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/meta/ thread

A thread for all /meta/ discussion, bitching, and shit-tier memes.

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Welcome to /jenny/, a board dedicated to Youtube reviewer, pony expert, and /tv/'s first officially elected queen, Jenny Nicholson. Rules: 1. (You) farming will only be tolerated in the /meta/ thread. Threads or certain posts can and will be deleted for being off-topic. 2. Non-Jenny waifuposting is welcome within reason. This means no over-saturation of non-Jenny posts. A general may be permitted. 3. The board is an off-shoot of /tv/. This doesn't mean that the board is at odds or in competition with the parent board. Any posts suggesting otherwise should be considered falseflagging. 4. This isn't a SFW board, but it isn't smut central either. Apply spoilers. 5. Adhere to global rules. Links: In the event that shit hits the fan with Julay and tvch, the final bunker of bunkers is:

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Jenny General 3

I'd still like to get an update on fake jenny, where she is now.

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hbomb thread? what don't you guys like about him?

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post the worst reply you have seen this one i think he is speaking directly to you guys? lol.

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Jenny General - Decisions Edition

Okay lads, I think 1100 posts make for enough of a thread. Going forward, I think we can cap them at 700 and be fine with that. A bit more importantly, Julay is getting reworked. Going by >>>/meta/8318 boards will be getting purged. It almost seems like it's only the porn boards and the dead boards that are getting axed, but I'm not entirely sure. I have to contact the admin. In the event that we cannot secure our place here like I thought we would be able to, as that's what Julay was advertised for, we may be in a bit of a pickle. Unlike how we were fucked by Jim and Ron, there is time for us to decide the next step if a next step needs to be made. Our discord bunker still exists, but understandable not everyone wants to use discord and, even if they did, the discord was never meant for any sort of permanence. If you have suggestions, now is the time to make them.

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Missing/Rare Jennys

Literally a begging thread, are you missing any rare or exotic Jenny media. Personally I'm interested in the screen junkies/doug benson pitch off episode which was until very recently available on amazon US but no longer is.

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Jenny General - Moving On Edition

Let's start this off with her new video and see how long it takes for anybody to follow the link here.