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/meta/ thread Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 06:42:08 No.1
A thread for all /meta/ discussion, bitching, and shit-tier memes.
Edited last time by Lotso on 12/04/2019 (Wed) 23:32:11.
Why do you orbit this random skank?
Fuck me I've been lazy trying to update things. Any of you fine lads have the layout for old /jenny/? It got lost when Jim fucked 8ch and I was too much of a dummy to make a copy. >>262 I would direct you to >>>/tv/59940
>>263 Oh it's that bitch, I remember her from ancient horse lore. Whatever I guess, too old.
>>263 i'll keep an eye out friend what does it look like?
>>310 It was like a pink background and yellow lettering. Some anon had made it.
Is it just me or do spoilers come off as a touch bit oversized?
>>471 Not big enough. More jenny.
suggestion to raise a petition to word filter "adorable" please, it can be very offensive to some.
>>898 I usually hate wordfilters but the idea is somewhat amusing.
>>932 >I usually wordfilters
>>2013 >I usually
petition anyone starting a new /general/ do so with an image of at least not a wall of text but ideally obviously a cute pic of some kind
>>2147 Everybody always drags their feet making new generals when the current ones have clearly gone beyond the point they should've been locked. It's not the most amazing OP but at least he had the balls to do what nobody else would. To him, I tip my fedora. But yes, in the future, a little more effort would be something to keep in mind. Maybe we could make it a new rule when we get our own site which should happen before the end of the month unless fate wants to really fuck me over.
For the sake of saying it, we should have our own home up in the next week or so. Assuming something doesn't go awry, anyway. >>2294 Oh hi Mark.

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