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Biological Warfare - Coronavirus III Strelok 02/06/2020 (Thu) 23:01:33 No.7311
Highlights / Archive of last thread here http://archive.ph/hPuev >Corona-chan is officially a Mondial Pandemic and have claimed 24k+ live already and as much as 150k+ infected >Corona-chan bringed friend too since Swine-chan and h1n5-kun are active in China. >Ethnic population at risk are in this order of how fucked you are Chink>Gook>Niak>Poo>Nigger>Sandnigger>Meds>Suomi>anglo>white post from last thread to look at >>6550 >>6554 >>6560 >>6569 >>6577 >>6589 >>6599 >>6600 >>6617 >>6692 >>6693 >>6711 >>6735 >>6765 >>6775 >>6780 >>6783 >>6785 >>6788 >>6810 >>6888 >>6894 >>6943 >>6960 >>6965 >>6971 >>7017 >>7019 >>7025 >>7030 >>7037 >>7051 >>7055 >>7065 >>7070 >>7080 >>7087 >>7135 >>7162 >>7173 >>7203 >>7208 >>7212 >>7215 >>7255 >>7256 >>7257 >>7269 >>7281 >>7283 >>7284 >>7286 >>7294 (BO NOTE: Please keep conversation at least vaguely on topic, you can always make new threads if you want to discuss something else)
Edited last time by activeshooter on 02/07/2020 (Fri) 02:45:58.
lmao fuck chinks
http://archive.is/Km1s1 The first effects are being seen globally. Looks like the Saudis cannot catch a break between Yemen and now its biggest buyer China not needing as much oil at the moment. Starting to see companies like Pizza Hut also blame the virus for their lower sales globally.
Open file (58.97 KB 814x633 Best Korea immune.JPG)
>>7315 >globalism crashes with no survivors It’s all I ever wanted since we learned about transnationals and globalism in high school. Thank you Corona-chan.
Corona-chan is a good girl. I'd give her a headpat if I could.
>>7316 I bet Nork propaganda is having heyday with this, since Best Korea literally is immune to this. Glorious Leader saved the land once again.
>>7321 >Saved the land No. Kim Jong Un himself is punishing every other country for their arrogance as the rightful God of this planet. t. Loyal Citizen
Open file (8.65 MB 640x360 InitialGopnik.mp4)
>>7315 I wonder how the EU is going to handle the German automotive industry crashing their gay supranational gommie cucktatorship with no survivors because lol no more rich real estate "investor" Chinks buying expensive Sedans on top of absolutely fucked parts supply logistics as so much crap is produced in Chinkland or outsourced to some other company that also has nearly all of its production facilities set up there with only final assembly happening on domestic soil to get the "Made in Germany" sticker.
>>7321 >>7316 The norks were smart enough to tell all foreigners to fuck off when the disease was just entering the news. They'll be having the last laugh at this rate.
>>7311 What the hell is a niak >>7315 >>7317 >build your entire economy on the basis that only a single or a couple of nations can produce a given product in high demand and questionable quality >get completely flabbergasted, shocked and appalled when everything comes to a screeching halt when one of the cogs stops turning Say whatever you want about Industrialization and the Colonial era, they had the foresight of keeping it all about the economy instead of some globohomo agenda. >>7321 Norks are scared shitless right now. If China dips, they do so tenfold unless they give in to the West's demands. One thing that always makes me super smug is seeing dumbass "geopolitical" folk like jewtubers and "intellectual" guys having their entire career destroyed because of their assumption that the world would go on the same as always and that the only causes of conflict are internal rather than external.
>>7325 EUfag here, my state sponsored propaganda tells us everything is completely fine, irrational fear of the Chinese in unjustified, look at those cute cats with the single mom in Wuhan! No one is buying it of course.
Some of our cheapskate customers that we do business with more as busy work than anything have been throwing a bitch fit because they have to pay $100 for the American-made equivalent of their $40 Chink products recently. It's pretty fun.
>>7328 Really? Damn, even here in Commiefornia you have college campuses telling people to avoid contact with people from mainland China and asking people who were in China recently to stay at home until they are proven healthy
>>7329 Just break half or steal a third and its the same package right?
>>7325 Bound to happen when rely on making overpriced vehicles for foreign consumers
https://archive.fo/y3iwp Corona-chan spreads her love among the quarantined Nip cruise ship. We keep hearing about quarantined cruise liners, but what about regular cargo ships? A localized outbreak on a large tanker or container ship sailing from China to the US west coast might be salvageable since one could track and gas the ship quite easily should the crew die or transform into batmen, but what about ships running short regular routes between mainland China and SEAN countries infecting harbor personnel while contaminating cargo and infrastructure? *Has this already happened only with (((them))) trying to keep it under wraps for the time being? >>7330 Racists, don't they know about the Rape of Nanking?
Open file (92.24 KB 700x901 Corona_Pepe.jpg)
Open file (150.35 KB 867x1200 Coronachan.jpg)
Open file (104.88 KB 680x962 Coronachan2.jpg)
Open file (360.69 KB 826x890 Coronachan3.jpg)
Open file (115.21 KB 1200x1200 Coronachan4.jpg)
Open file (121.73 KB 1200x857 Coronachan5.jpg)
Open file (98.07 KB 798x452 Winnie_the_Flu.jpg)
Open file (518.13 KB 661x801 Coronachan6.png)
Open file (168.31 KB 1200x675 Coronachan7.jpg)
Open file (313.80 KB 567x720 Coronachan8.png)
Open file (324.64 KB 1017x481 Coronachan9.jpg)
Open file (715.29 KB 640x800 Coronachan10.png)
Open file (30.24 KB 1200x720 Corona_flag.jpg)
Open file (121.73 KB 1200x857 Coronachan5.jpg)
Open file (184.16 KB 1200x1198 Coronachan11.jpg)
Open file (74.39 KB 1080x809 Corona_Pepe2.jpg)
Open file (171.49 KB 680x638 Coronachan12.png)
Open file (83.24 KB 843x1199 Coronachan13.jpg)
Open file (72.75 KB 711x900 Coronachan14.jpg)
Open file (128.28 KB 698x1200 Coronachan15.jpg)
Open file (179.93 KB 1200x840 Coronachan16.jpg)
Open file (2.90 MB 4032x2268 virus.jpg)
Open file (3.51 MB 4032x2268 eatings.jpg)
>>7328 Enjoy 50c army bait.
>>7336 >>7339 >pepe holy shit take my upbloat
Open file (73.03 KB 600x600 Coronachan17.jpg)
Open file (84.73 KB 800x600 Coronachan18.jpg)
Open file (132.94 KB 1199x786 Coronachan19.jpg)
Open file (32.67 KB 1199x675 Coronachan20.jpg)
Open file (62.27 KB 538x955 Coronachan21.jpg)
Open file (205.45 KB 680x686 Coronachan22.png)
Open file (142.41 KB 1200x675 Coronachan23.jpg)
Open file (58.17 KB 753x727 Coronachan24.jpg)
Open file (48.68 KB 1200x675 Coronachan25.jpg)
Open file (55.25 KB 1200x675 Coronachan26.jpg)
Open file (45.57 KB 1200x675 Coronachan27.jpg)
Open file (67.85 KB 1080x1080 Coronachan28.jpg)
Open file (200.02 KB 960x1200 Coronachan29.jpg)
Open file (98.11 KB 633x1200 Coronachan30.jpg)
Open file (138.79 KB 692x1200 Coronachan31.jpg)
>>7345 >>7344 >>7340 >>7339 Spoil NSFW files you horny mother fucker
Open file (37.73 KB 1200x675 Coronachan32.jpg)
Open file (38.82 KB 1200x675 Coronachan33.jpg)
Open file (42.98 KB 1200x675 Coronachan34.jpg)
Open file (88.25 KB 717x1024 Coronachan35.jpg)
Open file (119.88 KB 960x1200 Coronachan36.jpg)
Open file (9.17 MB 1280x720 woooaaah_bat_soup.mp4)
>>7346 aaaaauuuuuugggggghhhhhhh they slipped by fwend :^)
>>7311 >Chink>Gook>Niak>Poo>Nigger>Sandnigger>Meds>Suomi>anglo>white >low risk Nice!.webm
>>7329 >they have to pay $100 for the American-made equivalent of their $40 Chink products recently >go to store to buy some brushes >there are chink and burger brushes >buy burger brushes every bit helps.
>>7327 >What the hell is a niak french slang for jap
Nips so far are still adamant about the olympic games happening. Though at this rate they will only be killing themselves by allowing the games to happen and not suspend it until next year at least.
>>7353 If nipland allows coronachan to poz their negholes maybe it'll teach their resident cucks not to spread their asses for open borders shit, or maybe at least kill them.
>>7354 If this thing becomes like the black death and there are 200 gorillion dead chinks 6 months later, of course they would postpone. I mean, nips are not retards with down syndrome, right?
>>7326 I don't think starving and freezing is the last laugh. They depend on China and Russia to pretty much take care of them.
>>7343 Why is there a snake in the first pic?
>>7359 Snakes are the original suspected source that this strain of Corona virus started in
>>7350 Gracias por apoyarnos
>>7356 Man, I don't put anything past progressives anymore, and nipland has plenty of them in their government. Japan isn't as much of a right wing paradise that some weebniggers would have you believe.
Open file (678.90 KB 1496x1021 megumin_objection.jpg)
>>7363 I visited roughly half of Japan. It is most certainly the right wing paradise you insist it isn't. The countryside is especially pleasant. Nips are a lot more conservative on the homefront than they let on in international exchanges. Maybe near US military bases and in downtown Tokyo it's more like as you described, but even drunkenly stumbling down the streets of Akihabara felt more like a gentleman's stroll than the most conservative places in America that I've been.
>>7356 However the chances of Japan postponing the Olympics are slim to none short of a global pandemic. Do keep in mind the Japanese treat pathogens as foreign invaders. They are also cheapskates though that don't keep even foam soap in their bathrooms.
>>7351 >We found three news in this regard. This was clearly written by a chink.
>>7364 What would you consider Japan's "south" strelok?
>>7364 Yeah we'll see about that in a few years, their cities already have massive amounts of the progressive cancer spreading its feelers everywhere, and the kikes have been getting more and more cozy with their business and entertainment sectors. Rural areas will always be less shit than cities, but they'll still always be at the mercy of citycuck laws with the current status quo.
>>7368 Don't forget most weebniggers are progressive and actual niggers. There's a minority of niggers marrying japs.
>>7368 Spoken like a true burger who's only visited cities in Europe (if even that) and maybe one tourist town in the Caribbean/Mexico. >>7367 Depends on what aspect you'd like to focus on. If we're talking from a historical standpoint/the spirit of Southern Secession, Sendai would be the most correct proxy for displaying Japan's "South" given its history. If we go from a cultural standpoint, Nagoya is a proxy for Alabama/South Carolina, Fukuoka is a proxy for Kentucky/Tennessee, and Osaka is the shitty parts of Florida (and New Orleans).
>>7370 What about Texas and Mississippi
>>7371 What about all the other states I left out? Do you want the whole damn United States proxied across Japanese cities, anon? **Also Texas IS NOT part of the South. Texas is Texas. If anything they're part of the plains along with Oklahoma, Kansas, parts of Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, North/South Dakota, parts of Montana, New Mexico, etc. Yes, I think there's more to "The South" than just the Mason-Dixon line.
>>7370 You can be passive aggressive all you want, grorious nippon is succumbing to jewish filth just like burgerland has, burying your head and denying it is just going to lead to even worse butthurt later on down the line.
>>7372 >Texas IS NOT part of the South. Yes, to most people it is considered part of Dixie culture, any state that was part of the confederacy is considered south by most Americans.
http://archive.fo/i9RpO The infection rate on that cruise ship is spiralling out of control. Up to 61 cases now.
>>7367 Kyushu. They fucking act like it too.
>>7316 Just noticed this today too. How has this not spread like wildfire through africa? Is it there and no one's noticed it? I would have figured that corona-chan would be having a field day there what with the chink infestation.
Open file (449.91 KB 1000x1000 1374592350557.png)
>>7330 No in here the people have started insulting and snubbing the Chinese, even those who for all intents and purposes have been living here all their lives... The govt pushes daily sob stories about cute Chinese grills not being able to make ends meet, with some officials personally meeting Chinese representatives and kids (all thoroughly pre-sterilized of course). This is because China invested heavily in one of the ruling parties, so they cannot afford to lose their support. >>7333 I'm assuming that most SEAN countries live in such squalor that Corona-chan would be gangraped by whatever illness the locals have. >>7341 Canadians have always been more racist than Burgerstani, their ruling govt has tried to force liberalism onto them for so long that the mask is slowly slipping away, too bad their country is practically a Chinese/Indian colony.
>>7379 Testing for it is complex, there's a good chance the niggers can't manage it. And then there's their tendency to go to witch doctors instead of actual doctors, which makes it much harder to find out numbers, they had the same problem with Ebola.
>>7373 Man, why do the mods let retards like this who only speak in memewords instead of contributing to the discussion? Yes, we know everything about modern mores, you can stop acting though, this isn't /pol/. >>7379 >Just noticed this today too. How has this not spread like wildfire through africa? Who says it hasn't? If they can cover up stories in China, you can bet your ass that Africa's shitty network system can hide 99% of the shit that goes down there. Besides, Africans really hate their Chinese overlords. I can't remember the source so assume I'm just talking straight out of my ass, but on a few countries of the Guinea coast Chinese marts (you know, those damn places that sprout up in big cities with excessively low prices and quality) are devastating the local economies so much that Chinese immigrants or temp workers get attacked in the street unless they're in a posse or with bodyguards or policemen around. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=6mHsED1dS9g
Open file (51.31 KB 370x512 Prónay.jpg)
>>7372 >Do you want the whole damn United States proxied across Japanese cities, anon? That's not vague yet overly specific enough. Tell me the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county of Gifu prefecture!
>>7383 >Ruhr of Hungary You'd have to go up to Sapporo for all that coal or down to Kyushu. If you're talking straight industry Kakamigahara is probably what you're looking for, Kawasaki and Mitsubishi have facilities located there and were subject to heavy bombing during the war.
>>7385 I was actually mostly referring to the gypsies, and with that I wanted to point out that Japland isn't exactly a multkulti place that went through a civil war for the sake of niggers. I mean, some blood was spilled during the Meiji restoration, and there is Okinawa, but it's hard to do more than point at a random prefecture and say ˝they be a bit more rooral and have a funny axent˝.
>>7382 No need to get pissy and start crying about how I'm not banned just because I pointed something out that makes you uncomfortable. Nippon isn't paradise on earth, and they won't let you flee there when things go to shit elsewhere no matter how many of their autistic cartoons you watch anyway.
>>7388 >Japland isn't exactly a multkulti place that went through a civil war for the sake of niggers No, but they did go to war with gooks and chinks, which are the spics and niggers of Asia, and are also currently being flooded with them.
Open file (15.39 MB 540x360 reichweebs.webm)
>>7391 Could Corona-chan have been a secrit project by spiritual successors of unit 731 to remove Shina and recreate the 大日本帝國 in the wake of global economic recession and/or the collapse of gaijin civilisation?
>>7392 Anon, I have been looking for this webm since 8ch went down, thank you for posting this. It's incredible what a reception this is, I can't recall ever seeing a more enthusiastic and spectacular welcome for any foreign official, in any country. Polite sage.
>>7392 dweebs have existed since the discovery of Japan as something different from mainland Serica.
>>7379 Could be starting there for all we know. Most nigger countries would have to send their results to a lab in South Africa since they are too incompetent and don't have any good labs to see if a person has the virus.
>>7372 Texas is more part of Mexico than the South since they give their daughters wombs and sons seed to Mexicans
Open file (97.35 KB 1000x538 1565383322591.jpg)
>>7375 >By most Americans The North-East/Commiefornia is not most Americans, anon. I've never heard of anyone considering Texas part of the South and I used to live there. This is sort of like when Spics from other states ask where Texan latinos are from and then get pissy when they say "Texas."
>>7372 Geographically its in the South along with being part of the Confederacy.
>>7397 Mexicans are invading Texas, but Texan spics are different from Mexican spics, anon. Even at the genetic level.
>>7398 >Lived in the big cities >never encountered confederate statues or rednecks with confederate flags in their trucks >can't name any small villages with Freemason lodges >Doesn't know Fort Hood was a confederate fort Texas is part of the south nigger.
>>7399 >Geographically I don't think that word means what you think it means. That's like saying "geographically North Carolina and Louisiana are the same because they're both south of the Mason-Dixon line lol." Texas is Texas. They do what they want.
>>7401 >Lived in big cities Hardly. Fuck off, EastNigger, you can't have our land when we secede while you suck Northern cock.
>Fucking New Jersey just let a cruise ship disembark after confirmed cases Even the nips are quarantining ships off their coast. Fucking Jersey niggers are going to kill everyone for their idiotic behavior. >All other passengers were released without any further evaluation, Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis said in a tweet on Friday. http://archive.is/E7GB4 Meanwhile the 10 sick people on the cruise ship in Japan turned to 61. Great going shithole of the country.
>>7403 >>7402 WEEBS MAD WEEBS MAD
>>7405 Do you even know what that word means you dipshit reddit reject?
>7406 seethe
>>7400 What do you mean by that? I know that Americans used to jump the Mexican border into Texas to grow farmland. I have NEVER heard this different Mexicans argument.
>>7392 I'll have to find it when I get home but Taiwan was saying those wuhan hospitals are a new 731 testing facility.
http://archive.fo/eUjZf Bats have invaded an Australian town. Corona is coming
Come to think of it, wasn't there a Costa liner quarantined a week ago in pastaland only to be released hours later after the gubberment said everything was fine? Any Italianons notice an increase in coughing Chinks since then?
>>7408 There's Mexico Mexicans and there's (Latino) Texans. Texans are generally 1/3rd or 1/2 mutt mix that makes up most Mestizos. They've been interbreeding for a couple centuries with Eastern Americans to the point that while Northern Mexicans are vaguely similar, Texans have little to no shared common heritage or family ties with coastal or Southern Mexicans. In fact they get pretty pissed when other Mexicans try to pull the "we're all Mestizo" card. It's why (white) Texans usually don't care about fucking/marrying Texan Mexicans. Basically all other Mexicans hate Texan Mexicans for acting like white people (because they kind of half are).
>>7409 Honestly it wouldn't surprise me.
>>7392 I'm more suspicious of Hong Kong or Taiwan.
Citizen Journalist Covering Virus Outbreak From Wuhan Goes Missing >Chinese citizen journalists Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin have served as the world’s eyes and ears inside the epicenter >Now one of them is missing. >Chen has been out of reach for more than 20 hours Looks like chink government got Chen. https://archive.ph/zKtPJ
>>7400 Texans are embracing racemixing. Your post shows the baste attitude
>>7422 Probably got carted off in a concentration-cube and thrown into one a plague-pit container hospital with locked windows and doors and hundreds of people in open rooms. Then they can come out and truthfully show his corona-riddled corpse in a couple weeks.
>>7417 >It's why (white) Texans usually don't care about fucking/marrying Texan Mexicans. This is why I hate most Texans
>>7412 No all Chinese in here are literally locking themselves up because no one wants to do business with them anymore. Some shops are closing down permanently, one not so far from where I live. It has been so devastating that the govt had to step in and pretend everything was fine and retract some statements about one of the quarantined Italians being positive to the virus. >>7417 What a bizarre turn of events. Out of curiosity, what is the Texan culture like anymore? I've heard that Austin is basically San Fran but hotter with dems and gibsmeat rising in numbers and every other country around it is an ancap's dream, but I'm very ignorant of local politics. >>7421 He's right you know
>>7421 >waito piggo go hommmu Becoming a tourist economy will fuck you eventually, every time
>>7427 He's giving a warped view of Texas because he's mestizo
Open file (179.09 KB 491x780 Jennifer Zeng.png)
Open file (86.19 KB 1024x591 Coronachan38.jpg)
>around 400 million people locked down in China to contain coronavirus What the fuck? 400 million, thats 1/3 of their population. How much longer until all of China is locked down? https://archive.ph/UNINq
>>7425 My problem with Texans boils down to their ego. The whole 'yeehaw, didn't you know we were an independent country?' shtick gets tiresome.
>>7431 >Guangzhou got hit Fuck, shit's dire. If it gets to Shenzhen that's the global economy down the drain.
Open file (292.53 KB 1280x851 kazakh press.jpg)
>>7433 GOOD
Open file (1.35 MB 2931x4202 chen grownup.jpg)
>>7436 >No masks on anyone Well some new friends for Corona-chan.
>>7404 How long before a 6 trillion dollar US aircraft carrier rams an infected cruise ship off the coast of Japan?
>>7431 >1 500 000 000÷100=15 000 000 >400 000 000÷15 000 000=26,666666667 26,666666667% is 6,333333333% less than 33%. Stop with the fake news!
>>7393 Are chink police actually welding people fellow bugmen inside their own homes?
>>7404 >Below Low Risk Corona outbreak soon!
>>7433 Isn't Shenzhen already shut down for the most part? If I recall they planned to resume normal work on February 10th but that clearly won't happen given the current situation though it'd be curious to see if Corona-chan could break the 2D-3D barrier and infect Intel processors. On an unrelated note, what happened to niggerpill? Did he finally surrender and cough himself to death?
>>7445 Niggerpill has been all over these threads doing his burn it all faggotry, you just haven't noticed because for once a lot of the board actually wants the worst to happen.
>>7445 stopped worrying since he's a 56% low risk, nut his 96% risk wife might have bite the dust already
>>7333 >cargo ships full of infected chinks The ultimate weapon against the USN.
>>7452 Quick, someone tell the Vietnam to slash prices for Chink sailors fleeing from the mainland. If the USN rams a Vietnamese cargo ship crewed by innocent Chinese refugees who are victims of Corona-chan and gommunism in the South China Sea it'll be extra hilarious especially since things are heating up there again with burgers doing maritime patrols in Chink-claimed waters.
>>7445 Some scientists speculated that Corona-chan can in fact infect objects. Also one note about niggerpills, they'll never do what they say because they're just trying to pass on their negativity virus onto you. It's like that Smurfs book where they start turning each other into Majority of American Crime Rates.
Open file (563.98 KB 800x930 yukari_suspicious.png)
>>7454 >Corona-chan can in fact infect objects. How? Chinks may not be people but they still count as living organisms whose biologic mechanisms viruses depend on for parasitic reproduction, I haven't heard of any virus that can use inanimate matter as a host.
>>7455 I think maybe he meant that the virus can "live" on objects outside of a host body for longer than was initially thought.
>>7455 Technically speaking any airborne virus is capable of surviving off something not living for at least a brief period of time. (The Air.) It would stand to reason that the virus could then land on an inanimate object and survive for yet another moment if that surface was the right temperature. Then again this kind of 'logic' is why some people think you can get Herpes off a damned toilet seat, no matter how unlikely and extremely unusual that would be.
>"live" Virions aren't alive. https://archive.fo/dwQC4 In other news the 170 IQ Bugmen that aren't throwing their Pets out the window like their 140 IQ neighbours are buying gas masks for them en masse, because that will surely protect them from a virus known to be transmitted human-to-human and possibly from Bats. On top of this, the CCP downplaying everything to secure strategic propaganda victories and general Bugman corruption it's no wonders Hospitals in Wuhan and elsewhere can't treat their own doctors let alone dying patients.
>>7466 >Virions aren't alive. Hence the quotes.
>>7466 Meant to reply to >>7464. I get what anons saying in that the virus seems to have above average environmental resilience, but just because a virion can stick to a surface and remain there intact for some time doesn't meant it has a metabolism and a means of reproduction all things which it has to seize from a living host by entering via membrane receptor backdoor and having its enzymes either insert its botnet DNA/RNA into the host genome or in the case of Corona-chan have the hosts' ribosomes synthesize Viral proteins and enzymes from the botnet RNA itself without a RNA-to-DNA transcriptase and accompanying integrase like HIV does though it does replicate its own RNA inside the host for greater protein synthetization volumes. Now that I think about it, wouldn't Corona-chan be vulnerable to above-background radiation? RNA is single stranded and very fragile compared to DNA, there are no redundant bases in it for error correction so it's easy to fuck by Stalkan innazone.
>>7453 >Quick, someone tell the Vietnam to slash prices for Chink sailors fleeing from the mainland. But gooks hate chinks.
>>7480 Charlie ain't gooks, buddy.
>>7489 >That chair fighting in the first webm Kung Flu at its best.
Open file (174.97 KB 667x1163 78635956808956.png)
>>7489 Forgot to add the last video is song released by by China's media telling people that love will triumph and to keep their spirits up. >China's state media has released an anthem “Believe Love Will Triumph” to keep spirits up while the nation fights the novel coronavirus. >It stars celebrities, including Jackie Chan, Wang Leehom, Xiao Zhan and Tong Liya. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmrp9BTLOJ0
>>7476 >Now that I think about it, wouldn't Corona-chan be vulnerable to above-background radiation? Please stop reminding me about how all the Chinks are going to flee to Utah/Colorado/Wyoming when they realize this.
>>7491 Someone has to edit this song with cuts to the horrible shit chinks are doing
Open file (16.45 MB 1280x720 Corona_Jackass.mp4)
Open file (56.21 KB 960x442 gooktestings.jpg)
>>7476 >the zone becomes the safest place in the world I am perfectly ok with this prospect. >>7418 I wouldn't be either.
do we have pictures of the ovens?
>>7498 they won't be able to cremate 1/10 of the bodies that will hit the floor.
>>7502 Welp, looks like Fang Bin is next to go. I can imagine the government will kill 1,000 easily to help stop the overbearing resentment against the government for letting things get this bad and killing that doctor.
>>7489 >last one Reminds me of the USA for Africa campaign. https://invidio.us/watch?v=M9BNoNFKCBI
>>7417 >Basically all other Mexicans hate Texan Mexicans for acting like white people Most northern mexicans get a lot of hate because they consider themselves different or act "all superior", it's been the trade for centuries, same happens with mex-americans but they get extra hate for either trying to pass as mexican when they are americanized mutts or when they try to pass as white people (while acting and looking like mutts). "White people act" for the peasants means cocky, indifferent and confrontational. For frontiersmen (aka people living on both sides of the border or at least familiar with the zone) it means carefree yet stoic, someone who will not yield emotion or good manners unless shown otherwise. It's a cultural thing, americans are serious and give the bad eye unless treated well, northerns behave raw and even more confrontational when stumbled upon but can be comradely when treated as such, southerns are overly friendly in the forced way and are vexed pretty easily when not corresponded. One smooches you at first to take advantage later while the other minds his own business unless he has to inquire or trade for something. That's the difference between sedentary and nomad behavioral traits hardcoded in some genes. Texans are northern mexican secessionist farmers getting banged 200 years by yankee settlers even when they like to larp as confederates.
Mmmm. I sure do love this big fat nothingburger that's this virus. Can't believe you losers are still hyping it up.
Open file (54.46 KB 600x314 079537245345.jpeg)
Open file (60.81 KB 582x1490 Shenzhen.png)
Open file (58.60 KB 1016x744 5689356725634.jpg)
Open file (600.37 KB 689x1328 Chen Quishi taken away.png)
Everything is in chink runes so your gonna have to use Jewggle translate unless you can read it. >Shenzhen suddenly locked down. People swam to HongKong https://archive.ph/2LLIv >RTHK: It’s understood that lawyer Chen Qiushi ⁦@chenqiushi404⁩ was was taken way by national security officials in Wuhan on Feb 6 for “medical isolation”. Chen went to Wuhan on Jan 24 to record and report the #nCoV2019 epidemic. https://archive.ph/hm1Sd
I pissed off the muttspammer, sorry guys.
>>7503 Pathetic, China can’t even compete with German cremation technology from 1943, yet they claim they’re a superpower.
>>7527 >People swam to HongKong RIP in piece hongkong
>>7535 That was a typo it was meant to be swarm not swam but same difference in the end if they make it to HongKong.
So when is China going to use nuclear weapons to purge the spread of corona?
http://archive.fo/7LD6U Death toll past 700 officially Burger boomer killed by it And corona is evolving again Looking like a good week ahead
>>7489 >Ching xi chung cho tai whaio chiiiii Fuck chink babble is an ugly language, they can’t even make it sound good while singing, which is a fucking feat. Yet every normalfag says German is an ugly language because of funni Facebook video!
Corona-Chan's little sister shows up on the scene? http://archive.is/A7IBl >norovirus outbreak in Louisiana casino, 200 infected I don't think they're related, I don't know, but what timing. Noro-chan art incoming, with any luck.
>>7544 Normalfags deserved to be gassed tbh.
>>7311 >I spat in your bat soup That makes my peepee hard.
Open file (7.73 MB 480x270 I feel the feels.webm)
>>7493 Turning it into the ED of the Corona-chan anime seems more fitting.
>>7455 >>7462 yeah that's it, sorry >>7488 Aren't Charlies practically Han Chinese? >>7489 Please I'm tech illiterate, can someone make a medley of all the videos of the shit hitting the fan in Wuhan but with that song as the background music? Bonus points if a singing Corona-chan comes out. Kind of like >>7495
>>7526 ching cong
>>7562 >bugs adapting to marine environments Refugee flotillas in the south China sea when?
>>7562 He probably got much more deadly parasites and diseases from swimming through the water anyways.
Open file (740.13 KB 500x304 「・「.gif)
I really can't wait for the economic damage to be visible.
Open file (32.08 KB 782x198 uh_oh.png)
Open file (120.41 KB 900x472 2021.jpg)
It's gone airborne. If you haven't yet, it's about time to pick a religion and really, really hope you picked right. https://archive.is/l6lGR
I guess the Chinese deal just took a new dimension.
>>7583 There is only one true religion and that is the boolite '
>>7583 >airborne Corona-chan Now we know why he wears the mask. I wonder what'll happen to western nations and societies reliant on Chink imports for basic everyday goods now. Could Iran benefit from this?
>>7583 Which one of you picked the upgrade?
>>7311 >claimed 24k+ live >Corona-chan bringed friend too >population at risk are English 102nd language?
>>7600 yes it is my 8 spoke language, i'm chinesse CHINA NUMBA WAN
>>7601 Your post has been reported to local authorities for spreading rumors and misinformation on the Internet.
>>7598 I'm kind of amazed they let the guy film all that
>>7612 It's amazing how well he's practiced the indignant western progressive activist rhetoric style. Even with his mushmouthed chink accent, he's still getting surprisingly close to the "HOW DARE YOU" style of lecturing the audience that you normally only see from snotty college students who think that kicking over trashcans will save stop fascism.
>>7351 >>7612 Anyone got that screen of chinks wanting to study how jews wield white guilt so thoroughly and want to learn how to as well? Could this be an attempt?
>>7616 looks like it, too bad for them they are joining the party a bit late. Soulless motherfucker.
>>7616 There is that whole thing in China where they study judaism because they think acting like a jew makes you good at business. Seeing as this particular chink is being featured on CGTN, which is a state-sponsored propaganda outlet, it's possible he's doing this to prey on American guilt. Just as likely that this is the usual knee-jerk chink response to any criticism of China in general. Chances are you've seen it often enough if you've been on imageboards for a few years. They get sincerely and maddeningly pissed if anyone tries to point out how fucking awful and dystopian China is, or even if someone just tries to poke a hole in one of Winnie the Pooh's bullshit PR programs, like that one amateur MMA fighter who was beating the shit out of cult-like tai chi masters.
>>7618 >like that one amateur MMA fighter who was beating the shit out of cult-like tai chi masters. That guy was somewhat of an asshole but he got a big smear campaign that degraded completely the whole message he wanted to give, which was like how you mention it, take down cult leaders. That's an interesting take on Winnie Pooh, using pseudo-traditionalist cult leaders to subtly indoctrinate the few nationalists left inside the mainland.
Open file (17.24 KB 220x292 Chiang Kai-shek.jpg)
Now that the commies lost the Mandate of Heaven China is bound to go through a new period of warlordism, and the Republic of China is perfectly suited to take over coastal areas, then slowly work its way inland. But I fear it won't start for at least a few years, and it's going to be a somehow boring war that just goes on-and-on for decades.
>>7612 >you refuse entry of chinese Holy shit these chinkshits are fucking entitled to western lands. Can't wait to boog these faggots
>>7583 Holy shit it's literally miasma.
>>7618 I thought that was gookland. Wouldn't surprise me if they're both doing it though
>>7622 Meant to say they fucking feel entitled to western lands. Don't get excited chinks my typo is not a legal contract
>>7618 >like that one amateur MMA fighter who was beating the shit out of cult-like tai chi masters. I'm surprised they haven't tried to remove him permanently yet for showing how terrible some of their teachers are. He may want to get himself and his family out of the country soon, because I wouldn't be surprised if they try to get them "quarantined" soon.
>>7620 Is there such a thing as a boring civil war in an era of smartphones. I just hope the webms make it past the firewall
>>7626 They already crashed his social credit score and supposedly he had to pay tens of thousands of dollars and do public apologies to recover it. He wasn't able to stay at hotels take the high speed train or get an apartment. I think you're onto something though this chaos is convenient cover for them to get rid of their enemies and settle old grudges
>>7627 They can't be a great firewall when everything goes to actual shit hitting the fan. Doubt their infrastructure will last long enough. >>7592 They'll crash like junkies did in the twenties when the opium was cut off and get back on within a decade. Alternatively they end up being a stiff in the snow.
>>7612 >when there are fewer than 100 cases in the western world, you want to close the borders to Chinese people Yes because we want to keep it that way you diseased commie.
>>7544 German may not be beautiful, but it's extremely powerful sounding. Chink babble just sounds gay.
Open file (373.94 KB 599x801 Jews control America.png)
>>7616 Here you go
>>7633 >no archive
>>7595 Who manufactures the sale of medical/particle masks? If it’s mostly China can we assume the government will fund factories to keep the medical clothing for hospital staff and masks for civilians in supply? I know they’re already short on the protective clothing for hospital staff but if face masks start running out because Chinese factories which make them are closed that would help spread it and cause more unrest as I believe the face masks help people to feel safe, regardless of effectiveness.
>>7612 >numerous jump cuts Dumb bong can’t even read off a script in one go.
>>7633 chinks are arguably more jewed than the west. do you think they established communism on their own? do you think this sanctioned sudden economic boom was organic?
>>7633 >white men are so gullible >last chinaman to openly question ruler was in 374 bc
>>7631 >>7612 >when there are fewer than 100 cases in the western world yet read what this science guy for viruses, evolution and immunity says twitter.com/trvrb/status/1226241415522373632 >We believe that international seeding events started to occur in mid-Jan. ... ... so when every man with half a brain said stop these fucking planes. if they dont contain the inevitable local outbreaks before late march the apocalypse is on
Open file (73.91 KB 560x333 mao and rothschilds.jpg)
>>7633 >We Chinese are amused at how gullible white men are. Quite an ironic statement considering the fact that Mao was funded by the Rothschilds.
>>7618 >like that one amateur MMA fighter who was beating the shit out of cult-like tai chi masters. Got vids, or at least a name?
>>7653 Xu Xiaodong
>>7612 >end of the world for the chinks >they still push the political correctness WeW
>>7653 Yeah, it's Xu Xiaodong. He fought several of these tai chi "masters" and other supposed chinese Kung Fu masters on televised events, only to have them declared ties or decried as cheating or other bullshit. They threatened him, got him fired, lowered his social credit score to the lowest possible, made him attend his fights in clown makeup under a joke name, had him expelled from the gym he trained at for years, and ruined his life in every way. All these phony fighters he takes down always have excuses and tens of thousands of cultist followers to stalk him and physically harass and threaten him while most other people in China decry him as some kind of social terrorist who is trying to undermine China by making them look foolish and weak (like being a bunch of cultist retards who believe that tai chi can give you magic powers is the better alternative)
>>7633 I hypothesize (yes I'm sure it's true but I can't prove it right now so I hypothesize) we have a country in which a foreign element holds power over both political parties. The outsider in power (presumably) has decent instincts, but unfortunately is likely indoctrinated due to coming from that time period in the which jews were the ultimate never-did-anthing-wrongs since the allies won the second world war and english are second to none at propaganda and sowing dissent in general, considering historical antics with and about general Europe, plus they couldn't handle Germany on their own so they had to paint them as Satan Incarnate aiming to scorch the entire planet (which worked to a large degree, amazingly.) Do I attempt to undo this and wrest back political power, or is the enemy far too entrenched, thus making it a smarter/more productive move to become a mountain man, woo some hippy wife, and head with the family into the wilderness to start a clean slate while the rest of western society perpetuates its misery? I have no idea which way is the correct route, and so I compromise by being a NEET with a now month old workout routine that I hope will make me a lot stronger than I have been. After the strength, marksmanship training and survival training next, but for now I become fit.
>>7657 >Shows Chinese martial arts is a scam >Also supports the Hong Kong protests when China is breathing down his neck Pretty crazy guy.
>>7659 >hippy wife Why would you try to escape and make children with the problem you're running from?
>>7661 I chose hippy wife because (I think, I know next to nothing about women) they're the most likely to be pro-nature and anti-civilization. I could be wrong. If so, just replace "hippy" with the modern equivalent of pro nature anti civilization, or as close to anti civilization as women can get.
>>7662 You are very wrong, hippie niggers in general and their faggotry are a big part of why boomers are the worst generation in recent memory. That pro-nature shit is only an act to attract any roaming soybeard penis that happens to have weed or acid and some income to leach off of while virtue signaling about reusable canvas shopping bags for a dopamine rush. Every single one of them is pro-nanny state and pretty much as far from what you're looking for as you can get, even some chunky hick girl in a trailer park is better for your preferences, and has probably had fewer dicks run through her snatch. Probably smells better too, every hippie girl reeks like rancid fish because of dude weed and straight up dirty cunt.
>>7663 Duly noted and nixed then. Will likely have to mountain man first, and then maybe some wife will show up down the road.
>>7664 Just kidnap adopt a girl who is old enough for the Westermarck effect not to take place, and then turn her into the wife you've always wanted. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westermarck_effect
>>7663 >leach FUCK, *leech
>>7600 >>7604 I think it's a testament to how overworked their secret police is. They can't handle every single bugman in China anymore so the truth is slipping away. >>7626 >>7618 They can't, he's too popular a figure right now, so they're just shaming him and fining. I find it so funny and prophetic that Westerners in the 1800's through WW2 would call the Chinese "the sick men of Asia".
>>7650 I guess the point that the guy is making is that the Jew needs to subvert and control while the Chinaman can do as he pleases in the open public without fear of repercussions because (prior to Corona-chan that is) you're dependent on his products, you don't NEED talmudvision. >>7658 What's with the scream in the first webm
>>7659 With no striving, there's no point in living Also this is literally the plot to Killer7 but with different countries basically America scorched Japan to the ground much more than they did in our universe and set up a puppet govt, the moment they tried to rise up again as a nation the US nuked them into oblivion, so they're using their immigrants in the country to swing elections to their favor by occupying a state, it's no different than what the Jews, the Chinese or the Mexicans are doing right now in the US.
>>7664 Wives don't just show up, that is a female mindset. You have to go get them
Open file (227.08 KB 640x1434 AwokenYourInnerMonster.jpg)
>>7659 either be a drop of water making its part at eroding the immovable mountain like a river or become a tree that will grow and proper in its shadows until the rain wind and sun do its work.
Let's all order shit from china. This should help furter the spread of the virus and A C C E L E R A T E the infection
>Coronavirus: community official reveals lack of beds for the gravely ill https://invidio.us/watch?v=TmYXafDucZY
How much longer until global economic recession?
>>7682 >"grave"-ly ill. i always thought shinderu people belonged sic feet under.
>>7680 Any business that isn't shut down already can't ship anything. Every major shipper and port is being locked down.
>>7682 >no beds for serious cases They should just dig large holes with help from the army and throw them in there, won't make much of a difference but at least they can be disposed of quickly and quietly that way without generating evil CO2 in the process unlike anti-climatic crematorium ovens.
>>7680 How can we get chinese payload delivered to Pissrael
Open file (126.39 KB 749x754 My_Ride.jpeg)
>>7687 Corona won't effect Israel. They are unironically whiter than America.
>>7688 >kikes >white You have two options: gas yourself now, or fuck off back to r/the_donald
>>7686 >that vid Alright, who bought the Seizures Symptom? You're supposed to upgrade transmission in the early game, numbnuts.
>>7688 >racemix with Europeans >immediately seek to destroy Europeans >why does nobody like meeeee
>>7686 It looks like modern performance ˝art˝.
>>7686 >>7690 No no no, the new Canadian DLC gives you transmission bonus by not blocking airports if you only infect a single race first.
>>7689 >>7691 lol mutthurt
>>7687 Just send them a little gift... [Spoiler]As for where to send it, search on google earth the street and house number and google the postal code for the area and the family name[/Spoiler]
>>7697 go back to 4chan CiaNigger
Open file (234.30 KB 691x576 accepting it.png)
>>7683 First people who actually engage in real business have to realize that the age of cheap chinkshit is over, and set the prices accordingly. Then pencil pushers have to make nice economic reports how everything is more expensive now. Then journos have to write a few articles about what the pencil pushers wrote. Then Wall Street druggies have to read those articles and make a bunch of random transactions that just fuck everything up. Then the governments have to fuck everything up even more. Then we will have it.
>>7686 Do we evn know this was from corona virus? could be some chink with a poor diet that catches up with him. the hostpitals are so understaffed i doubt anyone took a proper look at him before declaring him corona'd
>>7694 >kikes arent mutts >pure kikes exist >kike dna is white which makes them all ateleast part white wew, imagine being this kosher.
>>7692 Ever seen someone have a seizure? It doesn't look right and almost seems like an act.
>>7692 That's what seizures look like. Someone I was in a room with once had a seizure and we thought they were just acting a bit silly or weird until it quickly became clear that there was something wrong.
>>7703 >>7704 The duality of man.
>>7707 It's weird as fuck to see first hand, especially when someone has one right in the middle of a conversation. They just sort of stop and get this "dead" glassy look in their eyes.
>>7702 Pure kikes exist but they are rare due to high infant mortality rates, kikes have 6 gorillion congenital diseases stored in their genes forcing them to interbreed with goyim for survival.
>>7683 End of February. Some countries are being hit already by the much lower number of tourists (Chinese are the biggest traveling demographic) but if the virus won't spread much further China may still be able to continue working under stressful conditions and rebuild by next year. If this shit doesn't stop though, the global economy is finished and ironically Trump's isolationism is what will keep America going even while the rest of the world has its prices skyrocket. I'm assuming Europe-to-America immigration will commence again while Europe will finally put an end to their ponzi scheme now that they can't afford it any longer, unless they really are part of the communist death cult we've been told of in the past. >>7688 This is actually true, but they're more Meds/Muslim/hWhite than America. Their birth rates plummeted so they started advertising the place to tons of young people and trying to get their foreign Jewish communities back into it. Muslims are quite literally outbreeding them and this has been their actual plan to win back Palestine. >>7700 The problem is that we will just replace cheap chinkshit with cheap pooshit. At best we're seeing flips and viets do the heavy lifting.
>>7713 >>7704 >>7707 Well I once passed out and I've been told by another man who was taking the escalator with me that I did just that, eyes went glassy then full whites, started spazzing and then came to a minute later being held by him.
>>7722 >The problem is that we will just replace cheap chinkshit with cheap pooshit. At best we're seeing flips and viets do the heavy lifting. Pretty much. The only solution to outsourcing manufacturing is to end free trade and go back to protectionism. Your economy will make less profits that way, but it will be more independent on foreign powers
>>7724 The underlying assumption you're mistakenly making is that individual countries are stronger than mega conglomerate corporations. So far there is no single country that has power that overrides that of its own companies, not even China (ghost companies are sucking them dry and even though they all abide by Beijing's policies, they're also the only reason why Beijing's that strong in the first place), neither Russia where they're state sponsored... To do what you said, you need a new authoritative government that can override mega corps.
When did India go from 1 case to 3? Or was it always 3 since the start? I expect glorious things from corona-chan on that subcontinent.
>>7736 Only government that will arise from that will be corporate empires that have absorbed state functions and now control various countries.
>>7742 >india Now that is a country long overdue for population implosion
>>7722 Would mass produced brown asian stuff be of lower quality than yellow asian stuff?
Open file (106.05 KB 235x285 1577722354825.png)
So if im understanding this right the virus rides on little globs of spit when you cough and floats around in the air on them for however long until being breathed in by someone else. So wouldn't the supreme way to spread corona chan be to vape? I mean you have all those water droplets going in your lungs then to the outside world where they spread everywhere.
>>7753 yes
>>7753 Glycerin and Vitamin E (the main two bodies vape uses to enter the lungs) are both very toxic to Coronavirus, so probably not.
>>7598 Forgive my autism, but why did she become motionless after the 30 second mark?
Open file (265.57 KB 485x857 3457674858635.png)
>>7757 In the tweet i got the video from there was mention that they broke her neck but they couldn't be sure about if that was true. https://twitter.com/jenniferatntd/status/1226194085716910082
Open file (47.86 KB 162x126 huwhite knofe.PNG)
>>7758 >>7757 Anon on 8glow said one of the cops pulled out an exacto knife (or something similar) and stabbed her spinal cord. Around 0:17, the middle cop behind her head has a box cutter, looks like he starts stabbing her. The knife is white so it blends in with his white glove.
Open file (78.89 KB 334x228 uwuwatdis.png)
>>7772 guys...
Open file (820.25 KB 245x209 wew.gif)
>>7772 damn so she most likely ded now
Open file (13.66 MB 544x960 435634790.mp4)
>>7772 >>7775 I don't think that's her blood. At around 10 seconds you can see the red stuff was already on the hubcap before she hit the floor. No idea what it could actually be though. Some other anons think the "knife" might actually be an injector for Fentanyl, since the chinks have shit-tons of that stuff.
Open file (35.39 KB 650x239 autoinjection.PNG)
>>7777 >injector for Fentanyl Yeah I was coming back to correct myself. Loss of consciousness is one symptoms of ODing on Fentanyl, my guess is she got a heavy dose that killed her.
>>7779 So she still got murdered by cops.
>>7782 >murdered by cops "Contained" by "the authorities."
>>7782 >murdered by cops. It's only murder when it's not state sanctioned, you silly billy
>>7782 >>7784 >>7785 Excuse me, that thing isn't a person because they're a filthy fucking red therefore it isn't murder due to the fact communists aren't people, this is probably a case of not being dedicated enough now that I think of it.
>>7788 Coughing is counter-revolutionary. Illness is decadent.
>>7745 Technically speaking, that's the way of the land throughout the history of the world. The Roman Empire was molded after people who were so rich that they practically owned the country. Feudalism was born because proto PMCs could hold down swaths of land. Napoleon practically created the EU out of the need for free trade for all his French products. >>7748 I've seen videos from people living there and read some articles and scandals and basically the Chink vs Indian product split is all due to a different attitude. The Chinese have three guiding principles: 1) Make the pie bigger first then decide how to split it, so that you won't get screwed as much 2) "I can't do anything to solve your current problem" when tasked with something they don't care about 3) You get what you buy, basically if you pay very little, you're getting very little quality too Cheap chinkshit is a byproduct of all three these attitudes conflating in one big package. Most companies give zero fucks about quality, only caring about reports their higher ups will like, so they'll obviously find the lowest possible bidder rather than the most reliable. That's how you get manufactured shit that is considerably weaker than stuff you could buy in the seventies, not even taking into account planned obsolescence. Indians instead have a "bargaining" kind of attitude where they'll try and fuck you over by excruciation. Technically speaking Indian products are superior to Chinkshit, not by much compared to high quality shit but still significantly better, the problem rises from the fact that the entrepreneurs our companies will be dealing with range from cutthroat to just plain annoying, so expect prices to fluctuate wildly for a while and deadlines not being met like with chinkshit. Memes aside, I think having Indians produce cheap shit may be a bit better than our current situation, still shitty in a literal sense but you take what you can. >>7753 You may be onto something, test try it
>>7698 are you happy now, kid?
>>7372 >Also Texas IS NOT part of the South Texas is most definitely part of the south. t. Texan
>>7798 If it's part of the South why is it in NORTH AMERICA, genius? Checkmate, autists, /thread
https://archive.ph/WfMNc Beijing under lockdown, the party has everything under control and there is nothing to worry about.
>>7800 >10 gorillion death in china >deaths outside china: 0 yeah I'll press x to doubt this virus shit
https://archive.fo/YPu4U >Tax declaration deadline delayed to Feb 24th https://archive.fo/OHXAb >Global automotive industry soon to crash with no survivors, domestic production in Yurop and elsewhere about to shut down unless Chinese factories can be restarted in time Are LPG conversions any good for post-globalyptic stalkan purposes in terms of reliability? t. have an indestructably comfy W123 inna garage but can't afford the gasoline required to use it outside of special occasions and was wondering if installing a third party dual fuel system would reduce its reliability.
>>7803 >Global automotive industry soon to crash with no survivors good
>>7686 >Classic grand mal seizure >Lands upright after the seizure. >No stertor after he stops seizing Fug, he likely suffocated on his own saliva after the seizure stopped. Remember to roll your seizure victims folks.
>>7812 >rolling them >not laughing at them while they choke Cuck.
>>7817 careful. it's sharp.
Open file (81.97 KB 1200x630 Dance-Macabre.jpg)
Open file (21.50 KB 740x201 basel.jpg)
Open file (440.19 KB 1106x1345 chovin-04-stor.jpg)
Open file (84.46 KB 509x600 basel-06.jpg)
>>7820 Some things never change. I wonder what it is about plagues that makes people want to shake their body aside from the seizures
>>7823 It's just like why you would want to smile at death when she'll smile at you.
>>7803 >Global automotive industry soon to crash with no survivors
>>7803 No I dont think converting it would do much harm if any.
>>7822 Honestly what the fuck
>>7694 Back to Reddit, nigger.
>>7803 Shoulda bought American. I know that most chevrolets came with a factory piece that enabled propane used.
Open file (79.39 KB 800x930 tiny marisa.jpg)
>>7836 >most chevrolets came with a factory piece that enabled propane used. Proofs?
Open file (1.06 MB 756x840 wazukyan bad.png)
https://archive.fo/WYHPN >number of infected in Nippon jumps to 161, 135 of which are on the Diamond Princess cruise liner
Open file (483.47 KB 746x862 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (572.91 KB 730x653 ClipboardImage.png)
>Chinks change the way they report cases >Director of the fucking World Health Organization praises a sandcastle Other notes from today's briefing >"A lot of people are asking, where is the #2019nCoV outbreak going? Is it getting better, is it getting worse?" "We are doing several things to answer those questions"-@DrTedros <proceeds to not answer >"In recent days we have seen some concerning instances of onward #2019nCoV transmission from people with no travel history to #China, like the cases reported in 🇫🇷 yesterday and the 🇬🇧 today" >"The detection of this small number of #2019nCoV cases could be the spark that becomes a bigger fire. But for now, it’s only a spark. Our objective remains containment. We call on all countries to use the window of opportunity we have to prevent a bigger fire" >We have now identified 168 labs around the world with the right technology to diagnose coronavirus. >We have sent kits to Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, DRC, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Iran, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, Uganda and Zambia. >Many of those countries have already started using them. >Another shipment of 150,000 tests is being assembled in Berlin today, and is destined for more than 80 labs in all regions.
>Patients tested positive for the virus but have no symptoms will no longer be regarded as confirmed. I'd have to post a whole load of images to express my feelings, and they are a confusing mess right now. >"The detection of this small number of #2019nCoV cases could be the spark that becomes a bigger fire. But for now, it’s only a spark. Our objective remains containment. We call on all countries to use the window of opportunity we have to prevent a bigger fire" Have we started the fire?
>>7851 <CCP no longer listing asymptomatic carriers as confirmed patients >"The detection of this small number of #2019nCoV cases could be the spark that becomes a bigger fire. But for now, it’s only a spark. Our objective remains containment. We call on all countries to use the window of opportunity we have to prevent a bigger fire" Who knew /bane/ would be so good at playing real-life Pandemic? I'm starting to like this timeline.
Open file (1.46 MB 350x197 fire.gif)
>>7852 >Have we started the fire?
>>7853 Between Tedros' sucking off of Chicom and offering ambassador to Mugabe, and his position in general, I'm convinced he's a commie. The absolute state of everything is helping my depression. It's like edging for 10 years to constantly explode in a supermodel like that favela dude who whipped his dick out at the feminist rally
>>7849 Good, more Nips infected less chances Tokyo 2020 is a go >>7851 Everyone has to wake up to the fact that the WHO does China's bidding, the recent death of that one physician on their team should tell you who actually rules. >>7852 Yes, the fire rises. I'm assuming it's less a coordinated effort to spread the virus near and far and more likely a lack of a common protocol for how to deal with these situations, so you have nations in the fucking EU who choose arbitrarily whether Chinks should be controlled or not and whether they can or cannot shut down international travel to and from China. >>7855 Every day feels like the end days except this year for a good reason
>>7856 >Good, more Nips infected less chances Tokyo 2020 is a go >Tokyo 2020 canceled Would that mean that tickets and hotel/hostel would be dead cheap?
>>7856 The hope is that they are too stubborn to cancel the Olympics, and it either turns out extremely barren or everyone who attends gets the virus.
>>7860 It would be interesting if spectators showed up, but none of the countries wanted their athletes to get sick. North Korea sweeps the games, because it's just them and a couple lazy Eastern European countries.
>>7859 Hostels are already cheap you cheap fuck. >>7839 Came as in factory option since the 60's. Dual fuel small blocks were an exceptionally common thing in the 80-90's. Had a '91 Suburban that had a fuck long range due to having the propane/gas set up, real neat idea until a stray bullet hit a tank. It isn't a meme when people say propane runs clean either.
>>7856 >Olympics cancelled, preventing further (((western))) cultural infiltration >Men die at a higher rate Guess I should brush up on my 日本語 for after this is over. Maybe a harem-ending is not out of reach yet. Especially in case the government collapses and we get warring states 2.0 again until a new Shogun rises.
Open file (116.89 KB 278x600 WhyContainI.jpg)
>>7865 Who knows, anon-kun, maybe you'll get to be the Shogun 2. >>7859 I think they'll just reschedule, but keep in mind that modern sporting events are a huge as fuck deal for sponsors and other overlapping events. It would basically send a ton of companies in a death spiral, especially since this year's European Cup will end real close to the start of the Olympics.
>>7860 Considering it's the elderly who are most at risk of dying from the wu flu, that might not be the worst thing to happen to Japan. Their elderly population is both knowingly and accidentally strangling their nation to death, both by being a massive financial burden and also by clogging up countless companies with useless, out of touch old fucks who are too arrogant to retire. That birthrate crisis is largely caused by elderly who have made it impossible for the younger generations to move upwards, thus making it impossible for any of them to support a family, let alone themselves.
>>7861 North Korea is the only nation smart enough to close their borders when the virus started.
Official stats have < 1000 dead. Are there any more accurate numbers out there?
>>7880 >Are there any more accurate numbers out there? you will have accurate number if white people die from it, which it doesn't look like it.
>>7880 yep stick a 50x multiplier on there, maybe even a 100x if you feel optimistic.
>>7882 We won't know if humans will die from it for another week at least. Hasn't been long enough and they are only starting to infect humans instead of Chinks.
>>7873 >nip boomers lets hope that corona bless them all.
Open file (23.19 KB 200x301 Death_watchposter.jpg)
BEST KOREA ON DEATH WATCH From CSIS: -The coronavirus arguably poses a unique threat to North Korea. The regime’s relative isolation from the international community hinders the widespread penetration of many diseases from abroad. However, the porous nature of the border with China and frequent travel is a clear vector for the virus’ transmission. -If there are reports of the virus inside of North Korea, we should expect that the virus would spread rapidly given the state’s inability to contain a pandemic. -North Korea’s insecurities about its health system have been evident in its draconian responses to past pandemics including SARS (2002-2003), Middle East respiratory syndrome [MERS] (2012), and Ebola (2018). -Policy debates on North Korea tend to underestimate health as one of the regime’s key vulnerabilities. -In 2020, the CSIS Korea Chair is launching a study of North Korea’s health infrastructure. Health is critical to both the current well-being of the North Korean people as well as developing future human capital potential of a reconciled Korean peninsula.
Open file (35.55 KB 512x259 unnamed.jpg)
Open file (2.37 MB 640x640 Oh_yeah.mp4)
>>7898 Oh lovely, so now the figures are going to be even more fucked, and fueling the "Everything is ok, even slight concern is conspiracy and fear-mongering" crowd.
>>7900 where is the dead meat ?
>>7903 in peoples house maybe?
>>7900 That's fucking eerie. I wonder if the constant crow squawking will wind up keepng the bugs awake and drive them even more insane with insomnia.
>>7907 BIOENGEENERED WEAPON Can it be that the viruse sprrad middle of last year and only activated and shown itself only now a'd i mean last 2 month.?
>>7908 You okay there buddy?
>>7909 Literally shaking rn :^)
>>7911 From corona fever or drunkeness?
Exclusive: Wuhan funeral home staffer reveals real death toll of coronavirus | NTD https://invidio.us/watch?v=-KFxCqV1fPQ
>>7913 I’m too disturbed by trying to figure out what racial mixture this lady is newcasting to pay attention to the video content
>>7860 >too stubborn to cancel the Olympics >everyone who attends gets the virus. Do you feel in charge? >>7852 >But for now, it’s only a spark >we have to prevent a bigger fire >Olympic flame starts the fire turns out corona-chan is gonna be a big girl
>>7905 It has a nice aesthetic to me.
>>7914 It's american
>>7916 Well I'm thinking about why so many crows are there. As someone ITT already said there could be rotting bodies in some of those apartments, and they'd be separated from the living by only a shitty chink wall. I'm imagining some ant being caught deathly sick and isolated in a small commieblock room surrounded by dead neighbors on both sides, across the hall, as well as above and below, but he's so isolated that he's unaware the closest living person might be several rooms or an entire building away and he's stuck staring out the window at a bunch of birds wondering why they're gathering while his neighbors continue to fester and attract more crows. That shit's spooky to me. Fuck I'm autistic.
>>7918 The only time I've seen crows like that is when the steppe was littered with dead fucking hohols.
>>7913 >127 dead chinks in a day >48 from confirmed "suspected cases" >8 from pneumonia >Only the real deal ones are handled by the state >11 contemporary furnaces burning a chink every 50 minutes >24 hour shifts NUMBERS DON'T ADD UP
>>7920 >t-those chinese used secret nazi oven technology to process the bodies so fast!
Open file (27.82 KB 565x424 puke1.png)
>>7918 Time for the virus to become crow-borne.
>>7907 Didn't an anon say that the incubation period could be longer?
>>7873 Thing is, this is also true in China and it's what stopped them from really becoming the #1 economy in the world. If all those elderly people die off, the state won't have to pay them pensions or keep them around anyhow. I mean, consider the fact that some small towns in rural China saw their elderly commit suicide in order not to be a burden on their families, AND a ton of their families were forced to cremate them because the space to bury them wasn't enough. >>7896 Norks are dead only when China is dead, no matter how many analysts try to say otherwise. >>7900 Oh shit, nature is finally taking over, are we getting to Tokyo Jungle levels yet?? also Tokyo Jungle unironically taught me that adoption is the ultimate bluepill and that robots cannot be trusted to develop feelings
>>7913 >not halving the cremating time by stuffing multiple bodies into the same oven >not putting the fatter ones on the bottom so that their fat will fuel the fire and cuts down the fuel costs Amateurs. >>7920 >24×60=1440 >1440÷50=28,8 >28,8×11=316,8 We can assume at least enough downtime to cut the number of bodies cremated over a day to 300, and that's still more than twice of 127. And this is coming from a lower level official who is already developing suicidal tendencies from the workload. Something really is off.
>>7902 >the movie Resident Evil >the movie >the movie >the movie
>>7931 C'mon anon, it's just like the show The WitcherTM, remember that awesome blacked scene? :^)
>>7390 >No need to get pissy and start crying about how I'm not banned just because I pointed something out that makes you uncomfortable. Nippon isn't paradise on earth, and they won't let you flee there when things go to shit elsewhere no matter how many of their autistic cartoons you watch anyway. >mfw weebs on suicide watch
>>7921 Sure they can smooth the curve and reduce cases, but its not like they are fooling anyone when their entire country is still shut down and everyone is still dying.
>>7900 Didnt the chinks also have a bird flu epidemic?
>>7940 What you mean like going on right now along with corona? I hope so.
Running errands with an n95 mask and seeing the fear on normalfaggot faces is pretty hilarious
It looks like China is running out of body bags or this is just how efficient and glorious the Communist Party of China is.
>>7947 >Refit your automotive factory to produce facemasks instead >A week later refit your newly refat facemask factory to produce bodybags instead Grorious communist utopia is grorious.
>>7947 Just imagine the poor bastard operating the crema who barely slept more 8 hours in the last week opening the door, only to see three skulls starting at him instead of one. I wouldn't blame him if he had a mental breakdown at that point, either because he thinks some supernatural shit is going on, or because he realizes that suddenly everything got an order of magnitude worse.
>>7949 I mean you've seen the videos and heard the audio, 3 child skills probably would do another one in, he might just hop in himself.
>>7941 Your hopes are valid. https://archive.is/OX1eZ
http://archive.fo/D1foD Corona is now called covid-19 now to avoid trademark issues and to sound like an electro pop band
>>7954 >We will avoid naming the virus after any certain place or person gee, I wonder who they could be referring to? Can that nigger suck more chinese cock if he tried?
>>7956 He had a choice of sucking the Chinese noodle or bat soup
>>7951 Holy fuck, didn't the Chinese also have a meat shortage last year because of a pig epidemic? Were all the "eat your bugs, bigot" shit just programming for this event? https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=rLR9TEUMgM8
Open file (237.76 KB 480x320 sick-person3.jpg)
>>7954 >chosen a name for the disease that makes no reference to places, animals or people to avoid stigmatizing anyone I like all the effort being made to dance around the fact that it's inherently correlated with the Chinese. They can call it Biophage-19 or whatever, but it's still gonna be "coronavirus" in the mouths of the masses. Also, we get to find out if people will take the "it's racist to avoid coughing Chinese people" message seriously, or if, when it comes down to it, they'll keep themselves and their families away despite every progressivism alarm in their heads going off.
>>7954 >new name makes no reference to any of the people, places or animals associated with the coronavirus How much chink cock can this man suck?
>>7954 Wait, why is the Fed monitoring this, I thought all they did was print greenbacks and loan them to the US?
Open file (221.01 KB 664x414 racism01.png)
Open file (228.72 KB 592x502 racism02.png)
Open file (25.80 KB 776x367 racism03.png)
>>7961 >>7962 Reminder that there is human cattle out there that is literally more concerned with "not looking racist" or "not spreading xenophobia" than they are concerned with literally thousands of dead, much more infected, and a potential of a global pandemic, or at least one in their own countries honestly, I hope these kinds of "people" take their own advice and let the chinks cough on them, so they can share the same bodybags as the bat eaters >>7960 pretty sure that's the case. world is overpopulated, powers that be must be considering drastically lowering amount of people in the world, or drastically cutting the average quality of life per person earth, or both, I doubt this "eat the bug" initiative will go thru in either case, for obvious reasons
>>7954 >covid-19 >corvids are smelling the dead CAW CAW MOTHERFUCKERS, DAY OF THE CORVIDAE HAS COME FOR CHINA
>>7954 It's called China Virus tbh
Open file (688.47 KB 1000x857 Tactical Tengu.jpg)
>>7971 CAW
Open file (46.14 KB 692x600 milkwaker-lives2.jpg)
>>7960 Yes, African swine flu. Killed like half their pigs, and something like a quarter of the world's hogs, period. Because nothing but joy and delight comes from the Dark Continent. I doubt the Western eco shame-o-grams had anything to do with China's situation, because they sure as fuck don't care about ""any"" of that, but if the shoe fits...
>>7954 >had chosen a name for the disease that makes no reference to places, animals or people to avoid stigmatizing anyone. >Corona virus >stigmatizing anyone Good to see that are working on the important things >>7961 >I like all the effort being made to dance around the fact that it's inherently correlated with the Chinese I thought it was a reference to the taco beer called Corona.
Open file (219.25 KB 487x245 anus-questions1.png)
>>7981 >taco beer called Corona You think they took a payout from a beer company? I guess it's possible. I figured it was because people have been calling it the Chinese Flu, Wuhan Pneumonia, Chinese Coronavirus, Fluhan, Winne the Flu, Kung Flu, Yellow Death Cough, Ching Chong Fever, etc.
>>7949 As superstitious as they are, does anyone know what spirit they're blaming for this? Or what moon they're sacrificing the second goat to while looking east or whatever?
>>7993 Well, I think the whole bat soup thing was due to some superstition about bats being good for the health, or possibly just the dick. Presumably they'd blame it on bat ghosts or some shit.
>>7998 Safe guess, but I'm curious about the actual spiritual reaction over there not speculation. I've seen them come up with some crazy shit.
Open file (1.60 KB 216x59 bat_mean.png)
Open file (4.11 KB 424x60 good_fortune.png)
Open file (107.46 KB 300x300 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7999 I can't seem to find anything. Most of the blame seems to be put squarely on the government, which is fair, but not particularly fun.
>>7970 >Reminder that there is human cattle out there that is literally more concerned with "not looking racist" or "not spreading xenophobia" than they are concerned with literally thousands of dead, much more infected, and a potential of a global pandemic, or at least one in their own countries Good. Usually these are the same kinds of people who go to rallies and marches for the future and other inconsequential shit like that. First to drop are going to be the limp wristed faggots. >>7972 It's the Kung Flu, cmon guys
>>8004 Came up nothing too. Hopefully a chinkanon visits and can fulfill my desire to laugh at inferior cultures to make myself feel better about feminism and the tribe.
>>7954 No one will stop calling it the Wuhan/China/Corona/Beer virus, so they can kvetch all they want about it.
There was a racial susceptibility chart correlating ethnic groups to severity of impact of the virus, and it was floating around here somewhere. Does anyone have it?
>>8009 It is here >>7025 but since it doesn't have a source it entirely useless. Of course Chinks will be most susceptible if they are the majority who live in the impacted zone.
victims of the Wuhan Coronavirus have risen from the dead and begun consuming the living
>>8010 That and the incubation being entirely speculative, we're not going to know for awhile. Assuming they ever release the real numbers cause muh racially genetic differences.
>>7995 >niggers in charge of the health organization
>>8011 The disease passes to whites through racemixing. Hapas will breed a new superstrain that can also infect humans
>>8013 bix flu ma nigga
Open file (625.72 KB 799x1024 mans-action-cover-bats1.jpg)
>>8010 >without a source Ah, nuts. Well, thanks anyhow.
Open file (33.68 KB 480x360 79879846456456123.jpg)
Open file (377.89 KB 647x1200 784654561327846513.jpg)
>>8011 >have risen from the dead
>>8023 where is that? im gonna blow some snot rockets onto those toothpicks
>>8041 In china somewhere.
>>8043 ty omw some of you are alright. dont go to china tomorrow.
>>7898 >reason unknown firing squad
Chinese Officials Authorized to Seize Personal Property to Counter Deepening Coronavirus Crisis >Officials from two virus-stricken cities in southern China may now confiscate private property in an effort to combat the coronavirus outbreak that has pushed the country’s health system to the limit. https://archive.ph/P7qj2
>>8046 >sorry chen, your bmw is infected, we're gonna have to take it Socialists never miss a chance to steal shit.
>>8047 >Suddenly a shitload of officials start dropping dead Sounds good to me, there hasn't been enough deaths in the chinese government to satisfy me.
>>8046 >>8047 >>8048 Communists really don't have a bottom to their particular intelligence barrel do they?
>>8047 Like Chen has a BMW.
>>8046 >Although similar emergency policies have been utilized in other countries, Who? Best Korea?
>>8052 Venezuela had a similar policy in terms of anti-patriotic activities back in the early Chavez days going alongside the big expropriation of factories and farms owned by double-nationality citizens.
>>8053 >expropriation of factories and farms owned by double-nationality citizens Based tbh. Fuck dual citizenship traitors. Venezuela still a shit though.
>>8051 If hes a CPC groupie they tend to have some hard currency to throw around. The higher up ones go to the west to launder worthless Yuans in the real estate market or casinos. China is hurting for hard currencies.
>>8054 Fucking over italians, germans, dutch, spaniards and colombians who were granted citizenship due to their grandparents being war vets or tribal leaders in the andean borders doesn't grant you rights to expropriate cocoa plantations, construction firms and beer brewing businesses. Truth be said after that happened and they fleed (which aren't counted in the official census) the economy bombed and had to be subsidized by the oil industry (which was also flooded with foreign engineers, and also bombed). Doesn't help either that 20% of the population was dual citizens, if we count them in the numbers around 8 million people fled the country in 15 years.
>>8051 Nearly 45 thousand beamers are sold a month, and that's only counting brand new sales. There are fuckloads of luxury cars in China.
Anyone remember the other cruise ship that Japan refused to let it dock in the country? Well it has been refused by every other country, and it could result in quite and interesting event. http://archive.is/KVyVD >The cruise ship operated by Carnival Corp.’s Holland America Line could be forced to wait until it’s in distress – running out of water, food or fuel – before international law-of-the-sea conventions kick in and legally obligate the closest country to admit the vessel or provide help, according to maritime experts. Would be interesting to see a country flagrantly break international law when the world is still in a situation to enforce it. I also don't see why they can't drop supplies to the boat, at least basics like food. Anyhow, the article implies that Thailand would have to deal with the ship as it seems to be around its waters and the ship doesn't have too much supplies left. Time for Thailand to learn from the French bombing of the Greenpeace ship and to take it down before they all get sick.
>>8060 I am reminded of that one comic about Pandemic where all the ports were closed but one ship was still sailing the seas.
>>8060 Its a shame that ISIS is pretty much gone these days imagine if they had to provide aid
Open file (155.11 KB 340x1600 20v0yzl.jpg)
Open file (82.06 KB 300x300 madagascar.gif)
>>8046 >>8050 It's pretty much a death cult, much like Nazism or Judaism. Fascists are exempt from this though, since they threw the one guy who was ruining their country out of office. >>8054 Dual citizenship should be something you're born with due to your parents' place of origin and you should be able to pass just one of the two to your own sons, not something you gain for paying taxes. >>8056 Socialists are so retarded, can you imagine Sanders holding the keys to the US? >>8062 I gotta say, I fucking hate modern internet. I can't find shit from a few years ago unless it's on god forsaken websites like funnyjunk or knowyourmeme and even then jewgle now forces even more javascript onto you. You can't even find shit anymore, everything is sanitized and for some reason Pinterest is more valuable than historical sources according to it, thankfully yandex lets you browse wrongthink websites... Anyhow, you reminded me of the fun times when memes weren't screamed by every single faggot in a comment section ad nauseam and people had to come up with their original shit for a laugh.
https://invidio.us/watch?v=guNbH2nnZP8 26:14 long video with the usual videos and social media posts. There isn't anything groundbreaking, they are still suffering and dying en mass while the commies make sure that Shina keeps being numbah wan by suppressing news and stopping hospitals from accepting donations.
>>8060 How suitable would a boomer cruise liner be as a mobile base of operations for pirate /k/rews?
Open file (1.78 MB 2029x1713 Chinese Army.png)
>>8076 if this continues, china won't be numbah one for much longer. if the reports about the armymen getting infected are also true, well, it would be easy for some country to take advantage of it and put them down once and for all, if it came down to it. I can't see pooh handling both this and a war at the same time, especially with their prior experience with war
>>8077 Given that they've got a lot of space and seemingly can be converted over to troop transport I'd say a 7/10 in that regard.
>203 cases in Nippon >rumors of isolated cases in Best Korea I wonder if Nip infected will start to manifest telekinetic powers in time for the Olympics.
>>8077 Considering how much damage one can cause to a US destroyer probably the ultimate sea weapon
>>8060 >The Westerdam departed Hong Kong on Feb. 1 on a 14-day Taiwan and Japan cruise >15 days of supplies with no contingencies IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING PANDEMIC >"hurr durr it's just a flu. Incubation period? W-whats that about - chicken eggs? Hong Kong doesn't have avian flu, honey" >*oinks in boomer* I fucking hate these entitled faggots so much and I hope corona chan crashes the cruise ship industry and their boomer cattle with no survivors. Thailand is only obligated to help if they're "in distress." Maritime law doesn't explicitly state that Thailand has to let it dock - which means the navy can just coerce the ship out to fuck off distance and let it leech supplies once in while. It would have been much more different if the ship is from Chinese company, since the junta cucks to Chicoms for gibs God help us if the sewage contaminates the waters.>>8074 >>8074
>>8089 fug. forgot pic
>>8056 Oh yeah I agree with all that. I just think in principle if you are going to get citizenship in a country you should renounce your old one. Anyways to bring it back on topic: fuck chinks.
>>8089 Cruises stock the minimum goods necessary for similar reasons to airplanes. It prevents hijacking because the pirates would have to feed the hostages among other things. Contrary to popular belief, pirates are very real and very prevalent in Africa/Asia, and no, they don't rape and pillage because they've learned that hijacking earns more money and raping some western whore on the boat gets pirates killed when western sensibilities come into play.
Open file (14.38 KB 210x240 huh.jpg)
>>8094 >and raping some western whore on the boat gets pirates killed when western sensibilities come into play. you make it sound like having sexual decency and not being a fucking cumbrained nigger was a bad thing off topic sage
>>8095 >cumbrained Go back to reddit.
http://archive.ph/hoW6g In other news: CamFlu Cruise ship will dock in Cambodia Hun Sen baring for double penetration by chinks and western powers. Corona chan can't survive well in dry and hot climates, but we'll see.
>>8096 *You make it sound like having sexual decency and not falling prey to lust due to the animal conditioning proper of an ape was a bad thing Happy now?
>>8098 Good.
>>8095 >>8098 Because he said whore? I don't understand.
>>8097 how come that no one has mutinied or snuck away on a lifeboat during night time at this point? like >>8089 said its been more than 15 days with waning supplies and a fucking pandemic on board, are they literally just sitting on their asses waiting to die? >>8100 no its more along the lines of >Western sensibilities come into play sounds like Fucking pussy Westerners and their morals killing pirates for being niggers n shit" then again anon probably did not meant it like that at all and i am just an idiot for taking things the wrong way so i probably shouldn´t have posted shit, my apologies
>>8060 >I also don't see why they can't drop supplies to the boat They could just drop it using a helicopters. >>8094 >raping some western whore on the boat gets pirates killed when western sensibilities come into play. You cant rape the willing. Is rape punishable by death? >>8097 >Cruise ship will dock in Cambodia are they fucking retarded?
>>8104 >are they fucking retarded? It's a boomer ship. You should know the answer to that.
>>8097 So the nation whose only defense is its climate allows a plague-ship to land. This is going to end well. RIP Cambodia. Try not to die in your world heritage sites, we need to preserve those without corpse stains everywhere.
What a time to have a cruise planned, just as tin can virus break out.
I hope you all realize this China Virus is going to lead to a new wave of rapefugees flloding to North America and Europe. But what else is new.
>>8103 >how come that no one has mutinied or snuck away on a lifeboat during night time at this point? They're being watched pretty closely, sneaking away and trying to reach land on a lifeboat would probably just get them sunk.
Open file (44.19 KB 389x388 1423452420379.jpg)
>>8097 >the country had made a "humanitarian" decision to allow the ship to dock amid the "emergency". >He said he hoped the decision would also help "eliminate the fear" surrounding coronavirus. >"The real disease is fear, it's not coronavirus," he said. >"Cambodia wants to show that Cambodia doesn't only cooperate with China but with all other nations because this issue has become a global challenge," Good bye, Cambodia.
>>8112 >Millions of coughing Chinks flee to Europe and Burgerstan as China gradually collapses >They are haphazardly put into existing refugee camps together with moderate Syrian rebels, Ugandan neurosurgeons and Libyan climate activists as western EU governments scramble to erect new tent cities compliant with new quarantine measures implemented by the WHO to effectively contain the spread of anti-Chinese racism >Niggers, Muds and Gypsies pissed off that Triad bugs are tryan to take over their business sectors, start to kill Chinks in broad daylight >Refugees quickly become infected and start coughing all over the place >N95 mask production falters as more and more factories are shut down to contain the outbreak, furthermore refugees have started climbing quarantine walls and fences in order to acquire valuable KFC as the sterilized packaged food is racis >MERS and Corona-chan fuse to create a new strain running at SSJ4 with 70% lethality rate specific to Arabs, Turks and Jews >Yellow vests start erecting improvised quarantines on Mosques and Mud/Chink-majority districts in France, riot cops and Firefighters join them as Macron is unable to gain control of the situation >Many whites end up infected due to liberal stupidity, terrorist attacks and societal collapse but the vast majority of those aged below 45 end up fine after resting in bed a few days, only the boomers die en masse >Merkel and her cohort cough and starve to death inna separatist siege quarantine of the Reichstag, the absolute EU welfare state finally collapses causing a massive wave of subhuman remigration towards the middle east due to Sauds aggressively hiring workers for their oil wells >Greeks throw dead refugees from Helicopters onto Roaches, Northern Cyprus fucking dies and the Syrian-Kurdish Army reaches the Armenian border while Serbs remove Albanians >India annexes the southern UK, Ireland annexes norn Iron, Uyghurs and Tibet declare independence, Finland conquers both Norway and Sweden >Poland remains virtually unaffected due to strict immigration policies and massive air+artillery strikes with the occasional Sarin canister thrown into the mix on refugees trying to cross over the German-Polish border, annexes Lithuania Can Chinks even be classed as rapefugees? Compared to Niggers and Arabs their dicks are tiny and they're weak as fuck, even a dumb liberal Swedish roastie could probably fend one off without help.
http://archive.fo/lWzY7 BYE BYE LONDON!
>>8110 >going on a cruise You won’t be missed.
>>8116 Please let this happen. I'll enjoy laughing at all this while my bourbon keeps me healthy in the south.
Open file (5.79 KB 255x188 1447443811654.jpg)
>>8117 F >Could written sexual consent stand up in court? I hope that Corona will change the world for the better.
>>8120 >Could written sexual consent stand up in court? kek i q
>>8121 fuck stephen lynx posting when he want my fucking post kek i saw that what the fuck
>>8094 Somali pirates have an entire protocol for storming boats and their buyers are usually enemy countries or third parties. They don't hijack random boats, only those that contain precious cargo in either people or items and that they can smuggle extremely quickly, any time they make the news it's because something went wrong on their plans. >>8097 What options does Cambodia have? It's a poor country, they don't have the strength to leverage fucking shit. >>8112 As if. Muslim migrants had the benefit of a war or two, these guys are getting bombarded by insulting normalfags and small business owners feeling the heat of chinkshit.
>>8117 Reminder, these are only the cases from otherwise "normal" travelers. How many illegal sweatshops are there in the whole West? How many places do not even bother checking migrants like in the EU?
>>8134 >They don't hijack random boats, Well not since they hijacked that Russian boat that one time and encountered the negotiation tactics of the Russian Navy.
Open file (852.52 KB 567x1008 2020_02_12_094645.png)
https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/feb/12/super-spreaders-coronavirus >Stigmatising ‘super-spreaders’ won’t help the fight against coronavirus Bongs clearly wanna die at this point.
>>8137 >encountered the negotiation tactics of the Russian Navy. They nuked the sea?
>>8058 Well, I'll be damned. Commsumerism.
>>8138 >Sneezing into elbows is best practice Man, someone should have told the chinks that before they quarantined a quarter of their population. I'm honestly happy that the people that believe this bullshit will finally be purged from the genepool. Humanity has needed some good old testament cleaning for a long time now.
>>8140 Close. They used their CIWS to fire warning shots at the Somalians.....straight into the fuel tanks of their boats.
>>8142 All I can think of is sneezing dabbing chinks now.
Open file (2.27 MB 403x297 1432943661718.gif)
>>8138 http://archive.md/6Csgs >make a sign with recommendations to protect yourself against corona >or make a sign telling people to check their privilege
>>8138 >The common flu kills 60 times more people annually than Corona The flu also infects somewhere from 10 to 45 million people annually God I hate this fucking line so fucking much. So far, the Chinese Coronavirus (CVC) has killed 1,118 people out of 45,210 infections. In the US alone, influenza infects somewhere between 9.3 million people, and 45 million people every year. Source: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html (The range varies from season to season). If influenza was anywhere near as lethal as CVC, then we would see death tolls in the hundreds of thousands in the US. At the time of writing, CVC has killed approximately 2.5% of those who become infected. At that rate, a low estimate for the number of people killed during a fairly quiet flu season in the US is over 200,000. For worse flu seasons, it exceeds one million deaths.
>>8143 what happen when they aren't just "warning" shots ?
>>8147 And even if you don't die from the China Virus, it would be very painful
>>8137 >negotiation tactics >Russian Navy I assume this means they sunk the pirate ship, and also the hostage ship, killing everyone.
>>8148 Granits with a 500kt warhead >>8154 When Somalis tried to negotiate the Russians just said that the hostages were probably all dead anyway before opening fire with their deck guns. Some sailors apparently in the excitement decided to break into the ships armory to get some practice shots in with RPGs.
>>8137 >Russian Navy lol are they still allowing exotic pets and drunkards while sailing from the Baltic Sea? >>8138 Can anyone switch Facts and Myths in that picture?
Open file (1.11 MB 567x1008 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8156 Don't say I never did nothin' for ya.
>>8157 Fantastic, can this be the OP?
>>8158 Just share it on twatter. Everyone will think it's real.
>>8160 Should have let her get pozzed and then shipped her straight to the oven.
>>8155 Ha, I wonder what was going through their heads right after they heard the BBRRRRRRRT. Assuming any of them managed to survive the initial barrage and subsequent destruction of their fuel tanks. Is there a source for this btw?
>>8155 >"After the pirates had been disarmed and had their ladders and boats seized, they were set adrift in an inflatable boat after being provided with food and water but with no navigation equipment, some 300 nautical miles (560 km) off Somalia. According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, they did not reach the coast and likely died at sea." How to maintain international treaties but get to kill the enemy anyway. Genius.
Open file (80.91 KB 550x843 russian-toothpaste1.jpg)
>>8163 >They set the living pirates adrift to die at sea. That's some cold shit, but amusing.
You also have to remember that this is tame shit by Russian standards considering they managed to tame Hezbollah by cutting the balls off their leader and mailing it to them then executing said Hezbollah leader advising the members of Hezbollah they will work their way down the Hezbollah chain of command till the Russian demands were met
Open file (332.70 KB 352x562 russian-jesus2.png)
>>8169 Ah, Russia, the things you *are* good at is so interesting.
>>8170 Jesus in general is probably getting sick of clown world. Also fun fact in the old testament the curses for abandoning God are vaguely similar to the effects we are seeing right now. Don't believe me look up Deuteronomy 28
Open file (564.18 KB 1246x535 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8171 Also similar to a couple William Gibson novels, IIRC.
>>8172 Yeah but the difference is is that the bible predicts the end times. Maybe God's gonna put clown world out of it's misery
>>8171 >skyjew is cursing chinks for having never believed in him
>>8173 But where would the horseman be in modern times? We have inflation for some nations, sure, we have starvation for some nations, sure, we have now disease and plague for some nations, sure, but where is the most important one - WAR?
>>8176 >but where is the most important one - WAR? Just look at the middle east.
>>7398 >South state is not part of the South >source: my butthole
>>8176 Well taking albert pike's letter into consideration the 3rd world war will apparently destroy the entire islamic region plus the state of Israel. Then again that isn't the most trustworthy source according to the mainstream. Meaning it probably is the truth.
>>8176 WAR and as a result, myself is coming soon enough.
>>8176 We're already at war just not fighting back
>>8179 What I'm wondering though is why these Jews want Israel destroyed?
>>7422 >Looks like chink government got Chen. In the US you get van@d, in ChinkChinkParadise you get chen'd. Ok
>>8181 Revelation 12 "13And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child. 14And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. 15And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. 16And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth. 17And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." Now we're gonna have to do a bit of assuming here. However assume that Europe is the lost tribes of Israel. If we consider the "flood" to be immigrants then this could really translate to the devil and his subordinates attempts to destroy Israel with waves of immigrants only for the earth to save us. Then he makes war with the REMNANT of her seed. Meaning after this we will probably be in a worse state than we are now.
>>8176 We have been in a state of constant war since the 1936, no one really noticed because they went from a total war economy to a cold war to a bunch of proxy wars to a cultural war to an economic war. I don't recall the horsemen explicitly being about ONE particular kind of war.
>>8186 Also when it's done apparently 25% of the population will be purged. Revelation 6:8 "nd I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."
>>8187 Now post the original Hebrew version
Gotta spread rumor on Africa twitter that raping a chinese with corona virus cures aids
Open file (6.78 KB 632x101 3457785697.png)
Open file (1.71 MB 1280x720 14 thousand.mp4)
Open file (148.79 KB 821x1200 EQWtUogXYAE8Zas.jpg)
Open file (272.57 KB 1125x1116 EQXQFGDVAAAGDea.jpg)
Open file (187.11 KB 900x1200 EQcGk8QWAAAsZ8Q.jpg)
Open file (24.84 KB 600x314 EQaAwE1VUAE_JVk.jpg)
Open file (171.01 KB 892x960 EQaRVrUU4AE9_kY.jpg)
>>8190 14k today alone? You fuckin serious m8
>>8191 >2nd pic It's like one of those flavor seal bags. Chinese gotta keep the coronavirus out so the meat stays tender for raw live consumption
>>8190 So much for smoothing out that curve, guess the lads in charge of approved informational release got infected too
>>8191 >last pic That guy must have been playing STALKER with an eco suit.
US military prepping for coronavirus pandemic https://archive.ph/D6mG0
Open file (71.18 KB 1907x923 Big Spike.PNG)
>>8190 Wew, just imagine how many chinks actually have it now. Funny how the WHO jinxed them by claiming that the peak was going to be SOON.
>>8201 and that's AFTER the chinks changed the way they were counting infected.
Open file (46.00 KB 1901x941 ClipboardImage.png)
>real theme This is the real theme https://invidio.us/watch?v=8yO7l6TmIRI
>>8206 Rude.
Open file (4.45 MB 642x720 bunker.webm)
This is the realist thread theme.
>>8204 There are two changes to keep in mind. That spike is the result of a new testing method; the numbers have been lower than reality in part because they simply don't have the resources to test everyone, which caused new confirmations per day to plateau. Today's update includes a "backlog" of sorts.
>chink office lady gets back from 2 week vacation visiting family back home >cough
>>8210 I fucking hate that ctrl-v sometimes auto-submits. That blank line should have said "One change was the reporting criterion that was bringing recent numbers down." and I was going to reword the rest.
Open file (521.81 KB 582x762 4568456123.gif)
>>8211 Goodluck anon
>>8213 I work from home, heard the story from the in-office plebs. Will be wearing the n95 out on errands again tomorrow.
>>8214 I thought n95 mask wasn't enough but that you need a p100 rated mask at least.
I just looked in the closet and found an N100, a gift from my paranoid self a decade ago from that avian flu virus. Will I survive without the P letter
Open file (59.72 KB 899x474 Filter Types.PNG)
>>8217 >Will I survive without the P letter Possibly? Found this by 3M that shows the difference is that N-type filters cannot filter oil-based particles while the P-type can.
>>8218 Thanks, anon. I owe you covering fire in the habbening. I wonder how much use you can get out of the N95/N100 disposables for in terms of hours or days. When I was searching this stuff I found a reddit called coronavirus where they are saying there is heavy chinese censorship and disinformation about this going on online. Wouldn't surprise me. A friend told me the N95 at wal mart were sold out but they still had reusable P series available. I'm going to check for hand sanitizer next time I go out as well. Will be interesting to see how much stock they have left. I will report back with Aryan information.
>>8188 You mean Greek? That's Revelations dumb ass. I'm not one to defend cucktianity, but at least know what you're talking about before making implicit criticisms. >>8190 Has anyone else noticed how official deaths have been growing in a very linear fashion despite infections rising in a multiplicative way? Deaths per day should have grown, even if it has a very low fatality rate (it doesn't), yet it's been very steady at about a hundred a day for at least a week or so.
Open file (211.68 KB 1500x1500 chicken-hat1.jpg)
>>8225 Almost like China is keeping the real numbers under wraps or something...
>>8219 Why not get P100 in a dedicated respirator? They're good for preventing lead poisoning when shooting at the range, so they'll stay useful even when if this blows over
>>8226 Yeah, I get that, I'm just kind of baffled as to why that isn't one of the main points people are focusing on, outside of imageboards, that is.
>>8228 >filthy gwailo! how dare you criticize glorious tencent and chinese media empire! honest people of the han never lie! You realize that a fuckton of media conglomerates have yellow fingers scraping out what the jews left in the pie tin, right? Think about how little backlash companies like Activision or the damn ESPN got for censoring anti-chinese content last year.
>>8229 Yes, I know about that. The thing is, it's just such a basic exercise of logic to realise this that I'm surprised that the "man on the street" as it were, is not discussing this, regardless of media narrative.
>>8190 Still not enough Anyhow, where are most of you fine gentlemen getting your news and infos? 8kun? Just browsing chink twitter?
>>8176 >2020 >Bernie Sanders wins a landside victory against Trump >Begins implementing a socialism through national pride policy >Aggressively begins expanding industry and the military >Brings back conscription >Announces plans to annex Canada and Mexico >Decides that the US needs more living space and plans invasion of Europe >Solves majority of ethnic issues in "Operation get behind the darkies" >nukes Asia >Blockades Africa >Signs a pact with Emus that they can have Oceania >Creates a thousand year Reich If only our clown world was that fucked up and fun
>>8231 The "man on the street" is often too preoccupied with their daily issues to bother paying attention to globohomo chink bullshit.
>>8235 I'm talking about people who are already interested in and discussing the issue. I've brought it up in conversation, and it's always a new concept. Mind you I live in boomer central.
Open file (371.50 KB 1280x783 cia_quantum.jpg)
Open file (233.54 KB 599x773 corona phone QR.png)
How long until they go full blown DR3 and start microchipping people, with an excuse that "it's for their own good, to track if they are not breaking the law and leaving quarantine areas, and also to inject their needed medication automatically, daily"?
>>8236 It gets discussed at my work quite a bit, but that has more to do with our facilities having a lot of Asians combined with cucks who REEEEE about us cracking jokes despite all of management getting in on it.
>>8241 >management getting in on it based
Open file (58.28 KB 790x297 ask_any_lawyer.jpg)
>first Nipponese casualty What do?
>>8244 Oh shit, source?
>>8244 On the chart risk nipon is kill. Not human enough sadly.
Nuclear carpet bombing when?
>>8250 Soon if the military mobilization is any indication.
http://archive.fo/0z1OE >Dead nip boomer
Open file (14.97 KB 230x185 martial might.jpg)
>>8134 >Cambodian options Something that doesn't involve the pozzing themselves even poorer and deader. Should have just left it for the Thais - who were going to supply and let it squat in their waters while they worked out the quarantine. Then you have the inconvenienced boomers kvetching to Trump and Cambodia going for international good boy points.
https://archive.fo/heQwE I heavily doubt that they were able to do what they say that quick.
>>8225 Thanks for the correction anon. I'll have to waste more of my life reading this jewish literature so I can more accurately call it out.
>>8255 Yeah, I call bullshit. My bet is that this isn't a vaccine at all but some kind of sinister shit.
>>8249 Don't forget a sizeable part of the Japanese population are Han now. Lots of immigration
>>8255 >It's some untested AI guess If you've ever played with any AI, this is the stupidest thing to assume it immediately got it right and we should go full steam ahead. but if they did looks like gods playing plague inc. in hard mode eh?
>>8134 >>8253 Pol Pot would've taken care of this shit tbh.
>>8255 Can you guys post the original links too, I'm tired of training the cloudflare AI with captcha.
>>8261 Yeah. Cloudflare is acting like a complete cunt on archive.is now. I don't know if the blame lies with the archive site or Cloudflare, but archive.* is now completely fucking useless. Nothing but endless captchas. The cunts.
>>7598 Cute >>7757 Women turn submissive when facing dangers.
>>8260 Can't get infected if you kill a third of your people first >>8262 Really? Been saving pages easy peasy on archive.is, try using webarchive and then archiving the archived page with archive.is
>>8211 Anon, you should go and eat some chink food, the more popular the better.
I've come to realize this is the great unifier this century; chink hate.
>>8267 It's not Cloudflare cockblocking me from archiving sites, it's Cloudflare cockblocking me from viewing archive.is in the first place. Much less letting me archive anything.
>>8255 >"We have an algorithm which we designed, and we put the DNA sequence into our algorithm and came up with the vaccine in that short amount of time," I hope they test it with the chinks first.
>>8269 Kinda funny, especially when everything lately is anti-China even in normalfag circles. Tencent in games for an example.
>>8267 Maybe you are not on Tor like many of us now that being a self respecting white is basically illegal and in many places actually illegal
Is there any info on resperators? is N95 fine? or do you need N100? P100?
>>8269 I can't wait for a latino virus so we can finally deal with the burrito problem once and for all. In the chaos we can remove matzo as well.
>>8278 From what I've summarized n95 isn't enough, n100 maybe, but it seems it can quite easily infect your through the eyes, so eye protection is a must.
>>8252 >80 years old >Lived in Tokyo >Female >Won't reveal name That wasn't a Nip. That was a Gook or Chink living in Nipland.
>>8280 >From what I've summarized n95 isn't enough any more info on this? i've heard the same but dont really have any context for that.
>>8255 >"We have an algorithm which we designed, and we put the DNA sequence into our algorithm and came up with the vaccine in that short amount of time," Bullshit. Viruses are way too complex for that shit. They might have found a vaccine for one specific unmutated strain, but I doubt they could create an actual vaccine for a VIRUS that quickly.
>>8257 More than likely it's a "pre-treatment" using one specific strain of the viral particle that has long since become "obsolete" due to Corona-chan's fast mutation rate. E.G. if you catch that particular strain you're less likely to die, but it's otherwise completely worthless much like the flu vaccine released every year. It's probably "true" in a very specific subcontext, but journalists have been shitty at reporting Scientific topics/Medical topics for years, especially when a "cure" is involved. See: Every AIDs cure article since 1990.
>>8258 >Sizeable >Less than 1% of the Japanese population Bugmen are confined to Tokyo and Hakodate, Nip-hater.
>>8284 From what I've surmised, ignoring eye contact being a transmission point, it basically is aerosol airborne, and while I'm no doctor, it's small enough particles that N95 is a meme and you need a proper filter, while maybe not a full biohazard I would suggest it.
>>8280 >Just wear scuba gear everywhere, guys! :^) A simple medical mask will drastically reduce your risk of infection. Ignore the dumb cunt REEEing about how it's airborne- it doesn't float in the air, it travels on particles, so a medical mask will protect you just fine unless you're living in Wuhan.
>>8290 And before someone comments on it being small enough to pass through a medical mask, electrons are small enough to pass inbetween the nuclei of atoms and yet they tend to bounce off of said nuclei 99.99% of the time.
Open file (40.81 KB 605x296 what in the fuck.png)
How does one best (((profit))) off of all the dying chinks? >>8275 Cuckflare shows up when trying to archive things via clearnet too.
>>8294 >How does one best (((profit))) off of all the dying chinks? Sell them "powdered tiger penis" (asbestos) while claiming it will cure the Corona.
>>8289 k, writing "N100" on my home made gask mask using plastic bottles, tubing, and cotton balls/dryer sheets right now.
>>8295 post result
>>8298 meant for >>8296
>>8115 I wish it was India. >>8265 >Women turn submissive when facing dangers. Probably one of their best features. >>8289 P3 or P100 is enough.
>>8295 turn your garage into a mini factory and start manufacturing all the products they used to make and bring back all the jobs they stole.
>>8300 >p3/100 Couldn't remember it off the top of head thanks, just new N95 wasn't the best choice to say the least.
http://archive.fo/BhdGz >Bong coronavirus victim took uber cab to hospital Can't make this shit up
>>7392 It's funny, as an experiment, I uploaded this webm to jewtube, just as it is, no editing commentary or music added, and I received a strike for "hate speech" inside of 5 minutes.
>>8294 >How does one best (((profit))) off of all the dying chinks? You have your agents in the country buy their businesses and assets for pennies on the dollar while their economy crashes. With few survivors.
>>8303 It seems like God has listened at last. May perfidious Albion finally sink into the sea.
>>8301 Too expensive. Unless you want to make minimum wage in terms of profits, corporations will just go elsewhere.
>>8304 The algorithm interprets swastikas as hate speech automatically as well as certain musical cues.
>>8313 >musical cues
>>8314 >want to know more video hash might help flag video too, go ask >>>/tech/
>>8314 Jewtube introduced an algorithm that basically tracks music (2-5 seconds it tends to ignore it, 20+ seconds and it locks in 99% of the time) in order to file copyright strikes. It also serves as a means to spot what they consider "hate speech" songs fairly easily by letting a bot find it. There's a reason over the last several months, most youtube channels have started adding their own custom music track to the beginning or end of their videos that's approximately 20-30 seconds. By doing so they can file copyright claims against themselves so that if a copyright troll comes along and tries to steal their revenue, they can not only steal it back, but threaten to sue the copyright troll in a legal court proceeding.
Open file (66.91 KB 120x272 chinese2.png)
>>8286 >journalists have been shitty at reporting Scientific topics/Medical topics for years Journalists have been shitty at reporting pretty much anything for years. Journalism in general is almost a dead art considering the state of it, oh, except pop culture reports. Anything that's not Star Wars or Hairy Potter, though... well... your mileage may vary. But I digress. It's also entirely possible that this cure/pre-treatment/whatever is merely a placebo, to help restore social control. I wouldn't put it past them.
>>8304 They can automatically identify music clips used in videos to de-monetize them/issue copyright strikes. I'm sure they have a DB of all the historical clips and reels from WWII to screen for those as well, using the same algorithms.
>>8320 They're not even good at the pop culture shit anymore, most of the time if you bother glancing over that drivel you can tell they didn't actually pay attention or even watch whatever they're shilling.
>>8321 These fucking kikes in the FAAG companies literally control the record of history, especially if you count Kikepedia. And don't forget the dynastic alliances being forged between chinks and kikes such as with the Cuckerberg marriage to that chink harpy. Kikes are already scrambling to remove references in articles about jewish people to their ancestry. We've had almost a decade of minority white births in the US. Once the shitskins has enough voting power to override any effort by white men, they will ban our guns. Then the kikes will revise history to say that gun culture was always fringe and the domain of lunatics. They will say that white men enthusiastically voted against guns to solve the violence problem. Efforts to resist red flag laws, and their tragic aftermaths will be covered up and the characters of those who resist will be slandered with any dirty jewish lie you can think of.
>>8225 I've noticed this as well. It's most likely due to limitations in their ability to test. The supply of test kits going in is probably close to being linear so actual confirmed cases go up linearly as it is bound by the availability of test kits. In my opinion looking at arising economic problems is good for judging how bad the virus is getting. The CCP can fake all the numbers they want when it comes to the sick but they can't cover up the fact that they are not buying or producing as much goods. >>8226 At this point I have to think that the real numbers are just estimates, and if the CCP even know how many are truly sick.
>people are still traveling to asian countries, regardless of the epidemic >most western countries are doing absolutely fucking nothing to limit travel in our out of these countries >most airports don't even bother screening people going in or out if they have the disease if this plague comes to the west, then the west deserves it. this is like leaving your door open in the black side of town at night and not expect to get raped and killed in your sleep. at this point, I'm almost curious if this intentional, either on china's front or if there is some sort of depopulation agenda. then again, it could just be stupidity and incompetence, no government is ever short of both
Open file (436.18 KB 462x732 Wuhan_Occurence.mp4)
Anyone know what these helicopters are?
Open file (10.52 KB 299x260 garfield1.jpg)
>>8324 >if the CCP even know My guess would be that that have a decent idea, and that the numbers getting out are way off. If they're copping to an increase in cases by as much as has happened in recent days, then there must be a ridiculous amount of illness going on. It also would not surprise me if they stopped administering tests (or at least stopped reporting it) to avoid adding to the new case count, kind of like they are exempting asymptomatic cases.
>>8326 Allied Hinds
https://invidio.us/watch?v=BrQ0wrTT1Mw A propaganda video that is supposed to make bugmen feel all sobbing yet patriotic. If they went from denying the existence of the virus to producing these, then even the higher ups know that something is wrong. More importantly, the virus damages not only the lungs, but also attacks the circulatory system, the heart, the liver and the kidney. He speaks about it around 7:30. Later on he speaks about experimental drugs, and says that both Ebola-chan and Corona-chan came from bats. And in the end we learn that sent in 11 921 medical workers. That's quite a fucking lot if the number of patients is less than 50 000. Yet one more piece of evidence that the numbers are wrong. >>8324 > It's most likely due to limitations in their ability to test. The supply of test kits going in is probably close to being linear so actual confirmed cases go up linearly as it is bound by the availability of test kits. We learned this last week. See: >>7255
>>8325 >people are still traveling to asian countries, regardless of the epidemic I plan to go back to Japan next year even if it's spread to half the damn country.
Nips are fucking hardcore. >get a cruise liner of thousands people with suspected epidemy outbreak >tell them to self-quarantine in their rooms while the on-board staff takes care of their needs, even though >say quarantine will last 14 days since the most recent onfirmed case >sit and observe as the disease spreads >make notes on how the now infected staff spreads the virus around >probably get a treasure trove of research data on the virus in this basically controlled environment, getting to investigate the vectors of transmission, gradual effects, etc. >raugh when passengers beg to be let outside the quarantine before also getting infected
Open file (12.25 KB 201x183 ishii_sensei.jpg)
>>8331 Ishii lives forever in the Yamato-damashii.
In other news: https://invidio.us/watch?v=ly5H6zeOaJc >mother with colon cancer can't get treatment because Beijing said that everyone and everything has to be used to bully Corona-chan >some old man went crazy because he is forced into quarantine with while his whole family died (I'm not sure if it means that he is in the flat together with the corpses) >someone's grandmother who is in one of those newly built quarantine hospital asked for help because she can't even get out from her bed to walk to the window where they give her food, and nobody is checking her >said grandma also has diabetes, therefore she is likely to die >around 5:00 is the picture of a list of sick people in an apartment complex, there are some 60 suspected cases in just there >a community office worker is also calling for help, because they said to send their patients to a hospital, but said hospital was already full >pregnant nurse miscarried due to overwork, but went back to work 10 days later and the state media celebrates her as a hero, yet even the chinks think that this is an outrage >pharmacy was selling masks for 1 yuan price and the government though it's still so much, because they had a 40% profit margin, but only 15% is allowed, so they got fined >a company applied for a loan of 100 million yuan to develop facial recognition that works with people who wear masks I wonder if CIA is interested >around 14:10 there is a video of bringing away the bodies from a residential area, the van is full of corpses >around 15:00 they are welding a front door >at 15:50 there is a video of a bus full of sick people that was left in a dead end, because they wanted to make a photo op but the car leading the bus lost its way and then just left >the people responsible for this had to apologize one-by-one to the patients, wasting hazmat suits in the process, and the chinks don't like that >it seems like the censors can't work fast enough to censor the internet >around 21:40 there are two videos of policemen chasing street vendors >24:20 is a series of videos about somebody waving a knife at the police only to get shot And that's all for the day.
Open file (46.97 KB 680x411 EQlyuEJWsAEnMKr.jpg)
CIA tweet this morning
>>8339 >Just take it all in goyim
Open file (982.45 KB 410x563 bane_and_white.gif)
>>8339 Next they are going to tell us that it's easier to breathe if you don't wear a mask.
>>8339 The moment I have nothing left to lose I know exactly who I'm targeting.
>>8285 >>8255 Technically that's exactly how you're saying it. Corona-chan has been studied for quite a while, all they're doing is kind of inhibiting her. The problem with the chink one is that there's barely any doubt that it's attacking Chinese almost exclusively, whether for being a bioweapon or because of their horrible living conditions is irrelevant. >>8290 >>8292 Basic hygiene is what saves most people, I mean look at the Asian countries around China and you can immediately spot who takes more effort in sanitizing shit than others. >>8305 I just don't get it, why allocate this many men to disinfecting a house and not sending anyone to take care of cremation or body bags?
>>8315 True but I recall some tech anons adding a single bit to the video of the muzzies trying to groom a french kid and it completely bypassed the check since hash functions are applied to the whole file. >>8316 The algorithm is still shit though, it can file on stuff that don't even have music in it >>8321 Not all of them, tons of historical media is hosted on youtube. The thing is unless you specifically look for it or get lucky, almost no one is watching it.
>>8328 >>8326 This is one heck of a C&C Generals custom campaign >>8327 You know, originally I thought that to be the case, but the more I see videos of shit from China the more I'm convinced that no one of the higher ups knows what the fuck's going on. Something about the little people knowing but not daring to speak, the local administrators modifying the rules up or downwards to get what they want, the high ranking officials knowing figures that may as well have been made up and are downplaying the already downplayed ones and their surveillance system being poked holes all over the place (I'm suspecting glowies) since prior to December you'd be lucky to see a video or two of the disgusting shit that the Chinese have to live with, now it feels like there's four or five new videos of it DAILY.
>>8331 I mean, the Japanese are the same people who kept a poor man struck by nuclear waste alive so they could study his body decaying in real time, despite him begging for death all the while. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masato_Shinohara Honorary my ass.
>>8328 >Allied Hinds As in combat helicoptors? Allegedly, those were seen after "a loud explosion was heard by Wuhan and surrounding cities, followed by a lot of shaking of the ground." I would source that if I could (explosion/ground shaking) , but I haven't been able too yet. That's why I wanted to make sure what kind of helicopter they were. Now I wait. .>>8347 The Chinese faction expanded, they used to just hack money, rather than hack viral strains.
>>8344 Yikes
>>8347 I suppose that could also be it. Everyone wants to defer judgement and delegate responsibility, and have their numbers right, so they don't get in trouble. This could very well lead to a domino effect of everyone in the hierarchy being afraid to get in trouble from their superiors, so they just tell them things that aren't so. This gets passed up the ladder, and nobody questions it, until the buck stops at the highest reaches of government, where they are completely removed from the on-the-ground situation, just reading the reports and saying "Well, that's not so bad, is it?" without bothering to check on the veracity of anything. I am sure, in true-to-form fashion, that after it all ends, blame will cascade down like a kid having diarrhea at the top of a hot slide, and people will be scapegoated and punished well after the fact. I'd bet they already have the scapegoats lined up, even.
>>8349 That's why you always pick GLA + tunnels
>>8351 Ooh you just know that this is quite literally the last few months for the Communists in China... Best case scenario, their vaccines are developed and work in a couple of months, saving people and whatnot, but their economy is now in shambles and even the most loyal citizen have seen that they're completely expendable (not in the way it's usually done by hiding shit like with HK or those earthquakes) so attitude towards Chink nationalism will change drastically. Worst case scenario, the entire world suddenly turns on them for not solving their health problems and dragging the world economy to the grave with them, expect a lot of people in the ME start reclaiming junk they lost to Chinese investors and for Japan to grow bolder in SEA.
>>8353 >last few months for the Gommunists Alas, I think their embedded nature in the state at this point will not change. China isn't intact at the will of its people due to fervent nationalism, but due to the fact that there are controls in place, leashes held by so many hands. That, and the average Chinaman would have no notion of what to do instead. I'm pretty sure they know they're all ""completely"" expendable as far as the state is concerned, and it's just something they live with, and try to keep their heads down. I don't think we're looking at a pre-revolutionary phase. But maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised when they shatter yet again into fat sack of feuding warlords?
>>8353 Chavez is still in power. I doubt this is end of the ruling regime. If they still have bread and circuses after this blows over life will probably just go on
>>8348 >Honorary my ass >Implying the Germans, English, French, Spanish, Russians, Americans, etc. haven't done the same thing Friendly reminder that America intentionally infected people niggers with syphilis without telling them in order to study the disease.
>>8356 It's a bit different isn't it
>>8357 Is it? Niggers part aside, they would have used huwhite Americans if there wasn't an abundance of criminal ethnic groups to utilize for those tests.
>>8358 You're probably right. They did some shady shit with testing radiation on people at University of Rochester
>>8358 Just bring up the nuclear test and those CIA projects where they tried to brainwash people with LSD and torture.
>>8360 And look at the shit cops do every day to their fellow hwhites
>>8354 Aren't the modern "Han" Chinese just a mutt race that historically were a slave to whoever conquered China? >>8356 Should've brought up Waco and Ruby Ridge >>8359 Quaker Oats radioactive oatmeal
>>8345 >I just don't get it, why allocate this many men to disinfecting a house and not sending anyone to take care of cremation or body bags? propaganda "we're doing somting goys :^)" >you'd be lucky to see a video or two of the disgusting shit that the Chinese have to live with, now it feels like there's four or five new videos of it DAILY. the world is learning to hate chink so that might be why we see moar, anons are digging to learn about what the fuck is going on ? but glowie might be playing too at that, who know for sure.
>>8353 >Ooh you just know that this is quite literally the last few months for the Communists in China... You don't have to be a niggerpill to know your hopes are retardedly high in this regard. If they didn't collapse after all the insane shit Mao pulled then a couple of months of virus isn't going to stop them from being good bugs.
>>8339 Breathing is a CIA spook?!?!? We must breath sparingly now and kill anyone who encourages meditation. >>8362 Oatmeal is radioactive?!?!? We must throw away whatever oatmeal we have right now and burn every oatmeal can we see in grocery stores. Anything else I should be worried about? Also my hand hurts from punching my desk now.
>>8366 Spergkraut pls
Open file (76.16 KB 502x600 Aidan_Gillen.jpg)
>>8366 Are you wearing a mask right now?
>>8368 Don't have one. Trying not to breath much in my own house. I want the world to get nuked already. Burnburnburnburnburn.
Open file (40.29 KB 500x334 a little too easy.jpg)
>>8339 Breath deep!
Hey /pol/, what kind of gas mask should I get?
>>8371 One with a direct line to Hitlers ass
>>8371 3m 6300 series if you want to be the safest and scare the fuck out of normal faggots 3m n100 if you want to be probably safe and marginally scare normalfaggots
CORONA CHAN MAY CAUSE TESTICULAR AND KIDNEY DAMAGE >In December 2019 and January 2020, novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) - infected pneumonia (NCIP) occurred in Wuhan, and has already posed a serious threat to public health. ACE2 (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2) has been shown to be one of the major receptors that mediate the entry of 2019-nCoV into human cells, which also happens in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS). Several researches have indicated that some patients have abnormal renal function or even kidney damage in addition to injury in respiratory system, and the related mechanism is unknown. This arouses our interest in whether coronavirus infection will affect the urinary and male reproductive systems. Here in this study, we used the online datasets to analyze ACE2 expression in different human organs. The results indicate that ACE2 highly expresses in renal tubular cells, Leydig cells and cells in seminiferous ducts in testis. Therefore, virus might directly bind to such ACE2 positive cells and damage the kidney and testicular tissue of patients. Our results indicate that renal function evaluation and special care should be performed in 2019-nCoV patients during clinical work, because of the kidney damage caused by virus and antiviral drugs with certain renal toxicity. In addition, due to the potential pathogenicity of the virus to testicular tissues, clinicians should pay attention to the risk of testicular lesions in patients during hospitalization and later clinical follow-up, especially the assessment and appropriate intervention in young patients' fertility. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022418v11 WAS MASS IMPOTENCE PART OF YOUR PLAN?
>>8326 Are they using attack choppers to police areas now? If I recall correctly the Turks did the same thing during their failed coup a couple years ago.
>>8377 Corona-chan must be a bit yandere. She must make herself the the only one for you.
http://archive.is/SWgAh >Chinese officials, meanwhile, are growing increasingly concerned that their efforts to contain the virus are strangling the economy. President Xi Jinping this week instructed subordinates to avoid "overreactions" that interfered with China's development goals. Huang Qifan, an influential economic policymaker, has said the ongoing supply chain disruptions are more costly than the two-year U.S.-China trade war, according to Trivium, an economic research firm in Beijing. What a glorious catch-22 clusterfuck. >Local government has to keep Winnie the Pooh happy >Either keep the quarantine and miss economic goals >Or force people to mingle/work and only make the pandemic worse
>>8348 >Begging for death That guy was unconscious for the majority of the time his body began decaying and his symptoms became worse. Even then his body somehow didn't shut down and it took a heart attack before his body finally hit its limit and quickly collapsed.
>>8381 >Even then his body somehow didn't shut down He was revived multiple times, the last time the doctors couldn't massage him without tearing his body which was a mush at that point >That guy was unconscious for the majority of the time Doesn't make it OK, although they got some real subject data that was probably already collected by shady governments.
Open file (82.92 KB 1335x649 index.png)
For those curious, I downloaded the csv files https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 uses and took a look. The rate of deaths per 100 cases has been fairly constant between 2 and 2.5, once the numbers were large enough to be meaningful. It increased recently, probably because of the exclusion of asymptomatic cases; that pushed down the total case count, without affecting the death rate attributable to the disease, since obviously nobody dying from the disease is asymptomatic. That should serve as a reminder that these rates are untrustworthy on a quantitative level, and even for qualitative perspective aren't meaningful either unless you keep in mind external factors.
>>8383 >that was probably already collected by shady governments You say that as if him being tortured for a month wasn't the will of a shady government.
Open file (101.58 KB 1440x720 Figure1.png)
Open file (107.01 KB 1440x720 Figure2.png)
Open file (117.22 KB 1440x720 Figure3.png)
>>8386 Fuck, I messed up the right-side scale. Obviously a mistaken factor of 100 snuck in by accident. Have a fixed version, plus two more.
>>8387 I meant americans testing nukes and once kidnapping a highly affected fisherman at Bikini Atoll. Who knows what the soviets did but it probably wasn't good.
>>8353 >so attitude towards Chink nationalism will change drastically. good luck with that.
>>8389 I somehow missed the 's' in governments and thought you were talking about just the nips exclusively, my bad.
>>8328 A hind D?
>>8378 That coup was staged hard by Erdogan to secure his sultanship
>>8350 >Yikes Why the fuck are you here, tumblr?
>>8355 >>8354 The problem is these leashes are kept because the international community plays ball with the commies, but as we have seen in the past weeks chinks are perfectly capable of isolating themselves, much more than the gubbmnint can do (think those chink villages using mob rule to get the Wuhanese out of their town, or the Wuhanese themselves creating smuggling rings to get out of the city). Never underestimate the power of public opinion, as much as state sponsored media can sway it, it can also backfire completely. >>8356 You can get cured though. A better parallel would be the "war" on "drugs".
>>8362 >Aren't the modern "Han" Chinese just a mutt race that historically were a slave to whoever conquered China? If you look deep enough into history, all races are mutt races of superior conqueror genes + inferior enslaved multiculticucks. The Romans used it quite effectively to convert the European continent into their own plaything, until Barbarians did the same to them. Also yes modern Han Chinese are ancient Chinks raped by Mongols and in certain regions Turkic tribes. What little is left of Tibetans and Manchurians is more genetically similar to ancient Chinese than grorious han mutts. >>8365 Killing millions of unproductive farm bois unironically boosted their economy though. China's size is a detriment (need for tons of natural resources, breads and circuses, strong military) as much as it is an advantage (can literally bully America threatening to allow millions of Chinamen migrating towards it, has expendable men).
>>8377 >you'll see the Chinese fall below 0.8 children per household Holy shit >>8380 See, this is how your country dies. They should have the balls of either saving their country or their economy, they cannot do both at the same time in the current situation. And ironically they should save the latter, as even if they lose a million chinamen they could turn this around and say that the PRC prevailed one of its greatest catastrophe for Victoria 2 Prestige points.
Open file (31.02 KB 480x336 smile_to_sneer.jpeg)
>>8377 >testicular damage Is Corona-chan trying to create an army of Inc*ls?
>>8377 It probably makes you sterile, then. This is literally the new plague virus from fallout now, except that rather than the chinks accidentally releasing the virus in US, trying to steal it from them, they actually successfully stole it, and accidentally released it on themselves. What a wild ride
>>8330 and then, you're going to come back home, and spread it there. good, maybe a little bit of depopulation will do the human race some good, if we're that fucking ignorant to what's happening around us
>>8410 I ain't that guy but I'm white and this shit ain't going to do fuck all to me, I'll gladly go eat at some chingchong places to spread the love though.
>>8377 Dead link.
Open file (44.77 KB 360x480 fuck china.jpg)
Open file (72.26 KB 499x516 say fuck to china.jpg)
>>8353 hopefully, that's exactly the case. what a meme timeline that only leaves one question, who will be a defacto asian super power then? japan? best korea? some CIA spook puppet nation?
>>8413 Whoever wins the great scramble.
Open file (12.04 KB 167x174 cbtouhou.jpg)
>>8416 Just like old times!
>>7583 Can cross the ocean?
>>8413 Is that a question?
>>7930 >>not halving the cremating time by stuffing multiple bodies into the same oven Stop reading Jewish literature you degenerate mong.
>>8422 Are you perhaps retarded?
https://archive.fo/FqUjf >Mobile world congress cancelled It's happening.
Open file (1021.98 KB 1280x720 happening time 2.webm)
Open file (267.13 KB 497x435 ClipboardImage_002.png)
>>8409 Every passing day the world gets a little bit more clownish. >>8413 >who will be a defacto asian super power then I think it's going to unironically be India, devolving into the same kind of authoritarian shithole as the commies except with more fecal matter and less garbage products. Probably Korea under either banner, since they North would produce tons of offspring because of its impoverished farmer population as well as the massive military that you just know is just going to change banners in the event of reunification and the South has tons of rackets and riches as well as being one of the top producers of a ton of consumer products the world seems to never get enough of. Also unlike their Jap counterparts, Korean minorities are very vocal in expressing their opinion onto foreign governments when it can aid Worst Korea. Allowing the Koreas to join would probably create a monster unless another nation like America or Russia stepped in to control some key infrastructure. I'm more wondering about what the fuck will happen to China if an actual civil war or high state of unrest comes around. I suspect they're just going to change their leading party to something else while the rest of the place is under triad control. >>8424 >You may experience in your lifetime the complete destruction of normie internet as smartphones become once again high end investments and the average person will be forced to either share one or few devices or switch back to flip phones and service-specific items like digital cameras and mp3 players What a time to be alive, I hope it comes true
>>8423 Perhaps ? I think there is no perhaps here, there is literal retards roaming julay for the past 48 hour, i think they are leaking from 8cum.
>>8386 I've heard this mentioned to a degree, its absurd that the infection rate is so stable, it should be a logarithm and at least should increase or decrease as it gets better or worse, it shouldnt stay stable even with treatment, it should quickly drop off. But we all know they're lying so what's another reason in the pile?
>>8427 it's mostly just the IBS kiddies from /cow/. they are leaking in from the GG thread on /v/ there, they want everybody to participate in their stupid e-celeb drama, no better than cuckchanners at this point, everybody involved >>8426 Man, unified korea would be a nightmare. If china dissolves into a civil war non country shithole, where sneezing on your cat can give it aids, I can see CIA niggers potentially getting involved and at least trying to turn china into a puppet state, assuming they're already not prepping for this already
Open file (1.21 MB 720x923 9856746736757.png)
>>8170 >russian jeesus looks like an asian mutt
>>8176 I'm finishing my breakfast.
>>8430 >get upset I call out the newfags for whom they are >cuckchan file name Good to know I'm right. Now, go back to either /v/ or /cow/, this board is for adults, 18+
Open file (396.75 KB 900x1600 gaytorjanitor.png)
>>8433 >taking the bait >not being an oldfag
>>8430 Is that what passes for a reaction image on cuckchan now? What the fuck is that?
>>8326 I wish it turned people into real zombies, all with the stoned glare, some flesh rotting, the lack of pain and empathy, the need to bite and spread, etc. <you're describing niggers, pal
>>8329 >Sum Ting Wong You bet they know. They must be praying Mao nao.
>>8345 >why not burn the entire district to the ground?
>>8435 >>8434 Welcome to the future. He does it for free.
>>8360 https://abcnews.go.com/Health/International/book-claims-cia-lsd-experiment-made-french-town/story?id=10171002 >Look! I'm a dragonfly! <Roch, you bread is wackylicious!
>>8429 >IBS kiddies from /cow/. they are leaking in from the GG thread on /v/ there
>>8436 this. if we're all going to die to some lab grown pandemic, I wanted it to be something cool. instead, if this indeed spreads, we will just get super aids and drown our lungs in our own blood, whilst having a seizure and shitting ourselves. kinda pathetic >>8435 IBS kiddies literally use discord (FED) and post on cuckchan, I'm surprised they haven't simply flooded the thread yet with le anime, because that will show them that they are true oldfags. They make their own "memes" as well, which are pepe and wojak forced and shitty tier, but I won't derail the thread by posting them, consider yourself spared that you won't see them
anyone else getting butterflies about the impending happening? IT'S ABOUT TO GET REAL COMFY, KIDS.
>>8423 >thinking it goes faster by stuffing the oven lel
>>8453 You ARE retarded.
>>8431 That's because Jesus was part Jew part Lebanese Anyhow, I think the BO is right, we're delving too off topic from the main issue of Coronavirus and China's geopolitics.
Open file (204.02 KB 366x546 1422297049347.png)
Open file (655.93 KB 555x1692 1422297149770.jpg)
Open file (535.33 KB 1407x1668 1406230534940.png)
Open file (56.73 KB 823x154 1422295456454.jpg)
>>8453 it sounds like someone that thinks the lolocaust is a real/truthful event but pretends to "deny" for the memes. im pretty sure thats the majority of 4cuck now. you can thank the alt-kike for that.
>>8452 yeah, just thinking about it right now. this is our chernobyl, and it's gonna be much better of a happening than that was because we have social media that lets us monitor the situation 24/7 and see what the situation is like in china, where as boomers largely just had the media to gauge the situation one of my relatives got fucked up by the radiation in the region that spread to nearby countries, I just hope that I'm not gonna follow suit and get the sniffles from some dumb cunt that just needed to take a vacation in the east and have their delicious bat soup just now what I am really interested in is the impending fallout that will come from this, rather than seeing corona chan's final high score. way I see it, china is fucked either way, one of the following will happen: 1) Virus will NOT be contained, china becomes a third world shithole nobody wants to live in or deal with, china ceases to be a super power 2) Situation is resolved, but it tanks their economy HARD, due to their incompetence and trying to save face. America chuckles in the distance, as it pretty much wins their trade war with china, and takes advantage of the situation 3) China goes full 1984 and pretends the corona virus doesn't exist. People are forced to get back to work, even if they are sick, to try and desperately save their economy. Many lulz are had, and either 1) or 2) happens anyways, I only note this one because I believe china is this delusional to try this without any sense of self awareness 4) CIA or other spooks take advantage of the situation and try to stage a coup, maybe a coup, maybe even weaponize the virus to try and spread it further or to topple/infect key party or military members. If china isn't toppled or doesn't become a puppet state, it is severely weakened 5) Chinese people have enough, and a civil war starts. This is the ideal happening for me, it would be like ukraine on crack and cocaine
>>8449 which butt hurt e-celeb are you?
>>8452 I'm supremely tickled that the collective unconsciousness of the internet started making jokes about how we were overdo for a plague right at the start of January before things really started happening. Historically, there have been plagues and outbreaks damned near constantly, but few go worldwide like this.
>>8455 >can i has the neurons? look>>8458even modern ovens are not very large, also try science, joules / kg of body matter and fluids to burn spread over more bodies with less surface contact, also remember, human is a lot of water, so packing more bodies in an oven wont make miracles
>>8460 hold on- let me go get my reading glasses. ... yea, thats all pretty accurate. we are living in very exciting times. >>8465 Well we succeeded in building the tower of babel and connecting the world financially via (((globalism))). it wouldnt be nearly as fun if it happened before integration. the question is will corona chan be the first of many? or will she be the beam of light that ended sodom and gomorrah. or is this an isolated punishment against China specifically for their collective complicitness when it comes to sacrificing their own children to moloch in exchange for (((monetary))) gain.
>>8465 I'm very curious just how much of the initial spread outside of china was intentional. Once the chinese government realized they made a little oopsie, I suppose they spread typhoid marys all over the place, most notably that tourist that went vacationing in paris, so that they could spread the gift as wide as they can. I would not put it behind them to "Sacrifice" some of their officials, in the near future, by intentionally infecting the, and bringing them to the world meetings, with other leaders, so they can get infected as well. Remember, the virus can spread even if you aren't showing any symptoms, and when you do, it's already too late. If they sneeze, that virus can stay on hard surfaces for nearly a week as well, sneezing at a cat gives it aids, and they now carry the gift as well. What a wonderful virus
>>8466 I am aware dipshit, it was an obvious joke when the original poster talked about double stacking ovens, jesus fucking christ you're retarded or autistic or both if you can't infer that from the post.
Open file (262.69 KB 899x653 1422297717135.jpg)
Open file (514.62 KB 470x720 1422297388119.png)
Open file (705.92 KB 1101x1846 1422296646180.png)
Open file (491.47 KB 990x1278 1410444229599.jpg)
>>8466 > packing more bodies in an oven wont make miracles but the nazis literally tapped into satan's hellfire and magma to power the ovens. the heat source is too great for a jew to reduce. thats why the chimneys arent even attached to the gas chambers or the crematorium; those are geothermal venting chimneys similar to a manmade volcano. >>8470 see >>7930 perhaps you should have added an "/s" :^) lel
>>8470 most likely it's the IBS newfag from /cow/, they are very poor at spotting sarcasm, and their inner newfag shows up because of it more often than not. now watch them post some more cuckchan images without actually contributing the the thread, to show us just how totally not butthurt they are right now. you can also tell it's them, because they have this very insecure need to try and oust everyone else as a "newfag", every chance they get, I don't know where that could have possibly came from >>8467 I'm gonna need some context for that webm, I get angry just looking at it
>>8460 China already pulled a #3 on their smog fog problem. And their crumbling infrastructure problem. And their ghost cities and random global building projects. And their organ harvest problem. And their 300 million more men than women problem. And their unemployment problem, which is directly related to their economic problems, which only scares them more because of the problem with their military being completely useless and not even training most of their soldiers to use a gun. They didn't do so well when it came to hiding their Hong Kong problems, though.
Open file (2.18 MB 1575x1302 holoholo.png)
>>8458 Indeed. sarcasm was invented by cuckchanners in the middle of last September. Before that nobody ever joked about the absurdity of jewish lies by pretending to believe them.
>>8460 in 4) I meant stage a proxy war of some sort, which would not be too difficult, as many people there hate china, and there is no shortage of mercs and other reactionaries, especially since china is very crippled right now, and it's army is shit, when the push comes to shove. I typed in "Coup" twice
all this oven related shit could be trollololing pretending not seeing the sarc might be the new trick around here
Open file (310.48 KB 1029x760 1406231266922.jpg)
Open file (191.90 KB 884x477 1406232256943.jpg)
>>8473 >context we do the same shit in western countries and opt for more painful/cruel abortion methods so that we can preserve the organs for sale. do you think the chinks arent doing this? >>8476 >>8485 didnt sound outlandish enough to be sarcastic.and the last thing the chinese want is to boost those numbers. i mean, in truth the jews sell more outlandish/ridiculous shit as truth. they literally talk about shrunken heads and motorized brain bashers, do you really think stufffing an oven is so much crazier than that so much so that someone couldnt detect the sarcasm? if you think of it that way its not hard to figure out why the joke didn't land. if it was a joke
>>8489 So, they're harvesting organs from toddlers, then? Where did they come from? Sounds evil, or simply jewish, we all know about kikes and child abuse, especially to male toddlers
Nice derail
>>8492 those arent toddlers. toddlers toddle. those are infant/newborns likely products of their mandatory (((abortion))) practices. no different than what planned parenthood was doing; selling baby organs and performing PBAs by request to keep their hearts beating.
>>8492 Toddlers are not fully developed humans and therefore are of less moral concern. Honestly who cares, they are likely more useful this way rather than living as yet another NPC out of seven billion
>>8489 sure chans are a weird ecosystem that can go into full myopic 5D on any topic but sometimes it would be good to keep things simple and stick to common sense but what do i know, the days of innocence are long gone, these places turn cryptic because of glowies themselves i favor moderation on claims, it's safer atm
>>8460 >what I am really interested in is the impending fallout that will come from this, rather than seeing corona chan's final high score yeah, even the Powers That Be believe that raycissm and fear are much worse than the actual Kung Flu. Makes sense, considering we live in a world where everyone's mollycoddled by their respective nanny state and have never experienced actual unrest. Indeed they're going to be called Sick Men of Asia once more. >4) I don't think America wants a regime change in China, the U.S. administration wants an enemy of the people to rally its own voter base against at all times to maintain its democratic process. That's why I'm actually scared of a possible Korean unification under Norks or Worsties without the interference of another world power. >>8467 Why is it that every time a webm about China is posted the people and objects there are always covered in some sort of slime/sweat/sickly substance? It's like living in a 2000 3d animation world.
>>8496 >has been conditioned to think something as insane as organ murder of infants at the hands of jews is acceptable >calls others NPCs wew i'd wager in 10 years you could be convinced to argue that its ok to use them as fleshlights too, since they are not "fully developed humans"
>>8499 >not caring about NPCs is NPC behavior No, it’s protagonist behavior. You’re living in my video game. I only expected these dialogue options from you
>>8474 Actually, they didn't. I mean, at least as far as the fog part is concerned they're very conscious about it and even made bold claims to join countries fighting climate change. Of course no one would go and check the Yellow River, which gets greener and purpler by the hours.
>>8500 >everyone is an npc except me why would a protagonist be a jewish puppet regurgitating jewish propaganda and nihlism? is your game the type of game that reveals you were a puppet all along doing the bidding of a big-nosed serpent?
Can someone ban that retard
>>8502 You’re living in a Jewish world and are just along for the ride. You’re literally not even a named character, you’re just procedurally generated
I pissed krautmutt off hardcore a few hours ago by calling him out immediately when he was trying to be clever, so now he's spamming the shit out of the board and same fagging. Hire a vol you fucking asshole, I'm sick of this retarded schizo having sperg tantrums the moment you go to work.
Open file (5.66 MB 426x244 Cocoa-chan.webm)
>>8489 Did you honestly watch that webm, read the post, and concluded that it's a 110% antifa post, or what? You really are clinically retarded. Here, watch this genuine Nipponese cartoon that wasn't altered at all.
>>8499 to be fair, I see people whining about da /pol/, so I have a feeling a lot of people here aren't too different from the cucks we saw at the virginia rally: all talk, but are pussies deep inside, won't do shit when push comes to shove, no matter what the context of the situation is Also >Wanted to check back for further corona chan updates and maybe post my own >Thread bumplocked LMAO, is the administration here going thru another guthrum gate, where it's so pathetic that one or 2 shitposters can completely shut it down? Where the posters and the BO both cry like little babies when people post something they don't like? This is pathetic, I would say that someone should make a new thread, but I don't think people here are mature enough to civilly discuss this matter
>>8511 >posts leddit tier edit of an anime with 100% funny she said nigger and dudeweed lmao XD joke >makes the same claim jews unironically do in the same post >look at this edited by KINEMASTER hitler anime XD to prove how silly i am inb4 this was part of my grand ruse
>>8453 Are you an anti-semite?
>>8457 BO is a nigger though. pls don’t ban this thread is all I have to entertain myself.
>>8514 >le memearrows >eksdee Nigger.
>only active thread on /k/ is shit up by half/pol/ leaking, why can't we have nice things?
>>8519 >fucking up greentext >calling anyone cuckchan >whining about muh /pol/ >saging a bump locked thread you know, you're kinda proving the "nu/k/" poster's point
To get this thread back on topic, what is the rate of spread according to (((official))) sources and according to indpendent journalists and leaked testimonies?
>>8522 this thread is bumplocked, it's pretty much dead. I don't have an answer to your question, but pretty much every city and region in china is on lockdown right now, their official numbers don't mean anything as even normalfags openly mock them and don't believe anything they say
So, how is Corona chan doing?
>>8527 Joined other dead memes
>>8527 British Politician with corona virus just tested positive, and infected pretty much the entire parliament. It's gonna be fun seeing how this situation develops
>>8530 Fake news?
Open file (35.29 KB 502x105 122.png)
Open file (43.89 KB 498x178 1412.png)
>>8532 I'm monitoring a few twitter accounts that tweet about it. Too lazy to use an archive, cause I'm doing something right now, I'm sure you can find it, tho
Open file (7.36 KB 225x225 that's a paddlin'.jpg)
>>8530 >no source That's a paddlin'.
>>8536 see >>8534 with how poor the level of discussion in this thread is at the moment, I can't be arsed to archive the articles, or put anymore effort into my posts. if that was the intend of derailment, then I guess it worked
Open file (110.92 KB 550x413 what the fuck man01.jpg)
>>8549 Not archiving Can somebody just put this thread out of it's misery already, please?
>>8550 What's a good site to archive with without Cloudflare? I can't get past the captcha so tell me what I should do.
>>8460 Thats nice and all strelok, but could you stop pressing enter so much?
https://archive.fo/JiQ1u https://archive.fo/KbgLs there, was that so hard? also, not sure why the site ate my greentext arrow
>>8538 Let's just make a new one and actually discuss about: >Corona-chan >cures >China's geopolitical situation >global economy >bio weapons as an actual strategy >news getting overridden by corona chan's importance Instead of having a ton of cuckpolacks, niggerpills and derailers. >>8552 web.archive.org serves me well on the SHORT TERM (their admins are cucks who will delete archived shit if it's got wrongthink or enough people report it or even at the request of the site owner, i.e. there used to be 8chan threads that got all their media deleted from the page after a few weeks of inactivity) but archive.is has been my go-to. Webarchive also allows storing outlinks, unlike archive.is. Can you describe with screenshots or whatever what's going on? Because I'm currently on a lobotomized browser and I've never encountered a cuckflare error in my entire time using it. Perhaps you've been archiving way too many things one after the other?
>>8558 Thanks we make a good team. I post the news, you train the captcha AI
>>8559 >anime avatar >whining about muh /pol/ you're the reason why this thread died, please stay in this one >>8560 I didn't get a single captcha, I dunno what archive you're using
>>8562 here have a non anime picture, how're you feeling bout it now?
>>8562 I get captcha on both archive.is and archive.fo. I'm on Tor. I just get a constant loop of captchas and I'm fucking tired of it. I'll try web.archive.org next time, thanks.
>>8418 >Sorted by height, descending. How pleasant.
>>8562 >anime avatar >avatar Are you retarded?
Open file (121.55 KB 473x442 anime avatar.jpg)
>>8568 >saging a bumplocked thread >asking somebody if they're retarded >visibly triggered >post not on topic
>>8568 Asking him poetic questions is obviously pointless.
I bet the burgerchinks will be voting hardcore against guns after this shit
>>8571 >implying the insects were going to vote against gun control anyhow
>>8467 Why’d you post a video of some Chinese fast food kitchen? Is one of the workers sick? >>8473 >I get angry just looking at it It really sucks to see baby animals dead like that but it happens all the time in the wild.
oof, that didn't age well...
Open file (117.81 KB 1035x1260 vox.jpg)
>>8566 >I'm on Tor That may be the reason. What about wayback machine, does it ask for captcha all the same? >>8577 I really like Vox's video editing, too bad every political video always boils down to "huwhites badd, poc goodd" written by halfbreds.
>>8583 archive.{is,fo} is on Google captcha for everyone with privacy respecting browser settings since a week
>>8597 what does this even mean, who does it effect, or who doesn't it effect? be more specific
>>8597 I'm using noscript and archive.is only has its own js and mail.ru
>>8551 Why does this make me happy?
Open file (225.50 KB 606x359 redfield says.png)
Open file (9.97 KB 193x245 1528839356406.jpg)

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