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Welcome back.

Open file (313.82 KB 1800x1012 1576155283259.jpg)
Julay will be Killed Anonymous Board owner 04/28/2020 (Tue) 17:50:50 No.7823
Due to a massive shitstorm that could have impacted us we're moving to anon.cafe/hgg/. Please read the sticky there before posting in the cafe bunker bunker bunker bunker. If self-hosting fails then our main board will be at prolikewhoah.com.
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>>7823 Threads will likely be locked as soon as things are archived and we're done transferring things over. Please help in archiving the threads and making new ones int he new site!
Remind me, why is it a good idea to lock every old thread when migrating to a new board that's in all likeliness going to struggle under the influx of people? We have three months, no need to rip out the umbilical right away.
Open file (9.50 KB 1727x96 noporn.png)
>>7835 So anons around can work on board projects without being surprised that board is just gone. Also Robi is faggot.
>>7836 I know the latter, but why already lock the old threads? That's the opposite of giving people time to adjust. It's a three-month deadline, with the news plastered on the very top everywhere. That's plenty, but it's what's frankly needed for many of the projects hosted here to get everyone into the loop. And if the new site suffers its foreseeable outages and connection issues, like it already does, we won't have anywhere else to post in the meantime.
>>7823 Ok but why though?
>>7838 Julay is downsizing. All porn boards will be probably get cut off. >>7837 I guess autism is an answer.
Yeah, locking the julay threads in advance probably wasn't the best decision. There's no rush in this case, so they should be left up for at least a few weeks.
>>7839 >Julay is downsizing. >All porn boards will be probably get cut off. Is it due to the loli and domain provider?
>>7846 Just read the announcement on /meta/ (it's linked at the top of the page in a literal sense). Robi never wanted to be in charge of all these boards and it's a pain. He's writing up guides on how to make your own imageboard and releasing a bunch of utilities/code junk and making it 90 days from now to make the transition as smooth as possible. Has nothing to do with loli/domains.
>>7823 I told you all fatchache.lol wasn't viable,now your only hope is 8moe. You will kiss the rim.
Getting connection timed out. What gives?
>>7853 Seems to be down atm, we'll have to wait for the admin there to wake up.
>>7852 Gas yourself, faggot. >>7853 Too much people at once or DDoS.
>>7854 >>7855 Helpful, thank you.
>>7854 >>7855 Damn, I was hoping I was the only one with connection issues.
Open file (58.59 KB 450x450 1435526281488.jpg)
I submit it's retarded to migrate in this haphazard way. Multiple anons have said they're putting together migration scripts, we should wait for one of those and automatically port over the content after that. Julay/hgg/ isn't getting touched for 3 months, which is aeons in imageboard terms. We have months to think about this and do it properly.
Open file (177.41 KB 474x308 ClipboardImage.png)
What a shame. >>7859 Is right though.
>>7859 You're right, I was way too hasty with things. I generally avoid boards I vol in when I'm drunk as a rule to avoid making mistakes but the news and recent back to back bad news for this board put me on edge. I'm sorry for this. As a side note before fatchan went down I heard that the admins made a recent announcement on not allowing loli boards which has made me question whether or not to fully move there. I will double check with anon.cafe on whether or not they're okay with hosting us considering recent events and will look into other boards. Are there any suggestions on where to migrate if fatchan ends up getting passed over? I'll be immediately halting my drunk panic migration to fatchan considering their announcement and unlocking the threads.
Edited last time by Oilrig on 04/29/2020 (Wed) 09:41:18.
Open file (71.59 KB 680x794 b8jj.jpg)
>>7852 That's a pretty good faggot impersonation. I almost believe that you're cake kike.
>>7861 >I heard that the admins made a recent announcement on not allowing loli boards which has made me question whether or not to fully move there I only heard that from julay and tvch. >Are there any suggestions on where to migrate if fatchan ends up getting passed over? Use anon.cafe If that fails too, then better to just make new imageboard with host/registar in some Arab/African country. If they have these there in first place.
>>7861 smug has a /v/ board that's disused (or was last I checked). maybe they wouldn't mind hosting?
>>7863 >hosting /hgg/ ourselves I don't know about the other vols but I don't have confidence in being able to manage a website while balancing work and other things. >>7864 >smug has a /v/ board that's disused We're stuck with a single thread on smug. Not really usable for /hgg/. It's a great rallying point though considering how stable they've been.
Edited last time by Oilrig on 04/29/2020 (Wed) 10:24:31.
>>7861 >Are there any suggestions Mainly just chill for a bit. We don't need to even think about migrating for another month, lets just wait for the current situation to shake out on its own.
Also look at this shit: >>>/v/31133 Could someone hunt down that fucking bitch called (((Eshter)))?
Open file (40.56 KB 1264x261 Untitled.png)
>>7867 Ah shit, we really can't catch a break can we? Cafe also responded to my inquiry.
>>7868 So 1D and 2D games are safe there at very least. >>7867 Also archived version for this post from /v/ http://archive.vn/25CT7
>>7865 the admins there won't consider a seperate board for hgg?
https://fatchan.org/ Fatchan fucking died. seems there's a targeted campaign against any site with "chan" in its name and/or a /pol/ board.
>>7870 Nope, I asked them a while ago when 8ch first went down.
Fatchan didn't last a day, where the hell do we go?
>>7873 We'll watch the situation for a few weeks then decide.
>>7871 what the fuck is happening, first 8ch, then 8kunt turns on us, then julay wants us gone and next fatchan is gone. The hell???
>>7876 Read the thread. It's more fucked up than drawings made by shad or asanagi.
Where the fuck do i direct this rage? Can't we just be left alone already? 4 exoduses are way too much.
>>7880 On US hosts/registars. (((Eshter))) is fine too.
>>7881 On Vox and Cloudflare in particular.
>>7865 What specs would you need to effectively host hgg? We need our own board.
fatpeople.lol is unreachable. Is it killed? anon.cafe/hgg is pretty slow as well, even though 8kun should migrate too.
>>7886 If you try to access fatchan you get the following message: Fatchan was reported to and booted from Voxility. Here is a conversation with BuyVM's owner Francisco: [17:33] Francisco: @Fatchan i'm betting you're who i jsut got an email about [17:33] Fatchan: And im betting I know who emailed you [17:33] Fatchan: Well what a great day for me [17:33] Francisco: well, i can't do anything when vox nulls the IP [17:33] Francisco: so you're kinda fucked [17:33] Fatchan: Damn [17:33] Francisco: for a lack of a nicer term [17:33] Fatchan: Yeah I get it not your fault [17:33] onekopaka: rip [17:35] JcfeJohn: Thanks :smile: [17:39] Morphine: what is going on [17:39] Morphine: im confused [17:39] Francisco: don't worry aboot it [17:39] Morphine: kk well im going back to work on my VPN [17:46] Fatchan: @Francisco Obviously you know what the issue is from that email, but if I host the same stuff on my regular slices IPs for now to hold me over is that a problem? [17:46] Francisco: i've told you our policy before [17:46] Francisco: i'm against it, i don't want it on my network [17:47] Francisco: but as long as you aren't breaking the law with the service [17:47] Fatchan: I think you have me mistaken of who I am im not trying to start anything here [17:47] Francisco: i don't have much of a leg to stand on without looking like a hypocrite [17:47] Francisco: then you and the other person it might be are hosting the same site :stuck_out_tongue: [17:47] Fatchan: Im an independent site from who that email claims I am. They have hit a bunch of similar sites domain, nameserver and hosts [17:47] Francisco: or close to it [17:48] Fatchan: I would just rather be told to leave via email after somebody actually looks at the site [17:48] Fatchan: Rather than be suddenly nuled by vox after an email saying im somebody im not [17:49] Francisco: pm me your domain [17:49] Francisco: so we're both on the same page here ...continued in dms: [17:50] Fatchan: My domain is fatchan.org [17:50] Fatchan: Email is from Esther M Aronowitz [17:50] Fatchan: Claiming im 8chan [17:50] Fatchan: Im aware of the stigma aroudn them and I'm not them, or close to it in terms of content or notoriety [17:52] Francisco: waiting on a google cache to load [17:52] Francisco: unless you got another path into the site to screenshot it [17:52] Fatchan: you can also check archive.is [17:52] Francisco: for /pol/ [17:53] Francisco: archive.is isn't getting much [17:53] Francisco: anyway, your /pol/ is pretty questionable [17:53] Francisco: i'm not going to have much of a leg to stand on with them for it [17:54] Fatchan: Thats fine, look im not upset at you or vox, just making sure its clear im not trying to run 8chan through buyvm or something [17:54] Francisco: being a german company it's pretty hard for them even if they wanted to allow it [17:54] Fatchan: since I know you have said no to them before [17:54] Francisco: yeah, Nick Lim still bugs me every few weeks [17:54] Francisco: once he gets wiped from another DC [17:54] Francisco: did HE boot you off their DNS? [17:54] Fatchan: yep you bet [17:55] Fatchan: and my domains are next I assume [17:55] Francisco: onwards to TOR i guess [17:55] Francisco: but that makes it hard to moderate [17:55] Fatchan: 8chan is having an exodus and my site became the next hotspot for /v/ [17:55] Fatchan: pol was relatively dead but i guess its a bad idea nowadays [17:56] Fatchan: anyways you probably dont care much about the meta of the community [17:56] Francisco: well, the google cache for your /pol/ [17:56] Francisco: is people demanding the jews be wiped off [17:56] Fatchan: but its a shitshow basically [17:56] Francisco: be it trolling or whatever [17:56] Francisco: it's still going to come off bad [17:56] Fatchan: Thats fine, im happy to shut down or move elsewhere. Not trying to fuck up your business for a hobby site. [17:57] Fatchan: Thanks for DM contact btw, at least a host with some understanding. [17:57] Francisco: you aren't, i take a stance of 'law of the land' [17:57] Francisco: but, EU makes it hard for anything questionable [17:58] Fatchan: Are you saying I could host that if I'm on only US slices on your IPs? [17:58] Francisco: speaking hateful or hating on the jews isn't against the law [17:58] Francisco: saying you're going to shoot up a school probably is, but as far as i know the feds have yet to shutdown any of the chan's [17:58] Francisco: they all just get shamed to death [17:59] Fatchan: Well I really am not intent on running a huge pol board or becoming the next school shooter announcement place [18:00] Francisco: i'd hope not [18:00] Fatchan: But I think I would rather just find elsewhere than cause more trouble here [18:00] Francisco: i'm just trying to give you a break down of how things normally go [18:00] Francisco: we've had a bunch of terrible sites on us [18:00] Fatchan: This person will keep sending you and whoever I host with next emails [18:00] Francisco: and there's at least 1 article on the new yorker calling me a nazi [18:01] Fatchan: Yep, looking like TOR is gonna be the only option for these kind of sites I would love to start a bulletproof censorship free site, unfortunately the influence of (((certain))) people and the stupidity of people answering support emails is too great. It would cost several thousand yearly to run a site and make it as resilient as the old 8chan. Unfortunately I'm not a multi millionaire pig farmer, and unfortunately the last multi-millionaire pig farmer doesn't give a fuck about us anymore. I see this as as the end of an era for imageboards. We had a good run. Sorry and thank you all.
>>7823 So BO what's the plan since fatchan is down too?
Open file (9.98 KB 822x105 Capture.PNG)
From what I understand it sounds like he's allowing /adbl/ to stay
>>7890 So the BO is a diaperfag. No wonder this shithole is on fire.
>>7887 "several thousand a year" is chicken shit. The real problem is that someone like me who actually has the money to run a site like that doesn't have the TIME to run a site like that. Plus I don't want my real name attached to a chan at this point and especially not /hgg/. I don't want (((anyone))) gaining leverage over me. On the plus side, if I can weather the impending utter fucking collapse of the global economy, I might know someone I could trust to do something like this. What are the chances there will be enough of a community left by then for it to be worth the trouble for me to try to set something up?
>>7890 >8kunt bans loli to appeal to Qtards >Anons go back to bunker > /Delicious gets taken down by Jimcuck or Cripplekike under fake name >Same day Robi says at first he's going to shut down Julay because "has become too big and wasn't what he wanted" >Anons fire on him for betraying them as well >Robi makes a new thread, with a new title after the backlash >Robi says he's changed his mind and will "remake Julay 8kunt style" with no porn and a handful of boards. >Anons go to Fatchan and make new boards. >Again Robi changes his mind by allowing some porn boards like shitty diaperfags but states he has no intention of keeping /hgg around or other boards. >Fatchan gets taken down by Jimcuck persona/8kunt kikes. >Robi states he doesn't care about other boards like /hgg or other fetishes and it's basically "our problem". So if it's fetishes that he doesn't like, they can be banned, it's all good, today is loli getting banned, but tomorrow they will be going after others, until everything is banned because it hurts someone's feelings.
This is why you don't jump the gun when it comes to migrating if you have time OP
>>7893 First they came for the lolicons, and I did not speak out...
So we're all going to cafe or where? I'd rather not use a tor but if it comes to that, it comes to that.
>>7887 >[17:56] Francisco: well, the google cache for your /pol/ >[17:56] Francisco: is people demanding the jews be wiped off oh /pol/, never change
>>7898 We have ninety days to figure it out and right now a bunch if sites are under attack (from Jim). Take it easy this week and let's re-address the issue next Tuesday or Wednesday.
>>7902 >if sites are under attack (from Jim) That attack could come from anybody at this point. Besides, he still has his boomer paypigs.
>>7898 We're going to sit and wait for a few weeks so we don't end up moving to a site only for it to be taken down again. It's likely to be anon.cafe if nothing new comes up, unfortunately 3dcg loli will have ot get the axe should that happen.
>>7906 Bet (((it))) is watching right now and waiting for us to move out to another place before nuking it
>>7906 What about just making our own board and adding it to the webring? Why do we need to rely on other boards hosting our shit?
>>7909 Then how the fuck cafe wasn't nuked or attacked yet? >>7910 >What about just making our own board and adding it to the webring? Who is going to actually pay for that shit? >Why do we need to rely on other boards hosting our shit? It's fastest way. Even then looking at hosts would take a while. Especially when majority of them are pozzed and gay.
>>7916 I am willing to pay for hosting.
>>7910 Will YOU set up a server with futaba script/insert_whait_is_used_now? Will YOU find a loyal host, the one who will not send us in /dev/null after the first complaint? Will YOU associate your name with the hosting, becoming a sole scapegoat if something will ever go wrong? Will YOU cover up the expenses? Will YOU be our hero, the one who will save this community? And no-no-no, anon, I'm not against our own board, quite the opposite. But if you won't. Why on earth do you expect that someone else here will?
>>7916 >wasn't attacked yet Yet.
>>7922 I am willing to do all of that. One issue is I am in CA (The northern one) and im not too up to speed with the legal side of things. Regardless I am willing to be /ourguy/ if no one else will. Also im not too familiar with hosts. I can get a hold of some bulletproof ones but if anyone has a suggestion let me know.
>>7906 Is smugloli an option? Seems like they're fighting to stay up and have the spare cash to hop domains. It's all so tiresome.
>>7823 There's always Endchan.
>>7925 >Also i'm not too familiar with hosts. I can get a hold of some bulletproof ones but if anyone has a suggestion let me know. Don't use US or EU ones.
>>7933 Im not that dumb anon. Do you have any recommendations?
>>7934 I've seen some suggestions of using JP-based ones for political boards, as they're supposedly far more likely to just ignore some idiot American's email in English screeching about alt-right super-nazi terrorists and why they need to SHUT IT DOWN. It wouldn't be a good choice for hosting JP-related content since all that pirated manga/anime/vidya is going to get JP copyright folks into a feeding frenzy.
>>7934 Glad to know. >>7935 JP is a no. AUS also would be retarded. So maybe one from India?
>>7925 What about eastern europe? They usually don't give a fug if you host it in russia or a slavic country.
>>7936 >>7937 Im leaning towards an RU host although there could be some DNS issues down the line.
>>7925 Talk to Robi, he said he's willing to run someone through the steps to hosting an imageboard because of the site reboot. He's writing a guide currently.
i bet you wish you had something like nntpchan now don't you.
>>7938 Russia has a "boomer politicians gonna Ban/Start locking people up for Loli/Anime in general" drama every two or three years. From my knowledge it doesn't go anywhere, but who knows when it will. Also, you might not be able to tell, but government puts a lot of efforts into combating piracy, it's just that those efforts are mostly cosmetic. There is even an infamous black list of sites in Russia, that all ISPs are forced to block. Main stated reasons for the list are "stopping the spread of pedophilia, piracy, drug abuse, suicide tips, etc, etc". The commission that decides which sites go on the list mostly consists of 80+ fat angry soviet grandmas and operates on concerned citizens. On the plus side the enforcement of this blacklist is also verified by the same 80+ soviet grandmas trying to open the site in question, so for most population this list might as well not exist, however because of this list hosts might be less than happy to cooperate. tl;dr: There is a reason why every self-respecting russian IB uses an .hk domain. If you're looking for a domain name you might want to look a tiny bit to the east of Russia.
What the fuck is going on lads? why can't we just be left alone
>>7950 Some people just hate freedom
>>7951 I'm worried everyone will move again and I'll miss it this time ;_;
Open file (27.30 KB 640x640 stay positive....jpg)
>>7953 Who knows how many already missed the 8chan purge only to manage to find 8kunt only to discover it died with no clue where.
Open file (46.26 KB 468x558 1523931880206.jpg)
>>7954 The Emperor's Light guide all back to him, even those who stray.
I didn't knew we had an Astronomican
>>7956 It's the threads, Stuff like the CoC mod, Free Cities and the like will naturally draw people here, even people from fagzone.
>>7955 Speaking of the light of the emperor with a Magnus pic sure is ironic
>>7959 Magnus is just a misguided good boy
>>7962 He was, before he became a full on Demon. I quite like how he was forced into being a traitor, pretty sad.
>>7939 I'll wait for the guide. Better to hear what someone who ACTUALLY hosted a site has to say than going in blind.
>>7967 We're waiting for the guide too. One of us is looking into hosting but is unsure about it, please continue looking into it yourself as well.
>>7967 >>7970 Anon.cafe is also releasing something that they say will spin up a secure LynxChan instance from scratch including all server configuration. I see they also accept Monero for donations so maybe they have some advice for the privacy of the admin too. It’s better to wait and do the right thing than to rush in and fuck something up.
How i wish i had a unholy amount of money, would make the most free and bullet proof imageboard, its not like i care about my name being stuck with degenerancy. Oh well.
>>7982 You don't need a lot of shekels.
>>7983 Im considered poor, in a third world country.
>>7985 Get a $2/month VPS from wishosting/some lowendtalk provider. A domain is about $1 USD and that's per year!
>>7987 Anon, i can barely buy food and pay internet. I wish i could do more but its impossible at the moment for me. Also i will stop posting, this isnt my blog.
>>7988 Dolphin can offer you a very special Tor-only "VPS". It's free, but with a catch: you must send a photo of your hand.
Has anyone even stated a reason as to why we're not going to 9chan? Why is Josh such a big problem?
>>7990 Isn't that run by some kiwi farms guy? Thought they hated loli.
Calm the fuck down. Alright, let's not freak out. We have basically three months to get this shit figured out. It's been like two days and this site will continue to be functional for the foreseeable future (I realize it 502'd while I was typing this) so there's no reason to jump the gun. First off let's establish the current fallback system as it exists and make users familiar with it. BO or a volunteer, please add some of this information to the OP as it becomes available. Current /hgg/ IRC channel: #8/hgg/ @Rizon. Set up a nick so you can get a BNC and join this, niggers. Alright, as it stands there's at least three anons who want to host. At least one of them is a current volunteer. Let's set a schedule for now. We should start looking into physically having the new website purchased and everything set up within the next 45 days. Everything suggests it takes like a day to get it all set up plus maybe a few days to hear back about buying shit. Servers and shit are not expensive. On the cheap end everything could be run for about $10/month, on the more expensive side we're still only looking at like $30/month. This shit is cheap and imageboards can be run on absolute garbage- we don't need the best of the best, we just need something functional and reliable. This will leave a little over a month for the new website to be semi-functional before a full move, E.G. plenty of time for an attack from our friend "Esther the child molester" to figure out the stability of the site. Whatever you do, take a deep breath and take it easy. We'll be out of this mess soon enough and can go from there. Let's wait for Robi's guide. I'm off to sleep but will begin work on my end. Everyone interested in hosting should continue to plan on that for now- the more backups the better. Just don't freak out too much and remember that shit doesn't happen overnight.
>>7937 The only one I'm unsure of is Moldova. Russia will kill it within a week, moralfags will quickly report it to roskomnadzor and that will be the end of it. Hohols might hold it for a month or so, until someone notices, but will ultimately kill it, any porn is against the law in Soviet Ukraine. Law works strangely in Belarus, but it will most likely kill it after the first complaint if the imageboard will not be about growing potato. And EU countries of eastern Europe are, well, EU countries. >>7938 All russian hosted sites I knew of with even a slightest hint on loli content are long time dead. If you don't believe me, try to find one.
>>7990 He put dumb rules regarding boards and the content allowed. For example, he claimed every board with less than 4 characters (aka everything between 0 and zzz) in advance, which means that /hgg/ already belongs to him. Another problem is that he only allows loli and shota porn in boards dedicated to such topic (that will ban non-loli/shota porn), and as a result /hgg/ would be forced to ban loli/shota games or be split in two. >>7997 Sadpanda and ATF moved their servers to Moldova because loli/shota porn is legal there.
>>7998 I heard something like this about Sadpanda, not sure how legit are these rumors tho. But IIRC about ATF - it is hosted in Switzerland.
>>7996 This is in fact the newly established vol IRC Mainly because cock.li keeps shitting itself
Right, I'm off to sleep, take it easy guys. If I go through with setting up a website (it's not guaranteed so don't rely on me doing this) I think I'll have the following global rules: 1) Soft "ban" on politics Basically if I get a takedown notice regarding political content and it looks like it has any sort of legal or consequential weight to it, it will get taken down, otherwise a blind eye approach will be taken- this is /hgg/ not /pol/ so this should be a non-issue. I'd probably make a /DMCA/ board dedicated to posting these logs. 2) No 3DPD period. Self-explanatory but the moment you say "clothed children are allowed" is the moment CP bots start spamming that shit because they think they have the go-ahead. 3) Similarly Koikatsu-style art will be the most allowed 3D content unless something changes like a texture pack that could get us into hot water. 4) No image dumps since I'm likely to be a cheapskate and can't afford having 100GB of archived images (regular posting of images would be fine obvious since it's an IB).
>>8001 Maybe you shouldn't post links? Because (((it))) is still lurking around here according to some anons. We don't want a friendly community to be under fire, are we?
>>7955 I'm glad we still have you Magnus Poster of Good Taste.
>>7997 >>7999 Checked, ATF => Moldova
>>7998 >because loli/shota porn is legal there >Articolul 2081. Pornografia infantilă > Producerea, distribuirea, difuzarea, importarea, exportarea, oferirea, vinderea, procurarea, schimbarea, folosirea sau deținerea de imagini sau alte reprezentări ale unui sau mai mulți copii implicați în activități sexuale explicite, reale sau simulate, ori de imagini sau alte reprezentări ale organelor sexuale ale unui copil, reprezentate de manieră lascivă sau obscenă, inclusiv în formă electronică, It's not.
Open file (63.44 KB 220x124 pout 3.gif)
>>8013 Then none of the soviets 2.0 is a viable option. As far as I know, previously, 'our' type of sites were mostly hosted in Netherlands, Montenegro, Switzerland, Germany and US. Netherlands are obviously out of the list due to September 2018 changes. But what about the others?
Open file (30.00 KB 631x486 FB_IMG_1586457943654.jpg)
>>8015 It might be a long shot but how about the middle east? I can't think of any legislation that would block that kind of thing.
>>7996 I just got a VPS. Although it is hosted in NL and I wasnt aware of the changes mentioned in >>8015 either way, Ill be in that IRC.
>>8016 Porn in general is Haram, that might be enough to close everything down if they get upset
Open file (185.44 KB 720x1024 ph_mobuseka02_ill001.jpg)
You all are making this way too complicated. If you are hosting your own servers, just host them in Commiefornia and don't allow any /pol/-tier boards on your particular website. The reason people avoid California servers is for political reasons. Otherwise California has some of the stronger protections for things like loli/shota. ANY member of the webring should consider their priorities. The reason some branches have failed and failed hard is because they're trying to protect BOTH political activities AND loli/shota. That's setting two hurdles that someone who's never messed with this industry is trying to overcome. Unfortunately it needs to be one or the other. There are places where loli is heavily protected and places where freeze peaches are heavily protected, but generally not both since it's a headache. That isn't to say politics can't be had, only that they shouldn't be specially protected if you're going for loli/shota content and vice versa. Specialize in what you want and have two different servers under different names if you want both. It's that simple. It's a webring, not rocket science, nothing keeps you from having two sister websites hosted by the same person through two different domains/hosts in different countries running on the same software. Get the /hgg/ website set up for porn and just have a soft "ban" on politics that is only enforced when a takedown request is sent so you can claim plausible deniability. It will make your life much easier
Open file (342.64 KB 745x711 1586952542285.png)
>>8019 >Kodomo channel <hosted in California for loli and shota-related topics <no politics or real-world problems, only loli, shota and a couple of other topics <absolutely no discussion about pedophilia, don't turn the board into NAMBLAchan <maybe separate boards for Western and Japanese content </hgg/ and similar boards could have a home there >The Olympus <hosted outside of USA and Western Europe for all kinds of politic discussion </pol/, /monarchy/, /fascist/, /christian/, /leftypol/ and similar boards could have bunkers there <have boards for different ideologies in purpose so the different kinds of autsim balance each other <no porn of any kind, and NSFW images must be related to the topic (photos of bodies in a thread about crime) <absolutely no Qtards and similar conspiracy conspiracy spergs >both sites would have a dummy domain that only points to an OpenNIC domain, this is to avoid being deplatformed by registrars and DNS companies >neither site should only host boards that are directly related to their main topics (like an anime board in Kodomo, or a news board in The Olympus) >both sites should be hidden from the rest of the webring until its relatively safe for everyone to list them in the board lists <this is to avoid being shut down by Esther in less than a week
>>8021 Oh, and don't let anyone create boards. Include a meta board where people can request new boards, and only add them if there's enough demand. Having dozens of completely dead boards doesn't do good to your site, and 8kun, julay and the new 8chan clones are proof of it.
Open file (86.91 KB 248x254 isd.png)
>>8019 >Implying these faggots wouldn't just make shit up to shut it down anyway.
Open file (381.79 KB 621x1000 1573772349976.jpg)
>>8023 I'm thinking of ways around this. This is largely new uncharted territory for me since my experience with networking is entirely on the side of getting shit OUT to the internet, not for doing stuff from the internet. My plan of attack at the moment is to do something along the lines of >>8021 minus being hidden from the webring combined with registering everything through an LLC both to protect personal assets from copyright claims as well as to have legal clout to hire a lawyer and sue Esther-like entities for libel/slander (effectively doxxing them) even if I have to drag my own name through the mud. Web platforms are also less likely to shut down websites over random complaints when legal threats are present. There's some ups and downs to this approach (such as the fact that I'd effectively be doxxing myself as the owner of a lolicon board and I'd be legally required to DMCAs) so I'm considering the ramifications of doing things this way. I've already decided the domain I want to use, just need to get the LLC processed before purchasing it.
>>8023 >>8019 Smug has hard ban on politics and everything unreleted to anime and they are still attacked exactly as often. >takedown request There is no such fucking thing. Its "mr Goldman says you are nazis, so we deleted your account".
Do latin america even have laws about that?
>>8029 Loli/shota porn is legal in Brazil, but there's a 0.0001% chance of being persecuted for distributing it. Distributing child porn (not sure if it includes loli/shota porn) is illegal in Argentina, Belize, Uruguay and Venezuela. However, possessing it is legal (lul). Mexico doesn't have any law regarding loli/shota porn, but apparently they have heavy laws for sharing and possessing CP. No idea about the rest of Latin America.
>>8030 You can't be fucked with it in brazil by what i know, a guy had a shitlot of loli/shota but got fucked because he also had CP and was a idiot.
>>8030 >Brazil Do they even have servers?
>>7996 Any other irc channels? The main 8chan ones seem to be filled with cuckchanners, especially that the main one linking to a thread or image from cuckchan. The only ones I know that are partially active are 8/a/'s and maybe tohnochan's.
gonna be honest lads, there's a not insignificant part of me that wonders if we're the baddies sometimes.
>>8037 Why?
>>8037 yes, good goy. you are not allowed to post what you want anymore, unless the tribe approves of it. join one of the appropriate imageboards and do not go against the hivemind, or you will be labeled as a pedophile
>>8037 Are you retarded? I understand if you were talking about /cake/ which is really fucking creepy in my opinion.
>>8037 We're just an easy target, anon. Rather than devote effort (and funding) towards investigating and combating exploitation of real children, it takes far less time and money to make false equivalencies between real children and fictional drawings/pixels. This lets them make a big show about how removing those yucky drawings is on the same level as rescuing a shipping container full of child sex slaves. If you try to challenge this whole stack of falsehoods and absurd comparisons, you just get accused of defending child exploitation. The baddies are the ones who have the means at their disposal to combat child exploitation, but instead choose to go after lines on a piece of paper because it's easier, and the people who support this kind of action. Also the real, actual child exploiters.
>>8037 Bunch of wankers would be more correct. It isn't fault of board for being forced to eat shit constantly by crazed zealots.
>>8028 Smug was fucked with because their shit was based out of Kansas City which has strong anti-loli local legislation and their ban on politics is a joke (albeit a rather good one). >X says your are nazis so we shut you down Again, A) This was never the case with smug, only with sites representing political boards. B) This is because the websites are owned by private individuals. By tying the website to a limited liability corporation you accomplish two things: You are a legal entity and can in theory sue the web host for fucking with your business which makes them investigate before shitting you down the drain, and you can effectively dox whoever is filing takedown requests against you for legal purposes which makes them a hell of a lot more hesitant to fuck with you. While I know most people don't like him for his retarded shit on jewtube, Thunderf00t is a good example of this. He used to get his videos taken down by trolls all the time. As soon as he lawyered up and contested the claims on legal grounds, those trolls disappeared when they realized they were going to get subpoenaed for that shit. This isn't a difficult concept to wrap your head around when idiots like "Esther" are using a service like jewgle who can easily doxx them if someone files a legal complaint. This method doesn't stop takedown requests but it sure as hell makes it harder for them to be filed willy nilly and for providers to brush it under the rug.
Open file (570.15 KB 1728x1100 1574968963463-0.png)
>>8037 Of course we're the "baddies." Historically whoever went against conventional "logic" of the masses were the "bad guys." Doing what's right is more important than blending in though for autists like us, and that's what this is all about.
Open file (137.30 KB 1210x442 4141.png)
>>8043 >with because their shit was based out of Kansas City Right, it just coincidence that same fucking jew attacked them at the same time as other boards. Just because its the same jew reporting all the boards, does not mean he hates boards! Its because of some local laws or stuff like that. And its all because of the /pol/ boards! If we just ban anything related to politics jews will let boards live! How I fucking hate you fucking retards.
Open file (1.54 MB 2480x3507 1572460419193.jpg)
>>8045 >Smug was attacked, here is how the attacker succeeded, here's what the attacker can no longer done since the decision was on legal grounds <Nuh uh, the attacker just called their host a poopy face and that's how they got shut down! Are you pretending to be retarded? Fuck off, retard. At least pretend to have reading comprehension.
Or put another way, at least know what is being responded to. There willis always be bad actors. No one denied that. We're talking about mitigation here. E.G. ways to minimize vectors of attack. Contrary to popular belief, Esther can't just say "the goyim know, shut it down." Especially if the web host can face legal pressure for doing it. It's the sane reason you spend five hours with customer service for internet problems as a consumer versus ten minutes on a dedicated line as a business.
Open file (189.19 KB 1306x1186 EQquxZHWkAU85CT.png)
>>8046 >attacker can no longer done since the decision was on legal grounds >smug is completely safe So, smug moderators are stupid because they think need backup plans while they already have a paper which said that they won all the legal bullshit system? Because if something is legal it cant be attacked. Like how that jew killed fatchan. Or 8chan was killed for stream of facebook. >Especially if the web host can face legal pressure for doing it. What fucking legal pressure? They can just claim these were nazi pedophiles and to go fuck outselves, like how cloudflare did already. Jew lawyer should be really afraid nazis/anime-pedos will sue him for suing them. Its in the law, that if you fail to sue someone he can sue you back. You talk about hypothetical situations which already happened. Where this fucking retarded way of thinking comes from? We are faced with real fucking situation with real examples. Few different boards attacked by same fucking jew for different bullshit reasons and you think covering to his demands will help anyone? Where the fucking confidence comes from? Not doing anything illegal means jews cant fuck you up and ruin everything? Are you living under a rock? Mitigate how? Turn imageboards into facebook normalfag den? Than go ahead, move to cuckchan or facebook. Fucking mitigate, Jesus Christ. Yeah, jews fucking boards and its all /pol/ and lolis fault. If only we didnt mentioned how jew was fucking us he would not fuck us. Regardless, are you seriously thinking that law is on our side? You never in your life dealt with law or simple bureaucracy?
Open file (516.96 KB 1200x825 1572111329519.jpg)
>>8049 >Smug is completely safe If you're going to be a cunt and put words in my mouth that I never said or implied, you can kindly deepthroat a cactus, fucking faggot.
>>8050 >If you're going to be a cunt and put words in my mouth that I never said <Nuh uh, the attacker just called their host a poopy face and that's how they got shut down!
So what is name of new bunker? Fat bastard?
Open file (188.88 KB 1200x1429 Fat Nigger.jpg)
>>7906 The only places left I could think of is begging PLW or going on8chan.moe
>>8057 I guess it's fine too. >>8058 We have cafe and WIP imageboard. Also BO would never agree to go into second choice.
>>8059 An anon pointed it out and I totally believe it that had Acid launched 8chan.moe without Mark the website would be much more successful. Even if he's just the BO of /v/, the fact that he's a part of the website stopped all chances of that place growing.
Open file (5.96 MB 640x360 Fat Bastard Boomer.mp4)
>>8055 This but unironically. >"I've got bigger titties than you!"
>>8061 I was serious though.
Open file (76.09 KB 750x674 ESOCx4xXkAI5nOq.jpg)
I'm scared bros. Are we gonna end up fracturing hgg even more? It really sucked last time it happened.
There will be a music stream being held at a currently undisclosed location Saturday from about 12PM to 10PM GMT-7 on a webring member's board. The topic during the stream will be on how to move forward, advice for people starting their own branch on the webring, etc. I will disclose the board it will be held on tomorrow around 6-7PM GMT-7 so as to prevent any preemptive attacks against said webring member.
>>8064 Can't see how we can fracture any more then we are. All anons gotta do is stick to the plan. Here until July and then to anoncafe unless a better solution arises. Besides, all that's left is dedicated coomergamers and devs. I'll follow this board to hell back, I need my FC and CoC.
>>8049 Jesus Christ. Remind me, what exactly are you doing in here? I think it is general consensus now that every community should take care for itself. For now at the very least. Go and restore /pol/ and let people here restore /hgg/. If you are part of both, great, but stick to the point in both then. You might think that the community will shatter, but in fact, >>8019 has a point. It will become ever stronger this way. And there will be connection between all of us through the webring. And if you by chance have a better plan, go ahead, surprise us. But stop all this hysterical screeching, please. As if (((Esther))) is the first of it's kind. There were thousands of them before, there probably will be thousands of them later. Anyway, is 8kun under the same attack from this (((Esther)))? I have my doubts that it is in fact Ron and his lawyer fuck buddy cosplaying jews. Because the timing is too fucking perfect.
Yosh~ I've got a fun domain purchased that I think /hgg/ will like (will reveal later once I get everything set up). I'm planning to run a fork of vichan so if /hgg/ decides to migrate, it will be back to an 8kunt-style imageboard. As of now I'm just waiting for the VPS provider to get some stock in. In the mean time, just take it easy and relax here on Julay, guys. Ideally we'll have both sites running side-by-side for a couple months to make sure everything is smooth and then we can possibly plan for a full migration when Julay closes its borders and deports us. If anyone else is working on their own plans, please continue to do so as I am tech illiterate so you're getting as full on ⑨⑨⑨ server experience from me! >But who the fuck are you? A friend who's been with you since Towerfag albeit with some breaks here or there. Don't worry about it for now. >Will I be able to post lolis? Yes. I'm going to have some ground rules because there's fags who always push boundaries, but to put things in perspective, I've put myself at risk of getting in serious legal trouble in the past when it came to smuggling lolicon doujins into the country so I'm no stranger to risk. >Are you going to demand shekels? Ideally no. I've set out a budget and while I'm by no means rich, I have enough of a disposable income to lease enough to power /hgg/ with room for growth without needing any shekerus from anon. >>8064 >Fracturing Things aren't fractured though unless there's folks who don't want to leave 8kunt?
>>8091 >Things aren't fractured though every time theres a move theres some portion of anons that don't find their way to the next bunker.
Open file (213.97 KB 900x1285 2.jpg)
>>8092 Assuming things go as planned, you're welcome to toss the new site on every damn /hgg/ instance since it will be a good test to see if it can stand up BEFORE shit hits the fan with Julay closing shop. As it stands the website I'm planning to host is for /hgg/ and basically only /hgg/ (and maybe /out/doors since I like camping). So long as there are developers and modders, there will be an /hgg/ and it will grow organically. So long as there are other boards with either stricter rules on the type of porn allowed or SJW-tier moderators who get triggered by a flat chest, there will be an /hgg/. I can't promise that the vision I'm trying to create is one that will last, but I promise that there's nothing quite like /hgg/ anywhere else on the internet and its precisely because of that, that we've attracted all sorts of degenerates lewd folks over the years. If the modders and developers dry up, there probably won't be an /hgg/ any more, but if there's modders and developers, there will be anons who want to fap to or talk about porn without some fag95 forum moderator breathing down their neck. Through dick, unity!
>>8092 Anons finding the board late isn't so much an issue as keeping the board alive until it has a reasonable population. The largest hurdle of starting a new board on it's own site is keeping PPH high enough that anons who find it will come back, rather than dismiss it due to near inactivity. If we somehow prop up PPH long enough without killing the board with shitposting we won't have to worry about anons not finding it as it's still alive.
>>8097 Chasing PPH is like a dog chasing it's tail Anon. If it can't grow organically, then it was never healthy to begin with IMO.
>>8097 Our bunker here for several months lived on around 8 uips(from 1 day) and 3-5 pph. 8kunt/hgg/ lived on 10 pph with around 100 uips(from 3 days) on peak burger hours. There doesn't need to be a propped up pph, just devs and writefags being active on the board along with quality posts or threads.
>>8098 >>8099 The point is that anons finding out about a board late isn't the issue, convincing them the board is active is. This is a even larger issue on sites dedicated to one or two boards as there's no overboard or crossboarders popping in.
>>8091 Sounds like good shit
>>8101 I frequently jump around the webring and stayed posting here and on other slow boards. I'm not very worried about it so long as the webring is active. I never used any of the overboards either
>>8101 Holy shit, it's like you don't even know what the webring is.
>>8091 >>8095 Ive got a couple VPSs spun up so if you want a test-system let me know. Im lurking in the IRC.
>>8110 I should add I am trying to setup Lynxchan with the script linked here: https://anon.cafe/meta/res/10678.html The only thing I am missing is a domain so if >>8091 you want to skip the hostfag part let me know. Again I am in the #/hgg/ IRC.
So in the end, what options do we have? Most of the deep web shit is as dead as Endchan. There is deep web overchan but I'm not sure if that concept will hold. Do we even have chance of hosting it on clear web without some jew or other communistic nigger to fuck it all up?
>>8037 there aren't skulls everywhere so it's okay
Open file (18.42 KB 209x219 1578163733334.png)
>>8092 >implying filtering out redditchan is a bad thing
>>8119 It isn't, but proper faggs also getting left out. We are already scarce in numbers, so every loss matters. If you think otherwise, then good for you. But don's be surprised if your another bunker will be as dead as endchan. Or other dead imageboards.
>>8111 I've got a spare domain you can mess with. Contact NotCIA on IRC and I'll PM you back when I get home from work tonight (roughly 4 hours). >>8115 Honestly Jews/Commies are only an issue with political board. We have more to worry about from qboomers/soccer moms who think we're running some sort of pedophilia ring because we like loli art.
>>8111 >CentOS What an idiot. Just use Dolphin's gud script: https://dolphinch.xyz/install_lynxchan.sh
Just in case, when bunker will be up. Don't join webring for week or two. I want to check if that ((Eshter)) isn't just some kind of bot instead.
>>8123 Ester attacked Markchan and Nullchan too and neither of those were part of the webring.
Open file (1.50 MB 907x1023 1577472536568.png)
>>8120 According to webring data we've got ~50 users right now, however the webring measures over 24 hours whereas 8kunt measures over 72 hours. If you times the webring numbers by 2.5 you get approximately the 8kunt equivalent. I think this constant shilling that we are losing users with site transfers is unfounded. Keep in mind something like HALF of /hgg/'s traffic was reddit and H-forums squatting on our property because loli is banned on their website. Some users might not be posting because they're waiting to see what happens, but this constant screeching about losing users is pretty unfounded. People did the same thing on /a/ only for head meido to show that the majority of the board had come over to smug. We're not going back to 8kunt (or at least I'd hope any anons with dignity would agree with me), and Julay isn't keeping us forever, so I think worrying about user loss is null. Once we get settled in and aren't going anywhere the users should come back.
>>8124 Alright. Then it isn't that. >>8125 >We're not going back to 8kunt There's no reason to. Besides, they now want to ban the rest of porn left there. Unless 8kunt/v/ ron blog thread isn't just full of crappy bait.
>>8125 >something I wanted to emigrate even when dysnigger ruled /b/ and /pol/ was ruled by inkampfy and stormfaggots with their division of trump dick's sucking faggots. I don't want to stay on that cancerous site. So no, I don't see a point to return there. But let's say we are around 50~ annons. I would say than any more loss would be rather fucking severe. This site is temporary, you are correct in that regard. The question is where do we go from here?
>>8128 That pic reminds me of that one bathph... Batphometh?... The board named after that one goat demon thing.
>>8129 Baphomet Because it is. >>8128 >The question is where do we go from here? Forward into lewd future. :^)
>>8129 Correct. From the times 8chan was proper chan, and Baphoment was very well known board.
>>8130 Porn, and proper fucking chan! Without dysnigger and Jim!
>>8128 >The question is where do we go from here? How many times does it have to be repeated in this damn thread?
Open file (177.30 KB 447x589 ennui.jpg)
>>8130 >>8131 Ah, glad i haven't fully forgotten the past. I was on 8chan during the very first exodus when hotwheels was known as a cool guy and did stuff like he and a couple of anons going to a... Strip clup was it? Then after a while stopped going on 8chan and when i decided to check out how things were going apparently hotwheels was a fucking faggot so i didn't stuck around for long. Then i went back to 8chan for /hgg/ only for the entire fucking board to die a good while later. Funny how things go. We were all mocking moot for being a faggot and trying to make our own mascot and shit by then. Now moot is fucking gone and hotwheels overdosed on indonesian traps and other things that happened in the background that i am not aware of until this Jim faggot showed up and sold us to boomers. I may not sticked around that much much on 8chan but holy fuck, this must be what it feels like to be on cryogenic sleep and wake up on a dystopia.
>>8135 >apparently hotwheels was a fucking faggot Nah, hotwheels was cool. /pol/ has always been a cesspool full of underaged fags, edgelords, and misfits; He had good reason to dislike that place. Yea, Christchurch happened and he had a lot of eyes on him, I don't blame him for not having the backbone to do nothing. After he lost 8chan he became fat, jaded and sad, so I guess he dropped his cool hat on his way out.
>>8143 He's literally trying to become a journalist. You can't be a bigger faggot than that.
Anon from yesterday here. The Comfy Weekend Stream will be held on https://anon.cafe/meta/ and will start some time Saturday between noon and 2PM GMT-7 (due to unforeseen circumstances with my truck)! That's in approximately 18 hours for those living in Euroland. The purpose of this stream is twofold: A) To chillax and get comfy after a long week. B) To act as technical chat/meetup for those looking for help in regards to setting up their own imageboard. Please take it easy, I'll see you all there (hopefully)!
>>8143 Hotwheels was cool but 8chan was broken from the start, in a fundamental design sense, and mostly shit by mid-2016. Anyone who disagrees with this sentiment is a newfag.
>>8143 >>8148 He was alright up until he went full soy justice warrior Christian. Hotwheels put a lot of effort into deplatforming 8ch and that makes him a faggot. Fuck off.
Open file (619.88 KB 880x1038 fateful end.png)
>>8152 There was a lot more wrong with the guy, considering what happened to a few small boards such as /sp/, /2hu/, /tg/, among others in the past before jim was even in the picture. However, nothing was really out of the ordinary, just straight up incompetence really. The moment he started to actively attack 8chan as a whole after the site was deplatformed by cuckflare that's when everyone realized he was a lost case. It wasn't an act what he did all those years prior for us, but his conversion towards faggotry is certainly something nobody wanted and everyone universally reviles. Nobody as in, no one of either side, be it anons or SJWs/journos, want to touch or deal with him anymore. He's just a mere example what real soy poisoning does to people's psyche. Absolutely disgusting.
It seems onee.ch is behind Eshter and the site deplatforming. https://archive.is/7io1G This one belongs to alt-chan tranny federation.
>>8181 I can't see that through tor, screenshot?
Open file (735.78 KB 1268x3669 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8183 Thanks lad. Figures.
>>8091 about the host, why dont you try somewhere in south/central america i think laws are lax in there
>>8187 They are, but South American servers are schizo and tend to shut people down at random/get them v& faster than American companies. They also tend to have higher pings. Everything is also already bought including an alternative domain, there's just some discussion over the main domain since the one bought is tied to our history but pretty shitpost-like for those who remember when we almost won 8chanmania with a joke character.
>>8187 >>8195 What about Spain? Loli/shota porn is allowed there as long as is not realistic: https://www.elmundo.es/espana/2015/06/21/5585c0b4e2704eff328b4584.html >The State Attorney General's Office has decided that, despite the imminent incorporation of so-called "virtual child pornography" into the Criminal Code, prosecutors will not file charges for the possession, production and dissemination of child pornography in comics or manga. >This was expressly stated in a circular sent on Friday to chief prosecutors throughout Spain, giving instructions on how the reform of offences relating to pornography involving minors or persons with disabilities should be interpreted. >The 60-page document - drafted by the Technical Secretariat and signed by the Attorney General, Consuelo Madrigal - deals with various new developments, including the so-called "virtual pornography". As of July 1, child pornography will be defined as "realistic images of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct or realistic images of a minor's sexual organs, for primarily sexual purposes". >After examining the reform, the Office of the Attorney-General considers that only extremely realistic images should be prosecuted. "In order to avoid undue extensions of the concept of child pornography, the concept 'realistic images' should be interpreted restrictively. According to the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Language 'realistic' means that it 'tries to conform to reality'. Therefore, 'realistic images' will be images close to the reality they are trying to imitate". >"In other words," he continues, "they would be images that are not real but appear to be. They could include altered images of existing people and even computer-generated images. Therefore, only 'realistic images' potentially subsumable in the concept of child pornography will be those that come close to the graphic representation of a real child, or of his or her sexual organs". >"Prosecutors should not," the circular expressly states, "include cartoons, manga or similar representations as they would not be properly 'realistic images', as they would not pursue such an approach to reality". This could mean that even entire boards for loli/shota porn could be hosted there as long as only anime and cartoon styles were allowed. >>8206 I assume you wanted to post this: https://anon.cafe/meta/res/10798.html
>>8209 I had no reason to like the spanish. Now I have one.
Open file (154.65 KB 540x397 1588380917619.png)
Where did /delicious/ migrate to? Or is it gone for good, representing the final death of lolicon on image boards. As well as the death of my interest in image boards.
>>8215 Did you used TOR to bypass "cucked by namecheap" screen? If not, then do so.
Did anything of note get discussed in the steam? Couldn't drop by, busy with deck.
>>8221 Not much. It is still going on though anon so drop by.
>>8216 I thought changing the domain host would solve the problem with /delicious/ and that the change was complete.
>>8216 bypass it how? I go to it, it's the same page. I see no special options. as I understand it, we just have to wait 5 days from whenever that message was put up
>>8230 >>8228 Nevermind, I think I fucked up somewhere.
>>7880 that's how it was for the first cuckchan to 8chan exodus, there was a lot of inbetween
>>7899 Der google need's to be blocked, it's a core problem with imageboards
>>8237 That would not solve the problem that snitches/perl-clutching faggots exist although it will raise the bar.
>>8216 No thanks. TOR browser is frustratingly and agonizingly slow, being bogged down by too many prepackaged bloatware extensions. Also it was originally developed by the Office of Naval Intelligence. So bleh. I'm legit exhausted with how difficult it is to find lolicon.
>>8242 TOR concept was developed by the Office of Naval Intelligence, not TOR itself. And definitely not TOR browser, it's just a fork of Firefox. The tech is quite open, you can host a relay/node yourself. And if you really don't trust some particular node, just avoid it. Daily reminder that Silk Road were compromised via the javascript, not TOR. Those who used TOR without javascript were never found by big brother. But what do I know, keep using Safari or Chrome.
>>8209 So 3D stuff like Koikatsu or Honey Select is out of the window. What's the point in our own board then, previously discussed cafe can cover that.
>>8242 TOR is a lot better than it was 5 years ago. It's the endless CAPTCHAs that I'm affected by, not the slower load times (which is usually 3-4 sec to fully load a page).
>>8242 >bogged down by too many prepackaged bloatware extensions Two extensions, one of which is needed to fix a giant-ass vulnerability known as javascript and another makes sure your stupid ass does not access sites through plain http. >developed by the Office of Naval Intelligence Naval Intelligence designed a set of specifications to implement onion routing, described the concept of it so to speak. Guardian Project then implemented this concept into a network known as Tor. Still has shit to do with Tor browser, since Tor browser is just Firefox set to connect to localhost:9051 by default so that brainlets don't have to setup their browsers to work with Tor. >>8243 Ah, fuck, just as I typed this shit out.
>>8245 I'm using Google Chrome with uBlock + Dencetraleyes and I encounter endless CAPTCHAs, too. But if that means protecting my privacy (real or imagined), so be it. >>8243 >Keep using Safari or Chrome What would you have me do? Chrome has taken over goddamn everything. Even Microsoft Edge has moved to Chromium. Is it better to use a fork of Firefox such as Waterfox? Firefox (official) comes pre-installed with stupid shit. Telemetry and data collection (on by default, can be turned off), the Mozilla Maintenance Service (which I use to be able to avoid by downloading the Firefox .EXE at the language packages, but that site has been removed), as well as that stupid Pocket crap. Watefox is one fork I know of that removes all of the aforementioned, giving a clearner, more private Firefox option.
>>8247 In all seriousness, if you ask such questions - TOR browser is an ultimate solution for you. Everything you need is preinstalled, everything that compromises your privacy is cut. And if you're still paranoid, search manuals and configure the list of nodes to correspond to an 'ok' countries, and turn off javascript. And no, I'm not kidding or making a fool out of you. And if you want to be truly 100% safe, don't use windows/mac, and go figure how to make an external TOR/i2p-to-clearnet router. Manuals are there somewhere. On this note, if our own site will be up, I propose to make an entire board dedicated to cyber security.
>>8247 There is also IceCat. It's yet another fork like Waterfox, but developed by schizoid libertatian linuxoids that jerk off to MUH FREEDAM, MUCH GNU. Short of Tor browser it probably has the least amount proprietary components among all FF forks. The drawbacks are that it's made for linux and windows port can't auto update and that it has even more bloat extensions, this time aimed at blocking all non-linuxoid JS. But you can get rid of the latter in half a minute and the former isn't that much of a problem for me personally. I tried it when Waterfox were still experimenting with how exactly are they gonna support old extensions and regularly fucking up my shit because of that. Here's the repo in case you're interested: https://github.com/muslayev/icecat-win64 As for the Chrome(ium). I used it for the longest time back when FF still had it's classical design which I really despised at the time, but then at some point it feels like it just got stuck and refused to move on. FF started to adopt cool new features, such as toolbar customization, listing all tabs, advanced search plugin system, sidebar, etc, etc, while chrome's updates are all "bugfixes and performance improvements" and converting yet another browser to chromium. Oh, and reCAPTCHA can suck my ass. They make you solve endless puzzles training their smart cars for free just for not using Chrome (you can tell when they made you solve more despite you answering correctly when it says "Try again" without stating the reason). >>8248 You're going full tinfoil hat. It's not like there are no options between being logged into google account 24/7 and using tor browser in Whonix that you run from Tails from a disposable usb on a disposable laptop with no hard drive while crossing the border of Nigeria with fake documents to post on /hgg/ (using a disposable modem with prepaid simcard).
>>8249 The real reason I migrated to Chrome (I was previously using Firefox) has to do with MEGA links and downloads. MEGA hosts a lot of porn and it wouldn't let me download using Firefox. It would say I either need to create some MEGA account (no thanks) or use Chrome. Finally, I caved in and migrated to Chrome. I was able to download files from MEGA (though a prompt does ask if I want to allow MEGA to store encrypted date on my hard drive, to which I say hell no). Also, the image you included with your post is hilarious. I'm really quite happy with uBlock and Decentraleyes. Yes, there is endless CAPTCHA crap, but it provides suck a clean internet experience. I've heard good things about Ghostery, Privacy Badger and PiHole. Though, I've read that Privacy Badger is not needed, nor is Ghostery, if I'm using uBlock Origin. I'd be interested to hear about what extensions everyone hear uses and would recommend. >>8247 Meant to type Decentraleyes, though I misspelled it. >>8248 Cyber Security is a top priority and will only become more and more important as time goes on. A board dedicated to education and promotion of cybersecurity is a sure fire win.
>>8249 Didn't I mention all the stages, anon? First thing that I advised was simple Tor browser. That on itself should be enough if you only plan to lurk on hgg, but I decided to give anon a bit more of an insight to develop. Also >using tor browser in Whonix that you run from Tails from a disposable usb on a disposable laptop with no hard drive Trash proposal. Since the discovery of Intel chips security flaws in late 2017, external anonymizer router is a must if you want to be truly safe. Because a simple script might fire up a command for direct connection, outside of your browser or even virtual environment. And (((they))) will know that you crossed Nigerian border, and the exact time when you did.
>>8249 >and using tor browser in Whonix that you run from Tails from a disposable usb on a disposable laptop with no hard drive while crossing the border of Nigeria with fake documents to post on /hgg/ (using a disposable modem with prepaid simcard). pfft, plebs, i use browser private mode. get on my level!
>>8240 it will also keep faggots from googling the site
>>8250 >I migrated to Chrome (I was previously using Firefox) has to do with MEGA links and downloads. Get MEGA downloader. >if I'm using uBlock Origin. I'd be interested to hear about what extensions everyone hear uses and would recommend. Get uBlock matrix as well. It will block more annoying ads and adblock checkers than just origin.
>>8250 When was that? Never had such problem. Anyway, if your main concern is with ads, you don't really need anything other than uBlock. uBlock is mainly intended to remove ads and trackers either by preventing background connections to ad server, blocking JavaScript from running or just removing parts of the webpage. Blocking JavaScript is what it does the most. Decentraleyes prevents connections to content delivery networks. It increases privacy marginally, but actually makes your page load somewhat slower. In fact, I think delivery networks are blocked in at least some uBlock blocklists, so you theoretically don't really need it. >>8251 Tor browser will already break a lot of sites at least because of cuckflare. I'm pretty sure even panda's login won't work. >external anonymizer router is a must Whonix already works as a virtual router, even if (((they))) use a tor browser vulnerability to ping home, router vm will send it to null and even if it doesn't, all they'll get is Whonix's default MAC address. That is unless you're talking >Intel Ah, you're talking about hypervisor. Never heard about a JS script elevating to hypervisor, and even then just look at the nose of the (((nigger))) who's selling you the laptop; and offer it up into the nearest tribal fire once you're done. >>8252 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSuAgw8Lc1Y
>>8254 >MEGA downloader more like J downloader
>>8256 Whats the deal with Jdownloader? Its super useful but I feel like its going to install a rootkit every time I fire it up.
>>8255 anon pls, youtube-dl is your friend
>>8257 I don't remember if you were supposed to JDownloader 1 or 2 or whatever, there may have been something, but MEGA is owned by chinks.
>>8257 oh it may have been the fact that one version is adware and another version is not
>>8258 But I don't wanna bother.
>>8257 >going to
>>8255 >I'm pretty sure even panda's login won't work. Panda works just fine from Tor browser. Rarely you might need to change an exit node once or twice to access it. Not sure what causing it, probably roskomnadzor in case of russian exit nodes and other shit like this. >Never heard about a JS script elevating to hypervisor We are already in tinfoil territory. And if you are lurking from the comfort of your home rather than Nigerian border - better safe then sorry.
>>8244 Only realistic loli/shota porn is illegal, so things like Koikatsu, Honey Select, Custom Maid, and almost all of /delicious/ should be fine. From what I understood, only the following stuff could get you in trouble: >photorealistic 3D models lile the ones shared in shady Russian hentai websites >"drawings" that are photos with a shitty filter on top >drawings with an extremely realistic art style >anything that displays real children in a very realistic way Basically the stuff tagged as "photorealistic" in lolibooru. Since all of the games posted here have an anime-cartoonish style they would be fine.
>>8268 Still fail to see how that would be better than cafe.
>>8268 Honey Select might fall under criteria, I'm afraid. And so can other 3D games, fuck, even sims games with realistic skins mods or something similar. We will end up with half of hgg going under knife.
>>8272 >end up with half of hgg going under knife. At that point might as well, just make TOR only imageboard.
>>8091 Why vichan instead of using the final solution?
Report on /hgg/ Bunker: Domain Domain is being discussed. There's two options I purchased, but some disagreement over which to use among the staff. Once I get the test site working so I have evidence that I CAN host the site, I'll ask anons which they'd rather go with (though I have a very, very strong preference and will use that one for the test site). VPS Purchased. We've got a dedicated slice. 1 Core @ 3.50+ GHz 4096 MB Memory 80 GB SSD Storage From what I've been told this is comparable to what Smug and Julay use so it should be more than enough with the exception of storage down the line. I imagine we'll need storage down the line, but storage is pretty cheap so I can throw some on at a later date as needed and we can just delete duplicate threads. The server is located in Las Vegas, but the company is based out of California. For all intents and purposes this means that, at least on the server end (which right now seems the most vulnerable after the operator's end), California law (which is loli-friendly) will apply 99% of the time. Technically Nevada law would supersede California law, but only if a subpoena is physically issued from a Nevada court. Software Currently debating between NPFChan and Lainchan as the base. Both are vichan forks, but are a little different than 8chan/8kunt. NPFChan: (Used by mlpol) https://github.com/fallenPineapple/NPFchan Lainchan: (Used by lainchan) https://git.lain.church/kashire/lainchan Someone suggested fatchan's software: https://github.com/fatchan/jschan Anyways I'll be figuring that out over the next week. I'm a tech retard, but a dedicated one so this should be interesting. Costs Don't worry about it. I can pay everything out-of-pocket. If I ever need money, I'll tell anons in advance. I work a trade that pays the bills so while I'm not rich by any means, I'm not broke either. If we need to fundraise, I'll do something silly like start a "patreon to take a picture of me eating a burger" and then take a picture of a half-eaten burger once a week while using the money for the server. Domain: About $1.50/month (yearly renewal) Server: $15/month IP: $2/month DDoS Protection: $3/month Total cost: About $22/month rounding up. If I have to slap on storage, I can get a 256GB block storage slab thrown onto the server for like $1.25/month but at least initially the 80GB SSD should be plenty. It's not like /hgg/ is gonna be uploading 80MB webms to the server in a dump thread. I have a maximum budget of $50/month before I'd ask for shekels, so it's not a big deal if/when we have to upgrade either. Will we be part of the webring? Unless situations arise that make this impossible, yes. A contingency plan to temporarily disconnect from the webring in the event of a media incident somewhere else will be in place. When I can figure out how to do it, I'll put a splash screen PLW-style on the home page as a retard filter to keep out boomers/soccer moms. Planned Boards The server's dedicated to /hgg/ but I'm planning to host a couple small side-boards that will compliment /hgg/. Namely... >/meta/ Self-explanatory >/panda/ Doujin discussion board to compliment /hgg/ (I'll put our old ally board from 8chan in charge of it if he's still around, otherwise I'll see if one of the volunteers would like to have it). Will have a Japanese doujins only rule (no western H-comics since this could be abused). >/takedown/ It will basically act like 8chan's old /dmca/ board. If I get a legal email, it will be posted here along with as much information as I'm legally allowed to divulge (first name and email in most cases since those are considered publicly available information if a legal notice is filed), and whether or not it was complied with. I might try to keep a warrant canary on the board as well. >/help/ It's just going to be a locked board with copy-pasted information from https://pedo.help/ I don't plan to let in outsiders since most of the porn boards outside of /hgg/ are actually porn dump boards rather than discussion boards (sorry /loli/), and in addition those porn dump boards tend to paint big red targets on the back of the rest of the website. I don't want to waste money on storage/waste time dealing with abuse complaints filed against us just to host someone that the website isn't catering to. Best to turn them down now rather than later. If a board that serves a purpose (like a hentai board actually dedicated to discussing hentai/JAV english sub releases, or a translation group or something along those lines maybe?) beyond dumping porn wants on to our bunker, doesn't already fall under /hgg/ or "/panda/", and the /hgg/ staff is alright with them, an exception might be made. Who will be in charge? BO will be in charge of the board so long as he can remove any CP spam and the staff hasn't turned against him. Otherwise if he doesn't want it I planned to stick Oilrig at the helm. I'll have a vol account, but I'm probably only going to use it to remove illegal content and fulfill DMCA requests. I'm "retired" in that aspect and have been for like a year and a half now. Similarly /hgg/'s rules will be made and interpreted by the /hgg/ staff outside of the global rules with one exception that I'm going to add to prevent shitstorms (it will be a global rule anyways though). Global Rules Global rules will be as follows... 1) We're required to apply US federal law and California state law (which lolicon DOES NOT fall under) 2) No real images of kids. Period. >Why? In practice I don't care about fully clothed kids. Japan has an entire industry dedicated to kids in swimsuits posing in ways that scream CP. However, as soon as you make an exception for clothed children, the pedobots and bad actors swarm in spamming them along with ACTUAL CP to get your shit kicked in. It's better to not allow the problem to begin in the first place. 3a) No "realistic" 3DCG. 3b) If your 3D project does not pass the "pornhub standard," you must get a staff member's permission before hosting a thread on it. Pornhub Standard: If there is a video of the game featuring sexual intercourse, that has been on pornhub for a week or more, with at least 1000 views on the video, you don't need permission to post it. >Why? Plausible deniability. Pornhub allows 3DCG loli content (at least in practice, don't know about on paper), so if they haven't deemed it CP by then, we can point to pornhub as an "industry standard." If/When pornhub starts mass-deleting loli 3DCG one day, we'll just remove the pornhub standard and keep a whitelist and blacklist for 3DCG games and anon will have to ask to be on the whitelist before posting. Considering that the majority of kuso "dev on patreon here's a link to my patreon with no description of the game" OPs are 3D games, this could arguably be a win-win. Today's my resting day so I'm gonna go watch some anime and read some manga. I'll start working on getting everything up after work tomorrow. Best-case scenario the bunker will at least be in "trial mode" by tomorrow night. More-than-likely scenario since I'm a cautious individual, I'll have it up next weekend because I'll be nose-deep in documentation figuring out how to do shit. I'm /tech/-illiterate, but I know how to read manuals.
>>8275 Final solution is retarded from what I've seen and what little I DO know about networking. I'd try to implement /a/'s IPFS plan before I'd use it.
>>8278 >3a) No "realistic" 3DCG. Holy shit. Let's talk about that. Will everything that was on the old 8chan hgg be acceptable? AA2? Honey Select? Skyrim stuff? If yes - godspeed. But if not. It will not be the same old hgg anymore.
Open file (455.51 KB 400x400 Lolitarded.mp4)
>>8281 >Let's talk about that. No. >Will everything that was on the old 8chan hgg be acceptable? AA2? Honey Select? Skyrim stuff? Did you just jump down to that part without reading anything else? Server company is based out of Commiefornia. California has a very Japanese approach to the word "realistic" meaning either "literally traced/rendered from a real child model" or "is close enough to a real child to fall into what's known as the uncanny valley". If it doesn't fall into the uncanny valley, and I don't get a legal notice saying to remove it, I don't care. It's fine so long as it either: A) Passes the "pornhub test" I outlined or B) A volunteer manually approved it. AA content passes the pornhub test. Honey Select passes the pornhub test. Skyrim doesn't pass the pornhub test, but it WOULD be universally approved by any volunteer included myself. I will not give a blanket statement on the simple basis that I can not give a blanket statement. To my knowledge, everything on /hgg/ at the time of the board migration would pass this standard. If a "realistic mod/re-texture" for a game already approved comes out in the future, then it will have to be discussed when it happens. As I said before, I've smuggled loli doujins into the country on airplanes that would have fallen ajar of the "obscenity" clauses that Ron was spewing. Are you here to fuck loli or are you here to fuck kids anon? Ultimately that's what my distinction comes down to.
>>8278 >>8282 Looks good to me. Sucks for other porn boards though.
>>8278 >NPFChan This could be of your interest: https://github.com/27chan/bazukachan This is a maintained fork of NPFChan used by the Brazilian image board 27chan.
>>8282 >No. Yes. This is why we are still communicating in this thread and discussing the alternatives. You might open your site, but it doesn't automatically make it into the new /hgg/, does it? You might have a chunk of the community, but will it ever reach it's former glory? Only time will tell. Speaking of fracturing... >Are you here to fuck loli or are you here to fuck kids anon? Ultimately that's what my distinction comes down to. Here, in /hgg/? Why do you even bring this up? The answer should be obvious. I know the distinction between dark and clear anon, I know about the catalog which begins with letter 'r' and ends with letter 'x' if I'll ever want the real deal. I don't plan to create you any trouble, nor did I ever created any trouble to 8chan, may it rest in peace. And I didn't question this rule >2) No real images of kids. Period. Did I? The only thing that really worries me, is that /hgg/, the community which I happen to love, might dissappear, or stop being itself. Hard to tell which one is worse. I've actually been satisfied with your answer about games. It was redundant, however. Soaked with moralfaggotry in the last part. This is a red flag and you didn't even start yet.
>>8278 >Commiefornia Oh my. I can smell the calamity.
>>8289 >This is a red flag and you didn't even start yet. I am willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt... But it really paints an image of a future where we will have yet another fucking exodus in about a year or two as the pressure of administrating the board turns him draconian. But by the looks of it this is our best chance to get out of this so i hope it doesn't happen.
>>8289 It's been a long week (a long week and a half really at this point). I apologize for being harsh.
>>8289 This, especially the latter part. I guess I don't give much fuck about 3d games, much less "hyperrealistic" ones, and this measure is somewhat justified in the current circumstances; but >>8278 makes it sound like we'll have 8kun-style disclaimers under posts, except with pedophile self-help hotline numbers.
>>8300 >8kun disclaimers The instant i saw those i died a little bit inside at the revelation that this would replace 8chan
>>8299 Things getting rough buddy? Setting up a new home must be stressful. I understand that you are trying your best on making sure we don't get nuked on a short notice and you are a bit on the edge. I hope your post doesn't just set off a chain of events that fuck up everything or something.
Let's wish good luck our new site, new owner and (hopefully still the same) old community.
Open file (2.92 MB 740x416 all_the_bully.gif)
>>8298 >as the pressure of administrating the board turns him draconian. I made a rather rude response to that anon, and I apologize on that point. From my own moral/ethical perspective, I don't see anything wrong with anything short of taking nude sexual photographs of actual children, but I've also been around long enough to know the red flags that governments react to that ruin things for everyone. "Global rule 2" is basically "I'm not going to endanger the entire board for the sake of real child gravure idols being posted when they have nothing to do with /hgg/" and rule 3 is basically "I'm not going to let one bad apple ruin the board for everyone because it was complying on a technicality." I think the BO/Volunteers can readily tell if something should be whitelisted or blacklisted when it comes to 3DCG but it's better to have a whitelist/blacklist so that there's very clear guidelines. The purpose of the global rules and /help/ is so that if I have to fight a legal battle (which I'm willing to do I might add so long as it's not going to destroy the community to do it), I would rather be able to point to policy and procedure in a legal proceeding so it doesn't appear as if the site administration was negligent in stopping actual photographic CP. I'm basically "retired" from /hgg/. I have a lot of respect for the vol team over the years which is why I'm willing to fork over some resources and time to keep things running because I think /hgg/ has something really special that no other porn aggregator/discussion place/modding community has. I plan to handle the behind-the-scenes parts, but otherwise once things are running and stable I don't plan to really interact other than as anon or when something relating to the domain/servers/site comes up that anons should be aware of for transparency. Basically, I don't want to be Mark or Ron or Jim. That being said, nothing is forever so I would expect the community to drag me through the mud if I ever become a draconian asshat. >>8302 Very. I'm part of the moderation team for a couple boards around the webring and several of them have been attacked. I've received more emails in the last 5 days than I have in the last year, so I'm pretty on-edge. I think I'll go finish the Somali child anime and maybe watch something comfy like that rabbit cafe anime or Yama no Susume. I was trying to help out an anon just this last Friday only for it to turn out to be a bad actor.
>>8300 >>8301 No, I'd never do that. I might put a disclaimer on the home page basically saying "you must be 18 or older to use this website" until I can get that retard filter splash screen I mentioned up and running, but I will never put some retarded, pointless, and obnoxious disclaimer under anon's posts.
>>8304 >>8305 I fully understand that you made these decisions for the sake of the new /hgg/. But something to consider is that Jim also did what he did because he believed it would be the best for "his" board. He added these disclaimers for the reason of using them as cover in case shit goes bad just like you're planning to do with /help/ and this association is less than pleasant. I'm not complaining, it's just sad that you have to come down to this nowadays. (I want everyone to just fuck off to the darkwebz already, so that it's back to how it was in 2010, when everything didn't have to cater to normalfags and you could just be yourself and have fun). Btw, on the topic of /help/. It sounds like it would be counter-productive if anything. As if you're admitting to whomever it's intended for that we are a bunch of potential child offenders in need of help. God fucking forbid they actually use it to justify "helping" us.
>>8248 >>8249 Don't use firefox forks, it makes you super easy to track due to fingerprinting. You'd be way better of with just using the normal firefox version and try to ignore the shit you don't like. >>8256 Enjoy your spyware.
>>8307 That is assuming someone is actively tracking you. You can go the opposite way and randomly rotate every piece of your identifying information to the point where it would be impossible to link them together without active human intervention.
Open file (172.33 KB 500x506 1576946119434.gif)
>>8296 California is a weird situation. In many ways they're the least "prudish" state in the US and are basically their own country when it comes to legal code, and since the federal appeals court is in California and generally follows state law instead of federal law in their rulings, they can enforce their own legal code while claiming it's a "federal ruling" and do so frequently. Because of the presence of tech giants like Google and Apple, many things get a pass that would otherwise get you fucked in the rest of the country. California also has their hand dipped pretty heavily in the international pornography industry in terms of collecting taxes since international pornographers can film, sell, and host their pornography from the US and use the same protections we'd be using to sell their shit to the international market while ignoring laws in other countries (such as Japan, which is why almost all uncensored Japanese websites dedicated for Japanese audiences are located in the United States, and is how Jim and I believe Hiro both made their fortunes overseas). Similarly, Nevada is interested in protecting their prostitution industry and porn industry so they tend to be lax on these things as well. All of this is to say that while things like political speech and guns are far less protected in California than they are in the rest of the country, things like pornography or drugs receive special protections in California that they don't receive in the rest of the country. tl;dr- It's clown world but this is one of those times it benefits us.
>>8307 again, as opposed to MEGA
>>8019 Unfortunate that this seems to be the case. We've been meming for years that imageboards were danknet stuff but now its quickly becoming a reality.
>>8307 I have tried to explain this. Mozilla took down the page where I could use the offline Firefox installer, which gamve me the option to not install crap like Mozilla Maintenence Service. Now they only offer the online downloader and installer. Plus the stupid Pocket services.
>>8325 https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/deploy-firefox-msi-installers >The MSI installer (supported on Windows 7 and later versions) is a wrapper of the exe full installer >... >Disable the maintenance service - INSTALL_MAINTENANCE_SERVICE={true,false} Set to false to disable installing the Mozilla Maintenance Service. This will effectively prevent users from installing Firefox updates if they do not have write permissions to the installation directory. true by default.
>>8299 >>8304 Oh, don't worry about 'that anon', he is the chillest guy, not some oversensitive snowflake. He holds no resentment or ill will toward you. If only his engrish was a bit better, but oh well, as long as we can communicate. I don't want to spoil the big day, when our community finds presumably new home. Moreover, the sole fact that you apologized on the internet reveals a decent human being in you. From my part, I wish to apologize for giving you a red flag. Now I think that it was too rushed, too. Let's say that everything regarding to that conversation was a misunderstanding and very poor choice of words. I understand that rules might change, some content will be cut, some things deleted, and when media will turn it's eye on us, things will get even more rough. The main thing is in you, yourself, anon. As long as you understand what hgg is, as long as you don't put parts of the community itself (with no regards to content) under the knife because "they're clearly pedos, no one will miss them" or some other bullshit, as long as you wish to make things better - you are totally okay in my book and I appreciate what you're doing. My gratitude and my best regards to you, anon. Godspeed, to your new resource, and to our new home.
>>8278 >>8282 Shit sounds reasonable, and reasonable is good. I'm fucking game.
>>8278 Where do you get a domain name this cheap?
>>8278 Would you consider hosting /v/ actually? /v/ is basically splintered off into several different sites and an independent(to my knowledge) webring IB could bring back the lost userbase. You know, a fatchan successor. I'm not trying to badger you to do it or anything, but there's basically no other board that fills the niche. Just consider it is what I'm asking since I have no idea if anyone is making a fatchan successor.
>>8331 That's expensive. You can get a domain for like $10/year. Anon paid closer to $18 the domain service he used hides his personal information though.
>>8334 I've been looking into domain names for a completely unrelated project for a while now, could you link or give me some kind of hint as to where to find a good provider?
>>8332 Fuck no. Doing anything with /v/ is impossible until /v/alkans are finished.
Open file (49.47 KB 655x333 zdjdjjxtjf.png)
>>8325 >>8327 >Imagine updating Firefox
>>8337 Damn it. Is there any way to get you to reconsider? It sucks because it seems like this is what every person that's starting a board is thinking, so nobody builds an IB with /v/ and expects it to last.
>>8332 I don't mind hunkering down with /v/ but it would likely need to result in more hardware and thus higher costs since it's much larger than /hgg/ if it does become the main one.
Open file (84.33 KB 1000x1000 Lolicron01.jpg)
>>8339 Just as a heads up, >>8337 isn't me. Also fuck no there are some unresolved conflicts both in /v/alkinization/attacks from autists, and in allegiances that make working with /v/ either impossible or very redundant. There would be too much conflict between the userbase and me. Namely, ideally I'd rather not allow political boards so /gg/ would have to go which would make fat bald bastard /v/ directly compete with my preferred videogames board smug /vg/ if /v/ even agreed to that which I doubt they would, and tying into that spoiler since it would be better to be transparent with /hgg/ anyways: I have a strong underlying allegiance to smug, so hosting a /v/ would leave a sour taste in my mouth for various reasons and I don't think /v/ wants to be on a board who's admin would side with /a/ over them in a conflict of interests. /v/ would also just be a giant target for shutdown as well as increasing server costs. Since I'm a /tech/ retard, I'll try to screenshot and document my whole setup process so an anon from /v/ could potentially set up their own board. The rig I'm leasing is comparable to what /v/ would need, maybe just with more storage space. And since I know someone might panic about me stating I'd take /a/'s side over /v/: don't worry. I'm not going to establish /a/ style rules nor do I think /hgg/ and /a/ will ever be in conflict.
>>8348 Congrats you tested something.
>>8346 I can't believe you chose that domain.
>>7823 >Planned Boards Can't we have some /b/ and /pol/?(hopefully without storm niggers or other totalitarian modfaggots) Loli ban maybe the beginning of end for 8kun. Just like modfagging was for 4cucks.
>>8350 I haven't fully but I'm using it at least for the test site.
>>8351 Whom exactly are you asking?
>>8351 >Can't we have some /b/ and /pol/? Not every imageboard needs to have these two.
>>8354 Not even as containment boards?
>>8355 Let someone else do it.
>>8355 Especially not as containment boards in the case of /pol/. /b/ maybe, but then /a/ got around this by just having a dedicated shitposting thread within their main board, /tg/ uses their meta thread to the same extent, and I think /monster/ has something like that too. /k/ was using their Corona threads along similar lines.
I would love to see a non porn dump /loli/, with drawthreads and such
Open file (1.34 MB 1300x1400 v - video games.png)
>>8332 Right now is better to not deal with /v/ in any way and instead let them solve their conflicts and troubles for themselves. Some of them want to stay on julay, others want to move to 8chan, and others are working on their own /v/unker (>>>/meta/9406). Adding yet another /v/ only would make things worse for everyone involved. >>8354 Check Hope-sama. It was created by /fascist/ and /liberty/ and now host /monarchy/ too. They may want to have another board for politics if there's enough interest.
Are anons still using this board in the meantime? Cafe bunker seems pretty dead and Black Souls 2 just a got a complete retranslation patch that functions with the second DLC.
>>8370 Why was I not informed of this sooner!?!?
>8350 What is it?
>>8379 The patch is only a few days old. It's already been updated a day later after it first came out to 1.1.
>>8370 Julay is functional so I don't see a reason not to use it in the mean time.
>>8336 A little birdie told me that nja.la might be a good place to look.
>>8381 FBB.
>>8370 >>8379 >>8382 There is a proper translation coming from an anon in the next month or so, don't use this MTL shit.
>>8382 Be careful of those guys. They take full control of your domain name without recourse and their ToS is vague as fuck. Well, the closest thing they have to a ToS anyway. One of the main guy’s other services states that “child pornography and right-wing views” are one of the examples of content that will get you kicked off without recourse, which tells you what their calculus is like. >>8336 You might consider nicevps.net for domains. They allow loli and won’t take anything down without a court order in Dominica, and Dominica has no applicable anti-porn or anti-speech laws I could find by combing through their legal codes. You’re still vulnerable to takedown at the TLD registry level but that’s true of any domain you buy. The ones generally considered resilient without being Roskommando-accessible are .org and .co. Most importantly they accept payment in Monero and Zcash and have a fully-accessible panel via their onion site. They don’t ask for your name but again, in extreme circumstances that means you don’t have any recourse if they decide to seize the domain from you for some reason. They also host VPSes but they’re quite expensive for what you get.
>>8388 >There is a proper translation coming from an anon in the next month or so Source? >don't use this MTL shit. The guy restranslated the whole thing after learning Japanese better.
>>8392 >You might consider nicevps.net for domains This looks great for my use case. Thanks anon.
>>8394 Here is the source. https://arch.b4k.co/vg/thread/290274372/#290307078 Follow the reply chains for more info. > retranslated If you read his fag95 posts its clear he has this whole "it's just a game forget quality mindset". Retranslated is probably just grammar fixes, and it's still MTL since he clearly stated he cant read Japanese. In the end there will be 3 translations. MTL shit, MTL with grammar (retranslated), and a third proper translation in a month+. Have fun wading through muddied water as nobody labels these correctly. Sorry for being off-topic, this felt important.
>>8409 Going through the game, it reads like cleaned up MTL too. Just like the old BS2 translation that didn't include the DLC2 and just like BS1 and RRW But I've already played through the whole thing sans DLC2 content with the initial touched up MTL, so it's not a huge difference to me. I've seen much worse "touched up" MTL, usually by ESL faggots, and BS2's current translation, sans clear errors that I'll report to the guy doing it through github, is decently above my tolerable threshhold of translation quality vs game quality to make it worth my time playing. >If you read his fag95 posts No, I didn't. I contacted him directly through github, as the restranslation webpage used to direct translation error reports to it. >A third proper translation in a month+ <Guy started two weeks ago <BS2 has been out for years by now, I think <DLC2 has been out since at least the middle of last year <Latest patch 3.3 has been out since Christmas <MTL touch-up guy has been working on his retranslation for 5-8 months, though most progress was made in the past 2-3 months <Only just now does this guy decide to start translating it <"It also depends on when the last DLC releases, I guess." in regards to when he'll release <ETA for DLC3 is ??? Sounds like this guy only picked it up because the other guy was almost done with his touched up MTL. I won't hold my breath for him finishing it, especially when he might not release it until DLC3 is out and that might be never.
>>8414 You have some good points, it seems I might not have the correct flow of events. Either way my main point was that there is a better experience for the patient. only point I'd contest is that the anon has a good track record so doubting a release seems unwarranted. Either way let's put it to rest.
So after reading the thread entirely im still not sure where the bunker or bunkers are anymore after fatchan Also will there be another livetext board like meguca? That was probably the best hentai/ anime board in existence before it was shoad. Movie nights were fun.
>>8419 >So after reading the thread entirely im still not sure where the bunker or bunkers are anymore after fatchan tl;dr- The bunker is being created, just post on Julay in the mean time since we have ~84 days left before we HAVE to move out.
>>8419 >Movie nights were fun. hentai movie nights when
>>8430 Setting up a cytube channel and streaming a movie or two once a week would be easy enough. Does cytube allow porn though?
Heads up, /a/ was attacked again. smuglo.li/support/res/800.html#q1535 Current culprit is /cow/ smuglo.li/support/res/1467.html#q1553 PLW and smug are considering kicking julay off from webring.
>>8460 From their terms of use - "Legal adult content, such as pornography, is permitted only in channels clearly marked as 18+ in the channel title, and only when all users of the channel are of legal age to view such content."
Extreme suspicion towards anons here and afar accusing particular boards or imagboards of attacking other boards. Classic divide and conquer horseplay designed to instill distrust and hostility towards each other.
>>8480 >damage control
>>8482 If you haven't been suspicious of false flags since 2001 you haven't been paying much attention.
>>8482 Like this poster right here. I find him highly suspicious.
>>8483 It's one thing to think of it as a false flag, but when the board's staff itself decide to ban people critical of the false flag then it ceases to be one and becomes something to worry about.
>>8480 >>8486 Seeing the OP, and how no replies were made until today 5 days after the thread was made, I assumed it was a joke, but then there's the ban. It might have been an extremely short joke ban, but who knows? Robi will obviously say it was regardless to protect his interests.
>>8489 We need Robi's input on this matter and whether he endorses or condemns the actions.
>>8489 There were 3 more posts including one I made myself, which were just deleted.
>>8490 >We need Robi's input on this matter and whether he endorses or condemns the actions. Why? And why are you copy-pasting responses from the /support/ thread?
>>8490 Here's a response from the admin: >>>/meta/11169 http://archive.vn/tyHlL
Reading all the shit on all the /v/ fragments floating around, it's all anons sticking knives into anons at random now. It's like looking at a snake someone cut into pieces, and now each of the pieces has its own head and is snapping at all the others because piece A doesn't like named-anon-1 and piece B doesn't like guy-who-runs-board-C and piece C goes flying off the handle because of a shitposter on A. And now PLW has its own /v/, just in case there wasn't enough bad blood and fragmentation going on. I just want to post about porn games; I hope to hell we land on our feet somewhere. This continues to be the most open and honest place for porn game discussion, and that's really kind of an amazing thing.
Open file (141.21 KB 480x480 ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.mp4)
>>8513 I'm completely lost, what the hell is happening? I was just aways for a while and when i come back i have to do a 3h detective work.
>>8523 Some faggot(s) on smug be like >Look, julay's /cow/ wants loli banned, Esther is totally one of them. >Let's kick julay out of the webring Then he came here and presented it as an undeniable proof or julay being thrown off the webring. I don't know if someone was actually stupid enough to believe him, or if he was sockpuppeting, but that was basically that. As you can see, julay's still there.
Open file (36.06 KB 322x326 bellyrubb.jpg)
>>8526 Thanks for the explanation.
>>8513 >PLW has its own /v/ Not quite, /geimu/ is pretty focused on Japanese games. It got created mainly because many /animu/ guys had expressed their exasperation with the state of /v/ infighting.
>>8513 This is what happens when you let mentally ill anons do their own thing. Power-tripping, inflated ego's and other ugliness just flairs to the surface. All I wanna do is talk about porn games as well man. Fucking assholes.
>>8536 >Telling others they should stop shitposting or get out >mental illness wat
>>8536 Might wanna go to fag95 then.
>>8526 Yes, some faggot who was disparaged by basically everyone since your implication was that it wasn't a lone wolf bad actor.
>>8533 I can only wish them best.
In all honesty, I think some anons in smug have a point, and 8kun is involved with Esther - Ron and Jim precisely. Such a terrible assault can not be left unanswered. I think we should consider striking them back with the same weapon. And our retaliation might be very successful. After all, even the wikipedia links 8kun as the new 8chan. We all know that it is not true. But millions of normalfags out there don't. If only we can create mass hype for domain complaints. Under the auspices of protecting kids in schools from mass shootings, of course.
>>7906 > unfortunately 3dcg loli will have ot get the axe should that happen. Unacceptable!
>>8555 That's stupid idea. War between soywheels and pigfarmer only manage to make almost every IB vulnerable to this shit. Besides, I would rather worry about next IB for /hgg/ getting nuked than anything else.
>>8557 >Besides, I would rather worry about next IB for /hgg/ getting nuked than anything else. And it might. How's preventing strike a bad idea, if they're behind this shit?
>>8559 >How's preventing strike a bad idea, if they're behind this shit? I am not sure (((who))) is behind this shit anymore. That's my main problem.
>>8559 And how exactly would that prevent anything? If it isn't Jim we'd just make him our enemy as well and attract a shitton of outside attention. If it is Jim then it would just be a justification for his attacks. It's not like you need to own an imageboard to cuckspam some site's provider.
>>8557 >>8560 >Taking an obvious troll seriously
>>8564 Fuck you.
>>8562 >If it isn't Jim The fact that this Esther avoided 8kun up until this moment speaks a lot on itself, I think. But let's assume it isn't him. Will anyone really feel sorry? >make him our enemy Tremble, tremble, anonymous. Angry Jim is coming for you. >If it is Jim it would just be a justification for his attacks How exactly? If anything, he will know better not to fuck with The Legion. Also >we I'm not talking about us in particular. I'm talking about every allied board. Didn't 8kun manage to piss off everyone, starting from /pol/ and ending with us anyways? And if he really is behind this Esther. Who are 'they' compared to 'us', especially if our combined force will smash them like a worm. Who will be interested in a new 8kun? >how exactly would that prevent anything Esther will not be motivated to bring audience back to his shithole. Afterwards, he might be active for some time on a sole power of butthurt. But we will not really lose anything anyway. I don't know, anon. Is doing nothing sounds like the best solution in your opinion? I agree however, raids and all "operation revenge" things mostly belong in the past. Unfortunately. >>8564 It would be a great trolling - to take down 8kun.
>>8566 Go ahead and "troll" 8kun all you want. Just don't get webring involved.
>>8570 Fair enough. Enjoy Esther's takedowns.
>>8566 Attacking another site without having any real proof is retarded and only will cause more drama, even the anons that were blaming Jim on smug agreed on it. Yesterday people wanted to nuke /cow/ and julay because a single retard assumed they were behind the reports due to a shit public ban in a dead thread, until one of the admins had to step up and tell everyone to shut the fuck up and remind them how Robi bothered to change domains just to bring /delicious/ back. Stop trying to stir up more shit.
>>8573 He's either baiting or retarded. Don't pay attention.
>>8573 Blaming Robi was retarded to begin with. >any real proof What do you expect? Direct evidence is nearly impossible to obtain in this case. But they have interest, Esther appeared as soon as anons began to migrate to bunkers, and they're are not under attack when everyone else is. >Stop trying to stir up more shit. So be it. At this point I just hope that migration of remaining population to cuckchan/reddit will kill 8kun sooner than Esther will take down the entire ring, along with all of our reboots.
Open file (1.14 MB 2212x2886 8kun.png)
>>8575 >But they have interest And they aren't the only ones: >Jim (because fuck non-8kun boards) >Ron (because fuck you for leaving him alone with the boomers) >the cripple (because fuck 8chan and everything it represents) >Jim's Qboomers (because fuck your satanic degeneracy) >the cripple's SJW crowd (because fuck your racist incel nazi pedo groups) >/intl/ (because fuck you, that's why) >the alt-chan federation (because fuck the webring for being more popular than them) >kiwifarms (because fuck pedos and because they feed of drama) >somebody from 8kun (because fuck you for having a better site) >somebody from an unknown website (because ???) 8chan made many enemies in the past. This is why >we can't blame anyone just for the sake of it. >At this point I just hope that migration of remaining population to cuckchan/reddit will kill 8kun sooner than Esther will take down the entire ring, along with all of our reboots It's already on its way. Qtards make the majority of the site, while the rest is split between lost /v/fags (who currently lack dedicated hotpockets), regional boards, and a couple of /pol/ flavors. Everything else is dead as fuck.
>>8579 >And they aren't the only ones: The other fag is obviously trying to stir shit, but you aren't helping your argument when your list of 10 enemies has 4 of them be 8kun and he's trying to get a personal army to shut down 8kun.
>>8351 >>8355 you looking to get the site shut down like fatchan?
>>8554 I noticed that a little bit later. I guess it was shock or surprise. More power to them--they're about the only set of boards anal enough to keep to THAT narrow of a topic. At least it ought to give the VN threads a place to live, which I know they were a little worried about.
>>8555 Who is this Esther?
>>8598 Unknown its probably a psuedo name. It refers to person or group that is attempting to take down certain imageboards, likely targets are anything political and lol icon. Esther aronwitz, esther from the strong tribe. They push false claims to domain hosts to shutdown boards by proxy. The name refers to a story about Esther hiding identity to get rid of those who are calling out the death of jews, by corralling them. Probably not a jew as it is kinda obvious. Probably not gov. cause they are knee deep in other shit and about to run out of funding. Even if it was they are about to run out of funding. Likely someone with a grudge or concerned parent/group, or bitcoin hashashin for hire. Pointless anyway because the imageboard hydra keeps growing more heads.
I blame retarded kiwis
Open file (518.06 KB 713x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Bunker-kun here. It's gonna be a little longer than expected getting set up, /hgg/. Work has been busier than normal this week due to everything reopening and everyone wanting their shit yesterday, and I just got a call while on lunch that my grandpa had a stroke/is in the ER.
Open file (389.65 KB 498x710 smug.png)
>>8599 >Unknown its probably a psuedo name Mayhaps you meant pseudonym, Anon?
>>8579 >qboomers Please, most of them had to get their grandchildren to turn on the computer. >cripple Possible, but doubtful. Don't get me wrong, he hates us, but he hates 8koon more. He'd have attacked 8kun already, we all know he lacks self-control and lives in daily fear of his God kicking him down to the fiery staircase for all eternity. >SJW crowd No. They wouldn't pick a Jewish pseudonym. One type of SJWs because muh lolocaust, the other Palestinian-supporting kind is too rabid to not attach their own name to this shit to gain activism points. >alt-chan Doubt it. Attacks on hosts endanger all imageboards, there's already plenty of hosts that categorically ban imageboards. >kiwis Possible, but Jim is still the one with most reasons and potential gain, as well as a female, racial stereotype name fitting the handle he had in his leaked chatlog with Mark. I include Ron with Jim, because they come in a pair.
>>8614 Take care of family, Bunker-kun. We've got plenty of time left here.
Open file (110.33 KB 1024x1024 Congrats.jpg)
Heads up, Julay/v/ is imploding due to global mods declaring loli isn't allowed, again and banning anyone who disagrees. BO seems fine with that.
>>8555 Lets strike 8chan.moe too while we are at it. Is it coincidence that they werent targeted either?
>>8748 Not even two days after I say >>8687 , this shit happens. Is it a requirement to be completely braindead in order to be a global vol? Do they not remember that smug was also attacked by Esther for having loli, but was able to stay up without changing providers? They're acting like there's no choice but to ban it, where there's evidence to the contrary literally sitting right there on the fucking webring with them. >>8614 See about the possibility of sharing the new site on smug's /cafe/ thread or something in the increasingly likely event julay becomes unusable well before the 90 days.
>>8750 >>8748 More context: /v/'s BO ragequitted after getting bullied over TLoU leaks, gave the board to the owner of /japan/ and /2hu/, he decided to kick out all jannies and revealed there's only 1 global left on Julay. He then opened the floodgates and let anons post whatever they wanted. Janny revealed they're banning loli on the reboot. You folks are probably welcomed on the /animu/ bunker, or if worse comes to worse you can make a board on 8chan.moe until you set up your own.
>>8751 Oh, and the spam isn't contained just on /v/. It's also consumed /cow/ as well.
Open file (586.56 KB 472x767 Don't mind me.png)
>>8751 I want to say >Only pretending to be retarded. But by taking control of the board and firing everyone, he exposed the inner workings of Julay, maybe unintentional but still, he's doing something here.
>>8753 wasn't unintentional t. master plan man
>>8753 He didn't even know that he had the board at first. The dude gave it to him while he was playing vidya.
Open file (3.08 MB 1102x9980 r134.png)
Also here's the smoking corpse of /cow/. I don't know what the plan is but I would strongly suggest finding a place in case this gets shutdown. Don't know what's gonna happen come tomorrow or when Robi comes on.
>>8756 If you read some earlier irc log I predicted the gvol response to a T. I don't expect to have the board tomorrow but it won't matter because I started the Fire.
Open file (510.38 KB 512x512 1587863023515.gif)
>>8757 Kimeemaru you are truly the matyr for loli and a overnight legend for imageboards. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and see the fallout of this shitstorm. Will julay/v/irgins move to another website will they go to my board?, or will flesh be dethroned?
>>8758 Can't spoil too much fun can I? Though I doubt the weasel will get shitcanned because he's Robi's friend. He gets 30% from all julay sales you know.
Open file (57.11 KB 242x271 he.PNG)
>>8759 Tell me, did you crash this plane with no survivors for the meme?
Open file (882.27 KB 245x106 bane.gif)
Open file (534.39 KB 637x819 [o.PNG)
>>8761 I haven't laughed this long in a while. If you can, please inform fleshnigger that there's a website that recently banned lolicon that's currently looking for a /v/ board owner if he's interested once julay crashes and burns.
>>8751 >Janny revealed they're banning loli on the reboot. Didn't Robi himself said that all kinds of porn would be forbidden on the reboot?
janny hijack
>>8763 Was it all porn in general or the porn boards?
>>8765 I was under the impression that just porn boards were being removed.
>>8766 It's everything that isn't in that "which boards will be kept" thread at the top of the countdown.
>>8751 >a global is actually conflating loli and pedophilia JFC, I had hoped that cancer had remained back on 8kunt. These people do not belong on imageboards.
>>8765 The only porn that would be allowed on after the reboot is /abdl/.
>>8749 They actually got hit. Not that I expect anyone here to know this. >>8756 I am just glad it's dead already. Not as fucking zombie like in these few last years.
>>8769 At least we know Robis fetish now.
>>8751 Anon, how old is this? This hanging flesh fag's info is pretty out of date since /delicious/ hasn't been behind a torwall for something like a week or two. >Janny revealed they're banning loli on the reboot. Didn't Robi specifically say it was allowed, they just wouldn't have porn boards anymore? Has that changed?
>>8780 >Anon, how old is this? This hanging flesh fag's info is pretty out of date since /delicious/ hasn't been behind a torwall for something like a week or two. Not him, but it's happened just today. /v/'s been basically on fire band those are logs Kimeemaru posted in the /v/ meta's OP.
Open file (134.43 KB 439x439 0.jpg)
>>8781 >but it's happened just today. And this is supposed to be the only gvol left? Even if he's a retard that thinks loli is pedo, how the fuck can he not know these things? I can go straight to /delicious/ on the clearnet right now.
Copied from the /cafe/ thread For the lost anons wondering why Julay was down and unable to access /hgg/ on it, there is no need to worry, for now. Here's the long and short of it >/v/ BO can't handle it and steps down >Hanging flesh, a gvol, appoints /japan/ and I think /2hu/ BO as new BO of /v/ in the meantime >BO explicitly allows loli, something there was already a thread for >Hanging flesh spergs out because he thinks loli is global banned and /delicious/ is still behind a torwall, when neither of these things are true >Goes on a massive global banning spree and deletes many posts and threads, likely including the loli games thread >Robi shows up, clarifies Hanging Flesh is retarded and loli a-okay, and the site is down for maintenance while Robi tries to restore the threads in spite of lynxchan's shit software Shit's pretty retarded. This fag was weeks behind on major site issues and how global rules worked. Left unchecked, he could have nuked and perma'd large portions of /hgg/ because he thought loli was a no-no. I don't trust Julay administration a bit, and the sooner the main /hgg/ site can move to somewhere else with a non-cucked host/registrar, the better. Who knows when retardation like this will crop up again in the remaining 2 1/2 months and whether it will threaten /hgg/ instead of /v/?
>>8785 Oh and as for the damages, 16 /v/ threads were deleted and Robi was only able to recover 2 of them. Something like that here would have devastated the board.
>>8785 /japan/ here to clarify a few things lost in translation >/v/ BO spergs out and quits his own board >Reason is 4 dedicated lads kept reposting threads about TLoU2 disaster which the BO irrationally benned >BO cries cocodrile tears on IRC and passes BO to the last volunteer on /v/ >Only that the other appointed vol on the board happens to be owner of julay/2hu/ and plw/japan/ >touhou hijack lol >css changed >meta thread proceeds to go into easy mode >/v/ and its BO eternally BTFO >New BO makes a joking remark about how there's only one global BO left on julay as a whole and if they left he would have total control over julay >immediatly /v/ starts getting shitposted to death by dolphin >loli dumps, toddlecon, "Loli is cp!!" >As >>8785 described, last gvol was braindead and started a holy crusade against loli >Locks down /v/, deletes over 50k posts and forces the board into text mode >This only angered /v/irgins and /jp/ who began to shitpost ASCII lolis alongside the dolphin niggers, completely outproducing them in spam >NewBO makes a Banepost statement to rally everone into taking back the board by force by also overloading /cow/ and other boards >Gvol melts down on IRC, gives board back to New BO and quits for the night >dolphin niggers quit too bickers they got beat at their own game >Aftermath: /cow/ destroyed, /v/ sacked and turned into /2hu/ colony, julay reputation in shambles, rest of the webring laughing their asses off, peace restored. >Total tengu victory achieved And that's about all that was missing from the information. Hope you niggers make a good website soon, and remember to steer away from /v/alkan drama.
>>8788 Good job with ending that shitshow.
>>8788 Aww man. I missed the shitstorm.
>>8807 You can visit the Julay/v/ meta thread, the one on /v/, not /meta/. There's still residual shitposting and loliposting, and lots of people are showing up uninformed and misinformed because Robi never made a large announcement about what happened in any OP, his initial announcements and posts are buried in a dead meta thread bogged down by spam of the likes that kills browsers, and the new meta thread by the new BO clarifies nothing.
>>8807 Aaaaand it's started up again. In current news: HangingFlesh encouraging what I assume is a new gvol to not mod CP, presumably so he can gain a reason to kick Kimeemaru from BO Kimeemaru getting kicked from IRC >>>/v/41713 >>>/v/41917
>>8812 That wasn't CP, just images of children that where being dumped.
>>8815 No, there was CP in addition to lightly clothed children.
>>8818 If I meant CP in that cap I would've said CP, I was referring to the images of children.
>>8819 Nice plausible deniability, but both were being dumped at the time, your spite for Kimemaru is palpable, and you already showed yourself to be braindead retarded when you thought loli was banned and thought /delicious/ was still behind a torwall, so not many are going to give the benefit of the doubt. Assuming that's really you, I just glad you didn't notice other boards with loli on them. Let this be lesson against IRC faggotry.
>>8819 Is curbing child model posting a responsibility of gvols? Do you do it regularly for other boards?
>>8819 At least when I checked the threads yesterday it was all getting spammed: Everything from Loli to Toddlercon to clothed children to actual CP.
Now Julay is killed.
>>8842 Second domain and onion still work. I didn't expect such sudoku from admin and g-hotpockets though.
So I'm curious, was it Esthar again? Or was this an inside job from one of the globals that absolutely lost their mind during the spergout?
>>8845 No evidence. Just a pedofag who ends his posts in ( :
>>8845 Not Esther, just someone spamming CP during the spergout and the pages being archived at breakneck speeds faster than the agent of chaos could ban and delete.
Hello fags. You have a new temp bunker in the cafe in lieu of latest developments. https://anon.cafe/hgg/ Better get working on your permanent solution for an /hgg/ ASAP cause that timer at the top has just been shortened to nothing. >[03:18:34] <kimeemaru> I just pulled off webring 9/11 https://prolikewoah.com/japan/res/125.html#q2610 Where were you when /japan/ killed julay?
>>8849 Laughing on other imageboard not in webring. Rest in pieces julay/v/. F Also I don't recommend actually joining webring, that ain't worth it.

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