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/sig/ Self Improvement General Blackshirt 10/14/2019 (Mon) 03:06:32 ID: c13784 No.363
Daily reminder that being a weak beta male is a disgrace to your ancestors and family, and that you should be doing as much as possible to be fit, well-read and non-degenerate. We’re not perfect and we stunble sometimes but we’ve gotta strive for the best.

How is it going for you guys? I’m making this thread because I plan to step it up now.
Is there a condensed/streamlined explanation for Wim Hof's breathing method? I can do the breathing exercises alright, but am I simply supposed to gradually expose myself to cold as I do it? Surely there's to be more to the exercise as is.
>Soft drinks make me feel sick so I never drink them.
You're lucky, that is one of my main bad habits. I drink way too much of pop. I drink like five or six cans a day. I'm by no means overweight but I'd probably be underweight if I cut out pop wholly. I really need to start working towards it though, it's nothing but bad for you.
Open file (1.23 MB 1754x1240 Food_chemistry.png)
also, make sure to eat both meat and plants that are high in protein (meme diets, like veganism or carnivore diet are hoaxes)
an important thing to note is that lysine and arginine "compete" with each other (by "competing" I mean that the more lysine your diet contains, the less arginine is going to get absorbed by your body. Lysine and arginine have very different functions and effects, however. Lysine makes fat gather in your muscles, for example. And Arginine is overall great for your health. Soybeans, dairy products and pretty much all kinds of meat have generally more lysine than arginine (this is actually one of the reasons why soy makes people fat) I suggest eating nuts and beans since nuts are a good source of arginine.

It's a common misconception that meat and dairy products are good source of arginine due to the fact that it won't get absorbed by your body. I also recommend that you don't eat of meat (or fish or poultry) or dairy products when you eat nuts and beans (however, plants are okay.) If you are going to buy arginine supplements, buy one that has ONLY L-Arginine and nothing else.
Does anyone have a better infographic for additives?
I'm not a Buddhist personally but I found this video on zazen meditation (sitting meditation) to be very helpful. I'm not sure what school the people in this video follow specifically, but zazen was one of the practices of the samurai. I've only been doing it for a couple of days and its definitely relaxing, but it can be hard sometimes not to let your mind wander. I'm sure this is a learned skill though. Seeing how everyone from Breivik, to samurai, to Jesus meditated, I thought it would be a good thing to incorporate into my self-discipline routine.
Oh thank fuck a new /sig/. I missed these threads from 8pol. I don't post much myself, but hearing how you guys struggle to better yourselves gives me the motivation I severely lack to try as well.
I stopped drinking soda a long time ago. I still have one every so often, usually a root beer or ginger ale, but drink mainly water now. Recently got into drinking a cup of coffee for the days I work, usually drink it black. Probly best way to go about it is just drink more water. But with how much you say you drink you may need to ween off it a bit. Try drinking a full glass of water in the morning and one at night, more if you can. Start drinking one or two less cans than you normally would each day for one week. Next week remove another one or two cans. Keep going until you are drinking only one a day and than try only one can a week. After enough time and water drinking you may find you don't crave it as much or may even get sickened drinking certain soda.
I tend not to post too much in these threads either about what I'm doing personally, but like you said, seeing others posting in this type of a thread about their self-improvement progress is good motivation.
Drinking water is probably a good idea. I'll have to start carrying around a water bottle or something while cutting back like you suggested. If I'm full I won't want to drink pop. Another thing is that I should probably spend less time online. If one's sitting here for a few hours in the evening it's not hard to suck down a few cans while just mindlessly scrolling and watching videos.
I'm actually a pretty lazy shit and sit on my ass a lot. High metabolism though so I never gain weight (or muscle). But I almost exclusively drink water usually guzzling down 2-3 tall glasses every 2 hours depending on how thirsty I am. Definitely recommend trying it.
>I'm actually a pretty lazy shit and sit on my ass a lot. High metabolism though so I never gain weight (or muscle).
That's pretty similar to me, though when I regularly do curls I start to notice my arms get a bit bigger. It takes a lot of effort for me to start doing something like taking the time to lift or meditate for a bit, but I carry it through once I get the urge. Usually I get a strong desire after seeing some sort of degenerate, blackpilling news or if I watch one of those motivational Hitler speech videos like vid related. Admittedly cringy but it gets me in the mood. Nothing can get you off your ass like him.

> But I almost exclusively drink water usually guzzling down 2-3 tall glasses every 2 hours depending on how thirsty I am. Definitely recommend trying it.
Definitely will try this out starting tomorrow. Thanks for the advice, anon.
Trying to step it up for the last couple of years. Reading classics, studying history, avoiding any of the pozzed modern shit, dressing like a grown up and not like a nigger, trying to behave in a gentleman fashion towards people and the city I live in, keeping the immediate territory clean It's hard when everyone else is pigs. Though my flat itself is a bit dusty lately, need to get on that. I'm not fat but still trying to be in shape.
How can I get the Tarrant physique?
posting my stuff
What's the best translation of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius?
>>3314 here
>>3316 Thank you, the Gregory Hays translation seems to be the most popular english translation on the internet. Some modern stoic did a interview with him here: https://archive.is/TOsUc
>>387 If you get your water consumption waaaaay up, like force drink water all day more than you actually would normally do (like 1 ga) then your desire for sugar will go down. You'll just get used to water and want to drink it, it's more than a habit it's a physiological change
I have some professional training in nutrition and I have cooking as a hobby, ama, I guess As for myself, I am entering a project which will require a lot of reading. I used to read back when I started college, now I find it difficult to concentrate, but so I was when I started reading so I am sure that I will pick up the pase once I start. Now, that brings me o something I would like to make other Anons aware of, that one can be addicted to distractions. Now going out without your headphones, needing background noise while doing something unrelated, having to watch videos while eating, etc. These are all less-than-harmful ways in which this manifests, some may even be used as multi-tasking, but it can also cause problems with concentration. So I urge Anons to learn to enjoy silence, it is a tranquilizing experience once you get used to it, and will help you achieve your other goals. >>3316 Since I am bilingual I wonder which translation should I get; an Elgish one or a Spanish one. English would be a lot easer to get, but Spanish is a romance language, I am leaning more towards the later.
>>3653 >I used to read back when I started college, now I find it difficult to concentrate, but so I was when I started reading so I am sure that I will pick up the pase once I start. When I was in my early teens I quit reading frequently until I was 17-18 and at first I definitely realized how years of mindless gaming completely fucked my attention span for reading more than a few pages at a time. Like you guessed though, it gets better the more you do. Now, several years later, I have pretty much recovered and keep up sustained reading for a long time if I find the topic interesting. >I urge Anons to learn to enjoy silence, it is a tranquilizing experience once you get used to it I enjoy walking around my neighborhood alone in silence occasionally. It is definitely relaxing and I get a lot of thinking done. I think I do I have a problem with my phone as a distraction. When I'm out if I have to wait even a few minutes I pull it out and start browsing imageboards, often checking here for new posts.
Open file (1.84 MB 3264x2448 IMG_4455.jpg)
Open file (1.50 MB 3264x2448 IMG_4464.jpg)
Open file (1.58 MB 3264x2448 IMG_5643.jpg)
Open file (1.62 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0117.jpg)
Open file (1.63 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0746.jpg)
>>3655 The most shameful part is that friends and family keep giving my books, I can feel the pressure. I used to live in Guadalajara –Mexico– it is where I developed my largest reading habit. It is as traditional as the second largest city in the country can be, and it is an absolute goldmine for books, I will always mention the « López de Cotilla » St. between the Templo Expiatorio Cathedral and the old University of Guadalajara building –The one in white and grey, with the golden dome–; it is full of used book stores. In « La Paz » Avenue there is a flea market where I found rare photographs of Corneliu Codreanu, Coins from Vichy France, Original Synarchist books, and even an original brass Hitler bust nonchalantly hanging out among teacups and Menorahs, there was also that time I lived next to the swaztika house –A restaurant called « La Mitotera »–. I took the habit of walking, something which I still do even if Tijuana –Where I now live– is not a very pedestrian-friendly city, I would then sit down at a restaurant or café and read while having dessert or just coffee, I would do that for dinner too but at my house. Now I do not have those luxuries so I must find other ways to ease my transition into reading again, I bought an e-reader so I can hold all the material I need to read for the magazine I want to make (*wink, wink* >>3511 ) with me. I much prefer physical books but this is better than reading only at my house from my computer. I also want to reimplement my tea habit, not only does it alleviate any need for fidgeting it is also a way to eat less, I have a sweet tooth but I have the rule to only eat high-quality treats or stuff made by me, and usually bite-size –The bad part is that I am a very competent pâtissier and I do not mind spending days making a single preparation, I should probably only eat pastries once a week–. Aside from those aids I recognize that I must put on some will power into it, which is a valuable lesson; that there are no real shortcuts in life and we should not expect them. >It is definitely relaxing and I get a lot of thinking done. The most relaxing experience I have had is bathing with a bucket. There is no noise from the shower, the gentile steam harms up your body and the sound of water and drops is relaxing. If I ever build a house I want my bathroom to have a reservoir so I can bath this way if I ever want to.
Open file (2.58 MB 3264x2448 IMG_3624.JPG)
Open file (1.66 MB 2448x2448 IMG_8673.JPG)
>>3747 A picture of the flea-market and one of my favorite routes to take
Open file (19.25 KB 220x278 Hegel.jpg)
Do any of you guys have something that explains how Karl Marx (and more broadly other New-Hegelians such as Engels & Stirner) misinterpreted Hegel? I'm quite interested.
>>3904 Link related may help. I know that he basically inverted it, or “flipped Hegel on his head” as Marxists like to say. If you word it correctly enough to pass under their radar, it might not hurt to ask on /leftypol/ (“Can any of you explain how Marx reinterpreted Hegelian philosophy?”) https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/hegel/help/mean08.htm
>>363 any tips on non-kiked, non wagecucked ways of earning money? i think a lot of us would be able of following a more healthy lifestyle if we didn't have to slave away for shlomo.
>>3912 I have READ (haven't done it myself yet) that one should be focused on working to acquire assets (which generate money) rather than working to acquire money, as the working poor do at their jobs. Take it with a grain of salt, haven't done it yet, only read it.
For people out there like me who hate the gym, here's a book that should interest you. https://archive.org/details/ConvictConditioning_201602/page/n3 Essence of this is becoming a strongman without equipment, or minimal equipment like a basketball, baseball, or similar prop to slightly adjust heights for limbs. I've only done the very beginner bits for them, and I already feel a delightful full body soreness with a total absence of feeling of injury. Just started, again, but highly recommend.
>>3978 >For people out there like me who hate the gym This sounds right up my alley. I'll have to try this out.
>>3912 >>3914 It would be cool if some states brought back the bounties on boars. I know some time ago there did exist bounties but they've gone away.
>>3912 I've been thinking about this recently as well. I decided long ago that I would rather kill myself than live a life of wagecucking, but I still need a way, at least for a while, to get some money. It's too bad that YouTube has increasingly became totally unusable for people like us. I used to make some really shit YouTube videos back a few years ago and made decent money (30+ bucks but for having less than 100 subs it was good) on a few videos that broke into the tens of thousands of views. I can only imagine what having a slightly more successful channel is like. Eventually I plan to drop out of society completely but I'd like to have enough money to buy a few things (mainly materials for shelter, life books for survivalism expertise, some goats perhaps). I'll snap if I have to live to like an NPC for the rest of my life and then die in a hospital bed after my future children dump me in a retirement home. I've also thought of doing something like selling NPCs cheap bullshit like "fuck Trump" shirts and other banal political slogans but I've never pursued the idea beyond this conceptual stage
>>3978 Thank you. I was looking for something like this.
Any charts regarding demoralization?
>>3978 This looks great, especially for an autist like me who doesn’t want to be seen when excerising, at least when I’m still sort of out of shape. I used to be skeleton-tier at 135 pounds at 6ft in 2016 but recently after I got weighed I was 175. I never knew I had been gaining so much. I’m obviously not fat at all but I’m not in shape so I think I will try this.
>>393 What is your argument against carnivore?
>>4368 Don't let self-consciousness hold you back from working out, my experience has been everybody in the gym is doing their own thing and nobody is even paying attention to you. If you really can't stomach it I recommend dropping a few hundred on some home workout gear and equipment, IE adjustable weight dumbells, a folding/collapsible bench, kettle bells, which can be made into all kinds of workout devices and purposes, etc.
>>4451 Same anon here. I’ll look into the gym a bit more I guess and see if it’s worth it. Luckily I have some rudimentary stuff laying around that my parents have from back in the day like dumbells and stuff. I would need to get a bit more gear though
>>4451 People won't give you trouble if you aren't doing anything dangerous to yourself or other people. Being skinny or fat and sticking with going to the gym is where a lot of fit people who go to the gym came from.
>>363 >being a degenerate is part of being a beta male If by degeneration you mean perversion then i have some bad news 4U
>>4463 Being degenerate of course isn’t inseparably tied to beta qualities, but I think the OP is just attacking negative qualities in general such as betaness, lack of self-discipline and weakness. Even a chad can be a pervert or a degenerate, but even then I think it would be ideal if such a person were to work to conquer his lower self. Ascetic self-discipline is the final redpill.
>>4464 >but even then I think it would be ideal if such a person were to work to conquer his lower self. That's exactly what I mean. Conquering doesn't mean defeating. But anyway I still don't quite conclude what extreme is the most desirable or overall better. Bluntly, both perverts and ascetics could be associated with two archtypes: the energetic sexual and creative one and the metaphysic-ridden postmaterialistic wise one. Both pairs of dualities strive for excellence. If you wish, you could associate perversion with youth and ascetism with adultness. But what makes this so complicated is the human condition that makes you forget about yourself or that we simply are destined to evolve constantly. With this I just mean that while one can be ascetic since you're young like most of we renegades are you can develop your crown of premature grey hairs or your harem of good and nasty girls, but you're eventually switch paths and find yourself into what you were overlooking before. That is, if you aren't some exceptional being devoted to his work, like say Tesla or Zeus devotedly impregnating all the women.
>>4454 Exactly, most of those people in the gym were once skinny or fatty, and if anything will look on an out of shape person trying to better themselves as a positive thing. I once talked to a fat dude who told me he was too self conscious to go walking/jogging because he thought everyone passing by would think he was a big fat piece of shit, but I had to ask him do you think people will have more respect for a fat person sitting on their ass or a fat person out trying to better themselves and lose weight? >>4452 Don't sign up for the gym unless you are ready to commit, you have to go more than once a week to make significant gains, and it takes months to get anywhere, so don't get disheartened and don't be afraid to ask some buff chad for advice. Figure out what you want to work out first via internet research, and go into the gym with a game plan for you workout routine before you get there so you don't just wander around using random shit.
>>4489 >>4452 The /fit/ board on here had some pdfs on a series called "Tactical Barbell". The name is gay, but the foundation behind it is solid and I would recommend it.
Getting into the swing of things with full body workouts this week. Did volume yesterday for most of the big lifts, either going to do power or accessory movements for my compounds. Can't afford to be some soy goober mongoloid who thinks Cross shit will make him Hercules.
>>4452 If you can walk 30 minutes every other day and maintain that routine without breaks, you'll have no problem maintaining a gym routine.
>>4512 That's good news for me then since having dogs that's something you've gotta do if you want to keep them healthy and not out of control.
I think theres something wrong with my stomach. When i eat really spicy food, eat a lot of sugary food, drink caffeine, smoke ciggarettes, drink sodas, i piss and cum blood the next day. What is wrong with me? It seems to be linked to soda, spicy food, and stimulants.
>>4674 Schedule a (non-jewish) Dr apointment. That doesn't sound like something to fuck around with
>>4674 congrat anon you are doing everything you shouldn't, don't bother trying to find the problem youre just not commsuming enough. take a apointement and get you treated :^)
>>4680 Its been going on for 3 or 4 years now. It used to be really bad. Id piss straight blood at the end of my stream, my jizz would look like white clouds on a deep red sunset sky. I was pretty sure i had cancer, but i didnt care. After i realized it was spicy food, i kept eatinf spicy food anyway and it kept getting worse. I still didnt care. After awhile now, ive stopped eatinf spicy food, and realized its linked to sugar and stimulants as well. Now i just have a little pink in my cum and maybe some pink at the end of my pee stream, because i still eat a lot of sugar junk food, soda, and energy drinks sometimes (the worst! Lol). When i drink a monster energy or eat spicy food my stomach feels itchy. I dont even have health insurance though, i cant hold a job long enough to get it, and even then im not paying 150 200 a month for that shit when i know that all i ahve to do is avoid x y z and the problem goes away. I love those things though. And when im doing good and healthy no blood at all, it just means i have more leniency to eat those things again. Its a great life wage slaving as a single white male in america!
Has anyone here ZOGbotted? Was it worth it?
>>4689 I'm not sure what may have caused blood your urine but the blood, but it may not have been. It could have simply just turned red in color because of food or bad reaction, maybe it's a problem with your gut bacteria not being able to process certain foods? Bacterial imbalance can be caused by bad diets. Even a normal fungus like yeast(candida) can disable people if the gut imbalance gets out of hands.. After all 70% of the human body's Immune system is in the gut bacteria, connected to the vagus nerve which stimulates it. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/gut-brain-connection#section1 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26577887 It's scientifically proven, but it's not kosher science with kosher cures so nobody hears anything about gut microbiota, and they rather overlook it, instead of for example examining the role of autoimmune disorders, IBS, and maybe even depression with. You could try and make some(properly) home made kefir, perhaps your problems can be related to bacterial imbalance. In any case it doesn't hurt trying.

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