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Middle East III Strelok 01/24/2020 (Fri) 18:17:07 No.5786
>a million man march took place in Iraq, calling for US to leave the country >Sauds attempt to advance in Yemen, get blown the fuck out as usual >Turks attempt to turn the tide of war in Libya and create a new puppet state, so far unsuccefully >heavy bombardment of jihadis in Syria's Idlib, likely meaning that an offensive will be launched soon by SAA
>>9699 >>9737 >"Mongolia" >Americans in charge of geography
So since this is a Middle East thread is it worth discussing the kebab removal in Germany that just happened?
>>9743 Let's not talk about the turboschizo, it's too embarrassing. He thought he was a medium that steers geopolitics with his mind power and talks about being watched every half minute. Also the BKA forced all models to not date him. I'm being serious, read his website. JUST
Open file (8.54 MB 352x640 Grand_theft_Syria.mp4)
>>9743 Do tell.
Open file (92.17 KB 384x192 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9745 >>9754 Not that guy but >apparently thought that he could mindcontrol Trump and Jürgen Klinsmann among other people >self-proclaimed incel >advocated for purging germany of non-germans aswell as several (mostly arab) races in their home countries >kinda looks like a german terry Some interviewed terror-expert also mentioned that he did not have any apparent ties to imageboards, specifically mentioning cuckchan. http://archive.is/gz7t0
>>9756 What if he mentioned 8kun
>>9756 >mindcontrol Jürgen Klinsmann ...why?
>>9756 Do Germans have their own version of MKUltra? This sounds like some MKUltra shit.
>>9745 >>9756 Got the video and/or an archive of his website? This is prime /cow/ material. >>9758 Should have mentioned bunkerchan, the real hive of racism and antisemitism of the internet.
>>9738 >The homeland of the Turkic peoples and their language is suggested to be somewhere between the Transcaspian steppe and Northeastern Asia (Manchuria), with genetic evidence pointing to the region near South Siberia and Mongolia as the "Inner Asian Homeland" of the Turkic ethnicity. Similarly several linguists, including Juha Janhunen, Roger Blench and Matthew Spriggs, suggest that Mongolia is the homeland of the early Turkic language. Suicide would be a good enough apology for your uppity niggertry.
>>9764 Fits the t*rks. Very aggressive to prove their manliness, but the second they notice you can fight back they turn into major pussies and start groveling.
>>9760 The entire country is one giant MKUltra experiment.
Open file (325.80 KB 1000x562 2392661_1000.jpg)
Open file (200.36 KB 1000x562 2412686_1000.jpg)
>enter city >proclaim victory on Twitter >get turned into swiss cheese by SAA soldiers in every window and blown apart by artillery and airstrikes How are the roach officers this retarded? Their last assault went exactly the same. They fell for the same trick twice.
>>9764 Wait does this mean Russia is killing Turks? If so wouldn't that be direct conflict between NATO and Russia? It's crazy that nobody has put Turkey on a leash yet. Seems like they could be risking escalation of conflict to something much greater.
>>9845 Not necessarily. Turks are in Syrian clay for starters and the targets are the rebels. So it would be a case of accidents do happen. If roaches tried to invoke article 5 they would get laughed at
>>9821 >on twitter do you have the post?
>>9845 This incursion has put törkey into a pretty shit position. NATO was more or less willing to bend over backwards to keep törkey in because they are geographically extremely important for containing Russia, and Erdogan buying Russian S-400s was cause of huge alarm because it looked like Türkey might switch to Russia's side. And now the brilliant Sultan Edogan, a true heir of Mehmed II., as completely pissed away any chances of ever befriending Russia because of his Ottoman larp-troupe engaging SAA troops and directly threatening Putin's boys. AS it stands, it's Erdogün who will have to kowtow and spread his ass for NATO, no longer the other way around.
HTS keeps releasing media of itself using Turkish equipment. Even Jihadi Julian admits it at this point. >>9112 SAA hasn't even entered any of the occupied posts, nor blocked supplies to them. It just lets TAF servicemen inside sit idle and contemplate the futility of their country's actions.
>M113 >БМ-21 I wonder how much gear Erdög is willing to outfit his moderate rebels with and if the old Al Nus boys will be making any effective use of it.
>>9903 They're going all out at this point, and they literally don't care. Every government glownigger agency knows this as a fact already,. But they don't care, they are in on it too because it was (((their))) plans. As Proxy-Warfare has come to be the only way for superpowers to wage warfare without the immidiate risk of triggering mutually assured destruction by nuclear warheads. It's just sad that normal retarded people don't understand this and act surprised when they figured out that Al quada and taliban were funded by their respective sides of US and USSR(russia).
Turkey's Erdogan says will not withdraw from Syria's Idlib >Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed not to remove Turkish troops from Syria’s Idlib region and said that his upcoming phone call with Russian leader Vladimir Putin will help Ankara determine its policies. https://www.rt.com/news/481391-erdogan-not-withdraw-syria-idlib/ https://archive.fo/wip/V0GEd
Open file (1.07 MB 3684x5171 roach_court_order_1.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 3525x5050 roach_court_order_2.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 3530x5096 roach_court_order_3.jpg)
Open file (828.32 KB 3542x5175 roach_court_order_4.jpg)
>Roaches going after Twitter users for posting anti-insectoid inflammatory content Erdogan will win
>>9972 >Turks won’t leave their cuckshed observation posts >all starve to death because each one is encircled by SAA
>>9976 >Müdürlügü'nün what the fuck
>>9978 If the posts were blocked from receiving even food we'd have heard of that by now, particularly since Erdogan is very sensitive about his poor little soldiers receiving the slightest harm from Esad's invaders. Even the frontline with the rebels isn't hermetically sealed and some trade goes through.
>>9821 why the fuck is there a soldier with his pants off? second one down from the left
>>10009 Then why aren’t they evacuating their posts? Are the Turks pretending they’re still behind the rebel frontline?
>>10017 He was trying to fuck his enemy in the ass
>>10017 >burning to death because your APC just got TOWed.com >try to strip off your clothes because the plastic fibres are fusing with your skin Or the Turk uniforms were oversized and they fell down while he was panicking, or he just got looted and someone thought it would be funny? Hundreds of reasons could be possible. Maybe he just wanted to jerk off one last time.
>>10017 Torn off by the blast. If you look carefully, you'll see they aren't actually pulled down, but that they just end at the knee.
>>10018 Evacuating them would mean de facto admitting the SAA gains.
>>10021 >Torn off by the blast possible, read that a lot in books about WWI, almost nude soldiers hanging in trees like christmas decorations
Open file (383.86 KB 497x389 earth cleansing.png)
Open file (1.55 MB 352x640 zoomer_jihadis.mp4)
>Russians bomb a rebel position off in the distance >local moderate beheaders immediately cluster together in the open with phones in hand, TSK soldiers have to reign them in I didn't think it was possible to make Roaches look competent at anything besides screeching about Armenia and/or Greece but here we are.
US made a deal with Taliban, the 7 day cesefire is starting today
Open file (52.08 KB 666x570 whatyearisit.jpg)
>>10240 >US made a deal with Taliban, the 7 day cesefire is starting today
>>9763 >early Turkic language So germans are from northern india?
>>10319 The year US pulls out of Afghanistan, thus ending its Vietnam 2.0, hopefully
Open file (28.20 KB 821x371 ClipboardImage.png)
This is hilarious. Taliban actually got an article published in NY times.
>>10342 Pretty much all hwite Europeans, dot Injuns, and Eye-ranians ultimately come from there and Central Asia.
>>10346 No one's given a fuck about the Taliban since Bin Laden was murdered.
>>10357 If they still can't be defeated by the biggest military in the world, I'd say they're relevant.
>>10382 North Korea tried to fight the Taliban and lost?
>>10342 Indo-Europeans had their ethnogenesis on the Pontic Steppe, a good few miles from India. The original Germanics probably first appeared in southern Scandinavia, slightly further from india.
>>10347 Yes, saying turks are steppe mongolians is silly although their initial origin or ascending branching comes from there. Like >>10405 said well (and i messed up) an origin can be from far away but the quick development into something else might happen elsewhere. In that regard that part of the mongolian steppe, called by various names like Zhao, Slab Grave or Inner Mongolia, was home and origin to several sub-species with wildly distinct physical variations, from the grey, flat faced and absurdly squint-eyed korean and mongolians, to the orange and simian-looking turkic peoples who mixed a millenium later with iranians and other caucasians to produce the tatars, who also banged pajeets to produce the modern arab. All this comes from a bunch of Xiongnu horse fuckers, they might be the ancestors but definitely not the original forerunners. Mongolia might be the origin but definitely not where they started miscegenating like crazy.
>>10357 But Bin Laden was Al-Qaeda, not Taliban
Syrian govenment officially opened the Damascus-Aleppo highway for civilian use
>>10430 Go long is rebuilding expected to take? Say all rebels and Turks and burgers and kikes were gone tomorrow would Syria be able to rebuild by 10 years? Iirc it took Germany about 15 years to completely rebuild.
>>10446 Syria's rebuilding areas as soon as it retakes them (look at Aleppo or Damascus). The main hurdle there aren't the rebels, but burgers slapping sanctions and an oil embargo on Syria, along with squatting on its oil fields. That means there's an oil shortage going on. Iran tries to bypass the sanctions and supply oil, but burgers try to basically blockade Syria (see the tanker bullshit last year). Syria didn't get fucked near as far as Germany did (many of the important areas stayed under government control throughout the whole war) so it would be able to reasonably rebuild quite quickly, but this embargo bullshit is slowing things down a lot, and may prolong the rebuilding efforts considerably (of course, kicking burgers outta the oil fields would speed things along enormously)
>>10240 >mutts once again BTFO by illiterate dirt farmers

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