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Open file (491.06 KB 968x538 glitchy spook.mp4)
Jenny General - Decisions Edition Knight of Jen 04/29/2020 (Wed) 18:35:49 ID: 610c48 No.1257
Okay lads, I think 1100 posts make for enough of a thread. Going forward, I think we can cap them at 700 and be fine with that. A bit more importantly, Julay is getting reworked. Going by >>>/meta/8318 boards will be getting purged. It almost seems like it's only the porn boards and the dead boards that are getting axed, but I'm not entirely sure. I have to contact the admin. In the event that we cannot secure our place here like I thought we would be able to, as that's what Julay was advertised for, we may be in a bit of a pickle. Unlike how we were fucked by Jim and Ron, there is time for us to decide the next step if a next step needs to be made. Our discord bunker still exists, but understandable not everyone wants to use discord and, even if they did, the discord was never meant for any sort of permanence. If you have suggestions, now is the time to make them.
>>2092 Fact is, Bailey just isn't famous enough to hang out with Jenny anymore. Her YouTube, Twitch and Twitter numbers are too low.
>>2092 >Boyegate What?
Open file (121.75 KB 750x937 IMG_0911.JPG)
>>2092 I'm pretty sure it's just the quarantine that's stopping them hanging out. They still tweet joke replies to each other all of the time.
>>2092 >>2095 bailey was supposed to go with jenny to disneyland until sammy went to the farm. >>2094 google the racial implications of being reylo then understand jenny has always kind of sidestepped accusations of being one then at christmas she said boyega was wrong to use the phrase "lay pipe" (have sex with a woman; pipe = penis, lay = put in hole) and twitter took it as jenny being racist instead of feminist so her twitter went private for a while until it calmed down lol. you gotta skim over the other thread and catch up dude. actually i think that's the most interesting thing. >>2095 is this a blue board? does that mean anything here?
>>2096 Ohh ok I know about that thing, people still tweet about Jenny being racist cause of it. But she makes all kinds of jokes including a lot of insulting ones were she’ll act like she’s just joking so I never thought she had a leg to stand on about turning that single joke into a whole issue, funny it blew up in her face. Also holy shit, her last Sub only Twitch video has 1,700 views, Jenny’s pulling in least 4Gs on Twitch. I watch her twitch streams, they’re honestly not very good.
>>2097 Sky was housesitting this week I think she said she would maybe be streaming with jenny at the weekend but I cant check it the vod got deleted lol. Real interested to see how she handles a solo stream. Also jenny is working on her brony video now, streaming takes a backseat. I dont know how view counts work but I think a minority will have watched 6h in one go. She could probably pull a reasonable figure never streaming ever again, some people won't cancel subs for whatever reason. Someone with enough time and nothing better to do could go through her videos and work out a rough sub count based on notifs, they renew every month you would need two months worth videos I guess.
>>2098 I think the majority of subscriptions are done using Twitch Prime subs though, which do not automatically renew every month. Also a few people gave a lot of gift subs, which they wont just do while Jenny is offline, so her sub count will drop substantially if she doesn't stream at least once a month. Also, are you seriously going to bring up sister's last stream and not mention that she had a sex toy hooked up to herself and was letting the chat pay to take control of it...she deleted that part of the vod and I shut it off cause it was fucking gross, but yeah I guess she is just a full on titty streamer now. I hope someone in chat brings it up next time she streams with Jenny.
>>2099 lmao that's not why she deleted it she was taking donations and sending out links in the vod thats still up. I'm not jerking off to it but I found bits of it amusing, dont get me wrong I preferred mommy sky tuck in time. Shame on anyone that grasses but at the same time if someone was going to do it anyway I want to see it. Jenny will just attack the chat for being inappropriate is my bet. Lold when first time bailey raids her stream and shes sitting on a vibrator talk about timing.
>>2100 I see, what was the reason for deleting the vod then? You can tell something weird happens right before where the vod starts but I couldn't figure out what. And yeah the Bailey raid was hilarious.
>>2101 Oh man I feel bad even talking about it she had a weird setup because she was housesitting and accidentally broadcast the wrong window with her of dms. hella awkward.
>>2102 Come through with those screen grabs...
Open file (60.70 KB 600x392 boyegate12.jpg)
I feel like I missed out on something big was this yesterday? >>2094 the controversy with john boyega, bailey is the one who started it, and Jenny just retweeted her out of solidarity.
>>2103 Even if I had any I dont think I'd post them just to embarrass her chat. All it was was a probably partial list of her prime paypigs and then she messaged one of them about what toy she bought, which you can figure out from the vod that's still up anyway.
>>2105 I still just don't get her and her whole twitch thing, Is it like ironic findom, is the onlyfans/lovesense stuff real? Or is it just a joke but she's actually making money out of it?
>>2106 I doubt she goes nude, but given that shes posted photos of herself in the bathtub on twitter I'm going to assume its real
>>2106 As the saying goes those who findom for a joke will soon find themselves in the company of pay pigs. I think shes just really open to trying new things, I'm sure the cash doesnt hurt either. >>2107 Someone is going to have to take one for the team lol.
>>2108 I tried but the security settings for my credit card rejected it. onlyfans says its working on a paypal option. I'll wait for that I'm guessing legs and cleavage at the most though
>>2099 >she had a sex toy hooked up to herself and was letting the chat pay to take control of it <Jenny's stream will never be that interactive ;_;
>>2110 I've done nasty stuff in public places before don't get me wrong but this digital stuff is just too foreign. i don't know if its a fetish kink thing specifically or if kids today are too attached to phones or just don't want to get smelly fingers? I'd much rather play the horse card game than play with a digital dildo it looks really comfy. the whole cards against humanity thing is fucking stupid too, people really needed a black guy to condemn them before they realised it was racist? such a boring game too. wasting $100k to dig a hole was the best thing they ever did and even that wasn't funny past the concept stage.
Open file (6.67 KB 220x84 what if.jpg)
if you went to Lindsay's onlyfans and saw a picture like this, just two butts side by side, no caption or explanations. would you assume one was Jenny?
Open file (6.87 MB 800x400 omgdroidy.gif)
>>2112 wat
>>2111 Yeah I 100% agree, cards against humanity sucks. It's always sucked. It's funny the first time you play it when you're 14 and never again.
>>2110 Yeah it was basically this except imagine instead of an attractive woman its a deranged man who cut off his penis and talks in a fake high pitch voice. Like, can trans woman even get any pleasure from toys like that?
>>2085 https://www.instagram.com/p/BYwUIThgwJT/ Back when Jenny and Max were so thirsty for each other they didn't even try to hide their flirting and did so publicly on instagram and twitter all the time, even though Max had a girlfriend at the time (who later was 1 of 2 of Max's ex's to accuse him of choking her out of anger).
>>2115 > deranged man who cut off his penis This has yet to be confirmed either way unless you want to share something from the of..
>>2112 Is this how you're convincing yourself to try and join her OF, the off-chance Jenny is somehow talked into contributing? >>2115 Did she put on Goodbye Horses first?
>>2118 yes.
>>2118 If Jenny sees how much she could be earning from onlyfans...you never know...
>>2119 >>2120 But she hates men so much. I don't ever see her doing something like that no matter the potential fortune dumped at her feet. I mean, she's expressed disgust at her male fans several times on Patreon, and hers is about at PG as they come.
when's skys next stream?
>>2122 scientists have been hard at work but the hundreds of billions in research have so far turned up nothing. the boffin behind the project remains optimistic amongst growing calls for his resignation and execution: "we just don't know" >>2098 all i can tell you is she's been away, she might be back, don't know if she will go away again. she was streaming a lot while jenny was working then took a bit of a break while they were just hanging out. jenny is supposed to be working on a video now? so again: who knows? also i think sky said something about they only order in and eat one meal a day? so that's the secret if any of you think you can order in 4 meals a day then work it off editing videos and cuddling plushies to be as fit as jenny or sky you are severely mistaken.
Open file (6.56 MB 320x240 Timmy the Tranny.mp4)
>thread over 800 posts Why doesn't setting posts limits work, reeeeee. >>2115 >Like, can trans woman even get any pleasure from toys like that? Unless it's up their ass, no. You can't just chop off your dick and have the nerves rewired into a vagina. Shit doesn't work that way, hence the high rate of suicides.
Open file (34.94 KB 692x159 carlyrayjepsen.jpg)
Oh, like a video about carly ray jepsen that, if one anon has not misled me, you are in?
Open file (54.69 KB 626x301 fyad_life.jpg)
Jenny confirmed for her brother's sister. I dunno if i wrote this out on here but the whole 'deal' with the sibling is irony lifestyle which means, instead of enjoying humor you enjoy that the real joke is ON the audience, and only a select few know that. but the game gets raised to where the joke is then ON the select few, and eventually the only person who is in on the joke is the ironist themselves.
Open file (94.42 KB 596x504 fixedit.jpg)
>>2125 Im not trying to be mean, but when Jenny tries to use big words she sometimes ends up sounding stupid I edited it for her
>>2126 > I dunno if i wrote this out on here where else did you post it? grey boards? butthurt is bad for you anon let it go. people can have a different sense of humor to you doesn't make them a bad person. What you would rather do is bend the knee to someone and suck up with a joke that isn't funny? got it. >>2127 It's definitely sprawling but thats nice it reminds me of how gangly jenny is physically. I think you made it ambiguous, who is attributing? should have used red pen like vito correcting that black girl's demand about the school football LMAO. i can't believe i was so stupid to consider for a moment that his trans flag avatar was sincere.
in my defense I had to copy-paste from words already in her tweet
>>2124 >>Like, can trans woman even get any pleasure from toys like that? Unless it's up their ass, no. You can't just chop off your dick and have the nerves rewired into a vagina. Shit doesn't work that way, hence the high rate of suicides. this is acutely transphobic anon be ashamed. there is absolutely a word for people who insist all trans people need surgery to be valid but i couldn't really be bothered trawling through piles of shit like >Just as white people ought never speak over people of colour when seeking to define racism, cisgender people ought never to speak over trans people when seeking to define transphobia. to find it; they make it really difficult. also actually i think it does kind of work that way and pretty sure suicide rates are not necessarily to do with nerves but i'm happy to be corrected. they just make your peepee into a big clit lol.
>>2130 >this is acutely transphobic anon be ashamed.
Open file (18.58 KB 692x159 hpr.jpg)
>>2129 i gave it a shot but i changed the meaning a little bit too: this is jenny roleplaying a na'vavi with poor english skills being asked about the harry potter franchise. the white space indicates pauses. never be afraid to go avante guarde.
>>2132 >na'vavi you know the blue man. the tall naked guy. whatever fuck you.
>>2124 Just start a new thread, it's no trouble to move over to another one.
>>2100 So confused, Bailey went to Lindsey’s stream why Lindsey was on a vibrater?
>>2117 Oh, it’s absolutely confirmed. Jenny only mentions having a brother on twitter until like 2014 then only mentions having a sister after.
>>2140 bailey and sky were both streaming sky was streaming with her toy bailey raided sky's stream raid is when you end your stream you jump into someone else stream and bring your viewers with you to help them out. >>2141 i'm only arguing specifics if you catch my drift
The ease with which Jenny mentions anal makes me wonder if she’s as innocent as we assume her to be. *cant seem to upload the screenshot* I liked the CAH idea of prompts being more based around story/sentence completion, but the jokes are so tryhard and hold your hand so much. Ohoho a card about anal, this shall yield hilarity! I like the dryness of Apples to Apples, it makes you get a little more abstract.
>>2142 Gotcha, thanks for explaining. Oh youre talking about the post-op pics, but offer sky a couple of subs on twitch and see what happens. Obviously when Jenny isn’t there. There was that friend who funded their surgery with a livestream D&D game Jenny went too, “he” showed what his chest looked like right after they sucked out his tits. Unpleasant image. For working at Disney and having a Trump loving dad, Jenny sure knows a lot of trans people...
>>2143 oh the last part of your post is her tweet - the casualness can still be virginal. the way i see it these sex things are just lore to her she read about on tumblr. that's why she knows vore etc and would burble something like 'anal' not having really pictured it in it's real grossness, because it's not real to her
>>2144 i'm saying the curtains don't necessarily match the drapes. >>2145 one of her first streams she played smash bros and one of the interstitial screens i think was about cucoos from oot? and jenny misread it as cuck and they had a jolly good giggle about it. but if you come on here talking about jennys anus no bones about it you are a pervert. she was just quoting a card. we all know what anal is most people are just too polite to talk about it apropos of nothing.

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