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Open file (89.57 KB 573x1024 1566110318935.jpg)
DUMBASS ALERT Strelok Board owner 08/18/2019 (Sun) 07:43:38 No.439 [Reply] [Last]
I would like to reiterate the extreme importance of rule #7.
If you tell anyone you use imageboards, let alone one dedicated to weapons, you'd better be willing to trust them with your life because they can destroy it.
Keep your power level in check and for fuck's sake, don't go around adding your favorite board name to your stupid facebook handle. /K/. Gotta be fucking kidding me.
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That's not autism, anon, that's normalfaggotry.
>tfw normalfags are okay with arresting people for thoughtcrimes
>tfw normalfags don't realize red flag laws violate basic civil rights
Daily reminder to shoot your local zogbot
i believe he posted something similar on discord (FED), and unless youre in a small group of funposters, you can be ratted out for anything there
this is accurate, its social posturing, done with any meme. "look at me im part of a niche, but its not too obscure or sacred because how then can i show others that i am part of an notable social group?"
Did he use Ifunny?

Open file (148.23 KB 960x1440 motm.jpg)
/k/ Movie Night #2 - Mountains of The Moon (1990) Strelok 08/31/2019 (Sat) 02:07:23 No.931 [Reply] [Last]
Join /k/ on an expedition to find the source of the Nile!



Pre-broadcasting will begin at 10:00PM, with the main broadcast beginning at 10:30PM.


1: You will need to enable third-party cookies, if you have them disabled. jewgle needs it
2: You will need a userscript on cytube. Link below.

I meant to do this a day earlier but things got complicated.
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That movie ended up being hella gay
Open file (19.89 KB 400x322 k streams a movie.png)
This got me pretty good

Open file (58.87 KB 720x405 joy.jpg)
Cancer has cancer Strelok 08/23/2019 (Fri) 19:37:26 No.597 [Reply] [Last]
>U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently underwent three weeks of radiation treatment following the discovery of a cancerous tumor on her pancreas, a court spokesperson announced Friday.
Ginsburg, 86, began radiation therapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City on August 5th, according to the court. Doctors from the hospital said tests show that the rest of the justice’s body is cancer-free. As part of Ginsburg’s treatment, doctors inserted a stent into her bile duct.

Original URL:

I get that we need new threads, but at least put some effort into your post.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 08/23/2019 (Fri) 21:21:53.
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Isn't that the state of all the old golems? They were not human before, but now they are walking abominations surviving on the pieces of flesh they steal from people.
>was appointed in 1993
>26 years of this out of touch jewish tumor sitting on the bench
Remind me, why do Supreme Court justices not have term limits again?
It's supposed to be so they don't have a reason to participate in the political games of other branches of government. In today's day and age, supreme court justices seem to forget that fact and do as they please though to push agendas anyways.
As long as NPR exists, der ewige boomer will push agendas

SA/DA versus striker fired Strelok 08/09/2019 (Fri) 10:48:11 No.10 [Reply] [Last]
Something that's been bugging me for a while is the debate between striker fired pistols versus SA/DA designs for use in carry. One of the main arguments I've seen on behalf of striker fired is the consistency of trigger pull- but most SA/DA pistols being made nowadays don't have decockers, so firing the gun is generally going to be single action aside from a malfunction.
If you're concealed carrying without a decocker, it seems odd to keep your weapon in DA with a round in the chamber versus SA with the safety on.
Is the argument that there's some increased training requirement for using SA/DA invalid? More importantly, if things like weapons familiarization are seen as "excessive", should you really be concealed carrying?
I don't think it really matters. You should just get a gun you like and practice with it. I personally carry a striker fired pistol with no safety and one in the chamber. I've never felt uncomfortable with it even when doing appendix carry IWB. I typically carry at the 4 o'clock IWB now. That said, I have a good holster and the trigger on mine is designed to mimic a revolver/has a safety built into it. I thought about doing the trigger job for a long time but after I got used to the long pull I came to enjoy it. It's a self defense gun and not a target pistol anyway.
And what about rifles? Is the Sharps-Borchardt the king of the falling blocks?
I'd say there's some justification for the muh consistency argument, depending on clientele. For instance, if you're outfitting a police department full of high school dropouts with insecurity issues, it's in your best interest to keep the manual of arms as simple as possible, with as many passive safeties as possible, for ease training and to avoid fuck-ups. For conceal carry it's more personal preference; however, as you point out I think anyone who carries should be well enough versed in fundamentals that a different trigger pull doesn't destroy your accuracy. If you can only shoot well with one gun, you're not a good shooter. There are other considerations besides muh consistency, though. Striker-fire guns will always have a lower bore axis than an equivalent hammer-fire. You'll always need space below the bore axis for the hammer to travel through, because it needs to rotate down. It's debatable whether this difference is enough to matter, since you can still get a really low bore axis with hammers--just look at CZ and what they do by putting the slide rails on the inside. But you can apply those same tricks on a striker gun as well, so it will always be that much lower. Again, whether the difference is enough to matter is personal preference, as is whether it matters more than other factors. I personally prefer hammer-fire DA/SA guns because I like having the option of that crisp SA trigger should I need it, while having the safety of a long pull. And with modern guns, that long pull is smooth enough that it doesn't really bother me or adversely affect my accuracy.

Here's where strikers really annoy me, though: they're almost all the fucking same. They're almost all copies of the Glawk mechanism, where the striker is partially cocked by the slide going back, and partially cocked by the trigger. This is not the only way to do strikers. Strikers are just linear hammers, and if there was a little more variety in the market you could get all the benefits hammer fired guns have, but with the bore axis benefit of strikers. You can make DA/SA strikers with decockers, and you can make SAO strikers. There are even a couple examples of these on the market--the walther P99 is a DA/SA striker, and the Heckle My Koch VP9 is a single-action striker. But there aren't nearly as many examples thereof, so you're usually stuck with "I can't believe it's not GLAWK," and the false dichotomy of DA/SA hammer/partial-cock striker.

Open file (257.98 KB 1709x1061 HinoKomuro02.jpg)
Open file (58.51 KB 883x392 M1908.gif)
Open file (73.42 KB 800x600 other side.jpeg)
Strange and Curious Firearms: Fuck your fingers edition Strelok 08/10/2019 (Sat) 16:53:10 No.126 [Reply] [Last]
I'll start with the

You probably have heard of the Type 94 Nambu pistol, infamously known as the"Suicide Special" with the exposed sear (it's a feature t.Nambu), but there is a far more sinister and curious Japanese pistol that is rarely talked about.
The Hino M1908 pistol was a blow-forward operated, semi-automatic pistol chambered in 8mm Nambu, .32 ACP, and .25 ACP. The 8mm chambering was later dropped as the cartridge proved too powerful for the design. All known sources state that between 8 to 15 rounds could be held. Now, a blow-forward operated pistol is rare for sure but don't make me explain the specifics of it, since I'm no-funs except for airshit. My basic understanding of the operation is that it functions like a complex open bolt self-loading slam fire weapon.
The blow-forward operation allowed for the gun to be loaded just by flicking it forwards, thus it is one of the few examples of a firearm that is capable of being operated by a single hand.

The gun itself is highly simple and uses few parts, as shown in the diagram. It is one of the few truly symmetrical firearms out there, as there are no mechanisms on either side of the gun. The safety comes in the form of a grip safety which resembles the grip safety on the Nambu Type 14 pistol, but by all accounts this gun was reliably unsafe.
Here are some reasons why...
>The Hino is an open-bolt, fixed firing-pin, blow forward gun, thus cocking the pistol traditionally (racking that slide) requires you to pull on the barrel. This potentially exposes your body parts over the muzzle, especially in high stress conditions; should you catch a piece of clothing or anything on the sear, the barrel could potentially retract, chamber a round, and spring can fire the round by pushing the round on to the fixed firing pin. One oopsie, and you've got an unintended discharge that could very well end with a lost finger or a new hole in your palm.
>The manual states the above as a glaring issue, and advises users to flick the gun forwards and load it using the inertia of the long barrel
>To safely unload a chambered round, one must retain the barrel while he decocks the trigger (i.e. pressing it down), slightly pull back on the barrel (which if you do this too hard, you've unintentionally discharged à la slamfire style) and pull forward the barrel. This is issue was seemingly rectified in some later American models which seemingly allowed for a 2-position firing pin.
>The safety feature of this gun is a grip safety only. That is usually not optimal, it's seen in some guns like the H&K P7; but in the Hino M1908's case, the gun doesn't have a trigger guard. Should one holster the firearm loaded in a manner so that the grip safety and trigger was depressed, it would unintentionally discharge.
>Since the disconnector and sear were incorporated into the trigger as a single piece, not depressing the trigger enough or not being snappy with the trigger would [classical mechanics in Japanese] and cause the Hino to fire in full-auto
>The inventor of the gun Hino Kumazo suffered two wounds directly from this firearm. First he accidentally shot his left thumb off after trying to load the thing, and the second time, he was accidentally shot in the back by his gunsmith, exiting through his abdomen. He survived these wounds, and survived the firebombing of Tokyo which burnt down a lot of important files about Kumazo's invention's and catalogs of his firearm, but he died of malnutrition, a broke man, in 1946.
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I can't exactly recall why, but USMC fags tend to throw some hoppes into the gas piston and shit just works right again, in otherwords it self cleans for the most part. Generally most criticisms of the m1 and m14 gas system come from the fact they're tuned for a bullet between 150 and 173gr leaving the muzzle at 2500-2600fps lest the system damages itself from moving way too fast. Mind you these are what I call civilian problems due to people wanting to feed their guns with whatever they find off the shelf.
Open file (30.67 KB 1140x429 SjögrenRifle.jpg)
Honestly, it looks like a modern civilian rifle shouldn't be gas operated, simply because people will always complain if it doesn't work with a certain load. Inertial weapons might be better for this job, because they are recoil operated, yet they have a fixed barrell. Currently it's only used on shotgun, but Sjörgen back then made a military rifle, and Benelli had a family of pistols that used this technology.

To be honest, to this day I'm not entirely sure why the bolt carrier stays in place when the rifle is much heavier that that piece.
>Heavily Chopped down G3
You want to be a homo?
I miss when Hollywood had lots of funz and California used to be raifu central
You know, I couldn't exactly tell you as I never read up on much of the M14 as I should have. Could very well be the gas system. I have heard some fags say it's a surprisingly flimsey rifle but I could not vouch for the truth of this.
Open file (3.33 MB 4032x2268 washi.jpg)
Gas systems that self-regulate, i.e. bleed off excess gas, the AK and the M14 to an extent are perfectly fine. Its when you have something fixed like a G43, or a Garand, or something adjustable yet finicky as fick like FALs and SVT you start getting problems with people not understanding how to adjust said system for their load.
It makes loud noises

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