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Open file (38.76 KB 780x585 1505778758027.jpg)
Gun companies to avoid Strelok 01/10/2020 (Fri) 15:15:19 No.4573
After hearing that Colt brought the Python it brings up that they and other companies supported the 1968 bill and AWB as to increase their profits against the surplus market especially Ruger. While Ruger politically and materially redeemed itself I don't think the others have. Let's make a list on what companies to avoid and what companies are green to buy from.
Companies to avoid >Colt: Overpriced with poor QC, cucked out in terms of ARs. Older stuff is nice, buy second hand. >Springfield Armory: Tried to pass gun control to get rid of competition. >Rock River Arms (I think it was them): Same as Springfield. >Any company owned by Cerberus/Freedom Group (Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, DPMS): QC dropped like a rock after acquisition. Older guns and stuff is fine.
Anything Karl "The cuck" Kasarda shills
>>4611 >t. Still waiting for STG repros
>>4611 what would that be for people who don't watch or read about Karl Kuckold Kasarda?
>>4688 That Hudson 9 that guy had grenade in his hand was an absolute piece of shit.
>>4688 It would be an indication to lurk, before ousting yourself as a newfag.
>>4703 How is he supposed to know what bullshit Karl shills without having bothered watching his videos? Are you just looking for an excuse to look down your nose at someone?
>>4703 >ousting "Outing", you pretentious faggot. "Outing" yourself as a newfag. "Oust" means "to force out".
>>4707 I understood him to not even know who Karl is. >>4712 And strelok forced out that he’s a newfag. English is objectively a trash language anyways, not that that excuses my fluency.
>>4722 Or maybe he never watched his videos specifically because he knows Karl is a faggot. You're an idiot trying to be an elitist or some shit, fuck off retard.
>>4722 I'm sure there are more than a few people who know about Karl and InterRacialTV, but have never watched his content because other anons told them to avoid it.
>>4726 And? If you’ve been on /k/ for longer than a year you’ve seen Karl threads. And even if you didn’t read those threads Karl showed up a lot to shill his shit or to try to btfo kommandos. I think it’d be pretty hard to have never have heard of Karl or know what his deal with /k/ is if you’ve been on infinity /k/ and browsed even semi regularly. >>4749 That’s what I was getting at.
>>4824 Nigger I was saying pretty much the exact same thing as >>4726 You having a good wank over your ego there despite your shit reading comprehension you snooty bozo?
>>4827 >muh elitism, muh elitism Head over to 4/k/ and take a look at what happens when you don’t bully newfags.
>>4833 We're already at muh huh? Head over to /a/ and take a look at what happens when you let your false sense of superiority over internet strangers go to yours. You expect someone who is aware enough of Karl's faggotry to avoid watching his videos to know every detail about what he shills? You either don't know the answer to the question yourself, or you're desperately clinging to the fact that you wasted your time watching a satanic homosexual's shill videos as some pathetic advantage over a strelok who is looking to avoid giving money to kiked manufacturers. You're not here to help, you're here exclusively to be a faggot and get your rocks off by pretending you're hot shit.
>>4834 >Head over to /a/ and take a look at what happens when you let your false sense of superiority over internet strangers go to yours. You get a stable board with low amounts of shitposting? Besides, normalfags aren’t really people.
Open file (68.02 KB 278x260 merely pretending.jpg)
>getting upset at some fag acting like a pompous retard Congratulations, you shat the thread up just like he wanted. Good job, now the strelok still doesn't know what to avoid. Excellent work, I'm proud of you.
Alright, so to get the thread back on track IO should be avoided, their AKs will explode on you and are generally shoddily constructed. I had the pleasure of handling one that a buddy of mine owns and the fucking receiver cover cut the shit out of my hand because the corner near the charging handle was sharp enough to shave with. Had a grand old time getting magazines to fit too.
More things to avoid. >Most Taurus products (some might be good, but not likely). >Anything Century makes (their imports are ok, but check anyway) >Any american made AK. Americans can’t make decent AKs. >Jiminez, Phoenix, Jennings, and other nigger tier guns.
>>4838 >the fucking receiver cover cut the shit out of my hand because the corner near the charging handle was sharp enough to shave with. That's just proper Warsaw pact ergonomics at work. t. cut my hand with an AMD that never left Hungary
>>4839 <Any american made AK. Americans can’t make decent AKs. PSA AKs seem to be good now that they've switched to forged trunnions. The 3rd gen made it through Rob Ski's 5000 round torture test with flying colors.
>>4849 PSA ak's seem to be of good quality. With all the companies that announced american made ak's at shotshow, the "Dont buy an american made ak's!" piece of advice might just be a thing of the past. Who knows though.
>>4839 Should I avoid Taurus only on the grounds that their weapons they produce are shit or the people who own them are kikes. My mother was interested in the Taurus Judge because it could function as a snake gun.she has an extreme fear of snakes, which is understandable. Also, are there any Taurus Judge alternatives?or is the idea of the Taurus Judge just a meme
>>6267 Smith&Wesson has the governor that can eat .45 acp as well as .410 and .45 lc. I don't really know if Taurus is turbo jewish though.
>>6267 I've never had an issue with the Judge and I got mine used and abused.
>>6271 Seems like a pretty cool gun and a better alternative. Does the Governor need moonclips to take .45 acp or can it fire them straight outta the box? >>6338 Great. Does taurus make any other good products you could recomend?
>>6369 The 92 clone they make my brother doesn't have a problem with and I'm quite sure hes beat the shit out of that thing.
>>6369 >Does the Governor need moonclips to take .45 acp or can it fire them straight outta the box? Although both of them are nearly identical .45 straight walled cartridges, the .45 ACP headspaces on the neck, and the .45 Colt is longer, therefore the .45 ACP in theory could go up so much the firing pin can't reach it. But even if that wasn't the case, the extractor can't eject it, because it can't catch the rim. That's why they made rimmed .45 ACP for revolvers after ww1. Here are a few videos if you want to learn more: https://invidio.us/watch?v=eTcuAktkT1U https://invidio.us/watch?v=0gxUHlmISX8 https://invidio.us/watch?v=HkUJ2EuTNE0
>>6371 >>6374 Thanks for the info guys. I really appreciate it. Should I avoid Norinco? Yeah, they're chinks and all but do they have shitty products. I've seen their ammo in stores but never bothered to buy it.
>>6448 Norinco stuff isn't bad, finish tends to be rough on the guns and the ammo works, 80-90's production stuff has a funny smell to it after you've fired it. Incidentally the chicoms arms industry isn't one of their weak points unlike everything else they do.
>>6448 Anytime. Also forgot to mention, but .45 ACP can't headspace at all without moonclips, and so if you fire it the case is going to be launched backwards against the frame, and it's not designed to take that kind of punishment. It's not going to just randomly explode, but it might get cracked. https://invidio.us/watch?v=oQq4qI8oMcc In addition you should look up other .45 ACP based cartridges and read about what the revolver can take. Who knows, maybe you will end up with a box of .45 Winchester Magnum for a great price, and maybe it's going to be great for that revolver, but it's also possible that you are going to blow up the cylinder with the first shot.
>>6374 If I recall the Magnum models of the Judge can take .454 casull.
What about Pioneer Arms? I've never heard of them, but I found an AK "pistol" of theirs that's under $600 and it seemed ok from a quick look over.
>>19016 If you haven't heard of a US-made AK builder (or even importer), it's generally best to stay away. Rob Ski has a video on this particular importer, which should show you why. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=_oQrW0Y8Lx0
>>19023 Christ. I figured a decent $600 AK was too good to be true.
>>4576 this + any "budget" AR manufacturer
>>4573 Century Arms.
>>4839 Taurus 605 isn’t too bad, but it’s hard to fuck up a revolver
>>4839 >Most Taurus products (some might be good, but not likely). The thing with Taurus is that you shouldn't bother with one unless you can inspect it (and know what to look for) before you buy one. I've owned a few good ones, owned some more bad ones. They make great loaners. If you can find one that was made back when Smith and Wesson owned them, you'll usually get a real good shooter.
>>6202 4cuck /k/ seems to be diehard against PSA. But most of them just seem to be retards defending their purchases. I'm excited for their new AK74, since slr104's seem to be unobtanium at the moment.
>>21136 4cuck /k/ is showing off your fudd gun and then arguing over which more expensive piece of shit tacticool gear is marginally better. I want a An-94 styled gun in 5.56
>>19337 Even an inspection isn't going to find their poorly heat treated firing pins.
>>21136 I'm cautiously optimistic about the AK74's that Riley Defense and PSA have announced.

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