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There's no discharge in the war!

Open file (297.37 KB 680x686 corona-chan.png)
Open file (55.08 KB 420x925 corona(1).jpg)
Open file (955.53 KB 2048x2048 gettyimages.jpg)
Open file (299.66 KB 1200x2064 corona.jpg)
Biological Warfare - Coronavirus II Strelok 01/30/2020 (Thu) 21:58:38 No.6546
Highlights / Archive of last thread here http://archive.ph/oOuAG >New coronavirus has appeared in Chinkland and already claimed "Officially" 173 lives, thousands already infected >Cases have been reported in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Worst Korea, USA, France, Germany, England, India, Canada, Africa, Dubai and more. >Panic mode starting to erupt due to the fact it is spreading wide although only Best Korea, and Russia has closed their borders as well as all flight departing from France until 9 February >Allegedly been bioengeenered by the chink with the help of a jewish nobel prize owner of chemistry for 12 years, caught because of the spread >Fears that it may be the new Black Death post from last thread to look at >>5777 >>5805 >>5836 >>5845 >>5903 >>5938 >>5952 >>5954 >>6031 >>6037 >>6056 >>6085 >>6105 >>6121 >>6192 >>6216 >>6225 >>6230 >>6232 >>6235 >>6236 >>6238 >>6243 >>6245 >>6257 >>6275 >>6291 >>6380 >>6414 >>6439 >>6453 >>6484 >>6500 >>6506
>>6548 >171 dead, 143 recovered heaven only knows what the actual numbers are, since chinks are so notorious for their honesty when admitting to screw ups and/or not knowing what they're doing, but the fact that official numbers show >50% kill rate really tickles my funny bone. I LOVE YOU CORONA-CHAN
http://archive.ph/p9w7S [FR] >Coronavirus: Multinationals Established in China Close Their Stores and Factories by the Hundreds >All Ikea stores are now closed in China, as are "several hundred" McDonald's restaurants in Hubei Province. >Ikea closes half of its stores in China >McDonald's has closed "several hundred" restaurants in Hubei province >Starbucks has already closed more than half of its cafes Foxconn postpones resumption of work in factories in China after February 10
Open file (1.44 MB 224x400 shiet.webm)
>>6541 >Chinks now arrest any traitor criticizing the CCP's righteous and magnificient response to Corona-chan's reactionary biomemetic anti-government disturbance of society >Jail cells fill up with low credit score packed like sardines >infection breeds further
>>6550 How does this affect tech prices? Will the normalnigger be affected by this, or will he continue to enslave himself to the tech beast?
>>6550 >Foxconn postpones resumption of work in factories in China after February 10 Well that can't be good for continuing the electronic circus under the current globalist model. Think kikes can move goyphone and talmudvision production over to India fast enough before normalcattle notice any irregularities? The financial losses from shutting down factories in Chinkland should easily spiral to astronomic levels if this drags on. >>6551 If anything the jails will be less affected than the outside since the low SC inmates will have a much better understanding of hygiene than the average bugperson.
Open file (28.27 KB 501x380 ted.jpg)
>>6552 >will he continue to enslave himself to the tech beast?
>>6549 According to Laowhy that's not even correct. They are merely listing "cured". They have not released any statistics on recovered, and thus you could be missing half of your lungs and be considered cured.
Isn't this thing just mutated SARS? Shouldn't it be easy to make a vaccine when you already have one for something very similar?
Open file (20.09 KB 863x40 0254.JPG)
10% of the population means 775M dead globally. And it affects men more than women. Stop saying you love it idiots it's gonna land here. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/men-more-prone-coronavirus-infection-women-study-finds
>>6544 What are you waiting for? Make a webm outta it, lad. >>6546 From some guy I heard explaining it to me privately, apparently the whole point of the virus is that it can lower the immune system immensely, but it itself is not the real danger. Basically even this year's common cold was carried by it and symptoms shown in people with the flu were pretty much similar to what Chinks are experiencing. The difference right now is that either deliberately or otherwise, this virus has been engineered to even more easily by pass cell membranes and it's pretty much no different from the one "lad" who let Constantinople's door open. Since Chinks are in full panic mode and tons of them have poor hygiene and health, they're flocking towards medical institutes, indirectly contaminating the premises and helping other illnesses spread thanks to Corona-infected patients. At this point it would just be easier to just shoot at people queuing in line at hospitals and forcing them to be examined one by one. >>6553 Didn't this guy die some days ago despite having perfect health or something. What a terrible happenstance. >>6559 It's not its symptoms that worry, it's the rate it spreads and the amount of Chinks that are helping it evolve. >>6560 I'm just wishing for a return to closed border policies and self sufficiency. Globalism, left unchecked, will always be a mistake. There's no reason market capitalism could replace common sense - couldn't we have at least TWO countries that produce something rather than one?
>>6560 >Stop saying you love it
>>6560 >it's gonna land here. I love corona-chan even more now. Already in my city, stocked up on food and water, time to NEET for the next 6 months.
>>6561 >25 min webm I'm not Kung Pow
>>6560 Good, less competition.
>>6560 >stop saying you love it >it's gonna land here I don't think you understand just what kind of person you're posting with on this board. Anything that shakes up this stagnant, insane hell that the west has turned into is fucking a-ok. Unless you're one of those weirdos that actually enjoys being boiled slowly by schizo zog bullshit.
http://archive.ph/gpHiL [FR] >Coronavirus: WHO calls epidemic "public health emergency of international concern" >The toll of the viral pneumonia epidemic has increased to 212 deaths in China. >The World Health Organization (WHO) called the 2019-nCov coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan, China, on Thursday, January 30, "a public health emergency of international concern". The toll of the viral pneumonia epidemic rose to 212 in China Thursday after an unprecedented jump in the daily number of deaths. In the wake of the Americans and the Japanese, France has decided to evacuate its nationals from Wuhan, a city cut off from the world for a week. Italy, meanwhile, announced the suspension of all flights "to and from" China through its prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, on Thursday evening.
Open file (1.25 MB 680x962 1579976471806-3.png)
If you survive a virus you can't catch it a second time, right? I'm still young and healthy, and have a really strong immune system, so should she ever decide to come party in burgerland I think I'll just go out of my way to catch her early and get it over with. Of course I'll wait until there is more data on the mortality rate and just who exactly is dying, but my job makes me come in contact with all sorts of diseases anyways so I might as well just ride out the storm early so I can go stalking worry free while the rest of the country is busy coughing up their lungs. Please tell me this plan isn't completely insane. I want to be there when the world burns.
>>6570 try it and report to us comfy in our bunker alright ?
>>6570 Unless it mutates and your body's antibodies no longer respond to it, you would probably be fine.
>>6570 if you've read paper thrown around you wuld know that corona-chan fragilize he immune system and make it more vulnerable to all sort of minor disease that will kill you.
>>6569 Seems like Italy' been getting its shit together over the past couple of years, I wonder how long it'll be until Israel decides it doesn't like that.
>>6570 >can't catch it a second time Uh, that's not universal. Also, viruses are always adapting and mutating, so... be careful.
>>6486 >Oh and this, I don't speak Romanian but supposedly they've gone and developed a white only vaccine, but that's what the secondary article says. I know several other Romance languages so here's my educated guess plus jewgle translate for words with slavic roots: >Este vorba despre un vaccin individualizat populaţional. Adică noi am luat caracteristicile imune ale populaţiei din România, de tip caucazian, care se regăseşte în toată Europa şi America de Nord, în linii mari. Ţinând cont de caracteristicile imune, ale răspunsului imun la diverşi stimuli antigenici, în cazul de faţă la coronavirus, şi folosind datele publicate (structura genomică a coronavirusului), am propus o serie de peptide, de atingene, de mici proteine, un amestec care să acopere, în practică, toată populaţia României", a explicat Prof. dr. Virgil Păunescu, şeful Institutului de Cercetare OncoGen din Timişoara. >It's a vaccine for an individualized population. Namely for the immune characteristics of the Romanian population, of Caucasian type, which is found in all of Europe and North America, for the most part. Considering the immune characteristics, of immune response to diverse antigenic stimuli, in case of facing the coronavirus, using published data (genomic structure of the coronavirus), I proposed a series of peptides, of antigens, of small proteins, a mixture that covers, in practice, all of the Romanian population, explains Professor Dr. Virgil Păunescu, head of the Oncogenic Research Institute of Timişoara. There you go. Sounds like bull to me but who knows. Also: >Romania >white
>>6550 >The guys that solved workplace suicides with a suicide net from where they can drag workers back to their post have closed up for Corona-chan We're really fucked, aren't we? >>6560 If you pull through not terribly unlikely as people on this board tend to be better prepared than average, chances are you can get a whole harem of hot chicks. And the current world order will be fucked. And a lot of normalfags dead, what with all their casual sex and clubs. Really, what does a well-armed, well-stocked hikkineet in the countryside have to fear from a pandemic?
Open file (619.32 KB 512x500 HellBoundTrain.png)
>>6560 >Stop saying you love it idiots it's gonna land here. Yeah okay buddy, this is excellent news, it just gets better
>>6577 If by Romania they mean both Gypsyland and Transylvania, then it should work for most Europeans.
Open file (204.74 KB 500x500 1563681543176.png)
>>6570 >If you survive a virus you can't catch it a second time, right? >What is Shingles
>>6565 Just slice it and dice it man >>6574 >Italy' been getting its shit together over the past couple of years lmao They're just stopping international flights to and from China because 1) there's way too many illegal Chinese sweatshops in Italy and trying to keep track of their place of origin is a nightmare (ever wondered how objects made in china tend to hit European shelves very quickly?) and 2) the Italian health and safety sectors are completely fucked, the country would collapse by hysteria and unsanitary and overworked hospitals alone.
Open file (373.90 KB 479x457 skullface_surprised.png)
>>6553 >1:52 >This is the time for fucks.
>>6583 >health and safety sectors are completely fucked That is the currently the entirety of the west at the moment.
>>6560 now is not the time for fear; that comes later >>6570 >a really strong immune system, Apparently, corona-chan can cause a cytokine storm (basically your immune response is too hard and that by itself is a bad thing 4 U) >>6572 >>6573 also these
Updates from Japan Minister of Defence Kono orders ferry to be used as temporary living quarters for those returning from Wuhan, China http://archive.is/NntJI >Minister of Defence Kono Taro under the JSDF law, ordered a disaster dispatch order for the MoD chartered civilian ferry, "Hakuou", to be used as temporary living quarters for those returning from the Corona afflicted Wuhan. The "Hakuou" has 94 rooms, and is expected to host a maximum of 94 people on board. >河野太郎防衛相は31日、新型コロナウイルスによる肺炎が発生した中国・武漢市からの帰国者が一時滞在する施設として、防衛省がチャーター契約を結ぶ民間フェリー「はくおう」の活用を見込み、自衛隊法に基づく災害派遣命令を発出した。「はくおう」は個室が94あり、最大94人の受け入れを想定している。 >The ship left its home port of Hyogo pref. Aioi city, on the 31st and is expected to arrive at the bay of Tokyo on the 1st of Feb. It will be prepared to take in and host returnees from Wuhan should additional temporary living quarters be required. As of when the order was given, there is not requests from any of the relevant ministries for additional space. >31日に兵庫県相生市の母港を出発し、2月1日に東京湾に到着。今後帰国者が増えて一時滞在先の確保が必要になった場合の受け入れに備える。命令発出時点では、関係省庁から受け入れ要請はない。 >The MoD has chartered the "Hakuou" for disaster relief, troop transport for exercises, and transport of materiel. It has recently been used to aid in disaster relief during the Kumamoto earthquake of H.28, the disasters related to torrential rain jn West Japan of H.30, and the Hokkaido East Iburi earthquake also of H.30. >防衛省は災害対応や訓練時の隊員・物資輸送用に「はくおう」をチャーター契約している。平成28年の熊本地震、30年の西日本豪雨、同年の北海道胆振東部地震で、被災地支援のために活用した実績がある。
Open file (246.87 KB 1080x1716 5b9iy5e782e41.jpg)
Herioc citizens have taken up arms against agents suspected of spreading Corona-chan.
Anyone have that information on the recovery vs death/relapse of it? >>6600 So instead of eating their pets they're just killing them? I don't speak bat runes.
>>6600 >Killing all the cats and dogs Isn't this what happened with the black death and it just made things a million times worse?
>>6600 So this is just the Four Pest Campaign all over again?
http://archive.fo/7Q3LC News from Britbongistan. Two confirmed cases.
>>6600 So from the little chink I can decide, owners of cats and dogs are throwing their pets off roofs and onto the streets below.... Chinks truly are subhuman jfc
>>6609 Wait till they start throwing their infected off the roofs. You just know it will happen.
>>6570 Like that other anon said some illness's and viruses will rape your immune system and leave your body fucked for years afterwards, if not permanently.
Open file (15.98 MB 1280x720 Deliver Us.webm)
>>6609 horryfying >>6610 FUCKING JAJ
>>6614 LEWD i just thought about tsomething, when you look at map of infected country you can see that every shihole with deficient Health care near chine report nothing and 1st world country report 1 or 2, i can't wait to see the result 2 week from now, it will be a fucking cataclysm.
Open file (230.01 KB 1920x1440 sketch-1580486381989.jpg)
Open file (189.51 KB 1872x1440 sketch-1580486366748.jpg)
Oh there we go, the Sun has a piece about the changers throwing cats and dogs out of windows. http://archive.is/y1rrZ '''VIRUS PANIC Coronavirus – Cats and dogs ‘thrown from tower blocks’ in China after fake news rumours animals are causing spread Graphic Warning''' Photos are of dead cats and dogs incl. in the original article. Not worth seeing really. >PANICKING pet owners are reportedly throwing cats and dogs out of towerblocks following bogus claims deadly coronavirus can be passed on by animals. >Chilling pictures coming out of crisis-hit China are said to show the bloodied corpses of animals lying in the road after being hurled to their death. >One dog was found dead after allegedly being thrown from one block of flats in Tianjin City in Hebei Province - home to the outbreak epicentre Wuhan. >Five cats were also thrown to death in Shanghai, with locals apparently saying they were pets as they had smooth and clean fur, say unconfirmed reports. >Local media stated the pooch was thrown from the upper floors of a tower block at 4am and smashed into the sunroof of a car before ending up on the ground. >Reports state the noise of the dog hitting the car woke sleeping locals as it sounded like a tyre explosion. >Sickened families then found the poor pet lying dead on the ground with its blood staining surrounding bricks. >The shocking incidents were sparked after Dr Li Lanjuan said on Chinese state TV said : "If pets come into contact with suspected patients, they should be quarantined." >However, a local media outlet then reportedly tweaked her words into "cats and dogs can spread the coronavirus". >The false rumour spread quickly after Zhibo China posted it on social media platform Weibo. >In a bid to put and end to the false claims, China Global Television Network posted a quote from the World Health Organisation. >It read: "There is no evidence showing that pets such as cats and dogs can contract the novel coronavirus, the World Health Organisation said on Wednesday." >PETA Asia press officer for China, Keith Guo, said: "We hope the police can find the cold-blooded guardians of those poor animals as soon as possible. >“In fact, it's the filthy factory farms, slaughterhouses, and meat markets that threaten the health of every human being on the planet by providing a breeding ground for deadly diseases like coronavirus, SARS, bird flu, and more." >On Thursday we reported how dog owners in China were rushing to buy face masks for their pooches as experts warn pets could also catch the deadly virus. >One online seller from Beijing told Mail Online he is selling more special masks than ever before. >Zhou Tianxiao, 33, started selling special masks for dogs in 2018 to help protect them from air pollution. >But since the deadly new outrbreak, he has gone from selling 150 masks a month to at least 50 a day. >The killer bug has now spread to every region of China and 22 other countries including the UK. >The death toll has reached 213, with almost 10,000 people infected in what the WHO has called a global health emergency.
>>6617 chinks are subhuman.
>>6617 >They hit a car by throwing a dog from a roof Are they deliberately aiming at vehicles or something? Like is this some sort of sadistic sport?
>>6583 I didn't say they were perfect, they just seem to be moving in a better direction than other nations that are spreading cheeks for the corona poz because racism bad.
>>6570 >If you survive a virus you can't catch it a second time, right Sure, sure. Unless it starts mutating like the cold and flu virus.
>>6620 if they hit a siren alarm they get a prize :^)
Open file (2.93 MB 344x261 1415964011989.gif)
>>6600 >those emojis Something about seeing the bug alphabet combined with emojis is extra infuriating. CHING XONG SHUR PAI PHUR >:( BAK CHOI DUNG BOW CAT BAI BAI >:( DOGGUSHUNG BEI >:(
>>6617 >babby's first introduction into asia i never understood why asians kept pets. is it to eat them or to step on them with high heels and record it?
>>6617 Fucking subhumans. It's no wonder why such people get the plague. "God is perfectly just" -- Terry A. Davis
>>6617 >someone spread fake news about cats and dogs spreading it >the chinks bought it Now what will happen if someone spreads rumors about babbies spreading it?
>6617 >what's that, chang? this lethal-as-fuck virus can be transmitted by animals? >i know! >let's throw animals from rooftops and onto the streets, letting their infected blood splash everywhere! Oriental wisdom at work.
>>6632 Gah, meant to quote >>6617
>>6611 That sounds hot.
Open file (93.81 KB 600x360 d41c7a3c.jpg)
>>6632 Confucius one day say, "if corona virus you avoid, you lose, but if corona virus you get and you kill your dog and child you win". Maybe try posting this on Weibo or Baidu or whatever those subhumans use wwww 根据中华人民共和国卫生部的数据,婴儿经常患有武汉肺炎并传播这种疾病。 最好将孩子从高处抛弃并杀死病毒! Aaaand we're getting a pretty big shake in Tokyo Truly apocalyptic times we live in.
>>6635 i pic related corona chn being bullied by nigger zogbot ?
>>6630 China petitions to have toss the toddler made into an Olympic sport
10 000 INFECTED NOW, 10 000 MORE SOON 213 DED 187 CURED
>>6639 post archived source or you get a paddling
>>6617 >Oh my cat, that never leaves my apartment else my neighbours would eat it, has been exposed to the virus and will spread it to me >better throw it out the window so it can expose its fluids all over the pavement outside my apartment
>>6639 Keep in mind those are (((official))) numbers. Actual numbger of infected in the Hundred Acres must be numbering over 100k by now.
>>6642 they might have been persuaded
>>6645 These people obviously live on at least the 4th floor. There’s no where to let cats out and most people don’t take their cats for walks so there’s 0 chance they would be exposed to the virus anyways because they never leave the house. If they took more than 2 seconds to think about it then they’d have realized. But the Chinese don’t have feelings and are literal subhuman bug people.
>>6646 >But the Chinese don’t have feelings and are literal subhuman bug people. adding what o said ust before that they simply thrown them out the windows without any second thought, they heard the rumor, said mybe why not, took the cat end threw it out while watching it trying to fly until it start a new life in egypt.
>>6647 Right, they read some shit online from a person they’ve never even met or heard of before and instead of even trying to research what they read on social media, they believe it and stand up walk into the best room pick up their animal they’ve taken care of and lived with for probably a few years and just throw it out the window. I only hope India invades soon to kill even more chinks and quicken their collapse. Rape of Nanjing didn’t happen but it should have.
>>6646 >>6647 This. Chinks are absolutely subhuman. Even if you were retarded enough to fall for a fucking 14th century meme about cats spreading the plague, if you had even a bit of empathy for your own goddamn pet, you'd spend the 2 minutes necessary to search the internet over whether there's a way to tell if your pet is infected (has symptoms or similar) or not and would have learned that it's all total bullshit in the process. But they didn't. The just grabbed their pet and chucked it out the window without a second thought, probably just because they saw their neighbours do it too.
>>6650 I bet they'll keep doing it after the government tells them it's bullshit, too. Since you can't just face your kid and go "Yeah, I killed our dog because I'm a total retard that falls for unsubstantiated rumors." No, he'll instead insist that what he did was totally necessary, that pets spread the plague, and that unless the neighbour chucks his pet out the window too, he'll kill it himself since it's endangering everyone.
>>6647 Worse, the CCP deliberately aids the spread of these rumors when they're not the ones posting them in order to keep the peasantry entertained with simple pleasant solutions in accordance with traditional chinese "values", in all likelihood bugmen are killing their pets and posting it on the Internet to gain fat social score for being an upstanding citizen fighting anti-government lies and rumors spread by criminals who seek to disrupt the social harmony of China itself.
>>6651 >Wuhan experiences huge decrease in food sales as residents scavenge free meat everyday off their sidewalks
>>6652 i tried so hard to find where you were going to start joking but i got too far and in the end it doesn't even matter :^)
>>6653 >CCP closes wet markets after enough dead pets are lying on streets for fellow bugs to consume >WHO congratulates them on their unparalled professionalism in the face of crisis, meanwhile the Chink army starts rerouting water supply to Wuhan and other quarantined cities into closed loops >they insert untested chemical agents into quarantined tap water, kill 30 million Chinks and cause widespread crop failure due to faulty pipelines leaking shit into groundwater and rivers >As food supply networks across China gradually collapse with insufficient imports due to worldwide economic recession Chink soldiers are forced to eat random peasants capitalist spies or get food from black wet markets >sleeper Strelok posts on Weibo that having animal drink from river near affected areas then eating animal will make China strong >Another 30 million Chinks die from eating poisoned carrion >Corona-chan almost succumbs to a strategic CCP victory but the bug-to-bug cannibalism gets out of hand and she returns with Salmonella-tan, Ebola-chan and Cholera-san in tow to plunge what's left of the People's Republic of China into complete anarchy >US strongly condemns the Iranian nuclear strike on Tel Aviv as pro-CSA forces capture a strategic mound 8km from Washington DC, surrounding yet another Canadian observation post in the process
What gas masks and respirators should we be buying? Remember not to buy or use surplus as there's a chance they're expired by now. >Israeli M15 >Czech CM4 >American M40 and M50 >3M 6000 series >3M P100 >Eclipse P100
>>6627 http://archive.is/tEgpt Fears about corona Chan might cause a recession and the oil sector is about to enter a bear market
>>6661 Corona hasn't killed enough or caused enough disruption other than to cause a slight bump in outgoings. It'll have to be Spanish Flu tier to cause true problems and even then it'll cause a massive bounce back if true.
118-142 international cases now since yesterday, holy crap. Day's barely halfway done. Sixth case in the US was person-to-person, with another 21 being monitored in Illinois. http://archive.is/FHecI
>>6664 Have they started the fire?
>>6631 Terry was too good for this world.
>>6662 Corona doesn’t necessarily need to kill thousands of people before it starts doing damage. 50 million Chinese are under quarantine right now with roads being blocked off. That’s 50 million people who aren’t buying/selling goods and adding to the economy. The world will eventually start to feel that if they haven’t already. And the fear from it spreading alone can cause markets to crash even if the disease is actually minor. Stocks across the board are falling right now and it may be they keep falling as corona spreads.
>>6669 Yeah but that's 50 million in a country with a population of 1.5 billion.
Open file (984.60 KB 730x867 wisdom of confucius.png)
>>6644 >>6639 I've been taught by /k/ to replace any number of "stationed troops" anywhere by any country by double the official amount + three times the official amount in mercenaries / local militias / PMCs. Should we assume that in the case of China anything bad must be multiplied by a hundred? >>6635 Big tits and no ass will fill your hand, but big ass with no tits will fill your heart
>>6670 That's 3,3% of the population, and that does matter. You also have to remember that it's in the middle of their railway network, and that a chink cityfag does mean more money than a chink dirtfarmer. You also have to keep in mind all the factories that aren't producing, all the markets that aren't selling batmeat, all the power not being used. And even if we just ignore how they might run out of food and supplies, they are forced to sit at home and burn through their savings. Such things have a cascading effect.
Open file (218.00 KB 500x501 ded-chinks1.png)
>>6674 50 million is about .03% of 1.5 billion.
>>6680 >1 500 000 000/100=15 000 000 >50 000 000/15 000 000=3,333333333 Are you an American?
Open file (88.47 KB 261x294 Failure.png)
>>6680 Learn how to use a calculator. .03% of 1.5 billion is 4,500,000. 3% is 45,000,000.
Open file (102.05 KB 600x799 shart-the-challenge1.jpg)
>>6680 Are you the Rétard?
>>6680 anon, by dividing 50 million by 1.5 billion, you do not get the percentage. You forgot to multiply the result by a hundred.
Open file (1.48 MB 690x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6680 >I need no fancy maths!
>>6683 >rétard are you le baguette ?
https://invidio.us/watch?&v=7AI3R41dGnU A few highlights, because there is nobody else to do it. Mind you, I'm a bit tired, English is not my first language, and I don't speak bug, so I can only rely on the subtitles here. Also, I write this while I'm watching the video, so I might be Julay's foremost jewtuber /k/ommentator. >the people building that hospital were so overworked they spoke about dying for Wuhan >the people's glorious government begged the people for additional supplies >they most likely arrested a few doctors for spreading rumours >taxi drivers had rumours about the disease in mid-December, they even knew that the market is where most people got sick >apparently bureaucrats came to the conclusion that people who were speaking about SARS only committed a light offence, but those who suggested that it was some kind of a new disease were traitors to the motherland >hospitals aren't overcrowded mostly because there aren't enough ambulances and taxis to bring people to the hospitals, and Wuhan is a big place (UUUU) with some big rivers dividing it into different neighbourhoods >apparently there was a weird policy about reserving 4 taxis per neighbourhood, even though a neighbourhood might have tens to hundreds of thousands of people living there >they were saying that those taxis were needed to carry unspecified ˝emergency goods˝ >taxi drivers had to buy their own suits and masks >some say hospitals shooed away patients because some bighead was visiting to show that everything is arr righty After around 11:00 you can see footage of what's going on inside a hospital. I suggest at least watch from that point on. >meds do nothing, people were coughing for days despite them >if I understand correctly, even people who were clearly infected were labelled as suspected cases and sent from a hospital to an other one, only to be sent to an other hospital yet again (my guess is that they made them go around to decrease the number of patients actually in the hospital) >in one of the hospitals there were beds even in the hallways >60-70% of patients were inhaling pressurized oxygen for some reason >THEY DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TEST KITS, SO THEY ARE FORCED TO USE THEM ONLY WHEN IT'S ALREADY BLATANTLY OBVIOUS THAT THEIR LUNGS ARE FILLED WITH LOVE ANYWAY! >they got at least 10 000 test kits from one place but that means a few hundred for a hospital responsible for tens of thousands of people >he saw patients even on the streets around the hospital >bit of rambling about Japs and how CCTV reporters were better off than him >looks like there isn't a single non-commie approved reporter in Wuhan, expect him, but he's not a professional journalist >22:38 Is he okay? >one of the symptoms is diarrhoea >law enforcement is slowly moving to get him, he wants to keep reporting >NOT AFRAID OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY! All in all, it seems to be a general breakdown.
Open file (77.80 KB 691x616 HIV corona.jpg)
keep making fun of it.
>>6685 t. city slicker
>>6687 Also, keep following this channel. https://invidio.us/watch?v=S6-51_J8Qfw >Now, in Wuhan, patients must report to "community offices" for medical treatment. These "community offices" must report then to the district and to the local hospital. Most patients' efforts to get treatment are thwarted at the community level. >>6688 So it's SAIDRS?
>>6600 Can cats and dogs even carry the virus?
Open file (99.85 KB 746x595 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (314.00 KB 740x663 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6688 https://twitter.com/The_Dr_Caveman/status/1223379889560092673 I know exactly fuck about viruses, but here's some counter arguments.
Open file (146.82 KB 1916x562 corona france.png)
Open file (1.86 MB 920x2064 corona pass.png)
Open file (548.50 KB 872x456 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.85 MB 1850x877 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6693 That hospital is fucking huge. Anyone familiar with France? Specifically where the muslims are. Hotel marking is it's location.
They are maxing out the recovery stat to match the dead one for good figure. 9924 confirmed 213 dead 222 recovered ALLEGEDLY
>>6687 use youtube-dl, don't let it die
zerohedge banned from twitter after talking about corona test accuracy unknown, and ties to HIV >>6695 >moar ded than recover! no good, rerease more peopur! CHINA NUMBAH WON They're going to put corpses on strings before this is over.
Open file (1.06 MB 498x273 clappy whore.gif)
case number 7 in the USA, third one for Cali. http://archive.is/wip/FGby9
>>6699 it wasn't around the hospital i fucked up, look at >>6701
Open file (969.51 KB 1139x646 heredenigger.png)
>>6694 here a map of the niggers
>>6703 Thanks honanon. If that hospital post is true, shit could easily go wild. Stay safe Strelok.
>>6661 It is there due to the planned economic depression not the other way around.
Open file (423.79 KB 672x513 heredenigger.png)
>>6704 another map
>>6692 >It's not the ____ >It's not the ____ >It's not the ____ >It's not the ____ >It's not the ____ Why did the chinks start using HIV drugs on multiple patients? https://archive.is/0WRbU Why are chinks dying from secondary infections like AIDS FAGGOTS. Why is the German who survived still virulent?
>>6708 And why does this fucking site post randomly as you're typing?
>>6709 ctrl+v+enter ctrl+enter
Open file (94.85 KB 672x911 1580408465277.jpg)
BNO numbers: 11,791 infected 259 dead 243 recovered gisanddata: 9,925 infected, 213 dead 222 recovered Notable gisand #s: Hubei (Wuhan) is 204 dead, 141 recovered. Zhejiang and Guangdong listed as 0 dead, 25 total recovered. Wonder if real numbers will ever come out. BNO actually sources their shit https://bnonews.com/index.php/2020/01/the-latest-coronavirus-cases/
>>6711 >pic related is this peak chadness ?
>>6708 I'm posting info, not taking a stance. Calm down, have a fermented jew with me, and let's celebrate death.
>>6711 >>6712 I honestly feel bad for this chink tbh. "A single death is a tragedy, but a million is merely a statistic", I suppose.
>>6714 Doubt it's real, asians are perverts.
Open file (104.24 KB 1440x1077 [screams geometrically].jpg)
>>6681 >>6682 >>6683 >>6684 >>6685 >tfw you did multiply by 100 but accidentally added an extra zero to the 1.5 billion god fucking dammit
>>6716 It's okay, fellow burger. I'm not too good with math either.
Open file (694.50 KB 472x360 jewish-cadillac1.gif)
>>6582 >What is shingles Fucking painful.
>>6706 France doesn't look in good shape itself.
>>6719 no u >:(
>>6705 I was wondering if that was the case earlier today. The chinese chose all the worst parts of capitalism, communism, and authoritarianism and jammed them together, much the same way as western powers seem to have used all existing distopian novels as instruction manuals. They had a narrow economic path to follow with their command economy, between pacifying their population and not jewing the rest of the world hard enough to react. Remember that ghost cities were a thing before the trade war. I have no evidence that this is the case but it is believable that the ccp would release a biological agent to take the blame for the imminent collapse just to save face and stay in power. If they already have the cure they can be the saviors too. Just think of all the five year plans they could implement for the recovery.
>>6688 >not peer reviewed >carried out by pooniggers I would take that paper with a grain of salt.
>>6718 I get the joke, but my autism demands I respond to you. Shingles is mutated chicken pox anon.
>>6548 >Only Wuhan area is really getting reported on I can only assume China's policy is to make it look like their late containment of Wuhan is "working". There has to be chinks in the rest of China getting sick and dying and yet there hasn't been an increase in the outside Wuhan areas deaths despite some areas having 200 infected.
Open file (117.62 KB 499x501 1550438610235.jpg)
US anon here. I have a light suspension I might have it. >Landed in LAX on the 16th >went through customs with a bunch of Chinese >light fever 12 days later >the 29th get blood tested >that day feel faint, taste of blood in mouth, dry heaving and coughing >Today, fever and scratchy throat worsened but feel alright went on a run and felt good Came into contact with 12 people in that time. Most likely paranoia and took the appropriate measures for my suspicion. Will update if things escalate, but most likely a 'nothingburger' Anyway to contribute to the tread in a shit way. if this asymptomatic but infectious for a 14 day period I think the numbers are going to skyrocket my 'case" shows.
>>6726 you probably have hypochondria but if you still feel shit still go to the doctor
>>6726 I wouldn't worry about it. Just going through :AX will get you sick but it's very doubtfully Corona virus. Sunlight and hydration are your friends though, anon.
>>6726 Want to clear yourself up and not be sick? Same goes for other anons. Mix up some garlic, kimchi, carolina reaper peppers, and rectified spirits (or everclear) into a soup and chug it down. You won’t get sick and whatever sick you do have will burn right out of you. You just have to deal with nightmarish shits later.
>>6727 >>6728 >>6730 I didn't ask for these (you)s
>>6731 >write borderline blogpost >don't respond to me Not those guys, but wut? (you)
>>6732 >coronavirus transmission methods include replying to posts of infected persons
>>6733 But anon, that means you have it now too.
Open file (8.36 KB 387x247 title.png)
>>6734 >only weakens my immune system letting the other filiovirus sisters show up for some fun These are the kind of refugees I'm okay with
>>6733 Frow anon out windor!
>>6740 1 point if you land on catto or doggo 5 points if you hit car 10 points if you hit old lady!
>>6688 heiled >AIDS this is the poo behind that study twitter.com/asrayagiriraj some scientist who talked about the stuff twitter.com/DrEricDing a fuckload of "experts" on twatter jumped on both of them for this but they are all political hacks of the reddit/muh drumpf variety. Not sure if they can be trusted >>6708 >Why did the chinks start using HIV drugs on multiple patients? nCoV's a virus and these are anti-viral drugs which work. they don't really fight the virus but the symptoms. no mystery here >Why are chinks dying from secondary infections like AIDS AIDS is not a secondary infection, it causes those. HIVers don't die from AIDS, they die because of their weakened immune system from simple diseases like, guess what, pneumonia Kind of the same mechanism as with nCoV which weakens the immune system also. >Why is the German who survived still virulent? cause members of the masterrace are born to exterminate, simple as
Open file (80.32 KB 176x168 vSyGfgpXPq.png)
>>6726 >took the appropriate measures >went on a run
>>6712 I don't think so, it's more like a slutty girl being slutty. What I'm more confused by is the hiragana in the girl's name.
>>6745 >>Why are chinks dying from secondary infections like AIDS >AIDS is not a secondary infection, it causes those. Methinks the ˝like AIDS˝ part is supposed to mean that chinks with coronavirus are dying from secondary infections the same way people fags with AIDS do; not that AIDS is one of those secondary infections that are infecting chinks with coromavirus.
>>6726 I’m traveling Europe and was in Brussels airport a week ago, and there were lots of chink tourists but I haven’t had any contact with them besides walking past in the streets. I just started coughing yesterday and it’s fairly bad. However I also smoked a fucking lot compared to what I normally do in my last city for ~4 days and that may also be it. But I feel slightly feverish, too but that could be placebo. If I a sick who wants me to visit their capitals and infect as many people as I can to help a collapse?
Open file (69.97 KB 250x443 alice1_insane_child.png)
>Australia is on fire >chinkland has chronic shortage of masks >CIA plane crashed in the Middle East Why didn't we banepost so good?
>>6751 We smol guy
>>6751 Forgot about the influx of hired guns in Libya
>>6755 Their loyalty is questionable though.
>>6757 Hired gun are not hired for theyre loyalty no.
>>6750 You should start checking off your bucketlist anon. Go see all those places you've always wanted to see. I've heard Tel Aviv is nice this time of year.
http://archive.is/Xs4Eq >HONG KONG—Chinese authorities announced Saturday a recurrence of avian influenza in chickens in central China, adding fresh economic concerns for a country reeling from an outbreak of coronavirus that has sickened nearly 12,000 people since it emerged in December. >she got to bring friends
Open file (1.18 MB 675x5066 O9lrZJO.jpg)
Remarks on the effectiveness of these respiratory devices /k/?
So is it possible the Chinese government really did orchestrate this to distract its population from the HK revolt? Or possibly to reduce their out of control population growth?
>>6765 For preventing yourself from catching the disease they probably aren't super effective. But they should be warn regardless since they'll do a decent job of preventing people from spreading it. Which is why when (((they))) go on about how useless respirators are for preventing catching it it's really concerning. New outlets and doctors aren't even mentioning how insanely good it is to have mass populations preventing their coughs from just flying right into the open air. All they'll say is >oy vey the masks won't protect you from catching it so there's no point in even bothering with them.. Sketchy as fuck how many weird narratives are being pushed that all seem to point towards them WANTING people to spread disease. Honestly there should be a list made of any journo's pushing these weird ideas and once a few million people die from this they should be thrown into a room with the dying ill without any protection and left to rot.
>>6751 One more thing: >getting caught again and again is the very master plan of Corona-chan
Open file (300.71 KB 717x1359 krieg_officer.jpg)
Open file (171.22 KB 535x933 krieg_grenadier.jpg)
Open file (132.19 KB 441x1087 Krieg_Soldat.jpg)
>>6765 That goes into my /bane/ folder. Also, if I had much more money I'd unironically start cosplaying as a Krieger, just with a real gas mask.
>>6764 >mega corps closing doors in China left and right >it’s only 12 grand and recovery rate is high, believe us! I have no idea what they are attempting to accomplish with this stratagem. Might have been believable before, no way it’ll fly now with international businesses pulling out of the largest potential market on earth.
>>6770 It probably really is 12 grand, keyword, CONFIRMED cases. A case is only confirmed when someone goes, picks a sample, sends it to a specialized lab that can be in a different city entirely, and has it tested. Such labs tend to have limited capacity, and when the hospital staff is is unable to even carry out the dead, I doubt they'd waste time taking samples. In the last couple days, the number of official infected rose fairly linearly, by about 2k each day. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the total capacity for testing the chinese have for pathogens is somewhere about that number (let's say 3 or 4k, since not every sample sent will actually be positive on the corona virus). The docs in the hospital may know it is corona virus killing everyone, but since it wasn't actually tested, they'll just write down "died of viral pneumonia" and it won't be counted, since technically, the stiff wasn't confirmed to have the disease. So yeah, it's quite possible that China is being perfectly honest with the number of confirmed cases. The thing is, the information value of that numer is zero.
>>6769 Apparently someone recently got kicked off a flight for doing just that. I'll post a link when I get a good source
http://archive.is/BN0gl What the bastard shit is this now? >https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/press-briefing-members-presidents-coronavirus-task-force/ >You know, remember back with Ebola? Ebola doesn’t get transmitted unless you’re actively very ill, and you know that. It’s very, very clear. When you can transmit a virus at a time when you’re asymptomatic, that just puts that extra burden on screening. And as a lot of people come in, it’s going to be very difficult. >Q Dr. Fauci, can I follow up on that? I — just what he was just saying. Given that Germany data that you just cited, are the 195 people being quarantined right now — are they getting tested every day for coronavirus? >SECRETARY AZAR: Let’s ask Dr. Redfield to describe their care. >DR. REDFIELD: Clearly, they’re all isolated and will be for the 14 days. We have done virus isolation, but I want to be clear: The current tests that we developed at CDC is not — we’re not sure of the natural history of how the virus is isolated. Can you isolate it one day, then three days later you can’t? And we are seeing — in the cases that are in the hospital, we’ve seen people who had detectable virus, then they didn’t have detectable virus, and then three days later they had detectable virus. We’re using the virus cultures right now in these individuals more to help us learn about this virus. How much asymptomatic carriage, in fact, is there? So I want people to understand that distinction. We’re not using it as a release criteria because we don’t know the natural history of how this virus is secreted, and this is what we’re continuing to learn. > The current tests that we developed at CDC is not — we’re not sure of the natural history of how the virus is isolated. Can you isolate it one day, then three days later you can’t? And we are seeing — in the cases that are in the hospital, we’ve seen people who had detectable virus, then they didn’t have detectable virus, and then three days later they had detectable virus. Basically, Dr. Redfield is saying either that one ought to impregnate mr president's family members or that CDC has no way of reliably detecting infected cases.
>>6773 http://archive.fo/l8lmF Best source I could find
Open file (156.52 KB 1200x789 art_gallery.jpg)
>>6777 >masked man on a plane No wonder they were panicking.
Open file (26.96 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>6772 >>6774 Confirmation from Hubei Provincial Government Press Conference: https://invidio.us/watch?v=zbn8KBoHFOw >They can only make 400 tests (locally) PER DAY. (12:22) >Incubation time is up to 2 WEEKS. >They lack resources. >"The suspected cases are ALMOST confirmed cases" but they lack proper test results / they can't test them (45:00) >Numbers will be increasing soon due to new shipments of testing kits >In addition, SUSPECTED CASES HAVE/ARE AT PNEUMONIA STAGE ALREADY. >THEY HAVE TO TEST PATIENTS TWO TIMES AT LEAST TO AVOID FALSE NEGATIVES. >The second most affected city lacks resources too. CHINA NOW ASKING EU FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL SUPPLIES https://invidio.us/watch?v=B87HKrPkFV4 WHITE PEOPLE HELP
>>6780 The less chinks the better
>>6780 So yeah. Chinks have been being perfectly honest with the numbers, except the numbers are worthless.
https://invidio.us/watch?v=IhgtRhWh240 CHEN IS BACK! Also check the channel again, those short videos are fun. >start with a visit to an infected family >he's been confirmed since january 23 and still at home at 31 due to a lack of beds >84 years old mother died, still not cremated >then what follows is basically a recap of the situation, tl;dr is that there is still not enough of anything and people are dying at home >˝loudest baby gets the milk˝ is a chink saying, it might be true that people who are publicly complaining and have connections get beds easier >people who didn't get beds want to speak, people who already have beds don't want to give interviews >methinks they might get kicked out if they say something not so nice about the situation >he goes on about direct and indirect evidence, the point is that he doesn't have any direct evidence saying that it's all FUBAR, but more than enough indirect evidence >not that we needed his confirmation here, but he wants to convince his fellow chinks and normalfags >they have to wait for the vans that bring the bodies to the crematorium so much that there were 3 corpses in the hallway of one of the hospitals >fake news 1: Japan didn't send a medical team to China >fake news 2: there aren't empty body bags next to crematoriums, because they burn them with the bodies >he says the virus isn't too hard for younger people, if he gets sick he will try to get through it without taking up Wuhan's already limited medical resources >in the end he likens the situation to a chaotic war I'd say that's the gist of the video. Nothing really new, but it was worth a watch.
>>6783 >>he says the virus isn't too hard for younger people what is the definition of younger people here ? 10+ -30 15+ -30 20+ -40 what is too young also ?
https://mobile.twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1223664578703319041?p=p >Another R0 paper on #coronavirus comes from scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences🔬🧪—before sharing their R0 value, PLEASE do not engage in negative/conspiracy manner. We need to be very cautious of pre-pubs, given it’s not peer reviewed yet. So let’s thread lightly: >The authors report an R0=4.08. They made many assumptions; and did some simulations, and still got the ~4.08 approximate value. >they also found their models suggest potentially earlier epidemic start date around Dec 1-15th fit their results the best. This is actually consistent with other previous @NEJM study that had indeed confirmed this in their figure 1 >Finally, the authors estimated a fatality rate of the coronavirus to be around 6.5% (deaths so far mostly from Wuhan). They also provide comparisons to SARS, and forecasting into the future (very unpredictable - don’t rely on these alone, as others have different forecasts) >Re-emphasizing, this study’s not peer reviewed yet, and it’s odd their models show SARS mortality to be lower than the consensus ~10%. Thus, one should be skeptical of many parts of the analysis, especially for mortality forecasting. tl;dr R0 = 4.08 fatality rate ~ 6.5% study suggests outbreak can be controlled, i.e. brought to R0 below 1 by reducing infectious period to 2.3 days, which is code for quarantine.
Open file (5.10 MB 640x360 niggercattle.mp4)
>>6785 and what the fuck does R0 = 4.08 even mean for Niggercattle like me ?
>>6786 R0 means basically the number of people an infected person infects further, over 1 and the infection spreads R0= 4.08 means one chink infects four others see the article for comparisons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R_naught
>job interview >Mr. Strelok, where do you see yourself in six months? >mfw
>>6787 thanks you kind CIA handler.
Open file (97.85 KB 687x767 156211848224.jpg)
>>6788 That honestly looks like something you'd see in GTA Online. Are they armed doctors, or policemen/soldiers kitted out for the infection?
>>6778 He didn't even wear a filter. >>6788 Are those Doctors with guns?
>>6780 >McDonalds, Apple closing all their stores >Beijing shutting down non-essential services and businesses Are we on the verge of anuddah economic recession but a real one this time?
>>6789 >based Rhodesia thumbsup.jpg >>6785 adding to these lulzy stats the Spanish flu of 1918-19 had an R0 of about 2-3 and infected half a billion people, killing at least 50, some say up to 100 (three to five percent of Earth's population at the time) fatality rate ranged from 0.3 to well above 2.5% well, go figure
>>6795 my suggestion was a match in context of snorting cocain with whiskey while ramming a federal building.
>>6791 not the army or you would see them wearing complete icbN something i forgot the letters, to me it look like a police officer or some kind of hierachical authority followed by clearly two doctors.
Open file (28.74 KB 450x450 c43.jpg)
>>6795 >Those fucking comments
>>6791 >>6792 Armed medical service staff, if you dare to believe twitter. But I doubt it. Too sloppy to be finicky chink police though.
>>6800 there's another video of them on cuck and they come with a police car, one of the blue clad guys readies his handgun by himself so I doubt he's an ordinary doctor. Dont know if doctors have to spent army time over there, tho
>>6799 >Gaming With Josh When people infected in wuhan try to break out of the pocket 1 week ago | [YT] | 276 haha thumbs up
>>6798 It's CBRN Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear I don't know what the difference is between radiological and nuclear.
>>6794 source?
>>6770 >Companies wouldn't leave China even when their ip/info were stolen and they had to scrape to the floor for commies >Corona-Chan is saving them all by forcing them out anyway Sure all the retards will cry the China market is ruined, but it was a monkey's paw that was censoring and ruining companies anyhow.
Open file (278.97 KB 1080x1080 china-outbreak-response.jpg)
>>6808 On that note, Worst Koreans stopped manufacturing certain car models because too many parts were sourced from China, and now they simply can't get them. And many tech companies have factories in Hubei, that are obviously not working. If this keep going on, then goyphones are first going to get more expensive as people are buying up the remaining stock, then they won't be available until they either reopen those factories or build new ones elsewhere. If they go with the later, then goyphones are going to be more expensive, because those new factories won't be free. The other alternative is to keep selling them for the same price, and accept some losses, but then their stocks will plummet. And the stock market is a strange voodoo ritual where plummeting stocks mean the end of the world.
Open file (46.78 KB 410x385 1344136162.jpg)
>>6806 nuclear is a big kaboom + radiation, radiological is just radiation whether theres a kaboom or not
Open file (73.66 KB 989x679 1565305226974-0.gif)
>>6797 Drugs arnt cool anon. They are for degenerates.
>>6810 When will we see great Chinese medicine suppressing Corona-chan deaths to 0 because everyone that has it does of lead poisoning?
>>6811 So when the US Army buries a bunch of depleted uranium rounds in some desert shithole and then builds a barracks on top of the dump site for some godforsaken reason that would be considered a radiological scenario?
>>6814 dunno but a dirty bomb would be a re radiological threat scenario.
Open file (4.80 KB 126x126 1540263073228.jpg)
>>6810 >And the stock market is a strange voodoo ritual where plummeting stocks mean the end of the world. Kek, I wouldn't be surprised if that was actually true at this point.
Open file (286.08 KB 643x620 1576703953110.png)
Weren't here plenty more replies in this thread? Am I glitching out? >>6794 At this point the smartest thing any self proclaimed nation should do is giving subsidies to industrialists and small business owners to find a way to replace the gaping hole that the Chinese manufacturing industry left thanks to the virus. Clothing is already handled by Vietnam and Bangladesh, but stuff like electronics needs to be outsourced immediately to an European nation if the market wishes to stay relevant. I know people will go "muh rare earth" but Brazil, Australia and African shitholes exist and they can give out the materials to keep the industry going as long as none of it is sold to the Chinese. >>6780 I've been to the city tonight and I can testify that the paranoia runs deep: all Chinese businesses are shut down or completely devoid of customers, almost no Chinese or Asian in sight (blacks and muslims are still all over the place though), big places like malls or theaters are lightly populated, prices are slowly raising. We're getting all the frogs in a nice hot bath and slowly turning on the heat... My guess is that within the mid of February the economy will come to a grinding halt and by the end of it we'll see actual protesting in China for the first time since Tienanmen Square. >>6808 Exactly, the only problem right now is that either the world makes the same mistake by handing all the cheap labor biz to India (SUPER POWER BY 2020) or we finally go back to the National Supremacy era where countries were actually competing with each other to manufacture the best of the best. The problem isn't so much with individual companies but the fact that the Chink laws have much more loose regulations on what counts as humane working conditions or safety standards, so Bayer and Nestle and friends can manufacture as much shit as they want. >>6810 I'm okay with this. Goyphones being cheap is what led to this many retards onto the internet. If they became more expensive overnight, you'd see a sudden decrease in third worlders and phoneposters. I really want to go back to the times when tech was made of expensive but high performing junk. I've got a 1998 IBM computer that to this day refuses to give up and die, so we just use it for accounting and old games. >And the stock market is a strange voodoo ritual where plummeting stocks mean the end of the world. Theoretically, if Globalism truly worked, investors would steadily pull out of China and into developing nations and safe bets like American or Japanese companies. Since Globalism + Laissez Faire Capitalism = Neo Corporate Feudalism, you can expect the Chinese literally dragging the world economy to the grave with them.
>>6819 >replies It's a new thread
>>6812 Daydreaming is all i have when you're a neet in a bunker waiting for the boogaloo. >>6819 >Weren't here plenty more replies in this thread? Am I glitching out? Last thread was touching the 600 replies, you can find the highlighted post from it in the OP of this thread.
Have the Africans yet turned on their chink "pals" since the chinks are more or less carriers of a disease on par with ebola?
>>6827 Oh, I don't know. If the rampant AIDS haven't finished them off, I don't know what more corona-chan could do to them. Can sure hope though.
Some Russian kid trying to escape from China to get back to Russia while streaming it live. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzmbiUyu7eo
FIRST DEATH OUTSIDE CHINA A 44 year old Philippine man has the honor of being the first to die from Corona-chan outside China. https://archive.is/MzxF3
Open file (2.86 MB 540x302 pagpag.webm)
>>6834 strongest race in the world
>>6829 >misses train because his retarded ass was too busy streaming He would have probably brought the virus back to Russia if he had escaped.
>>6836 Anyone got that old thread about some Filipino or Indonesian slum family dying/getting sick after eating human cancer tumours and other medical nasties disposed illegally at one of those slum landfills?
Tell you what, at times like this it feels real good to not be an internationalist who thinks everywhere but home is better. Get to camp out with a thermos of water and the compy watching the world burn, it's good times.
>>6820 >>6824 No, somehow the thread glitched out on me and I could only see the OP and posts made after a certain hour. It got fixed once I reloaded. >>6827 They already have. I've seen news footage from Cameroon and Nigeria where chink shops were killing local mom and 23 pops' stores and Chinese had to be escorted by police or private security around town.
>>6836 Jesus fuck, I’m never eating anything I don’t cook myself if I ever go to Asia. >Chink toilet oil >Flip trash meat >Pajeet fried cow shit and human shit traces in all other foods >Gook (Korean) dog meat At least niggers are sanitary when they eat the raw heart of their enemy, or bake a dirt pancake to eat.
Open file (5.05 MB 640x360 Sudan.webm)
>>6841 This, but unironically
Open file (314.07 KB 489x786 1575969198794.png)
>>6842 >>6841 Being white is a strange kind of feels.
>>6841 I am sure there is absolutely nothing wrong with this in the continent with the higest rates of HIV among other bloodborne pathogens.
Just realized if memes come true and industry does grind to a halt how is the West manufacturing going to survive?
Open file (190.94 KB 619x490 enjoytheride.jpg)
>>6785 >>6787 >CFR ~ 6.5% Threadly reminder, if this turns out to be true it means we have the highest possible level of the PSI (Pandemic severity index). In a scenario where the disease would run its course - absolutely unchecked – we could expect about 30% of people to be infected. World (pop.: 7.8 billion) 2.3 billion infected 0.5 billion of them dead by the end of the year China (pop.: 1.4 billion) 0.5 billion infected 90 million dead USA (pop.: 0.3 billion) 0.1 billion infected 20 million dead >>6845 >will the shekels still flow t. jew
>>6845 Indeed, how could Western manufacturing survive if its biggest competition suddenly disappeared and forced Western manufacturing to grow bigger than ever before to make up for the lack of China?
Corona-chan is the final solution made by the kikes for the chink question in order to eliminate the bugmen and theyr industry to reinforce western kike bank and muddle whitepeopo easizr
Open file (3.42 MB 640x480 ebolachanwebm.webm)
>>6848 Is this post being made ironically? I can't tell anymore. video semi-related
>>6845 Either by switching to anti-semitic domestic manufacturing with factories manned by refugees in fact of course or moving their shit to somewhere that isn't China Huemerica, Superpooper by 2020 or perhaps South Africa if niggers rediscover their ancient Egyptian heritage. Couldn't Jews use this to their advantage and turn Israel into Singapore 2.0?
>>6841 Only the Japanese and Muslims are unaffected by this. Muslims are clean freaks and Pakistani keep flexing on India about it. >>6843 What about Scott Joplin?
>>6845 Finding alternative solutions to rare-earth rich objects and relocating their manufacturing to another shithole like India most likely. My biggest issue right now is that no country is trying to create more industry for objects that come exclusively out of China such as low end electronics and plastic trinkets. >>6850 They already are the Singapore of the West, but they're competing with Dubai which is not under constant threat of terrorism and there's way less Jews in there.
>>6733 Don't worry guys, Pepe got this.
>>6853 >Only the Japanese Never tried to eat natto before, have you?
>>6861 Are you a qoomer?
>>6863 >I never thought this would happen in a socialist country
Open file (9.53 KB 115x118 1446526440484.gif)
>>6863 Are you really calling me a Q boomer for just posting a funny puppet video? Did you even check the post I was replying to?
>>6862 But anon, don't you know that Natto is full of Vitamin /k/. Don't mind the stink, it's nothing compared to the horrors of the 60 billion Japanese raped by the two nuclear holocaust bombs. Ara~ara~ I myself was given an unhealthy dose of radiation, and it gave me the most terrible case of Epididymitis. >inb4 japanese internet defence force I mean, if you think about it, cheese follows the same process, and some cheeses literally have mold and fungus growing in it, but you don't hear people complaining, hell I don't. Maybe lactose intolerant negros complain, but they don't really matter.
>>6866 I was going to shitpost back at you, but I'm just too impressed by your top-tier shitposting. >Gib reparations, gaijin. Ara~ara, I myself was nuked over 60 quadrillion times!
>>6829 Fuck, it got taken down. Anyone saved a copy?
>>6861 Facebook and discord (FED) are that way.
Open file (34.87 KB 750x644 funslayer.jpg)
>>6869 I was just trying to bring more humor to the thread, Jesus Christ man.
>>6870 Lurk moar
>>6863 >I'm infected with the worst, deadliest pathogen my "beloved" country has ever seen >What do >Oh I know, I'll jump straight into the water and taint it with my infected bugman blood What the fuck is wrong with the chinese?
>>6870 >redditnigger walks in with redditnigger tier memes (this >>6865 included) >complains when people tell him to fuck off Also: >I was just trying to bring more humor to the thread Please explain how a retarded Pepe video is more humorous than the potential for millions of chinks to die and the collapse of their country along with global economic depression and potentially the loss of more than 5% of earths population?
>>6872 He jumped off a bridge onto a road
>>6873 >the potential for millions of chinks to die Here's hoping it spreads to India.
>>6874 Even then, he's splattering his blood everywhere and leaving a bloated infected corpse nobody will bother to clean up. Even the nips have the decency of going to an isolated forest and rope themselves out away from society.
>>6875 Not possible, have you forgotten it’s 2020? For 32 days now India has been a world super power with clean cities, green energy, and technology 20 years further ahead of the rest of the world.
>>6871 I have been using IB's since mid 2014, I'm by no means an oldfag but not a newfag either. >>6873 Okay, I apologize for my behavior. I notice this thread is lacking the link to the live map so I'm going to leave it here as a useful contribution https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
>>6879 If you haven't been around when /g/ was still the guro board you'll always be a newfag.
Open file (355.05 KB 752x755 fuck hat.png)
>>6879 >>6548 Fuck I'm blind
Open file (71.39 KB 960x720 asuka_cosplay.jpg)
>>6876 He did it to end his own suffering, it wasn't some kind of a heroic public service.
Open file (219.71 KB 1296x1374 1577642051367.png)
>>6881 That's a paddle
Open file (645.18 KB 1179x926 Israeli Vaccine.png)
>>6883 >>6884 No, not the paddles! Meanwhile in Israel, Bibi authorizes research on a vaccine.
>>6886 I didn't know they could make "vaccin factory" on demand when we don't even know the extent of funz the chinks created with corona-chan. When will we learn to appreciate the chosen ones. Welp dummy me of course they know the extent, they were working for a vaccin during the last 12 years with the help of that jewish hardvard proffessor, we truly don't deserve them
Open file (66.62 KB 1024x580 new hospital 2.jpg)
Open file (519.14 KB 706x810 New hospital BBC.png)
>>6887 I wonder if the vaccine they are working on is meant to be used only in Israel or if they are going to export it. On other news, that hospital the chinks have been working like madmen to build has finally been completed and will open on monday. Sorry for the accidental sage on my previous post
It looks like even soldiers wear white instead of green. Video from the 26th: https://invidio.us/watch?v=LkXvmxPFLC4
Open file (2.14 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6889 How long until pic related?
Open file (35.55 KB 512x259 unnamed.jpg)
>>6888 >Sorry for the accidental sage on my previous post That's a paddle. Pid related.
14,637 DEAD CHINK 14,880 MORE SOON
Open file (193.02 KB 1439x875 Coronachan_altar.jpeg)
>>6894 >totenkopf flag based strelo/k/
>>6881 >widely hated cuckchan wannabe eceleb >can’t control f >I’ve been on image boards (4chan) since 2014! Just go, you’re digging yourself deeper and deeper trying to prove yourself.
>>6894 Based, will the chinks fall for the black magic meme like nogs and Ebola-chan?
>>6879 >I have been using IB's since mid 2014 Buddy most of us were already so deep in it by that point that we made a move to another IB around those days for some reason or another. >>6886 Those kind of news make me realize time and time again if there is a divine higher power, he definitely doesn't want to come down to see us.
>>6888 (Böhmen Mähren‘d) >chinks build a shoddy hospital in a week >it’s actually a prison >store thousands of infected in it >it collapses with no survivors two days later due to cut corners Is this a part of their plan?
>>6899 (checked) was getting dubs part of your plan? corona-chan didn't get contained so good before, so I guess the next step of their master plan is to crash down their new hospital with no survivors and let the fire rise. >inb4 why would the CCP crash down their prison hospital before starting the fire?
Open file (30.42 KB 531x327 strelok.JPG)
>>6901 >Pic one >Calling the guy a Strelok when witnesses said he didn't even have a filter on
Open file (60.93 KB 640x854 1580658091220.jpg)
Open file (62.17 KB 300x100 BatSoupNBanner.png)
>>6905 thanks, i made a new banner for /n/ out of it. pic related.
>>6901 Why does he wear the mask?
Can't wait until the death count just stops because China doesn't want it to surpass SARS.
>>6909 Corona-chan is already officialy deadlier than SRAS
http://archive.fo/62vPI 3 suspected cases in New York and over 360 dead
>>6911 (inside job’d) As in total deaths or percentage of cases who die?
>>6905 Reminds me of Dudes of Hazmat.
https://archive.fo/qAuJj China will grow large
My idiotic boomer of a dad won't stop giving Winnie the Pooh a blowjob and will go on and on about China's "powerful industry" and "competitive market savvy" and "innovative public works" and so on and so fucking on. Anyone got some lulzy redpills I could use to shut him the fuck up?
Open file (21.94 KB 587x247 nambu.jpg)
>>6923 Do you speak Japanese? Because you should scream about Shina pigdog slaves while playing some nice music in the background. Bonus points if you are holding a katana or a Nambu while doing so. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shina_%28word%29 https://invidio.us/watch?v=XXfp3Fozq6Y
>>6923 Have you tried a few ounces of lead applied directly between the eyes?
>>6925 Just do a march through the remains of Wuhan https://invidio.us/watch?v=7cufG2Dlxvk
>>6923 Send him a ticket to China so he can die an idiot.
Open file (111.68 KB 1024x1002 1580075785717.jpg)
Open file (152.35 KB 1000x541 1573968349427.png)
Open file (1.28 MB 800x1800 ch.png)
Open file (1007.09 KB 1425x4413 angry about chinese.jpg)
>>6923 show him some gutter oil production videos for starters. tell him how shit their grasp of basic hygiene is, and how they use antibiotics for every little flu https://archive.is/cTVmw remember to ask him whether he knows any other ""Civilized"" country where they eat bats also, a bit of history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sino-German_cooperation_(1926%E2%80%931941) and you might find this thread interesting https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/118086430/ (esp. this ---> https://archive.is/WUDiy)
>>6943 >pic 4 Tell me someone in their infinite mercy archived that thread, I've seen that reposted some eight times now and I always get a good laff from something in it.
>>6923 Are you sure anything would shut him up? He sounds like the kind of old idiot that will disregard anything you say because "respect muh elders" > reality.
>>6943 >that webm No wonder the Chink government is forcing their people into diapers
I feel like there is radio silence compared to the previous days. >>6949 What?
>>6943 >tfw India is somehow more hygienic and sanitary than China We live in the weirdest timeline.
>>6951 >India >more hygienic How?
>>6950 If >>6915 turns out to be true I'll report on how fucked things get in the following weeks. Crossing my fingers for 1977 blackout levels fucked.
>>6950 Not the first time and not the last. http://archive.fo/0MfHl http://archive.fo/pmU50 >>6952 Not even the strongest germs can survive Pajeet Poo.
Open file (1.79 MB 356x232 2.webm)
Open file (778.73 KB 448x296 3.webm)
Open file (1.04 MB 480x640 4.webm)
Open file (1.10 MB 308x272 8.webm)
Open file (913.19 KB 480x880 7.webm)
>>6943 >>6952 guess how is the new poo in loo super power now???????
Open file (2.79 MB 990x1484 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6960 How can man withstand such pooper power?
Open file (110.58 KB 799x533 prime_minister.jpg)
>tfw Finnish >Sweden "evacuates" people from Wuhan by flying them in and not putting them into quarantine >Finnish health services are downplaying this epidemic as much as they can, they even say that wearing a mask is pointless. Their plan is basically wait and see without doing anything. >Our medical stock piles are not particularly large, and we have fewer ICUs than the European average. >Meanwhile our government lead by an instagram thot and her colleagues have been busy creating a plan for reducing Finland's carbon emissions I suppose in the end this is good for the world. The weak Northern European beta male genes will be cleansed while countries that have chosen semi-competent strong leaders will survive. Too bad this natural selection mostly selects on a supernational level, so the Finnish genes will not be particularly improved, just generally culled. At least I'm not British, I suppose.
Open file (24.30 KB 812x727 1494660221947.png)
>>6965 Way things will go the weak will actually survive and only the strong die.
>>6967 Is there any evidence that left-wingers would have less of a chance of surviving than right-wingers? I've even heard something about young people's immune systems going on hyperdrive, which then leads to killing the host. Both of the known deaths outside of China have been fairly young.
Open file (39.56 KB 644x338 GetALoadOfThisGuy.jpg)
look at this dud http://archive.ph/G7T04 >The first Briton known to have caught coronavirus claimed he managed to fight off the deadly illness with a hot toddy. >The teacher said he’s living ‘proof coronavirus can be beaten’ and has decided to ‘stick it out’ in the epicentre of the outbreak instead of returning to the UK to join others being quarantined on the Wirral. He told The Sun: ‘I was stunned when the doctors told me I was suffering from the virus. I thought I was going to die but I managed to beat it. ‘I used the inhaler which helped control the cough and drank a hot whisky with honey until that ran out. It’s an old fashioned remedy but it seemed to do the trick’.
>>6965 Why doesn’t Sweden just quarantine them in their island in the Gulf of Bothnia? Åland right? :^)
>>6971 It'd be the funniest thing to happen for a long time if the Chinks actually managed to unleash an exclusively anti-asian virus on themselves, and every other race just gets the sniffles for a couple days and infects everyone in a ten mile radius while they hack up their lungs.
>>6973 member the romanian WHITE PEOPLE ONLY vaccines already ? >>>/n/1226 http://archive.is/caosL http://archive.is/dn1zI >Romania develops Coronavirus Vaccine able to Cure White People only
>>6974 >Corona-Chan purges all non-whites and one drop mutts >only pure whites are left in the world >2030 rush for Africa but the whole of Afro-Eurasia, South America and the US with the exception of some aryan tribes in Persia/Afghanistan/berbers >frontiersmen become real again >wild south/east >weebs and anons move to japan to continue anime production and restore the only decent non-white community since the Aztecs, with the help of the surviving Ainu A strelok can dream.
>>6975 >only pure whites are left in the world As much as i would to see one unfortunately it doesn't exist since neanderthal, the less ad-mxture you can have at best is like 0.8 or 1% i know you are shiposting but i'm autistic and meds are going to get butthurt since they are far more mixed :^)
>>6977 No one is huwite. Everyone is mutt. Therefore you must kill everyone. Your neighbors, your parents, your friends, everyone. Then kill yourself at the end. Not shitposting. People exist to be killed.
>>6979 yeh but at the same time we share a third of our dna with banana and more than half with monkey, i'm talking about exclusve part of dna being from mixing a long time ago.
>>6977 You seem to be implying that neanderthal genetics make one less White, but that makes absolutely no sense since the only ones without neanderthal ancestry are Africans, and I've also heard that neanderthal DNA is positively correlated to IQ.
>>6982 I'm not implying that, either you misread or i can't type. i agree with what you say. >neanderthal DNA is positively correlated to IQ. yes being white influence your IQ :^)
>>6950 They're probably on total news lockdown. My cucked country had to run a Fake News section where they discredited THREE videos circulating around shit happening in China, with the last one being of the dead man collapsing in an overcrowded hospital "b-but that happened two years ago it's fine now goiym". Obviously, without citing their own sources, of course. >>6952 >>6951 At least the shitting streets are designated
>>6981 >third of our DNA with banana This is such dumb shit, like when people say we share 99.9% of our DNA with niggers. 1/3rd of the millions of possible combinations of DNA is nothing, 99.9% of shared DNA means we still have .01 percent of the 8,324,608 possible combinations in 23 DNA pairs. That’s still 832 different possible combinations, and when you change even one pair on a single strand of DNA you can get very different results.
>>6984 Well, ok. Your previous post was rather unclear. I find neanderthals fascinating but I don't want to derail the thread.
Open file (150.02 KB 632x500 prepare-ainus01.jpg)
>>6975 >the surviving Ainu Are there really any of them left in a meaningful manner as it is? Do they have a stable breeding population?
>>6981 >we share a third of our dna with banana this is only if you look at the plain genetic code but means nothing in practice. A single amino acid among hundreds at a different place on any part of a chromosome makes for dramatic changes far beyond its "value" by percentage. think of that like silk and milk that are 75 percent identical words but describe fundamentally different things.
What about the surviving tribe of ubermen in the Indian Ocean that has rejected outsider contact and civilization of complete heresy and have been salvaging shipwrecks in order to prepare themselves for their eventual holy war against mankind?
>>6987 Does the Out Of Africa theory explain the origins of the indians? Out Of Asia has the land bridge behind them for the indian origin.
Open file (26.83 KB 474x432 Origin of India.jpg)
>>6992 There's debate constantly of whether it was Africa or in Eastern Europe. Some debate puts ancient humans in Middle East as well.
>>6991 Are you talking about those niggers that shot a cameraman in a moving boat with a 6 foot long arrow from like 300 feet away and did a noscope dance afterward?
>>6992 >>6994 I vaguely recall the out of africa theory being disproven, but I can't find the archives.
>>6998 It is not necessary out of Africa theory being disproven but more that our fundamental understanding of it is wrong. It's more a theory of us being in-out-in-out-shake it all about in regards to Africa as while the great ancestors of the species may have originated there, the more modern humans may have originated elsewhere and then came back. http://archive.fo/ai6XG
>>6943 Gutter oil is only the tip of the shit covered ice berg when it comes to chink hygiene. They have a poor understanding of germ theory, some thinking that you can kill germs in food by putting it in the freezer. Because of their ying yang bullshit which is basically the balance of humors from medieval Europe they think that you have to balance hot and cold.
>>6998 >>7002 >out of africa the oldest remains (a tooth) of a direct ancestor of ours have been found in greece
>>7006 Read that archive.
>>6988 Heile'd go make a thread on /n/ >>6990 yes of course i was adding ale to my previous post.
>>7008 >ale angle*
Open file (31.46 KB 474x417 mmmm.jfif)
>>7005 >Chinks cuisine involves boiling eggs in kid piss collected from elementary schools >Supposedly lowers your body heat, betters blood circulation and a natural aspirin This was just a sick way for a higher up to cover their pedophilia activities bet https://archive.ph/b1qN1
>>7012 >This was just a sick way for a higher up to cover their pedophilia activities bet why ? did they touched their peepee to insure they pissed correctely in the bucket ?
>>6991 >>6996 If he is they're considered an entirely different race to Indians (Dravidians) and are more related to Aussie Abos than Poovidians. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negrito
>>7015 I'm saying the origins of the virgin boy egg recipe was a way for some pedophile to cover his tracks imo.
>>7005 >Gutter oil is only the tip of the shit covered ice berg when it comes to chink hygiene. How bad is it truly? My limited perception of that shit has always been that they are all done to con people, like the whole ordeal with them selling fake eggs but the piss eggs that >>7012 shared is a whole new level.
>>7019 >Bunch of men extremely afraid of you to the point of wearing very fragile full body medical suits >Trying to forcefully confine you If I were one of those chinks I'd give up on trying to not get shoved in the van and instead I'd focus on CLINGING to one of the policemen. Cling to one of the niggers and begin rip/tearing. Those suits are super easy to rip up and as soon as you rip one's mask off/cough in his face you can bet the others will flee like rats in fear for their own lives.
>>7020 so you think the chink liked watersport with little kids piss ? yeah that could be.
>>6973 This is a list of the most vulnerable ethnicities by the density of receptors in the lung which the virus targets. Unfortunately it seems to be unsourced but the results are consistent with other studies.
>>6965 >When India is more concerned about the virus and is declaring an emergency after 3 people are confirmed with the virus http://archive.is/OW5QQ
Open file (93.93 KB 600x600 1576371343861-0.jpg)
Also le 56% gained a new meaning. Feel good being only 56% at risk :^)
Open file (456.88 KB 352x598 brave_iStMEUTmrW.png)
>>7021 milk dogs, female dogs for toddlers to suckle on. Let that sink in.
>decontaminating your gear Well, it shouldn't be this way but unless you're prepped for a decade there comes the point where you can't afford the luxury of throwing used kit away, prime example masks and filters. Spanish flu lasted a year, so wat do? What disinfecting agent would you use, strong UV light, bleach, rubbing alcohol, milk acid, microwaving? >inb4 muh old filters be useless still better than nothing
So how long till we know how screwed we are?
>>7019 >>7022 The guy on the left already has a ripped suit. He'll be getting carted off in the crematorium vans of eternal peace himself soon enough. >>7025 Too bad about the Japanese, they're alright.
>>7030 >Romulus and Remus were chinks
Open file (42.23 KB 670x340 download.jpg)
>>7030 How is this fundamentally different than drinking cow's milk? Why not give an example that's truly egregious, such as live monkey brains?
>>7037 You don't drink milk by suckling cow udders. Hell, you don't even drink raw untreated milk.
>>7038 We used to drink untreated milk just a few generations ago, and some people still drink raw milk out of preference, if they can get access to it. Sucking dog's milk straight from the teat is some real hillbilly bullshit, but all in all it's not a big deal.
Open file (104.87 KB 741x1078 cow.jpg)
>>7039 Drinking milk itself is a pretty new phenomena even in the new phenomena context of humans using dairy. Humans only began to domesticate cows in the last 10,000 years of our history (the human race has been around for roughly 300,000 years according to current estimates). Of that, it's only in the last 2,000-6,000 years where people started to eat dairy instead of using them as beasts of burden. A lot of Chinese/Japanese are still grossed out by cheese because of old traditions combined with a handful of pretty bad bacterial outbreaks that fucked up their societies to the point where their respective governments had to basically force feed it to them in decade-long campaigns. Farmers have been producing cultured milk for those thousands of years, but straight drinking milk was a pretty rare form that only became popular in the last 500 years, and there was a process to that. Up until then, while societies did drink milk (using the method described below), turning it into dairy products was considered the "proper" way of using it. The reason it's called "skim" milk was because before electricity/refrigeration, pasteurization, etc. the main method of milk storage for drinking was to either immediately start turning it into butter/cheese/yogurt (as supported by some 7,200 year old cheese-making tools in Croatia), or to let it sit in a river stream or cool well which simultaneously preserved it and made the fat congeal to the top of the container at which point it could be skimmed off and used for whatever while what remained was considered "drinking milk" (source: My grandmother who lived to be 95). "Drinking milk" (literally skimmed milk) only really took off when cities formed because of workers needing solid calories. There's evidence of this in civil engineers calculating out the maximum "safety ring" around a city where dairy farmers could set up shop and still reasonably get their product to the city. Even then you had bacterial outbreaks every so often caused by milk and it was not a fun time. These are the days of farmers having 12 kids with 6 wives because the last 5 died during childbirth, and where some cultures didn't name kids until they hit puberty (since infant/child mortality was so damn high and brought down the "average age" by leaps and bounds despite people who made it to 20 or so tending to live well into their 60s/70s). Much in the way doctors were killing off children because they didn't believe in germ theory, it's believed now that a lot of early eating habits (including drinking "drinking milk") probably killed infants/children because they lacked some of the intricacies of the adult immune system. Keep in mind that while raw milk is fine for your average adult, it's not so fine for children and elderly for a reason. Mortality rates only really went down (and drinking milk only really increased in popularity) when the process of pasteurization became widespread in the 1800s (also around the time homogenization started to kick off, though that fad took longer). Drinking milk straight from the source is like drinking blood instead of using it for cooking. It induces a specific reaction in the majority of people because the human body inherently understands the pathogen risks involved with doing so. tl;dr- Raw milk straight from the cow has been and will always be a treat and was never really the "main way" of consuming dairy products until dairy farming became economically viable sometime around the 1500s/1600s. Now I'm going to have myself a tall glass of 5.5% milkfat milk that is only a couple days old, because it's the closest thing to raw milk while being significantly safer to drink. I hope you learned something.
>>7041 Ah right, another point I wanted to bring up but failed to is that gastrointestinal evolution plays as critical of a factor today as any other evolution. While it is indeed less of a problem now than it was in the past due to worldwide sanitation efforts (and kikes obfuscating the facts), there's a reason people used to say "don't eat X" or "don't drink the water" when you'd travel internationally. Some of it had to do with racism as certain folks screech, but there are indeed several foods in several ethno-cultural regions that the locals can eat but foreigners either can not eat (Milk & Blacks) or gain no nutritional benefit from eating (Kelp for non-Japanese). This has been caused by decades, centuries, or even millennia worth of specific diets influencing gut bacteria, pH levels, digestive genes, and other factors. That specific raw meat dish that the Mongolians eat or that water straight from the river/well in that South American village is fine for them because their guts have a resistance to the bacteria strains present in the local food supply. Your gut does not. Sanitation efforts the world over have made this less of an issue today, but it was a huge issue even 20-30 years ago for international travelers. In many ways though, humans lost a lot of our generational resistance to raw milk bacterium because of the pasteurization process that was popularized in the 1800s. It's another reason an adult male probably has no problems ingesting 8-16oz of raw milk every day but a child or elderly could not handle that.
Open file (208.90 KB 1280x878 Ju5h97hzz4U.jpg)
>>7041 Pretty much everything is a new phenomena as far as modern diets are concerned. Nothing you posted contradicts my earlier post, and as you say drinking raw milk was a treat, which is why you see these kids drinking it out of a dog on the spot, yet traditionally milk was never a part of the Chinese diet, and many Chinese are lactose intolerant. >I hope you learned something Not really. I also had a grandma that grew up on a farm. Thanks anyway.
>>7042 I generally think the human body is more resilient and adaptable than it's given credit for. I think humans are like bears, we can eat pretty much anything. I don't think it's all that accurate to say humans "lost" generational resistance to raw milk bacteria. Raw milk has something of a cult following, a lot of people swear by it. Depending on genetic heritage it probably only takes a couple months to acclimatise oneself to raw milk drinking.
>>7041 >Daily reminder: Only Indo-Aryan populations are able to break down lactose in any meaningful quantities, the further away from White genes you get the high lactose intolerance. Same goes for the body’s ability to break down Alcohol, so wine and cheese is the most based snack of white nationalists.
>Fangbing's Trip To The Emergency Room https://invidio.us/watch?v=igFgqxIieow >Fang Bing was later arrested by police disguised as CDC staff. >He took a video of their break-in and sent it to his friend. >He was released hours later - his computer was confiscated.
>>7046 >white guy gets virus >has some whiskey with honey and gets over it >chinks dying en masse in hospitals >hospitals echo with exasperated cries lmao they really did release a virus upon themselves that's only deadly to asians.
>>7047 getting rid of their male overpopulation just as well as some of their old might just have been the plan
Open file (44.81 KB 516x419 ShortRound.jpg)
>>7037 But monkey brains most derectable Dr. Jones!
Not related to corona-chan but more along chink hate. So obvious sage. >Could Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam tell the difference between his video game world and reality? Yes that’s his real name. >Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam goes to canadian tire to buy knife and hatchet >breaks into house and butchers woman, her husband comes in and he stabs him >gets arrested >claims he thought he was playing Skyrim Special Edition since it’s graphics are so realistic >Defence lawyer plays Skyrim in court >kills some NPC and keeps attacking the dead corpse which reporters claimed was “almost identical to security footage of Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam killing those Two people >he said he did the killings but is not guilty >has yet to receive Dark Brotherhood letter http://archive.is/lWFuI
>>7030 That's nowhere near as bad as child piss eggs or gutter oil.
>>7051 I really hate the fact that retards have brought back the violent video game paranoia from the 90s.
>>7051 >blame violent video games to get away with murder Huh, so that's why (((they))) keep trying to ban them.
Since i know i'm a 56% i feel no longer any fear for me or my family, we will reclaim our place under the start and resume our glorious history soon enough. FREEZE THE KIKE ICE AGE NOW.
>>7055 What are they using to gas poor Corona-chan?
>>7057 Will the history books write this as the second to worst holy o' cost of 60 million chinks to the 100 billion? Or as spun as a great work controlling an already dead populace?
>>7055 So this is how China dies? Not with a bang, but with a cough.
I wonder if the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held with all operating participants in full NBC apparel.
Anyone got more pics or vids of chinks being disgusting subhumans? I'm looking to expand my chink hate folder.
Open file (116.84 KB 1280x720 chiya_bathing_2.jpg)
>>7064 Webm didn't go through.
>>7055 What a faggot filter, Sometimes showing raw footage is more effective then muh vhs aesthetics.
>>7063 Do you have the one where the chink tries to boil the dog alive?
>>7065 >Bodies waiting for cremation >Government sacrificing billions in lost revenue in shutting business down And all I hear from normalfaggotry is the same parroting of "Bro the flu kills more", ignoring everything about anything in this situation from higher infection rates to the blatant fact the flu is a worldwide established pathogen. But then again what did I expect from souless husks who rely on other souless husks for information? And of course the usual panic squad giving everyone reason to think it's all a conspiracy and china would never lie. What a joke of a reality.
>>7069 Nope, I don't. Post away.
>>7025 >Populations at risk At risk of what? Is that the average percentage of lung receptors that the virus will damage? At the lowest end, you'll only cough 51% of your lungs out? How does that effect survival rate?
Open file (314.86 KB 914x650 lactose-map1.png)
>>7043 >and many Chinese are lactose intolerant. Many peoples are lactose intolerant. Feels good not to be one of them.
>>7025 >>7077 Race is skin deep, it's all social effects and way people were raised on diets and air conditions for fucks sake y'all :^)
>>7077 What's up with Argentina? That's weird how it's so concentrated in the southern tips of the continents.
>>7079 >Argentina It does make you wonder. Offhand, at the least, it seems like there could be a possible connection between lactose tolerance and susceptibility to corona. We just need to wait until it hits the Argies, or sub-Saharan Africa to find out.
>>7077 >>7079 >>7081 This may be anecdotal evidence, but living there I can count the number of people I've met with lactose intolerance in one hand and have plenty of fingers to spare. That map seems off. To give it some credit though milk as a beverage isn't as common there as say in America so there might be something to that, but I rarely recall people being straight up lactose intolerant. Might be the fact that the region I lived in had a fair share of European descendants, it might be different in mostly Amerindian areas, yet I don't recall the average mestizo being lactose intolerant either, which is why that map seems odd. Polite sage.
>>7082 Well the map seems to follow national borders for the most part so perhaps it’s an average of Argentina, which may have only been measured in certain parts of cities rather than nation wide data.
Open file (237.76 KB 480x320 sick-person3.jpg)
>>7082 >Amerindian See, that's what I think the kicker is. I know most contemporary Argentines are admixtures of various Europeans and whatever they found there, so perhaps it's less an issue in more developed/urban parts of the country (which I'm just assuming is where you're at, and not in the middle of nowhere on some mountaintop). Another thing to consider is that in addition to there being degrees of severity of lactose intolerance, often, people who are lactose intolerant, don't know it. They just consider the mild irritation they get to be normal, or do not get bad symptoms at all.
Coronavirus: Chinese economy is at a standstill http://archive.ph/t61dP >Closed factories, blocked road networks, deserted restaurant chains ... the impact of the new virus on China's economy is beginning to be felt. Many SME bosses now fear bankruptcy. >With each passing day, the concern increases. While the toll of the coronavirus epidemic, with at least 20,438 people infected in mainland China and 425 deaths, exceeded that of SARS in 2002 and 2003, factory closures and containment measures further paralyze the second largest economy in the world at risk of slowing global growth. The Shanghai Stock Exchange was on the verge of closing slightly higher on Tuesday, February 4, after having unscrewed by 7.7% the day before despite the announcement by the Chinese central bank to inject 157 billion euros of liquidity. Oxford Economics lowered its Chinese growth forecast to 4% in the first quarter of 2020 from 6% on Monday. It now expects growth of 5.4% for the whole of 2020, far from the 6.1% recorded in 2019. look like chink literally released an anti chink boweapon on themself, so far so good, let see how it develop this month.
>>7087 >announcement by the Chinese central bank to inject 157 billion euros of liquidity >Economy is sowing down fast >no one is making or spending money >let’s pump more money into the economy to fix it! I’m not an economist, I’m not Jewish enough to understand the many many intricacies of national economies but driving up inflation when your economy is moving into a recession seems like a dumb fucking way to try to reinvigorate wealth exchange. Chink barter system and complete Chinese economic collapse when? Weimar era depression and unrest now please.
>>7080 The way those suits got progressively more S.T.A.L.K.E.R. like makes me feel the Russians have no intention of leaving Wuhan.
Open file (82.26 KB 1280x720 renai_smug.jpg)
>>7087 I told you about those cascading effects. And remember, there is a lot of inertia in macroeconomy, we won't actually see the real losses until a few months. So if they are already panicking then it has to be big, and it gets worse every single day. And considering the current situation, even if they announced tomorrow that they have a cure, actually curing all the infected people would still be a gigantic effort even if we discounted the collapse of Wuhan's healthcare system. And in a week or two we will see if it managed to take hold in other areas. It's fucking glorious.
>>6708 surprise retro viral drugs kill retroviruses
>>6819 >you can expect the Chinese literally dragging the world economy to the grave with them. good
>>7079 White nations are lactose tolerant. Argentina is blacker than black, so naturally, it's lactose intolerant. >>7090 This is how we get STALKER 2, brothers.
>Bongs apparently looking for 239 Chinese tournists from Wuhan that have disappeared http://archive.fo/czsXP I wonder if what happened to Wuhan will end up happening to London?
Open file (967.76 KB 1068x860 stalker-mkup1.png)
>>7090 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 confirmed.
>>7095 Hopefully.
>>7087 The coronavirus has been the best anti-chinese weapon in some time. Surely all anons have already seen the anti-chinese sentiments in their own areas. I at least have seen everyone from whites to spics to niggers rally against the chinese and actively shit-talk how the chinks eat disgusting foods and it only makes sense for only them to get the disease. Despite all the chinese agents trying to spread this as "racist" or wrong, no one cares and the chinese are seen as a scourge. If this continues, no doubt all the chink's works in propaganda is out the window in many countries that just want them out.
Open file (89.01 KB 444x1278 1519524262816.jpg)
>>7045 Lactase persistence has developed in several dozens of ethnicities over the course of human history and is prominent in some cultures that have absolutely zero ties to Eastern Europe/Germany where the gene originated for European populations. The gene is tied to several things. Mongolians have been enjoying milk longer than any European ethnicity or culture, yet they never developed Lactase Persistence because there are pros and cons to basically every gene set (as well as luck of the draw). As well as the fact that most Mongolian milk products are fermented and thus low in lactose content. Even with lactase persistence, humans are still "lactose intolerant" it's just you can eat significantly more of it before it gives you the shits. I wish this meme would die because lactase persistence is actually becoming less common in Europe while developing nations like China are seeing their lactase persistence gene populations skyrocket.
>>7095 I reckon they'd be too impotent to actually quarantine a city.
>>7091 >I told you about those cascading effects. And remember, there is a lot of inertia in macroeconomy, we won't actually see the real losses until a few months. yes, we've seen some effect before but as you said it might be big, what is interesting so fat is that most of the infected outside chine are in majority chinesse OR not and in this case they get well like a little flu. it's wew lad tier how they managed to fuck up big time. Also i've seen an increase in proof toward existence of "selective" bioweapon, i would like to know more about what is possible, can you literally do trench warfare all over again but won't suffer from your own virus or very mild effect ? >>7098 >Surely all anons have already seen the anti-chinese sentiments in their own areas. I at least have seen everyone from whites to spics to niggers rally against the chinese and actively shit-talk how the chinks eat disgusting foods and it only makes sense for only them to get the disease. It is pretty good because it might repel or at least freeze their market share in western country such as Leaf land or land down under.
>>7043 I think we're fundamentally misunderstanding each other. In not-homogenized milk, the fats tend to rise to the top along with a lot of the pathogens that come along with those lipid compounds. You know how Salmonella can live on the shell of an egg and a yolk of an egg but not the whites and that's why you can drink egg whites straight from a carton? It's a similar concept. When I say "a treat" I meant whoever was milking the cows (typically an adult who did it for a living or as a side job since one trained adult could milk 10 cows in less than an hour) might have taken a sip or a squirt here or there, but the skimming method (effectively an old form of "treating" milk) was how it was served to basically everyone else. The kids latching on to a dog's nipple probably do that all the time and don't really care.
Open file (73.96 KB 720x625 VIET NAM FEET.jpg)
>>7050 To be fair, animal brain in general tends to be pretty delicious. It's an organ made up of mostly fat cells so it has a very jelly-like texture that makes for a good dessert meat. It's the same reason liver, lungs, stomach, tongue, gonads, etc. used to be considered the good cuts of meat (and why they still are delicious if you get past the stigma of modern meat processing which encourages just eating the far less healthy/delicious "meat cuts" since organs tend to be able to support pathogens more easily).
>>7052 While I would not want to drink piss due to pH levels and salinity (and the fact that it's where your kidneys remove heavy minerals from your body), cooking piss eggs is really not as bad as a lot of the shit Chinks do. Urine is relatively sterile for the first 15 minutes and I'd assume you'd boil it if making boiled eggs. Though you could accomplish the same feat by cooking your boiled eggs in rice vinegar/salt brine water.
>>7079 Imperialism. The Northern half of South America actually has resources while 90% of Argentina/Chile is a desert with a lithium salt mine being the only thing of value. You can put two and two together, I imagine.
>>7082 Everyone is lactose intolerant. You have to judge by lactase persistence, not lactose intolerance. Lactase is the enzyme that breaks down lactose. If everyone around you gets the farts/shits from eating/drinking more than so much milk/cheese, you aren't going to go "everyone is lactose intolerant!" you're going to go "that one guy can drink a lot of milk, holy shit."
>>7087 >It now expects growth of 5.4% for the whole of 2020, far from the 6.1% recorded in 2019. Holy shit that's bad. For anons who don't really get economics, the difference between the economies of the US and Mexico is largely contributed to a slightly lower economic growth rate back in the early 1900s that continued into modern times. Economic development of the US and Mexico was a difference of 1% growth (I think US was 4.5ish% and Mexico was 3.5ish%).
>>7108 tldr, it's a big kick in the nut ? i'm not really sure since you compare spic with no help from jew and white people with jew maing sure the country is profitable for lending loan and increase interest rate and shieet
>>7104 >Though you could accomplish the same feat by cooking your boiled eggs in rice vinegar/salt brine water Not exactly. Chinese believe that a special kind of qi is stored in the kidneys, and that prior to puberty the process of growth requires tremendous amount of this special qi to be processed into jing. I'm guessing that given the kidneys are seen as super-charged in a sense, it would make sense that the urine would be seen as possessing some by-product (so to speak) of this outpouring of qi, therby taking medicinal qualities.
>>7089 They're pulling a Venezuela. The idea is that you can "jumpstart" the economy and by doing so it will save your nation from bankruptcy. It worked for Germany in the 1930s and America on a couple occasions (mainly because both countries used the jumpstarted economies to do some other unrelated bullshit and fuck over other nations. Especially in Germany's case of stealing modern equivalent hundreds of billions of dollars from France/England/America) so it's been the standard practice for the last 80 years or so. This is nothing new, it's just countries who do it these days don't understand why they're supposed to be doing it (or that it's supposed to come with some level of economic reform).
>>7110 what does chinesse thinking noise sound like ? **like kid pissing*
>>7111 >it's supposed to come with some level of economic reform that's literally what they are doing atm with the whole quarantine :^)
>>7107 Son, you haven't seen shit until you've seen an Argentine milk-drinking contest.
>>7107 I don't think you know what tolerance means.
>>7110 They're not entirely wrong since I'm pretty sure your kidneys are near a couple of hormone receptors that kick in during puberty. They just misinterpreted the data to a wildly different solution. It's kind of like how the theory of humors was based on separating blood via centrifugal force resulting in four compounds who's "essence" very neatly lines up with four humor theory.
>>7111 Sorry, Germany didn't just print money to kickstart the economy, because that doesn't work, and has never worked once in the history of the world. The NSDAP knew exactly what kind of trap that was, the whole economic problem that resulted in the NSDAP being elected was due to Weimar Germany printing money to make payments as per the "treaty" of Versailles. Which brings us to the point that Germany didn't "steal" anything from France, England and America, they accomplished growth by issuing currency free of debt and imitated large scale labour projects boost and insure confidence in the new currency.
>>7114 >Son, you haven't seen shit You're right. I'm sure the bathrooms are smeared in shit after drinking copious amounts of milk. Liquid shit, most likely.
>>7117 *to boost employment
>>7115 I know what it means but what people define as "tolerance" isn't really a good term to use to describe the condition. It's lactase perseverance into adulthood or a lack thereof, not really lactose intolerance. People with lactose intolerance can still digest dairy products with various levels of success the same way people can digest the inulin in garlic.
>>7111 So you subscribe to the idea that money is magic voodoo power that turns raw nothing into prosperity, therefore a country just needs six hundred trillion shekels sitting in a bank, and the people will prosper because there is all that money sitting in a bank. Alas, Japan proved in the second half of the previous century that this is not how it works. First they built up their industry sector-by-sector with loans from their own central bank (and they also protected it from foreign competition), then in the 80s a new generation of Japanese bankers broke the system by purposefully inflating real estate prices in order to create a bubble, so they can end this kind of monetary policy. And guess what? It fucked up Japan to this day.
>>7120 Missing the wood for the trees here. You literally tolerate lactose better depending on how well you can break it down and that's only ever defined in relation to other peoples inability to break it down as well. So tolerance works fine as a term.
>>7070 I wish these subs also included phonetic translation so non bugmen listeners can at least understand the correlation between symbols to double check on what they're saying Also are the bugmen waking up or were they always awake and just sleep walking to avoid detection? >>7080 >When the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. gets YOU out
>>7100 I don't think there's anyone in the West who'd dare quarantine cities of millions of people. Or had the means. What would western government do if people went and started breaking the quarantine? They can't shoot them, if they beat or arrest them they'll just get infected too... so what will they do? Chinks know that CCCP won't have seconds thoughts about mowing them down with machinegun fire if they tried that, so they stay put, but take, for example, EU.
>>7117 >Sorry, Germany didn't just print money to kickstart the economy That's literally what the Reichsmark was. >Germany didn't "steal" anything from France, England and America The NSDAP took out a shit ton of loans (not the war-related ones but independent economic loans) to fund their various pet projects, and when the time came when France/England/America said "alright, your economy is recovering (on paper, it wasn't actually under the NSDAP and another decade without war would have seen them enter a Great Depression that makes America's look like a children's play), you need to start making payments on those loans, Germany." The NSDAP then turned around and said "the new minimum wage is one Trillion reichs. We're calling it the Reichsmark which we just started producing. Since you creditors are still using the old currency valuation we're going to now pay off all our debts with the equivalent of a few people working minimum wage :^)" before the countries in question could react/tell them that shit isn't funny. The question of whether that is an economically viable tactic, grounds for war, etc. is up in the air and can be discussed in a separate thread (since it's not really /k/ related), but it is essentially theft.
>>7041 I want to be that shota
>>7121 >So you subscribe to the idea that money is magic voodoo power that turns raw nothing into prosperity Money is magic voodoo power. There are real factors that people have arbitrarily tied to it, but ultimately any kind of paper currency or paper currency equivalent that is tied to a country instead of to a resource is essentially shit. It's fine if used as a proxy (this paper money is worth this equivalent X) but as pure fiat it is garbage that might as well be fucking magic since it's only as valuable as the confidence (and raw resources of the COO) behind it.
>>7127 doesn't this just come back to value is subjective and the only thing that gives a currency value is the demand for it?
>>7125 who is the robber if you rob the one robbing you ?
Open file (67.18 KB 569x797 glowing.jpeg)
>>7087 I mean, if things get too dangerous, what's stopping the PRC from quite literally shooting down any person coughing in the vicinity of Wuhan? Sure, the PR damage would be immense, but it sure beats bankrupting their entire economy and risking a country wide rebellion. >>7089 I don't know shit either but 99% of Chinese enterprises are owned directly or indirectly by the govt, you can think of this as the govt removing a ton of debts from their indentured servitude hoping it won't collapse by the end of the month. >>7098 >Surely all anons have already seen the anti-chinese sentiments in their own areas Can confirm, all normalfags from my area are in full SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING mode, not even getting close to Chink shops or ordering stuff online that may come from there. State sponsored media keeps pumping out pro Chinese propaganda to tell normies to go and buy shit from the Chink, whom lent us a great amount of money. >>7101 >what is interesting so fat is that most of the infected outside chine are in majority chinesse OR not and in this case they get well like a little flu That's because this is just a strain of flu, except the way the virus penetrates the cell makes the Chinese extremely weak, basically by design. They're not dying for the virus, they're dying because sneezing at them after getting infected equates to them kneeling over and getting pneumonia. >Also i've seen an increase in proof toward existence of "selective" bioweapon, i would like to know more about what is possible, can you literally do trench warfare all over again but won't suffer from your own virus or very mild effect ? I'm shit at this subject but basically if you know your enemy's genetic makeup you can create pathogens that connect to their cells much better, do it with something innocuous but highly contagious like the flu and presto majesto, you got a ton of people infected and a good chunk of them dead and the rest of them scared. If you're wondering why you-know-whos aren't doing this, they can't risk it. S*mites are all the same group, so even if they hit their neighboring countries specifically they risk getting infected themselves, and since their country is concentrated in like three densely populated urban areas instead of a ton of smaller settlements, well, they're gonna need those old crematoriums from the 1940's. >>7106 Isn't the southern tip of Brazil actually rich in good soil and gold?
>>7128 I think the term "pseudo-objective" is more accurate. There is objective reasons for money to be valued the way it is, but ultimately that's a thought process that is an effort in futility to explain in a public forum. For the sake of not wanting to bother with this argument further I'm willing to use the term subjective.
Open file (20.49 KB 500x313 Come on now.jpg)
>>7125 You can print as much currency as you want, it doesn't magically create wealth. Cutting the pie into smaller and smaller slices doesn't actually create more pie. So no, merely printing money does not kickstart the economy, because as I already said, that is a physical impossibility. Furthermore, Germany did not have some magical capability to determine the value of it's currency in the market, which you imply that it did. I am aware that Germany told the international kike to fuck off, and basically refused to pay for loans made basically to finance reparation payments, much in the same way that Greece has received loans from EU countries to pay the EU. Refusing to pay tribute to an international mafia is not theft, it is right and just. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're merely misunderstanding, and not a loathsome kike.
>>7129 Don't start with this pseudo-intellectual bullshit. We can use the same reasoning to state "Americans must all go back to Europe, the land belongs to the Native Americans" and similarly we can go back to pre-WWI history if you want to use the shit show failure that was the cause of WWII. No side was innocent in either of those two conflicts and I never claimed they were.
>>7133 It's also why I specifically stated I was talking about the optional economic loans Germany took out and not the war rebuilding loans.
Coronavirus: the blues of Asian restaurateurs in Paris http://archive.ph/cllc3 >Lanterns hung on the facades, a few red flags ... These are the rare signs of the Chinese New Year festivities in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, usually very lively on the occasion of this celebration. The parade was postponed to the spring because "the Chinese community is not at heart for the party", justifies the mayor of the district. >A drop in attendance of around 30% >On the streets, the atmosphere is rather gloomy since the first cases of coronavirus detected in France, as residents have noted on social networks.
>>7134 >>7133 >spoiler fair enough
Open file (486.97 KB 445x496 Ekho Formuielle Grump.PNG)
>>7111 Venezuela was already plagued by sanctions and economic stagnation since Chavez sold his country's resources at a loss to ensure that the Socialist Dream of a true welfare state would go on forever and he'd run unopposed, except when he died he got replaced by an unlikeable faggot and the moment the economy started to dip so did all their welfare programs. Maduro only survived it because he gave larger gibs to the army and China helped him out. You do not understand how many countries are done for if the Chinese economy dies: >Venezuela revolts >North Korea either starts peace talks or goes down in a blaze of glory (most likely the former with some cushy pensions and remote islands to live off in prosperity, the Kims and their servants are probably the smartest dictators the world has ever known) >Road and Belt fucking dies >Pakistan and India don't have the third wheeler breathing down their necks and can actually fight as they please >Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Greece and several South East Asian countries can finally tell Chink armies and civvies to fuck off their lands >East African Union can finally happen (no more chinese spies recording everything they do) >The EU has to go full on industrial revolution 5.0 to compete in the world instead of relying on China >The US will have to trade with either South American sweatshops or European industries much more Also printing money is good for the economy when you're experiencing deflation... Basically from my limited understanding of economy, I've heard that a perfect economy is one that shrinks (deflates) and grows (inflates) in prices regularly rather than staying flat. >>7117 If I was in the US' shoes I'd start printing a ton of fake Yuans right about now. Also that is absolutely wrong. Weimar Germany was steadily repaying their debnts, but 1) French faggot troops occupied and killed civvies in the Ruhr, making it impossible for WG to keep up and 2) the economy of Germany was inherently integrated with America's and with the rest of Europe, so when 1929 happened and Wall Street crashed, so did a ton of America/France/Britain owned factories in central Europe, which is why the government desperately tried to cling onto hope by printing money hoping the problem would resolve itself. Except it didn't and in turn it caused resentment towards the government (which was seen as traitorous by conservative soldiers, which included Jews who fought in the war hoping for self determination), the US (which fueled the hatred of Jews, as most of them fled there with their cash) and Britain (because they were the only country to survive almost unscathed). Also, Germany was not the only country hit by the printing money craze, Eastern Europe also had this in spades. >>7125 Didn't Brazil do the same recently?
>>7127 Money is treated as a voodoo fetish by many people, but a pile of money won't mine iron ore, won't turn that iron ore into bar steel, and won't machine that bar steel into a rifled barrel. You need people to do it in exchange of that pile of money. That's why the idea that simply taking loans will magically turn a country into an industrial powerhouse that is destined to crumble like a house of cards the moment they have to pay back is false. Germany was prosperous not because they had all that loaned money, but because they had the German people working for the German industry. That they needed money from a certain rootless international clique is because the current monetary system of the West is set up so that countries have to beg money from that certain rootless international clique. Yes, Germany would have fallen into a hole filled with shit if they kept playing by those rules, and that's by design. They did break away from the system, but it's not because they were incompetent, but because they knew that the game is rigged against them.
>>7103 I can't get over the weird egg yolk taste of organ meats.
>>7133 >oy vey, self-defense is anti semitic >>7134 You can't arbitrarily separate the two because the Weimar economy was overwhelmingly geared to financing tribute payments to treaty of Versailles countries, meaning that your "optional" economic loans basically required to fill budgetary gaps left by "reparations" or else unrest would have have been even worse than it was. Again, it's comparable to the Greek situation, which is why Greece has basically the only significant NatSoc party in the modern world.
>>7135 >The parade was postponed to the spring because "the Chinese community is not at heart for the party", justifies the mayor of the district. >A drop in attendance of around 30% those 30% are not normal 30%, they are festivities 30%, hory shiet
>>7138 >but because they had the German people working for the German industry Germans are lazy as fuck, it's all a meme perpetrated by a century of propaganda... Germans could mine and shit because the NSDAP was smart enough to circumvent Versailles in a lot of humorous ways (using barter with Sweden to get precious resources in exchange for finished goods but without monetary payments, making their ships lighter and lighter so they did not count towards the tonnes limit, creating fake "work money" that were tied to time spent working instead of gold or trust etc.) German Ingenuity is a thing, German Efficiency is a meme that comes from the time when Prussia was great.
>>7137 good post.
>>7137 >J ews >actually playing defense for the kikes >that is absolutely wrong What's wrong faggot? Explain yourself.
>>7144 in behalf of the /k/ BO and to keep this thread coronachan focused i suggest continuing the debate on >>>/n/ since it is news and politics related.
>>7137 >>The US will have to trade with either South American sweatshops or European industries much more Probably neither of those, actually. The rest of your points are close enough, but no China = no reasonable access to Vietnam (where all the Chinese sweatshops are located). America won't send their sweatshops to South America because developing (read: "safe") South American economies demand gibs/higher wages than the Vietnamese, making it more profitable to turn factory work into a minimum wage job back home to help keep the populace in check (plus farms will becoming even more rich when suddenly their only competition is Mexico/Brazil). The US might trade to Europe, but they are very unlikely to buy things from Europe unless forced to in order to sell shit.
>>7145 >irrelevant autistic argument about lactose carries on for many posts >... >strelok is called out for running interference for the yids and to to clarify his argument >we better take this to another board in case we derail this 70% shitposting thread
>>7147 it's an attempt at bringing activity to /n/ goy tust me :^)
>>7101 >i would like to know more about what is possible, can you literally do trench warfare all over again but won't suffer from your own virus or very mild effect ? In theory you could very well create a virus only targeting specific human population subsets, but I for one don't know how far kike science has advanced into identifying viable racial genetic factors to avoid accidentally crashing themselves like Chinks are doing now. Race-specific biochemical weapons such pirated viral protein envelopes+capsids containing Cas9, a an activator enzyme specific to a White-only DNA sequence and some CRISPR sequences for baleeting parts of DNA Polymerase gene exons would be a better solution than badly modding an already existing virus while letting it retain its ability to produce offspring, with that any bioweapon can easily turn against you by following the inherently anti-semitic natural order. Having the virus spread by itself and cough the entire enemy to death sure sounds fun on paper but no amount of lab testing and adjustments will prevent it from adapting to non-target hosts or your own people in the wild. And viruses can at least be exterminated by isolating all hosts until every one of them is either dead or immune, imagine if Chinks had tried to create their own extremophilic numbah wan MRSA capable of favorably competing with other bacteria in Indian sewers, PWR coolant circuits and Gypsy caravans instead of 7 HIV resident: The Bat soup rising. webm unrelated
Open file (126.34 KB 389x324 serious schierke.PNG)
https://archive.fo/6nKFo >Nips quarantine a cruise ship with 3700 lives aboard after confirming Corona-chan's presence in 10 individuals there W-will they be fine?
>>7150 There is only way this could end if they don't want it spreading, pic related
>>7095 >all the chinks die in london well, at least all the asian child rapists will die. :^)
>>7095 >I wonder if what happened to Wuhan will end up happening to London? We can only hope.
>>7150 >Though no details have yet emerged about the new patients, the Hong Konger previously confirmed is an 80-year-old man, who is now recovering >80-year-old man recovering Now it is just pathetic to die when an 80 year old dude can brush the disease aside while those half his age struggle.
I really hope Corona-chan hits America hard, there's no way it wouldn't improve this shithole country at this point.
Open file (3.12 MB 640x360 MY_CORONA.mp4)
>>7075 Those at the bottom have only 51% of the receptor density as those at the top. The more receptors you have the greater vulnerability of your body getting raped by corona-chan.
>>7142 Whatever you say, Shlomo.
>>7156 >implying it's going to hurt us as much as it hurts chinks Don't get your hopes up
SHUT IT DOWN! >>>/n/1246
>>7145 Don't worry I'll keep this brief >>7144 I don't understand what you mean by that. It's a fact that Jews served in WW1 on the behalf of their own countries. In some of them (Italy, Germany, Britain) they also joined conservative, right wing parties and militias after the end of the war because none of their wishes were granted (self determination, although the British purposely forced cohabitation with Palestinians to circumvent the Balfour declaration, pensions or even jobs). In Italy it's most peculiar too, since Jews were accepted by fascists (fun fact all the "white nationalist" movements of today are just modern interpretations, neither the Nazis - who were Germanic supremacists - nor the Italians - who adopted the actual doctrine of fascism that only things that improve the state are allowed to live in the state - cared about whitey in the sense modern /pol/acks think, see ) Jews were ostracized as a scapegoat after the economic collapse because they were one of the few groups not to be hit as hard by the depression, as I've said, whenever they move, they move en masse, whether it's to Palestine, Britain or America, places that could improve their wealth rather than diminish it. Subsequently, as anti-semitism ramped up, said jewish veterans and conservative advocates either left their movements or were expelled or worse. Whether hatred towards them was justified or not is a moral argument, and history cannot be viewed through a moral lense, only an objective one. Suffice to say that yes, Jewish elites exist, and they're all the descendants of Kosher Nostra and other such Jewish groups, much like places like China have ex-Hongmen members as not only their leaders but even Sun Yat Sen was a member. Japan's military was also plagued with pseudo masonic groups. Obviously, the average /pol/ack or anti-fascist has an American-centric view of history, therefore to them everything can be solved through their narrowsighted view of history. And let's just leave it at that because this spiel has gone long enough and this is a board dedicated to weapons anyhow. >>7146 The US is one of the few self sufficient countries on Earth, true. Thing is, all prices are going up in the following years (I've heard quite the adage, "everything collapses twice, first very slowly and then all of a sudden", don't remember who wrote that though), the thing is that they won't skyrocket like most people are afraid of. Yes, China and S.E.A. countries own practically 99% of all rare earth materials...but they're also where most of the products made with said rare earth end up. So you'll see a jump to double the original price for a lot of things but we're not the ones that need to fear it, it's the entire South East Asian block. Also as I said, a weak and poor Venezuela may end up being the new sweatshop of America.
>>7163 Tbf the problem has always been with a jewish elite that is supremacist and has wormed their way into the halls of power at our expense. It's not up for debate if you pay attention that they exercise alot of power now and do it for their own gain.
Open file (189.05 KB 1280x720 urara_disheveled.jpg)
>>7149 >2:49 >I like to bring smile to your faeces
>>7164 But of course. Mussolini quite literally said that much. https://archive.is/AHy2U
>>7163 >Oy vey remember the gazillion jewish victims of WW1 basically a pre-shoa. Buh huh poor jews muh scapegoat >But don't even mention the role the jewish lobby played in WW1 goy. Don't mention the Balfour declaration that ultimately led to the defeat of the axis powers and that did cost them millions of lives and plenty of suffering not saying they would have won but there would have certainly been a peace agreement Ok Jude.
>>7125 Nigger the currency of the Weimar Republic was Reichmarks, the NSDAP just changed the design.
>>7163 >Jews died in WWI >please don’t bring up service percentages compared to the native populations goy, that might increase anti-semitism >they just wanted self determination until gnatsees gassed 6000000x10^6000000 jews
Open file (714.14 KB 1640x1060 Central_Powers.jpg)
Open file (6.05 MB 2362x1434 axis-power.png)
>>7167 >ww1 >axis
>>7170 People call the Entente the allies all the time and it pisses me off.
https://archive.fo/gYFwH >Corona-chan spotted on another nice boat Is she trying to build a fleet?
>>7172 >inb4 English declare war on Corona-Chan for threatening their Naval supremacy
>>7167 >>Oy vey remember the gazillion jewish victims of WW1 basically a pre-shoa Where'd I say that, brainlet >>But don't even mention the role the jewish lobby played in WW1 goy. You're probably referring to Rotschild backed arms dealers. Unless there's some sort of 20D chess on their part I fail to see how this was to favor Judaism worldwide over them getting richer and richer. >muh balfour Literally look at any country the British divvied up after WW2, Fritz. They drew borders so shitty and mixed together different people on purpose all the time. The real Jewish lobby only happened post WW1 with Jews boycotting German goods because they wouldn't play ball in the financial system. Also fun fact the British wanted to send them to an African shithole as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uganda_Scheme If you want true jewry though, I suggest you go ahead and watch Defamation. >not saying they would have won but there would have certainly been a peace agreement You must be joking... Germany in WWI sued for peace because they knew that the moment America gave their active support to the war effort no amount of military victories could supply them with the sheer manpower needed to hold down to their new territories in Eastern Europe AND keep the French Front stable. Germany would have NEVER sued for peace in WW2, because 1) Hitler assumed that he could force unconditional surrender on all the countries he was fighting off in Europe (justifiable in that Poland, France and Denmark capitulated just like that and all the other country under military occupation gave in pretty damn easily) and 2) he started believing his own propaganda so much that he deliberately ignored his generals who were practically begging him to ask the Allies for help in preventing an USSR takeover. >inb4 Danzig peace accords Blame it on the eternal anglo and the faggot Polish foreign minister who refused the peace deal and the mutual defense pact. >>7170 Why the autistic edit over Republican China lmao also reminder that the Nazi gave more support to the Chinese than the Japanese (and also test tried weapons with the Ethiopians against Italians, but this was before relations had been established). >>7169 Why don't you tell me the service percentages then? Obviously with the amount of each individual minority group and their age at time of enlistment.
>>7175 >Trying to work your way out of an argument. The only thing that's right is Germany good, Jew bad. Everything else is secondary and you don't really need historical accuracy. Now get lost, kike.
>>7174 >English try to seize a cruise ship full of infected trying to get ashore at Gibraltar >the infected resist, Anglos catch a few and put them on their flagship aircraft carrier for questioning >entire crew gets infected leaving the ship drifting around the mediterranean >sufficiently brown crewmembers abandon ship and try to blend in with refugee boats from north Africa >Italians have enough and sink the refugee flotilla >EU sanctions Italy but then the world economy collapses causing mass unemployment and civil unrest all over the planet >Descendants of ancient Egyptian royalty in burger shitholes start to raid quarantined zones to eat dead infected in the belief that it will make their spirits stronger, they also steal, loot and shoot anything in sight due to massive cuts in social security >Mexico implodes, China fractures into multiple warlord cliques again, Russia invades Roachland together with Greece and reinstates Byzantium with Greeks winning the siege of Ankara by throwing barrel bombs filled with chewed up remnants of dead infected into the Roach capital until all the Roaches were died >Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Albanians go at it again because why not >Best Korea crashes worst Korea with no survivors, gets nuked by burgers then invades Manchuria to keep up morale and create greater Goryeo >Asymptomatic pirate streloks seize the derelict Queen Elizabeth and form a mercenary fleet with remnants from various former Navies
>>7176 >you don't really need historical accuracy. Good goy
>>7178 Nice try, kike.
>Don't worry i'll keep thos brief <6trillion character >Nice try kike, nice goy Fuck you, i tried to redirect ythis debate to /n/ but now you kept going and this i teresting subject won't develop anymore because muh jidf muh brainlet.
>>7163 Yes ignore cousin chaim from new york buying up all the property, and brother moshe and his funding of the communist party. Nothing like the latter burning down my property because I won't do as they say and the former buying up the now blockbustered property.
>>7180 Nice try, kike. Besides, everyone knows that /k/ is just /pol/ with gun wallpaper. What did you honestly expect?
>>7180 Well, I'm done discussing it, if that's what you wanted. In other news, apparently more and more cruise ships are getting stranded due to the strain and the Olympics are at risk, at least for the Chinese.
Open file (5.01 MB 2362x1434 axis-power-original.png)
Open file (3.61 MB 854x480 IT'S JOKE.mp4)
>>7175 >Why the autistic edit over Republican China It's joke! >lmao >>>/reddit/ > also reminder that the Nazi gave more support to the Chinese than the Japanese (and also test tried weapons with the Ethiopians against Italians, but this was before relations had been established). And guess what? They also stopped supporting the Chinese once they established relations with the Japanese. Almost like their policies changed over time, or something.
>>7173 We can safely conclude that this impromptu hospital is a waste of resources, because people will just infect each other, and it's only good for propaganda. Chinks are really working hard to make the situation even worse.
Open file (236.55 KB 937x1238 Balfour.jpg)
>>7175 >Where'd I say that, brainlet Just look at your pity hashing images kike, one even has a hebrew filename. heh >You're probably referring to Rothschild backed arms dealers. Unless there's some sort of 20D chess on their part I fail to see how this was to favor Judaism worldwide over them getting richer and richer. No I am not even referring to that. I am referring to the Balfour Declaration which was the founding stone for modern Israel, which the jewish Zionists got from England in exchange for bringing America into the war simplified, here is a detailed version of it for anyone interested http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v06/v06p389_John.html I am not even talking about WW2 calm down Shlomo. But France, England and Russia had their own debacles respectively as is also pointed out in the link above England with the Submarine blockade, basically starving them, Russia was collapsing from the inside and France just from the sheer loss of life. None of them could have made a fatal blow to Germany without the help of America of course. Obviously Germany was standing not a bit better, but it still made status quo peace offers. Here is one of your kind from that time, summarizing it pretty good as well https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=HhFRGDyX48c , it would be nice if more of (((you))) would follow his example and at least made a little step in the right direction. >>7170 Yes, my bad. No bully plz
>>7175 >Hitler assumed that he could force unconditional surrender Ah yes, hence his 6 peace treaties to Britain which demanded literally nothing from them but recognition of german claims to most of the land they lost from WWI and Italy’s claim to Ethiopia. This is clearly a demand for unconditional surrender. >generals who were practically begging him to ask the Allies for help in preventing an USSR takeover. Yep Allies were more than willing to move in and help Germany by occupying central Germany so it couldn’t get taken by the Soviets. That’s why they refused to push to Berlin because muh supply lines and that’s why the Americans rounded up thousands of German men and anyone who fought on the eastern front and drove them to the soviets for slave labour. That’s why the Americans arrested any Slavs living in Germany or who had fled there from the soviets and brought them all right to the soviets. >Why don't you tell me the service percentages then? According to kikepedia 100,000 Jews served which was the highest percentage of any ethnic group in Germany. Can’t find how many Jews were in Germany by 1914. Yet they still supported strikes and communist uprisings by the end of the war.
>>7177 I really hope maps are redrawn correctly. Can Bulgaria finally get Northern Macedonia (formerly the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Poland get back east Poland, Germany get back east Germany (except Gdynia and the Gdynia corridor) and Elsaß-Lothringen and Luxemburg and Anschluss and Süd-Tirol, and Sweden get back Åland, and Finland get all of Karelia and maybe kola, and Russia maybe get Belarus, and the Netherlands get Flanders and Brussels and changes to Dietsland, and France gets Wallonia, and maybe basque becomes a country, and Catalonia goes to Spain maybe, and is savoy Italian, if not at least Corsica to Italy and that little microstate in eastern Italy, and northern Transylvania to Hungary, and Moldova to Romania and Transnistria deported of all Russians, and Greece gets Thrance, Byzantium, Cyprus and the western and south west coast of Turkey, and Bosnia-Herzegovina is split along ethnic lines as well as possible, and Kosovo is depopulated of Albanians and Albania is depopulated of Albanians and split between Serbia, Greece and maybe Bulgaria, and North America is Balkanized along natural borders and Northern Ireland to Ireland and actual efforts to revive Gaelic as a national language. Anything else? Should Switzerland be kept? Should Lichtenstein? Montenegro? Nordic Union like the U.K.?
Open file (475.23 KB 1280x689 Hunk Aesthetic.png)
>>7183 Going on a cruise this weekend wish me luck
Just as we thought, the chink government was lying about the numbers of infected and dead. https://twitter.com/TaiwanNews886/status/1225011679592771589
Open file (1.29 MB 1024x617 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7194 >24,589 deaths Time to introduce the Chinks to a certain God that if we say they pray to will spare them from the Coronavirus
>>7194 >number of dead is as high as their claimed number of infected God please let these numbers multiply by 100
>>7198 Well only 269 survived according to that pic with an additional 154023 confirmed cases. So you if you calculate the mortality rate you may get your wish.
>>7199 (checked) Fuck it, why contain it to 2.5 million? let’s get it up to 250 million. maybe even 2.5 billion? Do we need to meme it? Ebola-chan didn’t do all that much and she was very well meme’d, hopefully the j-I mean news keeps telling goyim it’s okay and not to do anything to help spread it. How long before it mutates from an Asian only disease to specific poo, nog, Gypsy, Arab RIP Assad, Amerindian, and soy strains?
>>7200 If it becomes like the Spanish Flu it'll end up leaving the weak and the old alive, killing off only the young and fit. Could be complete disaster for the world.
>>7203 If I had a twatter account I'd say that they gassing the jewish quarter of Wuhan in that video, and this is deeply antisemitic. #RememberThe66Million #StopTheGas #Wuhan #Israel
>>7202 And? >Could be complete disaster for the world. WHY CONTAIN IT?
Open file (258.66 KB 456x609 nurgle-horde.jpg)
>>7205 Didn't say it was a bad thing. We just need to get the Chinese to embrace it.
>>7203 They sprayed several people in front of shops near the end, is this stuff actually a disinfectant or is it jut the government trying to look good with a smoke machine and air compressor with a wide nozzle?
Open file (759.45 KB 474x584 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7208 >Russians arrive in Wuhan >Fires suddenly start to break out Has Putin secretly ordered a purge?
>>7209 Remember, no ruski.
Open file (38.70 KB 680x383 Supposed figures.jpg)
Open file (603.37 KB 2072x1288 translate.jpg)
>http://archive.is/zwPf5 Supposedly up to ~24K dead, ~150K if you go by the most recent tencent leaks. Of course take with a grain of salt but remember the earlier leaks that said it was near 90K, seems like a reasonable growth in that time.
>>7215 That's 154023 infected not dead and mentioned earlier. From left to right Infected-Suspected-Cured-Dead
>>7200 Assad is an Alawite though.
>>7216 Yea I meant to say 150K infected alongside 24K dead, didn't catch that.
>Mentioned the shot of whiskey thing to a customer that hates chinks >Coworker starts screeching about how it isn't funny etc. Pretty sure his wife is Chinese.
>>7153 Isn't the definition of "Asian" fuzzy in the UK? I thought when they say "Asian child rapists" they mean "Afghan/Paki/muslim child rapists" and not orientals?
>>7220 It's not fuzzy at all, they just use different terminology. It's like saying that their use of clip is fuzzy, because what burgers call a stripper strapper clip is called a charger in British parlance, and clip specifically refers to ˝en block˝ clips.
>>7220 thus why the spoilered emoticon is used. Thank you anon, that was the joke. >>7221 So we're above making jokes or even appreciating them for what they are, however bad they are?
>>7207 >Implying chinkland wouldn't gas its own citizens with disinfectant At this point, they rather gas a city to save whats left. Besides, if those guys die, it will be from choking and not Coronavirus so it does not get into the official numbers.
>>7207 it's probably some disinfectant, but it's just for morale anyway. The virus won't survive outside the host for too long, and it's not like people go around licking pavements and what not. The virus stays in and spreads from people, which will be unaffected by the disinfectant. Still, such shows tend to reassure the people there that the government is doing all in its power and that solving the crisis is in progress. Prevents panic and dissuades people from trying to break the quarantine.
Open file (1.58 MB 1280x720 Just a prank bro.mp4)
Open file (4.23 MB 1936x1940 Trojan-Horse.png)
>>7225 >Chinks gassing themselves to deflate Corona-chan's official high score Holy fuck that's genius, let's hope they Holocaust enough of themselves that Uyghurs, Tibet and the KMT can step it up.
>>7219 stay yourself strelok XDDDDDDDD
>>7220 It’s because when North America was getting chink immigrants from Asia in the 1800’s Britain was getting Indian immigrants from Asia. Hence why each county calls asians differently, it’s not a news ploy to hide the perpetrators it’s literally the British term for Pajeets/arabs. This has been explained nearly every single time someone mentions it and yet burgers still can’t understand that different countries have different dialects and thus use different words. >>7223 >So we're above making jokes or even appreciating them for what they are, however bad they are? Nah it was a good joke.
>>7230 >global news God damn I hate my country.
>>7202 >killing off only the young and fit But what if you're young and fat?
>>7234 >This has been explained nearly every single time someone mentions it and yet burgers still can’t understand that different countries have different dialects and thus use different words. You know people ignore facts to rile each other up right? If you've explained something in great detail and someone still goes "lol 'azn' pedos" then they're most likely trying to get you to sperg.
>>7234 The british had to have been pretty stupid to believe Saudi Arabia is in Asia
>>7240 Don't they just refer to pakis as azns and saudniggers as arabs? Unless I'm misunderstanding the situation completely.
>>7241 The Rotterdam rapists were arabs and they were described as "asian" lmao
Open file (110.44 KB 690x892 o8witgmarvz11.jpg)
>>7207 > is it jut the government trying to look good It's China, do we even have to ask?
>>6979 deep thoughts, nigger
>>7108 The difference between economies is because Mexicans are low IQ amerindian mongrels, you dipshit. Are you Mexican, to be so dumb?
>>7125 Usury kikes raus
>>7234 What do bongs call all the non-paki asians in their country then
>>7250 Those funny little yellow men from the takeaway
>>7250 I think they still call them orientals. Unless that’s racist in Britain now too.
>>7252 You need a license to call them orientals
>45 cases in nipland Had no idea they had that much business with mainland china, considering the neighbors annexed by land have less cases.
State Media on Current Containment Measures: Interview With Lead Scientist Wang Chen https://invidio.us/watch?v=3q1UvfbjagQ >Feb 5th Interview Takeaways: >1. The situation is grave. A new diagnostic class "clinically diagnosed" (those showing clinical symptoms but without RNA test) is added to facilitate access to treatment. >2. 11 new container hospitals will provide patients with light symptoms with limited medical care but better containment. Real hospitals will be used for serious cases (confirmed or suspected). >3. Suspected patients will stay in single rooms in container hospitals. Infected patients will stay in open-air beds. >4. They don't know how many are actually infected. The officially reported number is just the new test results. >5. Gilead's medicine has shown the most promise. But it still requires clinical trials. >6. They can't estimate when the turning point will be. I'd add that around 11:00 he says the tests only return positive 30-50% even with clearly infected people. Around 21:00 he says making vaccines is hard for the coronavirus in the first place, but they barely know anything about this virus, they don't even know if we reached peak happening yet.
>>7255 Also the description goes on: >About the video yesterday: >Those of the subscribers disappointed that I am not continuing to show 100% horror porn that conforms to your simplistic image of the outbreak - UNSUBSCRIBE and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. >If you think everything could only be bad, then you are doing nothing but subscribe only to the flip side of CCP Propaganda (where everything could only be good). >My parents and grandmother live in Wuhan. We are angry at the government. For the sick, life is hell on earth and largely without hope. Life is uncertain for the rest of us, but I don't think most people are gloating and hoping to see the collapse of the CCP regime (like many on Twitter or outside the firewall do) - because that could only mean more deaths and suffering and instability. We just want sick fellow citizens to get treatment and life to be back to normal. Anybody who sees this crisis as a political opportunity and conducts anti-CCP information warfare is to me as disgusting as the officials who told us "the disease is controllable and preventable" when it already got out of control. >Again, if you don't intend to learn different facets of reality and only want fear porn, go somewhere else! UNSUBSCRIBE! Here is that video in question: https://invidio.us/watch?v=1iChTCQ9RBQ If nothing else, it should tell you enough that he can drive around a car and make high quality footage (including some from a drone).
Open file (35.67 KB 362x346 kaguya question.jpg)
https://archive.fo/I9H96 >Chinks want to shut down LNG imports due to overstocked inventories and gas prices in freefall around the world Is that bad?
>>7257 If it hurts the US, then it's good. You can bear with possibly higher gas prices if it means the US gets fucked. Anyone who thinks this is bad is a cuck.
>>7258 It harms the leafs far more, that was their last source of cashflow proper.
>>7257 >chink hardware manufacturers have all closed up shop >electronic components like transistors, LEDs, circuitboards, etc. all out to a 3-6 month lead time from two weeks Be ready for prices spiking on a lot of shit you think wouldn't be affected.
>>7259 >be albertan >National cash cow >some of largest oil reserves on the planet enough to sustain all of canada for centuries if not thousands of years >already have to pay Amerindians millions of dollars to build a bird house if it’s within sight of native land >oil companies need to pay to make land less holy and every single employee has to personally give a blow job to the chief >Plains jew niggers and forest jew niggers still get say after that >NDP (Social Democrats) provincial government fucked our economy because we voted for them as a meme to tell the Tories to fuck off as they were in power for ~40 years >Trudeau joins in for DP >Libtards and d00d w33d lamos in BC want us to stop raping trees >Québécois want even more money despite already being the welfare negress with her brood of 6 million kids >provincial election >conservatives win by a land slide to no one but delusional college kids’ surprises >National election in fall >Trudeau wins minority but pretends it was a land slide >provincial economy just starting to recover despite further Trudeau virtual signalling to an aspie Swedish loli >China starts to blow up You know what? Fuck it I don’t care if gas prices go up, just let something fucking happen.
Open file (1.56 MB 1280x720 ibarada_laughing.webm)
>>7261 >aspie Swedish lol She's 17 years old, the age of consent varies between 14 and 16 in most of Europe. Sometimes it's even lower under certain circumstances. In general people can marry at the age of 16 if their parents or the state allows it (again, the exact process varies in every country). According to a random site she's 163cm tall and weight some 48kg. That's not particularly tall or heavy, but it's not childish either. All-in-all she's not a loli, she's too old and too big for that.
>>7262 She’s fucking 17? I thought she was 13. Maybe it’s the FAS but she does not look that old. Its not just me right, she definitely looks like she has FAS?
>>7262 >>7261 Age of Consent is a legal concept and has no bearing on whether or not a girl is considered a loli. Strictly speaking loli should refer to girls only ~12 years old, with a year or two either side, at least going by the original book.
Open file (389.85 KB 1748x807 age_is_just_a_number.jpg)
>>7263 Something is certainly off with her face, but it could be from some genetic defect that she can't use as an excuse to act like a retard in front of the public, therefore it's not public. >>7264 Some people like to argue that loli is a body type, and then you have normalfags from Burgeristan who say that a 17 years and 11 months old month woman is basically the same as a prepubescent girl. My point is that she doesn't qualify as a loli even according to faggots who believe n the bodytype nonsense, and even burgers will say she's an adult in a year or so.
>>7254 nip hate the chinks, but they love the cheap labor.
Open file (40.21 KB 620x372 2000.jpg)
Whistleblower Chinese doctor dies from coronavirus in Wuhan, state media says >A whistleblowing Chinese doctor, who was among the first to raise concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus in Wuhan, has died from the disease, according to state media. >Li Wenliang, 34, had been targeted by Chinese police for “spreading rumours” after posting a warning on social media in late December 2019 about a cluster of cases of a flu-like disease that had been treated at his hospital. >Seven patients were in quarantine and the disease symptoms reminded him of Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome). He urged colleagues to wear protective clothing at work. >Four days later he was summoned to the local public security bureau, accused of “making false comments” and disturbing the social order. He was told that if he continued to talk about the disease, he would be “brought to justice”. >Li was one of eight people targeted by authorities for “sharing false information”, in a heavy-handed approach that was later criticised by China’s supreme court. He agreed not to discuss his concerns in public again. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/06/whistleblower-chinese-doctor-dies-from-coronavirus#img-1
>>7269 I'm sure he received the best of medical care available in any crematorium.
>>7270 They sent him to Auschwitz?
>>7269 The chink are trying to outperform coronachan at killing chinks or i'm imagining things
>>7254 chinks and gooks like to pretend to be Japanese.
>>7254 The people who got sick were probably the supervisors who ensure the chinks don't cut corners on whatever.
>>7261 You may not like to hear this but the reason why people are a little peeved about that pipeline isn't muh trees its the whole not having any emergency spill response and the fact a lot of freshwater is posed to be lolfucked in the event a pipe decides to burst. The lugenpresse tends to ape with the retards for obvious reasons. Tl;dr they're going full chink safety standards with it.
>Saudi Arabia reporters breakout of high contagious bird flu H5N8 Don’t have link because I’m a nigger.
>>7263 She definitely does. Her eyes have that look, and she appears underdeveloped for 17. >>7269 >"brought to justice" So, the Chinaman's justice is stickin' him in the plague ward until he got sick and died?
>>7276 That's a paddling
>>7275 Source? When I worked near fort Mac they always had very stringent safety protocols but made me break them several times for convenience sake. Wasn’t anything dangerous though but that’s just a worker. I have a hard time seeing them risking several days if not weeks of profit due to a spill or burst pipe. on the other side most riggers and oil field workers in general might as well be niggers, buying brand new F-250s every year and hiring prostitutes for camps because it’s hard to be up there 2-3 weeks at a time :^(
>>7278 On mobile, if I were at home I’d archive it but too much hassle on mobile. Sorry
So is it still an airborne pathogen that a P3 mask can protect against?
>>7281 Those are already dead. No quarantine.
>>7286 Look at this slut, as we speak she's gangbanging china.
>>7254 Japan is absolutely flooded with gooks and chinks that got citizenship.
Open file (1.05 MB 1000x2039 7894615654112213.png)
>>7262 >age of consent
>>7281 Looks like there’s a doctor in the back near the end. >have to sleep on a mattress on the floor Boohoo poor chinks, can we help them please? >>7282 Dang.
Open file (885.23 KB 198x360 quarantine cube.mp4)
>>7294 >Get in the cube, Ching Ji! Is that a fucking murder cube?
>>7281 So basically it is the equivalent of a leper colony where they can die and be let the healthy chinks survive?
Open file (106.98 KB 800x337 Iso-Cube.jpg)
>>7295 10 years in the iso-cube for that statement.
>>7283 But what's even the point of that place other than propaganda-value? Why not just tell those people to stay home and take in critically ill for convenience sake so that they won't die in some apartment on the 7th floor of some building with way too small elevator?
Open file (3.30 MB 320x240 Cube-4aGDCE6Nrz0.webm)
>>7294 They tried to warn us.
Open file (2.00 MB 500x282 despair.gif)
>>7294 Why do cities paint the bottom of tree trucks white? I see it all over Europe but not everywhere, what’s the purpose?
>>7301 Cyclists keep running into them.
>>7298 >But what's even the point of that place other than propaganda-value? What, you think Winnie the Pooh gives a shit about that?
>>7279 This doesn't have anything to do with the construction, its the fact the current pipe is maintenance lacking already, as is the whole plan of what happens when a pipe decides to become not a pipe anymore. Several farmers I know have had to bitch about them coming out and replacing shit due to them discovering the section under their land were about to pop, others are pissed off that ill maintained line is over a bunch of aquifers. As one fellow put it to me, its an absolute miracle that nothing serious has happened.
>>7304 >its the fact the current pipe is maintenance lacking already I didn’t know anything about that, still won’t change my mind that Amerindians are greedy fucks almost giving the Jews a run for our money. But if the oil companies are being niggers and won’t fix lines I’m absolutely against spilling fuck tonnes of oil underground. is that where it comes from :^) however from my time working with them (wasn’t on rigs or anything just a labour nog) it seemed like maintenance and safety were kept on top of. But that’s not pipelines. >Several farmers I know have had to bitch about them coming out and replacing shit Am a Farmer, they’re just whiney bitches then. They pay for any crop they run over and any land they use or dig up, and it’s fairly good pay, any crops they take out will be more profitable then the stuff you harvest and sell. Still can be a pain though. >others are pissed off that ill maintained line is over a bunch of aquifers that shouldn’t be legal. But who’s going to dig up old pipe just to check? I took a ground disturbance course last year an according to the curse instructor there’s millions of kilometres of old pipe all over the place some is even wood it’s so old. Obviously wooden pipes aren’t still in use but that really doesn’t sell them on maintaining pipe rather than just replacing it.
>Coronavirus taking all the news about China >When China is actually dealing with 3 crises >Cornavirus killing the humans, swine flu killing the pigs, and h1n5 killing the poultry In ancient times this would most likely be the point the mandate of heaven is invoked and the peasants revolt. http://archive.is/Xs4Eq
>>7307 Corona-chan brought friends!
>>7308 lesbian gang bang fan art when

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