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Jenny General - Moving On Edition Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 07:12:48 No.3

Let's start this off with her new video and see how long it takes for anybody to follow the link here.
Open file (119.30 KB 768x1024 D2anKS_UwAE91Rq-orig.jpg)
>>1205 Jenny works off her hatred of men until she regains her focus, that's easily 4-5hrs a day.
would you guys be upset to find out jenny was a boy at one point. hypothetically
uh did you guys know that, bear with me, the person who The-being-who-was-Gr*ffin (it's not the same guy really, is it?) started collaborating with in recent months (the black chick) is a fan (or something) of bread tube and regularly posts on bread tube reddits (and no others) and makes content for these reddits (memes and shit)? TbwwG is like... slouching toward Jenny's circle to be born
>>1209 I didn't even know he was still making stuff. I thought he was over youtube?
>>1210 i just mean that one video he made two months ago and he tweeted her out once or twice. all her accounts on like twitter, reddit, even tumblr just appeared six months ago out of nowhere for her to promote her one or two crappy bread tube sucking-up videos though so .. i don't know whether i think now that he sidled to her or if he actually constructed her online presence himself and she is just like a homeless person
>>1211 holy shit im sitting up in bed - it's so obvious now this IS what it is -she's a homeless person he is paying to be his proxy to make inroads with bread tube. i thought it was just my prejudice lol, that this nappy bum chick seemed out of place in san ramon chad's life
>>1212 what a waste of money, there are much easier ways to get in with breadtubers. like just have a lobotomy. maybe she's a big fan and thinks he is her way into youtube stardom based on the handful of videos he made five years ago. a mutually beneficial relationship that goes absolutely nowhere.
>>1205 one anon hypothesized a long time ago that riding horses tones your legs/arms. I agree, it seems that holding yourself onto a running animal would tighten your muscles. jenny stopped riding jorn years ago but her constant walking around Disney would have prevented atrophy, keeping her toned. and now she visits the gym. >>1208 not much would change. I would no longer agree to sleep with her if she asked though. >>1209 >TbwwG is like... slouching toward Jenny's circle to be born that time he said he was considering being a bread tube parody channel really got me thinking. he might be as obsessed with her as us.
Open file (390.32 KB 1538x2048 EWT2SxdU0AArxlF.jpg)
Open file (81.21 KB 768x1024 EWa3RvIVcAAcQCY.jpg)
>>1208 I wouldn't (probably), but I'd feel bad for their parents. Having all your children be trans would be a real punch to the gut.
Open file (145.46 KB 1400x1050 busterhardlyknowher.jpg)
>>1216 >bullying sky >>1214 >I would no longer agree..if she asked i'm genuinely interested to know what exactly you think the chance of this happening is?
sky and bailey streaming at once >>1217 >i'm genuinely interested to know what exactly you think the chance of this happening is? 0. If I lived around her/knew her, maybe 30. if I lost weight 85.
>>1218 I thought bailey was going to go off her nut based on the first 5 minutes but she held it together. I ditched her as soon as i saw sky was on but her chat just isn't what it used to be though. sky doing dress up in her old pattern skinnys from high school yes fucking please. I'm supposed to be at work in 6 hours and i really need a sleep but she said she might be coming back on later so.... interesting numbers, out of? lol.
>>1219 did she show her butt? 85% if Iooked my best and had access to her. Im less silly looking than griffin
>>1220 nah she was just chatting about it. we watched a scene girl style tips video and sky was talking about how she still had her old clothes. but she's at jenny's i'm assuming she doesn't have them in the back of her car or whatever. less silly looking come on griffin is a fucking chad he's the full package and based on the bitterness in his twitter meltdown i don't think we can be sure anything even happened. with griffin. look at him. i can't believe you don't think he is handsome. when did they really fall out? plenty of the fiw interviews it's hard to tell when they talk over and interrupt each other if its just because they are peas in a pod and in sync or if it's bitter animosity and they are just done being friends.
I want to say they were on good terms until Jenny got big independently, but that could have been griffin overestimating their bond. Jenny might have moved on before that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4ChJ_KtPC8
Open file (101.94 KB 534x514 lung damage.jpg)
carona can permanently damage lungs.. our jenny might not be ok
>>1223 damn, so now: >pneumoniac, asthmatic, asexual, myopic, hypertrophic, ocd, npd, asd, fas, concussed, mong eyefolds, turning30, have i missed any other cute vulnerabilities?
>>1222 Woah they definitely must have been in the same room just for that video such dedication. Cloppers unite lol. Absolute filth and now practically prudish. what WERE the numbers all about anyway? They definitely said at cons they expected to do more, was it jenny who pulled the plug? Griffin was doing his own thing musically maybe he was ok with dropping the show? I remember someone asking jenny if she listened to catsmilly and jenny kind of hinted maybe something happening. I'm sure griffin maybe did some music collab but was jenny involved? I thought they were going to do something for FIW? Always wondered about that. >>1223 I need a tattoo on my eyeballs to remind me not to be harsh to the poor kid for not providing me an endless stream of entertainment while at deaths door. Sorry jenny, I'm thought sending you some imaginary grapes get well soon.
>>1224 Be gone vile troll. >cute Yes ok very good.
>>1224 >being a bad car Shame, anon.
>>1227 Dang, need to watch cars and catch up on my jennyverse lore. What happens to bad cars they get crushed or something? Clamping is like handcuffs? Impound yard is like prison?
>>1228 They get The Shark.
holy FUCK imagine being bailey you're a shtetl yenta that just wants to make borscht and curses on the village's pretty women but it's america now and everyone around you is into fucking Play VIdeo GamEs and Visit Fanstasy Lands? your best friend, her father, your fucking father. That stuff is the business in this village? So you turn on the camera.. and you turn on the games. you sigh in agony as you think "Who fucking cares for this? This is for boy! for simple mind boy!" but you play. for hours holding in your hatred until you shut off the camera and curse God. you curse at your god, "you kheppy now, you mocking me? this khomputer ghames you like, ha? bastard" and so it's really no wonder why your plants die and pet dies and your skin turns to ash but you're not going to pretend to be grateful to that putz of a God for this Life
>>1231 Imagine bullying bailey on an anonymous imageboard. Woah skys chat is really boring now.
I hope bailey enjoys it, she seems sad
Open file (58.00 KB 592x447 hoefordad.jpg)
>>1233 you can't be that sad when your dad likes your libidinous gestures
>>1234 She just likes taboo stuff like 69 420 hoes etc. I dont think its libido it's not like shes saying oh stardew valley I'm frothing up thinking about rubbing myself on the keyboard. If you were her dad and your kid found a way to self sustain in trying times doing something she loves you wouldn't be proud? You doing ok dude?
>>1213 >that goes absolutely nowhere. I dunno man, Gr*ff's new vid is getting a great response from breadtube fans, it's on the front page of their reddit, and this is only his second vid. Think about another year of it and "L*xi" (gr*ff) is forwarded the location of the breadtube IRL meetup (special guest, left-adjacent star Jenny Nicholson!) But i will expose this shit and save her life before it gets to that point
>>1236 >great response from fans a duck quacked at me once, i think these two things are about the same value >special guest remember when hbomb did the charity stream for a cause near and dear to ourgirl's heart and had all the breadtube bigwigs on and jenny joined for about 5 minutes and then left because she wanted to watch a film with a big popcorn? I think you are severely underestimating jenny if you think she wouldn't simply ask who was going or know probably already what griffin is up to. of course we all hope that the pair can put their differences and all this nasty business behind them and resolve to an amicable friendship. anger and hatred lead to somewhere etc etc.
>>1237 I think this is what people forget about Jenny, she doesn't give a shit about anyone else. She only hangs out with her youtuber "friends" when it's doing things she wants to do, i.e, theme parks, movies or going to shows. Even when she did that charity dnd livestream appearance for that trans guy she turned up half and hour late and stayed for like 10mins. And thats for one of her "friends" and an issue that is obviously close to her heart. She's just programmed to not give a fuck, even when she's trying to.
well she's had a few weeks to develop this joke about men in black cryptid since she did it on twitch. i'd say if anything it was cleaner on stream, more natural. twitter version lingers on the punchline. >>1238 got this one in stereo
Open file (384.21 KB 1538x2048 EWtnlcTXkAkvJWe.jpg)
Bailey literally looks like she's about to cry in every single photo.
>>1240 All this over a cat. Why is she so fragile?
>>1241 there is no right or wrong way to grieve. sammy was basically everything bailey had right? basically she is widowed now.
sister and bailey streaming again. is the sister still with jenny?
Open file (19.11 KB 300x100 fiftyshadesofjenny.png)
Open file (57.71 KB 300x100 jennyland.png)
Open file (43.79 KB 300x100 jennyleague.png)
Open file (71.48 KB 300x100 jennyofthecaribbean.png)
Made some banners.
>>1243 sky is streaming from jenny's home so last time chat was asking sky about jenny and sky insisted jenny would be streaming. apparently lbt is nearly done
>>1242 Yeah well she can't be like this forever. >>1244 Aw shit, banneranon is back.
Open file (66.45 KB 1280x720 1528677080809.jpg)
Can someone explain me how our CUTE and divine looking jennybabe can also be this Irish-looking mess?
>>1247 Good genetics?
>>1247 false eyelashes? or makeup
I realised yesterday that as soon as there was no movie out to monetize videos about, Jenny forgot her lifelong fandom and stopped thinking about Sonic at all. Then she read my mind i guess and quickly tweeted something about Sonic. And then she read you guys minds who were talking about no videos and tweeted like uwu anyone know why my editing program does this thing. ""cos im using it right now btw""
Open file (55.41 KB 591x384 weew.jpg)
ohhhh ? oho, ok? o rly?
Open file (37.64 KB 580x156 autistic.jpg)
does she really?
>>1249 >false eyelashes oh shit you're right. She even wears two pairs at once. Jeez i had thought she just got better at makeup but it's just been stuff attached to her face tricking my brain. Shit i guess...fuck Jenny. my new waifu is a pack of 4 bushy plastic strips
>>1253 I'd pay 50$ for a genuine used jenny false eyelash
>>1253 if you very carefully rewatch the video but remember to turn on both your eyes and brain you may be able to recognise that this is actually one set of eyelashes which may or possibly may not be false combined with eyeliner >>1252 no >>1250 you would prefer she tweets every few hours reminding everyone her likes and dislikes like some dead man switch proving she is alive but completely irrelevant to anything whatsoever? she is editing her video ready to drop we know this. correlation causation.
>>1253 >>1255 Yeah is this not just the winged eyeliner look she likes to use.
New General: >>1257

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