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Open file (126.62 KB 512x524 mint.jpg)
Jenny General 3 Knight of Jen 06/29/2020 (Mon) 01:42:58 ID: 80e39c No.2135
I'd still like to get an update on fake jenny, where she is now.
>>2135 https://youtu.be/z97J_l-rMWs (around the 6:00 mark) Apparently Jenny wore this same outfit once, but I don't recall having any pics of her in some OL outfit. So, post 'em if you got 'em!
>>2135 >starting a thread with a wall of text instead of a lovely picture ISHYGDDT New thread please
>>2135 this as the OP pic.. come on
>>2137 Jenny wore that outfit on the next ponycon event she went to as a joke reference to this girl. There should be pics in her old tumblr account or twitter. Also last thread someone mentioned a Jenny said Cuck on a stream and knew it’s meaning. I only learned it from porn, how’d an innocent girl like Jenny learn about that?
>>2148 people in her twitter replies calling her paypigs that before the word changed to simp
>>2148 >I only learned it from porn, how’d an innocent girl like Jenny learn about that? Jenny can fib all she wants, but we all know she secretly still uses imageboards. She's up on the lingo. >>2149 Also probably her >sister.
>I only learned it from porn Wait a second..
Open file (342.98 KB 1538x2048 EbjELVqVcAETM3v.jpg)
also, recent bailey
>>2152 lol >>2150 >still uses imageboards AND still be a productive, functional human being? Impossible.
the guy "superpsyguy" who met mint did a whole video about her, he got metood 6 years ago though and nuked everything. so no in-depth account remains that I know of
>>2155 > he got metood 6 years ago tldr. yawn. sometimes victim blaming is a good thing when they are boring. there was undercover audio recording of a guy talking to her at the con was that him? i don't know about his podcast.
>>2157 CUTE
>>2158 Was wrong, that was pic from harry pottter theme park. >>2137 I thought I had photo but no luck finding it so here's an entire video of her doing a Q&A dressed as Ellie at the following years convention. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0qj9OZtLGw And here's her singing a whole song for them the next year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f28QkYuvJdE There is a surprisingly large amount of Jenny/bronycon stuff still on youtube.
>>2156 it was long, but she was clearly insane which made it interesting. it was probably him, sounds like him at least.
http://www.digitalpodcast.com/items/18611743 these don't work right, they were deleted?
>>2160 >harry pottter theme park. Jenny of House Hufflepuff?
Open file (41.14 KB 689x336 youmeanhekillher.jpg)
Oops! jenny misread and replied to a tweet that was actually about a woman doing something bad.
Open file (119.44 KB 1024x768 jenhand.jpg)
Open file (1.55 KB 71x71 handvag.jpg)
Jenny has a cut on her finger, also if you isolate her finger folds it looks vaginal.
>>2165 her hands are gross even without the infected nail looking nailpolish on the clubby thumb, they're dinosaur hands the price she pays for being so lithely muscley in general i guess
Open file (412.03 KB 1367x1245 1593404490909.png)
The Jugs Jenny creator might be making a comic. How exciting. >>2165 2 lewd >>2166 >jenny will never reveal her reptilian identity to you in a dark room right before a clawjob Her hands are cute.
>>2167 ...i hate to quibble, but it doesn't look like jenny any more
>>2166 >her hands are gross behave >>2167 >tv industries >not /tv/ pathetic
Open file (151.16 KB 970x779 1593490851220.png)
>>2168 >>2169 >If you notice, that last panel is handdrawn. That's because I fucked UPPP! I hit return on the web-browser instead of undo on the oekaki. I did it twice. The second time I raged, but I had remembered to save, because I was about half way through the first time, and knew I would do it again.
>>2170 >tail nice >hairline wtf >last panel is handdrawn I....what?
Does anyone else think its weird that Max still likes Jenny's instagram posts sometimes? She doesn't post there much but seeing that he still likes a couple of her most recent photos that she posted long after they stopped publicly interacting is weird to me. We all assumed that Jenny isn't friends with him anymore because she followed Ani on twitter and interacts with her from time to time on there. But Jenny always gave Max a benefit of the doubt that she never gave anyone either guys in similar situations as him. A small part of me thinks there is a chance they still hang out/are friends. And speaking of Max on instagram, he posted a series of stories yesterday talking about youtube film critics who wont call themselves reviewers. It was mostly dumb but I thought it was interesting that the youtuber he used as an example was the Big Joel guy Jenny has been interacting with on twitter lately ever since she did his twitch live stream thing. The old conspiracy theorist in me thinks Max found out Jenny is dating this dude and is petty enough to drag him like that out of jealousy, since he really misses his old fuck buddy Jenny.
>>2172 Lindsay ellis did that in an interview, said she never calls herself a reviewer who's big joel? his search results are strange and confusing. he's pro gamergate?
>>2173 I dont really know anything about him outside of his interactions with Jenny, just that he is a breadtuber. Given the company he keeps im certain he is not pro gamer gate.
>>2174 >big joel criticising a thunderfoot video about an anita sarkeesian analysis of women in video games why do people watch this. it was brain aids when it was anita's video, it was double brain aids when it was thunderfoot's response, i don't know how to do the math for level 3 but it doesn't look good at all. he has no redeeming qualities even his ironically cool jumpers are inexplicably dorky and look like they fucking stink. he's a literal mouth breather. i hope jenny publicly reaches out to max just to cuck this guy hes a complete chud.
>>2172 I talk to Landis on insta sometimes about scripts and asked him if they were still friends. He said Jenny turned out to be a “Hollywood type friend” so she probably ghosted him like everyone else.
>>2176 Tell us about jenny max, tell us shes nice irl.
>>2176 That is really interesting to hear...I want to believe she is done with him but I guess time will tell if he is able to pull his manipulative BS on her and slide back into her life.
>>2176 I suppose it would blow your cover if you asked if they banged. ...you writing a screenplay anon?
>>2176 >>2179 >anon is macaulay culkin
>>2176 just gonna add my voice to the quora of u bes aks did they fuck
>>2180 Funny enough he did say he’s still cool with RLM.
>>2182 that IS interesting. jenny used to fawn over them but after they said star wars sucked she stopped I remember she used to take it so personally when people commented "very cool"
>>2176 The balls on Max lol...she stopped talking to him because 2 of his ex girlfriends said he choked them and lots of other girls, including some that worked on his show accused him of lots of other shit. But yeah it must be because she was a Hollywood friend.
Open file (66.20 KB 603x433 ackack.jpg)
>>2184 >choked them jenny dont mind
>>2178 I think Landis hooking up with Jenny is probably never gonna happen now but if Jenny is into casual stuff, Rian Johnson could totally tap that if he actually makes his trilogy and DMs her at a Star Wars convention.
>>2186 landis insider posting confirmed for pointless larp
>>2160 >There is a surprisingly large amount of Jenny/bronycon stuff still on youtube Yeah, I was watching some con stuff after trying to find a pic of her in that outfit. The whole "con vibe" started to creep me out after a bit though and I had to stop. >>2172 Max really only uses Insta, so it's no surprise that he likes her (rarely!) posted pics there. I liked that Max was one step away from calling them all worthless... maybe his old lingering flame for Jenny stopped him. >>2176 >Max calling Jenny a phony NGL, I kinda believe him. Weirdly, Max seems more down to earth than Jenny does (despite his status).
>>2185 I really wonder about this side of Jenny sometimes. Her friendship with Max is honestly the biggest tell to me that she is more sexual then she lets on, since it seems to be all Max ever talks or cares about. Someone on the old forums claims to have seen a tweet from Max where he tagged Jenny in a post about like open relationships or threesomes or something. One of those random posts from that place that could have been bs, but the anon saying it made it seem real. Would give anything to see the context behind that.
>>2188 Yeah but hope you watched the video, it has Jenny in that Elle mint outfit you or some was asking for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0qj9OZtLGw I know 100% I’ve seen a pic of her in that outfit but can’t find it either.
>>2189 I remember that too, it sounded like Max joking/flirting and Jenny not taking the bait. Jenny keeps at arms reach anything that implies she dates or fucks which only makes you more suspicious that she definitely dates and fucks otherwise it boggles the mind she’s that asexual
>>2189 there was a post on tumblr, one of the first posts she made, she quoted the part of fergalicious where fergie talks about people masturbating to pictures of her I assumed it was in reference to her brony fans
>>2193 JENNY fucking quoted THIS >They want my treasure, so they get their pleasures from my photo >You could see me, you can't squeeze me >I ain't easy, I ain't sleazy >I got reasons why I tease 'em ? i feel fucking duped and used..all this time. She isn't max victim she IS max landis
>>2194 to be fair she just quoted the first part, not the part where she teases them
Open file (220.56 KB 1396x896 1593573255752.png)
Open file (295.34 KB 1538x2048 EbyFu37UEAAS7q4.jpg)
>>2182 Kinda weird. I always got the impression that RLM threw him under the bus the second he talked shit about JJ Abrams. >>2183 >I remember she used to take it so personally when people commented "very cool" Sounds like meme material. Their fake nerd skit might have hit a little close to home. >>2185 Hot. >>2186 >anon isn't macaulay culkin at all but actually rian johnson Your movies are shit, Rian. SHIT. >>2192 >she’s that asexual Or autistic. I dunno, I still kind of like Max and feel bad the two of them never shacked up. The claims against him by his exes seem like total bullshit and even his films weren't even that bad. Jenny Landis will never not have a good ring to it.
>>2176 You should ask Max why he still likes her pictures on instagram if she turned out to be just a"Hollywood" friend. Any chance of you sharing a screenshot of this conversation you had with Max?
>>2196 >The claims against him by his exes seem like total bullshit To me its the hypocrisy of Jenny being so hard on anyone that had even the flimsiest of accusations against him, while never saying shit about someone she sort of endorsed by being friends with. Like she attacked Ninja because he said he didn't want to stream with women out of respect for his wife, but Max has so much against him and she says nothing. Like if she has a problem with Ninja just not wanting to play with a girl, why was she fine with Max showing a ranked list of girls he slept with to one of the woman on his show, and also asking her what she looked like naked? Like I said Jenny always gave Max a benefit of the doubt she doesn't extend to anyone else. I guess it still just pissed me off after all this time.
>>2198 you could always remind loud people in the crowd jenny tries to appease of it til jenny had to face up
>>2198 Yeah, Jenny, Bailey and Kat were all hanging out with Max well after the initial accusations but while he was still with Ani. Jenny is always talking about the latest trending stuff so 10,000% she knew and just didn’t care until it good too big and she abandoned Landis like everyone else. >>2197 I legit have a screenshot but really don’t wanna risk putting myself or it getting back to him, I like the fact he responds to my DMs.
>>2200 if this is the case yeah don't blow it- with this forum stupidly being the top google results for jenny etc. stay deep.
Open file (421.31 KB 1450x1200 1593671614500.png)
>>2202 it's a good thing JJ is such a QT because this plot is doing nothing to keep my interest
>>2203 The middle right panel in particular. It's just nice that somebody's putting in the work for a little oc. I'm willing to buckle in for the whole ride.
>>2200 >don’t wanna risk putting myself or it getting back to him Didn't you already do that though by revealing the conversation you had with him? Like how many people do you think he's told that "Jenny turned out to be a hollywood type friend" over instagram DMs? I totally get what you mean generally, but just in this case if hes hanging about, he'll already know who you are. Dont wanna pressure you into anything you think might break your anaon status, just thought seeing that conversation would be one of the more interesting things posted here in a while.
>>2205 Without a screenshot I’m just someone saying something and no proof and I’m more comfortable with that as I’m sure people let Jenny know of anything too close to home being discussed here.
>>2207 >those glasses sometimes women get way more visibility and interest than they bargained for and try to tamp it down again. Jenny isn't cut her precious hair short yet but the glasses seem like a compromise
Open file (234.44 KB 1360x768 sexybabe.jpg)
shes almost naked
>>2209 She looks so good in this dress
>>2209 >the smug face on that mlp bodypillow What has that horse seen?
>>2211 twilight sparkle is just a smug pony. pretty sure that's her element of harmony: smugness. smug, retarded, lesbian, milf, tomboy, who am i missing. oh yeah adorable. the 6 elements of woman.
>>2207 i know she's adhering to the brief but watching this video feels like being on a formal date with the world's most boring office drone
>>2215 >you will never be the jim to jenny's pam, pranking dwaight aka griff on a daily basis
>>2216 >dwaight obviously meant dwight, ffs
>>2215 Yeah i was just waiting for her top to drop to be honest
>>2207 what is she talking about at 46:06?? First job with a manager???
>>2219 Her first role at Disneyland, circle d ranch.
>>2207 When she talks about being in Anaheim and having only 1 close by friend who lived in LA, that was Griff right? I remember she talked about it in one of the older rambles. Was wondering if she would mention his name but she didnt. Jenny does this thing where she will name drop her friends in videos or on twitter like everyone knows who she is talking about, even if she has never mentioned them before. So i thought it was kinda funny she wouldn't even acknowledged his name.
>>2221 I thought that was Bailey since I remember Jenny saying they knew each other but didn’t become besties until they were both in Anaheim and didn’t know anyone else.
>>2207 Yo, you’ve probably seen her other Patreon videos. Who does she say she’s inspired by in her person comic style video?
>>2219 she used to babysit, she played ponies with the kids. that's her first job but its not a real job
>>2218 Ehh, I think those dresses are literally designed were the boobs keep them on not the shoulders but even if it fell Jenny’s strategically placed her hair.
>>2222 Found it, its from the ramble that was posted in August 2018 at the 51:45 mark. She doesn't say the name of the friend but shes says its a he.
>>2227 that's just before griffingate. what did she say about him exactly? any clues to what instigated the blowup?
>>2228 I remember this being talked about on the old board, the guess was that he had a gambling problem and asked Jenny for money but I don’t think anything was confirmed.
>>2228 She brought it up in this ramble because during the voting period, there were 2 topics that were close: Favorite stories from working at Disneyland and Loneliness. She put them up in a run off poll and super influenced the vote by posting it with a picture of Marge Simpson saying lighten up kids. I think the voters got the message and the dinseyland topic won. So during the ramble at the end she just kind of brings it up and mentions she had to block a few people because they sent creepy messages about why they wanted her to talk about loneliness. She then talks about how her working at disneyland and the loneliness topic were related because when she started working there she only had one friend that had moved to LA and said she would hang out with him about once every 2 week. So she just brought him up to talk about the loneliness thing and how she only had 1 friend that lived kind of close but too far away to hang out with every day.
>>2229 Yeah from what I remember Jenny and Griffin had dinner together at a restaurant, Jenny tried to talk to him about his gambling addiction, and she left crying after security had to be called because he was shouting at her. She was pretty beat up about it and said she was crying every day for a few weeks after it happened. The asking for money part was pure speculation from some random anons.
Open file (249.44 KB 1056x785 griffin's meltdown.jpg)
>>2228 >blowup >gambling addiction i mean i know you guys like to joke around calling it a feud but... you do actually understand that he went out of his mind and she was crying because she found out her old friend had a psychotic illness and would never be himself again, right? like when she talked about the bad thing happening in that month that "will never be ok and she will just have to get used to it" she means that he has sch*zophrenia, not .. that he was short with her
>>2233 I think you’re making some assumptions about Griffins mental status.
>>2233 yeah she could be doing bullshit psych student armchair unqualified diagnosis or maybe she's just upset that she lost her best friend
>>2235 >>2234 i know you guys were there at the time and i'm just looking after the fact (though somewhat obsessively since the Tragedy of this arc is what brought jenny 'to life' to me) but can you really read this (seems to be most of his tweets from that time) https://imgur.com/a/nSwy6Bf and say that's not someone suffering paranoid delusions? also you can just look at his face in vids from this/last year. i mean, i admit it could be drugs and not sch*zophrenia, but that's the face i've seen irl on a few people who were officially at least one of tweak/schiz
>>2235 and if you just fight with your friend, it you don't make a point of saying "it's not something that can ever be fixed"
>>2237 anon have you ever met a woman? just curious. >>2236 you know when he talks about bailey posting that was one of the guys here fucking with him right? lol. really feel bad for him though. he's definitely eccentric, maybe he is crazy who knows. are there any armchair shrinks on fiver wiling to diagnose via youtube videos? we could each chip in a few bucks to find out once and for all who was right and who was wrong.
>>2238 >have you ever met a woman yeah they say that to YOU for the guilt trip, which isn't the same as saying it to other people. >>2238 i wish i caught his fandroid facecam live the other month. one little kid that watched it said he was swearing in it and that's why he deleted it. I dunno maybe have jumped to the conclusion- i thought it was obvious. everything adds up - that's the age when it manifests not to mention i think to be a 'creative' 'musical talent' type you pretty much have to have the brain type that gets it
>>2236 It's still hilarious to go back and read that, that guy had it all and lost it. And it drove him mad. He was Jenny's flying monkey, he got to mock autistic people with her. I want that.
Open file (248.86 KB 1235x1091 1593755603013.png)
Open file (120.68 KB 240x432 jj at the gym.png)
>>2240 >hilarious Ok bailey simmer down >>2241 Oh god is that fucking xen lol.
>>2236 56 views. who else is looking? >>2241 is that jorn
>>2242 >xen If you mean Xeno the secretary, it would seem so. >>2243 >jorn If he's basing it off of a specific horse, it would probably be whatever this one is. Jorn's black, after all. >>2236 >you stormed out on me! >i've publicly told everyone you're a narcissist! >and now you blocked me?! <jenny pls why won't you speak to me <jenny pls respond <m-muh gaslighting Gambling problem or no gambling problem, the dude has issues that extend beyond his relations with Jen. Even Bailey, who can be pretty cuntish, was rather civil with him. If Jenny and Bailey were as bad as he claimed, they would've responded a hell of a lot more differently.
>>2207 Thanks! Now I just have to find the time to watch it... >>2243 >who else is looking I guess we have some lurkers. >>2236 I really wish he had gone through with that video. Not only for all the juicy drama that would've resulted from it (Bailey would've became a rabid animal defending Jenny), but also to pull the curtain back a tiny bit further on our icy little princess. Oh, and I suppose Griff could've got some catharsis out of it too.
Open file (42.92 KB 352x672 gh455534.jpg)
Open file (101.21 KB 1032x564 onlyfansDownload001.jpg)
Im a mysterious ally, don't ask questions of my identity. I just wanted everyone to know that jennys sisters OF sucks. All the pictures look like this one its honestly a scam. there is this one xxx rated set on her onlyfans page marked (fun with Jenny and Max) but the sister doesn't appear in it. Does anyone know what that means? who's Max?
>>2246 >don't ask questions of my identity kat? >sister >her uhhhhhhhhh about that.. >there is this one xxx rated set on her onlyfans page marked (fun with Jenny and Max) What the actual fuck. You need to post a screencap of that as proof because that sounds really fucked up. I must immediately assume that Max would be in reference to Max Landis. Does the set contain anything in particular? If it has a skinny dude with black hair, my mind might be blown. >inb4 jenny doesn't speak to max anymore because he's been making porn with sky <also, spoilering the porn twice As amusing as it is appreciated.
>>2247 Im just goofing, I thought the people in this porn looked like Jenny and Max but honestly the OnlyFans sucks, she shows more cleavage on stream.
>>2246 https://www.uporno.xxx/videos/9234/fingered-and-power-fucked/ Meh. >>2248 So it's just fully clothed pictures of her (Lindsay) and nothing else?
>>2248 Well now I'm kind of disappointed. And for whatever reason, I completely confused what you meant by "the sister wasn't in it". I may be an idiot.
>>2247 Yeah I'm sure kat is subscribing to Lindsay's onlyfans. Is kat gay? Would she have to be? >>2248 >looked like Yeah in roblox or minecraft maybe If you follow the streams she's been pretty clear that it's just selfies and nothing risque, I assume they are all just high concept meme art that she doesnt want to muddy her twitter timeline with, stuff like the minecraft date thing she did. Sorry to disappoint you anon lol. >Im just goofing Jesus christ anon jennyposting isnt a fucking joke its these guys livliehoods at stake here.
Open file (466.34 KB 1911x2048 DKJKFPoWAAAcVAm.jpg)
>>2251 >jennyposting isnt a fucking joke
>>2248 Jesus christ anon see what trouble you caused with your shenanigans >>2250 >completely confused SMH
>>2252 Me on the right coming to find you but it's the guy on the left ready to FUCK you up that you should be scared of.
>>2253 >SMH pls no bully >>2254 >ywn get run down and your kneecaps broken by jenny and her giant porg
Open file (23.21 KB 306x374 bed001.jpg)
>>2250 I meant to suggest "the sister" uploaded pictures of Jenny and Max screwing and "the sister" wasn't in it >>2249 yes, all fully clothed, all low quality phone pics, all heavily filtered, 90% aren't full bodied. >>2251 >that she doesnt want to muddy her twitter timeline with this basically, twitter rejects. The only interesting bit is the really frilly princess bed in the background, which seems to be in Jenny's house I must go now anons, fare well and until next time
>>2256 >I meant to suggest "the sister" uploaded pictures of Jenny and Max screwing and "the sister" wasn't in it Well yeah, I get it now ;-; >I must go now anons, fare well and until next time Don't be a stranger.
>>2244 Jenny has a sweet brand image to uphold and she wouldn’t want to bring attention to something personal like this since that tweet about them at the restaurant was deleted within like 44 minutes so she wouldn’t never responded in a harsh tone, she would’ve just said how hurt she was and let her army of white knights defend her.
>>2256 Speaking of Lindsey, so Jenny straight up wot stream without Lindsey there looks like...guessing this is gonna turn into another a Patreon where people sign up, Jenny barely streams but still gets all that sub money.
>>2259 Difficult to say, lindsay hasn't really been streaming either, she said because jenny finished her video and they were hanging out. So who knows if sky goes home or they get their sleep schedules out of whack or something maybe we will see jenny stream. I thought lindsay might be streaming if Jenny's working on brony video but maybe shes got a lot of talking head still to do.
Open file (131.20 KB 731x983 EcBvI79UEAAuaRL.jpg)
Open file (263.02 KB 1538x2048 EcBEKdRU8AA9xD5.jpg)
>>2261 I remember seeing a tweet about that podcast but I’m shocked she (by the sound of it) is actually on location for the recording of that podcast. It might be a studio and not the guys house.
>>2261 Jenny never tweets about it when she makes an appearance so all her appearances are rare jennies. >>2263 has she mentioned Jenny recently in her stream? I don't really watch anymore. I did see the Zelda episodes and I'm disappointed she won't be continuing it.
Open file (109.25 KB 624x628 embarrassed.jpg)
he shushed you because you embarrassed him by talking at a movie jenny...
>>2266 im laughing equally at both you and jenny for not understanding why he was annoyed that his gf brought a third wheel to see a picture. chances are he had no idea jenny would be there until about 5 seconds beforehand. >because of things he said to them yeah absolutely sounds like the guys fault and not at all some petty woman shit >stony silence sounds fucking bliss tbh.
>>2267 >chances are he had no idea jenny would be there what if he invited jenny and had no idea his girlfriend would be there
>>2266 Is Jenny clarify why she’s single again? Boys are no fun! Also the tweets of people apologizing to Jenny for having a bad experience at a movie 15 years ago are so cringe.
>>2266 >he's chill now Jenny says that like this dude was a psychopath. All because this one moment a decade or more ago. I guess if you want Jenny to vividly remember you for the rest of her life, just tell her to shut up.
Open file (164.48 KB 1054x951 1593842588409.png)
>>2265 >Jenny never tweets about it when she makes an appearance All the ways she could promote herself, squandered. If only she had a manager. >mentioned jenny recently I have no idea, I don't actively go out of my way to watch the streams. I'll skip around a bit but otherwise it's not that much of a priority. >>2268 >when you aim to show jenny the ol' popcorn trick but your gf ends up getting the night off from work
>>2265 >she won't be continuing it. Oh no if I had watched these would have probably have been mmy favourites. But she is kind of too retarded for the puzzles while high all the time maybe?
>>2273 she was using an emulator but it charged 17$ to save the game, she said it wasn't worth it. >>2271 movie boy is the new cosplay girl. she even validates her feelings the same way with both of them "they lost friends so its not just me!"
>>2265 She does, half the podcasts she’s been on I found out cause she tweeted or retweeted about it.
>>2274 Jenny holds grudges, that’s why I’m kinda scared of her, how much damage could someone so petty do when she randomly brings up 10+ year ‘shushing incident’ to 150k fans filled with white knights ready to prove themselves to her.
>>2272 >you aim to show jenny the ol' popcorn trick I can just imaging Jenny eating around it for as long as she can, trying to figure out exactly what that is in there... <Anon, what is that in there? >In where? <The popcorn bucket. >Oh, that? That's just a new design they're using. >If you keep twisting the top of it, it'll dispense fresh, warm... uhhh, butter. <Cool! I love how buttery the last bit of popcorn is. <Anon... I've been twisting a few minutes now and it hasn't given me any extra butter! *pouts* <*giggles* Why are you breathing like that? >It's nothing, keep going. <There it is, finally! On my gosh, there's so much and it got all over my hand. <It tastes really good though. <I wish I could get this at home... you alright? >Couldn't be better, Jenny.
>>2277 i object to this on the grounds that it is both inaccurate and also disgusting. The main question is how much does jenny love popcorn and does she love it enough to eat it after it's touched anons disgusting penis? Well luckily we don't have to answer that question because i'm pretty certain i have read from the prime source herself that she will leave the auditorium in the middle of a film to refill at the concession stand. so unless there is an enormous and sudden popcorn shortage i don't think you will ever find out anon sorry. Just a little blue sky thinking here, based on how well received her joker review was in terms of attention perhaps she should consider just spending the ticket money on popcorn and not bothering to see the movie at all and just reviewing it based on the trailers, the only downside is it quickly erodes into just sitting at home eating store bought popcorn. also the thing about the butter was disgusting and also i would suggest probably a few anons on this board don't need to be jerked off for penis butter. >>2275 this, but only after the fact, never before even if its live? no?
>>2278 Hey! I thought my little scene was quite wholesome, you know, with most things being implied. >does she love it enough to eat it after it's touched anons disgusting penis? Jenny once said she would eat popcorn out of a garbage can.
>>2279 >me go silly from how much i want that food womens humor is so deep and varied. fuck man all my posts for a week have been negative. something.. has turned me toward hating jenny. it was before the boring timewaste ramble, before the ugly glasses only a stupid bitch would buy, before reminding me a fuckin girl you met once as a friend of a friend can decide to ruin your life over some perceived disrespect 20 years later... ohhh i remember. someone posted vids of her and m*x l*ndis flirting on 4. i dont know if i can just ignore that shit. i dunno i'll probably just drop jenny for a while but i can't be sure i wont be tempted to start provoking people to get a ball rolling to make jenny explain herself about that shit. hopefully 'ya i was trying to get an in to a writing gig so i was flirty'
>>2280 Yeah Jenny will never say anything about Max. Her friendship with him is still the worst thing about her I have seen. One thing I think about a lot is Griffin talking about them being bullies. Even though he is pretty crazy, that part has some truth to it I think. Like on her streams with her sister, their main source of laughter is laughing at people they think they are better then, like the nostalgia critic or other small time youtubers who they think make low quality stuff. I think Jenny doesn't even realize how much of a mean spirited bully she is. Like when she talked about not doing the Jeff the Killer 2 video, her reasoning was that people brought up her video making fun of the original to its writer and she knew they would do it again. She even mentioned wishing she could make it and people would be cool and not tell the author she was ripping on her work. Like to Jenny, the issue was people ratting on her being mean, rather then the fact that she was being mean. That author is a literal nobody, its clearly punching down for Jenny to go after her work. Jenny might go after someone else for the same behavior, but seems oblivious to the fact that she is mean to innocent people all the time. I cant remember her ever apologizing for being mean to anyone.
>>2277 Yeah, I'm gonna need to screencap this. For reasons.
>>2281 >Jenny will never say anything unless she was being cancelled
btw jenny's story of 'i didn't so much want to move to LA but i had all these creative friends who did and with whom i thought i might do some things' doesn't add up to me any more. because i've learned that for example, snakedog was not bailey's joint venture with jenny. it was jenny's venture with bailey and griffin helping her out by acting in it. bailey didn't write TTM either, griffin and jenny wrote it all. bailey isn't creative at all so who the fuck are these supposed creative friends? is it like christine blasey ford's i did it 'under the advice of my beach friends'?
>>2284 its common advice to live in LA though if you want work, as another anon pointed out jenny went to someone's studio to do a podcast, presumably in the LA area. why is bailey in LA though. the town her old job was in, 1.5 hours away, seemed to be a better place to live if she wants to do tech/gaming. are the girls in LA just for the clout/lifestyle?
>>2277 Considering how many sexual references Jenny knows and has mentioned on twitter, super doubt she’d be anything but surprised. >>2278 Correct but Jenny never mentions were she’s at in real time much less earlier for safety. >>2280 When did they flirt? They hung out a TON when you decipher from maxes Insta stories how often the friend Jenny would tweet about hanging out and doing stuff with was Max. >>2283 She already got a cancellation attempt on her for racism for what she said about Boyega so she’ll be fine, she was real careful to not post pics of her hangouts with Max after the initial accusations but Max posted pics of them hanging out all the time. >>2284 Is that what she said? Well short of Griffin, that’s bullshit.
>>2286 Correction, Max posted Insta stories not pics.
>>2280 It's funny how you start out by analysing various aesthetic things that could have caused your hostility to Jenny and inevitably end up realising that it was just you saw her interact with a man who you perceive as a threat and projected flirtatious intent onto it If you're going to be jealous, at least be honest about it, bro! >>2281 Yeah, I feel like sky and Jenny have super similar sensibilities with mocking people. But Jenny is incapable of perceiving herself of being mean or a bully. She justifies her actions so much in her own head, and I think she does have a level of natural empathy for the people she's mocking - she just assumes that empathy comes across to everyone else regardless of how mean she's actually being. She's just cute and small and making jokes! She can't hurt anyone! (Obviously when I say she has empathy I mean for people who deserve it. So, not us)
ok which one of you in lindsays chat asking all questions about jenny lol
>>2289 when in doubt, blame griff
>>2288 >jenny copies her brother's comic sensibilities but doesn't realise his humor comes from gleefully, psychopathically detached superiority btw how will the dude ever break it to jenny that the trans thing, the whole cause she then took up so earnestly was basically just for the sake of trolling
>>2291 lindsay doesn't have any problem using trap but jenny went off on tumblr for someone using it because it was a slur. i. i can;t remember the context though. really can't believe lindsay is using the remote control sex toy at jennys.
>>2286 >she’d be anything but surprised I always write Jenny as innocent and naive to the Nth degree. It makes for more interesting dialog (real is boring). >>2292 >really can't believe lindsay is using the remote control sex toy at jennys Can't wait until someone tells Jenny that her bro/sis was "masturbating" in her chair. That shit is just nasty... can you imagine sitting in a puddle of ass juice when you sit down to work? If can, please don't!
>>2293 >Can't wait until someone tells Jenny that her bro/sis was "masturbating" in her chair actually yeah, how would jenny react to that "I do it too, so what?"
>>2295 There is one in a billion chance jenny will read a chat message that's what lindsay is there for. Remember jenny deleted the tweet with her computer screen and a brony con footage folder? What if it wasnt for the youtube vid at all... How many of her brony stories are about being ignored. She hates body pillows. (jealousy? ) Jenny fucking loves bronies it's obvious. Why did she fall out with griff? WAS IT BECAUSE HE SHIFTED FROM BRONY MUSIC TO OTHER GENRES? All the pieces fit.
Open file (296.65 KB 1278x1316 1593931832329.png)
>>2292 >using the remote control sex toy at jennys Did she really? I skimmed through the vod and didn't see that, did she maybe delete that part?
>>2297 Really struggling to follow this plot and no jj for a while now this is going downhill fast.
>>2288 She said somewhere, I think on a ramble, that she loves "righteous anger" or something like that. She loves going after people that she thinks deserves it. And that in turn leads to her needing to come up with a reason that everyone she wants to make fun of deserves it. And then of course she has a double standard for some people, like Max or Amber Heard, who who never goes after at all.
>>2298 It's really subtle, skip around to find when someone drops a donation then listen out for it lol. I think right away a few people dropped gift subs and she says something. >>2300 Tbh with amber heard if jenny just said look I just dont like jonny depp he's a gimp I couldn't really disagree.
>>2301 Hmm I watched the part where she gets a bunch of subs at the beginning and didn't see it, and also last time you could hear it each time it goes off and didn't hear anything. She says something about "I got a little something out of that myself" when someone subscribes, but she is talking about the gift emotes that are randomly given to people when you donate or subscribe. Did you maybe misunderstand what she was talking about? If there is a more obvious instance of it id love to see it, but I do think Lindsay has at least enough sense to not do that at Jenny's place.
>>2289 That’s so dumb, you don’t directly ask about Jenny because A. That comes off creepy and B Lindsey is as self obsessed as Jenny. Just ask her questions about her that would incorporate a Jenny, where does she like to go eat or was she the good or bad girlfriend of the family growing up. Just saw my email alert, they don’t have day jobs so why are they always streaming at the worst possible times? Do they just hate the idea of a lot of people watching? Looks like she’s back in Jenny’s game room so Jenny will probably stream soon.
>>2292 Jenny still uses tumblr?
>>2298 her vod glitches for me so I can't tell, but is it 146:00 in?
>>2305 I dont see anything related at that time stamp, what is going on in the part you are talking about?
>>2302 ok sorry start at 1h11m
>>2306 youre watching the one from 12 days ago right? is that the one?
>>2309 Haha no that one is full of examples of her using it...it was the one from last night i was asking about but >>2308 is correct, at the 1h11m mark she lets her friend oleyeller control it and you can hear her say he gets to use the sybian or something, and she sends him a link and you can hear it. Later in the vod a couple people donate a bunch of money and never seem to get to take control. I almost cant tell if its a joke, like maybe she has the thing hooked up to her foot or something, i dunno. but at one point she keeps asking yeller to turn it down.
>>2310 > never seem to get to take control 2h13m
>>2288 >She's just cute and small and making jokes! She can't hurt anyone! 100% this is how Jenny see's the world, no matter how cruel and mean she is, its no biggie cause she's so gosh darn cute and she justifies attacks on well known people cause (I think she tweeted this about JK once) she's nobody compared to them so what's the big deal. But she also goes after any nerd who doesn't look something that she likes, like Last Jedi or gender stuff in games/movies or whatever so she doesn't even follow her own defense. She's getting so much exposure with her JK Rowling tweets, I think that's why she keeps bringing it up again, sure she supports trans people cause of her sister but damn boi, look at those 3.4k retweets! I still laugh when I think about how Jenny lost her shit after that Vader comic came out where some girl becomes obsessed with Vader and at the end he just kills her cause Jenny took it as a personal attack on nerd girls who like Star Wars even though Jenny didn't get into Star Wars until Disney bought it and my little pony became old news so she wrote that she was getting into star wars because it had a bigger fanbase.
>>2310 >never seem to get to take control. you have a point at 2h47?
>>2310 >> never seem to get to take control 3h18
https://twitter.com/LackingSaint/status/1279913804177059842 seriously with this guy? its like each breadtuber takes turns fawning over her.
>>2314 lol damn I missed a bunch of them just skipping around, thanks for finding all those. Shes very fucking disgusting and I feel bad jenny has to put up with her/sit on the same chair.
>>2315 >Glass to chug champagne These look awkward to wash and store Just put a straw in the side >>2316 She had pants on I assume? I mean nobody here knows what the situation is right? Like what exactly is being stimulated. I fucked a girl in my sisters bed never changed the sheets lol. Wouldn't have told anyone that it could have gotten back to her by though of course. Also didnt film and post it publicly. Hey maybe jenny is fine with it as a modern liberal supportive ally feminist.
>>2316 I might have missed some, keep an eye on the donations ticket at the bottom allows a rudimentary binary search for dono alerts.
>>2315 Quinten Reviews was like this for a while too before Jenny stopped replying back to him and he got the message to cool it.
>>2319 Jack is "friends" with mauler, maybe he's trying to mark jenny with his scent so mauler cools down on her? >>2317 is the sister fully transformed? the sex toy could be for dilation
>>2320 Obviously I dont know but I feel kind of rude discussing it. Might be a weird line to draw but she never explicitly talks about it so. She did have a 'Trap' necklace and last two streams explains sucking a woman's dick is less gay than eating a guys pussy. Also if you are really interested in her opinions about it check out her SA posting history.
>>2321 >sucking a woman's dick is less gay than eating a guys pussy Wonder if she discusses this with Jenny.
>>2321 She legit loves surgery and went through the facial feminization surgery so I dont really see why she wouldn't go through with the lower surgery. Also, I couldn't find any right away, but I know there have been pics of Lindsay standing up in tight short shorts and, uh, unless she is hung like a hangnail I dont think theres anything down there.
>>2323 Move to LA and get on grindr let us know how it turns out. Pretty sure she hates gore idk about surgery but bone shave and boob job are a different planet to bottom surgery I would imagine. >>2322 >bronycon panel ask us would you rather questions.webm
Open file (26.22 KB 592x221 bread.jpg)
griffin made a new breadtube video. he is open on his twitter that he makes them but in the comments, 'just a patron'
>>2325 >professional face-toucher uhhh...
>>2326 you should see what it said before
>>2327 >best friends with jenny nicholson :(
what if his gf becomes an official breadtuber, dumps him, and starts hanging out with jenny.
>>2329 Bailey hangs around with a black girl, have we ever seen jenny hang out with anyone black? *le nonchalant whistle face*
>>2329 You ever notice breaadtubers are never wholemeal
>>2329 If his gf is hovering around that group of sociopaths, they've already been in her ear about Griff and what he did to Jenny.
Open file (16.20 KB 623x146 unedited.jpg)
why are you guys pretending griff doesn't make the videos.. like you think it's a coincidence that the 'gf' he got starts making videos right after shacking up with him that happen to be explicitly targeted to the actually quite small and specific group of people in the whole world that his ex is a member of? and that he just indifferently 'edits' the sound levels etc for her?
>>2334 >guys pretending griff doesn't make the videos.. The implication is that anyone has watched them at all which might not be correct I know I haven't
>>2335 This. Without Jenny around Griffin might as well not even exist.
>>2333 Nice.
>>2336 >>2335 i didn't watch them either but he admitted he edits them which, as you know is the actual video creation process - this chick is the host hired to do the face stuff. Actually i did watch about a minute of one and it had a familiar sort of humor. i can't go so far as to say he definitely wrote the script, i mean other people be funny too, but... eh. This is his ploy to __ Jenny - what goes there i can't imagine but jenny is the key to all this.
Open file (100.86 KB 637x681 sbaer.jpg)
i'm not too up on this but a randomy account called sabersomething just saying Hi Jenny out of nowhere is probably not good right
>>2339 >i'm not too up on this
>>2340 >To have the most current knowledge about a particular subject or issue; to be up to date on (something). 'Make sure you're up on this account before our meeting' i wasn't there during the saga of the sab*r guy
>>2341 I didn't make the connection sorry anon. I was going to say probably billions of creeps reply to jenny every second. http://www.plumjuicegaming.com/donkey-kong-country-a-marxist-reading/ Fuck sake.

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