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There's no discharge in the war!

2020 White Minority and Gun Rights Strelok 02/15/2020 (Sat) 05:29:16 No.8837
In 2020, whites became a minority in the USA for anyone under 18 years old. This was only seven years after 2013 when newborn whites became a minority. In seven more years, our age range will become a minority. Why is this a problem specific to /k/? Because non-whites have formed a voting bloc against guns. Now that they have solidified their majority, it is becoming numerically impossible to outvote their anti-gun bloc. This issue is being censored in absolutely every gun community, even though it will directly lead to our guns being taken away, forever. We must address this issue or it's over for us. Tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of funs. Hundreds of years of tradition. Heirlooms for our children, all gone forever. VA showed us that even if you have nothing against non-whites, even if you have non-white friends, even if you bring token pro-gun non-whites to rallies it doesn't matter because you cannot beat demographic destiny and voting blocs. If the ballot box is no longer a feasible solution, what do we do? We have to start talking about how to deal with it outside of the legal system. Even if we're not doing anything personally we should at least stop counter-signalling against people who are willing to, and stop silencing people who bring up the issue. You can't just separate politics from guns anymore because they are coming for us no matter what our politics are. Whether you're libertarian, national socialist, economic left, apolitical or anything else really it doesn't matter to the other races who just see "white" = "enemy". And nothing will convince them otherwise, ever. Even the small percent of non-whites who are on our side cannot control what their greater tribe does, assuming they even want to beyond giving us the most superficial lip service. This thread is to discuss strategies to secure our gun rights for this generation and the next. And the ones after that. We want our descendants to enjoy this hobby and this right just like we do today. I see a few primary ways to do this, including but not limited to: 1) Explicitly recognize the demographic issue as related to gun rights 2) Call out those who silence us for mentioning the demographic issue 3) Support those who take action beyond the ballot box, and call out those who counter-signal them 4) Develop verbal kill shots that reframe the discourse to our reality. We'll probably be hearing phrases similar to "race traitor" a lot more in the future 5) Discuss the most productive and humane ways to secure our gun rights now that the ballot box is no longer an option Understand that board rules and global rules apply. This thread should also serve as a containment thread for politics as related to demographics. /k/ is a board with the purpose of high quality discussion about firearms and militaria. Respect that because we are in this together. This isn't an official /k/ thread or anything. We can only control what we ourselves do so try to elevate the quality of this board while posting here regardless of how others may act.
>>9036 >If we have too little numbers, we end up with Rhodesia/South Africa-tier events. Rhodesia and South Africa could only happen because of the Wests post WW2 sentiment, pushed above all by the USA. The moment the USA falls from power, there will nobody be around anymore to pull a Rhodesia/South Africa as the mightiest Golem of humanitarian concern trolling in the international arena will be gone. The leaders of European Countries are too weak to do such a thing and will be kept busy with keeping their own country in line. >>9078 Keep thinking that way and you will end up in poverty once you reach retirement. Somebody who tries to make a living on unemployment benefits or goes to the self degrading act of registering as mentally ill will never live in freedom or have a humane existence, as he will effectively exist at subsistence minimum and be government owned. The great aristocrats of old who you praise so high ended up all owned by the Jewish bankers and when they weren't needed anymore the French Revolution came an lobbed their heads off. Its the same with NEETs today, you think you are the rebel who is at the top of the world, but instead you are just a useful idiot who will be the fall guy once the kikes topple the system to get more shekels. Also the goal of earning money isn't to spend your whole life for some kike corporation, that is only done by stupid niggers and those too lazy and cowardly to do their own thing. The true goal is to save capital so you can start your own stuff. Make an investment, own property, get your own business. The earlier you do it, the earlier you will be set for live and enjoy more freedom and riches than the government owned NEETs.
Open file (7.14 KB 370x244 suicide_demog_2016.png)
Open file (65.10 KB 840x473 Slide9.jpeg)
How are we going to save whites when boomers are dying off and millenials are killing themself via gun? No wonder white parents want guns out of the hands of their children if they are only using them to kill themselves with. Its not some jew whos killing them its the white children who are KILLING THEMSELVES!!
>>9670 >They're just killing themselves for no reason lol. Maybe burgerland should stop snipping their foreskins off at infancy and raising them in god-forsaken(literal) jewish hellworlds.
>>9670 Men use the most effective means available to commit suicide. Look at Japan they just switch methods. Really not directly a gun issue.
>>9670 >The suicide is the cause of the suicide ??? Yeah, we know that the suicide rates are high. That's why we are trying to pinpoint and fix the source. You have successfully noticed a symptom. Given the world changed post WW2, jews are a likely reason for it, since the winners spawned the world afterwards while the vanquished were roundly silenced.
>>9625 >telling mutts to move to europe Mutts arent white, they would still destroy europe as much as any nigger or sandnigger would. USA and mutts are the main reason why all this kike multiculti anti-gun shit even hit europe, their GIs raped white women in WW2 just as much as the russians did. >>9670 >How are we going to save whites Have kids and dont be a shitty parent, dont cut their benis at birth, make them value fitness and health, dont let them watch the ZOGbox and teach them at a young age about firearm safety. Biggest thing affecting whites is the lack of community and how easily someone will tell on the authorities over the smallest of things that arent even illegal
>>9785 >USA and mutts are the main reason why all this kike multiculti anti-gun shit even hit europe I'd like to see the explanation you have for this.
>>10052 Figured I'd just get the typical halfassed kraut response.
>>10052 I get the multiculti bit but how in the everliving fuck do you think we're anti-gun? We literally have more guns than people in our country.
Open file (131.62 KB 1223x474 jap_gun_control.png)
>>10091 One law for me, an other one for thee.
>>10091 >We The american citizens, at least a diminishing amount of them, aren't. It's the US government that pushes anti-gun stuff in occupied nations, I'm sure you have enough brains to know why. You know, the same government that's been hell bent on taking american guns since at least the thirties. You know, the America that did ruby ridge, and waco and laid the groundwork for ethnic replacement in europe and america. ANd carried out endless wars in the middle east for a nice constant flow of """Refugees"" America is the bad guy. Don't think we aren't. The US is the biggest boot of international hyenas. You have the democrats who go with it gleefully and retarded conservitives who KNOW the government is bad, but still sign up in droves to fight fur freedummmm!!! Don't confuse your nation for yourself. America as it is, is not worth being patriotic about. You should hate it with more vigor than any nigger, spic, or arab. Because it's done more to harm american citizens and europe than anyone else. They are a disgusting soulless corporate entity that pushes immigration and faggotry on everyone. If you cannot see that, you are absolutely blind. The second amendment does not anywhere say guns are a fun hobby you do every weekend. It's pretty clear it's purpose. Start thinking about that. Stop defending america and start thinking about how to change it for the better.
>>10100 Well no shit the burger government needs to be destroyed, everyone who isn't a MSM swilling tranny knows this, but that's clearly not what he's talking about. He's pushing as if the average burger ever wanted, or even cared about gun control in yurup and implying we deserve to be punished for shit that has been so far beyond the average Joe's control since the end of the American civil war. He's also conveniently ignoring how without communism, something created by a fat yuro-jew mutt NEET, we wouldn't have multiculti shit in the first place.
>>10091 >>10051 before WW2 almost every country had relaxed gun laws with many fags owning guns, it was only after mutts came in droves, infected people with their jew culture/movies and physically occupied places along with the soviets did the world become anti-gun, they didnt just occupy germany and de-nazify them, they did it to the whole world. But they always supply communists with as much guns as possible >We literally have more guns than people in our country. with restrictions and niggerlicious laws that you allow to be set in stone, your gun rights get taken away bit by bit and you wont do anything even when it is to late >>10117 You are forgetting that capitalism was also made by a fat jew NEET, which main purpose is to import cheaper labour to increase profits and create a negrodic mutt race of golem
>>10119 Capitalism has much more nebulous roots than that.
>>10127 it has much more jewish roots than you want to admit
>>10133 Prove it then kraut.
Mentioning this could cost you your job. If you posted this on social media your family business could be subject to a media frienzy and your family's livelihood ruined. You will be called "racist" and people will say the numbers are "debunked". Every tactic will be used against you, but they will NEVER address the actual numbers. They will never extend a show of good faith about getting their own to start supporting our gun rights. They will goad you into "why haven't you 1776'd yet?" and in the same breath call for your censorship. These people are not sincere. They do not have your interests in mind. There was never a "debate". It's all rhetoric to aggrandize their own power and they will move the goalposts as soon as they feel they have enough political capital to push things to the next step. Then the next step after that. And so on. Would you really be surprised if It's only a matter of time until you get red flagged for mentioning these statistics? They can call it a hate crime. Never throw your own under the bus, because we're in this together.
>>10208 Some guy was posting that at the VCDL twitter and nobody really responded to him.
>>10213 Doesn't surprise me one bit. Although I wouldn't read too much into reality as presented by twitter either. They have a complex system of shadowbanning just like facebook or reddit. The map is not the territory, and all that. They really can dictate the narrative. You see a similar thing on wikipedia where legions of approved scribes get to write reality. People are so brainwashed nowadays that they aren't even willing to have a conversation about it, they say google it or look it up on wikipedia without understanding that the algorithm is controlling them and they are moving even further from humanity by tossing away the human element. I hope historians of the future will be able to look beyond the censorship and find primary documents and first hand accounts. Sorry for the tangent.
>>10219 >I hope historians of the future will be able to look beyond the censorship and find primary documents and first hand accounts Considering so much shit is paperless now, and fags control the narrative so thoroughly, I'd rather have the magnetic poles suddenly switch, or have a sunburst (or whatever the fuck its called) happen so that all computer technology gets wiped the fuck out and these people starve in the hellscape that follows.
>>10208 I get you but you're exaggerating here about the shoah part. I mean honestly and even if you posted that completely tame statistical picture and it meant that you got fired somehow why would you help support such a company in the first place? You'd mostly have to be working for fucking Goldman Sachs or some Globohomo company like amazon to get fucked over for that as an employee. Why support such disgusting places who think statistics b raycizz with your lifework, time and all? There aren't just cuck businesses and bosses out there. I've had a lot of non pc banter in my endeavors, even with the bosses chiming in lol. It's not always as square and as PC as you think, but yes its generally not a good idea to bring politics to the workplace unless its banterized, which is still effective mind you. Running your own biz though is different as we've seen. And if you're scared of that put ur fb or whatever on private if you can. And if you can't well, you know what to do.
>>10213 figures
Open file (226.40 KB 1058x1174 cancel-culture.jpg)
>>10229 If I posted that image to a twitter and some concern tranny from my industry caught wind of it and decided to dogpile it would absolutely effect my employment opportunities. Look at the media shitstorm surrounding a guy wearing a Trump hat and he was just doing Linux. Of course you can find another job. But if you're effectively weeded out from a large proportion of them it will really hurt you. Especially if you get blacklisted by the local industry clique.
Open file (93.59 KB 959x1219 threat level.png)
Open file (21.73 KB 474x511 wew.jpg)
>libertarians higher threat than muslims
>>10322 They're really pushing that "52% of domestic terrorism is ypipo supremacists" angle.
>>10323 Of course they are, because (((they))) rule.
Open file (232.20 KB 480x480 abomination1.png)
>>10117 >implying we deserve to be punished for shit that has been so far beyond the average Joe's control since the end of the American civil war Joe Average lives in a place where he can buy guns and a cabin in the mountains, and prepare all he wants. Joe Average also lives in a place where most towns only have a few lazy bastards who can't hit the broad side of a barn for law enforcement, and said town's infrastructure is most likely so vulnerable he could shut down the electricity with a single well placed shot. Joe Average could do a disproportional amount of damage and easily get away with it. Yet point all of this out and Joe Average says ˝I know your tricks glownigger! I'm going to outsmart you by crying about niggers on /k/ while doing nothing, even though I'm literally posting from a room with muh raifu and cans of ammo. Gotcha!˝ Can you see why Joe Average is a detestable idiot, or will you just call me a fed?
>>10361 No, I'm going to say you have a fucked up and out of touch view of what Joe Average actually thinks and does because you've spent far too much time on the internet gorging yourself on shitty memes and cherrypicked images. Joe Average isn't constantly screeching about boogaloo, or calling people feds on the internet or whatever the fuck, he goes to work and tries to provide for his family and is usually among the last to find out about shitty laws because he's not scrutinizing twitter and other cancerous sites 24/7 for something to stay furious and demoralized about.
>>10371 Joe Average works then comes home masturbates drinks a beer and watches a lot of TV. He agrees with what he thinks is socially acceptable to fit in. The end.
Open file (105.73 KB 960x727 spurdo_bolis.jpg)
>>10371 >>10381 O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
>>10381 >>10385 Oh I see what you're doing, this is where I'm supposed to run into a niggerpill loop. Not gonna happen, sorry, but keep preaching about offering up your asshole to kikes because some twitter lunatic said something about muh boog, I'm sure you'll get someone to kill themselves eventually or whatever horrible outcome your twisted mind is vying for.
>>10387 The closest the average person has come to actually doing something is recognizing that Epstein's "suicide" is bullshit, but otherwise they haven't said or done anything. Then you have the occasional Tarrant that some people will praise, then do absolutely nothing, and others will call a MOSSAD FED SHILL PSYOP ACTOR USING CGI AND LIES and do nothing. If someone even stood a chance of getting the reach of an Alex Jones-like figure, but with a message telling people to actually do something instead of trusting in puppets and traitors like Trump, they'd be Waco'd and slandered so badly everyone thinks they were a child molester and a scary evil nazi.
>>10322 >Black Separatist Extremists: This threat category moved from low to moderate after two individuals associated with this ideology targeted law enforcement and the Jewish community (oh no another holocaust when will it end) in Jersey City When did that happen? Was I asleep? Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that africans would successfully differentiate between europeans and ashkenazi jews. >Homegrown Violent Extremists >White Supremacist Extremists Heh. As it should be. I need to read to see how long it took the ol' 76 revolution to simmer before it started boiling over into direct war.
>>10404 >>10381 >>10385 Do people like this actually think coming here and making these posts somehow will have a magic effect and turn us all in niggerloving sjws?
Open file (609.44 KB 2048x1536 lolbert (3).jpg)
Open file (531.66 KB 622x474 progun.PNG)
Open file (466.84 KB 960x2678 YTGunCommunity.jpg)
The greater firearms community seems to be burying its head in the sand and pretending that if they keep shouting about how gun control is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and other re-purposed left-wing talking points that non-whites will suddenly become libertarians that support free speech and gun rights. It's pathetic watching them virtue signal and stand shoulder to shoulder with fucking communists and anti-white identitarian groups while crying "Please oh please! Eat us last!". Look at the majority of popular internet gun personalities; Ian and Kyle are massive faggots and half of the other ones have black kids or grand kids, so they are never going to talk about the real reasons gun grabbing communist fucks keep gain ground. The other half are too attached to their youtube ad bucks so they won't say anything controversial, even if it is true and if addressing this could save gun rights in the long run. They don't care enough about your gun rights to fight back. NutN'fancy's video about why gun rights will be lost didn't once mention demographics or immigration, but at least he admits that he won't fight back when the time comes unlike the other guys. These fucking nu-lolbert faggots are going to be the first to turn their guns in or on you so fuck them don't support them, they are useless. Thankfully every real person I've talked to at the range about gun control is aware of the demographics issue. And by the way, it doesn't matter how many of you know a based minority who totally supports gun rights if they keep voting to give them away in favor of gibs. I'm also not trashing all libertarians, just the ones that only care about smoking pot and sucking dick, the modern libertarian party is fucked.
>>10419 >Kyle Sorry. I meant Karl, I forgot his name for a second.
Open file (713.98 KB 498x367 wrr11z4g.bmp)
>>10419 Lolberts are fucking hilarious
>>10387 Describing the "Average Joe" is not a niggerpill it's just reality. It won't be the average joe standing up for our rights until it's socially acceptable to do so. Part of this thread is to bully those normalfaggots and move the window back to where the average joe no longer feels the need to counter signal us for mentioning racial stats. Zoomers may not remember this but there was a time when even normalniggers would call someone acting like a bitch a faggot, or call an urban yooth a nigger when the news reported him robbing and raping.
Open file (106.19 KB 1220x950 enough.jpg)
>>10419 >chuck yaeger is a proud ethnic replacer Holy shit you can practically see the two future anti-gun votes countering his own within the frame. Not to mention the spawn they will have in turn. Into the trash it goes.
>>10454 >>10456 Looks more like the trigger is backwards so you aim the gun at your face. So some sort of Spic Suicide Gun
>>10419 >3rd pic What Paul Harrell video is that from?
Give up retards, Joe Average does all of the cuck shit I fantasize about, and nothing you say or do can prove me wrong.
>>10406 >When did that happen? Was I asleep? It was late last year. It didn't get much press coverage because they weren't white and it didn't get much imageboard coverage because they were niggers. >>10419 Where did the "right" get the impression that optics matter and why does it persist after not working ever?
>>10738 Because unlike the left rightwingers get everything taken from them if they go full 1488. Job, family, not being in prison, all that shit? Why do you think Tarrant was "brave enough" to pull something? He didn't have much to begin with and kiwi prisons are pretty nice. Burgers, bongs, and most of Europe doesn't have that luxury.
America is forfeit, Europe might have a chance if the next few generations stop being massively cucked and Jews lose interest. If you can't get rich enough to move to SEA or somewhere relatively decent in Europe I would start planning on trying to make smaller communities with likeminded people in forgotten areas of the US. You're on the defensive now, its time to act like it.
>>10738 They don't care about success if it requires them to take any social risk at all. They're cowards, simple as that.
>>10816 True but that doesn't explain why whites will throw you under the bus even in small private groups. "Bruh I ain't down with race baiting", said the fat faggot when it's just 4 white dudes hanging out. For what purpose? Complete and utter cowardice. They have become the feminine. How To Win Friends and Gain Influence: be a cocksucking coward bitch.
>>10419 >"See, look, we hate those ebil nazis too! We're one of you!" I don't even know where these peopl even come from. Haven't met a blue collar normalfag yet grubbing around in grease and dirt for his living who didn't know at least a handful of ethnic jokes and would always take the most extreme stance the republican party would allow against minorities, and then a little extra. Seriously, where do they come from?
Open file (523.76 KB 1212x637 va 2a.png)
>>10939 The red circled areas have a lot of fags that see owning a gun as a funny ironic meme to flaunt in front of their retarded cuck friends at the local coffee shop, and I can almost guarantee you the vast majority of them are transplants from New York or Massachusetts. They'd show up to literally any rally just for the attention, and the moment these laws pass they'll just shrug and hand over their overpriced fish guns they bought on impulse and probably never even fired and say "oh well lol BANGSTICK TURN IN SELFIE XD". Norfolk in particular has a lot of these types, if I were able to nuke cities in VA then Norfolk would be gone right after Alexandria and Arlington. It's honestly worse than Charlottesville. It's probably because it's a port city with a major naval base on top of having a fairly large college, this makes it even more of a ripe infiltration point for out of state cockslurpers than Charlottesville could ever dream of being. I hate that my state has become a total shithole because of this handful of faggot hives. The next decade is going to be a total nightmare.

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