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Open file (491.06 KB 968x538 glitchy spook.mp4)
Jenny General - Decisions Edition Knight of Jen 04/29/2020 (Wed) 18:35:49 ID: 610c48 No.1257
Okay lads, I think 1100 posts make for enough of a thread. Going forward, I think we can cap them at 700 and be fine with that. A bit more importantly, Julay is getting reworked. Going by >>>/meta/8318 boards will be getting purged. It almost seems like it's only the porn boards and the dead boards that are getting axed, but I'm not entirely sure. I have to contact the admin. In the event that we cannot secure our place here like I thought we would be able to, as that's what Julay was advertised for, we may be in a bit of a pickle. Unlike how we were fucked by Jim and Ron, there is time for us to decide the next step if a next step needs to be made. Our discord bunker still exists, but understandable not everyone wants to use discord and, even if they did, the discord was never meant for any sort of permanence. If you have suggestions, now is the time to make them.
>>1257 really what are the options? if julay turns her back on us we must either migrate, spawn or die.
>>1259 I just sent Julay's admin an email. We'll see how that goes. If we're still getting booted, we still have until July. The options as they seem to be: - We try and work something out with Gahoole on tvch. - We find another site to latch onto. - We make our own place. On the final point, Julay's admin says he'll give bo's easy-tier directions on how to make their own imageboards. It should be noted, should that route be taken, I have no experience in site maintenance. I am not a coder. The second that the site hits some sort of malfunction, I would have no way of resolving it. I don't know what sort of accommodations Gahoole would be willing to give in any event, considering his handling of our generals. If there are other sites we could use, I wouldn't know of them. I do know I have zero interest in latching onto Mark's 8ch zombie clone or whatever bullshit Josh keeps trying to make with his Infinity Next pipedream.
>>1257 what if we asked jenny or bailey to add private forums to their websites, they might agree. you never know
>>1260 setup and maintenance is the easy part, the hard part is protecting yourself. domains,hosting need paid for and contact info. all comes down to who you can trust which ideally is nobody. we aren't exactly totse but it's still a real burden of responsibility. even if gahoole tolerates us there are plenty of tv posters that have some vendetta against our girl for some unimaginable reason.
>>1261 why don't we just make a geocities
>>1263 Pretty sure geocities is dead, bruv. >>1261 Would they know how to do that? >>1262 >for some unimaginable reason. Reasons of the bagshit variety. Like I said, the admin will be dishing out how-to's to bo's in the same boat. If it looks like something I could at least get off the ground, I'd explore the option.
Open file (194.47 KB 1280x1732 DZdIIrMV4AATyCD.jpg)
>>1261 I could see Jenny secretly indulging in our obsessive threads about her because I know she craves attention, Bailey... not so much.
Open file (126.98 KB 550x413 dzehhi.jpg)
hello in my country we love Jennи
so reasonable possibility of a late night wine filled progamerjenny twitch stream. also i'm just going to come out and say it: i don't like roscoe.
>>1268 you're jealous of that chibi horse and not the giant strong black horse that she bareback rides shouting good boy. good BOY
>>1269 lol i'm not jealous i just don't appreciate the aesthetic. jorn is certainly a very luck horse. sky has whitney, if i cared about animal crossing i would absolutely be jealous. on both sides.
>>1266 Or maybe Bailey's curiosity of seeing what we evil nazis are saying about her would get the best of her curiosity. >>1267 >go to google translate >enter jenny <a female donkey or ass I don't know my slav, is Jennи an actual spelling somewhere? I'm seeing it as Дженни in Ruski.
>>1266 it would be comfy knowing jenny was watching over us >>1269 I still remember the joke from The Nanny where cece babcock said the vibration of the horse pleasures her. is it true? has jenny..
Open file (17.32 KB 590x270 another poll ruined.png)
>could have her playing n64 <instead we get navi shit
>>1273 niche. nice to get something interesting at least. does that tick mean you voted podracing? you like n64pod racer? interesting. very interesting. So for a second day running sky has been on stream quite confident that jenny will be streaming with her later only to pull out because she is injecting 100% of her time effort and love into the youtube edit.
>>1274 pretty bored of the guy in sky's chat dabbing on 4chan constantly because it's users are all right wing extremists. #notallchan. impressed when someone had the guts to explain jenny was queen of /tv/.
>>1275 >impressed when someone had the guts to explain jenny was queen of /tv/. when did this happen?
>>1276 someone said jenny's stream chat was cancer and then this guy replies it's 4chans fault they invade chat. then there were questions.
>>1276 >>1277 06:35 < mrjplays2k9> half of jennys chat is 4chan so its real rough 06:35 < blinkandwheeze> ya jenny streams are too hoipe for me 06:35 < plasma_77_> The chat might be bad, but the duo streams are amazing. Totally worth it 06:35 < thesolkatti> Wait, what? Why does 4chan like Jenny? 06:36 < chailatte1980> I'll be there. I expect to get drowned out, but I'm still hype for Lindsay and Jenny. 06:36 < mrjplays2k9> according to 4chans /tv/ board shes their queen and its real weird and then just a random insult for no reason 07:17 < mrjplays2k9> it sounds like musical 4chan guy really hates 4chan no idea why.
Open file (850.94 KB 480x480 4chan party.mp4)
>>1274 >does that tick mean you voted podracing? I don't remember being particularly good at it but it harkens back to those simpler. happier days of olde. >>1275 >>1278 Sure is fun to be continuously lumped in with fucking cuckchan, the most neutered imageboard running. >guy really hates 4chan no idea why If they'd actually go to the site, they'd realized it's a lot like the Reddit they probably fill themselves up on already.
Open file (364.38 KB 1536x2048 EW9FtXXU0AAlkll.jpg)
>>1279 I think it's just guys who might be self conscious about people thinking their weirdos. So they have to attack other "weirdos" to distance themselves.
>>1274 >you like n64pod racer? That game was awesome, even though it got kinda dull once you were able to cruise through the tracks at top speed. I can't wait for the re-release on the 12th. <IT'S A NEW LAP RECORD! >>1278 >06:36 < mrjplays2k9> according to 4chans /tv/ board shes their queen Ackchyually... she's more commonly referred to as "/ourgirl/" over on 4/tv/.
>watching old Disney Channel travel series >they go to Disneyland around fall 2016 >they don't go to Big Thunder Ranch for the show (just DCA) Gay. I was kinda hoping to see Jenny at work after seeing they were going to her home park.
>>1279 >>1281 i must have sucked at it, i remember buying it because hype, doing one race and then remembering i was fucking useless at racing games and realising i wasted like two months kid money on it. fuuuck. browsing reddit is so weird because i imagine it as left leaning and therefore hippies and just chilling out and cool but every so often you read something about 'oh lets fucking murder everyone violently over some feeble accusation' and it's quite off putting. at least on chan you can delude yourself that it's ironic or shitposting. the lines of acceptability just don't make sense to me anywhere anymore. we know jenny thinks we are dumb but i'd be very interested to know what sky's take on the chans are being a goon. i'm much more scared of /jenny/ being associated with 8ch especially when you guys are talking about jenny hosting us herself lol. >>1282 nevertheless your dedication to the cause of unearthing rare jennyrabilia is not unnapreciated
>>1283 >i'm much more scared of /jenny/ being associated with 8ch Things to keep in mind are that Jenny was/is plainly aware that we exist and that while we indeed have our origins from 8ch, facts are that 8ch is dead and is simply not coming back. Whatever ends up happening come July, be it we get our own place or possibly some deal with Gahoole we are only getting more distanced from that place and the negative associations that go along with it.
>>1284 we are still undeniably seedy little perverts obsessively and unhealthily obsessed with jenny and any morsel of information about her though right? i mean that doesn't sound great to be honest. i think she probably wouldn't appreciate that and even historical origins aside i can't imagine us ever being accepted by our queen.
Open file (86.00 KB 592x550 heehee.jpg)
holy shit dudes... what was the name of that singer where being famous gave him all this obsessive weird ideas about how he looked and he turned his skin white didn't he .. You know he was really into kids TOYS and like living in a child's world but uh also he wasn't he.. into like. you know he didn't have normal marital urges.. instead hmm
>>1286 She's ghostly pale anyway, and we know she's only left the house like twice in the last two months. That and the lighting is just a recipe for disaster.
>>1286 That was all just vicious slander orchestrated by sony so that they could grab the rights to the beetles songs Besides he was chemically castrated by his nigger father before puberty for the preservation of his high voice and the cash that it brought
>>1280 I was thinking he might be from 4chan, how else does he know >>1282 look at cows face >>1286 and after he died the stables who housed Jorn bought his weird statues for their yard
>>1286 Jenny seriously needs to get a softbox for her key light(s) and learn to properly adjust her camera's exposure so that light isn't blowing out her face. She's got nothing but time, money and no excuses not to learn to do that... I mean, her business is being on camera for chrissakes, she should learn how to look her best on one. >wet, ratty hair Jenny Kinda hot, ngl.
>>1286 >not wanting fairly normal complexion but artificially extremely pale on webcam gf its a niche. usp. never change jenny. >>1289 who knows what he is. https://twitter.com/Mistah_J___/status/1144212056381505537 >and after he died the stables who housed Jorn bought his weird statues for their yard is this true? coooool.i don't even know where his house was LA? bubbles is still alive right? in florida or something?
>>1292 >is this true? I think jenny told the story on an early ramble, there was more to it but I forget.
>>1288 and what about her high voice? it's all lining up >speaks in a childs voice that secretly isn't really, their natural speaking voice >live peter-pan like in a constructed 'children's world' setup. wheee go on train rides with kids not to mention jenny finds any excuse to hear herself saying good BOY my BOY the BOY. she probably has fuckin artistic books Face it she is a female peter-whatsit. ...a teacher
>>1294 >jenny will never be your strict school teacher who asks you to stay after class for "tutoring"
Open file (5.51 MB 1280x720 jenny on ebay.mp4)
New Jenny Patreon video soon.
now the person that was Gr*f is cosying up to transes with twitter. A second prong in their sch**o strategy
Open file (76.46 KB 587x469 boysschool.jpg)
>>1280 >mention-itis of the thing you're unconsciously attracted to hmm reminds me of Jenny always doing that impression of lecher snoke "hello little BOY" and loling how snoke's design was not how to get past a little boy's stranger danger sense "n-not that i've thought about that" also >being this frustrated she can't be a person in authority at a little boys school >into fanfiction an oasis for alternative sexualities she's streaming by the way and with these revelations i suggest anons watch the stream with a particularly careful eye
Open file (80.14 KB 591x535 fbi.jpg)
>>1298 oh and btw (last post, sorry) as soon as i start posting about this today she comes coyly alluding to having interacted with the FBI? is this an i-see-you? "I was the one making the report though" um it's still reflecting on you jenny - what happened, you went somewhere and saw something a little harder than what you were looking for, got your feelings hurt?
>>1298 I think this is more an example of how she hates men, some little kid already nervous about an entry exam to a prestigious school with a documentary crew piling on pressure asked to just invent something to improve the world like that is so easy to do. Maybe i'm reading it wrong and it's obvious that the boy was immediately beaten to death and used as boiler fuel for being so useless. >>1299 I can't remember but it wouldn't surprise me if she did talk to the feds but either way its more than likely just a fun joke as well.
Open file (74.95 KB 737x541 thumbnail_Image (1).jpg)
Open file (84.03 KB 750x597 thumbnail_Image.jpg)
>>1300 Imagine growing up with this and not hating men as a result
>>1301 i can't think of anything i would rather do than grow up with sky she is cool af and definitely does not hate men i don't know what your implication is just because sky is overtly sexual jenny is regressive?
>>1298 >she's streaming by the way Man, that was a lot of Jenny last night. Usually she gives up and doesn't want to play after a few hours. It's also strange how insecure she is about showing of her AC village, she rattled off dozens of excuses as to why it won't be up to some arbitrary standard she has in mind. >>1302 Sky is about as weird as they come... and not in a cool way. Appreciated the MythQuest last night though, I used to get a kick out of those low production values back in the day.
>>1298 wait. max's girl??
>>1304 Oh shit, you're right! I didn't even notice.
>>1303 >and not in a cool way. talk to me
>>1306 She's incredibly strange with none of her sisters endearing charm. I appreciate that she gets Jenny to stream (because it wouldn't happen otherwise) and step an inch or two outside of her comfort zone, but I find her overall personality pretty off-putting and wouldn't pay any attention to her without Jenny around.
>>1307 i simply cannot fathom your perspective sorry. I love jenny of course but I don't particularly find stream jenny to be charming. Lindsay really makes an effort to engage with her chat and even with jenny''s chat which to me is charming. I find it quite strange that a /tv/ poster wouldn't get her humor but i suppose perhaps it has been pretty heavy duty recently. Do you only /tv/ for jenny? I'm curious now about your internet background.
preview of her next public video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=0daDfOI3zkQ&feature=emb_logo new patreon video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyVt5I04Rfs&feature=emb_logo[Embed] if we were to have our own site, what would you like it to be called?
>>1310 JornHub
>>1311 That's actually pretty good.
I think Lindsay streams have too much small talk, without an aim to entertain. but I don't dislike her or her work >>1311 it exists already I wanted "thejfiles" but that exists too. its actually kind of interesting http://www.thejfiles.com/xxxhomepage/
>>1302 No, because sky is an overtly sexual former man. I appreciate her streams, and like when the two of them are having fun together. They're both funny and smart. I get how people can get strange vibes though, they are quite two opposites and something that people that like Jenny's content for its characteristics might find uncomfortable and not like.
>>1314 just got sent for a big spin finding out the jenny sister is one of the main FYAD posters from back in the day. Not one of my favorites, but a very popular one
>Jenny exposing and mocking a youtuber for faking a little-girlish voice while sitting next to a man that attempts to fake a little-girlish voice and after calling for a person to be fired for mocking christine Blasey ford for her fake little-girlish voice
>>1315 i hope we get a /sky/ board on jornhub
>>1310 giantp.org
>>1315 I think they talked about that on baileys stream. what was sky like back then?
>>1321 ..is it just like she is on twitter then? I was expecting something a bit raunchier on something called fuck you and die
>>1308 >I find it quite strange that a /tv/ poster wouldn't get her humor Her sense of humor is more Twitter than it is /tv/, layer the Twitch culture (which is somehow even more pozzed) on top of that and it becomes cringey. I'm just not into it. >>1316 >after calling for a person to be fired for mocking christine Blasey ford for her fake little-girlish voice I don't think the real Jenny actually cares about all that bullshit, it was more just her toeing the line on Twitter (being a blue check mark and all). The live streams betray the character she spent time cultivating.
>>1323 >>1322 sa and 4ch are two sides of the same coin in spirit and history. fyad was cool kids being ironic but a wise man pretending to be stupid finds a home with fools and so basically fyad got /pol/d and everyone left. thats where twitter humor comes from. look into how many funny twitter posters are former fyad if you wish. i suggest that the difference in humor comes from the differences in site structure, mainly anonymity, lifetime. rather than the posters sense of humor. maybe i'm retarded though. wtf is the shit about star girl anyway where are these hoards of tech guys wanting 16yo star girl puss in her replies? idk 16 is legal in my country, if you pay for a meetup with her surely she has the option to turn it down? what fucking business is it of jennys? if you have a pedophile which would you rather, guy meets some kid actress who is probably getting abused by producers anyway,nothing happens, then he goes home and jerks off about it or you say no you can't so they abduct a kid outside a school then rape and murder them? smh jenny not cool. also possibly ironic that this week i spent most of my nights watch-a-longing emo/scene kids play dress up with her sister on twitch? i mean i don't want to fuck them but it's a real fucking heavy nostalgia and i would def. chill with them.
>>1323 >toeing the line eh, the real story is that girls with high pitched voices get white hot mad about the concept of not being taken seriously because of it. They will spend all day playing it up, cooing and mincing and raking in attention and affection and income but if they ever detect the slightest smirk at the idea of some prairie dawn squeaker in a position of authority - literally the 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' thing
As an update on our immediate future: >>>/meta/10485 >Which boards are to be kept? >/jenny/ because the BO has special circumstances, will help until they can find a better place Rather wonderfully accommodating. While I haven't received any direct reply from him yet, it looks like we have some pity time to work with. >>1313 >>1311 >>1319 How about something like jennychon/jennych/jenchon/jench/jennich?
>>1326 the tld is the sexiest and therefore most important part i'm sorry to hear of your special circumstance bo, get well soon. maybe we can hide out in mlpol, jenny likes ponies right? lol.
Open file (322.94 KB 1538x2048 EXH20DoUYAAUq6Q.jpg)
>>1327 >the tld is the sexiest and therefore most important part You crazy kids and your abbreviations, I have no idea what that means. >your special circumstance It's not really all that special, but I'll take the free pass all the same. >mlpol <bronies <in 2020 How? Also, more alternative site names for feedback purposes: jengen/jenetics/jenatics/jenaddicts.
>>1328 TLD:Top Level Domain .com, .org,. top, etc the last part of the domain
>>1324 >what fucking business is it of jennys? Men being attracted to women, especially young women, is gross, Anon! Literal predators. >>1325 >girls with high pitched voices get white hot mad about the concept of not being taken seriously because of it A cute/sweet voice is really hard to get past. I don't blame them. >>1329 If he was setting up his own site bad.cars was available.
>>1329 I gotcha. Cheap but memorable, that's what I'm aiming for here. >>1330 >bad.cars <Jews want $2k for it This is what Hitler tried to stop. You know what's not so expensive? badcars4.life.
Edited last time by Lotso on 05/04/2020 (Mon) 06:40:21.
Any guesses as to who made Jenny hate men as much as she does these days, was Griffin the last straw? She's getting a lot bolder with her misandry. >>1332 Yeah man, that pricing was outrageous. I have no idea how all that stuff gets decided. One would think that if it hasn't sold by now, it wouldn't be worth much.
>>1333 if you lived off betabux you'd be alarmed to find out that the age distribution of what they like starts way lower than you thought. d-does it end lower too?
>>1332 this is cool but i'm not sure if i want to be branded a bad car for LIFE. is it like a gang and you guys hunt me down if i try to reform? >>1333 >I have no idea how all that stuff gets decided. people who make the internet keep forgetting google exists. businesses will pay because in the scheme of running a business 2k is nothing. just ruins the fun for cool html shitposters.
>>1333 >She's getting a lot bolder with her misandry. she was pretty bold with it before she got famous jennyverse.com is open
jenny streaming podracing n64 if you want your ears to literally implode
>>1337 >Roblox This shit is pure, concentrated autism, Jesus Christ...
>>1337 >rip your ears oh is jenny's real voice popping out again
>>1340 i love jenny but i also feel really bad for her poor mic. and neighbours.
>>1341 i don't think she's loud? i meant that.. well lets just say her lois griffin impression is a matter of turning things off rather than on
I always assumed bailey bluepilled Jenny, but was it the opposite?
Open file (55.95 KB 580x339 wtfjenny.jpg)
what the fuck jenny
>>1345 Like, scent of what? Cum? Yeah sure.
>>1345 Oh anon, you silly goose.
>>1345 I'm beginning to think this was not sincere >>1261
>>1346 Now why would Jenny's pits smell like cum, Anon?
>>1349 >single post Methinks he's just being a bad car.
Open file (11.69 MB 640x360 ouch.webm)
>>1351 Like a majestic, shrieking swan.
>>1351 what an unusual collection of feelings this gives me
>>1351 That's peak YouTuber right there.
>>1351 I'm using it as my ringtone now, if you spot me in the wild feel free to say hello.
Open file (33.86 KB 578x174 friends.jpg)
do they just talk all the time now? >>1348 I figured if they didn't like something they would delete it, and that's why they might agree
>>1356 i think they would delete us then
>>1357 Even if they could delete us, they could never delete the memory of us. We're a part of them forever.
Open file (44.21 KB 602x243 greef.jpg)
>>1359 One really has to wonder how much Jenny can keep dealing with Bailey constantly being such a exhibitionist downer.
Open file (65.54 KB 591x404 twotypesofproblems.jpg)
>>1360 is it ironic that Debbie Downer was portrayed by rachel dratch, the bailey to tina fey's jenny
>>1361 Normally I roll my eyes at Jenny's tweets but this is legitimately funny and I am in love with her again now. It's definitely the best tweet I think shes ever done. I'm sure she said she likes self deprecating humor a lot a few times but I dont often recognise it in her stuff, i guess this counts. I know you are joking but she needs it to collect her unemployment. I dont know the weed legal situation but I wouldnt be surprised if shes registered for medical marijuana. Souplantation sounds boring as fuck. For anyone who knows about Big C make it a real thing already.
>>1361 Depression I can understand. Continuously throwing it in other peoples' faces? She's bordering on attention whore with this stuff. It's actually annoying. As much as I want the best for /ourjew/, she needs to get her shit together. It's a cat. A cat, Bailey. >>1362 That comparison is so bizarrely on-point.
Open file (362.41 KB 1538x2048 EXb9ufsU0AAQrYp.jpg)
>>1364 I think it's become abundantly clear that she wasn't joking when she used to refer to Sammy as her "son". He was clearly some kind of surrogate and she was dangerously attached to him. Also she was talking about her "quarantine buddy" again on the stream on Tuesday. She said that he worked in a dive bar, so I'm thinking it's definitely Mike and they've definitely got back together again.
>>1365 >back together with mike If she's done that, then she's shoved herself in a cycling spiral into the void.
>>1364 >peoples faces nobody is making you read her tweets >>1365 realistically there is probably more than one person in LA that works in a dive bar. but yeah. she was talking about fostering kitten might be nice.
>>1365 someone said something about constantly going back to someone who's bad for you and she said she knows how that is. I think this was post quarantine, maybe 3 weeks ago. mike would have been in her house at the time
>>1367 >nobody is making you read her tweets Very true. That doesn't change how frustrating it is to see somebody who has every luxury to continuously drag themselves through the mud and then go make a spectacle out of it.
>>1279 skylark is(was) a somethingawful goon, and everyone in her chat that hates 4chan almost certainly hates reddit just as much
Open file (370.13 KB 1538x2048 EXhiZdMU0AYiBMy.jpg)
>>1368 Someone braver than I should just straight up ask in the chat if she is single or not, see if an opportunity comes up organically. What's the worst that could happen?
>>1369 Yes you are absolutely right I just feel sorry for her she obviously has some metal health issues. >>1371 >What's the worst that could happen? Ask if her cat is still dead too.
Jenny has a lovely tiny waist. That's my thought of the day.
>>1373 Makes you want to pick her up and do things.
>>1374 Thanks for the lifting inspiration bro.
>>1375 Don't forget to eat your oats.
Open file (78.61 KB 680x376 scheme.jpg)
vidward conspiracy v2. the prevailing theory is that vidward was set up by bailey or jenny as a front to look more professional. however it has come to my attention that there is a popular business/marketing company named Vidyard, a visually similar name to vidward. (vidward vidyard) here's my theory pure speculation businesses/youtubers looking to use vidyard's services accidentally click/type/contact vidward. this gives vidward the leverage to falsely claim there is interest in the company. remember what vidward saves: >>63 >ip address of the people who visit, plus the search term that brought them there they can produce a massive list of people typing "how to join vidward" or something that makes it seem like they're in demand - in walks gullible, cute, off-the-turnip truck Jenny. desperate to have representation so she can get into events and cons. but she will be the one conned. she, being unwise, believes the interest in vidward is genuine and not merely people mistyping vidyard. doesn't even hit her that she's the only client. she makes a deal and is now stuck in contract with this scam website.
>>1378 yeah maybe is baileys family from oregon? vidward website is absolute trash, no other clients afawk, no presence anywhere other than this site. a fucking squarespace site ffs, the link for the contact us is a fucking button instead of a link with the rest of the menu. why would you contract with a company in a different fucking state where you can't go down and bang fucking heads? unless it was someone you knew already. jenny isn't retarded. there has to be something else going on. someone make a throwaway and sign up for vidward newsletter, see what happens: nothing.
>>1379 nah Bailey's family moved all over the place but I don't think they ever lived in Oregon. The Oregon connection is because Bailey went to the University of Oregon.
Open file (3.58 MB 1076x2520 twitter meme.png)
What's the deal with twitter splitting their memes between multiple images? Is there some kind of size capacity or something? >>1378 >jenny getting scammed somebody call the feds
Open file (423.58 KB 2250x3000 reddit art.jpg)
>go to see if anyone's been using the reddit >see this
>>1378 >>1379 I think it's a front for tax evasion. Jenny probably signed a contract to these people for a slightly higher than normal percentage of her earnings which can be claimed as a business expense, and then they give a percentage of the initial sum back to her under the table. They get to claim higher revenue to lure in others, Jenny keeps more of her money. She probably met them because of her blue check mark. They all stick together to boost each other's influence/popularity already, so it's no stretch to imagine that things would get criminal very fast.
>>1384 I had a look, I couldn't even find any mention of vidward on linkedin. Basically the only google results are the website and jenny. It's fishy.
>>1385 Whoever is closest to Oregon lets get a crowd fund going. Boots on the ground. They tell you the zip it's not a huge area. Just hang out in Starbucks waiting for someone to shout for leah.
Open file (47.87 KB 631x270 duned.jpg)
Jenny NO that's * /pol/ *
>>1387 there's no way jenny read dune
>>1388 there's no way an english major read a book? jenny reads like a mofo. the cart test is interesting but that is def. /pol/ right? lol. must have gone through reddit first right? look at him.
>>1387 did she delete it? its not on her page now
>>1390 I can still see it.
Open file (424.63 KB 1538x2048 EXwjzz-UEAEjvLu.jpg)
>>1391 me too now, the picture might not have loaded last time I don't check her tumblr, does she talk there a lot?
Open file (18.74 KB 348x97 variety.jpg)
>>1393 holy shit why even take a picture each time
Open file (22.87 KB 641x132 shoam.jpg)
"watermelons" ... *wink*. Me too Jen
>>1396 what races are the others? pineapple is south american, strawberries i feel are european but really they are asian i guess. blueberries?
Open file (577.06 KB 666x640 jawohl mein jenny.png)
>>1395 It is a little weird, isn't it? I guess it builds on familiarity and interaction with fans. At the same time, a different angle now and then wouldn't hurt. >>1396
>>1396 First retweeting a /pol/ post and now this? Quite revealing...
>i don't go to 4chan >i've never been to 4chan >i'll never like anything from 4chan >if anyone i know mentions 4chan, i'll have to wonder about our friendship Hmm, Jenny. Hmmmmmmmmm.
>>1395 the one bailey posted for her first stream of new game monkey business, above which she posted the three monkeys. i have fucking seen her in an x no evil monkey tshirt before streaming roller coaster tycoon probably. I mean i guess it doesn't matter but i just wanted to mention i thought it was odd. >>1400 come on everyone goes on 4chan now its mainstream. i mean nobody i know irl does but internet people all do. it's basically reddit now. There are so few boards that are actually offensive or hostile i wonder which she was aware of when she said those things. she must have checked out /mlp/ at least but i don't know if that's a good or bad thing. she said something about how anon posting was shouting into the void and pointless too. which is short sighted imho, you shouldn't disregard a reasonable opinion on if the poster has said nigger before in their entire post history regardless of any context. reddit is seriously fucking braindead. wait why do we have ids anyway?
>>1401 >wait why do we have ids anyway? Easier to pick out who's saying what so anon's don't get confused in conversations. It's only thread-specific.
>>1402 i get it it just makes me uncomfortable
>>1403 I think it's useful to help keep tracking of who you're talking to in the thread. Also prevents you talking to yourself by accident.
>>1403 In what sense?
>>1404 talking to yourself is nothing to be ashamed of >>1405 its real easy to let a few things slip about yourself that on their own are innocuous but pieced together facilitate dox. when you got up, something you ate, the weather, all adds up. even if id's change between boards the long threads and relatively few posters simplifies tracking. call me paranoid if you want.
>>1406 >don't post personal information >don't get doxxxxxed That use to be the #1 rule of the internet.
>>1407 boggles my mind that it isn't still but i suppose it comes with 'content creators' blurring the lines between celebrity and pleb netizens. Strange that you can just look up where someone famous lives but nobody ever seems to order them an inconvenient number of pizzas. also what is considered personal information, for the purposes of osint anyway.
>>1408 I blame Livejournal and Myspace. >what is considered personal information Information of your personal life. The internet isn't about you, it's about your interests.
>just have to type in a different url now wew i spent all day in a fog because i thought the site was gone and i couldn't Celebrate Her. Ok anyway i saw this butiful pufy boble head that is apparently cleopatra's and i thought of Jenny. moreso at thumbnail size than the full
>>1410 yeah I can see it. It's the lack of chin.
>>1410 >jenny is cuter, slimmer, and has better tits than cleopatra >>1411 It's not a lack, it's just recessive!
>>1410 come on dude spoiler nsfw stuff you're going to get me fired
Open file (349.03 KB 1538x2048 EYAOziTUwAEgyAy.jpg)
Low cut shirts, unf.
>>1414 Low cut shirts and unfathomable sadness behind her eyes.
>>1415 Quite the turn on.
"probable", "not definite", "but probably" a jenny stream tomorrow according to sky.
Open file (180.83 KB 737x776 gcfhgjhkjhghf.png)
>>1417 No chance. Jenny is dying again.
>>1418 has she been ill this whole time then? is that even possible? maybe its all the bits of glass she drank in the first stream. I was assuming she only hadn't been streaming because she was working on youtube videos and also that she clearly hates it and is probably never going to do it ever again without her sister. then again she seemed to kind of enjoy it last time and now she has that tick the money must be tempting; she certainly has a better viewer count than a lot of full timers/pros. sky has given herself an emo/scene makeover and the shoe buyer guy suggested maybe jenny would let sky give her a makeover and initially sky thought jenny would hate it but came back saying jenny might have seemed a small bit interested in doing it. don't know what to believe any more though tbh. sky needs a few more regular viewers to hit her partner goals so she has a vested interest in streaming with jenny and stealing some of jenny's creepy pervert viewers for herself so it shouldn't be a surprise if she's more keen than jenny. who knows maybe she gets a good sleep or a glass of wine inside her, might be enough to be persuaded.
>>1418 I'd like to think that a change is residence would improve her health.
>>1418 what the hell? next thing bailey will get partnered
>>1418 this kind of low level symptoms is classic celebrity - soon it will be time to get prescription pain medicine which ends up, well, tying up the jenny is michael jackson arc
>>1423 It seems like it's not even having Wuhan Flu that's getting her down, it's the anxiety that she might have it. Which is the whole problem with this current pandemic. People have been driven so far up the wall thinking it'll be the end of the world. How would she even have contracted it, anyway?
>>1424 >How would she even have contracted it, anyway? she went to disneyland and she can't just be normal she has to touch the animatronics, lick the handrails, you know
>>1425 >go to disneyland >touch all the same animatronics >basically the same as holding jenny hand >lick all the handrails jenny might have licked >basically the same as kissing
Open file (77.36 KB 803x1320 may ramble poll.png)
>chance to hear some jenny lore
>>1427 am i to understand that these are subscriber-simpmitted and that she doesn't actually type out 'Jenny talks, Jenny plays' referring to herself?
>>1428 They mostly come from whoever pays the 25$ a month and I'd think any ideas she threw in herself.
Open file (296.31 KB 1536x2048 EYUoApLU8AAOGr4 (1).jpg)
Bit of a weird one, but our old pal Griffin is currently live streaming on youtube.
>>1431 wtf is he doing? he shilled black jenny now he's watching a video about garfield. is there a theme or a point to this or is he just bored?
>>1430 bailey pls moar
Open file (136.12 KB 557x750 IMG_0839[3412].jpg)
>>1433 I do love a good old fashioned Bailey thirst trap. Yes to thigh highs.
>>1434 My nigga. Legs are the absolute best. We need more legs/stocking appreciation on Jenny and Bailey's part.
Lol Bailey is shitting on breadtube on stream.
Open file (21.70 KB 635x110 deathtremors.jpg)
>>1436 what did she say.. When i tuned in she was actually happy and smiling, even cheery. i wonder if it's because she read this
Open file (281.23 KB 1536x2048 EYaAUyxUYAAprW6.jpg)
>another picture with a different angle Bailey confirmed for lurking.
>>1436 based on her chat it will just be throwing shade on contra
Open file (1.64 MB 640x360 bread.webm)
>>1436 this? was there more? I'm not going to clip the part where Bailey claims Jenny 'hasn't crafted a day in her life' then who made the gungan hats bailey? cosplay isn't crafts?
>>1438 >puttputt saves the zoo tomorrow wow bailey kick jenny when she's down why don't you? would you jump in her grave so quick? smh. et tu or something.
>>1441 I think your webm's broken. >>1442 The Roman Jenny vs. the Barbarian Bailey
Open file (10.99 MB 1152x648 bread2.webm)
>>1443 >>1441 begging your pardon
>>1436 the more interesting part for me was bailey talking about her mother reading agatha christie to 12 year olds and leaving out all the anti semetic bits and then talking shit about j.k. rowling and the big nose jewish bankers. i fucking hate rowling right but i find it hard to believe she wrote them in specifically to have a pop at the jews, the black and chinese kids you can chalk up to ignorance but i think its a stretch to say she went out of her way to caricature a jewish money man on purpose. maybe she drew influence from existing material that was based in racism? sure why not. anyway my point is how can you go around picking up on any little thing and saying its antisemetic and then justify reading fucking agatha christie to twelve year olds? pick a different fucking author, these kids are going to grow up not knowing about this and then meet bailey at a party and mention yeah my favourite author is agatha christe and bailey is going to fucking go off on them about it. set up to fail. what fucking 12 year old wants to listen to christie anyway its all boring old shite
Open file (80.97 KB 613x481 crop1.jpg)
her eeyore attitude actually brings good bants here - has it been schtick the whole time?
>>1417 >>1418 sky again saying she might be streaming with jenny but who knows she seemed kind of out of it. don't shoot me dude i'm just reporting what i heard. also anyone who works out skys OF hit me up.
>>1446 when did stan become a thing? that song is from what 2000? i only heard stan as a verb maybe last year? its like a black people thing probably?
>>1448 I literally had no idea stan referred to the eminem song. I imagine it's probably been a thing on tumblr a lot longer, that stuff all got released into the wild when the porn block happened and everyone stopped using tumblr.
Open file (366.44 KB 1538x2048 EYe6y1hUEAI3gyb.jpg)
Open file (2.73 MB 640x360 dup btfo.webm)
>>1449 It came out in like 2000 and was hugely popular. There are a ton of parodies of it. Even Mr.Bond did a version.
Open file (191.70 KB 929x595 nnng.jpg)
giv viddy
>>1452 i can tell you anon based on a reasonably thorough dive into instagram (in the before times when it didn't ask me to log in to look at images) that i personally found absolutely no evidence that that tag is correct or that jenny was even involved in this production. happy to be corrected. I believe that the girl tagged sports a reasonable likeness to jenny however obviously any reasoning as to the (imo) mis-tag would be speculation. seriously ask yourself if you can imagine this to be something jenny would voluntarily participate in? i don't know honestly but i certainly can't see her being thrilled dressing up like the tagged foreground girl. chorus maybe, we know she got the pipes.
Open file (168.99 KB 928x598 gala.jpg)
Open file (140.59 KB 933x611 gala2.jpg)
>>1453 well its a cast member charity thing and she's at least *associated* since she's in this persons preceding photo which alludes to this gala being for team of it. I haven't finished my research. Separately, i believe this is an untagged photo of her at the gala
progamerjenny [progamerjenny@progamerjenny.tmi.twitch.tv] has joined #progamerjenny skylarky [skylarky@skylarky.tmi.twitch.tv] has joined #progamerjenny -just now, looks like we are streaming
>>1454 i have seen these (left one is already in the rares thread) and remain sceptical but please don't let me put you off. god speed.
Open file (534.73 KB 2560x1440 1579977437424.jpg)
>>1457 I am not particularly thrilled with saving this OC, but saved it I now have. What the fuck. https://mega.nz/#F!5jg3AQKC!0Tr3bFv0eMVojCu_bdy08w >the mega file is still available The future is now and it is really friggen weird.
Open file (545.15 KB 577x428 1590085252575.png)
Prime Jenny thigh meat from the thread on tvch.
Open file (187.46 KB 230x428 1590085252576.png)
>>1459 Version without her >sister.
>>1460 Nice grab.
>>1461 I'd certainly grab it, if you get my meaning.
>>1459 this comment directed me to that site and wow what a wretched board. nine out of ten comments are meta jerking. I did see this post though >Bailey telling her story about that guy who wouldn't stop touching Jenny and them getting into that VIP party and can anyone recount or give a time for this?
>>1463 >jenny and bailey out at a bar >guy gets touchy with jenny >bailey tells him to fuck off I think there's a webm or screencap of it somewhere but I can't seem to find it right now. >wow what a wretched board How'd you find /jenny/ if it wasn't through /tv/? I assumed everyone here came from 8ch.
>>1464 Maybe it's just me but there are a scary number of googles that we top the results for, especially image search. Lol. There is a discussion to be had as to robots.txt if we migrate, at the loss of potential new brothers this board filling up search results only impedes jenny based research.
>>1465 >if we migrate SOONish
>>1459 Oh. Well. This is why we cant have nice things. You bloody animals. >>1460 And this is just rude smh.
>>1467 Sorry Sky.
Open file (901.64 KB 1280x720 notfunny.webm)
>>1469 sky pls don't tell jenny
>>1459 >>1460 No-pan Jenny a best! >>1465 >but there are a scary number of googles that we top the results for If that's the case, I wonder why there are so few posters?
>>1471 ty but oh god this is a really uncomfortable story. touching her LEGS!?!? can you even do that? he has really long arms. or a midget? or she was sitting down maybe i guess. i thought jenny was going to kick ass not freak out and need rescued. was it because the guy she admonishes in the outtakes is a little nerdy dweeb boy and the bar toucher is a big scary hulk man? >we were in our conartist costumes oh fuck >dumb baby ok i mean it sucks but it could have been worse i guess? would jenny go out to a bar as leia? i'm honestly quite interested in what modifications she made to her costume that she says to make it less revealing but i would feel way too dirty framing through and analysing it. lol at baileys chat calling out the guy losing his train of thought, its definitely weird that he felt the urge to say it out loud but come on it's not weird to appreciate jennys body she is very aesthetically pleasing. i'm not ""objectifying"" her i like her brains too. is it creepy that he is old? look old men have to jerk off too it's not their fault all old women are ugly hags. in the old days guys fucked 9y/o kids when you have given them all into trouble first you can have a go at this guy.
>>1456 research on hold for now, it does feel like a dead end but re: >can imagine this to be something jenny would the thing is i think - well i may just be too much of a newjennyfag but i think there's things we yet don't know about her. Like am i wrong or do we not know what sport she still does that gives her such developed muscles and concussions etc. ?
>>1473 You must know she used to horse. i'm sure she has mentioned going to the gym, i can't imagine her doing any kind of sport have you seen how awkwardly she moves her body around? probably all that g-fuel she drinks now must be good for muscles. I don't know about newfag but i like your spunk kid.
>>1472 >>1471 i think it's kind of saying something that that night merits being a story. like we wonder about jenny but bailey seems like a normie american woman for whom those events would have been like, every weekend night for about ten years of their life also lol at more of the "wearing a slutty costume but Literally Just As a Joke So wtf is with these men??"
Open file (102.78 KB 600x450 not very christian.png)
>>1476 she's woke to hatecrimes invariably being hoaxes
>>1472 >i thought jenny was going to kick ass not freak out She once told a story about running away and hiding from a guy who's car(?) was on fire because he was a man. Jenny is not great under pressure. >>1476 >what'cha doing priest? Based.
>>1478 As a red pilled reactionary patriarchy right wing realist cis white male I can only tell you if your car catches fire and you cant deal with it using only your superior male muscles, logical deductioning and spatial awareness without requiring the aid of a woman other than to fawn over you afterwards then you dont deserve a car or to exist at all. Except replace burning car with any problem or situation. I'd be interested in hearing the story if you can churn it out of your grey matter eventually. Note to self: setting things on fire as a pickup line looks to be unsuccessful at first however needs many more samples for a valid conclusion to be drawn.
I thought I was gone for a few days, but its almost been two weeks, what happened to julay anyway?
>>1480 Check cafe/bunker/ for drama but basically /v/ loli got out of hand probably
Open file (77.71 KB 594x388 mate cum.jpg)
jenny plainly stating boys "get to mate cum"
Open file (172.50 KB 1190x480 julay v meltdown.png)
Jenny is streaming more bomber man I am already deaf after only 5 minutes. Jenny reveals that she is allergic to kiwi and if she eats more than a half of one her mouth bleeds, also that she might be allergic to latex she thinks because of plasters..............................................................
>>1485 I can't imagine how long this game would have lasted if the clone cart had worked. Sky helping out what a great big sister.
Jenny claims she's on nobody's side with johnny depp... lol.
>>1488 I wish I knew more or cared at all about the case to explain why her opinion is bad. I think honestly I just hate all women.
>>1490 >I think honestly I just hate all women Keep in mind that Jenny is really, really weird and she's been on a real man-hating streak as of late. >savescum: the stream It's getting worse the longer they play.
>>1490 she just cant admit when shes wrong, you can't go from years of condemning Johnny as an abusive monster to "I just think they're both bad" without at least saying "I was mistaken" or "actually, it turns out"
>>1492 >Jenny can't have an adult conversation about her own faults >Jenny is afraid of confrontation and criticism >she is a gaslighter hmm where have i heard this
>>1492 i'm inferring you think she knows she is on shaky ground but i would say her attitude was a little condescending as though it would be impossible for him to be vindicated like i said earlier the only part of which was really true: i don't know fa about the case.
why one of you uploads soothing bear stroking webm (and sometimes others) on basic chan and not here?
>>1495 gib link
>>1495 wat
Open file (2.89 MB 354x480 comfy bear.webm)
I can't believe you made me go to cuckchan for this. God dammit.
>>1498 lol were you fucking phoneposting too or something? this was literally like 24 hours ago, what other posts do you come across? there was a good one where she laughed (she didn't really laugh) at ducky's VA getting murdered i was going to upload it but i can't donate 100% of my time to jennyposting it's just not feasible. don't tease us and then complain when we ask you to produce the goods you were caught red handed visiting cuck and your punishment is to bring back a jenny and you did. seems fair to me. where is clip posting anon from previous general i hope it's not him because we bullied him away. don't watch kirrulakama(sp?) if you are a fragile soul it is seriously depressing as fuck
>>1498 oh wait. ok. i see. apologies for being retarded and getting you guys confused. this is why i hate ids because my brain is made of cum
>>1499 >>1500 lol okay
>>1501 i really want this shirt but without the text
>>1495 Because I spend a lot more time on 4/tv/ than anywhere else really. Random, cute webms are better suited for my shitposting over there just so I'm not dumping the same pics repeatedly. The webms I post here are more for conversation thanks to the audio.
Open file (1.15 MB 1280x720 ducky.webm)
I wonder how often this actually happens to her. Presumably since its such a common problem to get annoyed about, she talks to literally everyone she meets about land before time? because it's really not a natural conversation point i would imagine - i don't know i have never been to LA. >>1503 >cute if they are cute then post them here. or at least lets start a thread where we just post links to jennyposts on other boards.
Open file (2.87 MB 490x406 Jenny Shaker.webm)
>>1504 >I wonder how often this actually happens to her Eh, that's just common trivia people like to parrot. Jenny's push back will only increase those comments when her video does release... whenever that may be. >if they are cute then post them here Yeah, sure.
>>1505 >no audio
>>1506 Well, yeah. There's no audio allowed outside of the dedicated gif boards.
>>1507 >gifs >audio Cuckchan is so ass backwards, how and why, smh
Open file (42.87 KB 134x147 Untitled2.png)
Open file (10.57 KB 183x139 Untitled.jpg)
Forgive the worlds worst images but I've just got a confirmation that Bailey's quarantine buddy/boyfriend is Mike the bartender. These are from a zoom chat they were together in a few weeks ago.
Open file (89.92 KB 1120x364 look.jpg)
new look for jenny >>1509 bailey and jenny have never watched each others streams, sad
>>1509 >stuck in the house with Bailey for months Poor bastard... >>1510 >#1 AVATARHEAD How does she feel about the actual movie?
Open file (393.84 KB 363x595 brave_VAYsFHCKSN.png)
why is gahooly terrified of this woman?
>>1512 He's in love but doesn't know what that feels like, so he gets confused.
Open file (143.17 KB 750x1007 gahoole and jenny.jpeg)
Open file (324.40 KB 640x1095 gahoole and jenny 2.jpeg)
Open file (91.90 KB 750x666 gahoole asks jenny.jpeg)
>>1509 Why can't she leave this guy alone? How many more times do they need to break up before she moves on? >>1512 The only real issue Gahoole has had with Jenny or Jennyposting was Margcuck spamming the board over her. If you were on the Гунтstream where somebody made Jen into a chat emote, he only deleted her because she was being added as /Gahoole. Never forget, he reached out to her to come to /tv/.
Open file (488.68 KB 379x458 gunt emote.png)
>>1514 >he only deleted her because she was being added as /Gahoole. To specify, he kept telling whoever was doing it to label her as something else. He wouldn't have deleted the image if it went by another file. Had whoever kept uploading the pic put it under literally anything other than /Gahoole, he wouldn't have touched it.
>>1516 It's a slow news cycle. A little deviation doesn't hurt anything.
>>1459 >>1460 >progamerjenny VODs are sub only now >lots of ne-er-do-wells out there are you fucking prooud of yourself?
>>1518 Surely you're not serious.
she's saying right now that it's because the people who want to re-watch over the whole streams are more likely to be doing that because they're 'looking for something bad' and i'd imagine she twigged to that because one of you made an actual onsite clip (which notifies her)
>>1519 about what? that the vods are sub only now? yes that she named 4chan trolls specifically as the reason? yes that i am blaming you personally for it? no i didn't mean to imply that; i was soliloquizing to whoever capped them. i'm normally asleep when she streams so it's a little inconvenient for me to not have vod access. i mean it's not at all actually in any way whatsoever but it's a little hurtfull tbh lol.
>>1520 >and i'd imagine she twigged to that because one of you made an actual onsite clip (which notifies her) lmao. absolutely fuck twitch new layout, i can't browse clips without it fucking playing the stream in the background every time im already fucking watching it. there are about a billion clips of jenny of course, who is the offender? if he subs she can just ban him right? how does twitch work?
>>1520 >>1521 >>1522 Well for the record, I only reposted what I saw over on /tv/. If that image somehow got back to her, or if something on cuckchan got back to her, or if it's the clip feature, that's somebody else's shenanigans. Did she mention cuckchan "trolls" specifically? It should be pointed out that if she didn't want anything risque recorded of her, she wouldn't be serving it in her content. It's not necessarily people going in to look for stuff, it's just as much people just happening to spot things and being quick enough to record it. That doesn't make somebody a troll. That should make her a little more self-conscious in her style of clothing or whatever mannerisms people might catch. Getting caught out on some things is part of the streamer experience. Sharing those moments is part of the viewer's experience. Whatever it specifically was that triggered this, making past videos sub-only is a very small part of anything that could be thought of as a solution.
>>1523 > Did she mention cuckchan "trolls" specifically? plenty of people in chat asked about it so she responded a few times but she named 4chan and talked about trolls and ne'er-do-wells specifically. >shouldn't be serving it in her content come on > Getting caught out on some things is part of the streamer experience hence why anyone with a brain knew this would end badly. i honestly have no idea why she is still streaming instead of sticking with youtube. her fans are all creeps, she can't edit the output. what is in it for her? the money must be good i guess? really interesed to see what happens when sky goes home.
>>1524 >come on Seriously though, it's the same argument you'd give anyone. If you don't want to get into a jam, don't put yourself into a situation where a jam will happen. Streaming or irl, girls want to wear skimpier outfits but throw a fit when something happens. The responsibility falls both ways to avoid mishaps. >her fans are all creeps Aw, that's not nice. >what is in it for her? the money must be good i guess? From what I keep hearing, Youtube's getting shittier and shittier with its terms. All the good money seems to be in twitch, for now. >when sky goes home She could always stream with Bailey. I will never understand why she doesn't do more of that.
>>1525 were you dragged up? have some decorum. >Aw, that's not nice. i mean except us. but i'm not so sure about you tbh. >with bailey interesting someone in chat mentioned bailey beating a game "despite technical problems" and jenny pounced on them immediately calling them out for negging on bailey. which, if you have seen bailey stream at all i think you would take that comment differently, it didn't ocurr to me at all as anything meant as a dig. we all know they don't watch each other but i thought it was an interesting thing to pick up on. Also i believe i am correct in saying this is jenny's first 1080 stream? so congratluations for that we are all very proud.
>>1520 >'looking for something bad' i hope she elaborates as to what is acceptable. like if someone made a funny compilation of her screaming or something thats probably fine right.... >>1525 >The responsibility falls both ways to avoid mishaps. If you aren't glueing mirrors to your shoes to upskirt women then you are a blue pilled soy boy cuck simple as. women should wear burkas if they don't want men to lust at them.
>>1527 Lol jenny just stood up and she is wearing a full length skirt today. I was thinking that we were overacting and it's probably more for someone clipping bad jokes out of context, but maybe the pseudo-upskirt did get to her.
>>1528 only two clips were made in the previous ~week. once was some nothing and the other was the upskirt
>>1529 are you looking at just your own clips or something? lol busted. i can find exactly 88 clips from the past week. no, yeah, you heard me. exactly 88. i counted twice.
>>1530 Do you have to sub to even see clips as well now, cos I can't see anything.
>>1529 >clip of sky cuttlefish imma fucking slap you silly boy
>>1531 twitch are pushing a new UI and it is intensely retarded but clips seem to be visible still afaik https://www.twitch.tv/progamerjenny/videos?filter=clips
>>1533 Yeah without that link I would never have found that. I assume jenny can delete clips?
>>1534 i think if she could have she would have. maybe they will dissapear mysteriously at some point..
>>1523 >If that image somehow got back to her It was definitely the clip. She ain't gonna be browsing any chans to see who's talking about her. I don't think her ego is that big. Downloading her VODs will be a little more annoying going forward though. It's not costing me anything thanks to Prime, but now there's that little extra pain in the ass to what was once a quick couple of clicks. Also for the guy who asked for this 100 years ago. Use Base64 to decode (JDownloader 2 will automatically add the link when copied too): <[20200424] chezlindsay - Love Never Dies Watch Party - Twitch aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZpbGUvWXBoVWdTekEjVWtwUVRZbGlyc0JFSkxUZmFPLXVreHU1TzQ5MHZyclF3OE82anlkek5DOA== Not sure how much of this I missed or how much Jenny/Sky are actually in it (I just capped it), but that's 1hr52m56 of the stream.
>>1536 the hero i don't deserve she specifically namechecks 4chan but you could be right and she just uses trolls/perverts and 4chan anons interchangeably. jenny also misspoke giving sky's twitch as 'skylark' instead of 'skylarky'. obviously skylark is her SA handle but i wonder how much exactly jenny knows about sky's posting or if it's just a name she is fond of. she doesn't use it on any other social media now but who knows.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAGfsmoGg6Y if anyone wants to ask him about Jenny, hes answering questions.
>>1538 literally who
>>1539 oh.. its the guy who was coincidentally paired with jenny at an escape room game
>>1540 "escape room" no wonder she didn't speak to him ever again he's a fucking retard. i spent and embarrassingly long time searching his channel for ready player one live experience when of course it was alita battle angel. where might i return my jenny membership card?
>>1541 nah man it makes more sense i would have never even thought of Jenny seeing alita. literally waifushit
>>1542 phew! ty <3
Open file (2.94 MB 544x572 1590454372277 (1).webm)
This is from 4ch, but I think it's worth seeing.
>>1544 Oh my.
>>1544 really annoying how dismissive of asmr type stuff she is when clearly she would be great at it. i mean this is pretty cool.
>>1546 >Jenny ASMR: Teddybear Arm Tugging, Soft Mouth Noises
>>1547 I thought i needed something like this but honestly just watching the video on loop is enough to cosy me off to sleep. goodnight.
Open file (30.70 KB 620x465 Beavis.jpg)
>>1544 uhhh hhuh huh huh huh huh huh uhhh huh huhhuh hehe heh he he hehe heheh heh heh uhhh huhh huh huh uhhh huh huh huh uhh huh huh huh
Open file (37.06 KB 590x480 social construct.png)
Alright which one of you was this? >>1549 >jenny will never grope your teddybear
Open file (30.90 KB 598x140 shitpushedfurtherin.jpg)
>>1550 what will it take to make to crack
>>1550 >>1551 Every time I watch Bailey's streams it bums me out. I don't think she knows how to be happy anymore. On the last one she spoke about how often her and her "quarantine buddy" were always fighting and were currently in a big fight that she hoped would be over by the time her birthday rolled around (while also hoping some people would actually show up for her party).
>>1551 nobody posted the one where she said she was taking her macbook to apple store to get fixed and hoped it wouldn't be too expensive? sorry bailey i love you but lmfao. her vommers are planning her a surprise though
>>1553 she said it has insects in it >>1552 when was this? beginning, middle, or end of the stream
Open file (35.74 KB 900x257 comeback.jpg)
griffins on twitter, bragging about his channels bounceback will 2020 be the year of griffin?
>>1554 I think it may have been more towards the end of the stream. I just had it on in the background while I was busy with something else. She seemed somewhat resigned to spend her birthday alone. >>1555 Damn, how does he do compared to Jenny?
>>1552 >On the last one she spoke about how often her and her "quarantine buddy" were always fighting and were currently in a big fight <dating mike never works out <i know, i'll date him again BAILEY STAHP. Where is Jenny in this? You'd think she would've told her to just move on already and find somebody else. >>1555 >year of the griffin lol no
>>1555 whats a thing like oh icarus but for pride? doesn't have to be youtube specific. >>1556 > spend her birthday alone. she's what ~28? anyone who can get that far and have friends left at all has done well imo. >>1554 ok so get a bottle of IPA, cotton buds, gloves, can of air, go to town. you get the bugs out maybe it works maybe it doesn't but at least a service centre won't fob you off about it because they don't want bugs everywhere. baileys tweet about the list of bad things and 4) is sammy and she wrote "(this is the worst one)" why do i find this funny i'm a terrible person. hang in there bailey. so what is the argument about? he doesn't want her to get another cat or is it just specifically that he doesn't want his name put down as the father on the adoption papers?
>>1559 >i've had some bad birthdays c'mon bailey tell us a story >jeopardy what stops her applying again? only shame?
Open file (69.27 KB 590x820 computer bugs.png)
>>1560 deleted it because i didn't notice people already brought up the bug thing, here it is in reference to those other details
>>1561 ty i'm far too lazy rn to ss
>>1558 >why do i find this funny 1) Her tweet is so indulgent of misery that it comes off like parody. 2) The bathos of goofy, joke-problems like jeopardy and 'bugs in computer' listed as comparable with death. 3) The comically inadequate attempt to reduce that bathos by boosting the emphasis on the death creating the 4) absurd premise that death being the worst thing on the list needs to be pointed out in 5) a faux-naif style
>>1558 >so what is the argument about? shes mentioned tension between them since the beginning. but mike trying to help with her stream might be the reason now
>>1564 Have you got a time stamp for this?
Open file (342.82 KB 487x405 1590543955115.png)
Hi! I'm new to this board, can i post a cute Jenny pic here?
>>1565 the first claim was last month so I cant remember. bailey getting mad at mike for "helping" was 15-20 minutes into the recent monkey island video, the longer one conversations like this are why Jenny is protective of her vods.
>>1566 hello, its a pity she doesn't work there anymore, she looked good in those videos
Open file (105.74 KB 874x1200 1550898138180.jpg)
>>1568 Yeah, i loved her style too. Perfect balance of cute autism and quick and mean dry humor. Guess good things never last.
>>1569 It's not like she died, anon. She's actively streaming and still making the occasional youtube video. There's suppose to be a ramble and a Land Before Time review coming out soonish.
>>1570 But it's not the same 'character', still enjoyable, but not the same.
>>1569 I wonder if screen junkies has the uncut footage still I feel stupid for not thinking to ask vito for the extra footage when he did his episode with Jenny. he most likely deleted it now
>>1557 >Where is Jenny in this? I would love to hear Jenny give Bailey relationship advice, that'd be cute as hell. >>1566 Welcome aboard!
>>1572 >there's hours and hours of unseen footage locked away in a room somewhere that we will never see
So did anyone here pitch in to bailey for her birthday? Feel kind of bad for the kid tbh she's had a rough one (I know some of you dont agree.) Say if someone gifted her a few subs anonymously you can still send a message right? "Happy birthday, love /julay/" Too creepy?
>>1575 i dunno whats with bailey seeing herself as a poor wretch when her dad could and would buy her a new computer (or an apartment) if she said the word. Posing as destitute to get the simps to pay instead is one thing, but she seems to actually believe it
>>1576 That’s the only thing that irks me about Bailey, she constantly complains about being poor and downtrodden but she grew up rich right. Fair enough she might be trying to live independently or whatever but it’s like come on. She lives like this by choice, she could probably pull the trigger and go back to working for her dad whenever she wants.
>>1575 they can see your name on tips but I don't know about subs or bits >>1576 her father made her work when she was young, she can live at her parents house but she wont get an allowance or anything.
>>1575 If I'm not paying into her patreon, I'm not gonna send her random gift money. She doesn't convince me that she should have it.
That said, Happy Birthday Bailey. I don't mean to shit on you so much, you just need to lighten up and stop fucking around with Mike.
Open file (375.75 KB 1538x2048 EZIHUh8U4AEmS1H.jpg)
Lol Jenny dropping her new video premiere slap bang in the middle of Bailey's big birthday stream... She just does not give a fuck.
>>1581 dude it's not just released it's 'premiering' which is like for the first time it plays as if it's a livestream and people can chat with her in the side. So bailey watchers can't just say ah i'll watch that later without missing that. She must have either done this deliberately or is completely ignorant of bailey's life lol. OhNoJoRnWiLlBeUpSet if I forgot his birthday. or my little dog, but.. bailey can eat shit hahah i love jenny
>>1582 Jenny actually interacting with chat too. Jenny hasn't put out anything new in what, a year? 18 months? feels like it. she's been working hard it could just have been coincidence lamo. >>1581 >slap bang in the middle Bailey started ~2h earlier than usual today, jenny probably scheduled it to start at the same time? i don't know which is worse. Maybe jenny doesn't approve of bailey fucking around with mike? i don't know. jenny said she wanted to ask bailey on the last disney trip before corona. why would you ask someone you hate to go to the happiest place on earth with you. it can't be that robojenny can't compute bailey's upset for sammy; she loves all living things and is a vegetarian too.
>>1583 maybe jenny wanted bailey to be her corona buddy >>1583 >Jenny actually interacting with chat too. did she say anything cute?
Open file (20.22 KB 389x95 dk.png)
>>1584 she was mostly just fishing for dating tips afaik. >my alienware laptop rendered this video at 2x speed. i'm desperate to be jelly of these numbers but i need to know more specifics. also is this gpu? won't youtube just compress the fuck out of it anyway? render it raw, fuck them. she has good internet apparently.
Open file (499.78 KB 692x3386 political charity.jpg)
does jenny donate to anything that isn't a political charity? this is the third time now.
>>1586 Jenny, no. No. What the fuck, Jen.
>>1586 who? what? >>1587 huh? so this company bails people out of jail that can't afford it? don't you get bail money back if they don't abscond?...... Isn't the argument about paid bail kind of fallacious anyway, bail money is a deterrent and without that deterrent you are more of a risk and so would be denied bail anyway. this is Minnesota which is nothing to do with Minneapolis where that guy got knelt on do death right? who the fuck is maggiemayfish to jenny?
>>1586 why does the left hate bail bonds? they are socialism are they not?
>>1588 jenny just wants to stop being attacked for 'having white girl energy' so she is just making a big loud fuss about help the black sounding thing
Open file (74.21 KB 620x928 EZIL6QrUwAIG9mV.jpg)
Open file (64.46 KB 720x720 EZJREUnUYAAEB3Z.jpg)
Open file (843.96 KB 720x720 Birthdailey.png)
Random Bailey pics from the day. >>1588 >who? >what? >huh? <cops kill some criminal in minnesota <blacks riot, burn shit down, assault people, like always <leftists are rushing to pay so blacks don't have to be in jail and have a chance to escape justice <jenny is promoting this practice Living in California is a fucking mistake. These people she's helping to be donated to would be the first to turn on her and other donators at the first opportunity.
I went to bailey's VOD to find her reaction to Jenny's premiere. Originally with glee but now Jenny's heinous donations made me sympathise with Bailey her victim by default (even though bailey is actually far worse in this aspect lol, so the flaws of instinct there). Anyway nothing much happened but 1:51:20 she reads from the chat that Jenny uploaded a new vid. She says >I'll have to check that out. She... sent me a $50 gift card .. so she has been a plenty good friend today. I thought that was funny because she straight away implied the premise that Jenny's upload is the act of a bad friend, and had obviously rehearsed how to feel about it.
>>1592 >life is going to be different from now on What a strange thing to say >>1593 >she says..... Oh GOD literally everything about this makes me want to shrivel up into a pupice. There is nowhere to begin unpacking this. >>1592 Blacks aside american cops are retarded as fuck based on what we hear about them. The chimps driving the police car in jumanji would do a better job than any american cop I have ever heard anything about. >'Shoot first.....' <and ask questions later? >no lol wtf stfu When nobody, all the ways up until the mayor, is willing to call you out for murder. It honestly seems fucked.
>>1593 i thought >plenty good friend was her admonishing chat but the worst they do is call jenny cheeky anyone care to tell me how to feel about jenny giving bailey a gift card and then publicly donating the same value of money to charity that she has shown absolutely no interest in until now? i don't have any friends or money so i don't know if this is cool or normal. it's tough during lockdown though, it's not like you can just go around to someone's house on their birth... >>1176 ....oh, never mind. oh and this isn't toxic by the way, i'm not having a go, i just want all the internet people that i live through vicariously to be happy and best friends.
<jenny as don draper in the elevator with mauler >i don't think about you at all <jenny as don draper drunk at his desk crying, dictating a note to elizabeth moss >"..which will angrily deconstruct my land before time ranking video in a 3-hour rebuttal" brought to you by meme-to-text.
>>1592 >played the sims well. the year bailey does a birthday goosedrunks with her new adopted flu(umlaut)f ball kitty and calls it "bailey birthday screams" then i will sigh with relief that perhaps she is healing.
>>1595 >i thought it was her admonishing chat this was before the chat said *anything*, it was instantaneous on learning that there was the upload. i struggled writing my post to make sure i conveyed that, but i'm no Jenny i guess >>1592 >>1594 yeah >Life is going to be different from now on >..But, the future looks bright! what a weird ominous thing to find on a birthday card from a normal fan. Are you sure one of you didn't make this?
>>1598 it's probably some co-star bullshit, probably baily posted it and someone made this to meme. idk i'm not firing up disco to check
>>1595 >the same value This is so funny >$50? hmm, that is not an insubstantial sum! >[looks at feeds] >*Jenny_Nicholson Donated $50 to "BONK Doge Meme Yikesposting nuggies fund"* >
>>1593 >sent me a $50 gift card poor bailey. 500 seems more appropriate given her state. Bailey did say she stayed at Jennys house when Sam died, or Jenny stayed with her. I think they're fine
>>1601 steady on lad. jenny has posted before about buying animal adoption gifts for people. a gift card seemed impersonal but maybe its exactly what bailey needed who am i to judge i don't know anything about their relationship. a cat adoption plush especially would have seemed cruel. >>1601 >>1581 jenny hasn't given bailey so much as a shout out on her stream? i'm not expecting a raid or whatever but someone posted a gregory emoji? in jenny's stream and she said it was a colorful yoshi and then presumably upon learning it was baileys just dropped it completely. i mean help a nigga out sheeit.
>>1593 >sent me a $50 gift card How much you want to bet that was just a re-gift of one Andrew's gift cards that he sent to Jenny. >>1585 >she was mostly just fishing for dating tips afaik. Is Jenny actually getting lonely?
Has jenny ever had a boyfriend?
>>1603 lol Andrew sent her $200 last time he was on but he was tricked into it.
Open file (19.09 KB 524x120 griff21.jpg)
>>1604 not since a decade ago >>1605 how did that happen?
>>1606 one of sky's regulars was in jennys stream as soon as sky left he told andrew he wanted to donate 150$ but was short on money, if andrew donated 200$ he would get him back when he got paid sky's regulars tell andrew that he is a stand up guy , andrew pays out. the aftermath: the other guy mysteriously vanishes sky tells andrew she wouldn't have done that in his position andrew admits he was prepared for it to be a scam and although he doesn't have money to burn he wouldn't have paid out more than he was willing to lose. look who knows, if you know sky's chat then you know the guy is having a fucking crazy time of it atm; maybe he will pay andrew back. he's a long time viewer and bought sky her gamer chair apparently so. who knows.
Open file (14.72 MB 960x540 Jenny on a date!.webm)
>bailey advertising jenny's video How sweet. >>1604 webm related comes to mind. Not sure if it was a real date or what the context is anymore. >>1605 >>1607 >hmm, this seems like a trap >i know, i'll walk right into it w h y
Open file (255.83 KB 739x908 IMG_0859.PNG)
Open file (253.81 KB 743x991 IMG_0860.PNG)
Lol Bailey was gonna make a joke, but changed her mind. Bit too close to home?
Open file (161.81 KB 596x605 pm.png)
>>1608 >how sweet bailey "power move" meyers i can't remember if this was before or after jenny denied his request to see the shoes she bought with the $500 shoe voucher he sent her
>>1609 lmao mvp for catching this brother how can we fix bailey? poor kiddo. i just appreciated that she donated the money jenny gave her basically.
>>1609 Nice save, guy. Also sad. Very, very sad. >>1610 Alternatively: Bailey "Why are we still here, just to Suffer?" Meyers.
>>1606 Normally I wouldn't believe his claim, but he was photographed/filmed hanging out with Jenny looking a bit more intimate with her than the rest of her friends. >>1609 Bailey is a hateful person, but I still feel bad for sometimes.
>>1613 Do you think he ever pecked her on the cheek? Or held her hand? Do you think he stays away long into the night, tears in his eyes, remembering better days and wishing he never pushed her away be being a batshit insane betting addict?
>>1607 oh that Lindsay. her and Jenny really do seem like the type to have accounts on kiwi farms >>1608 >Not sure if it was a real date or what the context is anymore jenny has stories about going on "dates" but her idea of a date seems to be like middle school dating, where you hang out as a group at the movies and decide if you like him later.
>>1614 gr*ffin probably would but he is gone from the world now, replaced, by the same phenomena as Marina Joyce was, with zombie-gr*f. Who knows whether these zombies even have memories or wishes
Open file (94.79 KB 600x426 griff16.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OibAR33F1ZI griffins girlfriend reads q-anon stuff. does that mean she was on 8chan? was she the one who tipped off Griffin about us.... has she been one of us this whole time and is dating griffin to get closer to his secret stash of rare jennys?
Open file (76.75 KB 500x250 1590808441329.png)
Open file (64.20 KB 517x264 1590805434936.png)
Very curious /tv/ oc.
>>1618 lol that it is nevertheless very evocative of her esp. the first one. what... was the context?
>>1619 I have no idea, it was just created in response to one of her pics. As far as I can tell, it's a female version of Truthseeker.
>>1618 oh. oh no. Jenny streaming bman but on purpose didn't tweet about it to see how many people showed up from twitch notif only. no vods now no notifs, she really hates anon viewers lol.
>>1621 >jenny how come when i google you "kirya" comes up in results? <wtf you creep why would you google me that is invasion of my privacy you doxxer >jenny what is your twitter <uh just fucking google it what are you too retarded to use a computer?you all know my twitter anyway that's why you are here even though i specifically didn't post to twitter that i was streaming lol. make up your mind jenny.
>>1622 so what is Kirya anyway? Googling it brings up friendship is magic.
>>1623 yeah i don't know tbh but i'm assuming from a few googles [sorry jenny] that they were involved with gypsy bard song or something. there is a "lenich & kirya" youtube channel full of weird youtube music. It would be impossible to imagine that whoever asked jenny the question knew about them and watched videos or something and google sugggested it based on the history and the person was just interested at small worlds colliding rather than a carefully calculated attempt to pry into jenny's past history of people she knew 10 years ago.
>>1623 ok from FiW master credits: >Friendship is Witchcraft has been blessed with many fan renditions and remixes. Here are some of our favorites: >Lenich and Kirya - Russian Gypsy Jazz Cover >Music: >Original Music by Griffin Lewis >“The Gypsy Bard” ​ produced by Lenich and Kirya (​ http://www.youtube.com/Lenich​ )
Right, so jenny's sister actually has an onlyfans. Can someone braver than me please pay the 10 dollars and just see what's on there?
>>1626 i would feel absolutely too dirty to subscribe to it but my understanding is that she only posts 'selfies'. I have a feeling that its all wholesome fun and non nude but i don't know where i got that idea from at all tbh. she did say on stream she was going for a bath and when someone in chat asked for a bath stream she posted her OF profile lol. there was talk about abusing the of streaming service to have a watch along party of stuff that would be a copyright strike on twitch too but i don't know what came of that.
Open file (166.16 KB 598x1164 please notice me senpai.png)
>>1609 >>1610 Bailey's thirst for Jenny's attention has come to fruition. >>1626 >jenny's sister actually has an onlyfans. >sister You do not want to go further down that path, anon. It is cursed and full of devils.
>>1628 you never know what you might like until you try it anon.
does anyone who uses only fans know if you remain anonymous? I don't want Lindsay doxing me
>>1630 what? you make a fake email, clean paypal, transfer money into it, sign up for of. but no anon, i'm pretty sure of won't tell sky your bank details :s. even in the usa there are probably privacy laws. aren't there? paranoia is your friend.
>>1629 >it's not gay if the dick is feminine >>1630 The banks won't just spill out your personal information. You can fap to your fetish in relative peace.
whats her account? and what does this mean Subscribercheer 100jacobmayer:i liked it when jenny exposed you for googling gay hypebeast
>>1633 A quick search shows Hypebeast coming up as some kind of queer fashion company.
>A Hype Beast is a kid that collect clothing, shoes, and accessories for the sole purpose of impressing others. Although the individual may not have a dime to their name they like to front like they are making far more then everybody else. Equipped with mommies credit card the Hype Beast will try his hardest to make sure he has every pair of Nike’s he saw Jay-Z wearing on 106 & Park.
I was trying to search for Lindsays account through google, and most of the image results were posts from this forum. I feel exposed
>>1636 Our power grows.
>>1636 Her only fans is girlsaysbruh
>>1638 I cant find it, theres a skylark but its empty. do you think she was joking?
>>1639 No it's real it's girlwhosaysbruh
>>1633 >Subscribercheer 100jacobmayer:i liked it when jenny exposed you for googling gay hypebeast a hypebeast is a person who wears lots of fashion label clothing and accessories and typically they end up making videos on youtube showing themselves buying and wearing outlandishly priced clothes and accessories that are essentially plain but with a label on them i.e. not of interesting design or worth watching. sky initially got into watching hypebeast youtube videos ironocally but has since found herself unironically enjoying supreme brand merchandise, you see her on stream sporting for example a supreme brand choker and her animal crossing village is plastered with virtual supreme design merch. some of you may remember jenny tweeting about one of the hypebeasts that sky follows broke his leg trying to climb out of a window or something i can't quite remember the wholes story. ANYWAY recently sky on her stream was showing a few of the hypebeast youtubers she likes and one of them is a gay couple where one is a young boy who is a hypebeast and his partner who seems a little older (and some say more handsome because of it). sky couldn't remember the channel name apparently and resorted to googling "gay hype beast". This came to fruition just a few hours ago on jennys latest stream as she attempted to google something and the suggestions came back as "gay hypebeast" which jenny found intensely amusing. it was later noted that the search suggestions, due to the way that the stream software works, was not visible to the twitch audience and jenny effectively outed sky for searching that particular term. jacobmayer is one of sky's younger viewers and quite recently outed himself as a fan of the younger gay hypebeast (as opposed to the majority of sky's chat who agree the non hypebeast partner is more attractive/rugged/chiselled). jacob also recently (yesterday?) finished his last day of school so if you meet him be sure to congratulate him. i hope that answers your question.
>>1641 >>1635 yes, disappointed it wasn't something very very sexual. >>1640 thanks!
>>1641 From what I’ve gleamed from her streams she definitely seems to be the kind of person who does things ironically until she starts to just do them for real. Tbh it feels like almost everything she does or says on stream is ironic. I genuinely can’t tell.
>>1643 >the king of fyad >seems to be the kind of person who does things ironically
Open file (22.17 KB 494x98 feed black people.jpg)
something seems to be happening in LA
>>1645 The riots are increasing. They've started in on Holywood. >please help feed these people that destroy their own means of living lol no
https://twitter.com/CheahKAShaun ...did....did he die? :/ *ahem* I only knew shaun as a reply guy to Jenny's twitter, but from those tiny slivers into the life of a stranger we conclude that he was a kind and noble man. Who can forget the time he defended jenny and indeed all women by telling andrew carney not to tell anyone, but especially women, to check their dm publicly. I will now invite the congregation to hold a moment of silence and remember their favourite shaun reply. I know we have had some scares what with jenny being unwell but to actually lose a member of the community is truly a dark day. Sincerely rest in peace Shaun and as an angel of heaven please watch over and protec our girl always.
>>1645 I'm not saying necessarily that this tweet was bullshit and shes a grifter but also no fucking way would I venmo $20 to a random person on twitter who cant even come up with a single price for a meal. Shes literally just ordering them takeout? Seems incredibly inefficient. I'm pretty ambivalent towards police but I dont live in usa. You guys have kind of had this coming the way you allow yourselves to be treated by cops is disgusting, and not just blacks either.
Open file (61.50 KB 660x302 shit.jpg)
Even though i'd prefer my waifu site to be a haven from Events, jenny is being jenny I think it's quite cringe and even her leftists would probably find this gauche, to be popping up trying to get goodgirl points in the middle of a race war kicking off. H-hey! Listen I know uh this other white wealthy girl and she did this thing you really wouldn't like! but i disapproved! Femcels call this a pickme, it's a type of throw your own side under the bus snake 'yes women are shit! but i'm different' jenny is trying Omg you're right, white wealthy horse girls are the worst. you should probably kill them. But i'm different see!
Open file (30.90 KB 598x194 stupidass.jpg)
>>1649 Oh jenny plz no. Please I'm begging you. My skin is screaming.
>>1647 Whom? >>1648 >treated by the cops While the cops can be pretty shitty, more often than not in these instances the cop literally almost never do anything wrong. From what I've gathered, the negro and the cop that pinned him had worked together at a nightclub together. When they came to get him at the store he was harassing, he was acting erratically. In the video, the came explicitly states "this is why you don't do drugs". From past history of this bloke and from familiarity of how it usually goes arresting darkies and druggies, he might have assumed the black fella was saying whatever he could to make a run for it. In the video, the cop said that the negro had already resisted arrest while being placed in the car, hence the pinning. They were trying to make sure he was calmed down. Unfortunately or maybe not so much they weren't aware how the position aggravated his underlying previously existing health issues to the point were it killed him. Assuming that restraining him triggered the death and not whatever drugs the negro put into himself plus the physical strain. It could also be noted that only one of the cops was white. >>1649 Such is an upbringing in California.
>>1652 Iv'e seen a couple times irl three or four cops sit on guys before but its maybe for a minute at most while they are properly restrained. I've never seen any cop kneel on a dude's neck before, and if i was a white cop arresting a black guy in usa i'd like to think i'd be making damn fucking sure i didn't accidentally incite a race war. i'm not siding with thugs looting and pillaging i think it's dumb as fuck but cops being in that they are a position of power should have above and beyond uphold a standard of professionalism and sure there are probably thousands of interactions every day that go well but the few that we see are an absolute embarrassment.
>>1653 >I've never seen any cop kneel on a dude's neck before The police department there claim it's a tested method. >the few that we see That's all it takes. That's all the excuse these people need. Again, I'm not saying corpse never do anything wrong. I just automatically have to question it when people make accusations that lead to events like this. I instantly assume there's some level of bullshit.
>>1654 when the mayor did the press conf. asking them to prosecute the officer i thought he specifically said it was not a taught or approved thing or something. interesting.
guys pls
>>1625 is Jenny ashamed of having been a brony these days? I just saw something about, in Japan, child-shaped sex dolls and you know - those kiddy-horse body pillows the Bronies were selling at their Con are exactly the same thing, just a touch more abstract. I wonder given the continuing amping up of hostility between the sexes she will still feel like taking the 'its quirky' angle toward from a year ago when she was there
>>1657 >'its quirky' you think she thinks the body pillows are 'quirky'? i infer from the video she finds the pillows repugnant but gets a kick out of the idea of neet kissless aspie virgin incels who can't fuck.
>>1658 i didn't mean to say she approved but, when she was originally tweeting from the con she was just like 'haha gross lol'. i feel like her serious side might not want her to make a funny video about pedo-ish shit. But we'll see! >setting out to deride neet kissless aspie virgin incels with body pillows hmm some way of reminds me the time she got the impulse to deride girls who use fandoms to make money off nerds
>>1628 wait, is this a legit scam? bail is returned, its not kept. so who gets to keep the money once it gets returned? the "charity" organizers? they don't say on their website
>>1660 yeah bail is only returned if you don't abscond, i think that tells you all you need to know about some of their clients lol....
https://yiff.party/patreon/4416940 a furry porn site posted all her patreon videos
>>1657 >is Jenny ashamed of having been a brony these days? Everyone knows that she still collects and restores pony toys. The only thing she regrets about being a brony is the people she ends up being associated with. >>1658 >gets a kick out of the idea of neet kissless aspie virgin incels who can't fuck. Like being in a zoo. Yeah those animals look cool and all but you're not going to hop the fence because you know they'll fuck you up in ways you'd prefer not to deal with. >>1660 Of course it's a scam. >>1662 >page on wikifeet >page of furfag site >some stuff on rule34 The internet sure is wacky.
Open file (1.70 MB 1600x1600 1590921522459.png)
Open file (214.56 KB 815x768 wow.jpg)
about 6000$ between Jenny and Bailey specifically going to violent dumb thugs, because its the socially popular thing to do this week. are Jenny and Bailey evil? or am I being over sensitive.
>>1664 >>1663 I'm going to pretend that that is the one and only thing that exists on the spoiler
>>1666 the rule34 is just those deepfakes that have been around for years, nothing new
>>1665 i would say that Bailey is evil and jenny is misguided. Jenny is a project for someone. They or experience may open her eyes but don't hold out. Easier to ignore her actions and focus on her voice and legs. Speaking of, someone on 4 said >strong north-eastern European legs which reminded me about a previous discussion about her eyefolds being a normal thing for norwegians, leading to the surprising wikpedia find of Nicholsons, despite being a Scottish clan, legendarily being descendants of a Norwegian baron called Nicolassen who raided scotland. So since yes, Norwegians do grow shorter heavily muscled limbs, and she has eyefolds, and her dad's name is possibly norwegian it's all adding up to me.
>>1665 >are Jenny and Bailey evil? They're modern women raised in California. Jenny was brought up in a liberal Christian home that was accepting of queers and trannies. She's a product of her times. Bailey is a Jew, of what part of her actions come from her Jewish sensibilities and what part comes from Jewish social pressure, who knows. At least in Jenny's case there's a chance that had she been brought up in any other kind of environment, she wouldn't grown up with some sense. In either case, neither of them live in an environment where such actions are questioned, or when they are questioned it's easily erased from sight and consideration. >am I being over sensitive Not at all. This is a really black mark on them. At least in Jenny's case, her biggest charm was that she rarely ever got publicly political. Even when she did, it was fairly muted. In this instance she's come right out in favor of what amounts to white genocide. This is really tough to deal with, personally. One of the major issues I had with Bailey was how overtly political she was, on top of her eternal depression she kept hoisting onto herself by repetitive unhealthy behavior. Now Jenny's almost doing the same. It both feels bad and it really makes me think, unironically. >>1668 >jenny will never be your shieldmaiden
Open file (22.32 KB 271x265 femaleasperger.jpg)
>>1669 i think it's cute that she got scared by the wilding out and panicked and tried to deflect their ire from her because she knows they've got her number. Is it morally wrong - sure but just as little kids have not grown their faculty for empathy yet, you have to make allowance for a spergis girl. I mean have you seen how her face whenever she's not talking? This is her listening face- there's a guy 1ft away she just handed the mic to, and she looks like she's coding The Platform Master in her head
>>1669 Are you guys really that bothered by this? I know you think you’re all internet image board guys but you’re not on 8ch anymore. You don’t have to act edgy here so that people will think you’re cool. We’re internet stalkers that’s all the edge you need, leave the /pol/ shit where it belongs.
Open file (94.00 KB 1101x437 nowords.jpg)
>>1671 Yes, I am bothered by this because this is a troubling series of events. I'm not interested in making /jenny/ political, but if she acts politically like this then it's a valid talking point. >/pol/ Haven't been there since 2016. /new/ was always superior. >edgy It's pretty edgy in and of itself to bail out anarchists for taking advantage of an arrest gone wrong to the tune of riots, property damage, and violence nation-wide.
>>1671 >>1669 I thought we were over the politics? The white genocide part tickled me It's certainly interesting to get opinions from different people the cultural divide is so stark it's incredible the u.s. has lasted this long. >>1672 Omg jenny is that a Busby?
>>1674 Bu..bsy?
>>1675 muthiafukin sick of these cracka ass niggas come up to me tell me aint right how i spell. lemme give you muthafucka the word right now sometimes i aint feel the need to bow down to you slave ownin ass honkys and spell words they way YOU PEOPLE tellin me they be spelled. thats opression man and thats why we riotin out here. check yo mofo privilege that goes for all yall.
>>1676 your life matters.. but -sir - Bubsy isn't in the pic either
>>1677 den who dat dere lil nigga chillin on top the pony shelf? or you think lil nigga bubsy dont BELONG out on top? he a brown skin lil nigga gotta be toilin down in the mud and the dirt under the oppressive boot of whitey!? you all crackas aint aboutta let a brotha jus chill. damn son.
>>1678 ahh, thank you for educating me. i will try to do better
>>1679 i'm just playin dawg you aite we cool
>>1671 kat, you guys went out partying during the outbreask, got sick, spread it to countless others, and then spent the next two months mocking people who don't want to wear masks. that's the essence of California politics. that same mindless hypocrisy is at play in your politicization of that mans death. and don't just driveby post either, tell us about jenny while you're here. is she easy to live with?
>>1681 Kat wouldn't have such poor opsec surely. Who else is secretly anon? Griff is confirmed. Dan definitely lurks deep inf. Bailey we know was a false flag. No way sky doesnt at least lurk 4/trek/.
>>1674 >I thought we were over the politics? Like I said, Jenny made a political gesture. I'm only reacting to it. >it's incredible the u.s. has lasted this long For the majority of its lifespan, the US was white. You had different ethnic groups coming in but within a generation or two they'd assimilate. The second non-whites started flooding in and demographics shifted, that all changed. Murrica is a white nation made for whites. Non-whites are incapable of maintaining it and actively destroy it to replace it with something more their speed. >>1682 >yfw i'm sky
>>1683 >mfw I rewatch the vod to see if sky types this out.
Open file (544.40 KB 960x720 Dumb Babby.png)
>>1665 >Jenny and Bailey evil? Well, Bailey is inherently (((evil))), but Jenny I feel, is just going with the flow. She used to talk about having trouble making friends and was even excited when she felt her YouTube acquaintances became her friends... so I think she just wants to keep the people she considers her friends happy. Also, being a rich white girl from California certainly colors her politics, but I don't think there's anything sinister lurking beneath the surface. She's too cute to be evil! >>1682 >Griff is confirmed I wish he'd post some of his personal jennies. Stop being a pussy, Griff, Jenny doesn't have to know. >>1683 >Lindsay has 95 posts ITT Hi Lindsay!
>>1684 let us know, it was most likely a fan of theirs Russian jenny is for hire. I bet she would be willing to pretend to be Jenny, but the thick Russian accent might ruin it
Open file (78.99 KB 500x250 1591043836573.png)
Open file (106.63 KB 499x250 1591039071648.png)
Open file (30.23 KB 640x220 bailey is screwed.png)
So Bailey might actually be fucked.
>>1691 I hope she remembers to go out and destroy some neighborhood businesses... because those people and their livelihood are what's really keeping the black man down.
>>1692 Something tells me she'd absolutely never risk putting herself in harm's way intentionally.
<seen Skylarky had these ready to go on the start of the last stream <decide to check one out <godawful controls <incredibly basic and simple <entirely unfun Jenny wouldn't even have to save-scum with this game because you earn lives super-fast. I wonder if she'll play one of them on stream. >>1693 >implying there are dangerous people out protesting Don't be a bigot, Anon!
>>1692 if you watch one of sky's vods, from like friday/saturday just after the start of the protests one of her chat comes in and says its dreadful what happened to the dead guy but hoped anyone rioting and looting gets arrested and sky brought down the banhammer. which is wild, sky loves attention she will just chat to trolls usually. i mean i get it, if you can't trust your own police it's a shit state of affairs. >>1694 i think my favourite bits are when sky has to do the hard parts for her. very wholesome.
>>1695 do they ever hug
>>1696 during corona season? grow a brain. nah i don't think i've ever seen that.
>>1698 It's a good ramble, could have been a main channel vid she could have added clips in and turned it into a beastly/christmas prince kind of thing.
>>1699 this is going to sound dumb but i really like her jumper but isn't it fuck hot in LA? She says her AC is on and it's warm is she covering up long sleeves just for avoiding sicko perverts? the way she keeps saying "lovers" and "mile high club" as a euphemism is adorable even though yes it's obvious and the name of the film
bailey streaming talking about adopting a cat she has one picked out but it's not a done deal yet stayed over at her quarantine buddy's house because sad. poor kiddo.
>>1698 >you need a recent prescription for contacts usa is absolutely unreal. what next? shampoo? toothpaste?
https://vk.com/video333005097_456239017 Im trying to download this rare Russian Jenny video but none of the websites can do it. any ideas?
don't know what to tell you bro i can grab it easily but i can't give you a direct link and the file is too big to post here but you know it's not really jenny right?
Open file (18.58 MB 1280x720 rusk.webm)
>>1703 >>1703 enjoy this trash quality reencode
>>1700 >is she covering up long sleeves just for avoiding sicko perverts? Absolutely 100%. She could just as easily wear something a bit more conservative or embrace, with some restraint, her natural appeal to her male and female? audience. Instead she decides to layer on the clothing like some nutjob. Come on, Jenny. Be cool. Bailey gives us something to look at. Be like Bailey. >stayed over at her quarantine buddy's house because sad Bailey stahp. Mike isn't good for you. >>1702 Anybody who tells you that Murrica is first-world is a liar. >>1703 >>1705 >russian jenny Oh god what is going on. Collaboration when?
>>1707 >Bailey stahp. Mike isn't good for you. they are always together just at different houses. has anyone considered that jenny and bailey maybe actually do live together and jenny makes bailey live in a cupboard like harry potter lol.
>>1708 >like harry potter Or like a house elf.
>>1709 yeah sure whatever that is. fag lol.
>>1710 y u gotta hurt me liek dat bro
>>1711 nah i'm only joking hp is cool and not for kids, knowing anything about it is absolutely fine. no seriously. really i'm being completely sincere. honestly. no really i promise. love you.
>>1705 thanks! she's almost Jenny, wouldn't you marry her and make her wear eyeliner? >>1708 >they are always together just at different houses. yeah, I don't know what a "quarantine buddy" is, as he doesn't seem to live with her. does he just drive over every few days?
>>1712 ;-; >>1713 >make her wear eyeliner? That seems oddly lewd.
Open file (72.52 KB 591x511 walkback.jpg)
Jenny had to walk something back just now, I know some n will have capped it so i will have a look. probably boyega related Btw guys as dismaying as it is to have your ewife be performing antiracism and sending money etc. just remember how many (almost every?) person with a legacy-type wife is no doubt having to process the same thing this week, but on top of that having to expend the energy very carefully acting, according to a very fine line, so as to not become perceived as the bad guy et etc the whole performance. AND when something is part of what you can't control - you can always remember there's literally no point getting having any emotional response to it. But for poor sods stuck in the physical-media wife age, it is closer to the realm of things they should have control over so the anguish 'is real' as the ns say
>>1715 https://twitter.com/themandowolf/status/1267885403136294914 jenny defended herself from this tweet >>1714 so she looks more like jenny
Open file (77.39 KB 411x599 aut.jpg)
>>1715 loool ."Autism will out". I knew, i fuckin knew something like this was going to happen. The whole thing has been such a clunky performance of play acting "is this? what you like? like this right? " it doesn't sink into her aspie inner monologue so she literally forgot there was any raceshit going on hours after speaking to it, and got 'in her star wars' which compelled her to resume bashing boyega for injecting his dirty culture into her wholesome headspace
>>1715 >>1716 >>1717 Virtue signalling, never ever. She really needs to learn, if nothing else, to never fucking apologize. By this point it's a golden rule to never apologize when people start getting into you with their muh -ism bullshit. She needs to tell people to go fuck themselves and then reevaluated what it's worth to be on the side of people that will turn on her in a heartbeat no matter how hard she tries to play on their side of the games.
>>1715 >>1716 lol at her weak little lie about it 'happening just now so its on my mind' because that person has been tweeting that same thing once a week for months
jennys ugly to people on twitter, but shes never treated anyone as bad as she's being treated now. Its unjust whats happening to her, poor baby.
>>1703 >>1705 >looking for alternate or backup Jennies Not cool! >>1718 The thing most progressives don't realize is that you can never signal hard enough to keep all those insane people happy. It will never be enough. As a rich white girl she should be keeping her head down and trying not to get caught up in all this craziness, it can only end bad for her.
lin**ay ellis and bailey each tweeted some 'fuck yeah john boyega' stuff to slight jenny lol
>>1722 To which Jenny has now posted this.
>>1723 >disingenuous post for a man she thinks is an unredeemable misogynist Ha! Get down and kiss those boots, Jenny... you've got a lot of making up to do.
>>1717 >>1723 I've been waiting for her to bring up john but I dont care that I missed it. You can surmise the kind of thing she will have written and tbh i probably would of agreed with it. John is a hothead too many give him a pass for being black and famous. Yeah he took a lot of shit about star wars two wrongs dont make right. Her second tweet is diplomatic, it wont turn anyone that was annoyed at the first one whatever it said. People are angry jenny you need to shit on disney, pour scorn from great height. Nothing they ever do will be good enough etc.
>>1723 come on jenny you don't care about black people in star wars it was women you were upset about being passed over. wait, wasn't it?
>>1724 >jenny will never lick your boots >>1726 >implying she actually cares about any of this stuff Who has the gun to her head? It's Lindsay, isn't it. That bitch.
>>1727 it's potentially possible that she genuinely cared about lack of women in star wars
>>1727 >>1728 I think ultimately it makes her feel good to post these takes, it makes the people who follow her feel good as well. Everyone gets to be right on. But when push comes to shove the person she will be most interested in defending will be herself.
>>1727 >Who has the gun to her head? It's Lindsay, isn't it. Jenny mentioned she was going to have Lindsay Ellis on her stream, so the chances of her pulling Jenny into some political conversation will be high. We'll get to witness first hand how Lindsay bosses Jenny around.
>>1730 was she hosting ellis or was ellis hosting her? i can only remember she said they were going to collab. sky on yesterday saying she and jenny had a high concept stream plan that could be today but it depends on something or other.
I don't know if we talked about this here, but remember Jenny's big idea? in 2016-17 she would talk about a big tv show idea that she was going to pitch someday. she couldn't say what it was because she didn't want it stolen. bailey revealed that it was the same premise as "What We Do in the Shadows" so Jenny's idea has been used, she waited too long!
>>1732 I hope Jenny had a better script or that could have been embarassing. I mean I havent seen it but it looks very basic from the trailers. The kind of thing jenny would poo poo at a bronycon panel. Also it's no coincidence that demetriou rhymes with waifu. Kind of.
>>1733 its pretty basic, they do the "the office" thing where they talk to the camera in a pseudo interview. since Jenny did the twilight parody you can see where she might have gone with her version if she was smart though she would let bailey be the main character because she looks more like a vampire
>>1732 damn i feel sad for her. do you think she cried vulnerablely when she found out?
>>1733 >>1734 To Jenny's credit, her idea (if this was indeed what she had in mind) was good enough to actually produce. Can't say the commercials have impressed me... though it does have Matt Berry in it and after recently finishing Toast of London, I might check out a episode or two just because it him.
Open file (47.41 KB 640x255 sdfs.jpg)
>>1732 wait a minute the 2019 is an adaptation of the 2014 film by the same people which Bailey at least has seen so .. what exactly happened here that 2016 jenny thought she thought of it?
>>1698 <Engaged to a Psycho Jenny was right, this was a pretty good watch. The acting was over-the-top and I found the way everyone casually dismisses all the death and coincidence hilarious. That climax and ending... mmwah, *chef's kiss*. The psudo-incest subtext was also unexpected.
>>1736 >I might check out a episode or two just because it him. i'm fucking picking up what you are putting down dude.
I always run icognito; normally bailey's twitter always suggests jenny as #1 "you might like", last couple days lindsay ellis is top and jenny doesn't make the list. i can only attribute the change to the protest response. well i though it was interesting anyway.
Open file (111.50 KB 500x250 1591487163294.png)
>>1741 why are these so ...enticing? i better be careful
Open file (43.66 KB 500x250 1591492700608.png)
>>1742 >i better be careful Why, in case somebody posts something like this? I don't know who keeps making these, but there is something very curious about them, absolutely.
Open file (916.80 KB 1394x2048 1591500685714.png)
Open file (53.77 KB 469x270 1591496675826.png)
>>1745 do she got ears or no
>>1746 She's suppose to be a rabbit, so I assume they're under her hair.
>>1747 like marge simpson
>>1741 >>1745 >>1618 why are these not the spoilers?
jenny guesting on a stream today apparently. presuming it's ellis but not sure. watch her twitter.
>>1748 >there's a timeline where the simpsons ended with the big reveal of marge being a rabbit and homer being crusty that didn't lead to 20+ seasons of garbage >>1749 Being suggestive/lewd isn't necessarily the same as being outright porn, right?
>>1750 Well, I hope someone records it because I'll be at work all day and most of the night. I use Video DownloadHelper to capture streams when scripts don't work (which is often).
>>1751 no i don't mean they should be spoilered i mean that i think they are the perfect amount of jennyness to be used as the basis or inspiration for spoiler image art. >>1752 <3
https://www.twitch.tv/biggestjoel cringe stream feat. ellis. her twitter says she is joining just for a bit, they are talking about jenny but does not look like this is it.
>>1753 >i think they are the perfect amount of jennyness to be used as the basis or inspiration for spoiler image art. If somebody wants to try and make some oc for spoilers, by all means. Just got to keep in mind that julay balloons them up for whatever reason, should that be worth consideration until the stars finally align and we're able to settle in our promised lands.
>>1754 Ok feeling a tiny bit smug now
>>1756 big joel has done 8 hours and is going to bed now lol. that's how much he likes black people. 8 hours worth. one of the voicechat guys has a really cool story about getting so angry at a game he twisted a dualshock 2 controller so hard he broke it. even if that story is true why would you admit to being a sperg strength retard tilter instead of having some shame and burying the controller in the yard.
>>1757 what did jenny say
>>1758 she likes the bit in SM64 where you ride a dinosaur. personally i am drawing a blank trying to remember that part. the sea monster?
all the voice chat doing a roll call: Dan skipped over the part of him being a pedo? strange to miss out what he is most famous for. Jenny's was ~"i make videos exclusively about land before time and i'm a professional gamer and gfuel sponsor me" which was pretty accurate i guess.
what is the most funny thing you can think of? mine is buying a kitchen countertop to use as a desk. jenny is fucking killing it with wario "oh my god" impression, i don't even know if she is doing it on purpose or out of habit now?
9:24:38 video time jenny has left voicechat
>>1762 How long was she on there for? Is it worth going back and watching it?
>>1763 i haven't listened to it really. i'll cut her audio out and post it probably unless someone beats me to it, she said she might come back on later too.
Open file (10.96 KB 910x19 b2.png)
Open file (220.93 KB 597x376 b1.png)
jesus christ kid you are breaking my fucking heart here :( how can we fix bailey? bailey haters don't fucking > me.
>>1765 It's just at that point now where I don't think she's going to be able to move on with her life until the coronavirus stuff ends and she can get back to a normal day to day. Hopefully if she can get past the guilt the new cat will help.
>>1754 This was the "high concept" stream... Skyping a charity fundraiser? Wholly unimpressive. >>1765 I don't think she can be fixed. If losing a cat is still devastating months later her life has much larger issues. Losing a pet is a bummer, but most people move on pretty quickly in my experience.
>>1767 >This was the "high concept" stream... my memory is failing but sky said jenny had an idea for a stream they were going to do friday if the mood was right but obviously didn't and also there was talk of jenny doing something with ellis which may or may not have been this charity skype appearance; ellis did call in and is jennys only link really to anyone else there afaik however i don't know how well planned it was or if it even existed as a concept when jenny and ellis collab was first mentioned, possible that they were going to do something else and pushed it. don't know sorry but please everyone speculate.
does anyone have a theory on why Jenny likes avatar? my theory is she knows the social media person.
Open file (61.99 KB 896x350 Jenny Avatar.png)
>>1769 I honestly think it's 100% because of the theme park. I can't recall of the top of my head Jenny ever talking about the film beyond a passing mention. I'm sure she enjoys the film, but the park experience would probably be the first thing she'd bring up if asked about it. We need a "Avatar: Explain Yourself, Jenny" ramble topic.
>>1769 come on no need to be cynical have you been to avatar land in ak? its pretty cool if you don't like rides. like actually really pretty cool. >>1770 she goes pretty deep into it on one video and she bought all of those learn the language cards lol. I wouldn't be able to tell you that she'd even seen the film but she definitely made a huge deal about the park. >>1769 > she knows the social media person. interested in your theory please present your case.
>>1771 just because the media account interacted with her before she became a "avatar head" or whatever you call them. it could be that they're a fan of hers, or were told to reach out to influencers. but its just so strange to see a girl and a media account develop an instant relationship like that.
>>1772 can you post it i'm tyoo lazy
>>1773 yes. but while looking it up I noticed "racist jenny" is trending more than ever, this tweet has over 50,000 views https://twitter.com/i/status/1270365679691145216 https://twitter.com/search?f=live&q=(from%3Aofficialavatar)%20(to%3Ajennyenicholson)&src=typed_query but here's the avatar timeline. two months before she jettisoned to the avatar fandom
>>1764 https://gofile.io/d/7U1TYA 00:00:01 hello? 00:02:30 horse desk and renting 00:07:10 dying of coronavirus 00:09:15 theme park withdrawl 00:28:45 pirates of carribean (johnny in depth discussion) 00:32:30 disney japan 00:40:55 how many bubble t{ea.hree} jenny buys at once? 00:59:00 jennys favourite and best spider ramble 01:05:00 tv & film (the intellectual pastime, not the imageboard) 01:43:10 ~GFUEL AD READ~ 01:47:00 dollskill (jenny specifically mentions a whole body fishnet exactly like sky bought lol) 01:50:15 patreon > sponsorships 01:58:50 le epic chat troll 02:04:35 stream strategy meeting 02:10:40 a bug's life {pun?} 02:19:10 cramming work ethic 02:20:30 twilit 02:49:30 bad faith review suggestions & twitter in general 03:06:50 i watch these vod so you don't have to! (doug walker) 03:20:00 bachelor lifestyle 03:24:55 curtain call (diy) 03:30:40 bye-bye i clock him in at 1 day 2 hours 59 minute stream for a 90 star run including sleep and sm3 play breaks.
>>1774 >yes. but while looking it up I noticed "racist jenny" is trending more than ever, this tweet has over 50,000 views i barely understand what is going on in this video and i thought it was a huge amount of effort to go to to have a pop at jenny but then i realised it was a retweet and i looked at the original and to be honest i'm much more confused by that. i think i'm too out of touch to be alive any more.
>>1774 >take the time to get upset over somebody online being potentially racist >your proof is some shitty video that flies by at light speed to some sort of nigger music >>1776 It's literally nothing.
>>1774 the video has that many views because it's it's own thing embedded in various tweets. i can tweet 'here's me blocking everyone' and add that video. The tweet about jenny has 11 likes which is bot-noise tier
I think the point of the video is that Jenny blocks black people >>1775 is jenny calling in or can you see her cute face
>>1775 in case anyone has a small screen like me: this website seems just to show 'download' but if you scroll down there's a player
>>1774 I'm still waiting for her to make it a hundred times worse by bringing up a black friend as proof she's not racist. >>1775 >Jenny in a fishnet cat suit I don't consider myself a coomer, but that's a beautiful mental image.
>>1781 Jenny doing a Halloween costume review of fishnet cat suit talking about how impractical it is: awkward to put on, doesnt cover you, doesnt keep you warm, keeps snagging on things, no pockets for halloween candy etc.
if anyone was wondering about this but didn't want to watch an hour long video of this guy: >I am the expert consultant for all scary animatronic-related topics >Quote Tweet >Cosmonaut Variety Hour >@cosmovarietyhr >The Twilight saga has finally been defeated! Watch now! Please! Thank you! >https://youtu.be/YSaEpfMulRo at 22:40 they play a clip of this guy discussing with jenny the mechanics of the baby from twilight breaking dawn that is to say animatronics/cgi/etc pretty sure it's just an audioclip from voicechat during biggestjoel stream >>1775 jenny only 'appears' in the video as an avatar avatar, no video only static picture and audio.
>>1782 >no pockets for halloween candy Only Jenny could review a sexy piece of clothing in such an innocent way. >>1783 >Cosmonaut Variety Hour >biggestjoel Is Lindsay Ellis pimping her out to these literal whos?
>>1784 i think jenny was the most famous name there but of course i'm baised. i didn't think ellis was as popular as she seems to be, the number of cum brain drongoloids that need (and enjoy) an hours long explanation as to the fact that transformers is sexist is something astounding to me. jennys take on JKR is very interesting to me too that she specifically picks on her for just being a bad writer rather than explicitly contradict anything she said or just calling her a horrible hurtful cunt. just kind of an unusual road of criticism to take? i guess there isn't much you can do, it's insane with this kind of climate and in this age of research to try and find any kind of scientific basis for anything psych based; even the hard sciences are struggling. jkr has some brass ones i'll give her that.
Open file (34.09 KB 751x182 doughball.jpg)
>>1786 >your diet will never include daily helpings of jenny
>>1787 >washing down your chewy, flavorless Jenny Balls with some Jenny-flavored G-Fuel Such delights were not meant for our mortal plane.
>>1784 >Is Lindsay Ellis pimping her out to these literal whos? reminds me of Kat. she worked for Lindsay, then Jenny, than Hbomberguy
>>1789 >then Hbomberguy poor kat
could this be evidence that Jenny and Kat don't live together anymore? what happened that it didn't work out.
>>1791 jenny has her streaming room, presumably her own bedroom, presumably sky is in a guest room and apparently a 'harry potter room'. i know jenny is making bank but realistically how many rooms can her LA pad have?
>>1792 didn't she reference a staircase before, so a two story house would be 4 bedrooms?
>>1793 >two story house would be 4 bedrooms? Is that a hard and fast rule in LA?
>>1793 she talks about her kitchen being downstairs?
>>1794 it doesn't have to be, it was never established if she even has a house or apartment. if she has a house, they seem to be big there. I made a post in the rare jennies topic, seems like a dead end but maybe someone can find more about that.
>>1797 if you go into bailey's patreon and go as far back as you can and look at the top video and first comment to that video you will find this: >"I love your cat's expression" :'( too sad to look any more.
Open file (16.90 KB 627x93 ehh.jpg)
Open file (18.36 KB 305x214 frog.jpg)
>>1799 You can say what you like about /ourgirl/ but you can't say she doesn't have a sense of humor. All the replies talking about the games as if jenny could give a single fuck lol.
Open file (27.88 KB 632x192 ps5.jpg)
>>1799 does she play magic leap
Open file (72.29 KB 1103x899 1591911822151.png)
>>1799 >>1800 Imagine owning this thing. The remote looks okay but wtf is up with that console.
>>1802 >. The remote looks okay The entire thing is a fucking embarrassment. The games too, there is nothing new or interesting about it whatsoever. Vidya turned into interactive movies a long time ago and shows no sign of changing. Maybe rockstar will make something or we might get another fallout but honestly will it be better than ps3 version in any significant way? No of course not. Soulless. At least you can look at the ugly box for a bit when you get bored of the shitty games. The switch does 3d rumble right? Does ps yet? They should have just done a ps4 with ssd or some shit called it a ps4+
Open file (118.07 KB 600x533 jennah.jpg)
>>1802 >>1803 I buy all (non-Nintendo) consoles day one, so I'll definitely own a PS5. It's like a curvier upside down PS2! I already hate the price of the controllers though... there's no actual pricing yet, but you know the minimum is going to be like $80.
>>1805 I havent bought a console since wii. AV kit that doesnt rack mount pisses me off.
>>1804 >middle-aged jenny rabbit Interesting. Does this meme have a name? Jugs Jenny. maybe? >>1805 I haven't bought anything PS since PS2. I know PS4 was some kind of meme, what was PS3? >>1806 Same here. I got burnt out on needing to constantly update consoles to play games with new consoles doing nothing to make sure you could play older games on them. You'd think in the age of technology that would be one of the things they'd include on every new-gen device.
>>1807 Jugs Jenny. maybe? rofl
you guys did buy the games Bailey sold though.. right?
>>1809 of course we did Bailey. of course we did. which games?
Open file (275.41 KB 597x426 f(1)2.png)
do people really care about this shit? does anyone care about the name of this band? did anyone even know what it meant? does anyone now know what it means? isn't calling it lady a like calling your band "the niggers" and changing it to "the n-words" and somehow that shows growth and solidarity? do native americans really care about a football team being named after them?
>>1811 I don't think people care. the theme of this protest is "drag businesses in"
>>1808 >jugs jenny seconded Motion carried. >>1811 >that color font with that color background I can't get angry about their virtue signalling because I'm already furious over how my eyes are bleeding trying to read any of that. >do native americans really care No, they're too busy dying of alcoholism on their reservations.
inb4 deleted twitter posts
>>1814 poor jenny can't catch a break. what a minefield; who to believe. america can't last much longer surely.
>>1815 she doesn't need to be on twitter, she could just do youtube would she be happier?
Open file (107.64 KB 568x414 1592020257913.png)
Open file (23.97 KB 257x163 1592011490433.jpg)
Open file (47.04 KB 709x488 1591588041447.png)
Open file (133.65 KB 597x250 1591992932698.png)
>>1816 no one needs to be on Twitter.
bailey got a new cat and is delighted. its interesting to see the it confirmed that she wasn't sad that Sammy died, she was sad that she lost her cat. know what i mean?
Open file (130.77 KB 750x937 IMG_0877.JPG)
>>1819 That's such an awful thing to say. Getting a new pet doesn't mean she didn't love the old pet.
>>1820 sure but there's love and there's attachment, and you can see the grief was from attachment which is just about yourself
>>1820 that cat looks really cool tbqavhwyf what breed is it?
>>1819 woah what an awful and true thing to say anon be ashamed of yourself please, there is no right or wrong way to process grief. it must be a really difficult time to lose a pet, stuck in the house without being able to contact any of your friends to support you and living with a guy who you like but isn't right for you must suck. >>1820 is this guy a rescue too what's up with his neck?
oh jenny was streaming again anyone watch it? was it good? guess i'm going to watch it regardless.
>>1824 I didn't catch it >This video is only available to subscribers. Sub now to watch and support ProGamerJenny. Fuck! I forgot. 6 hours too >>1820 Bailey looks happy, will she show off her cat on stream
>>1518 >>1825 can we just defund jenny and swear in a new queen jenny 2.0 >>1817
Open file (94.95 KB 616x346 1592063235643.jpg)
>>1826 Heresy!
Open file (16.50 MB 768x432 janbla.webm)
its not hypocrisy jenny is an adult and these are kids.
Open file (32.55 KB 680x403 hmmmm.jpg)
there were three Disney brand ambassadors who reached out to influencers on behalf of the company Rian Johnson, Pablo Hidalgo, and Chuck Wendig Chuck seems to be getting destroyed right now on twitter. I only remember him having a minor relationship with Jenny, just a couple of liked tweets. I don't think anything is directly going to come from this, but I think its worth noting as it might effect the "Disney influencer" industry that Jenny is in also pic related is trending as an example of her "racism"
>>1829 This must be out of context even if she was a racist she wouldnt be retarded enough to say that, she must mean she doesnt want to look at finn as a subject to vlog/tweet about or something? Or is this some really night level sarcasm that didnt age well? Racism still existed in 2017 right? Is there any concrete evidence that jenny is even a reylo? The reylo shirt selfie is an ironic shitpost probably right? Not that there should be anything wrong with being a reylo. one of us! one of us! one of us! (racist *channers I mean lol) What happened to chuck? Omfg hes literally the reddit soy meme face and his tweets are protected and his banner is strongbad wearing a beanie. Anyone got a scoop? He tried to take a neutral or considered stance on something?
>>1829 >seems to be getting destroyed right now on twitter. I Ok he wrote a book and then something implied people should pay him to read it? Is what I'm picking up. Damn capitalism is really unpopular right now in usa huh.
>>1831 he sold his book to libraries, some have an "available online" option, allowing anyone to read it for free he sued them for this, and then people said "black people use libraries" or something like that, then jokes about rape he made on twitter were passed around I think once Disney realizes they cant control twitter mobs, twitter influencers won't mean anything to them
>>1832 Hahaha oh fuck what a retard
>>1833 Oh he destroyed the IA. That isnt funny. At all.
Open file (88.43 KB 640x414 jencamio.jpg)
jenny photo bombing a youtube video via recommendations also, sarah z got shouted out by pewdiepie. I never knew that
Open file (71.43 KB 584x490 long con.jpg)
jenny haters just got conned was this one of you?
just a uhhh unrelated thought but this site is weird because it's so public, you know? like sure it's anon but the page itself comes up as ALL top 50 or 100 results on google if you image search jenny and pretty much any other term. like this is the edgy secret web but something you post on facebook is less exposed?
>>1836 I'm a little embarrassed I never bothered to check those "racist" tweets considering how often I tweak her tweets for my 4chan funposting. >>1838 I didn't believe you until I tried it for myself. Why doesn't Jenny stop in and say hi? I know she Googles herself religiously and probably found this place by now.
>>1839 >Why doesn't Jenny stop in and say hi? What a fucking amazing question, maybe read just about any single one of the posts or know anything about jenny and the kind of people she hates and the grief shes had in the past from creepy stalkers and all the bootleg pictures of her in the picture thread that you guys definitely jerk off to. Yeah wow what an enigma. I mean your having a laugh right? >tweets considering how often I tweak her tweets for my 4chan funposting. Why doesnt she post here yeah boggles the mind huh lol.
>>1840 >I mean your having a laugh right? Oh, you! Of course I was being facetious. Jenny has absolutely zero respect for anyone calling themselves a fan of hers. We're also men, so she would actually hate us regardless. As a guy who's job it is to work with and train people (a lot of people!), it's very easy for me to make out a shitty person who doesn't respect anyone but themselves and is going to be a bothersome ass who's not going to be able to function with others. And as much as I love Jenny... she's kind of a shitty person. Kinda real shitty.
>>1838 surely you can't be implying that were the reason people think Jenny is racist >>1839 I believed them too, until the "I saw a black man in a parking lot" Jenny wouldn't say that. but I thought her haters were doctoring photos, not her fans trolling her haters >>1841 when I was watching the pewdiepie video I did wonder why Jenny doesn't spread the love and support small unknown channels. she only seems to support her bread tube peers
>>1842 >but I thought her haters were doctoring photos, not her fans trolling her haters why would you think that though? because it's childish, retarded and utterly pointless? why would anyone think this would possibly help jenny in any way whatsoever? you would have to be brain damaged.
just a theory, but the accusations of racism are based on Jenny retweeting a doctored tweet, they believe it was a passive aggressive act. maybe getting the haters to do the same was meant to prove something about that
>>1844 ok good theory. good memory.
>>1842 >why Jenny doesn't spread the love and support small unknown channels. she only seems to support her bread tube peers she said she never watched youtube until she started making it big on there and then "it's like the other youtubers become people you know, they're like people at your highschool" and she said that as a good thing. so she decided to watch other youtube videos as a kind of courtesy to these people, a networking ploy. she doesn't give a fuck about ..small channels, because those people 'don't go to her school' so there's no need to be au fait with them
>>1843 >why would anyone think this would possibly help jenny in any way whatsoever The mando person who rallied waves of hate against was permanently taken out and with the exposure of the antis' antics all accusations against her are henceforth neutralised.
>>1847 I thought you were being sarcastic.. I hadn't checked Jenny's twitter yet
>>1848 Ok that's kind of fucked lol but why did jenny not tell the man the time? Of course she pulls her phone out and the guy grabs it that's obvious but she was just leaving the cinema; what neither of them had any idea of what time it was? Could have said roughly what time it was instead of just 'no' and then you fucking pepper spray some guy just for bein annoyed at you for being rude? Women are kind of jerks. Also why do people say OP on twitter jenny it doesnt make sense it only makes sense on chans where everyone is anon and things are in threads.
Open file (73.03 KB 841x477 no!!.jpg)
>>1849 that one was hilarious to me because of the image of someone asking the time and being met by bella from twilight the musical's indignant 'no!?'
Open file (75.56 KB 848x474 noe.jpg)
Open file (78.67 KB 582x550 shipper.jpg)
is it possible that this all boils down to shipping wars? that they hate her because they think she ships rey and kilo ren? I love knowing im not the worst kind of person on the internet
>>1852 >is it possible that this all boils down to shipping wars? it's certainly possible, the extreme end of 'fanatic', kpop i think is the modern example but look at death threats from 12 year old one direction fans a few years ago in the good old days. >keep your lips closed what in interesting expression! in france there is an expression translates literally as shut your throat with the added implication that you shouldn't just be quiet but also stop breathing but i have never heard a variation around 'lips' before. i'm really tempted to say its a racial thing about the stereotype of black people having big lips. is this troll dog whistling?
Open file (18.72 MB 1280x720 pwnd.webm)
anyone here going to own up to bullying andrewmcarney the $500 shoe buying reply guy in jenny's last stream? not cool bro this is jenny's job she needs guys to simp to earn a crust.
>>1854 I can't see the image, what did they say? and no, in another (richer) life I would probably be giving jenny 500$
>>1855 I spent over 20 minutes editing this together go watch it on a fucking computer with vp9 codec ffs it's a whole conversation.
>>1854 That's hilarious, they're both as bad as each other really. I'd definitely bully that guy for a free sub though.
Open file (9.34 MB 640x360 fuck.webm)
>>1855 GD phoneposters. you know for 500$ you could probably get a decent amount of heroin to OD on and a pretty nice prostitute to give you a cuddle and call an ambulance to take your body to the morgue. i'm not saying you should i'm just saying something to think about if you had a spare 500$.
>>1858 im not a phone poster my computers just old or something but thank you. seems more like a feminist than a troll
>>1859 sorry buddy *hugs* <3 tbangss account was created two days ago so definitely a grief account. some really really interesting messages other than picking on andrewm lol: <tbangss> jenny do you remember a wedding you were at a few years ago where a guy did something weird and pissed a whole bunch of people of or something. idk the details but i want to know what he did if you remember <tbangss> what if the 12 year olds have their first period during the game <tbangss> you only get one bamboo shoot per bamboo, ever <tbangss> jenny will you go to the red light district in amsterdam with me <tbangss> if i want leftover pizza i leave it out and microwave it the next day, putting it in the fridge makes it garbage one of those comments made me think maybe it was our old pal but he was apparently streaming through some of it. i went to do some detective work but both his and the other person he was streaming with's videos are "temporarily unavailable" hmmmm. oh it's all videos? wow twitch is really great well made site huh. i had to check on two different devices the amount of times i get "can't load module" or "error occurred" fuck sake guys pull your act together.
>>1860 the only wedding jenny publically attended on twitter was Lindsay Ellis. it could be a reference to something on tumblr or her rambles though
Open file (21.76 KB 631x196 op2.png)
>>1852 so anyway its uuuuuhhh unrelated but you guys hear what i'm saying about how like, if you post something on here it's really easily easily accessible by the public
>>1861 come on we all know who it was and we all know what he did, he's got previous. i'm not going to name and shame but we all know.
>>1863 are you implying dan olson molested a child at the wedding?... did he? >>1862 I think I get it but I don't want Jenny to hate me
>>1864 i want to make it absolutely crystal clear that i wasn't at the wedding, i don't know anything about the wedding or what happened there, i don't know any of the people i have never met anyone who was there or who knows anything about the wedding. i don't know any famous or unfamous or infamous youtubers or breadtubers or celebrities in any capacity whatsoever or anyone who has attended a wedding in any capacity in the continent of north america. I have no idea about the criminal history or sexual identity or desires of anyone present at the wedding. any implication in any post in this forum is purely fictional and any resemblance to any living or dead person is purely coincidental. now that that unrelated business is out of the way i would like to say that no, i don't believe dan has ever molested a child what an odd notion for you to come up with?
>>1862 >>1864 i don't get it. am i retarded? she is criticising the photoshopper for attacking jenny instead of focusing on actual racism and she is also annoyed that the photoshop tweets can be used to vindicate.... who? people who can say a really racist tweet is photoshopped to be racist? but you can just search on twitter and see if it's real who cares? who is bad faith actor? you think its us? what the fuck you can argue we might be bad faith (not me homeslice) but we don't act. do we? do you guys act? i don't act. i feel creepy saying 'i just observe' but it is what it is. is time bold because you searched for it? what were you looking for? anyway yes when we move office we need better robots.txt, less posting ids, full dental and dress down friday please. and fix the damn copier it still puts streaks down every third page.
>>1866 she hates jenny, and thinks mandolorian slipped up by posting fakes, allowing Jenny to escape criticism forever.
What’s up fam, can’t believe I found this place after the 8chsn page imploded. I’ve been mostly staying off Jenny boat for a while, probably will keep doing that but wanted to say hi. >>1854 Two things. I can’t believe with all the times Jenny’s mentioned creepy dudes, she’s not at all bothered by Andrew (and someone else) who gives her at least $100 a stream. Jenny’s a headed towards 6,000 Patrons, why did she make her Twitch recording for subs only? Does she really need that $2.50 a month?
>>1869 If any of you used to post there, I’m the one who was always annoyed at how much Jenny was squeezing outta fans for less and less work. Shocked that even when she didn’t post a video for 3 months she gained 100s more Patreons. Thanks to her sister she’s doing that with Twitch now even though I think Jenny’s streams would suck without Lindsey and doubt she’ll do them if/when Lindsey moves out.
>>1869 >why did she make her Twitch recording for subs only because twitch user 'cuttleffish' made a clip of her when her inner thigh was (barely) showing. Doing so with the site's built in clip system notified her a clip was made and she saw what it was of.
>>1871 Ohhh, I’ve only watched a few streams since they’re so late and run so long but this makes sense of something I saw a few weeks ago. Jenny had Lindsey turn off their camera because she had to close or open a window and told her she’d have to position her body a certain way, I thought it was overkill but guess Jenny’s ultra aware and sensitive to that. Which is weird considering how often she wears skirts and those tied off shirts that show off her stomach which she posts to her twitter.
>>1869 Sup! >she’s not at all bothered by Andrew Maybe he's done that male-feminist predator thing to put her at ease? Women fall for that bit all the time. >>1870 didn’t post a video for 3 months Do you think three months will become her new schedule? >doubt she’ll do them if/when Lindsey moves out On her last stream she did say that she would have to figure things out if she wants to stream by herself when she tried to show a pic of some Pokemon plush. So there is some hope there. She's such a quitter though (she gave trying to show that pic after a just a few tries).
>>1872 Also, how many other people from 8chan found this board? Shit ton of posts but can’t tell how many posters.
>>1874 Wait, wtf, these user ids don’t randomize for each new post...
>>1873 In fairness she did get sick and she mentioned somewhere that she made (wrote v finished?) one or two videos but they were theme parks related and didn’t want to post it while they were closed. So either she’ll not work for 4-5 months cause she’s got videos ready or she’ll post a few videos around a few weeks apart. Twitch makes her more money than most people already but compared to the ease of Patreon and Youtube money, she’s not gonna deal with people for 5 hour long streams long without Lindsey there. I just just talk to Lindsey on Jenny’s streams already. Jenny’s smart and isn’t afraid to work through the night but “Victory has defeated her”.
Open file (342.06 KB 1555x2048 EUV1Z-WUUAAoFSl-orig.jpg)
>>1876 Don't forget her Bronycon video which is also somewhere in the distant future (can't say I'm looking forward to that one). Monthly videos have been bothering her for a very long time, I think she's going to use the lock down and the occasional stream to transition away from those and into an even less productive schedule. >Victory has defeated her Patreon does that to every 'Tuber who can earn a living there.
>>1875 >Wait, wtf, these user ids don’t randomize for each new post... Why would they you goof? The whole point of ID's is to know who you're talking to in a thread.
>>1877 >(can't say I'm looking forward to that one) i'm definitely interested in seeing how she navigates the potential ironies of having been queen of the nerds, of the particular nerds who are also like, lolicons etc
>>1879 Yeah, I have a feeling she's going to spend time sorta distancing herself from that whole scene because it's not "cool" anymore. Come to think of it; will she mention Griffin? He was a big part of her past adventures at those cons and why she was so popular there... hmm, now I am kinda interested in that video.
>>1880 inb4 griff demands royalties for being featured
Open file (91.96 KB 813x1470 Untitled.png)
Newest patreon poll.
>>1882 >2995 Votes Damn! Back when I was a Patron that would rarely top 400. She must be making a killing now. It's still $5 to vote, right?
>>1883 you see how he's got three selected...
>>1883 A mere $5, yep. >>1884 What are you implying, fren? You can vote for as many as you want. If you wanted to, you could vote for all of them. Giving her more free gibs doesn't mean you can vote more than once.
>>1885 i can't follow this at all. i thought if you can vote multiple times then you can't add up the votes to say how many people are voting, but now it's sounding like you pay per vote? dunno doesn't matter
>>1884 Oh shit, I forgot about the multiple votes thing. It still never got that high back when I was subbing though.
>>1886 >now it's sounding like you pay per vote? wat. no. maybe i'm wording it wrong, i'm saying you don't pay per vote
>>1882 are any of these jennyestions?
>>1870 see >>1835 I think Jenny has been marked by youtube to appear on recommendations >>1880 She'll probably make vague reference to "some friends" she worked with >>1883 realistically she's making around 3-400,000 a year
>>1890 >realistically she's making don't be gauche anon it's unbecoming. >>1869 Andrew is only at $70 this month (1 stream) on streamlabs but he did get 'tricked' into donating 200$ last time lol.
>>1882 Very surprised Jenny would allow the topic as personal as her choice to move to LA to make something happen. On that note, how crazy that after everything she did, she got rich thanks to a 5 minute parody of a bad DC movie (and YouTube algorithm trending every video of hers for a year). >>1878 Suppose so, looks like there’s 6-7 people here at least. >>1890 Yeah, Patreon is minimum $12,000 - $15,000 but likely much more. pre-recorded streams now being watched by subs only, she’s got least 1,250 so that’s another $3,000. Youtube ads is probably $2,000 - $3,000 if she publishes a video. Ourgirl makes at least 250k sitting home tweeting about JK Rowling and bad movies. You can easily double and triple that if she starts talking about VPN, Skillshare and Audible. I’m easily she’s been offered but is afraid to sign a contract that requires she produce content in a timely manner.
>>1892 >6-7 people here at least. Almost half of what we had on 8ch.
>>1893 Good times but mostly unhealthy, luckily I’ve pretty much moved on.
>>1893 What does “filter I’d do” I clicked it and all my posts are gone.
>>1894 >moved on And yet here you are. You can never leave. >>1895 Your posts are still here. I would imagine you've gone and hidden and all your own posts. el oh el
>>1895 >What does “filter I’d do” >I clicked it and all my posts are gone. worked it out yet? i'll give you a clue, the two things you said are probably related.
>>1897 Yeah but can’t figure out how to undo it. Oh well, I can see my new posts.
>>1892 >>1890 >x00k/year it makes people really mad but consider, if a magic fairy appeared and said to a young woman "you can have a life where you will make a several million dollars BUT by 29 years of age and perhaps many more, you will be told 'I love you' " (by you know, a viable male) i think almost all western women would turn that down I can't say that it's her patroonery that actually prevented that but still, her life is missing the thing women (in my exp), want more than anything else
>>1899 >money BUT male is this one of stav's hypothetical's? > (by you know, a pet horse) now we're talking. jenny has absolutely no interest in boys i know everyone likes to pretend but we all know this fundamental truth: <3 horses x boys ok i can't remember the exact wording but you all know the hat
>>1900 >jenny has absolutely no interest in boys actually.. when I was trying to find a reference to the wedding drama, It was hard to search for because of how often jenny refers to her "dream wedding" she does it like 1000 times. I think she might have a romantic heart.
>>1901 Jenny unironically needs a cowboy to swipe her off her feet.
>>1901 >a romantic heart she also makes sad pouts on valentines day Jorn is a good BOY but he cant give her nice date or child
>>1901 Wedding drama?
Well, this seemed excessive right as they deleted the thread. I think some Janny is getting tired of the constant waifu threads over there on 4/tv/ because I just got off a three day ban this past weekend. I'm being persecuted for my Jenny-posting. >>1900 >ok i can't remember the exact wording but you all know the hat No Boys. Horses! >>1902 A millionaire, celebrity cowboy!
>>1905 the opening posts have been getting really blatant and ban-baity which i assumed was someone false flagging to incept that response
Open file (23.54 KB 629x147 funnybadidea.jpg)
why did this resonate with jeny?
>>1905 >posting on cuckchan >2020 b r u h
Open file (47.92 KB 589x173 racist.png)
the artist undeniably had connections to undesirables and you can argue whatever about the presidents depicted but i think saying the sculpture itself is racist might be a push. vandalism? if it was obama, MLK, harriet tubman, the shit pie woman from that film, that would be fine right?
>>1907 isn't that why jen loved griffin? did griff destroy her life?
Open file (34.71 KB 595x572 Love at First Sight.png)
Open file (396.75 KB 592x776 adorable.png)
when will these perverts learn.
>>1912 Jenny is adorable though...
>>1909 Mount Rushmore is racist because I think it’s deliberately carved into a site in the black hills that is sacred to the Sioux, or some other native tribe. Or something like that.
>>1914 Indians think everything is sacred, and so everything white people do (and blacks) is offensive to them. Breathing probably is offensive. Immigration is only good when blacks do it to white countries and always bad when whites do it to any other country, and the opposite with integrating to existing society and culture. >>1913 This anon just doesn't get it, do you anon? Anyway, if jenny and bailey were digitally de aged and gender reassigned to two boys and then went on the show together as boy best friends, would we then be allowed to say they were adorable? What about cute? Maybe change their names to baiden and jenden?
>>1904 someone in Jennys twitch chat referenced drama that went on at a wedding Jenny attended. >>1915 >Indians think everything is sacred, legally the only way they can reclaim lands is under religious law, so theres some politics to it. >>1905 they nuked my Jenny thread too
>>1909 >>1914 "Racist" or not, a monument is a reflection of the times. When the times change, monuments stand to fall. As always with people who support taking these monuments down, they should take five seconds away from being so ecstatic and ask themselves what sort of times we're being led into and by what sort of people. What sort of utopia do Jenny or Bailey really think is going to be down the road in a few short years?
i understand why she hates it, if you were doing a funny routine for your friend group that you're all enjoying but then some guy you haven't met, standing over there, raises his voice and says 'awww, you're funny!'. - then you don't feel like being funny any more. Calling attention to anything that's part of a mood, always breaks the spell but especially if someone who you don't really feel is part of it does. I'm just saying this because, i dunno i just felt some understanding today when i cringed at that guy's tweet, of how it's not so inconsistent to want to be adorable, and to not have people blurt to you that you are
>>1918 Like it or not twitter is her friend group in this case. Being annoyed at people infantilising her illness is of course reasonable but "it's never uncreepy..." is bullshit. Only a sith deals in absolutes. Not that I have any kind of frame of idea or reference to tell others how to behave I just thought it was ironic that someone posted that underneath a video of jenny calling little boys cute.
>>1919 Hahahahahaha wait there was something about a guy imagining a scenario about tucking her in and looking after her while she was ill? Did someone actually say that to her? Fuck sake ok that is mental. That is mental. I feel really bad now. Jesus fuck lol.
>>1919 twitter is just a venue, the room where people are and can hear each other and you know by what they say and how whether they're your in crowd or some berk. I mean she is loudly hypocritical with her bullshit way of responding to men who respond to her - like including in her comedy video any guys that acknowledged her mostly-nude as leia or the one who hit on 'harley quinn, dumb baby' as like "look at the amazing awfulness of these men!" but i don't get why some of you guys seem to feel bad about being lumped in with 'creeps' - like, that 'power and control' thing she said about wikifeet - i was like 'yep'. Or do you guys want jenny to like you?
>>1921 >Or do you guys want jenny to like you? come on nobody here is so deluded. i mean i definitely do think that but i would never admit to it. also i hate all women. i don't think there is anything wrong with appreciating a woman's feet in the privacy of your own mind but making a website specifically for guys to jerk off to pictures is a little uncomfortable. i don't have any idea about power and control because i don't jerk off to or post on wikifeet but when she said it i thought it sounded like armchair psychologist brainrot bullshit but i hate all psychologists too. same with the costume thing i guess, of course people are going to stare and come on surely that's nature but it is cringe inducing when some old guy stops his conversation to loudly announce that he needs help putting his eyes and tongue back in his head like a cartoon. sure be a pervert but be subtle about it. who exactly is jenny's in crowd? my headcannon is that 99.999% of people replying to her tweets are blocked or muted for being boring cunts posting some shit pun reference to a topic she did a video about years ago then completely forgot and stopped caring about. I do feel sorry for some people when she blows off about asking her age or why her friend she did a song with comes up when you google her as if she isn't an internet personality and doesn't have a fairly extensive back catalog of work people might be interested in watching and enjoying. fuck those guys i guess.
>>1921 >Or do you guys want jenny to like you? To be fair, it's been confirmed that she doesn't hate us. So we have that much going. >>1922 >also i hate all women. Gahoole?
Open file (573.34 KB 1365x2048 CvJWXYUWgAApoH9-orig.jpg)
I might feel for Jenny with the "adorable" comments being creepy, but then I imaging her getting annoyed and pouty and she's right back to being adorable again. If she truly doesn't want to be infantilized, she could stop acting like a young girl (with all the stuffed animals, cutesy clothes and Disney crap) and grow up a little. She won't though... because she's adorable.
>>1905 I saw a few Jenny mentions on 4chan while I was looking for this board, pretty surprised since I thought that 8chan Jenny board was made cause they basically banned all Jenny topics off the main /tv on 4 and 8 Chan.
>>1925 /jenny/ was specifically made because mods kept tampering with our generals on 8ch/tv/ thanks to a particular sperg who would spam the board whenever the general would show up on the front page. I've never participated on the 4chan threads but everyone keeps saying they keep getting deleted left and right. At least with 8ch, we were left alone so long as the spammer didn't show up.
>>1918 Jenny really wants her cake - make a doctors salary From mostly men by being cute and funny online And to eat it too - have no comments from the people support her one way or another except to praise her work. I think Jenny would’ve been better off trying to be a writer instead of an on camera personality.
>>1924 Exactly, again she wants her cake and eat it too. “You don’t know me, don’t call a woman adorable!” “Come into my spare room as I tell you about these 14 children’s cartoons I watched and will review while being 28 and looking 19.” Props on her spare room for videos now and not making all her videos on her bed like she’s literally a teenager at home. Did Kat move out cause I feel like we’d have seen or heard her in one of these 5 hour streams and there’s no way Lindsay is sleeping on the couch, sharing Jenny’s bed and there’s no bed in the game room.
>>1928 kat works for hbomb now, implying she no longer lives with Jenny (her former employer) or she could just be quarantined with Nathan, and works with hbomb because that's a job she can do at a distance I say they're not roomies anymore though
>>1926 >>1925 the 4 threads are not like the 8 threads. they are a joyous celebration of jenny that lasts day and then goes away. if you don't make the op obnoxiously off topic, that is. /jenny/ and, i guess 8 threads (i wasn't around) are like 'archival' but glacial. on 4 you get 300 posts in 8 hours, it gets deleted, another is made, pretty much the same stuff is posted, and it's fun. There's rarely an hour where there isn't a jenny thread in the catalog - there's no more or less 'cracking down' than there has been in at least 6 months so, while this site is needed, the people posting that jenny is banned on 4 are, i dunno, doing some kind of sour grapes about not wanting to go to 4.
Open file (52.41 KB 966x160 theory.jpg)
>>1930 lets just test your theory then
>>1932 darn its still up
>>1933 they got me finally
Open file (2.58 MB 232x276 1591689832393.webm)
How come you guys never post stuff like this here
>>1930 >joyous celebration /jenny/ is joyous as fuck, dawg >'archival' but glacial. on 4 you get 300 posts in 8 hours At the expense of getting too /meta/ outside the /meta/ thread which nobody uses anyway, oh well, I'm assuming you're already considering population differences. When 8ch wasn't being shit and people were around, the generals were also fairly active, sperg spamming aside. People who weren't particularly pro-Jenny still participated. And because of us, /tv/ still has its annual Official Queen awards now four years running, now on tvch since 8ch fucking died, ever since Jenny won the first time back in 2017. When /jenny/ was first made its own board, we had about 20-some active users up until Jim fucked everyone over. So yeah, things are going to be a bit slow. They're still good. All the opportunity for anyone to shit the board up and I've rarely had to step in and actively moderate anything. No stalkers, no mega autists, nobody kidnapping Bailey's cats to skin them alive, it's been a good run. If we're gaining numbers while being on a clone of a now defunct site, we'll get more when we have one that's truly our own, if that's really some kind of concern. >sour grapes People don't go to 4chan because of what moot did to us, the shit moderation, and the overall Reddit-tier feel of it. Whether things have changed over the years since those events first made us leave it, I don't know, and I don't care to know. The wounds are too deep and too inexcusable, hence why there are the myriad of chans at all. If there weren't very good reasons to not use 4chan, then they wouldn't exist. When we finally get our own site soonish it'll be one more move, not to be said out of presumption, but said because gosh darn if 4chan just is not that appealing of a place to be, at least for some of us, and gosh diddly darn if it's time to stop being jostled around on other peoples' sites.
Edited last time by Lotso on 06/18/2020 (Thu) 18:32:03.
Open file (67.16 KB 480x270 7.4 out of 10.mp4)
>>1935 I'd make more webm's if I wasn't a complete brainlet. Our old webm anon might have fallen into semi-retirement.
>>1937 If that's the kind of thing you are going to post dont bother. Less ....uh....something that rhymes with a cheese I'll get back to you.
>>1938 I don't understand your meaning, sir.
>>1939 more mastication, less spheniscidation >>1937 this is creepy
Open file (2.83 MB 960x540 jenny grabs a bag.webm)
Open file (4.36 MB 1280x720 you're a bad car.webm)
>>1940 Oh, I see. You sick little monkey.
Open file (263.22 KB 1280x720 jenny gags.mp4)
>>1942 [equally lewd gagging joke here]
>>1941 >sick little monkey. Lol it's not that at all i just enjoy interesting little clips of people doing things. I mean we all do right that's what the other half of the internet is basically.
Open file (12.35 KB 350x180 help.jpg)
speaking of lewd, Ive been trying for weeks but I cant get any money onto my onlyfans wallet. if one of you is subbed to the sister, can you just say if there are any photos of jenny up?
>>1944 Right. Sure. Whatever you need to tell yourself. I wonder how much it would take for Jenny to finally do mouth sound ASMR
>>1946 I find it quite antagonising the way she mocks asmr regularly on her streams. For someone apparently umbilically joined to a stuffy toy 24/7 there could be some sympathy to other kinds of pathetically recessive symbiosis but apparently not. Jenny really can be kind of a horrible bully sometimes.
>>1945 >sky onlyfans Oh geeze. Not sure if I want to know what "content" waits on such a page. >I cant get any money onto my onlyfans wallet Surely there must be some kind of customer service. >>1947 >mocks asmr regularly Moreso than she ever did the foot wiki she found out about. I don't get that at all. Or maybe that's her trying to convince herself but deep down inside the idea has some strange appeal she can't explain to herself. >horrible bully Girls like that can be fun. Imagine putting her in her place for acting up the way she does.
Open file (66.01 KB 1008x184 ban.jpg)
>>1949 I thought it was just newmoot that was chinese and couldn't understand english? It's a prerequisite to being a janitor now apparently or it's just a job that attracts retards?
>>1949 Cuckchan, not even once.
Open file (256.83 KB 956x1280 1592131307513.jpg)
Pls... why she cried?
>>1952 It's tough living in Cali and having to fake being a liberal to keep people from dogpiling you.
>>1937 Wish I knew how they made this, so clever.
>>1945 ...there’s a place you pay for Jenny pics? >>1947 Jenny 100% is a bully, I do wonder if she was a sarcastic bully in school or if it’s because she was a weird ugly ducking. Remember how she talked about that cosplayer who was kind of mean to her once in high school and she still felt the need to talk about it 10 years later. Jenny is not ignorant but I think she has reaaallll difficult time admitting she’s wrong about something.
>>1952 Videos never load for me, she talks about crying?
>>1956 its an image. she's got tears in her eyes in it and a pained expression
>>1949 The janitor has a really loose definition of "avatar" over there. It's getting rather annoying. >>1952 I think this is one of her Facebook images, probably sick of waiting in line or it's from her last day working there.
Open file (67.08 KB 540x364 daww.jpg)
>>1955 you can pay for photos and videos of her sister. there could be one of her though
>>1959 Effect ffs. No wonder she was bullied.
Man, why does bailey hold her controller so high up? Its weird.
>>1961 Probably cat related? Cat on knee? >how to get past mountain guard >show zelda's letter? Oh I forgot I had that. lay off the weed Bailey seriously lol.
Open file (419.14 KB 1538x2048 Ea5Z5TRUEAA4CCi.jpg)
Open file (110.92 KB 749x979 EavUlJYUEAAgkbX.jpg)
Open file (385.22 KB 1538x2048 EagC5AoVcAAZ6Pd.jpg)
>mfw i actually wanted to watch bailey play ocarina of time but i'm all kinds of late
>>1963 watch the vod, normally its not worth it but this time it was good enough.
>>1963 >>1963 Show pics of her legs
>>1966 That first one! Jenny is hot but i would fuck the shit out of Bailey
>>1967 iktf, bruv iktf
>>1968 I didn't know she had hips like that >>1958 >The janitor has a really loose definition of "avatar" over there. stretching it in order to make it a site-wide ban
Open file (61.06 KB 715x325 WAT.png)
I have never heard anyone use "whenever" like this in the Midwest. Ever. >>1968 >there will never be a photo of Jenny in a bikini It's like I'm living in some sort of hellworld...
>>1970 It's definitely some young person kid thing, learned it from youtube or something. The only person I can remeber was sky talked about that spoiled disney youtube girl doing it and shes what, FL? Jenny needs to build a much stronger case against the midwest before levelling these kind of baseless accusations and worse as a psychologist she should know better than to poison or influence her twitter sample base by suggesting any kind of region. Typical shrink bullshit pseudoscience.
>>1970 >Jenny in a bikini I like to think that Jenny wears a frilly one-piece.
>>1971 >It's definitely some young person kid thing Yeah, must be. I'd definitely remember if some adult said something so weird. >>1972 The kind that comes with a little bucket and shovel? I could see that.
>>1973 And a big floppy sunhat. Instead of going to swim, she'd make you help her dig for clams.
>>1974 Yeah I don't think Jenny actually can swim.
Who is Andrew Mccarney and why do they act so familiar with him
>>1974 >she'd make you help her dig for clams There's a crude joke in here somewhere, but I'm lazy. >>1976 Probably just some Twitter male-feminist.
>>1971 "whenever-all you guys *blank*" is a texas phrase I've heard whenever used in the east coast too. and my friend from California. I don't think its regional. >>1972 she has a private pool. does she go in nude? nobody can see its just like a bath >>1976 do they? I don't think ive seen jenny interact with him. as far as I know he's a wealthy autistic man who obsesses over celebrities/e-celebs. do they talk on stream? Lindsay schmoozes rich idiots for money on stream so its most likely that; I remember the juggalo who dropped 500$ in exchange for Lindsay's number, she was game.
>>1970 Yeah, shocked if there was ever a public bikini pic of Jenny cause there’s no way literally all of 4 and 8 Chan would’ve missed it. But that Leia outside and her shorter skirt/crop tips is as close as we’ll ever get. Less she ends up looking her age at some point and gets desperate for the same attention (cough and donations cough) as she gets for looking so young now.
>>1978 > private pool The one photo of that pool included an inflated animal she could sit and float in so she might have either shorts or maybe a bikini but if I remember right the pic also had an off side hot tub. Jenny very easily might’ve bought floaty to it to sit in It only off the pool cause it’s cute and cookey. can only imagine rent for 3 bedroom condo or apartment with all that in LA. But it could’ve been a shared pool for their area, imagine going for a swim and Jenny Is in a skimpy two piece floating on a pink swan...doubtful since she’s sad she’s light sensitive and burns easy I think.
>>1976 My understanding is that M is a middle initial; Andrew M Carney. He was a twitter reply guy who 'got a bonus from work' and spent it on a $500 voucher for designer frozen themed shoes which he sent to jenny. Initially she wasnt comfortable with it but he showed up in her twitch chat and mostly I think thanks to skys influence and goading she used the voucher and bought the shoes. We have yet to see the shoes at all from jenny, he asked on stream and jenny half joked half disgusted accused him of having a foot fetish and that there was no reason to show the shoes or feet for creeps. He's a regular in both sisters streams and seems to enjoy tipping and donating. Hes from Washington? Has a stem job something in a lab with radioactive things. Drives a blue Tesla. He told sky in her stream some time ago he had something big planned for her but wont go into detail. Apparently it's not a tesla but that was a very short lived meme in chat for a while. He does have previous simp/paypig if you scroll back his twitter. Its unclear if he has any idea about skys situation or just plays dumb. Recently sky has raided her own stream after Jenny's to take advantage of the large viewing figures in her quest for twitter partner, carney will usually giftsub anyone who follows in the most bullish way possible like hes a mod or her bf or something it's just weird the way he talks I dont know it's hard to describe.
>>1981 > think thanks to skys influence and goading she used the voucher and bought the shoes what stream was this??
>>1982 he sent her the voucher when she was on her long hiatus, the first or second stream she did when she started up again with sky, freddy fish or something? he introduced himself as the guy who sent the voucher, jenny and sky talked about it a bit. i think it wasn't for a few streams after until jenny said she had bought them and then it took ages to ship, it was quit recent that she said they had arrived. >>651 here is the argument jenny's top simps had about the voucher he sent her again after the stream where he introduced himself and brought up the voucher. rip shaun cheah.
>>1983 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I71llB4f9MM hes not dead, he seems to have uploaded a video singing about "jenny" pretty fucking creepy
>>1981 A. What a stupid tard, Jenny makes 20k a month and he send a bonus from work to buy her shoes she could buy if she actually wanted. B. How does Jenny keep this guy on her stream when it’s some adult strange man following her all over social media and paying her each stream but then has all these woe is me routine about make fans she deems creeps and stalkers.
>>1986 you only think it's creepy because you are conditioned to see men as competition and threatening. in reality he's just a nice generous man probably pretty close to jenny's age essentially paying a performer to do her job. nothing sinister about it whatsoever. he doesn't (that we know) make pervert comments about jenny in a swimsuit or anything like a weird creepy pervert would do so he's fine. >>1985 oh fuck >>1984 oh FUCK this guy is a creep. good find ty. >>1987 probably one of the only times in recorded history that clearing cookies might actually do anything useful? i don't know where you even are seeing that option. cheah is one of jenny's other top simps https://streamlabs.com/progamerjenny/tip click "all time" on the right. this guy arguing with carney looka t the second link here >>1983 used to be a pretty good reply guy but fell off the radar recently, i though he got the rona but apparently he just blew a fuse at something stupid and dumped twitter to free up his time to take up more classic pursuits like replyguying on patreon instead.
>>1987 Delete cookies and cache.
>>1985 Who?
>>1990 Fixed, just had to go to settings and delete the filters.
>>1992 well done only took you what 3-4 days lol.
Open file (52.54 KB 685x567 inderesting.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl_ah0w9kN8 >>1984 ok i thought he wrote that for her but it's just some game of thrones BS? he is definitely singing it for her and that's weird but at least he didn't write it.
Open file (56.12 KB 595x373 porchhint.jpg)
jenny is trying to hint what the front of her place looks like. someone just has to drive around LA and find the house with star wars decals
>>1995 >decorates the outside like she does the inside Jesus... Jenny is literally Pee-Wee Herman.
>>1995 sky claims they eat out or order in for literally every meal, if you move to LA and sign yourself up as a takeout delivery driver chances are you would EVENTUALLY get her order. how bad do you want to meet her? If you sign up as a delivery driver on an app system you must be able to check a box that says you are not willing to deliver non vegetarian or non vegan meals? i mean in LA that must be an option right? right? narrow down your odds a little.
>>1997 >hey ma'am, double order of vegan pizza here <awesome, what do i owe you? >nothing <wat >nothing >i just.. i know who you are <uhhhh >I KNOW WHO YOU ARE >PLEASE HUG ME
>>1989 Im saying it’s creepy based on Jenny’s own definition of people who says are creepy including on Patreon where she blocks people if they try to give her a lot of money because she says they then get a sense of entitlement and I’m positive none of those guys have given her $500 shoes. Pretty sure it ain’t gonna end nicely for Andrew the sugar daddy
If i never heard of jenny and i heard this i'd visualise the voice owner as a Canadian 18 year old with a POC mom. like a Venezuelan mom. >Pley mih my sawngs aboot treins canadian..mexican..canadian...
>>1998 Haha! >>1995 And it’s two floors with three rooms. She’s basically giving away her address. >>2001 She’s like a stereotype of a young weirdo Youtuber you’d describe to a confused old person and their dentures pop out when you say she makes 20 grand a month and doesn’t even do sponsorships.
>>2003 can you turn off the option of him having a seizure while the music plays? it just looks like literally a fish out of water flopping about dying.
>>2004 All that flopping is suppose to be a funny feature. If you want him to stop, you'd either have to bash him with a hammer a few times or open him up and perform some surgery.
>>2002 >She’s like a stereotype of a young weirdo Youtuber she marvelled these- like that hypebeast that broke his legs - but then automatically started transforming into that very thing. Irony must be in the genes
>>1981 ty for explaining. so the shoes thing was the beginning? i kind of thought it was an established paypig situation based on how he acts on stream. 'bullish' is exactly the right word, he's constantly bothering people on sky's stream to gift them subs but only under particular circumstances? it makes me think he feels some kind of entitlement or authority, even if he doesn't express it by trying to control the girls. seems harmless though. you guys are going down a pretty dark path with the house thing it seems
>>2007 i hope nobody is seriously considering irl dox or stalx it's just memeing right guys? right!? last time sky streamed he said he couldn't hear her over her keyboard and she timed him out lol. i hope she's as sick of it as i am. he kept going on and on about gifting subs to followers i think yeller gifted like 10 subs or something, i assume to shut him the f up about it, but i don't know if it helped. i don't know i guess if he's subbing people and getting her view count up to help her partner it's jerky to be mad at him but if you are going to paypig subs just fucking do it, even if he wants to do it by his dumb rules he can very easily do it quietly, everyone can still see who gifted it.
Open file (57.97 KB 848x478 thegoodtimes_.jpg)
you probably all watched it but i somehow missed the bonus footage of ttm where jenny and co bully and old lady and also some behind the scenes of the good times with griff and jenny i cri so much the trajedy things turned bad i cant handle it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvi8JDWXvTk
>>2007 >you guys are going down a pretty dark path with the house thing it seems the only way were finding her house is if she reveals it. don't mistake idle chat for ambition were a fairly lazy bunch. but if I do find it im not posting it here. >>2009 what could he have done to keep her, the question that drives him to drink.
>>2007 >>2010 I'm willing to believe it's just a meme. Nobody here is or should be trying to dox Jenny.
>>2009 >i cri we all do anon. we all do. look how happy they were. how happy we all were. dang. >>2010 >fairly lazy bunch laziness only keeps me from doing absolutely anything productive or meaningful, stalking isn't really either of those so there is maybe more to it. >but if I do find it im not posting it here. decency maybe?
>>2012 you wouldn't want to send jenny a card on valentines day? what if she writes back.
>>2015 I looked this up but couldn't figure out what the point of it was? it's the same day as sonictines day?
Open file (403.88 KB 1538x2048 EbJF_1iVAAEzrO0.jpg)
Open file (360.90 KB 1538x2048 Ea_HySiVAAM9yC5.jpg)
>>2017 lol she doesn't actually look any happier
Open file (170.24 KB 1440x1440 EQyskmuUUAI773y-orig.jpg)
>>2016 >sonictines day I'm glad Jenny had something to distract her from having no man again this year.
>>2019 eugh when will ellis just admit that she actually likes cheescake what a fucking phony
>>2020 is that a joke about her weight >>2018 some things went wrong for her today
>>2020 gosh no. not at all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNuGdv536mM just don't order a piece cheesecake then not eat it. there are kids starving in africa you know, she didn't even try. but here is the thing. it is my contention that actually her declining to finish the piece of cheesecake was an act, an elaborate construction purely for the camera. i suggest that she, as a grown human adult, actually did manage to eat the whole slice of cheesecake after the scene ended. ellis mightn't be a skeleton like jenny somehow manages to be despite relentless vacuuming snacks and takeout but i certainly wouldn't consider her fat, and even if i did i would never joke about a woman's weight, it's uncouth. and even if i didn't think that i wouldn't joke about a person's weight because as unhealthy as an obsession with food may be both physically and mentally i think that in the modern world you just have to find whatever pleasure you can because really life is meaningless anyway and nothing you do matters so why not eat yourself to death if you want i don't care.
>>2022 >cheesecake >but this is pasta
>>2023 >but this is pasta Lol. You sure?
>>2006 She YouTubed long enough become the villain, should’ve used YouTube as a springboard but...honestly, Jenny like Hbomber and Lindsey and all those folks, they’re never gotta get their Hollywood dream because being a Youtuber is pretty looked down on by all accounts, it’s admitting you couldn’t actually make it so you started recording yourself in your bedroom hoping to make something happen and a bunch of strangers with no money and free time we’re like, yeah ok.
>>2025 >Hollywood dream No offense to jenny, I think shes pretty, but shes not Hollywood talent. Could she write a script? Probably. Would hollywood be interested in anything that isnt capeshit, remake or by a black person? No. I don't think it's fair to say youtube hurt her career, plenty would be very jealous of her analytics. What the fuck would hbomb do in hollywood? Be steven segal's rent boy?
>>2026 That’s it thought isn’t it, either Jenny doesn’t want to put in the work because she’s making the easiest 20k a month possible or she’s already given up trying to make something happen and is getting a direct hit of the coke to her bloodstream of tweeting something to 150,000 people and instantly getting praise each time.
>>2026 twilight the musical is funnier than what's on tv at the moment but its likely she has fallen off since then
Is it secret or how did one of you get literally VHS tapes of her riding her horse?
>>2029 It's from a YouTube video her Dad uploaded called "The Story of Jorn". It's just video of her trying him out and taking him home.
>>2029 I'd post the webm but for some reason I can't seem to be able to. Little weird.
>>2033 File not too big? I had some real problems posting at all last thread when it got too long, would upload then hang at 100%
>>2034 Oh yeah, I'm an idiot, the video is half an hour long.
>>2025 >being a Youtuber is pretty looked down on by all accounts it reminds me of a sitcom episode I saw a couple days ago, where a youtuber was portrayed as a delusional primadonna >>2030 is it on his youtube?
>>2038 >is it on his youtube? Use to be. It might be privated now. Here: https://files.catbox.moe/zxj9ts.mp4
>>2039 why have you people never posted this before, this is a treasure trove of jenny butt shots
>>2041 Fuck yeah it is. Especially the first few seconds. Such a fit girl, hnnnnnng. Absolute gold.
>>2041 jenny got jorn what 12, 13 years ago? so she's what 15 in this video? you guys are sick. distancing myself from this kind of perversion.
>>2041 y-you shouldn't perv on her here dude. this girl looks like a nice girl this is before she became the monster we know
>>2044 If she didn't want the attention, she wouldn't have worn those pants. They all know what they're doing.
>>2043 >>2044 as if you didn't https://somebodyhelpthenotdeadfreds.tumblr.com/post/156109210749/how-is-two-men-eating-whole-birds-drowned-in jenny and the cosplay girl both liked this post. its the only post they both liked.
>>2046 > cosplay girl come on dude explain it like i have cum for brains. >only...both liked out of interest how did you determine this?
>>2047 this girl >>1959 and I googled their account names together
https://twitter.com/JennyENicholson/status/1275568612334465025 uh. is she talking about eating too spicy indian food and then making a metaphor about liquid lava poo spewing out of her asshole volcano? or is there something i'm missing.
>>2049 >woah guys 15 year old girls is over the line <btw, how about violent liquid shits? While she could be talking about that, I'm sure she just means the eating part, the burning the food does going down her gullet. Surely not even Jen would want to draw her attention to the fact that she defecates and in what manner.
Open file (46.96 KB 670x470 h_hewwo.jpg)
>>2049 30% chance she was thinking of poop 70% she was thinking "hot" >>2050 >draw her attention to the fact that she defecates she does do a lot of bathroom pictures..
>>2053 All girls do a ton of bathroom selfies, Jenny’s not as different as she likes to pretend from every other basic girl. Not sure if she’s faking her wackyness or if she’s ironically mimicking influencers and seeing the positive reaction she just keeps doing it till it’s not ironic anymore. Also, did this board crash last night? I couldn’t log in, if it ever goes away a better solution might be to create a free blog site or something.
Open file (359.56 KB 1538x2048 EbOOUq7UMAAN2vl.jpg)
Yeesh, does Jenny have a PA writing jokes for her now? What a long string of unfunny tweets.
>>2056 She might've gotten high again.
>>2056 It’s desperation, as Jenny’s tweets get more retweets (her jk Rowling trans one has 20k) she starts to expect it. If an obvious joke is meh youll notice she’ll usually tweet more and more that day until she gives up or one hits and she gets a couple hundreds RTs. I think if/when her fans leave, unless Jenny has something lined up, she’s gonna have a real bad ego hit...and that’s when you can expect bikini pics.
>>2058 >>2056 i though it was just me getting more cynical. Is it.. no accident after all, that the meme for mediocre unremarkable tweets by women being met with rapture is literally called "Omg JENNY" ?
Which is more cringe: >oomg every man has a Kermit impression perfect opinion well done cant think of a man who doesnt <actually I'm the only person in the universe who doesnt have a Kermit impression and therefore unique
>>2057 Her tweets are up there with a potheads "you had to be there (while high!)" stories. Her little interaction with Bailey today made me smile though. They really ought to get a stream going together one of these days. >>2058 >and that’s when you can expect bikini pics Makes me wonder how hard, or even if, Jenny will try to hang on to her little slice of fame.
>>2061 Does jenny appreciate what a great friend Bailey is to her, everyone knows gadget is qt tier. Jenny talking about the Vito meet FINALLY. And he responded with a whole thread calling her out ! Did he call her fake? Need to rewatch that video. She just assumes he added her on facebook? Real smart trying to preempt the story about him asking for footage but he says in his thread he asked her network (I assume bailey)? He definitely did try to gatekeeper her even in his video. If that's all it's about then I guess jenny did a great job of making her feelings if they even went out for tacos. Really like that she completely ignores his post about the advert and makes it about her. But what a bunch of fucking retards complaining about it lol. The guy she replies to pretending he doesnt understand the point of the post LOL. Funny that he draws attention to a fat woman when he himself is a big fat greedy cunt?
>>2062 Vito seems cool in all the videos of his I watched. IIRC, he wanted to collab and Jenny completely ignored him. Jenny can't really pass the blame here when she was the one being the asshole.
Open file (81.39 KB 768x1024 EbVazT3UcAAkF5W.jpg)
she TOOK a PHOTO nnnggg
>>2064 i like the boy/girl shoes whatever they are supposed to be. cute.
>>2064 This outfit isn't nearly slutty enough for Coachella or the Apocalypse.
Open file (347.32 KB 1536x2048 EbVbb0yVAAAcTuq.jpg)
>>2064 I feel like this the first selfie she's posted for months. She's been holding out on us.
>>1296 Would you be willing to link more 2017/2018 rambles? I forgot to add them to a playlist before corona-chan forced me to take a patreon hiatus.
>>2068 Check >>1662 That site reposts her Patreon content. I grabbed her Solo commentary from there... not that I've had any urge to rewatch Solo.
>>2067 >>2057 doesn't want you measuring her pupil dilation
>>2061 have they always thought she looks like gadget or did this get back to her
>>2071 depends did you make this before or after she did her own cosplay for ... uh... SJ? was it? it wasn't just for her own channel.
>>2062 From what I remember of that video Vito was pretty cool about Jenny, Kat and Bailey but did mention in the video that Jenny ghosted him about the footage (of which she never even used). Like cosplay girl showed, Jenny holds grudges and has no problem dumping on you if she feels slighted or under the right opportunity like when talking to another popular youtuber. I think she’ll probably do the same to Landis and the fired creator of Colldier at some point to. >>2063 I think Jenny has always played the victim and when she’s in the wrong she just pretends it never happened. she ragged on Johnny Depp for months then said nothing when the recording came out of the wife/“victim” was hitting Depp and probably wouldn’t stop. I think she talked about it for a slight second on twitch and said they’re both bad but not a single tweet. Same with Landis, just pretended she never knew him or had him at her birthday party two years in a row with only a handful of people. Oh shit...I just realized Jenny gaslights her fans.
>>2064 It’s not funny if you make an sarcastic joke but then do the thing you’re being sarcastic about. >>2066 This is what the girl invited to be the who’s the designated driver where’s.
>>2071 No, Jenny’s said plenty of times she looks like her and a Who from the Dr. Seuss book. >>2074 * her outfit is what the girl invited as the designated driver for the slutty girls would wear*.
>>2073 I think vito implied that kat was the only one who liked him. my impression was that Jenny didn't want to be associated with him and he sensed this, making him want to provoke a reaction out of her. jack saint is the notable person in this drama. he's been white knighting for jenny a lot lately. makes me think his "takedown" of vito might have been a gift for the queen. >>2067 I want to make out with her through the mask.
>>2076 >Jenny didn't want to be associated with him That's what Vito gets for not looking like Chad.
>>2069 Thanks, I guess I dismissed the link before because, well, furries. You never know what will pop up.
>>2078 i thought yiff were purging a lot of non furry content? seems to be no mention of it on the site now did it happen? (no i didn't look throught the bbs). jenny isn't enough of a thot or she is considered furry adjacent? she has made a few tweets about furries but i wouldn't call them supportive necessarily...
>>2067 >nobody cared who i was until i put on the mask
>>2075 >>2071 interesting fact: jenny only developed an interest in horses after reading this post and then watching the video. >>2039
Open file (122.93 KB 749x983 EbYVqjGU0AABDCp.jpg)
>leg meat
>>2076 Hmm, is Jack Saint the next guy friend we’re gonna see Jenny “hanging out” with at Disneyland when all this Covid stuff settles down? She’s not getting any younger.
>>2083 we need so many more people to make sprawling intellectual critiques of childrens movies about how they don't promote enough marxist ideology. there simply are not enough people doing it. and they are always white you ever notice that? smh.
>>2073 >at her birthday party two years in a row with only a handful of people please.. i need to know more about this.
>>2085 Thats about it, Jenny never posted pics but Landis likes to post lot of stories. It became somewhat common to hear/see Jenny and her friends on Max’s stories when they’d go to events.
I just remembered that Jenny defending Bailey was what started Boyegate. is this why they've grown distant? or is that just the quarantine
>>2092 Fact is, Bailey just isn't famous enough to hang out with Jenny anymore. Her YouTube, Twitch and Twitter numbers are too low.
>>2092 >Boyegate What?
Open file (121.75 KB 750x937 IMG_0911.JPG)
>>2092 I'm pretty sure it's just the quarantine that's stopping them hanging out. They still tweet joke replies to each other all of the time.
>>2092 >>2095 bailey was supposed to go with jenny to disneyland until sammy went to the farm. >>2094 google the racial implications of being reylo then understand jenny has always kind of sidestepped accusations of being one then at christmas she said boyega was wrong to use the phrase "lay pipe" (have sex with a woman; pipe = penis, lay = put in hole) and twitter took it as jenny being racist instead of feminist so her twitter went private for a while until it calmed down lol. you gotta skim over the other thread and catch up dude. actually i think that's the most interesting thing. >>2095 is this a blue board? does that mean anything here?
>>2096 Ohh ok I know about that thing, people still tweet about Jenny being racist cause of it. But she makes all kinds of jokes including a lot of insulting ones were she’ll act like she’s just joking so I never thought she had a leg to stand on about turning that single joke into a whole issue, funny it blew up in her face. Also holy shit, her last Sub only Twitch video has 1,700 views, Jenny’s pulling in least 4Gs on Twitch. I watch her twitch streams, they’re honestly not very good.
>>2097 Sky was housesitting this week I think she said she would maybe be streaming with jenny at the weekend but I cant check it the vod got deleted lol. Real interested to see how she handles a solo stream. Also jenny is working on her brony video now, streaming takes a backseat. I dont know how view counts work but I think a minority will have watched 6h in one go. She could probably pull a reasonable figure never streaming ever again, some people won't cancel subs for whatever reason. Someone with enough time and nothing better to do could go through her videos and work out a rough sub count based on notifs, they renew every month you would need two months worth videos I guess.
>>2098 I think the majority of subscriptions are done using Twitch Prime subs though, which do not automatically renew every month. Also a few people gave a lot of gift subs, which they wont just do while Jenny is offline, so her sub count will drop substantially if she doesn't stream at least once a month. Also, are you seriously going to bring up sister's last stream and not mention that she had a sex toy hooked up to herself and was letting the chat pay to take control of it...she deleted that part of the vod and I shut it off cause it was fucking gross, but yeah I guess she is just a full on titty streamer now. I hope someone in chat brings it up next time she streams with Jenny.
>>2099 lmao that's not why she deleted it she was taking donations and sending out links in the vod thats still up. I'm not jerking off to it but I found bits of it amusing, dont get me wrong I preferred mommy sky tuck in time. Shame on anyone that grasses but at the same time if someone was going to do it anyway I want to see it. Jenny will just attack the chat for being inappropriate is my bet. Lold when first time bailey raids her stream and shes sitting on a vibrator talk about timing.
>>2100 I see, what was the reason for deleting the vod then? You can tell something weird happens right before where the vod starts but I couldn't figure out what. And yeah the Bailey raid was hilarious.
>>2101 Oh man I feel bad even talking about it she had a weird setup because she was housesitting and accidentally broadcast the wrong window with her of dms. hella awkward.
>>2102 Come through with those screen grabs...
Open file (60.70 KB 600x392 boyegate12.jpg)
I feel like I missed out on something big was this yesterday? >>2094 the controversy with john boyega, bailey is the one who started it, and Jenny just retweeted her out of solidarity.
>>2103 Even if I had any I dont think I'd post them just to embarrass her chat. All it was was a probably partial list of her prime paypigs and then she messaged one of them about what toy she bought, which you can figure out from the vod that's still up anyway.
>>2105 I still just don't get her and her whole twitch thing, Is it like ironic findom, is the onlyfans/lovesense stuff real? Or is it just a joke but she's actually making money out of it?
>>2106 I doubt she goes nude, but given that shes posted photos of herself in the bathtub on twitter I'm going to assume its real
>>2106 As the saying goes those who findom for a joke will soon find themselves in the company of pay pigs. I think shes just really open to trying new things, I'm sure the cash doesnt hurt either. >>2107 Someone is going to have to take one for the team lol.
>>2108 I tried but the security settings for my credit card rejected it. onlyfans says its working on a paypal option. I'll wait for that I'm guessing legs and cleavage at the most though
>>2099 >she had a sex toy hooked up to herself and was letting the chat pay to take control of it <Jenny's stream will never be that interactive ;_;
>>2110 I've done nasty stuff in public places before don't get me wrong but this digital stuff is just too foreign. i don't know if its a fetish kink thing specifically or if kids today are too attached to phones or just don't want to get smelly fingers? I'd much rather play the horse card game than play with a digital dildo it looks really comfy. the whole cards against humanity thing is fucking stupid too, people really needed a black guy to condemn them before they realised it was racist? such a boring game too. wasting $100k to dig a hole was the best thing they ever did and even that wasn't funny past the concept stage.
Open file (6.67 KB 220x84 what if.jpg)
if you went to Lindsay's onlyfans and saw a picture like this, just two butts side by side, no caption or explanations. would you assume one was Jenny?
Open file (6.87 MB 800x400 omgdroidy.gif)
>>2112 wat
>>2111 Yeah I 100% agree, cards against humanity sucks. It's always sucked. It's funny the first time you play it when you're 14 and never again.
>>2110 Yeah it was basically this except imagine instead of an attractive woman its a deranged man who cut off his penis and talks in a fake high pitch voice. Like, can trans woman even get any pleasure from toys like that?
>>2085 https://www.instagram.com/p/BYwUIThgwJT/ Back when Jenny and Max were so thirsty for each other they didn't even try to hide their flirting and did so publicly on instagram and twitter all the time, even though Max had a girlfriend at the time (who later was 1 of 2 of Max's ex's to accuse him of choking her out of anger).
>>2115 > deranged man who cut off his penis This has yet to be confirmed either way unless you want to share something from the of..
>>2112 Is this how you're convincing yourself to try and join her OF, the off-chance Jenny is somehow talked into contributing? >>2115 Did she put on Goodbye Horses first?
>>2118 yes.
>>2118 If Jenny sees how much she could be earning from onlyfans...you never know...
>>2119 >>2120 But she hates men so much. I don't ever see her doing something like that no matter the potential fortune dumped at her feet. I mean, she's expressed disgust at her male fans several times on Patreon, and hers is about at PG as they come.
when's skys next stream?
>>2122 scientists have been hard at work but the hundreds of billions in research have so far turned up nothing. the boffin behind the project remains optimistic amongst growing calls for his resignation and execution: "we just don't know" >>2098 all i can tell you is she's been away, she might be back, don't know if she will go away again. she was streaming a lot while jenny was working then took a bit of a break while they were just hanging out. jenny is supposed to be working on a video now? so again: who knows? also i think sky said something about they only order in and eat one meal a day? so that's the secret if any of you think you can order in 4 meals a day then work it off editing videos and cuddling plushies to be as fit as jenny or sky you are severely mistaken.
Open file (6.56 MB 320x240 Timmy the Tranny.mp4)
>thread over 800 posts Why doesn't setting posts limits work, reeeeee. >>2115 >Like, can trans woman even get any pleasure from toys like that? Unless it's up their ass, no. You can't just chop off your dick and have the nerves rewired into a vagina. Shit doesn't work that way, hence the high rate of suicides.
Open file (34.94 KB 692x159 carlyrayjepsen.jpg)
Oh, like a video about carly ray jepsen that, if one anon has not misled me, you are in?
Open file (54.69 KB 626x301 fyad_life.jpg)
Jenny confirmed for her brother's sister. I dunno if i wrote this out on here but the whole 'deal' with the sibling is irony lifestyle which means, instead of enjoying humor you enjoy that the real joke is ON the audience, and only a select few know that. but the game gets raised to where the joke is then ON the select few, and eventually the only person who is in on the joke is the ironist themselves.
Open file (94.42 KB 596x504 fixedit.jpg)
>>2125 Im not trying to be mean, but when Jenny tries to use big words she sometimes ends up sounding stupid I edited it for her
>>2126 > I dunno if i wrote this out on here where else did you post it? grey boards? butthurt is bad for you anon let it go. people can have a different sense of humor to you doesn't make them a bad person. What you would rather do is bend the knee to someone and suck up with a joke that isn't funny? got it. >>2127 It's definitely sprawling but thats nice it reminds me of how gangly jenny is physically. I think you made it ambiguous, who is attributing? should have used red pen like vito correcting that black girl's demand about the school football LMAO. i can't believe i was so stupid to consider for a moment that his trans flag avatar was sincere.
in my defense I had to copy-paste from words already in her tweet
>>2124 >>Like, can trans woman even get any pleasure from toys like that? Unless it's up their ass, no. You can't just chop off your dick and have the nerves rewired into a vagina. Shit doesn't work that way, hence the high rate of suicides. this is acutely transphobic anon be ashamed. there is absolutely a word for people who insist all trans people need surgery to be valid but i couldn't really be bothered trawling through piles of shit like >Just as white people ought never speak over people of colour when seeking to define racism, cisgender people ought never to speak over trans people when seeking to define transphobia. to find it; they make it really difficult. also actually i think it does kind of work that way and pretty sure suicide rates are not necessarily to do with nerves but i'm happy to be corrected. they just make your peepee into a big clit lol.
>>2130 >this is acutely transphobic anon be ashamed.
Open file (18.58 KB 692x159 hpr.jpg)
>>2129 i gave it a shot but i changed the meaning a little bit too: this is jenny roleplaying a na'vavi with poor english skills being asked about the harry potter franchise. the white space indicates pauses. never be afraid to go avante guarde.
>>2132 >na'vavi you know the blue man. the tall naked guy. whatever fuck you.
>>2124 Just start a new thread, it's no trouble to move over to another one.
>>2100 So confused, Bailey went to Lindsey’s stream why Lindsey was on a vibrater?
>>2117 Oh, it’s absolutely confirmed. Jenny only mentions having a brother on twitter until like 2014 then only mentions having a sister after.
>>2140 bailey and sky were both streaming sky was streaming with her toy bailey raided sky's stream raid is when you end your stream you jump into someone else stream and bring your viewers with you to help them out. >>2141 i'm only arguing specifics if you catch my drift
The ease with which Jenny mentions anal makes me wonder if she’s as innocent as we assume her to be. *cant seem to upload the screenshot* I liked the CAH idea of prompts being more based around story/sentence completion, but the jokes are so tryhard and hold your hand so much. Ohoho a card about anal, this shall yield hilarity! I like the dryness of Apples to Apples, it makes you get a little more abstract.
>>2142 Gotcha, thanks for explaining. Oh youre talking about the post-op pics, but offer sky a couple of subs on twitch and see what happens. Obviously when Jenny isn’t there. There was that friend who funded their surgery with a livestream D&D game Jenny went too, “he” showed what his chest looked like right after they sucked out his tits. Unpleasant image. For working at Disney and having a Trump loving dad, Jenny sure knows a lot of trans people...
>>2143 oh the last part of your post is her tweet - the casualness can still be virginal. the way i see it these sex things are just lore to her she read about on tumblr. that's why she knows vore etc and would burble something like 'anal' not having really pictured it in it's real grossness, because it's not real to her
>>2144 i'm saying the curtains don't necessarily match the drapes. >>2145 one of her first streams she played smash bros and one of the interstitial screens i think was about cucoos from oot? and jenny misread it as cuck and they had a jolly good giggle about it. but if you come on here talking about jennys anus no bones about it you are a pervert. she was just quoting a card. we all know what anal is most people are just too polite to talk about it apropos of nothing.

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