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Missing/Rare Jennys Knight of Jen 02/06/2020 (Thu) 06:12:22 ID: c8f217 No.26
Literally a begging thread, are you missing any rare or exotic Jenny media. Personally I'm interested in the screen junkies/doug benson pitch off episode which was until very recently available on amazon US but no longer is.
You know, I wouldn't mind more of her old Facebook pics. I only have a handful and wasn't aware of her back in those Brony days.
If anyone has those photos of Jenny with fans I would appreciate them. I think they were at Star Wars Celebration but I can't find any of them.
>>77 >unfollowed for 'political rants' Always wondered about this, did bailey have any intention whatsoever in not unfollowing him as quickly as possible? Jenny flat out ignored him, presumably he wasnt fun or interesting person and gatekeeps (one of them?) about the lore. So why did bailey follow him at all? Out of embarrassment? If she did actually just drop him because of the rants then what an idiot, know when to keep your gob shut. I wonder what he was saying, general trumping? Or just retarded crap? Something specific. Let us know Bailey please I'm really interested in the story.
Open file (432.81 KB 1536x2048 1581285904503.jpg)
One of you posted this on vch I just wanted to copy it here as a possible creepy stalker talking point of jenny (I assume it is jenny) using an iphone. I have seen at least several comments on some platform asking her why she didnt use an iphone. Did she buy one when she got patreon rich? Anyway I just thought it was interesting.
>>84 >tfw no jenny stalker IT HURTS
Open file (322.29 KB 1521x2048 EN-gjocU0AAeh4D-orig.jpg)
>>73 >>78 There was a few in here I didn't have, thanks! >>84 I think she's always been a Samsung girl as some of the old EXIF data showed selfies were taken with an S7 or something. She currently uses what looks like an S9 (non-plus).
>>92 I'm beginning to feel more and more uncomfortable posting here lol. maybe can we cool it a little bit, I just love jenny i don't want to be a creep about it. I don't really want to know what you were hoping to get from her exif, thats kind of extra? thats what the kids say now right? extra? you're weird dude. but yeah ok now i'm kind of interested in her phone of choice.
>>81 >>92 I'll post more, I just didn't realize how much I had. >>93 Hey, at least he's not the guy living in her giant porg.
>>96 >>88 is this what you meant? her stalker can't post because he is entombed in the porg? drowning in his own fluids as ants and flies devour him, his only screams of anguish converted via a system of tubes into cute porg squawks. i have no idea what sounds porgs make. but thats some fucking ancient greek torture shit. yuck.
>>96 mega
Some of my rares, I posted all of these over at /jenny/ at one point or another.
I think this is probably my rarest, jenny and her sister on Christmas morning. From Ken's facebook. Also I just realised there are 2677 photos and videos in my Jenny folder. I think I may have got a little out of hand.
>>93 Someone wanted to know about her phone, I had the answer. Quit being a fag. >>104 >hotpants Jenny will never return ;_; >>105 >Jenny the Elf >Brother/Sister the Dork >Ms. Clause >Steampunk Photographer
>>106 >Steampunk Photographer Based and top hat pilled Have to admire Jenny's colour coordination with the season. Always dressed for the occasion.
Open file (643.54 KB 4032x3024 K4zuvxB.jpg)
Never seen this before, could someone appraise it for me please.
>>314 That's the first rare Jenny I've not seen before in a long time, where did you find it?
>>315 Really weird but I wasn't even looking for her, just happened to stumble into it trying to find something completely unrelated on le reddit, and i thought hmm that definitely looks like our girl. Fkn crazy.
Not a rare jenny per se but perhaps a rare sammy some of you may have missed or misplaced. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XBZgoDwPZ9E&t=53s I post this humble tribute that you all may remeber him in your minds, hold him dear in your hearts and pray for those troubled souls he leaves behind. God willing we shal see you soon brother. I know its tempting to mute but bailey does speak it's not all just the thot screeching.
>>401 That’s a good find, I’ve not seen that before. How did you cone across that?
>>416 Autism?
>>317 Never seen this one. Where was this posted, in what context? >>105 How do we know this is her sister pre-transition and not an ex boyfriend?
Open file (314.85 KB 1341x2048 EMN1aiRUUAAGdGa.jfif)
>>658 >tfw no loli jenny and bailey
Open file (31.41 KB 376x456 sidejen.jpg)
a while ago someone was looking for side-profile pics of jenny. I couldn't find any then but just now I noticed her con footage has plenty
Open file (8.03 MB 1912x1072 griff_him.webm)
>>947 kind of overplaying it isn't he..
Open file (54.23 KB 424x756 griffinspecker.jpg)
>>975 What the actual fuck.
Open file (646.78 KB 640x360 yum.webm)
Open file (44.87 KB 587x515 kjgjkjk.jpg)
anyone have the originals? I don't know why I cropped them like this
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtEEdLJ_J_8 Max's youtube unlisted. are there any more of these? probably not right?
Open file (73.18 KB 760x424 rare.jpg)
https://radaris.com/ng/go/812831-3939/youtube/2 theyre keeping supreme rare jennies from us
>>78 Very impressed with that graduation rate, here I thought aid seen them all.

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