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Open file (1.47 MB 2000x610 COMBATSHOTGUN.jpg)
Fallout 3 Combat Shotgun Strelok 09/11/2019 (Wed) 16:18:00 No.1215 [Reply] [Last]
I want to bring this meme of a gun back into discussion, because I think it's possible to make it work in theory, though it required some extreme autism to come up with.

My idea is a reverse recoil operating system. A gas tube directs pressure to both the rear of the receiver as well as the magazine, which we'll get to later. The secondary gas tube (shown in red) actuates a piston (mauve) that causes the shell holding chamber and barrel to move forward, collect a shell from the elevator, a spring shoves the shell back, onto a fixed firing pin. The shell is ejected I don't know how this would be done, fuck you Todd and the operation repeats.

For the magazine system, I thought you could just have a weak piston (blue) push a shell, as well as causing the next round to be raised into the "chamber" on an elevator (purple) like in lever actions.

What do you guys think?
13 posts and 5 images omitted.
What if that isn't the ejection port though? I know it is in the game, but what if the magazine is actually a large cylinder, which can be swapped out quickly.
Gas could be used to rotate it by one position every time it is fired and the shell is moved upwards into the chamber, fired and returned to the cylinder every time.
Open file (1.81 MB 2950x900 COMBATSHOTGUN.gif)
The autism this gun inspires is astounding.
What if it uses minishells, and the magazine hold 2-3 rows of them? I guess the inside is similar to the Chinese drum magazine for the AK, so it's basically a collection of independent magazines rotating. And then those independent magazines are constructed like this one with the multiple rows:
Spring not necessary.Think of how the bolt on a regular semi-auto strips a round from the magazine and into the chamber. In this case the "bolt" function is performed by some extension that moves backwards upon action cycling, and the shell instead of being pushed forwards into a chamber is pushed backwards into the tube.
Or just all of TF2. The stock scattergun magically reloads just by ejecting used shells, for example.

US may have lost edge to China: Australian report Strelok 08/20/2019 (Tue) 12:40:15 No.489 [Reply] [Last]
"America no longer enjoys military primacy in the Indo-Pacific and its capacity to uphold a favourable balance of power is increasingly uncertain."
A series of articles regarding the decline of US dominance in the Asia Pacific region, starting with the Japan Times.
Chinese missile arsenal could embolden Beijing to seize Senkakus and force U.S. from region, report claims
>China’s growing military power in Asia could have “dire consequences” for the U.S.-led regional order, according to a new report that says its powerful missile arsenal could embolden Beijing in the “near-term” to seize the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands and other territories in the Ryukyu chain.
>The study, released Monday by the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre, said that a decade of “delayed and unpredictable funding” for the U.S. defense budget has seen Washington lose its primacy in the western Pacific, giving an edge to an increasingly tech-savvy Beijing.
>China, the report noted, has thoroughly studied the American way of war, particularly in the Middle East, and in response has deployed “a formidable array of precision missiles and other counter-intervention systems” to undercut the U.S. military’s regional dominance.
>China’s “growing arsenal of accurate long-range missiles poses a major threat to almost all American, allied and partner bases, airstrips, ports and military installations in the Western Pacific,” it said.
>If an armed conflict were to break out between Washington and Beijing, these ballistic missiles would likely cripple U.S. and allied forces across the Western Pacific region “within hours,” it added.
>China has systematically increased, upgraded and extended the range of its inventory of missiles and launchers in what the U.S. government has characterized as “the most active and diverse ballistic missile development program in the world.”
>Although exact numbers are not known, the Pentagon estimates that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force now fields up to 1,500 short-range ballistic missiles, 450 medium-range ballistic missiles and 160 intermediate-range ballistic missiles, in addition to hundreds of long-range ground-launched cruise missiles.
>Beijing also appears to have been practicing for pre-emptive missile strikes on the forward bases that underpin U.S. military power in the western Pacific, using detailed apparent mock-ups in the Gobi Desert of important American military facilities in Japan such as the naval base in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, and air bases in Kadena, Okinawa Prefecture and Misawa, Aomori Prefecture.
>But any quick use of limited force with these weapons, the report said, would be premised on achieving a fait accompli victory — particularly around Taiwan, the Japanese archipelago or maritime Southeast Asia — before America can respond, “sowing doubt about Washington’s security guarantees in the process.”
>The United States’ alliance system and its international commitments — once deemed as an unassailable bedrock of American military and economic dominance — have repeatedly been called into question by U.S. President Donald Trump, though nowhere more visibly than in the Asia-Pacific region [1/3]
33 posts and 6 images omitted.
>ethnic groups with little desire to fight for their nation
More like ethnic groups who are not part of the American nation. Of course we might start a debate what makes one part of that nation, or if it exists in the first place, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to take part in that.
The US is already such a clusterfuck on a regular basis that it falling apart will be hard to tell from it's expected normal state.

Manufacturing capacity is only good if you have the manpower to work it with which China is going to find increasingly scarce over time. Their economy is spiralling around the drain because they don't pay their workforce enough in wages to be able to buy all that they make, which means they have to sell either to foreign demand or to internal debt financed spending to prevent an unemployment crisis. It's why they kept buying US dollar debt for the past 20 years, so that US consumers could continue sucking up Chinese garbage while losing their jobs. After the recession dried up US consumer spending they went on a massive government spending spree that put up thousands of skyscrapers, railways and bridges to prevent themselves from collapsing. (((Western banks))) encouraged this by pouring money into China using the bailout funds they were receiving from their governments. This caused a bubble and a crash in the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2015, however the kikes were unable to pull out their money due to Chinese currency controls. This prevented an immediate crisis but left local Chinese governments and private companies with debts they took out from each other during the growth period that they will never be able to pay back due to compound interest. In the upcoming decade they will be forced to cut spending to reduce their outstanding balances, which means layoffs and bankruptcies. Whenever the entire country does this at the same time, growth goes to zero since there's no new spending on production, and all financial planning is fucked.
I was talking about it purely in terms of how it'd affect a conflict, not making a judgement about whether or not they should be in the US at all.
Chinks will probably be able to offset internal problems by calling in debts in their African and Asian puppet states. That gives them a few decades breathing space but won't solve their underlying problem of faked/artificial internal growth.
>calling in debts in their African and Asian puppet states.
Are Chink dependencies in Africa that wealthy??
There's a lot of resources worth taking in some of them. In the others they can be used to create fake demand for chink products, at least in the short term. Also probably for a few proxy wars when the chinks inevitably fall back on distracting their population with war.

Open file (59.48 KB 658x960 1542674431319.jpg)
Strelok 08/09/2019 (Fri) 09:54:27 No.3 [Reply] [Last]
Hey /k/
Not really a gun's guy but I remember some friendly anon really wanted these so here it goes
#F!O3gmRCpR!4Q_4hsW8bwJvsCzhFMZ9yQ - Osprey Publishing (for all your gun's and gun'sblaster needs)
(the entire collection is gigantic so I'll be adjourning with you guys at a later date)
15 posts and 6 images omitted.
I have the whole Dokument on my hard drive, but I lost the magnet link in an OS move awhile back. IF someone could give me the magnet I should be able to seed it for whoever needs it.
Here you are, its been stuck at 96% for a while.
the ark has the dokument in it
Apologies for the delay, I just added it.
Specifically, I added the Ar/k/, not the do/k/ument.

Open file (217.47 KB 1080x809 EKtBCXtX0AYQVHn.jpeg)
Open file (51.66 KB 614x1192 EKcoryqWsAAAVwc.jpeg)
Open file (130.98 KB 1024x661 EKtBBsrXYAIYzhw.jpeg)
Open file (143.43 KB 936x704 EKFeVlqWkAAaEnn.jpeg)
Open file (186.68 KB 960x960 EKtykSaWwAwI1YX.jpeg)
Ukraine/Eastern Europe Strelok 12/03/2019 (Tue) 04:59:42 No.3034 [Reply] [Last]
This region hardly gets the love and attention it deserves; maybe because it's super low intensity right now, but some of the actors in it are pretty interesting and it definitely is full of a e s t h e t i c s compared to Shitsandistan conflicts.

Photos courtesy of Dmitri (@404RusErr0r) on twitter.
5 posts and 11 images omitted.
>wanting to fight for whores
>not wanting to fight just so you can kill people
>wifing a whore
All women are whores. Why get involved with them when killing people is much more rewarding?
Because sometimes you need extra piss off juice to make some dumb fuck dead.
No point doing anything if there's not going to be a next generation to benefit from it.

Strelok 11/26/2019 (Tue) 15:21:38 No.2902 [Reply] [Last]
>muttspammer gets banned, feels good
>few hours later my fellow burgerstanis post this article
Americans keep making me question if we deserve the Second Amendment. The Mandate of Browning has been revoked.
10 posts omitted.
>clickbait OP
If you want to make a thread about some dumb shit, at least copy and paste some shit from the page you link into the OP.
>too lazy to click an archived link
You don't have a place nearby that you can just stop in and bullshit with the employees?
iktf my favorite gun store closed down a year ago and the closest one to me now is like a 30 minute drive away and they're a larger store where the employees get butthurt if you try to hold a conversation with them because they'd rather be shilling 1911s to faggot boomers.
There's always gun shows going on nearby me at least (for now, state government's getting extremely cucked extremely fast).
Do you not have the gun show option either?
Not posting at least the summary paragraph from the article was retarded.
>certified pilot
you cant make this shit up man
fucking 9 millimeter faggot

Open file (156.92 KB 1031x948 Karl the Satanist.png)
Karl wants blood Strelok 11/23/2019 (Sat) 05:03:17 No.2769 [Reply] [Last]
Not satisfied with bankrupting a shitty Powerpoint pistol company with his death touch, Karl has moved on to bigger and better things. Now he's going to see if he can't run two reputable and well-established brands into the grounds by making them peddle his ideas! Will Brownells and KE Arms survive the Kasarda Deathtouch (tm)?
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
>It should tell you quite a lot about the AR-15 if the designer of the firearm it's based on went ahead and made a weapon that doesn't use anything from his own work (apart maybe the trigger group).
He had sold all of the relevant patents to Colt, Stoner couldn't have used those elements from the AR-15 even if he wanted to.
>I liked when he showed up at 8ch/k/ and tried to tell us we're all dumb and lonely for not liking him and his gay antics.
The favourite part about late 8/k/ was the obligatory "hey karl" posting. The Cunt is so easy to notice.
Was Karl also the boomer jew shitposter who tried to derail every thread and refused to argue with any intellectual honestly? They seem to fit the same description but I don’t think Karl is a Jew, granted 8/k/ was as overwhelmed with newfags and people brought in from 4chan/social media as the rest of the site, so it’s very likely there were more than just Karl ruining the board. I miss 8chan despite it becoming more trash every month. I hope South Africa strelok is still doing alright. We promised we’d actually pull off the South Africa operation but everyone knew it would never happen. If only someone had the balls to actually start it, I think streloks would actually show up once someone made the first move, I know I would have honestly considered it.
>south africa op
Anons have been talking about that for years, nobody has the funds to do so. Would not be impossible, just takes a ton of funds and connections to get it rolling. The reason it would never happen was that sterlo/k/s were smart enough to realize that without funding, connections for supplies/support, and an actually good organizational structure by guys who have experience or really know what they are doing, it would never work and they would be throwing their life away for nothing.
It was still fun to post about. I miss SAnon

Teeline - AI-Resist Strelok 11/09/2019 (Sat) 22:49:41 No.2428 [Reply] [Last]
Teeline is a system of shorthand. Shorthand is a way of writing things down quickly. It's obsolete, because people can just record audio on their phones. However, Teeline has some unique traits that make it useful in this present moment.

You see, Teeline can be used to bypass censorship. You can place Teeline in an image, and the ai can't detect it. Moreover, there are other ways of hiding Teeline, which are unique to it.

The greatest advantage to Teeline is that it's the only system of encoding which bypasses ai censorship which is EASY-TO-LEARN. It was designed for this purpose, and, I must say, the developer of Teeline was a mad genius.

Essentially, how does one write Teeline? You learn how to draw the Teeline versions of letters, and you connect them up, much like cursive. But it is in the variability of Teeline that a lot of its potential comes. That's because one need not create "fast" Teeline. Maybe even "slow" Teeline might be a good idea, for our purpose (dodging censorship).

First, this is a book by Ann Dix. It covers Teeline well enough. I could write a better one, but cba at the moment.
5 posts and 1 image omitted.
I agree that Shorthand is a shit idea for crypto, but its an awesome and really useful skill to have. Especially if you go for higher education and have to take notes in an environment that doesn't allow electronic/digital recording. Back in the old days some scientists and engineers preferred to only write in Shorthand, because it allows you to write down your ideas much faster and simpler than normal writing does. Entire books were created that way and only later were they decoded into normal writing for publication. Its a fucking shame that it isn't taught at schools anymore, it may not be important for business anymore but its making people more functional as human beings.
It's not for crypto. It's for dodging AI. Ai like on fb, twitter, youtube, all that. They can't detect ai (but can very easily detect crypto). What for, though, why dodge ai if anybody with half a brain can learn Teeline? Well that's simple, the WHOLE POINT IS TO BROADCAST MESSAGES. You actually WANT people to read Teeline. That's the point. To spread messages. Teeline would require human intervention, to catch. Not just reports. fb, twitter, youtube, they get FLOODED with reports. I assure you they can't really evaluate 100% of reports. Meanwhile lots of stuff goes unreported.

How do I know ai can't detect Teeline? Because I have an intuitive understanding of the capabilities of ai. Important to know, ai is stupider than a cockroach. But cockroaches are kind of smart. They can run super fast, when moving along a line (eg a wall). That's where ai shines. Along a baseline. Compare Teslas DRIVING vs Teslas "summoned" through a parking lot. They can't do parking lots. Why? They need a baseline.

Teeline can be written without respecting a baseline. Officially you write on ruled paper, but that's for the old purpose, not the new one of dodging ai.

See, even cursive requires a baseline.

So why not just use Captcha? Well, captcha is pretty nice, but there are many years of research into how to beat captcha. Secondarily, captchas are hard to read. But primarily, captchas are just fonts. Even if you drew cursive letters with a captcha engine (like you drew the letters and the system scattered them), it would be much easier to tackle than Teeline.

Teeline, you see, is precisely and perfectly suited for dodging censors. It's genuinely astonishing how perfect it is. Let me give you an example, something I only realized yesterday: there is a lot of shape variety permitted in Teeline. This is not alternative strokes, but just the same stroke. Conventionally, the goal is to make the shortest simplest stroke possible. But the goal when dodging ai is to Bee Unique. Okay, see, the other thing is that vowels are optional, mostly. But again, this is for ai, so there's way more flexibility. Another thing is that letters can be drawn either way. There are limitations tha can be ignored, again, for dodging ai (eg, you might decide to go BACKWARDS with your D or T (which are just basically _ though the T, when early in a word, is generally written a bit higher, but we can ignore baselines when dodging ai).

I mean this, and sincerely, Teeline is astonishing in its perfectness for this task. While Greg would work (Pitman wouldn't because you need special pens), it's not as good, and it's harder to learn, and it wouldn't work with URL.

Oh yeah, you can write URL with Teeline!!!!

A point about cursive, cursive is pretty good, but it has that pesky baseline inherent in it. Abandon the baseline, and people might be impressed with your caligraphy, but they won't be able to replicate it.

People of their own accord become creative with this.

And that's the springboard, because the creativity will blossom!!! People do this naturally.

I'm rambling... sorry! I have also considered endgames, the worst case scenarios are all minimum draws (eg everyone learns Teeline, it fails, result, everyone is pissed: win column).

China doesn't want you to use Teeline to dodge their censorship of the West (they manipulate the reporting system, first combing the Internet with their ai. did you know China has more English speakers than the US, and more supercomputers than any other country. Those supercomputers, I assure you, are used for anything but solving global warming):

Look, I know it sounds strange, but the schizophrenic paranoia is true, and it's here, and China is doing it. They're everywhere on the Internet, literally. They control the mods through various techniques, but the most important thing to know is that the Internet is china's toy.
also, unlike the so-called critic, I'll provide legitimate crypto suggestions. Teeline is for the opposite, dodge AI censorship, BROADCAST messages, URL. For CRYPTO (ie keeping secrets between people or keeping files secret):

email: GPG
texting: Tox
files: VeraCrypt

And everyone should buy 2 Yubikeys for 2 factor authentication (2FA) for their Google accounts and other mainstream accounts. You keep 1 key at home or somewhere safe. The other you keep with you. I recommend the NFC versions. While bluetooth may be easily hacked, it matters not, for Yubikeys are basicaly a walled off computer that do private key crypto, meaning that once you've set it up they can't be man in the middled. they are to be assumed to be POSSIBLY vulnerable to us intel agencies, but your purpose in using them is entirely and only to improve ENTROPY. See, you can't decrease ENTROPY (because the attacker who can decrease entropy probably has root anyway). As an aside, you can dedicate a Yubikey to some other modes, like auto-typing passwords, but those would be extra Yubikeys. There are other brands, but security is hard, so don't trust them!!! Why get these Yubikeys? China is coming, 2020, bet your mother's life they're coming! And why Teeline? Because even without China, the AI nuclear bomb is coming, from Dorsey & ratpack.

Now, you be the judge, why would someone lie about this being about crypto, when, literally, I have over 30 times, in various threads told the very same "person" (it's a Chinese military officer's persona) that it has nothing to do with anything of the kind... and also note that I give good advice regarding security.

I'm really passionate about this, because it's something I'm certain about. Dorsey sets off all the alarm bells. Basically, I'm very good at reading people. It's apparent there's something massive afoot and devious, relating to Dorsey's ai. And Dorsey will be in some kind of coordination with fb and others.

To understand what's going on with that chinese guy who says I'm talking about crypto when I say Teeline, you have to understand that Q is not full of shit - it's called Stylometry. I haven't bothered to attempt to disguise my writing.

I believe the israelis are using chinese software.

Yes yes, schizo, etc. The thing is, it's real technology. Like, it's not like they give a fuck who the hell I am. It was in the news that china stole fb's social graph (ie all the people, their connections). given, more likely. China knows your cousin is having a baby before she's put it on Twitter.
>It's not for crypto. It's for dodging AI.
Same fucking shit you super genius. Anytime you change your writing so only chosen people can read it you do Cryptography.
How the fuck can you harp on about OPSEC when you're direct linking URLs to reddit?
I thought this might have been interesting at first, but seeing more Teeline shitposting on other boards has me convinced you're some kind of schizo retard or a plant. If you want people to learn shorthand, go make a /shorthand/ board or something.
Locking this thread. Don't make another.

USAF awards contract for "full ARSE compatibility Strelok 11/01/2019 (Fri) 16:32:05 No.2282 [Reply] [Last]
Goddamnit burgers.

>The US Air Force (USAF) has declared it is awarding a contract to Raytheon thanks to its pressing need for "full ARSE compatibility", including Windows 10 support, with equipment designed for maintaining fighter jet missiles. Raytheon Missile Systems will be the proud beneficiaries of the USAF's latest Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile Remote Support Equipment (ARSE) contract.

>A modern air-to-air missile is a reasonably advanced piece of computing hardware and software. Every so often it needs booting and testing to make sure all is well – and that's where ARSE enters the picture.

>"The contractor shall integrate the necessary software for full ARSE functionality on Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) ARSE systems, ensure the GFE ARSEs are compliant with Government IA, IT, and security regulations for systems used in classified locations and conduct checkout and validation of GFE ARSE systems for delivery to the government," states the text of the contract notice.


Actual text here:
18 posts and 4 images omitted.
Sure thing anon. Just throw the baby out with the bathwater.
They'll have to add to their combat doctrine that battles can't last more than 4 hours and cannot occur outside of specified combat hours to ensure that the missiles don't turn themselves off because they need to update their software.
I'm sure the Chinamen will comply with those rules.
Military using (((winblows10)))

lmfao what a time to be alive, i bet that faggot bill gates is having the laugh of his life.

If you didn't know win10 is basically the os that takes second by second snapshots of w/e you are doing on screen, weakly encrypts it and sends to some (((remote servers))) for data collection.
The vid for reference
>In the west at least, the japs had it right in their war against russia
The Russo-Japanese War rather than the WW2-era one right? To be fair while the nips were competent there the Russians were also completely retarded which sort of upsets the true rating of the Japanese.

Open file (266.98 KB 649x453 t55crew.jpg)
Open file (555.85 KB 600x423 tankcrew.png)
Open file (41.23 KB 477x603 tipsfal.jpg)
Open file (46.73 KB 640x480 troopdrop.jpg)
Open file (363.71 KB 1559x776 watchthebackblast.jpg)
Rhodesia Thread Strelok 11/11/2019 (Mon) 07:20:49 No.2449 [Reply] [Last]
Here's the story of Rhodesia
A land of fair and great
On the Eleventh of November
An independent state
This much against the wishes of certain governments
Whose leaders tried to break us down and make all repent
But we're all Rhodesians and we'll fight through thick and thin
We'll keep this land a free land from the enemy coming in
We'll keep 'em north of the Zambezi
'til that river's running dry
And this mighty land will prosper
for Rhodesians never die
Open file (44.20 KB 684x448 RLI.jpg)

Open file (252.05 KB 1320x742 Dresden.jpg)
War Strelok 11/11/2019 (Mon) 01:50:59 No.2442 [Reply] [Last]
How would you define a country having truly "experienced" war? I see the US tout its military prowess all the time, but unlike most other nations that has been in a war, they've never felt the harsher repercussions of it. Take the US for example.
Thanks to two massive oceans, Canada's tundra landscape and Latin America being overall too weak to contest anything, US soil has never been openly threatened by any outside enemies, and the american people have never really suffered from war.
Pearl Harbor? It was tiny a dot on the map, on an island sitting 3758 miles away from the mainland where the crushing majority of american life really resided. America was a very safe distance away from any fighting, mostly getting rich from selling armaments and equipment to the Soviets and the Allies.
Alaska/Russia border? It's mostly empty, icey landscape sitting 3622 miles away from the mainland as well.
Cuban Missile Crisis? A 13-day scare.
The Independence War? The bongs were so apathetic to it that they let them win.
Every other war the US has been in was either a proxy or a random venture into some backwater shithole that could never even dream of invading them back.

My question is, can we really say a country really been in war of attrition and suffered its consequences if their land was not once been invaded, its cities occupied, its infrastructure bombed and its civilians directly subjugated? Can you really say you have war experience when you've never seen the enemy step on your land and point a gun at you? The only actual war where american citizens were deeply affected was the Civil War. I wonder what will really happen when WWWIII comes down and it comes to their doorstep. Declaring war and sending people to die overseas is one thing; seeing enemy bombers flying over your suburbs is another.

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