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Open file (184.13 KB 1440x1080 DontWorryGoyim.jpg)
France's police literal state Strelok 01/26/2020 (Sun) 23:49:03 No.6062
http://archive.ph/oAc4X [FR] Posted on 03/10/2019 >Four police officers killed, assailant shot dead in Paris prefecture >Four police officers were killed during a stabbing attack that took place this Thursday, October 3, around 1 p.m., at the Paris police headquarters. The assailant was killed. >The assailant would have converted to Islam a year and a half ago according to BFMTV and Le Figaro who site a police source and adds that his wife would also be Muslim according to the neighborhood. >According to BFMTV, at around 1 p.m., an administrative agent used a stabbing weapon against three Intelligence Directorate police officers in two different offices on the first floor. He then assaulted the stairs with a kitchen knife, two women, one assigned to the direction of security of proximity of the Parisian agglomeration and the other working in the direction of human resources. >The author then allegedly went down to the courtyard. After ordering him to drop his knife, a police and traffic police officer used his service weapon. >The assailant is said to be an administrative agent with more than twenty years of service. He was assigned to the Intelligence Directorate of the Paris Prefecture of Police according to Loïc Travers, representative of the Alliance union. The only known problem at the moment: he is said to have a deafness handicap. The track of an internal quarrel or a stroke of madness is privileged. >The attack occurred inside the prefecture, which is on the Ile de la Cité. Since this happened they started wondering if having Muslim were a good idea in the police if they were all going to have "internal quarrel or stroke of madness" http://archive.ph/LWcI6 [FR] Published on 10/21/19 >Radicalization in the police: 27 agents reported since the attack at the police headquarters >There are more and more reports of "radicalization" within the police. According to BFMTV, 27 officials from the Paris police headquarters have been reported since the attack on the premises on October 3. >Of the 27 reported police officers, three are the subject of requests for suspension by the Prefect of Police, and two have been disarmed. One of them was assigned to the Regional Directorate of the Judicial Police and the other worked as a peacekeeper in Villeneuve-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine). The profiles of the police officers reported are rather similar: they are mainly men with the rank of peacekeeper or officers. >Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said on October 10 before the Senate Law Commission that there were "around 40 radicalization cases" before the attack, a stable maximum, he said. Following the attack at the Paris police headquarters, Emmanuel Macron had called for "a society of vigilance" asking the French to identify around them radicalized people and "laxities, deviations, these small gestures that signal a distance from the laws and values ​​of the Republic (…) little things that become big tragedies ”. >The prefect of police sent a memorandum on October 7, stating that "if signs of a possible radicalization of an officer are detected, it is up to him to report it immediately and directly to his superiors." In the gendarmerie, around twenty people have been reported for signs of radicalization since 2013. i wonder if there's more to this. http://archive.ph/c6VXk [FR] published on January 24, 2020 >106 police files reported for suspected radicalization being processed >Over a hundred files related to police officers reported for alleged radicalization are being evaluated. To date, there have been no detected cases of violent radicalization, but problems of compatibility with republican values and the police mission. >To date, there have been no national or presumed cases of police officers in the process of violent radicalization or of police officers who have been found to have praised Daesh. The assessments in progress therefore relate to suspicions of behavior in religious practice which would not be compatible with the exercise of the police profession or with republican values. >In Paris, 74 reports in less than four months, including 27 closed files >According to figures sent to France Inter, for the only police headquarters in Paris, there have been since the killings perpetrated by Mickaël Harpon on October 3, 74 reports in total. Out of these 74 files, several dozen are still being evaluated and 27 have been closed without giving rise to the slightest sanction. >It is the Central Evaluation Group (GEC) which is responsible each week for deciding on cases of suspected radicalization, depending on the progress of what are called "screenings": these are investigations carried out internally by the three major intelligence services of the Ministry of the Interior (DGSI, SCRT, DRPP) on the entourage of the agents reported and often, for example, on their attendance at a particular mosque. 27 files of officers from the Paris police headquarters have already been closed without action. Among the police officers reported to their hierarchy, some had very quickly been the subject of protective and preventive measures. In the days following the killing, a dozen agents were suspended and several were even disarmed. According to our information, to date, only three police officers are still suspended and two disarmed. >According to a source familiar with the matter, the number of reports of radicalization has "dropped significantly" in recent weeks. Welp, nothing to see there they are all moderate good boy that dindu nothing. http://archive.ph/oSV9j [FR] published on 25/01/2020 >Police officer reported for radicalization and "related" to one of the Bataclan killers >The new interministerial commission responsible for assessing suspected radicalization in the public service is seized of the case of an administrative agent of the Paris police headquarters who was the subject of reports, reveals France Inter on Saturday January 25. This could be canceled soon. >This official, stationed at the reception in a police station in the south of Seine-Saint-Denis (which depends on the Paris police headquarters), is "related to one of the killers of Bataclan", confides a close source of the file, via his wife who has "a link in his close family circle". >Reported after an "incident": He was reported by his superiors after an "incident", explains to France Inter a police commissioner stationed in the department at the time of the facts. "One day, continues the commissioner, while he was at the reception, he did not go back up as it should have been a report on a possible departure in Syria." Also according to the Commissioner, this official "refused to be in an office with women". >"We quickly learned that he frequented two very strict mosques in the department," he adds. >The grievor ended up on sick leave for depression, which the commissioner attributes to the fact that "everyone was aware of his family ties at the police station." >There is no evidence of violent radicalization >The file, the result of surveillance that has lasted for three years, has never been transmitted to the National Counterterrorism Prosecutor's Office, a sign that the man does not present any indication of violent radicalization or of links with a terrorist organization, according to several sources. . >A senior officer testified to his embarrassment with France Inter: "Apart from a report, we don't know what we can do. Can we really suspend a police officer because he is a Muslim? But can we take the slightest risk in a profession like ours? " #NotAllMuslim :^)
>>7605 baguette ? non non merci.
>>7606 >space before the question mark Oh shit a real French
>>7621 Is it a rule in the language that they have to type like that, or just a common mistake?
>>7629 Yeah it's part of the language >Point d’interrogation >Le point d’interrogation s’utilise lorsque la phrase est une interrogation directe. > >Viens-tu ? >Prendriez-vous un dessert ? >Pourquoi partir si tôt ?
>>7634 Though it was a hold over from the typewriter era.
>>7634 How do frogs quote? In English it’s ‘’ or “” but all the German magazines or newspapers I see use <> between a quote. I didn’t even realize different languages used different marks for it.
>>7641 With « » >Deux-points : emplois >Le deux-points peut annoncer : > >une citation d’un texte ; >Alexandre Dumas écrivait dans une œuvre intitulée Les Quarante-Cinq : « Je ne suis plus qu’une âme, et tout en moi a été purifié au feu dévorant de mon amour. » > >la reproduction des paroles ou des pensées de quelqu’un, dans le discours rapporté direct ; >Laurent a dit : « N’hésite pas en cas de besoin ! », alors me voilà. > >une explication, une cause, un exemple ou la synthèse de ce qui précède ; >Il me jeta un regard cruel : il croyait que je lui avais lancé un caillou. > >une énumération. >Pour son anniversaire, Laurence invite : Justin, Jacky, Dolores, Mala, Jean, Marie, Simon et tous les autres. > >Le deux-points sert souvent de charnière logique. Son emploi ajoute du dynamisme à un texte : il permet d’éviter des marqueurs de relation comme ainsi, c’est pourquoi, par conséquent, par exemple, etc.
Oops I posted the wrong section. But yeah it's « »
>>7245 How horrifying
Open file (9.05 MB 1280x720 s69EJCMjjzufUyaL.mp4)
I feel like it's completely silly to complain about isolated muslim criminals when everyone fucking rioted for like a year straight and just last month the firefighers joined in and started fistfighting cops. Not that arabs are good obviously just that french cops easily have bigger issues to worry about.
>>7695 Deep thoughts
>>7695 thnks god "muslim criminal" aren't a thing for like the pas 30 years faggot.
>>7695 this video was already posted a week ago
>>This official, stationed at the reception in a police station in the south of Seine-Saint-Denis (which depends on the Paris police headquarters), is "related to one of the killers of Bataclan", confides a close source of the file, via his wife who has "a link in his close family circle". This got me thinking about their coverup of Bataclan tortures and mutilation. Just how many police higher-ups were related or otherwise connected to the muds who carried out the attack? Aside from the HQ, how many precinct chiefs knew ahead of time? The police force in this shithole is probably more compromised than even in Britain. We found out about UK rape gangs because there was no language barrier, there might be a lot more going on in France than journos would have us know.
Open file (581.42 KB 1728x3308 De_Gaulle.jpg)
Open file (102.26 KB 236x455 Ailleret.png)
That's when it all began.
>>7858 Unironically we have better media coverage in nogo zone with twitter video and snapchat storie than with the msm. Weapon of all calliber are know to exist in every big housing unit were hundred familie live at a time. The police control the drug market distribution and the Brigade anti-criminalité or BAC used to run over skinhead messing with it, those that fought drug dealer to clean the street were harrased penally for any thing or take care of by some young policeman wantinf to level up faster by running over them like i said. this was some 30 years ago, skinhead doesn't exist practically nowadays and the majority are either very old or very young or literal commie. today if you happen to be molested by a drug dealer in most case you won't be ble to complain to the plice in marseille because generally you will see his brother or cousins and they will litereally tell you t fuck off and they won't do shit. i could go on and on but i might want to give you source and video proof
>>7869 >molested In English the equivalent word is harassed. Unless the arab drug dealers are actually "violating" you.
>>7892 Yes, they are "violating" people, woman can't cmplain to the police as well as guys.
>>7892 Molested is 100% appropriate in a non-sexual usage.
>>7924 Well yeah but it highly depends on context and carries the sexual connotation unless you're very careful with it
>>7858 >Bataclan tortures and mutilation I know it's gonna sound stupid, but I thought they "only" massacred a bunch of zoomers. What else did those animals do?
>>8018 i don't know the list but it goes from beheding to dick cut then put in the mouth, and other bit i do not recall.
>>8018 Pieced together from various news outlets: >The investigator told the inquiry: 'After the assault, we were with colleagues at the passage Saint-Pierre Amelot when I saw weeping from one of our colleagues who came outside to vomit. He told us what he had seen.' >[some of] “The bodies have not been shown to the families because they are people who are decapitated, people who are bloated and people who have been disemboweled,” one police witness told officials, according to the transcript. >“There are people decapitated, swollen and disemboweled. There are signs of sexual acts committed against women and knife cuts to genitals. If I am not mistaken, some of the eyes of certain people have been removed,” the witness said. >The father of one victim had told him that his son had been disemboweled and castrated, with his testicles found in his mouth. >"When I saw him behind glass, lying on a table, a white shroud covering it up to the neck, a psychologist was with me. He said: This is ‘the only presentable part, your son’s left profile.’ I found that he had no right eye. I made the remark; I was informed that they had punctured his eye and sliced down the right side of his face, where there was a very large hematoma that we could all see."
Open file (189.39 KB 768x1024 Kyffhauser.jpg)
>>8019 Can´t wait till Uncle Friederich wakes up and cleans up this clusterfuck via liberal use of his Zweihander aimed at the cranium of Non-European Aliens, Faggots, Marxists (Insert Plague Here)
>>8021 they did all that? damn they are fast.
>>8019 It's amazing the police protect them while attacking us. Fucking race traitor scum.
Open file (227.08 KB 640x1434 AwokenYourInnerMonster.jpg)
Open file (21.53 KB 287x277 Angry_Marine.jpg)
>>8025 There were 6 attacks in a 4 hours window that day. Bataclan in particular was a 20 minutes shootout followed by another 20 minutes of coons keeping hostages until special unit managed to breach the upstairs areas, which prompted the coons to suicide-bomb. I'm not surprised they pulled it off, all these bestgore and YNC videos from South Apemerica have spics dismembering people in under 5 minutes. Frog government never said how many people out of the 90 killed were deliberately mutilated and not shown to their own families.
>>6071 Isn't that picture with something like ten people, starts with 10/10 being whites, end with the 3/10 whites hanged? >>6195 gibsmedat Ruin social care, you'll get full scale riots. >>6596 Blue pigs be blue pigs. They're the slave caste but with sticks and guns and the greenlight from above to hit. They're part of the problem. They're afraid of muslims and niggers but will attack whites with glee. >>6742 That and beheadings. >>6833 >(((stability))) It's actually a miracle that this remains a country with so much destruction wrought from all sides, yet they're still there. Gotta wonder what these frogs could do if in )))proper hands(((. >>7036 Freemasonic axiom. >>7245 A friend of mine confirmed that the last official map for the sickle-cell anemia was 2016 and the very red area (regon?) was over 75%. Many whites don't know this because the migrants are contained and the media, although playing on the diversity, also hide the reality as much as they can. It's a very, very, slow boil. Paris is also the seat of a huge chink community. They also have those islands and smaller post-colonial territories that are absolutely jam packed with these niggers and other mystery meats. IOW, racial war is the only way through this shit, but this time we'll also push beyond our borders, cleanse more, reclaim very old lands (occupied by Whites thousands of years ago) and simply hunt down every single fucking kike. Period. We won't forget. We won't forgive. >>7362 Same with Americans. French had the Code Noire to regulate niggers (and Jews) and interactions with them, especially the slaves. This was ended around mid-1800s, which somehow legally "allowed" niggers to actually set foot on French continental soil (it was strictly forbidden before that). Hitler's observation is the direct consequence of Jews doing their thing in allowing for miscegenation. At the very beginning of the 20th century, while France was very antisemitic, Jews secured a political victory through the clever manipulation known as the Dreyfus affair, which if you dig deep enough, did involve a Rothschild iirc. Anyway, Jews, Freemasons and homos were the usual pundits behind the internal destruction of the kingdom. >>7553 The map obviously includes non whites. It's not a map of tested whites, it's the whole population that's included.
>>7565 >Culture = race lolno
>>8029 > Frog government never said how many people out of the 90 killed were deliberately mutilated and not shown to their own families. Pics or it didn't happen.
>>8415 Culture flows downstream from race. It's not an air-tight thing and cultures can mutually influence each other, but there is a reason why the culture of the Aryan has always been so much richer than that of lesser humans.
>>8702 More unsettling is the picture that shows a huge heart of blood drawn on the floor of Bataclan. I shit you not.
They're using migrant children as proxies in the Middle-East. They have to be radicalized or they won't fight. If you find a way of stopping it be my guest.
>>6197 That was the shittiest scatting I've ever heard.
For the French-speaking, also dubbed for everyone else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01H5-s0bS-I
>>6062 Lol zogbot jew-servants btfo, good riddance. Remember what they did to you just for vouching your "rights" frenchies. Why? Because ZOGcron the little pedophilic prince of abused kids ordered them. They were just doing their jobs gassing and mutilating people!!!
>>9926 Oh and even murdered by their own globohomo mutts too they protect, in their own faggot organization that defends high finance and oligarchy, makes it even better, reminding us that there is such a thing as poetic justice, or maybe even karma too if you're into that.
>>6130 What a scary lookin bastard.
>>9926 What happened exactly, for non Frenchfags?
>Months of chimping out at ZOG >still no happening >not even a islamic false flag attack Any more ZOGbot webms?
Open file (194.33 KB 368x274 fatsack.png)
Open file (4.26 MB 854x480 horribleinjuryhand.mp4)
Open file (4.38 MB 640x352 EU Parliament.mp4)
>police dressing as civilians
>More cop agitators dressing up as civilians to agitate protestors because if you're a good goy you just have fraudulent democratic rights on worthless papers and can't actually protest against your (((masters))) >Some random guy getting sadistically pounded by zogbots. (remember GJ are and were peaceful for weeks but then cops attack and made it violent to get their excuse to end it)
Anyone have the yellow vest cyoa's? I could swear I used to have it but I can't find it anymore.
Open file (3.41 MB 3600x10000 yellow vest quest.jpg)
>>10207 I have this, is that what you wanted?
>>10214 Yes, thanks anon!
Reminder that the French voted for this.

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