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There's no discharge in the war!

Open file (165.57 KB 298x275 eggcompetence.png)
The US Navy fails to save an egg Strelok 08/18/2019 (Sun) 21:52:49 No.455 [Reply] [Last]
This is what taxpayer money is going towards.
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>>3534 To be honest in both this case and the other collision that happened around this time the Captains involved were 100% at fault. In this case he knew that he had a faulty radar and was entering a major shipping lane and yet, apparently for lack of manpower, did not having a standing order requiring two lookouts port and starboard using old fashioned eyeballs at all times. That's a completely unforgivable oversight. Put the fucking catering fags on it until someone gives in and volunteers if you must. In the other case due to shit procurement and training leading to a bad IT system in which it was easily possible to accidentally assign the two props to independent stations without noticing: this is indeed what happened lead to the ship apparently uncontrollably turning. Now that's not the Captain's fault but there's a quote from him where he states he simply could not understand why his ship was turning (one prop wasn't moving, one was still going) even though all instruments read that rudders etc were set not to turn: it's basic seamanship and worse just basic common sense to know what happens if you propel a ship from only one side so the fact his mind didn't quickly jump to that conclusion regardless of what other instrumentation was telling him that's what had happened is dumb. The only reason for him not to have realised is if he didn't know his ship had the capability to have the two props work independently and not knowing the basic functionality of your own ship is not an excuse. Obviously those fuckups don't forgive the actions of the other retards involved but still those are shockingly dumb and expose some pretty serious deficiencies in the training and promotion of officers in what is apparently the burger navy's most important region.
>>5581 >Captains involved were 100% at fault Only in the fact that he trusted a mulatto woman to run his ship.
>>5616 >only That's a gigantic fuck up.
>>5616 I'm saying that's in addition to the fuckups of their diversity hire officers.
>>5627 Well he hardly could be held responsible for the higher ups keeping his ship out to sea for so long with no service, refusing critical maintenance, not downsizing their fleet if they have such severe manpower shortages, keeping them on meme missions to protect against a North Korean attack so unlikely only the brain dead boomers and Normalfaggots could believe it’s a threat, and lastly running their ships on windows. At least 6 of the 7 dead were asians/spics/mystery meat. The black bitch should be executed though, it was entirely her fault, (>but she was tired!) and when she realized they were fucked she screamed “I’m so fucked.” Not even able to not think about herself, then she goes on to testify against the captain.

Open file (71.86 KB 1100x619 1-16.jpg)
Open file (2.53 MB 4000x3717 4jan_Syria_war_map.jpg)
Open file (725.52 KB 2450x1426 4jan_Yemen_war_map.jpg)
Open file (889.56 KB 2000x2000 4jan_Libyan_War_Map.jpg)
Open file (354.25 KB 1168x829 4jan_Afghanistan.jpg)
Middle East II Strelok 01/05/2020 (Sun) 06:19:08 No.3820 [Reply] [Last]
Last thread hit the bump-limit >US assassinates Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani during his official visit to Iraq. Neither Iraqi nor Iranian governments were particularly amused by this, especially considering that Soleimani's Quds forces helped Iraqi and Syrian military to fight ISIS back in around 2015 >Idlib zoo is getting rekt little by little >Saudis got rekt really fucking badly in Yemen >Taliban is still fighting in Afghanistan, and have gained some ground in 2019 >That watermelon seller Erdogan is now a Gullible Turkish Sultan >Turks signed a deal with Libyan GNA government allowing Turkish armed forces to operate on Libyan soil, LNA, nor Egypt or Greece were amused by this move, Turks have already moved some of their mercenaries from southern Turkey/Northern Syria to Libya >US still sitting on eastern Syria's oil fields
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>>5556 >They just keep building them to boost their gdp. >They can always just move there in case of actual plauge. Both these statements are partially incorrect. The ghost towns you're talking about aren't created by the government per se but by private Chinese corporations, but in China "private" just means "they take forceful loans from the Chinese government so they're perennially in the Party's hands". Most people do not realize this, because of the inscrutable oriental deal you get with a lot of Asians. but the Chinese really are one of the most traitorous and exploit-heavy people in the world, surpassing the Jews in every possible direction (except for warfare, the Chinese haven't won a single battle on their own strength in the past century). Basically, there's three different groups trying to screw each other over, and the product of their hard work is cities filled with weak buildings and empty lots of arable land just wasted by debris and pollution: 1) The Chinese Government, which invests a metric ton of money into these companies to keep as many people employed (contrary to popular belief, the PRC wants their workers to LOWER their working and living conditions, because otherwise the lack of certain base necessities you may see in a first world country would surely inspire actual activism instead of the constant fear that permeates their society, think about the pork they can't consume - if you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose). At the same time, local administrations get bribed immensely by construction companies to change rural areas into urban ones, so they can get economic stimuli to build vacant parking lots and replica cities; 2) The Construction Companies themselves, which abuse a very big loophole in Chink ownership laws: basically, to cut a long story short, every building in China is LOANED by the PRC to a private citizen or company for around 99 years (I may be wrong on the number of years, but it's a set amount), after which it gets repossessed by the PRC. Because of this, Construction Companies prefer focusing on quantity rather than quality (why build something to the highest regulations if it's going to be taken away from you anyways?) so they concentrate as much effort as possible into building as much shit as possible to keep the money coming in and provide barely any upkeep to their buildings. But it doesn't matter to them because of 3) Private Chinese citizens. Basically, in China a man's worth depends on the amount of houses he possesses, so there's this symbiotic relationship between 2) and 3) where the former give out apartments in distant, empty swaths of land for dirt cheap while the latter buys all the lots that the former can't sell and relieves the company of any pressure in maintaining the building. Too bad they're literally killing their own country by removing what little arable land they had. Also, said empty cities don't have any running water, a few have electricity but it's a premium and in isolated areas. The Chinese govt would be better off just nuking their own Tier 2 cities than relocating there. >>5586 Can you back up that Indians are doing the right thing for once? >>5587 It's useless though, China has one of the worst population pyramids in the world, they're murderraping Uyghurs because they're the only ones that can potentially replace them in numbers. >>5588 >due to Chinese fucking like rabbits

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

So when do we get a middle east thread again rather than Chink plague?
Need to make a new middle east thread as this one's reached the limit. Make a separate thread for bugmanbug
>>5644 >middle east thread again When someone posts about the Middle East, it’s been days since any updates.
>>5659 al-Sadr and friends will protest tomorrow

Open file (11.79 KB 379x241 404.jpg)
Strelok 01/19/2020 (Sun) 21:39:52 No.5330 [Reply] [Last]
Reminder that /k/ is now a MK Ultra psyop program designed to weaponize inane shitposts, blackpilling, and paranoia over feds in order to make people do nothing out of paranoia or go crazy and shoot up places so feds can take away more rights. The BO is a fed who monitors this all and pretends to do well for this board while simultaneously progressing the psyop. Of course he will lie and say he isn't a fed, but the burden of proof that he isn't one is on him. If my thread gets deleted or I'm banned, it confirms the BO is a fed and this is a psyop program.
the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you
Open file (230.32 KB 512x384 Negro Shaker.webm)
Oh boy, looks like he's about to spam again.
ok retard
>>5331 >>5341 >>5342 How's the weather in Langley?
>>5330 >dox yourself to own the libs Read the board rules, I don't want to ban myself

/ak/ thread Strelok 08/09/2019 (Fri) 09:48:34 No.2 [Reply] [Last]
Post /ak/ things and your raifu.
245 posts and 670 images omitted.
>>2 I keep thinking that chick has elf ears when I see the picture in the catalog. That one lock of hair is in just the right place.
>>3330 Which Lupin movie is that from?
>>3261 >sabagebu! Nice.
Open file (3.75 MB 1736x2736 ClipboardImage.png)
>ywn meet an assault /ara/ Why live?
Open file (1.29 MB 1650x1120 54729786_p0.png)
Open file (3.41 MB 1800x1200 69197539_p0.png)
Open file (2.01 MB 1800x1200 76318348_p0.png)
Open file (2.17 MB 1800x1200 66169504_p0.png)
Open file (1.32 MB 6000x4092 78928524_p0.jpg)
Was going to post more but the harddrive that I had a lot of my pics on died and cannot be recovered.

Counter-Terrorism Thread Strelok 01/15/2020 (Wed) 13:08:14 No.4883 [Reply] [Last]
Share tactics, stories, etc I'd like to start with explaining the scenario that when Russians deal with hostage situations they tend to result with 244 of 40 confirmed terrorists dead as while most fags know of this they tend to not understand how or why it happens. I'll explain this by using the Beslan School Siege as an example in the following post.
39 posts and 15 images omitted.
Open file (1.65 MB 1064x1520 72792195_p0.jpg)
>>5142 Maybe, sounds like they were hoping for pilots to run out and the kick the snot out of the little shits but weren't aware they were on their smoke and "I don't give a fuck" break.
>>5141 >80’s >millennials
What part of "equivalent of" do you not understand?
>>5158 Could have just said entitled gen Xers.
>>5180 And forgo an opportunity to complain about millennial manlets? I think not

The HK33 Strelok 01/16/2020 (Thu) 18:23:27 No.5013 [Reply] [Last]
The most popular and operator weapon that Heckler & Koch have made that you probably never heard of. Chances are you have seen it but often mistook it for the hefty chunk of homosexuality known as the G3 which by all accounts is one of the poorer battle rifles out there but does admittedly see some popularity in the goat fondling community. This is because for most purposes essentially they are the same rifle except one is dedicated to queering up FULL NATO rounds while the other is dedicated to Removing Communists in South-East Asia. The HK33 is indeed a 5.56 rifle and a surprisingly heavy one at that but unlike most 5.56 rifles it actually does work although that might be because it's not an AR-18 that has had it's intestines pulled out through it's anus and reshaped into a bullpup configuration. Likes of SAS, Navy Seals, even fucking Diensteinheit IX adopted this as their go to raifu with great enthuasim. This is a reliable and effective rifle that is going to continue long into service well after that piece of shit known as the G36 has disintegrated itself into dust. One of the things that make this an unsurprising weapon of choice is also it's magazine capacity which while most cucked 5.56 weapons are trapped using measly 30 round magazines the HK33 can use a man sized 40 round magazine so you can spend more time raining bullets down on your enemies. This is however not it's final party piece as there is in fact a shorten version of the HK33 known as the HK53 which for whatever reason the uninitiated seem to mistake for the MP5. In defence of most cases you can see why as they do indeed share a lot of similarities visually, aside from the painfully obvious oversized magazine that in no way shape or form anyone could mistake for 9mm. This is perhaps the most popular version of this weapon as it gives a lightweight, easy to conceal package with a high capacity magazine delivering relatively controllable true rifle grade firepower unlike those panzy ass PDWs. Yet again nobody knows this one exists despite it being a weapon that nobody has found a true replacement for yet. So there you have it. Proof that can Heckler & Koch can make good weapons instead of trying to market the shit out of their inferiority range and waste millions in procurement competitions bribing everyone hopefully long enough not to notice the garbage they are trying to sell doesn't work or not hopefully outclassed by the offerings from Beretta, FN or Bren.
7 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>5034 That's how people use the word nowadays, but there is nothing in its etymology that points to any of those characteristics. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/musket#English >From Middle English musket, muskett, muskete, muskytte (“sparrow hawk”), from Old Northern French mousket, mosquet, from Italian moschetto, diminutive of mosca (“fly”). The firearm was named after the sparrowhawk because of its small size, and the "firearm" sense was reborrowed from modern French mousquet.
>>5039 >lighter and easier to shoot By a marginal amount. >Took a while for the AR-15 to get anywhere remotely close to acceptable They flattened out most of the bugs after the original M16. >Not everywhere is a complete rip off for funz nor is this really about cost In America they were listing these for $2000-$4000 depending on the model when an AR-15 cost $1000-$2000 a unit at most and was domestically produced. You wonder why it never got the love it "deserved" and this is one of the reasons. >Neither of those come remotely close to size to the HK53 Pics related, they're smaller than it so they can be the same size as it. >You serious? Are you not? The P7 wasn't widely adopted outside because of the price and unconventional technology, and the G11 was cancelled the minute it was issued because of trying to suck east Germany back into the country. The rotary bolt had a compartment to expel a round on the bottom of the gun and was tested enough to make sure the entire mechanism didn't fail.
>>5059 >A whole pound lighter with much more manageable recoil is marginal Okay then >I can't get one therefore it means it's not popular Okay then >SCAR PDW and SBR, weapons slammed for being too impractical with SCAR PDW actually being infamous for burning your thumb off Okay then >the G11 was cancelled the minute it was issued because of trying to suck east Germany back into the country And the fact that concerns were raised during field testing about reliability and ammo cookoffs had nothing to do with that as well?
>>5104 The G3 is .22 pounds heavier than the FAL and a heavier gun usually means better recoil control, the only disadvantage the G3 has against it is that it deforms brass. And the cost of me owning one isn't the fucking point, compared to the rest of the RDB family it isn't as widely known or remembered because it wasn't adopted for it's price and the rest of the first-world having their own substantial armory and the rest of the world perfectly content with their AKs, FALs, and G3s. >SCAR PDW and SBR, weapons slammed for being too impractical with SCAR PDW actually being infamous for burning your thumb off >they're smaller than it so they can be the same size as it. The G11 was worked on for a decade and a half ironing out any sort of failure to function and passed testing in Germany and performed well in America's ACR trials.
>>5122 H&K never really solved either the ammo breakages or the cookoff problem both of those being somewhat severe issues.

Open file (151.88 KB 750x595 cleanDI.jpg)
Drawfagging thread Strelok 01/03/2020 (Fri) 23:32:08 No.3699 [Reply] [Last]
If we can have a writefagging thread we can have this too. This thread is for posting oekaki or whatever you want for guns or gun parts you designed. Anything from a napkin sketch of a new trigger grouping you wish existed to a picture of something you made in a CAD program. >CleanDI Basically when you shoot the gun, you have a lot of pressure holding the bolt closed against the force that would normally make it fly open, and when gas enters at your forward tap it equalized pressure on the part of the lock piece that is in the tube. Remaining backwards force can then carry the bolt back, which if built correctly should conveniently vent the first port allowing the second ports pressure to push back more. The goal is to be easy to manufacture, I suppose. I think I recall seeing a gun displayed one time that used something similar to that but I cannot remember what it was.
16 posts and 13 images omitted.
Open file (194.57 KB 960x720 krowa.jpg)
Open file (4.43 MB 480x360 ave maryia.webm)
Open file (4.61 MB 640x480 golce.webm)
>>4145 >implying these are funny
>>4146 The first one is just weird, does she even know what those words mean? The third one is hilarious, saved.
>>4144 anything in particular? I’m not very good and can’t into memory or creative drawing.
>>4569 I don't know; off the top of my head maybe some comfy campfire scenes. Get the shading right and it really will look good.
>>4708 Shading is about all I think I can do well, I’ll get on it when I have some down time.

Strelok 08/21/2019 (Wed) 01:38:14 No.502 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: Top tier commanders.
3 posts and 3 images omitted.
Open file (98.96 KB 551x800 charles xii.jpg)
Speaking of commanders, what's the point of the one star general in armies that only uses battalions and brigades, and the brigades are usually led by colonels? I mean, you might have some special brigades led by them, but I doubt that those would outnumber divisions in a proper army. Therefore you'd have to either turn colonels directly into two star generals so that they can lead a division, or you'd have both one star and two star generals leading divisions, and that is the same problem as having brigades led by either a one star general or a colonel. Basically I think every general should lose a star, so that divisions are led by one star generals, corps are led by two star generals, and armies are led by three star generals.
Suvorov was better.
Maybe. But the absolute balls of cheeky breeky to burn your sacred capital just so the enemy can't have it.
Open file (10.52 KB 220x296 ImageVladimir_Vazov.jpg)
If officers count.

I Need Help Strelok 11/21/2019 (Thu) 08:04:04 No.2719 [Reply] [Last]
Is a short hunting trip a good first date idea. The gal I'm asking out is big into it as am I, but do you guys think it's a bit too much for the first time going out?

Apologies if this is considered off topic, but you cunts are the most well versed on innawoods
10 posts and 1 image omitted.
Might as well try to experience love before it's to late.
>implying we're lucky enough to have things collapse that soon
>>2719 For all you know they're a retard around guns. I wouldn't do that for someone you don't know much yet.
>>2719 So to answer from a different angle, no, hunting is a terrible date idea. Date activities aren't about picking something you both enjoy, it's about picking something you can do while you enjoy each other. Hunting requires concentration and quiet, so not a great date idea. Just take her camping if you want to do something outdoors. But for a first date maybe start with coffee or dinner.
>>2765 This. Going out with a chick you don't know these days without having 2 neutral witnesses to confirm you did nothing wrong is plain danger.

Open file (3.32 MB 2671x1382 camo 1.png)
Open file (3.71 MB 2671x1383 camo 2.png)
Camo thread Strelok 01/08/2020 (Wed) 14:34:08 No.4362 [Reply] [Last]
It looks like all American camo except ATACS doesn't work for their intended environments and is just made to look cool, where would woodland and chocolate chip actually be effective compared to flecktarn, SS leto, and strichtarn? I get the feeling that this map is inaccurate too.
>>4362 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3khfSiedNsg0jWLjaxxU0beGSCzZJbAa This guy has a ton of camo test videos, including SS smocks. One thing I thought was neat was comparing coyote brown to east german rain-drop, it's surprising how much better the little stripes make the pattern.

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