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Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 07:03:56 No.3
Agreed, m8.
8kun is down...
Yeah, good thing we set up the bunker, kek. Never thought we would actually have to use it. Ron just made a tweet kind of addressing this so I'm sure it'll go up soon enough though.
I just hope it doesn't become a habit.
Yeah, that would be bad, but it's been running relatively smoothly for me since it went up all things considered, and thankfully this place exists for those moments when it's not.

Seems it's back up now, though the board index is severely out of sync, kek.
At least we have returned!
This place loads really fast though, it's nice isn't it?
Maybe it's because of the low traffic? It's comfy, yeah.
8chan/8kun probably has a really polluted codebase and database, and I imagine all the recent infrastructure changes, the inability to use normal network services and the attacks also haven't helped.
It's probably soon to talk about this, but maybe someday we could use this board as the main one. Seems more safe at least.
I don't think any imageboard is trouble-free right now, this one has run into some issues too lately judging by the meta board.
>>14 True, but in the event anything happens with the main board, we could definitely move here. So long it stays alive, at least.
>>15 Yeah, that's the reason why this is here after all. If something like that does happen and this ends up as the main board it might also make sense to open another bunker, seems smart to have a backup in these ages. Do you ever stop to think of the lengths you have to go to discuss Sonic the fucking Hedgehog on the internet? Jeez.
>>16 It can be hard sometimes, but I suppose being a Sonic fan is never easy.
nvm it seems it's up again all is well with the world.
>>19 Damn, almost had me worried for a second.
Anyone else getting 502 messages trying to post on 8's /fast/, or is it just me?
>>21 I was getting them earlier but now it seems to work fine. Also holy shit this place has quick reply on mobile!
>>22 That's pretty cool. It is a very comfy place, even more so considering how bad 8kun has been working lately. By the way, I don't know if I'm retarded or what, but I can't find the way to attach pictures to your post.
>>23 8kun has been running into some troubles these past few days, yeah. Pictures are currently disabled here to avoid spam since this place isn't in use most of the time.
>>24 Seems reasonable. I hope someday 8chin gets to work as well as it used to, but I don't really see it happening anytime soon...
>>25 You say that but I haven't had issues like these in a long time.
>>26 I don't know about that, it's been glitchy since it became 8kun.
Is it just me, or is /fast/ on 8 missing the most recent general thread?
>>28 The index isn't working. Check the catalog.
Open file (371.89 KB 394x395 sponge.png)
Alright, seeing as 8kun is pretty fucked up right now and nothing has been made official as to what's going on I've enabled images in this place for the moment.
Open file (3.30 MB 2987x1130 BenBatesArchieSonic.jpg)
>>30 Thanks anon!
Open file (102.37 KB 701x1139 1556284503325.jpg)
>>30 Thanks! I just hope we won't need to use this site too frequently.
Open file (22.88 KB 944x278 fug2.png)
Open file (971.36 KB 918x702 1415490075494.png)
>>34 And now you see why setting up a bunker and getting EVERYONE to bookmark it was so important. I'm honestly surprised that isn't the norm after all these years of places blowing up and scattering communities to the wind.
>>36 I don't think there were bunker sites before 8chan went down, or at least I didn't know about them. Having said that I also don't know how much success a bunker would have had without that event opening everyone's eyes. Also so far most interruptions have been fairly short, but yeah it feels pretty good to have a safety net.
Is it just me, or is it impossible to post on 8 rn?
>>40 Not sure back then I've been posting just fine.
Live god damn you, I want to fucking post.
Open file (91.75 KB 1191x1133 EOQg4jJX4Ak34qf.jpg)
>>42 Good to know I'm not the only one dealing with problems going on the site rn. ffs, thank goodness we got this place
>>43 We back.
>>44 You'll be back tomorrow when the place shits itself again. Women that stay with niggers that beat them have a higher IQ than you, at least they're getting rough sex out of the deal. You're just getting fucked in the ass.
Open file (27.67 KB 200x308 sonichu.jpeg)
/mon/ here. Wanna be friends?
Open file (50.55 KB 497x432 404wrongkiddo.jpg)
>>45 >You'll be back tomorrow when the place shits itself again. that's where you're wrong kiddo it already broke again
Open file (72.72 KB 500x584 1466967839932.jpg)
Open file (210.38 KB 1080x1079 EQWJO9xWsAA1u2i.jpg)
Open file (213.92 KB 1080x1030 EQWJOrWWoAMPO1f.jpg)
Sonic movie stand-ins
Open file (174.59 KB 680x674 1429325775263.png)
>>49 Kind of fascinating but ultimately pic related.
Well 8kun is completely fucked up on my end right now. Getting real tired of this shit.
Open file (193.84 KB 1440x810 EQjoj8pUcAAKs6l.jpg)
>>51 Good to know my PC wasn't going to shit when only half of /sthg/ would load. Ah well, here's a new Sonic Channel Amy!
>>52 Yeah that's exactly what happens to me. For a moment I thought that was the monthly wallpaper picture but it seems like it's for Valentine's day. I had gotten happy for a moment thinking they had gone back to doing more complex pictures again, but no. Anyway, here's the preview of next month's wallpaper. Don't think you can embed here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYFEicxi7ZU
>>53 >Don't think you can embed here? it embeds automatically
>>52 I wanna fuck Amy
>>52 Last month we had the Chao, now it's Amy. I'd love it if they kept putting up new art like this one each month.
>>56 Oh yeah, that would be even sweeter! I just wish these would be made in the traditional Sonic Channel style.
>>55 I know how you feel man
Open file (672.19 KB 1366x768 cucumber.png)
I really appreciate this
Open file (78.14 KB 340x340 amy_5.png)
>>55 No bad
julay.world home
>>59 This post saved /fast/. I don't know how to feel about that.
>>62 Technically either >>59 or >>58 could have done it.
Am I the only one to be having some real issues with posting anything on 8kun?
>>64 no :^)
Open file (26.34 KB 291x333 1559247582081.jpg)
>>65 Fantastic.
>>64 It's completely fucked right now. Somehow some of the domains are returning an expired certificate for another domain.
>>67 It feels like it's dying. Anyways, the april announcement seems to have been delayed indefinetly. https://twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/1250458629427228673?s=20
>>68 I don't feel it's getting worse, it's just limping along like it's always been since the rebrand. Supposedly they'll migrate to another provider in some ~2 weeks and that will fix everything but yeah, I'm skeptical.
>>69 I don't know if I should believe them. The administration is such a mess.
Open file (585.33 KB 992x1130 sonicdab.png)
Anyone knows where to find Mark's 12 game overs video? It used to be on Jewtube but I can't find it anymore, I need it to LOL
>>71 I don't think I've ever saved it, sorry anon. If you find it post it so that I can save it too.
http://archive.is/p4nFV So does this mean we're staying here from now on?
>>73 If 8kun takes a turn for the worst, yes
>>73 I don't even know, but in any case I always have both places opened.
Open file (3.43 MB 1280x720 12 gameovers.webm)
>>71 I've got this, but not the actual gameplay video.
Sonic Radio Drama is not a thing I thought we'd see, but here we are https://twitter.com/RYANtheDRUMMOND/status/1253443827378958336?s=20
>>77 Well it's probably not a thing you'll ever see you'll likely only hear it.
>>78 >Implying there won't be a hundred animated versions a day after the radio drama drops
>>79 I for one, look forward to seeing what people can make from this, tbh. But it all depends on how long these episodes are gonna last, or when it comes out.
Open file (370.50 KB 683x745 s1.png)
>>79 Those are some nice high hopes you've got there anon.
>>81 Don't underestimate the power of the Sonic fandom
>>82 Well, we DO have an entire re-animation of a Sonic X episode, so it's not entirely out of the question.
>>84 For me, it's Never Turn Back. Now, if you were to ask me which one is the most iconic to the character, I'd say I Am All Of Me, or maybe even Supporting Me.
Open file (50.10 KB 953x714 1416325021884.jpg)
>>84 I will never be able to get I Am All of Me out my head, so I have to go with that, but it's a tough choice as All Hail Shadow and Never Turn Back are great songs too. Having said that, you missed the real best theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDwP19KHneE On the other hand I've really come to hate Throw It All Away, that's just noise.
>>86 Tbh, I love Throw It All Away. It has a very nice early 2000s sound to it, for lack of a better word. And the chorus is an earworm.
>julay is removing most boards rip bunker
Open file (40.27 KB 426x218 1410723112774.jpg)
>tfw board just went down when trying to check it an hour ago Thanks for coming back Don't do that again, assholes
>>91 You mean Julay right?
Everything is down! Fucking hell! No bunker is safe if they can just go and switch off the webring as they please
>>93 Vanwanet is down, yeah. You can still reach the sites over tor though.
>>94 This really, really sucks. What's the point of a bunker if everything can be wiped off at the same time?
>>95 Well this bunker didn't go down did it? Anyway, the CDN was having a hiccup and that's honestly the least of concerns.
Oh shit, this place is back up!
>>97 Actually, we never went down newfriend. https://julay.world/.static/fallback.txt

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