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Jenny General - Moving On Edition Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 07:12:48 No.3

Let's start this off with her new video and see how long it takes for anybody to follow the link here.
Open file (40.67 KB 540x540 CRQxjzAUcAArx9a.jpg)
Open file (472.47 KB 2048x1536 ELS3eJhWoAMdGl7.jpg)
Happy tidings, fren. Just in time for a new vid:
>tfw the download links provided by that other anon disappeared with the last general before i could save them
I wish she would hug me like that

she keeps complaining about the haters, is jenny depressed?
I remember this thot, she was /tv/'s waifu for ages. Did zach kill her and use her skin to make an emma watson doll or something?
If I'm understanding that thread, she's upset that Boyega admitted he thinks poorly on what went down with nuWars, and then doubly upset that nobody agrees with her. This is exactly like what happened back when she got peeved off over Reylo's hair color. Her autism is just flaring up and she's handling it poorly.

>she was /tv/'s waifu for ages
Still is! Among several others, of course. Zach wouldn't know what to do with any girl he came into contact with. Jenny's still making semi-frequent content with the occasionally nonsense stance on shit like nuWars.

jen charity stream tomorrow, don't forget. it looks like the prices have already exceeded 100$ though
Open file (397.46 KB 2018x2019 EL0w1jyUcAAjr6H.jpg)
>>14 a bit of a letdown tbh. no cam, no personal item auctioned. I got my hopes up for no more than a quarter rambles worth of stories and jokes
>>15 I keep meaning to go back and at least nab the actual timecode for when she's on air, but I haven't had the motivation yet. I fell asleep at some point and can't remember much of what they discussed.
her appearance was mostly the trivia game they played, jenny got most answers correct but there wasn't too much banter. next time they should do more audience q-a
>>17 They didn't give her much of a chance to talk. Any time the lads got rowdy, she tried to interject but got talked over or ignored.
>>20 were the candies in "jenny the writer" a gag? those are awful
So... is vch finally dead?
its still around, is 8kun functional? it never worked with me
>>22 I've been busy, has something happen? I know the general fell off the last page. >>23 >is 8kun functional LOL
>>22 Vch/tv/ is nuking jennythreads so it's dead to me.
>>25 It's unfortunate that Gahoole has to be like this despite us being some of the more reasonable posters on his board/soon-to-be site. I'm sure another general will get posted by somebody once new Jenny/Bailey material comes out, but I'm none too motivated to be the one to make it.
I've had two removed in under 12h that weren't even particularly jenny threads, one didn't even have her picture as op. Pretty unreasonable not even being allowed a containment thread. I used to think they were ok but I guess being part of a site that defaults to a different board on a different chan has sometimes patties twisted.
>>25 This. Guess I'll just go back to making "stealth" Jenny threads on 4/tv/.
when the website was slow and needed people to attract more users it was ok for us to be there. now that they have the users we're not needed
>>29 >Guess I'll just go back to making "stealth" Jenny threads on 4/tv/. Or you could not go to cuckchan. You ARE posting on a Jenny board right now, you know.
>>33 And it would be tight as fuck if there were more than 3 of us here. I mean it's pretty ok but come on we need more jennyposters. I appreciate halfchan stealth threads, is there a problem with it as long as we don't neglect jenny world.
Open file (804.72 KB 2048x2048 EQJh1FwUEAIkr6t.jpg)
Open file (749.52 KB 2048x2048 EQJh1FxUEAA3Lku.jpg)
>Birds of Prey is good Who is this girl Bailey keeps taking pics with and what kind of effect is she having on /ourjew/? >>34 As fair as that point is, it's still cuckchan.
>>37 They seem close. You know, I'm surprised Jenny hadn't doubled down on Johnny Depp yet, usually staunch "feminists" (sexists in actuality) never, ever back down from their position... no matter how outlandish it is in the end.
>>38 Haha are you the guy on twitter that keeps replying asking her to apologize about it?
>>39 No, I don't even have a Twitter account. Just wondering because I figured people would bug her about it.
https://vch.moe/tv/res/78734.html#q78761 Which one of you is this??
>>43 Lots of flowers and a little brown boy? INTERESTING. The little boy is you?
>>44 no, I think that's a 404 page. it might only show up for the uploader let me see if I did something wrong
>>38 >staunch "feminists" I have to keep saying, for all the people she surrounds herself with she does not share their frothing political ways. She didn't go after her buddy Landis, she didn't even drown Griff in his own filth, why go after Depp?
>>46 Thanks buddy
Open file (85.45 KB 648x526 Jenny in the Theater.png)
Now Jenny just has to start taking pictures of this dude and she'll be almost exactly like that guy on the plane she was bitching about awhile ago. >>47 >why go after Depp? She seemed to really "hate" him with all jabs she tossed his way.
>>50 >go to disney and literally clamber all over the scenery >walk around comicon in slave leia cosplay pretending to be ignorant about star wars >...probably other things..? >on record enjoying RLM videos who have a regular bit where they record reaction audio of rich Evan's watching films presumably in a theatre. Gee jenny maybe cut the guy some slack? Trap or die. Especially in la, this is the craziest shit you saw today? Doubt it lol. Is it just because hes a man at a 'fem' movie you assume hes shitting on it so you put him on blast? Am I being unreasonable? Jenny's not really a typical youtuber shes just too conservative for this kind of 'live' content? I hope the film hasn't started yet if Jenny's tweeting during the film I'm going to be pissed off. Also if that guys phone is glowing the whole film hes getting his head fucking kicked.
>>37 >ywn get to touch EITHER of these jackets. tactile.
>>51 I feel like shes done play-by plays of peoples behavior before shes going to get in trouble for making fun of someone someday
>>53 she commented on that gay guy on the plane having a go at a loud chatty woman behind him in first class telling him off for it. I don't think her commentary about this guy is enough to be considered hypocritical in comparison, he was really live tweeting every aspect and complaining about it. Jenny who definitely lurks here has obviously picked up that maybe she is being a bit harsh and someone pointed out maybe he's deaf. I don't think she planned to really say anything more about it anyway, maybe a summation at end or something? Interesting you would say she did a play by play before, i can't imagine it in her character, i think she would know better than to do something like that publicly. of course making fun of people in private is another story right griffin?
>>55 >Jenny who definitely lurks here that reminds me, if any of you have visited her webpage I hope you used a vpn because that site saves alot of info on you. I use google cache if I want to see it
>>56 >implying i wouldn't want her to find me
>>56 The fucking black page with her name and social media on it? I already have them all bookmarked why would I need to go on her landing page? Am I missing something? >saves a lot of info Come on Jenny I'm an open book, ama. Realistically what does it save? Standard analytics? She has tweets about getting youtube traffic from 4chan, that's what this op alludes to I assumed though I doubt we would even register tbh.
Open file (1.85 MB 1280x720 dramatic reading.mp4)
Open file (377.47 KB 1536x2048 EQT36uqU8AAxWwc.jpg)
Also, new Bailey turning into her crazy cat lady wino self.
>>60 Hey well look I have a long hair cat and if he liked getting petted at all I would be doing exactly the same.
>>58 yeah, ip address of the people who visit, plus the search term that brought them there the search term is what concerns me. if anyone was searching "jenny Nicholson home address" "jenny Nicholson nude fakes vagina" and then clicked her website, then she knows. >>60 she sounds depressed but shes been nice on twitter. I hope shes ok >>59 Jen should sell books on tape
>>63 Yeah well IP and referrer is pretty standard even without analytics, are you willing to cite your source or is this just intuition? What patreon tier do I have to join to get an 8 hour ramble of her chatting to and brushing the hair of all her bookcase ponies which obviously I assume she does regularly anyway? I think we can all agree that we only wish Bailey happiness and success in all her future endeavours. Also who is posting rares on vch and not posting them here?? Shame on you.
>>63 Seems incredibly inefficient when she can simply assume multiple people google these terms every day?? Is her ocd really that bad?
>>64 I looked at the kind of squarespace package she has, what it offers to the user. also, is this one of you? https://healthyceleb.com/jenny-nicholson-height-weight-age-body-statistics/170866
Open file (4.65 MB 731x7643 jenny's stats.png)
Okay, last fix. >>63 >she sounds depressed She needs an aryan bf to keep her in her place and happy. >>66 If only we could take the credit. >try to make archive >advert is in the way ffs
>>69 I thought jenny was 5'6"?
>>70 Dare you question such autism?
>>69 https://web.archive.org/web/20200209203538/https://healthyceleb.com/jenny-nicholson-height-weight-age-body-statistics/170866 Since archive.is is shit, there's always this. Why can't I polite sage? What are these settings?
>>70 >162.5cm Incredibly specific >106lb Where the fuck does this info even come from anyway? Is this before or after a meal/shit? I NEED TO KNOW!!!! Fucking hell I'm glad I'm not famous with fucking retarded aspie shit like this around. So weird.
>>71 Jenny herself said it was 5'6" though... >>83 >Is this before or after a meal/shit? Someone tweet her and ask, this question NEEDS to be answered.
>>85 >Jenny herself said I see no proofs. You must be a LIAR.
>>85 >Someone tweet her and ask, >13 quid this thread If we all chipped in 2$ we could submit "how much do you weigh exactly before and after doing a huge shit" as a patreon ramble topic >>86 She absolutely mentions it somewhere....
Open file (14.88 KB 594x108 living in LA.png)
Submitted without comment
>>89 What were the winning topics for 2019? >>90 Time to move to LA for a chance to give Jenny an emotionless pounding.
>>91 do your homework at least, she is a prefessional pick up artist identifier https://twitter.com/search?lang=en-gb&q=pick%20up%20(artist%20OR%20line)%20(from%3Ajennyenicholson) on the plus side she mentions giving one of them a patronising advice lecture about talking to women, which would be absolutely amazing.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0o3K75lcZs So is jenny kind of a jerk? There's a panel where she says they uploaded something about bullying but took it down because of negative response, I always assumed it was the snow-blind episode.
>>95 >griff will never be this happy again For the love of all that is good, somebody webm everything from 3:20 to end.
Open file (498.94 KB 640x360 sadjenny.webm)
>>98 no
>>100 :^(
Open file (54.43 KB 1146x204 null.jpg)
I posted this in the photo thread. but I thought I should move it here instead >>105 all those stuffed animals. guess the whole familys like that also, Jenny has friends in Kiwifarms, they forced Nulls hand and made him move her thread to "internet famous" instead of the lolcow section. I didn't think much of it at the time, but Null explained in a recent video that this is something people will do deliberately. makes me think. lolkat sounds alot like lolcow doesn't it?
Open file (89.07 KB 1080x961 EQcY1WHW4AA73JX.jpg)
>>108 >josh is a jennyfan I don't know how to feel about this.
>>108 >>109 >me, old and out of touch >stuff I don't really understand >is this worth me trying to figure out? I'm just trying to sperg over my waifu guys are we a politics forum now? I'm biased but I dont think jenny is lol worthy anyway compared to basically every other person they have a thread about. It's the kat bit you lost me at tbh.
>>102 Genuinely what would any of you say to Jenny if your paths happened to cross? If she offered you a selfie would you come clean that you were going to immediately scratch out your own face in paint and post it here to brag? >tfw ywnb dr. longarms.
>>111 >It's the kat bit you lost me at tbh. a couple people were using the Jenny topic to talk about her channel it was moved to internet famous because of this Josh said people do this deliberately but he's good at figuring out when people are trying to use him/force his hand as soon as it moves, the people stop posting all together, implying to me that the posting wasn't organic if anyone is pulling gay ops at the kiwi farms, I'd say it was kat, with her work revolving around documenting internet bullying or whatever she does >>112 watch from afar and try to eavesdrop
>>113 I kind of got that, I literally meant you lost me at the term lolkat.
>>114 oh I see, its her twitter name
>>112 >Genuinely what would any of you say to Jenny if your paths happened to cross? <oh hey, sorry to bother you, but aren't you jenny nicholson? <would it be weird if i asked for a selfie or something? >would you come clean that you were going to immediately scratch out your own face in paint and post it here to brag? Obviously not, that's just silly. And you better believe there'd by no hoverhand. If I can get away with it, I'm pressing into that Jenny.
>>116 >. If I can get away with it, I'm pressing into that Jenny. Oh Icarus, fly not too close to the sun last thy waxy wings should melt.
>>27 with the death of vch are we in danger? will 8k ever know /jenny/ again? aren't we just the last embers, the dying remains of a bygone overly obsessive fandom? is jennyposting a lost language, only mentioned in dusty old reference books hidden away in a dark damp library basement corner? who are we? what exactly is the point of living?
https://www.reddit.com/r/JennyNicholson/ its popular here so there will always be jenny posting in some form
>>119 >reddit eww gross dude fuck. spoiler that shit. we might be on the slide but that r/ is moribund
>>118 I definitely feel like jennyposting has had it's heyday. I keep waiting for it to come back on 8kun or to find some board somewhere where everyone was still going strong, but I think it's just not to be. We had a bit of a go of it on a discord with some bailey guys, but that was mostly just posting the latest from twitter and instagram. Even that seems to have died as well though. It's the investigation and mystery solving I'll miss the most. Digging to find never before seen jennys. That and seeing the ramble polls.
>>117 I SHALL SOAR INTO WHATEVER FLAMING HOT MESS I WANT TO, FUCK YOU DAD >>118 >with the death of vch are we in danger? Unless julay goes down, no. We could always still go to tvch, although a lot of peeps seem upset with Gahoole's faggotry against our generals. >will 8k ever know /jenny/ again? 8ch is dead and 8kun is a dead meme. >aren't we just the last embers, the dying remains of a bygone overly obsessive fandom? >is jennyposting a lost language Imageboards in general are a dying breed. Whether we can transcend that slow death, I have no idea. But instead of worrying about the future, we should enjoy what we have now. >who are we? The Knights of Jen, dummy. >what exactly is the point of living Just to suffer.
>>119 >that subreddit Talk about a ghost town. >>121 >discord As a reminder, the last bunker of last bunkers can be found here: https://discord.gg/UF7PASj
>>124 >sending stuff to jennys house where the fuck do you guys get off? what did you send her??
>>126 I sent her my ear. I saw what you did. SHAME.
>>127 I hope you sent it packed in ice so when she donated it at least they could have used it for transplant or something, sewn it onto a rat for some experiment. Luckily this thread isnt about how bad I am at spelling lol so we can move on hopefully.
Open file (28.42 KB 512x512 1581526107304.jpeg)
Open file (770.59 KB 1040x477 1581529008767.png)
pics via yakuza >>128 >sewn it onto a rat That sounds like a reference to something but I can't think of what it is. I know I've seen that before on some tv show.
>>126 If I knew where she lived.. probably nothing? she buys whatever she wants when she wants it, she wouldn't be grateful for a gift. as for who sent her shit, wouldn't there a return address? >>129 it was a real world experiment, I don't know if they still do it.
>>121 All things come to end eventually, but I do miss all the extra info that was in those threads. It was an interesting peek beyond the public front she puts up. My personal fandom with her is slowly fading; I rarely watch her videos anymore and just save her pics out of some lingering habit. It was fun while it lasted. >>124 >Stuff gets donated Those custom dildos made from scans of my penis were for you, Jenny!
>>130 >she buys whatever she wants when she wants it, she wouldn't be grateful for a gift. If you send her some bit of an old broken animatronic she'd maybe like it but it doesn't mean she'd like you lol. Maybe a rare pony. There was a short video someone sent her a game based on that book she seemed to enjoy but I dont know the context. >return address Is this strictly necessary? Really? You can just make one up though right?
>>132 >There was a short video someone sent her a game based on that book Right here, baby.
>>133 Presuming hes a pony friend. That's really sweet.
>he didnt like talk because he couldn't relate to anyone >what he meant was the men were fallible and he couldn't empathise with the women >bop is amazing if you see women as people. Full disclosure I havent seen either film but maybe these are three completely different things? If Bailey was going to tell us what this guy thought and put words in his mouth at least she could have made it so it would relate to the third point? How does not being able to empathise with a film character mean that you dont see that character as a person, never mind all women in real life? Bailey you crazy dawg! Also lmao at that cat tweet but I thought she owned a cat for longer than today this is the first time she's been rused?
Open file (193.87 KB 592x1028 baldy.png)
Jenny please check your short people privilege thank you.
>>137 fight or flight isn't black and white your response differs based on the situation. but you guys are always saying she will ignore or block you rather than argue if you offer a different opinion to her so i guess it aligns. She picks that guy up when thy were filming convicts whatever but she's with friends. different situations.
Open file (136.34 KB 1200x900 EQzeXpgU8AIXOMV.jpg)
is that greyson? so kat brought her boyfriend on their lonely woman's night out?
>>139 ohh fuck, its Lindsay ellis. In her defence she doesn't look like a man, greyson just has the same glasses
>>140 The real question is why does ellis pretend to hate cheesecake? >lonely women I was considering going out for a lonely singles policy sonictines screening, had my basic cosplay all sorted, but all the showings were booked out. Jenny said it was shit anyway so I'm kind of glad I didnt go I guess. Would have been nice to get out of the house though.
https://twitter.com/JennyENicholson/status/1228628407962890241 both bailey and jenny think hes hot. so they like older men?
>>142 Jim is a little bit of a hot mess no doubt but i guess he's ok looking? i don't know i'm not a homo. They say he is hot IN SONIC thats a huge step from 1) saying jim is hot full stop, 2) all old men are hot. You might as well say they have a thing for waxed moustaches, which I'm pretty sure all women do actually and who can blame them. look at Poirot, short, bald, fat, constantly belittling, arrogant cocky SOB, also french, and yet fucking drowning in pussy. must have something to do with the moustache. i'm not even going to get into it properly but moustaches dude. it's the key.
Open file (261.41 KB 2048x1538 EQx5pNAU8AEw1oI.jpg)
Open file (174.90 KB 1440x1440 EQyskmmUEAIvimT.jpg)
Open file (170.24 KB 1440x1440 EQyskmuUUAI773y.jpg)
Open file (354.77 KB 1536x2048 EQzVE_ZU4AARy3G.jpg)
>>144 Nice narrative there chief but bailey was there with them, I wonder though why she wasnt in the middle two pictures, jenny should have played the mouse in the middle? One of baileys recent tweets suggests burying your face in her cats fluffy belly to relieve sadness, I cant help but wonder if she wore such a comfy and fluffy looking jumper to attract people to bury their faces in her fluffy belly? Or just because its blue like sonic? I hope your not I playing jenny is replacing bailey with lindsay, I bet bailey could eat a whole slice of cheescake. Or at least give it a good old college try. Not like that spineless cheescake denier Ellis.
>>145 >bailey will never share her cheesecake with you
Open file (44.18 KB 412x472 griff not ok.jpg)
>>139 was faith doing a selfie or was there an additional person present
>>146 Let me make one thing abundantly clear anon, if I take a woman out for cheescake and she doesnt at least attempt to eat the whole portion then the date ends there. I'll wait as long as it takes, I'll wait until closing. I'll sit outside on the curb with her, I'll let her take it home in a doggy bag and send me photographic evidence of her eating it for breakfast the next day. Fuck, she can have it fir lunch I'm not fussy. But a woman who orders a slice of cheescake and abandons it like she would our child? Can't commit like she would our relationship? And hey you know, I dont mind helping people out I think I'm a pretty friendly person but you have to have rules, without rules what would we have? Anarchy that's what. You know you have to draw the line and my line, my rule is I don't eat other peoples food. You order that cheescake, your going to eat it or your going home alone. That's not true actually, it's ok if you dont finish it as long as you made an honest attempt. Go watch Ellis's video on product placement, she makes out as if she had no intention to eat that cheesecake. Disgusting.
>>147 Why did you clip out griffs original tweet these replies are aimed at which i will graciously transcribe for prosterity: LOL I’ve had the “Corona Virus” for years hahaha 😂 I’m referring to my alcoholism By transcribe of course I mean copy/paste its 20th century after all. Poor griffin. When tennyson said this better to have loved, did he have any idea how wrong he was. Griffin had everything and lost it, truly a herculean feat to be still trudging along and for that I salute him. Sweet is true love given in vain.
>>147 She tweeted a pic of 10 party bags all made up, depends how you interpret it.Did she buy them made up or make them herself? Did she make up 10 for 10 people or everything was supplied in multiple of 10 so she made them all up? Did she make them up before or irrespective of the guest list? Did she invite people who couldn't come? Maybe people there just didnt want to be pictured, maybe jenny didnt want them pictured lol. Maybe her sister went who knows. Great question. Great as in impossible.
>>150 >Maybe people there just didnt want to be pictured this might be it, Kat stopped showing up in pictures even though shes still around. and didn't jenny say once her friends don't like being in twitter pics
>>150 I think there were definitely more people there that just didn't show up in pictures. Interesting aside, Bailey's friend Addison tweeted earlier in the week about going to see Sonic with friends on Valentine's day but on the day itself she said she went to see BOP with her roommate, so I wonder what happened there... She's def the kind to have posted pics if she was there as well.
>>152 Is bop good though? Addison sounds like a woman so has to see it one way or another right? That newsgeek guy really knows how to ruffle feathers lol. Me, a pleb who only gets info about new films from /tv/, wouldn't have seen anything curious about his list. Is it wrong to say ghostbusters was shit? It was advertised absolutely everywhere for ages they made a huge fucking deal about it and it was fucking garbage lmao. Is Jenny a hypocrite? She tweets shes allowed to dislike a film and you cant disagree with her having an opinion yet she can pick this guy up for his choices? I guess you can have whatever opinion you like as long as it's for the right reasons? Smh.
>>152 >see BOP with her roommate she says took her to see it AGAIN. must be good. maybe they saw both!? not impossible!
Open file (688.66 KB 2448x3264 EQ6XinIX0AAKnJx.jpg)
Jenny Bingo Also, new video soon?
>>155 >Aladdin reference I feel like you are cheating. >jenny drinks does she? like juice? not alcohol? in her videos? i'm getting so many false memories about this now why have you done this. >free space i read this in the car before i looked at the image and this is the best one i came up with on the drive. 10/10.
>>155 fuck i thought you made this i can't think of any that are hard enough >over a billion cuts >jenny plays with her hair >makes a cute face >points at me personally and accuses me of something >I have to rewind a bit because i realise wasn't really listening to something important. sorry jen. >ellis pulls a dumb clickbait face in the recommended videos and it makes me inexplicably slightly annoyed >i flip flop back and forward constantly whether her voice is intolerable chalkboard-nail screech or whether its actually an intoxicating beautiful siren song for the length of the video >i have to pause the video when anyone walks past because i don't want to have to explain that i'm not just watching it because she's cute but i'm paranoid that thats exactly what they will think >i mindlessly scroll ebay and amazon looking at plushes on and based/themed/inspired by/on/around the ones on jennys bed before deciding it would be unfair on my other plushes packed away in the attic at my parents house from when i was a kid and also a sad waste of money >once its finished i watch loads of her other videos that i don't remember watching already until 5-10 minutes in. >topic themed attire >cute eyeliner. ok not cute. hot. hot as frig. gosh i love her eyeliner game. blegh.
>>151 > once her friends don't like being in twitter pics i think that was Jorn?
>>158 >jen, bailey, faith, lindsay, kat >just out of the shot are bjorn and the disney goat
>>159 Now it's falling into place. No wonder she had so much trouble trying to book the party room.
Open file (26.27 KB 580x132 obsessed.jpg)
It kind of is >>160 did jenny say if she played any games there?
>>161 i don't understand how america works, they went to chuckecheese right? a disgusting kids yuckfest where snivelling rugrats wipe their runny noses and smelly bum holes on a load of arcade machines and run around screaming and crying? right? and everything smells of antibac wipes? is that what it is? but they don't have a picture house in there do they? because the noise right? so bailey has her photo with Mr cheese and Jenny has her photo with lindsay (ellis) and then later on i guess they go to a theatre and see the film where we have the illegal screen picture. I don't think anyone mentions playing any games but i haven't and probably won't look into it. I'm much more interested on your angle of why you want to know if jenny played any games? I can't believe this guy, we all know jenny loves sonic. what is he suggesting? you know when you hear a word too many times and you stop being sure if it means anything? that but sarcasm and this tweet. if jenny wants a chaperone to go to build a bear she could have just asked, instead of this passive aggressive tweeting which i assumed is aimed at us directly? rude.
>>161 Pin the tail on the goat?
jenny seems like she would want to play games at the kids place, she might not be allowed though
>>167 >not be allowed money still spends doesn't it? or are the games free? I'm assuming you pay to play and trade points for prizes, and on that assumption i will double assume that a significant factor in deciding to play a game would be exactly what prizes are available to redeem and for what cost. she's a smart cookie she must know or assume that the games are all rigged and because of that not very entertaining.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ok0oaarN0qQ We all know this video of course, however.. At 19 seconds Jenny turns to look at Bailey. What is her left eye doing, is it a cheeky wink or a weird spasm? None of the rest of her face moves it's perhaps one of the most unsettling eyelid movements I have ever seen.
>>169 Also Bailey does an incredible turtle impression
>>169 I think its her eyelash makeup, she layed it on heavy for the gag and it probably bothers her eyes
>>158 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AGvXqviRys NEW VIDEO which is somehow not the Sonic video I was expecting it to be.
>>173 she looks cute she said on twitter she thought it was fake, was it real? >>172 dangerous. its normal to talk about youtubers the same way you talk about a tv show, but jenny really hates it.
>>174 i really hate people who point out things in the background but wtf is bb-8 guarding in the wc? >was it real? what is real? are we real? is anything? I just want her to get build a bear sonic and do a video about the film and cuddle and play with him absent mindlessly. mindlesslessly? mindedly.
>>157 >>ellis pulls a dumb clickbait face in the recommended videos and it makes me inexplicably slightly annoyed I got 4 ellises out of 6 in the sidebar but only 3 were pulling faces. pretty much nailed everything else >guest on a podcast oooOOOOOoooohhhh!!! >with lindsay ellis oh. >about musical theatre ...... >specifically frozen ...ok i SUPPOSE i'll check it out.
>>175 >build a bear sonic how can these be sold out in the US its really that popular? Maybe they are recalled? or you are supposed to buy him and take him to the cinema with you to watch himself on the screen? seems narcissistic. Why does build a bear have "pizza" as an addible scent? but also why doesn't build a bear have chilli dog as an addible scent? seems like a missed opportunity; does he eat chilli dogs in the film?
>>178 I don't think they thought the sonic movie would do this well, so they didn't order too many models
>>174 >she said on twitter she thought it was fake, was it real? ok, I had to do the math to see which came first. but I made this tweet at 3:51 her time, in reference to tweets she made last month. 30 minutes later, 4:20 her time, she makes this tweet >>177 addressing weather or not the script is real. is it paranoid to assume shes reading this
>>180 >30 minutes later pretty casual, did she hold off on purpose to make it look like she doesn't lurk here constantly? If she even knows we are here i don't see why she wouldn't check up on us occassionally, I don't think we're toxic to her as e.g. the /tv/s. I was going to say it's just good buisness to get fan feedback but i doubt we register, maybe if she sorts referrers by smallest first lol. You have to assume everyone reads everything, it's not paranoia its just common sense. Don't they teach you this in school any more? Crazy that social media now gets you to post up everything about yourself, when i was a kiddo it was drummed into you at every opportunity never tell anyone anything about yourself online. I guess people have different views now what they consider personal information but it all comes crashing down when someone you shitpost about finds your reddit alts based on your coffee order or some shit. On the other hand what is there to be paranoid about? You say stuff here you wouldn't say to her face?
>retweeting @darcierge jenny when does your sister get the good internet again i'm so bored
Open file (1.93 MB 1980x2640 EREoTZuU8AAe8WG (1).jpg)
So is anyone gonna listen to the episode of Lindsay's podcast with Jenny on it? >>182 It's kind of funny how she spent the entire start of last year talking about how she was going to get in to streaming only to give up on it immediately. I miss the Bailey streams most of all tbh, I miss when Bailey made videos on youtube as well.
>>183 i miss Bailey singing in TTM and pulling faces in TSD I don't know who this guy is but he's doing that face you guys hate like he's on reddit how asian is lindsay anyway? like part asian right? Does jenny always dress up for podcasts? did she dress up as sonny for PTRSG? did she dress up as dumbo for casey junior? is this a video podcast or just a picture? will her voice sound notably different from other podcasts because her voice isnt slowed down? Is this really going to be a podcast recorded on one USB microphone? is it absolutely crazy to think maybe they could get a couple of microphones and a mixer? is that snobby to say? its only episode two i guess but at least they must have someone monitoring the level as it records right? imagine recording the whole thing and its too loud and clippy or too quiet and you have to boost it and its white noise or everyone is a different volume. fuck sake.
>>181 >On the other hand what is there to be paranoid about its just eerie to think youre being watched >>182 did she stop streaming? >>183 >I miss the Bailey streams most of all tbh hers were good background noise for falling asleep. does she still work for knoji?
>>174 >she looks cute She always looks cute. Have I missed it in the last few vids, or is her adding clips a brand new thing for her? She needs to do some work on that. >>183 >So is anyone gonna listen to the episode of Lindsay's podcast with Jenny on it? Link where? Also, somebody record it for posterity. >I miss when Bailey made videos What is her Patreon even for anymore? She doesn't do anything.
>>186 link https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/musicalsplaining also like just fucking google it? no, but honestly i respect your commitment to never venture beyond this board. good choice. jenny posted it on her twitter but the itunes link. i don't know what itunes is. also what's a computer? How is Baileys patreon set up? just drain peoples account every month? Isn't that the ideal business model for patreon, get a million people to sign up for $1 and forget about it or be too lazy to cancel until the card expires? does she have to post anything at all? she was offering those perverse pictures of her hairy pussy a while ago for patreon exclusive, maybe its that? maybe its secrets you don't get to know unless you join. >adding clips i don't remember any clips and i watched it what 24 hours ago? fuck. i definitely remember she had a clip in one of her videos previously, of the paranormal home inspector guy. i only remember it because i only listened to the audio of the home inspectors and then watching the video with the clip i had to pause it and spent maybe 20 minutes trying to figure out who the fuck this guy was, what the 'joke' was referencing, then the very next suggested video was paranormal home inspectors so i watched it and felt kind of dumb.
https://twitter.com/GailSimone/status/1229100173264994305 Wtf I hate bailey now. That thing is fucking grotesque thanks for tricking me into looking at it. Without taking sides I dont really understand the thread either, her whole argument is people who say things like that are bad because they are ugly? What?
>>187 >also like just fucking google it? no, but honestly i respect your commitment to never venture beyond this board. good choice. N-no bully.. >How is Baileys patreon set up? just drain peoples account every month? That seems to be the case right now. I'm not about to join to find out, she needs to make more content before I start feeling like she deserves anything for it. >i don't remember any clips At least twice she used the same clip from the Spiderman movie with the Green Goblin. She used another clip from something else I can't remember. >>188 >when you try to virtue signal but come off as a hypocrite instead This is why you're single, Bailey.
>>189 oh fuck she really likes that clip huh. yeah "you mess with us". never seen spiderman. come to think of it I don't think i've seen literally a single video jenny has ever mentioned. then again i forgot about seeing that clip so maybe i'm just retarded.
Open file (6.07 KB 299x168 lindsay.jpg)
Open file (6.58 KB 247x204 lucinda.jpg)
>>186 does jenny like lindsay partly because she looks exactly like lucinda from sophia?
>>190 That specific clip seems to tickle that friendship brony part of her brain. >>191 Maybe if she lost all the weight, maybe. Lindsay can still be attractive if she wants to be.
Open file (887.23 KB 600x980 jenny is a gamer girl.png)
You wish you were this hardcore of a gamer.
>>193 is she going to stream the fucking game or not jesus christ jenny.
>>188 comic books always portray ugly as evil >>193 I like her spirit
Open file (29.77 KB 580x120 sonicscalp.jpg)
I find it hard to believe they're sold out everywhere. who wants to impress Jen and call around
>>187 Bailey's patreon is now mainly just a collection of pics of her cat, that and apologies for how little content she makes.
>>196 >hi, i'm calling from several states away, do you have sonic bears i can impress a youtuber with? >hello? >>197 Bailey is only one or two steps away from being the new Spoony.
>>196 I doubt she would accept one from a fan directly. Certainly she can BORROW mine as long as she pays the postage and agrees to cuddle him a good amount.
>>186 If you haven't listened to it i wouldn't bother, they only really lament that there were too many white guys with dreadlocks because god forbid and theres an explanation of how quick change dresses work which is reasonably interesting i guess. Lindsay explained her system of rating musicals and i thought she said something to do with drinking and i thought yeah that makes sense but it wasn't it was the name of a musical. i don't remeber the details. Jenny talks about which princesses she likes and mentions her sister in passing are the only bits i would highlight as of potential interest. The guy in it tells a story about how he only went to see frozen because he didn't want to dinghy his girlfriend who was going with another couple, also he doesn't know anything about frozen, insofar as he pretends to not know how to pronounce anna's name, or apparently musicals at all so I don't really know what the podcast is or if it will survive a third episode. Seems to me Ellis just really liked Cats.
>>199 put it on ebay, jenny might offer. once you have her address you can send her my little ponies every day >>200 >it will survive a third episode its that new? Lindsay must have pulled Jenny into it as Jenny doesn't seem the type to go for non-established shows.
>>200 It definitely feels like a podcast just to talk about cats, Jenny even joked that they’ve peaked in the second episode by bringing her on. I really can’t see it lasting. Also not to continue the, “we’re speaking things into existence” angle, but Bailey literally just posted a video in her Patreon last night.
>>202 >t Bailey literally just posted a video in her Patreon last night. >pokemon RED pure kino. all bluers can sniff my ring. >you can't touch a black woman's hair >*face is bad no wonder she has a hard time when she cares about this kind of stuff. poor kid.
>>201 no way he's mine. I couldn't send her any ponies because 1) i don't have any b) probably dupes. crudely drawn fan art maybe. I was going to say she's too smart to buy on ebay after talking about it but she still has a PO box right? Maybe filter the listing age to before the hype. Not sure, are there many shows she's turned down? Lindsay is her good friend plus she as a person is pretty 'established' even if the show isn't i guess. Get in on the ground floor and what's the risk? pretty low. She probably just avoids shows that want to get her on because they think she's cute. which is undeniable but not a good way to run a legitimate podcast. >>202 'joked'
Open file (59.00 KB 576x240 jenny bailey.jpg)
>>202 >>203 link it? also is this for bailey's channel? or just for fun
>>205 Link what the let's play? I don't have it its patreon exclusive. Even if I did have it I would pretend I didn't because I don't want bailey to read my post and kill herself about it. Wow I hope it's content, i mean they both definitely are fans of goosebumps but even if they were reading it because they wanted to, might as well film it. maybe this time I'm pathetic enough to drink along at home on my own alone. My only hope is that they both sit together snuggled under a blanket instead of jenny being greedy with it. Not pervy or anything, I just felt bad for bailey she didnt look comfy at all, just perched on the edge of the sofa. It was really hard for me to snuggle under my blanket and pretend I was at a slumber party just having had my nails painted and talking about cute boys when not everybody else is snuggled under a blanket. I'm snuggled under a blanket now actually. It's pretty great. Night night.
>>200 All of these sound like webm material. Too bad webmanon fucking died with 8ch.
>>207 it's not black magic, you can learn how to do it anon. except its a podcast, what visuals would you use?
Open file (129.57 KB 1080x1080 kitty.jpg)
>>209 :( Always tough. I hope bailey has the support she needs. Do we know if he was ill? old? At least he was loved. fuck.
>>208 >implying i'm not a big dummy >>209 >>210 TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLING DOWN Just to think, Bailey was just posting yesterday about the cat petting her face. Poor girl is super vulnerable now. Easy pickings.
>>207 >Too bad webmanon fucking died with 8ch I'm still here, I just don't sub to Jenny (or Bailey) anymore. I thought others would step up to take my place, but I guess not. >>209 Damn... poor Bailey. Hopefully she can get the support she needs now that she's going to be coming home to a completely empty apartment.
>>209 >>210 Not going to lie I'm absolutely gutted for her. She says he had a heart attack. He was only 4 but he was a rescue cat that was in a rough state when she got him and he has had medical problems all of the time she's had him. I'm really worried for Bailey now though, this is going to devastate her. She might not come back from this for a long while.
>>211 You are a sick fuck have son goddamn respect smh. >>213 Says she's going dark for a while which you know of course, but I hope its just public social and she doesn't just put herself in a hole from everything. I know it sucks but you just can't. Really hoping her friends can pull her out of this she doesn't deserve it.
>>212 >just don't sub to Jenny (or Bailey) anymore me either. If I ever get excess income I might jennys going to lose jorn soon too
>>217 I think losing a horse is different to losing a cat. Especially when you are as close to the cat as Bailey seemed to be. This could be almost like losing a young child for her.
>>214 >You are a sick fuck have son goddamn respect smh. Oh come now. If there's anything these dark times need, it's a sense of humor. We can't lose that or all else is lost.
>>219 I just dont think it's appropriate, I doubt bailey would appreciate it. Save it for kiwifarms.
Open file (86.73 KB 580x480 baileycat.jpg)
>>219 It was kind of funny to watch the likes on her tweet hit 18, then drop down to 10 as people realize "liking" a death announcement might be a bad thing. she clearly needed that cat though. poor bailey
Damn, Jenny's been quiet... I wonder if she's been busy helping Bailey hold it together.
>>222 I hope so.
>>222 that was my opinion too. faiths gone quiet. maybe a girls night in? drinking and tlc
>>224 >drinking and tlc Well drinking probably isn't a great idea Bailey said herself she took a break from goosedrunks because she wasn't in a good place and drinking wasn't a good idea didn't she? Hopefully they are doing something nice. Do Jewish people bury pets? Maybe cremation? I cant picture a young person wanting an urn full of ashes of anything. She's had cat before right? Or like a family pet? I wonder if she'll get another cat. I know its early but its a nice thing to do especially if its a rescue.
Is jenny going to blag her way into toy fair new york and shit on all the girls toys because girls can't play with them? She definitely plays with toys but her content definitely isn't toy oriented she just did that star wars toys review because its star wars. The real question is if she did go, what would she dress up as?? Also I know its not our business but baileys ok right jenny?
>>226 >The real question is if she did go, what would she dress up as one of her commenters says he went and it was a business type convention. so jenny would be the only one dressed up
>>227 So she would dress up as a business person? Not like Alsatia Zevo?
Open file (36.03 KB 596x296 I hate this.jpg)
Open file (49.17 KB 632x336 cringe.jpg)
jennys life right now verses baileys
>>229 inb4 her cat's death only makes her a more bitter alcoholic
>>229 is there ever really an appropriate time to tweet someone who's pet just died something about it that ends with a double exclamation mark? fucking cold @'ing jenny too, i would just delete the account after this, ultra cringe. >>230 I would hope that losing sammy in itself she can probably come to terms with on a surface level but he seems to be a big part of her life and not having him is going to have a pretty big impact, she has essentially lost a big part of her support network. I want to say i know how she feels but i never lost a cat at 4. that's fucked. >>229 is /tv/ trolling me or did iger really take a back seat at disney? should we expect an opinion from jenny about it? chapek was in charge of the parks until now or something?
>>231 is he doing a political run? tv said that too. Disney is pretty corrupt I'd hate him having power
>>232 i don't think he is famous enough, trump had his own tv show remember. you need someone real famous who is on tv currently like ted danson or something. i don't know if you are really ready for a woman yet, ellen degeneris or something. does her homosexuality work for or against her? who knows but it would be interesting. usa needs celebrity presidents, you were doing great with reagan what went wrong?
Open file (34.88 KB 584x148 jennydate.jpg)
Jennys dating people.
>>234 That must be from her highschool days, because I can't imagine current Jenny ever being alone with a man in his place. She would be hysterical with fear.
>>234 are rose and finn shipped in the show? finn is the black guy? and rose is the asian girl? but finn likes rey the jedi right? but why though? pretty racist imho desu saying all black guys want white women i bet finn and rose coud be happy together. Jenny really doesn't like finn huh since john made that tweet about getting her pumped. >>235 I don't really get where you have the idea jenny is scared of men, sure some bad experiences in the past but you just have to avoid us creepy internet people right? if her friend vouches for him then maybe he's relatively normal. Personally I think maybe jenny is overreacting to the painting also, need to know more about it though. My ex gifted me a portrait of her cat which i left up for maybe 3 or 4 years after we split up. i hated that cat but i just couldn't be bothered to take it down or find something to replace it with. depends on the context you can't assume its because he's still holding a candle for her, real life isn't mills and boon. maybe he just likes paintings. Fuck come to think of it i actually still have a painting up that my ex did for me. going to bin that when i get home. you know, just in case. Also dating in LA must be different because everyone is famous right? so most people probably don't give a fuck if you are youtuber and don't make a big deal about it.
Gosh it really breaks my heart jenny is still obsessed with star wars. Get over him jenny he doesn't love you any more.
>>236 >are rose and finn shipped in the show? they kissed but like everything it was ignored in the next film I kind of want to see the painting >>237 if bob igers gone that might be true, they might abandon influencer marketing
Open file (34.35 KB 372x286 boohoo.jpg)
>>238 >they might abandon influencer marketing plz no bully jenny >i want to see the painting of a girl that used to go out with a guy who's house jenny went to? why? ok yeah now so do i, i guess.
>>237 >jenny's ideal man is a mishappen black haired emo with wooden expression
>>240 >black haired lol i mean dark brown
>>240 who adam? i'm not even gay but i think he's cute af. not in star wars though probably.
if bailey needs cash why doesn't jenny give her a few hundred
>>243 She’s talking about renting furniture... Baileys gonna financially ruin herself grieving for this cat.
>>244 Oh fuck. I really hoped you could pull out of this bailey, I was honestly rooting for you. You do what you have to do but i know you understand this isnt a healthy was to process.
>>236 >I don't really get where you have the idea jenny is scared of men She just gives me a "man-hating/fearing lesbian" vibe every now and then, that's all. >>244 She sounds really fragile, Sammy really must've been the only thing going in her life. Hang in there Bailey!
Open file (384.96 KB 828x1256 1582771895895.jpg)
>>246 >man-hating/fearing lesbian" vibe every now and then speaking of men she hates, Max Landis is still trying to come back. does Jen really hate him now, or was it for show? >>244 she could do a fundraiser stream, but she might start crying
>>247 did jenny ever call him out? i don't remember that. they seemed friendly on twitter and jenny put on a good show pretending to be annoyed by him on SJ. I do wonder if he ever put the moves on her, she's too smart for that i would hope. I just can't be bothered feeling sorry for women who come out talking shit about men 'oh i was his gf for months and he was a real shitbag to me the whole time' well it's your choice to stay with him idiot, oh he is powerful and influential? well thats your price you are deciding to pay by staying. I don't think it's just because i'm male either I think judge judy would agree. I really wanted to hate dirk gently but it was interesting. Amazing that you can just call someone out on twitter for something you know nothing about and ruin their life forever. what if max has made a change and he's a good little witch now? I guess he could always fit in at starbucks or something he had the hair for it.
>>246 You can't just throw away all your furniture when your cat dies, we really shouldn't enable this kind of self destructive behaviour. A charity stream to get her some therapy, maybe if therapy wasn't bullshit. I don't know tbh. We're as helpless as she is.
>>248 I think she liked some tweets condemning him, and. Her and Bailey both became twitter friends with Ani the most recent ex who claimed to be raped by him. I’d say they both pretty much completely abandoned him after the most recent allegations. I still follow him on Instagram out of interest, it’s difficult because he seems to have completely lost his career, but this consulting idea just seems like a terrible idea from the get go. He just needs to lay low and live off the Netflix money and whatever his dad gives him. It must difficult when you get cancelled like that because it’s like what is he supposed to do other than just kill himself?
>>249 I hate to say it but I think Bailey needs to get a new boyfriend pronto, or at least get back with Mike. She needs to find a way to move on from this, I think it basically is like losing a child for her. And she’s facing it practically alone, just sitting in her empty apartment. She needs to find someone new to live for.
>>242 >who adam? Of course Adam. Remember how angrily she defended her misconception of his hair color? >i'm not even gay but Riiiiiiight. >>252 >get back with Mike That relationship with Mike is all kinds of unreliable, she needs to move on altogether. She needs some kind of change.
>>252 Probably a sore point but why do you think she loved the cat so much in the first place, I'll tell you it's because all guys are dirtbags. >>247 >11% battery What a prick. >251 >do other than just kill himself? Is it weird that so many people said they were completely unsurprised to hear allegations against Max? Comes off a little victim shame-y doesnt it? They were trying to get a class action together against him what happened they just dropped the whole thing? Didnt have legs I guess but what that means is anyone's guess. It's just weird when you get into celebrity personal lives and feel like you have to make a judgement or pick a side with people you never met and don't know. The only truth is nobody knows what went on, three sides to every story I guess. Still feel bad for the guy though, second chances are apparently completely random. Maybe he and dan harmon can be best buddies, based on the gossip seems like they have something in common at least. I would like to see that show.
>>247 >Jen really hate him now, or was it for show? Honestly, I think she's kept in touch with him throughout the whole ordeal. One of her early dreams was to be a writer, Max is still the only person in her life that can create a realistic path towards that goal. Anything public was her just keeping her head down to avoid being found out... because you seen how fast they turned on Jenny over that whole Finn/Rey comment. >>249 >>252 Bailey should just move home. Start fresh and let the LA get flushed out of her system.
>>255 How is he going to be able to do anything for her career when he's a social pariah? Jenny's a competent writer as is without his help, also as far as we know she is not pursuing that kind of work anyway? >>255 Bailey is out of work now anyway? All her friends are in LA though no? Moving back home might get her out of the memory house but being 30 living with your parents having no friends close by is not good. Especially if you are already sad.
Open file (34.44 KB 577x132 tired jenny.jpg)
poor sleepy Jenny >>256 >Bailey is out of work now anyway I think she might be, she worked at knoji but their twitter is quiet, so I think she doesn't work there anymore
>>257 If "her" LinkedIn is legit shes a self employed writer since this year. I kind of want to know what the two arrangements are. Of course I can speculate but it would be nice to confirm. I hope she doesnt mean she puts her laptop on the pillows. Gosh. Women and pillows!?! Amirite guys? What's that all about huh? Any women in tonight? What is the DEAL with all the pillows?
>>257 >>258 >leaves laptop on pillow >starts fire
>>256 >How is he going to be able to do anything for her career Well, his dad is still John Landis and both Max and his father still have their connections in Hollywood. There's no way to access those options without them. It's all about who you know in Hollywood. >being 30 living with your parents She doesn't have to move back in with them, just back to San Ramon. LA isn't for everyone, there's a certain level of sociopathy necessary to live in a big city and Bailey is currently losing it over the death of her cat and has been depressed (or whatever it is millennials call it when life isn't perfect) for awhile now. At the very least, the change of scenery/pace will allow her to relax a bit and process her loss, especially if she's having trouble just being in the same apartment.
>>260 if she doesn't work in LA anymore its weird that she'd stay. maybe she doesn't want to move after just moving a year ago.
>bailey can't make rent >jenny out trying to buy bottled water what a depressing episode of upstairs/downstairs this turned out to be i guess that isn't as lavish as it sounds, you guys can't drink tapwater without dying right?
>>266 The government pumps it full of fluoride, nevermind all the medical waste, chloride, etc. You can get filters but who knows if they actually work or only allegedly work. Reverse osmosis is suppose to be the best.
>>266 I was at the store yesterday, I kept hearing about the coronavirus from other people there. nothing was sold out though. California has the most US cases though so they might be more worried. Jenny and Bailey should prepare. >>266 >you guys can't drink tapwater without dying right? my water is treated sewage water. corona lives in sewage. might be fucked. If Jenny lives in a gated community she might be ok, but I imagine there will be riots in Cali soon.
Open file (64.88 KB 596x308 broke bones.jpg)
>>268 jenny needs more calcium, shes frail
>>269 >trampolining >ywn trampoline with jenny Does Jenny have a trampoline or does she go to a trampoline centre? Are you allowed trampolines in usa or are all the hoa's on your case about it? She has a house right? With a garden? Shes only awake at night time though, cant trampoline at night it's too loud. >getting furniture delivered WOW. Wow jenny. Just. Wow. Order furniture JUST to flex on Bailey. Harsh as fuck. Broken toes are stupid, I broke my big toe before. Went to hospital, nurse did an assessment, waited 5 hours, saw a doctor, 'because it's your big toe we cant do anything for you we just leave that to heal itself.' Oh. ok. Thanks for fucking nothing. But I never tried jumping down a whole flight of stairs ever again.
>>269 >my bones are so frail, anon >you'll protect me, won't you?
>>271 Does jenny drink milk? She eats yoghurt with candy. Is yoghurt milk? I'm so fucked rn.
>>271 >ghost host >I'm sorry ma'am but we got the results back and unfortunately due to your lack of calcium we can't offer you the applied position of skeleton denizen, but we can offer you a position of ghost host, now the salary is similar but the rules of enghoulment are slightly different to what you trained for...
>>270 >JUST to flex on Bailey I thought the the same. Jenny's fucking ruthless. lol >>271 >bruises easily >weak bones >asthma >unathletic You'd have to be incredibly gentle with her or you risk hurting her with overprotection.
>>274 >asthma wut >unathletic we literally just discussed the fact that jenny was trampolinist this morning. >>269
>>274 >You'd have to be incredibly gentle with her or you risk hurting her Unless, of course, she says it's okay that you hurt her a little. >>275 There's a reason trampolines aren't an olympic sport, anon.>>274
>>277 >Unless, of course, she says it's okay that you hurt her a little. Wow wtf dude way too lewd Yeah but diving is an Olympic sport? What is driving if it isnt just trampolining but you only do one bounce and dont bother too much about the going up part? Trampoline is serious buisness, great workout and fun. Absolute clown world.
>>278 Sir, if wanting to make Jenny happy goes into the realm of lewd, I will gladly traverse those lands.
>>279 but you accept it's entirely your headcannon right?
>>280 I can neither confirm nor deny that.
>>281 unless you are going to share any of your ultra-rares (non lewd) then gtfo griffin
>>282 >implying i'm not lindsay
>>283 need to be more specific lindsay 'make me question my sexuality' nicholson (?) or lindsay 'pretend i don't like cheesecake' ellis (?) ?
Wait how exactly does BaB work, I thought she bought that sonic from the creepy craigslist lady fully made up but shes posting now that it's this Sonics birthday? Jenny specifically said they dont sell them empty for you to fill later didnt she? To stop you black marketing them? So it stands to reason they dont let you bring an empty one into the store to get filled? So what is the story, she snuck it into the store and nobody noticed they had been sold out for weeks of Sonics, or they are back in stock and she snuck in one she bought empty with the plan of having to wait until they were in stock anyway, or now she has two? The first one was a lend for a video? She has a connection at BaB that sneak her in after closing to fill black market bears? How the fuck does build a bear work.
>>285 I went to get a gift at Build a Bear before. The idea is that you're suppose to make your own stuffed bear, but that's pretty much bullshit. The bears are premade. You just stuff em and zipper them shut. I had to alter it at home, myself. They also made me do this weird thing that I'm pretty sure if for kids, where there's this plastic heart that gets put into every bear, and the girl there put me through some weird occult bullshit before stuffing the heart inside. Fucking weird.
>>286 Yeah you put a wish inside it, I get the basics but I'm confused by Jenny's timeline. The whole thing is for kids, did you think they got you to sew the whole thing from scratch? Might be a good buisness model to get around child labour laws. What alterations did you make out of interest?
>>287 >did you think they got you to sew the whole thing from scratch? I did, actually. I didn't know specifically it was for kids, I assumed there was some higher-level functionality that went with it. >What alterations Well those days were different days. I ran with a different crowd. Limbs were cut off, eye erased, crude stitching, basically what the giftee called a "bondage bear". Didn't think to take pictures of it at the time.
>>288 What wish did you put in it?
>>289 I was too weirded out by the experience to even think about that. It was like a scene out of Arrested Development, literally a "I have made a terrible mistake" moment.
>>283 I assume someone posts here, I used to think it was bailey, I don't think so anymore. Lindsay Nicholson does seem likely, griffin too though. >>285 >, I thought she bought that sonic from the creepy craigslist lady fully made up Jen could have undid it, went to the bear store, flexed her credentials to get in, and remade it herself.
>>291 Ok let's go through the list: Insane esoteric ramblings: >>288 check Nostalgia critic references: >>198 check Upset about homophobic slurs >>¿? Could be sky. >undid it. If jenny is sadistic enough to essentially kill her plushes then I'm out. It's been a wild ride but I have to draw the line at murder, sorry folks.
Ok question, what is jennys middle name? The newspaper listed it as Elizabeth On screen junkies she claimed it was Elaine Personally I'm not convinced it isn't E3PO Yes this whole post was just for that lame joke.
ffffffffffffff let me post
So what, I just needed text? Does this one load then?
Open file (164.58 KB 1224x634 cosplaybabe.jpg)
I did a search and jenny's on a lot of porn sites now. its mostly just her twitter photos reuploaded but she's also on rule34 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXafdIXtqu8&feature=youtu.be also, jennys cosplay babe video is private now
>>304 >private now i was about to lambast you that it had been unlisted for a while but PRIVATE is interesting, it wasn't on her chanel though and presumably not under her control of course. >rule34 .... i really don't know if i want to find out any more lol.
>>304 >private now This is one of those instances where the instinct arises to start archiving all of her videos.
>>306 ...you don't do this anyway? Not jenny specifically. You know the colloquialism, nothing gets deleted from the internet, well first of all its bullshit and second of all it's a self sustaining prophecy.
>>307 I am a very lazy man.
Open file (50.92 KB 608x360 jenny look alike.jpg)
>>307 I only have a handful of her videos saved too. it takes too long to download I was looking to see what I have and I found a video of this look alike I forgot I saved
>>309 >>308 smh at all these fake jennyposters. you will never progress to be a jennisseur with this attitude. look at this guy [i'm not going to link to it because the private family photo makes me really uncomfortable], over 2600 jennyrabilia! and then look at you, saving seedy little pictures of jenposters getting your filthy little rocks off imagining some disgusting perversions probably. >>4 look at our gracious queen, where does she sit? in some aids ridden crack den of failed onlyfans models? no she is graciously perched on her throne as is her place just as it is your place, as the rest of us, to archive her precious works for posterity. no excuses.
>>309 >this look alike You.. uh.. got a link? >>312 ur mean :(
>>318 no but I checked and yandex works with the image saving baileys old streams might be necessary. I checked in on aksys games today and apparently her co-host was fired 3 weeks ago and the channels abandoned
>>322 on twitch? they get deleted after a month automatically anyway no?
https://www.youtube.com/user/DisneyParks Jenny should react to old videos from here. >>323 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/409636196?filter=archives&sort=time they're still up. I don't know enough about twitch to say why
>>324 fuuuuuuck twitch videos are absolutely huge though. 380G almost half way.
>>318 i was out of line, i apologise profusely. i humbly beg your forgiveness.
>>325 Bailey was only there (on stream) about 12-13 months. Her episodes don't look like they'll top 200GB by my estimate. I've downloaded 40GB of them so far... who knows if I'll ever watch them. Some were really comfy, ngl. As an aside; I never got to watch the stream live most weeks due to my work schedule, but of the few times I did manage to tune in, I actually won a game once... unfortunately, I don't remember what game it was or where I redeemed it. Still pretty cool though.
testing to see if this is a real site I feel a bit bad that Jenny may have got distracted from her dream of being an amy pohler type comedy writer->actor by the patreonbux for her friendsim content, because i think she is funny enough to do the first thing Why are people posting/archiving Bailey? bailey is an abomination in multiple ways
When Jenny news slows down we talk about others in the Jenny-verse, Bailey gets the brunt of that because she's the one Jenny interacts with the most though we'll talk about Griffin, Lindsay Ellis, Kat, whoevers relevant
>>333 Wash your mouth out with soap, either you're joking and it isn't funny or this is just fundamentally the wrong place for you. Bailey's great and she's like the whipping girl for Jenny. Just as Jenny is teflon and everything seems to go well for her, the opposite happens for Bailey. She's like Jenny's depressed, down on her luck shadow. She's what if someone else tried to be Jenny Nicholson and it all went wrong.
>>326 ok fren >>333 >Jenny may have got distracted If there's one thing both girls lack, it's direction. I've said for a long time that they both need a proper manager to get them the big bucks. >bailey is an abomination in multiple ways That's a bit much.
Open file (369.53 KB 2048x1536 DfSh_CZVAAAh8n_.jpg)
>>334 >Kat What's our favorite (self proclaimed) hacker on steroids been up to lately anyway.
>>333 Welcome! There is room for all of jenny and her frennies here no? >>335 Fucking harsh dude. I really kind of relate more to bailey, shes the underdog everyman's youtuber. >>337 Haha hi jenny! What a cute photo. I cant believe jenny met Fisher Steven's that's so cool, does she know him? She gets to meet so many famous people. >>336 That's part of why she cant make it. You cant hang out with max landis, alex jones etc and still be accepted into public.
When jenny refers to her stalker and says she knows who "he" is "he didn't cover his tracks" is she referring in aggregate to various posters or is there someone who was actually bothering her directly. If so was it the schizo guy who was on webredemption?
>>340 if you check out her tumblr archive some guys asks her a question and she comes back both barrels like fuck you i had to delete myself from the internet because you were being a creepy fuck and jenny absolutely has at some point put maybe the same guy on blast for contacting her saying she had his dox and he had been sent a cease and desist whatever but there were definitely occasions when jenny would tweet something and some casual /jennyposter/ would post taking the credit and feeling bad for the guy. but who the fuck actually knows, none of us really.
>>340 >>341 While she has explicitly said that it was a former friend who turned into a stalker, I would remind what happened during her trip to Boston. There was one anon in particular that was very driven about finding what hotel she was staying at. This got back to her and she ended up putting this at the end of her one video. Whether that anon is still with us or not, or whether he may have been that particular stalker, who knows. It's not that farfetched of a notion.
>>340 >so was it the schizo guy who was on webredemption who? was that the guy who said she was a voice in his head? I know she tried to get Saber with legal papers, one of the anons here implied that they were partially being mistook for him. >>342 two anons spoke to her, spaz anon said he told her about boston, and after that another said he told jenny not to be worried or something. I was searching for any archives of the boston incident, and instead found her lost cosplay babes episode https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5xavt5
Open file (51.87 KB 595x293 meda.jpg)
>>343 who is Saber pls. is that this person (i found this today). In any case i think my question is ..answered. Yes someone was bothering her in real life, maybe, but not necessarily, was it someone from /jenny/
>>343 >was that the guy who said she was a voice in his head? oh and yes i meant that guy
>>342 I think it's just really fucking depressing that (this will categorically never happen) i would bump into jenny no matter where it was i would just not react at all and leave her alone for fear of startling her. saying that she looks in pretty good spirits in this video for essentially joking about getting kidnapped/raped/murdered or whatever. why some of you guys have to take it too far? smh. I guess if i met bailey i would perhaps express my condolences but nothing more.
>>344 >Yes someone was bothering her in real life it was speculated that the stalker stole her mail, but it could have been a regular thief. but yeah that's saber
>>340 The guy must've wanted Jenny to know who he is because she's not sophisticated enough to figure that out on her own. He was probably harassing her using his personal accounts, but then again, there was also that one Anon in the old threads who got a real kick out of tweeting at her with throwaway accounts. I>>342 >Whether that anon is still with us or not, or whether he may have been that particular stalker, who knows. I don't think he is, he was pretty regular and this thread seems like there's only three, maybe four people posting. None of us are really monitoring Jenny like that guy used to either.
>>348 >here's only three, maybe four people posting well there is me, one other anon, griffin, bailey will maybe start posting again soon hopefully. so yeah 4 sounds about right. jenny definitely only lurks.
Open file (4.05 MB 750x1334 IMG_0684.PNG)
Open file (432.97 KB 2048x1365 ESfhQh3U8AAulRj.jfif)
>>350 Is this picture weirdly warped or is it just me? I took it from this.
>>351 iphones (or perhaps another brand of phone) do this warping yes. normies don't notice. someone will have to go in and perspective-distort correct the thing
>>351 Sherclop panels always asked for a would you rather question so here is one for jennyposters, Would you rather: >hang out with jenny at disney all day but nat is there too >stay at home alone
>>351 Did they take bailey? Who took the picture?
>>353 i'd be with jenny, her friends wont bug me too much, theyre only bothersome online
>>354 Twas the anon in the giant porg. He's now successfully infiltrated her circle of friends because she thinks he's really a porg. >>355 As much as I'd like to spend endless hours cuddling Jen, this is the right answer.
>>356 what EXACTLY are the rules about cosplay at ...whatever its called.... you can dress up as a peasant person but not a main character? would they let a giant porg into the park? >>355 monkeys paw: nat asks you something and your reply, while innocent, is misconstrued as offensive to trans people. jenny and nat spend the whole time talking about how horrid you are while ignoring you, and you have to stand in the grandma area holding all the merch they bought while they go on all the rides together without you. At dinner time jenny decides to give you another chance and offers you an olive branch by letting you choose where you want to eat; you realise you have no idea what places have vegetarian options and the final hours are, if anything, much more sour.
>>353 Stay at home. I don't want to spend a day getting mogged by a tranny built like an NFL wide receiver. Also, what this guy >>359 said. If you're not used to virtue-signaling you're gonna put your foot in your mouth around them more than once and no apology for whatever upset then (no matter how slight) will ever be enough to recover.
>>359 >would they let a giant porg into the park? <haha, you wacky kids <great porg costume >but mister, he's a real porg! <oh you kids The obvious solution is to offer to cook her a meal.
>>354 If bailey is going Disneyland that’s where I’ll be. The real question for me is would you rather go Disneyland with jenny it with Bailey?
>>362 Or with Bailey even. Not it with Bailey.
>>360 I dunno, I'd let lindsay mog me, and I'm not even really sure about the definition. I dont know what the NFL is or a wide reciever but I wouldn't say either of them are particularly beefy. Lindsay is fucking tall though.
>>362 You can't go to disney and not invite jenny. how about >disney with bailey and jenny. jenny is in charge and you only go on dark rides, no roller coasters. you have to wear a silly hat all day and are excited but also embarrassed about it. jenny is in full tour guide mode and you know not to mistake her friendly flirtations as anything more than customer service. every time you ask bailey a question she sighs before answering. >bailey's day out: you pick bailey up in the morning and help her canvass for bernies presidential run while she kvetches political musings at you that you don't really care about but you like that she cares about. lunch at an ethnic food truck then you stop at an animal shelter to play with the kitties: bailey gets emotional, while there is no opportunity to hug her about it you do place a friendly supportive hand on her shoulder. afternoon is an art gallery or some kind of exhibition followed by evening of dinner and a show. bailey is on her phone the whole day. >>361 >cook her a meal. as long as cereal, sandwiches and pizza are vegetarian then i'm all set.
>>362 Bailey talks to her fans a lot so I wouldn't see it being as special as visiting Jenny. though it would be special.
>>368 Go to bed jenny.
>>365 >jenny is in full tour guide mode and you know not to mistake her friendly flirtations as anything more than customer service <jenny will never wear her disney uniform from her hostess days while during your "quality time"
>>370 she has outright admitted that she has somehow acquired the complete plaid uniform, what isn't clear is whether its stored in a hermetically sealed laser protected vault in her basement for preservation or if she is bursting for someone to as her a question about it in order that she can play dress up and show it off. you lost me at quality time i have no idea what you could be talking about there. if you mean your day at the park then yeah, of course, goes without saying. So the uniform is based on horse riding or something, i have seen pictures of guest relation costumes posing with a crop? no way that's par of the costume right? then again if i had to choose between a crop and that fucking helmet...
>>370 jenny role-plays climbing up the clubhouse ladder while you, the cheeky park attendant, sit at the bottom enjoying the view.
>>372 What I wouldn't give for jenny to just glare disgustedly at me having seen through my dastardly ruse, yet unable to control herself, the inevitable concequence, the gnawing curiosity at what long forgotten dusty secrets may be stashed away in that Aladdin's cave will her up that ladder like the scent of a cartoon window sill pie.
Open file (69.86 KB 944x1287 ESXylSTXcAoKGKd.jpg)
>eliminate private insurance >end nuclear power >CONSIDER eliminate electoral college i hope bailey only likes him because he's jewish and doesn't seriously believe these are good policies. why can't people have private healthcare if they want to? lol. getting rid of nuclear power is 100 times more retarded than building a big wall.
>>374 >i hope bailey only likes him because he's jewish I think so, her feminism would have her supporting warren otherwise
>>374 Insurance in any form is a scam. Dissolve all insurance agencies, I say. Take a percentage out of everyone's paycheck and let that cover expenses. People who don't work can turn to charities. Medicare already exists, just reformat it while unJewing the medical field by setting costs to acceptable rates.
>>378 >People who don't work can turn to charities. Civilised countries look after those in need. Yes its socialism, no it wont destroy you. But if someone wants to pay insurance for private medical care why not let them. Even better tax it to help fund those out of work.
Open file (454.93 KB 1080x1192 Jenny Walking That Line.jpg)
>>380 Hmm... it seems my text got eaten. Anyway, is this the reason Jenny has been so quiet these past couple of days?
>>380 >awful book is the implication that she has read it or is she just preemptively washing her hands? With Jenny's track record of shittin on people this onison guy is surely soon to be recognised as an abused victim rather than the monster he is so far portrayed as? Pathetic that you cant even read a fucking book without twitter getting up in your grill about it. I would be surprised if she did read it in a video it doesnt seem like something shes interested in. I think she only did trigger warning because he was basically a cowboy and she likes horses. Onison is basically the joker and she didnt like that at all and she got a bunch of stick about it.
>>382 I have no idea who she's talking about, but you're right, being on twitter is playing with fire. Especially if you like to virtue-signal like she does. She was lucky to come out of that last attempt relatively unscathed.
>>381 the tweet she's talking about has 40 rts and 200 likes it's fucking nothing. she's being a drama queen. this makes me question some of her other muh drama stuff
>>384 She's still a girl, Anon. They live for that stuff.
>>384 >she's being a drama queen. Hardly, It's just an update. Maybe shes fucking sick of getting requests to read this book and sees an opportunity to let people know to stfu about it. >>383 Does she really? She has some kind of magnetic personality that draws her to transwomen, put that aside. she btfo finn for misogyny despite him being black, shes a female feminist hardly a signal. What else?
Open file (428.52 KB 2048x1527 ESkfSLQUMAAOEpT.jpg)
Another pic. Also, /tv/ is having finally having its official /tv/ queen election. Since the mod who did it last year seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, they've gone back to using poal. Busted but fun: https://poal.me/kn5b21 https://tvch.moe/tv/res/3514.html
>>387 such an auspicious position should not be taken lightly. jenny has made her position quite clear and we should honour her wishes as much as it pains me to do so. jenny already divides the board when what we really need in this time of unrest is unity and brotherhood to pull us back together. these warring factions benefit nobody. thoughts?
>>388 I think you replied to the wrong person.
>>389 ok i'll play along. which post about the official /tv/ queen election do you think i meant to reply to?
>>391 Oh. I completely misunderstood what you were trying to say, my bad. It's just a fun poll, bro. The only people that have lost their shit over it have been Zach and Margcuck, and fuck those two losers. If anything, I'd say the election helps to bring the board together.
>>392 I'm losing my shit over it because its lame as fuck, how can you elect a meme as a queen of the board? There are barely any women never mind proper actress waifu. I genuinely dont give a flying fuck about who wins but the laxidaisical approach this year grinds my gears, this is worse than an american electronic voting booth system and such obvious cheating and rigging is going to be a sore point raked up over and over at every opportunity. Bring in mandatory voter ID legislation now gahoole or you will have a shitstorm brewing on your hands that no amount of milk or creamer will cool down to a mangeable temperature.
>>392 >>394 Nvm as long as lindsay fucking ellis beats xenomorph I'm laffin again.
>>394 The mod who did it last year just isn't around anymore and nobody else seems interested in taking up the role. It's a shitty situation, that's true. >>395 >lindsay wins >making /jenny/ the defacto winner of two different elections aw shit
Open file (57.00 KB 505x483 1387403493802.jpg)
Not, of course, to be taken that we should be spamming Ellis votes or condone such unsavory activities such as fraudulent voting. Absolutely not. Nu uh. No siree.
>>397 >>396 Xeno has it rigged, too convenient always a single vote ahead of the third place. I dont even understand what xeno is, marg final form?
>>400 lel You've never seen any of the Alien movies?
Speaking of Lindsay Ellis; it sounds like she's going to have her womb scraped out... and not just to get rid of another baby this time.
The mods have finally stepped in to take control of the 2020 election. They'll be doing the same system as we had last year, although nominees are being limited: https://tvch.moe/tv/res/3924.html >>403 This feels like karma.
>>402 I understand it's from alien but why does it belong on /tv/. How old is it for a start? Too old probably. Is it human? No. is it qt? ...kind of I suppose. Can I wank off my knob to it? With extreme difficulty. It's a species, there are multiple of them, if they picked on and named it that would be a start at least. >>403 >>404 You guys are fucking cruel but extremely statistically unlikely is weird. What the fuck is a routine procedure? You wouldn't call a smear a procedure and there are basically no outcomes from that where you would need emergency surgery? I mean she did say statistically unlikely so it could I guess, the doctor got his watch caught in her cervix? That's unlikely for sure I guess. Maybe she was with child? Her and dan are married now but with her career and the danger dan would probably try to have sex with it... maybe best to abort for everyone sake. Ok seriously are we running a book on this? I'm going to have to say iud birth control gone bad. >womb scraped out Doubt she would be so casual and online about a hysterectomy. At least not straight away. Ellis and I have had our disagreements in the past, mainly dessert related, but I want you to know lindsay, when you are recovering in the hospital and they offer you cheesecake whether you wolf it down like a sad hyena or pretend you are too ill to eat it, I wont hold it against you this time. Get well soon.
>>404 Do we have a plan of action? We should agree a candidate to collectively back? Ellis is strong but I think we could submit the giant porg if one of you can remember his name also lindsay"skylark"nicholson would be fine. I would love to say bailey but the timing is a disaster. Any outside of the box suggestions? We need a candidate with some real legs. And not just literally sexy legs, metaphorically a good runner in the race.
>>405 >why does it belong on /tv/ It's from a movie, so that makes it /tv/-related. Simple as that. >How old is it Friggin 1979. >It's a species I dunno, the dude who pushed for her is apparently part of a Xeno fandom. They have a discord where they get off to Xeno porn. I dunno, you have a point and all, it is what it is. >You guys are fucking cruel So is murdering one's baby, amirite? >routine procedure That's certainly an odd one. Who knows, maybe she did go in for yet another abortion but it got botched hardcore. Seems believable. >>406 >plan of action They're doing what they did last year, meaning that the mods can vet or will attempt to vet samefagging. This week is open to nominations and the actual voting will begin thereafter via posts. Like last year, you choose who you wanted to be queen/archduchess/princess. Each title carries a select amount of points. When voting is over, the points are tallied and the top three earn their titles. I know I'm leaning to voting for Stone and Boettcher. >with some real legs YE- >metaphorically Blech.
Oh, and as far as Bailey, why not? She's still remembered for catfishing Zach. There's meme power there. Get in the thread and throw down her name.
Open file (493.05 KB 2048x1538 DnBYtrXVYAEZMOl-orig.jpg)
>>404 >This feels like karma It revenge from beyond the grave... OoohOoooohOooh >>405 >Doubt she would be so casual and online about a hysterectomy Yeah, it could be something else, but doctors also don't like that shit to sit in there and rot once they find problems with it. >>406 There is only one Queen and that's Jenny.
>>408 Done
>>407 Fuck me lad. I know its tv related but it can never be queen. How old is the candidate not the fucking film. >I'm voting for Turncoat.
>>409 >It revenge from beyond the grave... OoohOoooohOooh I'd watch that movie. >>411 >How old is the candidate not the fucking film. Well, in the movie the alien comes about because a dude gets hit by a facehugger. So, technically, it's newborn. Which puts quite the spin on things. Of course, there's the multiple aliens in the sequels, age of which I have no idea. Tis a mystery. >Turncoat Aw hey now. I'll vote for Bailey, but Stone and Boettcher still deserve some attention.
I added Ellis and Google history as a joke but they're beating Jenny now >>405 https://newspunch.com/this-91-year-old-woman-carried-a-fetus-for-60-years/ maybe her fetus calcified and they have to remove it
give a fuck about a poll on some other site/board/whatever. anyway what's with the way jenny says MY BOY about that stolen animatronic. It doesn't sound.. like i think it should sound which is like a loving mommy. she says it more like an impression of a smug black person. my bOY. i suppose it's mostly for comedy but I don't like it. makes me wonder if her maternal affection would be weird and cold like that because of her autism. like all sarcastic
>>413 >fetus calcified Actually horrifying. >>414 Jenny being a mother would be a little out there. She'd need a man to bring her back into reality just to begin with.
>>417 >>414 Animatronics are not children. Plushes she clings to like she is the child. If you want motherly love look to jorn. Yeah she rides him forget that bit.
Open file (3.20 MB 1280x720 ByF7rFsmanGG6hkS.mp4)
>>414 >makes me wonder if her maternal affection would be weird and cold Despite the "uncaring" exterior she puts on, she seems genuinely gentle and kind underneath. She'd be a great mom (if a bit ditzy).
>>420 >a robot that you have to charge two sets of batteries i get bb8 looks cute but he's completely impractical. also a ball rolling about on sand is less believable than r2 rolling around on it. also what kind of gap is there between his head and body canonically because if its a small gap and he's rolling around in all sand and salt thewhole time its going to get into that gap and not only will it impede hs movement it will abrade.
>>421 Not to be that guy, but r2d2 and BB8, in universe, are designed to only be rolling around on starships, the clue is in the name astromech droid. Also I’m pretty sure BB8 rolling around in the first film was at least in part done practically so the mechanism did work on sand.
>>422 https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/113600/how-does-bb-8-move-in-the-sand-without-skidding t. NDT also absolutely get fucked bb8 is poe's, poe is a fucking resistance fighter they are always cutting about on some kind of desert planet you woould have to be an astromechomical retard to think a small sphere would be a good choice. and on a starship? good fucking luck when the inertial dampeners and anti-grav go, how the fuck are you going to square him away? any of the other droids you slip a fucking ratchet strap or a tie down around them this fucking thing needs a net or something otherwise he's flying around the place like a pinball plus he's arrogant.
Open file (17.11 KB 594x172 b.png)
>>414 >>412 >>410 we have an opportunty to do a nice thing here for someone in need, we can't let her down.
>>424 She’s probably happier not knowing we exist...
Open file (101.09 KB 1920x1080 Sad Trombone.mp4)
>>420 Winning argument. >>425 aw >>424 Hypothetically speaking, were there an effort made to make Bailey less miserable, what would that effort be?
>>425 i'm sure there are plenty of people who think that way about anons in general but i think overall we are a reasonably malignant bunch? >>426 sometimes when you are in a hole even the people closest to you don't have what it takes to pull you out. what chance do a handful of strangers have? i guess it's the thought that counts whatever that means. >>414 > impression of a smug black person. we are all on the same page that jenny is secretly a red pilled race realist right? does she even have one single black friend?
>>424 I could pay her a compliment about her big skin? Skin is something women want to be big right? Bigger than their body and all drooping down?
>>424 Even if you could somehow make Bailey happy there's no way you'd ever get the opportunity because there's a good chance you aren't her ideal man. It's like that (now classic) pic of "lonely" women, there's several people who'd love the chance, but unless you're exactly what she's looking for (and trust me, Bailey already has that "nice" thing she wants in mind) she'll prefer to be alone and "miserable". >>427 >does she even have one single black friend? Casey.
>>427 >secretly a red pilled race realist I'm more than willing to believe she has a locked room in her apartment for her NatSoc memorabilia. >>428 Why does this sound like a reference. I swear I've heard this from a tv show before.
>>429 The circus train? Casey isnt black hes like brown or something? If we can get sample someone arrange a kick starter for a 23 and me kit that would be great. Or someone find me a clip of him saying the n word. >>428 What the absolute fuck. This guy swear to god some kind of greifer smh. >>430 think harder I need to know it's just a joke because honestly bailey isnt droopy and I'm confused and angry. Need a deep dive into /mlpol/ see if we can recognize her handwriting.
Open file (175.78 KB 1060x1604 D5EXRQyUEAAeOro.jpg)
>>431 Have we hit an image limit or something?
>>431 >think harder I need to know it's just a joke because honestly bailey isnt droopy I think I was just confusing it with a scene from Always Sunny where Charlie talks to the shrink about getting more skin to become a healthy person. Or hair or fur or something, it's been a while since I watched the show. >and I'm confused and angry. Nothing to get worked up about, it was just a joke Bailey.
>>427 >secretly a red pilled race realist right? she has made at least one joke on reddit that on it's own is completely harmless but through a lens could be interesting.
>>424 I think her county is one of those counties where everything is sold out from the virus. no toilet paper, no tampons, nothing. >>427 > red pilled race realist right? she made a joke about fried chicken being sold in "dangerous parts of town" that was maybe 13 years ago and possibly her autism making her not realize what she's saying. >>428 what was jennys story about someone saying she had clear skin and she though he meant like glass. >>431 >Casey isnt black hes like brown or something Is this him?
>>435 that is most countries isn't it? crazy if you believe the price gouging floating around reddit which probably is mostly fabricates. i'm unfamiliar with both of these 'jokes' but would love to hear the context.
Open file (13.50 KB 722x60 high crime rate.jpg)
>>436 yeah, but she lives in LA which has the most US cases, I cant imagine things are ok there. the chicken one was something to do with a fried chicken place giving away ponies and jenny said she cant go there because they're all in bad neigborhoods. now that I read it though, it might not have been a joke, just a sad truth.
>>437 Australia had 5 new cases yesterday that were all people who had flown back from trips to the US west coast. They weren't on the same plane and didn't get it at the airport but earlier, just milling around California. LA and California are *teeming* with the virus, but the confirmed cases is low because they fucked up rolling out the tests. Bailey will get COVID-19 and the way things are going she will be the one-in-five-hundred person under 30 who gets sever symptoms. Jenny is safe in her room making videos at night, sleeping in the day
>>438 >Jenny is safe in her room making videos at night, sleeping in the day But she likes to go to Disneyland and escape rooms (where several groups of people touch everything in the room).
>>439 Unfortunately this, jenny was just at Disney. >>438 Wow you really don't like bailey huh. She's safe at home in mourning. Anyway they are both young and fit no problem if they do get it. Kind of worried about nat though!
>>440 Well they’ve just announced they’re closing Disneyland, the goes Jenny’s last excuse you leave the house.
>>441 Maybe now she can get back to streaming.
>>442 she tweeted streaming from her bunker but it absolutely will not happen she will never stream anything ever again
Open file (185.63 KB 1850x1368 HLyQCzX.jpg)
>>442 I wish. Jenny's way too lazy to start back up though.
Wow jenny going overdrive on virtue signalling, yeah wuhan is a perfectly great place huh jenny? Selling endangered bats and pangolins (vegetarian? Huh?) in the market for food with no thought or care or regulation to avoid inevitable spread of disease and killing thousands of people also under fucking communist oppression in a country universally accepted as having shit human rights record and countless reports of abuse, also overcrowded and poor. Yeah, calling a virus after where it comes from? You deserve to be hung by the neck until dead. No I didnt watch Jim's video hes probably a retarded fuck too but come on jenny. Interesting how many tweeters are fucking infectious disease control epidemic experts when fucking whole countries chief medical heads cant agree on the best approach to pull through. Also flu deaths are so low because we have vaccines. which are already in testing for covid so soon enough the gap will close. Covid has a much lower rate of mutation on transmission so defending should be statistically easier.
>>446 anyone quoting fatality numbers of a virus with a one to two week incubation latency is pants on head retarded.
>>446 I'm sure that China has some redeemable qualities somewhere, but their culinary habits alone are pretty atrocious.
>>448 I'm not saying they are inherently evil or anything but at the same time the environment/government/society/culture is completely different to the west and to pretend that it isnt completely horrific by western standards is disingenuous. Saying that I dont think jenny has any strong feelings about the chinese if you look at her talk about adapting films for chinese markets, she just cant let pass an opportunity to talk shit about a male on twitter.
Open file (54.43 KB 610x448 griffingate.jpg)
>>446 I don't consider Jenny a youtuber anymore, shes a social media personality with YouTube as a vehicle to that end. she's sort of been that way for a while
>>452 More baste than you cum-guzzling faggot. Go dilate yourself.
>>453 Sounds like you need to cope.
bailey retweeted a video of a cat running into a glass door with a loud bang, probably hurting itself, with the purported context that its funny. what stage of grief is like.. laughing at pain of those who resemble who you lost?
>>455 The humor comes not from the cats suffering but from the production cocompany of the tv show presumably just not giving a single fuck about their low budget daytime tv diarrhoea to either notice or care enough in editing to cut the clip out. Have you never seen this before it was a fairly well known thing a few years ago now. Still I understand your concern. It's often said that people process grief differently and also we should all know how abhorrent Twitter is for its ability to strip context and meaning from the most simple messages; we dont really know what significance that video has to bailey. As long as she isnt doing a joker I guess. It's nice to see her posting again even if it is confusing to us at least shes expressing herself.
>>455 >>456 She then tweeted, "wow now would be a really good time to have a cat, i bet". She's still feeling, and this coronavirus thing could not have come at a worse time for her.
https://tvch.moe/tv/res/5198.html Phase two of the election is happening. >>455 >>456 I'm reminded of a RLM episode where they were laughing at varmints getting blown up. They explained afterwards that the amusement they got out of it wasn't the act itself but the unexpected suddenness and brutality of it and trying to deal with it.
Open file (41.93 KB 605x206 sperg.jpg)
oh she is still at it with the not sleeping.. it's not like a phase she had.
>>459 her complaining about this is completely disproportionate to how often i personally see it happening, which is basically never, yet every other spine crunchingly cringe simp reply guy gets off scot free. just because its some kind of stalking or control i guess. I don't think its too weird to know what time it is in someone else timezone if you follow them, its pretty efficient to not have to check for updates when you know they are asleep or working, i guess that is maybe what fuel a small number of commenters. has she exceeded a limit for muting tweets? surely "go to bed" is somewhere near the top. great passive agressive tweet though, clearly no such silver lining exists, even the tweet itself will be worthless and forgotten or unread in less than a day or so. I don't know why you are having a go about her sleeping habits, if you allow me to white knight for a while lol.i thought internet people were all like that anyway? I always go to bed too late or not at all and can't function in the mornings, falling asleep at my desk, so i started going to bed after work and getting up at 2am. its comfy i'll tell you what. fuck normal sleepers. sheep sleepers == sheepers.
>>460 >I don't know why you are having a go about her sleeping habits, if you allow me to white knight for a while lol.i thought internet people were all like that anyway? I always go to bed too late or not at all and can't function in the mornings, falling asleep at my desk, so i started going to bed after work and getting up at 2am. its comfy i'll tell you what. fuck normal sleepers. sheep sleepers == sheepers. I know my natural clock doesn't have me turning in until 6 or 7 in the morning and up until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. It is pure suffering working a first shift job that forces me to sleep otherwise.
>>458 >voting bailey 2nd and 4th come on guys this isn't nearly good enough. really disappointed in you.
>>462 >and 4th I don't think that's one of us. Xenomorph seems to be winning at 23, Bailey's at 11. Even if the other anon switched, Xeno would still have a 10 point lead. Unfortunate, but we do still have the rest of the weekend. The secret Xeno discord cabal can't be that large, surely.
>>464 >>465 welcome to /jenny/. your post seems a little retarded, if you have any thing constructive to post please do so. we may be an ofshoot of /tv/ but that doesn't really give your post any cromulence. was there anything in particular that jenny has said or done to offend you in some way? some opinion of hers that you disagree with? feel free to share it, but if you are just going to post poorly researched knee jerk reactions then perhaps you would be better off somewhere else, because if you hadn't noticed this is literally a whole board dedicated to jennyposting. i don't really know what the meta thread is for but i'm pretty sure it is not this.
Open file (286.97 KB 603x503 soup.png)
is golden mushroom not vegetarian? she doesn't like it? no way is she too smol to reach up there, jenny is pretty gangly her arms are like mr tickle. whta the fuck is star wars flavour soup, i assumed it was spaghetti shapes in tomato but apparently its rise of skywalker flavoured? what the fuck does that mean.
>>472 >i don't really know what the meta thread is for >>1 <A thread for all /meta/ discussion, bitching, and shit-tier memes. >>473 >rise of skywalker flavoured Unsurprising that it's still on the shelf, who would want to eat shit?
>>475 >Unsurprising that it's still on the shelf but it's not, it's sold out. i guess i must be poor because i have never been to a store with special soup can holders and the soup cans weren't just thrown onto the shelf.
>>476 Oh, my eyesight's terrible, I just assumed it was one of those two. rip humanity. Campbell's liked their soup set-up, I see that same deal in most big chains I go to. As you can guess, it helps keep them from scattering all over the place. Assuming, of course, you're not in a location that hosts to subhumans.
>>477 if you take the wrong one out how do you put it back?
>>478 Just slide it back into its slot. It's not like it's spring-loaded, it depends on gravity for cans to roll into place.
>>459 With no schedule to keep, she can sleep whenever she feels like it. Must be great... >>473 >whta the fuck is star wars flavour soup It's just chicken noodle soup with Star Wars character shaped noodles.
>>479 yeah so you have the entire weight of all the cans to push? like of course no trouble for me i'm a big strong lad but an old granny pulls out a tin of oxtail instead of royal game she just has to drop it on the floor? also it depends on the track being rounded at each drop to lift the last can of the line upwards, if its just a drop from above you can push it as hard as you want it's not going back up, or anywhere at all. the ones at the top i assume you can drop it in from above but there isn't room to do that with the lower ones. >>480 >chicken noodle spaghetti shapes when you guys talk about the pursuit of happiness you really aren't fucking around huh. i used to think paw patrol or peppa pig spaghetti shapes in tomato sauce on a roll was the pinnacle of bachelor brunch. now knowing chicken noodle versions exist just the thought of it is enough to turn my stomach with jealousy.
>>481 They're small cans of assorted soups, it's not like you're dealing with 40lbs of weight or anything. You see those labels advertising each individual soup? Those are doors. You open those up and slide the cans in. Each slot gets in maybe a dozen cans, more or less.
>>482 >They're small cans of assorted soups, it's not like you're dealing with 40lbs of weight or anything >a dozen cans i could lift a dozen cans no problem that isn't the point, some old lady maybe her bones are made of dust and her only muscles are her skin and she doesn't have a cart she has a bag on wheels, she is struggling to lift one can never mind 12. me? don't worry about me i can lift cans. i can lift cans for days boy. how many a dozen? try a dozen dozen. try a bakers dozen of dozens. try a double dutch double dozen dozen. try a bull dozer dozen. cans? not a problem for me i can lift soup. that wasn't the point. >doors lit af. thankyou.
Open file (16.16 KB 600x200 game over.png)
PANIC >>483 Okay can lord, forgive me. I'll try to look out more for grandma's wellbeing.
>>484 listen buddy i didn't mean anything by it. we're still cool right? you need any cans lifted you let me know. ugh why even post this and not just say what symptoms she has. unless its gross maybe.diarrhoea? vomiting? conjunctival hemorrhage?
>>484 Time to fire up the nondescript panel van and go "rescue" her!
>>486 is this why we can't have nice things? while you are there ask her sister when she's going to start streaming again. she said she was house sitting? she's not doing very much house sitting at jennys if jenny is home is she? i thought house sitting was a euphemism but now i'm starting to think it unironically.
>>473 >is golden mushroom not vegetarian? a lot of them have beefstock. Jenny and Bailey should vacation in Utah or Illinois, some place where you can actually buy things. >>484 Poor Jen, she should get tested anyway I want to watch the 24/7 Jenny quarantine stream, its just jenny with a red nose quietly watching youtube videos and occasionally looking at the camera
>>489 >I want to watch the 24/7 Jenny quarantine stream, its just jenny with a red nose quietly watching youtube videos and occasionally looking at the camera Sounds delightful, someone suggest that to her please.
>>490 >jenny pls livestream, we want to watch you sleep
>>491 Some e-thot recently made a lot of money sleeping on stream. It could work for Jenny; her fans are used to her being boring (but cute!) on camera.
>>491 >jenny >sleep we just went over this earlier!
>>494 >watching Jenny take a catnap in her super-cute deer ears and snuggling with Sharky Shark I'd pay $49.95 to watch that.
Open file (278.24 KB 1538x2048 ETGrxxFUUAEhaAA.jfif)
Bailey's alive.
>>496 Poor Bailey looking so huggable there.
Open file (627.47 KB 1080x1716 Bailey Cheating on Jenny.jpg)
>>496 Well, at least she isn't cutting herself.
>>496 she looks like the tumblr artstyle
>>499 She looks like she's had a nosejob.
>>500 ... to make it huge and droopy with a fat-potato bridge and creepy cave/skeleton looking nostrils? why would someone get that done? Also, it always looked like that
Open file (37.14 KB 600x440 your end times style.png)
I, the earth tones. >>500 >>502 There is literally nothing wrong with Bailey's cute little Jew nose.
>>502 I thought griffin posting was a meme now I'm not so sure. >>503 I'm going out on a limb, when she said her sister was staying over, that she was a consultant for this tweet.
Open file (82.22 KB 600x405 choroned.jpg)
I wanted to tease by wondering whether she's on the ball enough to recognise her symptoms actually being from anxiety but then i thought how the California testing was botched and everyone arriving from there in other countries fuckin has it and how she went to disneyland during the silent spread of probably 100k cases. She literally has the Corone
>>506 Is ourgirl anxiety prone? Only if there are creepy guys around though? She majored in psychology right? I hope whatever drugs her sister is on dont make her high risk.
>>498 nice to see them interact, doesn't happen nearly enough >>507 >She majored in psychology right? she something'd in it, does anyone remember if it was her major, minor, or associates degree? >>506 >She literally has the Corone I assume so, she's young so I doubt she's getting pneumonia. she'll recover.. but if she's running around outside she might spread it.
>>508 sounds about right, she def. didn't major in english.
Open file (146.28 KB 1080x403 Nice!.jpg)
What the hell was her twitch name again?
>>511 Jenny is progamerjenny Sister is skylarky
>>511 ty btw >>513 fuck i completely missed it. glad to know i wouldn't have made a difference. fuck xen though absolutely pathetic
>>511 >>512 Anybody watch it? >>514 Yeah, fuck them to hell. At least it wasn't Lardner like some people were trying to meme in. Bailey got high up there, have to give her that much. A part of me wants to ignore the Xeno scum and believe Gahoole took the crown. Queen Gahoole, Archduchess Stone, Princess Boettcher. That's how my headcanon will have it.
>>515 It's still going on jennys channel.
Is it just me, or does Jenny's voice border on the erotic most of the time? It's so sweet! I hope Bigger Jenny (Lindsay) teaches her how to stream by herself so twitch can become a regular thing for her.
Finally renewed my patreon and saw this. Any of you brave to brew this concoction? >>517 >>519 Running the stream now. There's also clips that I assume can be downloaded somehow? Gonna have to try and rip those unless somebody else gets them first. >border on the erotic 2 lewd. Impish curiosity, if anything. >become a regular thing It needs to happen.
At 35:28, Jenny's sister asks her about Twitch partnership. Jen said she got rejected because she doesn't stream enough and "the pain of rejection" means she'll never try again.
>>519 Lindsays streaming is pretty excellent imo I love jenny obviously but i don't know if i would watch her stream on her own it would be a disaster. she needs plenty more practice with streaming in general and find some games she likes playing. i don't want to watch her play mario cart or smash and cry about sucking at it and get lost in menus for hours setting up games , i want to watch her play barbie dressage championship riding school and sperg out about horses or something. >>521 she streamed what three times? i'm almost annoyed at her for asking but i have no idea what twitch partnership consideration criteria are. >>520 >heat in a pan on a stove >ground ginger >blue butterfly tea bag what am i fucking jhonny rockerfeller over here jesus christ jenny. i don't even know what cardamom is and frankly i don't care to. does she specify almond milk because she's vegan? i thought she was just veg. or is that the only kind of milk you can buy in LA? >>521 at 4:06 lindsay draws the immolation of a black man with what i can only presume are the words 'bix nood' above it. the window covers the first word the 'ideal male body' shirt....they get its funny because its like a big dick right?
>>520 >Finally renewed my patreon You know, I was thinking about creating (or suggesting someone create) a media thread for YouTube Patreon links and download links for other Jenny stuff, but I'm missing most of 2019's Patreon videos (the last one I have is: "Jenny designs the Perfect live action Disney Movie"). Would you be willing to fill in the blanks? >Gonna have to try and rip those unless somebody else gets them first I've already have it downloaded (5.23GB). It was the first thing I did when I got home after work last night. I can toss that up on Mega if requested. >dat drink I threw up in my mouth a little... and it probably tasted better. >>522 >Lindsays streaming is pretty excellent imo I've watched bits and pieces of a few, she's definitely more entertaining with Jenny around. >barbie dressage championship riding school and sperg out about horses or something A lot of those old games (from her youth) are a real bitch to run unless you have period hardware... and even then it's still a bitch. But yeah, horsegirl games and other girly fare feels more her speed.
>>523 Trying and failing to make friends in horse roblox is my prime jennykino. That's what I want, more of that.
Open file (36.26 KB 600x350 corona panic.png)
>>522 >it would be a disaster. she needs plenty more practice I don't know about a disaster, but having a cohost would help things out a lot. Be it Lindsay, Bailey, Kat, she needs somebody to work off of. A lone comedian can only do so much but a comedy duo is naturally dynamic. >does she specify almond milk because she's vegan? Or maybe she likes the taste. I dunno, I never tried it myself. Doesn't sound that great. >at 4:06 lindsay draws the immolation of a black man with what i can only presume are the words 'bix nood' above it. jej, I completely missed that thanks to passing out, had to rewatch. Were they serious that you could buy those shirts from that app somehow? I don't wear t-shirts but I'm sure a lot of people would dare to wear that out in the open for the fuck of it. >they get its funny because its like a big dick right? I think the joke is that Jenny really loves snakes for whatever reason. Snakes, spiders, and horses make the holy trinity of her favorite animals. >>523 >Would you be willing to fill in the blanks? Somewhat hesitant on that. Peeps have talked about it before about the ethics of publically sharing the Patreon videos. It seems like one of those things where if we were to and she got wind of it, it might effect how she does her material. Slightly hesitant. >I've already have it downloaded I meant the clips specifically, for easy webm material. Gotta say, they really ripped into Nostalgia Critic. It's also interesting to think that if circumstances had been slightly different, Jenny may very well have been a part of Team Awesome. Imagine how that shit might have gone down.
>>525 she edits her ramble videos right? it's a common jenny meme the number of cuts in her regular videos. she does fine on a ramble but she prepares and has a script or prompt made up. streaming wise i don't know maybe we shal see. in one of her earlier videos she said something about if someone joined patreon and watched all the videos and quit before having to pay then she wasn't bothered enough to do anything about it. >Jenny may very well have been a part of Team Awesome. discussed in the stream? still have to watch it through.
>>525 I went through frame by frame it says "oh nooo" or something like that. I guess drawing on phone is hard. I get why jenny liked the snake but nobody acknowledged the phallicism, I just wanted you guys to reassure me that I'm normal and not obsessed with penises. I'm really in awe of anyone who can endure listening to doug speak. At all. His voice is bad enough but the tone he puts on, the smug faces the fucking bobble head movements he makes even his clothes. Just fucking everything about the guy makes me angry I cant fucking stand him. Hes exactly how I picture an average redditor, except more sjw.
>>527 >discussed in the stream? I can't remember the specifics but it came up during their roasting of Doug. Could just as easily have been said as a joke, except for her ties to Ellis. >>528 >but nobody acknowledged the phallicism, I just wanted you guys to reassure me that I'm normal and not obsessed with penises. Um.. hmm... hmmmmmmm... >I'm really in awe of anyone who can endure listening to doug speak. I have a relative that's exactly like Doug, unfortunately. In mannerisms, anyway. Can't have a serious conversation with them because they're always too busy putting on a front to win you over with their oh-so-goofy humor. Doug's the type that can't be in a serious situation without getting lost. Results from some kinda childhood trauma, I'd imagine.
>>529 I didnt think jenny would have been old enough, they pretty much were folding when jenny was still doing ponies? Ellis is what early/mid 40s?
>>530 Ellis is "only" 35, ya goof. Jenny's 29. A six year difference isn't that big. Channel Awesome wiki says Ellis joined 2009, which would have had Jenny at 18, and left Channel Awesome in 2015. There's a window there that something could have happened, surely.
>>531 Yeah I was going to say she looks really good for 40. How old is dan though hes got to be at least 50? Jenny hadn't even started youtube when Ellis left and another two years before screen junkies, I thought channel awesome was mostly looking for established channels and incorporating them and ellis was just a one off to show fem/diversity. Maybe I have that wrong though. I dont think I've ever seen jenny talk about doug before but he is one of sister lindsay's favourites on stream she loves talking about the history and drama and clearly knows all their indie films inside out.
>>520 blue dye+milk I missed the stream though. disappointed >>532 if its still up i'll watch, but do they say how jen first got into tgwtg?
>>533 i'm just catching up now been super busy about the 1 hour mark they scratch over it, talk about funny names they would use if they were on ca. jokingly.
Open file (231.02 KB 594x407 700$shoes.png)
>>354 for anyone wondering about Bailey vis-a-vis the disney trip where jenny and contra both got bat flu, jenny in stream said she wanted bailey to go but bailey wasn't up for it so she took nat instead. so perhaps a small comfort if not bitterly ironic that in a kind of roundabout way sammy as his final act of heroism may have saved bailey from what could have been anything from asymptomatic ignorance to potentially death. also pic related this guy is a definite footfag sent jenny a $700 gift card for shoes in october. chat call him out but jenny confirms she got it but never used it. I guess if you can afford a tesla 700$ on shoes is walking around money? what do teslas cost like $750k?
>>535 Jenny is asthmatic as well. She is genuinely in danger of being in serious trouble if she actually has coronavirus. That would be the last thing Bailey needs.
>>535 >this guy is a definite footfag sent jenny a $700 gift card for shoes in october. Yikes. >jenny confirms she got it but never used it To think, some people try to call her an e-thot. Jenny's still got them Christian values.
Good and bad news.
>>536 pretty scary she's talking about low O2 and purple fingers. is asthma still i thing? it was really big in the 90's i thought it kind of fizzled out. never hear about it now. >>538 fuck dude i was just going to post this exact thing but your tweets are bottom side topwise. i'm not going to ask where bailey is getting a capture card from because its probably a pretty good investment for her, unlike jenny i am assuming bailey knows her way around a stream other than just presenting. she usually had someone wet mod her chat on aksys though and read her comments so might be a change. has she done streaming outside of her job before? breaks my heart about goosedrunks, not because i particularly liked it, goosebumps is too scary for me, its just dreadful that it's too painful for her for whatever reason. I'm assuming she has one ready or in editing featuring sammy that she can't bear to deal with but doesn't want to scrap. I don't necessarily want a crossover episode especially with batflu but jenny and bailey could do multiplayer something and just stream their own side of it on their own channels from their own houses. i'd watch that. >>537 just because it was for shoes. if it was 700$ off porgs or a $700 bucket of popcorn she would absolutely have snatched it up. can't blame her, it's free money and its not like she whores out for it and she's pretty clear about drawing the line.
>>539 >your tweets are bottom side topwise. I do that manually because trying to read it otherwise triggers the shit out of me. >goosebumps is too scary for me You're going to need to explain that. >jenny and bailey could do multiplayer Competitive Pokemon playthrough would be the bees knees.
>>540 Thank you for your service. I only ever read give yourself goosebumps, I refused to read the normal ones as a kid. I cant remember if I actually thought they were scary or just boring in comparison because you didnt get to change the story and I just didnt want to say that to offend any librarians or book shop owners. So I dont really know if they are scary or not I just assumed. And it's too late to change now I'm in too deep. I grew up on red/blue/yellow and therefore refuse to acknowledge the existence of any pokemon after mew. Bailey played red on stream recently right? Jenny play blue and they can both complete their pokedex. I really dont like the way the characters look in any of the newer games. I just think they are ugly.
>>525 >Peeps have talked about it before about the ethics of publically sharing the Patreon videos I personally never really had a problem sharing/people sharing info or clips (and now links) of her Patreon stuff. Also, the audience here is really small, so I don't see links being posted becoming a long-term problem because this place appears to get no new traffic whatsoever. I think we're safe there. Anyway, most of the links I was going to post have already been posted (by me!) multiple times on 4/tv/ (go search the archive if anyone wants those) and even there on an infinitely faster board I doubt they received more than a couple of views each. Certainly not enough for her to notice. >>535 >sent jenny a $700 gift card for shoes in october So this guy knows her personally or what? Also, that ain't even enough for a nice pair of boots. C'mon, bro! >>537 >Jenny's still got them Christian values She really does. She could easily just stop putting out monthly content like her scummy BreadTuber friends and few would stop donating, but as much as a slog as she makes it seem at times, she still forces herself to pump out at least one video out per month. Parents raised her right... and then L.A. ruined her (for the most part).
>>542 >breadtube she seems to legitimately enjoy making her videos and whatever she talks about. breadtube is normally just getting angry enough about something until you sperg out about it in an excessively smug way, it must be exhausting. also you have to wait for something controversial enough to happen so you can shit on it. streaming might be a worry, there must be some study done already into quality and productivity of a youtuber turning live streamer >so this guy knows her personally andrewmcarney: I want one of Jenny’s fans to have this. ~$700 gift card to RuthieDavis. Gifted Jenny it for water horse shoes but she graciously declined. Code 7HXNU. andrewmcarney: 100% serious and hope someone can use it ^_^ vestavoo: @andrewmcarney that sounds fake af my dude thegreatomeletteof1812: Yup! andrewmcarney: Maybe Jenny can confirm if she sees this. Sent her it back in October andrewmcarney: Vestavoo, it’s 100% true. She posted on Twitter the water horse shoes & joked maybe she should make a patreon tier for it chryco4: $700 shoes are for instagram andrewmcarney: Well Jenny, I’ve shared it with chat now. So anyone can use it! mrjplays2k9: we simpin boys andrewmcarney: It was a bonus at work, and I have just found Jenny & wanted to pass some of it forward :) olyellerftw: $700 is a very hardcore simp thebabaduck: Is this stream being recorded olyellerftw: @andrewmcarney good on you man. DNAlien: Sounds like a phishing scam to me. sol_katti_: Simp? I thought this community wouldn't say such awful things. mrjplays2k9: did the gift card come from an african prince? mrjplays2k9: does he need my social security number? DNAlien: who's out here trying to get you to click a link by promising 700 dollars in gift cards, and then promotes it when no one wants it with a 3 dollar donation? andrewmcarney: But, I don’t want it to go to waste. So sounds like one of you will get it unless Jenny gets lucky :P olyellerftw: Your sister is shamelessly taking the giftcard?! That's beyond reproach! andrewmcarney: Use it now then! I posted it here in the chat for anyone to use! :-/ akai_spirit: I couldn't find anywhere to use the code lol andrewmcarney: DNAlien, I was the one to gift Jenny the gift card DNAlien: @andrewmcarney I have no idea who you are, except a person who sounds like they're trying to post up a scam link DNAlien: a $700 shoe gift card? I work in banking and I see scams all the time, and that sounds like a scam to me. TheStreamYouDeserve: @dnalien He comments a hell of a lot on her Twitter too I think he’s just obsessed andrewmcarney: DNAlien, that’s why I didn’t post a link. It’s for a legit store that worked with Disney when Frozen 2 released & they created special shoes for it mrjplays2k9: the shoe thing is either a scam of the worlds largest simp andrewmcarney: Jenny posted about it on Twitter joking she should make a patreon tier to get them. I had just found her content & had just got a bonus from work andrewmcarney: DNAlien, so I passed it forward and patreon messaged her it. But that was back in October andrewmcarney: But now it sounds like Jenny’s sister wants the gift card... so I kinda hope no one in here uses it now :P
>>543 >she seems to legitimately enjoy making her videos and whatever she talks about Yeah, she's never really hateful and smug like those other guys, and if she is it's mostly playful. But man, those other fucking people are some real professional jackasses. >It was a bonus at work Gee, his bizarre $700 employee bonus just happened to cover the $695 price at the one store that sells those shoes... what are the odds!?
Open file (103.98 KB 893x1200 hmmmm.jpg)
Open file (208.85 KB 1200x1200 shoenicorns.jpg)
Open file (42.73 KB 1024x576 spooky.jpg)
Open file (79.58 KB 950x895 epcot.jpg)
>>544 shoenicorns are cute as heck
Open file (131.13 KB 1600x1109 porg.jpg)
Open file (505.91 KB 2048x1536 horseshoe.jpg)
>Po-zu's too rich for my blood I didn't think these were crazy expensive. >although I did get their TFA Rey boots on sale and they are my comfiest and ugliest shoes so the Rey boots are 3x the price of the porg shoes and they are just like plain innuit kind of snow boot things. I like the porg shoes, maybe they needed to be BB8 print to buy them? I'm not going to post a picture of the Rey boots because i don't know which color she bought. finally what this whole saga was all about; the frozen shoe. >Ok I unironically want these iridescent waterhorse platform sneakers, or at least, want them with the least irony I can have >I looked up the designer and a comparable pair of platform sneakers by her retails for $598 so I don't think I'm getting the Elsa Horse shoes guy who sent her the voucher: >It’s like they were made for you! (I also just watched you fashion ramble last night, lol) that concludes everything i have about jenny's shoes other than that disney cast costume (?) shoes are heels but have grips, are quilted inside and very comfortable. Also if you are a shoe and you cause jenny to take a fall down stairs she will find it hard to love or trust you again. Please feel free to contribute any shoe pictures if you wish, this is not an exhaustive list only a quick flit through twitter. also I am ambivalent about footfagerry.
>>541 >So I dont really know if they are scary or not this was the scary one >>543 if it wasn't about the feet he would have just joined patreon at 80$ for a year
>>547 fuck come on dude spoiler that shit.
Open file (34.06 KB 600x320 roasted.png)
DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN >>541 >So I dont really know if they are scary or not I just assumed. And it's too late to change now I'm in too deep. You big baby, they're written for middle schoolers. I'm pretty sure you could handle reading a Goosebumps books. >I grew up on red/blue/yellow and therefore refuse to acknowledge the existence of any pokemon after mew. ' This is the only right way to approach Pokemon. I choose to believe that the series was canceled after the Mewtwo movie. >>542 >I think we're safe there. I suppose. I'll get to it when I have more than a second. >and then L.A. ruined her She's not that bad. It's not like she's Ellis-tier. Otherwise we wouldn't be here. >>543 So if the card is still valid.. has anybody tried to use it? >>545 >>546 Something about those see-through boots still irritate me. Fucking Cali fashion.
>>549 Maybe I'll let bailey read one to me then but you have to let me turn it off if it gets too scary. Have to wait for the next stream I guess to find out if anyone bought the shoes! I guess I'm a gimp then because see-through boots i think they are kind of fetch. Not sure if i like them ironically or not. Last time I was in soho in london I saw a guy wearing see-through trousers with no underpants on. That was much worse. Jenny a savage lol. What a cute sense of humor she has.
Open file (60.86 KB 800x500 china did this.png)
>>552 Now this is an outrageously hot take. And by hot I mean shit. >>551 >driving me crazy Join the club Jenny. Nose blowing livestream when!? >keep your gbp and stay healthy What a sweetheart, literally at deaths door yet only concerned about others. wholesome.
>>549 >I'll get to it when I have more than a second We could also obfuscate links with Base64 as well. My last day of work is tomorrow before we close for a few weeks, so I'll have time to organize some stuff after that. >>551 So how's Bigger Jenny™ doing, she got "corona" too... or is Jenny just worrying herself sick?
>>554 if jenny has it sky probably has it too by now. i doubt any search engines are indexing julay are they!? you would have to do a really deep dive. even archive.org refused to wbm 8ch and then fucking purged the whole thing recently. put them in discord if you don't want them extraordinarily public.
>>551 >haven't traveled. its insane that this is a restriction. its so bad in cali that its safe to assume she has it though
>>556 I have absolutely no idea about the specifics of the covid testing but i presume USA just doesn't have the capacity to test anyone who thinks they have it and they figure that limiting it to people who have travelled to hotspots is the best way to spread the thin resource. of course it is crazy that USA of all fucking countries can't figure this out. also that so many people are going to be absolutely fucked if/when the economy eats itself.
>>553 >Nose blowing livestream when!? Dude, gross. >>557 >also that so many people are going to be absolutely fucked if/when the economy eats itself. That's what gets me about the whole thing. The virus isn't shit and at all what people should be afraid of. The thing to fear is that if this is how people conduct themselves over fuck all, then people don't stand a single chance in hell when something real does go down. It should be astounding that for all of our technology advancement and virtue signalling, our society is this fragile. Modern humanity is this fragile.
>>555 So the sister hasn't tweeted about her health yet? >i doubt any search engines are indexing julay are they!? One of the reasons I was considering Base64 was the limit on links per post here, it seems lower than most other places. >>557 There's easily 15mil. people in L.A. and surrounding counties, you can't feasibly test that many people for any one thing very quickly. Logistically it would be incredibly difficult just to find the time to run all those tests. >>558 Society was always a month of hard times away from destruction. We've just gotten more efficient at keeping that buffer up.
>>559 >i doubt any search engines ? i found this off google, searching jenny general
>>551 >i've been consuming content to produce content she makes herself sound like some kind of content earthworm >>553 >nose blowing stream hnnnnnggg. now that is how i want to see her producing content
Open file (46.94 KB 307x435 1392352705098.jpg)
>>561 >hnnnnnggg. now that is how i want to see her producing content I do not understand this. >>559 >We've just gotten more efficient at keeping that buffer up. That's one way to put it. I'd say that people are overwhelmingly arrogant in the face of things. It makes me think of Greece. Birth of philosophy and all that jazz, greatest thinkers, except they got completely btfo by the brutes from Rome. All those smarts and yet they weren't smart enough to address barbarity.
>>562 >I do not understand this. dude what are you even doing here: if you love a girl, nothing about their body is gross. The normal circuits for disgust etc. you have from like, people's stray hairs, their spit etc. gets rerouted to Want or at least no response. otherwise people would never be able to kiss (think about it)
ok before we start just a warning that i'm going to shun standard image board etiquette and culture for this single post out of respect for the subject of this particular post. any larkers in? sky has a new video, recorded at jenny's, no i don't know if jenny is featured: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/570959571 will update. that is all thank you
>>564 skyheads. skyheads is better.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iucpGW0JewQ >>564 baileys gone for 2 months and shes replaced with Jennys sister as the new number 2?
>>564 tom nook has at least 4 islands in each hemisphere and personally welcomes every new resident; his carbon footprint must be off the charts.
>>566 well they are pretty quarantined atm and jenny has been sick for a while so i'm kind of glad bailey is keeping her distance. also i'm offended if you only think of bailey as jenny's #2! neither is sky really, more a literal and i guess figurative big sister teaching jenny all about streaming. bailey streaming WHEN?
>>564 So how's the sister's health?
>>569 I'm two hours in sky is on a gamer potty break couple chatters asked about how they were doing sky says she feels pretty much normal but she thinks she has it anyway jenny is apparently not doing as well and taking some 'self care' time instead of massive amounts of streaming like she hoped. they didn't watch any land before time yesterday but watched three films the previous day.
>>570 Poor Jenny... I really hope she starts feeling better soon.
>>570 yeah Lindsay says Jen "definitely has it"
>>572 >>571 At 3h1m lindsay wonders how jenny is doing and goes to text her to ask if she wants a snack and notices that jenny has just texted her to say that she wants a snack. psychic sister goals i guess. interesting sidenote lindsay is apparently a big trek head and was just talking about how she would like to do troy's job in tng because she likes the emotional/personal interaction aspect of it, seems like she is nailing it so far.
>>570 >>573 ok so jenny is too sick to 'perform' on stream but bakes (lindsay reads a message and exclaims "cookies are ready", the assumption that they are baked and not ordered is mine) cookies for them both. >>572 lindsay said in stream that they can't know its corona because they haven't been tested formally but hopefully there is some kind of drive through test coming eventually. so no jenny but a comfy time with animal crossing nonetheless.
>>574 >ok so jenny is too sick to 'perform' on stream but bakes (lindsay reads a message and exclaims "cookies are ready", the assumption that they are baked and not ordered is mine) cookies for them both. What are the odds that she's just suffering from corona panic?
>>566 >I loved the lego movie fucking DROPPED >"JewQ" wow wtf youtube >>575 I just thought it was funny lindsay talking about how she is an emotionally intelligent person but makes her ill sister with asthma and a possible lung disease bake her cookies. not even basic food like to survive, a yummy treat. also lame coincidence i read baileys tweet about spider attack just as lindsay's character in AC gets attacked by a spider. i am definitely in a coma and someone is trying to talk to me. you are all figments of my imagination sorry.
https://twentytwowords.com/chris-pratts-dad-bod-back-people-love/ bailey was quoted in this garbage article. you might have to ctrl+f to find her was this known? im feeling dejavu
>>578 http://archive.fo/nmigH don't give them traffic lol >yawn wow i wish i had a bailey reaction folder
Open file (13.00 MB 640x360 nose_blow+yawn.webm)
>>561 >hnnnnnggg. now that is how i want to see her producing content <testing webm, we audio?
Open file (2.05 MB 1280x720 it's time to stop.mp4)
>>581 I am so fucking bored working from home sucks ass. I've been scrolling through lindsay Ellis's tweets for a half hour to find out what happened about her pussy surgery to see if she made it or not but I'm still only on March 12th. When did we talk about it? Like January right? I'm losing my fucking mind here guy I cant keep track of time like at all. Haha she has about 100 tweets calling people racist because they misremembered a line of will Smith in Independence Day because she thinks that's how everyone thinks all blacks speak like instead of just everyone thinks that's what will Smith speaks like. Which is more racist? Me probably because I said blacks instead of black people. Ellis is streaming right now with some old bald dude they are talking over some game of thrones knockoff. I'm bored but I'm not that bored. >>580 The audio/video is fucked where it cuts between clips sorry.
>>582 Damn, that is bored. I'm just sitting here waiting for Doom Eternal to finish downloading (Steam is really fucking slow tonight).
>>583 >Doom Eternal Well, that was disappointing... it's kinda fun-ish (maybe the end-game loadout will make it more playable), but it's nowhere near 2016 levels of enjoyment.
>>580 thank you dude. wew this must be like what it's like to have that asmr reflex
>>585 If anyone can point me to anywhere else that has yawning I would really really really appreciate it thank you. Too cute.
>>574 day two of animal crossing stream report. lindsay says she is starting to feel like she is ill and explans how cool it is to see yourself get sick however she appears asymptomatic to the casual stream viewer (me) or is hiding it well. lindsay discusses what kind of bagels and cream cheese they have been eating and which disney rides she and jenny like/don't like/disagree about. lindsay signs off as she is going to get a snack with jenny, who does not feature.
>>580 cute!! >>587 do you ever remember her mentioning kat? I don't. is kat gone?
>>588 the only jenny frenny mentioned was bailey/nat about the disneyland research trip.
>>589 >jenny frenny At first I was angry, but it grew on me after saying it out loud.
>>589 >>590 >jenny frenny Is this the birth of an epic new meme?
>>590 same lol. >>591 >birth >>339 i have heard it banded around /tv/ even? maybe?
Bailey is streaming right now.
>>593 >RCT i am going to cream in my pants
>>594 >RCT Classic oh. oh no. no thanks. where did classic come from what is it? it's new and different and therefore bad.
>>593 just realised it isn't archiving on her channel. fuck. anyone get the start?
>>596 It was mainly just her trying to get the sound to work
>>597 Ok as long as I didnt miss her blowing her nose or anything.
>>593 Missed it completely, how long did she stream?
>>599 three and a bit hours i think
>>600 Anything of interest discussed? Also, I hope somebody reminded her to save any upcoming streams she does.
>>601 there were definitely some jennyverse regulars in chat but it was all bailey centric, faith turned up in chat. she is big into making playlists, she made some dive bar a playlist and apparently their sales improved. she talks about bars and clubs she likes because they have secret entrances. very briefly mentions sammy because chat asked her about goosedrunks and i think animal crossing or something that she named the character after him. bailey said she would turn on archiving but twitch will mute it if she plays music which seems inevitable.
>>602 I’m pretty sure the bar is her old boyfriend mike’s bar, the burgundy room.
Open file (168.54 KB 214x180 hereslookingatyoukid.webm)
>>602 >bailey said she would turn on archiving but twitch will mute it if she plays music which seems inevitable. that sucks, I missed maybe an hour of her stream. I was counting on the archive to fill in the blank.
>>605 #F!tEwyyCob!W6-VJctUWJoExSfSQ29qOw i'm missing the first hour, assuming that's what you missed. also forgot about chat, i'm too used to overlays and/or archive.
>>606 Can you get tonight's stream as well, I've actually got to go to work tomorrow.
>>607 n.p, bailey says shes saving it but just in case.
>>608 Yeah she’s gonna play music and the saved stream will get muted.
>>609 ok we are live, gotchu fam.
>>608 She’s started quite early again.
>>610 Cheers man.
>>612 she doesn't seem to be saving it anyway, it would have showed up in videos by now. video/audio is fine but I was not prepared to capture chat from a live stream i only have the tools to do it from a vod and i simply am not set up to fuck with twitch api right now. i'll put it in the same folder when it's done but it'l be a while.
is jenny in hospital or what.
>>614 What makes you say that?
>>615 no tweets long time
>>616 Bailey said on the stream that she spoke to Jenny yesterday morning and that she seemed to be getting better, or at least past the worst of it. She didn’t mention if she was in hospital or not though.
why doesn't jenny chat with bailey on stream?
>>618 ok pitch it we need a title, a premise and a tone to start of with. jenny needs her sister to help her stream and bailey is still getting used to driving by herself, i can't imagine what a stream together would look like or if it would even be technically possible. Even lindsay the seasoned veteran was fighting obs on jennys setup to get audio working properly. it would absolutely be interesting but what would they actually do? what would they chat about? not going to disneyland? personally i want an account of the trip to ready player one experience and bailey to explain why she blocked the twitter guy.
>>619 people do it over group chat, I don't know how technically, but jenny can just watch the stream and comment/banter
>>620 do we think jenny watched baileys stream? hope someone casually asks next time we see jenny. absolutely cannot get over people posting "my wife...." messages to chat. it just seems weird and creepy to me even though its an absolutely reasonable thing to say.
>>612 ok fuck thats it just up now. i'll try and sort something faster.
>>622 That’s alright there’s no rush.
>>617 I havent watched it yet, I assume we are expecting a stream tonight? Bailey seemed keen on getting affiliated under her belt asap and I doubt she has much else to do.
Oh my god, it took me about a thousand years to find this place. Could somebody do me a favor and fill me in on any important/interesting events that I've missed since 8ch went down? I think I'm up to date on everything public, but maybe there's something I haven't heard.
>>625 Yeah just scroll up lol How did you find it out of interest?
>>625 Jenny has the coronavirus Or so she thinks. As does her sister. Bailey broke up with her bf/he broke up with her, and last month her cat died which sent her into a spiral of sadness.
>>626 Was bored and googled Jenny.
>>627 Yeah, I'm aware of all that. Poor Bailey. I'm glad that her streams seem to be doing well and she got a bunch of viewers from Negaoryx. I think Jenny's overreacting about corona, it's probably just a particularly bad flu. She seems to get sick a lot.
>>629 ...uh yeah thats kind of what corona is though, and jenny being a frail little mouse with tiny lungs means that even a stiff breeze can put her out of commission for a few weeks. Her and her sister are both pretty open that they don't really know anyway, has she even been tested for it specifically? the USA and CA especially is utterly riddled with it though right? so its probably less believable that she doesn't have it. gosh you have been gone so long, you know jenny called john booyega a nigger on twitter right?
Ok, remember how last year Jenny went to the taping of Little Mermaid live, said she had a crazy costume, but didn't share any pics? It was nearly impossible to find her in the recording, but as I was about to give up... Tell me I'm not imagining it, that has to be her lol
>>630 >gosh you have been gone so long, you know jenny called john booyega a nigger on twitter right? No, she didn't. Nice troll though. I know about the attempted cancellation.
I'm getting concerned about bailey i checked her last video she says >i'll see you tomorrow for a stream.....if nothing goes wrong >i'll post on twitter a couple hours before so something went wrong? it's like what 4pm for her? maybe she's moving to a prime evening slot? >>631 wow what an interesting name for a scene group? i got really concerned skimming that title. you need someone with a degree in face checking, does anyone have an fbi supercomputer? i'm real bad at this kind of thing, if you told me the girl in front of orange suit guy in picture 2 was lindsay ellis i wouldn't be able to disprove it. >>632 hmm, odd. i must have dreamt that part, sorry. are you on other boards? are you aware that we tried and failed to have bailey elected queen of tvch/tv/? that was quite recent.
>>633 >are you on other boards? Nope, are there other Jenny boards?
Open file (141.70 KB 750x937 IMG_0695.JPG)
>>633 She might just be going a bit later today, tbh she seems a lot more active on twitter since that first stream. I think it's been really helpful for her. If you watch that first one back you can literally see her face begin to light up as it goes along and she realises that everything is working. You can tell she really begins to enjoy herself. Also she's posting on instagram again and it's not just old pictures of Sammy.
>>634 not jenny specifically but she often gets shitposted on various /tv/ boards. at least one anon (at least used to) post fairly regular threads on 4chan and there is a thread on tvch. does julay even have it's own /tv/ board any more? there was a thread there for a while. but not jenny boards afaik.
>>637 there's the reddit and kiwifarms, but they're both inactive. >>636 cute belly. when was this?
>>638 >cute belly. when was this? Extremely cute! This is from the musicalsplaining insta, I think they saw it in December or January?
>>636 What is lindsay ellis so happy about? there is cheesecake in the bag? who's is the third bag/who is taking the picture?
Open file (130.59 KB 1080x1350 numnums.jpg)
>>636 >>639 thank you friend great work, but why didn't you post this one lol.
Open file (322.29 KB 1521x2048 EN-gjocU0AAeh4D.jfif)
This one is also cute as fuck even though she's making a sad face
>>640 did they take the arab guy? i thought he went to a different showing. i can't remember but i think i got that impression that they saw it separately.
>>643 Yeah I think he mentioned going to see it with his girlfriend. I think we can just assume they went with Lindsay's husband.
Open file (13.16 MB 1280x720 cLeDW4bt50eQupA0.mp4)
>>646 Oops, didn't mean to tag a post
Open file (612.85 KB 1536x2048 EC2gM-LUUAA3Si7.jfif)
Cameo appearance by Kevin Perjurer in the reflection
>>648 Whose the broad?
>>649 Random person, found on twitter during d23
>>523 >You know, I was thinking about creating (or suggesting someone create) a media thread for YouTube Patreon links and download links for other Jenny stuff, but I'm missing most of 2019's Patreon videos (the last one I have is: "Jenny designs the Perfect live action Disney Movie"). Would you be willing to fill in the blanks? I finally had a minute. Here you go, from newest to ''Perfect Live Action Disney Movie": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhXc3qomgY0&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1887&v=7AGvXqviRys&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv7NVy4gvY8&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSGyJ7kH5OU&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1323&v=Bzb14q6NQ1I&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GErIPKjwuDg&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcxOiG4RIZs&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aanyjLmB1Bs&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nR7q8G3JHS0&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRTyLhqvVTw&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwN3Myxrpvw&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBBR1hzcg_Q&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm2b1FWuOLg&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LVgibeiB_Q&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngC6qE8MkKo&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lvV9N1tZoA&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tsdOo_wO44&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NNCLVvCK58&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1a98Yg6rj4&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYy6V_ZVSU8&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIEllkLxFY4&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2qXcJXdK0M&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gACaaoXRWBc&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dNrJtO5ScE&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg-0v5hcQgk&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ2fUCVPWVI&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JvJE770-o0&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA30CKnYnaY&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr4byD_zWBo&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgGtebEpdEk&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjOozxG8b5c&feature=emb_logo Some of this are previews I could have excluded but didn't feel like.
>>635 looks like she forgot her clothes? I was just about to write about how gross it is that she has paypal in her twitter bio. That's very much a findomme/sugarbaby/hoochie thing. Because otherwise it's gauche like, going to their page is like turning up to a restaurant to look at the menu and the owner is standing in the doorway and asks "you gonna pay cash? or credit? Ey?" But then this whorish outfit makes me think it's not unintentional
Open file (8.80 MB 1280x720 Jenny in the Crowd.webm)
>>631 Here's a clip of her at the show (bottom right). >>636 Mmm... she looks deliciously thick there. >>659 Thanks! Much appreciated! >>661 Oh shit, Dan Olsen is here! Go away Dan.
Jenny is streaming. She's not dead!
>>663 ooooooOOOOOOOOooooooooo. as jenny might say. >>660 >bailey: Hey guys—no stream today (not feeling too hot, in a non-corona definitely-just-a-cold way) i blame you for this. rude.
>>663 She's so cute when she panics trying to take a pic of Magikarp.
>you will never join jenny and bailey in a pokemon adventure
>>659 >Animal Sidekicks >Figment my mind is melting. are dragons animals. they don't exist. neither do any of other contenders. abu was spot on though that guy is a jerkoff
how do you guys download twitch? twitch leecher no longer works for me.
>>668 youtube-dl
>>669 Bailey is going early today, she just tweeted she’s gonna start in like an hour.
>>670 god damn what a tease i waited up all night last night and now i'm cranky. i wasn't going to say anything but sort your levels girl, volume is up and down like a fiddler's elbow. nah for real i hope she's ok.
Open file (255.31 KB 1080x629 Jenny Poops.jpg)
Since when did girls start pooping?
>>674 sounds like she's through the worst of it at least. not sure which is worse learning about jennys excretions or reading baileys reposted cartoon.
https://twitter.com/JennyENicholson/status/1242623899138850816 jenny needed me and I wasn't there for her
>>676 Shes still with us anon. Be patient your time may still come.
Bailey stream 45ish minute or less than warning
>>679 oh fuck scratch that she's live now
>>680 >>681 >finally caught one of her streams in it's entirety (I just jumped on to capture it yesterday) >still as comfy as her old Aksys streams >playlist is pretty much all classic drinking tunes Kinda surprised about the music tbh, I thought it would be all club tracks, nu-R&B and literally who Soundcloud rappers like most millennial chicks. She's also definitely a lot more engaging than Jenny is (reading chat, involving them, etc)... and she can game.
>>682 I think the 'progamer' in jennys handle is supposed to be ironic or sarcastic is it weird that jenny hasn't said anything about bailey streaming? did i completely imagine instances of jenny doing something and bailey tweeting to her people about it to support her? >millenial this really aches my bones
>>683 >progamer >used ironically Oh yeah, no doubt. That's just her humor. >is it weird that jenny hasn't said anything about bailey streaming? She probably has to pay Jenny's going rate (whatever that may be) for the privilege. Jenny does nothing for free.
>>684 Yeah I was being ironic. Wait, your not being ironic right now are you? Because if you are then this post is too.
>>681 has to get muted eventually, unless her mix is so bad the computer can't figure out the track lol. It has to be an automatic process surely, just might take a while.
>>687 assume it is a bot attempting to access accounts largely at random not attacking jenny specifically. what is the strategy behind the attack? what is the end game? presumably you can store some kind of payment for some kind of premium service but it shouldn't be retrievable to an end user, also can you determine a premium account holder before attacking? zombie accounts to sell follows/likes? seems like it couldn't be too fruitful surely. so what some kind of squatting exercise? are handles so precious that they are worth holding hostage? I'm assuming anyone after specific compromising/blackmail content would choose better targets.
>stream starting a little later today (prob around 1 or 2?) just a heads up ilu >ilu hnnnnnnnng
Open file (46.63 KB 512x699 1443201979218.jpg)
>>689 >just a heads up ilu Was this in a tweet or in the stream?
>>690 it was a private message to me personally. nah it's on her twitter.
>>691 ok we are live
>>691 Oh, I thought you meant Jenny. I've been looking on and off on her twitter for hours wondering if I was retarded.
>>693 oh god i am so sorry anon. but i think jenny has died? we /bailey/ now.
>>695 look i hope jenny is as alive as the next guy but when was the last time anyone heard from her? no not tweets anyone could write those. even look at her last stream where she played pokemon snap, she actually did kind of ok; nobody else find that suspicious? i put it to you anons, that wasn't jenny playing, it was lindsay using her corpse as a ventriloquist puppet like weekend at bernies. do you really believe anyone would or even could watch fourteen land before time films? i didn't even know there were more than two and i have no desire to even watch the second one. even if she is alive she will be a dribbling lunatic, she can't possibly be fully compos mentis after such an ordeal. if she is alive then where is she? she should be up on stage performing for us like a caged circus monkey. for whatever reason it has been decided by fate that she owes us the value of her soul paid as lifelong high quality social media interaction and don't let her convince you otherwise. unless she appears on stream in the next ~48 hours and proves she is safe and well by playing a video game at a fairly poor skill level we will have no option but to contact the relevant authorities and file a missing persons. (presumed dead).
Open file (47.45 KB 283x323 1431800870858.jpg)
>>696 You speak blasphemies of the most sordid sort, sir. Nothing but. You monster.
>>696 dude she was tweeting yesterday. She didn't die, she just doomed thousands of others to, with her Disneyland jaunt
>>697 i'll go even further. jenny never even existed, none of you do. it's just me and my delusions. on a happier note i just read an interesting article in the bailey bugle that our girl just made twitch associate so lets all say a big congratulations. so glad to see she's pulling herself back up on the horse. what you thought i meant jenny again? the girl who has lazily done two whole streams in the past year probably under duress by lindsay at knifepoint to not have to watch any mre land before time? no i meant our girl /bailey/ of course, the avid pro gamer workaholic tirelessly fan devoted streaming machine.
https://twitter.com/griffinwlewis/status/1243378643465723904 >>688 >what is the strategy behind the attack? what is the end game? probably nudes, that happened last year right?
>>700 I dont even want to think about if jenny keeps nudes in her instagram but she definitely doesnt and I dont know why anyone would think she would. Then again maybe I'm out of touch. Scratch that I'm definitely so out of touch its embarrassing. I dont know what griffin thinks his problem is he doesnt want to make internet things but he still wants to make things and let's be honest hes still going to showcase them.
>>687 Yeah, they must've dumped addresses or someone bought a list recently. >>701 Where would Jenny keep her nudes? Asking for a friend.
>>702 i don't think jenny has ever been nude in her entire life? she's not retarded she must know better. but she has some great fully clothed selfies that are probably far more cute and comfy than any disgusting stolen seedly little pervert pictures
>>703 >i don't think jenny has ever been nude in her entire life? Immediately the memory comes to mind of her getting snarky over being wrong about Kylo's hair color.
>>704 i missed this fill me in what is the link with nudes, she was arguing about the color of his pubes?
>>705 Somebody corrected her on the color of Kylo's hair. She thought it was black, they correctly said it was just a dark brown. She got really angry over it and blocked them or something. It was just a few months ago.
>>706 oh ok cool. i really really cannot be bothered with star wars. i watched all her videos but i kind of just tune out. but i still don't get the link? are you getting snarky with me because i'm wrong about her being nude?
>>707 >are you getting snarky with me because i'm wrong about her being nude? I don't understand how you'd draw that conclusion at all. You said you didn't think she'd ever been snarky. I gave an example of her being snarky. I'm not getting snarky with your snark denial.
>>708 Ok. One of us is ESL and I'm not completely sure it isnt me. Confusing nude and rude is funny to you? Some kind of meme? I'm here for it I'm just confused. I need you to hold my hand please.
>>709 I have no idea what this conversation is.
there must be jen-bikini photos somewhere. I'd pay for that
>>710 Dont worry sweetheart, bailey is streaming in about 20 minutes. take your mind off this incestuous dungeon. First stream as an affiliate so I hope to see you all there supporting her. All both of us lol.
>>711 Look at her color, her skin, if she went to the beach it would fall off. Why do you think she has a kinship with snakes? It's the skin shedding, that's the link. Ports are penguins, like the snow, the cold. It all fits. Dresses as anna from frozen. Frozen, not...Lawrence of Arabia...or something. She did twilight the musical, about vampires, the clues are all there. She did the infamous slave leia for con artists but if you do your research she apparently went out of her way modifying it to be more modest. There are absolutely at least one baileykini pictures on her...instagram? Someone posted them on tvch(?) recently
>>713 >It's the skin shedding, that's the link. <ywn help jenny shed off her old skin
>>714 >Jenny will never rub up against you until her skin completely sheds
>>715 >she will never hiss happily to you as she unhinges her jaws to swallow down a whole rabbit during your dinner date
>>716 Jenny might be a snake but shes still vegetarian. Perhaps she could unhinge her jaw to swallow an ostrich egg or a whole stuffed pepper.
Open file (50.60 KB 594x291 tz.png)
>>698 >>695 >jenny is still alive
Open file (351.54 KB 1536x2048 EFcQHRqX4AIM91M-orig.jpg)
>>718 >Jenny drunk off her ass in the middle of the afternoon That's not a good look.
>>719 i'm quite sure that dress can't really be as raunchy a number as it appears in that photograph. pure pornography. disgusting. the texture looks velour, imagine how grotesquely soft it must be. what kind of edging is that along the 'neckline', exquisitely filthy.
>>720 >jenny will never ask you to call her a dirty girl
Open file (489.24 KB 2048x1536 ECZg1csUEAAiOlC-orig.jpg)
Open file (418.97 KB 2048x1551 EATe9AJU8AAjxXr-orig.jpg)
>>720 Yeah, that's a cute little number.
>>722 Cant believe I didnt recognize it. Do you organise your jennyfolder by outfit or you just had these memorised?
>>723 I just recognized the dress. My Jenny pics are split up by site of origin; Twitter, Instagram, etc., it helps me find what I'm looking for relatively quickly.
>>724 That's disappointing but I guess she has a lot of outfits so it wouldn't be a very efficient system of filing.
Open file (44.89 KB 594x212 switch me.png)
A girl who was always awake Makes youtubes of movie hot take(s) Plays AC on switch But never on twitch She was sick so she took a short break. (I miss you Jenny you make my heart ache.)
>>726 >But never on twitch I wonder why not. It's a popular game that you don't need to be a "ProGamer" at to have fun playing. I'd even go as far as to say it's a girl's game, but I know some here probably enjoy it as well.
>>727 because she hates streaming and never will ever stream ever again
Open file (179.66 KB 1200x900 EUM_3lwUUAAXDxI.jpg)
is jenny being paid? is g-fule trying to market its self as a corona treatment?
>>728 Bailey might be able to convince her otherwise, she's been making a bit of change for a few hours work everyday. Jenny could also milk that dude who's always trying to give her money like a proper Twitch e-thot (you know he's itching for another opportunity to flex his cash in front of her).
>>729 >i'm feverish, dehydrated thank you for the update jenny. I thought she was over the worst of it but seems like we aren't out of the woods just yet. or maybe it's just her impenetrable sarcasm? >>730 i was happy for bailey until i realised it meant i would have to watch vod adverts. can't help but think that the simperaction is a counterincentive. bad enough a guy sends you a 600$ shoe voucher but to fucking drag it up in chat and boast about it, then some other guy tipping you fucking $100 or whatever. fun little play turns into a headfirst dive into creepy stalker territory. i mean i know we are creepy but we're all second hand creepy right? nobody here goes on chat and makes her uncomfortable directly to her face? do they? well that's how i rationalise it anyway.
>>731 are you suggesting we're the shoe man?
>>732 who said anything about shoe man, why are you bringing up the shoe man? are you the shoe man? if you are the shoe man you have to tell us, it's like entrapment.
>>729 how much of this stuff do you think she has/will drunk/drink? going to be real awkward when they ask for it back. wtf is this stuff anyway? >In fact, our first customer was a professional eSports athlete nah come on, no disrespect to pro gamers but there is no fucking way you can legitimise using the word athlete in there. i'm no etymologist but i'm pretty sure that is illegal. did anyone watch bailey? anything good? i'm a staunch capitalist and obsessively prudish so i had to turn it off pretty quickly so as not to enrage myself.
>>734 >anything good? rian Johnson got jen and her into his premiere, that might have been from yesterdays stream. I cant remember
>>734 She amassed over 100 subs at the end of her second day today. Petty good for a cranky old cat lady playing a simulation game.
>>736 >old cat lady y u do this
>>737 I'm assuming that she will eventually move on from Sammy and get another cat.
Open file (147.78 KB 750x562 IMG_0743.JPG)
>>738 She will, but I think it'll be a while. There's a lot of guilt when it comes to "replacing" pets.
>>738 >>739 Seeing as she slept all day maybe she is turning into a cat instead?
>>736 >bailey the cranky cat girl Well, any good veterinarian will tell you there's a way to calm down an uppity cat.
>>741 >uppity you need to find a new vet
>>743 is it the covid or being live that makes jenny sound kinda.. whiny and annoying as opposed to her usual arch smoothness. is she actually a bit spergy(?) irl?
>>744 you watch your mouth jenny is always whiny and annoying thats why we love her why the fuck has nobody asked about lindsay buying the shoes yet
Open file (342.06 KB 1555x2048 EUV1Z-WUUAAoFSl-orig.jpg)
>>744 I love Jenny's real voice. The nasally, valley-girl/California accent is much cuter than the "speaking voice" used in the majority of her videos. >is she actually a bit spergy(?) irl? She's actually a lot spergy IRL. But that's why we love her!
does she do it so late so she can get a manageable number of viewers? how many people watch usually
>>747 according to twitch the live video had 23981 view(er?)s, the vod has what 227? by my count there were 1114 people in chat while she was live, a further 79 people have since joined chat after it ended. only 315 actually said anything. i think. as for the usual fuck only knows.
>>746 Curious... Jenny deleted her Bomberman pic. Maybe she didn't like the way she was delicately holding his extremely phallic arm.
>>749 She’s done it before, she deletes tweets announcing streams when the stream is over. I guess she doesn’t want people getting their hopes up and still clicking the link 6 hours later.
>>749 probably got too much abuse for being FF main. The bronycon folder HAS to be a plant, no way she keeps her desktop that clean except that one folder perfectly in frame.
>>751 I guess it’s a deliberate tease for the next video.
>>752 What are the actual videos? Theres a Disney one she said she didnt want to drop because lockdown, what was the other? What even are the patreon choices? Doubt she would do anything pony related for the plebs on youtube, needs a patreon poke.
>>753 I know she has got a video about the last bronycon in the pipeline, she’s also doing land before time but I think that’s a while off. I think she was also working on a video about dogs purpose or some other dog based film series. Tbh I’ve not watched the ramble in like two months so I have no idea what’s coming other than Star Wars land.
>>754 Ty.
wait so bailey is taking another day off? twitter talking about her having a sad time recently do i really need to go watch her last stream or are you guys going to tell me what she's upset about? is it just a relapse or something new? just generally?
>>756 She picked up Sammy's ashes a few days ago. She said she would be emotional for a bit because she wasn't expecting them so soon. Pretty sure she's just being lazy though.
>>757 I don’t really know about twitch but does it really incentivise streamers to stream more often. Do people actually make money per stream or is it just the logic that streaming more will attract more subscribers? Surely once someone has subscribed you’ve got the money regardless of how many times you actually stream that month? I still have no idea what people actually get out of subscribing to twitch.
>>759 you get money from adverts twitch run on your video catalog IF you stream enough for them to accept you as an affiliate and keep streaming enough to stay one. the more you are streaming the more chance someone will send you money through whatever means you have set up. if you subscribe to a channel you get to use that channel's emotes in chat it's basically bragging, but i think you can use your subscribed channels emotes in any channel chat. If you watch twitch because you like watching other people play games instead of watching it because you like jenny or bailey then if your streamer isn't streaming you are going to find someone else streaming the exact same content fairly easily so yo uhave to keep it up regular to appease your fans.
Open file (405.19 KB 1538x2048 EUYo3OWUcAAOG_a.jfif)
>>760 It's alright, turns out she is streaming today anyway.
>>761 am i really listening to paint it black in french?
Bailey has never been to knotts berry farm. are bailey and jenny even friends?
>>759 >Do people actually make money per stream bailey has about 80 subscribers, 70 of those were gifted subs meaning they won't be resubbed next month. they're essentially one time 5$ donations. so bailey needs to keep up the hype to keep getting them each month
Reports in chat that VODs are muted are correct, her oldest two videos now have some muted sections.
https://www.twitch.tv/foldablehuman what are 4chan 'code words' he is doing wii fit to 'get swol', if i call him a big guy will i get banned?
>>767 the only thing I can think of is saying "lol i" like loli "lol i think youre a big guy"
>>768 What if he read it and got a boner? How would you feel then?
Open file (93.29 KB 1028x378 whiteBaLaNcE.jpg)
Left, Jenny 2019: "I'll only keep filming in this room if i can figure out a configuration where the white balance doesn't make me look like a ghost" Right, Jenny 2020
>>770 from a design perspective, it draws your eyes to the only details showing on her face, her eyes and lips, inviting an emotional/sexual connection to jenny. >>769 it would be funny
Open file (15.80 KB 308x118 gword.jpg)
remember in boyegate when they tried to smear jenny as a racist for singing gypsy bard? yesterdays stream reminded me
>>770 boy howdy 2021 cannot come quick enough she will be like an even more attractive glass of milk. >>771 >inviting an emotional/sexual connection to jenny. come on jenny we don't need any more of this we are already sold jenny's eye game is great though. modern makeup is bullshit, contouring and nonsense. take me back to scene girl eye war paint please. >>772 gosh you know i really really really love people people fucking lecturing me about what fucking words are acceptable and unacceptable to use regardless of any kind of context or intent. I haven't seen hunchback of notre dame in a while but i'm pretty sure only the hellfire guy had the mental wherewithall to call the gypsy a gypsy because hunch wouldn't have had a fucking clue. and guess what he was the bad guy so it's fine for him to be racist, which is questionable anyway because when did she ever say, "oh, btw, i'm not actually a gypsy, i'm a roma but if you want a generic term we prefer traveller" she was a gypsy, she did magic spells and shit right? pinkie pie even more so, again twighlight sparkle as a character, despite what jenny may or may not have intended, was basically an antagonist and fucking retarded about it too, it owuld have been perfectly in character for her to use a racist or bigoted term with the audience purposefully left unaware if it was intentional or ignorant. pinkie then does magic spells like a gypsy would do. Is this related to recent explosion of self insertion, that certain people demand representation in media so that they can self insert because they are so narcissistic that they can't identify with anyone different to themselves? they have to see themselves in every character and are immediately offended when a bad guy does something bad because either they would have done that because it's problematic or that they assume the writer has done the same and decide the writer is bigoted. fuck man i hate absolutely everyone. I got up early this morning because jenny said she might stream april 1st but i just realised it's not april 1st for her yet. back to bed i guess nothing else to do. Bailey said she was streaming not RCT, did she say stardew valley? no idea. comfy?
>>770 Someday Jenny will figure out how to operate a camera. Someday... >>771 Since when did people start carrying about Gypsies? Pretty sure they've been reviled by everyone for ages for their "less than admirable" lifestyles.
>>774 No I want contrast jenny this year, aiming for a completely binary silhouette jenny by 2022. There are plenty of travelling people who are abhorrent in how they integrate and interact with a community but that isnt even the point, I dont care if you get mad at someone for using a slur against someone who doesn't like it but that's not what either pony or humphry was. You cant just ban a word, that is retarded.
>>770 This wouldn't be happening if she'd just get somebody to help her manage her content.
Open file (2.40 MB 2560x720 april fool.webm)
>>770 Left, Jenny March 30th Right, Jenny April 1st well, april fools, good one jenny you got me hahaha.
If anyone is watching bailey play stardew valley and are as confused as I am about the actress/driector "Eva Rich", that isn't what she is saying, she is saying "eat the rich" as in a film genre of poopooing rich people. Tina Fey is bad? i just can't keep up. what did she do? Bailey with a hair trigger ready to cancel Amy Pohler too.
Open file (1.00 MB 1280x720 she wants the rex.mp4)
>>781 what is this rex from toy story or rex from jurassic
>>780 tina fey, like most snl, does race humor >>781 if I had my editing software i'd make her say sex instead of rex
>>783 >i just really like sex i am speechless anon, your depravity knows no bounds. but i guess she does have a weird kind of dildo thing on the floor there.
>>784 >she likes them moderately sized We have a chance!
>>784 >>785 It's a sock or something. Probably some plush foot more likely. Anyway that's the guest chair, so maybe you have a chance with lindsay.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b-toK0zybw&feature=emb_logo new patreon video >>786 >chance with lindsay Yeah, that's a pass.
>>787 To each his own. Jenny is really on this star wars thing. But who would she hire to write it? Also is it disproportionate? To what? Jenny please include me in your chart as "ambivalent about hollywood". Anyone who gets passed over to work in the industry should thank their stars.
Open file (99.63 KB 745x1024 EUqBy83UUAAczMR.jpg)
Jenny made a meme.
>>790 so the intention is clear but i think she could have sorted the point of view a little better. she refers to herself in the comments that are usually what...indirect second pov? what do you call that? who is supposed to be the galaxy brain, the implications in the first and last panel are muddied. come on jenny you are a better writer than that, don't let the bullies on twitter get you hot under the collar; concentrate. panel 4 is on the redpill spectrum. check your privelege please jenny, be an ally.
bailey harping on about weed again. maybe if you smoked a little bit less you wouldn't be so dependant on it. I wonder if jenny is a degenerate drug user? lindsay is into some stuff for sure. it's pretty much a given in cali right?
>>792 jenny has "asthma" maybe shes just an embarrassed weed smoker and cant admit it
>>793 Forgot about the asthma. She probably has a decent supplier of horse tranquiliser anyway.
>had a dream about jenny and bailey >in the dream, we got together to go to some expensive amusement park >we had to share a small room with one large bed between the three of us >i was on one end, jenny in the middle, bailey on the other side >there was a large tv in front of the bed and i had my external, which i used to play movies >at some point, they fall asleep and i'm the last one awake >jenny shifts so that her head is on my shoulder >decide to sleep too before it gets too late >in the morning, wake up to find that the tile above me is missing >i see the high roof above is full of birds flying around >they said they noticed it too but didn't feel like waking me up about it >first thing we decide to do is go so a movie at a nearby theater because jenny really wanted to watch what was playing >late into the movie, realize the chairs have little interfaces >plug in my external to check on something >instead of it showing up on the interface's screen, it shows up on the big screen >kneejerk reaction is to close the window instead of just unplugging, which closes down the movie itself >everyone sits in silence until the staff comes in to apologize >people leave and jenny seems very stand-offish >go into a nearby restaurant for brunch to meet up with some other people >bailey stops me at the entrance and tells me that jenny is not happy with me >i think it's over the movie, but instead it's because jenny doesn't feel like i'm giving her much attention >try to talk to jenny about it, but she's just all flustered and just wants to talk to the other people who just arrived >at the end of brunch, one of the new people is missing >i go to check the men's room for them and discover that they've been dragged into a heroin ring by some crooked staff members >when the others come looking i lie and say he's not arround >we walk the main circuit for a bit until people feel like sitting down to chat >jenny is still upset with me and bailey suggests i go for a walk, that by the time i get back jenny will be back to normal >do so, returning all the way to the hotel >on my return to them, run into major conjestion as it's now peak hours >somehow make a wrong turn on the road and find myself in a long line of people standing in front of a machine >pushing my way to it, it's just an old-looking computer monitor except that instead of a screen is a hole we're suppose to climb through to get to the other side >remark how weird that is >wake up
>>796 jenny is upset with you because you were sleeping instead of watching her streaming.
>>797 What a fool I've been.
>>798 on the plus side jenny is sending you psychic dream messages because she loves you, now you just need to practice checking in so you can recognize dream clues and wake yourself up.
Open file (359.55 KB 712x394 EUvhSihU4AAH9TB.png)
What is this expression trying to convey? >>799 >wake yourself up Can't wake up. Save me from the nothing I've become.
>>802 Whose? Oddish is happy Weedle is a retard bug brain mongo probably doesnt even know it exists its expression, if it could have one, is curiosity or wonder Jenny's expression is one of a person looking at themselves in a photo preview trying to look like a normal human Puttputt is meta excited Porg is dead. Sleeping? Sleeping. Lindsay isn't there but if she was she would have the usual expression probably but that's the tricky one i wouldn't know where to start. Enigmatic I guess. >nothing I hear that buddy.
>>133 so who was wilson?
>>804 A complete and utter guess but I dont know too many people called wilson https://williondollars.tumblr.com/post/60433572570/happy-spooky-birthday-jenny His handle is sometimes Willsun, which is close.
Open file (82.24 KB 624x580 really jenny.jpg)
that's not funny jen.
>>806 she deleted it also markiplier mentions her in his hunger games video. she got 5th place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqglu_IQ4ZM&feature=emb_title
>>806 >deletes post to hide her own power level yummy yummy irony delicious numnumnum. glad you caught this thank you, do you have ANY idea how long roughly it was up for? at least 10m right based on oldest reply? or is that a javascript trick? >>807 can't believe they paired her with james charles like wtf, how are they similar at all other than extraordinarily tediously. the white guy blew his load too early, desperate to get her in without revealing he was one of us. >>806 wait, is jenny a cruel heartless monster as griffin would have us believe, laughing manically at the exploding death toll of a virus she is now impervious to, or is this a clever ruse that jenny has designed to bait out yes men reply guys to block? lie to me, tell me she's a sweetheart. maybe it was sincere, the tone was lost in the void, and she didn't want to be misconstrued. >that's not funny you think she said it with a smile?
>>806 That's kinda dark for someone hanging out in the circles that she does... I thought it was cute though. >>808 >wait, is jenny a cruel heartless monster as griffin would have us believe 4chan memes are usually meant to be used in poor taste, but this is just another case of her autism getting in the way of her judgement. She can't help it.
>>809 >in poor taste i don't know definitely sounded like a dog whistle to me but maybe i have spent too long out of normalcy. Jenny is definitely based and redpilled. Her crowd is really interesting, her sister might be trans but i'm sure she has questioned someone on stream before who said something along the lines of 'trans women are the same as women' and lindsay picked them up on it. i think i can't remember the details. Ellis might be a staunch feminist but have you ever seen her with a black person? no of course not but a cunnysseur? she didn't leave CA because she was a snowflake, she loved it really look at the pictoral evidence, she left because they didn't provide snack table at shoots and she wanted more money and the structure was bullshit. i don't need to go into landis do i? boy is a lunatic. She dumped griffin when he got too soft, felt bad about bullying aspies. Contra might be a tranny too but get cancelled regularly? i don't follow the drama really. Kat is too clever to reveal anything about her power level online. Hi Kat how are you doing? we miss you! the twitteriest person jenny knows is bailey, on stream constantly talking about burning rich people for heat and claiming ACAB wrt RCT security guards. friends with neonfiona, look up whatever the person she is shagging is, has regular outbursts of moon brain nonsense; watch the first 1 minute of "Can Having Genital Preferences for Dating Mean You're Anti-Trans?" (spoiler: yes of course) what is the saying, live in NY once but leave before it gets too hard, live in LA once but leave before you get too soft. bailey's brain is fried. too much weed.
Open file (9.88 KB 306x72 ted.jpg)
>you think she said it with a smile? >just another case of her autism getting in the way of her judgement jenny seems like the type of person who believes that she (and her friends) can make edgy jokes because she's a good person, whereas other people aren't allowed. if they do its proof theyre bad people. I think its a bit of pride and close mindedness that makes her think this
>>811 >whereas other people aren't allowed. if they do its proof theyre bad people. who has she called out? boyega? plane guy? depp? it's just men she hates. >img YIKES
oh fuck sky is streaming <3
>>813 Have we confirmed that Sky is a girl?
>>814 define girl. actually no, define confirmed.
she said her boyfriend isn't gay, ergo, shes a girl
Open file (473.58 KB 2048x1536 EU8iNXqUMAIaUxd.jpg)
Open file (497.82 KB 2048x1536 EU8iMipUUAAs_Il.jpg)
Jenny is hero. She saved somebody from getting horse d. >>816 hmm hmmmmmmmm
>>817 >with grace so she walked over in her long flowing cowboy jeans so smoothly that she appeared to float? or she had some books about husbandry stacked on her head at the time and they didn't fall off? that horse in the certificate is giving someone the eye, if that's the horse they are talking about yeah i would definitely be frightened too, i know about mr hands.
>>818 i didn't mean that to sound snide, well done jenny you are my hero.
>>820 the real naughty was re-theming the ride in the first place. I liked gotg for whatever reasons we won't go into but it doesn't make sense as a ride. I mean i don't remember a twilight zone about an out of control lift but it seemed to work. Bad enough but what they did to the french space mountain was first of all bullshit but second of all pretty fucking arrogant considering the history AND THEN they make it a star wars thing? fuck off lol. Sky streaming talking about jenny criticising all of her animal crossing neighbours encouraging her to bully them into moving out because they are ugly and stupid. what a bully.
>>807 She posted this to her twitter found naturally or waited long enough after seeing it here to throw us off? hi jenny lol.
Open file (333.38 KB 1920x484 o5nngipiz1r41.jpg)
>>807 If you can't stand Markiplier, here's the rundown: >jenny starts by grabs an empty backpack >then proceeds to go spelunking >afterwards makes a comfy campfire >sleeps through the whole following day "because she knows nobody would mess with her" markiplier confirmed new jennyfan, good job ethan >next day, jenny goes full psychopath, forcing somebody to commit murder after starting a forest fire >sponsor sends her a hatchet >jenny gets together with some fellas for ghost stories >skips out on the cornucopia >sponsor sends her clean water >murders somebody to experience the thrill for herself >loses all of her belongings to a fucking tranny >tfw you will never come across a vulnerable jenny in the woods, desperate for clothes and food >gets sniped by shane dawson
>>825 >>loses all of her belongings to a fucking tranny ...uh.... >tfw you will never come across a vulnerable jenny in the woods, desperate for clothes and food ....wow.... thats a yikes from me
>>826 Slightly happy ending, her death was avenged when Mark strangles the tranny to death.
>>827 that's not happy ending. I didn't not watch it because of some smug youtuber i never heard of, i didn't watch it because i abhor the battle royale genre. hunger games was a waste of a movie also. Life is precious you guys, don't celebrate death, have some gosh darn compassion. RIP avatar tranny, whoever you are, and jenny, and every other robot brained e-competitor avatar forced to fight for our amusement. humanity? what a crock we have never deserved that title. we make me sick.
>>825 >markiplier what is his youtube channel anyway? he reviews hand tools or he explains long form arithmetic?
>>828 >nofunallowed.png >>829 He's a letsplayer. I guess you could see he's a more reddit version of Pewdiepie.
>>830 sorry too old for fun. wtf is reddit?
>>831 >wtf is reddit? Grandpa, pls. gaze upon the bizarro /jenny/: www.reddit.com/r/JennyNicholson/
>>832 oh right isn't that the website full of whiny retards that got that guy killed in boston? for me its this: https://twitter.com/jnicholsonfans. which one of you is responsible? like, why an army? do i have to provide my own camouflage and if so is it forest or desert? arctic?
>>825 >gets sniped by shane dawson what a way to go >>822 I don't think baileys going to use it though. >>833 watching baileys stream I learned that people know as much about the girls as we do. its hard to believe but I think we might not be the biggest group of crazy fans out there.
>>834 ...wait are you saying this is a board exclusively for fans who are certified crazy? i thought anyone could join? anyway as long as we have each other we can get through this right? we might not be the biggest or the simpest but i'm pretty sure we are the coolest. subjectively. what intel did you gather on your mission soldier, debrief us plz. what do they know that surprised you? I mean her dad showed up right so i guess on average it's kind of an unfair comparison.
>>833 >https://twitter.com/jnicholsonfans >Sorry, that page doesn’t exist! >>835 >we are the coolest. subjectively. We're totes fly, yo.
>>835 san ramon, jennys sister, the book channel, twilight the musical I guess a lot of it can be learned from jenny, but I think bailey only mentioned san ramon once.
>>822 i thought we were weird but boy howdy some of the people in here i kind of feel bad for.
>>816 I don't think it works like that... >>835 >but i'm pretty sure we are the coolest. subjectively. Nah, objectively. Those other guys didn't get directly involved with Jenny and Griffin's little spat.
>>840 >directly involved oh come on it was purely passive wasn't it? and anyway absolutely noting to be proud of, no bully griffin. you people are monsters. are any of us as cool as this guy keeps fucking going on an on about his fucking wife constantly. no way you are married? huh you NEVER mentioned it. FUCK. >it doesn't work like that uh ok how about this, i am in love with sky, and i'm a straight white cis male, cogito ergo sum, she must be a woman. by definition. capiche. Anyway if getting e-tucked in (to bed you pervert) by a meta hypebeast tranny philosopher is gay then i don't want to be straight.
>>841 > if getting e-tucked in when she said "ok mommy tucks you in" that did something for me. did she only do that once or are there more times?
>>842 last two times we got tucked in for sure i'm not sure about the other streams in this recent block but she definitely used to do it occasionally in the older streams last year. i don't recall her calling herself mummy though.
>>843 someone in chat did, and she said something like "im mommy? ok, mommy tucks you in"
>>840 That’s one of my greatest moments, that time when griffin though I was Bailey. I broke the /Jenny/ fourth wall and actually impacted their lives.
>>845 also wow fuck websites that presumably steal gifs to sell apps around then try to stop you downloading them.
>>844 I heard her say it this time i just wasn't sure when it came from. cool, i'm fine with her keeping it. still not entirely sure what a chad wife is hopefully she will have some examples for us at some point. i joined pretty late past couple streams i have a lot of catching up to do. Lots of /jenny/ and bailey infiltrating sky's streams. not sure how i feel about it. sky's streams used to be a little more cosy, don't get me wrong i enjoyed the casual cameo when sky told us a story about disney or something. jenny's work room is pretty bright that probably doesn't help either.
Open file (15.38 KB 564x95 a lad in (haha).png)
be honest /juys/, have you ever had a nightmare about having aladin?
>>848 I had a nightmare that instead of talking about jenny online my hobby was sitting outside her window and watching her. I was caught and panicked about having to move away or get arrested
>>839 >the introduction channel encourages people to post their preferred pronouns >>840 >>844 Feels good knowing that we've had more than one instance of direct influence on Jenny's life. >>848 The last nightmare I had was a fevered dream where I was a detective in the murder case. Every person was some sort of constantly changing mathematical algorithm I had to try balance out to figure out who did it, and the only clue to solving the murder was "zero can only equal zero".
>>850 for better or worse i'm kind of used to people talking about pronouns on twitter but discord to me is more anonymous. maybe i'm using it wrong but i have never felt the need to refer to anyone by anything other than their handle. people talking about where they are from or what band they are in. makes me uneasy, you don't know any of these people wht are you doing? anyone could be in there reading that stuff. people like us for example. crazy. are you seriously suggesting you were the mommyposter? thank you for your basedness. anyway don't keep us in suspense, what number was the murderer? >>849 who caught you? was it jenny? because that isn't too bad of a nightmare tbqhfwy. were you sitting in a tree? were your pants up or down?
someone gave bailey $300 today >>850 >the introduction channel encourages people to post their preferred pronouns did you do it >>851 I don't think I was, it was one of those things where you know it happened without it happening
>>851 >what number was the murderer? The old man killed himself. >>852 >did you do it I haven't posted anything. I have this impression that the second I do, they'll see through me and I'll be banned.
>>853 I wonder if we’d get banned for reposting Bailey thirst traps?
>>854 Well I just learned a new word. Every day's a school day I guess. Mods posted the rules twice, you think you can get them to add a new one? Who knows how they would perceive you anyway, depends on the caption you post with it.
>>855 Yeah I wouldn’t actually dare post there, just like I wouldn’t post in the twitch chat. It’s too fine a tightrope to walk. I’m just observing.
>>855 It’s one of them things though, they can’t really be upset if you just start posting her Instagram pics, it’s when you start pulling out the old rares they might get a bit creeped out.
>>857 yes everything old is good. this is probably my favourite of bailey. anyone with anything this level of cute should share it immediately please. she even makes fiona seem tolerable.
Open file (149.98 KB 750x937 IMG_0790.JPG)
>>854 >>855 This is the picture that goes with that post. >>858 Who is fiona? Is she someone?
>>859 Thanks now I got to take a shower. neonfiona. From australia? Ended up at the same school in england as bailey when they both went on international exchange program thing for a year. Pic is them in london. >>401
>>860 the girl who boosted baileys views on like day 3 of baileys stream? or is that a different girl >>859 bailey and jenny should have a pose off to see who has sexier legs
Open file (46.85 KB 612x612 371837393012345045.jpg)
Open file (75.43 KB 612x612 371887124119898163.jpg)
Open file (56.82 KB 612x612 371911476383140271.jpg)
Open file (127.08 KB 612x612 372967024432073497.jpg)
Open file (64.06 KB 612x612 376212866920171959.jpg)
>>861 >the girl who boosted baileys views on like day 3 of baileys stream? or is that a different girl you have to be a little more specific i watched baileys stuff but i didn't really pay too much attention. sorry. but i'm assuming maybe it was negaoryx, who is a streamer and they are friends but that all i can tell you. oh ok yeah she has a really cute kind of gay feminine dom gamer energy going on. very enigmatic. Here are a few bailey from fiona. Absolutely love this jacket too so fetch what a gorgeous color. she has over 3000 fucking images on her instagram and these are deep in there. also real fucking creepy seeing someone I don't know post a picture of literally my house. If anyone wants to post this on selfawarewolves for karma go ahead i don't mind.
>>862 Wait a minute, are you saying that that 4th picture is literally your house?
Open file (151.99 KB 1024x1024 1542162540912937207.jpg)
Open file (64.27 KB 1080x919 1542167847361693892.jpg)
>>863 get fucked you think i'm some fucking limey apples and pears cockney stick it up your jacksie namby pamby wanker cunt? no but one of her other 3000 pictures i can see my house. I wouldn't be telling you cunts if it was i'm not mental. if that was my house i'd be out at tkmaxx finding a similar jacket and then waiting for it to snow so i could recreate it then down to the local library to find a book on voodoo rituals. >"Okay so when @bailienvspredator and I ate these donuts we could only describe them as significant romantic relationships so gonna explain to u how these donuts made us feel and like sns that this is my first ever long Instagram caption just call me dodie. Anyway the first lil donut (vanilla donut w citrus glaze and the freshest heckin berries on top) is ur first love- sweet, exciting, new, sensational. And you're heartbroken when it's over but then you bite into the chocolate donut with its mousse layer and chocolate icing and chocolate fudge droplets and realise that that's what true love is. It spins your world upside down, makes your heart stop and is completely marriage material. You'll find it hard to let go of that first love, you might even go back to them from time to time but you know that the complexity and richness of your new relationship with the chocolate donut is the real thing. Neither can ever be replaced and both will always hold a special place in your heart. The end." two from the reunion same time as the video.
>>861 >>859 So good. I approve of a leg-off. Or maybe their legs rubbing on each other.. >>862 Bailey really is a cutie. It's such a shame I'll never have that jewfu.
Open file (345.32 KB 1080x782 Adorable.jpg)
Jenny is so adorable in man-hating dyke mode.
>>862 >negaoryx nevermind that's her >>862 >also real fucking creepy seeing someone I don't know post a picture of literally my house I was looking through jenny's social media and I saw someone who's profile picture had my aunt in it.
>>866 I am gobsmacked that this is the first use of 'adorable' in this thread. Imagining a woman you don't know sick in bed might be creepy i guess but i think the first part is a stretch. As long as she just means commenting it to her with the intent that she falls in love with you, yeah ok cool sure. but i'm allowed to think it right? and post it here where it's clearly flippant instead of a sleezy chat up line? right? someone put your cop hat on because now i want to know who the offender is.
>>866 >parasocial wow learning so many new words today ...uh....what the fuck does she seriously think her relationship with every single one of her viewers isn't? People in her patreon are her actual friends? she actually cares about them in any way on any kind of personal level? What subscription level do i need to tell jenny i think she's adorable?
>>871 This is the problem with it all, patreon is in itself creepy, especially when it's for single personalities like Jenny. She want's the money but she doesn't want anyone to have any attachment to her. I guess in her ideal world all of her patreons are just people who give her money out of respect for her comedic talent and nothing more, but she knows it not that. I guess she just doesn't want to have people actually reminding her that a large proportion of her army of simps are probably "in love" with her.
>>870 With Jenny's line of thinking, every man is an offender. She took a simple descriptor and applied her autism to it so that it exclusively becomes a some sort of familial term. There's a real deep-seeded bigotry there and because she prefers to stay inside her little echo chamber she thinks her hateful attitude isn't equal to someone else that hates other people for whatever reason (color of their skin, sexual orientation, etc). When she posts or talks about stuff like this, I think its an interesting look into her true mindset. There was a segment of one her Patreon videos I was going to clip a while ago that demonstrated a similar line of thought; she was talking about doing another Halloween try-on video but assumed that the default male reaction and requests were just so they could eye-rape her. It was absolutely outrageous and a bit insulting to her male patrons... and this is by no means a rare occurrence, she does this very frequently. I actually got a few of these sorts of reactions to some of my ramble suggestions in the past (Jenny applying a sexual connotation to something that was in no way sexual or predatory on my end).
>>872 >guess in her ideal world all Irony is it's only if you are a dedicated creepy stalker you know about Jenny's history and experience the times she makes her position clear. I guess it's easy for a newcomer to misunderstand the relationship she is offering. Internet culture on a whole is fucked up really because these platforms all seem to be geared towards intimate social interaction rather than a producer-consumer model with clear boundaries. I really want to say something about her ocassional tomboy or intellectual persona that gives the impression she is worldly in that regard and maybe unphased by comments trying to woo her but I dont know if I'm capable of expressing it properly. Not to excuse anyone or blame her though. I guess I'm annoyed because I dont understand why it should be antisocial to say someone is adorable. If you find something adorable you should just not say it? Or your just not allowed to find things adorable? Men arent supposed to have feelings after all I guess.
>>873 >video but assumed that the default male reaction and requests were just so they could eye-rape her. Fuck you for posting this because it exposes the massive hypocrisy and she is absolutely right. Look I'm not saying I want to wank off my cock when she does dress up right but there CAN BE absolutely, to my interpretation, a wholesomeness without any sexual undertone, about a reasonably cute girl showing off reasonably cute outfits. Where is the line drawn between what is and is not acceptable to enjoy about her videos? What am I and am I not allowed to use as my reasoning to consume her content? So clearly finding her sexually attractive is out right? If I'm watching solely for the purpose of wanking that's not cool we can all agree on that right? Ok and if I think she looks adorable in outfits, apparently I'm not allowed to enjoy that either now? So I can only watch for a) the literal review of a product that is out of production and nobody wanted so essentially is of no value and b) Jenny's humorous observations about the outfit. So the visuals of jenny wearing the costume are for reference only. Got it. Maybe she can buy a mannequin or something. But seriously can anyone explain why it's acceptable to find a person attractive because of their brain but not her body? Isnt it purely semantics? Well I'm sorry jenny but i do think you are adorable especially when you dress up. I did enjoy the costume video but what i really appreciate is the effort that goes into the themed costumes each episode and guess what I think you are cute in those too, sorry.
I was jennys patron before she started accepting recommendations for rambles. all the topics she chose herself were stories from her personal life. after she started accepting requests I remember her chewing people out for requesting discussion about her personal life. she wouldn't give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they were taking their cue from her. which is what I think they were doing. point is, she can be unreasonable https://youtu.be/7h6K44iq9pc?t=5m37s
>>875 >Where is the line drawn between what is and is not acceptable to enjoy about her videos? Good question. I'd wager we've been watching them "wrong" this whole time. We should probably apologize for seeing Jenny as a female. >>876 I wonder what Jenny thought people were initially going to sign up for if not her?
I watched a video on a lolcow/crazy who was involved in the mlp fandom I was curious so I looked to see if she knew of jenny, and she was not only a fan but she included jenny's FIW in her fan fiction I don't recommend the video, theres no real payoff or point to it but its here if you want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOn-gSTsD7k https://www.fimfiction.net/story/131491/13/the-poly-little-pony/our-man-in-gomorrah
>>879 can't really watch these because she does the zoomerstreamer thing where she assumes she has to speak constantly about every single thing happening and if nothing's happening just go >ohohohoh ok ohhhhokokok Anyway what's with the 500 viewers but only 4 people ever typing in the chat?
>>881 >type in chat <get banned
>>876 Maybe russian jenny will accept our love >>878 Oh boy. Pretty sure everypony know what FIW is but some have a real stone in their hoof about it. Jenny must know of this woman too. If you want to play six degrees I can do it in two, cats milly has a video reading a chapter of some conversion beauro fimfic and did music with griffin but also jenny hinted she was going to do something for them for an episode or something. Any ACTUAL brony will hopefully fill in the blanks? Come on one of us must be one? No shame in it. >>879 >Streaming at a reasonable hour Wtf is this? Jump in baileys grave so quickly? >>881 I dont understand the appeal of the chat at all, what could we possibly have to say that is of any value to jenny? I just want sky to teach me more about freezers and philosophy. I used to watch tech.conn because yeah some of the details in the videos are really interesting but the fucking voice I can only deal with in short bursts.
>>883 >what could we possibly have to say depends what you mean by we. I dunno it just seems inconsistent that if she tweets anything she will get every weepy beard guys compulsively replying "omg JENNY" with like at least 50 duplicates of each 'joke' by a replyguy, and then she's streaming with these same (?) people sitting there silently, just .. watching Maybe not even male feminists want to watch her tediously play a fucking childs game in lame low effort ploy to add a revenue stream, and the 500 viewers are... girls? bots?
>>884 Yeah ok I get your point but I think your numbers might be offas to people in chat talking. Time zones and short notice maybe factor.
I think it's cute that she's like an early teen who knows "watch out for pervers" without really feeling what that entails or why its bad
>>887 but i change my mind. I just watched (some of) the ramble "state of the fandom" which is actually a rant, about the star wars fandom. And, while i didn't really engage with the topic the way she talks is like, completely different, her "adult voice" - about an octave deeper but she's also snide and grating and it's like oh.. so all the other rambles, even last month's one, she's doing a fake sweety voice? she's pitching it up and being all gentle but it's a fucking act Ehhh. even if the truth is somewhere between the personas... i .. i saw too much i don't love her any more
I went back to try and find the offending tweet and re read the illness timeline and now i feel kind of bad, she did almost die after all. nothing adorable about that. but i still lament the loss of being able to use innocuous language because someone redefines it as offensive. it's not my fault people imply or infer infantilism or reductivism or patriarchalinity in some specific event and then lambast every other use of a word regardless of context. it should be ok to think something is adorable. If jenny meant replying to her directly out of the blue is unwanted then thats perhaps understandble to someone who knows how kids are supposed to communicate on twitter because i sure as fuck don't know what the rules are, but its not entirely clear in the tweet. >jenny streaming early oh. well. fuck me for being asleep i guess. no it's fine. no really, not a problem. but i can't help the feeling that this is a personal and targetted revenge attack. >>882 lol this wasn't you was it? 11:43 < mloius07> bitches get snitches 11:43 < mloius07> i got 8 inches tools 11:44 < mloius07> want sugar daddy 11:44 < akornfan> mods? ban this @mloius07 chucklefuck mods lol. does jenny have mods?
>>888 pay no attention to the jenny behind the curtain, just enjoy her for what she gives us. accept the situation of your imprisonment and die like a rotten cabbage. also I have gone my whole life thinking it was 'chrysantheNum'. hmmmm.
>>881 I love her ADORABLE voice... I usually can't get enough of the "goshes", "Oh my Gods" and miscellaneous cute Jenny noises, but FF7:R unlocked shortly into her stream so I had to dip out. >>888 >i .. i saw too much i don't love her any more Wait, is it actually possible to stop loving her?
>>889 >mods lol. does jenny have mods? her mod was the ultra-betaorbiter Willsun mentioned upthread makes me think of that 'i'm a mod' amouranth video
>>892 >ultra-betaorbiter watch your fucking mouth kid. shoutout to willsun: https://youtu.be/DeB5iXofTuI?t=845 >ywn be the awkward third wheel at a film screening with jenny and griffin he has been where we mere mortals only dare to dream
>>893 >jenny riffing it up, effortlessly bantering in front of hundreds of people >muh SoCiAl aNxiEty because i feel like wearing a hat it seems like an undergrad psych degree creates the 'a little learning is a dangerous thing' scenario all too often.
>>893 and gr*ff is so funny and natural too i hope he gets some meds or whatever he needs
>>896 whatever you need griffin, we are here for you bud.
>>881 >he assumes she has to speak constantly about every single thing I thought rapidfire jenny was cute >>888 >she's doing a fake sweety voice? it could be how she talks around family, some people do that
>>895 >muh SoCiAl aNxiEty because i feel like wearing a hat to be fair her situation vis a vis her adoring and socially destitute fans changed dramatically. >>899 >>888 >it could be how she talks around family, some people do that also some of you guys might not know this depending on your power level but it's perfectly normal for people to simply talk or sound differently for a number of reasons completely unrelated to being a sociopath. I'm not trying to vindicate her i'm just saying don't base your relationships with people on them occasionally sounding different. then again i'm jumping the gun by writing this without inspecting the videos mentioned. let me get my forensics hat on and i'll get back to you.
Open file (17.49 MB 1920x1080 n64_sfw.webm)
As this thread is anchored it seems apt to post some homework help for any skylarky fans I know some of you might be thinking well anon, butt pirates of the carribean was just a product of its time and we can't really look at it through the lens of today's progressive socialist utopia. Well take a look at the attached webm and consider what a true unscrupulous monster this man really is. I really tried to get this in under the filesize limit but it just wasn't happening sorry. Mind of Mencia S02 E10: Butt Pirates of the Carribean: /file/BNxTACAa#QfTVCMrsmeexyABUmikCRxs-YG1rMzx9ICgkac19so8 woah mega links are ugly now. Also the line about bobby lee not being gay is interesting seeing as he sucked his own cousins dick.
>>901 #!BNxTACAa!QfTVCMrsmeexyABUmikCRxs-YG1rMzx9ICgkac19so8 ok i can just change it myself and it still works? thats stupid.
>>901 >As this thread is anchored What is the limit for posts on julay threads? I thought the thread would lock at 750 and yet here we still are.
>>903 what happens to the thread when it gets to page 2? what happens to us when we die? nobody knows.
Well somewhat hilariously someone just gifted me a subscription to Bailey's twitch channel, can someone here explain what this means?
>>905 means you don't have to watch ads anymore and also you can post the red or rainbow (gay) 69 or the cotton candy head thing emote "gaping maw" in chat. i guess if bailey ever set up anything for subs like private chatroom you would get access to that to. congratulations, but be careful outing yourself...
>>905 >we have somebody on the inside now
>>905 streamers have the option to make chat followers only also, so when bailey blows up with a million viewers and the chat is going crazy and she can't keep up you will still be able to message her.
Open file (20.22 KB 592x105 kykedesperate.jpg)
what would you call this behaviour? shouting out into the void not that you were victimised, not even pretending you have ever been, but just that there exists an option for someone to victimise you if they ultimately felt the need... hoping to call people's attention to that, apropos of nothing
Open file (255.26 KB 1024x2048 D1R7CXXU0AAcC2J.jpg)
peekuboo (is this photo known?)
>>909 She does this a lot, she just likes to remind people that jews are a minority too.
Open file (458.50 KB 1638x2048 EVRWTlTUMAAtT1M.jpg)
>>912 >Jenny starts doing a bit about needing to drink G-Fuel for electrolytes with perfect irony pitch >Bailey, two days later: LOOKat me morty im gonna Drink GatoRaDe while i do my GOoseBump on my OnlyF..i mean my youtube. BAZINGA what do you think jenny really feels about heaving this leaden thing along on her coat tails?
>>910 iS ThiS PhOtO kNowN? Jesus tap dancing christ anon please tell me you didnt take this. Please tell me you arent actually following her around. Oh god ugh. I feel sick I need to sit down. >>909 It's definitely insane and I feel bad that this is how her mind works that she cant just enjoy things and is clearly heavily depressed but I mean technically she is correct right? Not that words themselves can be bad but if you said kike to a jew that would probably be super bad. Why ARE all the 'bad' words so fun to say? Is it really just the taboo? Black people cant stop saying nigger, are jew just going to pretend it's not a fun word? >>910 That poor Asian guy thinking you were checking him out, looks like was kind of into it too. Be honest, did you see lindsay with a cheesecake or did you hear her talk about going to the factory?
>>914 If i took the photo, wouldn't i know if it was already posted? ...sorry i didn't follow your bit there.
btw not trying to be coy its from a randoms twitter, they posted it to show themselves in the crowd and some person commented hey is that j n
>>915 Ok so the bit is that you did take the picture, but to throw us off are pretending to be ignorant about its provenance. Your motivation is that you dont want to be associated with taking it. Now the bit is I'm pretending to direct you like we're in a play. Break a leg! So the guy took this perfectly framed picture of our girl completely by COINCIDENCE while he was photographing just a tiny handful of people in an audience as you do, perfectly normal. Now the bit is I'm skeptical of the photographers intentions. Who is showing themselves in the crowd? Asian guy? Hes the only one paying attention. >hey take a picture of me. >no not from here, go down a little further away >yeah the other side of that adorable mouse and the girl who brought her own cheesecake.
Open file (576.35 KB 2048x1365 D1R7Bu5U0AAVTN9.jpg)
>>917 jesus christ. its cropped from this. the person who uploaded it is behind jenny, and is a nude photo seller (i found this by searching -don't ask me what i expected because it's not like i thought she might have one- 'jenny n*cholson onlyfans' lol)
Open file (124.99 KB 750x480 californiagames2.jpg)
>>918 and since i've posting the wide shot can i just say.. the LA theatregoer demographics... man, well. it just seem like things aren't the same as they were back when ken made california games
>>910 >Jenny copying Lindsay's whore lipstick DO NOT WANT <Jenny watching The Boy II Can't wait for her to get to the end...
>>918 please tell me it's the asian guy. if its the woman with the flip up glasses does she wear them in her pictures? I am so old i looked at the resolution and just assumed it couldn't be cropped. wow technology huh. So i'm inferring from the logo that unless she works for a projection company and only moonlights as an e-escort that the establishment took the picture? then the madam was either given a copy as a participant, or, bear with me here, it was posted on the theatres blog somewhere? might be worth looking into.
>>918 >don't ask me what i expected please, i need to know.
>>913 go to bed griffin.
Open file (184.24 KB 960x1200 EVWC10fU8AA_lDU.jpg)
Wow. What in the absolute fuck is that bowl all about. It's a jewish thing or what?
>>924 If cocoa puffs are a jewish thing. Have you never seen cocoa puffs before?
>>925 Actually no I dont know what coco puffs are but that is not to what I was referring anyway, the bowl has feet. Have you never seen your own eyes before?
>>926 lol I actually didn't notice that at all. Wew.
>>926 >>925 So what the bird is just obsessed with eating rabbit shit? Hes a shroomhead or something and they market this at kids?
Open file (205.83 KB 1965x1624 EVVfRfRXYAENwdJ.jpg)
>>928 That's pretty much it. Yeah.
>>929 Following up on this image, I knew I recognized the artstyle. Guy's pretty funny, would recommend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KO2IjWI9fA
>>929 adorable
Just a feeble little warning that sky was on stream today saying hopefully they would be on progamerjenny tonight. of course it won't happen but might as well put it out there.
Alright, I need somebody to explain to me what's wrong with the word "essential". Bailey's just sent out a tweet bitching about it and I'm completely baffled.
>>934 like essential workers, I guess the phrase shines a light on the fact that the lower classes have to expose themselves to corona at walmart and mcdonalds while everyone else stays home from work? I don't know
>>933 Always battling Jenny's laziness, bless her heart. >>934 It's never uncreepy to call a person you don't know essential over the internet.
>>936 >It's never uncreepy I don't like this meme.
Open file (17.43 KB 603x90 horny.jpg)
I told yous she doesn't like real boys - Hornsby is a chibi rhino from a kids nintendo game. remember this if she ever gets in your face about waifuing her
>>938 waifuing aka 'parasocially adorablizing' whatever the fuck she'll say
>>934 Is gone now? >>939 Its ok if he's not real though. Poor Danny phantom.
>>940 >Is gone now? Oh shit, it is. I should've screencapped but it seemed like such a petty thing. Good of her to think better, I guess.
>>941 Maybe because of how many jewish people in white collar jobs. Unessential == gassed. Which yeah is bad. Jenny on stream trolling us in an adorable outfit.
>>943 haha i was going to webm this. i don't think i've ever heard her swear, she even has a bit in pony panels about replacing cuss words with sfw. puts on a wholesome front but really mouth of a sailor. Is this why she doesn't like playing stressful games? crying like a toddler the whole time until she wins something then immediately snaps to being happy for 3 seconds. absolutely unbearable but takes a lot of concentration maybe to hold back the hurricane of profanity. When lindsay read the chat asking what the patreon poll options were and jenny said private and lindsay suggested maybe telling people the options would entice them to join and jenny agreed it might be a good idea...she seriously never considered it before? mind blown Interesting to read the hot take on lilo and stitch, can't help but think that maybe the part about if you disagree maybe you are a spoiled brat too was a targeted attack. not that i would agree with any of it of course lol. dissapointed by the lack of 'ironic' braindead comments in chat after real life peter griffin. also jenny absolutely mogging lindsay with her lois impression. need to look closely to pinpoint the exact moment her heart breaks in two.
>>944 >i don't think i've ever heard her swear she says: this is my first swearword ever
>>943 wow thats great anon but did you get a clip of lindsays feet when she went for drinks or not?
>>944 please do make webms, clips can vanish
>>946 i dont clip the clips
>>948 don't suppose anyone has a rough timecode? big file make computer slow. any /r/ get them in whil i got it loaded.
>>950 the thing i posted was t=3h31m48s
>>951 thanks, i got: laughing at cucks stolen favourite cheese smashed glass and heated gamer moment looking for louis impression
>>944 >i don't think i've ever heard her swear This is the second f-bomb she dropped "publicly". They come out so naturally though that you can tell she uses it frequently... she's such a bad car.
>>955 >This is the second f-bomb she dropped "publicly" goods or gtfo
Open file (12.40 MB 1280x720 heated gamer moment.mp4)
snibbity snabbity, did i hit the thread post capacity?
nope okay just a random error whatever
Open file (17.46 MB 1280x720 Weird Vibe.mp4)
lol it won't let me post multiples at once
Open file (74.25 KB 512x344 and so it begins.jpg)
>>960 bailey couldn't hold it together for long. I didn't see all of her stream, does anyone know what he means?
Open file (18.87 MB 1280x720 hgm3.webm)
>>957 oh, well i didn't make this not to post it
Open file (13.64 MB 1280x720 jenblackskin.webm)
>>963 20MB limit per post, not per file.
>>965 It's not hard to imagine. Bailey goes in and out of kvetching with the usual Jew footnotes. It's nice to see somebody calling out her racism when usually people ignore it. >>967 >>968 Sorry, I didn't mean to steal your thunder. An anon above said that vids end up disappearing so I felt autistically compelled to grab what clips I can. I can't into actual webms, so there's nothing from the streams themselves I can nab. Only the clips, and only as mp4's.
Open file (14.93 MB 1280x720 Jenny Can't Do Math.mp4)
Oh wait, there's a fuckton of these. I thought they were a fleeting thing. I'm stopping here, at least for now.
Open file (18.83 MB 1280x720 reciprocatedpoll.webm)
>>969 you do you brother no problem. let the autism consume you. get that jennyfolder nice and plump. >>965 >how terrible white men are well i'm honsetly surprised about this, i would have had money on something about drugs or sexual orientation. I know shitting on white men is a real hobby in lib states but i didn't think bailey was quite there. see what we can find. Jenny's southern accent and lois griffin.
>>965 ok i'm not going to jump through the whole thing but skip to 3:02 and go on from there seems to be possible candidate. I don't understand what is so offensive to what i assume is a grown man about a couple of cynical kids talking shit about how everyone is the boogeyman. They all just seem oblivious that not everyone is gong to be on their side.
>>973 <clips never expire apparently. but we all know the truth right? nothing is ever really gone from the internet unless you want it.
Open file (15.63 MB 1280x720 sharp.webm)
jenny called out on her bullshit
>>979 My webm folder is already fairly large, those clips alone would at the very least double it. I wasn't aware that literally anybody can make a clip of a stream and just upload it. I would have assumed there would be some sort of cap. Or like that other anon said earlier, that the clips would gradually be erased.
>>981 The bigger the streamer the longer you get to keep your video history, clips are some kind of balance where I guess they trust people or assume statistically that users will only clip content that is likely to lead to converting users. Do they put adverts on clips? Surprising if they dont because the ad/content ratio would be much higher. Surprising that they dont put adverts on non affiliate channels either.
>>982 Out of all the ones I went through, no ads whatsoever. >I guess they trust people or assume statistically that users will only clip content that is likely to lead to converting users. But there's just so damn many.
>>983 And they are all solid gold.
>>965 he deleted this or a mod did? lol.
Ohh my god fuck. nooooo. Dude lmao. When i said please "make webms, clips may vanish" i meant like, if there's something funny to you make a webm rather than a clip because a clip might get deleted one day, her channel might go down, twitch may shut down. and i wake up and this dude was like oh shit "the clips" are disappearing and so i need to convert and post every single one. 90% of them "the clips" were clipped by retards from her fanbase and will only be funny to twittery leftist pronoun people, dude STOP lmao You have to be selective. I mean maybe you have been i haven't look at the ones you posted but if you're saving them all STOP >>983
Open file (165.69 KB 600x600 1384420197872.jpg)
>>987 can't stop giggling at this. my clips are personally curated and edited by me. so, some top quality stuff rest assured >pronoun people that reminds me, have we all intruduced ourself in baileys discord? put your id's from here in there too that way we know what pronouns to use on here without offending anyone. >>988 hey don't listen to this guy kid, if you want to flood the board with simp clips you go on right ahead. this thread is anchored anyway shit it up all you like. but we def. need more jentric (jenny centric) reaction images. because i don't know what that is? is it fan art from a book or film that jenny reviewed on youtube or something? speaking of which what is exactly the procedure for a new general? i mean i don't want to start one, i'm just asking.
>>970 When I was growing up one of the common playground taunts was asking > do you play pokemon < yes of course everyone does > do you have muk? The joke being that muk was cum backwards. Yes that was the whole bit and yes if you said you had muk you got the shit kicked out of you for being a fag and if you said no you got the shit kicked out of you for having no pubes. Ah those halcyon days lost forever I mourn for them.
>>989 >i don't know what that is? Random reaction image. >what exactly is the procedure I would assume that if people want to move on from an anchored thread, somebody would make a new general and this one would be locked. I keep expecting us to hit some kind of post limit like the generals of old but it keeps not happening. If you want to make the new one, better do it before somebody else beats you to it. Just make sure to have a snazzy edition theme or you'll get bannedjk :^) >>990 Ain't no trauma like childhood trauma. Wew.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osADJ3a_uWo are kat and him still a couple are kat and jen still room mates?
Open file (266.06 KB 1536x2048 EVbNnNwUwAI98i5.jpg)
Oh lawd almighty. Bailey. You minx.. >>992 Jen's bunking with somebody else, I don't know if we ever confirmed with who. Kat seems like a sensible choice.
>>992 Did they go for cheesecake after? What happened to Lindsay's pussy, did we get an update? Shes ok right? >>993 Careful now anon. I hope you arent a white male are you? That there is a siren and your boat is about to run aground on her rocky formation. I dont believe we necessarily know that she is.
>>995 I'd let her plunge me into her watery depths, if you get my meaning.
do NOT look at g** twitter banner if you do not want a SPOOP today dem eyes mane imagine across the table from you at a restaurant. my poor bby wife [g** if you ever read this, please go to a doctor and get checked for schizophrenia because you have it and i'm not joking and it's quite sad but if you can get medicated for it maybe the world can get the funny promising guy back]
>>997 pls note it's just meant to be 6 stars... not a black bar and 1 star
>>997 Yes his eyes are gorgeous no wonder she was crying. We dont have a clinical diagnosis do we? Cant trust american doctors anyway they're all on the take from pharma. What we really need is psych jenny to weigh in. >>998 Bamboozled by the site. The g was enough lol.
>>997 did griff post the karen idea tweet just to ruse bailey?
>>955 mentioned in baileys chat that jenny cusses in the goosedrunks patreon blooper. is anyone brave and cool enough to post a clip?
>>905 who gifted you? i just got fucking snipe gifted too by lofty88 feel kinda bad because im signed into about a troll account i made for the purpose of posting a single message a few months ago and completely forgot about. i'm set to appear offline i can only assume its the computer and not the user who picks or something? the cotton candy head emote is tier2+ which is an extra 5 units of currency per month wtf.
>>1002 That would have to mean somebody's on Bailey's Patreon, which I don't think anyone here is. Jenny's next ramble looks like it's going to be about things to do during quarantine, btw.
>>1002 That's a great video, definite must see. I don't have a clip of Jenny swearing, but it happens right at the start of the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLmrAoG9Aps&feature=emb_title
>>1005 Oh snap, I stand corrected. How're things going over in those neck of the woods?
>>991 >Ain't no trauma like childhood trauma. Wew. yeah i kind of feel bad about it now tbh.
>>1003 Yeah, I think it just chooses at random. >>1006 Bleak and desolate. Sammy dying has basically killed any desire she has to make youtube videos and the only other content she posted was pictures of him. She did a post to get questions for a q and a vid and there was literally only 5 questions asked.
>>1008 >only 5 questions asked. That actually hurts. Now that she's steadily streaming, it makes more sense to join that bandwagon as well. But I feel like the second I would do so, she'd get back to a real job and stop making content again. Also, being part of her fanbase seems like more of a trap than Jenny's. More likely to ban you for saying the wrong thing, more like to ban you if you get openly offended by things she'll say. Might also be why she only got six questions. Her streams are active, aren't they? I still have yet to make it one.
>>1009 >only got six *five
>she's live now >check viewer count >nearly 70 watching her right now hmm
>>1009 >yet to make it to one post some clips lel
>>1012 Yeah, I'll get right to it downloading the thousands of clips. Haha. Ha. :^(
>>1009 No I don't think it's that people are scared it's just there's nothing to ask. You can't ask anything she deems "creepy" so thats personal qs out the window, and anything about future plans for vids are gonna be either unsure because of corona or shes too sad because of sammy. She seems happier streaming, with a smaller, more concentrated fan base. I dunno what'll happen once life goes back to normal and she has to get a job again but I think she's going to pivot away from youtube and growing her patreon and towards making money through twitch.
>bailey starts talking about sammy and trying to get over him >song in the background has a chorus going "i love noone, noone loves me. >voice gets a bit shaky ;-; >>1014 >but I think she's going to pivot away from youtube and growing her patreon and towards making money through twitch. Twitch seems like it'll have a better shelf life than Youtube, yeah. Dare one dream of Jenny/Bailey/Sky making their own version of Channel Awesome to upload all their content there?
Open file (734.52 KB 1280x720 fuck1.webm)
Open file (2.12 MB 1280x720 fuck2.webm)
>>1005 >1 comment from Shaun Cheah oh no how is our boy? dead from corona? haven't heard from him hope he's ok. mogged by shoe was too much? >>1015 yesterday? maybe it was just the lighting but she had lines down her face like she had cried through her makeup. poor kid. The other day when that guy complained about the white man bashing everyone in chat were singing the mcelroy family as the model human, today they seem to have lost faith. >Jenny/Bailey/Sky making their own version of Channel Awesome we beat them to it. i think we even nailed the irony part of "awesome" clips of JUST the fucks.
>>1016 also big shoutout to ovuwuvo my absolute favourite commenter. x3
>>1016 >yesterday? Nah, literally today's stream about half an hour ago.
>>1005 this one is NOT cute at first because she sounds like a normal potty mouth woman but then you must consider what she was doing here was accommodating bailey and being a rough toilet mouth for that reason only. She would NEVER speak like this outside this unique situation where she is behaving far outside her natural instincts to actually very kindly make her ailing crude friend feel like this manner is 'normal' it's 'okay'. Jenny is that friend shaving off her lovely hair because bailey has cancer and lost hers. Betrayed, however, by that friend exposing this as gossip to 'patrons' for money &g