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Open file (124.73 KB 719x717 D W E E B - C O R E .jpg)
Open file (81.33 KB 310x425 L'arte Fascista.jpg)
A Fascist Publication Blackshirt 01/11/2020 (Sat) 19:19:05 ID: 39f737 No.3511
This thread is dedicated to evaluation and production of one or more fascist publications. I've being thinking of one for a while, a more relaxed sort-of lifestyle magazine, but instead of expensive watches and bogus diets I would feature fascist values, art and A E S T H E T I C S. The reason for this is that I was exposed to Fascism trough art and A E S T H E T I C S, I believe this is an interesting approach, as opposed to more traditional propaganda, it creates a more flexible Fascism which permeates every aspect of life, not dependent on governments but oneself it can be the source of inspiration for those living under precarious situations, for those who desire more in life than the mockery being handed out by modernity, priming them for more consequential actions but most importantly applying one of my ideas on how to change a nation, by starting from the bottom and slowly crawling up. The short-therm objective of this publication will be to persuade and inspire people into knowingly and willingly adopting fascist lifestyles by painting a casual and friendly approach to Fascism reachable by everyone now willing to become a fascist. To get rid of hate as the fuel for action, but the pursuit of beauty and self-realization. Everyone is welcome from either participating in my efforts or to make your own, however, if you are to participate get ready to have manny LARPy, leftist, overly-aggressive, needlessly-racist, InCelish, and flat-out stupid approaches and ideas shut down. If you want that then work on your own publication, you are more than welcome.
In the anime thread you spoke about this as possibly being some sort of "decentralized publication". I am curious about how exactly this would be assembled. Would anons just being making articles / small pieces and dumping them here or would anons have to deliberate and then decide what to make before having them assembled in a professional-looking pdf format (for example)? I like your idea on the face of it, I would just like to get a basic idea concerning the execution of it.
Open file (21.68 KB 344x400 Berlin Tokio.jpg)
Now, first we need to lay out the methodology on how to structure our efforts, we have to see in order >Objective, what we want to achieve trough this magazne –Done but needs refinement– >Means, by printing what are we going to achieve our objectives? >How do we produce such content? Essays, articles, history, photos >Format, Anual, Bianual, Monthly, one tabloid, manny pages, pdf, images, printed >How do we do it? Who is going to write? Where are we getting pictures? >If printed, How do we ensure anonymity? How do we print it? who is going to? >Publication. How to get this cute little pictures of fasces into our target audience eyes? >Retroalimentation. How can we listen to criticism so we can improve >??? >Profit >>3513 >Anime thread What a nice image that makes in my mind What I meant is not that the production would be decentralized, we would work and communicate trough undisclosed means, but access to the file –most likely a pdf, with png's of single pages avilable– will no be bound on a single blog or file-sharing platform, I plan for it to be something that can be posted in manny ways trough different means and simply defuse in the public, like memes, this would make censorship efforts next to useless while making people contact us difficult. An interesting idea I just had which I already alluded to is to have images of either entire pages or articles available. Images are easer to share than pdf's so they would defuse faster, maybe by adding the name of the publication to every page would ensure that people find a way back to the complete publication in some way. I would like to keep some control over what is posted under our name, I want it to represent something so it all has to be edited and moderated before even being formatted. However I am not married to –most of– my ideas, if something better comes along I would most likely adapt, the only thing I will not leave is that is has to look good, I am a sucker for pretty things.
>>3514 >Format, Anual, Bianual, Monthly, one tabloid, manny pages, pdf, images, printed If we can get enough people to get this off the ground in anyway I think it would be best to see if we can get even a single issue off the ground before making any sort of grand plans. Personally I don't think we should focus on any sort of printing at the moment. Unless you have some way to distribute the potential product to people who would read it I don't see the purpose at the moment. It would be one thing if you or any of us were the head of some extant organization. Plus making this physical would cause significant amounts of money undoubtedly, which is also tied to potential issues of distribution. Keeping it online (for now at the very least) means that it's not tangled up with money and that it can be distributed as anons wish if they find it interesting. Those are just my thoughts though. >What I meant is not that the production would be decentralized, we would work and communicate trough undisclosed means, but access to the file –most likely a pdf, with png's of single pages avilable Ah, I see. I understand. I wonder what the safest and most secure means for that type of work would be though. How does one vet people? Commies would be trying to infiltrate that from day one. And what websites allow us to do such things such as have common access to a document and means of communication that isn't Jewgle shit or a dataminer? I'm only barraging you (and whoever else reads this) with all sorts of questions like these for the benefit of the idea, because I am sure that these are issues or questions that other anons coming into this thread would likely have. I'll check back here in a couple hours and see if any other anons have contributed in the meantime, I don't want to monopolize question-asking.
>>3515 You are right with not making the first issue physical. Not only would it be expensive it would also limit the number of copies. A digital issue would be much more useful. And I have being investigating mass printing methods, most are not-worth-it for small publications. BUT We can keep a printing aspect to our magazine if it takes off. Cartoons, quotes, pictures can be printed as means of activism and advertising our magazine. After a while we can print pocket-size issues and similar, and just leave them around and hope people find them or sell then to used-book stores. I remember in Oaxaca every art studio having a self-published magazine and finding them in manny places. This is a bit unrelated but the Mexico has a very characteristic style of wood-block printing, it is now being used by leftists and I have all the intention of stealing it and appropriating it for Fascism. On another note about Mexico, people in the South have not a care in the world about political correctness and I know manny districts dedicated exclusively to books, imagine entire streets of just used-book stores selling anything, these would be a nice vector if we ever go physical and I decide to translate it to Spanish. Now, unto how to organise production, I was thinking that manny can simply send by a secure e-mail redacted content such as pictures, essays, cartoons, etc, to someone acting as editor, which would then compile on his computer these articles and either format it himself or send it to someone else. With these people sending updates to writers from time to time via e-mail, then after finishing everyone gets sent the file and it is then posted trough whatever medium each choose. Basically the magazine would be made in parts, compiled by someone and formatted by someone else, then it goes back to everyone participating. And about the commie question, I think keeping an inner circle would be preferable. People outside this group would not have access to any stage of production, only the final copy. From that the only tactic I can think of to slander us is for them to make their own fake publications, which would take a lot of work to produce something similar to us.
>>3511 Sounds almost like you want to do as /v/ does with theirs, throw a bunch of random stuff together and format it in a manner that a basic printer can crank out several copies.
>>3518 Not really random, we still need a way for everyone to talk to one-another in order to formulate a theme, list of contents and assign responsibilities. But since I want to have an emphasis in anonymity and secrecy I must find a balance between these two if I want a cohesive and coherent magazine.
>>3517 >Now, unto how to organise production, I was thinking that manny can simply send by a secure e-mail redacted content such as pictures, essays, cartoons, etc, to someone acting as editor, which would then compile on his computer these articles and either format it himself or send it to someone else. With these people sending updates to writers from time to time via e-mail, then after finishing everyone gets sent the file and it is then posted trough whatever medium each choose. Basically the magazine would be made in parts, compiled by someone and formatted by someone else, then it goes back to everyone participating. Interesting idea. This would be a lot more secure than some of the methods I was thinking that you'd suggest. The only real problems I see arising now is whether we even have someone around here who is skilled enough to format submitted content into a high quality magazine-like appearance and someone who can edit well and speaks English natively. The biggest issue is probably finding people who can produce high-quality writings, art and people who can format. I can write well enough if there's a topic I'm interested in, but I'm less confident in the other things, art being my weakest point. >>3518 Does /v/ do something like that? Any links? I'm curious to see what it looks like.
>>3521 For testing the waters I was thinking that the first issue should be focused on F U T U R I S M. I have some training in document analysis and I have a friend who very good at this, I am just showing him this idea to see if he is on board. The magazine can be historical context, analysis, figures, pictures, recommended readings, etc. I am artistically gifted but with no training, but since I have being contemplating drawing and sculpting for a long time I should start practicing now. And for formatting, I have some experience with that, but never with something this ambitious, I can still try.
>>3521 They've been doing their own printwork for awhile now. Here https://vch.moe/v/res/198436.html >>3520 Their stuff seems coherent for what it is.
what will be the name of the magazine?
>>3528 Names are something to see half-way trough, it has to be meaningful but the important bits are the contents Plus, if this is a shared effort then I should not choose the name by myself
>>3526 Interesting. Thanks for the link. I’ll have to download an issue or two to see how they do it. >>3523 Futurism’s a good topic. Don’t let this change your mind away from it since it’s your thing at the end of the day, but personally I don’t know how much I’d really be able to write about such a topic. What I could probably write fairly well about: <what is fascism <pagan topics (more than just Norse shit) <anti-tech / tech critical <against democracy Of course there’s other things I could think of but you want a friendly a casual approach to fascism. I think I’d be willing to help either way. Even if I can’t provide an article in relation to the main topic I’m sure there’d be work to be done. >>3530 I’d still be interested in hearing what ideas you have for a name if any. Here are a few on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Fascist_newspapers_and_magazines
Open file (13.39 KB 250x250 632341_1.jpg)
>>3531 The problem I see is that manny of these themes would not be vert attractive to manny (specially in my country) or seem too aggressive. Although that is mostly because of the posters I have encountered before, not the topics themselves. I want to sweet-talk people into fascism, not immediately call into action <pagan topics (more than just Norse shit) Articles calling people christcucks and accusing everyone be be a jew would be a great turnoff for anyone who is not already a pagan –and a shitty person–. An approach I would use is to present it in a historical format, criticize christianity and try to retake things from paganism to compliment christianity –Something which I do–. While I call myself a christian I actually believe all religions –even some aspects of science– are different interpretations of the same truth. Still, I would like to maintain it as neutral as possible, not really slandering any position but only analyzing them and condoning both bad christians and bad pagans. Although, I do agree that the modern church leaves a lot to be desired, an issue about how to revitalize christianity away from it's current form would be nice. On the other side, a highlight on how paganism lives on and can permiate every aspect of life would also be good. <anti-tech / tech critical Anti; no. Critical; yes. Since this is a lifestyle magazine I would like to criticize the mental source of the technological problem, not technology itself. Basically make people less dependent on it, to stop worshiping it and approach it for what it is; a tool. Plus, living off-the-grid would make it difficult for readers to show-off our teachings, we need functional fascists. <against democracy Hell yes, fuck that shit. The point I made of « We need functional fascists » is somethingI would like to make clear. Extreme fascists who are unable to partake in normal life, instead only working towards revolution rejecting everyone who strays away from fascism is only useful as cannon-fodder. These are non-functioning people who outside of war are useless. I want Fascism to permeate every aspect of life, not reject it. I want good Fascists bakers working on their own privately-owned bakeries practicing fascist values every day and when making every single loaf of bread, this desire for service to their communities, keeping traditions, helping their fellow man and every other value should be practiced in daily life, not just in rallies. Thus, desocializing ideas should be thrown out of the window.
Open file (139.64 KB 573x1013 1497924021411.jpg)
Here are some themes I've being thinking about >F V T U R I S M >Fitness in Fascist regimes >« Rage against the Machine » >A defense of the machine > Democracy, a concept failed since its inception >Pagan Values (Either a single religion or manny at once) >Farming / Gardening >On Fashion (Slow clothing, etc.) >On food (Proper diets, traditional ingredients, food as a cultural expression) >Decorative arts >Beautiful arts >Transportation, Architecture and City Planing >Basic ecology, what you can do that actually helps >Ode to the natural beauty of the world >City-highlights. Travel as a way to appreciate culture and to create the desire to protect it >« Start with the Greeks » >The British; Are they Human? >Organization Highlights, (British Union of Fascists, Iron Guard, etc.) >A guide to modern far-right movements >Yukio Mishima >Gabrielle d'Anunnzio >The Mad Baron >Ernst Jünger >Any other figure >F I V M E >Bushido, Japanese as natural-born fascists
>>3535 When it comes to paganism, I don't find unleashing vicious tirades against Christians constantly to be helpful for either side. Either you're preaching to the choir or you're actively turning away people who would otherwise like what you'd have to hear. I have no problem with Christians if they stand up for their race and nation.If you've ever seen the YouTube channel "DharmaNation" that is my kind of paganism.If it was ever needed I'm sure I could come up with something interesting and informative that is not too antagonistic while keeping it faithful to what I believe. >Anti; no. Critical; yes. Fair enough. It would be interesting to show some stuff about the Amish or other Anabaptist groups and how they strategically reject many aspects of modernity while remaining within its fold to a much larger extent than one would at first think. That could be an interesting article. >>3536 A lot of great ideas in here, especially Yukio Mishima, bushido and the ones on fitness in fascist regimes. On the topic of ecology one could also mention the Third Reich's pioneering path towards the protection of animals and the natural environment, something that is nearly unrivalled today by any country on Earth. Of course if you want to keep it subtle it would be enough simple to mention it in passing.
Getting more into how other people have self-published before I see manny cases of people publishing digital magazines (some even printed) by themselves, at least for the firsts issues while they get more people. I think I will start this way, hopefully I will find people later one, this will also allow me to perfect the process before I start working with people. Although if someone comes with an high-quality article and gives me permission to publish it then I would have no problem, even if it is a one-time thing >>3546 I will certainly have to investigate a lot in order to condense information into an interesting magazine. I should probably keep a file with magazine themes and potential sections and articles they could have, alongside any articles I may have being sent by anons. Writing down any idea I –Hopefully « we » by that time– have or hear so when I go unto creating that issue I gave a guide on what to investigate. Pictures would also be something I should get used to taking, I suppouse the firsts issues will be full of copyrighted material, but as times goes and we get more experience we can start creating our own content.
Open file (1.20 MB 2448x2448 IMG_8433.jpg)
Open file (1.39 MB 2448x2448 IMG_8582.jpg)
>>3514 Well, i guess it is time to start >Name Undefined >Objective Create an easy-to read magazine to serve as an introduction and promote traditionalist and Fascist values practical in the modern age and daily live >Means By publishing articles relevant to an average reader which propose practical and doable solutions and answers to the problems of the modern age >Target demographic Teenagers and young adults interested in history and politics >How do we produce such content I will start by creating an issue on my own nd publish it digitally, then hopefully I will find people to help me later on >Format, Anual, Bianual, Monthly, one tabloid, manny pages, pdf, images, printed This trial run will determine what would a reasonable time between issues would be >How do we do it? Who is going to write? Where are we getting pictures? All me –for now–, and I will use pictures from the public domain and hopefully illustrations made by be >If printed, How do we ensure anonymity? How do we print it? who is going to? Not relevant for now >Publication. How to get this cute little pictures of fasces into our target audience eyes? I will create bite-size pictures with some articles that will hopefully attract people and be easer to share. I expect this publication to spread from person-to person and content-aggregation websites like maymays >Retroalimentation. How can we listen to criticism so we can improve Will post here and read the replies, hopefully by the time I get more people we can do some of that before publishing The phases are the following >Choose a theme F V T U R I S M >How are we going to tackle this theme? Mostly objective and historical content, a bit of opinion but since I do not have anyone to stop me and tell me that my ideas are shit I will keep that to a minimun >How do I appeal to kiddos? F V T U R I S M is Art Deco with the spirit of youth, it is what got 15 year-old-me into his rabbit-hole, I am sure people will appreciate an comprehensive and easy-to-read series of articles about the Vanguard, hopefully serving as a gateway for them to investigate more. >What sources? Just dug trough Lib.Gen and got a bunch of books, a few primary sources and manny secondary >Read, Analyze and compile information [I am here] <Create a list of articles <Write articles <Edit and correct articles <Get images and other resources <Start formating If anyone knows good open-source programs for this please tell me <Create and edit resources such as cover pages and other edited images <Final formating <QC <??? <Post it >>3515 I just remembered something after contemplating printing. My local commies apparently use a gray-sale-only printing method because their posters have hand-painted red elements to it. The image of a bunch of kids drawing some crude lines on their freshly-printed posters at a member's house while their mother brings some cookies for them makes me feel warm. A friend meet them while he was chasing red pu$, they are all cringy kids that cannot be even bothered to attend meetings.
>>3750 >MALO >NatSoc wat, his close associates are mostly jews and one of his doctrines is about moving populations to other places for "homogeneous communities and information" Southern mexs really are completely retarded peasants.
>>3751 They also had posters calling Trump a nazi, I guess their concept of an argument is calling people they do not like « nazis ». >moving populations Yikes, worse when you realize that 99% of those being displaced voted for him
>>3753 It usually is like that, Cardenas was a big and giant mistake that keeps on torturing the good men left. >99% of those being displaced voted for him That's the trick, they want to be displaced to fuck around in developed states/cities instead of working or defending in their rural towns. Reminder to buy weapons, i know Jalisco is the most whipped, liberal and homosexual region from here to Buenos Aires but i bet you can find a good 45 for less than 3000 pesos, chinese AKMs are sold for 5000 with 2 mags. Be safe out there little grasshopper, if things hit the fan be aware entire towns will be burned to the ground.
>>3754 > they want to be displaced to fuck around in developed states/cities instead of working or defending in their rural towns I do not think that is the case. Rural people are very defensive about their lands, specially natives. Urban Proles, on the other hand, that is something that they would want to do. Sadly slave mentality is rampant in Latin America, which is why manny worship candidates, they are just desperate to get a new master. I should probably do an issue about that; slave mentality, I've seen it even in this board. >Jalisco The state itself is extremely traditional. And the Capital of Guadalajara itself has had a lot misleading reports about it, The Media loves exaggerating the presence of the gay menace in the city, I lived there for over a year, I only saw a single faggot out in the open. In that aspect Tijuana is orders of magnitude worse, specially when you take into account the size of the cities. And do not worry about guns, I am originally from Sinaloa and still keep in contact with people who can get me anything I would want, although my family is trying very hard to keep ourselves away from that world, so they are a last resort, we are first going to try to get guns legally.
>>3750 How much influence do honest-to-God communists actually have in Mexico? I just looked through the Wikipedia category of Mexican communist parties and most of them are either dissolved or there isn't enough written on them to really draw any conclusions from. I know there's the Zapatista thing down in Chiapas still as far as I'm aware.
Is anyone posting on this board actually white lol?
>>3797 >How much influence do honest-to-God communists actually have in Mexico? None, you find them in Universities but outside of schools they have no power outside of being a nuisance. There are Zapatistas in Chiapas with a good hold on rural communities but their doctrine is too practical to be communism, aside all they want is to be left alone and do not seek power. The only case of something similar to communists –more like anarchists– exercising power is with the Justo-Sierra Auditorium in UNAM –Autonomous University of Mexico– which was occupied by leftist calling themselves « Students » in early 2000. The place is still occupied because having policemen forcefully extract the occupants would be bad PR. Officially –As official a bunch of Chairos can be– there is only a small restaurant and a radio show, alongside places for people to hang out, in reality no one outside of these leftists groups can enter and it is well-known that it is used as a hub for illicit activities, it is also known that most occupants are not even students or were expelled. However, it is known by all Mexicans that matters regarding the Faculty of Literature are a waste of time, University City is huge, they have auditoriums to spare. A friend found some old communists doing some sort of slam-poetry at a café in Mexico City, so there is that. Mexico City is truly surrealist. Should add this to the list of future articles although I do not know where I can fit it, I will have a Mexican bias, but I want my magazine to be international.
>>3801 Most of the board is white.
>>3796 >Rural people are very defensive about their lands, especially natives Not really, at least not in the deep south, they get manhandled and stepped on by the cartels like they were slaves. Last time that happened in a place with real injuns, a skirmish happened and the feds had to meddle for the cartels to make a better system (money for time in the field, not for product kg). Doesn't help southern injuns are not smart and their idiosyncrasy can only be compared to the worst chinese around, they will swindle you even if you are a Red Cross worker. >The state itself is extremely traditional >Guadalajara itself has had a lot misleading reports about it I've been there, you have a gay club in every block, your barber shops work as fronts for small brothels, the printing and internet cafes have dark rooms with sofas and condom machines, biggest AIDS concentration for city areas. And the old guard of people were just as bad, the current centrist "muh mexico" culture is a product made from jalisquillo politicians in the Cardenas years back when cinema was heavily subsidized, not to mention the prohibition of many products not made in Mexico City or Jalisco via "designation of origin" labelling. Guadalajara is the SanFran of central america, and like you said "in the open" doesn't mean a lot, everyone is a wolf down there. >Tijuana is orders of magnitude worse It's just as bad, i wouldn't say worse other than the jewish gambling problem and CIA drug running but in terms of degeneracy it's just as bad. Believe me, in Jalisco rural areas everyone rides horses and donkeys too. >I am originally from Sinaloa Geez, i was a bit worried there. You are a northern guy, why meddle with Synarchists when you could research the germans in Mazatlan and Mochis? We had a ton of them in the Northwest and our governors, back then brothers (Macias Valenzuela) supported them but Cardenas did a big crackdown backed up by CIA money, hence the whole town stories about hidding japanese and german people in the barn when they were hunting them for extradition without reason. Sidenote: Why is it that every sinaloco went to Jalisco at some point? Sinaloa is beautiful, aside from strict behavior rules like no honking and having windows open, but why everyone fags it up? Also now that i think of it, i believe i once was presented with a post of yours and i destroyed its content in a reply on another board, called you a lot of names but now i feel bad about it, i cannot attack a fellow northwestern denizen. But if i recall correctly, you believed in a national unity/wheel of force could happen with the current federal entities; I will just say this as a traveled man, you cannot make this country work, there's too many idiosyncrasies and spheres of people, both culturally and genetically different from one another to have any sort of harmony. The rampant corruption comes from "dollar exchange rate" greed and cultural dissociation. If you are not that guy then i apologize for confusing you, lots of loonies these days. >>3797 >honest-to-God communists >Influence None if we talk about real, unfiltered, for-the-people communism. Only potheads and poor old radicals believe it. But there's a massive widespread aberration that mixes the ideals of egalitarianism, land distribution, mongrelization and harmony, but the economical doctrine is based on highly aggressive takeovers, focus on outsourcing hubs and rampant commercialization of culture to subsidize syndicates. Almost every figure of power that calls himself "leftism" or socialist does this, it's like they study from the same book. Not to mention almost everyone is rotten corrupt to the core due to seeing the population as a mass rather than a bunch of people, their end game is to create a giant manual labor camp composed of consumerist cattle living under a very rudimentary and obviously failed commie public system and it's working >>3801 Do not worry, i was just passing by, i'm on my way.
>>3805 >they get manhandled and stepped on by the cartels like they were slaves Well, it is difficult to argue when the other side has a gun, But I have lived in the South, they have a rebellious side to them, but they lack the means to secure their interests most of the time. >everyone is a wolf down there. That's every city I've being to. And I do not dwell with that level of society, I hate bars and the such, . >Sinaloan Germans I am not German, I am actually quite tanned, not that I care because I want an unified Mexico, I hate ideas of separatism, and mexicans feeling superior because they are less mexican than the others. And while I like the Synarchists and agree on with them in manny aspects I would not consider myself one, I only use their flag as a sign of respect, I am more of a classical fascist in spirit and a monarchists from a political point of view. >Why is it that every sinaloco went to Jalisco at some point? Everyone I know who did that did it because they studied at the UAG, including me >Current federal entities Interestingly, Synarchists believed in abolishing the current federative entity system, I do too to some extent, but unlike them I dislike democracy, specially in this country. Mexico needs a dictatorship, maybe later we can play the republican game. >you cannot make this country work This is why I believe in change not from the government level, but personal. All our problems spawn from our attitude, which then leak into the higher offices and are magnified. I've meet a lot of good people, bad too, our problem is a broken spirit, not that this land is cursed. I will keep my faith for the future of this country. And about the post, the only time I know of that I have being posted on another board is that time someone screencaped a post of mine and posted it on /leftypol/, it was a post I made declaring that the lower classes tend to sell out for animalistic reasons like petty cash, in the context that someone had said that higher clases should be killed because some do his too. I was trying to say that we should not divide the nation on the basis of possession of material wealth as if that gives us any indication on the moral status of anyone. Anyways, I am very autistic when it comes to order, hierarchies and segregation, so if you want to keep this conversation I would suggest doing it in >>9 , while I appreciate some action on my only thread I would like to keep this thread focused on its theme.
>>3809 >I want an unified Mexico, I hate ideas of separatism God bless you bro, you can't partner a wolf with a cow. >All our problems spawn from our attitude Yes, but that attitude comes from environment and culture >leak into the higher offices and are magnified Absolutely correct, and the federal doctrine is to shuffle and move executives/military to avoid those pesky three-hundred year old separatist ideas. But then the leaders feel no connection with their post and people they should serve, hence hopelessness and the inevitable path to villainous corruption. >broken spirit Demoralization via culture shock, tax distribution which amplifies culture shock, modern urban ideology of the big capital that leaks into every politician and suited executive (el que no tranza no avanza "he who doesn't cheat doesn't move forward") and practically foreign law enforcement everywhere that also collude with criminals who work for a bigger power we can only rumor about. Yes i apologize to folks here, we went a little off-topic. While we are a step from the final phase of nigger cattle globohomo hegemony here in Tacoland, honestly it's not as bad as Europeans who downright risk being wiped out by a millenary enemy bend on chaos. Honest to God hope they live to tackle down that menace. Polite sage for off-topic.
>>3814 I'll reply here >>3830 This is a discussion I would like to keep on going since it is a very productive one
>>3801 We're the MOST diverse group of white-supremacists on the internet! :^)
Any updates on this?
A weird reminder that this exists https://lainzine.org/ Maybe we just need to follow the same pattern?
>>3809 unrelated, but what's you're view on the Porfiriato and the two times Mexico tried to be an Empire? What are some good reads on it? it can be in Either English or Spanish. What would be your solution to the Chicano question? t.-Chicano who grew up in DF
>>4426 Unsurprisingly it is very slow. I do not have a lot of time to read. I knew this so that is why I opened the thread for anyone interested in a similar proyect Currently I am reading « The Struggle for Modernity » by Emilio Gentile >>4432 Basically that, But we must keep in mind that controversial publications cannot have a centralized distribution method. >>4441 >Porfiriato I like Porfirio. Ideologically he was a Liberal Freemason and made less of manny aspects of Mexican culture wanting to emulate Europe, I would not worship him nor claim that he did nothing wrong. But he was a pragmatist and his unpassionate way of doing things –and it working– and how things fell apart the moment someone with « Higher » ideas took power shows how things in the third world should be dealt with, Strangely it seems that he cared a lot about Mexico, so everything was done with his best long-therm intentions. Him understanding that is something to admire, while I greatly disagree with his attempts of parting ways from Mexican Culture, his rise to power to a half-native footsoldier to the Dictator of Mexico for 30 years is to take note of, even if you disagree completely with him. I do not read much but « Crónica de la Revolución Mexicana » is a complete –but heavy– source. It does not concentrate on the Porfiriato but covers it extensively as any book should. >Empire The First one was how things should have stayed, sadly –as I explained on another post in another thread– Mexico was not ready to govern itself and (((Republicans))) were ready to put the blame on the Emperor. He was later kicked from the country under the promise of execution if he was ever to come back, during a time of great instability Emperor Iturbide came back and he was executed by to much of the pleasure of (((them))). Then there is Emperor Maximilian –My Sweet Cinnamon Roll–. He was put in power by a foreign nation as a power-play on the United States, He was a hopeless romantic with a wife who was more it for authority than him, extremely liberal and in every way a failure. But he was an excellent person. In Mexico we have the Self-Rule system for native populations, it gives them the freedom of self-determination and practically it means that in these populations the leader has the same amount of power as the president –if not more–, Emperor Maximilian has being the only ruler in the entire history of the country who –before the formalization of this system– say down with some of these populations to speak directly with native leaders as equals. I want a Monarchy, since I do not want to be ruled by another Habsburg and the current heir to the throne, Maximilian –Maximilian von Götzen-Iturbide– II, has expressed his disinterest in taking the throne, only wanting to clean his ancestor's name it only leaves the Moctezumas, which there are manny of. >What would be your solution to the Chicano question? Stop them from multiplying and educate the what is left of them. I do not think that they can be turned into nice aristocrats of the soul, but this in-between nationality is something that should stop, plus I am not offended by their existence of their clam as part-Mexicans, but the fact that most times they are a parody –a mockery– of Mexican culture.
>>4533 Would you be open to submissions? I have considered and started a number of writing projects, but never finished them as I they would just sit and go nowhere. Is there a repository that someone can submit things to?
Open file (546.05 KB 1280x720 Untitled.png)
Don't say I didn't try. Whole thing took 2 and half- ish hours turned out meh. I have a very good tablet but it takes a while to set up and I hate drawing on it. Need software request to touch up/ digitize what I draw. Plus something better than word for formatting. Please Read and give thoughts about formatting ideas and other stuff.
>>4548 That drawing at the header has a certain appeal in its rough and sketchy style, at least in my opinion. I don't have too much time at the moment to go through a critique the entire thing in detail right now, but you really need to go through and spell-check it. For example in the first line: >the modern distance right I assume you mean "dissident" >“I am the flagbearer! What you see is reprehensive of my alluded group!” Representative >It seems hypnotical Hypocritical? There are more I noticed so I can comb the article through a little finer later if you'd like, but besides that I thought it was a good little article. It might need touched up a bit but besides that it made me interested in looking into the Patriot Front's DC march, something which I was unaware of before reading this.
>>4536 I see no problem with the idea. I think I did mention that I would be open to people submiting their own articles and if I –or we– ever do an issue that can feature that article then it would be published. >Is there a repository that someone can submit things to? Nope. I would not want to keep a central online repository due to the emphasis on decentralization and anonymity I want to practice, figuring this one out is also an objective of this thread. But now that you asked I got a new idea. The Magazine I have in mind is still very far away, so I was thinking of starting with a sort of Writer's Club. This way themes would be looser, there would not be very high standards so you can use it to submit writings for others to read, be criticized and thus practice. works can even be bundled in a magazine-like way, so it would also serve as practice for those aspects too. >>4548 >Drawing Your drawing is a very good start, to be able to imply meaning and emotion with both a minimal amount of lines and also a an excess of them is not easy. I would just brush up observation and construction so your drawings have a more human base to them. >Formating The Subtitle seems off. It is in a square with a an aspect ratio which does not seem to reflect any design deception. Centering would be a start but I also have problems with the borders being default-thin. I see no reason for it so I would not use it, instead making use of placement to guide the reader to it. Text should be justified, specially if it is occupying a square space or there is a lot of text, otherwise the right side becomes chaotic and you can lose the reader. And it seems very weird for text to occupy two halves of two different pages. You seem to be using something like A4 paper which is not really something I would recommend. Depending how you want to publish it would dictate what shape can your article take. The following is something like a Scientific magazine-inspired layout, dividing things into columns and avoiding long lines helps the reader by a lot, that is why you see heavy books written this way. And about the colors, Avoid pure black and white if you can. decreasing the contrast makes it easer on the eyes and you can save pure black or pure white for something that needs emphasis by virtue of its color >better than Word Powerpoint, not shitting you, you can even use vectors on that thing
>>4597 You should start a server or dataminer or rocket chat so that there could be a place for mag contributors and editors. >Doing layout of a low profile fascist mag The future is bright
>>4693 I will keep those options in mind >Doing layout of a low profile fascist mag. The future is bright What good are pure genes when your typography and layout are shit?
>>4716 Fully justified text is the worst though. That kerning is truly a second shoah
>>4720 Oh, I hate it. I do not know why they do that by default when all professional books simply increase space between words.
>>4757 Ragged right edge with consistent word spacing master race. Except for cetain thin column use cases of course.
>>3535 >>3546 What is to be the religious nature of a modern Fascist regime? In Spain under Franco Catholicism was the state authorized religion, but Catholicism had been the dominate region for hundreds of years and the ideas of the church were in line with the national interests. In Germany and Japan there was a strong sense of what a citizen should be and what the established norms of a society should be, not to mention the distinctive language and cultural standards, but here in the modern west there is only religious and social chaos. I think this is a bigger issue than even some of the more well known social policies that a Fascist government would instate, if there is division among the people at the local and communal level the the required level of societal trust cannot be established and thus the nation would from its very beginning be prone to internal tensions.
>>4800 >What is to be the religious nature of a modern Fascist regime? We need to take the Third Reich route but turn it up a notch. Paganism was defined through its participation in ritual action and gatherings by the community, and to me the great gatherings of the Third Reich were certainly pagan in spirit. It's enough in my mind to start bringing back the values, symbolism and stories of old times in education for a small revival to begin. I wouldn't LARP it up to hard and try to blindly imitate the past, but I'd have the government do something like State Shintō where the native traditions were given renewed importance and were set as the spiritual basis for the government. I’m not talking about LARPing about an anthropomorphic Thor or Odin (not to disparage them either of course), but a more philosophical paganism based on natural theology / deistic worldviews. One can believe what they like so long as the practioners don't actively try to work against the nation and its people and undermine Aryan values and traditions. And though this post is mainly in regards to having state power, I think this general policy is what I would follow if I led a group as well. I would allow people of all religions in while having a hard pagan bias. As long as they recognize the 14 words and don't try to divert the course of the movement, whatever. Another anon said it best (>>4738) <paganism is tied to public life. in antiquity, there was no separation of Church and State, no clear boundary between secular and religious.
>>4803 >One can believe what they like so long as the practioners don't actively try to work against the nation and its people and undermine Aryan values and traditions. This is getting at the core of the issue I described. If those people are true believers in their own respective faiths the they will inevitably work against the interests of the nation. The abrahamic cults all have the prescription to 'multiply' through proselytization and in some cases through breeding, thus leading to the social tensions mentioned earlier. As such, if true Fascism is to be implemented then there must be a state religion that is rigorously enforced, there is simply no other way. However we are getting off topic. This would probably be best explored through an article in the publication OP described and I want to see that come about sooner rather than later.
>>4838 >If those people are true believers in their own respective faiths the they will inevitably work against the interests of the nation. The abrahamic cults all have the prescription to 'multiply' through proselytization and in some cases through breeding, thus leading to the social tensions mentioned earlier. You are 100% correct. These people, these "true believers" are a much different case, I believe, and would have to be watched very carefully (or if necessary would be dealt with) by any fascist government for the obvious harms that they can bring upon the nation if left to spread their poison, especially if backed up by large scale resources or funding. Don't get me wrong, the Christian danger cannot be wholly ignored. Anyway, you are correct, I don't want to derail this anon's thread any further. If you'd wish to continue this discussion or add anything post it here : >>385
>>4533 Thanks for the information, I'll go look for that book you mentioned.

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