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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads FashBO##yWPIHb 08/28/2019 (Wed) 22:55:22 ID: 5b336c No.9
Self-explanatory. If you have a one-liner question won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, post it here.
Do you think this is a good iteration of "Erika"?
Open file (98.92 KB 562x709 niggers in paris.jpg)
So what are some Bitchute fascist channels? I've been eating up Cultured Thug since I saw him recc'd here and I've been digging it a lot, I liked the explanations of Ba'athism and Ghadaffi, helped to clarify a lot.
When it comes to channels that are legitimately fascist -- i.e. ones that know their shit -- you're not going to get better than Cultured Thug. If you're newer to CT though you might enjoy this link of 49 of his old rants:
His other channel hasn't uploaded anything really interesting yet though
These aren't going to be very good recommendations since like I said CT is the top of the top when it comes to this stuff, but the only other good channels on Bitchute even approximating fascism are The Golden One, ThuleanPerspective, The Impartial Truth and Fascist Maxims (CT's stream channel) back on Jewtube. Marshall Ironsides used to be decent on Youtube but he got b& it seemed. He was a bit fishy being a (((Freemason))) and all though.
Has anyone undertaken to create a complete "red-pilling" guide?
I can remember lots of dumps but I do not recall any particular guide on /pol/ to spread knowledge in a structured manner for newcomers.
I think it would be an interesting project to have a jab at. I think that might be a good idea for a thread honestly, provided we could get people to decide on what the essentials are for dropping redpills, who exactly such a guide would be directed at reader-wise and the proper order for dropping redpills on specific topics. I can of course draw off my own experience on how the process went, but I'm sure it differs for all people in various ways.
The most unreliable part of the process is the hook, i.e. just getting them to look.
The first thing that needs to be understood is that somebody isn't trustworthy. It's either "experts" or "the media" or "the politicians", but somebody isn't trustworthy.

It was conclusively proved way back in 1988 that the media was misrepresenting expert opinions on the black-white IQ gap.
>https://en .wikipedia .org/wiki/The_IQ_Controversy,_the_Media_and_Public_Policy
I've only seen this book mentioned a handful of times on /pol/. It's not fascist literature but it is an absolute kill shot on the question of the media versus "the experts", in which we see that the PLURALITY of experts agreed to a genetic factor playing into the black-white IQ gap.
In short, the book (and the corresponding study published by the same authors) proved that the media would even lie about what scientists thought - something that you would think is easily falsifiable actually turns out to be fairly difficult to falsify since all of these scientists aren't interested in starting a fight about it. The media would slander the most popular consensus, make it out to be a minority belief, racist, divisive, try to get the guy fired, you know.
Now, if you can find a guy willing to pick up this book in the first place - you've got your in. But most people don't want to read an entire fucking book, and a lot of people are actually afraid of becoming racist, they've been convinced that it's a terrible thing to be racist, it's like becoming a criminal.

So namedrop the book. These people are under the impression that the "experts" are and have been a bunch of "race is a social construct" types - this is a lie, there is no scientific consensus on this, there are factions fighting over it to this day.

2006 - http://raceandgenomics .ssrc .org/Hammonds/
>it is unlikely that many Americans, even among the daily readers of the paper, knew that we are living in the midst of a raging debate over the existence of human races.

2014 - https://www .ncbi.nlm.nih .gov/pmc/articles/PMC4219449/
>The aim of this Hypothesis and Theory is to question the recently increasing use of the “race” concept in contemporary genetic, psychiatric, neuroscience as well as social studies.

In the 1990s it wasn't like this, in the early 90s the academics were even MORE pozzed than today, but since 1992 race has made a COMEBACK as a "biological reality" in academic circles. Why? The shift pre-dates the popular internet but I'm sure that the internet threw some fuel onto the fire. I don't know. But that's the case.
So you namedrop the book, and you namedrop Harvard and Smith university, and people won't read it; but they'll read the wikipedia article, and then they might be interested in the book, and now they have this nagging thought in their mind.
At this point they can actually make the decision to "take the bluepill" i.e. they can just ignore it, but they're receptive now whether they like it or not, because their view of "the expert opinion" has been blown wide open. So at this point they may talk about how IQ means nothing and they have smart nigger friends, but they can't escape the fact that the media lied about "the experts".
Now, a lot of people are openly against Arab/African immigration to Europe, but there are still many who have this ridiculous idea that the "smart people" agree with "refugee" importation, and really they base their entire belief system on that. They'll get into an argument, IRL, with you or me or a MAGA retard and they'll lose, but in their mind they are entirely assured that, if Mr. Expert were here, he would blow our shitty, racist, divisive arguments out of the water, and actually our arguments suck compared to Mr. Expert, even if we did catch this guy unaware and unprepared for verbal challenge. This isn't the idiot's choice, he never made this decision, consciously. He just isn't willing to deviate from the "right" opinion, from the "smart" opinion that he frankly doesn't even know.
Another book has recently been released by an accredited "expert" on this topic.
>https://www.ama zon .com/Scramble-Europe-Young-Africa-Continent/dp/1509534563
Released last year, it has now been translated into english. National rejew published a book review on it this month. I'm thinking of getting ahold of the book and getting it up on libgen, but my reading list is too full right now. At any rate, the book at least sounds sane.
>https://www.national review .com/magazine/2019/08/26/the-coming-migration-out-of-sub-saharan-africa/
>The most serious heresy in Smith’s book is this: The extraordinarily disruptive mass movement of labor and humanity from Africa to Europe, should it come, will bring Europe no meaningful benefits.
Now, clearly the entrenched fool won't be affected by this; but gone are the days of considering his opponents "stupid" or "misinformed", now he has to go the whole 9 yards; anybody against this immigration is "racist", a "white supremacist", he starts propagating exactly that negative force which has so largely contributed to the popularity of the youth right.

So there are some of my thoughts on "the hook", or "breaking the ice". You can appeal to exactly the same authorities that they already respect, and you can turn them into either our direction or the direction that indirectly inspires people to become like us.
Why do people praise Tarrant? Everything about the shooting seems fishy to me.
A lot of people are retarded, anon. I think it was pretty suspect as well, and I know I am not alone in this, but the majority of anons saw someone actually doing something (disregarding the likely illegitimacy of his connection to /pol/ or 8chan at all) and got excited.
It’s mostly memes + happening-hype, I think. The livestream boosted the event majorly too, just look at all of the wannabes that tried to replicate it in the few months following Christchurch like John Earnest, Patrick Crusius, Philip Manshaus and probably othere. I don’t know if I find it fishy, but I know that he didn’t really do anything helpful, not that I’m crying over the victims or anything. IF people do something they should make it count, not that I endorse these actions of course. Tarrant seemed like a meme-addled Breivik to me. I have no doubt in my mind that Breivik is a true-believer after looking into how long and meticuously he played everything.

Speaking of Manshaus here’s a court pic from yesterday
>In 2011, anti-Muslim neo-Nazi Anders Behring Breivik massacred 77 people in Norway's worst peacetime atrocity, the majority of them teenagers at a youth camp.
Heh. Still mad.
Open file (556.65 KB 224x199 breivik.gif)
Fitting digits for this post
A question that just appeared recently
How could a fascist government deal with pollution and urban degradation in the modern age? Almost all disposable consumables are stored in plastic/aluminium containers, which lead to the scenario in pic related, litter everywhere and a disasterious landscape.
Wouldn't the government sanctioning this behaviour be too authoritarian? I wouldn't have any issue with it but then, wouldn't this be a slope towards orwellian surveillance?
I think a tax system that takes into account how much litter is thrown into public entities (weight of trash is proportional to how high the taxes will be) could be the best alternative without turning it into a complete nightmare devoid of privacy.
Open file (166.69 KB 810x445 philipines.jpg)
Fuck, meant to post this image
>Wouldn't the government sanctioning this behaviour be too authoritarian?
I don’t think so personally, at least provided that producers in this scenario are given some time to switch over to better materials (e.g. biodegrables before old ways are officially restricted. The state of the environment, as I’m sure you would agree, is the concern of the entire nation, and therefore the government is obligated to take any means neccessary for preserving the it for the current citizens and for future generations. I’ve always said that the fourteen words and environmental care are one and the same. It’s important to remember that with fascism the state can and will intervene if corporations are not properly serving the interests of the nation.

>I wouldn't have any issue with it but then, wouldn't this be a slope towards orwellian surveillance?
Not if we control what the producers are permitted to use in their products. Generally I think these measures should lean more on corporations than individuals, but I won’t lie, individuals too need to cut back with their wasteful lifestyles.
>I think a tax system that takes into account how much litter is thrown into public entities (weight of trash is proportional to how high the taxes will be) could be the best alternative without turning it into a complete nightmare devoid of privacy.
This seems like it could be an interesting step in the right direction. It would likely cause them to cut back to some extent as well.
Is Capitalist Fascism a legit political philosophy or is it just another retarded term like Anarcho-Communism?
>Is Capitalist Fascism a legit political philosophy or is it just another retarded term like Anarcho-Communism?
I’ve never heard of someone explicitly identifying themselves as a “capitalist fascist”, at the very least. Traditionally fascists have been very critical of international capitalism and the role of the bourgeoisie and have sought to reconcile the tensions between workers and owners, putting the nation and the wellbeing of the people before capitalist interests – that’s been common to every traditional fascist movement from Germany, to Italy, Britian and beyond. American fascist movements have traditionally been a bit more capitalistic from what I can tell. I think this was true of George Lincoln Rockwell specifically. He’s more of a “Neo-Nazi” for lack of a better term (branching off from National Socialism) than a traditional fascist but he’s still fascist-influenced for sure. Some may also use this term for Pinochet but I, like some people like Cultured Thug have argued, think he was more of an authoritarian military leader propped up by the US than a genuine fascist leader.

In regards to anarcho-communism, it’s not as much as a meme as you’d think, at least historically. Kropotkin and Makhno are a far cry from the Antifa gutter rats of today, but perhaps that is the logical conclusion of their views.

Hope that helps a bit at least
>not an antifa gutter rat
The guy was a filthy kike who spent a majority of his time whining about the 'oppression of women' and was bascially a predecessor of the modern antifa rat. I'm hard-pressed to think of more gutter-tier anarchists than him.
>>189 (I’m the same anon)
I was thinking gutter rat in terms of appearance and lifestyle. I’m not super familiar with Kropotkin apart from some basic details of his life and his works Mutual Aid and The Conquest of Bread. Overall I thought he was way too optimistic concerning human nature and how an anarchist revolution would develop and downright absurd when talking about how wage labor should be wholly abolished because no labor is more valuable than another form. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Kropotkin fan but there are much bigger degenerates out there among the left, just look into the views of Kollontai.

For some really anarchism one should look into Else Christensen with advocacy for Aryan retribalization and stuff like the National Socialist Kindred and Jost Turner
How suicidal do you think fascist leaders were?
Evidently Hitler was if you believe that he died in the bunker at the end of the war, though I'm a bit skeptical for a handful of reasons personally. I've also read a few things about Hitler was allegedly suicidal after his niece Geli died, but besides those incidents (which honestly aren't that incomprehensible in context) I see no reason to think that fascists leaders were any more suicidal on average than any other type of leader.
Because of the long list of dedicated anti-/pol/ groups raiding 24/7 every day of the month every month of the year, ever since the election, I can't really see half/pol/ as an actual /pol/, it's more of a non-stop battleground where the rules are set and applied by literal trannies.
Where can I find an actual new /pol/ now that fullch is not coming back properly. Something that doesn't have an in-built shut-it-down mode. Some place where you don't go to discuss whether /pol/acks are right about this or that, but instead discuss strategy on how to act on that knowledge and where to go from there.
4/pol/ is not even worth your time for the reasons you've said. I briefly tried to go back to it just to get my /pol/ fix but it's clearly filled to the brim with shills and underaged retards who can't respond with anything longer than a few words.

Currently, as far as I know, there is no real viable /pol/ that is anything like 8chan's. I could just not be 'in the know' enough, but I'm usually aware of these things if they exist. I would suggest to you endchan.net/pol/ but ever since Manshaus' failed mosque-shooting back around a month or so ago it went down and is essentially ground to a halt. There are posts that are a few days old in there so it's not totally dead -- faster than here, though kek. I'm also pretty wary of that kill-switch feature. To be honest I'm wary of even touching that site once it comes back online.
>but instead discuss strategy on how to act on that knowledge and where to go from there.
I would say here but we don't have enough anons to really do that. The most active threads are mainly our resident ecofascists / tedpillers having discussion. I doubt there are more than five or six users here, two or three regularly posting.
To expand on the reason for the previous question.
I want to make a thread regarding something highly autistic, but I don't know which bunker I should take this to, and I certainly don't want to do it in all of them. It involves written fiction but so heavily /pol/ themed that it's unsuitable for any /lit/ boards. Which one do you recommend has a comfy userbase (it doesn't have to be big) who would have no problem entertaining something potentially unproductive?
Unfortunately I can't think of any boards right now that would meet your criteria. If you haven't seen it already, you could try asking in >>259 since there are a few more eyes there. I would just say dump it here but like I said in my former post, there's really not too many here so I don't know if you'd get as much participation / attention as you would like.
Open file (49.67 KB 482x369 heh.png)
Things may get quite shakey, due to the recent sperg attacking jews in germany and some sperg in /meta/ spamming to remove this board.
If anything happens, I'll still be hosting the zeronet. It's fucking dead and it's not very private at all but good luck shutting it down. I'm just tired of this.
>I'm tired of this
Good. You should be.

Just die already.
lmao bougie poser
>some sperg in /meta/ spamming to remove this board.
Lel I haven’t seen this yet, I’ll have to look for a good laugh. If anything happens I’ll definitely see whats up with Zeronet. I’m interested. 8kun will be back soon luckily
I think the sperg is right. /fascist/ is going to ruin julay.world for everybody soon enough just like /pol/ ruined 8ch.
Open file (39.70 KB 638x500 Tod der Luege.jpg)
Personally, I disagree. I've ran this board almost continuously on two different platforms from March to July 2018 and from May 2019 to present. Never during either of these times nor in the interval have there been any sort of manifestos posted here or any culture of explicitly calling for violence like we often see on /pol/. In fact posts of this kind that exhort users to do such acts are a bannable offense here. I have a feeling that you and others who hold this opinion were not familiar with /fascist/ on 8chan. On 8chan /fascist/ was a smaller board, but still got a decent amount of posts daily. It is / was a discussion-oriented board, generally more intellectually-oriented than /pol/ which revolves around current events and low-effort posting. Now /fascist/ is more visible on JulayWorld due to the smaller size of this website and may now be exposed to users who have less familiarity with this board and its culture. I saw similar sentiments to what you are saying expressed back when this board was created here over on SmugLoli.

Seeing as how the community here is small and has carried over almost the exact same board culture as was present on the 8chan iteration of this board, I see zero reason why /fascist/ poses a threat to this website. I'm not going to police people for saying they like Breivik / Tarrant but I am absolutely against any propagation of violence here or the posting of gay manifestos. With all of the shootings that have taken place in the less few months since the Tarrant shooting in March none of them have directly affected /fascist/. No one has posted their shit here. It's all /pol/. With Tarrant it was /pol/. With Earnest it was /pol/. With Crusius it was /pol/. With Manshaus it was Endchan /pol/. Back when Tarrant happened there was a general consensus that this attack was not useful for the larger pro-fascist / pro-white cause.
If this and/or other bunkers get shut down, I'll regularly check on 08chan too. Sure, it's got a massive filter because you need to know what you're doing and a lot of people fall for the panic, but the one advantage is you can't just shut it down.
>Back when Tarrant happened there was a general consensus that this attack was not useful for the larger pro-fascist / pro-white cause.
Do you consider yourself a part of the "pro-fascist / pro-white" cause? Because it kind of sounds like you are some kind of ... oh I don't know ... fascist white supremacist? Literally get out fucking /pol/wigger.
I will literally drive you off of the internet with text only because you are weak pathetic soycucks.
Open file (35.65 KB 450x429 1515608347.jpg)
I've been wondering where you lads where for months
Does anyone know if Mussolini's granddaughter is sympathetic to fascism? I know she defends her grandfather's name but maybe not so much his worldview.
I know she did an album released in Japan.
Welcome back, anon!
She’s 100% /ourgirl/ based off of Wikipedia. She used to be a member of the MSI which is essentially the direct successor of the original National Fascist Party. The MSI was apparently affiliated with Mosley’s National Party of Europe too. She also lead a party called Social Alternative which was called Nationalist / neo-fascist. She’s cucked on some issues though with her Zionism, pro-gay stance and civil unions. It looks like the parties she’s involved with now are fairly milquetoast though

<Mussolini suddenly left the National Alliance on 28 November 2003, following the visit of party leader and the Deputy Prime Minister Gianfranco Fini to Israel, where he described fascism as part "the absolute evil" with regard to the Holocaust as he apologised for Italy's role as an Axis Power during the Second World War.[20] Mussolini, however, defended the right of Israel to exist and declared that the world "should beg forgiveness of Israel.

<In 2006 she responded to claims by the transgender Italian M.P. candidate Vladimir Luxuria that she was a 'fascist' with the line "Meglio fascista che frocio" ("Better fascist than faggot").

<In 2001, Mussolini was involved in an physical altercation while filming for a Porta a Porta talk show episode on sexual harassment. Mussolini attacked and kicked Katia Bellillo, then Minister for Equal Opportunities, while calling her an "ugly communist" who should "go and live in Cuba."
I love to listen to these sometimes. They’re pretty catchy
Anybody know where to get good conflict footage nowadays? I want to watch war reporter videos of the Syrian conflict but now since youtube is beyond cucked and 8ch is down idk where to find any.
Maybe Liveleak, peertube, or vids linked through https://syria.liveuamap.com/
His great grandson is sympathetic as well. He cucked on antisemitism though, but he's definitely /ourguy/.
Cheers, faggots.
Nice, thanks anons
BO needs to make some banners out of these.
Open file (54.20 KB 300x100 banner.png)
What's the difference between normal National Socialism and Strasserism?
Nice job, adding it now.
I'll play around with them in a while. They would probably look nice.
I'll try my best to summarize the main differences here but I'd also recommend that you check out his one work that has been translated into English, Germany Tomorrow that gives a good overview and explanation of what Strasser wanted for Germany (see >>30 for PDF).

Strasser and Race
Strasser criticizes Hitler for having too materialistic of a racial worldview. Overall Strasser viewed race as important, but not the be-all and end-all. For a good quote from Germany Tomorrow that highlights this:
<Although we do not deny our biological subordination to blood, race, and nationality, we must emphatically proclaim that the human spirit is privileged and competent to overcome this subordination...

<To the biological influences of this racial amalgam are superadded the geopolitical influences of situation, climate, diet, etc.; and, finally, the historical effects of the dispute one nation may have had with another, of internal adjustments, of personal ripening, and what not.

He believed that to a certain extent assimilation was possible (referring specifically to Jews), yet believed that a State Department of National Minorities should be established whose head would come from the largest minority group and serve as the representative of non-German citizens within the nation. Today, this might seem a bit too weak on the racial issue, but we have to keep in mind that this was written before white genocide / the great replacement had begun in earnest. While ideas of assimilation with even Jews is naive to my mind, as is the view that the "biological subordination to blood, race, and nationality" is weak, this would have been acceptable a century ago and even today would be viewed as virulently racist.

Strasser and the JQ
Much of what I talked about regarding race applies for this section as well. Strasser supported Zionism, saying
<there has been a widespread development of the movement known as Zionism, which should be supported by all ‘nation conscious’ persons and peoples as a genuine endeavour for the renovation of Judaism.
Regarding antisemitism Strasser also proudly says:
<In various parts of my Deutsche Revolution and innumerous articles in the international press I have expressed the utmost disapproval of the shameless and inhuman anti-Jewish campaign that has characterized the Hitler System; and I may also mention that as early as 1928, in a party periodical, I protested editorially against antisemitism of the Streicher brand, voicing the war-cry, ‘Antisemitism is dead. Long live the idea of the People!'
Despite this very cucked position, he at least acknowledges that a JQ exists.

Strasser and the European Federation
Strasser supported a federation of European states and renounced militarism. Member states would agree to disarm and collaborate politically, economically and culturally, celebrating their differences. This federation would be a bulwark against Bolshevism. Africa would be jointly colonized.

Strasser on Marxism
Though he is often slandered as a communist or Marxist by those who have not read about him, Strasser was vehemently opposed to it:
<For us National Socialists, of course, there is no question of Marxism being an invention of ‘the Jew Marx’ specially designed to lead the German workers into error or even into poverty. But for us Marxism is a socialism both liberal and alien, a doctrine whose liberal factors necessarily -unfit it for the upbuilding of the socialist (i.e.conservative) future, and one whose program cannot but involve it in the decline of liberalism
Open file (83.63 KB 1200x630 otto strasser.jpg)
(part 2)

Strasser on Self Sufficiency
<Autarchy, self-sufficiency, i.e. adequate domestic sources for the supply of raw materials, is a necessary antecedent to the satisfaction of the main demand of a socialist national economy — the safeguarding of the food, clothing, and shelter of the community. It is also the necessary antecedent to national freedom and popular cultural development, as is plainly shown to the German people by the issue of the world war.

<Under the capitalist system a great many ‘daily needs' are artificially developed by advertisement. Simplifying life would not mean a ‘relapse into barbarism, for culture is not dependent upon luxury or upon the gratification of needlessly created wants.

Strasser on Private Property
Along with the establishment of national autarky, Strasser advocated for a state monopoly on foreign trade and the abolition of private property in land, the means of production and raw materials. There is an interesting system called 'entail' which he proposes:
<To make this demand intelligible we must briefly distinguish between ‘private property’ [Eigentum] and ‘possession’ [Besitz].
<To have a thing as one’s ‘private property’ means that one can do what one likes with it — can sell it, injure it, or destroy it at will. To have ‘possession’ of a thing means usufruct, that one is entitled to use the thing, to exploit it, but subject to the will and supervision of another, the substantial ‘owner’, whose ‘private property’ it is.
<The proprietor of the entire German national economy will henceforward be no one other than the community at large, the whole nation. But the nation, or its organizational form the State, will not run this economy itself. It will hand the national economy over, fragmented and in ‘entail’, for exploitation by German individuals or German groups.

Profit remains a necessary driving force of the economy, though workers would be made into equal joint owners of the factories / workplaces with limited rights to administration and profit.

Strasser on Cities
<Those who understand that life in our huge tentacular towns is a danger to the human race cannot fail to regard systematic de-urbanization as urgently required for the sake of the people. De-urbanization will also be a logical consequence of the establishment of autarchy and the introduction of ‘entail’ as regards peasant farming, since both will make it necessary that Germany should be agrarianized once more
<Here it becomes appropriate to mention in passing that systematic de-urbanization in conjunction with a marginal settlement policy will be of the utmost importance to the defence of our country, inasmuch as thereby the risks to the industrial centres from aviation attacks with poison-gas and incendiary or explosive bombs will be greatly reduced through the dispersion of motive force that has now been rendered possible by the distant transmission of gas and electricity and by the local use of internal combustion engines

Strasser on Democracy
(the following is taken from this pdf >>76)
<Solidarism rejects the weaknesses of the liberal party-state as much as the terror of the totalitarian dictatorship – be it the dictatorship of a person, class or a party.
<In contrast, Solidarism proclaims the modern democracy of the corporative self-administration [ständische Selbstverwaltung], which – combined with the federal constitution and decentralized administration –is the best guarantee for the construction of a real people’s state.

I could probably go on but I've already dumped a huge text-wall on you. The big take-aways for me are the following which contrast with Hitler the most:
>race is less central to his worldview
>rejects liberal democracy and totalitarianism, allowing some form of decentralized democracy
>supports a European Federation
>rejects militarism
>there is a JQ and it can be solved through assimilation and supporting Zionism
>thoroughgoing socialism and conservatism come hand-in-hand
>the state should be decentralized

EDIT: fixed redtext
Edited last time by FashBO on 10/13/2019 (Sun) 14:49:23.
Open file (509.75 KB 1400x1400 yikes.jpg)
>>there is a JQ and it can be solved through assimilation and supporting Zionism
Yikes indeed. I don't know who would advocate for Strasser's views in-whole today. Economically it's worth considering but racially and in regards to the JQ he's shit. Anything less than taking Hitler's racial and JQ positions and incorporating them into a Strasserist framework is shit-tier
Is being gay antithetical to fascism, or does the ideology not care about it?
There’s obviously the example of Ernst Röhm in National Socialism specifically that people like to mention. Himmler though had a different view:
<Among the homosexuals there are those who take the view: what I do is nobody else’s business, it is a purely private matter. However, all things which happen in the sexual sphere are not the private affair of the individual, but impinge upon the life and death of the nation and mean world power or swissification. A people which has many children has the qualifications for world power and world domination. A people of good race which has too few children has a sure ticket for the grave, for insignificance in 50 to 100 years, for burial in two hundred and fifty years.

That said, most fascists will likely oppose it. Personally I don’t know how much effort I’d spend rooting it out compared to something like trannies but they’d have to go back in the closet, stop perverting the concept of marriage and having their proclivities spread as normal or healthy
Would being an eco facist make me a hippy, or just someone who likes animals? Would peta be considered eco facist? Cause fuck peta.
No, I would not consider PETA to be facist. Some members of greenpeaceironically named could be consider extremist animal right activists who care about nature. I think there was this one time where a few members of greenpeace put a bomb on a whaling ship and blew it up. I think it happened in 2013 or something.
However, being an extremist doesn't make one a fascist. But the glow niggers hate them so maybe they're not so bad.
Why is Soypeas burning the planet anon? This triggers me in fact of course tbh.
>But the glow niggers hate them so maybe they're not so bad.
I hate this sentiment. Anyone that prioritizes animals over human needs is a fucking faggot that should kill himself. Greenpeace attacks the general population for their warped moral crusade I don't care who likes them or hates them, doesn't mean they're good for anything.
Open file (467.86 KB 958x1200 ecofascism.png)
Open file (109.87 KB 1137x532 What is ecofascism.PNG)
>Would being an eco facist make me a hippy
Hippie, I think, is more of a term for leftist types who believe in things like free-love, engage in drug-use, New Age nonsense and are typically pacifist and anti-war. To normalfags looking at what you believe though without probing it much deeper, you might look like an extremist hippie 'treehugger' to normalfags though. For myself I'm ecofascist, pagan and hold anti-tech views and advocate for dropping out of the system, so many might think I'm a hippie but since I believe in things like hierarchy, inequality, racialism, the JQ and have nothing against violence I deviate heavily from traditional hippies though. Many other anons may hold different views from myself though so I don't know how helpful using myself as an example goes.
>, or just someone who likes animals? Would peta be considered eco facist? Cause fuck peta.
PETA is not ecofascist. They're just an extremist animal rights and pro-vegan organization. I think they go too far. I definitely think stuff like factory farming and animal-testing is degenerate but not enough for me to do anything about it. I just hope it can end one day. Destroying the techno-industrial system is a more important immediate goal. Also I don't think there is anything wrong with eating meat.

Ecofascism is a philosophy which holds the well-being of the ecosphere as a whole to be the greatest concern and adherents are willing to take extreme measures to ensure this against activities (mainly but not exclusively conducted by humans in the present age) that is detrimental to its continued well-being or even existence. Ecofascism is also part of deep ecology, which questions the very values of our consumption-oriented industrial society. This is in contrast to 'shallow' ecology, which is what the elites today preach -- recycling, buying green-colored consumer products and carting little girls to the UN to give a speech instead of doing anything.
>Anyone that prioritizes animals over human needs is a fucking faggot that should kill himself.
In general I'd agree with that sentiment. In the case of the whaling industry however, I don't have a problem with their efforts. Not that I support those soyim, nor am I sentimental about the mammals themselves. But the simple fact is that the whales serve an important purpose in the entire oceanic ecosystems, starting with the phytoplankton. Restoring the whale populations to pre-1700's whaling industry levels is in the interest of every life form on Earth, not the least of which is us.
Sorry, I guess being an amerifat and seeing all the shit glow niggers have done, ruby ridge, waco etc, has given me a really warped view on the world. A warped view of "If glow niggers hate them then maybe they are the good guys." Maybe I took the phrase, "always do opposite of what Jews say" too far.
Sometimes it's helpful to look at what the glowniggers hate to get an idea of who is an actual threat to ZOG's well-being, but whether or not that makes them /ourguys/ (for lack of a better term) is more hit or miss. It really depends on who we're talking about here. In the past with stuff like COINTELPRO the FBI was disrupting the efforts of both people like Rockwell's ANP and communist groups like the Black Panthers and the CPUSA. Today I think we can look at how ZOG is right now literally going ballistic over foreign groups like the Nordic Resistance Movement, Azov Battalion, CasaPound and National Action in the UK, wanting them to be designated foreign terrorist organizations, and be able to draw our own conclusions from that.

That leaves me conflicted on how to view Atomwaffen Division. On one hand I want literally nothing to do with them do to their Satanic O9A garbage, but the feds have literally been all over them. I think there at least a group to keep tabs on, especially since the model is spreading with the creation of things like the Feuerkrieg Division and the Sonnenkrieg Division.
Atomwaffen, from what I understand no proofs though, is many, to borrow a term, nests under one name. The problem groups are known but there are many that aren't.
That would make sense, given the fact that they’re Siegefags. I’ve never given the book a read yet (though I should) but it seems to me like the whole point is avoiding over-centralized groups, kinda like the type of “leaderless resistance” cell-model advocated for by people like Louis Beam and to an extent Breivik
Open file (55.54 KB 520x853 Db37CrGQOAc.jpg)
Which nigger picked the brown chick as this board's mascot?
I made the original back in the day. On the old board me and this one Portuguese (?) anon started posting Kuruminha a lot to piss off and drive away NatSoc fags who would sperg out and derail over the tiniest things. Building off of Kuruminha I just basically aged her up a bit and put her in a Brazilian Integralist uniform. I wanted a more distinct look too that would still represent fascism. It was honestly a ‘shitposty’ and ultimately arbitrary choice but it caught on and started getting OC
Unironically best board mascot.
I have fun making them and have been really impressed with some of the OC that /fascist/s have come off up with on their own accord, especially the first two here >>34. Who would have thought that a fascist board would be churning out art of cute anime-style Brazilian girls kek
>On the old board me and this one Portuguese (?) anon started posting Kuruminha a lot to piss off and drive away NatSoc fags who would sperg out and derail over the tiniest things.
Oh yeah, I actually remember seeing that in passing. It was pretty funny.
What is /fascist/'s take on transhumanism? I'm partially torn between considering it as the next stage of ascension for the rising ape and thinking it's degenerate modification of the human form ordained by natural circumstance.
I suppose it's a difference between wanting to live in the boundaries nature limits us too and wanting to rise above nature through artificial means.
It's a degenerate technophile fantasy as far as I'm concerned that will either lead to the enslavement of mankind at best by a tiny elite who are given access to the technologies or it will lead to the extinction of the human race. If you want to see what the real future of humanity's integration with machines is just look at how they're already trying to microchip them like animals. As I see it this is a good example of the techno-industrial system having to get more and more coercive due to the negative effects that it has on human mental and physical health. DARPA is already doing research to alter brain-states through implanting electrical implants, allegedly to "treat depression". If this is combined with some sort of Singularity Event occurring people like Kaczynski have speculated that these human-machine hybrids will only remain useful to the system for only so long as they can remain competitive with pure machines, so the biological aspects will only be retained as long as it remains useful with a good cost-benefit analysis. Technique adapts things to it and has its own logic. If you haven't already (or even if you have), (re)read Kaczynski's Industrial Society and its Future and Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How. Ellul's The Technological Society may be relevant too but I'm currently reading that so I can't fully recommend it yet with actual knowledge

I think Hitler said something in MK that mankind is foolish to think that it can ever conquer and transcend Nature.
Would it be too early to have a thread on discussing, in depth, the mosque memer's pros, cons, if he was a plant, had dubious connections, was legitimate, etc? Don't have to post the memeifesto in it, but can probably discuss points from it. I don't recall any good in depth discussions on pigchan.
I think he was /ourguy/ and was definitely an accelerationist. Everyone says he didn't mention da joos but it's obvious from the manifesto implied that they were foreign and therefore had to go.
That could be an interesting thread, feel free to make it if you want, I love to talk about this kind of stuff. As long as anons don’t get too fedposty it should be okay. I was planning to make eventually some sort of “mass shooter general” to document these guys and discuss them the pros and cons of what they’ve done, plus to follow any sort of court info.
This, I think a lot of these “sloppy job Mossad” posters are legitimate shills. We’ve never seen a freakout so big from any other shooter I could recall except for maybe Las Vegas and Parkland (both of which were very suspicious). It was obvious what his position on the Jews was if one read it closely. See my third pic for example. Reminds me of Breivik’s manifesto and people still thinking ~8 years later that he was really a Christian and a Zionist despite what was revealed at the trial and his letters telling his supporters that this was all merely a smokescreen. He did attack Utøya with Norse runes carved into his gun, naming it after Odin’s spear after all
Fedoras/Physicalists need to be banned from here. Transhumanism is just the same old mangod worship just drawn from nerds, strivers, and incels.
Open file (49.43 KB 498x413 atheists.jpg)
Based. Atheists who profess to be on our side need to realize how unnatural their worldview really is, and how it is almost exclusively the product of a certain sort of environment -- that is urbanized industrial or post-industrial societies, where urbanites are surrounded by a world of almost wholly human artifice and agency. They've been detached from nature, atomized and have been made rootless. People like to joke that there are no atheists in foxholes but the real redpill is that there are no atheists before industrialization. People might have left organized religions in pre-modern times but they never became atheists when doing so. They believed as they always had. Humans have gotten arrogant with the myth of (((progress))) and technology. This isn't even to touch on the fact that atheists have no transcendent basis for morality and that most historical atheist / materialist schools of thought have been utterly degenerate hedonists (Charvaka, Epicureans)

People like to fight over pagans versus Christianity but the truth is that's it spirituality in general versus atheists.
You got the pic of Tarrant kayaking?
It's not about "believing"in God. For us, it's about recognizing telology in nature and rejecting Cartesianism. For Dawkins and redditors, they behave as if evolution being a thing thst happens means they don't need need to accept telology. Read Feser for more on this.
>I was planning on making a mass shooter general
That sounds like a better idea, honestly.
Any books in particular?
I can make it here in a bit unless you’d like to do it.
A Vquita has more value than a bugmen nigger
My theory behind him is he is someone who finally fucking snapped. There is only so much shit a man can take before things start to crack. Its a shame he got blinded by the presence of pests than go after those who legislated them in, at least in my eyes.

One hell of a show though.
Open file (100.22 KB 525x493 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (125.42 KB 546x735 ClipboardImage.png)
Pics related were my favorite parts of the manifesto. People like to say it was all memes but I really understood what he was saying in this part. I visited some European capitals a few years ago and was stunned.
Before the pigpen went down, I remember reading in a thread somewhere
>everybody wants whites to start shooting
There’s a thread up now btw if you missed it >>575
We're on the same page, I was referring to that bit.
Open file (52.94 KB 640x638 mutt.jpg)
Open file (25.69 KB 242x257 cutebrowngirl.jpg)
Open file (79.05 KB 1280x720 amerimutt.jpeg)
Hey /fascist/ I got a question for you. What would you advise multi-racials in the United States do? I have no intentions to do what the kikes intend me to do but I also don't want to be killed by the fascists whennot if they take power. I recall someone asking this on /pol/ and getting a bunch of glow nigger responses such as "kill ur self lol" so please try to take my question serious. Also, for reference my racial background is Mexican mother and White father.
I am witnessing the degradation of a family member. Unfortunately I have my hands tied and can only watch the modern parasite leech into their innocent mind. What would one do during this? I'm sticking through it and once all this weight is off my shoulders I will go straight for the jugular and try to rehabilitate them.
I can't bring myself to view mixed-race people as white, but this doesn't mean that I see them as total subhumans that I want nothing to do with. Some more hardcore ethnonationalists may disagree with me, but I view people like you who are aware of the JQ, the problems of democracy, degeneracy and race realism to be to an extent allies in this struggle. I've used the argument IRL that blacks are just as much the victims of globohomo, especially here in the United States, as we are here. Blacks are used as shock troops and are very susceptible to being controlled via their lower passions and other materialistic means. Some people may think that is a cucked "based mutt" position for me to take, but the situation here in the US is a mess. It's a multicultural pseudo-nation on the verge of losing anything European at all with it. I support Rockwell's position of forming alliances with non-white nationalist movements. Despite this, I wouldn't support race-mixing with whites, not that I can stop you, it's just how I personally feel.

I don't know how groups IRL treat people like you, it might depend on the group. I don't know how many non-cucked groups there are that accept non-whites.
Are you able to talk to them despite having your hands tied or are you completely helpless right now? How much you can do really depends on whether they are male or female too. If they're female I wouldn't be completely blackpilled but I feel that they are less susceptible to reasoning than a male would be. Whatever you do, try not to just meet them with just anger when you're finally able to try to help them, show them you truly care and want to see them better, be able to rationally explain why what they're doing is bad for himself and for others. Good luck anon
You sound like a complete faggot, proceed to get a rope and kill yourself. I have never met such a pandering faggot virtue signalling to inbred armchair politicians that hate him before. If you want to join the club, you have to get gangbanged by 4 men while reading the mein kampf.
>file name
I bet you think Hitler had brown eyes too
If that were to even ever happen it would involve many individuals such as yourself. The truth is alliances like >>615 pointed out are very likely the only path to power.

You should also check out BAP's latest essay if you haven't already:
Thanks for the quality responses, guys. I've personally never seen myself as a White person nor a Mexican but instead a "Mutt". Perhaps a Mutt ethnostate could exist like flip land? You know, since most flips are of Spanish and Asian descent. What would you advise that Mutts do in terms of a family? Reproduce with other Mutts?
I don't know what kind of file you posted but I am happy to know that you took some time out of your lunch hour to respond to my post, Mr. CIA.
>I don't know what kind of file you posted
It was some sort of gay art of Hitler and Stalin looking lovingly into each others eyes while Hitler was blushing a bit and seemed submissive to Stalin. The filename was something about the lie that Hitler had one testicle.
Oh. Thanks for clearing that up, BO. I just wish you didn't have a negative view on anime, but I understand why you do.

Speaking of that, what kind of video games does /fascist/ play? I am currently playing Far Cry 2 and Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. I would recommend CDDA since it's free although you could """legally""" obtain Far Cry 2 through certain means. Also there's the most recent Spyro game and that has to do with ethno-nationalism but I haven't played it.
>I just wish you didn't have a negative view on anime, but I understand why you do.
It's not entirely negative. I stand by what I said in the thread though. If someone wants to watch a show every now and then, whatever, I do that myself. I don't care enough to ban anime posters or anything, because at the end of the day this is just an imageboard and we have an anime-style mascot (that I designed) as the board-tan kek.
>what kind of video games does /fascist/ play?
Mostly just Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, Minecraft and older COD games like World at War
>lso there's the most recent Spyro game and that has to do with ethno-nationalism but I haven't played it.
Careful bro you'll be shooting up a mosque if you take the Spyropill
Open file (4.59 MB 306x235 IMG_5469.GIF)
>believing any person that contradicts your opinion is cia
Not only are you retarded but also schizophrenic as well, take your meds. You have more to worry about regarding your cuck fetish for your white sex masters to have sympathy for you like a faggot than ebil cia niggers on this forum, faggot. The jannies deleted the hitler photo because it revealed their gay fantasy about hitler.

That was a mandela effect, doesn’t change the fact that hitler was a huge meth addict. Maybe start being high on crack and meth and you’ll be an aryan super saiyan cracker just like him
Took time off to see you sucking white penises for sympathy points. Keep sucking harder faggot
I am offended by your post
Samefag. I know your hopping behiind 2 ip’s, dick licker
Obvious gay ops and IP hopping
Open file (46.33 KB 560x532 IMG_5984.JPG)
We know you’re the one ip hopping, homo.
>World at War
y tho
I mainly play it for the Zombies mode. The original maps were the best before they added all sorts of stuff in Black Ops and ruined in Black Ops 2. Black Ops with original zombie maps is fun though.
Open file (677.48 KB 1500x999 1567927357465.jpg)
I miss having bros to play online fps with. Drifted apart from them and now servers don't exist any more it's single serving players who are all on dataminer any way.
Open file (435.74 KB 756x1008 strangeblackpills.jpg)
Open file (47.84 KB 474x632 grafzeppplin.jpeg)
Hey /fascist/! Cross posting from your friends over at /monster/.
I have a question regarding regarding these black pills I found in my grandma's purse. I don't know what they are so I was hoping you could help me identify them. An anon back over on /monster/ said they were activated carbon/charcoal pills. Ignore all the other pills besides the black ones as I have already identified them. Get back to me when you can, /fascist/.
t. /monster/
Open file (134.82 KB 1080x912 0uzds37-gio.jpg)
They're titty skittles.
Thanks for the answer.
Make a throwaway reddit account and go ask on one of their medicine boards. They will know and give you a real answer.

Yes I use Reddit when I have a question they can answer. No I don't give a fuck what you think. If you need an answer you get an answer, you don't jerk off your e peen as to how pure you are towards the 4/8/julaychans.
Stop stealing your Grandmother's pain pills faggot.
Why are you in Grandma's purse?
I wasn't. When I was in her room helping her get into to bed she reached into her purse and pulled out the bottle you see in the image and opened them up. She dropped them when was opening them and those black pills spilled out. Sorry, I worded my original post very poorly as to imply that I searched my grandma's purse.
Any WW2 game where I can't play as the axis is automatically shit for me
I wish there was a Killzone game where you could play as the helghast. I haven't played it but I've heard that the helghast in the later games were turned into cookie cutter villains. Apparently the devs took issue with people sympathizing with the helghast because they were just meant to be "le spece nazis". Truthfully, games from generation 6 like Halo and Killzone dropped some serious red pills. A game where you could play as the axis would be pretty cool too. Like exclusively from their perspective.
Open file (11.12 MB 1280x720 killzone intro.webm)
Killzone multiplayer was super fun on the ps4. It's a shame I've lost contact with people I used to play online games with as it would of made a good chips and dip game. Now it's all battle royale stuff and there's no decent class based shooters or even arena shooters to hang out together playing.
interesting edited video
How long until we become the largest board on Julay?
>games from generation 6 like Halo and Killzone dropped some serious red pills
Care to share some
Not that anon but Killzone fucked up the lore so bad the Nazi faction looked innocent compared to the space USA which nuked their home world.

Halo's lore is super deep and you could take it as red pilling if you wanted. Elites being betrayed and replaced by literal apes could be seen as European replacement by the Jews. UNSC came into power via emergency rules like the patriot act and then took over. But behind it is a shadow government called Oni which really control things.

It depends how you view it I guess.
Is there any non cucked decent /pol/ board remaining anywhere? I actually found /fascist/ after being linked to the /cow/ thread exposing the alt chan federation and having a look around the site. I had been using 16 and nein like a retard.

I mean this board is great but is everyone else just waiting for 8kun? It won't even have a /pol/
I think a lot of anons are worried it's gonna be nothing but qboomers and feds. I'm not going back and I know a lot of others aren't either. I guess I'll just stay here, it's always been a little slow anyway.
>I mean this board is great but is everyone else just waiting for 8kun? It won't even have a /pol/
Will 8kun really not have a /pol/? If that’s true it might not even be worth going back. I’m super wary of the whole thing honestly and agree with >>797 for the most part – there is a very big chance that 8kun will be a pure fed / qoomer haven, especially since it seems like they’ll be catering towards the latter. Honestly I have no issues with this more decentralized webring model. This site is comfy. I wish we did have a good /pol/ though. I miss it. There is >>>/n/ though but I think it’s pretty dead.
/pol/ has been shit for years now, it's served it's purpose and continues on because no one will turn the lights off.

The webring is doing a better job of being 8ch than 8ch did at the end of it's life and it's much more secure against any sort of attack from a little crippled fuck.

If 8kun does come back it's already fucked any way. We know the ZOG will be on there and no one with any sense will post on it. I would rather use websites like Reddit and forums to discuss anything non-political and have a place like this to discuss politics via a VPN. It stops the FBI being able to build a profile on you as easy. Which they ere obviously trying to do on 8ch.
8kun was briefly online a while ago before the cripple had it deplatformed again I guess. Anons who visited it report virtually every old board was there but /pol/ wasn't, despite
being one of the biggest boards. It's not 100% that it won't be there but it's not a good sign. Why would they go through the trouble of rebranding their entire chan if they were just going to continue as usual? I'm absolutely convinced they're cutting /pol/

I was referencing 8/pol/ as an example of a good /pol/. Wasn't talking about 4/pol/ which has indeed been aids for ages.
8kun came up as a test. and before 8ch went down /pol/ was a delisted board.

And no, 8/pol/ was a pile of shite too. Mark was a moderator for it and Kampfy destroyed 8/pol/ so bad it never recovered.
8pol had a general low post quality for a while prior to the shutdown of the site due to the prevalence of schizos and fed posters. I remember how virtually every thread had accusations of dnc, glow posting, etc.
Sounds like dnc and glow posting to me :^)

You're correct. 8ch was unusable for the last year of it's life. It was paranoid wrecks shouting at each other and infographs. There was nothing of value there and most good users left for another board long before.
They just brought 8kun online and like I suspected, there's no /pol/. It's not just delisted. If you add it to the url, the site just displays "e0001". Not sure what that means considering a random sequence in the URL just returns 404.

The clearnet address 8kun.net doesn't load atm but the onion does.

> the prevalence of schizos and fed posters. I remember how virtually every thread had accusations of dnc, glow posting, etc.

I'm confused as you seem to be complaining about the fed-posting and the paranoia about fed-posting simultaneously

So where did they go?

Looking at the last snapshot right now, I just don't see what you guys are seeing. It had activity and a lot of unique effort threads. Much better than any other comparable board I've ever encountered.
I should add though that Ron said the board migration is still on-going
>The clearnet address 8kun.net doesn't load atm but the onion does.
Might be a brainlet question, but what is the onion address? If there's no /pol/ that basically kills all interest I had in it. This board is fine and has enough activity for a community tbh.
The access points are all listed here: isitwetyet.com/8kun/

> If there's no /pol/ that basically kills all interest I had in it.

Yeah same to be honest. I'm still gonna have a look around to see if anything worthwhile pops up.

Also fun fact, every single thread and reply currently has a disclaimer saying "Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.".
>no /pol/
there are only 59 boards online currently. I'm sure they will migrate the rest too.
Open file (39.84 KB 949x547 ClipboardImage.png)
>Also fun fact, every single thread and reply currently has a disclaimer
Wow, you're right. I wonder if that will stay, it's kinda unsightly. I'll definitely check out the site when it comes up but my hopes aren't high
The schizos will love that disclaimer.

You're right but ultimately they obviously started with the big, popular boards which are all there as far as I can tell. But they could be delaying the release of the more controversial boards until things have settled after the initial release.

Also the boomers can't find Q
Oh fuck me
Unless they've changed their mind (or if I was fed false info) they're being gay and only transferring boards over if the BOs email their shared secrets to some address I believe. I don't know if I have my shared secret. I swore I had saved it. They should really just restore something like the top ~200 or so most active boards and let them retain their usernames and passwords for the BOs to use. I'd really hate to have to start from scratch again with zero threads in the catalog. That said though, I probably need to start looking for a replacement BO eventually since my time to start ZOGbotting will start eventually and I won't be able to run any place as autistically as I do now
Open file (91.27 KB 470x595 DEVIL PEPE.jpg)
I hope some madman is sitting there all loaded up with a manifesto ready to go to drop on day one just for the lulz.
Open file (33.68 KB 633x228 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (37.21 KB 646x222 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (22.92 KB 626x214 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (98.63 KB 637x631 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (289.77 KB 627x465 ClipboardImage.png)
>time to start ZOGbotting
Why lad?
Where would you go to host /pol/ specific OC of the prose variety?

> he willingly goes to die for Israel
Why would you do this?
It's pragmatic. The main thing is that I refuse to spend the rest of my life wage-slaving for the Jew. Now ZOGbotting is certainly working for the Jew, but in doing so I gain benefits that I would not otherwise get, mainly skills, greater fitness, weapons-training and cheap living expenses while I earn money. It's worth undertaking for those reasons. Afterwards is when I go off-the-grid finally. Stuff will be getting rough in the US by 2030 and I hope to have fully dropped out of mainstream society by then. Everything in the US is working for the Jew, whether you're filling his coffers or killing for him overseas. All participate, whether directly or indirectly.
Edited last time by FashBO on 11/02/2019 (Sat) 18:40:57.
You'd be wise to be in either the navy or the air force. That way your chance of dying is lowered by quite a bit, that is if you didn't pick a retarded rate like MA or SO.
Assuming you're a white man any career you go into this way is going to leave you at the mercy of nigger whores pushing you around.
>You'd be wise to be in either the navy or the air force.
Don’t worry I’ve already been thinking down the same line you’re suggesting. What I ultimately picked was out of those two.
I know exactly what I’m getting into. I probably will hate it but it’s honestly better to the monotonous future of wage-slaving that would otherwise come.
>I'm confused as you seem to be complaining about the fed-posting and the paranoia about fed-posting simultaneously
My point is that it was a vicious cycle. Regardless of whether any poster in a thread was, in fact, a fed, the thread would go to shit because of accusations. While it is undeniable that there was fedposting going on, my estimation is the vast majority of posters were not feds. The feds did just enough to make themselves out to be boogeymen, and the retarded userbase did the rest of the work witch-hunting each other.
Aside from that as another anon pointed out, there was lots of infograph dumping and other low quality posts aside from the glownigger accusations.
What are good names for a third positionist political party?
Sitting duck or fish in a barrel.

The system cannot fix the system's problems.
There's local skills you could learn. Lots of old churches need sand stone masons able to repair them and keep history alive. Being shot by some nigger you pull over for a broken tail light doesn't help your people.

feds are more likely to go for positions of power which require them to post as part of the community. I'll drop a good article in the articles thread.
and what better solution do you propose?
Open file (5.33 KB 297x270 ClipboardImage.png)
"National Harmony Movement"

To break down my choice of each element though:
Signifies that the movement stands for the ideal of the nation and nationalism

This is my Confucian side coming out (all /fascist/s should read up on him). The notion of harmony presupposes some sort of diversity of elements within the society, in this case of social roles, hierarchy, classes, etc working together as a single harmonious, organic whole. This is purely fascistic. To give some quotes from a paper titled The Confucian Ideal of Harmony (https://www.jstor.org/stable/4488054):
<Harmony can take place between individuals at the level of the family, the community, the nation, and the world. This may include harmony between societies, harmony within a society with different ethnic groups (or political parties), harmony within the same ethnic group with different kin, and harmony among the same kin. Harmony also can take place between human beings and the natural universe.
<For Confucians, the difference between harmony and disharmony is like that between right and wrong, good and bad, and success and failure. [......] When persons and things are engaged in a healthy, stable interplay and each gets its due, this is deemed harmony, and the opposite as disharmony. When a plant is harmonized with its surroundings it thrives; when one is harmonized with one's environment, one flourishes. The ideal of an individual is to harmonize not only with one's own person but also with other individuals. The ideal of a society is to harmonize not only with the society but also with other societies. The human ideal is to achieve harmony not only among the members of the human community but with the rest of the cosmos as well.
Plus the idea of harmony makes me think of an orchestra playing beautiful music together. What we need:
What we have in clownworld:

The current concept of a political party implies division and gridlock in parliaments and congressional bodies. The term 'movement' signifies action, energy, unity of purpose in one direction and is a rejection of the party-system in its entirety. National Harmony is not achieved through splitting the nation along party, class and religious lines.

I'm not sure what symbol would be appropriate though. If I was Chinese or Japanese I'd use pic related but you have to choose something culturally appropriate that resonates with the people.
I suggest you work around a collapsing system so you're prepared and organized with like minded people to live through the strife of a collapsed state.

You may wish to speed up the collapse or move to a remote area to avoid the worst of it.
How often do you troll these days by going to places you know are liberal hug boxes and just posting your honest responses to their shit?
I don't. I go to their hugboxes and parrot their exact notions, except that I always spell out the obvious false or malicious subtext to all their posts and laugh at them denying their own beliefs the moment they see a mirror.
These days, not much. The main places I used to fuck around were on Reddit and Youtube. Nowadays they'll delete your message immediately if you use certain keywords (I've noticed this on Youtube). The last few times I've made throwaway Reddit accounts for stuff like this I've been shadowbanned or flagged as a bot within the first hour. The one place that is still good to troll is /leftypol/ though, especially since they think they have fascist ideology understood perfectly though in reality they're just as braindead as the average boomer who calls Antifa 'fascist'. As long as you're not to inflammatory and actually post a somewhat serious post you can easily derail entire threads on /leftypol/ by posting as a fascist or (and this is my personal favorite thing to do) by acting as the biggest communist stereotype as possible, saying that everyone should be killed who isn't 100% on board with the Marxist program such as all religious people, right-wingers and their families or how mass-surveillance is necessary to the proletarian state so as to have strict labor discipline at all times and to observe anti-communist activities.
Open file (60.57 KB 756x553 kikes then and now.jpg)
Has anyone been able to pin down the genuine origins of the jew? I ask because I've heard too many conflicting views and my interest in ancient Mesopotamia has caused me to dread if any kikes were involved in such civilizations.
If you haven't read it, read Rosenberg's The Track of the Jew Through the Ages for a good overview of Jewish tricks and behavior throughout history. He draws his sources from many, many historians and academics, most of them Jewish. To sum up what he says about the Jews in ancient times, it's clear that even before the Exile the Jews had already been a cosmopolitan people, leaving their homeland to settle in Mesopotamia (Babylon is specific he mentions too), Asia Minor, the Ionian Islands and as far West as Spain, where they apparently arrived with the Phoenicians. To touch on Mesopotamia in particular again, Rosenberg asserts that even before the Exile Jewish banking houses could be found in the region. Wherever there was a great place of trade or a seaside port, the Jews trickled in. A good example of ancient Jewish influence far-flung from Israel that he gives a Bible verse that mentions a Jewish eunuch in charge of all of the treasure of the Ethiopian queen (Acts 8:27). I haven't really investigated this topic much myself, but it might be helpful if you look at Michael Hoffman's huge book on the Jews (Judaism Discovered), it covers everything and I frequently consult it myself. The PDF was too big for me to attach directly but here's an upload of it I just made. I do know that the Jews borrowed almost everything about their religion from either Mesopotamian or Zoroastrian sources though so make of that what you will.
What does it mean to surf the Kali Yuga? Is it essentially just the hindu version of over man?
I've seen all three tapes and read through the Augureye Express page a bit and still can't grasp it.
/fascist/, what are the most successful non-white countries in the world? Also what has been the most successful /fascist/ country?
>What does it mean to surf the Kali Yuga?
As I understand it the Kali Yuga should be envisioned as a great tidal wave rolling towards you. You either get subsumed by it and drown or you can face it proactively like a surfer ready to assault a wave.

I think (?) Evola might be the origin, though I’m not sure what book. In The Metaphysics of War I remember that he uses some sort of wave metaphor in places but I don’t think its principally from that book.
How do you guys feel about being mentioned in Slate?
It's only mentioned off handedly along with other places.
IIRC /fascist/ was already name-dropped back when it was on 8chan too.
Open file (47.02 KB 766x304 ClipboardImage.png)
For anyone who clicks this link and has it 404, replace "dataminer" with "dis.cord" (minus the period) in the URL. Sorry for that. Maybe I should remove the worldfilter. Also, archived
This isn't the first time that we've been mentioned in the media or by similar organizations. Right after the "Garlic shooting" a few months ago David Brock's Media Matters mentioned us as a location where users were apparently recommending Ragnar Redbeard's Might Is Right. See this post >>72 for more on that. Slate's a pretty big outlet though so we likely have more eyes on this place than I first thought, which isn't completely surprising. If this tells us anything though it's PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY. Eventually they're going to start imprisoning people for these beliefs. Out of all of this though, I don't want to be responsible for hurting the reputation of JulayWorld so I feel a bit bad for bringing /fascist/ here. Eventually I think we need to explore subsidiary locations that can be used either in place of or in tandem with this board since JulayWorld is for all intents and purposes the main and only surviving version of /fascist/.

All of this said, I hope the Jews and glowniggers who browse this board have learned much from our shitflinging over anime and how India was once a great bastion of our race.
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Open file (27.54 KB 431x388 strongest.gif)
>If this tells us anything though it's PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY.
It bears repeating often but anons still refuse to take the steps to do this.
>Eventually they're going to start imprisoning people for these beliefs.
This is my worry. In the last couple of decades I've seen a big shift in what the MSM is pushing. We've gone from pointing at China and saying they're evil for having a Great Firewall to building one ourselves in the west. I've shitposted here before by uploading a picture of a book I own. I never said if agreed with the book or talked about my politics but just owning it is enough to have me labeled as a wrong thinker.
>Out of all of this though, I don't want to be responsible for hurting the reputation of JulayWorld so I feel a bit bad for bringing /fascist/ here.
You shouldn't feel bad. The entire point of this place is to allow all types of speech. If someone disagrees with your speech they should be able to convince others with well reasoned arguments.
>Eventually I think we need to explore subsidiary locations that can be used either in place of or in tandem with this board since JulayWorld is for all intents and purposes the main and only surviving version of /fascist/.
We've encouraged BOs to set-up their own sites and join the webring to prevent the same situation that happened with 8chan. You have a home here as long as you need or want it but more imageboards in the webring means less points of failure.

My only concern is the slim chance I'll ever have to go before congress. I'm not looking forward to doing Cirno cosplay in front of the country.
>I've shitposted here before by uploading a picture of a book I own. I never said if agreed with the book or talked about my politics but just owning it is enough to have me labeled as a wrong thinker.
I remember that post I think. It was the one with Ted Kaczynski's book and GLR's iirc. Tbh even if you hadn't posted that (regardless of what you think of those men and their beliefs), the mere fact of having boards like /fascist/ or any non-pro-lefty / anti-NWO content on this site is enough to get you smeared as every 'evil' thing in the book. It's only going to get worse. Shit will really go down in the 2020s starting with the election next year. They're gonna sanitize as much as they can. Hate speech laws will come soon after. Hopefully I'll be innawoods by then.
>My only concern is the slim chance I'll ever have to go before congress. I'm not looking forward to doing Cirno cosplay in front of the country.
Hopefully it won't come to that. Luckily /fascist/ in particularly has never glowed too hard. Still, if you ever have to go in front of Congress you better represent us all well in your finest animegao.

Keep up the good work, admin-sama
Some journo kike namedropped this board on slate. I thought you should know. http://archive.li/ibyXD
(((April Glaser))). Definitely a Jewess.

Apart from that though, I wonder how long they've had their eyes on this place and how often they browse it. We only have a handful of users and even that varies from day to day. Most of our discussion is metapolitical or esoteric at this point. To think that even that scares them lol. I'm at least happy that some influential figures in the ZOG establishment are forced to read my textwalls and WE WUZ essays I churn out here.
Is this where all of pigchan went? How is it culturally different from regular /pol/?
Hello journokike. Unfortunately for you most of /pol and nu-/pol/ fled to encrypted channels on telegram and le ebil darkweb. Good luck finding them now :^).
They went to dataminer.
I would add to this by reminding you to keep the onion link somewhere safe. If the cripple kike starts coming after us we will probably need to go Tor for a bit.
Edited last time by robi on 11/13/2019 (Wed) 20:42:13.
Open file (66.87 KB 633x546 ClipboardImage.png)
Good idea to have the link saved, just did so. I hope that faggot never sets his sights on here but who knows what he'll do when he tires of fucking with 8kun and crying about Jim. I'm sure he has an extremely broad definition of "terrorist" though (pic rel.)
He already declared me a heathen.
<copypaste> This message serves as notice that you have been mentioned in a resolution of the #8chan Sovereign Government, Resolution No. 3 series of 2019, promulgated 9 November 2019, https://pastebin.com/ifugpjmC
<copypaste> Resolution to declare the user with the registered Rizon nickname `robi` persona non grata, to amend Resolution No. 2, and for other purposes (including defining the crime of trahir-majesté)
<robi> nigger
>that entire pastebin link
That is some advanced LARP
Open file (108.59 KB 1508x631 1573666492772.png)
TL;DR: Hindus believe that civilization goes through cycles with 4 stages. And one of the stages as defined thousands of years ago, has a lot of traits ascribed to it that the early 21st century happens to have, too.
>I hope that faggot never sets his sights on here
the cripple is just an useful idiot in that game and what happens depends not at all on what he wants or does.
>>1148 Anyone interested in the Kali Yuga should take a look at the main parts of the Srimad-Bhagavatam that discuss the symptoms of this age. It's even more shocking to hear it in the words of the authors themselves. Here are some select quotes. If you click on the links below you can also go to each verse and read a discussion of it by the translator. There's some good stuff about Kalki in those sections as well: SYMPTOMS OF THE KALI YUGA 12.2.2 >In Kali-yuga, wealth alone will be considered the sign of a man's good birth, proper behavior and fine qualities. And law and justice will be applied only on the basis of one's power. 12.2.3 >Men and women will live together merely because of superficial attraction, and success in business will depend on deceit. Womanliness and manliness will be judged according to one's expertise in sex, and a man will be known as a brāhmaṇa just by his wearing a thread. 12.2.4 >A person's spiritual position will be ascertained merely according to external symbols, and on that same basis people will change from one spiritual order to the next. A person's propriety will be seriously questioned if he does not earn a good living. And one who is very clever at juggling words will be considered a learned scholar. 12.2.5 >A person will be judged unholy if he does not have money, and hypocrisy will be accepted as virtue. Marriage will be arranged simply by verbal agreement, and a person will think he is fit to appear in public if he has merely taken a bath. 12.2.7 >As the earth thus becomes crowded with a corrupt population, whoever among any of the social classes shows himself to be the strongest will gain political power. 12.3.25 > In the Kali age people tend to be greedy, ill-behaved and merciless, and they fight one another without good reason. Unfortunate and obsessed with material desires, the people of Kali-yuga are almost all śūdras and barbarians. 12.3.30 >When there is a predominance of cheating, lying, sloth, sleepiness, violence, depression, lamentation, bewilderment, fear and poverty, that age is Kali, the age of the mode of ignorance. 12.3.31 >Because of the bad qualities of the age of Kali, human beings will become shortsighted, unfortunate, gluttonous, lustful and poverty-stricken. The women, becoming unchaste, will freely wander from one man to the next. 12.3.32: >Cities will be dominated by thieves, the Vedas will be contaminated by speculative interpretations of atheists, political leaders will virtually consume the citizens, and the so-called priests and intellectuals will be devotees of their bellies and genitals. 12.3.37 > In Kali-yuga men will be wretched and controlled by women. They will reject their fathers, brothers, other relatives and friends and will instead associate with the sisters and brothers of their wives. Thus their conception of friendship will be based exclusively on sexual ties. 12.3.42 > Men will no longer protect their elderly parents, their children or their respectable wives. Thoroughly degraded, they will care only to satisfy their own bellies and genitals. https://vanisource.org/wiki/SB_12.2:_The_Symptoms_of_Kali-yuga https://vanisource.org/wiki/SB_12.3:_The_Bhumi-gita
Edited last time by FashBO on 01/11/2020 (Sat) 16:25:33.
>Hello journokike. Unfortunately for you most of /pol and nu-/pol/ fled to encrypted channels on telegram and le ebil darkweb. Good luck finding them now :^).
Nah, that's megu/pol/. I'm guessing they either came here or went back to cuckchan.
He's mad?
Open file (150.80 KB 1323x744 aryan-migration.jpg)
Accurate as ever. And to think this was written approximately 3800 years ago when the worthless proto Jews were still dwelling in caves and indulging in incest and sex with animals.

The interesting thing is that most of the ruling caste of india were most likely indo-european yamnayan pastoralists i.e white aryans who spread their language, being phonetically indo-european, going as far as creating sanskrit and the caste system.

Genetic evidence has also proven that migration to ancient India was from these peoples genetically, and not the reverse. David Reich wrote a very interesting book about it.
>The interesting thing is that most of the ruling caste of india were most likely indo-european yamnayan pastoralists i.e white aryans who spread their language, being phonetically indo-european, going as far as creating sanskrit and the caste system.
This is what I’ve been trying to impart to people for a while now. Some people just can’t look beyond the non-white political entity of India of today and into the Aryan-ruled subcontinent from millennia ago unfortunately. I won’t preach to the choir since you’re probably aware of most of what I’ll say, but people are missing out on so much by ignoring the great Aryan civilizations of the East. Much of their ancient philosophy has dozens of parallels with Greek philosophy in concepts, they produced tons of epic literature with an undeniably Aryan spirit and preserved the traditional caste system from Indo-European society in its fullest form. Everyone should study them. The most saddening thing is when I have people disparage my recommendations that they read the Bhagavad Gita – a book of the purest Aryan wisdom and spirit. Far more enlightening than the Bible or any other Semitic ramblings. It is unironically one of the greatest products of the Aryan race yet it is all too frequently seen as just a “shitskin book” today by plebs. Even many of the well-known ancient figures were white, Siddharta Gautama (an Aryan kshatriya) most notably.

What was the name of the book you mentioned?
Edited last time by FashBO on 11/14/2019 (Thu) 14:42:51.
Not him but I think the book is Who We Are and How We Got Here by David Reich (The map is from that book). It is a genecist's confirmation of the work that had been done by the linguists in the spread of the Indo-European languages. It is ironic that David Reich is a jew whose father was a Holocaust museum director.
Has anyone else stopped debating normalfags on fascism and just started telling them they're wrong and retarded? It's much more cathartic to just say what I'm actually thinking in relation to this because I'm done trying to go to lengths to give an in depth explanationn to them only to have them talk about "muh Mengele, muh joo camps." I didn't want to fall to the thought that they truly are npcs or lemmings but I can't ignore it now because that's exactly how I see them.
>I think the book is Who We Are and How We Got Here by David Reich
Thank you. When I first replied to that post I had googled Reich's name but I wasn't completely sure whether that was the correct book or not. I'll have to pick it up, it looks like it will be one of those rare good books by a Jew, especially useful in refuting the Indian nationalists who claim that Sanskrit is indigenous to India and that Indus Valley Civilization was the foundation of later Aryan culture on the Subcontinent. The whole situation makes me think of some future where brown skinned mutts are claiming that they were the constructors of the former greatness of our civilization.

For anyone interested in a pdf, here you goys go.
>>1234 (nice digits)
I think you may like this thread that I made a week or so ago >>919. I think it's important to always keep your cool in debating with normalfags and most importantly to pick and choose your battles. There are certain types of people who I don't see worth arguing with, and that includes women and non-whites. I think another important thing is that usually one is not debating to change the mind of who you are arguing with, but rather to silently plant the seeds in the minds of potential bystanders.

I recently had a discussion where, while I kept my cool, I later realized that I had focused far too heavily on putting down the boot in society. It was only through discussing and later reflecting on my performance that I realized that I had totally neglected the more positive aspects of fascism and the third position. The number one reason why I think it is more fruitful, if you find yourself in a debate / argument situation, to always argue even when it seems like you're fighting with a wall, to give it your all and never just resort to saying that "you're wrong" or other ad hominems, is that through argument and debate you strengthen your own skills. As you've probably realized yourself, Internet debates are nothing like real-life discussions. If they're totally disingenuous just walk away and don't waste your breath. The truth is that most people are total empty-headed retards who have become Jews in all but form. Call them either hylics, NPCs, śūdras or whatever, but most of the time it really is an uphill battle not worth one's time except for working out those argument muscles.
Yeah that's the book, but paradoxically david is pretty much a harvard kike that pushes the fake out of Africa theory which is ironically not supported by any real DNA evidence at all so take assertions with a grain of salt and use for what it's worth. But the gene maps in it is interesting on their own.

Seeing how rare such books are today of course they can't tell the whole truth in academia(especially in harvard, or else people would instantly know we're not equal and that the concept of racial equality is completely dis-proven bullshit, which it is now beyond any doubt.


This is probably one of the most important recent studies done that basically proves separate evolution took place on earth, findings are modern white DNA when analyzed is that Whites virtually don't share the same ancestral DNA with Africans and at the same time scientifically disproves the factless out of africa propaganda, also time period, for each race is different caucasian/white is older, and other races are actually younger in terms of ancestry, which we can pretty safely assume directly relates to physical form and evolutional development.

In terms of OOA the reverse like in India has now been pretty much proven or seen as more likely in Africa, which provides the actual evidence for the idea that Whites were actually the first Modern human/Homo sapiens, and not the dark races.

Furthermore separate evolution and species is physically supported by older anthropological evidence such as skull shape and physiology. Since within the last 60 000 years, there have been at least 4 different hominid subspecies alive at the same time on earth: Sapiens, Neanderthalensis, Denisovans and Floresiensis.

But none of these kike scientists will take into direct account, address or announce that these different species have shaped the different human races and created different animals like in nature. Rather they gatekeep it behind assigned numbers and digits. They have all clouded and censored this because of cultural marxist bs.

Also the dishonesty of these researchers shows when they heavily convolute the information and do not publish this sensation in layman's terms. Not even a proper summary conclusion.

Also the impact of haplogroups and other genes not being equal to eachother by not being found in different races compared to eachother have such a huge effect on us as animals, for example; Chimps have 96 percent similarity to our DNA sequence, even minute percentages (4%) totally change the entire makeup and form of an animal, human included. Therefore minute perfentage differences in Y-DNA and mtDNA such as om ancestral dna(haplogroup) has an undeniable effect on animals/like humans. It changes everything.

"Critical datapoint has emerged that disproves the “Out of Africa” concept; specifically, recent data shows that non-African people have neither M91, P97, M31, P82, M23, M114, P262, M32, M59, P289, P291, P102, M13, M171, M118 (hap-logroup A and its subclades SNPs), nor M60, M181, P90 (hap-logroup B SNPs) in their Y-chromosomes. In fact, according to the data obtained from the “Walk Through the Y” (chromosome) international project conducted by Family Tree DNA (Texas and Arizona) [see Appendix] not one non-African participant out of more than 400 individuals in the Project tested positive to any of thirteen “African” sub- clades of haplogroup A, SNPs for which indicated above. "

"non-African people, bearers of haplogroups from C to T, did not descend from the “African” haplogroups A or B. Their origin is likely not in Africa. A higher variance of the DNA in Africa, which was a cornerstone of the “Out of Africa” theory, is explained by Figure 3, in which haplogroup A has been evolving (mutation-wise) for 132,000 years, while the non-European haplogroups are much younger. Based on palaeoarchaeological evidence, the region, where anatomically modern humans have likely originated, is com- prised of a vast territory from Central Europe in the west to the Russian Plain in the east to Levant in the south."
Do you have any suggestions on how one would start to get into this stuff through self-study? My scientific knowledge of race and genetics is pretty much nothing and that's directly to my detriment. I've always seen race as so self-evident that I've never really really felt the need to research it. My line of thinking has always been that it's completely laughable for humans to have been geographically separated from one another for millennia in vastly differing environments for no changes to take place, especially in behavior and intelligence. And then there are obviously things like differing facial structures and how bone marrow matters when it comes to donating it. This is furthered supported in my mind by my personal interactions with negros and other non-whites over the years but if I was really asked why I was a racialist I think it would fall flat and just sound like "well I feel like..." bullshit, even if what I said is true.
Not a question.
I can't decide if the board is being raided or it's been infested with /pol/tards from Nein or wherever. We're seeing tripfags, twitter memes and corruption spiraling. People are even trying to run Twitter "operations" from this board for some reason.

Has some /pol/ recently exploded and they think /fascist/ is the same board but with a different name? We've gone from a slower effort post board to looking like 8ch's butthole in the space of a week.

If you're a newfag here you should be lurking. Read some of the threads we've posted. One of the best threads is the anti-anime thread where we discuss the pros and cons of a topic in a serious manner. People wanting to shit post and larp get told to fuck off and mocked for being retarded.
Open file (79.90 KB 623x329 ClipboardImage.png)
>I can't decide if the board is being raided or it's been infested with /pol/tards from Nein or wherever. We're seeing tripfags, twitter memes and corruption spiraling. People are even trying to run Twitter "operations" from this board for some reason.
It's due to the Slate article. Some of it might be Neinchan, but I wouldn't place all of the blame on them. I post their occasionally and it's never as bad as some of the faggots that I've been seeing pop out of the woodwork over the last few days. In regards to the blueing the Jew thread, it's pretty gay but people can have their fun as long as they stay in the thread as far as I'm concerned. The tripfag was perma'd this morning and I just logged in to hand out another barrage of bans of varying length. Everyone should just keep reporting stuff that is obviously not in line with /fascist/ culture. Anyone who's been here for a while knows that I see almost every post on this board but I don't read the long back-and-forths that people do unless the thread is personally interesting to me. If outsiders or subversives are in one of those threads -- report, report, report. I might not take action but I'll be watching it more closely thereafter.
>If you're a newfag here you should be lurking.
This. I've handed out some bans telling people to lurk over the last few days. I can go harder on this is oldfags want me too. I'm proud of the environment we've created here and I'll do anything that needs to be done to preserve it.

Pic rel: the homosexual shill crying 'incel' and 'virgin' in the other thread.

EDIT: I'm having the weirdest problem where the ban message will appear but then if I refresh the page it will disappear and not register in my board controls panel. This has to be an issue on JulayWorld's end. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Can I not ban Torfags?
Edited last time by FashBO on 11/18/2019 (Mon) 21:26:57.
>Gets told to fuck off after sperging in blue man thread
>Cries about /pol/ here
Like clockwork
Open file (59.34 KB 500x435 hitler tip.jpeg)
>That's some reddit tier moderation my friend
I try my hardest
Open file (85.41 KB 500x591 helloredditfriend.jpg)
I'm not a fan of Twitter ops being run on here because it offers the board nothing but potential trouble. No valuable users are going to see a smurf jew and instantly start reading good material to add to the discussion. They're going to come looking for memes. /facist/ isn't big enough to drive off a full invasion and quite a few /pol/ like boards have been lost these last few months because one bunker would close or have drama and they would move whole sale onto another. The board culture got swallowed whole and replaced by the collapsed boards culture. Most of them are also running Discord channels and have a circle jerk going on which they coordinate themselves with.

The people screaming go back to Reddit are either /v/ or /intl/ pretending to be /v/. They always shit up boards then claim it's bad to moderate a board at all. You would think a board about fascism might give them a hint on how much we value them being free to spew bullshit.

I found one of those meme generators so I could explain why you're a faggot. I thought this would be a language you could understand.

Wasn't banter on my part. It's an interesting theory I read some months back about how men and women now act the way homosexual men do. Thanks to birth control there's no risk of casual sex producing children and they will swap partners the same way fags do. None of them build relationships to have children in and novelty seek new sexual experiences. The relationships they do build are male and female as equal partners instead of a masculine and feminine role so even if they're a straight man fucking a straight woman they're still acting as faggots do in the household.

I've found it to be a good argument against these homosexual acting types. Any one with intelligence can understand the idea and why it's destructive. Any one without it sees themselves being called a faggot and starts screaming incel for trying to ruin their cummies. It's like any girls twerking are cryptoniggers no matter their ethnic background.
Stop acting like a homo and you won't be called one. None of us care that you act like a woman and try to use the same shaming language as they do. You're acting like every other angry little faggot who gets told to act like a man instead of a cock sucking little queer.
Open file (164.54 KB 499x347 1573256986290.png)
Can you imagine being such a faggot you call married men virgin incels when the only women you can get are spics wanting anchor babies and niggers?
BO, why did you delete the #blued thread?
i'd rather kill myself than be a race mixing faggot. lowest tier possible
I was actually the OP of that thread. A few other IDs posted in that thread but it was mainly me just crossposting what I was also posting over in the Neinchan thread and what anons made over on 4/pol/. I eventually thought that the board was too slow to really successfully organize anything like that and most anons were probably active in the #blued threads elsewhere. I admit I deleted it sort of on a whim. If anyone wants to start it up again go ahead, I won’t touch it (though I’ll post in it too), the Cuckchan and Nein threads are still going pretty strong anyways

I feel like I’ve been down on my BO’ing game the last few days, I’ll try to cut down on doing dumb shit
Very based post when paired with such digits
Didn't wikipedia used to have 1.1 million as the death toll for the holocaust, as the official number from the "experts" at the museum in Auschwitz? I remember seeing that ages ago, but I looked earlier today and apparently they're now going with the "six million jews and five million non-jews" story.
(I already know about the Red Cross report/actual number of ~270K, just trying to keep tabs on what's being taught to the masses.)
As you said the number varies greatly and we can expect wikipedia to be full of jews camping the article to keep the number as high as possible.
Baste and Redpilled
>I already know about the Red Cross report/actual number of ~270K
Can someone link me up with this? I’ve heard this but haven’t bothered to explore it
Based for admitting it
But now that you did, I've got a confession: I really don't like the entire BlueTheJew idea. Mostly because I don't think depicting kikes as literal gods on earth is sending the right subliminal message. I would have gotten on board with a different colour, if it was Green for instance because envy. Or yellow because GOLD(berg).
>But now that you did, I've got a confession: I really don't like the entire BlueTheJew idea.
I didn’t think it was cutting-edge memery or anything but it was funny enough for a bit since it was connected to the Roof manifesto and had a good chance of causing sperging if the news caught onto it. We didn’t get much salt sadly that I’m aware of. There’s still a chance, and I hope it does though
>Mostly because I don't think depicting kikes as literal gods on earth is sending the right subliminal message.
Are you referring to how some Hindu gods are depicted with blue skin? I read a few other people bringing that up as well. I understand the concern, but I also wonder how many normalfags actually would draw the connection between Jews being depicted with blue skin and Divinity (not just “wow it looks like a Hindu god lol” because most of the time I hear people bring up the features of gods like Krishna or Ganesha it is always to mock them in some way for their unusual features). Green might not have been bad, but I understand why blue was chosen due to Roof’s quote, the rhyme between Jew and blue, among other things.
Open file (87.17 KB 474x427 271304.jpg)
Here's a photo of it.
Open file (23.54 KB 252x393 Turner Diaries.jpg)
I've never been this glued to a book. Anyone have recommendations for something similar?
I thought it was in reference to the 'blue checkmark' that every Jew is endowed with on Twitter.
That was just one memetic synchronicity.
Check out Pierce’s Hunter, it’s basically a prequel. Mixed-race couples are assassinated by a lone wolf. I don’t know if I’d call this ‘similar’ but The Camp of the Saints is a must-read as well
Wasted digits, this post was meant for this thread ( >>259 )
Having no /pol/ when something happens is frustrating. Case in point the London stabbing/shooting. I ended up looking at 4/pol/'s britpol and it was almost entirely useless except one leaked video. Every bunker I went to have been taken over by trannies and collapsed in some way.

How are you keeping up to date with happenings? This isn't the board for it, just asking where you have been going.
Besides here I browse 16chan.xyz and Neinchan’s /pol/. They’re slow but comfy. For an actual happening though currently I’m forced to go to Cuck/pol/ like you are
16chan looks to have some decent content. Nein is part of the tranny ring.
The actual discussion on Nein isn’t bad. I mainly stick around the Breivik and Tarrant threads. I don’t know much about the shenanigans with the ownership. As long as it doesn’t effect discussion I don’t care much.
It seems to have got a lot of 8/pol/ types. Not my sort of crowd really. It seems like the image boards made from 8ch fracturing are also fracturing now.
It's not.

Today Julay was down twice.
Do we have another bunker if something happens to this website?
We now have a back-up location on Neinchan and fatchan that I just made. If anyone has any other locations to set up shop lemme know. JulayWorld is obviously primary but if anyone wants to post on the other one do, do whatever. I’ve heard of the concerns with Nein but as a bunker it’ll work. Better to have one than none.
https://fatpeople.lol/fascist/index.html (webring)
Edited last time by FashBO on 12/01/2019 (Sun) 04:14:43.
Wouldn't believing in the Kali Yuga, make one a hindu? I'm spiritually confused. The Four Noble Truths make sense to me but right now i'm in a very abrahamic area, so I guess that's what is causing my spiritual confusion.
No it would simply make you believe in the cycles of civilization, that Aryans figured out 3000yrs ago while judenspawn savages were still living in caves fucking animals.
>Wouldn't believing in the Kali Yuga, make one a hindu?
Not necessarily. The term has been picked up by Traditionalists like Evola as part of his thought. He believed in what he called “The Doctrine of the Four Ages”, something which in one form or another was present in nearly ever Aryan society. There is of course the well-known Yuga cycle of Hindu thought, the five ages of Hesiod (Kali Yuga = Iron Age), the “wolf age” in the Edda, etc. Buddhism says there are three ages – saddharma (age of true law of the Buddha), pratirupadharma (age of copied law) and pashchimadharma (age of the degeneration of the law). Just like Kalki, the avatara who comes to end the Kali Yuga and starts a new Mahāyuga, the bodhisattva Maitreya will start a new age of true over again. Recurrent cycles of decline and regeneration are common to almost all non-Abrahamic societies, especially Aryan ones, much like the doctrine of castes (look into the trifunctional hypothesis in Indo-European society)
>The Four Noble Truths make sense to me but right now i'm in a very abrahamic area, so I guess that's what is causing my spiritual confusion.
Read Edward Conze’s “Buddhist Scriptures” for a good introduction if you haven’t read much Buddhist stuff. “The Doctrine of Awakening” by Evola is another good one. The teachings of the Buddha are not pacifistic, humanistic or representing a doctrine of universal love and egalitarianism as it is often represented in the West today. This is a distortion. The true core of Buddhism is aristocratic, esoteric and accessible only to an elect few. As Evola points out in his article Spiritual Virility in Buddhism, Buddhism cannot be reduced to mere moral teachings. In fact, morality in Buddhism is a provisional and instrumental character. The Buddha compared the body moral rules, with good and evil to a raft built for crossing a river. Once one had crossed it would be ridiculous to keep dragging the raft along. Buddhist ethics cannot be reduced to the deontological slave ethics of Christcuckery. Right conduct is purely instrumental. Follow it or do not follow it, stay asleep if you want as a samsaric NPC. Kamikaze pilots and Samurai represent true men who understood the elitist teachings of the Buddha.

Man is not a fallen or guiltful being, but a being in a state of sleep, intoxication and ignorance. His natural status is that of a Buddha. This is achieved through awakening.

https://www.jstor.org/stable/29753843 (use sci-hub.tw)

Also, if you haven’t, you must, MUST read the Bhagavad Gita for some of the greatest pieces of Aryan knowledge ever written. It will help you see how shallow Abrahamic garbage truly is
Edited last time by FashBO on 12/01/2019 (Sun) 03:09:15.
Very good, I'm bookmarking them.
It's all bullshit one way or another. Rather than get caught up in TEH ONE TRUTH, figure out what makes sense to you and work with that. Every religion is now corrupt and pozzed so take what you can from each and discard the rest.
This new theme is fucking atrocious.
Who set it up?
Pleb filter.
Hell if I fucking I know, I think the site's administration is trying to make a new design for the site. Half the site is broken right now. When I first came on here I thought we had been hacked again like back on 8chan. Hopefully it's fixed soon because I'm suffering along with you
Edited last time by FashBO on 12/01/2019 (Sun) 16:47:41.
Open file (43.14 KB 914x585 ClipboardImage.png)
Everyone should go and laugh at /monarchy/, at least our flags work
Open file (4.82 KB 494x76 ClipboardImage.png)
Any idea how this is changed in CSS? Also I've been tweaking with the look of the board (see the gradient at the top of the page). If anything fucks up lemme know
Open file (4.04 MB 1052x942 ctrl+shift+c.webm)

Find out how to activate the html inpector in your browser, it will allow you to click things to find out what their class is, and experiment with styles without having to upload it.
I feel like this site has suddenly got a lot more annoying to use ever since it got this unneeded update today. Don't fix what ain't broke tbh
Thank you for the help and tips for the future.
Agreed. The new theme is ugly as sin and looks like an 8ch rip off instead of it's own site.
Yeah it was nice how it was and I could easily jump around on the page without scrolling a ridiculous length. The CSS here was fine too and now half of it is broken and the wrong color. JulayWorld has its own flavor and atmosphere and now it's, like you said, more of an 8ch clone look than anything else. I just hope it gets fixed.
Robi’s gay theme changes have killed this site’s usability. I’ve already complained but try to bitch on /meta/ too.
The rune in the background is giving me readability difficulties of the catalog, less annoying in the threads.
Thanks for the feedback, anon. I'll see if there's anything I can do about it in a little bit here. If I can't find a way to only make it appear in threads I guess I'll have to remove it. Maybe if I make it a purely black swastika or black sun it will subtle enough where it doesn't mess with readability.

EDIT: Just changed it to the black sun, lemme me know if it looks better or still needs fixed, anons.
Edited last time by FashBO on 12/03/2019 (Tue) 18:05:32.
In your eyes BO, would it be better to follow Theravada rather than Mahayana?
From what I understand about Theravada, it's the oldest existing sect and draws most of its teachings from the Pali canon. That alone would make it more important to look into in my mind. I have nothing against Mahayana per se since I have yet to really look into Buddhism in depth (such as sitting down and reading a whole load of the actual writings, academic texts, Jewtube videos on it, etc), but it seems to have a lot more to do with universal salvation and compassion. From one book I read it kind of made it sound like, much like as Christianity naturalized its faith in pagan Europe by taking over local gods and shrines and giving them Christian virtues and associations, Mahayana Buddhism did the same thing over much of central and northern Asia, and this was one source of all of the multitudes of Bodhisattvas, or through the personification of various virtues or attributes in the Buddha himself. I don't know if that's bad per se but I am already suspicious ever since I read that there may have been a corruption of the original teachings from a quite early date with the various councils that followed the Buddha's death.

Since you're probably more knowledgeable than me and that's mainly just my impression before giving a deep look into really any of it, if you have any good things to check out lemme know.
Anons should I make a thread basically were we have taken down The Zionist Occupation Governments of the world and we have a one world government
what would our new found "new world order" operate?what laws shall it have what polices shall it put in place?would the kikes be all dead or no?will all niggers spics gooks have their homelands respected or will they be turned into slaves Or will all none Whites be shot into outer space?

Basically /pol/ sets up a world government
^this explains how nazi Germany worked well it's A collection of writings by Feder but still it has the 25 points and a lot of other stuff it pretty much explains how the goverment operated in my view not interlay but still

theirs lots of things to a government and Im not that good at making nice long explanations of stuff nor can I make good thread I just want to see if it would be all right with you guys before making such a thread I'd rather have someone else do it because i'll just fuck it up

I know I already posted this on neinchan also 16chan but I just want to see if anyone would want such a thread here too Both neinchan and 16chan has not responded here were theirs more intellectuals and people with higher IQ then the average /pol/ user I hope something can be made out of this I have never seen a thread such as one as I propose
What is some good /fascist/ art? And I don't mean political propaganda, but artists from third position governments
I know that during Mussolini futurism was being a thing, Salvador Dali was a supporter of him IIRC, and that the ideal physique is a common sight in fascist sculpture, correlated to the idea that we must defeat our sins from within first and then the whole will be greater than it could be.
But I'd like to be spoonfed a little bit more, I don't know any artistic movement during the NSDAP government, nor painters.
Most of the major stuff in the Third Reich seemed to have to do with architecture and sculptures, but I just found link related, which lists a bunch of crucial artists, actors and sculptors compiled by Goebbels.
>In fact, morality in Buddhism is a provisional and instrumental character. The Buddha compared the body moral rules, with good and evil to a raft built for crossing a river. Once one had crossed it would be ridiculous to keep dragging the raft along.
in Buddhism, formal rules are like a cast on a broken leg, or training wheels on a bike. when you're healing, or learning balance, it's very useful. but once you're fully mended, or skilled at riding, you don't need it any more. likewise, once you've internalized the correct path, you no longer need formal ethics for how to be and act. this is related to upaya, or skillful means, which has a couple of meanings. one is that it's acceptable to use shortcuts or stopgaps, as long as it leads to enlightenment. another meaning is that moral rules are not rigid -- you can sometimes make exceptions, or do things that would normally be unlawful if there's an over-riding justification; however, this must be done with caution, so that it doesn't become a slippery slope.

yes, start with Theravada, and work upwards to Mahayana and Vajrayana. broadly speaking, each denomination expands on the previous. as for Christianity & Buddhism, there are strong superficial similarities, but profound differences underneath.

here's a very brief intro I wrote for 8chan's /buddhism/:

in a nutshell:
*Theravada (way of the elders) is the oldest, most orthodox sect. its scriptures are the Tripitaka/Pali Canon, and it's found in Southeast Asia (except Vietnam). it's also known as Hinayana (lesser vehicle), but this is considered derogatory, thus Theravada is preferred.
*Mahayana (greater vehicle) revises/expands on the above, particularly in regards to bodhisattvas. its sutras are primarily in Classical Chinese, and it's found in East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc). various schools, such as Zen and Pure Land, are included in this branch.
*Vajrayana (diamond/lightning vehicle) innovates further with esotericism. its texts, broadly divided into Kangyur and Tengyur, are in Tibetan, and it's centered on the Himalayan region and Central Asia.
of course, there's much more complexity, overlap, and ambiguity than indicated above, but this should be sufficient as a basic introduction.
Interesting post, anon. It looks as if I have much to learn still. What are the best beginners texts? Tripitaka?
the Tripitaka (three baskets) are the primary scriptures of Buddhism, and it's a bit much to get into at first. I'd recommend starting out by reading articles about the essentials. first and foremost are the Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path. from there, there's further philosophical concepts and history/narrative, both are important. more advanced concepts include the Middle Path, dependent origination, emptiness of phenomena, impermanence, the nature of attachment/suffering and enlightenment, skillful means, among others. for history/narrative, start with the life and times of Gautama Buddha and his path to enlightenment, his original teachings and disciples, and how those eventually developed into the three main denominations. along the way, you should read about the role of bodhisattvas to understand Mahayana, and the esoteric/tantric practices which set apart the Thunderbolt Vehicle.
Buddhism is a subtle school of thought, a religion with a philosophical character. it's not well understood in the West (in fact it's often misunderstood as New Age or nihilistic, when it is neither), so getting a feel for it takes a fair amount of study. there's also the fact that we're thoroughly influenced by the Judeo-Christian ethos, consciously and subconsciously, and this can be an obstacle to understanding non-Abrahamic traditions.
How does the Buddhist doctrine of rebirth fit with how there isn't an eternal soul or eternal essence?
I didn't want to make a thread as I am a lurking neinchan refugee.

What are your guys thoughts on jews using muslims to invade western nations as a way to slowly make anti semitism illegal or classify it as a mental illness? I believe they are using muslims for their violence, painting white supremacy as the cause, and using the cucked white voters to enact kiked laws.

Thoughts? Again I wanted to make a thread but board culture etc.
Open file (112.48 KB 454x685 they're antisemites.png)
>What are your guys thoughts on jews using muslims to invade western nations as a way to slowly make anti semitism illegal or classify it as a mental illness?
Antisemitism is already essentially illegal in most of Europe as far as I'm aware, but it's certainly possible that that could be a beneficial side-effect of what they are trying to do to Europe. I think first and foremost the goal of the Jews is of course to destroy any and all ethnic homogeneity and continue to push forward the atomization of society. Diversity, contrary to the mantra of leftists, is the quickest way to destroy the internal cohesion of a society. Large scale-miscegenation is their ultimate goal. This is why we see on top of the Islamic immigration caused by Jewish-instigated wars for Greater Israel in the Middle East the large-scale migration of sub-Saharan Africans into places like France, Italy and Spain. The Jews of course know that the importation of so many non-whites will cause tensions in society and eventually backlash among bad goyim if they push back hard enough, so to some extent the Jews do expect that there will be a nationalist response to such actions. However I'd argue that the Jews would prefer that no nationalists respond. It would be much easier for them if they could just cause all white people to accept their genocide and to celebrate diversity. But since this will not happen, they will eventually clamp down and attempt to force acceptance through all sorts of kiked laws. Only if enough people identify the Jews as the cause and if they cannot silence these people will the Jew become outwardly more draconian towards antisemitism. The Jew would preferably just work from the shadows and have no one know that he is pulling the strings but if he is named he will unleash his wrath upon those who do so. I believe that if they retain power not just antisemitism, but all forms of racism, sexism and the like will eventually be considered mental illness. There was already that one story that showed if you fuck with a certain part of the brain you'll become more tolerant. Expect kikery like that in the decades to come if we do not win.
That'd be fine for a thread if you want to make it. Board culture isn't that strict. As far as I'm concerned if it generates good discussion of any type and is tangentially related to fascism and things our circles are interested in its fine by me. We don't usually have as big a stick up our ass as we did when that Slate article came out.
good question, and this ties into the Three Marks of Existence (impermanence, suffering, non-self) and other key concepts. essentially, complex things that exist, including us, are sankharas, or clusters of phenomena and karma, aggregates which may seem real, but are ultimately in a state of flux, temporary, and without essence. because of karmic action and reaction, and the binding ties of desire, we become like holograms bound to a holographic world. as long as you have karmic debts to pay, and remain plugged into the matrix, you can't escape, so you'll continue being reborn as 'you', an aggregate which seems consistent, but is illusory and always changing. the only way out is to achieve enlightenment, transcend existence and non-existence, and attain nirvana. in other words, it's like we're trapped in a dream, riding a carousel of pleasure, suffering, and delusions, and the only way to wake up is to step off the ride.
haven't read those yet, but as I said, Buddhism is not well understood in the West. I have to reiterate, the Judeo-Christian ethos has put a deep stain in our subconscious, which is a stumbling block for understanding non-Abrahamic traditions. that's true for Buddhism, and also for European Paganism. related to this, the Protestant Reformation is another ghost that haunts us.

I think fedoras and other hacks have a fundamentally flawed understanding, and cherry-pick whichever ideas best fit into their preconceived views, without considering the system on its own merits. their motives vary of course, some want to market a product, others wish to fortify their New Age or Atheism+ beliefs with a more respectable intellectual tradition, but it leads to similar results in the end.
I recall that Sam Harris was not respected on /buddhism/ and was largely seen as a crank and a fraud.
Will you be making a new iteration of /buddhism/ on 8kun or elsewhere? Also, what you said about the Abrahamic religions tainting our ability to understand other traditions is so true from my own experience and my experiences arguing with Christians.
I only browsed/posted there, I wasn't the BO, nor did I interact with him. that's an intriguing idea, I might do it if no one else does (assuming 8kun becomes a stable platform).
>>2188 (heil'd)
Whoops, my bad, for some reason when I was reading >>2112 where you said "here's a very brief intro I wrote for 8chan's /buddhism/" I took the leap of writing intros to thinking that would make you the BO for some reason. If you ever do make a board make sure to link it here. I have a lot of doubts about 8kun as well and whether I should move this board there or not eventually. I think Julay has turned into a comfy imageboard. Slow, yes, but /fascist/ has never been really that fast.

By the way, do you know any good Buddhist YouTube channels or anything. For a lot of my Hinduism stuff I tend to watch DharmaNation which I really enjoy and have learned a lot from. Nothing can beat self-study and reading but sometimes it's good to have something on in the background explained by people who really understand the subject.
understandable, I can see how it might come off that way. there was a thread asking about the denominations, and I wrote that post to sum it up, then saved it for future reference.
unfortunately I don't have youtube recs. I know what you mean, listening to stuff in the background can be helpful. but as for books, I can recommend DT Suzuki's works, Shantideva's Guide to the Boddhisattva Way of Life, and Jonathan Gold's Paving the Great Way.
Thanks for the books recommendations, honestly those are probably more helpful for me in the long run.
for sure. there are plenty of other books out there; if you want a more basic introduction, there's Buddhism for Beginners by Thubten Chodron, among others.
and yes, if myself or someone else revives /buddhism/, I'll link it here.
8kun seems to be getting off to a rocky start. the bunkers/webring work well enough for the time being; maybe this temporary solution will end up being long-term.
Hi, I'm looking for the original UN Replacement Migration report from 2001 and (((coincidentally))) can't seem to find it.
The related kikepedia articles don't have a link, I only found the link to the press release on the talk page because a user asked the same as me.
They give a link to the report though it leads (((ominously))) again to a 404 page.

Anybody can help?
search the URL on wayback machine my friend.
Open file (3.43 KB 416x140 ClipboardImage.png)
The press release 404s but the other stuff seems to be there, that is if I'm looking at the right thing. Pic related is from the 'Covert, Preface and Note' section
*cover not covert
Open file (96.17 KB 599x562 1575571004302.jpg)
Damn, that seems to be what I'm looking for, I must be stupid, thanks a lot!
if you find more (((interesting))) things dump here for posterity
Regarding the great replacement this report is like patient zero as far as I know but I had never read it. Will post if I find something good
Fascism killed white nationalism, and government honeypots are without exception loud-in-your-face fascist. Usually involving sticking swastikas and kill gays/Jews for Hitler posters up at night.
>>2540 >the ones who fought to free Europe from jewry are themselves guilty of the crimes which jewry committed No one believes this lie.
>>2700 It's not that they didn't fight, it's that they didn't win. Fascism put all the cards on the table, and lost; which meant it had to sit the game out until the next time the cards of war were (are) dealt.
>>2842 Still doesn't mean that the Third Reich and other aligned nations, who fought for the sake of the White race, are to blame for the actions of the ones who seek to destroy the White race. Only a genuine, unironic shill would imply that the ones who fought against evil are the cause of the evil of the ones they fought against.
>>2861 It's a classical shill technique that's being used here. Anyone who stands up for their people and fails heroically in the process is blamed for everything that follows. They do the same stuff with IRL pro-white actions of various kinds. Someone strikes a blow, ZOG obviously reciprocally responds and puts down the boot a little bit and then all of the sudden fags come out of the woodwork crying about how we should have just kept being good goyim because ZOG is retaliating now. It always comes down to >never take any risks, remain a good goy and die off slowly! Better to stand up and lose heroically rather than slowly decay
Open file (7.18 MB 682x424 Horst Wussel Lied.webm)
Is it possible to meet people anymore? I use to meet up with some lads back when /meadhall/ was a thing, until that fell apart for its own reasons. That was back in 2017 and I haven't had anyone to talk to since. I'm stranded in my own private hell.
>>3034 I’m not aware of anything outside of /meadhall/. Back on the old /fascist/ there used to be a meet-up thread but I don’t think it produced any results since anons were always too far away. It’d be nice to have some likeminded individuals to interact with in real, not gonna lie.
>>3034 Having witnessed attempts at meetups on other imageboards that went farther down the rabbit hole, and watched as one of them was compromised and proceeded to be a huge risk IRL to everyone he came in contact with, I'm gonna recommend you don't do this unless you have good opsec and can vet the other person through other means. And absolutely do not get involved with anyone who has alcoholic tendencies, they WILL be compromised.
is monarchist communism possible?
>>550 true, and a lot of them try and pull "you can't disprove a negative" out of their anuses. I feel as if their morality is merely arbitrary and if common law didn't exist, they would act individually on their own free will, against society.
>>550 though incels are not really an issue.
>>3035 >>3059 So we're full on 1984, then? >>3060 North Korea seems to make it work.
>>3059 Stuff like what you’re talking about with people being compromised is what has me wary about any sort of imageboard meet-up. I really need to find a way to meet people IRL. Honestly though I’m skeptical of imageboards as a whole in producing high quality individuals who are willing to try actual political work. This board has a lot of good people on it from all of the conversations I’ve had over the years so it doesn’t apply as much here but you guys probably know the type of person I’m talking about who becomes outwardly redpilled but is not willing to risk themselves a bit and apply what they’ve learned in any way. >>3062 After browsing places like incels.co I wouldn’t want to associate with incels. They seem far too obsessed with appearance, virginity and social status to an unhealthy degree. It’s not smart to build an identity around it as they seem to. Not that I hate these men, I understand and sympathize to an extent. >>3060 Undoubtedly
>>3066 were you ever a registered member? I was on there. btw their admin is a kike and likely a fed.
>>3112 (same anon, ID may have changed) On incels.co? No, I try to avoid signing up for namefag sites as much as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was run by feds though. I don’t know too much about the background of the site tbh, I just lurk it occasionally. I definitely sympathize with some of what they say there and on /r9k/ but I’m not as blackpilled or resentful about even though I’m technically an incel as a male virgin in my early twenties (I don’t really try for women)
>>15 I have my own channel, Adolf Stalin which is mirrored on bitchute in case things go down.
>>300 pretty girl. dubs too. I created the zeronet one, if anyone wants to know. I abandoned it due to not being able to handle zeronet on my computer
>>1433 I use Twitter but only for shitposting.
What will happen to bourgeoisie and NEETs under fascism?
>>3134 NEETs can be useful in a fascist society if they have developed a certain skill. I know for a fact that Hitler was a NEET for a time during the period before WW1. He was basically an artist but not a successful one. Hitler said that the bourgeoisie are only loyal to profit and that "fatherland is only a word to them". With that being said, I do believe there are some rich people who are loyal to their country but I can imagine they are small in number. Ted Nugent seems like one, even if he is a lolicon.
>>3136 Sorry I should have spoiled image 3, BO can you spoil image 3? I am concerned with triggering someone's epileptic seizures.
>>3136 I didn’t intend to spoil all of your images, but on my phone I didn’t see an option to selectively spoil, sorry about that. I’ll see if I can only spoil that once on my PC. >>3134 I think >>3136 summed up the situation with the bourgeoisie pretty well, as I think much the same. In fact, along with the workings of the Jews of course, I think that a lot of the pushes towards egalitarianism and anti-racism is the direct result of capitalism and globalization. Some will be killed as race-traitors who operate at the expense of the nation. I don’t think their kind will ever be eradicated as a class as some more Nazbols types would want, I think the merchant or capitalist-type has a certain natural subordinate position in a hierarchy. If they can be controlled, it should happen, but if they can’t classicide is always an option. As for NEETs, many will likely be given the opportunity to develop some skill and be useful in the new society. I don’t hate NEETs, especially under ZOG since I advocate for dropping out of the system and non-participation as much as possible, but my attitude may be different if a fascist state ever came to power
>>3145 Do as the Japanese did with their merchant class; treat them like absolute dirt.
>>3167 it's true that merchants were given low official status in Edo Japan (ranked only above non-persons). however, that didn't stop them from accumulating wealth and influence, with samurai being indebted to them at times. in general, there was tension between the feudal structure vs the thriving urban culture. I think if the black ships hadn't jump-started the Meiji Restoration, it would've happened eventually anyway as those tensions came to a boil.
>>3167 Keep in mind that for the lower classes, they were not required to follow a moral code like the samurai were. The peasants for example, could visit brothels while the samurai could not. I don't know if this image I have provided is entirely accurate. >>3169 The jew really fears that system. I like how they are only above criminals and prostitutes. From my personal perspective, I would put the artisans and peasants at an equal level since they both serve an important role. Art is what allows a civilization to be remembered and peasants(food producers) allow a civilization to not starve to death. On the subject of peasants in Edo era Japan, were they allowed to serve in the military? I know in medieval europe that was the case.
>>3145 Thank you. I was just concerned about our anons who might have epilepsy
>>3167 Merchants must definitely be subordinate to both the spiritual and administrative elite. The only reason I defend the existence of merchants at all is because in a sane society they are barred from their usurious practices and held to actual standards and codes of conduct, all things severly lacking in our current merchant-run society. >>3173 Interesting diagram, I was unaware of this. Recently I have been absorbing more and more Asian-influenced thought into my beliefs, especially when it comes to the ethics of the Samurai and Confucianism. The latter is incredibly compatible with the outlooks of many people here, I believe. >>3174 No problem, I understand your concern
>>3173 > peasants in Edo era Japan, were they allowed to serve in the military? Given the Edo Period was a period of two hundred years of peace the fucktarded huge draft armies practically vanished overnight, but before that most armies were of peasant stock and armed to the teeth with guns in their twilight and continued to be til the end of the WW2. For the most part your image is correct, though Samurai themselves did hold land given many of them were given it for their service. Peasantry was able to move up the ranks as in the case of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. >>3175 They were bound by law to live like trash. They couldn't flaunt their wealth like the Samurai could.
>>3173 >Diamyos Daimyo*
>>3167 I sense jealousy. Wealth is power, power makes you a ruler. Remember Medici family?
>>3178 Wealth being equated with power is a product of modern decadence. The only ones who should be gifted with power are the intellectual and spiritual elite of society, as it was in ancient times
Open file (7.87 MB 960x540 pursuit.webm)
>>3180 That's naive af. >Wealth being equated with power is a product of modern decadence. Try being powerful without wealth then. >should be gifted with power Power is not something you get as a present, you take it yourself and if you can't then you're not worthy.
>>3182 >Try being powerful without wealth then. Wealth comes as a result of power in a non-degenerate anti-materialistic society constituted along Traditional lines. Power comes originally from spiritual authority, this is why the priestly caste - the transmitters of preservers of tradition, it's custodians - stood supreme, even above the temporal administrative caste of warriors and kings. In all traditional societies, Aryan or not, the merchant and his money were meaningless compared to direct spiritual insight (gnosis / jñāna) and intellectual abilities.
>>3183 In ancient times it was easier for the "spiritual authorities" to fool people into giving up their wealth, you're advocating for dystopia. Also these "spiritual authorities" still depended on material force to maintain their authority and this material force required wealth to function. I wouldn't call such a system a non-degenerate, anti-materialistic society. Realistically armies can't march on empty stomachs, USSR lost the cold war, because communism is economically weaker than capitalism, hippy communes also failed, living in woods like per-agriculture humans doesn't make you powerful either. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tithe
>>3185 Legitimate spiritual authorities outside of the Abrahamic fold do not "dupe", since there is no need to dupe, not to mention that they have themselves wholeheartedly adhered to these doctrines which have their bases in the Eternal Natural Order (dharma, dhamma, darna, dao, asha, physis, etc). This much alone is true from reading about the behavior of ancient aristocrats before the gods. One does not grovel before Yahweh like a good goy, but instead embarks on a path of spiritual awakening and the deepening of self-realization and knowledge of God. >Also these "spiritual authorities" still depended on material force to maintain their authority Yes, since they are operating within the material realm. As long as one is clothed in matter they are forced to do so. This doesn't mean that materiality is inherently bad, but it is impermanent, transitory and filled with dissatisfaction. Spiritual authority with a true transcendental basis is the anchor to superior world.
do i need to be blonde-haired to be 'aryan'?
Spare me, i don't need someone showing me the path through authority, there are no spiritual authorities, everyone's shit smells. I'll keep my wealth and the power that comes with it. Guess i'm already woke.
>>3187 No, that's kike bullshit which far too many have fallen for unfortunately. I've even heard people talk about Hitler wanting to kill everyone that didn't have blond hair and blue eyes lol... They really seem to like this narrative, even to the extent where originally black and white photos of Hitler will be colored to have brown eyes, when in reality all accounts of people who have talked to him always focus on the intensity of his blue eyes. Anyways, I digress, the term Aryan refers to a group of people which today is only really limited to native Europeans, minus a few pockets here in there in central Asian and Pakistan which have groups that could truly be described as "white" even today. All Aryan referred to originally was the Indo-European tribes, later on taking the meanings of "noble" and "virtuous" along with it as additional senses. Anyone who is phenotypically European with roots in Indo-European ethnic groups is an Aryan. It's a fuzzy category but only a leftist would deny it exists based on that alone.
>>3188 You are the exact opposite of woke, you're deep asleep. Ignorance is the first cause of all suffering so I hope for your own sake that you start on the path one day. Check out the Gita thread. Your crying about authority and how incredibly powerful your shekels make me think you might be a Jew.
>>362 Precisely why I don't consider myself Strasserist anymore
>>3190 I've been called a jew due to my resourcefulness in practical matters before, actually i'm not, but given the context i almost took it as a compliment. I don't need spiritual guidance, that's something for cattle, maybe you feel need for it because something is lacking in your life, i don't know, but you arrived to that worldview of yours on emotional level and without logic so all attempts to rationalize it falls flat, and me not buying into your dogmatic worldview makes you feel unpleasant.
>>3173 right, the non-persons included criminals, prostitutes, street people, and also those who did ritually unclean work such as butchery and tanning leather. Edo Japan was governed by a centralized feudalism, and used neo-Confucian ideology as its rationale. instead of a caste of mandarins as in China, the samurai were the top rank; they defended the country militarily, administered the government, and also were educated to uphold arts and culture. next were the peasants/farmers, they were given second rank because they produced food and raw materials, which provides basic sustenance and support to society (in fact, land was measured in koku, or the amount of rice needed to feed one adult for a year). next are the artisans, who are secondary rather than primary producers; they are not as vital, but they use their labor to produce useful things out of raw materials, which is still a respectable contribution. in the lowest rank are merchants, because instead of creating value, they merely exchange it. to be fair, facilitating the transfer of money/goods does contribute to society by letting the economy run efficiently, but it's furthest removed from primary and secondary production, and as a service it's not as important as the administration, defense, and culture of the samurai. thus, merchants have a role to play and are not on the margins of society, but they were supposed to be subordinate to all other contributors and have very limited status. in practice, the merchants accumulated wealth, expanded their influence, and supported an urban culture of luxury and decadence (known as ukiyo, or 'floating world'). at the same time, samurai would end up indebted to them, as they would take out loans and consume luxuries (even though they weren't supposed to). this led to raising taxes to prop up the system, and of course, this burden fell onto the peasants, rather than the merchants who were responsible. there were some reformers who tried to rectify this, but to no avail. so you had this thriving, luxurious urban culture backed by merchants, which caused increasing conflict with the neo-confucian/feudal system. I think this would've eventually led to a crisis on its own, but the breakdown and Meiji Restoration came early due to the black ships. >>3175 >The only reason I defend the existence of merchants at all is because in a sane society they are barred from their usurious practices and held to actual standards and codes of conduct, all things severly lacking in our current merchant-run society. correct. merchants do have a role to play in a healthy society, but they must be reined in to prevent usury and situations like I outlined above.
>>3195 I've distanced myself from the term as well for similar reasons, not to mention that anyone who associates with it online seems to be pozzed as well kek. The biggest reason for my move away from him though has come from me slowly refining my own views and overtime becoming more of a Traditionalist and anti-tech person who sees the roots of the current problems going far further back in time. I just simply don't align with antimilitarism, supernational federations and softness on the JQ
>>3201 I still carry a lot of left wing economic positions though
I noticed the NRU recruited a bunch of nonwhites and started being pro-Antifa and I'm kind of glad I got jettisoned.
I'm the Pol Pot poster, mobile won't let me use the flag for some reason
Does anyone have a preferred translation of Thus Spoke Tharathustra, or should I just read it in German?
>>3308 I only read some Barnes & Noble translation that was decent and have never read another of it so I can't help you there but if you're fluent enough in German to read relatively unaided I'd recommend going for the original
>>3308 I did a small Google research on this matter as well, back when I was deciding which translation to read. The consensus seemed to read Kaufmann's translation. I did that and I liked it. It wasn't too hard to read, but at the same time the speech wasn't overly simplified. Reading the original is always better, however you'd definitely need a perfect comprehension of the German language.
>>1202 >Even many of the well-known ancient figures were white, Siddharta Gautama (an Aryan kshatriya) most notably. That is not a fact at all. Could have been a bug mutt, a hapa. We've even seen mixed niggers with blue eyes of whom one parent was White.
>>1237 >brown skinned mutts are claiming that they were the constructors of the former greatness of our civilization Tried kemitism?
>>1237 >(((David Reich))) Or could read the Rig Veda and understand. Don't waste your time on kike filth, they always pretend defend a truth while pushing for a lie at the same time. Go for purity.
>>3317 Non-whites with blue eyes are exceedingly rare, though. If we take into account the fact that he was an upper caste Aryan man living in a time when civilization still flourished on the subcontinent under the aegis of various Aryan aristocracies and happened to have blue eyes, it is much more likely that he was white than not.
these are some questions on fascism I've never really gotten a straight answer to, so hopefully i can get one here >what happens when the dictator dies, etc >how do you hold a dictator accountable, surely all that could be done is a civil war >many (all?) fascists would call themselves anti-capitalist, yet support private control over the means of production >what's with the super faggy definition of the "Worldview of Truth and Order" >why do you specifically capitalize so many words (Truth, Order, Movement, Worldview, etc)
>>3331 1/2 >what happens when the dictator dies, etc The successor will fill the void. Opinions will probably vary a lot as to how this successor will be chosen though. I've heard all sorts of ideas ranging quasi-monarchy where the previous leader's son will become leader to some sort of system resembling that of Iran where a small deliberative body is empowered to designate the dismiss the supreme leader. Leadership candidates could be identified through any number of processes, but those of noted leadership abilities, strong personality, military service and love of nation would in my idea of a system be identified and allowed to rise up in the ranks. The earlier such individuals are identified, the better, as they will have more time of practical experience and learning the skills of leadership. You can probably get dozens of answers to this question, unfortunately, but that's just the nature of fascist thought. We have core principles but the way that it is chosen to be expressed will vary from country to country in accordance with cultural differences, etc. >how do you hold a dictator accountable, surely all that could be done is a civil war Not if you have some sort of Assembly of Experts a la Iran like I described above. But again, that's one possible option. >many (all?) fascists would call themselves anti-capitalist, yet support private control over the means of production If the MoP are to remain in private hands they're going to have to comply with the state (i.e. not go against the line we lay down in promoting things that are antithetical to health, the dignity of humans, animals, morality and the like. If they can't comply with these things we can certainly move towards nationalizing an industry or company. For example, Hugo Junkers of Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke AG was sacked by the National Socialist regime and thenceforth operated under state control when it refused to comply with the state requests to aid re-armement. Many fascists recognize that it is capitalism that is the cause of globalization, anti-racism initiatives and the spread of egalitarian ideology since non-functional hierarchies are rendered useless and capitalism subordinates all to its logic. The businessman either serves the state or he's a traitor. Many fascists are also against usury
>>3331 2/2 >what's with the super faggy definition of the "Worldview of Truth and Order" National Socialism is essentially synonymous with the Natural Order. Some people who say this aren't religious and are merely referring to the existence of hierarchy in nature and how National Socialism works towards restoring this, but the pagan interpretation is much more nuanced and Traditional: it sees National Socialism as a fundamentally dharmic worldview. Dharma is the universal ordering principle of the cosmos, axiomatic, universal, eternal and unaltertable. A dharmic worldview does not seek to construct an artificial and concocted order based merely upon man's baser instincts, but rather to reinstate the world to its original and natural order as designed by the Creator. It is the natural unfolding of dharma that is responsible for the meaning, beauty justice and order that is found in our world. The foundation of the beliefs and societies of our ancient pre-Abrahamic ancestors was rooted in the concept of Natural Law. In Sanskrit it was called 'dharma', in Pali 'dhamma', in Ancient Greek 'physis', in Avestan Persian 'asha' (etymologically related to Rta in Sanskrit referring to cosmic order), in Chinese 'tao' ("The Way [of things]"), for Lithuanian pagans today it's called 'darna' (etymologically related to dharma and dhamma). The Japanese refer to Shinto ("The Way of the Gods"). The perfect example of a society based on dharmic principles is the ancient Aryan Vedic civilization. Many anons here advocate for Varnāśrama-dharma, a term used for the transcendental Hindu social institutions where all of society is harmonized into a greater organic whole and each social division being recognized by its particular duties and behavior. To understand this term better and its connection to National Socialism, see >>3254 , >>3280 and >>3312. Though many of our ancestors neglected their traditions, the same principles never waned. This type of rhetoric is based on the idea of a Primordial Tradition (such as the Vedas or otherwise, it depends). >why do you specifically capitalize so many words (Truth, Order, Movement, Worldview, etc) To me it signifies that one is referring to more than just "a worldview", or any old conception of truth, but instead to a higher truth, the Truth. This might differ from person to person. I'm not sure if I've ever seen people capitalize 'movement' before in this sort of context though, but I might just not notice. Hope that helps to extent.
How did Hitler feel about colonies? Wasn't he against them? How does /fascist/ in general feel about colonies? When I say colonies, I am specifically in reference to those in Africa and India.
>>3352 Colonies divert funds and attention from domestic issues. Fuck colonies.
>>3353 Holy cow, /fascist/! That was a fast reply. Thanks.
>>3353 What if we already have them, such as the USA which has Puerto Rico, the NMI, Guam, American Samoa?
>>3355 I think US colonies are sustainable, given their limited extent; in fact, we could probably afford to add Greenland to our possessions. however, global empires like the British, French, Spanish etc are not stable in the long-term.
>>3355 I have no problem having these as long as they serve our country some sort of good purpose, though I’d change their status from unincorporated territories to some sort of semi-sovereign protectorate status so the muds that live there are no longer US citizens. That’s honestly the biggest problem with these territories. I know that some places like Guam already have more autonomy but I’m envisioning something even looser than that. >>3352 It’s been a while since I’ve read Mein Kampf but iirc he said that he was opposed to colonizing with settlers places like Africa and instead wanted to focus on Eastern expansion. He gave a handful of reasons for that which were pretty solid, mainly that it would give Germany a continuous land area, massive amounts of resources, there was already some Germans scattered around out there and that in the age he lived in it was big states like the USSR and USA who were dominating global affairs and Germany would either have to get on their level or be subjugated (exactly like what happened)
What is left wing distributism?
What is everyone's opinion on the death penalty? Preferably for a society that isn't fascist because I think most of us would be on the same page with that anyway.
>>3451 Every sane society should have the death penalty as an option. Frankly, there are many degenerates and criminals completely without value such as rapists, child molesters, those who poison our communities with drugs and the like. Personally I think it should be applied even more liberally. Of course under the rule of ZOG we're liable to have this used against us as well, but that shouldn't stop us.
>>3197 >is proudly autistic and wouldn't be ashamed of a mixed grandchild All the money in the world won't make you any less lacking in descendants.
>>3537 Then again, you're just a Christian/Dishonest Chrsitian who denies his telos while alive. Clings to toys and cooming since he doesn't really want to live but is scared of death since he clings to his little "happiness."
The exchange with 35cb37 here shows Dharmic man against the Abrahamic man. The Abrahamic man stews in resentment at his neighbors and lord (hence the claim that men need to "seize power" for them to "deserve it"). Clings to toys and other showings of crass consumption that, among other things, betrays a hatred of life yet fear of death. Doesn't show any regard for lineage. I'm sure that one would say Barack Mutt Obongo deserved to rule over White men just from getting selected by his handlers in two elections. Right after tipping his fedora and not opposing racemixing or faggotry in a solid way (if not advocating for them).
>>3539 What do you think of Eastern Orthodoxy?
Open file (163.06 KB 1000x1500 kalki.jpg)
>>3539 Don't forget that we live in Kali Yuga and that he actually has a point. If you live according to golden age principles, you will get devoured by the monsters of this world (figuratively speaking). This is our greatest sacrifice, we will have to become monsters greater than those that we are fighting against, until Dharma is restored. You must be both sun and lightning. If you want to go against the handlers, you will need to be even more ruthlessly conniving that they are.
Open file (212.52 KB 1080x1080 kali yuga.jpg)
>>3545 Yes, 35cb37 's arguments are a perfectly logical position for the typical man 'in Time' to possess. He sees only the material and desperately tries to cling to it, not remembering that it is ultimately transient. To become one who is simultaneously lightning and sun in the Kali Yuga is the final redpill in my opinion. I can't think of anything more virtuous than to live AND act according to golden age values in an age of decadence. I don't even know if I have gone so far personally. Lightning is inherently destructive. I am too much sun, too little lightning.
>>3547 He represents the majority of people in this world. While some may recognize your inherent qualities, most will not. In fact, they will hate you for it. Even without the Jewish tumor, most people are living completely without virtue and you would be facing great challenges regardless. What ultimately matters the most, is power. It's up to you to use that power to restore the Dharma (if that's even possible at this point). But you will never become powerful in the last age without acting according to laws of hard iron. Force is the only thing that candala understands. I tried living according to golden age principles for the long time when I was younger, until I realized that it's pointless and that I would be devoured by the very people I was supposed to help. How shocked some of those animals were when they realized that I was merely holding back and that they never stood a chance. Unless you plan to fade away as a downtrodden hermit, you will have to master the lightning. They are not going to leave you alone. They will keep encroaching, decaying, ruining, corrupting, until there is nothing left for you to hold onto. The circle will only keep closing until you too, become food for their god. You don't seem to fully realize the predicament that we are in.
>>3554 What ultimately matters the most, is power. It's up to you to use that power to restore the Dharma (if that's even possible at this point). >But you will never become powerful in the last age without acting according to laws of hard iron. Force is the only thing that candala understands. Exactly. Savitri Devi said it best when she said that as the forces of disintegration and adharma increase it becomes more and more impossible not to react with ruthless, selfless violence. Such is the nature of our age. As it was said in the Manusmriti, "The whole world is subdued by Punishment, for an honest man is hard to find..." This is quite true in the Kali Yuga. >Unless you plan to fade away as a downtrodden hermit, you will have to master the lightning. They are not going to leave you alone. They will keep encroaching, decaying, ruining, corrupting, until there is nothing left for you to hold onto. The circle will only keep closing until you too, become food for their god. You don't seem to fully realize the predicament that we are in. Believe me, I realize it. I am likely still infected with too much false-ego. For a long time I had planned to off the grid and have a big family out there, but the more I thought about the more I realized that I was trying to build an isolated paradise that the kikes would inevitably destroy. Even if my future children are spared from degeneracy, the Jews will never stop until they destroyed and subverted everything we hold dear. I am undoubteldy younger than you, but my understanding of the situation grows by the day. It is also not that I am naturally averse to the qualities of lightning, but I am conflicted about how to best apply them intelligently and in service of dharmic principles.
>all this talk on Dharma I must say I’m glad to see this concept spreading here. We might be the biggest pro-dharma fascist board on the internet at this point.
>>3555 (checked Hyperborean trips) Going off the grid becomes less and less possible as time passes, your land would eventually be seized, your children would be taken away from you, and you would be hunted down or exiled. If not you, then your children and grandchildren. Even moving to another planet would only buy us some time, until the plague reaches there too. There is a reason why planets get almost destroyed during purification ... I'm afraid you have no other choice than to fight within the belly of the beast. As tempting as going away from all of it seems, it's not why we are here. >>3556 Dharma, natural/divine order, essentialism, teleology, organic society, chain of being, etc. There is the underlying principle linking all organic political ideologies, in opposition to artificial/Talmudic ones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ3FuwORkwA
Open file (97.15 KB 370x367 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3574 Yes, I'm afraid I've thought of all of the downsides that you mention in your post. It appears that I want to create and maintain the unmaintainable in the most decadent of ages. Nothing would hurt more than seeing kikes Ruby Ridge my family. Gone are the days when you can live and not be preyed on by them. I'm almost reminded of Arjuna here when he at first wanted to flee from the battlefield at Kurukshetra before Krishna revealed the higher Truth to him. Also good taste in music.
What does /fascist/ think of the book, "1984"?
>>3593 I was never really interested in reading it before I recently saw a Jonathan Bowden lecture on the book and totalitarian leftism. Of course I know that the book was based off of Stalinism, but Bowden made it sound more interesting than it otherwise would have, especially since normalfags reference it all the time. https://youtu.be/9PDv10vFmRs
>>3593 It's a very trivial book which, hilariously, normie retards still manage to miss the point of. Or it wouldn't be brought up every time there is talk about mass surveillance, since this book has little to do with the topic. It has a few interesting ideas but they are very diluted throughout book. I remember for example the dumbing down of the language, Winston pondering what it means to be human, or when he decides to join the resistance, when he reads Mein Kampf, when he is tortured by the glowniggers. It's also amusing to see how many things you recognize that were directly inspired by the Soviet Union. However, what I loathe the most about this book, is that it's cited by every single fucking normie in this planet no matter their side. Everyone thinks it'll become like 1984 if their political enemy takes power. Commies, nazis, democrats, republicans. Shows how much of a basic bitch book it is.
>>3603 >However, what I loathe the most about this book, is that it's cited by every single fucking normie in this planet no matter their side. That's the main reason I've never read the book honestly. I'm not even a huge contrarian but the fact that normalfags worship it and due to the fact that this book is openly permitted to circulate and is even read sometimes in public school shows that the message that it promotes is non-ZOG-threatening.
>>3603 I think 1984's best insight is how language can be manipulated for power. the most notable example is Newspeak, which uses linguistics to limit people's ability to express their thoughts. but there's other forms of obfuscation at work, such as deceptive branding: the Ministry of Love tortures people, the Ministry of Truth lies and propagandizes, etc. you can see these tactics at work in Current Year. Social Justice demands to censor and control language, and also redefines established words within its ideological framework. then there's the labeling of anyone who disagrees as 'nazi', which is used as a dehumanizing slur, and Antifa's claim to be 'anti-fascist' to justify their chimping out. that's why the often misunderstood concept of Free Speech is so important. those who would control and exploit you always embrace falsehood and censorship. >>3605 I think it's similar to controlled opposition. the globalist enemy likely realized that attempting to ban Orwell's books would backfire, so they allow them to be read, hoping to consolidate power in spite of this.
>>3605 No, it is an interesting book, just not THAT interesting. The issue is that normies are fucking retards. The book is read in public school because the instant correlation will be DUH NAZIS!, with a side of modern day mass surveillance worry. It is simply not correct. In the book, only 15% of the population is surveilled, the smarter ones that work in the Party. The other 85% is regarded as animals, and spying on them is not important. They are allowed all kinds of degeneracy, such as drugs, prostitution, betting, alcoholism. That already rings a bell. Then it discusses how even the "educated" goyim are just enslaved cattle, because their education consists of just enough technical knowledge to be productive for ZOG, without touching the important matters. That one hit me hard, because I'm very successful in STEM, but I always feel so ignorant of the real world. It also gives an opinion on the future of capitalism and other interesting things, the main issue is that the ideas are all kept very superficial, the book might be good as an introduction to these thoughts, to inform kids that they exist, but normies are retards and they don't understand what they read, and even when they do, most won't go beyond that kind of superficial sentences. Superficiality is why I dislike watching movies or reading stories with a "message". Because it is always very superficial, they have to, or delivering them through a movie or a story would be impossible.
>>3606 Much more redpilled than 1984 is the Iron Heel. The United States falls under the control of a shadowy oligarchic cabal of businessman and capitalists known only as the Iron Heel. We never see them outright but we see their actions throughout the book. One priest in the book becomes redpilled on the oligarchy and their enslavement of the average working man in horrible conditions and when he begins to speak out the press, all at once, attacks him, destroys his life, makes him lose his job, declares him insane and he ends up in an insane asylum. At the end of the book the proles are shown as they actually are, degenerate and animalistic, rioting in the streets and destroying everything. Sure, it's a communist propaganda piece but it was a good book for what it was worth.
>>3608 Huxley is much more accurate in his depictions, although ZOG is like a carrot and a stick combination of 1984 and Brave New World. Those were allowed to circulate in public because it only proves the point, that most people are easily controllable cattle and that the mass is never going to move it's own dead weight without a proper catalyst, even if they know exactly what's going on. Fascist/NS/3rd position literature is banned and censored because it actually moves the people into action. It identifies the true culprits (very concretely, down to the biological level), offers an actual alternative and deconstructs the system completely, on an entire spectrum. All other ideologies and political schools only attack one of it's vectors while reinforcing the other ones (see Marxism for example).
>>3626 >Fascist/NS/3rd position literature is banned and censored because it actually moves the people into action. It identifies the true culprits (very concretely, down to the biological level), offers an actual alternative and deconstructs the system completely, on an entire spectrum. All other ideologies and political schools only attack one of it's vectors while reinforcing the other ones (see Marxism for example). Exactly. Well written. >>3609 Forget about fiction. Solzhenitsyn's gulag archipelago is the best book to read, it's long but historically accurate summarized everything into great detail how daily life was, of course based on reality which was worse than anything in 1984. A.S own life in USSR, being sentenced for sending his friend a letter just casually questioning Stalin to being sent from the front to the many concentration camps in russia after he found it morally reprehensible as a mathematician to work as an a slave in the "nicer" prison for intellectual slaves. It's a long book but worth for anyone to read, to learn honestly about the abomination of marxism/communism in practice. However Solzhenitsyn when it is said seemed to be anti position, which is fair enough after all he was through. He did not see or admit outright in the book that if Germany had won it would have ended russia's problems. In the book he writes wrongful conclusion that in the end "dictatorships by default have to be the USSR-style and Jewish and thus are all the same" Which is wierd, because Solzhenitsyn did in fact know about the Jewish problem, as he mentions that Jews were the overwhelming amount of camp bosses and functionaries in the Jewish USSR system which is factually true. He probably did not want to get his message distorted by the media kikes of the time so played it safe i assume to get his message/book out. Jews hate his books, but especially Gulag archipelago. War going on for long time in (((wikipedia))) where butthurt shills are editing that his book(s) were "works of fiction" even though they're not.
>>3628 I’ve been meaning to get into Solzhenitsyn for a while, but my reading list is so long that I have no clue when I’ll ever get around to The Gulag Archipelago. It’s too bad that his book on the Jews and Russian history has never gotten (and likely never will get as long as we’re in the situation we’re in) an English translation that I’m aware of. I almost dropped money on the French version of it a few months ago just so I could plod through it slowly even though my French is shit
/fascist/, What were the favorite foods of great /fascist/ leaders like Hitler and Mussolini? What about other leaders like Rockwell? More importantly, what is your favorite food, /fascist/?
>>3771 More meat and animal fat (incl. cheese), less carbs (esp. simple sugars and dough), balanced with some vegetables (if possible fermented) and fruit seems to be the best combination. Organic, free range whenever possible. Margarine, soy, flavor enhancers, chemical additives, HFCS are literal poison and should be avoided.
Open file (99.85 KB 849x1200 Surf the Kali Yuga.jpg)
>>1082 My interpretation is that it is a cool and groovy way of commanding those rad kids who will listen to « Ride the Tiger », as Evola put it. Our Honorable BO already explained an aspect of it but I will have to repeat some o his points. The Kali Yuga is a Hindu concept that speaks of the darkest fraction in the cycle of humanity, an ever-corrupting and almost omnipresent force that corrupts everything; this is the era we are living it, I personally refer to it as « Modernity », giving the phrase « Revolt against the modern World » another level of meaning. Evola says that this force is irresistible and cannot be stoped, like a fierce tiger, that the only way out of it is trough it, thus the only way for an Aristocrat of the Soul to survive it is to not try to fight it, but ride on it's back until it leaves us into the Satya Yuga; the Era of Truth. Or, in more expressive therms, to ride the wave of modernity that destroys everything under it until it weakens and we are finally able to reach the coast.
Open file (50.76 KB 697x718 Landlocked.jpg)
>>3812 I know that this is double-posting, but I just found this. I guess this can be useful for Aristocrats of the Soul in landlocked countries
>>3814 >you can't partner a wolf with a cow You cannot, but you can keep them in separate pens while on the same farm. I think you know what I mean with this. >comes from environment and culture I do not believe it is those two factors to be precise There's a hypothesis I have being working on for a while, about why post-colonial nations are incapable of forming a functional government. The case of Mexico is that it was colonized and the classes that would later become the Mexicans –Indians, Mestizos and Criollos– depended on the Spanish to administrate the country, as a State is –in its most vulgar form– a collection of administrative bodies. Culturally these three clases were subservient to the Spanish, Indians in particular were in a very rough spot; their entire world and cosmovision, which was thousands of years old, was destroyed in a few decades. Then came the Apparition of the Virgin Mary, an apparition that spoke in Nahuatl directly to an Indian in ideas and therms that his class understood. She stomped over Coatlicue who for manny centuries demanded human sacrifices, a concept that had being put into question in the last few years. Instead she came like a mother and gave Indians a place in this new world. On the side of Mestizos and Criollos, they finally had a deity that was from the land that gave birth to them. This created places of worship where all three classes had a place that the Spanish did not, it consolidated Mexican identity. This is why even if I am interested in ancient religions and I believe in a mix of old Mexican myths, I would never try to replace catholicism from any form of paganism in Mexico; because before the eagle and the snake, before the tricolor and before any symbol the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe united and created Mexico. Getting rid of Catholicism –and therefore Her– would do the same to our spirit as the forced evangelization did to the Indians, it would cut our connection to our current land. The Bourbon reforms were the excuse to finally put to use this new unity, and a healthy Empire should have being the result, but they forgot something. Until then Mexicans were used to having a master, not only to organize and administrate them, but also we had –and still do– a psychological need for a leader, which makes us very vulnerable to every charlatan who waves ideas of a better future to us. A lack of administrative institutions made the First Empire crumble, the chaos that generated opened the door for opportunistic individuals only looking to exploit our need for a leader, the system consolidated and perpetuated itself in this way until modern times. Our very foundations are faulty. Still, this is not enough to make me lose faith, confidence or make me want to get annexed to any other country, balkanize into a group of useless nations, or –God Forbid– partake into the racial suicide eloquently referred to as « Mejorar la Raza ». Being annexed by any other nation would be a downgrade, balkanization would trow our history away over short-sighted and neurotic conclusions, mixing to become less Mexican is an act of self-hate. I refuse to give such cynical solutions the pleasure to even be contemplated, such non-retroactive measures are too common in the modern world and I am too stubborn and childish to think that my own nation has anything but the greatest of futures in front of it. What we Mexicans need is to realize our faults, how others take advantage of it and get rid of these mental obstacles we have being teaching our children for 200 years. Even if I do not see the future I envision in life, even if I only get the ball rolling I will die a happy man.
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Open file (170.84 KB 2060x1350 sn-218-22-11.jpg)
>>3830 >I think you know what I mean with this. Cow should be on the plains and the wolf in the forest, not under some shady farmer you can't see nor know his end game. >the Apparition of the Virgin Mary Right there we have our first cultural shock, you see it boggles my mind how a sinaloan can say such things. Guadalupan myth (i believe in the Virgin, but not the Guadalupe thing) is an entirely southern mexican phenomenon and any studies about its impact can solely be seen on the mesoamerican plateau. I agree with your explanation, it is a fact it was conveniently used at the time of crisis to unite the masses, but you see you have a problem there: Guadalupan doctrine wasn't used at all in the northern american sector of the country until Porfirio Diaz' mid-term around the 1880's, and the results are still on dispute as several conflicts with hundreds of victims happened due to the forced indoctrination (Cajeme's Yaqui War), there's even the extreme irony of said battalions fighting and burning villages under the Virgin's banner to the point they were searching to exterminate a supposed mestizo girl who was starting to gain notoriety with indians for her healing powers said to be granted by christianity, along with her apparent discourse about southern powers trying to bend a completely foreign region from their into their liking (Teresa de Cabora). Trivia note that someone might like, she was from a family with a tough rivalry against a family of marrano jews (at least still crypto jews at that point) named Gandara de Gortari, you probably heard that second part somewhere. Guadalupanism in Sinaloa, Sonora and Chihuahua (can't include Baja because Benito Juarez, the indian mason president, genocided most injuns there) was force feed into some rich families (guess which one in Sonora/Sinaloa) as tribute to Diaz who was an ardent admirer, and some places forced you to convert. This went horribly bad for the always inquiring yaqui/mayo who were more of an old school catholicism more akin to protestant beliefs like paying tithe that was used in the same village instead of going to the vatican, mass in their language or spanish and downright not liking the pope (they still liked saint worship thou). So my point was that for castizos and hwites in the northwest (and northeast in Nuevo Leon) the Virgin and her teachings were more about tribute to the southern executives, for the mestizos it was a social status thing to clone and for the injuns it was a new doctrine that had tons of historical context they didn't buy (we should know at this point these desert tribes are extremely skeptic). The unity in the desert tribes along with the apparent harmony with the european settlers (harmony used very ambiguously) was not so much of a religious doctrine you see, it was a combination of 2 things: A) Convenience and Reciprocity: When the jesuit and franciscan missionaries came around with the soldiers/dragoons (either basque or portuguese mercenaries) they made things clear, you either make a community with them or you go around rambling like always. To incentivize the conversion the jesuits, at that point still trained as soldiers and engineers, taught them basic stuff like log/stone work and the winter crops like wheat, which was extremely significant as the indians migrated in winter to more warm areas like South Yaqui Valley (Around Mochis or even more south like Culiacan) for food. Not to mention these missionaries were also great cartographers, astronomers and the dragoons who came with them went native and taught them animal husbandry (no pun intended there) like cattle rising which was also crucial in making the place prosper. All these technological leaps sold the natives who willingly sided with them... at least the sedentary ones, the nomads were still utter cunts and in times when the military kicked the missionaries to rule for a time rebellions happened and shit hit the fan multiple times until some other missionaries had to come around to fix things. Sometimes the nomads were such cunts that it displaced the peaceful injuns (Seri displacing the Pima to Tucson, Pima allying with the monarchists Opata and Raramuri, Juarez selling Tucson/Arizona to the U.S. to get rid of them) but some other times the sedentary were butchers and manhandled them (Yaqui cleaning the coast of the Seri until the military having to intervene due to the Seri being the only fishermen/cheap slave labor around) B) Adversity and having your shit fucked up: We can argue Christianity gave a more solid base to the injuns to learn the golden rule, still truth to be told everyone was armed to the teeth back then, the distances were long and harsh and reinforcements were far away. Racial classes/castes were obviously notorious (except in very isolated villages where everyone banged everyone) so respect from one another was important, in the south, packed full of people and powers-that-be, you couldn't really mess with the spaniards, same with a european rambling around in monkey town, but in the north it was a void most everywhere except the cities, classes didn't talk with each other but the same non-interaction made sides respect or not plot against each other. Entire towns could and were wiped out in days if you crossed or didn't pay a group of workers well enough, federal troops were advised to never go alone anywhere due to the animosity of the entire place against them. A very tense and hostile atmosphere, blacklist someone around those years and you could starve due to no one selling you food, water, horse, etc; It's like that nord anon said about the nord attitudes in which the tempestuous climate there made everyone have a certain degree of tolerance regarding retarded attitudes, but when it jumps into overdrive they became complete sadist butchers. With this he wanted to mention how those countries really didn't lose that viking attitude, someone just pinpointed the border between ethnic cleansing maniac rage and getting cucked to hell and back. And when Colt made all men equal, you had another thing coming when Diaz wanted to do the same thing that Benito did. >a psychological need for a leader Agree, in this case the missionary and his leather-wearing soldiers who knew it all. >Our very foundations are faulty. Whose foundations? Back then the empire like you very correctly said (New Spain was a separate entity) had regions and some of them were autonomous, the northern region had several (Nueva Vizcaya, Nuevo Santander, Nuevo Leon) and rarely enforced official rulings, in its first years it was an union of several presidium with relative free reign over their towns unless something fucky happened (Nuevo Leon was founded inadvertently by a jewish family and the whole thing had to be reshuffled in shame, they still went crypto and fought for power against savvy militarymen). Northern Region's foundations are different from the South and it is notable that the region's main problems are the forced union with an entity so different from them exerting a centralist power, a culture shock. The rivalry and problem itself has been seen clearly in history as Diaz cabinet was intelligently infiltrated by an association of northern militarymen to make him send money to the region after being ignored for decades, the plan didn't go so well due to butthurt southern mexicans who wanted gibs and the revolution started, years later who won the war? northern forced tired of getting scammed and went full force into the capital with highly organized forces that were expecting a separatist war (although decades later as Abelardo put it). The whole national political history has been a revanchism saga about where to send the money, either to the south, the north, the king, or directly to the pocket. >balkanize into a group of useless nations Why useless? you can make things work if you have the organization, the clear identity to avoid in-fighting (either racial, cultural and/or historical via getting bullied/bullying) and the means to defend yourself if someone doesn't agree. Uruguay is a relatively prosper nation based on work and not messing with anyone, sure they played with several entities too busy fighting each other to invade them but it's there, Switzerland is there although they played the outjew everyone game, we can name a lot of examples but it will boil down to what's useful? Living peacefully with your people or wanting to absorb your surroundings? >balkanization would trow our history away over short-sighted and neurotic conclusions Mexico as the nation we define has 110 years (90 if you count when Cardenas/Camacho went full "muh mexico identity" propaganda program), the regions themselves have much longer. Isolated northern region has 200 to 300 years of history, the Yucatec peninsula has 800 years of isolated history. Mexico as we know it is a relatively recent experiment, it is not short-sighted and neither is it neurotical when it has never worked, the things we know that are stable have been brute forced due to recent media and/or money+planning (Porfiria was good at this with the railworks). We do not have a history that can be called "stable nation", high ethnic tension, even between the sedentary groups of injuns, has existed since time immemorial. >mixing to become less Mexican is an act of self-hate I agree, although calling yourself after one of the most treacherous empires in a relatively small area far away from home is also self-hate or plain tradition, not to say the legal thing to do. >the pleasure to even be contemplated Even if you don't agree you need to contemplate them as thought exercise, i mean it as a personal note outside this discussion. On topic i thought a lot about it, i had your view point back then but i found under further knowledge to be impossible unless a mass reprogramming of the masses, which includes mongrelization, proceeds soon (i'm not the first, commie coward Vasconcelos thought of it as the "Raza Cosmica"). Maybe you know something i don't know, that's why i can't and won't call you wrong, this is a preference thing from my part as i don't want the things that made and conform us to cease to exist/be absorbed and distorted to please the countless denizens of the central power. >mental obstacles we have being teaching our children for 200 years They say working hard and not messing with anyone will make everything better if everyone thinks like that, obviously i agree, but the problem is the ones who call the shots over our heads don't think nor act near the same. Will sound cliche as all hell but it is the true, be it separatism or integrationism (or in your case, association of states ruled by a benevolent but strict entity) the first step to make is to kick the upper echelons of power, which i don't think is the chief executive officer sitting at the national palace.
>>3812 It's about staying on top of the wave until you reach the land instead of being engulfed and drowned by it. Which takes a lot of skill and attitude. >>3830 You had white gods like Quetzalcoatl that opposed human sacrifices long before you were forced at a gunpoint to worship a Jewish whore. Even if you disregard your heathen practices completely, human sacrifice is still in your blood, your genes. See what cartels are doing, skinning people alive. Religion plays no part in that, it's your nature. On one hand, you have the ultra-passive, docile, submissive people, and on another, the ultra-violent sadistic types who rule with sheer terror. Do you realize just how absurd modern Mexican identity is? You are mutts to begin with, you worship alien gods, have what used to be distinct nations forced to live under one flag, speak the alien language, are being ruthlessly exploited by (((transnational capital))) and local mafia. And yet in that, you see a source of pride, something that needs to be preserved? A 'nation' like that doesn't have any future, and is a living warning to everyone else what happens when (((Jesuits))) and their modern globalist equivalents have their way. Kikes have planned the same future for European countries, USA, etc. The problem with brown people is that they lack the capacity to realize that, so they continue spreading it rather than purifying themselves and trying to reduce their numbers. That way they sentence both themselves, and the nations which they are invading (with the help of you know who) to the same grim existence. Your only hope is a majority white world, and gradual 'bleaching' of Mexicans, but only the best of them.
>>3849 >You had white gods like Quetzalcoatl According to some acquaintances who work as anthropologists Quetzalcoatl might have originally not being a God or Person, but a title, similar to Christ or the Übermensch, which only gives more reason to believe what I have being wondering for manny years; that all religions, even christianity, come from a common place. Plus, precolombian civilizations had no concept of White People, so I would not call him a white God, but a prehispanic God that had white features that no one else in the Americas had. This is an important distinction, even if the result is the same, that Quetzalcoatl might have being a lost European. Combine that with what I said first and we can guess that this individual was a moral and righteous person. Which funnily enough, gives the wacky idea that Jesus Christ was of European Origin some grounds, much to the pleasure of Uncle Adolf. >human sacrifice is still in your blood, your genes I do not think that, the examples from cartels say nothing about us being unique in that regard, brutality is found everywhere humans are. Plus, human sacrifices were done with no malice, for Aztecs it was the only way to feed the Sun so the Night would not engulf the Earth and kill her, it was all part of their duty, to the point that it was considered an honor. However, I do believe there is a relationship between this passiveness and the ultra-violence you see in this country, simply those who are not blood-thirsty do nothing about those who are. >You are mutts to begin with There are only three distinct groups which make 95% of the population; Natives, Europeans and Mestizos. Mutts would mean that we are a melting pot with no way of telling where we come from. On the same way a cross between two pure breeds would not be considered a mutt I would not consider Mestizos to be mutts. >you worship alien gods As I said in my last post, the Virgin Mary is a Mexican Apparition, with her being the principal deity of this country, combined with the syncretism happening here I would say that Mexico has their own Gods and way of worship. Plus Mexico was born during Christianity, not before, so purely pagan gods would be more alien to it. >have what used to be distinct nations forced to live under one flag Is not the Union of the Germans or Italians on the same level? Is their existence not justified? After the dissolution of the Empire states were given the choice to leave, thus the creating of Central America which ironically now is trying to jump our Southern Border >And yet in that, you see a source of pride Every person should love their nation above all else in the same way we love our families, and part of love is wanting to help, not to immediately abandon your loved ones as soon as things turn bad. I live here and there are manny more things aboit my country which I love than things I hate. >Your only hope is a majority white world, and gradual 'bleaching' of Mexicans, but only the best of them. Islamist invaders think the same about Europe, that they are a purifying force and that Europe would only benefit from stop being European. I can accept peaceful coexistence, even I recognize that from our side there are manny ways that we can become better neighbors, but I would never accept to « bleach » my nation because that would be genocide. For me every culture is a different color. You can mix primaries and get some other colors, but if you mix manny you will get a puke grayish green and once you mix them there is no turning back, so better to keep them separate when possible. And if cultures are colors then the World is a canvas where every color has a place; Europe for Europeans, Arabia for Arabs, Africa for Africans and America for Americans, each with different tones inside of it. If you were to paint the entire world with a single color you will get a boring picture, ever inferior to the possibilities that a full palette with proper placement would be. You are not doing the world a favor by making the world White, you are destroying most of the potential beauty of this world. It is ok, even a responsibility to love your race above all else, but that is not a reason to want to wipe out other races.
>>3874 >that all religions, even christianity, come from a common place Are you familiar with Frithjof Schuon? Definitely check out book related. Perennial philosophy is the final redpill.
>>3875 i do not do the whole « reading » stuff, although I am starting to right now. Thanks for the files
>>3874 >That all religions, even christianity, come from a common place. Yes that would be sanatana dharma (hindu) from Atlantis http://esotericawakening.com/what-is-reality-the-holofractal-universe
>>3891 Sanatana Dharma is certainly much, much closer to the any sort of primordial Tradition / Truth, but one has to be careful even with that, as it has almost certainly been corrupted in one way or another. Now Sanatana Dharma in the less religious, more literal sense (i.e. the Eternal Natural Way / Order), remains unchanged just as it did tens of thousands of years ago. It's debatable whether that is exactly analogous with what exists under that term today though
>>2203 Why don't you set up a /buddhism/ bunker here?
>>3891 It's entertaining to see this guy get so many things right, then completely mess it up with idiotic ideas like universal creator, oneness, no free will, great awakening, ego being something bad and similar garbage. What surprises me is that he even recognizes the zero-point emanation (Atman) but assigns it a feminine quality and attributes it to the so called creator (externalization typical for npc's) rather than what it ought to be, himself. Also, black sun does not represent Saturn, it represents Atman (zero). Then he concludes the article by attempting to lead the reader into thinking that kikes somehow rule over him because he is not "awakened" , but yet at the same time, refuse to be "awakened" themselves? Maybe because this "unity" with the (((creator))) would be nothing else but complete self-annihilation and sentencing yourself to a whole new cycle of incarnations, slavery and suffering, ensuring to remain food for the so called elites and entities which they serve? You see, he is your friend and wants to help you give up your ego and reach infinite consciousness, while leaving this world to those pesky Jews :>) He got fed up with you being treated like goyim, and has finally decided to speak out. Just trust the plan. >>3901 That would be an excellent idea, hopefully it would help the detractors 'detach' themselves to the fullest, if you catch my drift. I never understood why they don't simply kill themselves and achieve the desired ego death instantaneously. No need to meditate, recite mantras, or anything else, all it takes is a chair and enough rope.
>>3922 >I never understood why they don't simply kill themselves and achieve the desired ego death instantaneously. No need to meditate, recite mantras, or anything else, all it takes is a chair and enough rope. I don’t understand this meme about Buddhism at all. It must come from a misinterpretation of what the Buddha meant by dukkha and tanha. The Buddha’s basic teachings are redpilled. He identifies a symptom, he identifies the cause of the symptoms and that they can be stopped and then gives the individual a way forward. The Noble Eightfold Path is anything but world-denying, it provides a good framework for life within time in contrast to degenerate hedonism and extreme life denial (as practiced by Jain monks). Even if one does not consider themself a Buddhist there is much good in the teachings that even a non-religious person can benefit from. It’s best combined with the Bushido-pill. Noble Truth = Ārya-satya = “Aryan Truth” Noble Eightfold Path = Āryāstāngika mārga = Aryan Eightfold Path
>>3901 I'll consider it. however, I see being a BO as a commitment. I'd want to consistently invest time and energy into it, and not flake out or get too busy. >>3922 Buddhism is not nihilism. as >>3923 said, it's about the Middle Path between indulgence and asceticism, the Noble Eightfold Path, and living properly so that you may attain enlightenment. suicide in most cases is a selfish act, causing suffering to others, it's a form of violence, and is usually borne out of negative mental states and intentions. all this results in bad karma, risking rebirth in one of the lower realms. an even more fundamental misconception you've made is that death is equivalent to enlightenment, which it's not. death is just another transition in the cycle of samsara, and the act of suicide would almost certainly ensnare you further, not liberate you.
>>3927 Let us know if you make /buddhism/. I’m interested in the topic and would try to contribute where I could. No pressure though, being BO is a lot of work when one truly wants to create a good resource or community.
>>3934 true indeed. the first task would be importing old content from 8ch, fortunately that's available on the wayback machine, and I've already d/led recent content.
>>3927 One of many errors of Buddhism is that it sees ego as something inherently bad and something that we should get rid of completely. The actual problem of ego is what I call "ego inflation" , meaning that a lot of people have much greater egos than their nature/quality and circumstances warrant. This confusion and lack of humility (that gets massively promoted by the kikes among the lower humanity in order to control them) is the root of many problems. There is nothing wrong with high quality people being egoistical or having desires, as long as those desires are realistic and not too degenerate.
>>4042 this is reasonable, but again, Buddhism is not nihilism. it emphasizes the Middle Path between indulgence and asceticism, and the Eightfold Path of proper living which is conducive to enlightenment. while the ultimate goal is to transcend aggregates, clinging, delusions, and samsara, this does not mean self-denial or mortification, either physical or mental. in other words, (You) exist, but there is no eternal (You) because it's in flux and dependent on empty phenomena. keep in mind, the Middle Path is not only about moderation, but it's also a middle ground between eternal existence and nothingness. I agree that the whole culture of yolo swag/egoism is being promoted for ulterior motives.
>>4046 >(You) exist, but there is no eternal (You) because it's in flux and dependent on empty phenomena So what exactly is being reincarnated from life to life and how much can the reincarnated person be said to actually be the same thing? If there’s no eternal Self and it’s constantly subject to change can we really say that Siddharta’a Gautama’s life as Sumedha thousands upon thousands of lifetimes ago when he is said to have started on the path to Buddhahood was really “him” in any sense? Of course one could say the same thing between one’s self between childhood and adulthood but in an example such as this we’re dealing with eons worth of time. And then there’s the Ananda Sutta where when directly asked if there was a self, the Buddha remained silent, later explaining that he did not want to affirm either one, not wanting to side either with the Hindu view of an eternal self or any sort of annihilationism. I’m not trying to “debunk” Buddhism or anything, I’m almost sure the problem is with me not having taken the time to really study these things in depth. https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/sn/sn44/sn44.010.than.html
Attention Hungry Games has started. Let's hope for the best >>>/meta/2795
>>4046 >(You) exist, but there is no eternal (You) because it's in flux and dependent on empty phenomena What's the reason for this non-reciprocity? Why would (you) exist in the phenomenal world, and not in the noumenal one? In fact, if we assume that everything is mind, that assertion becomes absurd. >but it's also a middle ground between eternal existence and nothingness You are aware that this assertion is not logical in the slightest? Something either exists or not, there is no middle ground there. What you are talking about are different modes/qualities of existence. >>4049 There are two major beliefs when it comes to reincarnation, one being rooted in the ultimate, individual Self, and another asserting that you will stop existing as yourself at death, but keep randomly incarnating as various forms of life, forever, for no purpose, regardless of what you do (or not do). That self dies, but impulse of life and consciousness does not. They also assume that consciousness is singular and formless, only taking different forms which experience the illusion of individuality, free will and separation. Also, that you need to somehow "improve" the world because you never know what you may incarnate as the next time. That being said, it's absurd to assume that phenomenal world is capable of memory, but that noumenal is not. As above, so below. You are not a different person now compared to the one you have been as a kid, and you will not be a different person in the old age, the only things which change are the circumstances and your perception of the world and yourself. Think of it as playing like different characters in different video games, you can get a lot "into the role" , almost completely identifying with it, but that role ceasing to exist once you turn the game off. That does not kill you as the player, nor does it erase your memory of what you have experienced while playing as that character. Your higher self is just far greater and more encompassing than your earthly self, just like an adult is far more knowledgeable, wise and experienced than a small child. But lacking the "fresh experiences" and flexibility/potential of that child. This only applies to people who actually have a higher self though.
>>3875 I am. And I'm a perennialist as well. Frithjof Schuon is excellent.
>>190 >A woman Color me surprised
>>4049 >So what exactly is being reincarnated from life to life a bundle of aggregates and accumulated karma. >and how much can the reincarnated person be said to actually be the same thing? you can describe a person's reincarnations as a chain of causation and dependencies. there is a sequence of karmic actions and phenomena associated with you, but what you are in a given moment/lifetime is in continuous flux. the seed becomes a tree, which becomes a decaying log; they are linked in the time-dimension while being quite different. >And then there’s the Ananda Sutta where when directly asked if there was a self, the Buddha remained silent, later explaining that he did not want to affirm either one, not wanting to side either with the Hindu view of an eternal self or any sort of annihilationism. as I said, there's a Middle Path between these two concepts (both of which were popular in India at the time). phenomena and aggregates exist, but are subject to continuous change, and are ultimately empty. >>4065 >What's the reason for this non-reciprocity? Why would (you) exist in the phenomenal world, and not in the noumenal one? In fact, if we assume that everything is mind, that assertion becomes absurd. >You are aware that this assertion is not logical in the slightest? Something either exists or not, there is no middle ground there. What you are talking about are different modes/qualities of existence. because everything is caused by something else and is temporary. this includes the bundle of aggregates and phenomena that you happen to be at the moment. sense-perceptions and formations are not the ultimate reality.
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Can European paganism be followed by anyone of any race? For example, can a Mexican or Asian follow that kind of religion or is it exclusively for those of European descent? What Yugioh deck does /fascist/ play? Does /fascist/ even play Yugioh?
>>4071 You can also skin them and wear their skin, that doesn't make you white. Why wouldn't they follow their own pagan deities?
>>4071 >Can European paganism be followed by anyone of any race? European paganism, especially in its most exoteric forms, is inseparably geared towards the European / Aryan mentality. Non-whites have their own traditions. Also Magic the Gathering is better than Yugioh.
>>4071 If your argument is that Christianism is foreign and thus must not be accepted then no, the Americas are further away from Europe than Europe is to the Middle East. If you believe in it from a philosophical standpoint then we can all listen to one-another and learn, that is what I do. Still, religion is much more than philosophy and A E S T H E T I C S, there is an element of faith in there which would be difficult to obtain if we were to simply switch religions just because. Although, I would much prefer each follow their own, even Christianism has a place, specially in Latin America. <If you are a LARPer then sure, anyone can LARP all they want, Hail Odin amirite pagans? I swear I'm not spiritually an Atheists, I do actually believe in this, please stop bullying me, I was an atheist because mom made me go to church once and I hated religion from then on but I changed please just stop with the fedora memes I'm not a redditor, I just support my faith with logic Whay? What do you mean I need faith? I swear my need to prove everything in human therms is not an expression of my supposed atheism, I do have faith, please, guys, stop already, I already trew my fedora away and watched Varg on YouTube what more can I do? Badgha Grata? Bhagavad Gita? What's That? You Don't actually believe in this, right? I know this all should be metaphors. Ha, I knew it! And Blue-eyes White Dragon, of course
Open file (227.54 KB 894x667 varg atheist.jpg)
Open file (300.27 KB 833x1464 varg atheist 2.jpg)
>>4094 It's sad that there are likely so many atheist pagans out there who just like to adopt the aesthetics and LARP. These people have not understood the exoteric v.s. esoteric dichotomy. As I have pointed out elsewhere on this board and on other imageboards, there was certainly debate in ancient times over the exact nature of the gods and whether they existed exactly as described in the tales, whether they were anthropomorphic or whether they were all names given by humans to one God. All of these issues are discussed in Cicero's The Nature of the Gods, a book that everyone should read and that I have been recommending frequently since I have read it a few months ago. I hope one day the real pagans will step up, because that is what I consider myself. I am a perennialist personally and do believe in God. On the topic of Varg, I have no doubt that he is just a glorified atheist. Just look at this tweet from a few days ago where he calls you a Christian or Christian-influenced if you believe in literal gods of any kind. “WE are the gods. NATURE is the gods”. In the replies to that tweet he even shoots down Jungian archetypes. I know that he hates Evola and other Perennialists / Traditionalists as well. His claim of Abrahamists or those influenced by them alone truly believe in real divinities is absurd. From the book I mentioned above it's clear that this is just flat-out wrong. I’m left wondering what Varg actually believes. Maybe I’m wrong but he seems to be a materialist who cloaks his beliefs in pagan language and symbolism (or nowadays placenta shit).
>>4094 A hispanic cannot be a Vedic, then?
>>3875 I actually just started reading this myself. It is very interesting, though I feel this is one of those books that one will have to read and re-read, put down and then come back to grasp it completely. I thought this quote was ironic since it's almost precisely the opposite today: <If Abraham, Moses, and Christ denied the "paganisms" with which they came into contact, the reason is that they were dealing with religions that had outlived their usefulness; surviving as mere forms without any true spiritual life and sometimes even serving as supports for sinister influences.
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>>4096 Varg believes in reincarnation and ancestor worship, which literally is European religion (worshipping the race), deny it all you want. Placenta and blood symbolism is found across the world. However, I don't like Varg, for other reasons.
>>4110 I thought Varg believed moreso in something like ancestral memory, but this video I found seems to speak against what I said in a sense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubvQ5OWHI-A I disagree though that native European religion was just worshiping the race though, though that was of course a great component of it, i.e. ancestor worship. I'm the opposite actually, I generally like Varg and the lifestyle that he advocates for.
Varg is just a racist/edgy liberal LARPer who hates Christians. He even praised the Turks for how their looks made them more White than Italians. Turks being Muslim invaders who took Europeans for slaves.
>>4160 t.butthurt christcuck.
>>4160 >racist/edgy fuck off nigger
>>4160 >Varg is just a racist Based >edgy No he’s not >liberal Varg is not liberal at all. >LARPer Varg dunks on alt-kike fags and deluded morons who think voting is a solution all of the time. If anything casting votes for ZOG clique #1 versus #2 and thinking you’re bringing about change is the real LARP >who hates Christians As any thinking man should Heill Óðinn, sæl Óðinn
>>4164 Perennialist master race reporting in. I don't hate any religion unless its judaism or atheism. and yes atheism is a religion, its the worship of science.
>>4169 Christianity has some major flaws, at least in how its practitioners can be liable to behave, but it's unironically preventing the further decline in some places like America (at least morally if not racially). Plus the Anabaptists are one of my favor groups on the planet and show that life prospers without many forms of modern technology, specifically Amish and Hutterites (the latter are interesting for their non-Marxist 400 years of communism). Atheism is definitely a plague.
>>4171 They're only tolerated since they pose no threat to the system.
>>4183 The Amish and those like them? Certainly. They're way too meek and this is the direct result of their religion unfortunately. They'll resist the government up to a point (for example dozens if not a few hundred Amish fathers were thrown into jail during attempts to enforce (((public schooling))) back in the 1930s or so), but they'll cuck if pressed hard enough
>>4171 >>4185 I don't think it's just the Amish. It's Christianity as a whole. IMO it's a roadblock, an obstacle needs to be overcome and no actual victories can be achieved until it is. I used to struggle verbalizing what my suspicion is but recently I managed to put it into words. They worship a kike. There's no way of sugarcoating it, they do. If you believe that Jesus Christ was an avatar of the very god you worship, you worship a kike. I'll never indulge this wewuz bullshit about the king of jews sekkritly being an eastern european. I think that because christians worship a jew, even if only subconsciously, it makes them worship kikes as a whole and value the well-being of kikes above all else. It makes them subservient on a deep psychological level. Whenever a political group or celeb or what have you tries to gain steam to better circulate non-kosher information or ideas that are ethnically pro-white. Sure, the first resistance you meet comes from the left, because not despising white people and wanting all white people dead goes against their deepest sensibilities. But if you break through that resistance, who comes immediately after in stabbing you in the back, sowing distrust, spreading paranoia in a disingenuous manner? Who is the first to close ranks around the chosenites? Christians. And no, it's not limited to this or that sect, all of them are guilty of this. Every single sect of christianity except greek orthodox ones, I've caught several times protecting their bull-worshiping masters. Every last one. I'm not letting this apologism for race traitors go unchallenged, not here. I genuinely think worshiping Yeshuah makes you instinctively worship kikes as a whole. It's why I don't care if this or that other religion (including paganism) is degenerate. I'd take a white person of literally any religion, including atheism, over a christian. If given the choice between either trusting a christian or a satanist, I'd literally rather pick the latter, because the chances of the latter being honest with me are still higher if being honest with me is to the detriment of kikes.
>>4185 The Amish don't even avoid using recent technology. Enough have been caught using cellphones and/or remaking outside tech for their farming. Part of it is necessity, part of it is that their way isn't going to last within the decades as long as Globohomo stilll spreads around.
>>4197 >Part of it is necessity, part of it is that their way isn't going to last within the decades as long as Globohomo stilll spreads around. I feel the same way unfortunately. They’ll soften up eventually, and start to adopt what once seemed unthinkable, which is happening slowly it seems from their partial de-agrarianization in highly populated Amish areas like Lancaster County PA. >>4192 Good post. <b-but, anon, Jesus wasn’t a Jew, he was a white JUDEAN !
What’s with all of the edge posting recently? >kill and torture women for minor infractions >exterminate all lemmings etc. Is this one person?
>>4217 >decades of every solution to problems under the sun that doesn't involve killing people failing to achieve anything It's the logical conclusion of past experiences. We've been through 70 years of prevent-consequences-from-everything-just-keep-making-it-work. 70 years of band-aids and temporary solutions piled upon temporary solutions piled upon temporary solutions, and we're seeing it predictably crumble. That's why more and more yearn for a clean slate to start anew with proper, long-lasting solutions.
>>4221 violence always comes at a cost. this is not to say you should be pacifist, but going to the other extreme has its own pitfalls, as you lose the moral high ground and your victims become martyrs. >>4192 Christianity is Abrahamic and Levantine in character. while it became entrenched in Europe, ultimately it doesn't quite fit our people. our roots go deeper.
>>4192 Jesus was a Nazarene not a Jew. what we need to be is like a militant Amish.
>>4217 women shouldn't be killed for minor infractions, but things like adultery should be taken very seriously and physical punishment is the only way to deter that. >>4223 "Christianity is Abrahamic and Levantine in character" so is Islam and I see a lot of people shilling for that around these parts while deriding Christianity. kind of makes you guys hypocrites
They should allow you to spank women again.
>>4192 >If you believe that Jesus Christ was an avatar of the very god you worship, you worship a kike wouldn't the best way to combat this thought be to argue that during his time on Earth Jesus was just a man, and that Jesus even told christians that there is only 1 God and said that they shouldn't worship a man. Or to convince christians that there is an hidden meaning in the Bible (idk like Gnosticism?) >>4225 >"Christianity is Abrahamic and Levantine in character" <so is Islam and I see a lot of people shilling for that around these parts while deriding Christianity. kind of makes you guys hypocrites this
>>4226 I don't care what kikes say I can and can't do If I get married to a woman she's my wife and I'll discipline her as I see fit. Unironically spanking is the best way you could discipline a woman without harming them severely, just giving them a sore ass. I can't think of what a woman would have to do for me to consider that though. If it was done out of plain anger it doesn't sit right with me but if she did something really stupid it would be warranted. >>4225 >but things like adultery should be taken very seriously and physical punishment is the only way to deter that. I complete agree when it comes to adultery.
>>4227 >wouldn't the best way to combat this thought be to argue that during his time on Earth Jesus was just a man, and that Jesus even told christians that there is only 1 God and said that they shouldn't worship a man That's essentially what Muslims believe, isn't it? >>4224 >what we need to be is like a militant Amish. That's the plan. I might say Hutterite with a more pronounced anti-tech stance though, since the Hutterites use a lot more tech than the Amish but live a much more collectivist lifestyle isolated from the outside world.
>>4225 >so is Islam and I see a lot of people shilling for that around these parts while deriding Christianity. kind of makes you guys hypocrites that's true. I assume it's because Islam has a much more militant tradition, and has remained more conservative into the modern era. thus it's easier to see its positive qualities, and overlook its incompatibility with the West.
What economic system does this look like?
>>4351 Hell, I hate syndicates, taxi drivers and taxi-driver syndicates My boiling hate aside, having worker associations –which I will assume are separated by area of work– being just under the leader, is very reminiscent of D'Annunzio's corporatism. although there was no place for just capital owners in that system, administrators were intertwined with the workforce
-What is the song in the flash file? -How can you convince a person on the importance of racial/cultural preservation when I'm a mongrel? -Can trannies be fascist? (Eg.B00t) -Is it true that trannies existed in ancient india? Or is it a liberal lie? -why is Marx and Engels wrong? And hegel right? -Where is Friedrich engel's on the magyar struggle?, does any one have a copy? -Is class analysis wrong? -Can someone link me sources debunking the Holocaust numbers, supposed mass murders etc. Committed by fascist and proto-fascist governments
>>4405 >Can trannies be fascist? (Eg.B00t) Any serious group would harshly condemn all tranny pseudoscience and its proposed ""solutions"". A man can never become a woman, and a woman can never become a man, period. >Is it true that trannies existed in ancient india? Or is it a liberal lie? They're real. From what I've read it doesn't seem accurate to call them trannies though, since I don't know if are really considered to be "women". It seems to be a lumping together of eunuchs, transvestites, fags and hermaphrodites more than anything. They were even mentioned in the Kama Sutra which dates from something like a few hundred years after the Buddha, i.e. ~300 BC. They're degenerate though, apparently HIV ridden. >why is Marx and Engels wrong? Their radical egalitarianism is against the natural order which recognizes qualitative differences according to race, gender, etc, and their theories of strengthening the state for it to magically "wither away" into a classless, moneyless, stateless utopia is pure fantasy and contrary to all logic. Classes will always exist. Greater and lesser individuals will always exist and should rule over the lesser. Society is supposed to necessarily evolve into Communism as if Marx could predict how things would evolve from his own place in time. It's just another garbage, Abrahamic ideology that preaches (((progress))) and a utopia to come, but only if we set various groups in society against one another, dragging them down to their own level through their resentment and wiping away all higher culture. Marxism relies on the dead weight of the masses. >Is class analysis wrong Not necessarily. It can be useful.
Open file (236.91 KB 755x1543 oy eureka.jpg)
>>4373 Taxi drivers seem to be scummy trash everywhere, with some rare exceptions. >>4405 >How can you convince a person on the importance of racial/cultural preservation when I'm a mongrel? You of all people should be able to realize why doing otherwise is a bad thing. Plus "you must be x in order to support x" line of thinking is pretty much retarded. Germans burned my grandfather's house and shot my grandmother in the leg, and I'd join SS tomorrow if I could. >Can trannies be fascist? As long as they accept themselves as mentally ill, broken degenerates and not promote it, sure. Sick people have always existed, it's better for them to contribute than be used by kikes as disruptive/subversive elements due to their higher psychopathic tendencies. >Is it true that trannies existed in ancient india? Homos have existed since forever. Inb4 I'm not gay, I'm a woman kek. >why is Marx and Engels wrong? And hegel right? Most people didn't really understand Hegel. Especially not kikes like Marx. Materialism is not a dialectical position, nor is egalitarianism of any kind. Marx butchered Aryan philosophy to create an abomination, just like Einstein butchered Aryan physics to create his mathematically inconsistent model that's more pilpul than physics. A kike always steals ideas and then corrupts them to achieve the opposite of what they were originally meant to achieve. >Where is Friedrich engel's on the magyar struggle?, does any one have a copy? https://www.scribd.com/document/260450781/Marx-Engels-Collected-Works-V-08-M-E-1848-49-Articles-From-Neue-Rheinische-Zeitung >Is class analysis wrong? Classes are a naturally occurring phenomenon caused by inherent difference in nature, quality, ability and disposition between people (and peoples). The key is to allow social mobility between them, otherwise they become dysgenic and lead to social decay, taking entire nations with them. >Can someone link me sources debunking the Holocaust numbers, supposed mass murders etc. Committed by fascist and proto-fascist governments Lurk more across the /pol/ type boards on various chans. Which is what you would need to do anyway, there is no spoonfeeding when it comes to this.
>>4431 >As long as they accept themselves as mentally ill, broken degenerates and not promote it, sure. Sick people have always existed, it's better for them to contribute than be used by kikes as disruptive/subversive elements due to their higher psychopathic tendencies. You can't build a movement out of the mentally ill and perverted. The mere toleration of any sort of trannyshit is passive promotion and normalization. Sick people need put in asylums and denied what they desire. These are not mentally sound people and allowing them to indulge in their sickness is wrong.
>>4436 Of course a movement wouldn't be built out of them, they would just be tolerated (to a very limited extent), provided they have a lot to contribute otherwise and are able to control their illness in public. Now, trannies are a bit extreme, but they wouldn't be given any public roles whatsoever or allowed to express themselves, we would just ignore what they do behind closed doors as long as it's not something subversive. That applies to degenerates in general. Their natural occurrence/frequency is much lower than what's being forced by ZOG today, these things are not that much of an issue if not systematically promoted as part of a larger subversive agenda. Unrepentant faggots and other degenerates would get the gas though. It's just pointless to drive away supporters who could contribute a lot, or have them undermine the society until they get exposed. Gotta be pragmatic a bit.
>>4438 >Unrepentant faggots and other degenerates would get the gas though. AKA trannies. There should be no toleration for these people and pandering to (or even accepting) these types of bizarre sexual / “gender identities” is degenerate, plain and simple, especially when they are such a tiny minority of the population that have, in 99% of cases, fallen victim to pornography and Jewish propaganda. There are men and then there are women, each needs to except that this is unalterable.
Probably a newfag question, but anyway. What distinct difference between Nationalist and Patriot ? The first one cares only about his people and another one cares only about legal system/constitution ?
>>4469 I’m most curious about this outside of the American context, so if any non-Burgers can chime in on the usage of these terms and their equivalents it’d be interesting to hear, because here in America both parties understandably try to present themselves as patriotic – lovers of America, its values, etc (muh freedom, supporting the military, democracy, etc) but it’s not a dirty world at all compared to nationalism for most normalfags. The two were traditionally fairly close synonyms, and this is reflected in the etymologies of the words, but patriotism in the American context at least is almost identical with the civcuck phenomenon where a country is nothing more than a club that can composed of anyone as long as they share the same values. It doesn’t matter if your grandchildren will be brown so long as they wave the flag and support the troops! In contrast to this, nationalism in America is more a dirty word and seems to be interpreted as “jingoism” or fanatical patriotism of some kind, and you’ll get people saying “I’m patriotic, but not a nationalist”. It’s really no surprise though, because America is little more than a Jewish-run ethnic potpourri and consoomer shithole. American nationalism is almost invariably civic nationalism (or as they’d say “patriotism” since I’ve never heard the term civnat IRL). Generally though, I think that nationalism used as a standalone term and put into practice is much more inherently focused on the indigenous people of the nation and is thus inherently less kosher.
>>4470 Thanks. In my country (Russia), the "Patriots" are just "Soviet-style patriots"(civnat shit, cult of WW2 victory, blaming the West for all evil). When Nationalists are strongly equated with Fascism/Nazism, and all, even pro-regime and "moderately racist" Nat parties are outlawed as "extremists" or exist in semi-legal conditions. The another story, is when Putin trying to use Nationalists against Ukraine in 2014-16 as cheap cannon fodder. Some of them think, that dealing with Kremlin will by "indulgence" and probably allow them to officially register in State Parliament. But Putin backstabbed them and send FSB glowniggers into their homes and throw some of them to jail. I found the only article in English, which is cover this events: https://monitoring.bbc.co.uk/product/c200opbs So, Ukraine-Russia conflict are very divided Nat circles and the half of main Nat leaders, such as Egor Holmogorov & Konstantin Krylov became a Vatniks(Soviet patriots). Another half, such as Dmitry Demushkin and Vladimir Basmanov made a temporary alliance with liberals and libertarians, and now stand in anti-government opposition.
>>4471 Thanks for the input.
>>4471 >In my country (Russia), the "Patriots" are just "Soviet-style patriots"(civnat shit, cult of WW2 victory, blaming the West for all evil). >When Nationalists are strongly equated with Fascism/Nazism, and all, even pro-regime and "moderately racist" Nat parties are outlawed as "extremists" or exist in semi-legal conditions. Very interesting, I’m actually surprised to see that this mirrors the US usage in some ways. How is National Socialism or even fascism in general viewed in Russia? Do they disassociate with Hitler at all? The only thing with (self-proclaimed) NatSocs in Russia I can think of is that beheading video from a while back and for fascists stuff like the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, which was banned, predictably it seems according to what you’ve said here
>>4474 >How is National Socialism or even fascism in general viewed in Russia? Do they disassociate with Hitler at all? In 2000s, one of DPNI(Movement Against Illegal Immigration) leaders, Alexander Potkin, openly talked, that the he used some of Hitler's methods and want to win elections in "democratic way". But now, after he was released from prison, he probably become more politically correct. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Potkin After dissolution of DPNI, his brother, Vladimir Basmanov, started a movement "Natsia I Svoboda/Nation And Freedom" in 2014. Now it is the one of several semi-legal and very popular Nationalist movements in Russia, maybe just like "Generation Identity" in Europe and US. Basmanov chose to temporarily allying himself with liberal opposition parties. https://vk.com/komitetns
>>4470 Nationalism usually refers to ethno-nationalism (race, culture, history of a certain broader racial-ethnical group) . In short, you are my nation only if we share sufficient genetic ancestry, geographical origin of our forefathers and culture/mentality. Patriotism is a civnat, kosher alternative that mimics the aforementioned but is based on a Talmudic/legalese (((enlightenment))) civic society concept rather than blood and soil. In short, you are my nation if you were born on the same side of an entirely arbitrary and pointless border as me (or a naturalized fellow rootless cosmopolitan), regardless of your racial composition, culture/mentality, geographical roots etc. as long as you follow the laws imposed by whatever ruling entity is in place. The only things separating one "patriotic" country from another are having different mafia in power (or at least different branches of the global Jewish mafia), wearing different flag colors and maybe speaking a different language. This was only one step in gradual dissolution of nation-states, which can only have globohomo as it's logical consequence. The so called "patriots" (in any country based on this concept) are just people who are too weak, stupid and mundane to desire an actual nation-state, but feel threatened by globohomo as it's much more competitive than the transitional civnat states that they were used to. They want all the globopoz, but they also want to give themselves some kind of leverage, such as being born on the "right" side of the border. >>4471 I'm glad there are Russians who understand that. Putin is a kike, and the whole Ukraine conflict was a convenient way for both sides to try to get rid of nationalistic people. But anyone going into a war openly sponsored by Jewish oligarchs (especially in the case of Ukraine and it's western (((sponsors)))), is not very smart. Russians in general are far more nationalistic than their government though, at least from my experience.
Not really a question, but I would like to share with you all a short story I think you would find amusing. http://www.baen.com/chapters/W200207/0743435281___2.htm
>>2186 Do you have any archives for those Sam Harris Threads in /buddhism/? I know he makes a sham by monetizing Zen Buddhism, I just want to learn more about his fraud
what is integralism?
>>4543 In the context you'll see it used most often in here it's referring to the Brazilian manifestation of fascism. It was much closer to Italian Fascism than anything else and is probably most infamous in these circles for not being racially-oriented. Sadly it's very hard to find anything in English by them or their main leader back in the day Plínio Salgado. There's a series of three books called the Codex Fascismo that has some translations of some of their writings. I often see these books praised but I own all three of them and was very disappointed in the quality of the translations, as it reads very clunkily and seems as if the author himself attempted to translate them with little to no knowledge of the languages covered in that book. Interestingly enough too the people that claimed responsibility for the firebombing of the studio which produced that kiked Netflix series on a homosexual Jesus claimed to be Integralists. https://archive.fo/9VQP6
What is the general view towards christianity now? Not the cucked normalfag version, the one nationalists follow.
>>4550 >What is the general view towards christianity now? It’s a fundamentally flawed religion for many reasons as I’m sure you’ve heard echoed here and elsewhere time and time again, but I think in some places it’s all that’s standing between a scrap of decency and total depravity. Despite this though normalfag Christians never actually push back, they’re fundamentally like conservatives, they always play defense – and half-assed at that, never offense, and so they’re routinely pushed back, allowing our enemies to inject more toxins into the bloodstream of the nation. Even then these people are cucked on abortion (not viewing it through a racialist lense), and many other issues. As for nationalist Christians, all power to them if they want to fight back like Codreanu did before them and attempt to remove the parasites and better the nation. I’d never attack a group for doing such a great thing like that merely over religion, that’d be kikery. We’ll see if we ever see such a thing again in any significant manner though. As I see it Christianity will continue to decay as the decadent age continues its descent, and as Christianity becomes less and less white. Paganism – not of the shallow LARPing variety but as an spiritual and racial outlook on life – will be the ethnonationalist Weltanschauung of the future, especially where Christianity is more degenerated. I think this for a handful of reasons, mainly due to the spiritual void, the facts I mentioned about Christianity above, the renewed focus on the well-being of the planet in many of these circles – all very paganistic.
>>4550 All they see is souls, and that jews are gods chosen people. Just talk to christians yourself and you can make up your own mind
>>4571 >Jews are god's chosen people This is the claim that Jews are actually banking on right? If we can debunk this claim then we can possibly get more people to retaliate against the Jews. Spoiler alert we can debunk it. The name Jew simply means of Judah. This means we can already debunk their claim to be the chosen people because the chosen people of God actually got the blessing passed from the patriarch. However Judah wasn't the one to get the blessing. It was Joseph. Then Joseph passed it down to his son's Ephraim and Manasseh. Genesis 48:14 "And Israel stretched out his right hand, and laid it upon Ephraim's head, who was the younger, and his left hand upon Manasseh's head, guiding his hands wittingly; for Manasseh was the firstborn." The word Israel is actually just Jacob. However what you notice is that these two are not named Judah and he only got a side blessing. Also fun fact did you know that Judah actually sold Joseph into slavery when the eldest son Reuben prevented the other tribes from killing Joseph. Genesis 37:26-27 "And Judah said unto his brethren, What profit is it if we slay our brother, and conceal his blood? 27Come, and let us sell him to the Ishmeelites, and let not our hand be upon him; for he is our brother and our flesh. And his brethren were content." Effectively Judah sold off his own brother if that doesn't sound Jewish I don't know what does. However even with this scrap of information we can easily explain why the Jews are god's chosen people. Look I can go deeper down this rabbit hole cause their is a lot of stuff we can deduce just from the bible and a lot of it can be backed up by historical sources.
>>4602 *aren't
>>4602 All you have to do is convince irrational followers of jewish religion that the foundational characters of their religion that the people who wrote the entire first half of their holy book should be shunned
-Another question who's theories more compatible with fascism. Carl Gustav Jung or Sigmund freud? And how can we synthesize depth psychology with fascism?
Jung definitely. But I did an attempt at turning Freud on his head in my books and it worked out well
I made a claim the mentally ill were God's chosen people rather than the filthy Jews
>>4638 t. mentally ill
>>4546 You seem knowledgeable on it. Are there significant enough differences between civic nationalism and integralism to separate the two, or are they very similar with each other?
>>4728 It's probably the closest thing there that I know of to a "fascist civic nationalism". In many ways I'd say that this is actually unnatural and far too modern of an idea, which Hitler rightfully mocked as being like no more than a club that anyone can belong to, making the nation meaningless and devoid of all reality. If we define as nations as groupings of people based on a shared heritage, which usually includes a common language, common religious traditions and a common racial / ethnic ancestry we see what the ethnonationalist ideal is. Some of the definitions of civic nationalism that I saw right before typing this post make it seem like the term is somewhat associated with liberal ideas like freedom and equality, but I still think that it's the best term for this, since "civic" comes from "citizen" and if you're not living in a larger Volk community but instead are merely a member of a pseudo-national amalgam state like Brazil, America or elsewhere that's all you really are, a citizen.
Was Metaxas a fascist? If not did greece have any notable fascists? What were his policies on stuff like the JQ? Also is Golden Dawn legit? It's hard to find reliable information on the state of greece.
>>4868 >Also is Golden Dawn legit? They appear to be one of the most serious National Socialist parties out there today. The real shame is though that they have recently lost every single seat that they held in the Hellenic Parliament. They had held nearly twenty since the 2015 election. I wonder what happened. I’d certainly keep an eye on them though. Outside of Greece though look at the Slovakia thread, there is a legitimate fascist party fluctuating between second and third place in the national polls. Election soon
>>4870 >I wonder what happened. As far as I remember they jailed and/or threw out some of the elected members for no good reason, because that's how (((democracy))) works. As corrupt as Greece is it would come to no surprise that they cheat elections. It would be dumb to put it past any other government at this point seeing how Jewish and masonic the right side neo-cohens and leftists are on the same team. People are suffering in Greece economically, they have taxes forced down their throats and even previously wealthy people have to sell off their cars they worked hard for, especially the expensive ones for peanuts so that these fucking criminals can continue raping their country dry for Jew money. Remember that even though these people in our "demo"-cracies put up a good show for us to appear different they're essentially all the same, it's simply a stage act, but they all coincidentally tip toe the judeomasonic (((party line))) in the end bringing us a net negative, it's not coincidence. It's safe to say looking at the timetable of the one-direction monotonous things that have happened after WW2. Not even one European or white country for that matter has even done something as simple closing their fucking borders or have done something different. We're on a sinking ship and this fucking scum are playing their card-game and laughing, drinking the most expensive champagne when not helping the boat sink faster and telling us its no big deal we're sinking. And the rest of us many confused, have to struggle to get out of the place if they're not paralyzed by lies. That's all it is.
9chan's quality is rapidly declining, right now it almost looks like 4/pol/, I advise removing the refuge board from there to prevent these people from finding this place too
>>4931 I've been meaning on fucking around with what the exact bunker-plan sometime soon. Nein seems to get a ton of annoying spam, bots and CP-posting, especially recently. The other bunker we have, that one on the fatpeople.lol site or whatever it was called I might dump as well. I found that site to be very poorly designed. I'd rather have to move to somewhere user-friendly like this place if we had to. I'll let people know if I make any changes.

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