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Open file (15.61 MB 480x360 101 Help Wanted.webm)
QTDDTOT // Questions that don't deserve their own thread. Strelok 02/08/2020 (Sat) 01:45:28 No.7485
Gotta ask as this seems stupid, red dot magnifiers work on a scout mount or am I going to have to shell out for another magnifier?
How do we reduce the carbon footprint of warfare?
>>7541 By vaporizing the enemy quicker. Less resource used overall.
How do we increase the carbon bootprint of warfare? It is one thing to destroy an enemy with little collateral damage; it is another thing to suffocate your future enemies next to your enemies, abroad, and at home.
Open file (1.66 MB 854x480 stop breathing.mp4)
>>7541 By increasing the uranium-235 footprint, naturally
>>7485 Too lazy to make a thread, but apparenty some Thai soldier just livestreamed himself shooting up a mall. Anyone got the vid?
>>7576 Would post myself but no good source yet
>>7576 I hope he got a high score, what a mad lad.
>>7582 12 people and he doesn't like he can operate for shit. Fuck that gook.
>>7584 20 and still hasn't been caught
>>7576 HAHAHAHA Maybe analcockman was one of the ones that got shot.
Open file (207.84 KB 500x500 1517105810535.gif)
>>7541 Make it electronic/cyber warfare. :^) You can't. There's a reason the military put a fuckton of blame on CFCs/HVAC when their nuclear tests released more CFCs in a decade than HVAC has in their entire existence.
>>7596 All removed
Open file (141.62 KB 730x1086 thai.jpg)
>>7576 The madman got at least thirty kills before he died. F
>>7705 Should have made a thread honestly
>>7706 It would have been a good thread, I'm honestly surprised no one did it.
>>7708 Everyone would rather call each other mutts and cry about the jews than talk about /k/ related stuff.
>>7709 Is it too late to make a thread you think? I have some stuff I could dump
>>7710 Not too late but won't be as fun since the happening is over.
>>7711 That's definitely true. Regardless, check the catalog in ten minutes or so.
Also that fucking sign above him >you are braver than you believe >stronger than you seem >smarter than you think >and loved more than you know Absolute kek
>>7709 >everyone The vast majority of the times that happens it's spergkraut spamming muttposts and one or two particularly retarded morons who can't ignore shitty b8, it only takes a small number of dipshits to make a board seem more full of dumbasses than it actually is. Grow thicker skin and make quality posts instead of crying about retards if you're concerned about the state of the board.
Open file (18.32 KB 486x640 1464308370192-3.jpg)
If I pop out the dents of brass ejected from a G3 will it be good enough to reload without blowing up in my face.
>>7762 My buddy Darwin says you're fine
>>7762 the gun can't burst open by overpressurized hot gaz with lead and blow your hand or your face up, so go for it.
>>7762 I'd have issue with the chamber fluting marks more so than dents. >>7766 >>7770 Depending how bad it is and where it is. I wouldn't pop the dents out, I'd make a pissant light load then fireform the asshole. t.guy whose guns dings his brass.
http://archive.fo/MSwMF So potential happenings in El Salvador. Police are in their parliament demanding funds for new funz
>>7789 Man I'd laugh if the army/police caused a coup, drove the drug dealers out and became a literal narco state.
Open file (19.32 KB 425x457 789415123654.jpg)
Any recommended hand crank chargers?
Suppose I start using coconut oil as a substitute for CLP because I don't want to have to thoroughly wash myself of it to reduce carcinogen absorption. Would that make an appropriate replacement to conventional oils?
>>8020 Could just wear gloves
>>8020 Use white lithium grease. Comes in spray cans. Coconut oil goes rancid.
>>8030 Grease won't clean your funs though. It will gum up and jam them in many cases after extended use
>>8024 This was my alternative solution, but I had some jars of coconut oil not being used. >>8030 >coconut oil goes rancid Really? Do most food oils tend to do this or is coconut oil really only meant for short term application? I've used vegetable oil as protective coating for swords and knives for long periods and didn't notice anything. >>8031 Not trying to use oil to clean, but to preserve for storage in moist environments. I only clean my guns with portions of water and a solvent then take a dry rag to it thoroughly once in a while if it really needs that treatment.
>>8020 You can, but you'll have to re-oil every 3-4 months and it won't do a very good job. >>8030 It goes rancid, but the bigger issues with cooking oil for your firearm is combustion/typically being a poor oxidizing-prevention tool. It gets the job done but your gun is more likely to rust and you'll have more carbon buildup. Coconut oil takes like two years to go rancid unless you leave it in direct sunlight.
>>8033 All organic oils go rancid. Coconut oil is one of the better ones, but that doesn't change much. On average assume that flavor oils go rancid after 6-8 months, organic/low-processing oils go bad after a year to a year and a half, and processed shit-oils go bad after roughly 2 years, 3 in some rare cases.
>>8020 Just use Ballistol, it's a skin-safe and carcinogen-free CLP.
>>8020 Synthetic motor oil. Apparently the real thin shit works alright according to Armalite themselves back in the day.
>>8057 If I recall correctly, motor oil has an issue with something or another. If I recall correctly, it doesn't "stick" properly to the gun and it isn't as good against oxidizing stress. Gun lubricant is actually a hard topic since it has to be able to work at extreme temperatures, it has to "stick" to the minor abrasions inside of the gun's moving parts while still being slick, it can't be water-based, it has to last for long periods of time without re-coating, it has to prevent oxidation, etc. Motor oil in general meets most of the requirements and is better than the alternatives out there, but it still isn't designed for guns and doesn't work quite the way it needs to for a gun.
I've been thinking about this for the past day or two. Theoretically speaking, if someone were to go to a bunch of food distribution warehouses for your region's major grocery stores and bomb as many of their trailers or disable them with thermite in as short of a period as possible, how big of an impact would that have? Emphasis on theoretically you glowing nigger piece of shit. I see you reading this post, I'm always watching you right back.
>>8061 TNTing player's food chests in Minecraft probably wouldn't do a whole lot just because of the extensive quantity of the infrastructure network and the incentivization of having a small inventory, with most material (especially produce) being pushed through quickly rather than kept for extended periods of time.
So what will happen now that Philippines is withdrawing from security agreements with the US?
>>8061 You'd have more successes with doing major damage to the local rail infrastructure, electrical grid and telecom grid. Also you'd need to the know how to knock out said warehouses back up generators. I'd say you need at minimum of 500 people to do some serious damage and at that point you'd practically would have started a coup. >>8059 I'm just repeating what Armalite stated ages ago, besides my personal favorite impromptu lubricant is rapeseed oil. If I recall the bongs used it as gun lube during the war.
>>8072 Rape oil is pretty much the original lubricant, all the machinery was lubricated with that before mineral oils became widely available in the late 19th century. And there was a lot of machinery to be lubricated.
>>8059 This is correct. Motor oil is better than most but due to its propensity to oxidize it's not the best for gun lubrication. The best dedicated lube and grease for guns is actually produced by Lubriplate, which makes lubricants for industrial food-processing machinery.
>>8072 >>8064 I was talking specifically about trashing the semis. What good is having a shitload of food in some warehouse when you can't transport it to the customers? How would they prevent people from going full nigger and driving to the warehouses to loot some food? Do these places have massive backup fleets? This of course requires more than one person, but I feel like taking down that much food transportation would fuck them up pretty badly.
>>8101 there is a lot of semis to trash, you can't do it.
>>8124 fast enough without gettting caught at least
>>8101 I'm pretty sure most of the fleets major food retailers use are society that specialize in distribution, they tend to be localized in the same industrial zone but there is videosurveillance and a lot of people coming in and out day and night it isn't possible, at this point it is easier to cripple the telecomunication and even then they used radio transmission to coordinate trucks. it isn't feasible without a lot of specialized people and shit, you need mercenary tier platoon to do anything to tha sort of aspect of the economy. the only way it is feasible is if the zone you target have a specific bottleneck that is easier than normal to cripple, but then this is obviousely not a hard trget and no vital structure will be affected. imo it's pointless to think about it further.
>>8101 the only damage it would cause it to civil structure, millitary and governementale one will be supplied byt air and land with more or less armed security put on those.
>>8124 >>8125 >>8126 Obviously I can't do it by myself, that wasn't the question I was trying to ask. Sorry if I wasn't clear about it. >>8127 Civil structure is specifically what I'm wondering about. Would it cause food riots? Is there contingencies in place for this kind of scenario?
>>8129 >Would it cause food riots? Is there contingencies in place for this kind of scenario? Try to start a race war and when the nigger will chimpout you'll have just that.
>>8061 >Theoretically speaking, if someone were to go to a bunch of food distribution warehouses for your region's major grocery stores and bomb as many of their trailers or disable them with thermite in as short of a period as possible, how big of an impact would that have? In a developed country? Not much. Worst case maybe a few of the more perishable items run out for a handful of days.
What are the main differences between the m61 and m993 7.62x51mm AP rounds, and which has better penetration and/or power in ft·lbf? Are they really rare to come by in the US?
>the I would say the 7.62x51mm AP rounds has better penetration. You can watch videos of that
>>8297 >Are they really rare to come by in the US? AP ammunition cannot legally be owned by civilians in the US. If anyone here besides the ATF observers has some in their possession they're not about to tell you.
>>8309 >Muh freedoms from tyranny >Can't even legally own military grade guns What shitshow, but I was asking more about any kind of knowledge about either rounds. Even if none of you ever fired them personally in the military, does anybody have charts or any kind of information about their effectiveness? I can barely find any info online.
>>8309 Nevermind that making your own is stupid easy.
>>8310 >http://archive.ph/Evzvk >https://forum.308ar.com/topic/601-762x51-m61-ap/ can't archive this one >http://archive.ph/j5x9r >I can barely find any info online. lurk moar then
>>8309 AP ammo can be held but not made and sold or imported, only some states ban ownership, anything pre-ban is free game to buy, but good luck finding any.
>>8317 Thank you very much, I found some info but not what I was looking for.
>>8340 what stat do you want exactely, i might spoonfeed you if i'm boared
>>8318 >implying the ATF is going to stop me dicking around with brass and tungsten nails Also .30-06 M2AP was given an exemption by the ATF as was the green tip shit but that isn't exactly armor piercing, more so being a tad bit better at being barrier blind. The former is still available if you look around and yes some states are fucktarded in their laws.
>>8384 >What is the end game here. Nothing. What caused this was profound laziness and greed.
>>8448 Speak for yourself, nutless wonder
>>8448 are you the guy who kept telling people on 8/v/ that the gaming industry is dead and we should all give up? you sound just like that guy, and the newfag mods here deleted my post asking the same question, your post sound word for word the same as his
>>8468 Civilization plus heavy amounts of Jewish influence has turned men into domesticated wage-cucks. They seek meaning online and may truly believe that white people should be protected at all costs, but they themselves will never lift a finger for their people offline or talking even among close friends. They’re too scared of the Jews fucking with them or being bashed on by leftist mobs – they’re cowards. They’re too afraid to get out and risk their own hide for their race, even non-violently. It’s better to keep up that life of clinging to materialism, money and comfort! Going to jail for a higher ideal – pssh! I think even most self-proclaimed redpilled people are complacent and docile cowards, sad little creatures that would judged effeminate and cowardly by real men from even a century ago. We’re running out of time. Welcome to Bugman World.
>>8478 >filename This post was made from an Apple device. Things are starting to make sense.
Open file (109.99 KB 1170x614 nz cuck handing in guns.jpg)
>tfw want to talk about funs but too distracted by them actively being taken away All my builds are already done, have been for years and I'm already traned up. I don't want to buy more shit just keep what I have. Right now I'm only wagecucking to stay alive and try to build a family. Scared shitless of these red flag laws which have basically turned our "friends" family and maybe even wife into informants against us. Funs used to be a relaxing hobby for me like vidya. A nice way to bond with people and admire some cool engineering. I used to take leftist friends to the range and try to convert them to the light but now I really feel like they will red flag me. All of my neighbors are shitskins even, everything has changed over the past decade here a full demographic 180 in this neighborhood and town. Feels like I need to move again but I have no where to go. Even going innawoods feels like escapism. And I see more and more shitskins in rural areas. I want nothing more than friends and family that would even just acknowledge we're on the same side. If I am being honest I am a coward in that I haven't done shit, because it would be a point of no return. Nobody wants to stand up when they are alienated and feel like nobody has their back. At least I don't counter-signal my own race or people who bring up how shitskins are voting away our 2nd amendment rights, I guess. For now, the fun of this hobby is gone because it's a constant reminder that it will soon be gone forever.
>replying to your own posts after changing IPs >(1) and done dick sucking replies about ducking the jannies because of muh infograph about crusius You are retarded. /k/ is not /pol/ and I have no interest in making it so. Fuck off to somewhere else if you want to have a retard fit.
>>8579 The post with a sage in the subject was mine, not his's t. tor
>>8579 He was told to go to /fascist/ and said he wouldn't because there's "too much discussion". He's here exclusively to shit /k/ up. Say what you want about the faggot greeknigger vol from 8/k/, he stopped this autistic piece of shit in his tracks. It's just too bad he started deleting shit that bothered him personally.
>>8587 >He was told to go to /fascist/ and said he wouldn't because there's "too much discussion". Plebfilter working as intended
>>8509 >nz That was some Nevada fuckhead if I recall after that whole bump stock fiasco.
>>8648 Thanks Strelok, I'll update the filename
Are there any decent /k/ related podcasts?
Open file (418.05 KB 448x486 1418410061781.png)
Is laser eye surgery a good idea to prep for longterm SHTF or do you think stockpiling spare glasses would be better since it's quicker?
>>8947 Laser eye surgery doesn't work permanently. Often times the eye "repairs" itself back to the shitty state of vision, especially if you're not blessed with thick corneas. This as far as I know, is why military;s rarely accept applicants that've had laser eye surgery. If you have the cash you should get it because having 100% vision is something you should be willing to spend your money on. If you're expecting it to last or be 100% while society collapses around you with no chance of ever getting a perscription again, I'd say just stock pile some cheap eye glasses. There's a popular online store where I got my pair for less than $30, maybe if you buy in bulk you can resist going bankrupt.
>>8948 From what I've read the "repair" takes a couple of decades, by which time I'll probably have a good network of friends to help me a bit. It's more these next couple years I'm worried about. Money won't be an issue but it'll still be another few months before I can get it done so I'm probably going to get some spares just in case. Thanks for the advice.
>>8947 >>8949 Why not just wear glasses? I've heard of people getting permanent eye damage from the laser surgery, yeah in most cases it doesn't happen but there's always that chance. It's invasive surgery.
Open file (68.69 KB 639x740 I need gunism.jpg)
What semi auto rifle can you torture to death and back and still have function perfectly, for 500-600 quid or less? I know the AK got its name for that but there's so many modern patterns a chunk of which could easily be awful. Pic not related.
>>9898 AR's are pretty torture resistant. Look at the Filthy 14 for example, that is some abuse it received.
>>9898 Get a SKS, don't use detachable magazines.
>>9898 S&W M&P Sport II fits the bill. Or most other entry level ARs from reputable manufacturers. It's cheap, utterly reliable, and the carbine length gas system means you will never be undergassed even with underpowered rounds. Just clean and lube it when you first get it, then run it slightly wet with a CLP sprayed on the side and under the bolt.
When will we get the USS Donald Trump?
>>9981 USS Cheeto Hitler probably won't come about until we get a based magapede for president. I look forward to the USS Yeet and USS Pepe being scuttled after a pair of tragic collision events in the pacific ocean.
>>10000 Nice GET, fren
We have a USS Jimmy Carter, wonder how those submariners feel about that old fag voting for boynie sanduhs

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