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There's no discharge in the war!

Texas church gunman shot by armed civilian Strelok 12/30/2019 (Mon) 03:53:41 No.3469 [Reply] [Last]
Texas church shooting: Two fatally shot before gunman killed by churchgoer >A gunman opened fire in a church in Texas, fatally shooting two parishioners before being killed by an armed member of the congregation. The gunman stood up from a pew at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, a suburb of Fort Worth, pulled out a shotgun and begun firing. Police said they were still trying to determine the attacker's motives. White Settlement Police Chief JP Bevering praised "the heroic actions" of those who confronted the attacker. >The shooting took place at about 11:50 (17:50 GMT), during the morning service. The service was being live-streamed on social media. Video footage showed the gunman stand up from a pew and speak to a man nearby, who gestured at another parishioner. The gunman then fired at the man he gestured toward. The gunman fired again, at the man he had spoken to, before a member of the congregation acting as a security guard returned fire with a handgun, immediately felling the attacker. Several other parishioners also produced handguns and trained them on the attacker. It was not clear from the video footage whether any of the other armed parishioners fired shots. >The two churchgoers who were shot died later in hospital, police said. Members of the congregation in the nearly full church were seen on the livestream ducking down behind pews as screaming filled the room. >Jack Cummings, a minister at the church, told the New York Times that the gunman had been "acting suspiciously" and drew the attention of the church's security team. The security team is made up of volunteers from the church's membership who are licensed to carry firearms. "They saved a lot of lives today because this thing would have been a massacre otherwise," Mr Cummings said. Texas Governor Greg Abbott called the shooting "an evil act of violence". "Places of worship are meant to be sacred, and I am grateful for the church members who acted quickly to take down the shooter and help prevent further loss of life," he said in a statement. Witness Isabel Arreola told local broadcaster CBS DFW: "It was the most scariest thing. You feel like your life is flashing before you. I was so worried about my little one." >In September, a new law came into effect in Texas that allowed licensed handgun owners to carry weapons in places of worship. The state has seen a number of deadly shootings this year. In August, 22 people died and 24 were wounded at a Walmart store in El Paso. The same month a gunman killed seven and wounded 20 at Odessa-Midland. In 2017, 26 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, during a Sunday service. Gunman top centre-right of picrelated, if anyone has a video of the livestream that'd be better but I doubt it since it was probably not watched by many. This story will undoubtedly be memory-holed soon enough as it doesn't fit the narrative and frankly I'm surprised the BBC even reported it at all. Sorry about the cancerous spacing, blame the BBC. I've tried to fix it.
84 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>4086 Logistics is for gay babies.
>>4108 The ˝imperial˝ system isn't even imperial, because the bongs only ever had a colonial empire. Meanwhile the metric system was spearheaded by the conquests of the emperor of France. And no, there is nothing intuitive about dividing every unit into a random number of different subunits.
>>4086 >No, that's why the niggers are braving the cold Until the past couple of years they were all over Italy, and there's plenty of them in Spain.
>>4107 Imagine being such a faggot that you've never had to do work with your hands and thus cannot understand why metric system is such gay bullshit. >>4109 >Using imperial makes you a cuck to burgers. Nigger, you realize the British use the Imperial system, right? Canada got rid of it as a mere gesture of "independence" whilst keeping the Royal family in the power structure of the nation, it's retardation for the sake of it and the Canadian public wasn't even considered when the changes were made. Being compatible with the largest trading partner is just an added bonus. Yes, I'm also aware the British Imperial system is different from the American system, but they're similar enough to not cause as much confusion which has literally gotten planes to fall out the air as a result of the metric system switch. The point is, working men like the Imperial system because it's measurements are based off of real things used as a reference point. Feet, self explainatory. Inches, width of a thumb. Bureaucrats that have never been outside an office are the ones that love the Metric system because it's easier for them to file stuff. The fact that all this metrification came from the faggot-in-chief Trudeau is just another reason to hate it, and yet more fuel for my hatred of anything Quebecois. >>4135 No, Italy is merely their port, Spain merely their doorstep, France, Germany, Sweden, Nederlands and England is their destination. That's why the EU is so angry at the Italians right now, because their leadership was apparently working harder than anyone to stop the importation of illegal niggers.
Well this thread ran its course and now it's just being shat up by some fag who won't admit snow isn't going to protect him from feral niggers.

Open file (416.93 KB 1024x436 Kommando 52.png)
Open file (63.03 KB 400x572 Apocalypse Now.jpg)
Open file (373.50 KB 1138x1600 Battaglia di Algeri, La.jpg)
Open file (110.90 KB 510x755 9th Company, The.jpg)
Open file (108.44 KB 535x745 Three Kings.jpg)
Movie thread Strelok 01/06/2020 (Mon) 18:06:59 No.3986 [Reply] [Last]
Post and talk about movies, and assemble movie nights. This one is Kommando 52 which documents a German mercenary band in the Congo, https://mega.nz/#!elpDTKSC!dJn4fI-va3BAFp4H2lcyM4sg_qXNvYWTO5iVkPZb0_o.
>watching (((movies))) Ew.
Open file (87.80 KB 561x794 35193.jpg)
Fine stuff, Battle of Algiers is a must-see for anyone. Somewhat slow but i also recommend Pontecorvo's Ogro, it's about the basque ETA planning to attack Franco's successor Blanco. Even when the entire production is commie, the movie very smartly eliminates all trace of it, and other than the national sentiment (which is still subdued) there's not much partizan stuff going on other than a group of plotters calmly plotting. Its main narrative attraction to me is the intern small politics between members who believe violent sentiment and strongarm tactics are the only way to dialogue with a treacherous government, while the others think peaceful dialogue should be used when possible even if it stands for forgetting all past actions (muh optics).

Open file (435.18 KB 1000x785 Blitzaftermath.jpg)
Open file (252.05 KB 1320x742 Dresden.jpg)
War Strelok 11/11/2019 (Mon) 01:53:56 No.2443 [Reply] [Last]
How would you define a country having truly "experienced" war? I see the US tout its military prowess all the time, but unlike most other nations that has been in a war, they've never felt the harsher repercussions of it. Take the US for example.
Thanks to two massive oceans, Canada's tundra landscape and Latin America being overall too weak to contest anything, US soil has never been openly threatened by any outside enemies, and the american people have never really suffered from war.
Pearl Harbor? It was tiny a dot on the map, on an island sitting 3758 miles away from the mainland where the crushing majority of american life really resided. America was a very safe distance away from any fighting, mostly getting rich from selling armaments and equipment to the Soviets and the Allies.
Alaska/Russia border? It's mostly empty, icey landscape sitting 3622 miles away from the mainland as well.
Cuban Missile Crisis? A 13-day scare.
The Independence War? The bongs were so apathetic to it that they let them win.
Every other war the US has been in was either a proxy or a random venture into some backwater shithole that could never even dream of invading them back.

My question is, can we really say a country really been in war of attrition and suffered its consequences if their land was not once been invaded, its cities occupied, its infrastructure bombed and its civilians directly subjugated? Can you really say you have war experience when you've never seen the enemy step on your land and point a gun at you? The only actual war where american citizens were deeply affected was the Civil War. I wonder what will really happen when WWWIII comes down and it comes to their doorstep. Declaring war and sending people to die overseas is one thing; seeing enemy bombers flying over your suburbs is another.
70 posts and 19 images omitted.
Open file (574.41 KB 606x572 it's cool.png)
>>3750 Wasn't the first KKK off the shits and off the wall anti-Northerners. Everyone knows about the 2nd and 3rd but the 1st gets overlooked. >>3751 >Google Fiber just set up there, and most tech companies are making Kansas City their main offices or a strong branch office should the need to flee Commiefornia arrive. Does Google have a main server somewhere or have they decentralized proficiently at this point.
>>3772 The first KKK was founded in response to the union league, which was essentially the militant wing of the republican party and ran roughshod over the south during reconstruction. All the intimidation tactics people learn to associate with the KKK in school were pioneered by the UL during and after the war.
>>3599 I heard engineers on the field cant repair equipment because it would void contract warranties. They aren't allowed to repair anything, only order new equipment. Anything for more profit i guess
>>3878 That has to do with Right to Repair policies. You can thank Apple for making it that way by spearheading anti-repair policies. It's not that it would void the contract warranties (well, it does that as well), but that it's illegal for them to work on it because they purchased "the right to utilize the equipment as they see fit" not the equipment itself. That particular problem will resolve itself here in the next decade thanks to farmers suing the absolute fuck out of John Deere for doing something similar.

Open file (968.26 KB 817x537 1412951556530.png)
An aluminum-reinforced silicon printer! Strelok 01/04/2020 (Sat) 05:03:16 No.3744 [Reply] [Last]
Will the day eventually come when an aluminum-reinforced silicon printer is invented so one may make their firearm in whatever size they want that day and potentially even 3D print the boolit? Imagine laying an aluminum outer frame down and having a machine print you a hard silicon AR in about 12ish hours. Isn't it a beautiful sight?
>>3744 Ah fuck, that is a had silicon AEROGEL AR.
Aerogel is incredibly brittle and needs to be cured in a high pressure super critical drying chamber so laser sintering of metallic powders in a vacuum chamber is the most viable way of 3d printing metals. Aerogel also requires incredibly expensive and hard to get chemicals to create the initial gel. Meanwhile with a few hundreds dollars in tools you can print a blank and do lost casting for any part you want today. There were several popular videos on youtube of people doing this before the purge wiped them out. For 3d printing of bullets the gun powder is manufactured by producing very a volatile explosive and then making it safer. I expect 3d printed guns in the future to use different forms of ammunition.
>>3785 >There were several popular videos on youtube of people doing this before the purge wiped them out Any archives of this? Do you remember the names of the videos?

Open file (3.05 MB 1083x964 ClipboardImage.png)
Middle East Strelok 08/18/2019 (Sun) 18:42:37 No.450 [Reply] [Last]
Let's make a thread about all the wars and shittery in Middle East (and other shitholes because why not).
Current events:
>Syrian Army finally decided to clean the kettle on terrorists and is crushing HTS is Idlib (pic related)
>Iraq got bombed by kikes, so it closed its airspace, even to US, announcing that any unauthorised plane will be shot down
>Houthis bombed Aramco Oil refinery, Sauds mad as hell
>UAE proxies and Saudi proxies in Yemen about to go to war; dozens of dead, neither side seems willing to back down
>US raped so badly in Afghanistan that it's now negotiating with Taliban
>India abolished Kashmir autonomy, several dead soldiers along the pakistani border already, might cause war
>chad Iran swinging its dick in Persian Gulf, virgin UK screeches impotently while UAE starts being friendly with Iran (possibly related to Yemen happenings?)
>Turkey planning to invade SDF-held part of Syria to set up a "safe zone" along the border

That's all the events that come to mind at the moment.
769 posts and 257 images omitted.
Open file (31.99 KB 153x765 Oriflamme.svg.png)
>>3787 >I remember reading about that kind of thing (the red flag), chinks did similar actions at times. The medieval French also had one in battles.
>>3841 What a fucking world, taking this post and posting it on /k/ back in 2015 would have just made it seem like obvious bait, but now some anons say and believe shit on the level of the untermensch sjw hivemind with complete complacency from the rest of /k/. The oldfags were right, no one is safe from the influence of propaganda, and the crusade to drive iq down and make arguments about anything other than logic is fought all over the internet. Truth no longer exists on the internet in 2020, and soon it will no longer exist in the real world as well.
>>3912 ok retard
>>3801 >Trump has announced that he has designated 52 targets (one for each of the 1979 hostages) that they will strike if Iran makes a move. Is this a fucking movie or shitty T.V. show? >Mr. President we should prepare in case of a war with Iran, we’ve identified a number of strategic and tactical targets that we should focus on in the first days of a conventional war. <Is the number important? >pardon me? <Is the number of targets also an important number to Americans? Like the number of states or the number of trillions of Jewish sperm cells I have consumed in my life? >No, sir, it’s just a number, we identified targets and then counted them. <Okay well change the number of targets to a meaningful number to Americans. I don’t care if you have to drop important targets or add irrelevant ones just make it a meaningful number. >Umm, o-okay, sir. <It needs to be important to fuel neocon, boomer and hillbilly nationalism because telling them we wiped out 100% of Iran’s militarily important facilities is less meaningful to Americans than some number which is relevant.
Open file (34.80 KB 720x540 aw shit nigga.jpg)
Iran just bombed US bases in Iraq.

Open file (100.01 KB 600x590 Palass.jpg)
Strelok 09/04/2019 (Wed) 20:50:29 No.1055 [Reply] [Last]
This is how a female warrior should look like. They can be strong independent feminists but they must look like this.
21 posts and 14 images omitted.
The only 'moeshit' that doesn't try to pander to otaku but gets their attention is shoujo anime. Everything else like SOL is made for them. You just don't see any dakimakura's because that is reserved for doujin artists and h-games.
>>2380 More than you realize, retard. Not that you'll ever know, what with the whole never talking to girls thing.
>>2381 >>2383 You will never pass.
>>3710 >>3711 >attempting to slide on a slow as fuck bunker lol
>>3717 I pity you.

Open file (33.12 KB 329x718 khasham.png)
Open file (403.73 KB 750x751 map.png)
Battle of Khasham Strelok 01/01/2020 (Wed) 21:45:38 No.3589 [Reply] [Last]
Battle in question: https://archive.is/9HF4h I know I shouldn't watch trash, but I was watching Infographic's episode on private mercenaries and they went into constant detail about how the "Battle of Khasham was an overwhelming US victory" etc. I looked up more details about the battle, but I just can't see that being the case. Despite the US having the better K:D ratio, didn't they have to waste millions of dollars worth of logistical support/equipment on what amounted to killing a few dozen goat fuckers mixed with some (admittedly well-trained) mercenaries using outdated equipment? The tank/artillery loss was indeed pretty big, but Russian mercenary groups are increasingly moving away from heavy vehicles in favor of cheaper light vehicles that are basically trucks with guns mounted on them and unmanned drones (inspired by Kalashnikov creating suicide bomber drones), aren't they? Also consider that the US military was utilizing bombing runs as their primary firepower, yet from 2016-2018 the US Chairforce/Navy were experiencing an extreme shortage of explosives (they still are to a lesser extent, t. building 200+ Mk 48 torpedoes right now and the Navy wants them express delivered ASAP), so based on accounts of the battle, this almost undoubtedly meant that the US wasted SEVERAL missions' worth of explosives (missions that likely had to be canceled due to lack of explosives) on a single defensive battle that ultimately cost the Wagner Group very little probably. I know the US military is pants-on-head retarded, but why didn't they just retreat, regroup, and launch a counter-offensive? A base of 40 men is not very big and backup forces were stationed 20 miles away, so I can't imagine this was an extremely important base of operations? Admittedly it was just one battle, but isn't this one of those things that would absolutely bankrupt even the US if it happened on a monthly or god forbid weekly basis given the sheer amount of supplies wasted?
7 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>3632 Either a bot or a sperg with bad english skills producing this stream of nonsense.
>>3589 The Infographic Show is just Pro-American propaganda, more news at 11 At least the anti-China schizo tells something relevant once in a blue moon
>>3631 You alright there buddy?
>>3631 Please tell me you copy pasted this from some boomer site

Open file (1.16 MB 729x964 SoF 1978.png)
/k/ PDF Thread Strelok 08/15/2019 (Thu) 11:05:06 No.382 [Reply] [Last]
They added PDF support, so let's have em boys.
16 posts and 15 images omitted.
Here is both the original and the revised edition of Coup d'Etat.
Open file (364.07 KB 771x472 ClipboardImage.png)
Does anyone have some high-res schematics/blueprints/technical drawings of shiprel?
>>603 >gmajl What was he thinking?

Open file (114.60 KB 300x216 ClipboardImage.png)
9mm day! Strelok 09/19/2019 (Thu) 19:49:39 No.1311 [Reply] [Last]
Happy 9/19!
7 posts and 3 images omitted.
Magazine size and not being a literal block of zinc. Hi-Point on the other hand has an unbeatable warranty if for some reason you somehow destroy it.
Capacity, weight, recoil, bore axis/height over bore, trigger pull, and possibly ergonomics depending on your taste.
I was thinking of getting myself a star 9mm anyone know anything about them?
>>3403 The extractor and springs need to be checked/replaced as the fuckers jam a lot. I don't know about the aftermarket as far as holsters or magazines go but if you can jury-rig some replacement springs on the magazines you should be able to fix the reliability issues
>>3407 If I recall 9mm 1911 springs work in the magazine. Use some fairly hot 9x19 and the jamming issue isn't exactly an issue anymore. Good luck with new magazines but 1911 holsters tend to fit them, well it fits in my M3 holster fairly well.

Bug-Out Bags/ post-RaHoWa prepping Strelok 10/06/2019 (Sun) 22:46:15 No.1714 [Reply] [Last]
My SUV has a convenient little Anne Frank cavity under the trunk, and I want to get a BOB/get-home bag stowed there along with my trunk gun. I know I want to keep a car battery charger in there, along with a first aid kit, a Baofeng HAM radio (with extra batteries), a headlamp (with extra batteries), water containers, a water filter, and a small food supply. I've got a good idea of what I want to do for the water containers and filter, but I wouldn't mind some tips on specifics for the other stuff.

>first aid kit
What should and should not be in a first-aid kit? Are there any premade first aid kits you would recommend for this sort of thing?

Mountain House freeze-dried packs are out since they need to be cooked in boiling water to be prepared. Are MREs your best bet for long shelf-life, little to no preparation food, or are there better commercial items?
21 posts and 1 image omitted.
Open file (3.56 MB 2988x3953 20181110_210359.jpg)
Open file (5.22 MB 2860x4390 20181110_211453.jpg)
Open file (5.89 MB 2864x4991 20181110_211515.jpg)
I always start with Dave Canterbury's 5 C's: Cutting, Cordage, Cover, Container and Combustion. Where you go from there depends on where you are, and what your climate/time of year is. Mountain House or Backpacker's Pantry are go to items for me, as well as a Mainstay bar and assorted smaller energy bars. Since you should have a container (stainless steel is the choice here) you'll be able to boil water if/when needed. I'd steer away from MRE's in a vehicle, as the high temps decrease shelf life.
Do you think an external frame pack is too bulky for a bug-out bag? It's actually smaller in useable space than yours but has the bar reach the top of your head.
>>3276 Not if that's what you need to carry your supplies. The little thing pictured isn't necessarily a BOB, it's one of many different bags that I have for specific reasons and uses. This one is a truck bag that always stays in my truck. It's an Austrian army butt pack, so it's really not all that large at all. In the role it serves, I feel it's fine.

I've got another one that I carry in and out, which I view as a get home bag. It has a slightly different set of items in in, with overlap in the 5C's. It's a Maxpedition Gryfalcon, and it larger, due to it's different purpose.

Then there's my proper BOB, or in my case, it's more of an INCH bag. That's a Marine Corps ILBE. It is, in a word, huge. Probably too huge, honestly. Thinking about carrying that for any distance is not a joyful thought.

It all comes down to what you determine the purpose is. My truck bag is something along the lines of a 72 hour bag, something to give me some comfort and very basic needs items for a short time. The get home bag is larger, and set up a bit more toward a longer time frame. The INCH bag is basically a kitchen sink on my back. Some may think that's it's silly, and they may be right. Time will tell.
This is the Austrian butt pack that I'm using, in the pictures. It's not very large, but as some have mentioned, sometimes a smaller form factor is better. This forces you to only take those items you need, and pare down a lot of the things we "think" we need. With that idea in mind, I'd say your most important target to aim for is some basic but solid quality tools. These are things which cannot be easily reproduced in the wild. This would include a good knife, stainless steel pot/bottle, cordage/rope (I also have a small spool of brass wire in this bag), and your combustion/fire choices. For fire, it's best to have 3 ways to make fire, and 3 ways to sustain it. For the fire makers, one might be an easy one, Bic lighter or a good set of storm matches, but be sure to have at least one or two ways of making fire that are relatively long term in use life. A match can only be struck once, lighters run out of fuel. A good flint and steel, will make literally hundreds of fires with a single tool set. Learn to use whatever methods you take, ahead of time. There's nothing worse than trying to figure out how to use something when your tired, cold, and wet.

I like to include a small sewing kit in most of my kits, for repairs. Therein lies one of the problems in making these kits: there are so many little items that "would be nice to have", and eventually, one winds up with 800 pounds of stuff, and no ability to move it around sensibly.

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