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There's no discharge in the war!

Open file (1.56 MB 960x649 ClipboardImage.png)
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Open file (2.39 MB 964x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Middle East III Strelok 01/24/2020 (Fri) 18:17:07 No.5786
>a million man march took place in Iraq, calling for US to leave the country >Sauds attempt to advance in Yemen, get blown the fuck out as usual >Turks attempt to turn the tide of war in Libya and create a new puppet state, so far unsuccefully >heavy bombardment of jihadis in Syria's Idlib, likely meaning that an offensive will be launched soon by SAA
Why are the Iraqis so purple? >map of Yemen Thanks doc.
How long till the US tactically withdraws from the middle east?
>>5793 Probably never as long as Israel exists.
>>5794 How long till Israel gets Russia or China to be their sugar daddy?
>>5796 As soon as the US collapses under its weight.
>>5797 So Tuesday?
http://archive.md/yIWAl Apparently some US troops have been getting a slight headache over missile strikes
>>5796 Not soon, neither one of them is in any better of a situation to be pissrael's long term international bully than the US is.
Open file (2.48 MB 1236x736 ClipboardImage.png)
SAA kicked off an offensive in Idlib, with Tiger forces spearheading it. Several towns have already fallen
>>5808 Really is only a matter of time till Assad ascends.
>>5812 https://archive.md/D2gSD >6.8 earthquake hits occupied Byzantium, kills 18 Roaches and strikes fear into the heart of the Jew Let's hope Poos and Pakis restart their shitflinging soon, a nuclear war in the middle of a Pandemic would create ideal conditions for the Lion's ascendance.
>>5818 Each time they tell him he must go he only gets stronger.
Open file (2.66 MB 907x962 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5808 Better map of yesterday's advances
>>5850 Looks like they haven't advanced far. Lack of aggression or heavy resistance?
>>5850 What defines the front? Do they trenches and fortifications or do they just take some land, sit there and push again the next day? Is the entire front covered or are there defensive gaps? How are logistics handled?
>>5851 It's not a bad advance to make in one day. They'll likely advance further soon. >>5855 Trenches and forts are usually only around strongholds (large urban areas, like Damascus was), otherwise it's usually barricades and minefields. The whole war is more about hit and run tactics and more elastic form of defense, at least in the countryside where it's just not viable to bunker down. >do they just take some land, sit there and push again the next day Mostly, yeah. Fighting at night is fairly uncommon. Of course, while they sit in place, the airforce and artillery keep bombing the enemy. >Is the entire front covered or are there defensive gaps? Far as I can tell, jihadis don't have the manpower to really guard the hwole front. So they will only leave nominal presence in border villages (since they don't know where SAA will attack next), and then the offensive starts, they'll start moving troops from everywhere else to counter it. As you can tell, it's not very effective, but it's about all they can do – it's not 2015 anymore, and jihadis are outnumbered, with worse gear, and only supported by Turkey, which appears to already count Idlib as lost and instead focuses on Libya. >How are logistics handled? I don't think they're really a factor here. Jihadis control a fairly small area now to the point everything's close enough not to need supply trains or similar. They got various stashes or even proper depots to pick arms from when needed and that's about it. As for where they get war material, it's Turkey, of course.
>>5856 I was more wondering about the Syrian side. >at least in the countryside where it's just not viable to bunker down. Could the Jihadis all pack up, find an undefended part of the front and make a sperg rush deeper into Syrian Army territory? I can’t imagine it would help them but it might cause enough chaos on the Government side that they could make some use of it. >it's about all they can do Is Turkey guarding their own border? I assume the jihadis can’t just retreat into Turkey and mount attacks from there, maybe go east and try pushing into the Kurdish held lines. >logistics What about government forces? Where do they get supplies from? If they’re taking more land everyday it must be a mess trying to resupply. I assuming most Syrian industry is in the south, or are there Russian supplies coming through the Kurdish held east? In fact what’s the status o the Kurdish Syrian alliance? Is that still in place, are Kurds actually expecting to keep any territory, and the burger held area in the south doesn’t seem to have changed, is that a lost area until burgers finally leave or drill all the oil?
>>5858 >Could the Jihadis all pack up, find an undefended part of the front and make a sperg rush deeper into Syrian Army territory? They'd just get flattened by thermobarics and encircled in short order, plus the SAA can afford to retreat from a few random villages as all their strategic strongholds and bases are too far behind the front line for Inghimasi blitzers to threaten them unlike in the pre-2017 days and even then rebel sperg rushes usually turned into high casualty routs once the rebel advance was halted, HTS and friends also no longer have the manpower to reasonably commit to such operations. I wonder if rebels will try and defend Maarat al numan or just hole up in the fortified Anadan plain near Aleppo, which is rumored to be the stage for a big SAA operation given all the bombing and shelling going on there right now.
>>5860 So can we expect this to be the last year of the opposition? I’m in Brussels and just saw a protest of Syrians waving opposition flags with a banner of 3 people I don’t know and the fourth being Assad, with red x over their faces. There were like 30-50 people and I don’t speak French but they seemed to be chanting in Arabic, the two languages are obviously very different but if they’re speaking French with heavy Arab accents I wouldn’t be able to tell. though it seems Brussels is totally multiculti so I’m sure if it was Arabic at least 25% of people would be able to understand On my flight here a Syrian was sitting next to me and despite being friendly I talked to him a bit but then he seemed to be hitting on me so I started watching a movie which didn’t stop him, even though he was at least 25 years older. Maybe Arab culture is just much more gay, and that’s how you act.
>>5870 >Started hitting on me Fucking wamen tits or gtfo.. :^) Top jej, yes brussel is islamic colonies nowadays, sharia controlled zone and islamic tribunal are a thing.
>>5870 >So can we expect this to be the last year of the opposition? If Turkey doesn't intervene then yes.
>>5872 I’m a obviously a guy, this is /k/ not /fem/ or /girltalk/ or whatever the board is called which both probably have a higher rate of male posters than here. > brussel is islamic colonies nowadays I was in Luxembourg yesterday and the amount of Africans there and here is very surprising, mich more than Germany. Though I assume that’s because both are le international cities, and French actually having colonies so lots of Africans already speak the language. Which in its self is hurry because I learned a few Luxembourgish and Dutch phrases yet both cities are majority French speaking. >>5874 We can rule or full military support, yeah? They’re not going to try that again hopefully. Though on the bad side Assad winning the war and mostly stabilizing the country means western governments will have another excuse to not send them back because brown Hitler is still in power. Even though we all know they would come up with some excuse about “they view this as their homes now” or “already integrated” to refuse to send them back even if Assad was killed and the opposition won. That being said what’s the state of most Syrian cities? Damascus was fucked up and a lot of the old city was heavily damaged, now that Damascus is under government control has reconstruction begun widely? Will it take 30 year like in Germany?
>>5875 Yes i'm esk but i figured you weren't a girl, that's why i added a smiley French are historical nigger lover, we just can't get enough of biggers dick, come to paris and you'll see the difference, we have the best selection of niggers and sandnigger, we are true connoisseur you see ?
>>5875 >That being said what’s the state of most Syrian cities? Damascus and Aleppo are being steadily rebuilt, but outside of those many towns remain visibly scarred and bereft by poorfaggotry+partisans. Daara still sees regular bombings and attacks by ISIS and Rebel remnants who totally aren't getting supplied by Israel, many formerly rebel held suburbs of Damascus remain in questionable states as does eastern Syria with ISIS still roaming about the desert. The Syrian government seems to try whatever it can but they just don't have the shekels to fix all their shit and probably don't want to considering some of the population in recaptured towns/villages is still hostile to a degree though in the case of eastern Syria they don't rebel openly as the Kurds are doing a far worse job at administering and rebuilding former ISIS core territory than everyone's favorite barrel bomber.
>>5879 I figured the smiley was a “I’m just joking, haha, no really.” thing. >bigger dicks I can tell, there seems to be a lot of Walloon mulattos and a few quadroons. I feel bad for the Flemish, Belgian partition and Brussels re-dutchification when? >>5883 >Damascus and Aleppo are being steadily rebuilt Damascus seems like a beautiful city, very old quarters, hope it’s fixed up properly. >Kurds are doing a far worse job at administering and rebuilding former ISIS core territory Is Assad letting them keep their Kurdish minority land, or is he unwilling to negotiate?
>>5885 i typed nigger dick but i guess it work too ?
>>5858 >Could the Jihadis all pack up, find an undefended part of the front and make a sperg rush deeper into Syrian Army territory? They could. But they'd capture a couple villages while suffering high casualties from shelling, airstrikes and of course the army preparing ambushes and the like. It's not worth it. They tried something like that a couple times and quickly found just how not worth it it is. >I assume the jihadis can’t just retreat into Turkey and mount attacks from there Turkey does not desire to have a bunch of wild jihadi niggers do their shit on Turkey's own territory. Especially when HTS is an internationally recognized terror group. They can stomach their own pets, and only for a short while before throwing them in the meat grinder, but HTS has enough agency of its own and is not blindly loyal to Turks. >What about government forces? Where do they get supplies from? If they’re taking more land everyday it must be a mess trying to resupply. Strelok, this is not Barbarossa. SAA doesn't have partisans blowing its infrastructure, jihadis have no airforce to destroy supply lines with, and it's all still relatively close. If SAA needs supplies, they can just load them on a truck and drive there. >In fact what’s the status o the Kurdish Syrian alliance? Kurds hate not getting muh Rojava, but know they need Assad's protection from Turkey. So Kurds are sort of an unwilling ally. >and the burger held area in the south doesn’t seem to have changed, is that a lost area until burgers finally leave or drill all the oil? It's a diplomatic matter that has no clear solution just yet. In the meantime, Assad seems intent on cleaning up Idlib. I imagine things might change in this regard with the elections coming up.
SAA reached Marat al-Numan, a jihadi stronghold and the most important city in southern Idlib
>>5885 >Is Assad letting them keep their Kurdish minority land, or is he unwilling to negotiate? Assad doesn't give a shit about Kurds inhabiting Kurd villages, he is opposed to Mountain Turks LARPing as an independent nationstate and imposing globohomo Kurdification policies on Christian+Arab majority territory which just so happens to contain 100% ethnic Kurd oil reserves. Kurds are either too retarded or too pressured by glownigs to refuse negotiations even with Roaches now counter-cleansing actual Kurd majority villages and towns on the Syrian-Roach border though they seem to gradually open up more and more as even the lowest IQ nigger can see their Israel 2.0 fantasies as unachievable, problem is that any diplomatic settlement to the Kurd-Assad conflict hinges on the US fucking off from the Deir ez Zor oil wells which Trump likely won't permit as he can't let those delicious hydrocarbons fall into t*rrorist hands.
More I read about what has been happening recently in the Middle East the more I feel like it's turning slowly into Middle Earth.
US knocked fars news off the web. New link to get there is https://en.farsnews.ir/
Open file (17.33 KB 773x296 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5986 forgot pic
Open file (1.69 MB 1097x553 ClipboardImage.png)
SAA liberated more towns, reportedly cut the M5 highway. It seems Maarat al-Numan is starting to slowly become encircled
Open file (449.41 KB 670x401 1580069107356.png)
>Iran shoots down another aircraft Iranians werent joking when they said theyd get revenge for Solemani
>>6045 Kobr had a ton of (undeserved) backwater support from politicians, illicit goods runners, Hollywood and sports executives, i wouldn't be surprised if he was hit by some- >Helicopter Nevermind, those death traps need to be inspected daily.
American embassy in Irak took 4 rocket.
>>6066 What a slut.
>>6150 Thanks for the laugh
US officials are being somewhat tight-lipped after an American E-11A crashed in a Taliban-held region of Afghanistan. No survivors.
Open file (11.01 MB 1939x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
Sauds got assfucked in Yemen again, Houthis grab clay.
Open file (3.30 MB 1119x962 ClipboardImage.png)
latest gains in Idlib
Open file (54.87 KB 628x536 SEE EYE AYY.JPG)
Open file (93.88 KB 480x300 0132897098.jpeg)
>>6168 /bane/ didn't die, they just became masketta men in Afghanistan.
>>6168 I am just waiting for the names to be complete memes.
Open file (156.17 KB 633x694 ClipboardImage.png)
Jihadis lines completely collapsed (like always) and SAA is taking towns faster than people can make maps
>>6207 >SAA is taking towns faster than people can make maps gud, need to clean that shit up before corona chan come around.
>>6164 This one is just the worst. Bin Salmon is such a fucking retard.
https://archive.fo/4Bdt8 Incoming false flag, genuine anti-semitic intent or another stockpiled casus belli for future Burger intervention?
>>6174 https://archive.fo/VloDF He didn't fly so good!
>>6269 >Michael D'Andrea goes by many names. To those in the CIA, he's the Undertaker, the Dark Prince, Ayatollah Mike. >The challenge to start carrying out President Trump’s views falls to Mr. D’Andrea, a chain-smoking convert to Islam >hes the same guy who ordered the hit on solemani What the fugg ;DDDD
>>6272 Big news if true as if it turns out that Iran was even remotely behind this it reveals that the CIA is compromised
Open file (17.61 MB 2666x2270 ClipboardImage.png)
Maaran al-Numan captured. It's one of the biggest and most important cities that was still under Jihadi control.
>>6283 What even remains of ISIS at this point?
>>6284 Small cells in hiding and some retards in the desert sometimes staging an ambush or two
>>6285 What a sad end to the GLA ISIS. I will miss their propaganda
Open file (104.30 KB 960x1280 1468670782543.jpg)
Wait a second >Soleimani was a Big Guy in Iran >He was the guy with the master plan >After the prize that was the Middle East >CIA wanted him >They expected one of them in the wreckage >As soon as he "dies" CIA planes start to crash with no survivors Something is getting spooky here.
>>6305 It's because we didn't banepost so good! And if we don't do it, then it's up to reality.
Open file (647.88 KB 584x962 ClipboardImage.png)
>Zion Don introduces his "Deal of the century" solution for Israel and Palestine >it's just Arabs getting crammed in ghettos and reservations while kikes get everything else. >even includes Golan in Israel's territory
>>6311 I can foresee another war but how and when?
Open file (124.77 KB 1280x720 Nono as Matsuko.jpg)
>>6311 >West Bank-Gaza tunnel >legend hints at the existence of other tunnels >arab ghettos are still full of jewish colonies My mind is shutting down as I try to process this.
>>6311 And why is the Lebanese border a series of lines instead of a solid line? Is the next best deal going to be the annexation of Lebanon?
>>6311 notice how it's all set up to give kikes maximum control. A gorillion kike checkpoints, no access to Jordan or Egypt (save for Gaza, I suppose) to ensure Palestine cannot have any real foreign policy, a shitload of jewish enclaves to give Israeli troops the perfect pretext for being in Palestine... The retarded shit by Egypt's border is particularly hilarious. It's supposed to be industrial zones or something. >"Yes, goy, take the road to work while under our constant surveillance, concentrate all your industry in this region we have completely surrounded. The fact it's the shittiest land we have, as it's literally the fucking desert, is a (((pure coincidence))), don't think about it too hard."
>>6311 It's demoralizing the more i think about it.
Open file (2.76 MB 1155x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6323 For refference, this is roughly the location of those zones on satellite view. Literally the desert, sand dunes and all. I guess the idea is to use Arab slave labour to terraform it, then promptly annex it?
>>6311 >Palestinians become mole people as their territory is basically a series of reservations surrounded on all sides by Israel and cut apart with Israeli access roads and enclaves, connected by tunnels >Golan heights, along with its water, rightful Syrian clay, goes to Israel Peace my ass, that's just preparing the stage until Israel can manufacture a reason for outright genocide of the Palestinians (except some slaves). Real peace can only happen if Israel is deleted. They are never satisfied with what they have, they constantly stir up shit in the entire region. End the nationhood of Israel, disarm all of their citizens/soldiers/police, and give back territories stolen from other Arab nations, then give the rest to the Palestinians. Only let reporters in, say, five years later. Peace will reign.
>>6325 >The new Palestinian state would have a capital, which the proposal called Al-Quds >Quds Haha so funny!!!
>>6331 Question is who would do something about it? Egypt won't do anything. Jordan won't do anything. Lebanon has their own problems. Syria is still unfucking itself. Iran has two countries to essentially cross to do anything.
Open file (1.10 MB 465x274 gmagik-1.gif)
>>6311 What a kind offer! Seriously, what sort of niggatry is this?
>>6334 The palestinians, hezbollah, and hamas. Hezbollah has stated and mapped out how they could fuck up israel real bad by targeting their oil, water reserves, and their AA. http://archive.today/UrCr6 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4_xJ1jb3r74
>Houthis keep pushing against Saudi proxies >proxies shit themselves and withdraw >Sauds bomb their withdrawing proxies, killing 9 This is some USSR-tier tactics there.
>>6339 Can't show mercy to those who fail the Zionists
>>6311 >Those tiny ass access routes >Ports in the middle of jew territory >The jewish settlements stay goy! No wonder the Palestinians are pissed. Should give them a blob and kick out the chosen from the settlements, but of course the only way for a Palestinian state is by killing all the jews.
>>6311 >west bank-gaza tunnel >all those enclaves >that small landmass >useless desert near Egypt >spaghetti connections Whoever drew up this crap deserves a gold star
>>6342 *The scent of soy permeates the room*
>>6311 >King Kike says it is a return to the 1967 borders Sure, that porous set of small territories sure looks like the 1967 borders!
>>6311 I liked Hitler's Lebensraum more because Germany tried to earn it on their own instead of needing big brother USA to get it for them.
>>6347 Hell, they were supporting their own allies' lebensraum as well.
>>6337 Then why don't they fucking do it? Are they waiting for US to collapse? Considering how slowly that's going they'll probably be waiting a couple of generations since a civil war is apparently never going to happen.
>>6367 /bane/ turns out was Irans manly vengeance
>>6367 holy crap color me impressed, I thought Iran was incompetent to the extreme considering their initial reactions. Never imagined they actually had any teeth.
Open file (92.56 KB 594x1024 1517753460158.jpg)
>>5793 >US President X wants to pull out of [Middle Eastern Country] >sudden meeting with Bibi >either US decides to stay or sudden attack on US troops or some atrocity that needs to be answered for Never.
>>6375 The parasites can't control america forever
>>6363 soon
Open file (64.56 KB 369x305 FR.png)
Open file (68.99 KB 600x320 ripip.jpg)
>>6367 Well done, no wonder the americans are not reporting it as anything big.
>>6368 They finally crashed CIA with no survivors. God damn.
https://archive.fo/SjU5n Rebel lines southwest of Aleppo are collapsing.
>>6382 Soon in collapsing empire terms could mean several decades.
>>6388 SAA surrounded the Roach observation post there, pretty funny
Open file (2.74 MB 1536x1279 ClipboardImage.png)
After recent gains, Houthis managed to besiege an important Saudi-held city in Yemen. They've started the assault now.
>>6403 I hope someone is getting first-hand accounts from the houthis and how they operate for the future. So far they have shown how to fight a guerilla war against a more technologically advanced power to a t.
>>6410 Well they are Saudis they are fighting so it isn't that much of an accomplishment....
>>6411 I think relatively speaking, most "1st world" nations fight on the level that the saudis do.
>>6410 Yeah, the Yemen war is extremely underreported on. Sauds preffer to have normalfags in the West not even know the war exists, and while Houthis do release war footage from time to time, it's usually just the gainz, not the actual assault. I actually only know of one good source for Yemen news (ISWN), everyone else seems to just copy the news from there. It's also just about the only place that has an accurate and up to date map on the conflict. It's pretty fucking bullshit that an entire fucking war, in the age of internet, can just be "hidden" like this.
>>6422 You mean 1st world nations have pilots that regularly don't know how to actually fly the expensive toys they've been handed by the US and Israel?
https://archive.fo/FVw4p >Idlib's last hospital voluntarily shuts down due to Rebels turning it into a frontline command post Assad is advancing so fast he doesn't even have to bother with barrel bombs anymore.
>>6367 20$ the guys who did it are alive and well and he was unrelated.
>>6394 >less than a century at least it's inevitable
Open file (3.27 MB 1131x959 ClipboardImage.png)
Jihadis are in complete collapse. After losing Maarat al-Numan nearly without a fight (despite it being one of their most important strongholds), they failed to prevent SAA from blitzing towards Saraqib. Saraqib is the most important city in Idlib after the Idlib city itself, which happens to lie a short distance away from it. Unless a sudden ceasefire occurs (which seems unlikely given the situation), we're witnessing the last weeks of Idlib terrorists.
>>6492 This is just a rape at this point.
>>6489 Several decades can add up to more than a century, but yes, it is inevitable.
>>6492 I am getting a laugh just reading all the normalfag articles being written right now that keep mentioning Northwestern Syria as being owned by the Jihadists. I'll really get a kick when Idlib is taken and the western media are still using old maps showing all of the former Jihadi territory as current.
Open file (56.98 KB 320x368 ComfyMan.jpg)
>>6521 >mfw strelok are better journalist than actual journonigger
>>6528 If anons are not good journoniggers they get paddled around here.
>>6492 There are reports that Turks are estabilishing a new observation post north of Saraqib. Seeing as how SAA just encircles and ignores them, I'm not really sure what their purpose is.
Open file (11.41 KB 480x360 ThatsAPaddle.jpg)
>>6532 >If anons are not good journoniggers they get paddled around here. And that's a good thing
>>6532 >>6542 I wish journalists were actually publicly punished for spreading falsehoods and poorly sourced articles. Imagine a world without "Why guns should be confiscated" type articles because every time some rainbow head or soybeard tried to deceive people by fudging statistics or outright lying they got paddled in front of the county courthouse on top of being fined.
Open file (1.86 MB 2040x1602 ethnic groups ME.png)
>>6331 >>6311 Real peace in the ME can only happen if the entire place has their countries scrapped for good and the map redrawn with Religious/Ideological/Racial/Geographic identities in mind. There's no fucking reason so many countries have this many panhandles and split ethnicities on their borders and you can thank Soviets, the eternal Anglo and Our Greatest Allies for that.
>>6564 >"Hello, my Arab friend!" >"We are going to slice this kurdish part from your nation." >"We'll also split your country between sunni and shia parts... even though that creates enclaves, who cares." >"Also between different branches of sunnis and shias since I know you hate each other" >"Now, since I don't want to just take, I will also join your country to this formerly other country that you spent the last several decade fighting. You're both sunni muslim arabs, so surely you don't absolutely hate each other, right?" >"Hmm... maybe I should also consider the myriad of tribes here and split them too? Decisions, decisions." Sorry, anon, but that'd just create massive balkanization with even more conflict, as the various nations would seek to regain their "rightful clay". The locals also developed a sense of national pride, see. It's actually not that Middle East is somehow inferently more conflictive than the rest of the world, it's that status quo keeps getting fucked over and over again. The moment you upset the status quo, everyone in the region will go "how can this benefit me?" and will readily engage in war so as to better his position in the region. Standard behaviour anywhere, really. Of course, with the meddling of powers during the last century, the status quo gets upset every damn decade, be it through coups in Iran, invasions of Afghanistan, invasion of Iraq, existence of Israel, Saudi leverage on US, Arab spring and its myriad of coups and civil wars, or the latest round of saber rattling. Should this interference stop, so would the constant conflicts.
>>6564 peace will happen when they go back to caliphate rule
>>6557 Isn't that essentially Sharia law?
>>6588 Idiots used to get tar and feathers back in civilized days.
>>6564 Look at your own map and tell me how you're going to redraw the map without every country having a dozen enclaves. I really don't see a way that doesn't include mass deportations/genocide. And that map just mentions ethnic groups, and there's a fair amount of the ME that still runs on clans which ends with villages five miles from each other having eternal blood feuds.
Open file (70.55 KB 800x401 Greater_Syria.png)
>>6598 >I really don't see a way that doesn't include mass deportations/genocide. Why contain it?
>>6601 >Cyprus Was going to say nice map but now it’s absolute shit.
>>6605 Are you saying Assad shouldn't recreate the Persian Empire?
>>6606 The Persian Empire still exist, they just renamed it Iran.
http://archive.fo/XFDMQ Looks like things are heating up fast in Gaza. Artillery exchanges going on. Sorry can't find a better source
>>6588 Under Sharia law they'd be whipped until flesh was falling off their bones. A paddlin' hurts badly enough for the first offense. They should be put up against a wall and shot for the second offense.
>>6612 >even archived the jews want to collect you email and you can't close it without a ublock exception wew fucking kikes.
>>6618 Feels like /k/s motto should be "that's a paddling!"
King Roach threatens Syria with military action unless the offensive against Idlib jihadists is stopped.
>>6643 Why contain it
>>6643 Is there any substance to these threats? Can turkey even act in time to save the last jihadist after the rest are killed this week.
>>6638 look at the new banner of /n/ is it /k/ approved ?
>>6655 Bring out the test loli
>>6643 Seems to be limited to TFSA mercs, they won't amount to much.
>>6663 If it wasn't for that text I'd turn that face into a fucking reaction image in a heartbeat
Open file (44.50 KB 480x640 CkTvIkCXEAAms5n.jpg)
>>6668 Who would win?
>>6671 The one with the bigger beak.
https://archive.fo/lQxYA Frogs arrested an innocent spokesperson for starving moderate jihadists.
Open file (1.15 MB 1000x750 15227824680620.png)
>>6675 That's what he gets for failing his masters. Besides, Jayish al-Islam is now a proud member of Turkish mercenary gang, and since King Roach seems to have gone rogue, it's not like the group's in good favour anymore.
>>6643 >Finish taking the rest of Idlib >No more terrorists to help Though I could see Turkey attempting to invade Assad's territory.
Southfront posted an interesting article with lots of youtube videos the Houthis posted after the success of Operation Solid Structure. Pretty interesting to see a few tanks busted and some artillery pieces just laying there. Also plenty of campsites that looks like the Houthis raided. https://southfront.org/operation-solid-structure-houthis-release-videos-revealing-saudi-backed-forces-catastrophic-losses/
>>6725 They'll try it under the pretense of securing against Kurd aggression. When Assad shows Erdogan who is the true Sultan Turkey will cry for NATO intervention just wait and see.
>>6741 >Kurd aggression But there are no Kurds in Idlib.
>>6752 Put "Kurds"
Rebels mount an ebin counteroffensive in northwest Aleppo while their southwestern lines continue to cease existing, SAA also encircled another Roach outpost. Roachmercs also briefly attacked and captured some Assad-held villages west of Al-bab, but they were driven back by a joint PKK-SAA counterattack.
>>6852 Wait hezbolla is fighting with the SAA?
>>6856 Hezbollah has been suporting SAA throughout the whole conflict
Open file (2.32 MB 1024x1340 ClipboardImage.png)
I think we need to celebrate by drawing Assad as an anime girl
Open file (993.13 KB 822x537 890560798654.png)
I dont know if this is relevant anymore but heres the only translated interview with Solemani that I could find. Theres a video and the full english transcript beneath it. Its definitely worth a read, it gives a lot of knowledge about the iranian views and accounts of things in regard to the war against israel. http://archive.today/AO0SX
>>6859 Preferably by someone other than the 13 year old deviant art user that drew your pic.
Open file (196.69 KB 480x242 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.fo/xJTrb Racist Fr*nch Imperialists arrest yet another innocent Syrian refugee.
>>6902 >French imperialist Very good people.
http://archive.fo/AWvwF Assad Removed a roach it seems
>Erdogan now openly attacking SAA in Idlib Is King Roach hoping to trigger NATO article 5 somehow so he can claim Syria as rightful Ottoman territory?
>>6916 Probably although Putin has said he can have troops in Constantinople within an hour if he tried
Open file (216.70 KB 793x522 Sevastopol-Istanbul.png)
>>6919 It's a pity that old school gunboat diplomacy isn't a thing any more. Imagine if the Russians built a modern battleship division just so that they can sail to Istanbul and shoot it up with gigantic cannons.
Open file (46.35 KB 612x340 de-escalation.png)
Open file (22.56 KB 599x188 Erdogan is Jesus.png)
>>6920 >>6921 If I recall they still have their ekranoplans in that area which can carry cruise missiles. I know the Russian navy expressed interest in restarting the project.
>Decided to see if Putin claim of retaking Constantinople within an hour is just saber rattling >Wonder if there is enough Ekranoplans to do this >see this http://archive.fo/V1b9q I think Putin might actually mean to carry through with this one supposedly theres an even larger one in development designed around deploying a full tank company
>>6926 But there’s a reason they stopped using them, they’re hard to control, pilots need to be at full alert actually flying them for the entire duration of movement, unless auto pilot is good enough these days, and they didn’t work well on open seas or with average waves. Plus they took two weeks to turn 90°.
>>6932 When your destination is retaking Constantinople you don't need no breaks!
>>6916 Every Turk in Syria will easily be free game to kill since their entire existence within Syria is controversial. Russia should ramp up deployment and start testing all kinds of new weapons and tactics to see how many roaches can die a minute.
Open file (594.24 KB 1020x717 941.jpg)
>>6941 Soon.
Open file (594.24 KB 1020x717 941.jpg)
>>6941 Soon.
>SAA invades Idlib >"It's ok, we'll just build some observation posts to deter them" >SAA just ignores them >"Okay, okay, just build more of them, jeez" >SAA continues to ignore them >"W-well then send in our troops! They won't dare fire at our troops!" >SAA bombs them anyway, no shits given What's the next step of Erdocuck's masterplan?
>>6963 kvetching to the nternational community and call the European Union to help since SA is literally invading Europe.
>>6964 Pretty much this.
>>6964 I doubt the French will agree to any EU "peacekeeping" missions as their colonial ambitions in North Africa conflict with those of the neo-Ottoman Sultanate.
>>6983 what are you thinking about when you talk about France ambition in North Africa ?
Open file (122.39 KB 768x666 russian-science1.jpg)
>>6926 I thought all the ekranoplans were decommissioned in the '90s? I'd love to be wrong, though.
Open file (179.46 KB 474x258 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6993 Not quite. The smaller ones were retained and kept in civilian use. The large ones of the Soviet era were decommissioned but now they are back in the Russian Navy's budget. http://archive.fo/wKwL7
I stop paying attention for a day and the SAA is already in Saraqib. inb4 moderate beheaders gassing themselves again >>6859
>>6985 Not him but the French have been quite active in some of the former colonies of late. >>7000 >all I wanted to do is be an eye doctor and play vidya
>>7001 They ae active in shithole like Mali and shiet because niggers can't police themself but since they killed kadhafi i aven't heard them moving in North Africe, i don't understand.
>>6985 French are still active in Libya, supporting LNA (thus on collision course with Haftar). That's about it, I think. Of course, Erdogan went rogue, so not even (((they))) are too keen on seeing him succeed. Turks will find no support in the international community as they have basically zero allies. The only reason they get away with anything is because both US and Russia see Turkey as strategically important (US hoping to just suffer Erdogan until someone more obedient takes power, Russia hoping to talk Erdogan into leaving NATO or at least driving more of a wedge between Turkey and US). However, given King Roach's ambitions, everyone is starting to get tired of his shit because he's stepping on everyone's toes. The whole US Rojava plan tanked because of him. Russia has to constantly mediate between him and Assad to prevent an all out war, Greece is absolutely livid over the "maritime zone" shit, Lybia shit is pissing off France (among others), and not even jews or arabs are amused by his neo-imperial antics.
>>7013 What the fuck are they doing still in libya ? pretending to stabilize the country after eliminating Kadhafi ? fuck this shit i wasn't even aware of that.
>>7000 >Roaches abandoning observation posts Does Erdogan feel in charge?
>>7048 Need OC of Erdogan as CIA, Assad as Bane, and Putin as a plane
Open file (408.43 KB 1021x737 jihadi_rape.png)
Holy fuck tiger slow down. At least try to wait for Erdotard to chimp out completely >>7014 Iuppiter's actions are above your mortal understanding. And probably his own too.
>>7062 >CIA as Erdogan >Assad as Bane >Russia as Bane plane >AANES/SNA/FSA as CIA plane >Hezbollah as Bane stromtroopers >Trump/Bolton/etc. as CIA pilots >White Helmets as CIA guards/mercs >Qassem Soleimani/Issam Zahreddine as wreckage brother Who would take the role of Dr. Pavel though?
>>7067 Dr. Pavel is the price, therefore he would be Syria itself.
>Roaches bombarding Russian positions >when Roach-NATO relations are strained to the brim over retarded insect antics in northern Syria and Libya >when US strategic positions in the middle east are on the verge of collapsing with the gubbermint fighting itself so it doesn't go to war with Iran and crash its hegemony in the process >when Chinks are accidentally dispersing biological weapons all over the place and shutting themselves down in feeble attempts at quarantine, putting considerable strain on the globalist world economy >when Turkey itself is within spitting distance of Russian missile silos+the entire black sea fleet Erdogan is a true strategic genius worthy of standing among the likes of Wilhelm II. and Alexander Kerensky.
Houthis release a vid about the latest operation, it's pretty damn cool https://youtu.be/cwVeA9b1a1E
>>7084 I feel like there should be a /k/ translation of this going in lengths at the Houthis dismay at the incompetence of the Saudis and almost feeling sorry for them also use invidious nigger
Open file (90.79 KB 982x510 1-27.jpg)
More gains.
Open file (79.15 KB 869x736 Roach mobile.jpg)
King Roach claims that the in-house manufactured Hisar-A air defense system will be deployed along the border. Do any Strelok's know more about its capabilities? The article says it is for low-altitudes and obviously you can see it only has the ability to fire 4 missiles. http://archive.is/nLv9O
Open file (1.82 MB 988x826 rhino.png)
>>7190 Looks like somthing from warhammer
>>7195 It's actually a transformer
King Roach screeches autistically as SAA encircles another observation post. Went as far as to hint at possibly declaring war on Syria unless Assad returns all land he took from terrorists (lol), but it seems Assad decided to call his bluff, as SAA continues its operation unimpeded.
>>7213 He knows if he says Assad must go then he loses his Sultanship.
Open file (4.64 MB 4500x3364 Idlib 2020 02 05.jpg)
Jihadis flee Saraqib, realizing TAF human shields won't be enough to protect them.
>>7222 Holy trips I cannot believe they are finally taking back the Idlib region after so long.
>>7222 >Moderate beheaders retreating faster than Turks can build observation posts, pocket warfare no longer necessary for Assadist victory B-b-but muh 7 million refugees! Still that was fucking pathetic to see Jihadists cucking themselves out of readily available 72 virgins this hard, ISIS was Waffen SS tier compared to these niggers.
Looks like someone introduced Jerusalem to the van of peace. 14 injured supposedly http://archive.fo/YE7M3
Open file (849.42 KB 655x456 ClipboardImage.png)
SARAQIB LIBERATED Those 4 roach observations posts didn't do much. Roaches see that and decided to build another one up north.
>>7292 >observation posts didn't do much They observed their beheader buddies get raped from those posts, sounds like they did their jobs just fine to me :^)
Open file (13.76 KB 480x360 Erdoğan JUST.jpg)
Do you guys think that kraut mutt dup+ Erdoğan + isreal will invade syria shortly after Türkiye's moderate rebels of peace are finished and done with?
He'll face a coup again if he does
>>7374 >coup That would result in a civil war though, the average Roach won't tolerate some progressive child beheader advocating for open borders and US interests instead of Ottoman interests getting inserted as President especially not after the failed glownig coup attempt in 2016.
>>7387 Turkey has coups every 5-10 years. Its written into their political charter
>>7335 I this he considers syrian territories a mere bargaining chip at this point. >protect terrorists >get concessions (on kurds, on Libya, etc.) and fix some relations with US (since kikes are happy to see Syria get hindered) >look the other way as Assad proceeds to stomp terrorists (fixing relations with Russia somewhat in the process) >after deciding Assad got enough, raise a big stink and start protecting terrorists again until getting more concessions >repeat
Open file (2.02 MB 1105x884 ClipboardImage.png)
Houthis advance towards Al Hazm and Marib (pic related). Should they succeed in taking these towns from Sauds, it will destroy any hope Sauds had at capturing the Yemeni capital Sanaa (as they hoped to invade it from this direction), and will practically close the eastern front – beyond those towns, there is only desert for dozens of kilometres.
>>7471 How are Saudis so bad at this? how long till they hire masked mercenaries to fight their war for them?
>>7540 >spoiler They already have and is partially the reason they're losing. The Saudi Army is hilariously inept, so they hire inept assholes to bolster their numbers in the hopes the straight up manpower advantage wins their conflict.
SAA about to save poor Roaches from Al-Qaeda terröristler while linking up their fronts in Idlib and Aleppo. >>7547 Are Sauds the Chinks of the Arabian peninsula? What would happen to the house of Saud if Chinks were to stop all oil imports from Saudniggistan due to harbor workers dying from Corona-chan with several tankers worth millions of petroshekels already under quarantine?
>>7557 I’m sure he’d either find (((foreign funding))) from (((somewhere))) or have a group of American friendly moderate rebels rise up to abolish racist evil monarchies.
Open file (3.01 MB 1024x964 ClipboardImage.png)
Al-Eis liberated. Used to be a jihadi stronghold, but it seems HTS lost the will to fight and simply withdrawn from the area. There is also a Roach observation post there, which has been besieged by SAA
>>7547 Should just hire strelo/k/s for a laugh
>Russian-t*rkish talks >we will discuss a truce when we meet again next week >afterwards Russia immediately starts bombing the everloving shit out of t*rkeys pets The Russian Bear is displeased.
>>7547 More like Sauds think that if they throw enough money at the war, it will win itself. Expensive US gear and planes, total air superiority, copious cannon fodder from locals, mercs, and sudanese oogas, several countries talked into providing their support, a total blockade literally starving the country... and Sauds still manage to be losing the war. Just goes to show that Machiavelli was right – if you've got the steadfast support of your people, you need not fear any foreign power.
>>7579 >Hire Streloks >Streloks just take the gear and sabotage Saudi lines as everyone marches to join with the Houthis
>>7607 I wonder how somebody who serious believes that Desert Storm showed the true powerlessness of Warsaw Pact gear would explain this whole ordeal with the Saudis being beaten by a bunch of goat herders. Although said goat herders will outperform SpaceX at rocketry by the end of this decade if they keep up with their research.
>>7557 >Banes in the upper right of the map Are they waiting for a big offensive before taking that town?
>>7610 There is a lot of mercenaries in that region trying to knab the prize.
Open file (14.52 KB 640x195 Al saoud btfo.png)
Open file (42.28 KB 400x458 1529266865469.gif)
>>7610 >look up houthis >this is the first result Houthi conquest of saudi arabia when?
Open file (635.56 KB 600x458 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7613 They'll become the true GLA
>multiple burgers killed in ambush in afghanistan >its all kept quiet until an anonymous military official spills it to the press >same thing happened with cia plane that got downed >US says nothing and media will barely report it >its because Zion dup wants to peace out with taliban >taliban doesnt care and kills burger mutts anyway The funniest part is that the taliban wont truly peace out with the americans because (((they))) dont keep their promises >In his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, President Donald Trump referenced the peace talks, saying U.S. soldiers were not meant to serve as “law enforcement agencies” for other nations. >what is saudi arabia? >what is iraq? >what is israel? >what is the syrian oilfields? Boomers really are the most pathetic generation in human history. http://archive.today/ONOn4
>>7651 >The funniest part is that the taliban wont truly peace out with the americans Are you retarded? Do you think Taliban will somehow chase after US outside of Afghanistan? Taliban's goal is to get US to leave and to then seize control of the country, not to wage war on America across the globe.
>>7674 >trump taliban deal "will" cut to a 1/3 of 14,000 troops in afghanistan >trumps only goal in afghanistan is to keep propping up already failing afghan government >Much of the Taliban’s armory comes from American equipment given to the Afghan military and police. >The U.S. has now spent more on reconstructing Afghanistan than was spent on the Marshall Plan and the reconstruction of Europe >trumps ME deals consists of the palestinian "deal", the iraq gib 50% oil or else "deal", etc >Noone trusts the americans as they have a history of consistently not keeping its promises and deals >even without the deal trump is probably going to reduce the amount anyway for voter points >the deal has already failed and trump is only saying shit to save face for the next election cycle Yea Im the retarded one http://archive.today/gZu5a http://archive.today/IX31Y http://archive.today/U9ATa
Open file (11.66 MB 2048x1932 ClipboardImage.png)
More gainz in Syria.
Open file (394.66 KB 1330x946 The_Donald.png)
>>7677 MAQA!
>>7677 >Yea Im the retarded one You are, because you cannot fucking write. Your first post implies Taliban won't keep promise to peace out with US. Your second post implies it is the US that won't peace out.
Open file (2.11 MB 2666x2808 10feb_Southern-Idlib.jpg)
Rebels launch a counteroffensive towards Saraqib with Roach help, Grand Sultan Erdogan threatens Syria with war if the SAA doesn't retreat out of all their recently captured areas. NATO won't help him if the does declare war on Syria and by proxy Russia first, right? Could this be Putin's master plan to secure the Bosporus and reinstate the Byzantine Empire?
>mighty törkey starts offensive against SAA >SAA captures two villages in one hour >mighty törkey suspends offensive against SAA Mission accomplished.
Open file (9.65 KB 361x150 ClipboardImage.png)
SAA and Roaches are now in artillery duels, reported casualties on both sides. No agreement between Russia and Turkey was reached in the latest round of negotiations. Syrian army continues its offensive and captured more villages.
>>7862 Serbians to be hired as mediators in my head
>>7862 >No agreement between Russia and Turkey was reached in the latest round of negotiations. What on fucking earth is going to happen next? This is incredible.
Open file (1.10 MB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7868 Well, only two things can happen now. Either King Roach commits and goes to war with Syria, or he cucks out. Assad clearly isn't willing to back down, hell, he's not afraid to strike back, so we'll see just how far roaches are willing to go with this. Tbh, I think Erdogan was taken aback by Syrian stance. The observation posts, military convoy shittery, etc. all speak of a deterrent strategy. But Assad besieged the outposts, shelled military points, and bombed military convoys (pic related). I don't think King Roach expected this development and is now wondering whether he'd rather go to an open war, or lose face before roachlings. Maybe he'll settle for some kind of "relatiatory strike" before declaring that glorious revenge was achieved and Turkish army is now pulling back because mission accomplished (aka the american way of retreating)
>>7871 Sultan Erodgan is in Syrian clay. He can't stay there without escalating things further and risking open war, something that will be a nightmare cause you can guarantee that Assad will use the Kurds against him with false promises of Kurdish clay. Turkey has one maybe two cards it can play. Syria hasn't even begun to to shuffle the deck it can play.
Open file (331.82 KB 955x532 gürdler gucked.png)
>>7872 >Assad will use the Kurds against him with false promises of Kurdish clay. I don't believe in retardation that severe.
>>7874 Kurds history of the past 100 years is of being used and abused by everyone and them being falling for the same trick not once, not twice, not even thrice but to the point it is impossible to count. All one has to do is make some idle promises about giving Kurds their own clay and the madmen will actually die for you. That said a buffer state that stops Turks from entering Iraq and Syria will be the Iranian wet dream
>>7872 >with false promises of Kurdish clay. Doesn't even need to be false. Designated Kurdistan that lies entirely in Turkey would be a good place to deport all the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds to and solve the entire issue with them. Kurds would be happy too since they'd get large territories, and Turks would be weakened and fucked. Syria itself could annex Hatay, since it's rightful Syrian clay stolen by Turko-French tricks.
How possible is NATO intervention?
>>7881 NATO couldn't fight themselves out of a wet paper bag at the moment. Getting involved would result in a situation that was an Afghanistan x100 considering the amount of insurgents that would appear that would be actively supported by Russia and Iran and maybe even China.
>>7883 i really hope NATO deploys and gets fucked in the ass sideways really hard triying to protect the roaches, it would be a sweet payback from back in the 90´s when they prevented Serbs from removing kebab
>>7886 Thinking about it, it would be another Vietnam. Syrians would be have money thrown at them to fight NATO. When NATO start losing their expensive toys they'll be running out of there in a flash since they can't afford a fight against someone that has even the remote chance of fighting back.
>>7881 >>7883 >>7886 >>7887 Are you pretending to be a bunch of bakas? NATO is just the Pentagon's excuse to drag other countries into its phoney wars.
>>7888 I don't think they're pretending anon.
>>7888 What better excuse for NATO to appear then big meanie Assad taking back land stolen by Americans Jihadists?
Open file (61.73 KB 1200x675 didn't fly so good.jpg)
Rebels shot down a SAA helicopter near Saraqib.
Open file (2.31 MB 892x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7934 Read that it was the Turks shooting it down. In any case, More gainz today, this time an important district southwest of Aleppo
>>7886 >Burgers bully NATO into intervening on behalf of the Roach in Syria, Article 5 hasn't been triggered so no fear of nukes and besides those innocent refugees have to return somewhere that isn't held by Alawhite Hitler >France and Italy immediately pull out, refuse to provide support >Germany, UK, Norway, Sweden suddenly full of deserters and draft dodgers since no one wants to go to war >Poland, the Baltics and the Balkans weasel themselves out of actual troop deployments, send materiel instead >The genderneuteral military might of the western EU shows up in Idlib >Muds inside the Bundeswehr and Royal Muhreens immediately establish cordial trade relations with local beheaders >They sell their Womyn officers off to Jihadis, which causes problems for the MSM as they suddenly have to downplay the large number of missing female personnel which totally hasn't shown up in liveleak rape videos and/or slave markets >supply lines are fucked since the SAA and Russia are bombing hard and none of the western European militaries were prepared for anything beyond Kosovo-tier patrols >despite all this NATO tries an epic offensive to recapture Idlib city from Assadist forces together with Jihadis and Roach air support >The offensive stalls faster than a rebel twitter psyop as female officers perform on the spot disciplinary actions on their male subordinates for sexual harassment and/or male gazing in trenches instead of fighting the enemy, thousands of NATO soldiers are captured by Assadists >Roaches have to send in troops to prevent the frontline from collapsing which pisses off Erdogan as he wanted NATO as a meatshield not the other way around, the Russian air force has also dropped all pretensions of restraint and is shooting down every hostile aircraft they come across >Poland, Serbia send in reinforcements and are praised for their committment to democracy by state media across Europe >Serbs arrive and start cleansing Jisr al Shugour of kebab presence the moment they arrive, Poland abruptly leaves the EU and joins up with Syria >Greece joins Serbs and starts barrel bombing occupied Byzantium >King Roach sends hastily conscripted Turkish refugee militias into Syria to delay the advance of the Syrian-Russo-Serb-Polack alliance >Putin lols and mobilizes forces in the Caucasus while Greece captures the western shore of the Bosporus >Germany wants to send reinforcements despite Hezbolla and Kurds setting cars afire while helping AfD anti-war protestors escape from Police units made up of former moderate beheaders >France and Italy leave the EU >Anglos are butthurt and send the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier to save democracy in the middle east >Pres. dup tweets his intent to send Burgerzogs to the middle east while sanctioning the EU, Kurds join up with Assadists and arrest Burger garrisons, return oil to Assad >unemployment across the western world jumps beyond 70%, 1/4 of the Chinese population is dying of Corona-chan, global markets are in complete chaos and anti-semitic militia movements spring up everywhere >France and Italy join up with Russia, enact a naval blockade in the mediterranean >AfD boomer militias capture the Reichstag, moderate beheaders seize Stockholm and proclaim a Caliphate, Finland prepares to stage a military liberation of Swedistan in respone with Russian help >Pres. dup nukes Paris in preparation to liberate France but then Rocketman runs over the 38th parallel nuking Jew York, Hawai'i and LA in the process >Syrian rebels get annihilated by Roaches, Kurds, Russians, Syrians, Natsoc sleepers in the Bundeswehr, Right-wing tradfeminists, Armenians, Serbs and Greeks >Syria and Iraq unite to form Greater Syria >Israel enacts the Samson option only to get cratered into oblivion by Russian nukes running on automatic >Chink remnants try to nuke Japan and Taiwan but end up nuking India by accident, Poos shit nukes all over the place in response >US too busy nuking rebels on its own soil to engage in intercontinental nukings >Olympics cancelled
>>7891 It seems like. >>7893 Again, is just the Pentagon's excuse to drag other countries into its phoney wars. It means that if Burgeristan decides to go back to the sandbox, then it can spew some nonsense about Transatlantic partnership and NATO ties, and then leverage some European countries to send token forces. That's all. Speaking like if NATO was a real entity that can take action on its own betrays a gross misunderstanding of its real nature. Besides, it's a defensive alliance chiefly against Russia.
>>7944 You had me till the Olympics being cancelled. No way nips would stop that. I honestly don't see NATO lasting long these days without a shake up or replacement with some sort of mutual unified tutelage treaty.
>>7944 >AfD boomer militias capture the Reichstag Not in a thousand years, the only group that had the balls for this would be East German separatists.
Open file (343.83 KB 986x1334 german_states.png)
>>8063 Could you tell us about these separatists? I'd like to know about their ideological background and if they want to recreate the borders of East Germany 1:1, or if they have a list of current states that they want to take over.
>>8067 Long story short they want nothing to do with the multiculi and the mentality of western krauts. In reality its another case of krauts hating krauts for thinking different which has been the case since forever.
>>8069 Resurgence of Prussia when?
>>8069 What about the south? Would Bavaria join them, or are they strong only in actual former DDR territories?
>>8071 Bavaria has it’s own separatists, but neither them nor east separatist have numbers or any chance. East separatists are mostly just boomers and gen x nostalgic for the DDR.
Open file (100.38 KB 800x410 Erdogan.jpg)
>I will make turkiye great again What did he mean by this?
https://archive.fo/3Wlsf More Roach tears and screeching.
>>8084 I don't speak kebab
Burgers also killed a 14 year old in Qamishli for some reason which prompted an armed response by local anti-semitic right wing terröristler.
>>8086 Google translation: President Erdoğan explains the steps to be taken in İdlib at the group meeting. President Erdoğan: The number of martyrs we have given in Idlib has reached 14, and the number of injured has reached 45. President Erdoğan: In Idlib, I would like to underline once again the fact that most of the forces, who are acting with the regime and the Russians and the regime, directly target the civilian population, not the terrorists. By the end of February, we are determined to take the regime outside the Sochi memorandum, that is, beyond our observation points. For this, we will do whatever is necessary in the KARADA and AIR, without hesitation, without any distraction. At the point we have reached, we will no longer tolerate anyone's flood, bigotry, soldness, provocations. Our Syrian brothers struggling with our country have taken action to push the regime beyond the borders of Sochi M. President Erdoğan: Aircraft that hit civilian settlements in Idlib will no longer be able to move comfortably as before. On land, we will chase regime forces beyond the boundaries we have determined. # NEXT President Erdoğan: In this process, I hereby declare that if our soldiers at the Observation Points or elsewhere suffer the slightest damage, we will hit the regime forces EVERYWHERE without being bound by Idlib and the Sochi Memorandum.
>>8088 I wish a nigga would.
>>8088 >Erdogan hits Syria "everywhere" >Assad responds by glassing all the observation posts which are currently under siege, with artillery pointed straight at them The turkish outposts basically became hostage camps.
Open file (286.41 KB 836x751 newmixtape.jpg)
>>8087 Here is from a different angle where you can actually see a Russian truck that apparently sped over to there to deescalate the situation.
>>8150 Guess Burgers aren't very popular there after throwing Kurds to Roaches
>>8087 >>8150 Very interesting how Western media is portraying this. Keep saying the gunmen were unidentified yet somehow pro-Assad. Also states that Russians were not involved but by video it clearly shows if Russians hadn't shown up there likely would have been a lot more dead.
>>8067 I am the guy who made the initial post. Seperatism in East Germany is not a movement in the sense, but a general attitude that almost all Ossis share. It's very deeply rooted, even in the younger generation, which is no wonder after the shit that the Wessis pulled through here in the 90s and in which every millennial grew up. You must be aware that they have managed to get 16 million nationalists to distrust the nation as a whole and to adopt an extremely tribalist stance that is fundamentally hostile to the remaining 66 million. What is more, the left here are all the old guard and are slowly dying, while in the west especially the following generations are left and foreigners. The AfD is on an extremely successful path here and will come to power in a few years, and at the latest then this general attitude will turn into real politics, because there is nothing we can do at the national level even then, we are too few. It is almost the opposite of Bavaria, which has been larping for years, but in the last elections the eco-socialists won like 15%. If you want to get a general feeling just imagine the southern states 30 years after the Civil War while all the Niggers are slavs.
>>8230 >If you want to get a general feeling just imagine the southern states 30 years after the Civil War while all the Niggers are slavs. This only left me more confused. Can you spell this out a bit. Are you just saying that in East Germany there is a large slav population?
>>8254 >Are you just saying that in East Germany there is a large slav population? It’s 99% polacks in most areas, there’s very few places in east Germany where Germans are even half the population. However the far north east has no Slavs but is pretty much 100% Baltic.
>>8263 Are you talking about Mitteldeutschland or the actual Ostdeutschland?
>>8263 By Poles and Baltics do you mean Germanized ones? And if yes, then what difference does that make? Are they significantly less autistic, or are there other differences too?
>>8266 They aren’t germanized if they don’t speak German or follow German customs. >>8264 Strelok asked about east Germany, why would I talk about central Germany when he asked about east Germany.
>>8254 >Are you just saying that in East Germany there is a large slav population? Yes. All east of Germany was originally populated by slav tribes. You can even still see it in the town and area names. Himmler was actually actively trying to hide that fact.
>>8266 It's an epic memster talking about the territories stolen by Poland in the most obtuse way.
>>8276 All I can find is that there are apparently 60 000 people who speak a Slavic language. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sorbian_languages Or do you want to tell me that there are millions of Sorbians who don't even speak German?
Open file (16.62 KB 663x168 ClipboardImage.png)
>Erdogan threatens war >Assad responds with a legislative shitpost
Open file (92.27 KB 600x656 NiggerPill.png)
>>8287 and people says shitposting is bad for quality.
Some shit regarding the OCPW's internal jewry obtained from an evil rogue actor within the organization.
>>8254 Yes. A huge amount of poles, many Russians and some Vietnamese. Don't have numbers but all in all my guess would be around 10% are foreigners.
http://archive.fo/Gyury Israel is up to its old tricks again. Bombing Damascus again.
>>8277 >we wuz builders of Berlin and shiet mang, lin be a slav prefix and shiet we wuz kaiserz kurwa And all of Poland and Czechia was populated by Germanics and Baltic tribes before western Slavs even migrated out of Eastern Europe. >b-b-but we built Stettin and Danzig and Lübeck, we wuz dah reel hansa In Stettin’s case the polish king said it would be neat to build a city here then imported Germans to do it for him, 16 years later Pomerania was once again independent and Stettin was never owned by the polish again until 1945. Stettin was Never majority polish. Danzig was the same thing but Poland actually owned it for a decent amount of time, though the city was once again built by Germans because the lazy kashubians in pomerelia couldn’t do it, both cities had Lüneburg law for centuries. And Lübeck was a single fortification which was abandoned by the Slavs who then decided to build a shack until the Germanics retook the area and started building an actual town. Poles are such a pathetic people they needed Napoleon to conquer all of Europe just to give them their land back, then they couldn’t even keep it, so they then required the world’s 2 largest powers and the largest manufacturing base on the planet to fight a war to get their land back. Then they copy their best friend the perfidious Albion and invade Germany after getting the polish minority in lower Silesia to chimp out and even with French and English support they still lose to a bunch of German Freikorps so they attack Russia in the middle of its worst civil war yet Poles still got pushed back to their capital and needed Stalin’s spite for the other commie leader just to barely win. And if you can’t think it gets any more pathetic that single win made the poles think they’re warfare masters so they start posturing and try to control an independent state because they’re too lazy to build Gdynia into a decent port so they need to leech off of German labour again, and when they plan their war against Germany they base their entire strategy on making the French do all the work. Despite being betrayed by the west poles still help to fight for the chance to have the soviets annex their eastern clay and ethnically cleanse poles from their own land. So poles being the eternally butthurt race of Europe they sperg out and start killing German civilians again to annex some land a handful of polish farmers lived on some time between 300-1000 years ago and then poles claim external victory despite once again having done nothing but let the rest of the world do their fighting for them. >>8283 Stop being dense, you’re not fooling anyone.
>>8287 My fucking sides, any word on the Turk’s national butthurt yet? Surely they must be protesting in the streets crying because their poor ancestors were hired as desert guides for Armenians and suffered PTSD from watching them all die of thirst after fick g all their own water to the Armenian tourists.
Open file (912.80 KB 758x388 ClipboardImage.png)
M5 highway completely secured The offensive's main objective is thus accomplished. It remains to be seen whether SAA will decide to push further, or if King Roach will push through another ceasefire. Also, please stop derailing the thread with kraut-bydlo retardation.
Open file (412.41 KB 650x366 ClipboardImage.png)
Houthis claim they shot down a Saudi plane (a Tornado IDS) with a surface-to-air missile while it was trying to bomb them. Hopefully, we'll get to see some wreckage in the upcoming hours.
>>8408 Now we only need the American POV to complete the set. Unless the Turks were also nearby.
https://archive.fo/zDCvX >SAA=PKK confirmed The absolute madmen. video unrelated
>>8408 imagine how much it costs to repair all that shit
>>8690 I still don't understand why the american vehicle had a small fire on its sides. Is that just residue from a molotov thrown on it earlier? Seems like these things often have fire on them.
>>8701 In the other video you can see someone going up to it and pouring something on it.
>>6411 Saudis have western vets as mercs. Maybe they're just fat.
>>8650 Interestingly they claim they used a new type missile as well. Would be hilarious to watch as the Houthis take away the only thing the Saudis can do anymore with air power.
>>8716 I think that was a bucket of shit. The fire was there at the start of the webm, it's probably from a molotov.
Open file (2.39 MB 821x962 ClipboardImage.png)
SAA is opening a new front against jihadis, this time in the north. It seems the new goal is to pocket the militants northwest of Aleppo. SAA is also advancing on multiple fronts, continuing to ignore any and all threats from Turkey
>>8650 Sauds admitted to losing the plane >“At 23:45, on the evening of Friday, February 14, 2020 AD, a Tornado combat aircraft of the RSAF crashed while on a mission of close air support to units of the Yemeni National Army,” the spokesman, Col. Turki al-Malki, said in the statement.
>Turkey is amassing a large force in Syria’s Idlib and arming al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which controls a vast part of the northwestern governorate, a Russian military source revealed on February 15. >According to the source, who was quoted by several Russian news agencies, the Turkish Armed Forces deployed 70 battle tanks, 200 armored vehicles and 80 howitzers in Idlib. A large part of these equipment is allegedly being handed over to HTS terrorists. >The source also revealed that Ankara is arming the militants in Idlib with U.S.-made man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADs). The source was likely referring to the FIM-92 Stinger. >“It is of particular concern that Ankara had provided the militants in the Idlib de-escalation zone with Turkish military uniforms,” the source added, according to RT.
>>8878 Sounds like an excuse to make Istanbul back into Constantinople to me.
Open file (80.50 KB 1000x500 4fd.jpg)
>>8880 Make Mediterranean muslime free again
>>8878 Do they think it will make a difference at this point? Seems like too much too late. what’s going on with captcha? Never had to do one before now it’s making me do the second one today. is it because I’m in the zone?
>>8880 I think the uniform part is the most significant. Once HTS starts dressing up as Roaches, SAA will just start killing cunts in Roach uniforms. Even real roaches.
>>8883 Spergkraut threw a massive tantrum yesterday because nobody was taking his b8 and the vols kept deleting his posts. He was manually spamming for like 6 hours, so the double captcha was put in to slow him down.
>>8891 >BO punished the entire board because he couldn’t just ignore one (1) poster and now we have cuckchan captchas for every single fucking post What an absolute fuckwit. I miss Aussie BO.
>>8893 >wtf he didn't just lay down and let the board get flooded this is bullshit ok spergkraut
Jihadmin is so butthurt right now he removed all t*rkish cucksheds from the map.
>>8908 guess it was one encirclement too many for him
>>8908 What do the soldiers there even do in this situation? Sit on base and watch Syrian vehicles drive back and forth?
>>8930 The observation posts are just a front for Erdogan's watermelon business, though his attempts to prevent Assad's eye clinics from driving away his moderate humanitarian jihadist customers by establishing outlets closer to his target demographic have been unsuccessful so far.
>>8895 >adding captcha stops all spam Okay, BO
for fucks sake you god damn niggers and your stupid fucking drama go the fuck away
>>8893 It accomplished its task and was removed afterwards. >>8986 Funnily enough it did. >>8990 This,.
Open file (480.43 KB 943x725 ClipboardImage.png)
Jihadi defenses collapsed again, SAA is making massive gains while HTS flees for their lives.
>>9012 Would Kurds joining up with the SAA right now in exchange for the SDF removing Coalition troops from Syrian clay hurt Zognald Dup's reelection chances?
>>9015 Your question doesn't even make sense. Kurds wouldn't have to "offer" anything in "exchange" for becoming voluntary cannon fodder for SAA. SDF doesn't have the capability to remove coalition troops anyway, and no, as far I can tell no one really gives a shit about the Kurds, certainly not enough to change their vote.
Open file (2.37 MB 1212x666 ClipboardImage.png)
HOLY FUCKING SHIT, SAA LIBERATED ALL OF NORTHWEST ALEPPO IN A SINGLE DAY That whole massive pocket that's been there for years, and which was fortified as fuck, is just suddenly gone. Aleppo is finally secured. Jihadis shelled Aleppo from those areas for years. People in Aleppo are celebrating in the streets
>>9053 >Lost fortified area they've been attacking from for years How long until the US declares SAA is using chemical weapons on its own civilians?
Open file (1.02 MB 1297x566 side_by_side.png)
This is a massive fucking gain by the way. Here's a side-by-side of four hours difference since the two maps don't really do it justice for the average Strelo/k/ who doesn't really care about day-to-day gains.
Open file (34.14 KB 824x298 syria house.jpg)
Open file (52.54 KB 826x550 1571955988446.jpg)
>>9012 >https://syria.liveuamap.com/en/2020/16-february-saa-captured-alliramoon-and-kafr-hamra-in-north This fucking guy though. Sure hope his home didn't get flattened.
>>9015 >burgers >caring about kurds When dup pulled his support for them there was only a handful of 5 minute news stories screeching about it, then nothing when the jewnalists realized they wouldn't be able to rile up anyone over those particular brown people.
Open file (1.42 MB 753x615 ClipboardImage.png)
Another map. I fully expect watermellon seller to screech harder than ever before after this
also, another roach observation post got encircled in the process
>>9110 Are there any videos of T*rkish PoWs yet? I want to laugh at their misfortune.
>>9112 Unless the roaches are high-value officers who would make better ransoms than they would target practice for morale effects, I doubt we're going to see much in the way of PoWs.
>>9067 If not he gets to rebuild like everyone else.
>>9053 Amazing, vids on the celebrations?
http://archive.fo/8Ton1 >IDF getting hacked due to falling for Hamas traps Hamas are posing as women online and Israeli soldiers are getting their phones hacked over it
Open file (2.36 MB 592x1280 SAA_rocket_artillery.mp4)
Open file (77.79 KB 400x224 kurd_yallah.mp4)
>>9194 >getting catfished by Hamas I didn't know Hamas recruited poos.
Open file (4.50 MB 1100x1355 ClipboardImage.png)
gains since start of the offensive
>>9194 Hopefully Hamas ends up releasing the chatlogs at some point. IDF seduction techniques should be golden. >>9239 >Roaches shit themselves so hard when seeing the Chad Syrians approach that they need to pay random villagers to make it look like they didn't run home to mommy If this ends in war, it's going to look like a repeat of the Houthis vs Saudis.
Open file (276.63 KB 784x304 delicious.PNG)
>>9385 >Houthis vs Saudis but with Russian air support Let's just hope Greece exits the EU and joins up with Russia in time to liberate Constantinople. I really doubt NATO would want to get involved what with all the coughing Chinks in Europe, heck even Dup might be too distracted with the geostrategic boomerfications of the PRC collapsing to prevent Russian shills from removing NATO's least reliable ally. Come to think of it, have Lockheeb reported any supply chain disruptions in F-35 production or is the entire thing produced domestically?
>>9386 Constantinople means to Russians what Jewrusalem means to Catholics. I hope they actually retake it.
>>9384 Is there any front where the t*rks aren't getting BTFO'd right now?
>>9386 >F-35 produced entirely domestically No piece of U.S. military hardware that uses electronics is produced entirely domestically. It's been known for years that almost all of our military electronics come from china because we can't make them ourselves. If china goes down the U.S. military loses it's tech supply. I imagine other major western armies have the same issue as well so in a few months we will be severely crippled, unable to replace losses or build new stock. I would imagine Russia & Iran have better domestic electronic manufacturing capabilities so they would be in a far superior position than the west.
>>9400 This sounds so fucking retarded it feels like it might be true. Mean really would they allow for a country to have the opportunity to secretly apply an "off switch" on their gorillion and dollar shekel finder? Logically not I hope
Read ITAR regulations. That's illegal. Like super illegal. Like a contractor would cease to exist if they were caught doing that.
>>9415 >ITAR What about COTS equipment used for military purposes?
>>9393 The German front.
>>9385 >If this ends in war Erdogan would have to be literally retarded to actually declare war. He's just trying to shout loud enough to get some concessions and buy more time. Idlib's one of his bargaining chips in Syria, and he's pissed to see it melt away this fast. He also builds support with Roaches since they seem to think they'll get away with annexing part of Syria
>>9435 xaxaxa
>>9451 Tell that to the 2 million Turks and even more half breeds. I’m sick of them in my city, but I guess it’s not a problem for you since they keep your sister happy when they stuff her in every hole after taking her out to McDonald’s to pretend she needs the formality of a date before she whores herself out, so she can pretend to have a gram of decency.
>>9458 Quiet down, mutt.
>>9458 Take a break from the Internet lad your mind is rotting
>>9459 >>9488 >cy+5 germans calling anyone a mutt Silence, mongrels.
>>9520 >>9458 Stop shitting up the thread with your t*rk fantasies
>>9579 >spergkraut coping this hard.
>>9520 t. had a negro as president
>>9583 >everyone I don't like is spergkraut Lay off the meth nigger
Sultan Erdogan autistically screeching about military action against Syria. Would post source but aljazerra does not like to be archived
http://archive.fo/jmKrZ And here is sauce. Took fucking forever
>>9583 lol mutthurt
Open file (3.25 MB 1166x900 laughter2.webm)
https://archive.is/3wsZU TÜRKIYE STRONK
Open file (177.31 KB 1500x1500 2837816_1.jpg)
>>9596 >>9600 He's unironically LARPing as an ottoman. Sad.
>>9601 >>9600 >large ethnic unrest at home >wants to conquer clay and get even more minorities in his country I have to hand it to him, he takes his Ottoman LARP seriously, even going as far as copying their mistakes. I wonder whether he'll make it to the genocide arc, or if he'll get a game over before then.
>>9601 He's made a threat but there is nothing really seemingly going to happen. Movements suggest withdrawal from the region more than anything. This is the equivalent of autistic screeching due to Syrians daring to reclaim rightful clay. Unlike Greeks Syrians won't allow Turks to annex their lands. >>9633 Well there's always the Kurds if he needs a good genocide......
https://archive.is/f2sBS Erdogan wants NATO to shoot down evil Syrian planes, seems he's serious about reclaiming rightful Ottoman land.
>>9600 So is it confirmed Erdogone plays EU4 on easy as Ottomans and still has to save scum and use console commands to conquer the Baltics and beat he Mamluks?
>>9664 >rightful Ottoman land So inner Antonia with no sea access? I thought they already had all rightful ottoroach land.
>>9664 Do you have an English source? I don't speak Roach.
>>9664 >being a törk
>>9664 >>9672 >rightful Ottoman land No such thing
>>9688 >implying somewhere near Mongolia isn’t rightful Turkish clay
>>9699 >Erdogan tries to invade Mongolia >Gets beaten back by an angry horde of throat singing bikers >Mongolia reunited under the reincarnation of Genghis Khan >Leaves a path of destruction through China killing off 600 million bug men >Next burns down Baghdad again >Lays siege to Constantinople, throws plague victims over the walls triggering a new black death in Europe >Annexs Russia >On a foggy night on the shores of Maine the reving of motorcycle engines and throat singing can be heard in the distance
>>9699 >>9737 >"Mongolia" >Americans in charge of geography
So since this is a Middle East thread is it worth discussing the kebab removal in Germany that just happened?
>>9743 Let's not talk about the turboschizo, it's too embarrassing. He thought he was a medium that steers geopolitics with his mind power and talks about being watched every half minute. Also the BKA forced all models to not date him. I'm being serious, read his website. JUST
Open file (8.54 MB 352x640 Grand_theft_Syria.mp4)
>>9743 Do tell.
Open file (92.17 KB 384x192 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9745 >>9754 Not that guy but >apparently thought that he could mindcontrol Trump and Jürgen Klinsmann among other people >self-proclaimed incel >advocated for purging germany of non-germans aswell as several (mostly arab) races in their home countries >kinda looks like a german terry Some interviewed terror-expert also mentioned that he did not have any apparent ties to imageboards, specifically mentioning cuckchan. http://archive.is/gz7t0
>>9756 What if he mentioned 8kun
>>9756 >mindcontrol Jürgen Klinsmann ...why?
>>9756 Do Germans have their own version of MKUltra? This sounds like some MKUltra shit.
>>9745 >>9756 Got the video and/or an archive of his website? This is prime /cow/ material. >>9758 Should have mentioned bunkerchan, the real hive of racism and antisemitism of the internet.
>>9738 >The homeland of the Turkic peoples and their language is suggested to be somewhere between the Transcaspian steppe and Northeastern Asia (Manchuria), with genetic evidence pointing to the region near South Siberia and Mongolia as the "Inner Asian Homeland" of the Turkic ethnicity. Similarly several linguists, including Juha Janhunen, Roger Blench and Matthew Spriggs, suggest that Mongolia is the homeland of the early Turkic language. Suicide would be a good enough apology for your uppity niggertry.
>>9764 Fits the t*rks. Very aggressive to prove their manliness, but the second they notice you can fight back they turn into major pussies and start groveling.
>>9760 The entire country is one giant MKUltra experiment.
Open file (325.80 KB 1000x562 2392661_1000.jpg)
Open file (200.36 KB 1000x562 2412686_1000.jpg)
>enter city >proclaim victory on Twitter >get turned into swiss cheese by SAA soldiers in every window and blown apart by artillery and airstrikes How are the roach officers this retarded? Their last assault went exactly the same. They fell for the same trick twice.
>>9764 Wait does this mean Russia is killing Turks? If so wouldn't that be direct conflict between NATO and Russia? It's crazy that nobody has put Turkey on a leash yet. Seems like they could be risking escalation of conflict to something much greater.
>>9845 Not necessarily. Turks are in Syrian clay for starters and the targets are the rebels. So it would be a case of accidents do happen. If roaches tried to invoke article 5 they would get laughed at
>>9821 >on twitter do you have the post?
>>9845 This incursion has put törkey into a pretty shit position. NATO was more or less willing to bend over backwards to keep törkey in because they are geographically extremely important for containing Russia, and Erdogan buying Russian S-400s was cause of huge alarm because it looked like Türkey might switch to Russia's side. And now the brilliant Sultan Edogan, a true heir of Mehmed II., as completely pissed away any chances of ever befriending Russia because of his Ottoman larp-troupe engaging SAA troops and directly threatening Putin's boys. AS it stands, it's Erdogün who will have to kowtow and spread his ass for NATO, no longer the other way around.
HTS keeps releasing media of itself using Turkish equipment. Even Jihadi Julian admits it at this point. >>9112 SAA hasn't even entered any of the occupied posts, nor blocked supplies to them. It just lets TAF servicemen inside sit idle and contemplate the futility of their country's actions.
>M113 >БМ-21 I wonder how much gear Erdög is willing to outfit his moderate rebels with and if the old Al Nus boys will be making any effective use of it.
>>9903 They're going all out at this point, and they literally don't care. Every government glownigger agency knows this as a fact already,. But they don't care, they are in on it too because it was (((their))) plans. As Proxy-Warfare has come to be the only way for superpowers to wage warfare without the immidiate risk of triggering mutually assured destruction by nuclear warheads. It's just sad that normal retarded people don't understand this and act surprised when they figured out that Al quada and taliban were funded by their respective sides of US and USSR(russia).
Turkey's Erdogan says will not withdraw from Syria's Idlib >Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed not to remove Turkish troops from Syria’s Idlib region and said that his upcoming phone call with Russian leader Vladimir Putin will help Ankara determine its policies. https://www.rt.com/news/481391-erdogan-not-withdraw-syria-idlib/ https://archive.fo/wip/V0GEd
Open file (1.07 MB 3684x5171 roach_court_order_1.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 3525x5050 roach_court_order_2.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 3530x5096 roach_court_order_3.jpg)
Open file (828.32 KB 3542x5175 roach_court_order_4.jpg)
>Roaches going after Twitter users for posting anti-insectoid inflammatory content Erdogan will win
>>9972 >Turks won’t leave their cuckshed observation posts >all starve to death because each one is encircled by SAA
>>9976 >Müdürlügü'nün what the fuck
>>9978 If the posts were blocked from receiving even food we'd have heard of that by now, particularly since Erdogan is very sensitive about his poor little soldiers receiving the slightest harm from Esad's invaders. Even the frontline with the rebels isn't hermetically sealed and some trade goes through.
>>9821 why the fuck is there a soldier with his pants off? second one down from the left
>>10009 Then why aren’t they evacuating their posts? Are the Turks pretending they’re still behind the rebel frontline?
>>10017 He was trying to fuck his enemy in the ass
>>10017 >burning to death because your APC just got TOWed.com >try to strip off your clothes because the plastic fibres are fusing with your skin Or the Turk uniforms were oversized and they fell down while he was panicking, or he just got looted and someone thought it would be funny? Hundreds of reasons could be possible. Maybe he just wanted to jerk off one last time.
>>10017 Torn off by the blast. If you look carefully, you'll see they aren't actually pulled down, but that they just end at the knee.
>>10018 Evacuating them would mean de facto admitting the SAA gains.
>>10021 >Torn off by the blast possible, read that a lot in books about WWI, almost nude soldiers hanging in trees like christmas decorations
Open file (383.86 KB 497x389 earth cleansing.png)
Open file (1.55 MB 352x640 zoomer_jihadis.mp4)
>Russians bomb a rebel position off in the distance >local moderate beheaders immediately cluster together in the open with phones in hand, TSK soldiers have to reign them in I didn't think it was possible to make Roaches look competent at anything besides screeching about Armenia and/or Greece but here we are.
US made a deal with Taliban, the 7 day cesefire is starting today
Open file (52.08 KB 666x570 whatyearisit.jpg)
>>10240 >US made a deal with Taliban, the 7 day cesefire is starting today
>>9763 >early Turkic language So germans are from northern india?
>>10319 The year US pulls out of Afghanistan, thus ending its Vietnam 2.0, hopefully
Open file (28.20 KB 821x371 ClipboardImage.png)
This is hilarious. Taliban actually got an article published in NY times.
>>10342 Pretty much all hwite Europeans, dot Injuns, and Eye-ranians ultimately come from there and Central Asia.
>>10346 No one's given a fuck about the Taliban since Bin Laden was murdered.
>>10357 If they still can't be defeated by the biggest military in the world, I'd say they're relevant.
>>10382 North Korea tried to fight the Taliban and lost?
>>10342 Indo-Europeans had their ethnogenesis on the Pontic Steppe, a good few miles from India. The original Germanics probably first appeared in southern Scandinavia, slightly further from india.
>>10347 Yes, saying turks are steppe mongolians is silly although their initial origin or ascending branching comes from there. Like >>10405 said well (and i messed up) an origin can be from far away but the quick development into something else might happen elsewhere. In that regard that part of the mongolian steppe, called by various names like Zhao, Slab Grave or Inner Mongolia, was home and origin to several sub-species with wildly distinct physical variations, from the grey, flat faced and absurdly squint-eyed korean and mongolians, to the orange and simian-looking turkic peoples who mixed a millenium later with iranians and other caucasians to produce the tatars, who also banged pajeets to produce the modern arab. All this comes from a bunch of Xiongnu horse fuckers, they might be the ancestors but definitely not the original forerunners. Mongolia might be the origin but definitely not where they started miscegenating like crazy.
>>10357 But Bin Laden was Al-Qaeda, not Taliban
Syrian govenment officially opened the Damascus-Aleppo highway for civilian use
>>10430 Go long is rebuilding expected to take? Say all rebels and Turks and burgers and kikes were gone tomorrow would Syria be able to rebuild by 10 years? Iirc it took Germany about 15 years to completely rebuild.
>>10446 Syria's rebuilding areas as soon as it retakes them (look at Aleppo or Damascus). The main hurdle there aren't the rebels, but burgers slapping sanctions and an oil embargo on Syria, along with squatting on its oil fields. That means there's an oil shortage going on. Iran tries to bypass the sanctions and supply oil, but burgers try to basically blockade Syria (see the tanker bullshit last year). Syria didn't get fucked near as far as Germany did (many of the important areas stayed under government control throughout the whole war) so it would be able to reasonably rebuild quite quickly, but this embargo bullshit is slowing things down a lot, and may prolong the rebuilding efforts considerably (of course, kicking burgers outta the oil fields would speed things along enormously)
>>10240 >mutts once again BTFO by illiterate dirt farmers
>>10382 >If they still can't be defeated by the biggest military in the world, I'd say they're relevant. They can only be not defeated, because the people they fight try to win over the Afghan population and try not to kill them. Send somebody not afraid of filling mass graves with the Taliban and they will fall quickly. That is ignoring that the whole Afghanistan affair is just a trick&pony show of US intelligence for their burning need of drugs.
Open file (479.86 KB 1197x743 idlib 23 feb 2020.png)
SAA is now attacking west of Maarrat al-Nu'man to clear the M4 and everything south of it. This will probably be a bit slower as the terrain is rugged.
>>10506 >Send somebody not afraid of filling mass graves with the Taliban and they will fall quickly. >t. someone who knows nothing about Afghanistan Taliban is not a centralized group, it's more of an assortment of tribes. You start filling mass graves, you'll just get more locals joining Taliban as you've filled graves with their relatives/tribe--members/allied tribes etc. Hell, this is how Taliban grew so powerful in the first place - US dickery gradually pissing the locals more and more to the point of joining Taliban. Middle Eastern mentionality also won't respond to terror tactics like you'd expect – memento mori is a strong part of the culture, and they're all too happy to pick martyrdom over cucking out.
>>10506 That didn't work too well for the Russians....nor the Brits who tried that twice, or absolutely everyone else for that matter. Afghanistan has a reputation of being completely unconquerable due to how angry the people there are and the terrain there makes them easy to hide.
So the onky way to hokd it is by genociding everything ?
>>10598 Can’t conquer it if the entire country is in constant civil war
>>10610 Do Afghans even see it as civil war? From my understanding Afghans outside of the national government worry more about inter-village squabbling with maybe some villages occasionally banding together to wipe out one particular village of faggots they all hate, or am I completely mistaken?
>>10506 Well sure if you create a hypothetical situation that doesn't exist then the dynamic changes
>>10624 For example, as far as Afgans in South-Afganistan are concerned, they are being invaded by westerners and "Afgans" from the north that don't even speak the same language as they do. Afghanistan is basically three or four different countries stuck in the same artificially made up political organizational unit. Really, the only way to "win" the Afghan war is to not to be involved and just let the country tear itself apart into something more reasonable.
>>10651 >>10624 Normally they'd just have a local warlord rule it as his fief and pay some tribute to the official government, leaving everyone happy (large autonomy for locals, peace and quiet for the government). Of course, when several different powers come and keep completely destroying the local political balance every time, shit erupts in civil war as the different warlords try to either use the opportunity to expand their fiefs, or try to defend themselves from others trying to expand their fiefs (or do preemptive strikes in case neighbouring warlord tried to use the situation, etc.) If you left Afghanistan alone for a decade or two, it'd find its equilibrium and be a reasonably peaceful nation again.
>Russia, Assad barrel bombing Roach observation posts at will with 13 Roaches nobly sacrificing their lives to the cause of Neo-Ottoman multilateral middle eastern democracy Erdogan's reputation and influence are holding about as well as wider efforts to contain Corona-chan.
Open file (3.01 MB 1011x966 ClipboardImage.png)
More gains, SAA isn't stopping for no gay ceasefire this time, it seems. Turks made a massive attack against Nairab town and captured it (on, like, third try or so, taking large casualties). In the meantime, SAA took over several dozen towns in southern Idlib.
>>11234 What is the difference in strength between the Turk-led groups and Syria? Just appears to me that the Turks are fighting a losing battle. They don't seem to have enough troops to commit to more then one area, which means Syria will advance in at least one area even if it is bogged down in another.
>>11460 It's a stall tactic because they are unhappy with the entire northern border of Syria. In the East, the Kurds are extremely well-equipped and battle hardened and organized. The central northern border is a lawless wasteland. And the western northern border is a terrorist nest, where arms, supplies and terrorists have been flowing from Turkey into Idlib for almost 10 years. Also they got oil from the terrorists. Turkey willingly turned a blind eye because they are disgusting roaches, but also because they assumed that the entire Syrian Civil War was all going to go according to a 4D chess plan concocted by Hilldawg and King Nigger. Now that Assad has totally BTFO the ZOG, Turkey is saying, "Z-ZOG? Where are you going? My southern border is f-fucked now haha.. You're going to fix this for me right?". They are essentially just betting on eventual Western intervention, so all they need to do now is stall.
>>11468 >stall I don't see an immediate future with western intervention. Kurds are not being genocided outright, and the US has the oil fields it wants. Also saving the crashing international market would be the more important goal right now.
>>10651 Afghanistan is the center of the Eurasian continent and thus the universe, because the Earth is flat Aliens hang out in Afghanistan and all the great empires of history have wanted to chill with them, but none of them are cool enough.
>>11472 Turkey understands that in either 8 months or 4 years another obongo-esque liberal could be president, and they also understand that America will do whatever it can to protect Israel. Basically, if Hillary had gotten elected, America would have interfered way more in Syria and Assad would probably be dead right now. I'm not saying Trump is a saint, he's a cuckold to Israel and has ZOGGED around in Syria in order to please the Jews -- but Hillary would have been 10x worse .. But Turkey knows that in either 8 months or in 4 years, there could be another Hillary, so they just need to make sure that the Syrian Civil War doesn't "end" and the region remains so unstable that ZOG has a casus belli to reinitiate the campaign to topple Assad. If the Trump administration (a fairly anti-war administration) stays in the White House this year, I would expect one of two things: 1.) Withdrawal of Turkey, Fall of Idlib, End of War 2.) Turkish escalation, full Turkey v Syria war, ... WW3? Obviously, I'm just a retard on the internet, but this is what I think is going through the roachs' disgusting little T*rkish minds.
>>11472 Also America isn't interested in Syria because of Kurds or oil. America cares about Syria because it's run by someone who has said that he "refuses to recognize Israel as a legitimate state" and called the Saudi royal family and all their vassals "half-men". This isn't a resource war. It's 100% about protecting Israel and old insults between powerful families in the Middle East. America has been fully drawn into the sandnigger dune feuds, and it's chosen the two gayest sides (talmudic pedophiles and wahhabi pedophiles).
>>11476 Is there a chance the Jewnited absolute States of M*ttmerica might try to start another forever war in Xinjiang with Uyghurs as proxies should the CCP collapse and Bugmanistan go back to happier times or are Uyghurs too white for that even though they're one of the most radical mudslime ethnicities out there?
>>11582 Speaking of that what’s going on with Ching Kong? I haven’t heard anything in months, are they still chimpping out? Or are they all coughing on the police and having the police cough on protesters?
>>11583 Apparently Uyghurs are getting sent to peaceful reeducation camps en masse with rumors about them being used in Bioweapon trials and other shit.
>>11460 Turks do have the numbers and money to turn the tide, but they'd need get into an open war - commit their own army instead of proxies (since proxies have gotten slaughtered and demoralized so much that there aren't that many of them left anymore. Many died, many more decided it's in their best interest to go be a welfare leech in Europe and not get barrel bombed to shit). Of course, Turkey does not want an open war with Syria, since Syria has a military alliance with Russia, and even King Roach feels that WW3 may not be in his best interest. And so Turks ship massive amounts of military hardware to jihadis, provide artillery support, build observation posts, and generally do everything possible to do while not yet entering an open war.
>>11583 Apparently the HK gov is trying to appease the masses with helicopter money. HKD $10000 (USD $1300) per citizen.
>>11582 >Is the ZOG looking to start another "war" (aka stealing $ from whites and giving it to Jews) Yes. >Will it happen in China? No. China is a slave farm for the ZOG. >What if China collapses Then there will be a Civil War in China which will be awesome
>>11472 They think they're still valued for their airfields. That's literally the only reason the US hasn't told Turkey to eat shit is because they use Turkey's air fields for launching bombing runs on the rest of the Middle East. It's the same fucking strategy they've been using for over a decade now except the USA is starting to get fed up and France/Britain are joining US shenanigans less and less so they don't care/are afraid of poking the bear.
Open file (1.69 MB 990x578 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (126.19 KB 538x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Turkroaches are developing their advance around Saraqib and managed to cut the M5 highway. SAA is blitzing southern Idlib in the meantime.
What's going on in the Yemen these days?
Open file (2.27 MB 1217x876 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11693 Houthis shot down another Saudi spy drone, a long battle is still being fought around Al Hazm as Saudis try to desperately hang onto this strategic town, and that's more or less it.
>>11691 Another thing they cut was water for civilians in the far northeast. https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2020/02/turkey-backed-syrian-forces-block-water-ras-al-ain.html >Turkey’s pressure campaign on Kurdish-controlled northeastern Syria took a fresh sinister turn this week when Turkish-backed Syrian rebel forces reportedly halted service at the Alok pumping station in the Turkish-occupied town of Ras al-Ain. The facility supplies water to approximately 460,000 people, including hundreds of thousands of internally displaced Syrians as well as Islamic State captives and their families. >“The Turkish-backed sources entered the water station [Feb. 24] and forced it to stop its work and threw out the technicians as well,” wrote Sozda Ahmed of the Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration in Northeast Syria. She told Al-Monitor via the Rojava Information Center in emailed comments, “As a result the city of al Hasakah, Tell Tamar and the rest of the Hasakah region — including Hol and Shedadi — have been left without water. Arisha camp, Hol camp [housing Islamic State fighters’ families] and Washokani camp [housing internally displaced Syrians from Ras al-Ain] have all been affected.”
>>11718 Isn't that considered an international war crime? Also... >The Turkish-backed sources entered the water station [Feb. 24] and forced it to stop its work and threw out the technicians as well Why didn't they just shoot them at that point?
>>11732 >Isn't that considered an international war crime? Isn't even the first one, but it's ignored since international law only applies when you're ZOG's enemy. It's also quite unsurprising. Turkish proxies are basically a split between jihadis and mercs, both of which consider looting and tormenting civvies to be part of their job benefits. Turks don't give a shit, MSM doesn't report on it, so who cares? >>11718 By the way, this has happened before a couple years back. Don't know if there's anyone else who followed the war in 2016 and 2017, but back then Jihadis controlled a place called Wadi Barada which controlled the water source for all of Damascus. When Jihadis shut it down, it was immediately blamed on Assad, that it was totally his bombing that caused it to shut down (in fact, it was condemned as a war crime in the UN. Funny how it works, isn't it?). Same thing repeated several times in 2016 and 2017 with Aleppo, since ISIS controlled the water supply.
Can't find a good source but seems like roaches are getting a pounding in Syria at the moment.
Open file (474.03 KB 1194x759 kafranbel 27 feb 2020.png)
Open file (390.02 KB 1188x751 saraqib 27 feb 2020.png)
Al-Ghab plain is finally getting mopped up but Saraqib fell. This is the first real achievement of the rebels as Saraqib is the single most important city of this entire offensive -it intersects both the M4 and M5 and threatens Idlib city.
Roaches recaptured Saraqib, let's see if they can avoid getting outposted from the South.
>>11983 Rebels gave up on the south and threw everything they had (with Turkish artillery support) on Saraqib whereas loyalists had their few best units in the south and mediocre fighters in Saraqib. The rebels had the right priority, Saraqib rules both the M4 and M5 and is very close to Idlib. But it's doubtful that they can hold it for long once either the army finishes up the south or freezes the offensive to reopen the M5 ASAP. Other variables are wheter Erdogan will ramp up his intervention and wheter negotiations between the great powers lead to a ceasefire -Putin recently cancelled a meeting with Erdogan, buying time for Assad.
>>11983 >Shitload of fighting to take one town >Meanwhile Syria shortens the front and can attack M4 from a new direction
>>11988 I hope for Tigers to keep pushing all the way to the M4 from the south forcing Roaches to hastily redeploy their frontline troops in large convoys only to get shrekt.com by the RuAF like ISIS back in late summer of 2017. Wonder how much more Erdowahn is going to commit in Syria, his latest actions have been a disaster in geopolitics+strategy and he won't survive the next presidential election with a gay forever war against an enemy that isn't Kurdish right on Turkey's southeastern border.
What’s the Libyan front looking like? Is the Gay Nigger Army still getting btfo’d?
>>11989 The rebels' bid was to not redeploy to let them take Saraqib which is ultimately the more important objective.
>>11995 I think there's a ceasefire there
Rising numbers of dead Turks, Russian planes dodging between Turk-supplied MANPADs and raining fire on more roaches, Turkish observation posts shelling Syrian army, SAA redeploying elite forces to Saraqib to take on the Turk-led offensive head-on. Not sure this can even be called a proxy war anymore at this point, it's more like a limited open conflict between Turkey and Syria now.
>get your soldiers killed because you're a mentally ill LARPer >this is all your fault Europe! Erdoshit is losing it
>>12127 >pay extortion money to roaches to not get more rapefugees from there at least >get them anyway Wew. It's mostly gonna be jihadis and their families too, since that's what got concentrated in Idlib over the years (not to mention loyal Syrians will just go back to Syria). Guess Germanistan is gonna have an exciting year.
Open file (12.60 KB 710x142 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (7.50 KB 351x138 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (8.99 KB 356x130 ClipboardImage.png)
Holy shit, /k/. Are we looking at the start of a happening?
>>12144 >22 is not even the final number, it's just the bodies they found so far >many more in critical condition >allegedly, it was Russian planes that struck a turkish military convoy >King Roach calls a national security meeting >immediately calls US like a little bitch, likely begging for troops or something Goddamn. Goddamn this could be really big. Does that mean Putin finally had enough of Erdogan's shit?
>>12148 if its confirmed that it was russian planes, then the Turkish-Russian relations are done for, at the very least. That would already have a large impact on the war.
Open file (1.34 MB 352x640 10xE7QqUilL8CpF5.mp4)
What an incredible fail. If there to not even a consolatory diplomatic resolution to this situation I will be completely astounded.
>>12166 Indeed. Erdogan understands the supreme tactic from the far West. "If you kill your enemies, they win".
>>12166 I was actually thinking of that possibility just because of how spectacularly bad Erdogs geopol game is. After all, it wouldn't be too much of an issue if all the rebels and civilians on the Turkish border somehow died in a rigged battle. And maybe all of those dead Turkish soldiers were actually rouge elements planning on toppling the Sultanate? The ones left after the last purge, I mean. What a fucking joke.
>>12127 >turks get bombed >EU may well collapse due to a combination of a second wave of refugees and chink virus >both of these as British politicians for selfish reasons are finally playing hardball in the brexit negotiations >normalfags have almost fully transitioned from general vidya and the general internet to closed-off mobile platforms What a great time to be alive. This decade is already going well, and it'd be hard to be worse than the 2010s.
>>12127 So is the EU sending that rapefugee carrier or have they failed to deliver on time again?
>>12127 >>12175 Though apparently for now it's only for 72 hours. No doubt he's planning to extort more money from the EU but the EU is already struggling to negotiate a new budget without the UK's involvement.
Open file (78.22 KB 425x416 d6b4770db6.jpg)
>>10598 > Afghanistan has a reputation of being completely unconquerable due to how angry the people there are and the terrain there makes them easy to hide. The way to conquer it is to do an Israel: build your settlements, build a fuckhuge fence around all remaining pockets of the locals and disregard any laws on simply shooting them or bombing them in retaliation for the smallest offence. That's more outright colonisation and is hard to pull off without some serious international allies and a population who supports your actions 100% to avoid death by sanctions and proxy wars but it's almost impossible for the locals to combat. Trying to occupy it following some sort of legal method will indeed fail because even if you can achieve huge kill ratios the locals will never give up and frankly the political and economic costs of even being there never mind losing troops are huge. Bombs, ammo, food, fuel, transport etc are not free. Obviously the very long-term potential is the rare earth stocks but as of now they're not economically viable. Shit might change if the chinks double down on their trade jewing in that regard which they've been trying but they've been doing it too slowly: western governments have woken up and started to reopen mines that were pushed out as unprofitable.
>>12127 A quick look suggests this could be up to ~5 million extra Syrians. There's 3.5-4 million already in Turkey and another million displaced by this recent push. The EU can't even agree a budget without the UK's money: no way they can offer sufficient 'aid' to stop this. Perhaps the Germans will panic and do it unilaterally? I guess their only other option for bribing the roaches is to push for outright military support and I can't see the French, frankly the only European military other than the UK with any serious independent expeditionary capability, turning on the Russians when they're as often on the same page as they are enemies. That or restart the process for Turkey joining the EU.
>>12127 >>12140 >>12175 >>12176 >>12178 >>12181 Reminder the Coronavirus is spreading throughout the Middle East and Turkey is currently too retarded to pay attention. 5 million Syrians piling into camps and passing through the country carrying who knows what could result in a plague of unprecedented scale.
>>12185 Clearly the roaches want something in return for absorbing another million Syrians. If the EU can't find even more money they can't than the billions in 'aid' they've already paid their only other option is to provide some sort of military support, restart the process of Turkey joining which was frozen a few years back or deal with the rapefugees. What's retarded about that? >>12188 >Reminder the Coronavirus is spreading throughout the Middle East and Turkey is currently too retarded to pay attention. 5 million Syrians piling into camps and passing through the country carrying who knows what could result in a plague of unprecedented scale. I'm not sure how well prepared the Balkan healthcare systems are either. Then again maybe they'll just resort to sealing up trainloads of them and sending them to Germany like last time.
>>12181 I just want a Greece that sees the collapse coming deciding it's had enough and simply start shelling the Turks to triple dick them hand-in-hand with Assad and Putin.
>>12191 Cyprus would be fun as well.
Also does this mean Bannerlord really is never ever?
>>12205 >this butthurt roach
>>12205 >t. cockroach Why haven't you been nuked already?
>>12205 I can't help it, Turkos getting getting what they deserve gives me wood.
>>12205 >Being a roach
>>12205 >Has trouble taking one town from a country ruined by civil war Just imagine the chaos once Coronavirus hits Turkey. The perfect two front war.
>>12205 I too am responding to this obvious b8. I will later proceed to the meta thread and wonder why obvious b8 keeps getting posted and blame mods and/or newfags.
Open file (18.60 KB 474x257 descarga (6).jpeg)
>>12333 Jesús Christ. How much of roach bullshit must Putin eat to see that there isn't any real posibility to ally with the Neo-ottoman? I would have just send him to hell at this point and retake Constantinople
Why was my post removed? If anything yours should be for mocking dead soldiers from Türkiye. Easy to be brave on the internet, if you were there you would piss yourself in fear.
Open file (374.53 KB 2000x1526 united crusader state.png)
>>12335 Being a ZOGbot isn't anything to be proud of, roach. For us your disgrace of an army is being more of an idiot than brave. I know that for you niggers the difference between being brave and an idiot it's difficult, and I almost pity you for that. >>12336 I second that to. Don't worry.
>>12335 kys roach
>>12335 Better sell your Watermelons now before the Medical sector coughs on your investment with no survivors.
>>12347 Answer to >>12338, turkroach. Are you proud that your nation and army are useful idiots, mindless meatshields for the kike overlords that use all of you islamic sunni wahabhi dipshits? You and your pathetic army aren't less cucked than the evangelical "For Israel" dumbfuckers of the Burguerland.
Open file (103.38 KB 720x960 roasted_t*rk.jpg)
stop replying to it
Open file (12.57 KB 220x220 descarga (7).jpeg)
>>12358 I'm not a burguer, roach. Enjoy the circunsized dick. How it feels that Ataturk, the one who save you from being gangraped by all western powers, wasn't even a roach but greek?
Open file (75.74 KB 640x640 you know the rules.jpg)
>>12347 Since we're approaching apocalyptic times, can Roaches serve as an easily obtainable SHTF food source or does eating them turn you into a bugperson over time?
Open file (17.64 KB 236x308 descarga (9).jpeg)
>>12362 >muh racism. That's all the "brave" roach 50-cent army could order? Being offended by the truth of an internet nobody.
>>12368 It's nice to train a little in case an actual retard stepped in. But yeah, better stay on-topic.
>>12373 By training in case it was a genuino retard, I say. But yeah, sometimes my autism could fool me.
>>12374 Genuine, fuck correction.
>>12347 >consistent use of mum I hope you all understand this is an ausfag.
>>12374 Just admit you're a retard that fell for obvious b8 and learn from your mistake, nobody is falling for that stupid "training" excuse. Fucking dmbarrassing.
Open file (6.85 MB 640x360 Palästinalied.webm)
http://archive.is/wip/7xxTy >Greeks literally gassing moderate refugees at the western border of occupied Byzantium
Turkey's drone striking and shelling SAA. Shit's getting real hot there, Russia's stance is going to be critical in the next days.
>>12534 >Turkey's drone striking and shelling SAA. As if Putin is pissed at Assad for something. Either that or Russians A2/AD zone is a joke.
Greece is apparently screeching at NATO at the moment for supporting the roaches http://archive.fo/2RRYo
Open file (193.42 KB 1440x995 1576122694824.jpeg)
>>12735 >Turks fail to inform Syrians of their presence in terrorist-occupied territories >Screech about Russia to NATO and screech to the EU that they're going to let in rapefugees >Screech at NATO to run air security over Syria >Screech harder when Greece tells them to fuck off with a shit-eating grin because they're acting like spoiled children Roaches really are the worst.
Anyone have an idea what Russia's endgame is? They seem to give Assad the upper hand but just not enough to really pull himself out of the mud while also courting the roaches somewhat. Unless they play some sort of mystical 5000D chess, they look like lords of chaos to me atm but I think they have to decide at some point. Some strategic value by getting a foothold in the Mediterranean vs economic advantages with Turkey, in both cases admittedly unstable rulers.
>>12738 To sow confusion and delusion. That's it.
>>12738 Russia wants to spread its influence in Middle East, but doesn't want to get drawn into dune wars forever like US did. So they go and support Assad against western proxies, but as the conflict steadily grows into a more of a Syria-Turk war, they feel they're starting to get more than they bargained for. Putin hopes to calm the situation down, convince Erdogan to fuck off outta Syria peacefully, and basically avert the prospect of getting drawn into a war.
Saraqib is at a stalemate with both sides under heavy bombing. Turkish drone strikes and rebel spoils from the hasty retreat from Saraqib mean the army has lost a lot of armor lately. Not as many as in the ludicrously high Turkish casualty claims but there is photographic and video evidence of a lot of it.
http://archive.is/avEWA >Greek navy deployed to fend off refugees coming from occupied Byzantium A shooting war between the EU, Russia and Turkey right now would be perfect.
>>12744 I get the Russian attitude to some extent but I think support was half-assed from the beginning, years before they commited own troops. Maybe they really have not one goal but are fine with either of the following (I know it's simplified) 1. the conflict simmers along like Afghanistan > regional de-stabilization, EU fucked, NATO/US pissed 2. Syria wins, geopolitical strategic win for Russia 3. Turkey wins, economic advantage for Russia 2 and 3 with the cavaeat that Syria or Turkey are much less inclined to stay in good terms with Russia after they have reached their respective goals) >>12747 Absent Russia goes for 1 I seriously don't get why they allow Turkey's drones in their nofly zone. Twitter claims it's to let roaches vent but I don't buy that and roaches seem now to have been active in Idlib's skies long before. Shooting them down would cause much less drama than downing a plane which Russia seems to be decided to.
>>12738 Keeps Europe reliant on their gas since they can't get it from Syria. >>12755 Greeks probably would side with Russia as the current situation goes.
Open file (2.62 MB 914x962 ClipboardImage.png)
map showing gains and losses during the last week
US signed a peace deal with Taliban. Maybe the war in Afghanistan is about to end?
>>12809 They are bring the troops back to enact martial law in the United States.
>>12764 All of a sudden I keep hearing about those super awesome roach drones blasting SAA to smithereens left and right. Seems they are more effective like the entire Russian Airforce down there. There's something missing here, no?
>>12827 Seems almost unnecessary when you have so many well equipped three letter agencies police forces, and national guard units.
Open file (285.37 KB 803x521 1568844877296.png)
>>12738 Not everything is planned by the "mastermind up top." Various levels of government have various interests in mind. The Russian military commanders might be fully behind Syria, but some chucklefucks three departments over in Moscow might be trying to line their pockets with extra money so they sell war supplies to Turkey thinking they aren't doing any damage. This is generally why America's involvement in the Middle East has been a shit show.
>>12758 Russia is pushing to be the next big war drone manufacturer. How would the international community who might be buying those drones see it if the drones other countries were using were shot down quite easily? They won't shoot down drones unless they have to because it would be bad for Russian business if people don't buy their drones being produced in the near future.
>>12831 See >>12873 >>12837 The issue is that police forces and national guard units kvetch when they get shot at. SWAT won't even attempt a raid on an establishment unless they outnumber the persons they're after like 20:1, and police unions have been known to demand several millions of dollars worth of equipment because of that one guy who happened to go full auto on them when they broke into his house at 3 in the morning to confiscate his guns. Any sort of national martial law would be a flop because the police force/national guard aren't willing to get shot back at. Neither is the military, but it adds a significant number to the pool and makes most fudds sympathetic because they "support the troops" more than they "support the police."
Turks reversing a lot of SAA gains
What will King Roach do if TAF soldiers start coughing on the frontlines?
Open file (666.34 KB 626x479 ClipboardImage.png)
>Jihadis cheer about shooting down a Syrian jet >SAA confused since they didn't lose any >Jihadis release footage for proof >footage shows them shooting down a turkish drone
>>13120 That's what you get if your allies are illiterate goatfuckers. Makes Russia look like a bitch though, if Jihadis can shoot down drones by accident and they just sit with their thumbs up their ass.
Open file (3.09 MB 1101x961 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.08 MB 1135x862 ClipboardImage.png)
HOUTHIS DID IT They captured Hazm! Not only is it on an important crossroad, it's also the administrative centre of the Jawf province, and everything east of it is basically just desert. This means de facto closing an entire front
Reports of uprisings in the south, around Daraa. Sounds like Assad made a mistake to reconcile with the jihadis there instead of gassing them all. It seems Syria is headed towards another round of civil war.
>>13120 >SAA confused since they didn't lose any Of course they didn't. But the Syrian Arab Air Force lost two aircraft. Only good news of the day is that the army is holding its ground well in Saraqib..
>>13130 >But the Syrian Arab Air Force lost two aircraft. That happened couple hours after that.
>>13126 Why aren't we partying with the Houthis again?
>>12873 >Russia is pushing to be the next big war drone manufacturer. When they have to seriously up their game because the supposedly inferior roach drones seem to fuck up SAA for good while Russia hasn't even a manned UAV production ready >>13127 >Reports of uprisings in the south, around Daraa Hyenas smell weakness and Russia looks pathetic right now, taking it up the shitter from the roaches and I'm pro-Russia here
>>13167 >walking in a straight line with barely any room to maneuver among tanks I mean, I know shit about mobile warfare or logistics but has none of them thought this would happen? Also, is the camera scanning for heat signals? Is there no tech to obfuscate your presence to it? Perhaps using some sort of decoys emitting a ton of heat mounted on small toy cars or some other home alone shit like that.
>>13181 Muslim, Arab in particular, armies are the worst and most incompetent on this whole earth. They bunch up under fire, never use helmets and rout almost the second they are attacked by some crazed beardies on Captagon.
Turkey is officially at war with Syria.
>>13212 What? Are they trying to pull NATO into this shit and start a world war after flipping them off to buy Russian equipment? Does the roach pay no attention to the fucking virus sweeping through the Middle East? Will Iran jump in to fuck Turkey's shit up?
>>13212 Source?
>>13214 Look it up on basically any news site covering it. Associated Press released the headline from what I can tell so it'll have spread through the hole press by tomorrow.
>>13221 You're full of shit.
>>13181 SAA never had to deal with any sort of sustained enemy CAS on the frontlines throughout the entire war, even Yids only targeted random Iranian ammo depots in Damascus or some airbase instead of tank columns at the front and burgers abstained from bombing SAA units as long as they didn't enter any sacred deconfliction zones. Kind of a shame the F-35 deal between Roaches and Burgers fell through, now we can't see how it fares against Su-35s in an actual war.
>>13254 >CAS The question is though how these drones, if all these reports are not exaggerated bullshit at all, have a bigger effect in days than Russia's whole contingent down there.
>>13255 Possibly due to Roaches being able to deploy more materiel to the frontline due to having a land border with Syria whereas Russia only has around 30-40 aircraft stationed at Hmeimim AB. Rebels also never used drones for anything more than basic reconnaissance and epic inghimasi operations on Syrian airbases, whereas Roaches are if rumors are to be believed using drones as spotters and bombers in combination with a large network of ground and airborne radars which Syria and Russia just don't have. Another factor is that the SAA probably didn't expect the Roaches to escalate with a full on bombing campaign and thus did not divert any notable amount of mobile AD assets to Idlibistan hence all the Videos of vehicle columns getting roached.
I think Turkey is trying to succeed at going to war with absolutely everyone at the same time so that if it does come to war everyone is too busy fighting with each other for the right to remove roach nobody can invade them.
And you fags were talking shit about Turkey LOL
>>13265 Still going to too. Why wouldn't we you chittering mongrel? Because they bombed a few convoys?
>>13271 Turkey is BTFOing Russia, Syrian and the entire EU at the moment.
Open file (2.62 MB 913x965 ClipboardImage.png)
Saraqib reclaimed from Jihadis, Turkish offensive seems to be contained at the moment. Given the lack of updates after SAA crackdown, it appears that the uprisings in the south have also been contained.
>>13286 Russian military police deployed in Saraqib to ensure roaches don't try to counterattack again
Open file (11.58 KB 200x200 ISISS.jpeg)
>>13271 It's the same roach from last time. I think it's really a shill and not a bait. But even if it's a bait I would like to remind pic related.
>>13296 >Implying Turkey is scared of Russia
Open file (88.28 KB 400x587 Vlad.jpg)
Can you feel it anons the complete extermination of roaches is getting ever closer.
Southern uprising officially over, rebels accepted a reconciliation deal after mediation with Russia
Open file (3.72 MB 1478x1536 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.84 MB 1137x855 ClipboardImage.png)
Houthis advancing east of Hazm. There's little more than some scattered hamlets and desert in that direction, so they may just be trying to secure their flank. Alternatively, they may be trying for a large flanking maneuvre to siege Marib from the north (see pic 2), which would be really ambitious, but devastating to Sauds if successful. Overall, Houthis seem to be on a roll. It's amazing they can conduct successful offensives like this, after being on the defense the entire war. It's also important to note that Sauds haven't been very aggressive as of late, being put on the backfoot most of the time
>>13345 It's not like they have much of a choice. SA is one of those regimes that won't stop pouring more men and meteriel into the conflict to safe face. The houtis have to keep advancing or it's over.
>>13347 On the contrary, SA has been doing everything to avoid sending its own troops to death. Most of their force consists of local proxies and mercs. Houthis have so far maade the war quite costly in terms of both money and lives to Sauds, and while saving face is one thing, one needs to remember that we are talking about the face of one person (crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, who is de facto leading the war). This one person has many enemies within the country, and should the war go badly, they will certainly use it against him. At some point, popular sentinment and internal pressures will force him to stop the war whether he likes it or not, or face the possibility of being removed as the war grows even costlier. Houthis, on the other hand, somehow manage to grow stronger despite total blockade, mass starvation, and evemy air superiority. They can afford to be defensive and were on the defense throughout the whole war, until about last year. They could certainly stay defensive for longer, they do not seem to be pressured by time. These advances do not look like desperate charges, but rather as them seeing opportunities and taking them every time Sauds leave a point unguarded.
>>13352 >SA has been doing everything to avoid sending its own troops to death I think it's more about the performance of SA troops. All SA citizens get giant government handouts, to the point they're all pampered trust-fund kids, except adults. Them using their own forces looks like McCain's performance in Vietnam, every single time. Mercs might not be the most motivated fighters either, but at least mercs surrendering/running away doesn't make the Saudis look as bad.
>>13352 >should the war go badly I am pretty sure it is at that point for the Saudis. Precisely why so little info comes from the Saudi side since they are only losing more ground and troops. Five years since it started and the Houthis still claim western Yemen and give no fucks. Saudis haven't been able to push them into hiding and instead the Houthis are increasing the size of their country.
>>13368 >I am pretty sure it is at that point for the Saudis. Yep. Other "coalition members" have already jumped the ship (only UAE is keeping some forces there, but its goals are different from Saudi ones, and seem limited to southern Yemen, ie they may be mure harmful than helpful to Sauds) and there's increasing talk of starting peace negotiations. Thewar will likely drag on for a couple more years, though, since I imagine Sauds won't want to hand Houthis complete victory, and Houthis are doing too well to accept some shitty compromise (like splitting Yemen in two again, which I'm sure Sauds will try to push through)
Open file (2.62 MB 912x962 ClipboardImage.png)
>most of the turkroach gains have already been reversed B-b-b-but they downed 50 Syrian planes, killed 6 million SAA troops, and targeted one billion regime positions, how is this possible?
Open file (30.71 KB 839x655 screams in zog.jpg)
>>13466 >how is this possible This but unironically, the drone strike footage looked like pretty nasty stuff, I'm honestly surprised by how quickly the SAA turned this around The Sultan is gonna get a stroke from this the new captcha is also genuinely worse than 8kunts, bravo site admins
>>13597 >I'm honestly surprised by how quickly the SAA turned this around The SAA has been fighting and honing its skills for the last 9 years give or take, how is it at all surprising that they're more competent than a bunch of roaches?
What would hypothetically happen if there were a hypothetical infestation of secret Corona-chan fans at the Greco-Roach border spreading their wisdom among both innocent moderate refugees and evil Greek border patrol?
>>13752 What would hypothetically happed would be pissed as fuck Erdogan jumping up and down with the liquid rage of a million coked up roaches, because all the rapefugees are lying down coughin within turkish territory instead of sneaking into Greece.
Open file (88.77 KB 1200x800 Sharp dressed man.jpg)
http://archive.is/u0ewg https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/assad-joins-forces-libyas-haftar-combat-turkey My boy Haftar has signed a memorandum with Assad. Looks like they are going to cooperate against the roaches.
>>13786 Yeah, they have a common enemy now. I suspect this will be just a symbolic gesture, however, since Haftar is backed by a lot of other countries, many of which are hostile to Assad.
>>13787 I can't imagine Haftar's middle eastern backers are thrilled with roach expansionism and aggression, regardless of their opposition to Assad (much of which is probably the result of previous US pressure). European governments are opposed to the LNA anyway, and the US is increasingly hands-off, with only soft support for Haftar (I think US would have step up support for LNA to have more anti-Assad influence in this situation, a Syria-LNA alliance is just too valuable to both parties to give up, in my opinion).
>>12335 >USER WAS SPRAYED FOR THIS POST baste mods
>>13800 >I can't imagine Haftar's middle eastern backers are thrilled with roach expansionism and aggression They aren't thrilled, but they certainly don't care enough to support Assad in any way, since they hate Iran far, far more than some Ottoman LARPers. >regardless of their opposition to Assad (much of which is probably the result of previous US pressure) No, anon US hate for Assad is merely the result of pressures from Middle East, namely from Sauds and Israel. Kikes want a puppet Syria, Sauds hate the fact Assad is pro-Iran. >European governments are opposed to the LNA anyway France directly backs LNA, rest of EU pretends Libya doesn't exist for the most part. >I think US would have step up support for LNA to have more anti-Assad influence in this situation Nah, US doesn't care for Libya nearly enough to upset Turkey like that. For kind of a good reason too – Libya is more or less irrelevant for middle eastern politics.
>>13818 Syria isn't synonymous with Iran, yes Iran supports Syria but that's just because they know they are next in line. If Syria was nothing more than a proxy, then it would be a proxy for Russia, not Iran. US hate of Assad is 60% the result of the geopolitical/military chess match between Russian and the Russo-phobic Anglo-American establishment, 40% pressure from the zionist lobby. Sauds are only humored because they're crypto-jews and their interests happen to align with israel's. My understanding is that the UAE is one of Haftar's biggest backers in the middle east, and I certainly think the outdated geopolitical thinking that predicts conflict along Sunni/Shia sectarian lines has been proven to be inaccurate (the SAA being majority Sunni being the reason burgers thought regime change would work in Syria). israel's position on Haftar is unclear to me, but if you can show otherwise (without simply pointing to US policy as an indicator), I would be interested in that. As far as French backing goes I stand corrected, but I do believe the rest of the EU supports the GNA. >US doesn't care for Libya nearly enough to upset Turkey like that I never suggested they would step up support for Haftar, just that they would need to if they wanted enough influence with LNA to prevent them from working with Assad. Though I would that no one gives a fuck about "upsetting" roachland at this time when they've stabbed virtually everyone in back that's tried to deal with them, and they're becoming more unhinged by the day. >libya irrelevant They were relevant enough to make the "7 countries in 5 years" list, and for NATO to wage an air war against. Overall I'd say your post smells of neoconservative boomerism, and I su
*and I suspect that you share an identity with the poster who got BTFO in the Taliban peace deal thread. Though I could be wrong.
>>13839 What? You DONT support the war against the Taliban?! Those BASTARDS created 9/11.
>>13818 >Nah, US doesn't care for Libya nearly enough to upset Turkey like that. The US only gives a shit about Turkey because they're a means to bombing runs across the Middle East (they launch most of their bombers from Turkey and they park their troops in Turkey for deployment elsewhere). If Greece took the Northern half of Turkey, I don't think the US would have any qualms with siding with the LNA to keep bombing brown people.
>>13786 The entire region is going to be embroiled in war at this rate.
>>13904 2020 has been a hell of a ride and we're only 3 months in.
Wow, such functionality. Also I didn't mean to sage
>>13906 As long as it's not a (((google))) captcha, which not only helps to train their AI but also allows them to track which sites you're using.
>>13904 I think we are accidentally memeing the Chaos Gods into reality. We already have Nurgle blessings and Khorne has taken a distinct interest in the Middle East. We have the US election coming for Tzeentch scennagins and one has to just look at tumblr for signs of Slaanesh.
>Roaches brawling each other in parliament How will Erdogan get out of this one?
>>13786 >Field Marshal Khalifa Belqasim Haftar is a dual Libyan-American citizen who is the Commander of the Libyan National Army >dual Libyan-American citizen Damn I hate dual citizenship traitors. Just another symptom of how gay this globohomo setup really is. I hate the system that allows it more than the people that take advantage of it, but they still get the rope.
>>13597 >This but unironically, the drone strike footage looked like pretty nasty stuff, I'm honestly Well looks like Drones are becoming more and more similar to the Stuka from WW2. Impressive at first, but in a growing symmetrical conflict they simply lack the destructive power and cargo capacity to halt the advance of an army and the enemy is becoming more and more skilled at taking them down. The biggest Drones carry what? 6 bombs at max? Many of the medium and smaller ones carry only 1-4 bombs with them. Even if a whole groups of them attacks thats simply not enough boom to keep the enemy from advancing.
>>13942 6 bombs is 2 more than the F-35 can technically carry at least not without causing problems for itself.
>>13942 That and Drones are ultimately mere machines that can be neutralized simply by jamming their communications, they don't have the kind of autonomy to just mark and engage targets on their own like a manned aircraft.
>>13839 I never said Syria was a proxy, I said it was pro-Iran, which is true, and saying US hate for Assad is because of Russia is putting the cart before the horse – Russian influence on Syria only reached current heights after the civil war started, not before. Also, while Syria is majority sunni, Assad is Alawite (considered part of Shia Islam), and most of the sunni areas in the country joined ISIS or Al-Qaeda or the other jihadi groups, while non-sunni parts (most notably latakia and Tartus) stayed loyal to Assad. >My understanding is that the UAE is one of Haftar's biggest backers in the middle east and UAE are cryptojews as big as Sauds, your point? >israel's position on Haftar is unclear to me Israel provides token support to Haftar. Look it up, it's literally one internet search away. Overall, though, I'd say kikes don't give enough of a shit about Libya to ramp up the pressure. >but I do believe the rest of the EU supports the GNA Vocally, yes. Otherwise, no. First of all, most of EU doesn't give a shit, second of all, France has massive pull in the EU, and France backs LNA. >Though I would that no one gives a fuck about "upsetting" roachland at this time when they've stabbed virtually everyone in back that's tried to deal with them, and they're becoming more unhinged by the day. US has been tonguing Erdogan's asshole ever since he invaded Idlib. >They were relevant enough to make the "7 countries in 5 years" list, and for NATO to wage an air war against. War on Libya was mainly pushed by France due to Sarkozy's dealings with Gaddafi. US was happy to oblige because it aligned well with the Arab Spring bullshit. Overall, though it literally does not matter in terms of middle east - it is simply too far from it to interfere with Saudi shit, has no ties with Iran, lies well outside of greater Israel, and generally has zero impact on anything there. That is not to say it doesn't matter in other areas (rapefugee crisis and global oil trade, for example), but not middle eastern politicking. >I suspect that you share an identity with the poster who got BTFO in the Taliban peace deal thread. I was one of the anons calling him out you retard.
Open file (2.15 MB 746x963 ClipboardImage.png)
Houthis are pushing farther, making massive gains. It looks like they're really aiming for Marib
>>13955 What will happen when the Saudis eventually lose?
>>13944 That's mostly due to target identification problems; after all it's possible to build a drone the size of a strategic bomber, or turn a manned strategic bomber into an unmanned one. On the other hand, that's a lot less problem if the target is flying, so we might see autonomous fighter drones that are told to shoot down anything and everything that flies in a certain area. If they are successful enough, then no sane army will keep using manned aircraft, and the problems of targeting are still going to be present. Ironically enough drones might just end the rule of air force without having any significant impact on ground combat.
CEASEFIRE IN IDLIB Turks and Russia reached an agreement on a ceasefire in Idlib. The only important part seems to be a new corridor along the M4 highway (the one going through the jihadi territory) 6 km deep both north and south of it, patrolled by turkish and russian troops. Knowing HTS, the ceasefire will get broken soon anyway, especially since the corridor is kinda fucking them in the ass. I suppose Erdogan hopes to buy time to fully incorporate Idlib jihadis into his mercenary army and to dig in.
>>13959 A lot of butthurt
Open file (309.96 KB 945x845 حزب الله.png)
>>13987 >Turks and Russia reached an agreement on a ceasefire in Idlib.
>>13959 I imagine that the Saudis will do everything in their power to well and truly drag the U.S into any future engagements in Yemen. And they'll want to win a fight somewhere, anywhere, unless the political situation significantly changes in Saudi Arabia.
Open file (21.09 KB 790x213 ClipboardImage.png)
>ceasefire starts in but a couple hours >Assad still finds the time to kill two more roaches
>>13955 Oh yeah, also, this shit is kinda killing the proxy government. An entire regiment in Socotra renounced its ties to Hadi and joined the southern separatists, many pro-Hadi troops say they were "betrayed" at Hazm (by Sauds not sending in more troops or whatever), and generally everyone bitches about the proxy government being in Saudi Arabia instead of Yemen. Should more defeats for the proxies come, I can totally see them imploding in inner conflicts since the whole hierarchy is dysfunctional as fuck
Open file (142.07 KB 416x418 liberators.jpg)
>>13987 >during todays conference, Putin looks like he's going to kill somebody while ErdoLARP is on the verge of tears >t*rkey gives M4 including Jizz al-Shugur to Syria without fighting >HTS breaks ceasefire after 11 minutes I love Russian diplomacy
>>13981 >might just end the rule of air force Drones will just make the air force literally into the chair force. Technology isn't that advanced that you can give drones full autonomy in every situation. I can see autonomous drones for air support/air superiority and controlled drones to fire at ground targets where the situation is more complex and needs constant oversight.
>>13981 >If they are successful enough, then no sane army will keep using manned aircraft That's because most armies only employ college grad officers as pilots. They just need to make cheap aircraft piloted by enlistment (even if they require said enlistment earn a private pilot's license or an associates degree beforehand) and this problem will go away.
>>14049 Probably threatened to set fire to the sultan's prized Mercedes
>>13981 >build picrel >have to train the AI written in Rust with politically correct limiters and mystery meat Lockheeb contractors >send drone fighter to enforce a no-fly zone over Goatfuckistan >enemy has no air force aside from small drones >The drone works great but keeps throwing AIM-120Cs at COTS toys, which is good for the economy >Congress is pleased, decides to send drones against an enemy with somewhat of an air force >drone shoots down everything that moves incl. several civilian aircraft and an allied chopper as they didn't register correctly on IFF due to inadvertent jamming >Chair force has to somehow shift blame to Russia >enemy figures out how to willingly jam IFF frequencies >Chair force has to send in F-35s to authorize drone firing solutions, driving up costs because F-35 >Russian hackerman steals the IFF encryption key >multiple enemy aircraft sighted taking off, Drones deployed to intercept >Drones reach the target AO then start attacking all allied aircraft in the region >200 aircraft destroyed, air superiority lost and UN-backed moderate militias removed along with several drones falling into R*ssian hands but terrorism in the region was annihilated so Trump calls it a decisive strategic victory and pulls out
>>14065 Super Tucano High School when?
>>14120 >anime about cute girls learning to fly super tucanos in a modern John Henry story about human will to victory versus the cold machinery of drones
>>14119 That's why such a drone would have to be so autonomous that you just tell it these instructions: >fly to a certain area >use the radar to check everything that is more than x metres away from the ground >if based on its speed and direction it seems to be a missile then deploy chaff and start manoeuvring wildly >if it seems to be an aircraft then fire a missile on it >land at y place after z hours, or if there are no missiles left And that's al. When you deploy it you deploy it knowing all too well that you won't fly anything in that zone, because it's going to shoot it down. You don't bother with friend-or-foe system, you don't try to command it remotely, you just take an automated air defence system and put it on an aeroplane that has no crew.
>>14134 >be Houthi >see 6,000,000,000 dollar autonomous fighter patrolling under radio silence in your airspace >send souped up ATGMs/mini-cruise missiles toward it >drone thinks it's under attack and deploys chaff, flares >wait until it runs out of countermeasures >spam MANPADs until it dies Also deploying the drone solely to clear an area of any and all aircraft would be retarded in current day asymmetric niggerwarfare as the enemy would just resort to conducting regular ground operations. Now you could give the drone fighter A2G capabilities but that would be really iffy as ID'ing something on the ground is way harder than something in the air even with a decently trained pilot, collateral damage/liberal rage/heavy munitions expenditure would be pretty much unavoidable and the enemy would start building cheap decoy vehicles to fuck with targeting algorithms unless there was some kind of human operator to check the drone's targeting solutions. While not particularly useful for combined arms warfare sufficiently advanced drone fighters might serve as a decent expendable standoff weapon for defending something like the 38th parallel, just gotta make sure to keep them away from your own planes.
>>14138 Your problem is that you are thinking like an American. Instead of an incredibly overpriced yet half-baked toy that is used in glorified police action against goatherders, think of it as a component of a layered AA defence, like what the Russians use. You'd use it in a conventional war (bombing goatherders is not a conventional war) against an enemy that spent a significant amount of resources to build up a super-duper air force thinking that they can win a ground war by clapping as overpriced bombs fall on the enemy. You send them to cruise just behind the enemy front line, still in range of your ground-based AA and watch the enemy ground soldiers being utterly confused about the lack of air support, as their chair force is busy with those drones that are in range of your own AA. Meanwhile you are using your own ground forces to grind down the enemy who is bereft of their strongest assets.
What happened in Tunisia? Did they call in some moderates to keep the show running?
>Saudi Arabia has detained two senior members of the royal family – Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the younger brother of King Salman, and Mohammed bin Nayef, the king’s nephew – according to reports citing sources with knowledge of the matter. >The Wall Street Journal reported the detentions of the two royals on Friday and said they related to an alleged coup attempt. Bloomberg also reported the detentions, saying the pair were accused of treason. >Mohammed bin Nayef’s younger brother, Prince Nawaf bin Nayef, had also been detained, according to the New York Times. MBS seems to be consolidating power at home
>>14379 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-07/saudis-plan-big-oil-output-hike-beginning-all-out-price-war?srnd=premium http://archive.is/xEWs4 First the purge, now this. I don't get why Sauds think this is a good idea when they're getting their asses kicked in Yemen and their budget is set up for $53 a barrel oil. Russia is in the best position to withstand a depressed price of all the major oil exporters, they're the ones who refused to cut production to begin with. Oil was already cratering due to lower projected demand, this shit is going to get real interesting.
>>14119 >2nd pic Say what you want about Putin, but he definitely knows how to shitpost IRL.
>>14638 >Starting an oil war Wow. Unlike the US or Russia who have oil stores at 40,000 feet that are just not viable right now (rigs drill to 20,000 feet at the moment), Saudi Arabia only has mostly what's referred to as "surface oil" or "sand oil" that's easily accessible. They're really fucking themselves over here if the other major players don't cave in within the first year.
>On March 6th, a video was shared on social media showing Turkish security forces use an armored vehicle, with a rope to pull down the fence at the Greek border and allow migrants to pass. (https://southfront.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/1-7.mp4?_=1) >Refugees who cross to Europe will soon top to a million, European governments will fall, their economies will be destabilized and their stock exchanges will tumble and they can't do anything about it, says Turkey's Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu. It's like Erdogan's trying to piss off literally everyone. Truly a t*rkroach subhuman
>>14682 What is their endgame? Acting like Israel and destroying your allies and surrounding yourself with enemies for the future is dumb as fuck.
>>14736 To me it looks like Erdy is literally and unironically an Ottoman LARPer and is trying to grab historical clay (meaning grab land from pretty much everyone around him)
>>14736 >What is their endgame? That answer depends entirely on whether Turkey is consciously aware of what they are doing. Here's a very brief and incomplete history of Eastern Europe/Northern Middle East that I think will help anons trying to wrap their heads around this: >Turkey has been a member of NATO since the 1950s as one of the founding members >Basically got preferential treatment from the US/Germany ever since >Every time Turkey screeched about something, they got gibs from Germany/The USA in order to "fight the Russians" >Weak NATO alliances to the west meant Russia mainly only had to worry about a US-led attack from Turkey >Russia took the opportunity to steamroll the Middle East/get key support from minority groups by providing them with rights and education and shit (communist policy, it's relevant to a certain extent for different reasons than what we're discussing) >In comes the 90s >USSR collapses >A bunch of bullied countries join NATO >Turkey's relevance as a member of NATO becomes very little since countries like Finland are closer to the Russian capital >But USA/France uses this opportunity to land grab large portions of the Middle East >Turkey's worth to Europe as a satellite country plummets but it becomes valuable as a refueling/launching station for Middle Eastern bullshit >Estonia joining NATO in 2004 is the last push to make Turkey kind of worthless >But they're still in gibs mentality from multiple generations getting European gibs >They also have nukes that the USA gave them so they're relevant >Thankfully wars in the Middle East post-9/11 keep Turkey's foothold as a gibs nation >Turkey abuses the fuck out of the refugee crisis for even more gibs when they should have realized the gibs were gonna run dry soon >Europe Germany capitulates giving them a huge ego boost >Ego boost causes them to buy Russian shit even though they have US nukes >US rightfully loses their shit that an already rocky ally that may or may not cost more than they're worth is now trying to turncoat >Russia gladly sells knowing it will create mass chaos >Except the US has been making more and more "gains" in the Middle East >And Saudi Arabia is a much better launching platform for a lot of their current wars now that China is less of a military threat than ever >And Libya could soon become a launching platform in the next decade Basically either Erdogan is fucking retarded and... 1) Thinks he can still get his gibs like he did for the last 20 years because he thinks everyone will just bend over and take it, or... 2) Knows his gibs are running out soon but instead of settling for what he has, he's stuck in gibs mentality and is going to suck every country that was a former ally dry in the process thinking he can make it on his own after he sucks away enough wealth and gets rid of enough money drains (rapefugees). Either way he's a fucking retard, but there's a reason he's acting like a fucking retard. Depending on if it's one or two, Turkey will either implode when everyone says they've had enough of being fucked in the ass, or Turkey will get demolished by constant wars without US funding and increasing pressure from Russia. Russia's recent chess move in 2nd pic: >>14119 is Putin's way of saying "you're mine now, bitch. Surrender everything or die in a war to bring back democracy in a few years."
>>14736 >What is their endgame? He thinks its still like 2016 and he can extort Europe with the refugee problem, unaware that instead of a refugee problem it has become an Erdogan problem.
>>14761 >Turkey has been a member of NATO since the 1950s as one of the founding members Don't forget that Turkey was one of the first nations to pledge troops to Korea and send more than 15k soldiers. They sucked, but they were there.
>>14775 Let's not forget he could only get away with it then because Germany stole money from the Brits to pay Erdogan's ransom demands. Without the Brits contributing financially, Germany can't afford it and the EU's hold over individual countries is weakening by the day. We could very well see Greece declare war on Turkey before the end of the decade if this shit keeps up for a few years.
>>14781 >EU collapse and Greek Constantinople by 2030 We can only hope.
>>14801 >Greek Constantinople the cucks don't deserve it anymore
>>14803 Removing themselves from the EU and retaking it would both be proof of the reversal of that trend.
>>14761 Does the Bosporus strait play into this at all?
>>14807 A fantastical scenario at this point. More realistically they will beg Russia to give it to them after they retake it. At a meeting where Putin have them stand under the statue of Oleg of Novgorod.
>>14801 Why would they even want it? No Greeks live there anymore.
>>14823 No turks lives in it before they took it. >>14813 Probably but a man can dream.
>>14823 read a book
>>14833 What a non-answer.
>>14834 Perfect for a retarded non-question.
>>14823 It's rightful Byzantine orthodox clay.
>>14836 I know that Byzantine larp is very popular, but tell my why the modern Greek state should annex a city filled with 6 million Turks?
>>14860 So they could kill 6 million turks?
>>14860 The assumption is there would no longer be 6 million Turks in it. I mean the last significant population of Greeks were only pushed out in what, 1969? That's still within living memory.
>>14862 This basically. >>14860 Greece has a population of 11 millionish I think? Gaining living room for another six million would be a big deal.
>>14860 Justice isn't reason enough? Some things are inherently right and some things are inherently wrong. And having Turks on Byzantine clay is unacceptable, just like the existence of Islam or of communists.
Open file (61.05 KB 750x484 serveimage.jpg)
>>14860 >6 million t*rks Western t*rkey has a significant amount of Greeks in denial. You just need to get them off the turan LARP and get them to Byzantine LARP instead
>>14888 There's no way that's not a shitpost.
Open file (1.30 MB 518x500 nep_laugh.gif)
Open file (99.68 KB 368x399 Cirno Laugh 2.gif)
Open file (82.39 KB 500x427 2b laugh.png)
Open file (1.27 MB 511x286 laughing baka.gif)
Open file (438.75 KB 639x720 laughing takagi 2.gif)
>>14888 >a turk blames the jews for being a greek rapebaby mutt while using a japanese cartoon avatar of an IP based on generic western fantasy with an american manga name created by a jew
>>14892 I'm inclined to agree with you on that, Strelok. But never, ever doubt the complete cognitive dissonance of the Turk when told the truth. >>14894 Back to 4kike, you nigger.
>>14761 You forgot a key element, which was the CIAnigger coup attempt in 2016. It was that point when Erdy went fully rogue and started dealing with Russians, since he (probably correctly) deduced that it's only a matter of time before he gets Saddam'd in the name of democracy. Ever since, he's been playing a dangerous game of peddling between the two powers (and the opinion at home) to grab as much as he can. He pissed off US with Kurds and arms deals and all that shit, now it was turn to piss of Russians to get back some rep with US. Only he overstepped his bounds this time around and so had to come crawling for forgiveness to Putin like a cuck. Of course, nowhere in this does EU factor into it, since Erdogan knows that EU is led by neomarxist cucks that he can extort forever without any issues.
You know anime could legit be the key to peace in the middle east. http://archive.fo/Zy3e2
>>15000 Hardly surprising, I recall being in chats with some saudi kid who would not shut up about shonenshit and big anime tiddies. The Japanese guy was right... Through dick, unity.
>>15188 Incorrect, it's the fact that he posts like a cuckchanner, and his shit's all fucked up.
>“We will continue with our current policy, until there are concrete steps on visa-free regime, until new points of negotiations [on European integration] are open, until the agreement on Customs Union is updated. The flows of illegal migrants will fill the Mediterranean,” Erdogan vowed. wew
>>15525 It's becoming clear as day that this whole thing was a jewish plot gone wrong/totally right.
http://archive.fo/rWn0u So Hollywood is before Congress denouncing the atrocities in Syria. Make a note of the amount of times holocaust is mentioned
>>15936 This is just Nayirah testimony 2.0: Syrian edition.
>>15910 This shit used to be considered an open declaration of war back in the day.
>>16093 My mom in convinced Greece and T*rkey will go to war in the next few days. I doubt it due to NATO, and Greece not being able to meet T*rkish military might, but what is the chance, realistically?
>>16150 To be fair if Greece and Turkey went to war it'd be a clash of the incompetents. Roaches might lose just for fucking up more.
>>16156 Turkey wouldn't dare, what with Syria right up its ass.
>>16150 I think they might go to war before the end of the decade, but probably not within the next week or even the next few months. Turkey "wins" militarily, but they've made enough enemies that other nations might use it as an excuse to go to war with them. If Greece declared war on Turkey, Russia would probably stage a false flag in Syria to get in on that pie to try to retake the Black Sea or get Syria land along it.
>>16211 What happens to NATO in this situation? Do we stop have to help to defender?
Open file (4.45 MB 480x315 Twist.gif)
>>15936 >M.Night Shyamalan What would be the plot twist this time
>>16446 It wouldn't be the first time the Greeks and Turks have shot at each other despite being in NATO. I guess everyone would just leave well enough alone.
>>16446 Nato is a pact to help member states against external aggression. So the rest of the world is just going to get out the popcorn when the shooting starts, except the countries that hate Turkey and want to join in and at least one strelok.
Open file (671.23 KB 790x444 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16476 >Greece and Turkey end up in shooting war due to Roaches trying to drown them in rapefugees >Sultan Erdogan screeches autistically that NATO is not going to interfere in as it is an internal war but confident of crushing Greeks due to superior numbers and hardware >Roaches manage to push into Greece with somewhat ease thanks to Greeks being just as incompetent at Roaches at warfare only suffering a delay at Thermopylae when Greeks actually make a somewhat coherent stand >Sultan Erdogan thinks he's now resurrected the Ottoman Empire and starts to shittalk every nation in the world >Roaches get BTFO at Plataea due to Greeks making a massive counter-attack with massive hordes of volunteer battalions from other nations, suffering a decisive blow when a lone Serb manages to break through their lines in a frenzy and decapitate General Güler with an accordion. >After this it is setback after setback for the Roaches and eventually all the Sultan can do is weep as Assad sends him a video of himself laughing while Constantinople is retaken.
>>16483 Plague catapults using corona'd refugee corpses as ammo soon?
>>16485 Only if Mongolia decides that world needs conquered again.
>>14803 >>14801 >>14807 >>14808 >>14813 >>14823 Reminder that the Patriarchate of Constantinople was and remains an active entity with a good amount of pull over Orthodox Greeks. It's more likely, however, that a coalition of Balkan states would act to take it in the event of a Turkish stumble.
>>16682 >It's more likely, however, that a coalition of Balkan states would act to take it in the event of a Turkish stumble. Followed by a Bulgarian tantrum, if history is anything to go by.
>>17060 >source dude is a cockloving jihadi faggot. how big popular support is you could see yesterday when HTS and their gay friends called for a two millionmen march against the deal. Guess how many came, nobody lol except some HTS guys with pickup trucks. I'd rather it's the roaches stirring up trouble behind scenes or not wanting to go after their subhuman pets for now. Moscow granted them the grace, also for now
>>17060 >local population HTS and Ahrar al-Sham, promising to target any Russian patrol that comes there, is now "local population"? Anyway, this is for the better. If the patrols fail, SAA will have the perfect reason to go and capture the area with full Russian support.
http://archive.fo/afiDj Looks like Israel is set for a change in government. Whether this will impact their domestic and foreign policy is up for debate though
>>17375 Are they going to enact the Samson option when there's rabid cross infection inside the bunkers of the elite?
>>17381 Probably, kikes are too passionately evil to ever not take it out on someone when their own nasty plans turn on them.
How has Corona affected the situation in the islamic fun zones? Syria/Turkey Yemen/Saudi Libya Iraq/Iran/Israel
>>17436 Considering that it's starting to kill off Iranian leaders better than the CIA could I would say the fun is just about to start
>>17436 Iran is heavily hit, other than that, basically no effect right now
Open file (1.76 MB 1439x2298 the_roach_and_I.jpg)
https://archive.is/ePFtc >3 roach soldiers infected by Corona-chan OH NO NO NO
>>17833 Doesn't look like Erdogans strategy is working. Rapefugees&human traffickers get beaten up in Greece and Europe is closing because of Corona. Meanwhile the Conflict Zone at the Turkish border becomes a nice breeding place for the sickness.
>>17833 When is king roach getting it?
>US bases get pounded by rocket strikes in Iraq >US follows up by pulling out of several bases due to "war on ISIS being such a success" Are Iraqi goatherders gonna chase US outta the country?
>>17952 I'd reckon they're being pulled out to support upcoming operations on the American home front.
>>17952 At the time they were prepping for a war with Iran but thankfully that situation deescalated quickly enough. Probably in general though the US military is realizing they're spread thin and more and more of their fresh grunts are either fags who want to serve 4 years and get free X while getting the fuck out, or fucking retards who can only be a cook or interpreter. It used to be that a lot of people who actually had some aptitude joined the military with the plan of making a career out of it, but the military got the bright fucking idea to kick out everyone who was a few years or in some cases months away from getting military retirement for the last decade, and everyone else either got the picture and got the fuck out/told everyone not to make a career out of it, or just never joined in the first place.
>>18019 >but the military got the bright fucking idea to kick out everyone who was a few years or in some cases months away from getting military retirement for the last decade Well, there's that and the hardcore fagging up of the entire military soured a lot of people to it overall it's why I fucked off to be honest, otherwise I'd still be in happily being a welfare queen pretending to give a shit about patriautism or whatever while playing with machine guns.
Open file (1.38 MB 769x1244 ClipboardImage.png)
Houthis released some stats about the war
>>18088 heil'd I got out due to wimminz getting forced into my environment.
Is Constantinople ours already, bros?
>U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced further sanctions on Iran on Wednesday, citing the recent rocket attacks in Taji, Iraq, that killed two U.S. service members. >According to a statement by Pompeo, the sanctions target “nine entities and three individuals” mostly from Iran’s petrochemical industry that “provide revenue to the regime that it may use to fund terror and other destabilizing activities.” >Foreign Minister Javad Zarif called on the international community to end the “collective punishment” brought on by U.S. sanctions, saying it was “virtually impossible” to buy medicine and medical equipment. >Speaking to Reuters on Monday one unnamed U.S. official outlined the feeling within the Trump administration, “The regime can’t be trusted to channel whatever money it would gain from the easing of pressure toward humanitarian activity. The likelihood is the elites will steal it and/or funnel it toward malign activity,” the official said. >Robert Malley and Ali Vaez of the International Crisis Group argued that Iran’s coronavirus crisis is a diplomatic opportunity for both sides to dial down tensions and show goodwill, while also achieving some of their diplomatic objectives. http://archive.is/nnUKy http://archive.is/9wAxb
>>18774 >further sanctions haven't they already sanctioned everything though¨?
>>18830 Yes, but it wouldn't surprise me if they tried to spin the incoming massive shortage of bullshit from China as a US sanction.
>>18830 Just how many things can you sanction anyways?
>>18953 Anything they have to import, but if some country they're importing from doesn't want to play ball with NATO niggers then it all winds up just being hot air from butthurt western kike puppets.
>>18956 Actually, ZOG started sanctioning countries doing bussiness with Iran by proxy. Remember that the whole tanker bullshit was about Iran selling oil to Syria
>>18995 And Japan selling specialized parts for reactors, hence why they got Fukushima'd in the first place by Israeli contractors working as security inside.
Open file (835.96 KB 742x500 ClipboardImage.png)
Map of tribes in Yemen
Open file (4.50 MB 1500x1088 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (7.63 MB 2048x1422 ClipboardImage.png)
Gainz in Yemen, Saudi lines collapsed in Jawf and Houthis are thus free to advance closer to Marib. Houthis also managed to advance into Saudi Arabia and capture some land there
Open file (10.96 MB 1792x2304 ClipboardImage.png)
Better map of the gains in Jawf. As you can see Houthis are steadily closing in on Marib, one of the most important towns in Yemen. It controls oil fields (thus could provide valuable supply of it to Houthi forces), lies on a strategically important crossroad, and happens to be the main bastion of the Islah party (Yemeni branch of Muslim Brotherhood). Should Houthis manage to take it, it is likely Sauds will enter peace negotiations.
Normalfag news reports that the Saudis are going to have a ceasefire to "prevent Covid-19", which is a laughable excuse when they wished Corona could get rid of their Houthi problems. http://archive.is/iHmIu Meanwhile in reality, Saudi Arabia is attempting to prevent the Houthis from gaining more ground, and are reinforcing the Bayda area with men and bombing shit. Gotta love how western media will cry how the Houthis will be breaking a ceasefire nobody agreed to, and one that isn't actually happening at that. http://archive.is/Xm99x
>>19474 Maybe Sauds are finally getting ready to admit defeat
>>19569 >Saudis admitting defeat >Ever Their entire country could be on fire and those chucklefucks would still insist (at gunpoint) that they're winning.
>>19569 Nah they would go down the same way as Saddam Hussein, claiming their are winning while all their toys are burning in the desert.
Open file (16.83 MB 2560x2445 ClipboardImage.png)
Houthis captured Khanjar Camp in northern Jawf
>>19627 Wonder how long until they can just waltz across the border.
>>19640 I doubt they'll decide to advance too far into Saudi Arabia, but the threat of shelling Najran could become an important chip on the negotiating table.
>>19648 I can see them going full Chadian and raiding border settlements with technical.
Open file (2.13 MB 1024x884 ClipboardImage.png)
Turkroach proxies making big gains in Libya
Open file (28.84 KB 1280x720 people of the sand.jpg)
http://archive.vn/j9BeV Iran just launched their first satellite into orbit. http://archive.vn/dP6ez Trump also ordered Navy vessels to detroy boats that harrass them. Not a frequent middleeast thread poster, but I just don't want to see this place die just yet.
>>19905 Second Ottoman Empire coming up boyos.
Open file (124.69 KB 1200x1165 luminiscent americans.jpg)
I know this place is slow as molasses but can somebody tell about the foreign voluteers that fought with the Kurds (YPG)? I just read about Brace Belden/pisspiggranddaddy and I found it fucking odd that the Kurds who sent away vols with actual SF backgrounds would accept a shlubby Jewish goon without any combat experience. Who than promptly had a puff piece in Rolling Stone written about him after spending barely a month in Syria. Was this a PR/propaganda thing, are these commies that retarded or does that fag just glow in the dark?
>>20624 From what I've seen western commie volunteers in the YPG serve much of the same role as their horsefucking counterparts in ISIS, namely propaganda and virtue signaling to redditors with the sole difference that they can do so under the guise of being a good goy doing the roight thing followed by getting arrested and convicted on terrorist charges the instant they return to their home country, assuming they survived in the first place. Pissniggranddaddy is an exception to the rule by being a kike in fact of course, he can ride the media hype train all the way unlike the goyim.
>>20624 If you're hearing about them, chances are good that it's a manufactured story for propaganda reasons. Everyone already figured out in WW2 that the propaganda effect of fighting heroes is outweighed by their eventual demise. Solution? Ensure your "fighting heroes" are far enough from the front to never die, just eternally produce propaganda. And it's a kike, of course he's glowing.
Open file (109.91 KB 1024x748 purple jihad.jpg)
>>6941 > within Syria Highly redundant.
STC splits from Saudi Coalition in Yemen, declares de facto independence, will likely spark a civil war in a civil war. >The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) has declared the de-facto independence of southern Yemen, accusing the Saudi-backed Yemeni government, led by President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, of “supporting terrorism.” >Following an emergence meeting early on April 26, the STC declared the establishment of the “self-administration” the southern region. >In an official statement, the STC justified its decision by accusing the Saudi-backed government of failing to fulfill its commitments under the 2019 Riyadh agreement. The agreement put an end to a fierce conflict between the two sides, during which STC forces capturing key military positions in Aden. https://southfront.org/collapse-of-riyadh-agreement-uae-backed-forces-declare-de-facto-independence-of-southern-yemen/
Open file (830.50 KB 900x514 1424918526383.jpg)
Open file (35.76 KB 500x438 g1b8urmf9e541.jpg)
>>21190 Smells like Roach propaganda.
Just in: Burgers are pulling out the Patriots from Saudi Arabia. https://21stcenturywire.com/2020/05/08/breaking-us-removing-its-patriot-missile-systems-from-saudi-arabia/ >The four batteries of Patriot surface-to-air missiles were deployed to the Arabian Penninsula last year following attacks by Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Saudi Aramco oil facilities. >In addition to the draw-down of missiles, dozens of military personnel and technicians will also leave the sites and be reassigned, said US officials to the Wall Street Journal. >Also, two US fighter jet squadrons have also been reassigned, and US officials hinted that they may also consider a reduction in the Naval assets in the Persian Gulf. >Pentagon officials intimated that reductions are based on an assessment by the Trump administration’s National Security strategists that Iran no longer poses an immediate threat to US interests in the wider region.
>>21456 No surprises there. Saudi fucked the burgers up the ass during a pandemic by crashing oil with no surivors, so of course the burgers are going to pull one of the one things Saudi Arabia actually keeps them around for.
Open file (72.03 KB 287x344 akari_thumbs_up.gif)
>>20485 I didn't think much about the second article, but reading through it, basically the Iranian military was loudly shitposting at US Naval ships during a training drill. That's pretty great.
Which of you guys was this?
>>21499 Obviously they would know Israelis are spies, even if they suck their dicks the majority of the time. But I wouldn't say the agent necessarily said that in earnest when he is in full glow mode and pretending to be a "bro".
>>21499 >all those I-I stutters holy shit imageboards are still rife with glowniggers aren't they? Wait a minute >Which of you guys was this? It was fucking YOU DUDE What kind of hint are you trying to give here? <don't worry there's a basedpilled agent or two in the alphabet Yeah okay thanks for your service don't burn down my house with a tank. ta-ta.

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