice versa, but these traits are needed to have a stable society, so left lobe people could actually be the majority in society. It may be that Jews just abuse this biological phenomenon because they have spent millions running evil human experiments like the sick jew Sidney Gottlieb's MK-Ultra and others we do not know of. For the explicit purpose of how to find out how they can manipulate and deceive humans, how to best mold the brain into a vegetative slave state, as far as I'm concerned this probably affects both lobes but i theorize this does change when human primal functions are activated, like fight or flight that biologically forces a person to either deal with a threat or flee. What i wrote about fight or flight probably also ties into how white societies are often subject to revolution when living conditions become destitute as well. Unfortunately we cannot read most of the MK ultra files and their conclusions and what was learned because they have all been burned or hidden away. They obviously know something we don't, they have spent millions, if not billions on subjects like this.

I'd like to see a study on this that proves a disposition whereas to what degree leftists/degens/lemmings have a lower IQ and an extreme right brain dominance, because they are incapable of properly, rationally processing information which is most contradictory in the age of information, there has to be something biologically wrong with some of these people, perhaps they cannot activate the left side of their brain as well as people who are able to contrive and reason rational conclusions from information that they are given, but rather they process such things as facts, studies, evidence in a "creative" -- "feeling based" way, which is not rational. And I'm sure psychology and learned behavior ties into it as well.
24 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>2108 >I remember actual studies being conducted on the brain that showed how after electrocuting some parts of the lobe a person becomes more open to immigration and liberal worldview. A recent study that's been circulated on the chans was about how scientists used electromagnets to shift the way people thought about racism, inclusiveness, tolerance, etc. Going all the way up, we can ponder if this can be generalized, weaponized, as to be used in the systems like HAARP or 5G. It's highly speculative I concur but it's best to keep it lodged somewhere in our memory, just in case something fishy happens that goes counter to the obvious generalization of redpilling going on.
>>2109 The only true accelerationism is hitting the economical system. Starve the ZOG, see shitstorm ensue. I had great hope with the Gillet Juane (?) but it seems to have been coopted pretty quickly. Still, they managed to force the government to concede something like ten billions eurps (quoting from memory, would need to be checked if a frog reads this). Let's call that a good beginning.
>>3239 >The only true accelerationism is hitting the economical system. Starve the ZOG, see shitstorm ensue. Exactly. ZOG’s pocketbook is their weak point. >Gilets Jaunes I have mixed feelings about them. They’re good at revealing the true face of the French ZOG as far as I’m concerned though. Here’s a post which shows a few of the major problems I have with them: >>1645
>>3246 >>3247 >>3248 What is this shit?
>>3251 Schizoposting is a hell of drug

Open file (222.78 KB 1920x1080 sci-fi-art-wallpaper-19.jpg)
Fascist parenting in clown world. Blackshirt 10/30/2019 (Wed) 16:10:40 ID: 1f8437 No.781 [Reply] [Last]
We know many children raised in good traditional households end up rebelling and going full degenerate as soon as they are able. Women like Laci Green being an example of this.

What do you do as a fascist parent today to keep your kids on the right track? How do you stop them rebelling and becoming a multiracial cum bucket?

No larping. We're dealing with a real world situation here and you need to propose realistic solutions. There's no fascist country you can currently live in and raise children, tomorrow isn't here but it won't come out of nothing. So today must be handled to create a tomorrow. Your kids going off the rails won't do that so don't believe in unicorns and magic.
Open file (378.20 KB 791x591 ClipboardImage.png)
One of the most important things that I plan to do is to go full Varg-mode and move off the grid and homeschool them. I still live on the grid but I'm working towards getting landing and leaving it as soon as possible. I'm going to go off the grid for a variety of reasons, among them that I think this would be a far better environment for raising children than in our increasingly degenerate society today where kids spend most of their time inside and not learning actual skills or experiences. This fits in well with homeschooling, since we're all well aware of the absolute state of public schools and the filth that they are pushing in them involving diversity, sexual deviance and white guilt. On top of that, homeschooled students tend to do better on average iirc.

I think that it is important not to try to force any one view down their throat though. I think a parent should be honest with their child and try to actually explain why they believe something is true, and if they're smart enough they'll likely understand where you're coming from. It's also important to practice what you preach. You can't do anything of this "do as I say, not as I do" bullshit -- kids pick up on that stuff. If you're teaching white pride and anti-degeneracy you better practice what you say. I don't want to give this the impression of total isolation from the outside world though, that would have negative consequences eventually. I'm not afraid of having them interact with the outside world at all, it's just that I believe the current society is failing children and creating and unfulfilling and unhealthy environment. Plus, provided I can find a good wife I plan to have as many children as possible. Maybe six minimum. They won't be lonely.
Open file (10.50 KB 301x167 78656459682310.jpg)
Open file (62.91 KB 850x400 ams.jpg)
Open file (260.46 KB 617x571 1463284057847-3.png)
Open file (384.02 KB 1200x1200 1460947282497-0.jpg)
Open file (87.01 KB 565x800 YzLZdEd.jpg)
You should get to know your child and spend enough time with it. Children learn by example, don't lie to your children. Being overly controlling will backfire. Let your child hear you curse at jews from time to time. Read books to your kids.
>>3017 true, if you're too controlling, it will backfire
>>781 I think I shall paraphrase an idea I heard in some thread one time: "Expose your kids to images degenerates and the like, where they physically react to such things and see how fucked-up they are. Also, give your kids your ideas on why you think the paths these degenerates took were bad ones. But, DO NOT FORBID THEM FROM DOING SO. As, if they DO rebel, they will associate different breeds of degeneracy with the negative emotions, but won't DO such things as you never specifically disallowed these things." I probably made this more complex, than the original. >>3017 So make them feel loved?
>>800 >On top of that, homeschooled students tend to do better on average iirc. This is true. There are many statistics and studies where it shows that home schooled children outperform system schooled by a huge margin in EVERY area, EVEN higher social aptitude and outgoingness than those from the pozzed brain prison, the polar opposite of which has been the mock image propagandized by various media of homeschoolers. The (((current year))) hostile school system just seems to not be conducive to learning. In actuality boring a waste of time for years until university, only thing that makes it half bearable is social interaction, a total joke. It just creates more failures than geniuses. Even the geniuses and smart people will be burned out because of the retarded meat grinder not allowing them to master their favorite subject early. Couple this with the suicide epidemics of Gen Z and zoomers that nobody talks about and you know something is seriously wrong.

Fascism doctrine Blackshirt 01/02/2020 (Thu) 01:52:46 No.3103 [Reply] [Last]
I recently read "What is fascism ?" by Maurice Bardèche, a french self-proclaimed fascist author. He did not collaborate with the Germans in the Vichy regime though, his brother-in-law did. His name was Robert Brasillach and he was a newspaper editor in occupied France and very close to the National-Socialists. Brasillach was executed after the liberation of France. Maurice Bardèche was troubled by these events as he was originally inclined toward fascist thought and very close to his friend Brasillach. He then started fascist activism by contesting the trials of Nuremberg, the holocaust narrative and defending the collaborationists. The main Idea of his book is trying to isolate a core that represents the essence of fascism out of the different forms that it had taken in different countries. He notes that paradoxically, the strength of fascism which is that empirical faculty to embrace the nature of the people that it originates from and apply it to resolve the problems that arise before a nation in crisis is also its weakness. And that weakness is that it does not have a fixed doctrine. It cannot be replicated as it is. It must always be changed according to the context it is applied to and according to the genius of the providential man who takes the nation's destiny in his own hands, which in itself also cripples the neo-fascists who wait indefinitely for this kind of man to step forward. Fascism is almost transcendental in its nature in a way that it is a revival of a traditional way of thinking. It is a revival of values long lost in the profanity of modern thought. Honor, justice, hierarchy, inequality of men, and the destiny of the nation which must be accomplished by the people through the power of the state. It is completely incomprehensible by modern "scholars" who were raised in the liberal democracies. So apart from some characteristics that help us build a fascist state such as nationalism, socialism, anti-communism, authoritative state, what are the other core elements of fascism ?
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>>3161 I’ve only read the first few pages so far and I’m liking it. I’m probably not grasping it all but I definitely liked how he pointed out within the first few pages how what intellectuals, newspapers and others call “fascist” is not recognized as fascism at all by real fascists. That definitely hasn’t changed kek. Honestly I doubt I’ll be able to read this whole book all the way through since in some places it’s beyond me since some of the conjunctions / function words always throw me off, not to mention the meanings of some verbs although I know the conjugations and tenses. I’m gonna keep trying to power through though. >The leader must of course be an able man who represents himself the fascist ideal. Physically fit, well read and a man of character. When there is a lack of such a man, forming fascist groups will result in egalitarian circlejerks who will fail miserably. Exactly. This is what we’re lacking the most right now in my mind, real leaders who can articulate what a lot of likeminded people like us are talking about, and draw people to them. These people are uncommon and eventually one will arise if the right circumstances arrive. The leader’s all-important. Without Hitler there would have been no National Socialism. Are there really any groups in France? I never hear of any like I do from Italy, Greece, Sweden, UK and even Germany. There are plently of groups here in the US but they’re either filled with feds or cringy unfortunately. Something new is needed. >French fascism has went down the gutter and there is only a few who dare to proclaim themselves as fascists. How fascistic is the New Right there? Do they actually do anything or is it mostly just intellectualizing? Are they at all influential? I have a few books in English by Alain de Benoist that I was planning on reading soon on paganism and democracy.
>>3172 >Are there really any groups in France? To my knowledge there are none. Or they are keeping a really low profile. The state is relentless on these matters, wrong thought is monitored daily and you can go to prison very easily. There is a site called Démocratie participative that is openly racist and its founder Boris Le Lay is exiled in Japan. He is wanted in France to serve I think 10 years in prison. They do weekly podcasts and news articles but they are more concerned about happenings rather than ideology. They had a board back in 8ch called /dempart/ and it was for the most part shitposting and normalfaggotry, a french /pol/ only concerned about how this nigger did this, this kike did that. There are good people but they are buried under a big pile of shit. As to the new right, it is strange how the most known in the English speaking world are not the radical ones. Alain de Benoist's books are very good but he is just an ideologue who doesn't take part in politics. He does not have the guts to name the jew. His last book was about liberalism. There is also Guillaume Faye who is a big degenerate who frequented jewish circles and even mingled with the pornography industry, having himself appeared in porn movies. And he embarrassed himself when he insulted the revisionists in his book "The new jewish question" clearly choosing his side. https://codoh.com/library/document/193/?lang=en It is so shit that the well known enemies of the system who name the jew explicitly are a marxist by the name of Alain Soral and a nigger comedian. And then there is Vincent Reynouard. The first french revisionist after the death of Robert Faurisson and a proud National-Socialist. The boldest Frenchman you can find right now. He lives alone in England right now where he fled the French authorities having lost his family, job and spending a year in prison. He gives private math lessons to sustain himself and produces revisionist videos and books where he also defend National-Socialism. He has a series of videos called "Ma plaidoirie pour Hitler". A very nice guy who has that high school teacher vibe about him. https://archive.org/details/FrenchRevisionistAndPoliticalPrisonerVincentReynouardInterviewedByPaulFromm https://blogue-sc.com/index-chronologique-des-articles
>>3179 >He does not have the guts to name the jew. I was recently listening to an old discussion between Richard Spencer and Jonathan Bowden on the topic of the New Right that really gave me that impression as well. They didn't come right out in say it in the video I was watching, but they mentioned several times that they "reject conspiracies" and focus on liberalism and Americanism being the largest problems - something which does sound to me like cucking on the JQ unfortunately. It's sad that Benoist doesn't have the courage to do that, but I guess we can't throw the baby out with the bathwater. I've only skimmed so far the two books I have by him and they seem very well written so I'm excited to read them, but right now I've got a lot on my plate book-wise. >Faye I didn't know he was such a degenerate and philosemite. Sad. I was wondering why some people attacked me over on Neinchan the other day when I said the ideas laid out in Archeo-Futurism sounded interesting from an anon's summary of it.
>>3184 >old discussion between Richard Spencer and Jonathan Bowden By sheer curiosity, is there a link somewhere one can share? Many thanks.

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