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Welcome back.

Corruption of Champions: Containment Breach Edition Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 08:58:24 No.3974
This is the Corruption of Champions mod being developed by OtherCoCAnon and the denizens of /hgg/.
Corruption of Champions is a text-based flash game overhauled with new dungeons, new mechanics, new characters, and a lot of lolis.
The mod is open to content submissions, anons can and are writing new content to be implemented all the time.

Latest Version (

Use a standalone flash player (projector), this shit is no longer supported by any web browser.
Remember to save to file to prevent save loss.

>Game Related
Source Code: https://gitgud.io/BelshazzarII/CoCAnon_mod
Changelog: https://pastebin.com/CDU8byhd

>Thread Related
Previous thread: >>1364
Thread Archives: https://gitgud.io/Blank/CoCAnon_mod/raw/OPT/Archives
OP Template: https://pastebin.com/raw/q38Ccy3n

>Writing Related
Content Submissions (Chronicles): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iuDsLw3PxshvL8yYUkOeiJr6DSJ7zpjaeGvumF65l_I
Submission & Misc. Archive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LGK4sPuWH69iEZ9ZmX2fnfDRrhj7h4hQ
Writing Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PGysInt0S0VHYvPv0b__4xpHqrfbE-zikQiRonsnUsU
Bounty Board: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZUtah0gtbBQzB5kM7wElYlcNAwU8-QOgNkovO0_7WUI
>This is a test build with all of Marielle's content. Some stuff has been tested more than other stuff, but given the huge amount of it all, there's guaranteed to be more errors hiding somewhere. There are a few other bug fixes and things, but no other major additions at present. Any feedback is appreciated, and I hope the wait hasn't been to agonizing.
Open file (430.66 KB 592x472 ClipboardImage.png)
I don't see to be able to activate the "my father was the one to resurrect me with necromancy" talk. Pic related also happens.
Open file (5.25 KB 70x37 ClipboardImage.png)
Also it seems that when inside the father submenu you can't get kicked out for too much time passing.
You can talk to her forever.
What determines the attack power of the Light Rail Avenger?
Anything that affects 1h swords
You sure, Anon? Inventory says it's a 2h Large weapon in the latest build.
The China dress modelling sex scene issue for me:
- for futa character Footrub is plain 1 hours skip without scene itself;
- for female Sex option there is unaccessible even though there are options in Marielle pastebin doc.
Marielle looks great from the encounter, but she's too limited for characters with a dick.
Doesn't make much sense if she hanged around succubi demons that 90% of times they grow a dick.
>Hurr durr i can have sex with you if you make me model for you but kissing is too far.
>Lewd menu.
>Kissing greyed out.
>Only headpats and handholding which don't change anything.
>Only left options are talking about the same thing and modelling for some sex options.
Marielle deserves much more than being a dyke.
You are missing the point of having a lesbian character.
>I don't see to be able to activate the "my father was the one to resurrect me with necromancy" talk.
Have you done the desert quest?
>Pic related also happens.
I believe that was what was intended, but the author can correct me if I'm wrong.
Fixed those, thank you.

Updated the builds.
If you dislike cringeworthy "Ooh, my goodness, Champion~ I'll fuck you, but kissing and handholding is FAR too lewd for an anime princess such as myself!~ H-headpats?! Oh my..!! (๑•́ ω •̀๑)" bullshit then you are going to have a very very very bad time with this mod
Evelyn is maybe a bit of the reverse, until dealing with the curse that I think Circe can help with.
The moths have lots of standard affection like kissing, I think.
Headpatting is uncommon.
You know, I think you might just be misrepresenting this mod again, shitposter-kun
>I believe that was what was intended, but the author can correct me if I'm wrong.
Probably not, i mean, you can let a infinite time pass by repeating the dialogue.
>Have you done the desert quest?
Oh yeah, i will try that.
>I believe that was what was intended
It wasn't. Would also lead to some weird things like talking through the entire night. Something like a Next-button taking you to the appropriate booting scene would be what I had in mind.
Changed that, then.

I updated the .swf again with a fix to the scorpion. The boosted option also should now guarantee that encounter if you meet the requirements.
Did some more work on Pharmys, I'm hoping the formatting I'm using is easy for coders to interpret. Tell me what you think so far.


And yes I'm aware that I'm garbage, sheldon anon.
It's a pretty bad mindset to assume that either there's only ever one autist in the thread or that autistic advice can't be helpful. In reality, you'll get feedback from all sorts, and while some of it is trash, you should keep an open mind. Also, you might want to consider looking into how other people format stuff, since while what you're doing is clear, there are cases where it might be less so (and seeing how other people do stuff is informative in general). I'd also recommend glancing at the writing guide for the parser section if nothing else.
I looked at the format guide, I'm just not so sure about pseudo-code stuff. This is literally just my notepad writings and I'll probably compile it into something more layered when it's done.
It's been nerfed thanks to its unique ability being overpowered when boosted by 1handed sword perks.
necromancy when?
Open file (421.71 KB 960x1280 Batman.jpg)
>Porn game
>A joke weapon in a porn game
>Overpowerd being a bad thing
I don't understand the logic here. Why not just use a different weapon if you don't want to get to the smut faster? Maybe use the pipe or just bare fists or something.
Why not just use the debug weapon to instant kill everything?
Because it's just insta-kills things instead of just being ahead of curve somewhat in exchange for lack of ability to run
o...kay? I don't see your problem now.
Open file (36.60 KB 640x480 1508563150-2.jpg)
Go back to fucking reddit/fenoxo forums/cuckchan.
Open file (1.50 KB 271x67 Untitled.png)
Bitch less, tools are there.
Open file (96.13 KB 742x264 horse armour.jpg)
The [lowerbodyskin] parser seems a little off, and something's been exposed there.
Fixed both, thank you.
Open file (1.97 MB 550x400 1504946162599.gif)
You can repeat the conversation with marielle and the choice of how to react to her father being a necromancer, i don't think this is supposed to happen.
That is entirely because I've been too lazy to write a variation for that talk that accounts for that.
I see.
I remember there being a young prostitute in the desert area. How can I trigger her scene?
>young prostitute
Do you mean the 40-year-old demon with an alchemical curse? That alice is a rare encounter I think anywhere that alices can spawn, maybe, unless a new young prostitute event was added in the test build.
I don't know if that event is a one-time thing, it might be. I have only seen it once per character, but that could be coincidence. As for triggers, it's just random if I recall correctly.
I've been lurking for a while but I don't really post much unless its a request forum, but I have a question, where do I get the newest version of the coc mod? do I use the mega link >>3975 provided or is there a way i can make it work off of the gits source code? I'm assuming its the mega link but I'm a bit of a dunce
You can check the archive threads to see the download link never changes.
You have not lurked enough.
>>4162 nigger
I was talking about the test build but thanks anyway i scrolled past it.
Not really meant to consider those the "newest." Often they won't be, outside when extra testing is wanted. That's not likely to happen unless the update is quite large, such as the case with Marielle and her 160K words or something.
But for helping them test when testing is needed, you can usually ctrl+f "mega" and the last link is probably up to date on their build.
Thanks, friend
>>4166 yeah im assuming updates are behind due the 8chan shutdown, i just started using 8 chan before it lol.
Lurk more.
>>4167 got to assert my superiority
> i just started using 8 chan before it lol.
You need to go back to where you came from
>Kitteh getting utterly BTFO to the point where the retarded weeb Discord mods beg the /hgg/ crew to dilate with them more often only to be brushed off
what a fucking state
Give more information.
With no pictures explaining your remark, it's lost on all the people who aren't on shitscord.
it's literally just the usual shitflinging Kitteh gets for his poor quality control
he gets it almost daily from savin as well
>>well least knight I came from fuckin ur mum :/
well last knight I came from fuckin ur mum :/
How would other people feel about more content from the farm girl in ingnam? I want to practice writing and I think a character with almost no background would be a good start.
Many find it easier with more of a base to work from, that's why a lot of professional writers did fanfiction in their early years. Though, regarding how I feel about the ingnam girl, I'm not sure what you'd add.
It would mean a lot more if you would expand on the writing for Whitney's farm instead. The intro is such a throwaway addition and actively disrupts the flow of a new game that I can see it being removed at some point.
That's the case with a lot of ancient content. It's very unnerving having your character in shock and awe at the sight of a dog girl when they could already have been exploring a shitload of zones that were added after the Farm's original implementation, not to mention the very barebones exploration structure within the place itself
I don't actually believe that writing your own character from scratch is the best way to get started. You'd learn far more from writing godawful scenes for preestablished characters and having them torn to shreds point by point by people here who can tell you in layman terms why what you wrote was bad than by cooking up your own inevitably DeviantArt tier OC and having it dismissed as just irredeemably retarded from the ground up. If you use an existing template and can't be consistent with the characteristics that have already been established, then writing for a new character (which would basically be what the Ingnam farm girl is, since she has about 3 lines of text devoted to her) would be an abortion, not to mention the fact that a million and one writers for this mod have vanished after devoting themselves to the task of making a new character from nothing and quickly realizing that it takes so much effort.

Don't be fooled by Mothfag, that self-destructing freak who keeps nuking their own bland character and the other couple of weirdos that are autistically devoted to their borderline OOC inserts; they're the last men standing in this mod precisely because they're so fanatical, not because writing a brand new character is an easier task than polishing and improving existing ones.
I used to help write fanfiction but ill admit it has been a few years but i suppose you two are right >>4207
>Don't be fooled by Mothfag
On the contrary, I agree with you. I try to pipe up when this topic is mentioned to say that even if you do manage to write your deviantart OC, you'll probably wish that you'd practiced with some existing characters first, since that was my experience. I suppose I might not have articulated that properly at times.
I also forgot to mention that practically everything in Ingnam beyond the original game prologue where you can't explore the town is borderline noncanon; even if it wasn't, how would you bring her with you into Mareth without some Poochie-like wand waving? I know portal magic was already originally designed by Fenoxo and co to be a hush-hush way of throwing OCs into the world with very little explanation needed, but "Oh, by the way, for no reason whatsoever, here's a farm girl thrown through the portal after you. Enjoy!" would put too painful a spotlight on her. Speaking of godawful portal games, what happened to that specimen who was trying to add the PC's little sister into the game who'd only show up after 1 year spent in Mareth?
> how would you bring her with you into Mareth
That's kind of a big leap from "more content for character"
I figured they meant just a couple scenes
Is the mod on standby or is the changelog just outdated?
The thread has covered this topic
Where are you idiots coming from?
Earth. Where are you from?
If only you used that ounce of intelligence spent trying to think of a nice comeback into not being an idiot by actually reading the thread or checking the git.
>Not saying 'Ingnam' for maximum cringe
for shame
probably shouldn't touch that then, I just figured because she shows up if you lose to the demon queen herself, i dont want to add my own charecter because i dont want to throw a fetish I like associated with them just for people to not like it, then they just outright hate my charecter because of it.
>That thicc, onyx carapace looks too arousing for your dirty mind—you just have to imagine rubbing yourself all over it, naked, like the arachnophiliac slut you are.
seriously? is this mod revamp now? what a bunch of fucking faggots
It's "cringe humor", you're supposed to hate it.
Instead, it's the writer I hate.
I'm just keeping silly mode disabled now, myself.
0.000% of builds work on browsers. Evil cuck-promoting anons still post with a shit-eating grin. All he has managed to do is make himself *sad*. He is starting to suspect OCA *fucked him over* personally with his mod. It has, however, made him into a very, very smart boy with something like a university degree in Fetishes. Instead of writing for the mod, he now builds a precise model of this grotesque, duplicitous thread.

>Has over 140k words of text
Two novels worth of gay bog girls. What a world we live in.
Open file (79.49 KB 1280x720 1576705940827.jpg)
>0.000% of builds work on browsers. Evil cuck-promoting anons still post with a shit-eating grin. All he has managed to do is make himself *sad*. He is starting to suspect OCA *fucked him over* personally with his mod. It has, however, made him into a very, very smart boy with something like a university degree in Fetishes. Instead of writing for the mod, he now builds a precise model of this grotesque, duplicitous thread.
Is this new copypasta?
damn son
The worst part is I abandoned all politics-related shit on chans after the boomers flooded in and I can still recognise it as QAnon's style
Keeping the Terrestrial Fire perk during ascension doesn't add the info in the codex in your next playground, just something to think about.

Now a dumb question, feel free to call me a nigger or simply ignore my reply.
After playing this game for months I'm still missing a part of the codex to finish it and get the achievement, is under Misc. at the left of the necromancer's Old Journal.
In what part of the game is that codex?
>Terrestrial Fire perk during ascension doesn't add the info in the codex
The codex is triggered by the story event, and references that. Personally, I think it'd be fine for it to be retained with the magic school, but I see the logic for why it isn't.
>Under Misc, left of the Old Journal
Okay so I have no idea, somehow I don't have that either.
Turns out, it's parasite-related. If you have that toggled off, you can't get it.
There's a lot of bitching about bad writers, especially about the non-modded version and TITS. What's an example of a well written character in the game that I could learn from? What makes them well-written?
The fact you have to account for your PC'S TFs makes writing seem so complicated too
New to this mod. Is the mega link at the top include the CoC game as well or is it just the mod. If it's just the mod, how do i install the mod? Thank you fro your time
Lurk more
Get out...
GET OUT!!!!!
It seems like the actual writers focus on the main site's thread instead of this bunker. It seems like the better place for discussion in general, in my opinion. Mostly because I wantt o pay attention there so I'm ready when they take requests
I like Amily though. I think everything her original author did with her was nice, and the hgg additions have been good too. Just remember that corrupt-route characters are always the absolute worst in the game, never emulate them
Fuck off
What >>4260 said. Amily is a great place to learn the ropes and corrupt characters are the best way to see what not to do.

Helia's later interactions (After the Tower of the Phoenix) when Savin was just phoning it in are great practice too. Having your character respond to NPC dialogue with dialogue of their own is the ultimate no-no.
>>4261 Your kind is not wanted here, faggot.
>>4258 since everyone else is being bitches, its just the mod, but the mod is a whole package, so no need to download a different file. it's ACO 15.xx and then you need a flash player
>>4266 Stop spoonfeeding retards. >>4253 >chans
>>4267 (you) >>4268 (you) stop being a retard
>>4270 People like you keep encouraging newfags to post before lurking or using their heads.
>>4272 >responds and acts kindly towards newfags >somehow thinks this doesn't encourage them to keep posting instead of lurking They should cut you out like the cancer you are.
>>4272 This game needs as much traffic as possible to keep it alive. So kindly fuck off
Go back.
>>4273 That only encourages newfags to continue posting outside of the initial bullying you dumbfuck. When they see an environment where they can ask their stupid questions that can be answered by just looking at the thread or resources they'll just keep on doing it and stay in the board without even trying to integrate. It's truly sad how fags like you infest /hgg/.
Open file (332.36 KB 1322x1324 rarebirb.png)
>>4275 Here we go again.
Open file (79.28 KB 264x247 duh.png)
>>4276 Not often does it happen, but you might actually be a bit messed up in the head if you think like this while pretending you're somehow the arbiter of how everything works here.
>>4286 Are you actually retarded and have trouble reading or are you merely pretending?
>>4255 I was afraid to fill my urethra with worms or something equally disturbing just to obtain the codex but just needed to find that worm/slime thing in the mountain and run away. Thanks.
Hey I'll start by apologizing fpr being retarded but I don't know shit about android amd I usually run this shit on PC but decided to try and install it on my phone while on a trip. I keep getting an error- problem parsing the package- when I try to run the apk file in the mega. Is there something I need to be doing that I'm too stupid to figure out for myself or should I just give up and assume my phone is retarded?
>>4308 >should I just give up and assume my phone is retarded? Even a Nokia 1100 is smarter than you.
>>4308 Works for me. Probably your phone.
Open file (390.00 KB 666x500 Chronicles.png)
Content Submissions (Chronicles): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iuDsLw3PxshvL8yYUkOeiJr6DSJ7zpjaeGvumF65l_I (UPDATED) ——————————————— Miscellaneous Fixes 7 https://pastebin.com/raw/sAHgiky7 Probably the biggest list yet. It includes all the usual things like UI fixes, lore corrections, proofreading, and a lot of other crap. Going through so much of the awful content in this game hurts one's soul, but someone has to do it. Not something of interest to many people, but it might be interesting to see just how broken this game is and will remain for years to come since I wont run out of content to do this for for years to come. Bazaar Cleanup & Overhaul Project https://pastebin.com/raw/c34dnqrt Something with a little larger and more focussed scope than the random dump lists of fixes I usually do. If you remember or were around for the Camp Companion Menu Overhaul (https://pastebin.com/raw/cK1Ap0DC) from earlier this year you'll recognize the format. The aim is much like the previously mentioned project to bring the Bazaar and its content up to scratch with the rest of the game in every sort of way imaginable, be that via fixing up the awful content, writing in the gaps, re-doing the menus and layouts for better gameplay, or something else entirely still. As something I'd like to know, what do people think about the camp companion menus now after the overhaul? A lot of gaps in missing Appearance, Sleep With, and other options were filled, but what do you think of the way the buttons are organized and handled there now?
>>4321 Since this imageboard software is retarded, the closing parenthesis is included with the link. This one should work just fine: https://pastebin.com/raw/cK1Ap0DC
Really liking Marielle, we needed more undead in the setting. It would be cool if there was a corruption route, like how it was hinted she might be underestimating the demons influence on her. It could have the usual sexual unhinging, but the undead aspect leaves her the opportunity to turn into a real abomination. Maybe she goes crazy with attaching new parts and isn't terribly picky who she's getting them from. In any case, really liking the content she has right now!
Hey guys, I remember a few version back on how the images didn't change/rotate through the other variants when fighting a monster. Did something get broken somewhere, or is there a setting I should change or something?
>>4329 Happy you're enjoying her. A corruption route would be a tricky one, even disregarding the sheer scope of it, as I'm not quite sure how she would change, besides becoming lewder, less inhibited, and less intelligible. For the extra limbs thing, I'd have to either retcon a few passages or rustle up a necromancer willing to help her. She wouldn't be able to do that on her own. But it's a fun thought.
Open file (91.32 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>4332 Of course, I know creating a corruption route would be a huge undertaking especially considering how much writing is already present. I'm just glad somebody is putting fresh and deep content in otherwise stagnant areas, we need more of that.
It would be really funny if you could use marielle's arms as a weapon if you killed her.
When feeding Amily various items, it seems that she always uses the HyperHappy limits.
So corruption is some sort of magical effect that is different from moral corruption despite being connected, right? Doesn't that mean you can technically play as utterly depraved monster that just takes care to cleanse themselves from corruption?
>>4348 Yes, you could be horrifically depraved and perfectly pure. Outside of Mareth there is no corruption and people can still be pretty terrible, after all. A fully corrupted demon could also technically be harmless and innocent, though it would be by coincidence more than intent.
>>4350 >A fully corrupted demon could also technically be harmless and innocent, though it would be by coincidence more than intent. Not completely harmless though, because they spread corruption just by existing.
>>4341 But you already can. Wrong sense of "arm", but it's there. In one of the earliest drafts that never made it out, you would club her to death with her leg. Whilst entertaining, it might have been a little overdone.
>>4352 Deciding that limb of zombie you killed with that limb would make for a fine weapon sounds like something that would fit nicely into silly mode Or high corruption vanilla scene for that matter
>>4351 I don't think any demon ever spreads corruption without being deliberate except in the case of using magic or sex. So in theory one could be harmless by never casting or fucking. They won't, they have no reason to. Even alone, they'd likely use their magic ability to make their life better in some way, thus exuding that corruption. But in theory, they may be able to >>4354 >high corruption Someday, people need to overhaul that stuff, it's so horribly written. No one wants to tackle several hundred thousand words of trash though
>>4361 the problem isn't just the volume of high corruption content that needs to be re-written. the game is really unclear about what constitutes corruption. sometimes it's all about sex, sometimes it's just being a jerk. if there's a majority consensus on what it should be then we can start fixing it.
>>4363 Well for the sake of discussion, I say corruption spreads very slowly through generally immoral acts, quicker when done while accepting the influence of someone more corrupt, and quickest when someone more corrupt is forcing some part of them on you(be it sex, a healing spell, or making you do something) And then there's tainted substances which would do it by being absorbed through ingestion or otherwise. (tainted cum-juice-goosh that they tried suppressing Marae with, corrupt TF items like succ milk, so on) Then certain things can reverse it such as traditionally-inspired acts of self-discipline like Jojo's meditation, the influence of a purifying force like Marae's pure influence on certain plants(Minerva's tree spring, possibly the plants the bee girls get nectar from for pure honey) those diratives (honey, spring water), and general sustained efforts to reinforce your moral fiber. Effect of corruption: Weakened moral conscious, less inhibition to urges and desires, more prone to pursue whatever given goal without regard for how it harms others. Like being a sociopath, with some being more able to see pragmatic purpose to being decent while others just shrug it all off and be an ass. Also less resistance to corruptive influences, and as a result, susceptibility to having your soul ripped out, becoming a demon. Sheila in inexplicably misaligned with mechanics, breasts directly changing with her corruption level, and your corruption being changed to match hers whether that is more or less. No one else works like that, near as I can tell, except in part with Amily talking to you lowering corruption(or raising it if she's corrupt, but it's always independent of your own cor)
>>4361 > it's so horribly written It has one good aspect: it's hilarious when you imagine it coming out of a tiny loli.
>>4364 Sheila's stuff is a magical racial trait for kangaroos. It's very retarded, but it does at least have an explanation for why it's different from everything else.
>>4365 This is very true and I had forgot to consider this point. I thank you for reminding me. My one corrupt playthrough was as a loli mage. >>4366 I wonder how I missed that. Or why it would work that way.
>>4364 Assuming emotions come from the soul, if not fully then mostly corruption could be considered weakening of bond between soul and body with list of effects like this
>>4368 Do you mean empathy? The ability to feel for the emotions of others? Happiness is an emotion, emotions are a mix of chemicals in the brain. Demons feel happiness, anger, excitement, so on. In fact, black magic, which they almost all use, is built on emotion. They do use white magic too, however, and other schools of magic too.
>>4329 >we needed more undead in the setting What makes you say that?
>>4364 >>4366 One thing I didn't like about Sheila's stuff is that her breasts shrank the purer she got. They're not fucking Corruption Glands, they don't store that shit. Maybe I LIKE a gal with A's or B's, but fuck's sake the plains she's hopping on have more definition than that cliff face she's left with.
>>4372 Been a while since I ran through Sheila's content, but is there a lore or character reason you can't give her a Purified Succubus Draft? For that matter, is there a coding reason you can't, e.i. her breast size is checked/adjusted each encounter to match her corruption score?
>>4352 I mean looting the arms after killing her as a literal item, a weapon that you could equip.
>>4372 Its a race quirk. >They're not fucking Corruption Glands, they don't store that shit. They could very well work the same, sheila's race is extremely weak to corruption, even more than the ants.
>>4374 I'll stick with looting the fine long sword, thanks. But if you prefer psychopathy over practicality, sure, go for it.
>>4376 It's just a silly idea, it would be fucking hilarious to kill lethice using the severed arm of a former zombie seamstress.
>>4371 Undead are often a pretty prominent part of fantasy settings, and I like to see CoC pivot more towards that. I'm also kind of biased because I think undead are really cool in general.
Looking at Marielle, I really wouldn't mind having a few more NPCs with specific and strict gender preference. The fact that she won't even have sex with herms was a nice touch. I know some people don't like being locked out of content, but I think that it puts more weight on how you make your character and leads to richer interaction. Having more gay characters or ones absolutely refuse to engage in same sex relationships keeps things interesting. And this also leads to unique interactions where the PC can force them into it like when you first meet Marielle, you don't really get that with the omnisexual characters that all eventually end up liking it.
>>4379 >I like to see CoC pivot more towards that I'd like your head to pivot more than 100 degrees around. >pretty prominent part of fantasy settings I don't consider this is a good reason in the slightest. Things should be added only because they can be done well and fit the surrounding content, not because CoC is somehow better for being more generic >I'm also kind of biased because I think undead are really cool in general. This one's a good reason though. I think they're cool too, I'm not sure how warm they could be given the lack of an active circulatory system.
>>4380 >The fact that she won't even have sex with herms was a nice touch. But she will.
So what is the spell combo to unlock the last terrestrial fire perk? I feel like my opponents keep dying before I pull it off but I can't know for sure.
>>4383 Try turning on Regular Training and increase the difficulty. You'll still win, but they'll be beefy enough to survive the spells until you get the ???? one. I don'tknow if Koraeli changed it, but originally the combo was all of them
>>4383 >>4384 Alternatively just build training dummy It's unkillable since they gave it insane regen(Also disabled option to max weapon skills out on it for some reason)
>>4385 >(Also disabled option to max weapon skills out on it for some reason) "for some reason". It makes sense. You can get accustomed to swinging a weapon and handling its momentum and wieldiness, but you're getting no real combat experience. I wouldn't expect it to do more than 1 level of mastery.
>>4386 The problem is we can max it out on imps as well, it just takes a bit longer
>>4387 >The problem I disagree
>>4387 The imps can at least technically fight back.
>>4380 Same here.
Is divine wind broken, or did it just get severely nerfed? Doesn't seem to do anything now.
>>4395 Severely nerfed. The heal amount is lower and the chance to affect you is 1/3 Withered Touch was too OP
>>4396 That's gross. It was definitely OP, but it's pretty much useless now.
>>4381 This. People are too quick to jump to the conclusion that because it's a fantasy world then it needs X. That kind of thinking gave us awkward dullahans, vampires and almost angels before Chronicler finally put his foot down.
>>4400 >before Chronicler finally put his foot down. That never happened.
>>4401 Alright, before shitpost-kun put his foot down.
>>4401 are you telling me that man is not our lord and savior for all he does for us?
>>4404 He is, just not in this instance. Jesus didn't stop the angel either.
Open file (377.34 KB 850x1189 treat.jpg)
Innocent Ice-cream Incident https://pastebin.com/2fsY9eDt Well I haven't been writing for a lot of months now. Shouldn't have fallen out of the habit this hard. In any case, this is the request I got all the way back in September. I hope whoever asked for it is still around. It was half written back then and half written now, and I'm feeling a little rusty, so please tell me if it's shit. Since Satan's been doing requests in the other thread, I'll do one here, to make sure you anons aren't feeling neglected. Standard disclaimers apply.
>>4418 Consesual Lolicon play with an Alice, exposing herself,licking her flat chest and having sex later.
>>4418 I request whatever the immediate next step is for ember's offspring content. Gotta get on the road to plowing my dragon lolis.
>>4418 Honestly I'd love to see a lewd version of this...
>>4418 I think I remember making request about ice cream, maybe So thanks!
>>4418 >feeling more and more like the sun beating down on your head is doing so quite literally. You're feeling Repetition. >Second paragraph Four "out"s, if it interests you. >middle aged Prefers to be hyphenated. >You feel a chill Could do with "another", since you've had a shiver right before. >any more I've rubbed off on you, haven't I. >wider than before, [say:That's Full stop or lower case. >you're left feeling Snuck in a line break right there. >You're not really sure of his trustworthiness, but the prospect of something cold and soothing to drive off the oppressive heat. Something's missing here. >seat. His body is broad and firm, making for a reasonably comfortable seat Repetition. >indistinct point You already had one of those quite recently. >watch our -r +t >you can't make his shape Don't think you can omit the "out", as it's essential for the meaning. And it stuck out to me that you use "moment" rather often, though that might just be me, as I do make conscious efforts to substitute and play around with that one, myself. A neat scene, I quite like it. Would of course need to be further restricted to the hours of sunshine, maybe even just noon/afternoon, and as with all child scenes and variations, there's always the issue of the PC not looking the least like a child, despite being one. A couple mentions of legs and thighs, which you could easily change to take nagas and whatnot into account. And you suffered no stroke. Congratulations.
>>4423 >I've rubbed off on you, haven't I. I believe I'd started doing that a long time ago. I don't really remember how you convinced me, or if you even did. >You already had one of those quite recently. Interestingly, those were across the time split. >Don't think you can omit the "out", as it's essential for the meaning. You actually can, though it's not the right register for this, and I didn't actually intend to do that here. >And it stuck out to me that you use "moment" rather often, though that might just be me Nope, and fixed. >there's always the issue of the PC not looking the least like a child, despite being one I've often thought about that problem, but I'm not really sure it's one we should worry about. There are plenty of scenes in the game that don't make sense for some wretched abomination with eight human legs and nine horse cocks, but that's someone's fetish, so I'm sure they'll do it, and the disappointment is kind of on them at that point. >And you suffered no stroke. I'd count that half-finished sentence as one of those, but thanks.
Is the game still infested with furry faggotry?
>>4440 Is your neck still not marred by noose bruises? Get back up there or play the game yourself
>>4441 But what if I play the game and it's still 90% about that futa wolf's cock?
>>4442 Then you're an illiterate tard that can't navigate his way around an empty shed, let alone text adventure menu. No one will miss you when you're gone
>>4443 So what you're telling me is that you enjoy the futa wolf's cock?
>>4444 Depends Is she cute or at least cool?
>>4440 You can turn furries off, which removes most of them, and then you can turn urta off, since she's a pain in the ass.
>>4452 OK, so it's easily GOTY 2019
>>4445 >is the author self-insert that is shoved into your face at any given moment to remind you that it cucks you of any girl you choose with its magic horsecock cute or cool
>You mostly get a pass for being a total illiterate newfag as long as you throw in a few anti-Urta dog(or fox) whistles for the anime crowd good to know
>>4476 Honestly speaking I don't get all that hate for her She's pretty bland but the character concept is pretty cool(to a degree) and the part where you are forced to play as her was pretty cool
>>4477 what an absolutely shit taste
>>4477 fuck off fenbergerstein
Open file (968.96 KB 819x1093 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4419 Desirous Demon Dandling https://pastebin.com/XAhNDewm Here you are, guess I missed the "exposing herself" detail, but I hope you like it anyway. I chose to round out the Get Intimate menu that Lesbianon had written, since it was missing a non-watersports option for dick-wielding PCs.
>>4503 >You know [i:exactly] Is that repetition with her previous question intentional? Doesn't work too well without a "do" or something else to shoulder or share the emphasis. >tiny breasts, small swells A comma doesn't quite do the job. >back, lowering her onto her back Repetition. >some sacrifices have to be made on the altar of your pleasure I feel inclined to steal that one for the future. >legs|around you}], safely out of the way. All that's needed is to lift one of her legs Repetition if has legs. And is there a point to haslegs, other than the off-chance of being able to live as a cripple after getting run over by a train as soon as they're invented? >single second you spend spilling your seed inside I appreciated it. >seems almost reluctant when you start to pull free of her, but she doesn't seem Repetition. >even factoring in the strenuous effort that took. I know it's fine, but I did get snagged on that naked "that" without an "it" following. >Whatever the cause At that point, does the PC not know the cause? Or did they already forget? Not much to complain about, and the scene all in all had a very nice flow to it. The writing's more chichi than what else the Alices have, but what with them already being an amalgam of several writers, that shouldn't be too noticeable.
>>4477 >the part where you are forced to play as her was pretty cool The final redpill is that the Urta Quest sex scenes are the best-written in the entire game because nobody has ever been able to match Fenkike's level of passion and autistic love and care towards his OC. It also explains why this and all other CoC mods are doomed to fail, because /hgg/ contributors with axes to grind (and OCs of their own to implement) are never going to be able to justice to the premise or the hundreds(ish) of preexisting characters because, basically, they despise Corruption of Champions and almost everything it stands for. Anything the writers dislike about the game - lore aspects, certain characters or their prevalence, etc, its removal can be rationalized by a quick "Who cares? It was written by a moneygrubbing trannychasing furry faggot and his greedy cronies anyway, fuck it!" because fundamentally they hate the roots of the project they're working on, which is why they only focus on bolting on artificial branches instead of healing the sickened tree itself. Finalizing Helspawn's incest route that was planned and half-started years ago? Revamping the Factory, the first dungeon of the game, which was planned and half-started years ago but has since completely dropped off the radar? Expansions to existing follower content beyond IT'S AWWWRIIIIGHT with their babbies? No! We need another scene where you shyly ask a vampire loli to slip off her panties and then brew tea with them, because, you know, reasons. F-Fenoxo and his suckup clique would have never added something like that to the game, let me tell you - so it's actually amazing!!
Thank you all for staying in the webring, if this place died I wouldn't have anywhere to post about lewd games because I don't want to move to 8kun.
>>4503 The lolicon in me is very pleased by this, especially the licking of her chest and kissing. Simple but covers the basics so we can fuck an Alice consensually, they need dick so bad. Raping them is ok but i prefer this.
>>4524 Nice copypasta, faggot.
i think i fucked up tremendously here does anyone know how to [spoiler]remove the vine armor?[\spoiler]
>>4503 Delicious.
>>4550 How do you think it should be removed?
>>4516 >A comma doesn't quite do the job. It's just an appositive, and those get commas. Does it seem too long to you or something? >I feel inclined to steal that one for the future. When I wrote it, I was half-certain I was stealing it from you. >And is there a point to haslegs It's just the opposite of singleleg. Not really much of a point, I suppose. >At that point, does the PC not know the cause? Or did they already forget? I'm actually not sure, so I guess I need to change it. >The writing's more chichi than what else the Alices have Often a general concern of mine, but I'm not sure exactly what should be done.
>>4559 With lots of effort.
>>4549 You mean you disagree with me but cannot articulate your case as well as I did
>>4564 >It's just an appositive You're right, don't know why I didn't see it as one. It's not the length, appositives can easily be longer than that. >I'm actually not sure I think it may have been the topic of one of her talk variations. But even without that, you've already felt her influence at that point and identified her as a demon, a succubus that's trying to prey on you, so that should come as absolutely no surprise. >but I'm not sure exactly what should be done In this case? Nothing, I think. Elsewise? Read enough of the character's content to get a general feeling for tone, manner of articulation—including narration—and then try to at least approximate that. Not like I do that, myself, but it's what should be done.
>>4559 By breeding our shark daughters.
>>4524 >Urta Quest sex scenes are the best-written in the entire game because nobody has ever been able to match Fenkike's level of passion and autistic love and care towards his OC Sure, I'll bite. The umbrage that people take with Urta is less so about the quality of writing, as he did improve on that past her blandly written intro, but rather about the contents of it. The whole character just reeks of the worst kind of snowflaky donut steel and incorporates all that went wrong during the writing and development of vanilla CoC. The core concept of the game is good, else would we not still be here, and the amount of characters that complement it far outweighs festering morels like the chief-kike's fursona. >hundreds(ish) of preexisting characters Discounting generic encounters, vanilla doesn't even come close to a hundred. >its removal can be rationalized by a quick "Who cares? It could, but usually isn't. There needs to something fundamentally wrong with any sort of content, like it was with Joy, for it to be removed. Else, toggles or additional dialogue options are highly preferred. >Helspawn/Factory Two ambitious projects that would take ages to finish even if progress didn't wax and wane by the writers' whims. >everything else And now you threw away any bit of subtlety you still had. There has been a steady effort to flesh out existing characters, and whilst large expansions are by nature things that will fail more often then not in an environment that consists of a couple retards that simply do this for fun, pointing at obligatory babyfucking and panty-fetishisms as examples "muh bad content" is rather disingenuous.
>>4577 >It wasn't copypasta. Ok then.
Did anyone here tried to create a non-corrupted goblin follower?
>>4608 Not that I am aware of. There are two or three goblins in-game who might pass for non-corrupted, though I'm not sure any goblin could be considered truly non-corrupted given what has happened to the race. That's admittedly nitpicking when compared to the followers/lovers that can already be recruited. Anyway, no goblins are currently recruit-able, corrupt or otherwise. If someone wanted to expand on current goblins there's the alchemist Lumi and the warrior/paladin-ish Abylon who are not obsessed with breeding.
>>4586 >like it was with Joy, for it to be removed Newfag here, why Joy and Jojo sex scenes were removed? why not disable them by default and leave to option to re-enable them?
>>4611 Or the one you 'rescue' during the end gauntlet.
>>4612 >why not disable them by default and leave to option to re-enable them Because tolerance of terrible work is complicity. Locking out Urta was basically a meme, but we may as well leave the Behemoth enabled by your logic so that the one person who browses this place from his padded cell despite not being able to speak English can get his rocks off. >>4620 Everything in the final dungeon is a no-effort phoned-in work of spite by Savin and Fenoxo to shut up people who were still asking about CoC instead of giving them TiTSbucks, and ought to be considered noncanon beyond the physical blueprint for the place (Tunnels, courtyard, library, forge, barracks, pleasure gardens, throne room) as a result. Mitzi was never intended to be an actual follower despite the fact that you can literally recruit her during the final dungeon, which should give you some idea of the level they were operating on when they cranked the place out. Also, she's probably the most corrupt goblin in the entire game.
>>4621 Remember how that goblin shopkeeper is still behind a door in middle on nowhere instead of stronghold?
>>4550 Ask the relevant followers for information. The hints they drop are quite obvious.
>>4612 >>4621 No no, better answer: Quoting the scenes <He probably never knew how he would feel if he has a perfect cock that fits perfectly in his butthole or his cock that fits perfectly in a vagina or an anus. <he starts to smile, \"<i>Let's have sex; I want to experience.</i>\""); outputText("\n\nYou smile back at Jojo, knowing that you can have sex with him."); <outputText("\n\nYou lick your lips in anticipation. \"<i>Thank you for the meal,</i>\" you say as you start licking his shaft from the cock head all the way to the balls. The first thing that hits you is the taste. Jojo’s cock tasted like sweat and old cheese. It's irresistible <Jojo slides his cock right in your ass. "That's nice," Jojo remarks <When Jojo cummed, the force of his ejaculation pierces your womb
Open file (121.82 KB 550x375 doesn't get it at all.png)
>>4631 The worst part is you can almost see the subnormal IQ rationale behind each of these lines. Somebody actually sat down and wrote this. >a perfect fit is sexy because it's tight, let's have everything fit perfectly >semicolons are cultured, right? >minotaurs have musk and that's sexy so I guess mouse musk would be cheese, hey yeah this is great >it's always nice when they talk to the PC >everyone loves fluid overexaggeration in coc.. i know, his ejaculation batters.. barrages.. no, PIERCES
>>4631 <Jojo slides his cock right in your ass. "That's nice," Jojo remarks Is that an actual quote? It's unintentionally hilarious.
>>4644 Check out Yamata and Aiko's godforsaken dialogue for more of the same. >“Oh, my master knows all about you... We’ve been watching and waiting for the right time to strike... To think I get to exact my revenge on my dear, sweet sister, turn this fucked-up village into my personal playground, AND finally get you out of the way all in one fell swoop!” She raises her arms to the sky and begins to laugh hysterically, then finally snaps her attention back to you, licking her lips hungrily. “You’ve been a thorn in our side for so long... What exactly do you have against a little anarchy? Chaos is what makes the world go ‘round! We’re all just bits of cosmic dust on the face of a worthless ball of mud anyway, crashing around the heavens in a perpetual outward spiral until we finally go out in one glorious, cacophonous universal heat death! Why not enjoy the ride, AM I RIGHT?!”
>>4644 Yes, at around line 3200 in his file in the source code. There's also a Joy file, it's no better <For a moment you think that the liqueur has turned Jojo into some sort of shemale; despite his-her feminized features and bountiful breasts, you can see \"she\" still has an average-sized cock and balls in between her legs. Immediately fucking up on how bimbo liqueur works <The mouse suddenly stares at your belly, looking at you very intensely. [say: You're, like, gonna have a baby!] She grins. [say: Ooh, let's see what you're gonna have here...] She closes her eyes and focuses on the aura emanating from your unborn babies. He has jedi fetus-sense powers for some reason <she's actually quite capable... You take a few moments to overcome your shock and tell Joy that... well... all you were expecting was to hear if she liked you... or anything similar... Ellipsis fucking everywhere < She giggles. [say: Like you? Of course I like you, silly! I just thought you wanted to be reminded of what you were.]"); [say: Umm... thanks?] you say, still befuddled."); She smiles and flops down on the ground. [say: I'm tired now. I wanna take a nap.] She announces, then curls up and closes her eyes, oblivious to the world."); To be honest this whole situation is a bit awkward... so you take your leave..."); < All over the place. For some reason the player talks like a love-struck tard anime protag constantly <you can scarcely believe that both her and Jojo are the same person... You don't GET IT, it's all over the place. You are some mumbling autist in all of Joy's content ctrl+f "..." > 340 hits <<b>Joy seems to be unwilling to eat any more pink eggs. She seems to like having a penis. That is, if she has one.") <Joy's strokes are comforting; even though she has a very sexy body, right now she feels almost... motherly... maybe she's a MILF? No... that doesn't matter... I feel like I'm actually becoming more autistic myself as I read this <You tell her that if she's not in the mood, you'll just find another way to relieve your... umm... urges <You inhale, taking in Joy's scent and pheromones, feeling the enticing combination burn a path of liquid heat inside you and further arousing you further. If you've got a smell fetish, you do a lot of shoving your face in her groin and inhaling <Joy's cum tastes... unique... you'd call it cheesy... yes, definitely cheesy... almost like cream cheese. It's not unpleasant in the slightest, and you find yourself eagerly drinking all of Joy's load Why does mouse spunk taste like cheese, man <Joy's continued spurts of jism feel so good... so good, that when she stops cumming you give a disappointed sigh. It's not as bad as Kitteh's work though. Joy is LukaDoc's unimpeded disaster when he had no quality control anymore. <[say: So... Do you think I put enough in you to get you pregnant?]");("[pg]G-Get you pregnant? If you have Joy babies, and you have Amily, they go off to live with Amily's kids <they'll be add to the gene pool of mice,] Amily adds. But if you don't have Amily, Joy just throws them out. Fuck kids. <[say: Like, looking for the kids, [name]?] Joy suddenly asks, popping up behind you. Once you get over your shock, she casually continues. [say: They're, like, big enough and strong enough to look after themselves, so I've taken them and moved them, like, out of the camp.] I like, just, got rid of 'em. Why do you look worried? Everyone ages super fast in this world---we know Amily's grow that fast because she gathered alchemy stuff to super-charge the speed it happens for the sake of repopulating quicker, and actually it's supposed to take longer than that. But, like, don't worry. They'll be fine. <you're lonely without some babies in the camp, hmm?] She suddenly changes tack, flirtatiously strutting towards you. [say: How about you and I, like, make some more, hmm? Right here? Right now?] Oh you're upset I kicked our kids out? Like, we'll just make some more!
>>4650 <Joy seems to be unwilling to eat any more pink eggs. She seems to like having a penis. That is, if she has one. This is fucking brilliant, The Room has nothing on this
Open file (4.58 MB 1280x720 God is Dead.mp4)
>>4652 And people threw a fit about it being removed because "any content is better than no content" as well as saying it's all the whole mod was going to be taking a turn for the worst because an in-group on shitscord would be removing anything they don't personally like and gatekeeping content that doesn't appeal to their tastes. It's not the worst bullshit the mod has faced, but it's probably the one I understand the least
>>4655 >the whole mod was going to be taking a turn for the worst because an in-group on shitscord would be removing anything they don't personally like and gatekeeping content that doesn't appeal to their tastes Joy's retardation aside, that much has been true for ages tbh, this is your yearly reminder that Helboi was disgracefully and cruelly hounded from the board during the peak of /pol/ crossposting simply for daring to dream >b-but the NTR content could have stayed if it wasn't so low quali-- "No!" I dare any writer or developer for the mod to say with a straight face that all the humiliating minotaur cuckshit he cranked out would be happily added back to the game if it was perfectly written and ready-coded
>>4631 >knowing your cock fits perfectly into your own ass >irresistible smegma Sounds more like corrupt Jojo, honestly.
>>4645 >heat death Jesus christ I have never seen somebody miss the point THAT HARD before. The reason nihilism like that works is because the heat death of the universe ISN'T going to be glorious and cacophonous, it's very literally going to be "not a bang but a whimper". I feel like I need to go read the damn dictionary or something to counteract the mind-numbing idiocy.
>>4661 >It's another 'Pseud nihilist doesn't realize that the "Oh, gosh, I am so, like, above it all, it doesn't even MATTER you dummies, it's not a big deal!" crowd and the YOLO crowd are on exactly the same team' episode Dirty dumb civilization-destroying scum
Open file (770.79 KB 1600x1200 Alt.Eisen.full.450149.jpg)
>>4641 >his ejaculation batters.. barrages.. no, PIERCES No matter how thick the armor, all you have to do is fire and PIERCE!
I'll take a request now, though it might take a short bit to be delivered. Also, should probably post a small bit of writing I did for some camp descriptions, pretty inconsequential. Companions that you can sleep with/ask to guard the camp still have their default night descriptions, which is a bit off, and this is meant to fix that. https://pastebin.com/VeFU0gjU
Open file (2.00 MB 2489x3269 72350430_p17.jpg)
>>4720 Using liddellium on a plague rat to get a warty greasy plague loli to rape. Like how you can use some other TFs on some enemies
>>4720 Mating Press Isabella or Helia, bonus for ahegao. Alternative is Edryn titfucking you.
>>4721 >>4722 hmmmmmmm I wonder which of these will be written - the one that would contribute something to the game, or the shitpost that would make another easy out for the attention-seeking "Doing ANY requests! ..as long as it can be easily dismissed as just a bit of fun content if it ends up being really mediocre, of course" hack writers
>>4735 So when will you be writing requests to rectify this sad situation? I'd like to request sharkdaughter fucking.
>>4720 >The pale lizan waves to you from nearby, giving you a questioning glance and nodding towards your [cabin]. Don't you sleep in Arian's tent?
>>4737 I'm working on a follower based on the Hit Or Miss Girl and an axe that allows you to warp the fabric of space at the moment but your request is next in line
Open file (1.26 MB 1280x720 Hit or Miss.mp4)
>>4741 >hit or miss
>>4764 Classic w**aboo cringe
Fellas, I think my moth daughter's getting the gay. Damn it Marielle.
>>4773 just because friendship is still a ship doesn't mean your daughter has the gay. For now.
Why do we have to kill Aiko' sister? That's just cruel. I want to take her to camp (to Slave menu, so what?), purify by alchemy and meditations with Jo, and than caress her 3 remaining tails. Sha can't return to her village, have no place to go to anymore, so she'll say in camp, spending her days in meditations and dialogs with Jo, growing to like him as a guru and , over time, a lover. And than we engage some pure and loving threesomes.
>>4773 Never. My moth daughter loves her only her daddy and her mommy in special family bonding time She just needs to fully embrace his love to bear his grandchildren.
Is there any way to defeat Tower of Deception's guardians by Lust/Tease?
>>4780 If you're asking, I assume you're in a position to test that out for yourself. Do you think you'll get a different answer than you could find out on your own?
Old request for save editor. Or just release a cheat sheet for those willing to use 3rd party apps to modify saves.
>>4778 >Caring about Aiko's story in its current state Chriiiiist.
>>4788 I still haven't read through it seriously. I only skimmed some and never went after Yamata. I didn't like the writing so I put it off. At some point, though, I want to write stuff with kitsunes, and I feel like I need know the whole story. I think Yuribot was going through a lot of it and listing changes and rewriting small parts to be less babble, but I don't believe she did all of it. Is the Aiko listing on the bounty board up-to-date with what needs to be done?
Now, don't get me wrong, Chronicler does some good stuff that we're better off having than not, but why is he listed on the title screen? He polished up some assets and did a few small text things. He's right up there next to someone that did 3 new demon encounters, a quest tied to the main lore of demons and the goddesses, and like 40 other things. The other title screen list, "Coded by" has the other most important people who did similar amounts of work or more. To me, it's really weird that Chronicler is there. Even listing mothman a second time would feel less off
>>4794 Nice try Chronicler.
>>4721 I second this, I'd love more plague rat content, and a fem version would be extra perfect.
>>4781 Such a high-quality answer.
>>4794 I'm not sure I personally would have started work on the mod if the Chronicles didn't exist, but I certainly wouldn't have been able to do nearly any of the stuff I have without them. It's not glamorous, but it's a part of the process as integral as any other.
>>4789 To piggyback on this anon: if the Bounty Board is still up-to-date, I think I can take a crack at some of the small stuff (i.e. adding/fixing tooltip text) but someone else would need to do the actual coding. I've been tempted to do some of the needed rewrites and additional content after playing this for months, so I feel that doing these minor fixes might be a good starting point for me to learn how to write for CoC. The game has given me much and I think it's time that I give some back.
>>4720 >>4721 >>4735 >Three days later and /hgg/ hasn't recovered from this
Open file (118.80 KB 742x149 ClipboardImage.png)
>You current stance >Blocking is impossible >Block anyway
It's a shame we don't have more base building related content. Imagine being able to open a Shop or an Inn for travelers. Folks, our base is the most safe settlement after Tel Adre. We're sitting on premium real estate!
>>4850 The worst part is that we can't fish in the river Just imagine building a tiny fishing shack and having companions occasionally be found there fishing Also that library someone wrote still isn't possible to build
>>4852 >The worst part is that we can't fish in the river The worst part? Weird priorities. Not saying it wouldn't be nice to have, though. >Library I can feel the desire in my loins to own a library, it's why I donate to the local one. You have fewer books than it takes to fill a bookshelf though. Where are you getting all the books for a library? >>4844 They say if you're good at something, never do it for free. Does your moist-brain tard-posting have any investors yet? >>4836 You are never expected to code(though it is an option). Go in-game or into Aiko's actionscript file and, if you see the errors still in there, you know what needs to be done. https://gitgud.io/BelshazzarII/CoCAnon_mod/blob/master/classes/classes/Scenes/Areas/Forest/AikoScene.as If you're doing small fixes, something like <insert line from scene here proposed change here <some other line etc For bigger things like rewriting a whole piece of a scene or a new piece of content, looking at other submissions can help you get an idea of how it works. Don't worry if anything seems too code-like, just make your intention obvious and the coders will fix it
>>4853 >Where are you getting all the books for a library? Black/white/gray books Give limit of 20 or whatever of each one and have some bonus based on how many you got or something Outside of that maybe adding way to purchase manuals for various weapons to raise masteries and the like Maybe codexes in form of books instead of lore snippets in a menu
>>4853 For the tooltip fixes, is it fine to just fork/merge on gitgud, or would it be better for me to post a pastebin of the changes here?
>>4844 I said the request might take a while, since I was busy for a bit.
>>4858 Probably pastebin, but for something so simple it might be fine either way
>>4794 I guess you must be pretty new to exclude everything else I've done. >>4789 >Is the Aiko listing on the bounty board up-to-date with what needs to be done? Most likely not. There are a lot of things about Aiko that require rewrites due to just how awkward and unfinished it is. Either I or someone else would need to go through all of it and identify what's awful and slated for rewriting or someone with a good head on their shoulders could attempt to fix it for themselves if they have a good understanding of the game, lore, and kitsunes. >>4836 >To piggyback on this anon: if the Bounty Board is still up-to-date It's mostly up to date, it's just that maintaining something like a bounty board in a Jewgle doc is a pain in the ass. >I think I can take a crack at some of the small stuff (i.e. adding/fixing tooltip text) The bazaar is going to receive an overhaul sometime soon, it has some missing tooltips here and there. You could also simply go through the game and see what buttons should have a tooltip for clarification and note all of that down with one. Be sure to follow existing formats if they exist for certain options and not to go overboard with trying to be quirky or funny like Revamp. The best way to format writing this would be to do something like this: [location/character/thing], [button name] [tooltip text] >but someone else would need to do the actual coding. That's how it always works. >>4852 >Also that library someone wrote still isn't possible to build I never finished that. I'm not a good writer and it took ages to get what little I did write down. People are welcome to pick it up, otherwise you'll have to wait until I get back to it after my other projects are done. >>4858 Go for a paste with the kind of formatting you see in the misc. fixes pastes or the example I put in an earlier reply in this post.
>>4885 I spent some time reading through some more recently written scenes and I think I could do with a little more clarification on fixing on the Aiko tooltips. Namely, should I write them in a more technical or narrative style? i.e "Discuss a topic with Aiko." vs. "You'd like to discuss something with Aiko." on Talk.
>>4888 I would recommend the former. However, different tones and styles may be appropriate for different situations.
Ring-Wing-Wedding >You fiddle with the ring in your hands Isn't that— Isn't that odd, though? Yet, after all, why not? Why shouldn't I keep it? >in her head [...] shake your head Mild repetition. >or at least a close approximation A close approximation of your daughter? >You're not even of marriageable age yourself I suppose a child PC would be prepubescent? Just making sure, as the age of marriage tended to be a little lower throughout the middle ages, but not quite that low. >her strains upwards she >excitement [...] excited Another minor one, though I think it's perfectly fine, thanks to being comparative. >special [...] special Not sure if you care if there's a paragraph break and a sentence between. >two people [...] A bunch of people Repetition. >—just the right size— A fairly odd interjection. >no dress for the bride Remember female PCs. >but all the same, what's truly important is the people involved. You don't need anything to love your daughter. I first thought you meant everyone involved, guests included, and not just bride and groom. The former reading makes the following declaration seem rather crass. >smiles up and you at >the words start to spill from your mouth. You gush out all of your feelings, all the things you've kept bottled up inside since she was born. [...] Maybe that's just me, but I expected a little less dramaticism from a "Play" marriage. And by "a little", I mean "a good bit". That's an awful lot of character you're flinging around there, too, though that may be excused by this being a rather specific choice. >You slip the ring onto her finger Are there any cursed rings in the game? Rings of invisibility or of other effects that might be a little counter-productive here? Could and should limit the scene to non-enchanted rings. >her eyes glimmer [...] admiring the glimmer Repetition. Also, three of the seven "eyes" are squeezed into this and the next tiny paragraph. >faces you again, a grin on her face Repetition. >clutched in your hands her >a little pink peony "Little"? Aren't peony blossoms about fist-sized? And where did she get that whole thing? I'm all in for dropping or at least loosening up the whole "the campsite is a barren hellscape with the charm and vegetation of the surface of Mars, but the PC still thinks it's a good idea to stay there" bullshit, but that's just out of nowhere. And if she brought it from elsewhere, where did she keep it? >slips it onto your finger You had that exact wording before. >so nuzzle her Missing a "you". I can only reiterate how overly dramatised I think it is. It's cute and creepy and tastes great with carbonara sauce and all, but I expected less of the latter two, and what with the wording of "play" and "mock" on the label, such expectation shouldn't be the exception. Was there some incest-route requirement that you forgot to make note of? Though even then, it wouldn't eliminate all of my concerns.
has anyone thought of an adding in item that raises max lust? I feel like editing the variables for that would be fun combined with the slug parasite. character just never has an orgasm and is infinitely frustrated.
>>4942 Have you thought about fucking yourself with a rusty fork?
>>4943 I have that one lined up for the next request.
>>4944 what's wrong with requests?
you were waiting forever to use that one weren't you?
>>4944 you were waiting forever to use that one weren't you?
goddammit using my phone on this website is frustrating.
>>4942 >character just never has an orgasm and is infinitely frustrated This isn't really possible with the way CoC scenes work. Almost all of them have the character orgasm (textually, not just mechanically), and absolutely no one is going to want to go through hundreds of scenes to write out (lack of) orgasm variants.
no i didn't mean ADD that mechanic, i was asking if there items for that raise the max lust stat so i could mess with the variables myself and just kinda pretend, i wouldn't expect them to add orgasm denial into every existing encounter, I'm sorry for not being clear.
>>4952 what i said above, sry im fucking retarded when it comes to chat boards
>>4954 I think there are perks that raise max lust, but I'm not really sure that works like you want? All it does is make it harder to lose combat by lust.
Open file (4.76 MB 2704x4093 73580968_p1.png)
Ivory Succubus https://pastebin.com/367swRE8 Here, in name only, a rewrite of the ivory succubus to take the slot of the imp warlord. Features: - New Weapon: Silver Whip - Small variable measurements so they aren't all clones This is knowingly missing many things, and is just here as a discussion point to show the concepts intended and get feedback
>>4956 i was just thinking a piercing, nothing fancy, you see i use cocED for save editing so i can do custom game starts with my own personal limitations but the perks don't have variables you can edit, they have set numbers so you cants really mess with them easy. however you can mess with item variables with zero problems because they are meant to stack in most cases.
>>4957 Maybe remove Whitefire and Arouse from her arsenal and boost her physical resistance? Her master seems like he would like marble statues so maybe he moved some of that onto them making them into more of a physical fighting type Could make them trip the player when he tries to run away to compensate
>>4962 My thought process with whitefire is that it's pretty, but I do like your train of thought there. The master of the harem is an incubus artisan that is obsessed with artistic beauty, and one reason I went with the ivory theme is the idea of mimicking divine beauty--that of the goddesses and their pristine white bodies. Not all of his subjects would be ivory, though. That's just my background conceptualization of it.
man i should have found this earlier i used to love coc before fenoxo turned full retard
>>4967 My god, how long ago would that have been? A whole decade? More? CoC went downhill shortly before Fen stopped doing so much with the chans Personally I never knew the community of that time, I just found Unnamed Text Adventure on 7chan with no context. It was.. a novel experience.
>>4968 I dunno exact years but I'd probably say like 2011/2012 >2011 was almost a decade ago jesus
Open file (468.70 KB 1264x900 latex ball girl (2).png)
>>4967 >>4968 I first played CoC as a 13-15 y/o. Damn, those were the times. I'm sure it didn't negatively impact my mental or sexual health right guys.
>>4971 all of my fetishes were firmly in place before i played coc i guess maybe it gave me my spidergirl fetish but that's more of a "it's a nice perk instead of the main thing"
Open file (11.97 KB 298x279 HERE WE GO.png)
>>4971 I'm sure you're perfectly well adjusted like the rest of us.
>>4967 >>4968 >>4969 >A decade later and still nobody has been able to do this simple flash game justice CURSED
>>4969 Ten years cooming to this fucking gay game. No wonder why i never left my parents home.
Go back.
What would you say is the difference between the /hgg/ mod and the community expansion by Ashi?
>>5008 Personally I wouldn't say anything 'cos I don't know who the fuck that is or what the fuck they've done.
>>5009 He means the expanded edition by Revamp by Kitteh by all the authors the guy stole from without crediting. Or he might be trying to covertly advertise another mod
>>5010 Yeah, I mean the former. I can see the beginning setup is more complex, but I'm wondering if there's other things that was changed. I'm also perplexed by the "Delete Urta" setting.
>>5011 Look at both games Credits and you'll very quickly figure it out.
>>5012 >one of the contributors to /hgg/ shares a pseudonym with me >they only do watersports fuck
>>5013 You must be pretty pissed.
Open file (55.19 KB 900x900 1504491584510.jpg)
>>5014 god bless you anon, you made me laugh out loud.
>>5011 >I'm also perplexed by the "Delete Urta" setting The OCA devs came up with the very cerebral idea of addressing the mod's lack of content by removing the most fleshed-out, content-exclusive character in the game because she represented everything wrong with the mod
>>5030 If I make the world's biggest shit, it might be impressive by size but it's still shit, Anon. Urta's a fucking cancer.
>>5034 I hear some folks like cancer, go figure. Suppose that's why there's a toggle for it rather than it being removed altogether.
Does anyone know a good way to get cash?
>>5050 Posting feet pics on Twitter, or marrying into a Jewish family.
>>5050 >Grind Helia >Make an onlyfans >Set up milkers and corrupt the farm >Get a job you fucking neet
How do i fuck up the Volcanic Golem? What attack should I use?
Nevermind, found the shield bash works
I smoked the Golem, now what do I do with it's heart?
>>5096 Eat/sell/fuck/give it to someone.
Open file (105.78 KB 1112x890 regret.PNG)
Please clap.
>>5101 Why did you do this to yourself?
>>5101 Get on my level scrub >>5050 I don't get the point of having gems by the thousands in this mod, besides buying materials to fully upgrade the camp and fancy clothes for rp purposes there's no much to do with those.
>>4925 >I suppose a child PC would be prepubescent? That's always been my assumption. >A fairly odd interjection. Why? >Could and should limit the scene to non-enchanted rings. That was the thought, and I didn't even think I would need to specify. I don't even want to imagine the travel costs to Orodruin. >Aren't peony blossoms about fist-sized? You've got me. Thought I had a reason for picking those, but I don't remember. >I can only reiterate how overly dramatised I think it is. I toned down a few parts and changed the tooltip, but who would "marry" their daughter without feeling at least somewhat like that? Also, should I just can the whole second to last paragraph? Feeling pretty uncertain about stuff in general.
>>5108 >Why? Because it's nothing out of the ordinary. You're both kids, naturally your hands are about the same size, so why would you even think about it, especially at that age? >who would "marry" their daughter without feeling at least somewhat like that? I can see that as something a doting parent could do for fun with their young child. A little odd to be the one initiating it, perhaps, but parents always are. >I toned down a few parts and changed the tooltip, A lot better, nothing stuck out to me this time. And you could easily ditch the second-last paragraph, it is rather redundant. So you gonna keep it incest-only or gonna make some chaste variations?
Open file (120.25 KB 791x130 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (239.01 KB 1017x197 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (105.01 KB 994x92 ClipboardImage.png)
Either I'm in the goblin's throat or I'm not supposed to be dodging her healing potions Salamander TF and appearance descriptions are horribly written. The scale color of the claws and tail should probably be made to match any other scaled parts, like wings, and the claws should probably be colorable, like imp claws. In the aftermath of the dullahan's cuddle scene, it makes mention of both you and the dullahan being betrayed warriors, even if you haven't completed the Factory and learned the "secret" that you are a sacrifice. Fucking the goblin in lethice's lair doesn't reduce lust. Also, did Lethice's counter mechanic ever work? She's supposed to take a stance that counters the last damage type used against her, but only ever goes into an anti lust stance.
Oca didn't post here, but there was an update. >>5114 Thanks. >Salamander TF and appearance descriptions are horribly written. I agree, but don't have the time to go through all of them for rewrites right now. If anyone is interested, the topic's free, and if not, it can be dealt with shortly. >Also, did Lethice's counter mechanic ever work? Looks to be done pretty sloppily, and what's in the code is definitely only intended to be lust vs non-lust.
were the pre-made characters a thing fenoxo added later or is that a thing witht his continuation? do they have stats and stuff or is it just names?
>>5145 Furry OCs added for donating to a certain tier payment.
>>5144 I don't know if this is all of them, but it's what searching for salamander found: https://pastebin.com/MaYSeVcy How is the color supposed to work, though? >salamander parts are red, no matter what >salamander parts come in red, but you can change it later >salamander parts should be whichever color your [skin] is I stuck with the first option, like the original descriptions used, but we have proof with Helspawn that isn't the case.
>>5147 I'd say it should be the second option. Helspawn's potentially black scales show different colors are possible, and it would be more in line with other scaled parts that allow for recoloring as well. Just taking whatever color is already there seems off, though, and I'm not really sure why.
Open file (466.12 KB 1011x425 ClipboardImage.png)
Why am I "guessing" that she's shorter/flatter when I'm looking right at her? Says good morning even though it's 3pm Actually, the whole scene assumes it's morning "morning tea" is what's being offered. Is this only supposed to trigger in the mornings? Also, the stash has issues seemingly related to the new drag sorting function, I posted the specifics of what I saw with that in the other thread.
New version out with item dragging disabled for now.
>>5147 I really liked your Rent-An-Alice writing, and the Rubi bakery stuff while being poor is a fun little fluff scene.
>>4721 Damn, I was really hoping that this anons scene would be done.
>>5172 Oh that's yuribot? Oh it is! I really liked several things they've done. They've really gotten good over the past year!
>>5167 >Why am I "guessing" I'm not that good at eyeballing minor measurement differences. If it were me, I'd be guessing one's a bit smaller if the difference is only slight. I'd be fine seeing a change there, but I can see the logic.
>>5167 To make things more confusing, their base heights in the code are actually identical.
>>5169 New version out with item dragging fixed for now.
Are the updates only getting posted on 8kun? It feels like this bunker is dying because of it, even if other threads are still active.
Open file (5.87 KB 351x62 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5199 As long as devs keep looking in both threads its fine, especially since fewer posters means fewer of pic related.
>>5199 >Are the updates only getting posted on 8kun? The links don't change, so you can just go back to the OP for the download and changelog.
>>5206 >janny The BO of this board is a vol in the original board, cuckchan.
>>5212 That was a given, seeing as this clear as day furry game with NTR elements is still allowed.
>>5213 Might've been given to you but it apparently wasn't to cuckchan over there.
>>5212 Bullshit. (((Patreon))) shill "game" threads wouldn't get nuked in that case. >>5213 >Still ignoring toggle for this shit
>>5213 Toggle Urta to doesn't exist and NTR is gone, unless you are a total faggot that DOESN'T tell Helia to avoid Niggertaurs then the NTR is solely your own dumbass fault.
>>5214 It's both the same faggot, he's just trying to derail the thread and drive away users with bullshit. >>5200 It's insane how many people do that when there's already a truckload of information avaible and finding how do to something ingame takes, at best, half an hour or so.
>>5216 Almost the entire vol team of 8ch /hgg/ are vols here.
>>5147 >[skintone] [skindesc] Should I make a parser for that? >With some practice, you can make it ebb and flare with little more than a thought, and you suspect that if you put your mind to it, you could set your entire tail ablaze and use it as a red-hot lash. Seems kinda sudden to me. I guess these blurbs are intended to be short, so I dunno. >//can you actually do this? Yes. >your [skindesc] has This can result in "your feathers has". >fiery-red claws Mild repetition of "red". >//I feel like they're only shining because someone copied and pasted the spider chitin description, A strong possibility. >short, fiery-red curved claws I feel like you might want to drop one of those adjectives. >//can you change the color with dye? No, and also, jesus, this was just ripped straight from the lizard. I'd forgotten about the quality of the "predator arms" update. >I stuck with the first option, like the original descriptions used, but we have proof with Helspawn that isn't the case. It's also a genetic thing for her. You could technically use fur color or hair color for it too, which I'd probably recommend over skin color. Thanks for doing that, and great to see you back.
what's de-furry do to the driders and the like shark girl or something near the river, i liked them is the toggle just "remove mentions of skin fur and snouts"
>>5226 The toggle just removes (most) mentions of NPC snouts and in some cases replaces the character with a pre-existing no-fur option like with Amily, it doesn't prevent the player from getting snouted.
>>5172 I always thought those were some of the worst, so that means a lot. >>5177 Thanks. >>5225 >Should I make a parser for that? That doesn't seem necessary unless someone else wants it. I can't think of too many times where I'd actually want to mention skin (or whatever) color outside the appearance screen. >This can result in "your feathers has". Here's hoping hasfeathers is a thing. >this was just ripped straight from the lizard. It's very noticeable which ones are revamp and which ones are old original CoC lines. The salamander TF is mostly the latter. >You could technically use fur color or hair color for it too, which I'd probably recommend over skin color. I left it red for now. Hair color makes me imagine a very confused player growing a rainbow tail, but follow your heart.
Open file (716.78 KB 661x1000 trrtasg.png)
Is fran dead again? My heart can't take it, I need the panties.
>>5241 He's been posting in the 8kun thread.
>>5243 Fuck, I thought this had gone quiet. Like hell i'm going to that honeypot though. C'est la vie.
>>5241 2hufag has been redoing the tea party scene with Fran and added headpat for both Emily and Fran. All with chatting variations for affection. I can't wait to kiss Fran and Emily again.
Regarding the offspring of the MC: How many interactive daughters and sons are? I kinda want to collect them all in my camp.
>>5249 Now all we need is Incest.
>>5260 >Lewdable <Kid A <Helspawn <Sophie's daughters <Izma's daughters <Tamani's daughters <Minotaur sons <Sylvia >Lewdable, in a few corrupt scenes only <Phylla <Corrupt Amily >Lewdable, if you're a total degenerate <Isabella >Has like one fluff scene and otherwise don't exist <Ember <Kiha <Edryn <Kelly <Marble <Normal Amily >They might be mentioned in a line somewhere, maybe <Everyone else
Is plausible to write a threesome with Sylvia and Phylla? You don't think they'll be at each other throats for that predator-prey thing ants have with moths with the MC in the middle?
>>5269 Not without a fair bit of spade work beforehand. As is, Sylvia is quite protective/possessive of the Champion. She doesn't have a problem sharing with Dolores, but there are currently no options to discuss the Champion's other relationships with her. She may know or suspect the Champion has other lovers since in one of her pre-lover encounters she stalks/watches the Champion's camp from a distance. She also has an interesting reaction if the Champion invites her back to camp: >You make your offer, and her face immediately slackens, seeming somehow paler than usual. When she doesn’t respond, you start to ask again, but the overwhelming pressure of the silence soon eats up your words, and the two of you are left staring at each other, nothing passing between. >Her eyes grow very intense for a moment, piercing you deeply. The twin black pools seem for all the world like great, yawning abysses. You’re teetering on the edge, you feel like if you just leaned forward, you would fall, fall... >“No,” she says definitively, breaking the spell. “Thank you, but no. I doubt I could handle...” >She lets the point trail, apparently satisfied with this answer, but it takes several more moments before her gaze returns to normal. The awkward atmosphere suddenly hits you—it would probably be a good idea to find another topic...
>>5269 >>5276 For Syliva/Phylla specifically, the logistics are just bad. Sylvia won't visit the camp, and Phylla's queen of a colony, unable to leave while pregnant and probably unwilling to leave in any event.
>>5269 Probably wouldn't work, but I'd be willing to hear the pitch. How does this even come about?
Probably not going to get an answer or get told to figure it out myself, but I'm asking anyway. What do I have to do to unlock all of Circe's content? I only have three bits of knowledge to give her and despite already giving her those tidbits I haven't unlocked any of the exploration options other than the one that comes unlocked.
>>5285 See here: https://pastebin.com/LLk3FgKF >>5279 Don't have anything solid to make this work and >>5276 and >>5277 already pointed out why's not possible. I have something with girl with chitin and maybe I'll make a commission a fanart with these two one of those days.
I can't change bedcloth to moth-silk one. When trigger button, it just says 'You feel potent', and than nothing - button stays there, old cloth too.
>>5286 Thanks!
>>5289 Fixed, thanks.
>>5167 The opening sentence makes me think it's only supposed to trigger right when you wake up. >>5192 Stuff is copied and pasted constantly, so you should often take them with a grain of salt. For instance, Helspawn's height (and pretty much everything else) was copied from Helia's.
More miscellaneous fixes. As always, this game is messy and broken. https://pastebin.com/raw/5qT5S24P
>>5327 >but bring up the corrupted farm menu instead of bringing you to camp. I disagree, the text should be changed and it should bring up the normal farm menu. It's very annoying when you attempt to go to the farm and get sent back to camp because the stupid corruption intro popped up.
>>5327 >Encountering the innitial Venus encounter and pressing No has it say "​You continue rowing on, away from the hilly island." even though this encounter is at the Lake, not the Boat. Is this a mistake and should it be under Boat? People have been bringing this up since before the mod existed. At this point, I think it's kept in the wrong place on purpose.
Is something like an "armorplural" condition feasible, or is there a smarter way to handle conjugating verbs around [armor]?
>>5328 >I disagree, the text should be changed and it should bring up the normal farm menu. I can agree on that. I changed the text to include this.
>>5328 >scene is broken and sends you to the wrong menu as shown by the in-game text >here's how to fix it >"I disagree" ???
>>5332 Not yet.
>>4961 You by chance have a DL link to the version of coced that still somewhat works with our mod? I can't find it for the life of me since the OG site was nuked.
>>5147 While implementing your Rubi anal scene, I noticed you didn't account for the possibility of furry skin, which is sadly a thing. Do you want to make some changes for that? If you don't care to, I can just change a few adjectives to throw something together.
>>5346 Do they also need nofur checks? In any case, I added something, so all zero of you with a pink, furry Rubi can see the consequences of your terrible taste mentioned.
I think we need some stronger tentacle beasts like how imps eventually upgrade to stronger variants.
>>5352 >Do they also need nofur checks? Since it's an optional transformation, no. The fur is white though; it's called pink in Rubi's appearance for some reason, but white in the TF scene and everywhere else. >>5353 >like how imps eventually upgrade to stronger variants But we're almost done getting rid of those.
>>5353 For what purpose? If you want more tentacle beast content you can still write scenes for the ones we have. If you want them stronger, turn on Regular Training. Adding them for the purpose of adding them is how we wound up with the shit quality imp war/lords.
>>5337 It's not too important anyway. I'm not sure what I wanted to use it for (light armor drifting to the ground while others thump) even makes sense with everything you can wear. >>5354 >The fur is white though; it's called pink in Rubi's appearance for some reason That makes no sense, but okay.
There was another (small) update, check the changelog.
>>5359 >That makes no sense, but okay. It's probably Revamp's fault.
>>5364 That's what to blame for shit like >You rip off the minotaur’s loincloth with a savage grin, Cringy as fuck, assuming the player does this. >slapping his ass and admiring the jiggle of his two watermelon-sized balls as they wobble from the force of your blow. Again, cringy and assumes the player is a cum guzzling gay furry hermaphrodite that likes "to admire the jiggle" of a beast's balls. >The cow-man moos softly with desire,ropes of pre splattering the ground from his arousal Something's missing here, at first it seems like you rape him, the next moment he submits immediately with eagerness. >The musk pouring off him and his puddle of slick pre-cum is overpowering, making it difficult to think as you feel your blood rush to your groin and nipples. And? Implying that the player falls for shit like this, Kelt has a lust aura, but that doesn't magically make you go for his dick. Retarded furries.
>>4794 >>4801 >>4833 So what does he do besides the chronicles?
Maxed out my Terrestrial Fire mastery. How do I get the last spell?
>>5416 Mix them all. Even after you've done it, it will look like you haven't unless you get a specific achievement. Clearing it up really shouldn't require the night sun achievement, just using the spell.
Is there any magic staves other than the wizard staff and the lethicite one?
>>5497 Four others.
>>5501 Four others? If you're counting the sword, I only know four total. I wonder what two I'm forgetting.
>>5502 I didn't count the sword, so five others.
>>5502 There's the Eldritch Staff you obtain only by killing the harpy queen at the Phoenix Tower, that's the second strongest staff ingame. Also the Huntsman's Cane from the Erkling but that doesn't boost magic.
Is there a way to get Lethicite other than corrupting Marae?
>>5504 I know Nieve can make an ice staff, and the other is... apparently some nephilia thing.
>>5406 You could read the credits for a start, or read his pastes.
So how d'ya get Lethicite? do you loot it off of powerful demons?
>>5511 Corrupt Marae by dumping the factory into the lake and avoid getting raped as you run to steal what was once her soul.
>>5504 >>5509 The Cane shouldn't count, but even if it does that's one short of the "four others" they mentioned.
>>5514 It's a staff and it's magic, even if it's not offensive magic and doesn't work with channeling. Eldritch, ice, Nephila, and cane is four others.
The ice staff doesn't boost magic either but is affected by staff channeling. Also if the staff melts during a fight you can still throw bolts with your bare hands until the battle ends.
It looks like swapping from a melee weapon to a firearm mid-fight prevents you from shooting at a distance.
>>5267 We can always use some more incest
>>5542 MC and Izma double-pumping gallons into the sopping quim of one of their sharkdaughters.
Hey a while back the Naughty Nun writer said she'd eventually get to combining it with the lusty maiden outfit. Did that ever go anywhere? I just my PC back after some legal issues and needing to not exist for a few months so I'm out of the loop again. I know, I know: "Read the changelogs" but I'd rather not spoil any other surprises while i search for it.
>>5558 > just my PC back after some legal issues and needing to not exist for a few months jeez dude are you ok?
>>5559 Yeah basically.
Did the alphabet boys ask if they could shoot your dog before they took the computer?
>>5578 Might as well just copy and paste the links over if you're going to go through the trouble of posting when there's an update. 1.5.5 Don't use browsers to play this vidcon >Changelog https://pastebin.com/CDU8byhd >Download https://mega.nz/#F!St0HiaTC!oNQs48SWTDvmDBLHWZuHHA >Source https://gitgud.io/BelshazzarII/CoCAnon_mod
>>5592 That's 2 seconds of extra work at minimum.
>>5592 The links don't change, so why bother?
>>5592 Just click Go to Top and click the link there.
>>5594 >>5595 >>5597 Could say the same with oca doing it but he still does it anyways. Figure an entire post rather than just one word would at least breathe a little bit of life to the thread.
Open file (232.92 KB 847x1200 n4.png)
Open file (249.30 KB 847x1200 n10.png)
Nukenai Seiken-chan is a treasure trove of ideas.
Do Nieve's ice weapons have any use? They seem pretty worthless considering they don't even last a day.
>5614 They're useful in the early game, but as soon as you find a more permanent weapon yeah.
ah shit forgot how to quote >>5614 see >>5615
>>5614 Almost none outside of roleplaying, as you need to be able to explore the high mountains to get Nieve in the first place. Meanwhile the weapons themselves are weaker than even the unupgraded beautiful sword and barely better in terms of damage than a pipe.
>>5618 Are you just looking at them in the debug menu or something? They actually start out with 16 attack, more than twice as much as the unupgraded beautiful sword. You don't need to explore the high mountains to get Nieve either if it's winter, just getting as far as the farm is enough, so the weapons can be useful if you're just starting. >>5614 There is technically a way to make the ice weapons last indefinitely, but you should have better weapons by that point anyways.
>>5621 >Are you just looking at them in the debug menu or something? I looked at their file and missed that they have varying damage (they get weaker as they get closer to melting). So you're right, they're possibly useful depending on how quickly they degrade.
Open file (247.22 KB 1013x213 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (121.39 KB 1008x102 ClipboardImage.png)
Sex with Isabella should probably fill hunger. When telling Jojo about the sand witches, he acts as though he's afraid of sex instead of simply uninterested in engaging in it, which is odd. Also there's an pointless bit of repetition with the player's name. Rizza Root doesn't fill hunger. Is there a reason that incubus draft can't grant demon dicks? As it stands, only a pair of demons in the factory can grant them, and neither one sticks around very long. The text for incubus draft claims to give you, then turn into a human penis, or whatever you had before. If it can turn your other parts demonic, why not your penis?
>>5624 >When telling Jojo about the sand witches, he acts as though he's afraid of sex instead of simply uninterested in engaging in it, which is odd. He doesn't come off as afraid of it to me, just kind of prudish. The way he acts doesn't seem that odd for a sheltered virgin with probably no exposure to anything sexual before the demons.
Open file (129.16 KB 810x132 ClipboardImage.png)
As it turns out, Zetaz was NOT too busy shivering with fear to fight.
>Is there a reason that incubus draft can't grant demon dicks? As it stands, only a pair of demons in the factory can grant them, and neither one sticks around very long. The text for incubus draft claims to give you, then turn into a human penis, or whatever you had before. If it can turn your other parts demonic, why not your penis? Because we still can't have a demonic pussy or pussy variants in general.
>>5628 >Because we still can't have a demonic pussy or pussy variants in general. What all would need to be written to add one?
>>5628 > or pussy variants in general. Isn't horse pussy a thing?
>>5633 Human, horse and black are the current options.
>>5633 Either it's handled differently from the black sand trap one, or I don't see how it's possible to obtain without save editing (and don't see any special descriptions for it even if you did). Might be me being dumb, though.
>>5624 >Is there a reason that incubus draft can't grant demon dicks? As it stands, only a pair of demons in the factory can grant them, and neither one sticks around very long. The text for incubus draft claims to give you, then turn into a human penis, or whatever you had before. If it can turn your other parts demonic, why not your penis? Because it's INFINITELY more interesting to have transformations like that have an event or significance behind them and not just be another boring copy and paste effect of transformative item #316.
>>5637 >transformations like that >like that I disagree. It's a cock, and you're probably retarded.
Open file (184.84 KB 288x402 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5639 >doesn't understand "like that" refers to the dick TF gained from fucking a succubus >calls others retarded great contribution to the discussion
>>5640 >doesn't understand "like that" refers to the dick TF >>It's a cock, and you're probably retarded <Thinks genital trasnformation from events is so good that the only way someone could disagree is if they don't understand, even when it's obvious they understand I take it back, I shouldn't have said "probably"
>>5611 >Stairs leading up Is there some kind of dimensional shit going on or is her master's lair pretty small? If it's just small wouldn't the people or stuff inside get knocked around or crushed if she shifts around even a little?
Is there a list of NPCs that can impregnate/get impregnated by MC that counts toward ascension points?
Is there a list of NPCs that can impregnate/get impregnated by the MC that count toward ascension points?
I have the Omnibus' perk and the Luststick perk for base lust of 45. Then my lust increase from having too many eggs for my drider ovipositor kicks in and... My minimum lust drops to 30? What the hell?
>>5624 >>5627 Fixed, thanks.
Minor bug: the Alice "panties" win scene has a bunch of cock errors if you select it with a genderless character.
Hey Yuribot, would you have any interest in writing some supplementary material for Rubi? I'm going through Tel'Adre's content to try and polish it up a little and want to make at least some of the not irredeemable characters feel less static and rigid. You've written some content for him in the past and since you're a great writer I figured I'd ask you. The kind of writing I'm looking for is not so much sexual as it is to better establish him as a person that isn't just in the bakery 24/7, make him get off work at night and go home so you can visit him there, that sort of stuff. I still need to fully go through his content to get an accurate picture of what should be done, so it will take some time before I have the complete scope of what can be added and done for him.
>>5698 I'd like to see more Rubi content written by Yuribot. I think their characterization of him is spot on. Tel adre does feel very stiff in its content because everything is just boxed into its own location and that's the end of it so if he's up for it that would be awesome.
Open file (1.28 MB 850x1235 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4721 Well I managed to do it this year: Prepubescent Plague-rat Punishment https://pastebin.com/qgdswiZn Credit to Satan for writing a good portion of the TF bit. Hope it hits the notes people want. I suppose I've been a bit out of practice with smut.
Open file (118.86 KB 898x85 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (323.03 KB 905x199 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (330.67 KB 890x197 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (79.76 KB 873x58 ClipboardImage.png)
DrinkNFap doesn't refill hunger in the Sand Witch cave. Pregnant Tamani should probably refill hunger. Having your "gear" obstruct your ejaculate makes no sense when naked in this Alice panty sniffing scene. The Rent-an-Alice scene doesn't approve of my nudity.
Changelog says permed masteries are retained, but unless I'm misunderstanding, they aren't, and you'll still need to repurchase them on future ascensions.
>>5741 If you purchased them before the fix, you'll have to repurchase them because the perming wasn't saving. If you perm them after the fix, they should be permanently permed.
Open file (80.73 KB 1079x791 EOvb_rQXkAA2_gO.jpg)
>>5637 > transformations like that have an event or significance behind them Event-based TFs are nice, and more of them would definitely encourage some exploration of options. I remember an anon suggesting a Nimin-like mode where sex with something transforms you a little (like a single dose of that creature's associated tf item, if it has one, or a small pool of relevant TFs if it doesn't) Sounds nice, and makes trying to remain human as an interesting game-mode. Maybe certain items don't work if your humanity is too tainted, or certain NPCs become unavailable (Like amily, since in this mode the player's innate humanity wouldn't be preserved regardless of transformation) Honestly, though, I'm just spinning my wheels because I just want more of a corruptive feeling from encounters.
>>5743 I've had multiple ascensions made past the fix and it hasn't been saving. Maybe the initial save was older than the fix and I need a fresh one? I'll test that out.
Open file (126.03 KB 997x114 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (73.35 KB 783x99 ClipboardImage.png)
Marble keeps poking your cunt, no period and a rather abrupt statement The Cum witch anti-magic barrier prevents staff attacks, even if you lack staff channeling
>>5748 It wasn't actually fixed because I was apparently half-asleep while coding and the "fix" was nonsense that did nothing.
>>5733 >Having your "gear" obstruct your ejaculate makes no sense when naked in this Alice panty sniffing scene. >>5748 >>5751 >Marble keeps poking your cunt, no period and a rather abrupt statement All of these fixed except the quoted parts, because that's just all there is, so they need new writing.
First request I get, I write. Is it worth continuing to post these in the bunker thread? I don't know how many of you guys still don't want to make the move.
>>5839 Loving and/or dominant sex scene between the Champion and one of his tiger shark daughters. There are two or sex scenes for the shark girls, including a virginity-loss scene but no such love for the tiger sharks. As an alt, perhaps an expansion to the Kid A vs tiger shark scene where the Champion brings Izma into the scene to personally demonstrate dominance.
>>5827 >* Added Creature.hasBalls() Was there really no check if something had balls or not before? I find that somewhat silly.
>>5842 Before, you'd just check "balls > 0".
>>5839 With how often the Erl King shows up, how about a new scene for him? Where you give him a blowjob? Also at this point I just check both, not sure if you're present at the other; haven't seen you ask for requests there at least.
Speaking of the Erlking, he has a few buggy scenes: Choose "Sex" after being caught while genderless gives a scene that cuts off midway through. Encountering Gywnn as a male has a repeated "or". Possibly it was intended to be him repeating himself in excitement, but the current formatting just makes it look wrong if that was the case. Same scene has an issue for genderless characters, except this time the "or" isn't capitalized. I even saved images, but apparently you can no longer post them over tor, so hopefully this is clear enough.
>>5855 >Also at this point I just check both, not sure if you're present at the other; haven't seen you ask for requests there at least. Are you sure you've got your people straight? I've posted all my writing there as well, and at least the very last request was posted there, if not others. >>5869 Fixed, thanks.
>>5698 >>5710 Sorry for being so late on this, but if everyone wants me to do it and doesn't mind it being slow, just tell me what you need. I should hopefully be done with this nearly seven month old Holli scene soon enough.
Open file (458.31 KB 712x883 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5841 https://pastebin.com/5D1qrxZP Here you are, a bit quicker this time. I've been thinking about doing a small-scale project, maybe something off the bounty board, but I'd be curious if people think something in particular needs doing.
>>5902 >"Your daughter[s] seem to be taking this very seriously" With only one daughter, it would read as "your daughter seem to"
>>5902 I might just be retarded, but it took me until >your [hands] shifting up to her waist to realize you weren't facefucking her.
>>5915 You're not alone in your retardation.
Open file (390.00 KB 666x500 Chronicles.png)
Open file (536.48 KB 1003x497 ClipboardImage.png)
Enabling Hardcore mode puts it's text on top of the other options.
New to OtherCocAnon mod, is there some kind of resource I can use to see all the new content added, or am I just going to have to go through all the changelogs?
>>5986 Read the changelog.
>>5986 Play the game, read the changelog, read the first most obvious thing when you launch up the game, develop a fucking brain.
planning some vomit blowjob scenes. giving or receiving? who do I write them for?
Open file (29.05 KB 500x334 1466724214245.jpg)
>>5997 Both, plague rats.
>>5997 fuck off
>>5997 As much as I'd love more content for the plague rat... can we tone your idea down uhhh a bit?
>>6006 >>5999 >vomit blowjobs are SOOOOOO disgusting that they can only be given as scenes to those icky smelly plague rats guys!!! Dx Holy shit this place really has become fag95 for people who are too scared to use the kun thread
>>6006 >... >uhhh Vomit blowjobs are shit but newfags are worse. Go back to where you came from.
>>5997 Kiha. If she loves us, she can prove it.
Open file (174.53 KB 480x368 hell.png)
>>6020 Don't you put that evil on Kiha you piece of shit!
>>6020 yeah vomitfucking a firebreathing creature can have no downsides >>6022 reddit
>>6011 accept that your fetish is disgusting and that no one will write for it except you. Then fuck off.
Open file (24.78 KB 150x170 10bux.gif)
>>6031 cuckchan
Open file (475.03 KB 1057x1500 005.jpg)
Open file (478.02 KB 1057x1500 006.jpg)
Open file (419.96 KB 1057x1500 007.jpg)
>>5997 Write a cud blowjob with Sophie.
>>5997 Receiving! Let's goooo
>>5901 >Sorry for being so late on this, but if everyone wants me to do it and doesn't mind it being slow, just tell me what you need. Apologies for taking so long to reply, I had to find the time to go through most of Rubi's content to get everything written down properly. I'll include the notes for the Rubi section of the Tel'Adre overhaul for transparency: https://pastebin.com/raw/CnNUen4W These are the small scenes and changes I was talking about. Of course these are my suggestions to make the character feel more like he's part of the city and not just another name in the bakery menu. I'm sure you're more aware of him as a character than I am, so do please take the liberty to add to or change anything I bring up. >It would be nice if Rubi didn't work 24/7 in the Bakery and had specific hours he works. This would make it so you can visit his home (if unlocked) on his off hours via the Homes menu, giving that some more use and meat when it's the logical thing to do. What this would ideally entail is a small scene where if you visit the bakery on or before the hour Rubi gets off work you can go along to his home with him when his shift ends. A small change overall. This would also include a scene where Rubi welcomes you into his home when he's off work already and you go to his house. >If you choose Reject with Rubi at 30% affection it straight up removes him from the game. I doubt he would just quit his job after you reject his advances, so preferably variations for seeing him at the bakery would be written where he acts a little awkward around you (or whatever is in character for him). Either that, or make a Prefer Girls option with a route that lets you turn him into a girl before entering a relationship with him. Seeing Rubi work at the bakery when you've rejected him wouldn't really result in much change aside from rewording a couple of things here and there probably. The Prefer Girls thing would take more writing and effort, it's not something I'd expect to be done at all so don't worry about that part. It might not even be in character for him, anyway. >The choices of starting to date or completely reject the existence of a character are far too black and white. It should be possible to simply be friends with him and just maybe leave room open to revisit the topic. This is something that would be nice for people who are just getting to know a character and don't want to be faced with either a yes or no option. I think a small scene that has his initial reaction to you wanting to think it over and one where you approach the subject again to him would suffice.
>>5721 Cool that this got finished, though I wish the sex scene focused more on the fact that it's a loathsome plague-loli.
Where might I find the Rent-An-Alice? I looked through the log but it doesn't seem to say. Is it only encounterable if I don't have her codex?
>>6120 Nobody likes a liar, anon.
>>6129 >That post count Are you sure you're not retarded? I've only seen deletions of spam, viper or newfags that aren't even worth mocking.
>>6129 You were genuinely concerned that there wasn't enough shitposting?
>>6130 >>6131 Just the usual resident autist getting banned on 8kun.
Open file (124.09 KB 609x292 untitled.png)
This ended up being and taking a lot longer than I expected, but here's aerial cunnilingus with Holli: https://pastebin.com/FNPzcrNx >>6061 Thanks. >It would be nice if Rubi didn't work 24/7 in the Bakery and had specific hours he works Is the plan for another character to work the hours Rubi doesn't or for the bakery to open and close at certain times? I guess it doesn't really matter for these scenes anyway. >If you fuck his ass without a penis you tie a dildo to yourself with stray rope from an alley. It would be nice if this accounted for the demonic strapon in the scene and reworded things accordingly with it and the climax. Not sure what happened there, but I could have sworn I wrote something for that. Having Vapula's strapon or the vines should have given a different bit of text for that part.
Open file (38.65 KB 768x47 strapon.png)
>>6143 >Not sure what happened there, but I could have sworn I wrote something for that. Having Vapula's strapon or the vines should have given a different bit of text for that part. Except for the missing period, it looks like the different text for the strapon is working fine.
Semi-off-topic, but is there a mod like this for Trials in Tainted Space?
>>6148 How is that "semi" off-topic to you?

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