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/fascist/ music resurrection Blackshirt 10/12/2019 (Sat) 19:18:28 ID: dca1e3 No.325 [Reply] [Last]
I recommend trying archive.org to find remaining fascist music since Youtube proactively censors it. But there are a few still left on Youtube.
Google/search 'youtube to mp4 converter' and paste Youtube links. Or, use a firefox add-on that allows you to download Youtube MP4s.
Another recommendation:
Scale to 720 width to reduce file size to its max and repeat if necessary. Helpful for getting below 18.00 MB.
Those will likely get taken down in the future. Convert the Youtube to mp4 or webm.
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Open file (7.79 MB 640x360 Duce, Duce, Duce!.mp4)
Open file (14.08 MB 640x360 Giovinezza.mp4)

Open file (76.22 KB 960x367 1575295401651.png)
Christian zionism is a mossad psyop Blackshirt 12/06/2019 (Fri) 01:25:11 ID: 77f6e9 No.2037 [Reply] [Last]
Christian zionism is a psyop created by the israeli kike intelligence agencies designed to prop up the military industrial complex and ensure the americans support israel since their existence depends on it
4 posts omitted.
Israel literally means to fight god in hebrew. The babylonian talmud is a giant book of pilpul for getting around the laws of god. Its contents used to be passed down orally but eventually were written down in the babylonian talmud. King solomon was obsessed with kaballah. Jesus said that their fathers inherited lies which means the jews have been evil for centuries before jesus lived . Nobody is disputing that, i meant their genetic link to israel no longer exists since theyre so racemixed
>you fake jew i am more jew than you are
<no i am the real jew you are impostors
>by yahweh how dare you insult our jewish fathers
<(on and on and on)
Who gives?
Be Aryan, not Jew.
>Be Aryan, not Jew.
It's sad to see so many Aryans throwing their own culture and heritage under the bus to LARP as Semites.
>christkikery is not zionist
its most boomer moms who support that state, guaranteeing most women to be dualistic and satanic.

Casapound sues Facebook and wins. Blackshirt 12/12/2019 (Thu) 18:54:55 ID: 6372cc No.2351 [Reply] [Last]
A few months ago in its censorship effort in order to silence any "non conforming" voice from its platforms, Facebook deleted all the Forza Nuova and Casapound fanpages, all the admin profiles of those pages and all the profiles of Casapound and Forza Nuova affiliates.


After that, Casapound sued Facebook for defamation and for limiting its freedom of expression. They won the lawsuit and now Facebook must not only reopen the pages, but also pay them monetary reparation.


Finally some good news from Pastaland. Let's see how FB kikes will react.
17 posts and 1 image omitted.
Good times. There must be a way to drop redpills without them being automatically purged, requiring the moderators to personally read and delete them
>4th achievement
>stubborn pursuer of victory
Kikebook refuses to aceept the judge order regarding Casapond profiles https://www.ansa.it/english/news/2019/12/27/facebook-appeals-agst-casapound-reactivation_591baafd-5a77-4524-bd52-f3ac47ef5202.html >Facebook on Friday appealed against a recent Rome court order to reactivate the accounts of neo-Fascist group CasaPound. Imagine my shock
>>2922 I’m not surprised in the least. I’d be more surprised if they were ever re-opened. Kikebook is above the law.
>>2923 That's why banning those platforms state-wide is a good idea. Italy should do the same if they don't comply, but they are probably interlocked into various agreements with the (((EU))) that would make such a move difficult.

Open file (402.82 KB 2048x1362 1571432953268.jpg)
Born again fascists Blackshirt 11/10/2019 (Sun) 08:41:53 ID: 812c9a No.1043 [Reply] [Last]
What do you do with a born again fascist? I'm talking the kind of boys who think they have become men because they read infographs on /pol/. They have 20+ sexual partners, do or used to do drugs, often still drink heavily and consider picking up loose women to be a normal act.

What's the solution to these degenerate children claiming to be men of good character?
55 posts and 8 images omitted.
Open file (1.47 MB 640x360 caravan jews 2.webm)
That's what I thought as well, but is this really a good idea? Kikes are going to cry victim no matter what we do. He already put the symbols of fascist groups and mass-shooters all of his weapons, it's clear where his sympathies lie on the JQ to anyone 'in the know' about the stuff on his weapons. The main audience for a mass-shooting should towards lemmings though, since they're the ones who need to wake up. Jews control every aspect of our societies and are the root cause of nearly every problem on Earth. I like Tarrant and he might be right that it is the effects of the importation of invaders that we feel before all, but if people don't wake up to the Eternal Jew we're going to be stuck in the status quo forever. Directing opprobrium or bullets at Muslims only can do so much. Anti-Islamic sentiment without a deeper knowledge of the Jewish problem can easily be turned kosher.
Well your minecraft server better be titled "It's The Kikes".

I assume his longer version was less jew friendly and you're right they're going to paint you as a nazi no matter what. I think he left it with just muslims since just about every race hates them (including other muslims).
Cry moar faggot. You're just making shit up?
I don't see any Tor-related circus on boards that matter here.
BT is likely a clever fraud meant to deflect our attention from the real enemy. If I can kill 51 ZOG traitors or 51 nobodies out of uncounted millions, I know what would actually "accelerate" things. Contrary to some odd thought, the people who hold power are not many on the average in each Jewed state/country.
Funny how both Breivik and Tarrant are fishy and both are connected, have a similar modus operandi, provided for more smokescreens than anything else, and are surrounded by similar forms of convoluted excuses to explain why they didn't do what seemed the most logical thing to do then if they truly were what they pretended being.
Did you read Tarrant's manifesto?

Open file (346.65 KB 556x374 ClipboardImage.png)
Strategic Alliances with Black Nationalists in America Blackshirt 12/07/2019 (Sat) 01:43:11 ID: 69f203 No.2120 [Reply] [Last]
George Lincoln Rockwell, as some of us may know, forged links with the Nation of Islam and even gave a speech before 12,000 blacks in 1962. The message he preached was in favor of segregation and the return of blacks back to their home in Africa. While it is hard to find people outwardly in support of these views, is there any potential of similar alliances being forged between black and white nationalists today? An important stance for these two groups to realize between one another is that America is not a nation, but instead a rootless cosmopolitan conglomerate of many different racial groups under the control of ZOG. There will never be racial harmony, it is a fiction, and the best path forward for both groups is re-segregation at minimum and complete territorial separation at maximum, leaving each group to flourish and build societies in their own particular interests. Nothing I am saying here should be an earthshaking revelation to anyone, it's common sense, but it is founded on truth and thus has the possibility of appeal among racially-conscious blacks who see that multiculturalism is a mistake as much as we do.

The greatest thing that we could do is to help black nationalists become J-woke and realize that the source of common misfortune is ultimately the work of the Jew. I am not denying that blacks are predisposed to criminality, rape and violence and are often of lower IQ, but I have always found this idea appealing, as I believe it would be in the mutual interests of both groups to the detriment of the Jews. This would only be strategic, not a melding of groups or anything. I know if I ever founded a group, this type of outreach would certainly be explored.
6 posts and 3 images omitted.
This, Uranium mines in Niger are basically turning the entire north into the zone, South Africa is running out of water, Zimbabwe is still starving, but all they care about is whitey won’t gibs me dat. Besides, there was never a sense of nation in Africa, except in the Arab invaded parts and maybe berbers, neither of which are black. The African kingdoms/empires like Mali and Ethiopia were multicultural because ethnic groups are so small in Africa due to a lack of larger groups mixing such as the Germans or Italians (both are made up of multiple ethnicities and have crafted a new national identity due to shared history/culture) yet Africans largely remained in tribes until the last two centuries. Hence why decolonization basically just switched governments and kept the same borders colonizers set up. South Sudan is basically the only example I can think of where an ethnic group separated from a multicultural country. From working with an Ethiopian and Eritrean they had told me they are the same peoples and speak the same language despite Eritrea separating for a reason I honestly don’t know nor have looked into. Besides ethnic groups there isn’t even a “Black African race” like they pretend there is. Africa is massive and nogs didn’t travel much so it’s make sense that geographically isolated peoples wouldn’t be the same despite both being black. I believe there are two distinct black African subsaharan races but there may be more. We shouldn’t group them all together (American [geographic not the USA] nogs are just like American Europeans and mixed, good luck finding an ethnically pure Tikar, or ethnically pure Swede in the Americas) because the races have different traits. But if you’re just dealing with the US or Canada then they’re just mixed niggers, in fact even if you could trace their ethnicity or race I doubt they’d care if you gave them a free ticket to their ethnic lands.

So tl;dr: they have no sense of racial understanding let alone ethnic identification, and despite blacks being a diverse blanket term for “people from Africa” they themselves don’t care and associate race to be only skin colour.
Native Africans are quite sub-racially diverse actually, and some strata are definitively better than the others. But the same could be said for Europeans, and their descendants. The concept of a white race (as a coherent group, not classification) is a relatively modern phenomenon. While we were fighting each other since time immemorial, most of those wars were a result of christcuckery and political appetites of the rulers. Having clearly defined nations is a result of evolutionary diversification. Germans, Russians, English, Italian, that's the real diversity. Most Africans have never reached that level of evolution. Typical of r-selection specimen.

But kikes have hurt them as much as every other race. They were captured and shipped like animals, exploited, and then "freed" to live in a society that's very different from the one where they come from. The utterly idiotic (and vicious) idea that you can "nurture" them into being "equal" is what brought even more disaster to them.
>But the same could be said for Europeans
Absolutely, I’m not going to try to start a x isn’t white, or D&C derailment (I’d like to think we’re better than to fall for that and those spergs were left behind), but I don’t think all European ethnicities are equal, but the worst European still has a long list of achievements. While best black Africans are the Ethiopians or Mali(?) and the Mali empire was just absurdly rich, nothing special that has persisted through the Mali people, and Ethiopia maintained independence as the single African country to escape colonization, and decent army traditions for spear chuckers
>The concept of a white race
I only use the term white hesitantly, in my view race is more of a gradient, with only the Abos being almost entirely isolated, while the everyone else having some in-between. I wouldn’t consider Balkners Turkic or south Italians/Iberians Arabic despite historic admixture from their conquests of Europe and I wouldn’t consider clearly white middle easterners with light hair and blue eyes to be Europeans despite being indistinguishable from “whites” in all physical respects.
>Having clearly defined nations is a result of evolutionary diversification.
I’d struggle to call European nations clearly defined. Ethnically and culturally the Dutch are no different from the North/lower saxons, despite a decline in Niedersächsischen, yet I’s consider the Dutch (including the Flemish obviously) to have a close yet separate nation from Germans, yet even then, do the Swiss who are Swabians count? The Alsatians, the Luxemburgisch, Austrians, Transylvanian Germans? Unless you mean nation as a shared culture, history, languages, ethnic group, and vague areas rather than physical definable land with strong borders. Then yes for the most part I agree. If not than I’m not sure, even as an obvious nationalist there are territories I am unsure of including into what I define as Germany.
>Germans, Russians, English, Italian, that's the real diversity. Most Africans have never reached that level of evolution.
Culturally, 100%. However due to isolation Africans are genetically very diverse but as you said never evolved enough to show that. As well all know biology is the root and culture the flower, at best Africans have developed a stem but no leaves or flower to distinguish.
>Typical of r-selection specimen
Is that the actual theory? I always understood it to be just a metaphor for our evolutionary differences, not that certain humans were K and certain were r.
>But kikes have hurt them as much as every other race.
As the other anon said for them it’s just short term, nigs alive now haven’t faced slavery, and fewer have faced segregation, yet they still get special treatment for it despite heir ancestors suffering and to them that’s a huge bonus and past actions mean nothing other than a means to free gibs.
This doesn't work like you think, you can't reason with nigs without having power over them. Webm related

>Give these welfare drains everything for FREE (Disregarding most niggas think Jews==whitey)

>Still want to kill whitey because these people are animals that see kindness by someone who isn't their race as weakness(and they're not wrong)

Do you understand? This is racial struggle dynamics at its core, niggers even with 80iq avg know how it really works it but whitey doesn't because of fake intellectual sophistry injected propagandized many with.

Power/strength == Survival, this is natural law at it's core, yes it's really that simple, and really that primal.
>I’m not going to try to start a x isn’t white, or D&C derailment
There is a world of difference between appreciating European diversity and that. It's also better to be reasonable and realistic than fall for national chauvinism (Which was always promoted by kikes and strongly opposed by Hitler, as it always led to their benefit and our downfall. Every bloody brother war led to gradual advancement of their Talmudic plans like globohomo). For example, I'm a Balkanigger and I have no problems seeing Germanics as superior in many regards, but inferior in some. And yes, the worst European is still likely to be better than best non-European (with some exceptions like certain Asians or occasional "whiter" mixed people). I'm for a two-track eugenic approach, one would try to purify European nations racially and culturally (preferably to pre-Christian times) to be as close to their roots as possible (tradition), another would be something like USA but (mostly) without non-whites and without kike poz (which would take a tremendous amount of work to accomplish) It's the latter where all the generic white people (who have mostly European ancestry, but are too mixed to fall under any root nation or do not wish to) live. It would focus on creativity and trying out new things for the future. The two combined, rooted strongly in tradition, rising high in creation, would produce the best fruit.
>In my view race is more of a gradient
I agree, however at a certain point it becomes like a tree, with some branches being on the same level, but different, and others descending downwards (or falling off)
>Unless you mean nation as a shared culture, history, languages, ethnic group, and vague areas rather than physical definable land with strong borders
Precisely. You would get something like a Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, Dinaric/Mediterranean federation, then independent nation states (like Netherlands), then autonomous regions (Flemish). Right for self-determination and a broader sense of unity should both be maintained. However, borders would be strongest at the federation/commonwealth level, then become gradually weaker.
>Is that the actual theory?
Yes, look it up. Superior species tend to be more monogamous and produce less, but higher investment offspring, while the inferior ones tend to breed as much as possible with as many partners as possible, utilizing a spray and pray strategy. Which is pretty much consistent with metaphysics. like the rest of my post. Of course, it was not taken to it's logical conclusion out of fears that it might not be very PC, but one can easily extrapolate it as such. Racial science theories (that are banned and memoryholed hard today) were reaching very similar conclusions.
>yet they still get special treatment for it despite their ancestors suffering
They are being degenerated by such treatment. It's stopping them evolve and grow in a natural way. There is no fast-tracking in nature, that's a deranged Jewish fantasy. I saw a nigger in Africa climb a tall palm tree like a monkey to grab the coconut, how many of them in USA could do the same? They are still living in an alien culture where they need to depend on babysitting in order to survive. A tree without roots cannot live for long, except in entirely artificial environments like ZOG.

Fulfilling our Duty Towards our People Blackshirt 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:56:46 No.1754 [Reply] [Last]
What is the best way to help our race today? I've recently been realizing that I don't do much for my people outside of spread redpills online and to those willing to listen IRL. We're faced with the complete annihilation of our race and its culture which stretches back millennia into the past. Once race is lost it cannot ever be recovered. I read, learn, self-improve, etc but it's time to step up for our race and contribute towards total Aryan victory.

How do you help your race?
How should we help our race?
15 posts and 4 images omitted.
>Do you really think the average European can compare to the sand niggers with a life times experience of hardship and war all around them?
Not him, but neither the average European nor the hardship experienced by shitskins is of much relevance here.
If it would do them any good they wouldn't be in the sorry state they are and this for millennia.
Important for us is just a dedicated core of men willing to fight. Something like 10 percent will be well enough for that and as bad as it looks sometimes, there's no force on earth that can compare with a disciplined white army.
Just have a look at the odds of the Spaniards that came to conquer big chunks of the Americas, look at the small percentage of Whites in South Africa or based Rhodesia. Look at the pathetic way muslim armies fight despite all their western/russian weapons worth billions and all their western/russian training. Look at the groundfighting in Syria, Libya, the abysmally bad Saudis in Yemen.
All these subhuman savages manage is to inflict terror but there's a reason Whites have ruled this planet for so long. The only one dangerous are Asians but they'll keep to themselves.
As the demographic situation is concerned, if left to their own devices (that means no intl aid, no world food program, no united nations health workers, no more gibs from whitey) the nigger and muslim population will collapse on its own. If they flee to our territories as is to be expected they'll be kept in check, conventionally about one division of 20K is about enough to handle 1,000,000 civilians.
Have no fear anon, we can handle everything they might throw at us. Even if there was just one million Whites left I'd still put my bet on us.
>muh manly nigger/sandniggers
Lay off the rap music/porn. Niggers and other kinds of Niggers like Achmeds lose wars whenever they aren't fighting degenerates or other Niggers.
>I read, learn, self-improve, etc but it's time to step up for our race and contribute towards total Aryan victory.
Those are all good. Think about getting involved IRL. That's what I'm thinking about doing soon right now personally even though I'm not a fan of any existing groups. I don't even really know how to start looking into something to join. I'd make my own group if I could if I could find like-minded individuals who were serious, dedicated and non-degenerate and willing to put themselves out there. Call me arrogant but I'm not liking much of what currently exists out here in the US.
How do Americans think to maintain their hypothetical white ethnostate when kikes have their nuclear launch codes and control their army, along with every other instrument of force? If there are any areas that should be focused on, it's those that have most strategic objects (military, industry, infrastructure, resources etc.)

Demographics are easy to deal with later ...
If ZOG was overthrown the US military would likely come over to the side of the people. Also, I highly doubt that nuclear weapons would be fired off in any sort of civil war.

Open file (82.50 KB 300x100 JokerBannerSized.png)
New board on 8kun /joker/ Blackshirt 11/28/2019 (Thu) 21:18:32 No.1663 [Reply] [Last]
8kun has a new board and welcoming board /joker/. It is for politically incorrect discussion. Only roleplay, of course.
15 posts and 1 image omitted.
>nothing illegal in the EU
Has one rule ever killed a board so quickly?
>goes to 8kun /pnd/
>can you cure aids?
Based /pol/ board you got there
>no posting anything illegal in the EU
Including delicious recipes for fake poop?
Ron wants /pol/ back, he'll have to do the work by himself and convince his daddy.
They’re too busy catering to the qoomer crowd to do that, I feel

Open file (328.15 KB 874x1024 Es lebe Deutschland.jpg)
Open file (73.17 KB 400x518 hitler clay statue.jpg)
Open file (38.48 KB 424x605 Fallen comrade.jpg)
Open file (42.99 KB 707x575 hitler dog 2.jpg)
Fascist Videos, Images, Music Blackshirt 09/29/2019 (Sun) 22:03:13 ID: d5a316 No.199 [Reply] [Last]
Post 'em
39 posts and 111 images omitted.
He looked like shit in the first pictures that came out but in his ones from a week ago he’s gone full chad. Crusius cleaned up well too.
I'm gonna make everyone but Tarrant soon
Has anyone ever tried to combine https://torrentz2.eu/18577d1d4fe1afe195d8350ab482d7b05567a0af with https://github.com/CorentinJ/Real-Time-Voice-Cloning and resurrect Pierce from the dead? You know, for Murdoch purposes?

/Pol/? MongolianFagget 10/08/2019 (Tue) 08:40:45 No.259 [Reply] [Last]
For the love of science can someone please direct me to a half decent /Pal/ I'm damn near skinning myself looking for a new one since 8chan was nuked.
52 posts and 18 images omitted.
Forgot to add that the address of the so called alt chan federation ( http://imageboard.us/ ) is no longer working.
What does exist is the Alternate Chan Alliance
( https://imageboard.net/ ) and as you can see Neinchan is not among them.
Damage control doesn't change the fact that the owner is a retard. Guess it's time to make webms of the highlights.
Doesn't look like damage control, it was just showing you that Nein is in fact NOT in the Alt Chan Alliance nor Federation.
To be honest I didn't know about Nein's existence before 8chan shut down, I've tried some other /pol/ but I didn't like them, so I don't care about the owner, as long as I stay /comfy/ there.
I mean, Hotweels turned out to be an obnoxious traitorous evil goblin, but still he created 8chan, and great things came from it despite the cripple and his shenanigans.
>Doesn't look like damage control, it was just showing you that Nein is in fact NOT in the Alt Chan Alliance nor Federation.
<Not damage control just showing you USA isn't in the pocket of Israel because this random website says so
He was the most active person in the voice chat during the leaks. All anyone has to do is watch them to see how deeply he was involved with them. Since the leaks came out he's
>deleted any mention of the alt-chan leaks from his imageboard
>came here to damage control multiple times
The leaks really need a summary because it's so much content.
>I didn't know about Nein's existence before 8chan went down
How new are you? He spammed it on 8/pol/ for years and got called a faggot every time. He spams it on cuckchan and reddit too. He runs google captcha. He's on friendly terms with /leftypol/'s imageboard, freech, and was teaching all of them how to spam cuckchan /pol/ and /r/the_donald/. He says he's got someone that's going to fund his imageboard by selling weed who he doesn't know IRL but totally believes isn't a Fed trying to bait him. It just goes on and on if you listen to the leaks.

When I get time I'll make webms of highlights. Post them on his site and see how long they manage to stay up.
Alright, do the highlights then, I'll watch them.
This doesn't change the fact that I like that board as it is.
The moment this will change, I'll leave.
I don't know why this upsets you to this degree.

Non-Normie Science And/Or Research Thread Blackshirt 11/15/2019 (Fri) 13:09:51 ID: b67b6d No.1246 [Reply] [Last]
What the title says.

This thread is not just for research acceptable in a non-degenerate land. But research at odds with accepted narratives like that opposing Out of Africa, the Big Bang, the Neo-Darwinian Synthesis. Or even research following the works of men like Aristotle.

I'll start with the work of Paul Steinhardt:

Steinhardt in time came to reject Big Bang Cosmology since it depended on too many insertions to maintain itself. Also, while he never noted this, the Big Bang is ultimately rooted in a Christianized order of the universe and its past.
24 posts and 3 images omitted.
Open file (6.85 KB 235x215 1518348131605.png)
>Not liking caveman tier theological nonsense spam in a sci thread is X

Pretty sure you're just a 10y/o mental age insufferable cunt, that's the only problem here.
So? There is actual DNA evidence now that disproves this agitprop, with different races literally not having the same genetic material compared with each-other.

Which is the inherent racial difference IQ and everything else. Not hard to understand.
>duuuude science
Your bluepilled naturalistic view of the world (and that’s what science is based off of) has been proven time and time again to be limited and flawed. It’s only natural that in a discussion of cosmology that discussion of religion enters the scene, even if it’s just deistic. You blubbering something about “muh cavemen” exposes you as a hylic NPC
Wasn’t there a similar study done proving that holocaust trauma are passed down to Jews through breast milk, because of altered levels of stress hormones in their blood, giving basis for eternal victimhood and never ending guilt/repatriations?
There is decent evidence for trauma influencing children in the womb's stress levels due to genes being turned on or off. It has nothing to do with tit milk though.

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