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/rwg/ - Race War General Blackshirt 10/26/2019 (Sat) 16:23:40 No.575
USING TOR OR SIMILAR MEASURES IS ADVISED IN THIS THREAD This thread for the discussion of pro-white resistance from an onlookers perspective and especially people such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant and the various copycats that we've seen since March. Are they doing what has to be done? Is it more harmful than helpful? Are they all false flags? Discuss! This thread can also be used for dumping info following any more contemporary events. Do not post manifestos directly in this thread and anyone who is fedposting in an obvious manner or planning their own autistic actions will be permabanned. This thread will be be subject to heavier moderation against outsiders. HELPFUL LINKS (to be expanded) The Breivik Archive https://ia601002.us.archive.org/6/items/breivikarchive/
Edited last time by FashBO on 01/11/2020 (Sat) 01:54:34.
Oh boy, I really wanted an excuse to shut down Julay.world, thank you OP!
There’s literally nothing wrong with discussing this stuff if you’re not acting like a total fed. This thread was probably made in response to the discussion which was began in the QTDDTOT:

These people are undeniably of interest to this board whether one thinks they did anything positive or not. Personally I think people need to drop out of the system, have five plus children and prepare for the collapse but I’m not crying over the victims of these things either. This thread will probably be a good place to post updates on these people’s trials, something which is of interest to me at least.
If BT was a disciple of Breivik, and wasn't misdirecting with this, had he planned on misdirecting to the alt-right/generation identitare controlled opposition in general?
The only mistake of BT is killing mudslims not high tier kikes.
I personally think it was just misdirection. I’ve always thought that Breivik’s “Knights Templar” was just LARP, especially with what we know about Breivik now (i.e. how he wasn’t Christian, isn’t a Zionist), see pic related, along with other facts such as how he had carved Norse runes into his weapons bearing the names of the Norse Gods before attacking Utøya.

Given Breivik’s history of misdirection and his claims that he had other cells lying in wait after capture which never did anything (he even talks about bluffing in 2083 iirc) I honestly doubt that such an organization really exists. Now Breivik set a 2020 ultimatum after which other cells would apparently activate, and if something DOES happen that’s clearly connected to Breivik I’ll clearly be proved wrong. Unless this happens, I think Breivik operated alone, given the fact that he spent most of his time playing Warcraft, writing his Compendium and meditating if media reports are to be believed. Tarrant seems merely inspired by him, and he may be employing the same misdirection tactics Breivik liked to use, creating a fictional entity that other white vigilantes can declare allegiance to that makes it seem like they are working as a single entity when in reality no such entity exists. It’s kinda like ISIS (except if it didn’t exist in reality) where lonewolves have declare: they are doing its work apart from them, swearing allegiance.
>had he planned on misdirecting to the alt-right/generation identitare controlled opposition in general?
In what way are you thinking? Do you mean by seemingly softballing the Jews and their role in all of this?
I know that the Al-Noor mosque had some radicalization links, but you’re right. Some people like to (over)emphasize the symptoms (invaders) over the Jews but I think the power structure and status quo is what is ultimately the main problem. Like it or not, those Muslims were utterly interchangeable NPC drones, just like the ones Crusius killed in Walmart. I don’t think it changes much ever while the ZOGs stand firm.
forgot pics and additional info

>In letters sent to Norwegian newspaper Dagen in 2015, Breivik said that he "is not, and has never been a Christian", and that he thinks there are few things in the world more "pathetic" than "the Jesus-figure and his message".[19] He states that he prays and sacrifices to Odin, and identifies his religion as Odinism.[19]
Any info given by the media is going to be incomplete and manipulated so unless it's a first hand upload you should discount it as tampered with.

What do people think on 4th generation warfare? A race war isn't going to be a bunch of people lining up in uniforms, no modern war looks like that any more. Nation states are too powerful where a full commitment to violence is a suicide pact.

I don't believe Muslims are just NPCs. They're a very selective group who enable rebuilding a collapsed Western nation. You need the degenerates to collapse a society but if you don't have some strict traditional laws to fix it again then you just have a pile of shit. The Muslims can be used as the street sweeper to do away with the degenerates when the native populations have been wiped out or reduced to such low numbers they can't compete for territory any longer. In the USSR the Jews learned you can't keep spiraling downward and your society will collapse if you continue to do so. You have to rebuild it or find a new place to conquer every time it fails.
The only info that I'd even consider reliable is pen and paper mail from the individual themself. As someone who has had first hand with 4GW all it takes is to sack a local police station and go after the army next as per what was Ukraine.
Open file (36.37 KB 773x807 Omar Mateen.jpg)
>What do people think on 4th generation warfare?
Race war will resemble this type of warfare as I've always imagined it, at least in the beginning. ZOG is extremely powerful, especially in the United States so any uprising against them will be the federal government versus guerilla groups and lone-wolves ("leaderless resistance"). I don't think leaderless resistance, as deadly and disruptive as it can be, can actually cripple the state though so actual organization would eventually be needed against them to have any actual and permanent effect. Defections from military and police will also be essential in the case of any actual internal conflict.
>The Muslims can be used as the street sweeper to do away with the degenerates when the native populations have been wiped out or reduced to such low numbers they can't compete for territory any longer.
Based and Omar Mateen-pilled. Honestly I don't hate Muslims that much, at least they're not as cucked when they actually follow their religion (no alcohol, no drugs, no fornication, homosexuality, adultery, modesty, strong families, faith, etc). I think the Jews play us off against the Muslims, destroy their home countries and force them to immigrate to our own countries where conditions are better and the governments are willing to bend over backwards to get new wage-slaves. This doesn't mean I support them flooding in, but I think they're puppets of Jewry, even if unwittingly.
>In what way are you thinking?
The manifesto is called "The Great Replacement"
I’m always wary of people who suck muslim cock. It is a fundamentally ethnic religion, they will always put Arabs above the rest. I can only offer them any respect if they stay the fuck away from the west.
Ah, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to convert or that they should be welcome in European countries. While I share some of the same values (esp. in regards to alcohol, adultery and homosexuality), this can be said about almost all traditional cultures from around the world. I’m not very fond of Abrahamists in general for a whole host of reasons not relevant to this thread.
I don’t know it he tried to misdirect them in particular, unless there is some part that you have in mind in particular that I can’t recall off the top of my head. His message was a good message that resonated I’m sure (whether they supported it tactically or not) with anyone aware of the Great Replacement / White Genocide. Most of the obvious misdirection in his manifesto is aimed at tech-illiterates and MSM boomers who were willing to report seriously on the Navy Seal copypasta.
We're in 5th gen warfare and it's fought by just walking across a border and living there while the people of that country do nothing at all about it. It's asymmetric warfare since they can steal our genes and ruin our country, while we cannot bleach them and improve it (see Lat Am, Africa). There is no political option for us in 5GW. How do we fight it though? Damn good Q.
Agreed. But why would they stay away from the west when we are displaying weakness? They have every incentive to continue in the form of the entire wealth of western civilization, and our women. Just won't happen, it's not in their interest and they are currently winning.
Open file (167.55 KB 878x420 pentti linkola war.png)
>There is no political option for us in 5GW. How do we fight it though? Damn good Q.
True race war and conflict against ZOG will be an entirely new animal. As the demographic situation deteriorates the situation will become more and more desperate, with the lines between innocence and combatants being blurred if not completely removed by those who place the fourteen words as the highest virtue of them all. There are many ways to fight, which I won't mention here since it will glow way too much. Odds are is that you've thought of some of them though. It will be a horrible conflict
Oh I don't blame them for what they are doing. If I was in their position, I'd probably do the same thing. They are practically being told to come to the west for free money and dumb women to rape. It's the one's that enable this that are the problem.
Open file (43.31 KB 1109x577 evola.jpg)
Open file (25.67 KB 490x266 ClipboardImage.png)
Too many people overlook the spiritual and esoteric dimension to these events. I want to eventually fully flesh out and make the message more powerful, but I wanted to put this out here for now while it's in my mind. I'd advise anyone who truly wants to understand the motivations of people like Tarrant and Breivik to read Evola's Metaphysics of War.

>War, it is said, offers man the opportunity to awaken the hero who sleeps within him. War breaks the routine of comfortable life; by means of its severe ordeals, it offers a transfiguring knowledge of life, life according to death. The moment the individual succeeds in living as a hero, even if it is the final moment of his earthly life, weighs infinitely more on the scale of values than a protracted existence spent consuming monotonously among the trivialities of cities. From a spiritual point of view, these possibilities make up for the negative and destructive tendencies of war, which are one-sidedly and tendentiously highlighted by pacifist materialism. War makes one realise the relativity of human life and therefore also the law of a ‘more-than-life’, and thus war has always an anti-materialist value, a spiritual value

Tarrant and Breivik both understood this. In the moments of their attack they truly lived and attained true self-mastery. They became transcendent to any and all animal passions. In the midst of these attacks someone not spiritually disciplined would have been overcome by humanitarian concerns, fear, cowardice, pity and the like. This is what Evola calls the greater holy war. The lesser holy war in the material world is a mere means to transmute the lesser war into the greater. Affirming themselves in combat against all odds through supreme self-mastery and sovereignty. Evola quotes the Gita:
>Thus knowing oneself to be transcendental to material senses, mind and intelligence, one should control the lower self by the higher self and thus—by spiritual strength—conquer this insatiable enemy known as lust.

They embraced, according to Evola, the right orientation according to their dharma:
>Therefore, O Arjuna, surrendering all your works unto Me, with mind intent on Me, and without desire for gain and free from egoism and lethargy, fight.
Krishna (the speaker in the verse above) is said to embody transcendent knowledge. Arjuna, the addressee bothered by humanitarian scruples, is the principle of action. As the conversation develops Krishna demands that Arjuna fulfill his duties, ignore the lower material scruples and embrace the Olympian, solar / uranic reality.

Ultimately victory didn't matter:
>Do thou fight for the sake of fighting, without considering happiness or distress, loss or gain, victory or defeat—and, by so doing, you shall never incur sin.

A final quote from Evola's book:
>...action attains the value of an inner overcoming ...the predicaments, risks and ordeals peculiar to the events of war bring about an emergence of the inner ‘enemy’, which, in the forms of the instinct of self-preservation, cowardice, cruelty, pity and blind riotousness, arise as obstacles to be vanquished just as one fights the outer enemy ... an irresistible and blind changing of oneself into a sort of wild animal does not occur, but, instead, a way is found of not letting the deepest forces escape, a way of seeing to it that one is never overwhelmed inwardly, that one always remains supreme master of oneself, and, precisely because of this sovereignty, one remains able to affirm himself against every possible limitation

Let it also be remembered that Breivik engaged in spiritual discipline techniques such as frequent meditation sessions in preparation. He was waging the greater war against himself even before Utoya. I haven't read The Doctrine of Awakening yet but I'm sure much could be gleaned from that.
Faggots like this need the rope.

Take your head out of your asshole for a change. Muh spiritual energies and linking to 20 websites when none of this bullshit matters and you're too busy jerking off to philosophy to do anything useful. You're the faggot sitting in starbucks with an apple laptop.

Look in the fucking mirror and ask yourself why you're so lost to reality that you think this is helping any one but a bunch of drug addicts go "Wow dude deep".
You might just be a hylic (NPC), anon. There is undeniably a nature which is transcendent to the material world of the senses. You lash out because you don’t understand how people come to these conclusions and call them “lost”, when in reality you are more lost than anyone.
Hey, that's rude.
Open file (84.64 KB 1000x563 manshaus heils again.jpg)
Open file (267.46 KB 1500x979 manshaus.jpg)
Open file (71.13 KB 1440x810 manshaus new.jpg)
Disciple Manshaus gave a short explanation of his actions in court on the fourth. He remains based and unbroken:

> Manshaus explained that his motivation was to defend "the future generations of my people", which he says is on the verge of being destroyed. ... "The problem is that Norway's and the West's institutions are soaked in a Jewish and cultural-Marxist ideology" he says. ... He talked about culture war and "genocide of the European race". He claims that various peoples are fighting for their own rights above those of others ... He claims "the system" ... has made conflict necessary because it censors his like-minded ... He also claims it's too late to "stop the train" and that the internet has made his task easier.

> "In practice it means that actions of the kind that I have committed will be more common. The system will crack down on it to maintain control. But this will cause a greater counter-reaction." ... "A race based conflict is developing, where all races will fight for their own interests, rather than those of others." "Neither the system nor non-European foreigners will voluntarily lose their power. Therefore we must resort to violence. As it will happen, it should happen now. Our first move was to warn and educate the part of the population which is receptive to our message and searches for an understanding of what is happening in society today."


>Race War General

I guess this can be added here.
Apparently a group of right wing extremists in Italy was stopped before they could manage to blow up a mosque in Siena (Tuscany).

Open file (91.20 KB 1288x575 ClipboardImage.png)
>12 people
Wow, that was a big cell. I think this proves Breivik right again. He understand and located literally every problem that we've seen with failed militant nationalists and Tarrant copycats since 2011. Everyone should read the section starting on page 835 of his 2083 compendium. The key part is attached to my post. Who knows how these guys were taken down but it was likely through a snitch or careless opsec.

I honestly can't think of any successful pro-white group attacks. The lone wolf model seems to be the most popular (which makes sense since it's the safest), although I'd argue that it's ultimately flawed in some ways. Muslims seem to be experts at stuff with groups, just think of Charlie Hebdo or the Bataclan
I bet this was a political group where some members radicalized not a direct action cell. Most probably still quite young.
In any event bigger groups are always under surveillance so feds just follow them for some time and tap their coms until one makes the wrong move.
I agree.
I cannot recall it right now, but was it Mason who said similar things about decentralized, leaderless organization to be less likely to be taken down?
>was it Mason who said similar things about decentralized, leaderless organization to be less likely to be taken down?
I've never read Siege but based on what I know about the book, that would make sense. If you think about it, the lone wolf sleeper cell of any ideological strike is one of the greatest fears for security planners. They are the epitome of the "bolt out of the blue" if they're not completely incompetent. Leaderless resistance in face of ZOG has become popular for a reason. Both ZOG officials like Ulius Louis Amoss and pro-white figures like Louis Beam came to be aware of the merits independently as far as I'm aware.

My only issue with the idea of leaderless resistance is that while it can be destructive, it's not constructive. This type of stuff can definitely undermine confidence in the state or spread the message but I don't know about you guys but I want an actual coming to power Third Reich-style, not decades of Breiviks and Tarrants.
That's very plausible.
>ideological strike
Meant to type stripe
I agree.
Authorities are still seething for being unable to identify Tarrant to stop him before he acted.
There is some fresh news just about this

>the Royal Commission is investigating what public agencies knew about alleged terrorist Brenton Tarrant prior to the attack, and what they did with that information.
>A huge surge in public submissions has led the New Zealand Government to extend the Royal Commission into the Christchurch mosque shootings.

>This type of stuff can definitely undermine confidence in the state or spread the message but I don't know about you guys but I want an actual coming to power Third Reich-style, not decades of Breiviks and Tarrants.
The Fourth Reich can only come after the current system has been destroyed, however. We're long past political solutions since ZOG is tailored to filter out anyone who is pro-white.

Of course, the whole thing is unsustainable, ZOG's abortion of an economy will be pulled out of life support eventually, the Breiviks and Tarrants are simply making it happen sooner, before the demographics make our takeover too difficult to achieve. This is what accelerationism is all about. This is why Trump has been so destructive to our cause as well, since he pushed back the collapse for at least 4 years.
First we got news about Italy today, now we get one about Poland. Holy shit what next kek, an actual attack? I know we had one anon who calculated that the next attack would most likely occur on December 6th based on past trends, we'll have to see if he is right.

Poland seizes two for plotting Breivik-style attacks on Muslims
>Polish agents arrested two people accused of planning attacks against Muslims inspired by Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik and suspected white supremacist Brenton Tarrant in New Zealand, the security service said on Wednesday.
>The two suspects were taken into custody on Sunday in the capital Warsaw and the northern city of Szczecin.
>“The arrests are the result of information collected earlier by the Internal Security Agency (ABW) about an extremist group whose aim was to intimidate Muslims living in Poland,” the statement said.
>“The materials gathered during the investigation show the group modeled itself on terrorist attacks carried out by extremists including Anders Breivik (in 2011 in Norway) and Brenton Tarrant (in 2019 in New Zealand).”
>The group intended to carry out attacks using firearms and explosives, the statement said, and during one search of a house in the Warsaw suburb of Wlochy, ABW agents found materials for making large quantities of explosives, guns and ammunition.

I think the most notable line in this article is the following: The arrests are the result of information collected earlier by the Internal Security Agency (ABW) about an extremist group whose aim was to intimidate Muslims living in Poland. Seems like they were connected with some group and the earlier information got them BTFO.
People like to talk about the ZOGs being omnipotent, but reality seems to hint at the exact opposite. See this attached article screenshot about how the 'five eyes' have realized that they are woefully failing at containing this stuff. I think they're gonna start clamping down and ramping up surveillance soon though if this keeps happening, it's only to be expected. Just like with Tarrant, they seem to be utterly clueless with anyone but the biggest morons
Open file (204.72 KB 1354x952 ClipboardImage.png)
My second image didn't post, weird
Fucking nice. Hopefully other groups will learn from their mistakes and actually pull it off next time.

The sheer wave of copycats just in 2019 has been astonishing. I don't think Breivik got this many follow-up attacks, at least not in 2011.
Is this OC?
The political solution is almost impossible in this day in age, I feel as well. I like the Varg solution the most though personally. Maybe you're right that the Fourth Reich will only arise post-collapse. We all know how milquetoast that Trump ultimately turned out to be, and look at the media firestorm that erupted from that. Today the media grip on the average lemming has increased tenfold and people are almost always connected to it and consuming information. For a minority of us this can open us up to getting redpilled, but for most others who don't leave the normienet it keeps them firmly corralled in complacency and establishment solutions. There's another reason I feel like racialist, tribalist or nationalist politics of any kind are unpalatable to many today, and though this might be unpopular with many, it is linked up with the technology question as posed by Kaczysnki and Ellul. Kaczynski puts it well in his The System's Neatest Trick:

<Modern technology, with its rapid long-distance transportation and its disruption of traditional ways of life, has led to the mixing of populations, so that nowadays people of different races, nationalities, cultures, and religions have to live and work side by side. If people hate or reject one another on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, etc., the resulting conflicts interfere with the functioning of the System.
<The System needs a population that is meek, nonviolent, domesticated, docile, and obedient. It needs to avoid any conflict or disruption that could interfere with the orderly functioning of the social machine. In addition to suppressing racial, ethnic, religious, and other group hostilities, it also has to suppress or harness for its own advantage all other tendencies that could lead to disruption or disorder, such as machismo, aggressive impulses, and any inclination to violence.

Along with the Jews innate drive to enslave, this makes perfect sense. As Ellul says, the aim of technique is maximum efficiency. Things like ethnocentric ideology create stumbling blocks towards this goal, as do all forms of nationalism, anti-globalism, hierarchal ideologies (since technique assimilates everything to itself, all differences not essential to the system are discarded, hence the worship of "equality" today).
>This is why Trump has been so destructive to our cause as well, since he pushed back the collapse for at least 4 years.
He definitely pacified a lot of the less redpilled groups. They got their puppet and now they think "we won! America is saved!"
Traitors or not killing kids isn't something people like to imitate or to be associated with

I first saw it over on /n/
I think the sole differentiating factor between Breivik and Tarrant that allowed Tarrant's attack, though less successful in sheer numbers, to have the greater impact was the fact that he live-streamed it. I remember when I was in some of the first threads during and after the livestream on 8chan seeing people remark that it felt like a FPS game. I'm sure his thinking was, at least beyond providing some entertainment for /pol/, giving viewers a feeling of being in his boots and saying "see, it's that easy". With these shootings though I'm worried that many would-be extremely motivated young white men are being taken off the streets and locked up though. Personally I plan to try to have as many children as possible and keep them away from urban pozz. Along with focusing on changing demographics we have an obligation to make up for the low birthrates of urbanite degenerates.
Open file (298.41 KB 940x627 comment.png)
>they seem to be utterly clueless with anyone but the biggest morons

That's because people like Tarrant "radicalize" by themselves, but are in fact regular law abding people that do not go around parading in nazi paraphernalia or skull masks, they do not attend political gatherings where they get spotted by (((observers))) that open tabs on them - like they do with neonazi groups - and are able to hide their power level.
That's why now (((they))) will be clamping down on the internet surveillance, because it is where people let his power level slip on social media or during chats.
Even Tarrant had some of these slips in some facebook comments and messages, but despite being reported, back then police was not at attention as it is now (pic related).
>killing kids
Breivik was documented, in court and by witnesses, to have spared people on Utoya that he thought were too young and could be saved still. Clay is moulded while it is soft after all, they were totally lost. What people forget is that the AUF's camp on Utoya was basically a training-camp for the future political elite of Norway, a networking and indoctrination tool. They isolate youths for week in a walled-off echo chamber where they build networks and have their ideology formed by adults. Jens Stoltenberg, the current NATO chief, spent many years at Utoya. Thorbjorn Jagland, who gave the peace prize to Obama, also spent many years there. Brundtland, the former head of WHO, also spent many years there. I think the guy who came up with the globalist concept of "the new Norwegian we" also spent time on Utoya when he was younger. The killed weren't just "white teenagers". Average age 18+, and for the most part leaders in their local chapters. The leader of a local political AUF group isn't just a random teenager. I also read a book on the attacks which waxed lyrical about how diverse the people on the island were, many from Africa, the Caucasus, Sri Lanka, etc

Police confirm malicious intent in case of fire in future asylum center in Bilzen
Shitty translation via Jewgle, I don't speak Dutch
>the local police confirm this afternoon that the fire was intentionally lit. There were also traces of burglary. "After investigation it became clear that there was intentional arson
>The mayor of Bilzen Johan Sauwens (Proud of Bilzen) hopes that the guilty can be identified as quickly as possible. "Such acts do not belong here."
>In Bilzen there has been much protest since the news of the arrival of the reception center. Banners on the houses leave little to the imagination and there has already been argued against the center.
>Sauwens cannot say whether the asylum center, which would accommodate 140 people, can still open in December. "I don't think so, the roof is badly damaged. But the decision lies with the owners, the Red Cross and Fedasil," it sounds.
>"This is a serious matter," responds Minister of Asylum and Migration Maggie De Block (Open VLD). "We suspect that it has to do with the arrival of a number of asylum seekers in that center next month. If it is related to that, then it is becoming a very intolerant society. There must be a signal that such signs of intolerance do not fit in our society. "
LMAO there are several shitskins among the victims.
If Breivik started to notice the pozzing of Norway long before 2011 (he started planning years before), how fast was Norway going with the importation of third worlders back then?
Open file (667.16 KB 1526x582 muslims eu scenario.png)
Open file (66.16 KB 667x504 breivik sip.jpg)
>If Breivik started to notice the pozzing of Norway long before 2011 (he started planning years before), how fast was Norway going with the importation of third worlders back then?
Based on what I can remember reading in 2083 and from looking at the Wikipedia pages on Islam in Norway and Norwegian demographics, it looks like is has been getting progressively more pozzed as time goes on. According to Wikipedia at least in 1980 Muslims only made up 0.02% of the Norwegian population. By 2018 this had grown larger by 198% to 6.3% of the entire population. Right before the attacks it was only around 3%. Even with zero immigration Norway is projected to become 7.2% Islamic by 2050. It happened quickly within Breivik's formative years as well. According again to the demographics on the page I'm looking at, there was a 5,267.9% increase in Muslims in the country between 1980 and 1990. Breivik was born in 1979 so from his birth he went to a country with almost zero Muslims at birth to 5,000% more by his tenth birthday. In 2083 he is already describing the Pakistani gangs that roamed Oslo (a city today which is over 10% Islamic).
>>1172 MEANT FOR >>1170
He was very prophetic. I wonder about is actual IQ. Some anon told me that Breivik tried a test on himself and scored 136 or something like that.
Did the doctors during trial perform any particular test on him?
Open file (41.86 KB 620x387 1569281670169.jpg)
I can't find anything in particular on Breivik's IQ, but I think that we can look at his actions over the years to see that he is certainly not a low IQ individual. The surest indication of this, I think, is his extreme willpower and self-discipline. It's almost superhuman seeing how this man remained supremely dedicated to a goal from ~2006 until mid 2011 when he did the attacks. In that time period he meditated, exercised, traveled, assembled an 1000+ page Compendium, purchased a farm to buy bomb-making materials, assembled fake police uniforms and kept it all under the radar somehow. And then there was the 4D-chess misdirection of the Compendium where he wrote from a super-Christian anti-Nazi, pro-Zionist perspective -- something which was revealed to be a smokescreen. People still think he was serious even today. Not only was he able to successfully plan these attacks in secret and prepare for them, but he also managed to successfully pull of a bombing attack and shooting attack on an island within two hours, essentially shooting fish in a barrel. You can't do that if you're stupid. I'm sure Breivik did one of those online test so I'd be skeptical of the number that he got, but I think he's definitely above 100. His statements in court are long, detailed and seem to be well-spoken, at least from reading subtitles (I can't speak Norwegian). All court-appointed testers but two iirc declared him sane. The others said he was narcissistic and had grandiose visions, but even though that's probably kike bullshit if you're able to successfully do what I describe above I think being a bit grandiose is understandable kek.

I'm really interested in learning about Tarrant's backstory. He prepped for two years. We learn a bit in his manifesto but I can't wait to learn the whole story. I'm afraid that his trial will be pure kangaroo court and he won't be allowed to speak though.
On the Tarrant matter I have gathered a certain amount of info, but I think he was sincere when he said in his manifesto that he is a very private and introverted person.
Despite the glowniggers trying frantically to find a group behind him, I am pretty sure he managed to come up with his plan and do all the things he did all by himself.
He had bad grades at school and did not go to uni, but I believe he must be one of those persons with a pragmatic type of intelligence, as we can deduce from his wanderlust and propensity for physical and outdoor activities.
At the same time he developed an interest for history and educated himself by chosing what to read by himself.
I also look forward to the trial to have more details.
I know I will be extremely pissed off when they will censor pretty much everything (NZ media already agreed on this with authorities).
Open file (183.70 KB 1024x711 tarrant2.jpg)
>On the Tarrant matter I have gathered a certain amount of info, but I think he was sincere when he said in his manifesto that he is a very private and introverted person.
If you have anything good be sure to post it! Even if it's not particularly new but not super well-known I'm sure it'd make a good addition to the thread.
>Despite the glowniggers trying frantically to find a group behind him, I am pretty sure he managed to come up with his plan and do all the things he did all by himself.
This is how I see it. He was definitely self-radicalized and I accept the narrative that we were given in The Great Replacement. It was too powerful and relatable to be fake or contrived I think personally (pics related) I too have visited Europe and felt despair at the state of the cities there, overrun by non-whites. I haven't visited London or Paris so I'm sure that I have not even seen the worst aspects of the ongoing invasion. Tarrant definitely didn't have a polished style but that didn't take away from what he expressed, edjewcation or no edjewcation. It's also important to remember that according to Tarrant himself in the manifesto that he trashed a much longer version of The Great Replacement only a few weeks before the shooting. Who knows what details he had in there, but it's sad to know that we'll never get to read it. Like you're saying they'll do, this trial will be censored to shit. NZ seems to have gone full cuck and "shut it down" mode on everything involving Tarrant since the shooting. I just hope that we'll get to hear him speak in his own words. You think that would be a small demand but I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled some kikery uniquely on him. They're afraid of this message spreading, especially with the impact that it has quite evidently had on others across the world. Accelerationism is real
Open file (109.62 KB 1343x284 screenshot.png)
>Accelerationism is real
Not only it is real, but it is also proven to work very well.
Believe it or not, a fucking shill suggested me the perfect argument about this while the dumbass was trying to prove the opposite point.
He said something like
>ZOG wanted the "war on terror". how many years would have taken them to convince the population to have one solely via indoctrination? So they made 9-11 and accelerated the achievement much faster
The same applies to whites fighting the great replacement: how many years do we have left to "redpill more people", before we inevitably become the absolute minority in our own countries?

>If you have anything good be sure to post it!
It's mostly screenshots of articles that the journokikes put under a paywall, and also the archives of his social media and old posts he made on forums.

>he trashed a much longer version of The Great Replacement only a few weeks before the shooting. Who knows what details he had in there
Yes, I had the same thought. My opinion is that he probably went in much dept about the (((reasons))) of the current state of western society, but then he decided to focus the manifesto on the importance to start a fight rather than give (((them))) just another excuse to cry about muh nazi (see pic related).

>this trial will be censored to shit
As I said, NZ media are shamelessly okay with the censorship decided by the government

Finally, I forgot to add about Tarrant that just a few days ago this was released
It's a documentary called "Under the radar", and judging by the title it probably revolves around the fact that since agencies have always been focused on islamic terrorism, they failed in intercepting le ebil white natzeee.
The documentary can only be seen by paying members, I am too dumb to understand how to bypass the block on this.
Open file (33.35 KB 707x273 ClipboardImage.png)
That's an interesting theory about why Tarrant trashed the first version of his manifesto. It seems plausible to me as well; it's important not to give kikes a chance to cry antisemite when it was beside the point to an extent in what Tarrant wanted to accomplish. Now no one will deny that Jews are intimately related to the problem of the great replacement, but whilt it is the Jews themselves who are enabling for this and opening the gates, it is the non-whites themselves who are settling in our lands and are replacing us. This is the first and most important thing to open the lemmings' eyes on. Even in my own awakening to these issues the JQ was a tough pill to swallow. It always seemed a bit silly and far-fetched until I had already been redpilled on white genocide, crime stats, Islam, etc. Then I began seeing the cohencidences, tons of them, and started to actively seek them out. Hopefully Tarrant (assuming for a moment that we'll hear a word that the man'll say) will touch on the fuller picture during his trial.
>The same applies to whites fighting the great replacement: how many years do we have left to "redpill more people", before we inevitably become the absolute minority in our own countries?
That's the issue with a lot of people in these circles. We posit the existence of a mortal threat to the existence of our race and culture, and then we sit there and complain that nothing is being done, how it's all over already or are afraid to even do minor activism because "muh omnipotent feds". Do they truly believe that this is a problem that needs solved or not??? Now this is certainly not a call to arms. I'm not "disavowing" people like Breivik or Tarrant, but nor do I think that their path is the best path neccessarily in all cases. There's no one-size-fits-all solution to our problems.
This is just more proof of media/state collusion to control the narrative. Frankly, they're terrified that these ideas could spread or that Tarrant could use his trial as a platform for our views. The draconian prison sentences for even looking at the manifesto or watching the video are proof enough. I hope that no more than the NZ media cucks out. They seem to still have the stupid idea that Tarrant is a Herostratus figure looking for fame, when it is very clear that this is not the case (pic rel.) I have no faith in the (((international press))) but they seem to have reported on him with less censorship (using his name, face, etc).
You will never have enough children to outbreed non-whites, though. And if you leave the cities to them, they will come for you in the country after resources run out, with overwhelming numbers and the full backing of the jews.

Contrary to popular belief, spic-run countries aren't no-man's land, nor are they tribal societies: they're corrupt, crime-ridden shitholes where cartels pull the strings.
The Christchurch Terror Attack Video Is Still Spreading on Facebook
>Facebook is still trying to track down versions of the Christchurch shooter’s livestream, months after the tech giant began frantically removing the gory content.
>In the first 24 hours after the video of the March attack went viral, Facebook removed 1.5 million related posts. But a significant number at least initially evaded the Silicon Valley giant’s defenses, and users have continued to try to share the content. Some versions even remain live.
>The company announced Wednesday that it took down at least 3 million more posts by the end of September.
>Facebook previously reported that at least 300,000 of those posts initially made it onto the platform, where they could be copied and tweaked to avoid censors. By Sept. 30, Facebook had removed a total of 4.5 million pieces of content.
>The initial lapse appears to have helped fuel yet more attempted uploads — and potentially hundreds of thousands more successful shares — over time. The company is still trying to track them down.
>You will never have enough children to outbreed non-whites, though. And if you leave the cities to them, they will come for you in the country after resources run out, with overwhelming numbers and the full backing of the jews.
I know it may seem like a bad plan, but looking ahead from my perspective it seems like the smartest path forward. We're reaching a critical appoint where the technopoly will either root itself permanently or it will collapse under its own contradictions, leading to mass death and a regression (for a significant amount of years even if not permanently) of organization-dependent technology. The latter possibility is not something to be lamented, but rather celebrated, especially since I think that any violent statist solution to our problems (Pentti Linkola style) would not strike at the core of the problem. With the collapse the cities will be lawless concrete jungles of death as soon as transportation begins to collapse. They will undoubtedly flee into the countryside, but this is why you settle as rurally as you can go. Don't set up your cabin anywhere near a major city. Even from a non-racialist perspective having as many children as possible (I want six personally) is desirable for the type of lifestyle that I eventually plan to embrace. Children are good helping-hands. It could just as easily be argued that shooting up mosques and islands isn't actually fixing the life-and-death problems. A complete collapse or destruction of the techno-industrial system at once goes leaps and bounds towards fixing many issues such as globalization, degenerates, overbearing state power, among other things. I could try to explain various points of what I believe and why this is the best solution but I don't want to derail the thread too hard, if anyone wants to do that we could move over to >>31.
>>You will never have enough children to outbreed non-whites
And we shouldn't. Kids are great but this planet doesn't need more people which spread like the plague all over the place.
We should just have as much kids as we need to sustain our numbers but in general this is an arms race which we shouldn't and need not enter.

Looking at Rhodesia's demographics it's obvious that we could be outnumbered much worse as we are now while still be able to hold our ground. All provided we gain the upper hand again because lets be honest even ten billion whites won't save this fallen planet if they are just indoctrinated jew slaves as most of us are now.

Breivik's ultimate larping as a pro-white warrior.
People like him don't sacrifice their life unless someone nefarious has means to force them to do so.
<small targets, pointless action
Ah, some eso infusion. We had a lot of that in 8/pol/.
Building a cabin in the woods alone is a good way to get tortured and killed. You want multiple families living around you with a similar mind set. Then if someone tries a home invasion one shout brings several armed men who will shoot to kill in order to protect you.

It sounds great to disappear while the world goes to shit but people will still find your cabin sooner or later. It's extremely difficult to go unnoticed in the modern world and there will be crazies out there. You can't be alert all day every day and always be scanning the horizons for problems. You need people to watch your back and you watch theirs.
>>1444 (checked)
Ideally I would do it with as many people as I could get. It would be nice to find two or three more like-minded men with a wife or girlfriend committed to building a community on similar ideals to my own. I've discussed this at length with another anon in the anti-tech thread here. Going in alone is my last case scenario (and the more likely unfortunately) that I will do if I have to. One way or another, I'm not remaining a slave my entire life. Besides the obvious security benefits from having more than just me or my future family, the more hands one has around to help out with things the better. I've been researching intentional communities and counter-cultural groups like the Amish and Hutterites plus utopian socialist communities to see what works and what doesn't in preserving a successful community. The key factors are religion, authority and a consciously adopted and rigorously adhered to separation from the outside world. In short a "cult".

I'm aware though that the system will not just destroy itself. Common sense dictates this and Kaczynski drove it home in his Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How Organizing against it is essential to carry out an thorough-going backlash against Clownworld. I'm very motivated but I often have doubts concerning what the best course of action (political, revolutionary, a combination or otherwise) is for our people.
I'd eventually like to flesh it out and make it into something that people can actually learn something from, but I'd really have to think about the best way to organize such a thing and what exactly the message would be that I would want to impart on the potential readership.
You sound like the kind of person who does a lot of reading and larping and has little to no practical experience in these sort of matters. You could easily find a conservative community which is big on self sustaining and has active hobby shooters to match up with. Become a prepper within that group and get others to do the same and you will have your community around you. Don't try and build weird hippy socialist cults. When things go bad cult bullshit won't mean shit compared to a good meal and a rifle. Find a suitable place to move and just do it. If things get bad enough you may need to flee your country and investing everything in building a cult community simply isn't going to matter.
>You sound like the kind of person who does a lot of reading and larping and has little to no practical experience in these sort of matters.
I definitely do a lot of reading, but I never consciously LARP. Honestly I dislike LARPers a lot. Maybe using the word "cult" was the wrong word and carried too much negative baggage with it(I typically say 'community'), but that is what it would be labeled by outsiders undoubtedly. It's not as simple as moving to a conservative white community and finding some prepper buddies. I'm aiming to embrace the Kaczynski lifestyle minus bombings and am already making progress towards it step-by-step. If you mean practical experience with a societal collapse, obviously not, but in what life in a rural area with no Internet, bad roads and a small living space is like, I have a fairly good idea due various experiences in my personal life, but I can admit that I am nowhere near ready to go as far as I want to go. I've been committed to this current path for several years now (since 2013-4, but with few concrete steps or a plan of action until recently). I'm not set in stone, but when one takes the entire technological system worldwide into account, the direction of its development and the racial situation, it is the only one that is currently consistent with a lifestyle that I wish to embrace and that is realistically achievable for me. I had once considered politics before concluding that there is no space for a revolutionary movement in America at the moment since ZOG is too powerful (though not omnipotent as shills like to claim) and the people of this country are currently too comfy to risk what little they have.
Actually, the audience of certain far-right websites is on the rise.
But this will fail if the kiked governments manage to censor them for good. These sites remain available and alive, for the most part, because of the residue of the 1A. A change in law is all that is necessary to put an end to this.
Hate Speech regulation was already allowed. DNS control is also a very real target and no site has yet adopted a decentralized form.
>"see, it's that easy".
Mmmm what? Like they couldn't know that bullet -> head actually kills? That shooting at close-by, cramped, non-moving, unarmed civilians is actually going to increase your chances of killing many of them?
Where the revelation at?
Foiled attacks?
Assuming it'z true, what is hard to undersdang in the conzept of lone wulf?
>yaaaaayy, nice collection of idiotic, clueless, young 99% WHITE people killed.

>Clay is moulded while it is soft after all, they were totally lost.
Wow Confucius, that's deep.
Now, remind me at what age you actually got redpilled? Or most /pol/acks got for the matter? Are you ready to kill your normies friends or parents who still vote for anything but the far right?
>training center for the ZOG
Please provide a good explanation as to why these leftists were also vociferating calls to boycott Israel?
>assembled an 1000+ page Compendium
That sucked so much Jewish dick that even a rabbi would blush.
>And then there was the 4D-chess misdirection of the Compendium where he wrote from a super-Christian anti-Nazi, pro-Zionist perspective -- something which was revealed to be a smokescreen.
Yes, very efficient smokescreen lel.
Super IQ man thinking he could force the Zionist media to insist on the pro-Zionist aspect. The damage control post capture is laughable.
>he also managed to successfully pull of a bombing attack and shooting attack on an island within two hours
We could always wonder why it took armed forces so much time to decide to intervene...
>triple posting
Please take your medicine, sir
>Are you ready to kill your normies friends or parents who still vote for anything but the far right?
I am not the guy you quoted, but I don't think it's democratic elections being discussed here.

>Super IQ man thinking he could force the Zionist media to insist on the pro-Zionist aspect.
Which is exactly what you are doing by the way. Really made me think.
>We could always wonder why it took armed forces so much time to decide to intervene
I always laugh at scandis who think they live in fairytale lands, where everyone is a good peaceful goy like them so they don't need to worry about bad things like war, death and evil stuff - I mean look at Sweden.
To be honest norwegian police being slow and poorly trained does not sound strange to me at all.
>To be honest norwegian police being slow and poorly trained does not sound strange to me at all.
Yeah, they seemed to be pretty shit at their job, kek. I guess many of them WERE dealing with a bombing in Oslo at the same time. It took well over a half an hour from when police showed up at the pier on the mainland to when the first policemen set foot on Utøya which was only 600 meters away and then another 8 minutes for them to capture Breivik. All the while while they were making arrangements to commandeer boats and get back up there were communists drowning in Tyrifjorden and endless gunshots on the island
Christchurch man who plotted terrorist-style attack back behind bars

>The man, who has permanent name suppression, was 17 in 2017 when was radicalised online and planned an ISIS-style attack. He wanted to ram a car into a crowd and then stab people until police killed him.
>He went ahead with a threatening and violent incident which caused damage but he decided not to hurt anybody "because he did not have the means to kill enough people", he said.
>He was arrested for an incident on Tuesday, and charged with breaching his supervision sentence by threatening and using derogatory language against staff members at the facility where he has been staying.

This article really makes me think
>back behind bars
Nevermind, figured it out after posting. I thought the article was about him planning the attack behind bars, not being sent back to prison.
Open file (38.60 KB 375x499 1574977106792.jpg)
Again in Italy
>The homes of 19 alleged right-wing extremists in various parts of Italy were searched.
>The suspects allegedly wanted to create an openly pro-Nazi, xenophobic, anti-Semitic group called the "Partito Nazionalsocialista Italiano dei Lavoratori" - the Italian National Socialist Workers' Party
>Some of the suspects allegedly had access to arms and explosives and conducted recruitment activities on social media.


My guess: a bunch of boomers LARPing on facebook and collecting paraphernalia.
Open file (24.30 KB 620x350 luca traini.jpg)
>My guess: a bunch of boomers LARPing on facebook and collecting paraphernalia.
This is what it what it came off like to me. I mean, Hell, a 50-year old woman was apparently one of the senior figures. The only really interesting thing that this article and another one from Reuters that I just read seems to say is that apparently this group or whatever it was had forged links with groups abroad including C18, though I don't know if the latter do anything interesting these days.

I still think Italy is one of the European countries that has the best chance of reawakening first. They're more openly resistant towards immigration, have fascist parties like CasaPound, the cell uncovered recently, that one stash of weapons linked to "the far-right" discovered in July where they found an air-to-air missile, men willing to fight back like Luca Traini, etc.
Open file (80.19 KB 680x918 041.jpg)
Bullshit. This was a politicized thought crime arrest, not a legal one.

It's not illegal to own any of the things they confiscated. Neither is it illegal to have a party that leftists don't like.

The (((media))) are trying to make their typical illusion that they were "dangerous" even though these were hunting weapons, in additon weapons laws in Italy which are not strict and comparable to the US allow people to own however many weapons of almost any type one wants for hunting purposes.

>My guess: a bunch of boomers LARPing on facebook and collecting paraphernalia.

Except that they chose to make a party. If they were "larping" and not real people what are you doing here then fag? If you're Italian and a made a party that the system doesn't like might as well be you arrested for nothing next, but that will probably never happen to you because just writing online is easier than making something real happen.

>a 50-year old woman was apparently one of the senior figures

What's wrong with that?
>What's wrong with that?
I don’t know the woman of course, but in general a 50-year old woman doesn’t really give off the vibe of virility and strength that I associate with National Socialism. For all I know though this woman could have extraordinary organizational and leadership abilities though, it’s not impossible. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s a shame that these guys got arrested and raided. For any self-proclaimed NatSoc grouping that wanted to apparently restart the NSDAP and was forging links with foreign groups like C18, Spanish and Portuguese groups is clearly a bit more than just a LARP, regardless of what their true capacity is / was.
Vibes are wierd sometimes, that she was a woman might even be good. It's very hard to know what people perceive as positive in my life experience. You'd be very surprised. And keep in mind in social settings respect is earned not given. And it's not like we're not old fashioned anymore. It's not bad in itself to shift the perceived and brainwashed norm, especially since the NS ideology is pretty wholesome and common sense politically. Anyway, these times call for everyone getting active in their communities by any means necessary, and this woman definitely understood that, i have infinitely more respect to her and those people than most people i know.
>It's not illegal to own any of the things they confiscated. Neither is it illegal to have a party that leftists don't like.

Then why were they arrested?
Open file (4.70 MB 854x480 OBxACoYH5Ffp222.mp4)
Open file (891.08 KB 854x480 shalom goyim 222.mp4)
Are you new? Do you for some reason think our enemies obey the law or something? You think they dont abuse power? Well I got big news for you, we're not living in a free world.
Also just because i tell you this don't get blackpilled or paranoid. Going to jail now is nothing compared to what's in store if these jews are allowed to destroy our societies.

As for the "why" It's he same reason assange got arrested lol muh thoughtcrimes and made up charges

Same reason alertajudiada got arrested (for nothing)

And many, many others.

Btw the Jews are slowly killing assange in prison without a trial as we speak just thought you should know.
>Do you for some reason think our enemies obey the law or something? You think they dont abuse power?
I don't, actually.
But that's the whole point of this thread and the events it originates from.
As time goes by, more people realize there is no political solution, and not even a peaceful one, as it's easy to understand that the people holding power will never give it up, no matter how many people will protest and ask actual changes to the corrupt elected politicians.
So if accelerationism is a way to achieve the shocking turn of events to achieve the radical change of paradigm we so desperately need, then so be it.
>So if accelerationism is a way to achieve the shocking turn of events to achieve the radical change of paradigm we so desperately need, then so be it.
I think as time goes on more and more people will start to realize that it is the only way out of our current predicament. I think this screencap from Nein/pol/ sums up well the two sides of the debate. One poster doesn't want white people to rise up and do anything because it will just lead to the Jews shutting things down at a faster rate, while the second person realizes that this slow curtailment of freedom of action and slow white genocide are exactly what is killing us and that the contradictions must be ACCELERATED. Like optics I think this will remain an important discussion in the years to come.
Federal death penalty decision in Poway synagogue shooting likely several months away

>A hearing set for suspect John T. Earnest this week has been postponed until March
>A decision on whether to pursue the federal death penalty against the suspect in the anti-Semitic attack on a Poway synagogue is probably several more months away, according to attorneys representing both sides of the case.
>A hearing to discuss the progress of the case against John T. Earnest, 20, was set for Wednesday in San Diego federal court, but in a joint filing Monday the attorneys asked that it be postponed. The next court date has been set for March 20.
>Federal death penalty cases are rare, and the review process is quite extensive.
>The government has so far produced about 688 gigabytes of materials “consisting generally of reports of interviews of victims, witnesses, those in the area of the synagogue, Earnest’s associates, and others; items or data seized through multiple state and federal search warrants served locally and elsewhere; and many audio and video recordings,” according to the filing.
>There were 54 people inside the Chabad of Poway synagogue the morning of April 27 when the shooting occurred, and the indictment counts each as a victim of a hate crime and obstruction of free exercise of religious beliefs using a dangerous weapon resulting in death and bodily injury with an attempt to kill.
>An additional charge — damage to a religious property using fire — relates to an arson at Dar-ul-Arquam mosque in Escondido on March 24.

<kill one decrepit Jew
<oy vey bring out the federal death penalty and every single one of G*d's chosen in that Synagogue was a victim! All 54 of them!
This is fucked up. I thought California did not impose death penalty anymore?
What is federal death penalty and the rest of that bullshit?
For sure they are gonna execute Bowers and Crusius.
Hopefully shit will hit the fan in JewSA enabling freedom fighters to storm the prisons and set such people free one day.
Surprisingly the death penalty is still an option in California, though they haven't done any executions in over a decade. Crusius is definitely fucked though, they execute people left and right in Texas.
>What is federal death penalty and the rest of that bullshit?
The death penalty wouldn't be carried out or given by the state but instead the national government. Back in July under mischling Attorney General William Barr the federal government is to now resume capital punishment after a two decade lapse.

Unless he's miraculously freed in some sort of white nationalist prison break Earnest is fucked and ZOG is going to kill him. If these white shooters were smart they'd commit honor suicide Bushido-style to prevent giving ZOG the propaganda victory. The blood of a Jew is worth millions of that of a single goy (per rabbinical authorities) and it was immediately after Poway that the Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon called for a global war against antisemitism.
<“The world’s approach to eradicating anti-Semitism must be like that of modern warfare. It must attack on multiple fronts,” he added.
Absolutely redpilled.
As I always said, it's legit to feel discomfort about the use of violence and to not agree with the perpetrators' methods, but going completely apeshit against the very few white men of action (and even worse, siding with the invaders) puts in the same field of the enemy.
Traitors should always pay first.
The flaw in this is they think the cuckservatives are right wing and they're not. They're left wing and so denounce their enemies suitably.

Christmas season is here so expect lots of Muslim attacks on Christmas shoppers and celebrations. They will continue to do so until people surrender Christmas and stop celebrating it at all. It will be interesting to see the Muslim bile versus the corporate jews trying to get all the shekels.
>Christmas season is here so expect lots of Muslim attacks on Christmas shoppers and celebrations.

From an accelerationist point of view, I truly hope they will.
But as time went by these sandmonkeys proved themselves to be useless without huge financial and training support from their (((puppeteers))), and I believe (((they))) finally understood that muslim terrorism in Europe has backfired heavily, pushing more and more people away from globalism.
So despite hoping for more, I am pretty sure those sandniggers will truly not do anything, at least not anything remarkable.
Open file (149.87 KB 301x399 Stfu beaner crusius.png)
>As I always said, it's legit to feel discomfort about the use of violence and to not agree with the perpetrators' methods, but going completely apeshit against the very few white men of action (and even worse, siding with the invaders) puts in the same field of the enemy.
Yeah, exactly. I don't as heavily support someone like Crusius since I find it harder to justify to the average lemming (unlike with Tarrant where people are already generally purplepilled on Islam and can be shown the associations with radical Islam that that mosque in particular had), although at the end of the day I understand why he did what he did. I've even implicitly defended Crusius IRL in the aftermath of El Paso when someone I knew was saying that the white genocide in Texas was just a myth. We cannot be cowards. Would, if I were in Crusius' shoes, choose where he chose? Most likely not, but if someone is truly pro-white and understands what will need to be done to secure the future of our people, we can't turn into babies and cowards every time something happens that makes us feel a bit uneasy at first. Jews and their non-white golems have been perpetrating worse injustices on us for decades.
>Traitors should always pay first.
Like Codreanu said, if he had one bullet and was faced with an enemy and a traitor, the traitor would get the bullet.
>Christmas season is here so expect lots of Muslim attacks on Christmas shoppers and celebrations.
Like another anon said, bring it on. For every new attack they perpetrate, the "religion of peace" narrative is undermined more and more.
Open file (51.56 KB 697x796 4567ysxt5tyhdxcrs5.png)
Open file (61.09 KB 696x933 56ytrdrftyhytr6dhx.png)
>If these white shooters were smart they'd commit honor suicide Bushido-style to prevent giving ZOG the propaganda victory.

Agreed. If faced with certain execution by the enemy this is a rational choice. Allowing Jews to kill as a prisoner is nothing less than dishonor.

>The company announced Wednesday that it took down at least 3 million more posts by the end of September.
>>Facebook previously reported that at least 300,000 of those posts initially made it onto the platform, where they could be copied and tweaked to avoid censors. By Sept. 30, Facebook had removed a total of 4.5 million pieces of content.
>The initial lapse appears to have helped fuel yet more attempted uploads — and potentially hundreds of thousands more successful shares — over time. The company is still trying to track them down.

4.5 million shares of the video ROFL

Also pics related, although violence for sure is seen as an uncomfortable method it's not an irrational one or a method with no effect especially in places where protests themselves are almost illegal and jew thought-crime sends people to prison for just disagreeing. And just because a state uses people to kill millions of civilians for Israel some other place doesn't make it more legit than what some people have done in their own countries.

In any case muslims/third worlders do it all the time, so either remove muslims/invaders and their supporters and there won't be a problem or it will continue, this is the challenges faced by a system who sees this. But they don't budge, because they are an enemy entity and do it intentionally, they are not here for you and me or any white man who are their target for genocidal extermination as we speak.

Pic related, although this scum have different motives based not on truth but on brainwashing and lies they still are unapologetic and praise what happened. Don't be weaker than leftists and anarchist scum.

Furthermore these shootings that happened were not irrational even from a military perspective.


He said, European citizens can "no longer expect to live in peace and security without defending themselves"

Norwegian Army Chief Odin Johannessen warns that European countries must be reading and willing to fight against radical Islam in order to preserve the values that unite the continent.

“I think we must be ready to fight, both with words, actions – and if necessary weapons – to preserve the country and the values we have in common,” Johannessen said in a speech to the Oslo Military Society on Monday.

Citing the Islamist attacks in Paris, Johannessen said that;

“Europe can no longer expect to live in peace and security, without having to defend its interests and values.”

The military chief went on to insist that well trained and adequately equipped soldiers would be crucial.

“You can not win wars without having people on the ground,” he asserted.
kek, I like your pic.
“The global environment we are experiencing which is also demonstrated by strategic decisions [taken by politicians] leads us to the conclusion we could be at war within a few years" -Swedish army General Anders Brännström

Swiss army chief“The threat of terror is rising, hybrid wars are being fought around the globe; the economic outlook is gloomy and the resulting migration flows of displaced persons and refugees have assumed unforeseen dimensions,”
“The high influx of people from other parts of the world will lead to instability of our country,” a security official told the newspaper, adding that the middle class is becoming, “radicalized because they mostly do not want this immigration and it is forced by the political elite.”

“The German security authorities are not and will not be able to fend off these imported vulnerabilities and the reactions they trigger among the German population,”
This site is fucked it keeps force posting.

Source from top security experts from German newspaper Die Welt

>the chief of the Swedish army General Anders Brännström ordered his troops to prepare for a war in Europe against skilled opponents “within a few years”.

Jokes on you, he meant that in the near future the army will be called to fight against the evil right wingers who oppose diversity.
>>1777 (checked)
Sad but true. They’re already pushing the “international white supremacist terror threat” meme here in the US. I give it one more successful Tarrant copycat before they start cracking down HARD. Either way though, it’s no surprise that increased diversity is raising the prospects of civil war or a war in Europe though
Well the Swedish guy is probably(obviously) super pozzed and probably a commie but he casually admits that politicians are at fault and responsible for it in the same sentence. At least the norwegian was being honest about it. These quotes are red pilling on what's going on if anything since some cucks just accept pure authority rather than facts/evidence.

They know diversity isn't a strength and just causes death but they refuse to act. They must be tried and done away with for their crimes against whites which literally break international law. They would have anyway had our societies not been (((corrupted))) beyond normal return.
>They know diversity isn't a strength

Eheh silly goy, diversity IS strenght, but for me not for thee!
*rubs hands furiously*
That's the real meaning of the mantra. One would be surprised how many common phrases refer explicitly to the benefit of the Jews over society at large. "Diversity is our strength" actual means that the Jews can play different races off against each other and increase social plasticity to such a degree that they can rule over a heterogeneous atomized mass. Tikkun Olam, likewise, refers to in its original Talmudic context not to "repairing the world" (in a universal sense), but to the benefit of the Jewish community. To the rabbis of old "olam" (world), only referred to Jews. When good goyim like Obama then say that Tikkun Olam is an inspirational idea in their lives, they are saying that working for the good of the Jews is what inspires them. I've been meaning to make a thread on this.
>If these white shooters were smart they'd commit honor suicide Bushido-style
No need to go look in Japan when there has been a much older Roman tradition of impaling yourself on your gladius for being a loser.
54 survivors of this local Holocaust.

This fallacious reasoning is being posted all over current IBs.
Let's just say for one that the niggers had the kikes on their side.
Just a little detail I suppose the very honest poster innocently omitted.
>King David Hotel
Jewed ((Cucks)) gave Zionists what Zionists wanted. Paint me impressed.
>The Order
Matthews and the rest of the group got betrayed. They were careful in their methods of action. They aimed at seizing enough money to build a greater militia. They used no euphemism to reveal the Jews' responsibility in our demise.
Pierce's works were a landslide of redpills.

>Literal intervention by shilling redditors.
You can't make this shit up.
That's true. Evola had good sections on self-sacrifice and the mysticism surrounding it in both Japan and ancient Rome (devotio) in his Metaphysics of War which outlined perfectly exactly what white martyrs are doing wrong by falling into the hands of ZOGs. It takes much contemplation and self-improvement to come to the conclusion that ultimately our own existence as individuals is remarkably less important than we sometimes think. As Robert Jay Mathews said "We are born to fight and to die and to continue the flow, the flow of our people." We are among the last generations able to truly stem the flow and bring us to total Aryan victory. The real and perhaps final redpill is like Evola said, that earthly life is only an episode with a beginning and end that are not to be found here, with remote causes. The term 'person' and its etymology hints at the Traditional understanding of the "I" in human terms. The Latin word means mask, like those that actors wear, a way of appearing, a mere manifestation. The race is suprapersonal. The Romans understood this and so did Japan until recently.

This debate is complete bull.
There is no acceleration or slow boil.
What must happen will happen, it follows rules that are higher than the will of men.
Nothing ever just happens, it's all cause and effect.
>Tarrant and Breivik both understood this. In the moments of their attack they truly lived and attained true self-mastery. They became transcendent to any and all animal passions. In the midst of these attacks someone not spiritually disciplined would have been overcome by humanitarian concerns, fear, cowardice, pity and the like.

Breivik was consumed by pity.

>He spared an 11-year-old boy who had lost his father (Trond Berntsen) during the shooting and stood up against him and said he was too young to die, as well as a 22-year-old man who begged for his life.
I can understand sparing the 11-year old since there is still time for him to wake up and realize that he is fighting for the destruction of his people, but with the 22-year old that can only be described as a momentary failure to do what needed to be done. He should have pulled the trigger with no hesitation like Tarrant did when he saw that Muslim woman laying in the street crying out for help. Tarrant double tapped her and ran her over with his car moments later. With the 11-year old there is endless possibility for change. If one told me that I’d be a NatSoc back then I’d laugh at you, and that’s to the extent that I even cared about politics.
Open file (781.97 KB 440x330 santa tarrant xmas.gif)
Apparently Tarrant's able to receive letters again according to a news article I just read following the review that just finished up two weeks or so ago. If anyone is thinking of writing him on any sort of nonpolitical topic it might be a good time now. I bet Tarrant would very much appreciate something like a Christmas card. I was thinking of sending him something, maybe put a subtle dog-whistle or two in there and see if I can get a response.

Brenton Tarrant, Auckland Prison, Private Bag 50124, Albany, North Shore, Auckland 0752
link to article?
>An independent review into the prisoner mail system was released today, and Corrections chief executive Christine Stevenson said all 13 recommendations had been accepted.
>All of Tarrant's mail was blocked while the review was taking place.
Keywords here are "WAS blocked WHILE the review was taking place". I could be reading into it too much but that is how I read it.
*Peak cuckery alert*

Jacinda Ardern determined to stop alleged Christchurch mosque gunman from spreading hate at trial

>Prime minister Jacinda Ardern said she will do all she can to stop a man accused of killing 51 Muslim worshippers from spreading his message of hate at his trial, while she hopes artificial intelligence will one day stop such attacks from being broadcast online.
>Australian White supremacist Brenton Tarrant, 29, has been charged with 51 counts of murder, 40 counts of attempted murder and one count of terrorism in the attacks and goes on trial next June.
>Ardern said she thought he would try to use the trial to promote his views.
>"It's clear that a part of this individual's motivation is creating a platform for himself. I think that's absolutely clear," she said. "And I think every opportunity we can to deprive the alleged terrorist of that should be utilised."
>She said she was limited in what she could do but was encouraged by the pledge of New Zealand's major media outlets to avoid promoting White supremacist ideology when covering the trial.

>Farid Ahmed, whose wife Husna was killed in the attack on the Al Noor mosque, said New Zealanders were initially confused about what to think. But a week later at Muslim prayers in Christchurch, Ardern gave a nationally televised speech that Ahmed said united people with three simple words: "We are one."
>"It was so beautiful, in just one sentence," Ahmed said.

Terror accused 'planned attack on Fife Islamic Centre'
A potential disciple has been arrested again

>Sam Imrie pleaded not guilty to a string of allegations at the High Court in Glasgow.
>Sam Imrie, 22, faced a string of allegations including claims he was going to attack Fife Islamic Centre in Glenrothes.
>He is also said to have made social media posts "glorifying terrorist acts" committed by individuals including Anders Brevik and Brenton Tarrant.
>The offences were allegedly racially-aggravated and motivated by religious prejudice. Imrie's charges span between June 2018 and July 2019.
>Prosecutors at the High Court in Glasgow alleged he put comments about Brevik, Tarrant and others on Facebook and a site called Telegram.
>He is accused of being offensive towards Muslim and jewish communities and "encouraging acts of violence and threats".

>A second charge states Imrie "with the intention of committing acts of terrorism" allegedly engaged "in conduct in preparation" of them.
>The court indictment claims he made online statements that he "intended to stream live footage of an incident" and was going to "carry out an attack on the Fife Islamic Centre".
>Imrie is said to have turned up there with a petrol can, carried out "observations", made recordings on his mobile phone and repeatedly attempted to get in.

>He is further accused of having weapons which he called his "arsenal" including nunchucks, a hammer, knives and a rifle scope.
>It is claimed he also compiled details of "terrorist attacks on places of worship".
>The charge adds that he was in possession of neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim material.

>Futher claims include an allegation he started a fire at Strathore Lodge in Thornton, Fife, and uploaded footage of it online.

>A third charge alleges he had a copy of "The Great Replacement" by Tarrant as well as Brevik's "2083 - a European Declaration of Independence".


>"String of allegations"
>Allegations/claims 6 million times
>No proof
>Court over pure allegations and prenominations
>Prison/court over said allegation
>No real crime happened
>Doesn't get thrown out of court
>Sentenced for said accusations

The only "crime" was expressing his opinion and being white, and owning some books, i.e living in anti white UKSSR. Fuck these bastards.

>Ardern gave a nationally televised speech that Ahmed said united people with three simple words: "We are one."

Who would have thought? Politically charged hyperleftist enemy president defends the narrative in response to people's clear discontent about mass third world immigration and just doubles down on judeo-marxism destructive policies.

All that Instead of finding a solution to the SIMPLE demand of closing the borders and sending "refugees" back home. Meanwhile you don't see quatar, saudia arabia, syria or pakistan take any "refugees". Kind of a testament to how legitimate it is.

And who said their policies were conspiracies again? It's in plain sight now that Hitler was right.
Thanks anon.
I have read several people on cuckchan saying they sent mail to Tarrant, I hope someone will receive a response and publish it somewhere to cause another massive kvetching of the globhomo cunt Ardern.
I'd love to send the dude a letter and see if I get a response, I just don't want to get more attention on me than I already have most likely. Still, it would be nice to see more letters from him. I hope he is doing well.
>And who said their policies were conspiracies again?
They hardly even deny it anymore. We're being replaced and they've reached the point where they're essentially saying "yeah, you're being replaced, what are you going to do about it, goy?" As time passes and white genocide accelerates it will become clearer and clearer that Hitler was right. There are already tons more redpilled people than there were back in 2015.
>I'd love to send the dude a letter and see if I get a response
Same, but I don't want to put my real name on it so I could never get a response. Even putting a fake name on it I would still be paranoid sending the letter from the city I live.
It's enough to imagine NSA (or whoever the fuck keeps these tabs) has footprints of all my online posting and behaviour, adding correspondence with a terrorist would just increase my paranoia.
Why do you want a response so much? Seriously, don't be selfish. Anyone in that kind of situation appreciates very single letter a great deal, more than us free people here can understand, or any person can understand having all rights taken away. Since BT was not a leftist im sure they are trying to torture him in jail as well psychological and/or physical.

Send all people who fight for what's right letters, like assange, he's currently being killed in prison right now.


As for your paranoia there are technical ways to remedy this, one way is buying a pozfree non hw backdoored computer and running a privacy linux distro without systemd. You will have encrypted drive on it and you will use vpn-/+tor and dualscreen winblows shell with nothing on it if you need to use windows.
I totally get how you feel. I feel that it is extremely likely that I am on some sort of domestic terror watch-list here and, being a naturally paranoid person (which isn't necessarily bad), I'd that prefer that ZOG not look at me any closer than they do. I already spend way too much reading and posting about these figures.
I'm a different anon but I guess it is a little selfish of me to want a response. At the end of the day all I'd want the most is for it to reach Tarrant. NZ is trying to make his life hell and even after that he will soon face a kangaroo court. The man needs every bit of willpower that he can get. That said, I am still a bit paranoid about getting in contact.
>I totally get how you feel. I feel that it is extremely likely that I am on some sort of domestic terror watch-list here and, being a naturally paranoid person (which isn't necessarily bad), I'd that prefer that ZOG not look at me any closer than they do. I already spend way too much reading and posting about these figures.

So what? You haven't done anything illegal.

Everyone has a right to privacy and not be spied on, that's not paranoia that's common sense. Paranoia is catogerized like a phobia of an IRRATIONAL fear. Wanting to opt out of telemetry/Prism/5eyes/judeoleft masonic governments spying on citizens is not irrational, especially not for people who they hate and want to kill, and are killing right now is us whites globally.

You have to understand their mentality, our people and them are sworn enemies, we literally cannot exist at the same time.

We want freedom from them, most whites now who seem to be for the most part partially ignorant of it but if they knew the big picture and the future this creates they wouldn't want them either. Our enemies know that if jewish and masonic interests had no power and if we were no longer under influence they would be in jail and not us, their crimes of mass third world immigration that has caused extreme unprecedented crimes and damage against our people like rape/murder/genocide what they have done until now has caused deaths not even 0.01% of what BT or any other guy did however much the media tries to agitprop cope with it.

It's a very small thing compared to the outright grand warfare strategy they are doing against us, however the political impact and implications of such actions are way bigger than it appears, it has a huge detriment to the system and their agenda they are pushing and it overplays their hand while at the same time undermining the whole narrative.

The war they are waging with ethnic displacement and population genocide is like artillery shells being fired on us. The enemy is not outside the gates but are inside, they are in power and they have free reign. This is how dire it is now strategically. Essentially attacks must be waged on all fronts, against their attacks on us, especially politically. Accelerationism alone is not everything but plays a part in the whole picture especially in places where they have banned political solution it is the only choice.

As sun tzu wrote; “What is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy"

It's important that they are attacked back for their warfare, peacefully or not it ultimately does not matter if you are a person that wants to be free from this you must make a sacrifice a peaceful one or not, a decision now towards victory, or die and face sure defeat. People need to valiantly resist these bolsheviks and their policies and have every justification to do so.

Anyway everyone here don't think you can shirk/evade responsibility and pretend that they won't outright just kill people who simply just advocate for closing the borders, repatriation and seperatism i.e wanting to be free and white in the future, so get active. So make an effort now instead of later. You don't want to live in their society anyway if they succeed. So resist. And If anyone still holds such views of waiting for the "magic moment" know that they are fucking idiots who are kidding themselves. They will all regret that they didn't fight against them in whatever means may they be peaceful or not, absolutely nothing will happen without action, whether its peaceful political or not.
I just bought a frag grenade and im gonna reactivate it
Open file (2.04 MB 1333x850 bt10.png)
Good post, you're right about almost everything. My only issue is that you're right when you say that it's not technically illegal to send people like Brenton Tarrant letters, but it will definitely have a chance of setting off alarm bells. I don't know how much of stuff that ZOG sees that I do on the Internet, but since I spend so much time reading about these figures and posting constantly about white nationalism, I just think that the scrutiny would get far more intense if I suddenly reached out to directly contact the man that less than a year ago gunned down fifty people and inspired half a dozen copycat attacks. That said, if I truly care for my race and truly want to show this man who sacrificed it all that he is not alone out there, I should stop being so reluctant about scrutiny. No matter what we do ZOG is going to bring down its wrath upon us one day.

I'll have to more seriously consider it. I'd have to think of what to write though so that they don't just confiscate it from the get-go.
>use tor
<with scripts required to use the site
Cool story, bro.

>Posted from Tor with no scripts
Open file (267.95 KB 1242x1185 1569196245450.jpg)
Alleged Poway synagogue shooter to face trial in June
It looks like we'll be getting the trials of both Tarrant and Earnest in the same month. What a month that'll be.

> A June 2 trial date was set Thursday for a 20-year-old nursing student accused of opening fire at a Poway synagogue, killing one congregant and injuring several others, and setting a fire at a mosque about a month earlier.
>The June trial date could shift depending on a pending death penalty decision by the San Diego County District Attorney's Office. A March 5 status conference date may shed more light on the prosecution's decision regarding capital punishment.

Germany to make anti-Semitism a specific hate crime as Jews 'no longer feel safe'
>Germany is to tighten its laws against anti-Semitic hate crimes in the wake of last month's failed attack on a synagogue by a far-Right gunman
>Under the planned changes, crimes with an anti-Semitic motive will attract heavier sentences.
>While the Halle attack was the highest profile incident, it was by no means an isolated case. Just days before, a Syrian man was stopped by security guards as he tried to enter Berlin’s best known synagogue armed with a knife and shouting “Allahu akbar” and “F*** Israel”.
>Anti-Semitic crimes across Germany rose by 10 per cent to a total of 1,646 last year, but it is the figures for violence that are most alarming.
>Violent anti-Semitic crimes rose by 60 per cent, with 62 offences leaving 43 people injured.
>They include the case of an Israeli man who was attacked and whipped with a belt while wearing a Jewish kippah skullcap in central Berlin in April last year.
>The change is part of a package introduced after the Halle synagogue attack. Other measures include laws obliging social media networks to inform the authorities of online threats and incitement to hatred.
>“This is an important step towards consistent punishment of anti-Semitic crimes,” said Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.
>“Anti-Semitic offences are not just attacks on individual people of the Jewish faith, they always an attack on our values, on our constitutional state, and on our democracy as a whole,” said Georg Eisenreich, the regional justice minister for Bavaria, where prosecutors recently announced they will prioritise anti-Semitic crimes.
That last line says it all. Anti-semitic offenses are are attacks on the constitutional state and democracy. Oy vey. Based Balliet didn't even have to kill Jews for them to kvetch to high heaven
>do nothing goy, we will get you for your lead pencil
joking aside, i live life like im already monitored by 20 cianigger agencies
How about you screencap the other posts from that debate while you are at it, instead of behaving exactly like the media kikes? What Tarrant did was a reactionary move, not an accelerationist one.

>One poster doesn't want white people to rise up and do anything
Nice pilpul, what one poster actually doesn't want is that the kikes sanitize all information sources in an attempt to prevent the normies (or other potential anons) from ever awakening while having awakened individuals who could otherwise spread the message, organize, or actually hurt the system get arrested for life or killed doing something entirely meaningless in the long run. Because that's precisely what's happening.

That certainly doesn't mean not wanting white people to rise up and do anything. What glowniggers are shilling on chans as accelerationism doesn't have much to do with ACTUAL accelerationism. They are often followed by "Team B" that starts shilling for total pacifism, calling every attempt to organize or do something that doesn't involve getting us killed or arrested to be a honeypot (along with things that "Team A" is promoting, which actually is a honeypot). They accuse each other of being kikes and shills, and they are both absolutely right about it. Two equally wrong options presented as the only alternatives. You will never see these discussing how to help the poor refugees settle next to a Rotschild manor (for the lulz), teaching them about the JQ (from a Muslim perspective) so they turn against their masters, putting pressure on existing flaws of the system so you ACTUALLY ACCELERATE it's collapse or how to ensure that our information is preserved, protected, and spread to as many people as possible. Not to mention something far more subtle and insidious that our enemies would not realize before it's too late. Or doing research, detective work, and mapping all the kike institutions, collaborators, organizations, exposing their schemes, operations and sabotaging their objectives. Because it's these things that separate actual old guard anons (a modern version of NSDAP) from glownigger shills and reddit newfags. The opportunities to actually do something (without compromising yourself or our cause) are endless. Turning everyone into a lemming is a double-edged sword, as it also means that this world becomes our playground. Instead of crying over the impeding doom or doing something stupid out of desperation, see it as an opportunity. You already know much more than most kike lemmings, let alone their slaves, why not turn that to your advantage rather than being outraged by it? Surf the Kali Yuga brothers, may all the maggots drown in their own excrement and may the so called "elites" become a fertilizer for the new world.

This is information and psychological warfare first and foremost. You want a race war or an armed insurgency? Where is your army? Where are your supplies, logistics, intelligence networks? Do you even know what are your objectives? Real life is not a video game. Normies are terrified of war. They will choose the side that provides them sustenance and security no matter how harmful it is in the long run. That's why any insurgency will need to be able to quickly restore order after a period of chaos.

Of course, this is all a script for a movie plot and any similarity with real world characters and events is purely coincidental :>) I'm merely exercising my right of artistic expression.
>calling every attempt to organize or do something that doesn't involve getting us killed or arrested to be a honeypot
Lol what a misinterpretation. People like you need to realize (((who))) makes the laws and how slavishly adhering to the laws in an attempt to keep it all legal and never actually put your neck out for your people until white people are a tiny minority in their own lands is a retarded strategy. Following the law is playing the Jews' game. That doesn't mean to flagrantly break the law wherever you can but to pragmatically follow it and break it when needed. People are starting to advocate for dangerous things because this gradualist legal approach isn't going anywhere. If one doesn't put themselves on the line for their race they don't really care that much. Note that this post isn't in favor of Breivik and Tarrant tactics per se due to the fact that it removes dedicated and motivated white men from the streets and into prison. There are many ways to actually accelerate that don't involve a one-and-done approach.

Teaching Muslims about the JQ or trying to settle refugees near some kike's mansion isn't going to collapse the system or even accelerate it much. To accelerate one needs to get away from their keyboard and get active IRL.
Most modern laws (and legal systems to a good extent) are Talmudic, but those who write them do not adhere to them. What would be a better way to accelerate than showing the people how there is actually no justice (or safety provided by law), how the judeo-masonic state is a phantasm and how they are just being held as hostages and forced to pay a racket to a bunch of Jewish gangsters and their traitorous servants while having no actual rights? And how it's all perfectly democratic. Through silence being construed as consent more than anything, but democratic nonetheless. Why do you think they went through all these efforts to make people as dumb and as ignorant as possible? Because it makes the democracy work.

>Following the law is playing the Jews' game
Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise :>) Besides, targeting them in the areas where they traditionally "excel" might be a good strategy. They are only "good" due to overspecialization and due to the game being rigged from the start. Laws are always a slippery slope, by using them to chase shadows you can always miss and hit one of the pillars of the system instead, seriously endangering it's stability. Maybe the hypocrisy works when the evil whitey is targeted, but what can guarantee you that you won't be the next?

Tarrant actually did accomplish certain objectives, but they might not be as obvious.

>Teaching Muslims about the JQ or trying to settle refugees near some kike's mansion isn't going to collapse the system or even accelerate it much
Really? In my movie, Muslims are targeting the kikes instead of whites as originally intended. And whites are letting their enemies fight each other rather than trying to take all of them at once, forming strong communities and preparing for the cleanup operation once the dust is settled. In fact, we could even make the kikes support us if we play our cards right. Not because they want to of course, but because they have no other options. The opposite of what they are trying to do with the alt-kike subversion. And what would be more motivating than seeing the almighty banking dynasty culturally enriched and having their property forcefully confiscated to support diversity? I mean, it's their laws, not mine :>) Part and parcel my frens. If they object, we can make a protest as concerned egalitarian citizens fighting for social justice, riling up another one of their golems, the "left" , against them. And it would all be perfectly legal, and widely socially (democratically) accepted. Later we could do the same with their pet project, Israel.
>doing something entirely meaningless
On a personal note, I believe that what Breivik and Tarrant did is the exact opposite of meaningless.

I agree, there is no way to win a rigged game made up of rules specifically designed against us by our enemies.
Open file (123.40 KB 465x392 jews slavery islam.png)
> In my movie, Muslims are targeting the kikes instead of whites as originally intended
Daily reminder that Muslims have historically been far more tolerant towards the Jewish element in their midsts due to the fact that the Qur'an commands that they treat them as "People of the Book" to be granted special rights about kuffar scum. Christianity (and I am not Christian) does not have such guarantees built in. Muslims can only go so far on the JQ. Muslims are all hot air when it comes to calling out kikes because at the end of the day they are (by design) trapped with Abrahamic morality and are unable to act, not to mention the fact that if Jews converted nominally to Islam the Muslims would be forced to support them since they would now be "brothers in Islam" and forgiven of all their sins by Allah (which Muslims say happens if you convert to Islam)
>we could even make the kikes support us if we play our cards right
Complete fantasy. The kikes have been subverting and destroying nations since before the Roman Empire was even a thing. They are parasites by nature and need rooted out. Getting Jewish support would lead to the kosherization of your political platform.

Your 'legal' plan will never work is LARP-tier. You'd be better off training yourself and finding a group of serious, like-minded individuals with whom you can discuss the best path of action forward for your group and for the future of our race.
Same happened with the Ottomans, it was the Donmeh Jews who were greatly pulling the strings. It's not surprising that modern USA utilizes a very similar model, and has an almost identical foreign policy.

No one is saying that there are not just different iterations of the same semitic plague, but that one could be used against another to a certain extent. Muslims are easily targeted by psyops due to their low rational capacity.
>not to mention the fact that if Jews converted nominally to Islam the Muslims would be forced to support them
Well, time to rile up Christians for another crusade then :>) Besides, nothing is preventing us from doing the same.

Even a minor success would endanger the already fragile social stability. Trying to hijack their operations to actually accelerate would be a much better course of action than taking the bulk of attacks while they peacefully work on building their technocratic tyranny.

>Getting Jewish support would lead to the kosherization of your political platform
You don't understand, we would not kindly ask them to support us. It will be that or complete extermination by the very golems that they have created.

>Your 'legal' plan will never work is LARP-tier
What, pointing out how the kikes are not following the very laws which they create? And how the so called enforcement is complicit in it? People (of all races) completely losing the faith in the system is far more accelerationist than helping them turn whites into a scapegoat.
Open file (2.83 MB 3000x3174 christcucks.jpg)
Open file (662.52 KB 1192x1352 christcucks 2.jpg)
>Well, time to rile up Christians for another crusade then
Open file (7.99 MB 320x240 oy vey dance.mp4)
Shooting survivor sues Southern California synagogue
Breaking: the Jews are turning on themselves and suing each other over the Poway shooting. Oy vey

>A man wounded in a shooting at a San Diego-area synagogue is suing the house of worship, alleging Chabad of Poway didn't use federal funds meant to hire security to protect worshipers, according to a newspaper report.
Kikes are too cheap to pay for security kek
> In the lawsuit obtained by Los Angeles Times, Almog Peretz claims the synagogue did not have proper security despite a rise in anti-Semitic attacks nationally and that it did not use a $150,000 grant to upgrade safety measures.
> In filing the lawsuit, Peretz said the synagogue breached its “duty of reasonable care” in protecting congregants, the Times said in its story Friday.
> Chabad of Poway received $150,000 from the government in March because the synagogue “believed that it was at risk of an anti-Semitic attack on its congregants,” according to the suit. But on the day of the attack, court documents show, the building’s doors were unlocked and no guards, gates or other security measures were in place.
So it seems like the Jews cry anti-semitism and get government funds but then pocket the funds. You can't make this shit up
> Peretz’s attorney, Yoni Weinberg, said his client may be perceived negatively for including the synagogue in the lawsuit, but he said it’s important to name everyone who may be at fault in the fatal attack.
> “If we were only to have John Earnest in the lawsuit, changes would never get made,” Weinberg said. “Hopefully this pressure … influences them to make a change to protect their congregants and it influences other synagogues as well.”

Open file (1.09 MB 1493x908 jews poway.png)
>tfw normies from this alone instantly know every stereotype about jews were true all along
I guess I'm going to post it here. You guys really can't dig if you haven't found the uncensored pics yet.
Open file (377.51 KB 965x1124 bt69.png)
Far-Right terror plot smashed: Man arrested in dawn raid was planning attack inspired by Christchurch massacre, sources say

>Police smashed an alleged Christchurch-inspired Right-wing terror plot on the eve of the General Election, it emerged last night.
>Officers from Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command swooped in a dawn raid on an address in Luton on Wednesday and arrested a Polish man suspected of plotting an atrocity.
>He is said to have been inspired by the gun rampage on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in March.

>Yesterday sources said the attack on March 15 had influenced an alleged extreme Right-wing plot in the UK, which was said to be in its infancy when it was foiled by police on Wednesday.
>It is understood that no targets had yet been identified, and there is no suggestion it was related to the election or festive activities such as Christmas markets.
>However, the timing of the arrest suggests that police and the security services were taking a safety first approach to eliminate the possibility that the suspect could act to disrupt yesterday’s voting. Scotland Yard said: ‘Police are searching two addresses in Luton in connection with the investigation. There is no immediate risk to the public.’
>The emergence of a terrorist plot so close to Christmas will raise concern about the decision to downgrade the threat level from severe to substantial for the first time in five years.
>Home Secretary Priti Patel announced the decision, by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, at the start of November. The ‘substantial’ threat level continues to indicate that an attack might ‘occur without further warning’, she said.

Seems like another nothingburger in Scotland and that this man was preemptively arrested despite having no targets and no relation to the election but they arrested him anyways because they were worried. I wonder how they even caught onto this guy in the first place.
Open file (36.21 KB 576x416 british-flag.jpg)
>Home Secretary Priti Patel
Quintessentially british.
RIP that guy.
Open file (187.15 KB 850x400 tarrant quote NEW.png)
Far-Right Terrorism: The Christchurch Attack and Potential Implications on the Asia Pacific Landscape

>The attack is a landmark in far-right terrorist behaviour in APAC. For instance, the assailant’s proficiency with techno-social technology, the unprecedented support offered by the online community following the attack, the transnational perspective present in the assailant’s manifesto coupled with his international experience of traveling abroad, and the ideological expressions exhibited by the assailant are, once combined, characteristically advanced behaviour for far-right terrorism comparative to past incidences of far-right terrorism sourced from Australia.

>During the attack, the assailant successfully self-filmed and live-streamed the attack using a body cam and, in advance, highlighted the location of the live-stream (live-feed) within the manifesto and online. This crude bridging of the far-right terrorist’s reality with his online community exemplified a devastatingly effective means of securing notoriety for himself and his ideological disposition.Circulating self-documented, live-footage of a terrorist event in the contemporary online context is a concrete pathway to community recognition for extremists.

>livestreaming the event was significant because it also created a direct connection to the online audience and provided personal content for online viewers. This connection cultivated a sense of propinquity between offline actors and online viewers, which may propel popular perceptions of the assailant as acting on behalf of the far-right online community. This grant of recognition and affinity for the assailant can motivate other members of the online community to commit similar acts.

>imultaneously executing a terrorist attack using sophisticated weaponry and explosives, while self-filming a live-stream on social media, not only highlights the use of instructional information in warfare tactics but a terrorist attack designed to be appreciated online. Although the integration of battlefield filming with extremist violence may be considered mimetic of past extremist groups, its far-right extremist use is new to the APAC region. This raises questions about the life and relationships of the Australian assailant who may have recognised the precedence of his actions


"Devastatingly effective", "the life and relationships of the Australian assailant who may have recognised the precedence of his actions" -- they're making the Saint look good. Pretty fair assessment overall. The paper is open access.
Thank you, I'll definitely going to read it.
No problem, anon. Honestly I was surprised that that paper, at the moment, is the only mention of the attacks that can be found on JSTOR right now. That paper is a few months old too, from June I think. I'm sure we'll see more as more becomes known about the attack in a few months with Tarrant's trial.
I also found this some time ago, someone posted it on Nein.
It's written by a shitskin invasor, even.
Warning: might cause rage.
This paper is full of so much Cultural Marxist shlock like saying Great Replacement is a “myth”, things like European versus non-European are “constructions” and rambling about nationalism being the creation of “imagied communities” that I can barely get angry. I’m lol’ing at some of this Jewish psychoanalysis bullshit though:
>When a discourse constructs the nation as “invaded”, Ahmed states that the nation becomes a gendered and feminized body, a “soft nation” that is “too emotional, to easily moved by the demands of others” ... “Such attributes are of course gendered: the soft national body is a feminized body, which is ‘penetrated’ or invaded by others” (Ahmed, 2004, p. 2).
>Through the image of the father fishing with his son, along with the mother kissing her child gently, the text speaks into reactionary representations of the nuclear family; representing women and mothers as intimately loving and men and fathers as physically active, passing their sons, the skills of catching the bread that feeds the family.
Remember goy, the nuclear family is “reactionary”. Fuck I said I wasn’t angry but now I am.
kek, told you it was going to piss you off.
the absolute hybris of these invaders lecturing us from inside our own traitorous academia.
Open file (284.26 KB 500x800 637.gif)
>might cause rage
I totally not mad at all
>Despite this, there have been many cases of illegal content that has been uploaded, the most usual being hate speech
Its like the fuck wants me to take a vacation to put a jackboot in his ass.
But it's true, the nuclear family is reactionary. This whole idea of there only being mum, dad, children within a family, and isolation from cousins, uncles, etc. The extended family is the actual traditional model of a family.
>But it's true, the nuclear family is reactionary. This whole idea of there only being mum, dad, children within a family, and isolation from cousins, uncles, etc. The extended family is the actual traditional model of a family.
Is that really reactionary then? The nuclear family isolated from the extended family is definitely a more modern thing, but I’d say that it’s more of a degeneration from the extended. Communists want to abolish it outright instead of restore it to its proper place and recognizing it’s importance. Read Alexandra Kollontai and see how disgusting her view of the future is – basically state care of children so women aren’t burdened with them and free love with “communist morality”. She made some good observations on the absolute state of the modern family though and how it has degenerated into merely an economic relationship for the most part
It was a combination of the two actually, but yes, the earliest Aryan societies had family councils, several generations and their children living as a community etc. There was still some distinction though, and each extended family was wholly separate from another, so you got clans. They sometimes merged, and sometimes separated or created new clans through their descendants. It was neither the atomization, nor the collectivization. In this case we encounter yet another example of the false Jewish dichotomy, a lethal Talmudic weapon which leads to total disintegration of our people.

What these disgusting creatures want is babies created by the machines, forced into the indoctrination system early on, and becoming "useful" as soon as possible. Something like an insect colony. State would be the owner of people from birth till death, and they would be discarded as soon as their life energy is completely dried up. Of course, the state itself would be led by the "slightly more equal" Jews.
What would you anons think of a redpilling / redpilled documentary on Christchurch and the other disciples? Is it too early to start making one since the trial hasn't even began yet for Tarrant? If I were to really put effort into I think something good could be made. My only issue is how to actually do it, I'd prefer not to put my voice in it, but I'd also like to cover various articles that talk about the ISIS supporters of Christchurch, the drone strikes and Al Noor mosque, the havoc being wreaked on Europe, etc. The latter can be shown through footage and a good use of music but the others are largely drawn from articles (not to mention his manifesto's highlights). In regards to footage it can be easily ripped from the media and other documentaries, TGSNT-style. I just got the idea in my head a half an hour ago though, so I don't even know if I'll do shit with it.
>>2816 Would definitely watch. But I think it should not be made before the end of the trial, after many points will hopefully be clarified by Tarrant himself. I hope he'll be able to write more letters and even a book after sentence.
>>2829 That's a good point. We don't even have the whole story yet, and looking back at the wealth of information that came out about Breivik during his trial that gave a totally different picture of the man, we know how much can change. I'm afraid that the trial will be total bullshit and that we likely won't get to hear from the man himself much at all since Ardern is determined to not allow Tarrant to use the trial to spread his message, but I'm still hopeful. I'll keep the idea in my mind though
>>2656 While family bonds used to be much stronger the nuclear family as the smallest unit societal organisation is already attestable in Ancient Rome for example. And while there were deviations (inside vs. outside Hajnal line, limited elite polygyny among Germanics) the model itself is as old as the neolithic.
>>2834 >I'm afraid that the trial will be total bullshit I agree, the cunt in charge of the government and the cuck judges will pull out a total shitshow of a trial. I wonder what the dumb muzzies will react to it.
>>2905 They’re definitely not going to allow it to go over like the Breivik trial where he was given a good platform and was allowed to speak at length on topics. The only way we’re going to get good images and perhaps footage is if the foreign press is allowed in to any significant extent, because Ardern had a bunch of NZ media organizations sign agreements to avoid “promoting white supremacist ideology”. It’s gonna be a shitshow. I hope Tarrant is staying in good spirits though. https://apnews.com/f57b3a38075d49848c1b58610b940836
Meanwhile, Bissonette in Canada has been sentenced. https://montrealgazette.com/news/quebec/parents-of-quebec-mosque-killer-alexandre-bissonnette-say-his-sentence-is-too-harsh >Bissonnette received an automatic life sentence when he pleaded guilty to six counts of first-degree murder last year. On Friday, Quebec Superior Court Justice François Huot determined that Bissonnette will have to serve 40 years of that life sentence before he becomes eligible for full parole. The Crown had requested Bissonnette, who is now 29, serve 150 years before he is eligible for parole, which would have guaranteed Bissonnette would be dead before he could appear before the Parole Board of Canada.
An interesting and detailed article about El Paso and some of the copycats that someone posted over on Nein: https://ctc.usma.edu/el-paso-terrorist-attack-chain-reaction-global-right-wing-terror/ >>2916 I'm honestly surprised that he has just been sentenced, especially since that shooting happened nearly three years ago now. Sadly though this is another case of someone who will never be freed unless the Canadian ZOG is overturned. Weird how his parents try to pin it all on bullying that he was allegedly subject to. People seem to try as hard as possible to minimalize influence of ideological motivations for attacks and pin it all on issues from the past or problems with the person themselves. Typical pathologization. They try the same shit with Breivik when they say his relationship with his mother was a contributing factor to the attack. No doubt the same thing will be pulled on Tarrant.
>>2917 He'll end up dead when the lights and cameras stop working mysteriously. Its how the leaf zog operates.
>>2918 How are leaf prisons? Is he kept in solitary? >>2917 >No doubt the same thing will be pulled on Tarrant. Of course they will, they already did. Some time ago I read articles mentioning him being a gamer, being a loner and being short (lol) as reasons that contributed to his rage. It's so unthinkable to these vermins to have actual ideals and beliefs and the strenght and courage to act upon them that they must always reduce everything to the lowest common denominator.
Open file (72.66 KB 625x586 camera.jpg)
>>2921 >It's so unthinkable to these vermins to have actual ideals and beliefs and the strenght and courage to act upon them that they must always reduce everything to the lowest common denominator. Exactly. I remember them also repeatedly pointing out the fact that he was fat back in school for a while and other kike lies relating to the fact that he was an introverted gamer like the one that he was so absorbed in his gaming apparently that he'd piss on the floor.
>>2921 Hes probably going to be thrown in the general public, if hes lucky he'll be done in when the power goes out all of a moment. At worst hes going to need a diaper from the guards raping his ass. The leaf zog doesn't tolerate anyone who decides to step out of line.
Open file (1.97 MB 728x1734 1563723557591.png)
>>2928 As an Eurofag I literally never hear any news coming from Canada. I don't remember Bissonette being ever reported. >>2924 I also remember it. In another one the journalist said the Tarrant "squandered a fortune", so all of a sudden the traveling meme (((they))) push for dumb toths was not a positive thing anymore since it was a white male doing it.
Open file (378.11 KB 1660x1024 the chad robert bowers.jpg)
>>2930 Bissonette's shooting never made much of an impact it seems like. He came before the main wave so it seemed to attract less attention over all and combined with a lack of a manifesto it's not too surprising that he isn't talked about more. It's similar with Bowers. There are a good deal of Bowers memes but not a lot of talk about him and I think the lack of a manifesto is a big part of the picture. The lower body count and lack of memeability may have something to do with Bissonette's relative obscurity. I doubt I would have ever heard of the guy without /pol/. You'd be surprised how little news comes over from Canada even here in the US. You don't hear shit about them in the news
>>2930 Canadian media is pretty heavily censored, as in its at or beyond what people under the soviet boot had to deal with.
5 Hasidic Jews stabbed in machete attack on rabbi’s house & synagogue during Hanukkah celebrations in Monsey, NY >two attacks by niggers on Jews within a month How can whitey compete? https://www.rt.com/usa/477032-monsey-synagogue-attack-stabbing/
Open file (11.30 KB 447x378 at last.png)
>>2939 >niggers clear out the jews >evangelicals clear out niggers to take revenge for their beloved jews >white ethnoglobe
>>2940 I’d be okay with this turn of events. I’m left wondering though why the biggest pets of the Jews in America though has been biting back lately
>>2942 Two reasons: THAS and RITE.
Open file (1.86 MB 480x360 das_rite.webm)
>>2939 >>2944 LMAO This is absolutely entertaining to witness.
Open file (16.91 KB 598x147 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2939 Danny is having a sperg out again, just like he did after Poway
Open file (467.32 KB 563x574 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (54.39 KB 593x295 das rite kangz.jpg)
>Bowers shoots up synagogue >Earnest shoots up synagogue >NY kangz shoot up a Kosher mart >NY kang chops and slashes some Jews <Jews start talking about emigrating to Israel Hol' up, I thought accelerationism didn't work??
Open file (1.10 MB 1280x720 flag.png)
>>2939 >>2944 >>2978 We need Patrick Little now more than ever! We have already seen that his speeches resonate within the black community. This is a great opportunity for him, he could go drop redpills to the New York black community and he'd have more success than ever. Convince them of their actions through a rational analysis of history and of the current situation. I feel the need to tell him about this opportunity.
>>3140 Seeing Little surrounded by a bunch of gang bangers and KANGZ nigs actually sounds like a legitimately funny sight. He could call this part of campaign "little in the hood." Speaking of that, is he still running?
>>3141 He already did videos talking with black people in da hood. He was very successful, blacks seemed to be the ones that agreed with him the most. That is why I got this idea. I don't know what he's doing right now.
>>3140 >>3143 >He already did videos talking with black people in da hood. Did he? Are these online? I have been very interested in this type of strategy. I’m obviously a racialist but I definitely see the merit in attempting to win over blacks against Jewish power, especially after what we’ve seen from the in the last month or so. I’ve got to say, Patrick Little reminds me of Rockwell in terms of strategy
>>3146 Yes it's true, however most of his content has been nuked from the internet. You might have luck on Bitchute, but you'd have to scour through some videos and hope to get lucky. Anyway, I just sent him an email trying to explain my thoughts. I used the address I found here https://littlerevolution.us/contact/ Would be cool if other anons would send him more messages on this idea, maybe on his other platforms like Minds and Mastodon, which I don't know how to use.
>>3149 I’m glad you contacted him, hopefully he will like your ideas. I’ll do so too as well if I can think of anything. Anyway, on the topic of his videos, I’ll try to look around on Bitchute and if I find anything good I’ll come back here and post it. Bitchute’s been getting a bit kiked lately though I’ve realized. They’ve been deleting Mr. Bond’s music and deleting pro-Tarrant videos. I know they have to stay safe but in that case don’t market yourself as a freer alternative to Jewtube
Open file (71.18 KB 900x508 ClipboardImage.png)
Well lads, Breivik's ultimatum has passed. I think it was bluff but we'll have to keep our eyes peeled.
>>3157 >operation "Regime Ender" sounds pretty fucking neat to me.>>3157
Open file (51.72 KB 756x626 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3159 What surprised me the most in his discussion of that option in the pages that followed was the amount of detail he went into envisioning different scenarios, number of causalities and the structure of the average nuclear reactor. I can imagine if some madlad ever pulled that off they'd be extremely controversial in light of pic related, but I can't really argue with the logic. It would would be like 9/11 x 10
Open file (69.95 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>3160 Now that is acceleration!
Anyone see this recently? "Last year, the chair of the Republican caucus in Washington’s state legislature acknowledged that he had written a manifesto on the “Biblical Basis for War.” In that document, the lawmaker argued that – as far as Jesus Christ was concerned – American Christians have the right to “kill all males” who support abortion, same-sex marriage or communism (so long as they first give such infidels the opportunity to renounce their heresies). " Article here: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/12/matt-shea-christian-terrorism-washington-report-ammon-bundy.html?fbclid=IwAR1JdE_sw6edB2MOmEr_jOh300ezOOHVX52m8p3QQ48QWoLQKuXwrjNliy8
Women aren't spared either: This past spring, the Guardian obtained text messages in which Shea discussed targetting anti-fascist activists for surveillance, harassment, and violence. One of Shea’s interlocutors, online radio personality Jack Robertson, offered this prescription for the treatment of a female antifa protester: “Fist full of hair, and face slam, to a Jersey barrier. Treat em like communist revolutionaries. Then shave her bald with a K-Bar USMC field knife.”
>>3191 >>3192 Pretty based, not gonna lie. I think this is document itself: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5026577-Biblical-Basis-for-War.html
Open file (101.03 KB 1043x524 ClipboardImage.png)
It hasn't been determined whether this post is a LARP yet but the anon is apparently from Austria so I'm going to be watching the news carefully to see if this is real or not. This anon was the BO of Nein's /btg/ (Tarrant board) and was a known user. Stay careful, anons.
>>3200 Reading the rest of that thread, I'm gonna say 3 parts fucking idiot, 1 part LARP via being overemotional and intimidated.
>>3221 Yeah the more he revealed about his alleged situation the more I realized that he completely failed when it comes to OPSEC. He practically alerted ZOG to his activities and posted about it all over Neinchan and Cuckchan as well. And then when his house gets raided by armed men he instantly caves and cooperates with ZOG because he was freaking out too much to see that they were manipulating him. Like fuck, I feel bad for the guy if this isn't a LARP (I think it's real personally but he's majorly overreacting), but looking at the collected info I'm not surprised that this happened. There was a post in the latest Tarrant thread over on Nein where he said he talked to his mother for three hours about how much he admired Tarrant - bad idea IMO. I can't imagine talking to my mother about admiring a man who burst into a mosque with body armor on while livestreaming to gun down fifty-one people. Some things just aren't smart, especially if you lived in a cucked EU state like Austria. The guy is probably young and didn't realize that ZOG is 100% our enemy in the truest of senses. I continue to look at the news for any information on this.
>>3223 >I can't imagine talking to my mother about admiring a man who burst into a mosque with body armor on while livestreaming to gun down fifty-one people Y-yeah haha, who would do that? Anyway it reminds me of the 8ch guy who videoed the Feds coming to talk to him at work or whatever and it turned out he contacted them too.
>>3224 >Y-yeah haha, who would do that? Kek. I won't deny that I let the mask drop sometimes as well. >it turned out he contacted them too. You mean that that guy also reached out to talk to the feds? Jesus, why are there people doing this?? You'd think that people in our circles would understand the nature of ZOG but apparently less people do than we think. It's a Jewish protection-racket bent on wiping us out. For the US in particular we can look to Ruby Ridge and Waco to see how much the government are our friends.
>>3223 I don't think BT had plates in his plate carrier, but aside from that my personal look at this is he should have been aware his activities in general would catch the eyes of those who overlook and he should have been prepared for when the enforcers come to knock. Its piss easy where he is to have the appropriate gear. One of these days the man is going to knock the wrong door and I'm going to laugh at it. >>3224 I still find it surprising they respond to shitposts, imagine if someone flooded their tip/contact line in addition to the usual shit they have to deal with.
>>3229 >my personal look at this is he should have been aware his activities in general would catch the eyes of those who overlook and he should have been prepared for when the enforcers come to knock Yup, even when the most that this anon really did was go around and post stickers with QR codes that led to German translations of The Great Replacement and attempted to call the prison where he was staying at several times. If anyone is planning to do even such minor (yet still risky) things in public they should be, like you said, 100% prepared to pay the consequences, especially when they live in a cucked country like Austria which is always crying about 'muh Rechtsextremismus'. That anon should be glad he wasn't preparing to anything more major and illegal, since his opsec was so shit.
Open file (213.98 KB 692x756 783io2r45uyrwfe3.jpg)
>>3223 Yeah, but it still doesn't make what they did to him and other dissidents legitimate, or less tyrannical. There is no sense of justice or right in it, simply evil political targeting. Meanwhile leftists and muslims praise similar events with *nothing* happening to them. Today it's less about solving real crime than it is arresting or harassing people for their views. The guy in question simply had an OPINION the (((state))) didn't like. It's really that simple. They don't care much to arrest the thousands of literal muslim terrorists who blow up apartment buildings and police stations and commit hand grenade attacks in major cities like in Sweden that kills hundreds if not thousands of people annually, but they want to arrest people who oppose that and want to get rid of that problem created by their forced policies of multicultural terrorism that are censored by MSM and only show up as a blip on local news. Remember, these people are are ONLY overly paranoid about whites, only paranoid about whites reacting to that violence done to them; our own people, because today they are a political force, no legitimacy, please get it into your heads that the only ideas of "what needs to be done" is ONLY what the (((political officers))) tell them. You can't take actions from such a system and pretend that they are legitimate, even for one second. The idea that any of these people are respectable, or that they are concerned with justice, they are not. The people who harassed/arrested/prosecuted him are simply authoritarian political thugs, today they are similar to the traitors in Cheka/NKVD/GPU/Stasi, as most state workers concerned with their political opponents then as now, and we are living in it, this mindset is obvious of course since their societal role are when you simplify for the most part really nothing less than armed antifa members with state seal approval who's end goal is to keep the system alive to genocide their own people with impunity. You people can blame OPSEC or whatever all you want, however the sec you have doesn't make these people less evil, or means they won't do the same to you given an opportunity. My point is not saying preventative measures or carefulness aren't important, it's that they are not root causes of the given problem and injustice is still injustice at the end of the day. Their actions cannot be justified. If the story is real or not it does not matter, it's actually to be expected, in any case what is for sure is that they terrorize people in the attempt that they will not resist, or do anything no matter what against them. Their goal is to keep people paranoid, keep people from organizing, and keep us paranoid so that they may not resist them, and so that we are stuck in a feedback loop of not doing anything and debating their talking points instead of doing something real about the problem, even putting up stickers or protesting, don't be deceived and don't fall into this trap.
>>3231 >Yeah, but it still doesn't make what they did to him and other dissidents legitimate, or less tyrannical. I completely agree. Posts criticizing anon’s OPSEC aren’t excusing at all the actions of the government, just pointing out that one needs to be EXTREMELY careful when involved in pro-white activism within states that advocate for our genocide and criminalize wrongthink regarding the future of one’s ancestral homeland. Even despite this, you’re right that it is essential that people don’t get scared or blackpilled by such events. They are unfortunately part and parcel of the clownworld we’re living in. Despite some of the shit this anon got for his behavior, I wish the guy the best and hope he does not give up the fight.
>>3230 Man if they're going after people for minor shit like that it certainly shows he BT had one hell of an impact. >>3231 I don't think anyone is agreeing the authorities did the right thing given they went after a guy who posted stickers. As the old joke goes the Stasi didn't lose their jobs when the wall fell, they just went on working vacations elsewhere.
>>3231 Excellent post. If what happened to stickeranon is real, I wonder what these ZOGbots now expect people - even docile people usually respectful of law - to react. I mean, I know they want to make an example out of people like him, but then again how do they expect to never encounter someone that will instead turn more extremist and radicalized as a reaction? I wonder if these agents are aware of the damage they inflict on people who, if left in peace, would have never hurt a fly. On one side I hope it is not real but a LARP, even though it would probably mean the guy might have been a glowie with an elaborate and very active online persona (and I also massively interacted with him), on the other hand it might very well be true since he admitted of contacting his local glowniggers to ask permission to write a letter to Tarrant.
Open file (73.73 KB 668x438 texas excerpt 1.PNG)
Open file (14.36 KB 641x143 texas 2.PNG)
Open file (166.47 KB 662x843 texas 3.PNG)
Open file (15.42 KB 805x123 texas 4.PNG)
The UNCLASSIFIED Texas Domestic Terrorism Threat Assessment Produced by the Texas Fusion Center Intelligence & Counterterrorism Division https://www.dps.texas.gov/director_staff/media_and_communications/2020/txTerrorThreatAssessment.pdf
>>3344 >direct link Not today glowfriend, also the German guy released a manifesto?
>>3394 I was going to post it for you but you can't access the site through tor. (((I wonder why)))
>>3394 >>3395 I managed to get it. I suggest opening this in a VM because .pdf can run code on your machine.
>>3394 Sorry, I honestly didn’t know that it posed a problem if one clicked the direct link. I’m not as computer savvy as some anons are. Honestly though the excerpts I posted are the one things really worth reading unless you want to read about how incels and black nationalists are also a domestic terror threat. I’ll be sure to just post the PDF in the future and to avoid directly linking. >also the German guy released a manifesto? Yes, he released pictures of all of his homemade weaponry and his plans for the synagogue, in which he admits that he hasn’t visited the location in person and has some heavy doubts about some aspects of his plan, before going on to say that it sounds bad but he’s confident. The other document has a list of achievements in it which he hopes to get. It mainly said stuff like “kill five Jews”, “kill a nigger” or “kill a Christian” (Balliet pagan confirmed). I’ll post the documents later if anyone is interested. I think I still have them on my PC.
>>3409 No offense taken, direct links let the folk on the other end see who clicked on said link and that can lead to trouble down the road. >>3396 From reading that, it seems they're worried out the asshole about soft targets, what if someone decides to start IRAing hard targets?
>>604 These high value targets can't be sustainably pursued. They have the resources to harden up (like they can get security systems, guards, etc) so once a very bad guy like BT takes care of a couple of them, the gate slams shut on the rest. But soft targets like women and children (hey, sorry) will always be soft, the operations can be scaled and repeated more easily.
>>3571 Even more than human targets I've always thought that if someone was seriously thinking about taking action against ZOG they would need to re-evaluate the current strategy, which is a type of "one and done" scenario where one person drops a manifesto and then kills as many people as possible. I don't condemn this per se but jamming ZOG's gears and preventing the system from effectively running would have much more general impact than even going for prominent figures. ZOG needs to be kept on its toes at all times. Someone who is like Tarrant could stir up much more fear over a longer period of time if he struck strategically over a period of weeks or months in a barrage of smaller scale operations. Mass causalities can be impressive but we're trying to topple governments here in the long run, let's be honest. >But soft targets like women and children (hey, sorry) will always be soft, the operations can be scaled and repeated more easily. I get your rationale (as do others >>743), but optically speaking it's debatable, especially for "one and done" shit.
>>3573 Eric Frein did something similar. Not by going for the high score but by killing a zogbot and castrating another one, then taking entire state of Pennsylvania on a wild goose chase that lasted 6 weeks and wasted untold resources and manpower.
Reposting from an anon’s post on Neinchan: The psychiatric and psychological examination of Disciple Manshaus has finished and some details from it have been shared in Norwegian media. https://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/i/0nJ5eB/psykiatrirapport-om-terrorsiktet-foelte-seg-utvalgt-etter-aa-ha-lest-manifest He has had no trouble adapting to prison life, and he shows no signs of regret. He believes the ideal society was the pre-war Third Reich and the 14 words are the foundation of his worldview. Manshaus read Tarrant's "The Great Replacement" only eight days before he executed a Chinese and attempted but failed to attack a mosque. When asked how he felt when he killed her he said "it was good to get started". His intelligence and other cognitive and personality traits were normal according to tests. He has no personality disorders. The "experts" believe he is "easily influenced", however - unclear what this is based on. That he did it only a week after reading "The Great Replacement" shows impatience or impulsiveness IMO but I'm sure Brenton would still be proud of him for trying.
Whitepill of the day
>The SPLC’s Lecia Brooks testified today before the U.S. House Subcommittee on National Security, International Development and Monetary Policy (Committee on Financial Services) about how technology companies can disrupt the funding, organizing and recruiting efforts of hate groups on their platforms. Brooks delivered the following oral remarks to the subcommittee, in addition to written testimony. http://archive.ph/1FzX1 I am too demoralized at the moment to copypaste some quotes, read the whole thing and you'll understand what I am talking about. She has filled the whole thing with words like white genocide and demographic displacement in quotation marks (to label them as conspiracies) and then with the most blatant display of chutzpa she admits >In our view, the most important factor driving this movement and its violence is the fear and resentment over the nation’s changing demographics. The U.S. Census has projected that sometime in the 2040s white people will no longer be a majority in the United States. I don't know what else must be said and done to clearly show even to the dumbest white NPC that our genocide is not only real, but going at fullest speed.
>>3601 I was rolling my eyes at the sight of them lumping in James Alex Fields with Tarrant. Gun-toting communists and her grossly obese body were the cause of her death. The guy was in the wrong place in the wrong time but now the kikes will keep in a cage for the rest of his life because he sent a picture of Hitler to his mom once along with being caught up in this unfortunate incident. <In our view, the most important factor driving this movement and its violence is the fear and resentment over the nation’s changing demographics. The U.S. Census has projected that sometime in the 2040s white people will no longer be a majority in the United States. Classic kike doublethink. Elsewhere though I've seen them barely even deny demographic replacement and employ rhetoric that amounts to "you can't stop it, goy, stop resisting!". These kikes don't know what's coming for them. The worst the demographic situation gets the more and more whites will wake up and realize that from 1965 onwards this country was radically been changed, and all by design.
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>>3601 >The U.S. Census has projected that sometime in the 2040s white people will no longer be a majority in the United States. This isn't even counting the dozens of millions illegal trash. They already admitted to the real date.
>>3613 >and that's a source of our strength I'd love to someone ask one of these shabbos goyim why exactly destroying the ethnic and cultural heterogeneity of a nation is a source of strength. Diversity is weakness, America attests to that. Unless they don't mean "our" strength but rather (((ours))). Fuck Biden
>>3598 I'm fucking laughing at them bitching that the basics aren't good enough. >>3601 All I see is the usual kvetching those sorts do on a daily basis.
>>3615 >I'd love to someone ask one of these shabbos goyim why exactly destroying the ethnic and cultural heterogeneity of a nation is a source of strength. The ultimate goal of the ruling class/jews is docile cattle that are easy to control. By eliminating the races and having them mix together they get rid of the problem of clans/racial identity. They promote in-fighting between the races to keep them occupied with each other so they don't notice the (((real problem))). Eventually, their goal is an intermixed population of mudd people with no ties to anywhere or any clan/family. Once they accomplish that they'll start culling the herd to get the population down to 500,000,000 or so making sure to select the most docile and easily trained of the goyim. They see you as cattle, no different than a bovine, and once you understand this their actions start making a lot more sense.
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Reposting these from Neinchan's Tarrant threads. This is a book I bought that just came out on Christchurch and Tarrant. Here are some interesting and funny excerpts. This is all I have now but I might post more later. You'd be surprised when I say that this doesn't look as bad as one would originally think it would be. Of course it's a normalfag-oriented work (muh evil ideology, muh Voldemort) and cities ADL statistics and refers to the Holohoax in a few places here and there so far, but it's had some interesting focuses on Oswald Mosley, the optics debate, the rough similarity between what he did and what leftists back in the day called "propaganda of the deed" (and how Tarrant didn't precisely follow that). I'll post some of the stuff I have now so I won't be flooding you guys with tons of images later. It's less funny and more interesting even if it's from an anti-Tarrant perspective, but I'm not complaining since I spent money on this kek. Also, apologies if any of the pics are kind of crooked. It's hard to get pics from the left side of the page without fucking up the book
Open file (423.04 KB 1533x1713 5.jpg)
Open file (698.53 KB 2740x2457 6.jpg)
>>3619 He was asking why the shabbos goyim are doing it, not the jews themselves. I've never really heard a good explanation (besides blackmail) for that, come to think of it, or a confession from one who flipped (do they exist?). Yet I can name many "self-hating" jews who attempt to expose their tribe.
>>3808 I think the reason for why the shabbos goyim act as they do may be simpler than one would initially think. Living as we do in a Judaized system where the Jews are the arbitrators of morality and values, it’s only natural that a very, very large amount of people will just assimilate the norms that are dictated to them or the ones that they are exposed to through education, entertainment and the like. I truly think of a lot of these people have swallowed the bluepill hook, line and sinker and are thinking that they are trying to do the right thing in order to bring about a “better world” in the name of social justice, equality, progress and other types of liberal bullshit. Consider this the exoteric outer form of the Jewish scheme to replace us all. Only the high up Jews themselves know the real reasons and plans, while the golems just follow obediently in their wake as Jewish intellectuals trailblaze new ideologies through the ages (Christianity, Marxism, etc). Maybe I’m naïve, but I don’t think Biden thinks “these measures will help us destroy the white race”. The Jews behind him certainly do though. Or if they do have those thoughts they’ve been tricked into thinking it is a good thing (as Biden said). Basically they’re useful idiots. I doubt kikes even need blackmail on most people.
>>3808 Sometimes you have them sometimes you don't. However you don't always need shabbos or club members, you simply need to find and get the lowest form of human waste, useful idiot front-man elected to posts, to get a frontman you simply need to find and prop up the most abhorrent combination of charismatic, evil, greedy, self serving careerists who do not have independent thoughts, no will, and no critical thinking ability or think consequences, and that have no desire to do so, and above all pay them well. There are many of such individualist subhumans in today's society, in fact this subhuman rootless democratic jewish society churns out these types as if it were a factory. They have let go of all decent human principles and things aforementioned and betray their own everywhere they go, and again, this is why leverage people like Epstein and Podesta are always needed. Because the disgusting animals can't stop scheming and betraying. Jews are similar in the way that they betray, each-other when there is nothing left to exploit just in the USSR, but they have the ingroup of shared parasitic genes and tribal outlook that keeps it at bay, something the useful idiot could never get, never care, and would never search for. And always such human waste will always have (((advisors))) who are the actual rulers. It's an assortment simply tools and don't even know it, however they do know one thing, that what they are doing are wrong and that they are evil, i.e that their actions are unjust/wrong. And even if they find out that they are micromanaged, they will be paralyzed with fear to do nothing about it, such subhumans as above are paralyzed to resist, it's not in their nature as cattle. Most ironically politicians are cattle themselves while tending to have this notion about their own citizenry. Because they are self serving traitors. Yes many of them know the jewish question, where the power lies, that their nation wrecking career is over thanks to the (((media))) would they resist, but they do not care. This scum does not care about neither future or nation, because they are the lowest form of life on earth. In a way they are not human. I do not consider them to be. In group is important, this is also why it's important to Jews and traitors to not define or talk about white race, rather refer to whites in cryptic terms like "caucasian" even though all other races, and "racism" is put forth into the spotlight in society and talked about all the time, all except whites. It's very dangerous to them if people would think tribal and remember that us whites are actually a huge knit family and an actual global minority of some 14% in the world at that, it's always important to bring that up.
>>3811 SJW 'influencers' are almost always paid to spread that bullshit, I used to know many, and the great majority of them didn't really give a fuck about anything which they were preaching, but were motivated solely by (((funds))) and/or some kind of hatred against society and pure viciousness. Scheming, victim mentality, hatred of everything natural and beautiful. They are spiritual/mental kikes. The 'believers' are the wider circle, they are the useful idiots following the pied piper to their own slaughter. >>3815 This. They find the lowest, but greediest/most craving trash of society, give them something which they would normally never have (such as power over those superior to them), those cunning enough to control the npc's but too stupid, cowardly or defective to think of long term interests, and keep them under constant threat of not only taking all of it away, but also destroying them (and/or their families) on a whim. This way they secure absolute loyalty. Jews are nothing but the most powerful global mafia organization, and they operate in such a way thoroughly, all the way down to the most irrelevant shabbos goyim serving them. There is a reason why they often appoint faggots and other defectives as state officials and business "leaders", it's a pragmatic move rather than ideological. This is facilitated by creating a certain social climate where such trash is promoted as a model of success, while anyone with integrity is viciously attacked, sabotaged and shown in a negative light. So let's take Biden as an example. He got the money, the power, he can fuck children on a whim or even do worse things without any repercussions. There is absolutely nothing exceptional about him, and in a non-kiked society he would be a middle level bureaucrat/clerk/official at best, living a life of an ordinary man with a rather average salary and without holding much power. But that's no longer an alternative for him (provided he goes against the ZOG). He can only end up in prison, get killed or bankrupt with his family ending up on the street (falling prey to the same type of people as him, who would know the consequences better that he does?) Even if he wasn't a total psychopath, he could hardly do anything about it.
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Latest news (reposting from Nein) https://archive.md/0mMsU https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/407676/christchurch-mosque-shootings-muslim-leader-questions-accused-s-access-to-report >The man accused of the Christchurch mosque shootings will be one of the first to see draft sections of the report compiled by the Royal Commission investigating the attacks. >As well as reading parts of the draft report, Brenton Tarrant will also have the opportunity to respond before the final copy is handed to the Governor-General at the end of April. >The Royal Commission says it's a legal obligation but a Muslim community leader says it gives him too much power. I honestly can't wait to see this report released to the public. I wonder when it will be released. I am most interested in his pre-attack activities.
Open file (75.29 KB 181x211 ackbar why.png)
>>3876 I couldn't resist.
Open file (11.57 KB 228x220 13083278.jpg)
>>3887 >ugly muzzienigger wants muzzies to have priority over the legal procedures of a white country Why shouldn't I say out loud that Brenton did nothing wrong at this point?
Open file (219.36 KB 962x829 bt68.png)
>>3893 >>3887 The whole aftermath of this happening has been redpilling with how far ZOG will go to appease Muslims. First Jacinda Ardern puts on the hijab, then they move the trial date so that it doesn't fall within Ramadan, and now these Muslims are hoping that Tarrant can be kept from reading the report first. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if they cucked on this too.
Open file (798.85 KB 745x416 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (290.08 KB 915x1266 bt72.png)
>>3598 Another one: Mosque attack widow selling family business as too 'emotionally' hard alone >The heartbroken widow of a man killed in the March 15 mosque attacks is selling the family business because it is too "emotionally and physically difficult" to continue without him. > Shadia Amin, whose husband Ahmed Abdel-Ghany died in the shootings, put the food-truck on the market last week. > The couple came to New Zealand from Cairo, in Egypt, in 1996 and started the business in 2016, making and selling zalabia, a traditional Middle Eastern dessert. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/118910208/mosque-attack-widow-selling-family-business-as-too-emotionally-hard-alone http://archive.md/YgQzh
>>3895 Not only these invaders sandapes have been funneling literally MILLIONS of shekels into their community for "helping the victims", they keep demanding more and more and more. Read this shit. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-shooting/113271644/christchurch-terror-attack-trauma-for-some-not-covered-by-victim-support-payments?rm=a https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-shooting/111921622/christchurch-terror-attack-survivor-we-are-so-grateful?rm=a
>>3903 That pic in the second article is ironic
Delaware used as base by extremist group to start civil war, documents say >COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) — A hidden camera and microphone installed by investigators in a Delaware home captured members of a white supremacist group expressing hope that violence at a gun rights rally in Virginia this week could start a civil war, federal prosecutors said in a court filing Tuesday. In the video above, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency ahead of that rally. >Former Canadian Armed Forces reservist Patrik Jordan Mathews also videotaped himself advocating for killing people, poisoning water supplies and derailing trains, a prosecutor wrote in urging a judge in Maryland to keep Mathews and two other members of The Base detained in federal custody. >But the 27-year-old Canadian national didn’t know investigators were watching and listening when he and two other group members talked about attending the Richmond rally in the days leading up to Monday’s event, which attracted tens of thousands of people and ended peacefully. >Last month, a closed-circuit television camera and microphone installed by investigators in a Delaware home captured Mathews was captured talking about the Virginia rally as a “boundless” opportunity. >Mathews and fellow group member Brian Mark Lemley Jr., 33, of Elkton, Maryland, discussed the planning of violence at the Richmond rally, according to prosecutors. Lemley talked about using a thermal imaging scope affixed to his rifle to ambush unsuspecting civilians and police officers, prosecutors said The Base got BTFO already. Bad OPSEC https://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/nation/2020/01/21/delaware-the-base-civil-war-richmond-gun-rally/4536832002/
>>3971 Well, the LARP rally went smooth instead, just like the Virginia democrats completely ignoring it and keeping the path on implementing whatever fucked up law they prefer.
>>3974 >democrats completely ignoring it and keeping the path on implementing whatever fucked up law they prefer. Wow peaceful protests are BASED
TL:DR – Manshaus’ trial is in May. It’s gonna be a busy summer, both Earnest and Tarrant fall in the month after. Translate it if you want the rest https://www.aftenposten.no/norge/i/zGP81K/manshaus-saken-kommer-opp-for-retten-7-mai
Open file (275.52 KB 828x822 doorchad.jpg)
This article (in German) alleges that Balliet was a user of JulayWorld. This could just be a smear, but it makes me wonder if Balliet was a /fascist/. I hope not, personally, I hope I'm browsing with Breivik and Tarrant-tier chads and not faggot wannabes like him: >The investigators seem to have at least an idea of the world the suspect was in. "The accused used so-called image boards such as 'nanochan', 'Julay.World' and 'vch.moe'", says the Federal Government's response to the small request. https://netzpolitik.org/2020/keine-daten-fuers-bundeskriminalamt/ Either way, this is yet another reason that you should be very careful what you post here.
>>4344 It doesn't mean he posted. He probably lurked the webring and julay was coordinating the webring initiative along with smugloli. If he was on nanotranny he probably lurked also zeronet.
>>4344 Well, he was a Tarrant wannabe but at least he tried to act upon his own autism. The lack of nerve and preparation was a recipe for disaster but unlike (You) he is an actual real life effortposter.
>>4376 If you're going to do something, do it right.
>>4384 It was clear that he lacked a good planning, but even a good plan can go wrong due to bad luck. Imagine if Tarrant got tackled by the guy in the corridor after the first shots, or if some of the sandniggers was armed and shot him unexpectedly. But between you and Balliet, you are the one playing the keyboard warrior while he went out and desperately tried his best.
>>4402 I'm not "playing the keyboard warrior" because I'm making no pretensions of being able to do better than anyone, whether it be Tarrant or Balliet. Balliet absolutely deserves to be lambasted for utterly failing to plan (never having visited the location, having never tested his weapons, etc) and then sperging out and gunning down innocent whites when he couldn't get through the fucking door. He obviously had balls to be able to do what he did, even if he miserably failed, as evidenced by his shootout with police with inferior weaponry, sustaining injuries in the process. He didn't try his best at all and could have done much, much better, much like many of these first few copycats who can't sit still for a year or two and figure out what to do. Manshaus for example apparently attempted his mosque attack a mere eight days after he read The Great Replacement. I doubt he did much research. Good and bad luck is obviously a factor, but that doesn't appear to be relevant in the case of Balliet given what I laid out above. To be honest Tarrant took a massive risk approaching Al-Noor how he did. There were better ways that may have been safer, but luckily Tarrant was smart and very prepared.
>>4406 Balliet hardly killed innocent whites. It was a fat jewess and some soyboy supporting roach businesses. But I agree on the lack of planning and preparedness.
>>4411 >It was a fat jewess Proof? "She looks like a Jew therefore she's a Jew" doesn't count. >some soyboy supporting roach businesses. Didn't deserve to die for going to get lunch. I'm not exactly in tears over these people dying, but they didn't need to die and it only puts off the image that white nationalists are insane losers who will go off and kill their own kind as soon as their plans fall apart.
Mexico demands accountability after 8 of its citizens are slain in El Paso Walmart <Chihuahua governor concerned whether alleged shooter was part of 'network' >Mexican officials say they want full accountability regarding the murder of eight of their citizens during Saturday’s mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. >The officials also said they will be assisting survivors and the families of the victims should they wish to pursue lawsuits against alleged mass murderer Patrick Crusius or the manufacturers of the AK-47 that took their lives. >“We’re exploring whether this individual acted alone. He may have physically (executed) the shooting alone, but we want the investigation to go deeper into who he was in contact with, whether there could be a network of people who think like he did,” the Chihuahua governor said. Uh oh goys, the governor of Chihuahua's coming for us. ?The safety of Mexicans who come across into the United States “should be a permanent guarantee, we should not have to demand it. … We will defend their rights and demand reparation of damages for the victims, more so when it came in such a premeditated and racist manner,” Corral said. https://www.wnct.com/border-report-tour/mexico-demands-accountability-after-8-of-its-citizens-are-slain-in-el-paso-walmart/ http://archive.md/ZGVg6
>>4435 >You must take care of our ethnic replacement/welfare leech specimens filthy gringos! All so tiresome.
Open file (257.53 KB 443x376 pepe tarrant.png)
>>4442 They're gonna undoubtedly use this to whine to America for years to come, knowing them. Just look at how the Muslims in Christchurch are begging for more government money and privileges ever since Tarrant BTFO them, crippling many of their local Muslim businesses since they were now so lacking in customers among other things. What is really tiresome is uppity shitskins acting like they own the place.
>>4435 >Photo by Mohammad Saleh I laughed a little.
>>4448 Yeah that picture works on so many levels.
>>4448 >>4473 Either you write the memes (like Tarrant) yourself or they write themselves.
>>4443 In practice they do own the place though lol. Without us asserting our dominion through force that is their reality
>>4412 Good points. Looking forward to your effortpost so it's not just windbag criticism
Alleged El Paso Walmart gunman charged with federal hate crimes >The man accused of killing 22 people and wounding 23 more in a shooting that targeted Mexicans in the border city of El Paso, Texas, has been charged with federal hate crimes. >Patrick Crusius, 21, has been charged with 90 counts under federal hate crime and firearms laws for his role in the Aug. 3 shooting authorities said was aimed at scaring Hispanics into leaving the United States, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday. >The DOJ will prosecute on a parallel track with state officials. Crusius faces the death penalty on a state capital murder charge to which he pleaded not guilty last year. >Bringing hate crime charges show members of targeted communities that "they are valued, that their protection matters, and then we will protect them and their rights," said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband of the DOJ Civil Rights Division. "People in our nation have the right to go to a store on a Saturday morning without fear that they will be shot and killed because of who they are, or where they're from," Dreiband said. >The federal grand jury that indicted Crusius found his alleged crimes came "after substantial planning and premeditation." He bought a Romanian-made AK-47-style rifle and 1,000 rounds of hollow-point ammunition online more than six weeks before he drove 10 hours overnight from his grandparents' house in a Dallas suburb to El Paso to carry out the attack, according to the indictment. >Crusius has been held without bond since the shooting and kept isolated from other prisoners, on suicide watch for at least two months after the shooting. http://archive.md/i9dNK https://www.cbsnews.com/news/patrick-crusius-accused-el-paso-walmart-shooter-indicted-federal-hate-crime-charges/ >>4497 >Without us asserting our dominion through force that is their reality True
>>4500 I didn't realize burger had hate crime laws like Europe
>>4501 They don't seem to work like they do in Europe. I'm no expert but it seems like they slap it on top of the other charges just to extend your sentence. Like we can deny the Holohoax and say racist stuff without being persecuted (not to say you won't lose your job, get doxed and be harassed) and the government won't do anything but if you do something like assault or do something to a non-white (kill them, vandalize their stuff, kidnap them, rape them, etc) they can say that race was a motivating factor and lock you in a cage for being a bad goy even longer. With John Earnest's shoah attempt he got slapped with over a hundred hate crime charges for there being even that many more Jews in the building when he was firing. It's ridiculous. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hate_crime_laws_in_the_United_States
>>4505 They generally slap it on if you deliberately targeted the fellow if they were X. So if I'm some cracked out junkie and I shiv the shit out of a nigger it won't be slapped on or even considered, where is with Crusius he explicitly stated he was going after X therefore said charges can be applied.
FBI Deems White Supremacists an ISIS-Level ’National Threat Priority' >The FBI now views white supremacism and other "racially motivated violent extremism" as serious as foreign-born terrorism. >FBI Director Christopher Wray informed the country of his bureau's new focus on Wednesday, stating that homegrown terrorism is now a "national threat priority" for 2020, one that's “on the same footing" as the dangers posed by ISIS. >"The most persistent threats to the nation and to U.S. interests abroad are homegrown violent extremists (HVEs), domestic violent extremists, and foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs)," he explained to the House Judiciary Committee. "The international terrorism threat to the U.S. has expanded from sophisticated, externally directed FTO plots to include individual attacks carried out by HVEs who are inspired by designated terrorist organizations." >The news comes a day after Patrick Wood Crusius was indicted on hate crimes and firearm charges after killing 22 people at a Texas Walmart last August. He opened fire on the Walmart as "a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by the invasion," he wrote in a document he uploaded online. http://archive.md/YiNCS
Alleged Walmart shooter expected in federal court Wednesday >Federal prosecutors announced the indictment of Patrick Crusius on 90 federal hate crimes last week. The indictment included 22 counts of hate crimes resulting in death, 23 hate crimes involving an attempt to kill, and 45 counts of discharging a firearm in relation to those hate crimes. >In two separate motions filed by Crusius’ attorney David Lane on Tuesday, his defense argued against transporting Crusius in public view and also argued against presenting Crusius in jail clothing with visible shackles. >Lane argued against Crusius being “paraded in public and compelled to appear in court in jail clothes and restrained in shackles, handcuffs, manacles, leg irons, stun belts, and similar restraints.” >There are no cameras allowed in federal court. However, Federal Judge David Guaderrama agreed to the motion, stating “if the Government seeks an order that the defendant be transported to or from court or appear in court in jail clothes or visible shackles, the Government must demonstrate that a compelling government purpose exists, that said purpose and would be served and that shackles and/or jail clothes are the least restrictive means for maintaining security and order in the courtroom.” Notice how the federal judge has a Hispanic last name - Guaderrama >As a result of the motion, Crusius’ transportation to and from the federal court will be done so by US Marshals “privately and safely.” >Crusius is facing separate charges in District Court for which he has already made his first appearance and entered a not guilty plea. https://archive.md/PCrVi https://www.ktsm.com/local/el-paso-news/alleged-walmart-shooter-expected-in-federal-court-wednesday/ Walmart shooting suspect makes initial appearance in federal court >Crusius, 21, walked into the courtroom of U.S. Magistrate Judge Miguel Angel Torres handcuffed, wearing a blue blazer, gray pants, light-colored tie and sporting a buzzcut. He was flanked by his new counsel — which U.S. District Judge David Guadarrama barely appointed on Monday night — with two U.S. deputy marshals standing at all times behind the trio. Nice Crusius got a new hairdo >The man who allegedly walked into a Walmart in East-Central El Paso on Aug. 3 and shot 22 people dead with a European version of an AK-47 rifle appeared to be in a hurry to get done with Wednesday’s hearing. His attorney David Lane asked the magistrate to skip the reading of the 90-count federal indictment against Cruisus. >When Torres set Crusius’ detention hearing for 9 a.m. on Feb. 18, Lane said his client was “well aware of the charges” against him and that he would be filing a waiver of arraingment. Lane also said that his client wished to waive the detention hearing as well. https://archive.ph/zm4Cb https://www.ktsm.com/news/walmart-shooting-suspect-makes-initial-appearance-in-federal-court/
>>4435 >network of other people This is their segway to arresting imageboard users
>>4628 Synarchist-poster better be careful, though I feel that he is not a supporter of Crusius, Breivik or Tarrant or any kind of accelerationism.
>>4629 Who? Why?
>>4650 The story was referring to a Mexican mayor saying that he was concerned Crusius was part of a network of people and how they want to look into it. We have at least one Mexican anon here (who posts with a Synarchist Union flag) and it’d obviously be risky for him if they started looking into fascism / white nationalism online.
http://archive.is/iZ415 >The role of Romanticism in facilitating, supporting and encouraging the growth of contemporary far-right extremism is often missed >A close reading of many of the manifestos of right-wing terrorists such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant, Dylan Roof and Robert Bowers emphasize a desire to return to an imagined past based on their romantic readings of battles and communities, which is why Romanticism serves as a useful tool in understanding not only the rise of contemporary far-right extremism, but what drives the movement. >The growth in personal grievances and the presence of an industry that feeds the populace a diet of an imagined, nostalgic past has facilitated the growth of far-right extremism. This movement feeds people counter-cultural, post-modern and reflexive explanations as to why their lives are hard, while also offering the promise that, by supporting them, one could restore the idyllic, ethnocratic society in which everyone knew their place and purpose and order was supreme. >Romanticism has an important place in our society, but not if it is used by the far right to create an imagined, ethnocratic community that excludes the ‘other’ and rejects fact-based historical analysis. So apparently "neo nazis" have a romanticized vision of the past, so that's why these white guys end up doing terrorist attacks. Totally not because one can actually see our European fatherland collapsing in a very painful horrific slow motion.
>>4673 >but not if it is used by the far right to create an imagined, ethnocratic community that excludes the ‘other'(non-whites) and rejects """""fact-based historical analysis""""". everything for (((diversity))), amirite guys? ‎every diversityfag must be hanged
>>4660 lmao he's literally no threat at all to Mexico why would they care. Just a lifestyle hatethinker in a sea of shit
>>4681 So romanticism is a good thing, but ONLY if right wingers and white supremacists don't use it. Apparently the same can be said about empathy. Read this shit http://archive.is/EzAGu >The right-wing extremist, who may even welcome the death of political opponents, is not without empathy — on the contrary. "Empathy leads to polarization, because in conflict situations we decide for one side, put it into the other's perspective and then demonize the other", explains Breithaupt. "Empathy can lead to radicalization,” he said. So You better be empathic goyim, but not to your own people.
Here is Crusius' attorney telling journalists that Crusius is refusing to eat and lost lots of weight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzbLhwbNTDg
>>4684 >lifestyle hatethinker What? I mean he's trying to learn more about the jews
>>4799 I'm just saying he is no threat to the Mexican government. Not to insult his interest which is admirable. But it's of no consequence to the state and to them it may as well be a cute hobby.
Breaking news from Germany http://archive.is/2fWyP >Members of a far-right group in Germany arrested last week were plotting "shocking" attacks similar to last year's Christchurch massacre, a German (((government))) spokesman has said. >Twelve men belonging to Der harte Kern (The Hard Core) were arrested on Friday >The arrests are the culmination of months of undercover investigation, in which the alleged ringleader, Werner S, was heard detailing plans for "commandos" to groups of Muslims across Germany, news magazine Der Spiegel reported. >He said the men needed to be "intelligent, hard, brutal and fast".
Open file (281.70 KB 1211x1404 popcorn tarrant.png)
>>4911 >Raids on the group uncovered a large weapons cache, including firearms, grenades, crossbows and even spiked maces. I'm always curious what exactly their weapon-cache consisted of, because I remember seeing a story from a few months ago on another raid that happened in Italy involving some weird idea of reviving the NSDAP where they were shown to have had a "weapon-cache" as well. For this cache they actually showed photos, and it was a mix of pistols, some simple rifles and the like, nothing super serious like you'd expect if, for example, Tarrant had been raided prior to his attack. The only reason that even came to mind is that they felt compelled to mention in this article shit like maces and crossbows, because I doubt anyone will be going for the high-score with that. I could be wrong though, given the fact that they mentioned grenades, unless what they're calling grenades is anything like Balliet's glorified firecrackers. >Aiman Mazyek, chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, called for more security at mosques across Germany. Soon bother Jews and Muslims will be living in fortresses among the remaining white Germans. It reminds me of what I read in Rosenberg's book on the Jews were the wrath and hatred of the commoners grew to such an extent that the king of some Spanish kingdom allowed the Jews to live in a fortress for protection I for one can't wait for some madman in Germany to flawlessly execute an attack. That would lead to some fantastic acceleration and kvetching that would dwarf Breivik and Tarrant combined since we have the whole "OMG NAZIS ARE COMING BACK IN GERMANY ITSELF NOW OYY VEYYY". It's only a matter of time.
Open file (19.12 KB 473x336 1580381640138.jpg)
>>4911 So now, policemen, military and some other guys are charged with conspiracy in various European countries by the (((state))), but yet we see and are provided as usual no actual evidence or hard proof, in this article only some 15 paragraphs of one sided condemning justifications from the German state. It's something out of a pyongyang newspaper. Post war Germany now a country which enforces "thought crime" also arrests people, even 89 year olds for simply casually disagreeing with the official death toll holohoax narrative regarding the "6 million" while disagreeing and speculating or undermining holodomor victims 11 million killed by actual Jews like Genrikh Yagoda and Lazar Kaganovich is not. Who can believe in such systems for one second? The bar has never been set so low for the European justice system, media and courts working hand-in-hand to condemn people before their trials, but as in Sweden where real crimes like hand grenade traps are set and detonated on people, and apartment blocks are bombed not even a slight hint of condemnation or mass spam comes out, remains as a blip on local news and doesn't even get translated, and perpetrators being non white highly censored as if it were no big deal. How does this shit seem legitimate to anyone but complete pillocks and leftist trash? Seems more like a purge you would see from a communist tier country based on some hearsay. >>4914 >I remember seeing a story from a few months ago on another raid that happened in Italy involving some weird idea of reviving the NSDAP where they were shown to have had a "weapon-cache" as well. This is fabricated misrepresentation by italian leftist MSM, "weapon cache" LOL. Ridiculous lies. Italian guns laws are quite comparable to America, actually Italians have more choice in what weapons they want to use for hunting than Americans do.
>>4914 Invaders and traitors both already live in "a fortress", which for the latter is living in gated communities, segregated from the "joys" of diversity they preach and impose on common people; while for the former the fortress is made of welfare and protection from the traitorous state apparatus. We truly live in a clown world, caught between a rock and a hard place.
Open file (914.75 KB 794x444 ClipboardImage.png)
Possible happening in Germany, it's unclear who the perpetrator is Shooting spree at TWO hookah bars in German city of Hanau leaves at least 8 dead, suspect at large Time to wait and see.. https://www.rt.com/news/481245-hanau-germany-bar-shooting/
Tobias is completely right. We are slaves here in America, just like in the rest of the West, yet we are too brainwashed to realize that wage-cucking our lives away is a form of slavery. Mind-control comes through many forms, whether it is MSM, public education or other types of bread and circuses. This man then goes on to call out the pedo elites in control of these secret societies. Given the fact that all of this is true, it’s really not too much of a stretch to believe what he has to say about underground bases. https://www.bitchute.com/video/FWX9H1tmeUPA/
Manifestos / Videos (in German apparently) https://anonfile.com/V89e19b5o4/Skript_mit_Bilder_pdf https://anonfile.com/B78700bfo0/Video_11_MP4 https://anonfile.com/deGc05b0o5/Video_12-1_m4v Hanau attack gunman railed against ethnic minorities online >there are lengthy passages in which Rathjen rails against ethnic minorities in Germany and announces that people of certain African, Asian and Middle Eastern origins have to be “completely annihilated” within the country. >“If there was a button available that would make this become a reality, I would press it in a flash,” he writes. Rathjen claims to have arrived at his belief from personal experiences at school and work, as well as reading newspaper reports of fights between Germans and “foreigners”. >He also mentions an act of “war”, which he says would be aimed as a “double blow” against the secret organisation he believes is watching over him and the “degeneration of the people”. https://archive.fo/pzHyK
>>4930 is there an english translation of this yet? if not, perhaps I'll make one.
>Muhammed B, a wounded survivor, described from his hospital bed how the gunman took careful aim at the victims in the Arena Bar & Cafe. >"Everyone he saw, he just shot them straight in the head. He laid down, then he fired at all of us. I hid behind a wall, and as I was moving to hide he shot me in the arm," he told a Turkish TV interviewer. >"It was a bloodbath... We were all lying on top of each other. The guy lying under me had a hole in his neck, he said 'I can't breathe, I can't feel my tongue'," Muhammad recalled through tears. He said he told the young man to recite a final prayer, which he did. ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL >Investigators say all the shisha bar victims were of immigrant origin - some were German nationals, while Turkey says at least five had Turkish citizenship. Several were reported to be ethnic Kurds. https://archive.fo/0Fnps
>>4947 >Muhammad B I assume Muhammad A got removed.

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