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Meta Strelok Board owner 08/09/2019 (Fri) 10:12:19 No.8
If there's anything in specific you'd like me to do or change, please post it here. I admit I don't have a lot of experience managing boards, so if you want to BE THE CHANGE then here's where to do it. If you have banners, pastebins, copypastas you want me to pin for ham radio, etc. please reply to this thread or make a new post with said content and I will sticky it. If you've got problems with a specific person or something then complain or e-mail me. I work a full-time job so I won't always be around to immediately fix things. Please do not start or continue fights from other threads here. I will delete shitposts.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 02/18/2020 (Tue) 09:35:16.
>>9310 I don't see ">SKINDUPS BTFO" as a "pro-white shitpost", I see it as a shitpost. I also saw more back-and-forth shitposting for the next five minutes, so I deleted all the posts aside from the first and gave the guy a 4 hr ban for spamming. use Tomorrow you faggot
Edited last time by activeshooter on 02/18/2020 (Tue) 03:02:11.
>>9311 Gotcha, I just saw rapid back and forth bottom barrel shitposting and reported it all as spam, but the only one that was deleted replied to the anti-white pepe so it was my reaction.
Muttspammer is driving anons back to fedkun/k/.
>>9483 Insulting people by calling them "mutt" after another poster makes a cheeky insult about Germans and Turkish immigration isn't spam.
>posting outside of the demographic, ME, and biowarfare threads is practically nonexistent now >demographic thread is just a volnigger spamming anti-white shit for easy (you)s The board got fucked into the ground in the span of a month. This is why you don't hire trannies or try to justify your banning of spamming faggots to anyone, you get rid of them when they show their autistic shitstirring faces and tell anyone who whines to fucking deal with it.
Open file (225.04 KB 500x500 5698780078.png)
>>9483 >>9490 Can you really not go a single day without mass reporting and crying to mods when things dont go your way?
>>9490 The Corona Virus dwarfs everything else going on right now
>>9501 not really, its not that important when its not even in your country...
>>9497 I'm assmad too, don't make it seem it's only one nigger sperging out about it.
>>9497 >that image Holy shit this place is fucked.
>>9497 I haven't bothered reporting shit because it's a fucking vol doing it, what is the point in reporting a vol when the tranny will just dismiss it and continue making low quality posts because he doesn't like the topic being discussed?
Can we move the thread to >>>/n/ to settle the matter ? T.toutatis
>>9537 Can activeshooter come to IRC to discuss the problem ? Do it when you have time of course
>>9537 You're the nigger that's been shitting it up the whole time, aren't you? You move that thread there and I'm just going to follow and shit up your board and get as many IPs banned as I possibly can, fuck you nigger.
Open file (211.75 KB 650x933 GunLoli1.jpg)
Open file (382.29 KB 713x606 GunLoli2.png)
Open file (203.07 KB 617x523 GunLoli3.png)
Open file (382.13 KB 529x913 gunLoli4.png)
Open file (334.96 KB 604x693 GunLoli5.png)
>>9530 >I haven't bothered reporting shit because it's a fucking vol doing it I've been quarantining myself to posting in the Mexican beeru thread and have had your thread hidden even though I was holding a conversation with someone at one point. >>9171 still applies, though in this case I took a nap when I got home from work. Apparently I'm living rent-free in your head though because of some back-and-forth in a fuggin' meta thread. I have more important things to do than argue with delusional autists. I'm currently enjoying a mango about a loli who creates guns with magic. In any case I've got to go back to sleep soon to go back to building weapons for the US government tomorrow.
>>9555 >I have better things to do than argue If that was true you wouldn't be typing out lengthy posts for lying about how you're totally not shitting up the demographics thread. This is who your BO hired as a vol, he thinks you're all stupid. Even in his post defending himself he can't help but throw out the same kind of shitty b8.
>>9540 WOW LAD YOU'RE A BIG FUCKING FAGGOT AREN'T YOU? Stop playing the big guy faggot, i haven't shat shit. T.toutatis
>>9559 That's good to know. FWIW I'm OP (not who you are responding to) and don't want my thread on your board. I only want to talk to people who have guns.
>>9563 Ok anon, thanks to you for coming forward, that settle the matter then. More generally /n/ can be used for thread were gun is a minor point and where that sort of derail and spam won't happen. Especially not coming from a volunteer.
>>9555 Thanks for keeping your word. I don't really think shitposting matters or even derailing really, since it's a containment thread so to an extent that is even its purpose. As long as there is a place where discussing this issue isn't censored I don't see a problem. The statistics and points that matter most are in the OP anyways, so Streloks who see it can make up their own mind. Anything else is not really consequential in comparison to avoiding censorship. This is the only gun community that allows it to even be mentioned at all. I am banned from every other platform with a gun community just for posting graphs on voting demographics for gun control laws. Maybe there doesn't need to be an attempt for a constitutional amendment on this every day.
Open file (102.83 KB 544x696 1560668401542-1.jpg)
>>9556 Bro, I don't know how I can convince you otherwise, but I have been too busy to even really post on my two favorite boards (/k/ and /a/) more than sparingly, let alone have the time nor energy to shitpost. When I got home from work today I took a shower, ate dinner, and TRIED to catch up on the Corona thread before passing out at my computer screen only to have a dream about work. That response was roughly thirty minutes after waking up. When I'm at work on breaks I lurk the threads, but I have been confined to eating indoors with the Koreans because the weather has been shit, and those fucks are constantly looking over your shoulder trying to figure out how to hook their granddaughter up with the white guy who makes more than them, so I can't even browse imageboards except when I'm taking a shit. I've legitimately been too busy at work to even check the report queue these last two days. The only reason the bantz Sunday Evening/Monday Morning happened (times don't display properly for me for some reason, and I'm too out of it to trust my memory) was because I was a third of the way into a bottle of Jägermeister and sleep deprived, which is why I stopped as soon as BO pointed out I was being a cunt, because that was just embarrassing on my part. I haven't been able to function enough to do the things I "need" (read: have a responsibility) to do on the week days because of work recently, let alone the things I want to do. The only volunteering I do on /k/ is cleaning up spam (like "MUTT MUTT MUTT") and really blatant stuff in the first place, I leave rules enforcement past that to the other volunteers/BO. Yes, I make lengthy posts. That is my posting style and I don't like it, but I can't help myself. Holy fuck, speaking of which I have to be up for work again in about five and a half hours. G'night anon.
I want to make an AR-15 thread, but I don't know if there are some /k/ buzzwords I should use when making it. All I can remember is something like /arg/ for AR general. Is it alright if I just make one without memespeak? I tried going to /k/ on 8chan a few times but for some reason they seemed a lot less knowledgeable than most other gun forums so I didn't keep it up. But I think it might be worth contributing back here. I don't have a deep knowledge about AR build materials, never was in the military or anything just a lot of experience using them on a timer. I'm probably closer to someone you'd find on arfcom forum except without ever having posted there.
Open file (72.91 KB 424x600 Violence.jpg)
Open file (149.37 KB 422x600 Candy.jpg)
>>9555 Trips of quality based vol. If you want some recs with lolis+guns check out pics related. These are just a couple of them and I got plenty more if you want
>>9674 use buzzwords like boogaloo and strelok!!!
>>9674 I'm not sure if you are shitposting, but here you go: >>9689
>>9691 Great, thank you. How about one for the AK platform? I don't see one in the catalog, unless I'm missing it.
>>9674 >>9697 You don't need to ask permission to make threads big guy
>>9708 Alright I'll draft something up and see what you guys think before posting it so that the OP has good info. I am not an AK guy so I'm sure others will have suggestions.
>>9709 If you fuck up I can just edit the OP with something better. Don't worry about it.
BO can you answer me this? Considering this sudden and massive influx of low effort and generally cancerous posts over the past couple of days, would you say it's non-lurking newniggers from cuckchan or an equivalently shit site, or is it just spergkraut and one or two faggots helping him shit the board up because they're butthurt over the demographic thread?
>>10186 95-99% of the "I wish /k/ was dead. I drink ovaltine." posts are spergkraut. The problem is that a lot of the posters around here get riled up too easily, myself included, and give (You)s. People are quick to point fingers and anime reaction images have been associated with one of my vols. I may try to be objective with my moderation of politics on this board and personally speaking, having some shitlibs in the demographics thread keeps it from being a circlejerk but I will never, ever tolerate any tranny shit on my board. I have been talking with toutatis, the BO of /n/, regarding moving some threads to his board. I'd like to spread out the PPH so people stop posting stuff only tangentially related to weapons here because we have an active userbase.
>>10188 We seem to have literal glownigger apes here now it seems. Look at this shit >>>/k/10141 >and personally speaking, having some shitlibs in the demographics thread keeps it from being a circlejerk <keeps it from being a circlejerk The kind of posts in there from 1 or 2 parties are what substantiates a discussion to you? LOL All they were doing were 0 effort shitposting, something you'd see from shills. But yeah okay nice flavor of cope for bad moderation, nevermind fags like that instaban us on the cuckweb in general for disagreeing and not even flinging shit like them. Perfectly fine. Thanks for clarifying you won't even try to prevent that on your (small) board, which means you're a faggot.
>>10193 Making fun of glowniggers is a classic pastime. I'm not a great moderator, I'll admit, but a lot of the reports I get are just shit like "jew" or ">anime" and it floods the report queue with people reporting other people for really inane, tame shit. I will clean up the demographic thread today though, it's something I've been putting off.
>>10194 I'm not a fan of censorship at all but think about what sort of posts you want to have on your board, are a couple of niggers just creating bullshit no argument 4chan tier topic dilution not adressing the thread or are they relevant or conducive to real discussion? That directly decides what gets deleted or not and is common sense or else you just perpetuate failure. The entire issue is that if you decide to cultivate an atmosphere where low brow 0 effort shit type like from that thread is allowed it's just perpetuated you just end up with shit and the end and nothing real gets discussed. That's how topic dilution works and the entire point of homos and glows is to sidetrack real discussion or fuck over OP's they don't like. They're preobably fucking assmad that the 8glow2 cattlepen didn't work out and it actually wouldn't surprise me if glow-worm Jim or whatever assmad retard sent some of them.(based on his past actions)
>>10202 I'll do my best to fix things
Basically the only on-topic posts in the Hanau thread are my OC cross-posted from another board. Well it's not a big deal I guess, if I keep in mind to just ignore the entire thread. I appreciate the work to clean things up. I guess it's hard to keep up with the volume.
>>10204 You seem to be a bit of a newfag. Pro-tip: You are the owner of an imageboard, and that dubious honor now means there are people who are paid a full-time annual salary to fuck with you, in addition to the autists, faggots, trannies and other do-it-for-free's. Never bend the knee. Good lawk.
>>10218 > Well said fren >>10204 I generally find the level of content here engaging, BO, which means you are doing something right.
>>10202 >The entire issue is that if you decide to cultivate an atmosphere where low brow 0 effort shit type like from that thread is allowed it's just perpetuated you just end up with shit and the end and nothing real gets discussed. My thoughts exactly. I'm here for /k/ not for /pol/, and that entire thread is /pol/-/leftypol/ astroturfing at the hands of a few sperges who think they can bully BO by pretending to be a larger percent of users than they are. That entire thread should be removed from /k/ as it has nothing to do with our board, or at the most lenient, moderation should not get involved with theor schizophrenic ramblings.
>>10224 Nigger what? Just cut the crap. You know OP in that thread brought up a valid factual phenomenon that non-whites keep voting for, and are in favor of gun control. He was asking why and pointing out demographics is destiny. It has all to do with guns which are now thanks to Jews and neocohens like Feinstein and various other elements responsible for disarming political all for 30 years and not seen as a constitutional right because they have no intention of upholding said rights. They don't like rights, because it gives citizens power in the first place. Which means it's not as easy to commit extreme forms of treason. Most people here with brains know they (illegally) use our founding constitutional laws as literal toilet paper for a majority same team left-wing and neocohen agenda of disarmament leaving tyranny inevitable like it in other countries. It wasn't OP's fault astroniggers and/or tranniepol homos are sperging out about that inconvenient truth but it was the fault of moderators for not removing those faggots in the thread.
>>10224 Except there's a lot of actual non-/tv/ tier back and forth discussion in that thread, the ones who are a problem are the one line b8posting niggers and spergkraut assuming it's not all him, he is autistic enough to do that after all. It's fucking mind blowing how much the sperging picked up when the OP pointed out a statistical fact. Almost like some of the people who have a problem with it don't have any counterarguments so they can only spam shitposts instead.
Jewish mods removed the Germany thread oy vey
I think I should address it here now that coronavirus thread IV is over. Higher post limit doesn't hit only mobile users, it's a problem for people with dated desktops and laptops too. Past about 750-800 posts it can get slow and unstable. It's still better than vichan/openIB which used to cause problems over as little as 500 posts.
>>10255 Just a heads up, you can click on "Last" to show the last 50 posts and avoid that issue. Hope it helps for your situation.
>>10275 Thanks, that's pretty good. The only issue would be coming back to a thread the next day when there's more than 50 posts but that's a once in a day kind of thing. Last 50 seems like a good way to refresh threads as they go.
>>10193 >>10202 >prepping makes you a federal agent >everyone whose posts I don't like is a SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIILL from that site I used to use Take your fucking meds holy shit. Genuine paranoid schizophrenia is spewing out of your text, and this is coming from someone whose pattern recognition makes him think people are going after him all the time. >>10255 Is /k/ on a different server from /cow/ or some shit? Threads there run fine at 700+ posts, but this one chugged like shit when loading. This is on a raspbery pi 3.
>>10410 sup glowie
>>10410 Don't respond to low effort shitposts like that for fucks sake, they're not made by people with a genuine interest in anything you have to say. God damn some of you take b8 way too easily. Speaking of which, it looks like spergkraut or some other shit stirrer is about to start a screechfest about muh pole again.

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