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Open file (234.42 KB 800x528 brenton OK.jpg)
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Open file (101.27 KB 1000x563 manshaus heil.jpg)
Open file (35.46 KB 634x418 crusius.jpg)
/rwg/ - Race War General Blackshirt 10/26/2019 (Sat) 16:23:40 No.575
USING TOR OR SIMILAR MEASURES IS ADVISED IN THIS THREAD This thread for the discussion of pro-white resistance from an onlookers perspective and especially people such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant and the various copycats that we've seen since March. Are they doing what has to be done? Is it more harmful than helpful? Are they all false flags? Discuss! This thread can also be used for dumping info following any more contemporary events. Do not post manifestos directly in this thread and anyone who is fedposting in an obvious manner or planning their own autistic actions will be permabanned. This thread will be be subject to heavier moderation against outsiders. HELPFUL LINKS (to be expanded) The Breivik Archive https://ia601002.us.archive.org/6/items/breivikarchive/
Edited last time by FashBO on 01/11/2020 (Sat) 01:54:34.
Open file (275.52 KB 828x822 doorchad.jpg)
This article (in German) alleges that Balliet was a user of JulayWorld. This could just be a smear, but it makes me wonder if Balliet was a /fascist/. I hope not, personally, I hope I'm browsing with Breivik and Tarrant-tier chads and not faggot wannabes like him: >The investigators seem to have at least an idea of the world the suspect was in. "The accused used so-called image boards such as 'nanochan', 'Julay.World' and 'vch.moe'", says the Federal Government's response to the small request. https://netzpolitik.org/2020/keine-daten-fuers-bundeskriminalamt/ Either way, this is yet another reason that you should be very careful what you post here.
>>4344 It doesn't mean he posted. He probably lurked the webring and julay was coordinating the webring initiative along with smugloli. If he was on nanotranny he probably lurked also zeronet.
>>4344 Well, he was a Tarrant wannabe but at least he tried to act upon his own autism. The lack of nerve and preparation was a recipe for disaster but unlike (You) he is an actual real life effortposter.
>>4376 If you're going to do something, do it right.
>>4384 It was clear that he lacked a good planning, but even a good plan can go wrong due to bad luck. Imagine if Tarrant got tackled by the guy in the corridor after the first shots, or if some of the sandniggers was armed and shot him unexpectedly. But between you and Balliet, you are the one playing the keyboard warrior while he went out and desperately tried his best.
>>4402 I'm not "playing the keyboard warrior" because I'm making no pretensions of being able to do better than anyone, whether it be Tarrant or Balliet. Balliet absolutely deserves to be lambasted for utterly failing to plan (never having visited the location, having never tested his weapons, etc) and then sperging out and gunning down innocent whites when he couldn't get through the fucking door. He obviously had balls to be able to do what he did, even if he miserably failed, as evidenced by his shootout with police with inferior weaponry, sustaining injuries in the process. He didn't try his best at all and could have done much, much better, much like many of these first few copycats who can't sit still for a year or two and figure out what to do. Manshaus for example apparently attempted his mosque attack a mere eight days after he read The Great Replacement. I doubt he did much research. Good and bad luck is obviously a factor, but that doesn't appear to be relevant in the case of Balliet given what I laid out above. To be honest Tarrant took a massive risk approaching Al-Noor how he did. There were better ways that may have been safer, but luckily Tarrant was smart and very prepared.
>>4406 Balliet hardly killed innocent whites. It was a fat jewess and some soyboy supporting roach businesses. But I agree on the lack of planning and preparedness.
>>4411 >It was a fat jewess Proof? "She looks like a Jew therefore she's a Jew" doesn't count. >some soyboy supporting roach businesses. Didn't deserve to die for going to get lunch. I'm not exactly in tears over these people dying, but they didn't need to die and it only puts off the image that white nationalists are insane losers who will go off and kill their own kind as soon as their plans fall apart.
Mexico demands accountability after 8 of its citizens are slain in El Paso Walmart <Chihuahua governor concerned whether alleged shooter was part of 'network' >Mexican officials say they want full accountability regarding the murder of eight of their citizens during Saturday’s mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. >The officials also said they will be assisting survivors and the families of the victims should they wish to pursue lawsuits against alleged mass murderer Patrick Crusius or the manufacturers of the AK-47 that took their lives. >“We’re exploring whether this individual acted alone. He may have physically (executed) the shooting alone, but we want the investigation to go deeper into who he was in contact with, whether there could be a network of people who think like he did,” the Chihuahua governor said. Uh oh goys, the governor of Chihuahua's coming for us. ?The safety of Mexicans who come across into the United States “should be a permanent guarantee, we should not have to demand it. … We will defend their rights and demand reparation of damages for the victims, more so when it came in such a premeditated and racist manner,” Corral said. https://www.wnct.com/border-report-tour/mexico-demands-accountability-after-8-of-its-citizens-are-slain-in-el-paso-walmart/ http://archive.md/ZGVg6
>>4435 >You must take care of our ethnic replacement/welfare leech specimens filthy gringos! All so tiresome.
Open file (257.53 KB 443x376 pepe tarrant.png)
>>4442 They're gonna undoubtedly use this to whine to America for years to come, knowing them. Just look at how the Muslims in Christchurch are begging for more government money and privileges ever since Tarrant BTFO them, crippling many of their local Muslim businesses since they were now so lacking in customers among other things. What is really tiresome is uppity shitskins acting like they own the place.
>>4435 >Photo by Mohammad Saleh I laughed a little.
>>4448 Yeah that picture works on so many levels.
>>4448 >>4473 Either you write the memes (like Tarrant) yourself or they write themselves.
>>4443 In practice they do own the place though lol. Without us asserting our dominion through force that is their reality
>>4412 Good points. Looking forward to your effortpost so it's not just windbag criticism
Alleged El Paso Walmart gunman charged with federal hate crimes >The man accused of killing 22 people and wounding 23 more in a shooting that targeted Mexicans in the border city of El Paso, Texas, has been charged with federal hate crimes. >Patrick Crusius, 21, has been charged with 90 counts under federal hate crime and firearms laws for his role in the Aug. 3 shooting authorities said was aimed at scaring Hispanics into leaving the United States, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday. >The DOJ will prosecute on a parallel track with state officials. Crusius faces the death penalty on a state capital murder charge to which he pleaded not guilty last year. >Bringing hate crime charges show members of targeted communities that "they are valued, that their protection matters, and then we will protect them and their rights," said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband of the DOJ Civil Rights Division. "People in our nation have the right to go to a store on a Saturday morning without fear that they will be shot and killed because of who they are, or where they're from," Dreiband said. >The federal grand jury that indicted Crusius found his alleged crimes came "after substantial planning and premeditation." He bought a Romanian-made AK-47-style rifle and 1,000 rounds of hollow-point ammunition online more than six weeks before he drove 10 hours overnight from his grandparents' house in a Dallas suburb to El Paso to carry out the attack, according to the indictment. >Crusius has been held without bond since the shooting and kept isolated from other prisoners, on suicide watch for at least two months after the shooting. http://archive.md/i9dNK https://www.cbsnews.com/news/patrick-crusius-accused-el-paso-walmart-shooter-indicted-federal-hate-crime-charges/ >>4497 >Without us asserting our dominion through force that is their reality True
>>4500 I didn't realize burger had hate crime laws like Europe
>>4501 They don't seem to work like they do in Europe. I'm no expert but it seems like they slap it on top of the other charges just to extend your sentence. Like we can deny the Holohoax and say racist stuff without being persecuted (not to say you won't lose your job, get doxed and be harassed) and the government won't do anything but if you do something like assault or do something to a non-white (kill them, vandalize their stuff, kidnap them, rape them, etc) they can say that race was a motivating factor and lock you in a cage for being a bad goy even longer. With John Earnest's shoah attempt he got slapped with over a hundred hate crime charges for there being even that many more Jews in the building when he was firing. It's ridiculous. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hate_crime_laws_in_the_United_States
>>4505 They generally slap it on if you deliberately targeted the fellow if they were X. So if I'm some cracked out junkie and I shiv the shit out of a nigger it won't be slapped on or even considered, where is with Crusius he explicitly stated he was going after X therefore said charges can be applied.
FBI Deems White Supremacists an ISIS-Level ’National Threat Priority' >The FBI now views white supremacism and other "racially motivated violent extremism" as serious as foreign-born terrorism. >FBI Director Christopher Wray informed the country of his bureau's new focus on Wednesday, stating that homegrown terrorism is now a "national threat priority" for 2020, one that's “on the same footing" as the dangers posed by ISIS. >"The most persistent threats to the nation and to U.S. interests abroad are homegrown violent extremists (HVEs), domestic violent extremists, and foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs)," he explained to the House Judiciary Committee. "The international terrorism threat to the U.S. has expanded from sophisticated, externally directed FTO plots to include individual attacks carried out by HVEs who are inspired by designated terrorist organizations." >The news comes a day after Patrick Wood Crusius was indicted on hate crimes and firearm charges after killing 22 people at a Texas Walmart last August. He opened fire on the Walmart as "a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by the invasion," he wrote in a document he uploaded online. http://archive.md/YiNCS
Alleged Walmart shooter expected in federal court Wednesday >Federal prosecutors announced the indictment of Patrick Crusius on 90 federal hate crimes last week. The indictment included 22 counts of hate crimes resulting in death, 23 hate crimes involving an attempt to kill, and 45 counts of discharging a firearm in relation to those hate crimes. >In two separate motions filed by Crusius’ attorney David Lane on Tuesday, his defense argued against transporting Crusius in public view and also argued against presenting Crusius in jail clothing with visible shackles. >Lane argued against Crusius being “paraded in public and compelled to appear in court in jail clothes and restrained in shackles, handcuffs, manacles, leg irons, stun belts, and similar restraints.” >There are no cameras allowed in federal court. However, Federal Judge David Guaderrama agreed to the motion, stating “if the Government seeks an order that the defendant be transported to or from court or appear in court in jail clothes or visible shackles, the Government must demonstrate that a compelling government purpose exists, that said purpose and would be served and that shackles and/or jail clothes are the least restrictive means for maintaining security and order in the courtroom.” Notice how the federal judge has a Hispanic last name - Guaderrama >As a result of the motion, Crusius’ transportation to and from the federal court will be done so by US Marshals “privately and safely.” >Crusius is facing separate charges in District Court for which he has already made his first appearance and entered a not guilty plea. https://archive.md/PCrVi https://www.ktsm.com/local/el-paso-news/alleged-walmart-shooter-expected-in-federal-court-wednesday/ Walmart shooting suspect makes initial appearance in federal court >Crusius, 21, walked into the courtroom of U.S. Magistrate Judge Miguel Angel Torres handcuffed, wearing a blue blazer, gray pants, light-colored tie and sporting a buzzcut. He was flanked by his new counsel — which U.S. District Judge David Guadarrama barely appointed on Monday night — with two U.S. deputy marshals standing at all times behind the trio. Nice Crusius got a new hairdo >The man who allegedly walked into a Walmart in East-Central El Paso on Aug. 3 and shot 22 people dead with a European version of an AK-47 rifle appeared to be in a hurry to get done with Wednesday’s hearing. His attorney David Lane asked the magistrate to skip the reading of the 90-count federal indictment against Cruisus. >When Torres set Crusius’ detention hearing for 9 a.m. on Feb. 18, Lane said his client was “well aware of the charges” against him and that he would be filing a waiver of arraingment. Lane also said that his client wished to waive the detention hearing as well. https://archive.ph/zm4Cb https://www.ktsm.com/news/walmart-shooting-suspect-makes-initial-appearance-in-federal-court/
>>4435 >network of other people This is their segway to arresting imageboard users
>>4628 Synarchist-poster better be careful, though I feel that he is not a supporter of Crusius, Breivik or Tarrant or any kind of accelerationism.
>>4629 Who? Why?
>>4650 The story was referring to a Mexican mayor saying that he was concerned Crusius was part of a network of people and how they want to look into it. We have at least one Mexican anon here (who posts with a Synarchist Union flag) and it’d obviously be risky for him if they started looking into fascism / white nationalism online.
http://archive.is/iZ415 >The role of Romanticism in facilitating, supporting and encouraging the growth of contemporary far-right extremism is often missed >A close reading of many of the manifestos of right-wing terrorists such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant, Dylan Roof and Robert Bowers emphasize a desire to return to an imagined past based on their romantic readings of battles and communities, which is why Romanticism serves as a useful tool in understanding not only the rise of contemporary far-right extremism, but what drives the movement. >The growth in personal grievances and the presence of an industry that feeds the populace a diet of an imagined, nostalgic past has facilitated the growth of far-right extremism. This movement feeds people counter-cultural, post-modern and reflexive explanations as to why their lives are hard, while also offering the promise that, by supporting them, one could restore the idyllic, ethnocratic society in which everyone knew their place and purpose and order was supreme. >Romanticism has an important place in our society, but not if it is used by the far right to create an imagined, ethnocratic community that excludes the ‘other’ and rejects fact-based historical analysis. So apparently "neo nazis" have a romanticized vision of the past, so that's why these white guys end up doing terrorist attacks. Totally not because one can actually see our European fatherland collapsing in a very painful horrific slow motion.
>>4673 >but not if it is used by the far right to create an imagined, ethnocratic community that excludes the ‘other'(non-whites) and rejects """""fact-based historical analysis""""". everything for (((diversity))), amirite guys? ‎every diversityfag must be hanged
>>4660 lmao he's literally no threat at all to Mexico why would they care. Just a lifestyle hatethinker in a sea of shit
>>4681 So romanticism is a good thing, but ONLY if right wingers and white supremacists don't use it. Apparently the same can be said about empathy. Read this shit http://archive.is/EzAGu >The right-wing extremist, who may even welcome the death of political opponents, is not without empathy — on the contrary. "Empathy leads to polarization, because in conflict situations we decide for one side, put it into the other's perspective and then demonize the other", explains Breithaupt. "Empathy can lead to radicalization,” he said. So You better be empathic goyim, but not to your own people.
Here is Crusius' attorney telling journalists that Crusius is refusing to eat and lost lots of weight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzbLhwbNTDg
>>4684 >lifestyle hatethinker What? I mean he's trying to learn more about the jews
>>4799 I'm just saying he is no threat to the Mexican government. Not to insult his interest which is admirable. But it's of no consequence to the state and to them it may as well be a cute hobby.
Breaking news from Germany http://archive.is/2fWyP >Members of a far-right group in Germany arrested last week were plotting "shocking" attacks similar to last year's Christchurch massacre, a German (((government))) spokesman has said. >Twelve men belonging to Der harte Kern (The Hard Core) were arrested on Friday >The arrests are the culmination of months of undercover investigation, in which the alleged ringleader, Werner S, was heard detailing plans for "commandos" to groups of Muslims across Germany, news magazine Der Spiegel reported. >He said the men needed to be "intelligent, hard, brutal and fast".
Open file (281.70 KB 1211x1404 popcorn tarrant.png)
>>4911 >Raids on the group uncovered a large weapons cache, including firearms, grenades, crossbows and even spiked maces. I'm always curious what exactly their weapon-cache consisted of, because I remember seeing a story from a few months ago on another raid that happened in Italy involving some weird idea of reviving the NSDAP where they were shown to have had a "weapon-cache" as well. For this cache they actually showed photos, and it was a mix of pistols, some simple rifles and the like, nothing super serious like you'd expect if, for example, Tarrant had been raided prior to his attack. The only reason that even came to mind is that they felt compelled to mention in this article shit like maces and crossbows, because I doubt anyone will be going for the high-score with that. I could be wrong though, given the fact that they mentioned grenades, unless what they're calling grenades is anything like Balliet's glorified firecrackers. >Aiman Mazyek, chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, called for more security at mosques across Germany. Soon bother Jews and Muslims will be living in fortresses among the remaining white Germans. It reminds me of what I read in Rosenberg's book on the Jews were the wrath and hatred of the commoners grew to such an extent that the king of some Spanish kingdom allowed the Jews to live in a fortress for protection I for one can't wait for some madman in Germany to flawlessly execute an attack. That would lead to some fantastic acceleration and kvetching that would dwarf Breivik and Tarrant combined since we have the whole "OMG NAZIS ARE COMING BACK IN GERMANY ITSELF NOW OYY VEYYY". It's only a matter of time.
Open file (19.12 KB 473x336 1580381640138.jpg)
>>4911 So now, policemen, military and some other guys are charged with conspiracy in various European countries by the (((state))), but yet we see and are provided as usual no actual evidence or hard proof, in this article only some 15 paragraphs of one sided condemning justifications from the German state. It's something out of a pyongyang newspaper. Post war Germany now a country which enforces "thought crime" also arrests people, even 89 year olds for simply casually disagreeing with the official death toll holohoax narrative regarding the "6 million" while disagreeing and speculating or undermining holodomor victims 11 million killed by actual Jews like Genrikh Yagoda and Lazar Kaganovich is not. Who can believe in such systems for one second? The bar has never been set so low for the European justice system, media and courts working hand-in-hand to condemn people before their trials, but as in Sweden where real crimes like hand grenade traps are set and detonated on people, and apartment blocks are bombed not even a slight hint of condemnation or mass spam comes out, remains as a blip on local news and doesn't even get translated, and perpetrators being non white highly censored as if it were no big deal. How does this shit seem legitimate to anyone but complete pillocks and leftist trash? Seems more like a purge you would see from a communist tier country based on some hearsay. >>4914 >I remember seeing a story from a few months ago on another raid that happened in Italy involving some weird idea of reviving the NSDAP where they were shown to have had a "weapon-cache" as well. This is fabricated misrepresentation by italian leftist MSM, "weapon cache" LOL. Ridiculous lies. Italian guns laws are quite comparable to America, actually Italians have more choice in what weapons they want to use for hunting than Americans do.
>>4914 Invaders and traitors both already live in "a fortress", which for the latter is living in gated communities, segregated from the "joys" of diversity they preach and impose on common people; while for the former the fortress is made of welfare and protection from the traitorous state apparatus. We truly live in a clown world, caught between a rock and a hard place.
Open file (914.75 KB 794x444 ClipboardImage.png)
Possible happening in Germany, it's unclear who the perpetrator is Shooting spree at TWO hookah bars in German city of Hanau leaves at least 8 dead, suspect at large Time to wait and see.. https://www.rt.com/news/481245-hanau-germany-bar-shooting/
Tobias is completely right. We are slaves here in America, just like in the rest of the West, yet we are too brainwashed to realize that wage-cucking our lives away is a form of slavery. Mind-control comes through many forms, whether it is MSM, public education or other types of bread and circuses. This man then goes on to call out the pedo elites in control of these secret societies. Given the fact that all of this is true, it’s really not too much of a stretch to believe what he has to say about underground bases. https://www.bitchute.com/video/FWX9H1tmeUPA/
Manifestos / Videos (in German apparently) https://anonfile.com/V89e19b5o4/Skript_mit_Bilder_pdf https://anonfile.com/B78700bfo0/Video_11_MP4 https://anonfile.com/deGc05b0o5/Video_12-1_m4v Hanau attack gunman railed against ethnic minorities online >there are lengthy passages in which Rathjen rails against ethnic minorities in Germany and announces that people of certain African, Asian and Middle Eastern origins have to be “completely annihilated” within the country. >“If there was a button available that would make this become a reality, I would press it in a flash,” he writes. Rathjen claims to have arrived at his belief from personal experiences at school and work, as well as reading newspaper reports of fights between Germans and “foreigners”. >He also mentions an act of “war”, which he says would be aimed as a “double blow” against the secret organisation he believes is watching over him and the “degeneration of the people”. https://archive.fo/pzHyK
>>4930 is there an english translation of this yet? if not, perhaps I'll make one.
>Muhammed B, a wounded survivor, described from his hospital bed how the gunman took careful aim at the victims in the Arena Bar & Cafe. >"Everyone he saw, he just shot them straight in the head. He laid down, then he fired at all of us. I hid behind a wall, and as I was moving to hide he shot me in the arm," he told a Turkish TV interviewer. >"It was a bloodbath... We were all lying on top of each other. The guy lying under me had a hole in his neck, he said 'I can't breathe, I can't feel my tongue'," Muhammad recalled through tears. He said he told the young man to recite a final prayer, which he did. ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL >Investigators say all the shisha bar victims were of immigrant origin - some were German nationals, while Turkey says at least five had Turkish citizenship. Several were reported to be ethnic Kurds. https://archive.fo/0Fnps
>>4947 >Muhammad B I assume Muhammad A got removed.
Open file (144.72 KB 672x992 bt cuffs.png)
Christchurch terror attacks: Brenton Tarrant's case back in court today >The case of the man accused of the Christchurch mosque attacks is due back in court this morning. >The nature of today's pre-trial application in the High Court at Christchurch is currently suppressed by Justice Mander. >Unlike many of his previous hearings, the accused man will not be in court, either in person or via audio visual link, something he requested himself. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/410182/christchurch-terror-attacks-brenton-tarrant-s-case-back-in-court-today https://archive.fo/CSPze
MSNBC suggesting the FBI should be tracking young white men online to radicalize them, provide resources for creating explosives, and then arrest them. https://mobile.twitter.com/zyntrax/status/1231409685137444864
>>2040 >suggesting LOL, glowies have been doing it for quite some time now. Lugenpresse can't even be original in their suggestions.
>>5048 Yup this is pretty much COINTELPRO 101. I don't know who could be dump enough to fall for that shit but apparently it works since people fall for it constantly.

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