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Open file (126.62 KB 512x524 mint.jpg)
Jenny General 3 Knight of Jen 06/29/2020 (Mon) 01:42:58 ID: 80e39c No.2135
I'd still like to get an update on fake jenny, where she is now.
>>2341 I didn't make the connection sorry anon. I was going to say probably billions of creeps reply to jenny every second. http://www.plumjuicegaming.com/donkey-kong-country-a-marxist-reading/ Fuck sake.
>watching Jenny's latest ramble >Tale of Moving to Work at Disney <moving >talks almost exclusively about working there instead Is she getting senile in her old age?
>>2343 just more slickly disingenuous
>>2343 What were you expecting or hoping for that you didnt hear? Sorting and packing away and transporting and unpacking and storing all of her unmentionables in grizzly detail? Keep dreaming pervert.
>>2329 His gf makes Jenny style videos? >>2330 Yes, there’s a black girl both Jenny and Bailey hangout with, she’s like a black nerd who does cosplay and acts.
>>2339 Jenny replies to JackSaints tweets A LOT unprompted...Jenny likes him. Guarantee you’ll see them hanging out at Disneyland together in the future. Also Jenny’s mentioned how the 4th outage movie is racist before even though the main heroes are black, the villains are white bureaucrats and the director was black.
Open file (485.62 KB 1319x1270 1594018603024.png)
Open file (415.03 KB 1368x1270 1594101184834.png)
Open file (65.65 KB 672x835 1593999688184.png)
Open file (62.66 KB 619x553 1594087828956.png)
Open file (43.34 KB 705x527 1594058459228.png)
>>2331 pic related? >>2339 after the incident a fake meda saber account started trying to troll her on youtube. but this might be a coincidence >>2345 a 90s Disney movie singing sequence about wanting to follow her dreams and be bigger than her small town. >>2349 you should promote this on indigogo as comicsgate
>>2350 What incident? > fake account A trolls gonna get that poor fuck arrested Also Jenny’s tweeting about a Noah’s Ark she’s calling Big Gay Boat. She’s been getting more political these last few months.
>>2351 Lol I'm sure anyone who either builds and operates a real life bible story as an attraction or visits said attraction unironically gives a flying fuck what a bunch of heathen flood fodder say, it's literally in the bible that people mocked Noah for being retarded. The rainbow is the dumbest shit to argue on both sides but at least in the bible its makes sense as to do with the rain. What does a rainbow have to do with LGBT literally nothing. Gays/liberals/arts are supposed to be creative but they couldn't they come up with their own thing?
>>2350 >you should promote this on indigogo If I was the one making it, I might have half a mind to. >as comicsgate ?
Open file (75.67 KB 480x360 jenstalk.jpg)
>>2351 when jenny made the tumblr thread >>2351 >She’s been getting more political these last few months and baily less than ever. I noticed more political people toning it down and less political people turning it up, its strange.
Open file (49.60 KB 733x239 modest.jpg)
jenny hard-mocking modest girls. like, okay get your tits out then?
Open file (817.10 KB 2048x2048 EcXFjXuUwAAUFjN.jfif)
>>2355 but, in the midst of me growing more sceptical of her worth she goes and posts this with - that frame that pose. the sensibility behind it and the raw material to pull it off just a package of romantic femininity that i don't think you could a thousand miles around. i just wish she was *in the role of* a romance heroine, you know, vulnerable, which she really is, instead of being though through the only available perception of her, her present day online presence, a smarmy twat
>>2345 >Sorting and packing away and transporting and unpacking and storing all of her unmentionables Well, that would require visual aids and she's not going to have panties in her office, silly! >>2355 >Jenny dresses like a modest teenage girl from the early 90s I can't believe she has the gall to mock anyone's style.
>>2356 Is Jenny on a road trip, maybe taking Lindsay back to mom and dad's house so he can be their problem? Maybe Jenny found out he sat on a sex toy for hours in her computer chair and that was the last straw.
>>2343 There are some old tweets about how she drove to LA with her dads help and they went to Disneyland the night they arrived. >>2355 This is unsurprisingly mean and judgmental, if she was a male gamer she’d be cancelled for talking down modest girls. >>2356 And that’s the lowest cut top I’ve seen Jenny wear for a long time, she’s being cute on a trip with a special someone? Jack Saint finally gonna get that pony lovin. Still can’t tell if Jenny’s a modest C or full B cup.
Open file (109.95 KB 565x597 griffgf.png)
I dont think Griff's gf is the youtube girl he "edits" for, it looks like its this girl that works for twitter.
Open file (1.91 MB 890x1194 chesty.png)
>>2359 Still think this is the most revealing thing I have seen her wear publicly
>>2356 she’s cut or burned her wrist and her arms are looking a little thick compared to here >>2361
>>2361 >this chick actually put rouge on her nose holy tumblr
>>2360 i saw this and i thought, it must be a joke because nobody would post something so gauche in earnest but then, now that you mention it - >asian-american girl that works in sf there is one type of person...
>>2356 >>2361 >damage on her wrists I-is Jenny into some sort of bondage play?
Open file (112.44 KB 894x1200 ff8o3fu5nhl21.jpg)
I don't like this site, this board. Reading all the posts talking about her personal life drama makes me feel bad, like i am in a room full of people complaining about someone i barely know and have no way to have my own opinion on. Makes me feel bad about myself, fuck, i should be out there looking for someone, trying to meet a nice girl, not here, but yet i can't leave. I don't relate to most things Jenny likes, i don't care about star wars, mlp, etc, and even so i feel attracted to her. I don't want to do this anymore.
>>2366 'see you tomorrow'...
>>2366 thats one idea how about instead yall help find this dino so i can go sniff the ground where jennys feet have recently been >>2356
>>2366 Calm down, Griff.
>>2356 I didn't know they had gas station dinosaurs in cali. is jenny outside of cali
>>2370 they are all over. doesn't look like any gas station i know the red top building is interesting. guess we will just have to wait find out what shenanigoats she was up to.
>>2366 Been there friend, take a break from her YouTube and reduce how often you check out her twitter or even come here. The less you see her the less you’ll think of her. >>2368 I just don’t care as much anymore to look into it, if she tells us later cool if not, then she’s out with someone and saw a green Dino statue and probably squealed like a 10 year old.
Open file (133.11 KB 748x967 EcWHYcbUEAALuiW.jpg)
Open file (25.86 KB 400x400 EcZOcxsU0AAcT1W.jpg)
>>2376 Face I make on stressful work days when I remember Jenny makes 5x what I make to talk about Disneyland and Star Wars once a month.
Open file (336.36 KB 1536x2048 EcbRSGuUEAABB46.jpg)
>>2376 There was a good one today, Bailey's daily selfies are pretty much the only thing keeping me going at the minute. Always the highlight of my day.
>>2378 dem legs hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
JK Rowling one of 150 influential signatories of an anti-cancel culture letter, Jenny rant that’ll get 5,000 cuck retweets coming in 3 2 1....
Open file (90.48 KB 661x443 ugh.jpg)
>openly talking about keenly going back to the house of a man she just met on a date FFFffuck this whoRe she must have got enough female patrons now she can drop the sweetie act
>>2381 >hasn't occurred Yeah that's what it is nothing to do with not spunking money up the wall on useless shit or getting everything bought for you lol. But really I dont know anyone who has just an actual single chair lol. Really be tough renting in LA huh.
Open file (90.62 KB 768x1024 CKUgOR6UkAAopez.jpg)
>>2381 Jenny once must've sat on a guys lap (instead of sitting on the floor) while they watched a movie, fucked him, took a shower and struggled to dry off with his one towel, woke up later that night for a snack only to find his one plate/flatware dirty. I have a couch, but my walls are bare... sorry, Jen.
>>2378 you made the subreddit i just saw didnt you
>>2383 > struggled to dry off with his one towel that actually was a revealing line wasn't it.
>>2381 This girl fucks
>>2381 No tweet on 13 hours, she out and about on a trip I bet. She’ll tweet about it later.
Open file (50.70 KB 598x312 twitter.jpg)
>>2388 what are you talking about ... eh, i guess it's not so big an embarrassment to not to know how twitter works not as embarrassing as being married to a woman who turns out to fuck strangers often :(
>>2389 Told you a million times, you’re not married to Jenny you just think you are.
>>2384 No, what subreddit is that? Did someone make a Bailey subreddit?
Open file (131.73 KB 1151x571 cooma.jpg)
>>2392 obviously one of you is this ultimate coomer boomer and im kind of surprised you even like jenny since the other 3 girls you posted are even more boyish/masculine than the male shown
>>2393 1) how the fuck do you just stumble across this there is no way >>2384 isnt hunnyandoats nice try dude 2) contra isnt endlessly sexy it ends as soon as shes out of catgirl mode 3) I disagree about the dino having a good view of jenny with side mounted eyes 4) the sub has jenny avatar logo, can anyone link ALL posted people back to queen?
>>2393 >contrapoints >but no sky Hmm. Curious.
>>2394 >how do you stumble id image searched jenny n*cholson + dinosaur
>>2394 Yeah this is far too targeted. Either this is someone here or it’s some kind of sting operation.

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