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Open file (735.04 KB 640x960 smhb.png)
Knight of Jen 02/06/2020 (Thu) 19:09:10 ID: 4cc26e No.32
hbomb thread? what don't you guys like about him?
Open file (146.75 KB 1200x896 EBGOczaWwAAuA5m.jpg)
>>35 he hangs with these folks
>>35 Some English guy communist who's overly interested in American politics. He does twitch/youtube, had a trans friend who got molested by his other friend so he threw her under the bus then when twitter pulled him up on it he did a charity stream where other people gave money to a charity who's founder took her kid from the UK to Thailand to get gender surgery because the NHS wouldn't operate on a 16 year old quickly enough. Did a ted talk about how its important to be nice to each other instead of mean yet 110% of his twitter is derisive comments bullying anyone he sees as right of antifa. Also one of jennys best friends apparently.
Trolls remorse faggot. He felt bad about his Metokur autism and over compensated.
>>2086 Glad this thread is gaining traction finally really dont like this guy but I dont wish him any harm Completely forgot he was metokur I dont know about overcompensated its horseshoe politics. Is he planning a charity stream anniversary? Raising money for a group that advocates mutilating kids dont they? Circumcising babies is fine giving kids hormone blockers is fine clown world he is the ringmaster. Whoops 'ringleader' master is black oppressive.
Open file (59.24 KB 582x360 griff11.jpg)
>>2086 I forgot that jenny seems like the type who would be cool with that "please spread these tweets around" I think 2 kids retweeted him.

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