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Open file (76.97 KB 648x630 serveimage.jpeg.jpg)
Biological Warfare: Coronavirus IV Strelok 02/14/2020 (Fri) 18:49:00 No.8580
I LOVE YOU CORONA CHAN Let's place bets on how long it'll be before Chinatowns in the US/Canada are placed under racist quarantines. <<INFECTED: 983,006>> http://doi.org/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022434 >NEWS Infection could reach 60% of world population http://archive.is/Xcxwm CDC mistakenly released infected patient in California http://archive.is/9BLj9 Wartime conditions in China http://archive.is/YN0Cb >RESEARCH r0 between 6.11 and 8.18, higher than expected http://doi.org/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022434 Incubation period of 24 days, longer than expected http://archive.is/8dsa9 Infected come out negative 50 to 70% of the time http://archive.is/yyGJm#selection-1183.0-1183.112 >REMINDER CDC: Test kits in the U.S and 30 countries are flawed http://archive.is/cLmse Japan confirms China doesn't count suspected in death toll http://archive.is/H1Bm1 Crematorium: 127 bodies, 48 suspected and only 8 confirmed http://archive.is/Lb6ry >"DETECTED" CASES C: 64,548 ◄ D: 1,385 ◄ >LATEST 11:05: 9 new cases in Singapore 10:09: 2 new cases in Japan 09:15: 3 new cases in Hong Kong 07:51: 1 new case in Japan >CHINA C: 63,946 ◄ D: 1,382 ◄ http://news.qq.com/zt2020/page/feiyan.htm >WORLD C: 602 ◄ D: 3 ◄ Death Princess 218 Singapore 67 Hong Kong 56-1 Japan 37-1 Thailand 33 South Korea 28 Malaysia 19 Taiwan 18 Germany 16 Vietnam 16 Australia 15 United States 15 France 11 Macau 10 United Kingdom 9 United Arab Emirates 8 Canada 7 India 3 Philippines 3-1 Italy 3 Russia 2 Spain 2 Belgium 1 Cambodia 1 Finland 1 Nepal 1 Sri Lanka 1 Sweden 1 https://w.wiki/GWa More: https://pastebin.com/raw/qy5RFpVX http://archive.is/H0EkM
Edited last time by activeshooter on 02/15/2020 (Sat) 02:43:15.
>>10074 Well, Chinese people are made to be ruled with a iron fist. Hence why the early governments of China (including nationalist right wing) was so strict. The only reason Taiwan is bearable now is because of mutt influence. If I was a peasantnigger living in early nationalist China, I might become a communist bugman myself. The reason why the Chinese are shit is because they evolved to be ruled by dictatorial leaders. Imagine if Taiwan's territories was larger than just a island, do you really think things would be the same?
>>10068 >11:06: +1 cases in Israel Oy gevalt!
>>10101 Perhaps I simply give politicians too little credit, as they all seem so myopic and incapable.
Open file (252.27 KB 757x507 c.png)
>>10110 Ahahahahahah Cured = not dead when leaving hospital Grorious administration of the people
https://archive.is/wip/zS4Gn >Chinks filming some movie but then the memes become reality So this is what it looks like when the bread runs out and the circus descends.
>>10076 Fug, I was going to go to Rome in a month. Süd-Tirol reunification when?
https://archive.is/uMtXr >r*cist T*betans kicking filthy foreigners i.e Han chinks out of their mountains Secession soon?
>>10085 How does that prove me incorrect? I was saying nobody was asking about boards before you brought it up. Are we even talking about the same thing?
>>10114 Why would South Tyrol want to unify??? They get tons of gibs and tax cuts from the Italian government and get to have double (illegal) passports from the Austrians, if they unified not only would they lose both but they'd be treated like the niggers of Austria (as well as traitors by right wingers).
>>10120 Who said that they'd have a choice?
>pandemic happening RIGHT NOW why arent we banding together innawoods again? shit is hitting the fan hard
>>10129 Because its only really hitting the fan in asian countries. Also I dont want to be in a camp with a bunch of stinky guys, at least take a shower first strelok.
>>10129 too busy making passive aggressive potshots at internet strangers in an effort to stir shit up
>>10136 >Because its only really hitting the fan in asian countries And it is going to hit us hard soon with all the chinks roaming about and the government allowing them to fly. next week europe and california will be infected in the 10000s >>10140 You can still be passive agressive IRL
New thread?
>>10109 Politicians themselves, sure. Any and all decisions that aren't renaming post offices are by committee or billionaire zogbot donor.
>>10143 >with all the chinks roaming about You made me realize that all the areas on the west coast and Canada they bought up and invaded are going to be fucked. God hates the chinks lmao
Open file (396.64 KB 762x497 s21.png)
BREAKING: South Korea reports 142 new cases of coronavirus, raising country's total to 346 - Yonhap https://archive.is/TUI0L https://twitter.com/BNODesk/status/1231021220835069952
Open file (796.41 KB 648x705 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone else feel a zen sense of calm anticipation and satisfaction with this? Normally I'm anxious about happenings, this feels more resolute somehow
>>10158 Me too, I'm planning to work in a hospital for the next half year, and then join the army. I'm not from Burgeristan. If it turns into a full scale happening, then I have a good chance to witness something very real.
Should we make another thread since this one is bumplocked?
Open file (266.22 KB 600x450 snowman.jpg)
Hey guys what's up? Been catching up and it looks like we're all fucked. are we all fucked? i think we're fucked at this rate. I could stop it. Should i stop it? Has it gone far enough? I think this might be for the best. How can i make the most of it?
>>10165 >are we all fucked? yes >Should i stop it? No >Has it gone far enough? It hasnt killed israel yet >How can i make the most of it? Do whatever you want unless you want to try and survive
Open file (4.12 MB 460x258 1574741712742.gif)
>>10166 >try and survive nty
>>10169 Then go all out, make some avant garde kino, shitpost IRL or start your own mlitary. Anything and everything is possible to you now
Open file (103.05 KB 1024x737 1581023295465.jpg)
Based boomer Dr Drancis Boyle, Bioweapons advisor and experts spills the beans and confirms NCOV is 100% manmade chimeravirus (with HIV in it as well) citing Indian genetic analysis with a likely death ratio actually being 15-18% when you omit bad/unreliable stats according to him. >"IT'S LETHALITY IS AROUND 15-18%"= muh nazis tho kek fucking boomers https://youtu.be/_On7NB34QEc He also did a video with shekel jones recently. He's already been ostracised by his colleagues for telling the truth he says.
>>10180 >corona chan has aids >somehow ebola chan doesnt
>>10181 >751 posts Is there a limit?
>>10189 >>10163 There is a post limit because mobilefaggots complain about the threads taking too long to load.
>>10059 >How did so many newfriends make it here? Genuinely curious. Give a faggot an inch and he'll take a mile.
Open file (1.16 MB 1024x1165 1570380885507.png)
>>10190 Phoneposters deserve to be bullied.
Open file (39.42 KB 245x245 1387645495706.jpg)
>>10190 >placating mobileposters
>>10155 Not necessarily. If you follow the vector paths in Western countries, they're all regions that Chinese businessmen travel to, E.G. major urban population centers/economic power houses.
>>10158 I'm a little concerned about the immediate fallout before the real clown world begins since this is indirectly affecting my job right now and there's going to be an interim where people are expected to survive on their own before societal collapse (assuming a societal collapse and not just a Greater Depression).
There's one thing I'm not quite up to date with. Regardless of wether the "bat virus" story is bunk or not, do we have any info on wether Corona-chan crosses the species barrier? Can it be transmitted by vermin or livestock?
>>10198 Indirectly it can be spread by a micropocket of water on their fur and such, but I wouldn't worry about it too much (at least not right now).
>>10190 Fuck phoneposters, what the hell are you doing? I'm willing to bet most of the low quality cancerposts that have been flooding the more active threads here were made by the kind of dumbass that bends over and drools at his phone all day.
>>10192 >>10195 >>10201 I personally don't like 1000+ post threads as the moderator UI on this site is really shitty, but if you guys want me to increase the limit for threads before they bumplock I don't mind doing it.
>>10203 I don't care about the bump limit, I'm just saying don't cater to faggot phoneposters if they're the only ones complaining, they are always the worst quality niggers on any given site and coddling them will only invite more of the cancerous zombies.
>>10215 it was the first reason that popped into my head
>>10203 just make it cyclical my guy
>>10217 I don't want posts deleted; if I go through older threads on an archival service it's nice having it all in one place. Lynxchan is shit and the thread can't be un-anchored, but I increased the overall bump limit to 800 which will apply to future threads.
>>10158 I feel it too. I hope anons are ready to be the gray man. Chest rig under a jacket, or whatever to survive. Maybe I should start with just getting more food.
>>10196 >GVRD gets vaporized >All better than expected
Open file (6.36 MB 640x360 corona_punk.mp4)
If china breaks down I'm going in to loot and go full ancap
>>10120 >but muh benefits >being in the same country as my people is less important than gibs Belgian detected.
>>10232 >going in to loot and go full ancap That's not how spell ancom you commie fuck.
>>10232 >going in to loot and go full ancap That's not how you spell ancom you commie fuck.

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