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Meta Strelok Board owner 08/09/2019 (Fri) 10:12:19 No.8
If there's anything in specific you'd like me to do or change, please post it here. I admit I don't have a lot of experience managing boards, so if you want to BE THE CHANGE then here's where to do it. If you have banners, pastebins, copypastas you want me to pin for ham radio, etc. please reply to this thread or make a new post with said content and I will sticky it. If you've got problems with a specific person or something then complain or e-mail me. I work a full-time job so I won't always be around to immediately fix things. Please do not start or continue fights from other threads here. I will delete shitposts.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 02/18/2020 (Tue) 09:35:16.
Open file (469.42 KB 300x100 1413267379166.gif)
Open file (69.13 KB 300x100 banner.png)
Open file (52.80 KB 300x100 banners.png)
Here's some I could salvage off of archived copies of 8/k/
One of the global vols is a fellow Strelok so I'm sure he'll be around to deal with any CP spam that might get posted when you're away BO. Aside from that he won't interfere with how you choose to moderate your board.
Sorry if the downtime spooked you guys. Forgot to give you guys the heads up that the server was being upgraded. Shouldn't be any further down time.
>If there's anything in specific you'd like me to do or change, please post it here. I admit I don't have a lot of experience managing boards, so if you want to BE THE CHANGE then here's where to do it.
Fire the greek. Unless you're not the BO in which case do not make the greek a vol.
Hey, if you want to suggest a new name for this bunker board now is your chance.
Open file (159.97 KB 1930x1320 N国ごちうさ.jpeg)
As much as I appreciate and commend the greek-vol's motivation to clean up /k/, it was very arbitrary and intrusive in some of the on-topic discussions. The sort of would be nice if we could just layout ground-rules like /a/ albeit with less draconian guidelines on which words are verboten and what not.

I wouldn't mind helping to clean up spam should that be a problem in the near future; I live on the other side of the world assuming you're in America and I'm currently a uni student, meaning I have nothing but time to spare. However, it's not really an issue at this point and I don't want to come off as powertrippy.
If you want to help out, then shoot me an e-mail. Information on volunteering is in the rules sticky.
I am not the greek nor the old BO. I don't believe either have shown up here yet.

My ideal here would be having as few moderators as possible and almost entirely just for spam removal or encouraging off-topic discussions to go to new threads.
Strict rules enforcement isn't something I think is very necessary as our community's become pretty dispersed as is.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 08/09/2019 (Fri) 23:59:11.
We have a new volunteer who should be able to cover non-burger hours.
Thank you for the introduction; hopefully we won't get spam but if we do, I'll be awake when BO isn't.
Forgot the role signature.
Streloks, I know a lot of people are spooked to go full /k/ here (saw some messages on another bunker from anons posting here). Just wanted to tell you that it's fine with the admin/global vols. Given today's events I think it's important that we do speak about current events and not censor ourselves because we might be afraid of what might be coming.
I'm a bit spooked myself after watching the MSM this morning
This place is fully in support of free speech.
Hello again Streloks, voting for the new name/domain of this imageboard has just opened. Please come over and cast your vote.
>My ideal here would be having as few moderators as possible and almost entirely just for spam removal or encouraging off-topic discussions to go to new threads.
>Strict rules enforcement isn't something I think is very necessary as our community's become pretty dispersed as is.
Might also be worth keeping 'I just played War Thunder/World of Tanks and think I know everything' bullshit limited to one thread as well. Those niggers make it impossible to discuss WW2/Early Cold War tech without spouting bullshit proven wrong decades ago.
I'll be honest, I'm not knowledgeable enough to prune gamer shit from your tech threads.
Submit a vol request; I don't care if you only want to watch one topic as long as you're consistent.
Actually I wasn't talking about the vidya itself as much as people who think what they see in War Thunder/World of Tanks is accurate. Think of it like someone who's only knowledge of WW1 firearms is Battlefield 1 who then shits up every WW1 thread claiming X side was more advanced because their meme non-existent prototype semi auto was better on paper but with WW2 tanks and planes. There is a separate-but-related issue of low IQ /v/niggers shitting up /k/ vidya threads but at least there they usually understand the difference between fiction and reality.

>Submit a vol request; I don't care if you only want to watch one topic as long as you're consistent.
I get too into arguing about WW2 tech's pros and cons too much to trust myself to be objective handling those threads, I'd probably end up overmoderating particularly with the faggots who lack even a wikipedia-level background knowledge of the subject. There was one thread on 8/k/ a good 6+ months back arguing about WW2 Lend Lease with a retarded WoT slavaboo who didn't understand basic logistics, for example, and after a point my patience just tends to run out.
So if anyone else didn't realise it the shitty undo looking arrow at the top right is 'go back to board' and the grid icon is 'catalog'. That's almost as cancerous as the sidebar. I mean it's probably easily fixed with a bit of css fuckery which I'll do in a bit .
The admin is slowly unfucking the layout. I'm guessing you're the anon that made the thread in /meta/? I'll direct it to the admins attention when he wakes up. I gave a more detailed reply over there.
Literally all he had to do was stop that one turkraut from spamming every thread with muttposts.
I'm not even saying delete ALL muttposting, because that's fucking dumb since everyone can generally handle the bants fairly well, just the fucking incessant flow of shit from one turbosperg.
If some retard was arbitrarily posting ">Argentina >white" or ">bongs >not muslim" in every single thread it would be just as annoying and tiresome.
I just have a quick question that isn't related to anything, but it's been bothering me all day. I'm trying to remember the name of an African insurgent and I think defense minister who is probably still alive. His name was something like Robert or Charles Karakebe, but I know that isn't right. He paralyzed the country he was fighting, which I think was something like Sudan, by capturing an airport sometime in the 80s-90s I think.
Open file (1.16 MB 1280x4079 Kabarebe Blitz.jpg)
James Kabarebe, pic related.
FYI, bunker name voting round 2 has started.
I'd argue the /pol/ kiddies that turned 8/k/ into discount /pol/ were much worse. The "I watched GuP and played WoT and therefore an expert on Tonk Warfare" fags were at least fun to laugh at.
We're hosting a movie stream for all anons using the bunker in about an hour. See this thread for details. Hope to see you there!
Got it. Thanks.
Some VPN IPs seemed to be blocked on this site.
They aren't blocked on purpose. I think some got auto blocked due to spam. Make a post in the /meta/ board and Robi will most likely unblock them. You can also use tor to post but image posting from it is disabled to avoid CP spam.
I just posted about the fact that since name change having to switch around VPNs and can barely access the site at all. Was just getting white pages.
Agreed. I'm just glad we actually have a few threads discussing small arms instead of /pol/ack armchair general du jour.
Bigger file size limit pls, 16mb would be noice.
I've got it set to "24", which I hope is megabytes.
It looks like the global limit is 12mb. Ask in the site meta thread for a larger file size.
I did it and someone told me
>Every BO can set their own.
So who's telling the truth here?
It still says "Max file size: 12.00 MB" on my end so I guess >>538 is right and the limit is global.
The limit should be 1MB. Hard times breed strong men. The masters of video and image encoding would rise from the ashes.
Man its not like you know of how /a/ indulges with 80mb videos. God damn I'm gonna live to see the day where I can watch a full episode of gooktoons in a single webm that isn't compressed like shit.
>over indulging in decadence and hedonisim
Like I just said. Good times breed weak men. Don't you know /a/ are all little girls? You could take all of them with one arm. You're not a little girl, are you, anon? Make the limit 512 KB.
uganda seems pretty cool, i remember saving something from pol in regards to a general not wanting jews to buy land and build companies in uganda, so ze joos started to slander uganda
speaking of, i found this not too ling ago, lizard brain illusions are what makes things like simple cartoons and fetishes appealing
These would be better suited for the QTDDTOT thread, so I moved your posts. Please use the meta thread for discussion related to the board's operation.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 08/25/2019 (Sun) 03:37:51.
Maybe I'm the brainlet here, but I can't seem to find the catalogue button.
Top right
Open file (9.41 KB 1894x54 over here.PNG)
It was more meta than questions, but that's your own business.
Would you guys want me to make a bulletin board/announcements thread for crossposters, movie nights, etc? I'm trying to avoid having a lot of stuff pinned to the first page.
nah it'll get clustered plus I don't want to be bothered with shit I don't give a flying fuck to no end
I don't think it's really necessary, but that's just my two cents.
I agree with both Streloks above me.
So it shall be. If someone wants to make announcements or whatever else, the QTDDTOT thread will be the place to post or a new thread should be created.
Open file (80.06 KB 300x100 1413267195688.png)
Open file (3.39 KB 300x100 1413267416506.jpg)
Open file (14.95 KB 300x100 1413267097484.png)
Open file (3.72 KB 300x100 1413267134854.jpg)
Open file (6.38 KB 300x100 1413267147485.jpg)
Open file (13.38 KB 300x100 1413267484902.jpg)
Open file (15.39 KB 300x100 1413267547928.png)
Open file (3.32 KB 300x100 1413341778376.jpg)
Open file (3.39 KB 300x100 1413267416506.jpg)
What I got from home, I may have more lying around somewhere on my hard drive I'll upload.
Still looking for banners?
Yeah, more would be great. If you've got something you think would work as a banner, feel free to submit it.
We're clocking in at around 12 right now.
low quality but it's related.
Open file (489.85 KB 300x100 BravoTwoZero.gif)
Open file (493.05 KB 300x100 CARSystemAfromPreComp.gif)
Open file (488.48 KB 300x100 CARSystemC_full_color.gif)
Dumping fresh and unused /k/ banners that I made when investigating gif creation. hatechan /k/ BO was anti /tv/ so they were never used...
Open file (419.90 KB 300x100 CollateralClip.gif)
Open file (482.41 KB 300x100 DaylightsEndAA.gif)
Open file (484.72 KB 300x100 DaylightsEndAB.gif)
Open file (482.09 KB 300x100 Dunkirk.gif)
Open file (490.94 KB 300x100 GhostInTheShellA.gif)
Open file (498.26 KB 300x100 GhostInTheShellB.gif)
Open file (494.62 KB 300x100 JohnWick-museumA.gif)
Open file (472.95 KB 300x100 SiegeofJadotville.gif)
Open file (492.12 KB 300x100 StrikeBackS3E10.gif)
Open file (494.24 KB 300x100 StrikeBackS4E4.gif)
Open file (483.81 KB 300x100 WindRiverA3_8color.gif)
Open file (495.59 KB 300x100 WindRiverA3_16color.gif)
Last dump of the batch I made.
Hope you find them useful!
>hatechan /k/ BO was anti /tv/
Why do you say that?
Beep keeping tabs on the 8kun situation. I haven't received any contact from the old board owner of /k/ or the greekmod- all I can presume is that they've lost contact or couldn't find the bunker.
When 8ch comes back online, I will try to re-create /k/ and see what I can do to get the old board's content back up on the site.
Talk to Mark. He might be able to help.
No, don't talk to Mark. Fuck Cakejew.
Tell Mark to get fucked.
This. Just contact Ron directly. His email is no secret.
The thing is the cakekike runs said board claims.
Hey heads up streloks there's a shitposting TORpedo stirring shit over on /meta/ and /cow/ right now so be aware of that. Most likely related to the alt-chan federation.
whats happening with 8chan or 8kun? should i ask /cow/ for a quick rundown? will they try to migrate all the boards or will it be a fresh chan?
>They are moving to 8kun domain
>This domain is hosted with someone that deplatformed them in the past
>BOs are expect to send some information to the admins otherwise their board can be claimed by anyone
>They expect you to go through Mark for this process (top fucking kek)
>Will probably get DDoSed into oblivion as soon as it's online
Jim seems to only care about keeping the Qboomers and /v/ at this point. If they did this right this retarded "e-mail Mark" thing wouldn't be happening. This means they're probably starting fresh and dropping everything they aren't asked to bring over manually.
>They expect you to go through Mark for this process (top fucking kek)
This is false. This only happens if you forgot to save your Shared Secret, which was a secondary password for board recovery. If you have it, though, you just have to contact them directly.
>Jim seems to only care about keeping the Qboomers and /v/ at this point. If they did this right this retarded "e-mail Mark" thing wouldn't be happening. This means they're probably starting fresh and dropping everything they aren't asked to bring over manually.
This though is right on the money. What a goddamn shame, so many communities lost forever.
>This is false.
Well maybe their lapdog shouldn't be attention whoring everywhere claiming you need to go through him. He also shouldn't be provoking the Cripple directly and engaging journalists on twitter but he does anyway.

All my favorite small boards are never coming back. So I have no reason to return. Anyone that does go back is retarded considering it took them 2 months to come up with this plan, they've pandered to Qtards, and they're just going to be cuckchan 2.0 with the board freezing.
i hate this timeline, i hate the peoplw who chose these decisions. i guess we'll stay here then. i hope the mages are ok>>1788
what will happen to archive boards like /pdf/?>>1786
No one knows for sure yet but since they're requesting BOs contact them they probably aren't coming back unless the BO gets in touch with them. The main reason I wanted it back was to grab some things out of their database that no one bothered to archive. I really wanted to archive all the threads on /32/ for example.

I don't understand why they just aren't going to bring it online with the old database. All they'd have to do is use the DB backup and reset the board claim timers and everything would run like nothing ever happened.
Forgot to mention: They're probably doing it this way because it gives them a chance to make a clean break with all the porn boards and other boards that might cause them issues when it returns. You'll probably see /qresearch/ and /v/ come back in perfect condition. Everything else is going to be a second class citizen over there. At least it'll rid the webring of the anons that have been running around shitting most of the boards up in the past two months.
No it won't. I am evidence of that. I'm here until all wrong think sites are removed.
at least the archive.org crawls are still up. hopefully 8kun doesnt cause drama that makes the admins at archive.org purge everything.
why not just omit the "red boards" from the reboot? they arent too hard to sort out. i see em in the boardlist all the time. publically say youl be omitting /pol/ or something and then people wont be mad about hatechan coming back
>purge archives
Good idea
>publically say youl be omitting /pol/ or something and then people wont be mad about hatechan coming back
Nigger are you for real?
The site's name has already been cemented in boogeyman status, and we all know soycucks won't let things go until the next big boogeyman crops up.
People who visit here are the boogiemen. You will be tried and executed in the streets and you will have no power to stop it but weakly, and limply, comply.
Niggerpill or ACF?
They can try you nigger, considering everything I doubt they'll get me. I'm not going to a kangaroo court, the alternative is far more dignified.
It's not even worth responding to niggerpillers, he's just going to repeat "nuh ur gon surrender ur ass" ad nauseum.
I was hoping he'd stay on cakekike's kingdom, but it looks like he got tired of being banned
Open file (24.54 KB 480x360 terrydavis.jpeg)
Open file (611.55 KB 320x568 terrytiktok.mp4)
If you are so nigger pilled about the future, why don't you turn yourself into the Federal Authorities you so vainly want everyone to bow down to. I mean by your own view, there's no point in fighting, right?
Get the fuck out of here you fucking nigger pill CIA demoralizer. Fuck off back to sucking Jew cock.
Niggerpill has a direct MO, this fucker seems like some straggler from whoever decided to brigade on cakekikes board the other day.
jim shouldnt be scared of the infamy. internet infamy never killed anything, it just made them bloated with kids.
we know how you and your kinfolk roll, glow in the dark nigger
>internet infamy never killed anything
>it just made them bloated with kids
That's pretty much the same thing as killing it in the case of a platform like imageboards that relies on the community to not be total faggots in order to avoid becoming nameless reddit.
Take the originally somewhat tight knit community of anons, flood it with faggot kids who don't lurk, add your own handful of shills to rile them up, and voila you've just turned everything to shit that doesn't even resemble the original situation.
That's like the entire reason 8/pol/ became so fucking terrible.
Though I guess in Jim's case it doesn't matter what kind of traffic he gets as long as it brings in the donations from retards so they can run pro-trump ads or whatever the fuck on his site.
>suck jew cock
Oof wew how will I will ever recover from that no-brain statement?

Other strelok is right, I am going to repeat: ur surrendur nao cuz u loosers heh
Yeah, why bother with coordinated stealth operations when you can sit around and play with your food like a cat. We essentially won there's really nothing left to do now but mop up the rest of you.
Go to >>>/meta/ for designated shitting. Stop using my board for it.
Only way to deal with them is to ban and delete, everyone and their mother does it. Leftyshits are dumb as fuck, probably dumber than the government sponsored idiots rotting out in my woods.
>talking openly about killing people
Oink oink I smell bacon
Get rid of niggerpill before he sets up shop here, because he will start spamming and he clearly keeps coming back to stir shit as evidenced by >>1886
Open file (308.88 KB 472x800 1555226966100-0.png)
We're hosting a test stream over on https://anon.cafe/cafe/res/408.html to stress test the servers in case anon would like to participate.
8kun's up today. Slow as shit if you're not using TOR, and no /k/ yet so I guess the old BO never got back to them.
Open file (271.60 KB 724x728 1572721953131.png)
Been meaning to ask this either here or on the QTDDTOT thread; would it be best to stay here, or move to 8kun? Obviously not a good idea to go there now since the site is unstable as hell, but when it is in "working" order, is the idea to go there? I understand it's not cheap keeping a site up intended to be used as a bunker, but after everything I've seen of 8kun so far hasn't been all that good. The combination of the merchandise promoting the new site, as well as the disclaimer being put on posts (though to be fair it can be disabled in the options) makes me wary of going to the site.
I intend to crosspost until im sure whether 8ch or the webring is the better system. it will be just like it was in the span of time between moot fucking over /pol/ and gamergate. if they intend to build a shitty boomer site and suppress our true community then they'll only be hosting a rally point to make sure everyone gets to the right webring.
I'm positively sure that 8kun is going to be a trainwreck of boomers and edgy kids, therefore I'm going to check that site if I want to laugh or cry, but otherwise I'm going to consider the webring to be my home.
Open file (2.32 MB 540x304 shamikodisapproval.gif)
I don't like where 8kunst is headed. The recent congressional hearings and attention that it has had is worrying when it comes to opsec. In addition to this, I feel like Jim and his co. is trying to position itself as the "free speech platform" or some other gay shit that will attract boomers, grifters, feds, and just generally undesirable elements to the board and the chan as a whole.

That said, I have no way of proving the above; I'll stay here a while longer until the mud settles on that other board until such a time comes that I can be sure that a) Jim isn't working with feds and b) it isn't betraying core chan culture.
I'm for staying here, but also keeping a board on 8kun just to spite the rolling kike.
>be sure that a) Jim isn't working with feds and b) it isn't betraying core chan culture
Jim has been working with feds for years (so was chicken nugget before Jim) so 8chan was compromised a LONG time ago, and he's already advertised the site to qboomers and probably other groups which is a full on betrayal as far as I'm concerned.
Let's stay here, yeah. 8ch was already becoming a combination retirement home and reddit lite before it went down, 8kun will only be worse.
Time will only tell how well 8kun truly does, but so far the evidence shows that, as many have said here, it's already looking to be a haven for qtards, boomers, and other normalfags that heard about 8chan and want in (similar to how 4chan went to shit after making MSM news). Many are wanting to go to 8kun either due to wanting a central home again, to prevent their respective bunkers from shutting down due to costs, or to spite the bonegoblin. I'd rather stay on the webring than go back personally given Jim's history and how previous attempts of "improving" the site went down, but I'll probably still scout out the site to see how things are going there (and make sure to warn others on the webring if their bunkers were being spammed for normalfags to see).

Always up for pissing off the little traitor, but I don't believe the board would ever be the same, especially if the feds/government are more involved with the site than they were before. The disclaimer that they are testing out may lead to more invasive additions as time goes by.
8/k/ was already different and getting worse by the week before the shutdown, I don't expect anything resembling pre-2018 /k/ in terms of quality, I just want that malformed little backstabber to squirm in impotent rage until he finally croaks.
Then I'll probably ignore 8kun entirely and after the webring inevitably gets oy veyd I'll probably stop posting on the internet in general if there's still nothing to replace imageboards as the go to anonymous shitpost gathering spot
>if there's still nothing to replace imageboards as the go to anonymous shitpost gathering spot
Imageboards and forums in general seem to be getting displaced by small, private group chats based in places like soycord and Telegram. It's much harder to oy vey six gorillion little groups compared to a single site, and it's also easier to keep it a sekrit klub for Kool Kidz only.
As long as they're either plaintext or have retarded server-side encryption the government has little to fear from splintered communities: just throw more processing power at the problem. Once you've filtered it down to the 0.01% of communities-of-interest a bit of old fashioned infiltration and manual dirt-digging let's you eliminate the remaining chaff.
The issue is those communities are extremely compartmentalized, which heavily limits the exchange of ideas and makes it way easier to single out badwrong groups and demonize them then create whatever narrative you want for the more kosher groups to eat up and accept as the word of god.
Even if you can't outright oy vey certain communities destroying their image is all you need to do when they can't defend themselves like they'd be able to on a more open and (comparatively) less controlled platform like imageboards.
People fleeing to cucksword are pretty much telling the world they want to be herded and corraled like cattle.
Does it matter at this point? Most of /pol/ are as radical as they're going to get. Either they act or they don't and there's little in between that. They're much harder to keep track of if they're small cells and way harder to stop. If you know where /pol/ is you can pick up on any planning happen. If it's done in some random discord (FED) channel there's very little chance of stopping it from happening. The ultimate evolution of /pol/ is to create a decentralized radical fighting force and that is more likely without a main website.

I'm thinking image boards as a format are dead. Unless there is a happening where you can't discuss the details else where they have no reason to exist any more. There's not enough new content being made or posted and thanks to places like Patreon and Youtube people who make good OC do it for cash now instead of the love of it like we used to.
>does it matter at this point
Yes, the exchange of ideas matters a whole fucking lot actually, how is this even a question? Going down this path can very easily lead to a point where participating in any kind of non-kosher conversation, or making bad goy posts will get you arrested (think UK pigs arresting people for tweets only it's the entire west).
Also, /pol/ is only a tiny factor in the grand scheme of what's going on, it's not just them that are going to be censored and pushed into their own little corner, it will be everyone.
I don't know why you even brought them up specifically anyway, I wasn't even talking about them.
Don't tell me you honestly think the massive push towards dicksword and other cancerous honeypots only matters when it affects a bunch of roleplaying mutts on the internet trying to start a race war with meme magic.
>that second half of the post
niggerpill tier
>Unless there is a happening where you can't discuss the details else where they have no reason to exist any more
Or, for example since you're thinking about /pol/, how about general conversations that you can't have elsewhere like honestly debating controversial figures like Hitler or Pinochet without being immediately banned?
Imageboards have always been a great place for talking about the kind of shit that will get you exiled on forums or shitholes like twitter or facebook. Sure, sometimes hotpockets go on a powertrip, but unless an imageboard enacts some cuckchan tier no VPN no tor, pay to post or deal with google captchas policies (at which point it's practically something awful anyway) being banned means fuck all and you can come back and hound the faggots that reported you for being thin skinned cocksuckers all you want.
>people who make good OC do it for cash now
I'll be blunt here, you're an idiot if you think those kinds of people haven't been around since before imageboards existed at all, their presence on the internet is irrelevant to anons because they were never going to make any OC for anons anyway.
>instead of the love of it like we used to
And where are you getting that conclusion from? Anons still make dumb shit OC for each other whenever something interesting happens.
mutt spammer found us
Open file (231.04 KB 1280x720 mgs_war_has_changed.jpg)
It's like the whole goddamn bunch of miserable autists is coming together once again! Nothing is lost, the board while be whole again.
It's really fucking suspicious how he shows up to shit up /k/ right around the time some fag is arguing with himself about chinese cartoons on /v/ in an effort to shit the board up.
Almost as if some small hive of faggots that know each other are trying to kill the webring.
Muttspammer was already a burden on /k/ for a long time, it's not just about "killing the webring". He's on the same line as niggerpill spammer.
What >>2328 said.
8ch is dead.
8kun is wearing the skin of a dead site. Pandering to normans in diapers, shilling merch, getting msm attention was never what attracted me to it in the first place.
Open file (160.84 KB 1890x1417 gondola.jpg)
buy high quality gondola paintings
>keeps to their own board
>somehow everywhere
I don't follow, also
>being able to ban outsiders from board
Board creation is up on 8kun but still no /k/. If the admin wants to grab that before some other idiot does now's the time.
Board creation is up on 8kun but still no /k/. If the admin wants to grab that before some other idiot does now's the time.
Mark pls. Just migrate the board over if the BO wants it there. And stop double-posting tbh.
No thank you kike I have no interest in shilling semitic products on a daily basis and having weekly meetings with friendly security services.
I know that, but he shows up right as several other boards on julay are being spammed, you don't find that funny?
Oh yeah, that was me, I was bored.
no it wasnt
Yeah, I spammed /furry/ with F40PH and /britfeel/ with Dean Blunt's babyfather and his verse saying this makes me proud to be british. Among others
which is shit i wasnt even talking about on top of it not being you
Moving to 8kun ruins our OPSEC. Right now, we have little to no demoralization shills, no feds, nothing. If a bun/k/er is set up on 8kun that effectively means that everybody can see it, and it's inevitably going to draw more faggots shitting up the boards.
Open file (52.75 KB 401x545 but im an idiot.jpg)
Stay. The best thing to do with 8kun is to claim /k/ and use it as a containment board for normalfags. Force them into a single cycle thread, and attract anons that aren't retarded to Julay/k/.
Stay here, 8/k/ was declining fast due to both the incompetent moderation who makes the greek a fucking vol?. Might as well have been fucking spergook. and its general slide into /int/faggotry when post-2016 /pol/fags started flooding the board and taking the flags way too seriously.
>/pol/ is the reason everything turned to shit
fuck off tranny
>implying post-2016 /pol/ niggers weren't a /trannypol/ tier plague
This isn't some horshoe theory faggotry, they're very different, but in the same way terminal cancer and late stage AIDS are different.
Nobody wants to deal with either one of them.
Or maybe you're a post-2016 retard yourself.
Post-2016 /pol/ is, yes. Actually I'd go as far as saying that includes anyone who's first board was /pol/ instead of following a more 'natural' imageboard progression start with a shit board like /b/ or /v/, graduate out to more specialised boards over a few years.
post-'16 /pol/ was pretty trash, the cracks were starting to show in late 2015 with the primaries.

I started with /tg/, where does that put me?
>I started with /tg/
Ayy ditto, though I went /tg/->/x/->/k/
>I started with /tg/, where does that put me?
Just a neckbeard. /tg/ assuming you meant pre-exodus halfchan was great for years until the overmoderation started, it was also my primary board for a long time.
I never touched halfchan and went straight to 8ch.
>only using imageboards for ~7 years at most
Then you're just a newfag.
not him but
>implying 4um was the only imageboard at the time
Yeah, there was also fchan! :^)
That's possible but then why bother with 8chan at all? Unless you were a crazed Hungarian using it pre-exodus there was little reason to go there other than halfchan shitting the bed.
>>3003 here, thanks for giving the benefit of the doubt, but he's right, I am a filthy newfag.
Not planning on moving to 8kun, nor have I tried to get the board owner status on said website.
To be fair most of us are newfags in some regard. If you weren't using imageboards pre-chanology with the huge spike in userbase you're a newfag really this includes me.
8/k/ is up. Looks like the Australian still hasn't come back and one of the janitors will take charge.
In any case, archive the stuff you want to keep: http://jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion/k/catalog.html
So a glownigger or the niggerpiller (same thing?) linked to here on 8kun, there might be spam inbound.
Open file (6.09 MB 1864x8160 1576460155575.png)
That's geese, he's trying to create conflict between the boards by stirring shit then playing the blame on anyone.
If you notice a shitpost thread taunting /k/, that's him
did he really? fuck man
In all seriousness, what the fuck does he expect to accomplish? Everyone to turn on each other until there's nothing left? Eventually, people will catch on to how he posts, and everyone will tell him to fuck off for being a retard.
Oh boy it's this retard.
Are you just clicking random boards and spamming this shit everywhere?
I'm just spreading the word.
Problem: ai is being placed throughout all systems of communications to be used in a coordinated way, in 2020, somewhere around October when the October surprise that always drops arrives. It can not only automatically censor mere text, but also censor images and videos (including spoken words).

You should pin info on Teeline. Essentially, Teeline shorthand is unmatched in its ability to defeat A.I. text recognition. It even outperforms tactics used by people who know Japanese or Chinese (hand-writing characters, or using similar characters to hint at a meaning). There are various factors that make Teeline superior to all other alternatives. The first is:
1. Teeline is free, thanks to someone scanning a book, and the owner not giving a shit
2. Teeline is widespread, spread throughout the world, so it cannot be removed by the CIA or NSA (even if they went to all libraries and stole the books, copies would remain on the loose)
3. Teeline beats...
>capchas because they are painful to read
>singing (ie singing a made-up song where the words are the URL of a website) because something like 50% of people can't sing, though many think they sing okay (they're monotone enough that voice recognition works against them)
>cursive because there are too many varieties, and people will just use sloppy useless handwriting
>silly fonts, because they are trivial to attack with ai
>chinese/japanese because they are too hard to learn
>Braille because Braille is a lot harder. It's the second-best option, though
>Greg/Pitman because they are not letters-based. They are phonetic. While people could be convinced to use them in an alternative way, that would actually make it a custom system, see:
>a custom system (use my software which i haven't yet written, anons... or my secret writing system...) because it isn't generally distributed, thus it fails completely (I'd make my own system, but, as you can see, that would fail)
>encryption because the point isn't to keep a secret, but to merely prevent ai from auto-deleting your messages. If ai didn't auto-delete your posts, you'd just type it out, like people (think they) do now (actually,. censorship is underway, but no e-celebs have raised the alarm, so gen x-ers & boomers, who defer to established popular figures, are skeptical until they get their asses personally kicked by they system)
>ham because ham is merely voice or unencrypted (by law) text, and so few in number are hammers, that it's trivial to track all hamming activity in major areas, and this is done, obviously. Remember, the NSA is not your friend. They are there to support the system of billionaires.

So, Teeline it is. There are few alternatives available. The alternatives are unlikely to succeed. Those who learn Teeline will be those who maintain awareness of what's going on in the world. Those who fail to do so will have nothing.

Learn Teeline now, know what the hell is going on.
You are fucking retarded if you think shorthand is a viable way to avoid AI text recognition.
Fuck off nigger, skynet is not going to be defeated by writing sloppily.
Open file (64.49 KB 500x669 1349038755368.jpg)
My literal chicken scratch Kanji can be picked up by google translate. Your shit isn't going to stop a computer from picking it up.
Board has been noticeably slower for about a month now. Did everyone really crawl back to jim?
>>3356 I've noticed it too, but I haven't been posting due to not really having much to contribute and spending time with family. I hope people here didn't go to 8kun.
>>3356 I've lurked kun/k/ for a bit over the past week and it looks like some of the streloks that didn't make their way to the webring went there when it came back up and are unaware of the depths of masonpig's faggotry. It wouldn't surprise me if a couple fags who were hanging out here gave in and left for kunt instead of trying to get the lost ones to come here. I've also spotted a couple of other stragglers on other webring sites that somehow missed this bunker the entire time, I didn't realize just how obscure this board became after the shutdown.
>>3358 I'm in the same boat as you and I don't know if I trust 8kun enough to go there yet
>>3360 Maybe worth asking the greekvol to have a sticky pointing here, he's an over moderating faggot but hopefully even he can see the value in not blindly trusting him and keeping everyone aware there's another option if needed.
Not really a /k/ related question, but how did Auspockets and his cuntrymen dodge the government's faggotry back on 8chan?
>>3370 Purported the block was piss easy to bypass.
>>3371 Yeah I know. But I wanna know how so I can use the same method for watching chinese cartoons.
>>3372 Get a VPN.
>>3370 change dns
>>3375 How do I do that?
Merry (late) Christmas, streloks. Christus ex natus. I know we've been slowing down as far as traffic goes, but I think the amount of spam has gone down as well. A slower board is something I don't mind if it means we have higher post quality. If you guys intend on extracting shooters from kun/k/, go ahead, but I won't be actively doing so as I do not use 8kun. We had a good year so far. Remember to report teeline posters and muttspam.
>>3383 You have access to google, startpage or searx. >>3384 I'm not going anywhere either. Slow is better than cancer.
Why is /k/ still around? There's nothing really worth talking about, everything's going to shit, and shitposting is the only real thing left
>>3450 You can easily fuck off niggerpill.
I still stand by my words here >>2328 But looking at 8kun, /k/ didn't seem to be filled with boomers and whatnot, although there weren't that many new posts. What now?
>>3461 8kun doesn't seem to be full of anyone, /pnd/ and /v/ are both slow as fuck despite being two of the largest boards by far, and kun/k/ cunk :^) seems to be much slower than julay/k/ despite what the active ISP count says. I'm fine with comfy slow (like julay/k/ is right now), but ded slow is a problem, and it's like every other board that was on the webring fucking died with the exception of /v/, /cow/ ,and /tv/ which is a surprisingly tight knit board despite how full of faggotry it can be.
>>3464 8kun fudges stats by showing pph and isps over 3 days or a week. Vch does the same. Lynxchan calculates it on 12 or 24 hour periods
>>3450 Leave any time. >>3465 8chan used to be a rolling three days and always seemed to overestimate pph but underestimate active ISPs or at least because it was ISPs rather than IPs it would underestimate for boards with strong regional posting and overestimate boards with disparate userbases.
>>3450 Begone charlatan, go peddle your black pills elsewhere
>>4442 >>4438 >>4436 >>4433 >>4418 >>4417 >>4407 >>4445 >>4450 >>4443 >>4356 So the muttspammer/niggerpiller and a blatant cuckchanner are currently doing their best to shit up the board, am I to understand you're okay with this?
Open file (1.87 MB 350x196 Dance_full.gif)
If you'd like, I don't mind hopping on from time to time to ban spam/blatant shitposting & clear out the report queue, BO. It's not like I have a /n/ews board or anything to moderate any more. t. Concerned less-than-anonymos anon notcia@national.shitposting.agency
>get back from wageslavery >catalog is filled with shit Can't a man have his weapons board in peace? >>4493 Added you as a moderator.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 01/09/2020 (Thu) 01:27:06.
Incoming spam from muttspammer, hire a vol or some shit, he figured out when you're at work.
8kunt is apparently continuing to have downtime problems and consequently our bunker has ended up receiving a lot of the backwash from other imageboards. I would like to remind you that being stupid and not being able to write in decent English are not bannable offenses. Please save your reports for actual spam as opposed to people you disagree with. I really dislike deleting posts unless they are exceptionally off-topic, spam, or my own posting typos that none of you are supposed to know about For those of you that are stupid and can't articulate your ideas, work on your writing skills and don't post for two years. Getting dubs on a board with a PPH of around 0-10 isn't an achievement.
>>5145 Figures, I was noticing a drop in quality >>5111
>>5145 Can we shoot them instead?
>>5147 This guy is the fag running around calling people qboomers in the VA thread right now, and is also probably the blackpill just switching tactics. He is here exclusively to shit the board up, and probably doesn't have any actual interest in guns. None of his posts even discuss firearms outside of telling everyone they're just going to cuck out or to say that defending your rights is a psyop. This nigger is the cancer.
Here's an idea, how about ignore the niggerpill like I fucking tell you dumb shits every time? He fucks off whenever he doesn't get replies, and when he starts talking to himself the BO usually handles his dumb ass pretty quickly.
Open file (31.63 KB 1056x518 8kunt.png)
Just as a heads up when I went to check on our friends back on the buggy piece of shit. >inb4 >chrome
>>5319 >chrome Spam threads inbound btw
Open file (229.71 KB 511x465 shit quality crop.png)
There is nothing wrong with pessimism as long as it is treated logically. Ignoring "bad thoughts" will turn you into a hugbox of naive denialists, a la plebbit. Secondly, HOLY FUCK BLACKPILL != NEGATIVITY I don't care what you newnigger retards say, PILLS WERE A FUCKING JOKE AND THIS IS THE REAL BLACKPILL. Literal normalfaggots, because only normals would be so fucking stupid as to, without a second thought, make the stupidly simple reasoning "redpill/bluepill -> -pills = nugget of information; black color/dark = negative; white color/light = positive; negativity/positivity + -pills -> blackpill/whitepill". Same with the -oomer cancer. Literal elementary schoolers.
>>5353 way to misrepresent what's actually going on ceaselessly squealing that the only possible outcome is the worst one is equally as retarded and illogical as expecting happy go lucky fun times no matter what thing is nobody is expecting happy go lucky fun times, we're all expecting a clusterfuck one way or the other most of us here are speculating on the potential issues that this gun grab will bring about and the pros and cons of certain outcomes the difference is blackpill (you i'm guessing) openly pushes giving up entirely and offering our asses up to the kikes and that is why he (you?) keeps getting called out like a faggot teenager that just discovered nihilism, he is only here to demoralize not actually make any meaningful or interesting points but nah you'd rather focus on and defend the insipid, shallow, and generally annoying kvetchposts and spam that don't contribute anything to the board beyond shitting it up as if it was /tv/, are you going to start making epin irony but not really irony but actually totally double plus ironic cuckposts next? after all fuck the other conversations going on where streloks are openly acknowledging things are turning to shit you cry about being surrounded by elementary schoolers while rattling off this stupid bullshit that proves you only have a surface level understanding of why you keep having your posts deleted you deserve that frustration you feel
Open file (40.95 KB 640x705 1576665918144.jpg)
The debate about jewish population and their general importance in germany during WW1 and the history of their collective action after that is taking over the biological warfare thread, suggestion of making it it's own thread by the obvious interest the subject is genenerating has been made twice already and it seem we should create it instead of talking about creating it. Question is, where does it belong ? It concern military history so it can stay on /k/ but half the subject concern politics so it could be redirected on /n/. In either case it only half belong on each board. What people think about it ?
>>7191 >could That's the key word. I'm assuming you're the /n/igger who keeps trying to redirect the thread to your board. I think the discussion on the antebellum period and ongoings of the first World War are off topic, but I am more interested in preserving content and discussion even if they're not quite relevant to the thread. I would have relocated the milkposting but I think it's funny, so it stays.
pls BO make a new QTDDTOT it's painfull for me to open a 700 post thread
Does k allow political happenings threads that may not be related to firearms, IE a thread to laugh at bernie getting cucked by literally who buttiplug in Iowa and things of that nature? I for one would enjoy them.
>>7459 do it yourself baka >>7463 politics relevant to military ongoing and firearms/weapons are okay, but I don't think your topic passes muster. on the rationale of "tracking gun control" you could have entire /pol/esque threads dedicated to american politics
>>7477 >do it yourself baka :^(
>>7477 Why not just make the original thread cyclical?
>>7499 That wouldn't solve the oversized thread problem anon had since Julay lacks a +50 feature. Actually it would make it worse for him. There are certain threads I can't enter on my phone, but that's about it.
>>7513 >comes into thread to make broad generalized statements without specifying what his problems are You're not a regular here and are only trying to stir shit up. You're doing this in multiple threads too. You think you're more clever than you actually are. There's nothing worse than a shit stirring drama queen idiot that thinks he's smart.
Actually, since this is the meta thread, BO what do you make of the wave of niggerposts that have hit the board over the past couple of days? You don't have to be a hotpocket to see it's one or two dedicated autists trying to shit the board up so they can point and go "/k/ sux", but what I'm wondering is what the motive is. Is it fedkuns trying to drive people to kun/k/, or just discord (FED) trannies being the insane drama whores all trannies are?
>>7519 What the fuck, since when was that filtered? discord (FED) dis cord
Oh it's just the muttspammer again. Time to report.
>inb4 BO bans me I want him to at least answer why if I'm absolutely right. Why ban me? Why even give a shit about /k/ when it's just a rotting corpse of a board filled with shitposting?
Have you considered hiring a vol for when you're asleep? This nigger has figured out your schedule and regularly pulls this shit when you're not around.
>>7530 because guns are fun. why else have a hobby board? the real reason why banning you is pointless is because you keep hopping IPs, but there's a little bit of catharsis every time I delete your posts >>7531 volunteer then >>7519 >>7521 wordfiltered to prevent people posting discord (FED) URLs
>>7552 If you want a vol add me Toutatis. I'm pretty much here all the time but i don't often see litigious post, the only things that i see are off-topic debate that sprout sporadically but that's inevitable.
>>7531 >>7552 Just to confirm, deleting nigger/muttspam is ok now? I don't want to step on any toes.
>>7640 I try to avoid deleting as much content as possible, but you can generally tell when it's shitposting
I hate nu/k/. It's nothing but shitposting. It's like a combo of nu/pol/ and /v/ with ironic, but unironic, but actually doubleplus ironic ebin maymay addiction dumped in. I miss the /k/ of 2014-2015. Dead board. Rest in piss.
>>7818 then make quality posts instead of shitposting
>>7821 Why attempt to make quality posts if they'll just be flooded away by shitposting anyway?
>>7824 just post something about cuc/k/s or irony already so I can ban you for spamming retard
>>7827 Ban him anyway, we all know who he is.
>>7827 And what will that do? Make you feel just a little better while /k/ gets filled with shitposting anyway? While everything just gets worse, inviting more shitposting? When's the last time something was discussed without shitposting or "it's a nothingburger"? /k/ really does feel like nu/pol/ and /v/. Both see what they like turn to shit and thus turn to spiteful shitposting.
Open file (1.35 MB 500x255 do it.gif)
>>7829 B the change you want to see! Just stop this bitching fucking make some worthy posts!
>>7829 You realize there's people dedicated to posting shit on my board that ban evade and flood the catalog with garbage, right? I'm one guy and I can't always be watching the board to ban them. The user count on the board really isn't that high. Reporting shitposts helps me do my job. Better yet, why not volunteer?
>>7832 >volunteer M8, I got banned a few times already for being the niggerpill/muttspammer. I think I have some brain damage from clownworld and its bullshit at this point and the shitposts on this board sure as fuck don't help. I miss when things weren't so retarded that they drice you crazy on a regular basis.
Open file (92.27 KB 600x656 NiggerPill.png)
>>7837 i think you're a whiny bitch that forgot to have fun by not being neurotic and also not being older than 20. >complain about shitpost but won't effortpost >admit to nigger pill When there's a will there's a way, and if your will is null the leash might persuade you to stop whinning and start thinking about winning. No victor believe in luck.
>>7832 If you make the muttspammer a vol that will be the worst thing you can possibly do. According to his own admission >>7837 he's mentally ill and blames others for his coping issues, instead of simply taking a break from the internet if it genuinely makes him this autistic. For the most part this board has been fine outside of his incessant screeching, with the VA thread being a noteworthy exception only because idiots put too much faith in what was obviously going to be a larping maganigger rally. You're doing fine, if fags can't simply ignore a handful of some crybaby's muttposts then they should learn to deal ignore it. The only thing that needs to be done is wipe his posts when he actually spams the catalog, because when he's just making one or two bawwposts nobody but two or three b8 gobbling mongoloids give enough of a shit to derail the thread over it.
>>7841 *deal with and ignore it
There needs to be some paddlings around here
Open file (191.49 KB 800x1000 1578477788017.jpeg)
>>7841 I think BO only tell people to volunteer to fuck with them. Seem to be working so far.
>>7846 >>7841 I try to assume in good faith that complaints about /k/ are from people who want it to get better so as not to avoid genuine critique of the things I do.
>>7847 And I'm not knocking you for that, but if you actually look at his complaints they are extremely vague and don't point out any specific problems. He clearly doesn't care about the board and is only here to shit stir and cause drama, if he actually had an issue then he would have pointed it out directly.
>>7848 I understand what you're saying. About 30 minutes before he posted here, (presumably he) started shitposting in the QDDTTOT thread and I gave him another ban. That being said, I don't want to assume that someone with a similar writing style is him so as to avoid accidentally giving a 14 year ban to an actual regular poster.
>>7850 i unironically need to ip hop (which i'm not doing atm) because if you ban me one day the board will lose some active thread, didn't got any ban so far yet
>>7850 If someone wants to imitate a known spamming faggot then they deserve it to be honest.
Muttspammer/niggerpiller is samefagging in the VA thread again.
>>5145 >I would like to remind you that being stupid and not being able to write in decent English are not bannable offenses It's high time to change that, because we are being flooded by some kind of a scum who mistook this board for r/Le_pol.
Spergkraut's having a meltdown again.
>>8506 >overnight the coronavirus thread gets derailed >retard blows up the qttddot thread with sick statz >catalog is loaded with shit Doing my best here, but a man's gotta sleep.
Open file (3.89 MB 683x374 1579573918598.gif)
>>8584 Your doing good man, just keep trucking along.
>>8631 Cry more
>>8584 Hire a vol multiple people have already said they'd be willing.
>>8646 Just be careful to confirm low T levels, never know who might apply
Open file (38.95 KB 1077x192 average k post.png)
>>8658 yeah, about that...
Open file (56.75 KB 1097x389 1321.png)
>>8662 >adding /v/ to the pile of boogeymen this board has >literally making up batshit conspiracy theories lol, maybe you guys really are no different than those boomers in virginia after all, I heard many of them followed Q, another batshit insane conspiracy theorist, with even crazier fanbase. This is your average retarded cuckchanner, he even responded to me right now. How pathetic
Take a deep breath guys
>spam and shit up the board >then complain about how shit it is after you've shat it up >refuse to leave no matter what >when you stop getting responses start responding to yourself and screencapping your own posts I've always wondered what drives a person to this level of insanity. Is this what actual schizophrenia looks like?
>>8673 What if it's mostly just a bunch of confused Streloks pointing fingers at everyone else
Open file (1.07 MB 1010x973 2019 janny retards.png)
>>8636 4/k/ moderation is now 100% run by weeb discord (FED) trannies who delete gun law discussion threads, on-topic threads, combat footage threads, happening threads, and any posts with "kike" "nigger" "faggot" in them. They let off-topic anime imagedumps, trap threads, and 4 different /tg/ writefag generals stay up, though. Sometimes they even delete your posts and block you if you point that out.
>>8676 It's pretty obviously one faggot.
Allow me to reply to four posts at once and mock people who respond to a lot of posts at once and call them cattle
>>8691 He's responding to himself. He'll make a bunch of schizo shitposts and then make angry responses to them, then screencap the whole reply chain and post it later. This is definitely the /v/ niggerpill, he's doing the exact same shit.
Open file (31.65 KB 370x320 time to clean up.png)
>>8646 Sorry, I've been trying to only take action in extreme cases but I think I let anons go too far this time. BO has it rough. Fags can fuck off. t. drunken part-timer
Edited last time by notcia on 02/15/2020 (Sat) 02:54:56.
Open file (1022.54 KB 500x281 embarassed.gif)
>>8735 Ah, didn't realize it was going to auto-populate the email field. Whoops.
Edited last time by notcia on 02/15/2020 (Sat) 02:54:52.
>>8646 I have 3 vols. A lot of people say they're willing, but I've only got three people who actually submitted applications. My vols do put in work, I just tend to clear the reports out. >some retard is going to break me mentally don't you already know im a twitsted fucking psychopath kid??? nothing personnel, you cant break whats already broken
>>8743 Out of curiosity (since this is the only Julay-related board I browse), why are none of my bans I issued showing up in the log? Is this a julay thing? Sorry, this whole moderation interface is different from what I'm used to, bro.
Edited last time by notcia on 02/15/2020 (Sat) 02:54:41.
>>8786 Fuck, I'm getting annoyed with it populating that shit into every field.
>>8743 Is there a way to word filter "mutt" and auto delete the posts, or ban them?
>>8789 Unfortunately Julay requires the vols solve a captcha for every single ban, so a bot isn't really possible. The interface is very volunteer-hostile in my opinion which has made me pretty leery to do anything outside of muttspam. >>8790 Probably me while I was dealing with muttspam. Which one was it, fag?
You'd think someone who dedicates his every waking moment to manual spam would eventually realize he has a problem and seek help.
>>8786 Because it's a tor user. When you access this site through the tor onion, there is no IP to ban. Basically bans don't work on tor users.
>>8803 Naruhodo, naruhodo~ So that anon in particular was just a massive fucking faggot manually doing that. He must've been pretty butthurt.
>>8811 Well, I understand that. I guess I will wait a bit to post it again so you can deal with spam. I only want to discuss this one issue without being deleted. Hopefully you can find a way to deal with the actual spam.
>>8815 Assuming you're not the spammer, that kind of discussion is more pertinent to /fascist/ or /liberty/. I know niggers do 50% of the crime.
>>8816 It has nothing to do with crime. The issue is that "minorities" (now the majority for 18 and under) have formed a voting block that we cannot surpass. In other words it's numerically impossible to outvote them. And they all vote against gun rights. This issue is being censored in absolutely every gun community and it will absolutely lead to our gun rights being taken away, forever.
>>8817 I agree with you, but the issue of a shifting demographic base changing voting patterns to left-wing politicians isn't exclusive to gun rights. It's a wider reaching issue that, while certainly pertinent TO gun rights, does not make it topical enough to merit being discussed on this board. Discussion that would naturally come about while talking about this issue would definitely fall well beyond the scope of the board, which is why I recommend you go to a dedicated political discussion board to talk about this matter. If you truly cannot find a better place to talk about this, then make a new thread instead of using the QTDDTOT thread.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 02/15/2020 (Sat) 03:33:57.
>>8818 Well I'm not a libertarian or a fascist, I'm not really ideological. And those guys don't know jack shit about guns. I only care about this one specific topic as it relates to our gun rights. I even posted my original question about it in QTDDTOT.
>>8817 The guns are going to become illegal regardless, you should be preparing for that inevitability right now instead of worrying about a demographic change that was beyond reversing when a lot of us were still in high school or in our early 20s and didn't understand these issues or give a fuck at the time. Not to say you shouldn't spread the word, but there's fuck all we can do about it through the kike controlled legal system at this point.
>>8821 oh look its the niggerpill back at it again
>>8823 Thats not a niggerpill you nitwit. Under our current political system there is a ZERO percent chance that we will gain rights back. If you dont believe that then your proposing beating someone at a game where they control the rules. The only way we will EVER gain rights, in any facet of life not just with firearms, is if the current gov. stops existing. Stop calling everyone who says something you dont like, or disagree with a niggerpill.
>>8824 back to 4cuck
>>8823 If I was niggerpill I'd be saying "kikes won give up hand in your guns mutt mutt mutt mutt". There's still hope for the future, just not through legal government procedures. If you think the enemy will let you win at a game where they make the rules you're naive as fuck.
>>8825 Do you just shut down when you hear someone tell you the government is broken?
>>8827 no because I dont niggerpill like YOU do
>>8821 Well that's my entire point. We have to start talking about how to deal with it outside of the legal system. Even if we're not doing anything personally we should at least stop counter-signalling against people who are willing to, and silencing people who bring up the issue. You can't just cleanly separate politics and guns anymore. Even just a simple cyclical thread for it would be good. The demographic question cannot be ignored in gun communities any longer.
>>8825 Why are you posting here? You spam the board then come in this thread basically begging for people to talk to you. When we discuss the topic your sperging out over, you just give a room temp. IQ response and spam even more. What is your problem? Im serious. Do you just want to talk to people but just genuinely dont know how to not be an annoying faggot?
>>8829 >>8829 As I said earlier, make a thread about it.
>>8830 Some people are autistic to the point they just talk over others completely. Others don't discuss in good faith. >>8831 I see you edited your posted above to say that now. Thanks.
>>8830 He's probably genuinely autistic. The responses he's getting don't even disagree with him, but he's shutting his mind down because they weren't worded in a way that he likes, that is exactly what high functioning spergs do. People like to throw the autism insult around, but I don't think many understand just how truly insufferable actual autists tend to be.
Alright I made the thread
>>8831 BO I thought this was /k/ is it /kpol/ now?
>>8926 It's a single thread with the purpose to secure our gun rights. If you don't like it don't read it or post in it.
>>8926 Yes, you should counterspam about it.
Open file (38.52 KB 720x405 bad.jpg)
>>8926 Post enough anime and we are going to have a /pol/k/a/!
>>8926 It's a containment thread. Ignore it and the fag will eventually sperge the fuck out from no replies and we can have it banned proper.
>>8927 yes we must secure the future for the white race and hwite babies by complaing on a dead taiwanise scrapbook forum
Open file (25.66 KB 432x269 pol.png)
>>8817 >>8819 >>8829 >>8927 Make your htread on /n/ it is the proper place for it. T.toutatis
The thread made is cyclical and provides a spot for slightly more politically charged talk regarding guns to go. It is a CONTAINMENT thread. Any other political shitflinging, left or right, will be deleted outside of said thread. I agree that on a matter like gun control, it's not possible to ignore the political angle to things. However, I don't want threads to be derailed towards politics and now there's no excuse to bring that shit up in unrelated threads. I will be much more judicious in scrutinizing politically charged posts outside of said thread. Also the captcha to post was removed, forgot to disable it after the spammer left. Sorry about the inconvenience.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 02/16/2020 (Sun) 06:07:34.
So since spergkraut has pretty much ruined the board in under a week where the fuck do we go now? I'm so sick of turbospergs.
If people want to make threads and don't want it to be drown in the containement thread >>>/n/ will be happy to have them.
>>8995 /n/ or any of the myriad of dedicated political boards.
>>8996 /n/ is a neutral ground, and it need love too.
>>8989 You fucking retard. Rules like that are the exact reason why other boards went to shit (read: Mark's /v/, smug/a/, GG-era 4/v/) Discussions always have a natural flow, and the moment you fuck up that flow or start throwing in arbitrary 'blocking' of certain topics, you start straying towards censorship and subjectivity, two things which go hand-in-hand towards the eventual result of destroying a community. I'd say allow political angles period but if you insist on being a huge faggot, the direction to go is by disallowing politically-charged OP's, but allowing the discussion of threads to go wherever they may go - political topics included. Guns and politics are, in this day and age, inseparable. You may have convinced me if we were back on 4chan in 2006 and you were banning political posts on /k/, but it's inexcusable now and will only anger the few anons still here. I'm serious here, dude. You're straying down a dark path. I'm legging it if this rule is sustained and people start getting banned for making the mistake of going along with a discussion that happens to lead to some political opinions being spoken and one fucktard crossposter gets pissed that an opinion they disagree with appears and they report the post, and your dumb ass deletes it.
>>9123 I understand your concern. My goal in moderating is preventing people trying to actively shift a natural discussion towards an ulterior motive. The containment thread is specifically for people, from the get-go, who want to discuss gun related politics and the specific topic of the demographic shift and its effect on voting patterns. My standards for shitflinging are people making one-word posts about >muh /pol/ and >muh /leftypol/. If you see me delete a post that you disagree with, send me an e-mail or post about it in this thread.
Open file (75.00 KB 622x647 1440207576993.jpg)
>>9123 >Something something EVERYONE IS ANGRY NOW I've not noticed a significant decline in anons posting since this event took place. Streloks seem to not care (or are appreciative about /pol/ aspects being told to eat shit). Actually if anything, I've noticed a significant increase in the quality of discussions outside of the political shitflinging containment thread. Stay mad, /pol/nigger.
>>9128 wtf I like shitskins and communism now
>>9128 Also, you see this shit BO? You could have just dealt with the spamming nigger for a few days until he fucked off like they always do, but now that you've created a containment thread the leftyniggers think they've got someone in power on their side. Now the moment you bring up race at all anymore I assure you this faggot right here will be there to screech and post smug tranime pictures all over the place. I'm willing to bet he probably doesn't even post about guns at all and is just here to "stick it to those evil fashies :^)".
Open file (1.28 MB 900x636 1572189441341.png)
>>9129 >Hating /pol/ means I support /leftypol/ And this is why people hate you, /pol/. You don't get it. Hating leftists and shitskins is the norm, it's the fucking baseline. Hating leftists/shitskins and hating /pol/niggers who can't stay on-topic or even on the tangentially-discussed topic without screeching about kikes and niggers is why no one likes you.
>>9132 >Every time race gets brought up- I'll post smug anime girls just to trigger you. Toying with you is a lot more fun.
>>9133 u sure convinced me with this epicly worded post, all that commie shit you were posting earlier doesn't matter now
>>9132 Guy shows up wanting to talk about demographics. Won't fuck off. I risk getting another person shitposting on the board if I keep deleting his posts and he's a torposter, so it increases the amount of shit I need to delete. >>9133 >>9128 >>9134 You are shitflinging. Fuck off.
Now he's just straight up admitting he's not here to post about guns. Fuck it, you want this board to be shit this badly I'll help you out buddy.
Open file (53.64 KB 600x400 1578402810070.png)
>>9136 >You are shitflinging. Fuck off. Hai~
>>9139 moshi moshi being a vol doesn't give you the right to continue a pointless discussion in the meta thread
>>9140 I-I was shitposting more as an anon and didn't plan to get involved in this in any way from a volunteer standpoint, but I apologize for that.
>>9141 >>9141 see image >>9132 The sum of all of this is that I will be keeping the containment thread with the understanding between myself and the board users that I am not going to use it as a way to start deleting and banning posts that aren't anything aside from chronograph tests or tank autism. I am fine with degrees of offtopic posting.
>>9139 shes a cute
>>9139 >this is the kind of autistic niggerfaggot that is a vol here I wonder if this board will even last until this year's POTUS election.
>>9136 Don't ban him, user self-moderation is key in an ideal board. By self moderation I of course mean filtering and hiding, as well as saging in some cases. On that note, does filtering work when there are no ID's? As in, will it filter the same anon? If not I recommend introducing ID's, as they tend to increase quality outside of /b/-esque boards.
>>9146 I don't plan on it. He's got his thread to post about demographics. Other threads which had crusiusposting now have a central point to convene. My issue with him posting his infographic was his introduction of it to threads that didn't have the conversation naturally going in that direction, along with accidentally deleting his posts because the spammer used it for a bit. He posted it in the QTDDTOT thread as well, which definitely didn't fit, leading to him asking me about it here earlier in the thread. Poster IDs go against the fundamental concept of anonymity on an imageboard. I try to avoid using the board owner tag unless I need to make some kind of authoritative statement. Earlier, temporary enabling of IDs was met with overwhelming hostility and I understand why. It also means that samefags swapping IPs can, to the less experienced user, give greater authority to a false consensus. They also don't solve the issue of tor posters being both good and bad.
>>9148 You make a good argument against IDs. They can work, I've seen it on 8chan, but I suppose it does rely on the community being more aware of problem posters, shill techniques, shitposter trends, etc. There's less clarity and awareness here on julay/k/ considering the board's young age as well as the fact that the community is clearly fluctuating, with users coming and going and the board needs more time to accrue a dedicated group of posters.
>>9150 Avoiding IDs is the same reason why I avoid having region flags. I distinctly recall back on 8ch /k/ flags were used as a focal point for /intl/ shitposts and even back on /christian/ the denomination flags led to some very questionable decisions by board management and the eventual split of the userbase to /christ/.
Open file (7.82 MB 640x360 kikewheelsone.webm)
>>9152 You sure /intl/ isn't a red herring there? The whole /int/ scenario was part of a campaign by kikewheels, if you'll remember.
>>9154 I think a more accurate description would be "/int/ or /intl/ style shitposting". It didn't matter much to me who was doing the posting moreso that people would point to flags and harass people over their country rather than whether their post sucked. Additionally, anons from countries that didn't have a lot of posters would be effectively marked between multiple threads as the same person, further reducing anonymity.
>>9155 I agree, never liked flags. IDs are better, but if you insist on having everything be more 'legacy', then what means do you personally have in mind to reduce/spot shitposting and act accordingly?
>>9156 Most shitposts come from one guy who has a pretty distinctive writing style and he posts in waves. Aside from that, the only posts I end up deleting are replies to posts I've removed specifically due to spamming. Shitposting and being upset have occasional overlap and I want to err on the side of caution, especially as a lot of the reports I get are people just disagreeing with the person they've reported. I intend on removing posts in the vein of >>8952 >>8953 >>9134 >>9135 outside of this thread.
>>9154 t. Alberto Barbosa
>>9158 I wanted to talk with the OP of the demographic thread, but it's being shat up nonstop by your own vols. What is the point in supposedly providing a containment thread if the hotpockets are going to destroy it anyway? Just fucking come down with the banhammer and get it over with, I'm so tired of this sleazy kike tier shit.
>>9167 >but it's being shat up nonstop by your own vols. I stopped with the bantz after >>9139 I played a little Morrowind and read a book I've been working through a little, but I haven't been shitposting since.
>>9171 Thanks
Open file (25.93 KB 960x539 shoe.jpg)
>>9139 >this obnoxious retard is a vol
>>9139 You deserve a paddling
BO purge your vol.
>>9224 He only deletes spam and leaves rule enforcement to everyone else IIRC.
Can you clean up the last 3 shitpost spams in the demographics containment thread. I reported them all but only the pro-white shitpost (which I also reported) was removed. The anti-white pepe spam remains.
>>9302 The shitposting's been deleted, but I don't think >9281 is spam as it is relevant to the topic, despite being inflammatory. Being anti-white isn't a bannable offense, just how being pro-white isn't bannable either.
>>9304 OK but why selectively delete the pro-white one and leave the others then. It's all so gay and sketchy when the vocally anti-whit vol already admitted to stirring shit. Feels like a rigged game.
>>9308 I didn't selectively delete the pro-white one, I deleted something like six posts of >dup btfo and >incels btfo. Was there a different post you reported?
Open file (88.66 KB 1198x1124 pic.jpg)
>>9309 Yeah I reported the pepe one, the pro-white shitpost underneath it (which is now gone), and the one below that. The "4dup btfo" one wasn't there at the time.
>>9310 I don't see ">SKINDUPS BTFO" as a "pro-white shitpost", I see it as a shitpost. I also saw more back-and-forth shitposting for the next five minutes, so I deleted all the posts aside from the first and gave the guy a 4 hr ban for spamming. use Tomorrow you faggot
Edited last time by activeshooter on 02/18/2020 (Tue) 03:02:11.
>>9311 Gotcha, I just saw rapid back and forth bottom barrel shitposting and reported it all as spam, but the only one that was deleted replied to the anti-white pepe so it was my reaction.
Muttspammer is driving anons back to fedkun/k/.
>>9483 Insulting people by calling them "mutt" after another poster makes a cheeky insult about Germans and Turkish immigration isn't spam.
>posting outside of the demographic, ME, and biowarfare threads is practically nonexistent now >demographic thread is just a volnigger spamming anti-white shit for easy (you)s The board got fucked into the ground in the span of a month. This is why you don't hire trannies or try to justify your banning of spamming faggots to anyone, you get rid of them when they show their autistic shitstirring faces and tell anyone who whines to fucking deal with it.
Open file (225.04 KB 500x500 5698780078.png)
>>9483 >>9490 Can you really not go a single day without mass reporting and crying to mods when things dont go your way?
>>9490 The Corona Virus dwarfs everything else going on right now
>>9501 not really, its not that important when its not even in your country...
>>9497 I'm assmad too, don't make it seem it's only one nigger sperging out about it.
>>9497 >that image Holy shit this place is fucked.
>>9497 I haven't bothered reporting shit because it's a fucking vol doing it, what is the point in reporting a vol when the tranny will just dismiss it and continue making low quality posts because he doesn't like the topic being discussed?
Can we move the thread to >>>/n/ to settle the matter ? T.toutatis
>>9537 Can activeshooter come to IRC to discuss the problem ? Do it when you have time of course
>>9537 You're the nigger that's been shitting it up the whole time, aren't you? You move that thread there and I'm just going to follow and shit up your board and get as many IPs banned as I possibly can, fuck you nigger.
Open file (211.75 KB 650x933 GunLoli1.jpg)
Open file (382.29 KB 713x606 GunLoli2.png)
Open file (203.07 KB 617x523 GunLoli3.png)
Open file (382.13 KB 529x913 gunLoli4.png)
Open file (334.96 KB 604x693 GunLoli5.png)
>>9530 >I haven't bothered reporting shit because it's a fucking vol doing it I've been quarantining myself to posting in the Mexican beeru thread and have had your thread hidden even though I was holding a conversation with someone at one point. >>9171 still applies, though in this case I took a nap when I got home from work. Apparently I'm living rent-free in your head though because of some back-and-forth in a fuggin' meta thread. I have more important things to do than argue with delusional autists. I'm currently enjoying a mango about a loli who creates guns with magic. In any case I've got to go back to sleep soon to go back to building weapons for the US government tomorrow.
>>9555 >I have better things to do than argue If that was true you wouldn't be typing out lengthy posts for lying about how you're totally not shitting up the demographics thread. This is who your BO hired as a vol, he thinks you're all stupid. Even in his post defending himself he can't help but throw out the same kind of shitty b8.
>>9540 WOW LAD YOU'RE A BIG FUCKING FAGGOT AREN'T YOU? Stop playing the big guy faggot, i haven't shat shit. T.toutatis
>>9559 That's good to know. FWIW I'm OP (not who you are responding to) and don't want my thread on your board. I only want to talk to people who have guns.
>>9563 Ok anon, thanks to you for coming forward, that settle the matter then. More generally /n/ can be used for thread were gun is a minor point and where that sort of derail and spam won't happen. Especially not coming from a volunteer.
>>9555 Thanks for keeping your word. I don't really think shitposting matters or even derailing really, since it's a containment thread so to an extent that is even its purpose. As long as there is a place where discussing this issue isn't censored I don't see a problem. The statistics and points that matter most are in the OP anyways, so Streloks who see it can make up their own mind. Anything else is not really consequential in comparison to avoiding censorship. This is the only gun community that allows it to even be mentioned at all. I am banned from every other platform with a gun community just for posting graphs on voting demographics for gun control laws. Maybe there doesn't need to be an attempt for a constitutional amendment on this every day.
Open file (102.83 KB 544x696 1560668401542-1.jpg)
>>9556 Bro, I don't know how I can convince you otherwise, but I have been too busy to even really post on my two favorite boards (/k/ and /a/) more than sparingly, let alone have the time nor energy to shitpost. When I got home from work today I took a shower, ate dinner, and TRIED to catch up on the Corona thread before passing out at my computer screen only to have a dream about work. That response was roughly thirty minutes after waking up. When I'm at work on breaks I lurk the threads, but I have been confined to eating indoors with the Koreans because the weather has been shit, and those fucks are constantly looking over your shoulder trying to figure out how to hook their granddaughter up with the white guy who makes more than them, so I can't even browse imageboards except when I'm taking a shit. I've legitimately been too busy at work to even check the report queue these last two days. The only reason the bantz Sunday Evening/Monday Morning happened (times don't display properly for me for some reason, and I'm too out of it to trust my memory) was because I was a third of the way into a bottle of Jägermeister and sleep deprived, which is why I stopped as soon as BO pointed out I was being a cunt, because that was just embarrassing on my part. I haven't been able to function enough to do the things I "need" (read: have a responsibility) to do on the week days because of work recently, let alone the things I want to do. The only volunteering I do on /k/ is cleaning up spam (like "MUTT MUTT MUTT") and really blatant stuff in the first place, I leave rules enforcement past that to the other volunteers/BO. Yes, I make lengthy posts. That is my posting style and I don't like it, but I can't help myself. Holy fuck, speaking of which I have to be up for work again in about five and a half hours. G'night anon.
I want to make an AR-15 thread, but I don't know if there are some /k/ buzzwords I should use when making it. All I can remember is something like /arg/ for AR general. Is it alright if I just make one without memespeak? I tried going to /k/ on 8chan a few times but for some reason they seemed a lot less knowledgeable than most other gun forums so I didn't keep it up. But I think it might be worth contributing back here. I don't have a deep knowledge about AR build materials, never was in the military or anything just a lot of experience using them on a timer. I'm probably closer to someone you'd find on arfcom forum except without ever having posted there.
Open file (72.91 KB 424x600 Violence.jpg)
Open file (149.37 KB 422x600 Candy.jpg)
>>9555 Trips of quality based vol. If you want some recs with lolis+guns check out pics related. These are just a couple of them and I got plenty more if you want
>>9674 use buzzwords like boogaloo and strelok!!!
>>9674 I'm not sure if you are shitposting, but here you go: >>9689
>>9691 Great, thank you. How about one for the AK platform? I don't see one in the catalog, unless I'm missing it.
>>9674 >>9697 You don't need to ask permission to make threads big guy
>>9708 Alright I'll draft something up and see what you guys think before posting it so that the OP has good info. I am not an AK guy so I'm sure others will have suggestions.
>>9709 If you fuck up I can just edit the OP with something better. Don't worry about it.
BO can you answer me this? Considering this sudden and massive influx of low effort and generally cancerous posts over the past couple of days, would you say it's non-lurking newniggers from cuckchan or an equivalently shit site, or is it just spergkraut and one or two faggots helping him shit the board up because they're butthurt over the demographic thread?
>>10186 95-99% of the "I wish /k/ was dead. I drink ovaltine." posts are spergkraut. The problem is that a lot of the posters around here get riled up too easily, myself included, and give (You)s. People are quick to point fingers and anime reaction images have been associated with one of my vols. I may try to be objective with my moderation of politics on this board and personally speaking, having some shitlibs in the demographics thread keeps it from being a circlejerk but I will never, ever tolerate any tranny shit on my board. I have been talking with toutatis, the BO of /n/, regarding moving some threads to his board. I'd like to spread out the PPH so people stop posting stuff only tangentially related to weapons here because we have an active userbase.
>>10188 We seem to have literal glownigger apes here now it seems. Look at this shit >>>/k/10141 >and personally speaking, having some shitlibs in the demographics thread keeps it from being a circlejerk <keeps it from being a circlejerk The kind of posts in there from 1 or 2 parties are what substantiates a discussion to you? LOL All they were doing were 0 effort shitposting, something you'd see from shills. But yeah okay nice flavor of cope for bad moderation, nevermind fags like that instaban us on the cuckweb in general for disagreeing and not even flinging shit like them. Perfectly fine. Thanks for clarifying you won't even try to prevent that on your (small) board, which means you're a faggot.
>>10193 Making fun of glowniggers is a classic pastime. I'm not a great moderator, I'll admit, but a lot of the reports I get are just shit like "jew" or ">anime" and it floods the report queue with people reporting other people for really inane, tame shit. I will clean up the demographic thread today though, it's something I've been putting off.
>>10194 I'm not a fan of censorship at all but think about what sort of posts you want to have on your board, are a couple of niggers just creating bullshit no argument 4chan tier topic dilution not adressing the thread or are they relevant or conducive to real discussion? That directly decides what gets deleted or not and is common sense or else you just perpetuate failure. The entire issue is that if you decide to cultivate an atmosphere where low brow 0 effort shit type like from that thread is allowed it's just perpetuated you just end up with shit and the end and nothing real gets discussed. That's how topic dilution works and the entire point of homos and glows is to sidetrack real discussion or fuck over OP's they don't like. They're preobably fucking assmad that the 8glow2 cattlepen didn't work out and it actually wouldn't surprise me if glow-worm Jim or whatever assmad retard sent some of them.(based on his past actions)
>>10202 I'll do my best to fix things
Basically the only on-topic posts in the Hanau thread are my OC cross-posted from another board. Well it's not a big deal I guess, if I keep in mind to just ignore the entire thread. I appreciate the work to clean things up. I guess it's hard to keep up with the volume.
>>10204 You seem to be a bit of a newfag. Pro-tip: You are the owner of an imageboard, and that dubious honor now means there are people who are paid a full-time annual salary to fuck with you, in addition to the autists, faggots, trannies and other do-it-for-free's. Never bend the knee. Good lawk.
>>10218 > Well said fren >>10204 I generally find the level of content here engaging, BO, which means you are doing something right.
>>10202 >The entire issue is that if you decide to cultivate an atmosphere where low brow 0 effort shit type like from that thread is allowed it's just perpetuated you just end up with shit and the end and nothing real gets discussed. My thoughts exactly. I'm here for /k/ not for /pol/, and that entire thread is /pol/-/leftypol/ astroturfing at the hands of a few sperges who think they can bully BO by pretending to be a larger percent of users than they are. That entire thread should be removed from /k/ as it has nothing to do with our board, or at the most lenient, moderation should not get involved with theor schizophrenic ramblings.
>>10224 Nigger what? Just cut the crap. You know OP in that thread brought up a valid factual phenomenon that non-whites keep voting for, and are in favor of gun control. He was asking why and pointing out demographics is destiny. It has all to do with guns which are now thanks to Jews and neocohens like Feinstein and various other elements responsible for disarming political all for 30 years and not seen as a constitutional right because they have no intention of upholding said rights. They don't like rights, because it gives citizens power in the first place. Which means it's not as easy to commit extreme forms of treason. Most people here with brains know they (illegally) use our founding constitutional laws as literal toilet paper for a majority same team left-wing and neocohen agenda of disarmament leaving tyranny inevitable like it in other countries. It wasn't OP's fault astroniggers and/or tranniepol homos are sperging out about that inconvenient truth but it was the fault of moderators for not removing those faggots in the thread.
>>10224 Except there's a lot of actual non-/tv/ tier back and forth discussion in that thread, the ones who are a problem are the one line b8posting niggers and spergkraut assuming it's not all him, he is autistic enough to do that after all. It's fucking mind blowing how much the sperging picked up when the OP pointed out a statistical fact. Almost like some of the people who have a problem with it don't have any counterarguments so they can only spam shitposts instead.
Jewish mods removed the Germany thread oy vey
I think I should address it here now that coronavirus thread IV is over. Higher post limit doesn't hit only mobile users, it's a problem for people with dated desktops and laptops too. Past about 750-800 posts it can get slow and unstable. It's still better than vichan/openIB which used to cause problems over as little as 500 posts.
>>10255 Just a heads up, you can click on "Last" to show the last 50 posts and avoid that issue. Hope it helps for your situation.
>>10275 Thanks, that's pretty good. The only issue would be coming back to a thread the next day when there's more than 50 posts but that's a once in a day kind of thing. Last 50 seems like a good way to refresh threads as they go.

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