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Open file (62.56 KB 589x320 calmdown.png)
Knight of Jen 02/08/2020 (Sat) 15:18:13 ID: 641cd5 No.54
post the worst reply you have seen this one i think he is speaking directly to you guys? lol.
>>293 This whole thing is just fucked from both sides. The amount of people replying to this though suggests Bailey might have got quite a bit of money out of this. Especially when you add on the 500 dollars she gets from patreon at the start of every month.
>>293 This fucking guy! What is his fucking problem? he was quoting Keats or some shit but changing lines to star wars the other day. Genuinely don't know whether I love him or despise him. I mean he definitely makes me feel physically sick but I kind of get a kick out of it. Definitely the creepiest of the repliers imo. I have absolutely no concept of what rent in LA is but I assume 500$ is toilet paper money. To me 500$ a month sounds fantastic but if its literally your only income then its fucking nothing at all really. I don't mean to be a dick about it but is bailey trying to get a job? Really disconcerting she's essentially gone dark, I know its a one way thing but i for one am concerned about her and i know its selfish but im keen to hear how she's coping.
>>294 >fucked from both sides. Pretty much. This is leaving the realm of Bailey grieving and her just taking advantage of others. Of course, she is a Jew, so it is in her nature, but still. What happened to her savings? Or her parents? Or her friends, especially Jenny, who would likely have no issues giving her assistance on her rent? This is not boding well for Bailey at all. She isn't producing anything in the first place to deserve so much as the patreon audience, there's no reason she should be getting hand outs now just because of her cat. Not from complete strangers like that jackass, anyway.
>>301 >Or her friends, especially Jenny, who would likely have no issues giving her assistance on her rent? Jenny seems pretty careful, hesitant about spending patreon money on park visits and camera/security people even thought that's what the people want and are paying for. She must be squirreling it away for retirement or something. Also lending friends money is a dirty business. Also maybe Bailey doesn't want to have to rely on Jenny. Also it's free money right, absolutely no expectation of repaying anyone, even a friend giving you money they can hold it over you and it changes the relationship. But yeah its not a great look.
Open file (92.89 KB 598x474 correct.jpg)
politics is going to start getting under her skin >>303 jenny and bailey were talking about goosebumps together last month, it could be a crossover, if it is, it could be jenny's way of helping bailey with money
>>311 they recorded it already i thought but bailey needs some time to heal. i recognise this comedy handle, is he a friend or an orbiter? has to have a pretty big set of brass ones to think he can tweet this to bailey and not get blocked. maybe he's already on a list. Is it really important to bailey that he is represented as jewish because she is jewish? I don't know anything about jews but are they really on the opressed end of the spectrum? I could imagine people flying off about this kind of thing because there are probably much more marginalised groups than jewish but i don't really pretend to understand twitter so maybe its ok. isn't trump jewish? or his son or something? he likes jews though? but he likes everything i guess at one point or another. is the jewish stuff a sign that she's recovering or getting worse? I had no idea Mr. Sanders was of the jewish persuasion but i can imagine him doing all the kind of mannerisms that larry david has in curb.
>>311 Thing is with them two, going to a dennys and reading goosebumps together is something they just do for fun anyway, so they may not have recorded it.
>>313 >Is it really important to bailey that he is represented as jewish because she is jewish? Apparently so. But it's a typical Jewish thing to switch between being openly Jewish and being another white person in whatever the situation calls for. Taking offense for the sense of taking offense. >I don't know anything about jews but are they really on the opressed end of the spectrum? They'll swear up and down they are, but no. Not by a fucking long shot. >isn't trump jewish? As far as I know, Dup himself isn't a Jew but he's married his kids off to them. >I had no idea Mr. Sanders was of the jewish persuasion Bruv, have you never so much as seen him speak? Come on now. >>316 >you will never spend a friday night in reading goosebumps with the girls
>>320 >Bruv, have you never so much as seen him speak? Come on now. no literally never. if i didn't look at lefty twitter occassionally i literally wouldn't know him from adam. >reading goosebumps always too scary for me as a kid i was a puss. i liked the choose your own adventure though but they were still scary. my mum brought me home a mario choose our own adventure book and i was really excited but the story was about swapping peoples brains around when they drank soda and listened to a specific radio station or something and it had an evil bird doctor in it, i think it was a goose? so it wasn't any less scary. fuck books.
Open file (42.31 KB 496x360 daughter.jpg)
is it too cynical to assume bailey mentioned his daughter to provoke a response from her fans and and scare him?
>>327 The guy's bio specifically mentions that he has a twitch with him and his daughter, maybe someone who has seen it can let us know if its wholesome or exploitation. I'm missing how it started, bailey posts she whishes people would call bernie jewish and the guy responds sayign she could have scrolled past, scrolled past what? Calling him and old white man or calling him jewish are both equally meaningless really, what are his policies is whats important.
>>328 it seems a bit exploitative, the fathers twitter shows him meeting celebrities and the video I'm watching has him mentioning the celebrities his "daughter" loves. it comes off like he's hoping one of them will reach out to her. the weird thing is, it seems like a misunderstanding. they both support Bernie so I don't know why there's hostility
>>329 haha i don't think theres any misunderstanding, bailey just likes a scrap and the guy sounds like a bit of a dick. bailey posts quite a lot of stuff that some other people might call virtue signalling, i guess through that lens one might say that it's not so much that she wants a jewish president as she just doesn't want an old white able bodied cis male.
Open file (104.67 KB 588x512 wtf.jpg)
I assumed it was a mistake because they both like Bernie but so does this guy so I don't know now
>>332 Whoops, maybe jumped the gun a little bit there bailey, to quote the girl herself, >lmao that was fast. This isnt a good place for you right now bailey, take some more time to heal and come back swinging when your feeling better.
Open file (51.23 KB 620x481 marry.jpg)
youre allowed to make jokes about jenny fucking on her twitter?
>>357 pick your mind out of the gutter anon. millions of people get married every day, they can't all be THE BEST WIFE. so it stands to reason to be THE BEST WIFE it takes much more than just being A WIFE. The picture she posted also there are at least 2, possibly 3 other BEST WIFE trophies so perhaps there are different categories for BEST WIFE, like how there are over a thousand different events for swimming at the olympics. they can't all be for fucking. maybe someone who is more bored than i am right now will look into this sean's background and find out the deal. maybe she just hasn't given him a sassy emasculating reply because she has him muted or blocked from repeat offences. >unavailable i'll chance my arm and bet it's a clip about either husbando sonic or ghost version only of danny phantom. prove me and have it be something interesting please like a drunk wedding photo of jenny and griffin in vegas at 16.
Open file (266.12 KB 593x630 justincaseyouforgot.png)
>>357 that may have been crass but this one is creepy
>>358 >pick your mind out of the gutter anon. I did, my first impression was that it was a joke about jenny fucking a car from the movie cars. then I saw that no one else in her comments thought it was an award exclusive to marrying a car.
Open file (315.61 KB 591x575 who.png)
>>367 how do cars fuck? do they fuck? mater has a pun about piston cup. how do they piss? oil? from the sump? but there wouldn't be any genitaliacal differences between cars. cars are hermaphroditic? of course that's me being a bigot, there is more to sex than piv intercourse. or i guess ... sie? >exclusive to marrying a car look i'm a live and let live kind of guy but you have to draw the line somewhere, a woman and a car marrying is an abomination, while yes there is some room for interpretation about gay marriage the bible is pretty firm and clear cut on its stance about intervehicular relationships; they can not be abided. also who the fuck is this cunt?
>>375 It's some just some weirdo reply guy, jenny didn't like the tweet. I went down his tweets, he's just some weirdo loner.
Open file (9.44 KB 259x194 pepe.jpg)
>>375 >max >hide it's landis he's hiding out in georgia
>>390 I miss Landis. He and Jenny made a good couple. What's he been up to? Still in that weirdo hippie cult?
>>393 Nah he's back regularly posting on instagram. He seems to have fully lost his own screenwriting career and so is now trying to reinvent himself as some kind of screenwriting career coach. I think it's a very questionable decision at best.
>>393 >He and Jenny made a good couple I wish them health wealth and happiness together. >>398 You think hes a bad screenwriter? Sounds like an ideal job for him, throw a bunch of shit at a wall and let someone else pick out the bits that shine. What else is he going to do, realistically. Sit at home all day wank himself dry? Pester jenny to go to disney with him? Does he have enough groupies still to even play huge nerf games?
>>399 It's nothing to do with him as a screenwriter, I just don't think it's a good look for someone accused of being controlling,manipulative and a rapist to now be trying to sell themselves as a mentor/guide. Especially because he is insisting on face to face,not online.
Open file (91.14 KB 593x400 rich.png)
>>293 woah jenny hurry up and marry this guy before i do
>>493 kek He posts constantly on her Patreon too.
>>501 Yeah we fucking know he does because he brags about what patreon tier he is on her twitter ocassionally.
>>505 Imagine being that desperate.
Open file (2.01 MB 1980x1164 cashmoney.png)
>>493 is it sad that i recognized him immediately? >In light of this information what are your thoughts on drafting Frozen 2: Communist Boogaloo: Queen Elsa the Ice Tyrant vs Comrade Anna and the Working Peoples Party of Arendelle as Patreon ramble suggestion? what is this /tv/ five years ago?
Brb, going to die from second hand embarrassment. Shaun and the 700$ shoe guy trying to outsimp each other. I hope sis got the shoes though :D
>>651 I'm with shoe on this one, shere khans video just isn't applicable, he is asking her to ask her sister to check her dm like passing along a message not calling out a private message publicly NECESSARILY but why does it apply double to twitter and quadruple to women?? talk about making a mountain out of a hill of beans, i was getting real excited thinking telling someone to check their dm was like some crazy mossad hacking scam or it was like swahili for the n word or something. this was boring. on the other hand he fucking posted the code in the chat if lindsay wanted the shoes she would have bought them already surely. i really don't want to make a twitch just to ask lindsay about the shoes but it looks like that might happen... I had a look through shoe's page and the number of tweets @jenny i assumed wow, jenny must be replying and this is a conversation, good on him i guess. but no, shouting into the void. kind of feel bad for him now. thanks for posting this it's absolutely fantastic.
>>652 >I'm with shoe on this one, shere khans video just isn't applicable, he is asking her to ask her sister to check her dm Oh sure, he's right in this case. But it's insane that he got Jenny that gift card in the first place. She was wise to decline.
>>653 >insane what do you spend your 'work bonuses' on if not lavish gifts for people you never met and constantly ignore you because of a flippant tweet? just his whole twitter is mad. i mean what's the theme? i love his chef's counter tweet along and he is appraising the wine by its dollar value.
>>651 this is great. the sister seems to like stringing guys along, I wonder if shes going to toy with them like that
>>672 I dont know, stringing along might be a little strong. Definitely she will give a guy enough rope to hang himself. She needs to get shoe on stream, in game chat with him or something, just to satisfy my own personal curiosity about him. He seems to have previous if you check his twitter some camgirl, he tweets about her streams, telling her he wants to buy her stuff, I cant tell if they met irl, then he just drops her cold? Maybe just stay far away as possible.
Open file (232.20 KB 596x1592 ouch.jpg)
was there always this much pushback against her?
>>778 Kennedy proved pretty quickly how unfit she was for running the franchise, AND for how much contempt she had for people who actually cared for it.
Open file (62.74 KB 594x280 shoe.png)
>maybe just no women applied ever think about that CANCEL HIM
Open file (39.44 KB 581x244 reply guy.jpg)
did anyone catch the original comment
>>868 It's insane how quick people will jump on somebody for calling somebody else "adorable".
>>880 Apparently its infantilising? Only babies can be adorable? Think about the culturally ingrained gender stereotypes in that one. Checkmate females. Dan can still use it then? >>868 What the guy originally saying she was adorable when sick?
Open file (21.14 KB 604x164 madlad.jpg)
someone's a madlad
>>1102 >78 Ewww he must be nearly as old as dan. Thanks I find this whole tweet amusing.
Open file (99.33 KB 600x434 byebye.png)
'energy' love that when i'm trying to watch a film.
Open file (11.50 KB 303x107 valuablestatement.png)
Open file (275.23 KB 602x2122 realxwasfuckyou.png)
Open file (76.49 KB 632x530 butimqueer.jpg)
her post was a clip of a man talking about bronies
>>2090 Racking my brains because I have definitely seen this image before

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