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Open file (76.97 KB 648x630 serveimage.jpeg.jpg)
Biological Warfare: Coronavirus IV Strelok 02/14/2020 (Fri) 18:49:00 No.8580
I LOVE YOU CORONA CHAN Let's place bets on how long it'll be before Chinatowns in the US/Canada are placed under racist quarantines. <<INFECTED: 983,006>> http://doi.org/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022434 >NEWS Infection could reach 60% of world population http://archive.is/Xcxwm CDC mistakenly released infected patient in California http://archive.is/9BLj9 Wartime conditions in China http://archive.is/YN0Cb >RESEARCH r0 between 6.11 and 8.18, higher than expected http://doi.org/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022434 Incubation period of 24 days, longer than expected http://archive.is/8dsa9 Infected come out negative 50 to 70% of the time http://archive.is/yyGJm#selection-1183.0-1183.112 >REMINDER CDC: Test kits in the U.S and 30 countries are flawed http://archive.is/cLmse Japan confirms China doesn't count suspected in death toll http://archive.is/H1Bm1 Crematorium: 127 bodies, 48 suspected and only 8 confirmed http://archive.is/Lb6ry >"DETECTED" CASES C: 64,548 ◄ D: 1,385 ◄ >LATEST 11:05: 9 new cases in Singapore 10:09: 2 new cases in Japan 09:15: 3 new cases in Hong Kong 07:51: 1 new case in Japan >CHINA C: 63,946 ◄ D: 1,382 ◄ http://news.qq.com/zt2020/page/feiyan.htm >WORLD C: 602 ◄ D: 3 ◄ Death Princess 218 Singapore 67 Hong Kong 56-1 Japan 37-1 Thailand 33 South Korea 28 Malaysia 19 Taiwan 18 Germany 16 Vietnam 16 Australia 15 United States 15 France 11 Macau 10 United Kingdom 9 United Arab Emirates 8 Canada 7 India 3 Philippines 3-1 Italy 3 Russia 2 Spain 2 Belgium 1 Cambodia 1 Finland 1 Nepal 1 Sri Lanka 1 Sweden 1 https://w.wiki/GWa More: https://pastebin.com/raw/qy5RFpVX http://archive.is/H0EkM
Edited last time by activeshooter on 02/15/2020 (Sat) 02:43:15.
>naming the thread after him imagine letting one poster actually run this board how about we place bets how long until this thread is placed into a bumplock quarantine again? we know that all it takes is one autistic shitposter to make it happen
>>8582 starting the thread with shitposting isn't very cool anon
>>8586 pinpoint the part where I "Shitposted", I'm right and you know it you're just as pathetic as guthrum if you literally let one autist push you around like this. now go back to you janny cuckshed and let people who actually have something to post do so, I have no intention of offtopic posting anymore, but the more I see you post, the more I think there will be 2 spammers here rather than one soon, if I don't see any quality posts here again soon
>biological warfare threads were going along just fine >spergkraut gets a hair up his ass and spams it >suddenly he's concerned about guns What even happened in the last thread to set him off this hard? We've been talking about the corona virus for weeks with no complaints or whining until the last two days.
Open file (71.73 KB 1024x488 the chad alarmist.jpg)
Was this all because of that one spammer making the claim that we're a minority and they're going to take our guns or some nonsense
Open file (270.68 KB 740x998 jello-mayo1.jpg)
>>8580 Who has the official death toll/infected count for today?
>Coronavirus: US will start testing people with flu symptoms, officials say > >Five US cities to screen patients experiencing symptoms after evasive virus claims more than 1,000 lives abroad > >People in the US experiencing flu-like symptoms will be screened for the latest coronavirus that originated from China, according to health officials. > >Patients in five major US cities will be tested for the flu-like respiratory illness, officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced. > >The move follows reports of the 15th coronavirus infection in the US and the deaths of more than 1,100 people in China. https://web.archive.org/save/https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/coronavirus-symptoms-us-flu-cdc-who-china-wuhan-novel-virus-latest-a9336756.html
Open file (246.22 KB 686x526 dr_pierce-hazmat.png)
>EMTs not warned of transporting possible coronavirus patient in Seattle >American Medical Response EMTs expressed disappointment with their company for not warning employees of a potential risky transport. https://web.archive.org/web/20200214195514/https://www.king5.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/first-responders-not-warned-of-transporting-seattle-patient-with-possible-covid-19/281-7a43f148-04a2-442d-ba11-06339ad1186c
>Coronavirus victim attended conference in London with 250 people >London's first Coronavirus patient arrived at hospital in an Uber, contrary to public health advice https://web.archive.org/web/20200214195722/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/02/13/two-medics-isolated-amid-dramatic-scenes-coronavirus-reaches/
>Vietnam Quarantines Entire Commune of 10,000 on Coronavirus Fears >Authorities in Vietnam have closed off a community of more than 10,000 people near the capital, Hanoi, for the next 20 days on fears that coronavirus (COVID-19) could spread there. > >Son Loi commune, in Vinh Phuc province’s Binh Xuyen district, is the site of the first mass coronavirus quarantine outside of China. > >A local official told Reuters Thursday that the residents of the commune would not be allowed to leave until March 3. The official said that people would be allowed to enter the commune to return home, but that Son Loi would be completely sealed off in the next few days. > >The province is home to 11 of Vietnam’s confirmed COVID-9 cases, including the country’s 16th case, which was reported Thursday by the Health Ministry. > >State media said six of Son Loi’s eight confirmed cases caught the virus via human-to-human contact inside the commune and that 373 people were under close watch. https://web.archive.org/web/20200214151703/https://www.rfa.org/english/news/vietnam/seasia-roundup-20200213-02132020165632.html
BO, did you ban me for the coronachan thread II and III vanished ? or you deleted them ?
>>8604 >Not being able to read catalog That's a paddling.
>>8604 BO had a little spergout and kinda banned a lot of people. Pathetic how one shitposter can have such an impact
>>8605 >>8606 welp forget my post i'm sleep deprived
Open file (1.84 MB 960x720 wait_a_minute.webm)
How come Switzerland isn't infected yet? The country has high amounts of civilian aircraft flying in, out and through its airspace at all times, several arterial cross-country highways and rails going through the alps, hosts the WHO HQ too in addition to CERN and many other high level international scientific Rothschild institutions. Shouldn't they be at considerable risk of contracting Corona-chan given all that and their geographic location? 3 of 4 countries they border have known cases of infection and I don't expect the medicinally autistic Swiss to just cover up any cases in their own territory.
Open file (1.42 MB 4160x2880 banned soon.jpg)
>>8611 It's a geographically small country, so perhaps it's just a matter of probability.
>>8611 People who work in all these high-profile institutions don't mingle with the plebs. Additionally Switzerland doesn't have open borders and it doesn't have that many chinks visiting for whatever reasons. It's not world's banking hub anymore, that job went to Singapore when Switzerland tightened some banking regulations.
Open file (75.56 KB 1024x747 1581273676440.jpg)
Since OP is a flaming homosexual: <<INFECTED: 983,006>> http://doi.org/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022434 >NEWS Infection could reach 60% of world population http://archive.is/Xcxwm CDC mistakenly released infected patient in California http://archive.is/9BLj9 Wartime conditions in China http://archive.is/YN0Cb >RESEARCH r0 between 6.11 and 8.18, higher than expected http://doi.org/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022434 Incubation period of 24 days, longer than expected http://archive.is/8dsa9 Infected come out negative 50 to 70% of the time http://archive.is/yyGJm#selection-1183.0-1183.112 >REMINDER CDC: Test kits in the U.S and 30 countries are flawed http://archive.is/cLmse Japan confirms China doesn't count suspected in death toll http://archive.is/H1Bm1 Crematorium: 127 bodies, 48 suspected and only 8 confirmed http://archive.is/Lb6ry >"DETECTED" CASES C: 64,548 ◄ D: 1,385 ◄ >LATEST 11:05: 9 new cases in Singapore 10:09: 2 new cases in Japan 09:15: 3 new cases in Hong Kong 07:51: 1 new case in Japan >CHINA C: 63,946 ◄ D: 1,382 ◄ http://news.qq.com/zt2020/page/feiyan.htm >WORLD C: 602 ◄ D: 3 ◄ Death Princess 218 Singapore 67 Hong Kong 56-1 Japan 37-1 Thailand 33 South Korea 28 Malaysia 19 Taiwan 18 Germany 16 Vietnam 16 Australia 15 United States 15 France 11 Macau 10 United Kingdom 9 United Arab Emirates 8 Canada 7 India 3 Philippines 3-1 Italy 3 Russia 2 Spain 2 Belgium 1 Cambodia 1 Finland 1 Nepal 1 Sri Lanka 1 Sweden 1 https://w.wiki/GWa More: https://pastebin.com/raw/qy5RFpVX http://archive.is/H0EkM
>>8617 Wait, the official number in Shina went up from 45 000 to 63 000 in just a day? That new method of counting the obviously infected seems to be quite something.
>>8617 >still haven't heard back from him they got to him, didn't they? >>8620 somebody released the real numbers, and all of a sudden, a whole bunch of people started disappearing. I wonder how bad it really is?
Do you think if this hits burger the nogs and burritos might chimp out and get booged?
>>8622 Hopefully they will, once they stop receiving their welfare gibs.
>>8623 I hope they start attacking asians.
>>8617 >CDC mistakenly released infected patient in California commiefornia is going to finally die?
>>8625 Hopefully not just yet. Commiefornia needs to suffer more before its death.
>>8625 Who will build the hapas?
>>8621 >they got to him, didn't they? Rumor has it they sent him to the camps. >>8625 >Commiefornia infected >Washington infected >Oregon silent How has Portland managed to stay unpozzed? It boggles the mind.
>>8625 They did that with all the GRIDS people, well the ones that could still walk. >>8630 Only god knows the secrets of Oregon.
Open file (4.84 MB 368x624 Wuhan_3-in-1.mp4)
This is worthy of a reupload.
Open file (1.37 MB 360x640 parker.mustang.1.mp4)
>>8630 Superior vegan diet renders Portland immune to all disease
>>8615 >Switzerland doesn't have open borders Just because they have a stricter immigration policy than their neighbours doesn't mean they are a Nippon or Best Korea tier ethnostate, a quarter of the population are foreigners either on temporary or permament work residence and shitloads of people from neighbouring countries commute there on a daily or weekly basis as the transport infrastructure is very good and the country is fairly small. They also have their own traitors human rights activists taking in and housing refugees there, though once again not to the extent of their neighbours. >It's not world's banking hub anymore, that job went to Singapore when Switzerland tightened some banking regulations. <Singapore has 67 infected Oh no.
>>8617 >I'm not scared of the CCP <Makes video not hiding his face It's things like this that make me think the CCP isn't something to be scared of, verses here where I'd mask my face 1000%, proxy up, the whole works, if I was going to openly defy the feds (not that I'd ever make the video in the first place, if I was going to defy them I sure wouldn't broadcast it)
>>8640 Making a video calling out feds is not really defying them though if you'll do nothing
>>8643 You'd think, but they're testy. Tend to pull the trigger without warning, like waco, ruby ridge, the bundy fiasco, etc. etc. No one over them, so they can do whatever with impunity and just take their slap on the wrist later.
>>8645 True there is a chaos factor. Although I'd argue with Waco and Budy they actually did do something, nigger
They tend to get triggered when you take it into meatspace. At least if you don't openly declare that you will cuck beforehand like the VAfags. Not that if there is even a hint of real action people shit their pants to SHUT IT DOWN because that is what really gets the glowniggers buzzing
>>8647 Bundy, maybe. Waco, ATF showed up on their turf armed and combat ready, full battle gear. That's one heck of a way to start off a diplomatic envoy.
Wuhan hospital completely sealed off
>>8652 And then the "Hospital" sign falls off and you see written "Incinerator"
>>8653 will we finally get an answer to the eternal cookie question?
Thinking about how much shit racemixing traitors will be getting now just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. Can't wait for a boog to see these faggots through some glass
>>8655 >Thinking about how much shit racemixing traitors will be getting now just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. Can't wait for a boog to see these faggots through some glass >wojak yikes, thread filled with cuckchanners already
>>8655 Take the Eurasian pill, brother.
>>8670 Gross
Got one of them 3M 6200 masks at the Ace hardware didn't have the 6300. If I don't touch the connection points for the filters is there any harm that can be done to the integrity of the mask by painting the rubber and plastic? t. /fa/ggot
>>8672 I wouldn't mess with the seals but I don't see why painting the actual mask would hurt anything
Open file (1.71 MB 400x400 1580219898790.webm)
>>8580 Could you make stockpiles of 155mm shells filled with coronavirus?
>>8675 That's what I'm thinking but I don't want to be a moron and fuck it up because of shit I didn't consider
>>8679 The biggest risk I think would be if the paint you have interacted with the material. If you can find some kind of paint that is specifically OK to use on plastic it should be fine. I think those Warhammer guys paint on metal figureines, but maybe you can find a hobby where they paint on plastic toys and see what paint they use then it should be good. It will be funny if the Japanese fashion medical mask designs make it over to the west. Imagine the patterns that niggers will paint on them
>>8682 >I think those Warhammer guys paint on metal figureines Games Workshop switched to plastic by the middle of the last decade, therefore those Warhammer guys paint on that.
>>8682 Warhammer miniatures haven't been made out of metal for a long time. It's some kinda gay plastic nowadays. >>8672 As long as you avoid corrosive paints, probably not. I'd do it differently though, just to be safe. Double-sided tape on the mask, then paper on double-sided tape, then paint on paper. I've thought about adding a stylish beak to a respirator. Black leather over the filter and the sides, reinforce it with some sticks so it doesn't wag too much, make a flap with velcro on one side so I can actually still change the filter... I've already got a black leather coat and the hat, I'd just need a poking stick and I could go out in full regalia.
>>8685 That's very interesting thank you for this post. I'm going to mull the possibilities of that over before I do anything. And yeah I've got the black leather trench and leather boots and whatnot to really pull the look together. Don't have an appropriate hat though sage because I don't mean to derail
>>8682 With the help of some artfags I've already determined latex paint will be what I use because I can use a brush to be careful about what gets paint and also keep the paint from falling to shit on the malleable rubber, though with the tape + paper technique I might use a different paint for the finish since the paint wouldn't have to be as malleable.
>>8688 >>8687 What colors did you want to paint the mask? What's wrong with gray, I thought that generally went well with whatever you're wearing anyway, though I don't care too much about that kind of shit.
>>8688 That's great, Strelok. Would you mind sharing a picture of the result if/when you finish, assuming you can find a way to do so that does not compromise your opsec?
>>8685 >a stylish beak jej I want to see this too
Open file (102.92 KB 300x300 banebanebanebane.gif)
>not going for best mask You could even make it from plastic straws to piss off watermelons.
>>8640 The CCP threw him into a quarantine camp already, he's good as dead.
>>8694 Black. Might get a budy to paint up the virus sphere thing, throw a green mohawk on the top, triangle sunglasses and a toothy smirk on the middle, and a leather looking collar under it kinda like a shitty 90s pop-art punk look and put that over where it says "3M". >>8695 Yeah but no promises on it actually being good.
reposting source for corona chan induced testicular damage due to incorrect link (please archive) https://archive.fo/56YWL
Edited last time by activeshooter on 02/15/2020 (Sat) 03:04:10.
>Leaders in many Asian countries are hiding in their bunkers or staying away from the populace >Cambodia's PM just kisses the people onboard the cruise liner they accepted http://archive.is/Ueh94 Anyone want to become PM of a small country? I'm sure the spot will vacate in a few weeks.
>>8844 Maybe he just really fucking hates his country like Trudeau.
Open file (6.94 MB 852x480 4u.webm)
>>8697 irl baneposting soon
>>8685 >I've thought about adding a stylish beak to a respirator. There is one brand that makes full face respirators which are beak shaped.
>>8851 yawn, where's the news in this? not even normalfags believe this isn't a bioweapon, you have to go for the braindead zombies who only consume media products to find someone that would say otherwise Also why the captcha?
>>8854 >Nothing to see here, goyim.
>>8854 >yawn Are you a faggot or a woman by any chance?
>>8854 >not even normalfags believe this isn't a bioweapon In your hugbox head cannon maybe lol, This has got to be the worst bioweapon in history as living in clean first world countries seems to be its antidote. Fucking retard. Most people already forgot about this meme flu as literally nothing is happening in the west. As always.
>>8858 Are you sure YOU're not the one living in a mental hugbox? Media coverage has been at an all time high any time a slant eyed man coughs. I think I had more people crack jokes about the Chinese the past week than in my entire lifetime. I literally just told you that nobody is believing the PRC. >>8856 >>8857 >confusing irony for d&c I think you should lurk more
>>8861 >Media coverage has been at an all time high any time a slant eyed man coughs yeah like two weeks ago when that was the flavor of the week news. Nobody cares anymore. > I think I had more people crack jokes about the Chinese the past week than in my entire lifetime <chink jokes = meme flu relevancy the absolute brainlet, it's the other way around if anything > I literally just told you that nobody is believing the PRC I literally just told you nobody cares
Has chiggerpill been infected yet and what sort of prices can one expect a VW Type 32B in decent condition to reach on the secondhand market once car parts supply dries up in Europistan?
>>8867 Depends where you live. I'm from central Europe and it's on TV almost every day. My family happens to be glued to their tellies and they talk about the virus every day. They're not even tinfoilers and they say that it has to be a manmade virus because a lot of things about it are suspicious. Even zoomers are talking about it on their faceberg groups and posting some of the same videos we have in these threads.
>>8869 >what sort of prices can one expect a VW Type 32B in decent condition to reach on the secondhand market once car parts supply dries up in Europistan? It will be worthless, as EU will exploit the situation to ban everything that isn't a bike or an electromobile.
>>8874 EU already plans to ban all combustible engine vehicles and power plants by 2030, they don't need any extra excuses.
>>8876 I can't wait for that shit show to start with them either pushing the deadline to 2050, then 2070, then etc. or for America to bail them out by coming out with something that just works for the sole sake of stealing EuroShekels.
>>8879 Chinese engineering at its finest. Now for black mold to grow like crazy and the already sick only get sicker.
>>8611 Switzerland isn’t a transport hub for transcontinental flights, it can’t be compared to Frankfurt, Amsterdam or London. I’m not even sure if Switzerland is a hub for intra-european flights like Brussels or Paris. Which means you only have transportation between its neighbours who take trains or buses. Germany, Italy, France, and Austria (not going to bother mentioning Lichtenstein for obvious reasons) all have low counts of infected so the chance that one of the infected lives in a part of the country near Switzerland or even has a reason to take a train through Switzerland is just really low. >3 of 4 countries they border Please look at a map Switzerland has 5 bordering countries. Unless you mean to imply Germany has her rightful clay then it’s only 3.
Open file (173.07 KB 786x576 a04645753455afg45sa36.jpg)
>>8861 >I was just pretending to cuntpost bro
>"DETECTED" CASES C: 67,269 ◄ D: 1,528 ◄ >LATEST 10:05: 1 new death in France 09:05: 8 new cases in Japan 08:47: 67 new cases in the Diamond Princess 07:03: 2 new cases in Japan >CHINA C: 66,581 ◄ D: 1,524 ◄ http://news.qq.com/zt2020/page/feiyan.htm >WORLD C: 689 ◄ D: 4 ◄ Death Princess 285 Singapore 67 Hong Kong 56 (D: 1) Japan 52 (D: 1) Thailand 34 South Korea 28 Malaysia 21 Taiwan 18 Germany 16 Vietnam 16 Australia 15 United States 15 France 11 (D: 1) Macau 10 United Kingdom 9 Canada 8 United Arab Emirates 8 Italy 3 India 3 Philippines 3 (D: 1) Russia 2 Spain 2 Belgium 1 Egypt 1 Sweden 1 Cambodia 1 Finland 1 Nepal 1 Sri Lanka 1 https://w.wiki/GWa
>>8894 Corona-chan has now killed more than SARS and MERS combined.
>>8879 >Dwarf Fortress Disinfection moats have become real This is truly the most clownworld timeline.
Open file (91.91 KB 800x532 153328171094.jpg)
The real happening imo is not the number of deaths and infected but the economic fallout of the Wu-flu and countermeasures against it. There's primary two factors: 1) less domestic demand as consumers, and businesses not wanting to get the Wu-Flu from shopping, and 2) less supply due to factories shutting down. There are also the quarantines that stifle freedom of movement, but I don't know much of an effect that would have. It would be interesting to see how much that average person, as well as the average business, has saved and compare that the average fixed costs of existing; food, rent, utilities ect. In short, how long could these entities last for with making minimal money. If the average savings is hypothetically three months and the quarantine lasts for five, then in the most affected the economy might start imploding as peoples bank accounts come close to zero and businesses contemplate bankruptcy. Is it just that one anon the thread quality went to shit? Just low effort shitposts and derailments.
>>8902 >less supply due to factories shutting down they aren't shutting down, anon. People are working still, despite the virus
>>8902 >bankruptcy But how would you go into bankruptcy if all your creditors are either too dead or too bankrupt to collect the money? >>8903 At least some of the factories they opened immediately closed again as every employee went to the camp coof since one of them had Red Death.
>>8902 Money and savings aren't that relevant, it's about stockpiles of actual goods. Yesterday zerohedge had some article about supplies drying up quickly and food prices skyrocketing: http://archive.is/X3jOm >>8903 They are shutting down like crazy. Coal consumption and energy production dropped by a lot because of factories shutting down. Nearly all construction projects are halted too.
https://invidio.us/watch?v=Mofl8fh5SJ4 >A Wuhan Citizen Denounces The CCP Regime Maybe she is just being smart, because I'm sure that chinks who make videos like this are going to find themselves in quarantine cubes quite quickly. https://invidio.us/watch?v=SmYcSBCbFoM >Volunteer dishes on hospitals depriving medical workers Shina keeps being numbah wan, because apparently they keep a warehouse full of supplies in order to point at it when someone dares to suggest that they ran out of everything. Even though they really did ran out of everything.
Open file (188.42 KB 1920x1080 gochiusa_cocoa_excited.jpg)
>>8906 I'm ecstatic, it's exactly the same feeling that I feel during the calm before a storm. I know that it's going to be miserable from all the mud and dampness once the storm passed, but the storm is going to be exciting with all the wind and lightning, and I can't wait for it to start.
>>8902 When it gets that bad people won’t be trading thin strips of plastic anymore, they’ll naturally go back to a barter system and the CCP won’t be able to enforce fiat currency when no one has any to spend. Unless they print another 100 million for another “economic stimulus package.” captcha for every fucking post is gay, BO can go back to cuckchan, if he wants that system and can’t ignore a single sperg.
>>8902 If we're lucky, we'll see a global recession hit. If we are unlucky, CCP collapses and US sets up a new pozhole, faciliating the flooding of US and Europe with chinks fleeing the country.
>>8911 You're getting it wrong way around. In commie countries citizens had heaps of monopoly money and nothing to spend it on. And I don't mean just some Venezuela or other Zimbabwe, it happened closer to civilization, like in Poland and Yugoslavia little over 30 years ago. The real currency were ration stamps and I heard that people frequently traded them, like meat stamps for gasoline stamps. With all the stacks of money people had, the government had to devise some economic tricks like pre-payments for vehicles and housing units that people were supposed to get in 20+ years time. All of that happened under otherwise peaceful and somewhat stable conditions so normalfags were coping that things could be worse and went on about their lives. I don't expect it to go so well during a deadly epidemic outbreak, in a population of bugpeople who fuck over each other for far pettier reasons.
>>8876 Good luck with that.
>>8911 It's just temporary until the tornigger fucks off and we can go back to being comfy. The real deficit is that the captcha system of julay is not kind to phonefags.
>>8916 No, the valuable currency was a special system of "bons" (that's how it was called in Czechoslovakia, at least). You got them only by exchanging foreign currencies for it (or buying it on black market) and could legally buy western goods for them. The regular currency could buy you lots of stuff, but not luxury items manufactured outside of the eastern block. You could buy normal goods for it (food, clothes, (eastern) cars, what have you), but of course, socialism didn't manufacture much in the way of luxury items, which was what people craved. An analogy would be being able to buy old Nokias as much as you wanted, but having no way to obtain a smartphone. This is not the case with China, however, as chinks have free access to any luxury goods they desire (hell, most of them are manufactured there), since Chinese economy is far more capitalistic than the one of USSR was
>>8918 If it means less phonefags then all the better.
>>8920 >>8911 i forgot to disable it after going to sleep
>>8919 The thing about the Yuan is its about as worthless as all the eastern block currencies were. The Chinks had to establish laws explicitly stating you could only trade X amount for Y hard currency a week or something to that means because average bugman was taking his 3000 yuan wage and making it 500 USD only to cause the yuan to devalue more so. Its why the real estate market in places where red chinks are is fucked, they're trading worthless yuans for anything hard whether it be AUD, CAD and USD. Hell they're doing the same shit with casinos using them as an impromptu currency exchange.
>>8919 Czechoslovakia didn't have it nearly as bad as Poland or Yugoslavia, and I know it from my grandparents who used to go on business trips to Slovakia. In Poland stuff like milk, meat, butter, sugar, gasoline and even toilet paper were considered luxury goods and they were rationed during the last 15 years of overt commie regime. Store shelves were empty like in Venezuela, people lived from one goods delivery to another. There was also a similar system of trading foreign currencies for foreign toys but that's related to foreign trade policies. Regular goods had to be rationed since early 70s because of how shit the local farming and industry were. It's relevant because once China gets cut off they're utterly fucked. They don't grow much of their own food and majority of stuff they manufacture is made out of imported raw resources. They rely solely on the global traffic of goods and up till now they didn't really have to be self-sufficient.
>>8906 >steel demand flatlining But what will all those rich young real estate investors do now that their empty ghost towns can't finish construction? Would now be a good time to buy some cheap real estate from corrupt and/or desperate chinks? Might be useful if the CCP starts hiring foreign mercs for police duties. Video completely unrelated.
>>8923 Let's not forget that they've been outsourcing a lot of their manufacturing to Vietnam and literal North Korean slaves because it's cheaper than hiring their own bugmen to do it for them.
>>8938 >the outsourcing gets outsourced Jesus fucking christ, how deep does the rabbit hole go? How fucking hard is it to just make your own shit?
>>8939 Chinks started getting paid some decent wages in the last decade. Their urban population tends to earn more than urban pops in Eastern Europe while a lot of goods are cheaper in China than they are in V4 countries, Romania and probably even Ukraine, in no small part thanks to outsourcing to other post-commie shitholes. They do work long hours but they can also afford to buy much more shit than majority of slavs. Things were getting consistently better for them and now they're suddenly in economic freefall AND a lot of them are out of work due to industries shutting down. It's pretty great because this kind of social unrest is fertile grounds for a civil war.
Open file (307.21 KB 538x540 concern.png)
>Macaoan gambling biz is losing $100,000,000/day over the quarantine shutdowns >$100,000,000/day How much do these kikes have in reserve?
>>8941 Doesn't matter, they'll just get someone to print more :^)
>>8941 They're probably just making less profit than usual by that amount.
>>8902 China's food supplies will deteriorate quickly... a ton of Chinese are now used to eating meat daily compared to even a couple decades ago. I don't think they're going to starve (considering their numbers are also diminishing, it's just more food for the few that remain) but the future is not looking bright stability wise for the PRC. In addition to that they had the BRILLIANT idea of enforcing heavy punishments to anyone hiding corona-chan's symptoms from the govt, which means there's now a ton of people who will either flock the hospitals, risking an infection themselves or prolonging the waiting time for those who are actually infected, or not even bothering to show up (you're either dead for not going to the hospital or dead by the time you arrive, why would you risk it?). If you meant that the situation is dire for the rest of the world, I wouldn't be so sure. In the short term it's going to suck a ton, expect technological advancements to come to a grinding halt and the prices to rise up for quite a number of goods and services (electronics, server costs, plastics, CLOTHES since a ton of them are made from shitty chink plastic) but as far as base commodities such as food and electricity go we're actually going to improve our standards of living now that companies will be forced to compete in the West rather than the East. >>8907 Remember to download ALL these videos from jewtube before they're taken down. To do so: 1) Install python 2) Install youtube-dl 3) Type youtube-dl -f [file type so you don't download gigabytes of chink talk, you can check the available ones with -F] [URL] in the command line, you can even use proxies to avoid detection https://ytdl-org.github.io/youtube-dl/index.html >>8916 >>8911 This is true. There's a huge black market in China for shit that is commonplace elsewhere, for example, their milk is often so tainted and shit that Chink moms pay extraordinary fees to get Canadian and American powdered milk. Also the Yuan is quite literally scraps of paper, the govt purposefully devalues it periodically to promote cheap prices in their country and invite foreign investors in (which is why it's not considered a fair currency by stock markets) while buying in bulk foreign currency to have soft power against the rest of the world. But I'm suspecting that their well is drying up by the day. Also the reason why China is so anal about Hong Kong revolting (probably cause of glowies) is because there's a lot of shady shit going on with money being exchanged from and to Yuan and US Dollars over there, I think I saw some videos about how there's a ton of back alley negotiations that go down on the border just to fuck with either the Chinese or the US economy depending on who's doing the biz.
Open file (207.84 KB 500x500 1517105810535.gif)
>>8941 I really hate when companies claim their entire sales as lost profits. They mean they're not making $100,000,000/day in sales, not that they're losing that much per day in profits. It's like when the music industry tries to claim that every pirated copy of music is a sale they lost.
>>8945 >In the short term it's going to suck a ton, expect technological advancements to come to a grinding halt and the prices to rise up for quite a number of goods and services (electronics, server costs, plastics, CLOTHES since a ton of them are made from shitty chink plastic) but as far as base commodities such as food and electricity go we're actually going to improve our standards of living now that companies will be forced to compete in the West rather than the East. I think you're underestimating just how much of a bread and circus consumer products have become for the west. This is going to create a lot of unrest even in stable countries, ESPECIALLY the ones demanding free trade with Chinks at the cost of their own jobs since now they have an excuse to go "you took away our factory jobs and we don't even get cheap goods out of the deal now!?"
>>8940 >It's pretty great because this kind of social unrest is fertile grounds for a civil war. I eagerly await the rise of a fascist warlord in China. It will be pure pottery.
>>8945 >Also the reason why China is so anal about Hong Kong revolting (probably cause of glowies) is because there's a lot of shady shit going on with money being exchanged from and to Yuan and US Dollars over there, I think I saw some videos about how there's a ton of back alley negotiations that go down on the border just to fuck with either the Chinese or the US economy depending on who's doing the biz. What the fuck did they expect when Hong Kong is their economic power house but is only capable of being so because of the lack of regulations? Hong Kong is basically considered "mini America" in China by Chinese abroad because they can do all their Chink shit there and fuck off to their own country without ever having to touch the Chinese authorities or mainland.
>>8958 It's probably going to be several warlords over several regions of China until a 1st world country steps in as "peacekeepers" (hopefully Japan when Chink pirates wreck their shipping lanes and give them an excuse to go full NIPPON BANZAI).
Open file (424.42 KB 1024x538 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8958 Confascism?
>>8940 If they speak out in enough numbers it might overwhelm the government.
Dey eat da poo poo
Open file (102.25 KB 1278x798 botnetman.jpg)
https://web.archive.org/web/20200216040638/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/02/15/coronovirus-bill-gates-warns-10-million-deaths-virus-spreads/ >Coronovirus: Bill Gates warns of 10 million deaths as virus spreads to Africa >Bill Gates has warned that coronavirus in Africa could overwhelm health services and trigger a pandemic which could cause 10 million deaths. >The Microsoft founder and global health pioneer was speaking at the AAAS meeting in Seattle just hours before the first case was confirmed in Cairo, Egypt. >There are now fears that the disease could spread to sub-Saharan Africa where it could spark an uncontrollable outbreak, with health services unable to monitor or control the virus.
>>8973 I wonder if the US will let this continue to encourage a second Democracy Movement so it can potentially snowball into full-fledged revolution.
>>8976 Playing with fire if the same thing happens in Burgerstand
>>8975 >Bill spreads the virus in Africa >Free test subjects for his pharmaceuticals and more money for his """charities""" The continent needed less mouths to feed with the locust plague, so this would be a good thing.
Open file (698.51 KB 600x735 chinigger.png)
>>8979 This next refugee crisis is gonna get weird
How would you stat Corona-chan in Plague Inc?
>>8975 >10 million 10 million dead in Africa is fucking nothing though. Then again, there would be a lot of indirect deaths if it does reach the dark continent. Like apes raping their own babbies because some ironic shitpost about doing so on twitter managed to grace the eyes of just the right nog, who then began spreading rumors through word of mouth.
>>8940 >is fertile grounds for a civil war. how are they going to fight? with sewer oil molotovs?
>>8975 >irrelevant meme man says some outrages shit who cares
>>8991 >irrelevant He's one of the richest 50 people on the planet, it wouldn't be surprising if he was directly involved with the spread of the virus on some level.
>>8921 Thanks, nigger.
>>8965 Ironic shitposting is still shitposting
>>8939 >>the outsourcing gets outsourced Wasn’t there an Onion video about Officer workers paying Indians to do their work or them and he Indians making enough money they paid South East Asians to do that work?
>>9003 >Secret Nazi Forest >YTMND is dead Why did you hurt me so, anon >>8954 Well, it's projected income. In the long term, they're right, even though they're technically wrong, much like with game sales vs piracy rates. They're technically right in that copies of the game have not been sold despite being played, but practically they didn't lose any purchase as the person pirating probably would not have bought it in the first place. >>8957 >I think you're underestimating just how much of a bread and circus consumer products have become for the west. I haven't. We'll see poorfags crash and burn and get off the internet for good if things don't change, but that won't happen for another few months after the materials for cheap consumer electronics become expensive.
>>8958 Honest question, was the Kuomintang fascist or just "Fascism with Chinese Characteristics"™? >>8959 Technically China has been taking power away from HK ever since reunification, they built a massive bridge around it just so they can tell the denizens that they have to rely on China for maritime access, while Shanghai and Shenzhen have become the actual Chinese economic hubs in the meantime, the former for the stocks and the latter for the tech. >>8975 Ebola x Coronavirus hentai doujins inbound? Also yes as the other anon said 10 mils down is a drop in the bucket for Africa, the only continent with countries to not only be above replacement levels, but like six or seven times so.
Open file (225.88 KB 1379x2000 Mussolini_on_horseback.jpeg)
>>9007 >was the Kuomintang fascist or just "Fascism with Chinese Characteristics"™? They were fascist the same way everyone who opposes communism if fascist: it doesn't matter because commies call everyone fascist. The Kuomintang is an authoritarian political party, it's up to you to decide if that makes them same kind of people as Mussolini's boys.
>>9007 >>9008 Nationalism, democracy, and the livelihood of the people is what the KMT preached. If you look at what Formosa is to the Mainland its night and day difference.
>>9009 But Taiwan was a backward shithole until the burgers took more of an interest post-Vietnam and the old guard from the civil war started dying off.
Open file (113.19 KB 788x960 qzh6zrpp3x601.jpg)
Can Russia benefit from a dying China? Commie bugs are an important strategic partner but having western puppet nations run out of Chinkshit they can't start producing domestically before hitting major shortages should give the EU some incentive to lift their sanctions on evil P*tin and/or invest in Russian real estate if they still think globalism cool but Orange man bad. If the fun escalates there's also the option to create some pro-Russian puppet like what Burgers did with Kurds in Syria.
>>9014 >running out of chink shit and not being able to produce domestically >economy is also in a downward spiral >EU and other governments letting everyone in including AIDs chinks >people already hating hard on anything asian incase they get AIDs next If anything this is just going to pave the way for the next hitler or atleast a civil war, if the chink plague doesnt kill the EU then nothing will
Open file (795.40 KB 1536x2048 quarantined2.jpg)
Open file (463.48 KB 1152x2048 quarantined1.jpg)
With cruise, you lose
>>9020 Taking in a shitload of boomers who are totally not infected with an airborne virus that takes 30+ days to show symptoms to the point of hugging and kissing them to show support against racism was an extremely intelligent decision. I suspect Hun Sen either thinks he can contain the disease while cashing in on humanitarian aid shekels or wants to help the fire rise.
>>9017 Imagine if a second separate pandemic happened. Either a repeat in China, or one originating in India or Africa. Seems we are about due for a confluence of events.
>>9021 Speaking of which I was surprised those two British MPs were only quarantined for two weeks. It doesn't seem like enough time. Perhaps they were fast-tracked for advanced Corona testing and that reduced the risk.
Open file (240.44 KB 1164x2088 corona bat virus 2015.jpg)
https://web.archive.org/web/20200206145332/https://www.nature.com/news/engineered-bat-virus-stirs-debate-over-risky-research-1.18787 >Engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research >Lab-made coronavirus related to SARS can infect human cells. >An experiment that created a hybrid version of a bat coronavirus — one related to the virus that causes SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) — has triggered renewed debate over whether engineering lab variants of viruses with possible pandemic potential is worth the risks. >In an article published in Nature Medicine1 on 9 November, scientists investigated a virus called SHC014, which is found in horseshoe bats in China. The researchers created a chimaeric virus, made up of a surface protein of SHC014 and the backbone of a SARS virus that had been adapted to grow in mice and to mimic human disease. The chimaera infected human airway cells — proving that the surface protein of SHC014 has the necessary structure to bind to a key receptor on the cells and to infect them. It also caused disease in mice, but did not kill them. >Although almost all coronaviruses isolated from bats have not been able to bind to the key human receptor, SHC014 is not the first that can do so. In 2013, researchers reported this ability for the first time in a different coronavirus isolated from the same bat population2. Spooky.
>>8988 Swarms of angry chinks can riot like niggers used to. But I think there might be some issues with the army as well. As long as they rely on fresh food supplies and their kitchens it's probably bearable for them. But their MREs are beyond atrocious, Steve got poisoned after eating one of these and it was produced in the same year he filmed the video. The party will do everything in their power to feed the armed golems so I don't think they'll be forced to eat poisonous rations that soon. It's more likely that MREs will be used for feeding the starving civilians which should backfire spectacularly.
>>9022 learn what a pandemic is
>>9026 A disease prevalent over a whole country or the world?
>>9027 >A disease prevalent over a whole country >or the world literally two different things this is the tier of brainlets talking about supir sicrit virus death weapon ffs
>>9028 I was talking about a hypothetical. If you know a lot then provide useful information.
>>9028 >it isnt prevalent over the globe Then why are so many chinks flying to every country to purposefully infect them? if it takes a month+ to show signs 10000s could already be infected but not know it
>>9029 >disease and locusts Uh-oh, that sounds pretty familiar.
>>9029 Plague...◯ Famine...◯ War...✗ Death...Soon™
>>9029 *western China Surely this won't cause any trabu with friendly neighbourhood Uyghurs.
>>9034 Tell me, why doesn't he wear the mask?
>>9033 Now we already established that there's tons of kinds of War so we can chalk up the economic and nuclear and proxy warfare as War... What about Death? Is it symbolic for something like rebirth or a great change or was it just death death? Asking the more occult or biblical of the anons here.
>>9039 The chunk bugman mentality is quite hard to understand. They'll gladly live under hyper authoritarian boot for the last century, even become aggressively loyal and fanatical in defense of Glorious Leader Winnie the Pooh and the rest of the government officials, but they close down a few streets and throw a few people in some cubes, and suddenly it's too much and they have to burn all their worldly possessions and cause tons of collateral damage in protest. Few months ago, most Chinks were pissed at Hong Kong for defying China.
>>9041 Chinks are niggerjews. What else do you need to understand?
>>9037 What is the inevitable result of plague, famine, and war? Obviously, it's death.
>>9041 The chinks just don't give a shit unless it personally affects them. They don't care about slave labor, reeducation camps and social score because they personally don't suffer because of it. But now they restrict MY freedom? Mandate of Heaven lost!
>>9041 They're workaholics. They're chimping out because they're not allowed to go and slave away at gulagcent. I don't mind them starting the fires though.
>>9039 Joke's on them, the CCP doesn't have any problem quarantining people in a burning building. It saves on crematorium space. >>9041 They're very easy to understand once you realize that chinks do not care about anything but themselves. CCP made them money, and all they had to do to avoid getting their organs transferred is to spew propaganda like good little drones. Now, the CCP has stopped making them money and is actively making them miserable, and they're doing the same to many others, so some are surely dreaming of leading the revolution, being the next king of the anthill until they too get stabbed in the back.
>"DETECTED" CASES ► C: 69,289 ► D: 1,671 >LATEST 12:50: 3 new cases in Singapore 11:01: 2 new cases and 1 new death in Taiwan 10:29: 1 new case in Japan 10:22: 5 new cases in Japan >CHINA ► C: 68,509 ► D: 1,666 >WORLD ► C: 780 ► D: 5 Death Princess 355 Singapore 75 Japan 59|1 Hong Kong 57|1 Thailand 34 South Korea 29 Malaysia 22 Taiwan 20|1 Germany 16 Vietnam 16 United States 15 Australia 15 France 12|1 Macau 10 United Kingdom 9 Canada 8 United Arab Emirates 8 Philippines 3|1 Italy 3 India 3 Russia 2 Spain 2 Egypt 1 Sweden 1 Belgium 1 Cambodia 1 Finland 1 Nepal 1 Sri Lanka 1 More: https://pastebin.com/raw/qy5RFpVX
>>9008 >pic What a strangely designed sword.
>>9024 It just a coincidence.
>>9058 t. CCCP
>>9058 >>9061 >>9024 oh here we go. here come the crazy conspiracy theorists coming in to make us normal people watching and cheering on a virus as death tolls and infection rate climb look crazy. fuck off with your nonsense.
>>9051 thanks for keeping tabs on this
>>9063 I mean, isn't this what killed Occupy Wall Street? Bunch of money backed loons making it look like protestors were retards.
>>9004 >Onion article There's been several legitimate documented cases of American programmers, financiers, and CEOs outsourcing their simple code monkey-tier work to third worlders in India/China so that they only have to go into the office the minimal number of days a week and can either get a second job or go on vacations and do whatever they want. Technically anyone with a job that makes $60k+/year and doesn't have to show up to their work station every single day could probably outsource their work. Funnily enough companies, especially those who outsource various departments, get REALLY pissed off about this for some reason when their individual workers do it to them.
>>9004 Yep, it was hilariously sad. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=rYaZ57Bn4pQ The Onion is eerily predictive of current events in ways that I didn't think possible
>>9007 >Technically China has been taking power away from HK ever since reunification, they built a massive bridge around it just so they can tell the denizens that they have to rely on China for maritime access, while Shanghai and Shenzhen have become the actual Chinese economic hubs in the meantime, the former for the stocks and the latter for the tech. You are correct that they've become the actual economic hubs, but as you implied, that's largely because China obfuscates what's actually Hong Kong GDP as being Chinese GDP. Most of China's GDP in Shanghai/Shenzhen stems from factories and construction, whereas most of Hong Kong's GDP stems from actual business dealings, imports/exports, etc. You know, real trade. The Chinese government WANTS Shanghai/Shenzhen to take over Hong Kong's actual trade because it would give them the final excuse to go through with their final solution of squashing Hong Kong under their heel, but Hong Kong is the cockroach of the bugman world, and they will not fucking die despite the Chinese doing everything in their power to try and shut it down (such as the maritime access you mentioned). If you were to take Hong Kong away from China/give them maritime access, it would be like letting the air out of a balloon and China's entire economy would tank overnight, despite their strongest claims that Shanghai/Shenzhen are the power houses with their construction-based foreign investment GDP. Understanding "real" (fiat) money vs "paper" (it's all fucking fake fiat anyways) money helps to understand why China can't just crush HK once and for all (though they've been trying pretty damn hard for the last two decades).
>>9014 >Can Russia benefit from a dying China? If Russia were to take some of the Chinese coastline, they could effectively trade more easily with Brazil/Argentina and thus establish a strong supply line for products that they are usually the most lacking in/forced to import from western countries or middle eastern countries. So in short, yes, Russia could benefit very much so from a dying China whether by forcefully taking portions of land or getting favorable agreements from whoever is in power and doesn't want to poke the bear.
Open file (42.17 KB 500x402 3007-Crowie-s3.jpg)
>>9039 >Based crows moving into Wuhan en mass. Eat well little dudes.
>>9037 In the context of the four horsemen specifically, Death is death not so much in the "Jungian transformation/rebirth" sense as in the "feed the fucking maggots" sense. So death death. Super ultra mega "fuck you" death death, to be precise.
>>9063 Posting an article or some light bantz isn't a conspiracy, normalfriend.
Open file (133.73 KB 1280x720 Accept.jpg)
>>9026 It's a metal disease~!
Open file (113.38 KB 661x633 76c.jpg)
>>9084 It's amazing how someone can understand banter, but still have obvious sarcasm fly right over their heads.
Open file (27.07 KB 327x650 kc_tier_autism.jpg)
>>9084 This is autist land, there is no room for humor here.
>>9089 It can happen sometimes
Open file (732.08 KB 500x281 slap.gif)
>>9099 only if the people taking the bait are really that dumb or lazy that they can't re-read the post just once to try and understand the very clear joke inside it.
>>8975 Of course Bill only cares about his nigger cattle.
>>9100 You can't get too surprised if a bait sarcasm post does its job
>>9102 They may be pawn for him to achieve some further end
Open file (1.06 MB 200x200 WELL.webm)
https://archive.fo/I9DIl >Locusts crashing Pakistan's agricultural food supply with no survivors It's noteworthy that Chinks usually summon large numbers of avian livestock to eat the swarming locusts. It is certain the outbreaks of bird flu and cullings of many chickens earlier this year will only cause minor disruptions during the campaign, the CCP is sure to prevail and China will grow large.
>>9106 I remember this guy. Do you also have the Jetstream Sam version of the DK rap?
>>9068 i dont know enough about occupy wallstreet to get that joke. i was only 10 years old at the time that was going on, boomer.
>>9108 > i was only 10 years old at the time >boomer Go back to cuckchan
>>9106 >Pakistan has declared a state of emergency, using hundreds of aircraft for pesticide spraying and eviction, and one of them unfortunately crashed in Rahim Yar Khan while operating How does one even lose an aircraft to locusts. I already heard about pakis losing a war with pajeets to a glacier but this is a new low.
>>9114 Quite easily, honestly. I imagine most Paki pilots are not at the level of regional airliners in the US/Canada. They're closer to private single-engine aircraft pilots. They probably don't have to deal with much nasty windy/storming weather given they're from Pakistan. Pakistan is an arid desert after all with little rainfall and mostly sunny days. They probably aren't used to what would be considered "poor flight conditions" for the rest of the world. Enough locusts will clog an engine and create those "poor flight conditions" where realistically they can't see anything around them.
>>9115 To be fair crashing a single engine crop duster to locusts clogging your engine air intake and/or obscuring your windscreen is far less embarassing than stalling your plane with no survivors because one of your pitot tubes froze and you haven't flown without autopilot at night inna storm for years or even decades.
>>9107 I finally found it, here you go.
>>9114 You're assuming that most standing armies do a ton of exercises and / or see enough conflict to gain battle experience if they're in warzone shitholes, but the reality of this clownish world is that size and numbers is the selling ticket in the world charade, I mean look at the Saudis buying tons of expensive equipment, PMCs and foreign advisors and they can't beat literal fucking sandniggers. Strategy and experience are much more valuable than sheer firepower or numbers in my opinion. That being said, is there a single non cucked military group in the world right now? >>9118 Great, thanks. Did you find his channel or something?
>>9122 >That being said, is there a single non cucked military group in the world right now? French Foreign Legion Allegedly some of the small militaries near Venezuela (Guyana/Suriname/French Guiana) are doing something right, but I don't know how true that is. Morocco allegedly has a pretty good military. While 'Straya's military is cucked, they consistently win against other first world countries in war simulations/military games, and the JSDF has recently been rapidly expanding operations. Myanmar's military has a decent amount of experience mass-killing sand niggers as well from what I've heard, but since they've largely gone uncontested there's not much to speak of in those regards. While they've been acting pussywhipped lately, Iran's military is allegedly on-par with most militaries twice/three times their size and has been rapidly filling the technology gap.
>>9124 Should Syrian Govt Army be counted in? Also, I've always been curious about wargames but I've never found some good documentary or resource about them outside of some stuff about asymmetrical warfare (with a cool as fuck map that would light different altitudes in real time as the sand used to represent the ground was lowered or risen). Got anything about them?
Open file (57.50 KB 474x699 no beer.jpg)
>>9073 >Quarantine has an attack power of 14 >CDC can be tapped to up that power to 29 >China modifier lowers attack to 9 >Still wiped off the face of the earth twice over Welp
>>9126 The Illuminati card game is legitimately good, you use secret money to power up your stuff. Too bad modern versions don't have the same level of fluff to their cards, like with triangles present in each graphic and funny blurbs of text here and there.
>>9122 No, I just had the .webm from long ago.
Open file (677.58 KB 320x564 tactical_bananas.mp4)
While obviously the number of infected is increasing, is there any information suggesting the disease rate of transmission/vectors are increasing or decreasing, /k/? When it comes to viruses, you have to consider how a difference of 0.25% increase or decrease in disease transmission can be the difference between adding or subtracting a zero from the total infected/death count a couple months out. I guess I could take the derivative of the total infected, but I only have charts/graphs, not actual solid numbers over time. It was mentioned that deaths were climbing linearly while infections were climbing exponentially still, but that doesn't really tell me anything other than confirming the Chinks are lying about the numbers.
>>9074 Hell Mongolia could go reclaim what the chinks call Inner Mongolia, the Viets could go off and nab back that thin strip they ceded in the 80's and you might see an independent Tibet. >>9011 They were receiving aid long before Vietnam and were pretty much industrialized by the time '73 rolled about. Considering the KMT looked at Occupied Japan and copied that right off the bat I wouldn't say interest took off after Vietnam.
>>9145 >is there any information suggesting the disease rate of transmission/vectors are increasing or decreasing Well when nearly every statistic is either an outright lie or unverifiable that's borderline impossible to obtain.
Open file (118.79 KB 661x633 76c.jpg)
Open file (104.67 KB 620x350 mongol-dress-uni1.jpg)
>>9149 >Mongolia could go reclaim With dress uniforms this sharp, how could they lose?
>>9169 I don't know if you're being sarcastic, but I'd take a flashy dress uniform like that over generic dark grey/navy blue/black jacket-pants combo to be perfectly honest.
Open file (3.49 MB 1416x2128 mongol-uni-notdress2.png)
>>9175 Nah, I genuinely think they're neat-looking. Their regular uniforms aren't terrible, either. I assume the pattern is something that suits the steppe or whatever is around there.
>>9180 It's designed around besieging Baghdad.
>>9014 Well fucking everyone can benefit from dying China if they try hard enough. I think russian industry could stand to benefit greatly from this if they played their cards right and if the epidemic spiraled even more greatly out of control in China. >>9029 >people are dying because of the flu >pigs are dying because of a different flu >fields are dying because of locust infestation >economy is dying because of all of above >crows are moving in >large proportion of chinks are superstitious <it's MANDATE OF THE HEAVEN-time >>9145 No one is providing any reliable data so, no.
>>9034 >chink army wears plastic helmets like I wore when I was 7 and playing army.
>>9189 Its one of their parade helmets. I guess they don't trust their regulars with the actual combat pots.
>>8580 >>8617 The numbers game on this is so absurd I can hardly believe it. >>8910 I can't wait either. I hesitate to say I'm grateful to witness this but I can't think of a better word.
>>9145 You should probably look into data prediction by some bigwigs from yesteryear and consider at least threefold the numbers they told you today and a tenth of the number they thought of in the simulation (since they did not take into account air travel coming to a halt). In other news, how would you divvy up China? I'm fairly sure that if it were to collapse, Japan, Taiwan and Korea would probably try and create their own version of the EU with the fallen pieces just to keep the mega country in check and forcing the states to be dependent of each other. It would be a scarily strong economic powerhouse. >>9169 >>9175 I mean, Mongols could invade SanFran and they would have the element of surprise Anyhow, rate my map autism for China's collapse
So how long till China realises how fucked it is and decides to use human wave tactics of corona victims to cough their lungs over their enemies in an effort to take everyone down with them?
>>9189 >>9190 China has hundreds of millions of young men with no jobs and no future prospects at all, many of them with college degrees. So, instead of letting them stew and think about how their government fucked up everything, they put them into mandatory military training programs. These programs consist of learning to march in parades, learning songs to sing at parades, and reading CCP propaganda to convince them why it's so important for them to march and sing to honor Glorious Leaders, but never to learn how to handle a gun or do any kind of real military training.
>>9196 Sounds like the Swedish military in a weird way
Listening to normalfaggots on the radio guage each others reactions to whether they should be wearing masks or not based on whether they see others wearing masks or not in public is hilarious. Fitting in is most important to them. You'll get made fun of for wearing the mask until others are too then you'll probably get made fun of for not wearing one at some point by the same people.
Open file (1.08 MB 1250x1103 china.png)
>>9192 Map thread? Map thread.
https://web.archive.org/web/20200213194700/https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidphelan/2020/02/12/mobile-world-congress-mwc-canceled-why-you-should-care/ >Mobile World Congress (MWC): World’s Biggest Phone Trade Show Is Canceled. Why You Should Care >Every February, the beautiful city of Barcelona is taken over by throngs of journalists, phone manufacturers, dealers and salespeople. It’s for the biggest cellphone trade show in the world, Mobile World Congress (MWC). >You can’t get a decent hotel room unless you book a year ahead. As you check out, you say, “Can I have that room again next year?” >But this year is suddenly different. The coronavirus, Covid 19, has meant that one by one, companies starting to drop out of exhibiting at Mobile World Congress. >LG went, then Sony, Intel and HMD Global, makers of Nokia Mobile handsets. Although some companies like Huawei and Oppo were defiant that they were still going, thank you very much, things finally changed today. The GSMA, organizers of Mobile World Congress, today announced the show’s cancelation. In a statement, they said: >“With due regard to the safe and healthy environment in Barcelona and the host country today, the GSMA has cancelled MWC Barcelona 2020 because the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances, make it impossible for the GSMA to hold the event.” Conferences are starting to be cancelled as major sponsors pull out.
Open file (375.77 KB 3320x1658 feb 16 infographic.jpg)
Open file (284.12 KB 1480x1280 showa era mushroom idol.png)
https://archive.fo/HO1Wt >Burgers getting evacuated from the Death Princess >Nips neglect to tell Burger officials of there being infected among the evacuees until the plane is about to take off >Burgers have to isolate the infected inflight >Tokyo Marathon cancelled What happening level are we on right now? I'd wager the Olympics getting cancelled triggering a massive global recession assuming Wall Street kikes somehow manage to pump enough worthless fiat into the market to pretend their stocks aren't in freefall until then would be a category 5 but things obviously haven't gotten that far yet.
Open file (70.98 KB 624x383 plane.jpg)
>Corona Panic: Immigration Authority will prohibit entry of foreign nationals from Asia >Fearing the virus would come to Israel, the government decided to close the gates to the citizens of Southeast Asian countries who had recently stayed there. Construction workers, agriculture workers and elderly care workers - these are the populations that will not be allowed to enter Israel this Thursday > >First publication: In light of the continued spread of the Corona virus around the world, the Population and Immigration Authority is expected to extend Monday's entry restrictions to Israel and close the state's gates to citizens of a number of Asian countries. Parallel to the new Health Ministry directive , which instructs every Israeli returning from Southeast Asian countries to stay in solitary confinement for two weeks, the new step will close the border crossings to the people of Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau. > >The exceptional entry ban, which is being coordinated by the Ministry of Health, will take effect this Thursday and will apply to both new foreign workers who are planning to come to Israel and workers returning from their countries of origin. The Immigration and Population Authority said that an official announcement would be made soon after a well-received letter was received from the Director General of the Ministry of Health. Original: https://web.archive.org/web/20200217125155/https://www.mako.co.il/news-israel/2020_q1/Article-7f63555ea525071027.htm Translation: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mako.co.il%2Fnews-israel%2F2020_q1%2FArticle-7f63555ea525071027.htm
>>9204 What if this was a sneaky Nip attempt at another Pearl Harbor using the Coronavirus?
https://invidio.us/watch?v=XOCmSenExOE Coronachan is actually coming from 5G.
>>9195 I'm fairly sure they're using the quarantine as a pretext to murderrape tons of undesirables. If they were smart about it though they'd remove the elderly ones first (fun fact the Chinese will have to pay exorbitant pensions some years down the line to all its retirees) instead of a bunch of youngster political dissidents. >>9196 True but in some cases a military experience is needed to gain certain political, economic and social ranks.So you get tons of greenhorns bribing their way into the army to just go through basic training and enlisting just to drop out.
Open file (68.47 KB 1108x483 STRONK.png)
>>9201 >It's getting worse Indescribable happiness. We'll all get to see this shitshow of a civilization come crashing down around us. And, once it's passed, there's a fair chance that at least some of us will have survived to rebuild civilization in our image, meaning whatever comes after will probably be less shit. >>9204 I'm waiting for the Olympics being cancelled to start ordering a holiday in Japan. Once prices collapse because of the plague, I'll be able to stay twice as long. Just gotta hope my superior European genes protect me from Corona-chan long enough to enjoy it.
>>9202 What are the chances of the E3 being cancelled too? A bunch of companies ain't going already.
Open file (721.22 KB 999x1017 A Nip in the bud.png)
Open file (99.05 KB 686x800 homosexual kamikaze.jpg)
>>9206 Nonsense, whito piggu-csama, go consume mole honolable ploduct, so sorry. >>9207 How many different ways are they going to claim that Corona-chan actually gets around? Are we already at six or seven? Bats, birds, air, bodily fluids, surfaces and now even on-line? >>9209 WE WILL LIVE IN PWOSPEWITY
>>9207 Saying stupidly (and incorrectly) oversimplified shit like this doesn't help one bit. 5G gives people AIDS which in turn makes them more vulnerable to any infectious disease. Coronavirus is still a bioweapon, 5G is just an immunity debuff field. Wuhan was the first and only 5G test site in China, the network went live early this year, right before the virus started spreading like crazy. The first infected people were confirmed sick in December. China was supposed to roll out 5G in 300 cities in 2020 but that project dramatically slowed down, officially because manufacturing plants are down or throttled to only a small percentage of their usual output. And half of the country's population is under quarantine so it's quite likely that installation techs are not allowed to just go around the cities and put up all the new antennas and lay the cablework. I wonder if CCP is actually going to just give AIDS to entire country anyway or if they're going to be the first large country that bans 5G.
>>9196 >College degrees You mean the ones they cheated all the answers for so no one outside China recognizes them?
>>9213 More info on this 5G == Immunodeficiency?
Open file (387.63 KB 1922x2530 hell or high water.jpg)
>>9209 It's probably a response to recent news of government subsidy to counteract the impact of the corona virus outbreak
>>9209 Chinese stocks are 95% controlled. What you're seeing is most likely government patsies buying stock to inflate the price so the CCP doesn't look worse than it already does.
>>9207 Does this mean that I can catch a computer virus now?
Open file (707.47 KB 368x640 used_mask_seller.mp4)
<Chinks selling used masks because why the bug not https://archive.fo/FHAT8 >Corona-chan begins landing operations in Yokohama https://archive.fo/PPtWI >baste Cambodians letting passengers from the recently docked Westerdam liner tour the Capital to fight racism while starting fires for free >>9207 >How many different ways are they going to claim that Corona-chan actually gets around? Are we already at six or seven? Bats, birds, air, bodily fluids, surfaces and now even on-line? Don't forget that Intel has loads of factories in China and is well known for designing great processors from a security standpoint.
>>9222 Didn't they shut down their cooperation with China? I mean, they could still buy parts shipped from Shenzhen to Vietnam and claim they're not Chinese, but still
>>9215 It's more than just 5G, more like radio waves in general and some people suspect electric grids as a whole, especially strong EM fields around transformers and electric engines. I can source some stuff and the rest is Soviet research that I heard of but it was never translated and only tidbits are available. And one anecdotal thing, but I spoke with a biologist employed by Polish Institute of Labor Protection in the department creating health and safety regulations. She said that both Polish and EU lawmakers had known for a long time that even old type of cell phones and radio towers caused previously unheard of types of tumors and there's plenty of research papers on it, only they're being consistently buried and ignored because modern economy relies too much on the wireless jew. At the time we spoke (2015) she also mentioned that she was reading quite solid papers from the US about EMF sensitivity in some people, and how WHO refuses to recognize it as a valid disease for the same economic reasons. Samuel Milham - Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization Paul Brodeur - Currents of Death Israeli research on how the pores in human skin function as antennae for microwave radiation: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/51394628_Human_Skin_as_Arrays_of_Helical_Antennas_in_the_Millimeter_and_Submillimeter_Wave_Range Skin as the largest endocrine organ (hormones do influence systemic health and immunity): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2836429/ Some citations from Soviet research and other stuff: https://engineeringresearch.org/index.php/GJRE/article/view/1106
>>9226 I feel so blessed that other than phone calls and the occasional message, I keep my phone constantly off the wifi and use ethernet cables even where it would be unnecessary. I never understood why would you remove a perfectly functional piece of technology for one that is faulty at best. Thanks for the sources, I'll give it a thought.
>Cambodia confirmed retarded >Woman traveling from the cruise ship in Cambodia to Malaysia is confirmed with Coronavirus http://archive.is/3zoJQ I have seen other articles where many of the people on the cruise liner act like entitled fucks. Either repeating the retarded line about the flu infecting more people or that they feel "fine" so there is nothing to worry about. Also the cruise line's idea of a health check is just checking for symptoms, so of course something like Coronavirus has most likely spread through the ship and now those dumbfucks have spread it across Cambodia and elsewhere.
>>9229 >many of the people on the cruise liner act like entitled fucks Cruiseships are full of boomers still stuck in the mindset that cruises are for the filthy rich important people and them affording one means they matter. Not only did Cambodia release disease throughout the world, it did something far worse: It unleashed hundreds of Karens. I'm hoping one country mans up and declares war over this, sending infected people to infect a country is an act of war and should be treated as such.
>>9230 >Not only did Cambodia release disease throughout the world, it did something far worse: It unleashed hundreds of Karens. >they all try to speak to the manager >entire chain of Cambodian command is disrupted because everyone got sick I don't believe this, China managed to weaponize boomers
I wonder if the US will try to lift sanctions on Iran so they can ship infected goods from the Gulf there.
>>9192 >pic God willing.
>>9202 >Although some companies like Huawei and Oppo were defiant that they were still going >Huawei cough.gif
>>9222 >tour the Capital to fight racism >it just a bunch of boomers >some people are using masks https://invidio.us/watch?v=CHVCPnrJZJQ heh
https://archive.is/D5gXE >WHO sends experts to assess the situation in China >they're not permitted to visit Wuhan as it would show the absolute state of the CCP's contaimnent efforts because experts say the government is winning and can't spare any men or interruptions for things that don't involve winning against Corona-chan I hope all these transnational traitor orgs pay with their own blood once things escalate. Any wageslave anons here at risk of getting fired due to the quarantine shutdowns? There's unverified rumors of smaller businesses starting to die as a result of Chinks stalling deliveries into oblivion.
>>9244 Currently unemployed strelok here, it made me abandon considering working at amazon or any other warehouses of that nature at all. I'll just focus on getting a welding certificate and take my pick of jobs when all the boomers in that field start retiring/dying off, fuck working for warehouses anyway. sage for blogpost
>>9244 I wonder if they thoroughly screened all these boomers before their city tour against hate. Seems quite high risk for a low payoff. Side note their written script is wild.
>went shopping >saw Asian man wearing a mask >I live on the East Coast Oh fuck me.
>>9248 Maybe it's a conspiracy by huntsman spiders to overthrow the government and start a worldwide animalist revolution together with emus now that mother nature is showing the filthy humans who's boss.
>>9250 What kind mask did you wear out? I'm still rocking only the N95 because I like to live dangerously.
>>9230 >Karens Go back to reddit, nigger.
>"DETECTED" CASES ► C: 71,445 ► D: 1,775 >LATEST 14:06: 2 new cases in Taiwan 13:40: 1 new case in Japan 12:10: 2 new cases in Singapore 08:58: 99 new cases on the Diamond Princess 00:59: 115 new cases and 5 new deaths in the rest of China 22:48: 1,933 new cases and 100 new deaths in Hubei >CHINA ► C: 70,552 ► D: 1,770 >WORLD ► C: 893 ► D: 5 Diamond Princess 454 Singapore 77 Japan 66 Hong Kong 57 Thailand 35 South Korea 30 Malaysia 22 Taiwan 22 Australia 15 Germany 16 Vietnam 16 United States 15 France 12 Macau 10 United Kingdom 9 Canada 8 UAE 9 Philippines 3 India 3 Italy 3 Russia 2 Spain 2 Nepal 1 Cambodia 1 Sri Lanka 1 Finland 1 Sweden 1 Belgium 1 Egypt 1 More: https://pastebin.com/raw/qy5RFpVX
>>9222 (nice trips bro) There's being a greedy cockroach selling worthless junk and then there's suicidal retardation. What the fuck is wrong with chinks? Don't they know basic hygiene?
>>9252 Haven’t gotten one yet because I live in a decently small town. I have some unused surgical masks from last year so I’ll use those unless things start getting bad.
>>9255 He doesn't care if the masks are infected because he isn't the one wearing them. That's how they are.
>>9257 He just wants to start the fire with masks
I told you guys that basic goods are going to become luxury items and there will be all out fights over them: http://archive.is/6jkys >Armed Thieves Steal Truckload Of Toilet Paper In Hong Kong Amid Worsening Shortage Of Basic Goods http://archive.is/CTpjN >US Firms In China Suffering "Severe Shortages Of Workers," Warn Virus Impact Hitting Supply Chains >A new poll via Shanghai's American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) discovered that 50% of US firms operating in China say shutdowns of factories have impacted their global operations due to the Covid-19 outbreak, reported Reuters. >US firms with severed operations in China are already working on contingency plans to rework their operations out of Asia and bring a more localized approach to sourcing parts. >dup btfo http://archive.is/xovIZ >a Department of Commerce study that found that 97 percent of all antibiotics in the United States came from China. >China is responsible for producing 40 percent of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the pharmaceutical world. >Additionally, China supplies 80 percent of key starting materials (KSM’s), which are the chemicals in APIs, to India. Put together, this represents 70 percent of all APIs across the world. >India’s generic drugmakers say they currently have enough API supplies from China to cover their operations for up to about three months. >India supplies nearly a third of medicines sold in the United States
>>9259 But being dependent on other countries is so cheap!
>>9259 They will just move their factories to the next third world sithole of choice
>>9259 >Chink pharma outsourcing How do Sanofi and BD fare in this regard? t. diabeetus
>>9262 They have to build them from ground up because China is the sole supplier of many parts and there often is only one factory in entire world that can produce specific components. Building all this stuff and training the crew can take a year or longer and there is no stockpiles of anything. Many companies are halting transport and imports from all of East Asia because pretty much every country outside of Best Korea is pozzed now.
>>9263 Rip.
>>9260 Why pay more to support your country when your neighbors don't even have anything in common with you. They could be from another ethnicity or speaking another language or are already planning their next move to greener pastures like an economic locust. Funny thing is nobody can agree on the cause or solution, but everyone recognizes the symptoms as terrible when they are effected. Something something tragedy of the commons.
>>9250 That's good news, spread it my way so I can take a road trip to DC.
Open file (23.88 KB 519x640 i got da beetus.jpg)
>>9263 shoulda called aarp
>>9263 What kind of diabeetus?
Open file (14.77 MB 640x480 Skeletal_Riot.webm)
>>9270 Type 1.
Open file (111.33 KB 1144x884 diabetes-usmap.jpg)
>>9271 >Not the Southern kind. Well, I suggest stealing from the fatties, then. Not like they can catch you if you're capable of a light jog.
Open file (47.32 KB 800x800 product_5522.jpg)
>>9029 >>9039 >Locusts >Crows >Pestilence of livestock What's next darkness for 3 days? >>9252 >>9256 I've got a Fernez Panoramic(pic related), brand new for a pretty good price, a shame it does not have a drinking system, but when Corona-chan reaches my country I wont go outside without it. A bunch of these showed up suddenly all over in Europa in surplus stores, it's pretty comfy for a gas mask, would recommend.
>>9263 >>9259 Unless you live in Deutschland, you're already dead. Fucking Germans and Chinks decided that they are the only ones allowed to respectively patent and produce medicine because MUH GLOBALISM MUH RESOURCES MUH SUPPLY AND DEMAND Fuck this shit, this clown world will literally prove isolationists right economically speaking. Environmentally and space faring wise no, we need group efforts, but on pretty much any other issue ever isolationism beats globohomo. >>9273 They already have blood rivers after all.
>>9273 >Fernez Panoramic Thanks strelok bought one, i took p filter because all i need is to filter particle right ? Didn't buy anything better because it's expensive as fuck
>>9274 >Unless you live in Deutschland So I'm not dead yet then? There are production facilities for Insulin and syringes here though I wonder how long they can keep themselves running once supply of Chink KSMs runs dry.
>>9244 We're legit running out of work right now because we fill a niche outsourcing market based within the US for ITAR-related reasons, and most of the shit customers give us comes out of China to be assembled here. Thankfully I'm able to work on the spaceflight US-components-only garbage so I my job is safe until the end of the summer at least.
>>9246 Boomers are already dying off in welding/HVAC. Electronics and auto repair is where it's at right now.
Open file (1.14 MB 1173x1173 ClipboardImage.png)
Day of the rake soon?
>>9259 >US firms with severed operations in China are already working on contingency plans to rework their operations out of Asia and bring a more localized approach to sourcing parts. If any of you niggers decide to work for those outsourced outsourcing firms, you deserve to be unemployed when shit stabilizes. Make sure to remind friends/family not to work for those niggers either, because as soon as they can locate a new intermediary to parasitize the US economy, they'll close those temporary factories down and ship it right back off to the third worlders.
>>9260 It actually is when you're in a beneficial/mutual trade relationship (1st world invests in 3rd world infrastructure, 3rd world provides 1st world with cheap goods freeing up the labor pool/talent pool/limited resources for other stuff). The issue is that the Chinks have turned that whole system on its head to double fuck the US by stealing the money for the infrastructure in the form of loans/currency manipulation so that there is no 1st world nation making their money back on their investments. There's no point in producing everything yourself and be stuck in the past when you can have other countries do the menial labor for you so that you can focus on higher endeavors (though such a system also falls flat on its face when they're war mongers like the US/Russia/France).
>>9263 'Betus drugs can be produced relatively easily from basically any local country. It will most certainly get more expensive though. >India supplies nearly a third of medicines sold in the United States They also supply all the death penalty drugs under various pseudonyms to the states because they're illegal to obtain at the federal level due to several medical laws, so it will be interesting to see how many governors are arrested for smuggling in about four months.
>>9264 With the amount of slaves "workers" Best Korea ships abroad, I very much doubt they haven't also been infected. Their state media would keep something like this extremely quiet though.
>>9274 America has the facilities to produce it, it's just too cheap for them to do it (right now). The same is true of most things. Europe might be buying a lot of things from America if this becomes significantly worse.
>>9282 With the degree of automation we have there's no need to outsource anything. The only reason so much shit is being constantly produced is planned obsolescence. It's perfectly possible to manufacture goods that would last you a lifetime, it's what western industries used to do up till WW2 though the early implementations date back to at least 1920s.
>>9278 Well I went with welding because there's plenty of jobs available/becoming available for it where I'm at. I need to learn some mechanics though, I'm clueless when it comes to vehicles.
Open file (242.68 KB 360x360 Wakuwaku 1.gif)
>>9278 Ill be ready to work in the HVAC industry come this fall, pretty exited.
Open file (5.67 MB 1625x914 yacxqai4.bmp)
>>9288 You got that exactly right. Planned obsolescence is something completely overlooked in industry. But it's kept well hidden because essentially it is a crime/sabotage, since the user did nothing wrong, and what makes it even worse is when these same (((people))) have eroded our workplaces to be left expropriated and left defunct so that these faggots can make an extreme nonsensical profit by abusing literal slaves who live in animal-like conditions. And they've made it almost impossible to reasonably dodge it. I mean It's only to be expected when we have rootless disgusting capitalists obsessed about margins to control our corporations. It's an all pervasive problem. But for some reason no one talks or discusses it. Not even the lefties with "muh yuman rights" rock brand new iphones built by literal slave hub factories like Foxconn, because they don't actually know anything or give a fuck, they just eat up what's preconceived for them like pavlovian dogs. Fuck that and fuck shit like pic related. It's abhorrent.
>>9294 >remove ability to fix stuff >make stuff designed to break >boomer shitheads tax manufacturers to unprofitability and want to buy cheap shit so they can keep their jobs reinstalling stuff
Open file (34.65 KB 500x333 large.jpg)
>>9297 I remember when iSlave phones were actually decent had a 3gs for over 8 years because the phone couldn't be (((updated))) on the the hardware, it died just because it got crushed. Early ipod still works too kek Lol @ these fags who keep buying iPhones and get fucked in the ass with updating it etc, i told people about this early to not update before it went "mainstream" but nah some would and they'd complain, mfw when i mocked them. And I still do. People can be so retarded. This is of coruse not counting the chips which probably have planned obsolescence as well( more than ever now)
>>9294 >>9288 >Planned obsolescence You fags are paranoid. I have no doubt the shittier companies do it, but plastic shit was never built to last as long time in the first place. "Planned obsolescence" is just building a device with a planned life cycle based on factors of production. The shit apple does against right to repair is criminal, but "using no clean flux because it's cheaper even though it will eventually corrode the electronics a few years down the line" isn't "planned obsolescence. If a smartphone was built to class III soldering standards, you'd be looking at $7,500 for the Galaxy S10 instead of $750.
Open file (1.06 MB 2576x2560 ncird.jpg)
Fake News?
>>9299 I actually think the main planned obsolesence is in the software. You have a perfectly good Apple hardware device but they arbitrarily won't let you update the software past a certain version. Then they increase the minimum version requirement for all apps in the app store so all the apps that used to work don't work anymore when you try to launch them. It's a forced march forward.
>>9299 Look at this lightbulb that has been on for a hundred years >centennialbulb.org I wonder how much a new lightbulb would cost if they all lasted longer than the people who bought them.
Open file (9.14 MB 640x360 get around.mp4)
>>9299 I literally work in electronics manufacturing and have upper management discussing how to implement it. You are retarded. Electronics pricing aside from the cheapest of shit isn't based around the cost of goods sold, but the function provided. Apple shit is sold at something like ten times the cost of manufacturing and making electronic hardware that isn't shit is not that expensive. If QC testing outside of putting a green fucking sticker on the case and washing your boards is so expensive as to be unprofitable, you deserve to be bankrupt for running your business like shit.
>>9299 Take an old example faggot, Thomas Edison invented commercially viable light bulbs circa 1880. These early, incandescent bulbs, the Centennial Light included relied on carbon filaments rather than the tungsten that came into widespread use almost 30 years later. A Part of the reason the "Centennial Light" has persevered so long, is because its carbon filament is eight times thicker and thus more durable than the thin, metal wires in later incandescent bulbs. http://www.centennialbulb.org/cam.htm 115 year lasting light bulb manufactured with 1902 technology.. and now look 118 years later. No big deal right? Of course manufacturers realized that (((altering))) the technology in Edison’s original design and others was a good way for them to increase their profit margins. >In the past, most products weren't designed to last as long as possible https://www.euractiv.com/section/sustainable-dev/news/academics-probe-built-in-obsolescence-of-fridges-notebooks/ >>9301 >Physical chip obsolescense >"We set up a security analysis framework by aging the Network-on-Chip (NoC) to study planned obsolescence by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). An NoC is the communication backbone in a manycore System-on-Chip (SoC). Planned obsolescence may adopt any vulnerability in the NoC to cause the SoC to fail. We show how an OEM can craft workloads to generate electromigration-induced stress and crosstalk noise in TSV-based vertical links in the NoC to hasten failure. We analyzed three malicious workloads and confirm that a crafted workload that injects 3-10% more traffic on to a few selected critical vertical links can shorten the lifetime of the NoC by 11%-25% averaged over the benchmarks considered in this work. " https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/8512162/authors >"using no clean flux because it's cheaper even though it will eventually corrode the electronics a few years down the line" isn't "planned obsolescence. A cellphone manufacturer can decide to use parts in its phones that have a maximum lifespan of five years, instead of parts that could last 20 years. Which is completely attainable for a little price increase as a whole-sale purcahser, not 7k$ vs 750$. That's just fucking retarded.
>>9306 Funny, I literally work in electronics manufacturing and you're full of shit. Apply shit is an entire book of "what not to do as a company," but you aren't paying for QC testing/washing specifically, you're paying for the proper company to do it at a reasonable price point. The number I stated would be considered cheap as shit for class III and if you are too fucking retarded to realize that you don't deserve to be in this industry.
>>9305 I wonder how popular Corona chan is in China? They love anime and she's so darn cute. It's like the perfect subversive propaganda against them. And it's all? emergent content.
>>9300 (checked) Maybe, maybe not. To be perfectly honest, I don't think it's entirely unwise to try and keep this information under wraps, because people will start to lose their shit. Frankly, I'm much more concerned about how the average person would react under the pressure of this kind of crisis, rather than the disease itself. My inclination is to say that the caps in question are a bunch of hokey, but this is the Berenstain timeline so who the fuck knows.
>>9314 Do you work with silicon at all? Made me think of some of those processor backdoors, and now I wonder if we'd have enough Streloks here for a dedicated state actor cyber warfare thread. Assuming it's on topic enough for the board when there's a /tech/ and it's not too spooky to discuss
>>9301 Yes, and stuff Apple does is borderline criminal so I'm not terribly surprised. >>9303 Pulling that much of a vacuum on a lightbulb is expensive. It can be done, but it's not a fun time. That's the sort of shit you'd expect to spend a couple hundred on for a projector/X-ray machine. Even among those vacuum lightbulbs, the centennial bulb is an exception to the rule. >>9307 The carbon filament is why it's stayed up so long, but the vacuum pulled on it has a much larger effect. >Which is completely attainable for a little price increase as a whole-sale purcahser, not 7k$ vs 750$. I was quite rude down below since I just woke up, but that's just not feasible. We're not talking Apple shit where they stamp every fucking IC so that they can claim used ICs are "counterfeits" on custom forms, we're talking where a $0.02 increase in price comes out to a couple tens of thousands/hundreds of thousands of dollars difference in manufacturing costs because of building in bulk. Contrary to popular belief, solder DOES NOT behave properly just because you used a uniform and a consistent machine for both placement and reflow. Sanmina ran into this shit for 30 years before shipping their production off to Malaysia/China. Even with state-of-the-art QC methods you still need a Certified IPC Specialist to inspect the boards if you want to slap a Class II sticker on it, let alone a class III. Then you have to choose between throwing out the bad shit (ALL Lost $) or reworking it (potentially MORE Lost $) when the product runs perfectly fine other than having a two 0402 resistors that are less than 70% on the pad or some other fuckery, and that doesn't even get into the economics of lead-free (shit) solder and how it fucks with inspection machinery to the point where you almost need a second set of eyes looking at it. Holy fuck, anon. My facility is literally the outsourcing facility in America and we couldn't fucking produce this shit for the price points you're having wet dreams about.
>>9317 I sell propane and propane accessories program the machine to populate basically every server board that's had a Made in America tag slapped on it west of Missouri in the last 5 years as well as several military projects that I'm not at liberty to speak about populate prototype boards and small-quantity Class II/Class III PCBs on the cheap. Especially in the case of stuff like the server motherboards that are powering Disney's streaming service or the TSA's X-ray machines. No, I can't sabotage those even though I really wanted to.
Open file (602.42 KB 932x953 1581164293694.png)
>>9300 You serious? They clearly know each other by name, Nancy is talking about hisr kids probably as acquaintances or colleagues. People working in the CDC aren't some spooks or glowniggers(although they are gov) most of them are just normal people with normal lives. Not mega zogbots or anything right? (Although lol intentionally limiting info is quite glowniggerlike, people would literally be more reassured and safe by being told just to wear MASKS which we are not.) Paradoxically limiting information will literally just cause more infected. And old fucking boomer whores like Nancy are fine with that, just as long as they know what to do personally (((internally))) "one law for you one for me goy" type shit. But why are they are being told to keep it under wraps specifically. Why? I can't see any other reason than POSSIBLY economic. One thing is sure they are for sure trying to prevent panic lol. But making it worse at the same time. Media keeps talking about the most obscene ridiculous alarmist shit(which are mostly lies) all day but they won't even touch this real juicer of a hitpiece and just shut up about it. There is for sure some wierd shit going on.
>>9320 ** >But why are they are being told to keep it under wraps specifically. Why? I can't see any other reason than POSSIBLY economic. Or possibly that they want it to happen*
>>9320 Disease control groups are infamous for not being forthright with infection information in most cases because they're aware that people freak the fuck out and in many cases they don't want to have to testify before congress or otherwise deal with the press constantly bugging them. It also goes back to the whole "one law for you, one for me" crap you mentioned. It's the same reason if you ever ask a police officer's children if it's ok to talk to the police, they'll shake their heads/tell you not without a lawyer because what their parents tell you and what their parents tell them are two completely different things.
>>9320 >Media keeps talking about the most obscene ridiculous alarmist shit(which are mostly lies) all day but they won't even touch this real juicer of a hitpiece and just shut up about it. Because it doesn't serve their agenda and because they're probably under gag order.
>>9323 Ah, this reminds me. Anon has to keep in mind that most news media all pulls from the same five sources for international news of any sort. Of those, I think four of them have vested interests in China while the fifth one is run by a bunch of slimy bastards anyways who'd accept bribes to stay quiet.
Open file (325.14 KB 700x901 1580767200907.png)
>>9318 Good info anon but are you seriously a believer of that while we can reliably produce affordable-for-mainstream sub 12NM microprocessors but we can't still do simple soldering in a phone PCB? You do realize how ridiculous that sounds right? That is implying as planned obsolescence is just soldering, which it isn't. Yes Apple has notoriously shit soldering, this is a common "feature", discussing if that's intentional or not from a mega corp is a given, but in such big businesses everything is scrutinized before to an extreme degree to the point where believing it's not intentional is silly. Not to mention their (((updates))) obviously. But what about the other companies? They're not so different in many regards. In addition American customers have literally no consumer rights as a big market, unlike other countries perpetuating this, maybe they ship more duds, sub pars, and P-O cucked products to such countries, we may never know. But it's a widespread problem regardless. > we're talking where a $0.02 increase in price comes out to a couple tens of thousands/hundreds of thousands of dollars difference in manufacturing costs because of building in bulk. The total profit margins still make up for that 0.2% anytime though. It comes down to a willful ignorance that is beneficial directly lucrative. Why invent some new process when you can Jew the fuck out of people with something that looks good and "just works X intended years lifespan" until the poor fuck "consumer" needs to buy new because they made it so that he literally cannot himself have a choice repair it without having either studied, or electronics engineer. They eliminated that option of self repair even in cars now because they know their product is sub par by design and that would circumvent profit generation of Planned Obsolescence where it's literally now expected your product will fail within X year(s). The iphone is made by literal slaves at foxconn paid 300 USD per month BEFORE deductions. The chips are mostly made by the same slaves as well working for even more of a nothing in some shithole where working for suicide net foxcon is considered "a prestige", nearly all components everywhere in electronics, even in "made in america, X" come from some kind of chink or third world slave labour. They are whole sale purchasers. But Whatever this was about Ncov.
>>9325 >Good info anon but are you seriously a believer of that while we can reliably produce affordable-for-mainstream sub 12NM microprocessors but we can't still do simple soldering in a phone PCB? Microprocessors are generally just lines of transistors, and transistors are made by doping large blocks of silicone with an arsenic (and... Galium?) infused laser. It's a completely different process. Reliable machines that can solder stuff smaller than an 0402 tend to be very, very expensive, and either rely on a different expensive machine placing it on-point or microfine tips which get equally pricey. >The total profit margins still make up for that 0.2% anytime though. While a slightly more extreme example, Sam's club operates on a 1% profit margin and Wal-Mart operates on a 2% profit margin. That means for every $1 worth of product sold, they make roughly $0.02 on it. Many factories work on similar profit margins. Apple is shit, we've been over this. I support Right to Repair, but I don't support the idea that it should be on the company's end to make all their electronics medical-grade or higher. Fun fact, server boards are built to a higher class than medical equipment most of the time.
Open file (7.99 KB 220x241 SMT_Sizes.png)
>>9326 That's 0402 IMPERIAL by the way. Pic related. I generally work with Imperial 0603/0402/0201 components (though we've gotten chucklefucks who wanted 01005 parts and paid the extra 0 on the pricetag for being niggers).
>>9327 If the manufacturing methods currently available are inherently difficult to get reliable soldering out of, why not allow people to go back to leaded solder fuck off EU and use larger resistors?
So I know the regular surgical masks aren’t worth a darn but what type of mask will actually work? Will a gas mask work?
>>9329 They honestly should, but we're at the whims of college graduates about 60% of the time who don't understand the term "real estate" and at the whims of fucking Indians and boomers the other 40% of the time who think that just because they can make it smaller, it HAS to be made smaller. In regards to lead, I wish everyone would go back to lead. Lead is so much nicer to work with and it's the only reason I prefer the shitty military circuitboards over the other stuff. Funnily enough, a lot of German companies have started going back to using lead for their prototypes.
>>9331 A regular surgical mask will work just fine because the virus still has to travel on particulate. Spray the mask with alcohol or DI water before leaving the house and you're golden. The point where you need a full respirator is the point where you're going to get it from direct skin contact.
>>9332 I am the other electronics anon you btfo earlier. I guess some of the confusion I've had with your describing of Class II/III being so expensive is because the products I work with don't go below 0805 imperial, so a lot of the QC load isn't hard to meet. Our overall production isn't super high so making sure everything is inspected and passes before shipping is still profitable.
>>9334 Ah, I see where the confusion comes into play. It's all good, bro. Most people don't even know what I'm talking about with this sort of stuff so I usually have to ramble for a whole paragraph to get to the point of what I'm talking about the stuff I want to talk about. Yeah for 0805 stuff, for sure they should be able to build it to higher standards and I'm regularly disgusted when I dissect burnt-out electronics at home to see the chink-tier shit inside.
>>9335 To get to the point where I can talk about what I want to talk about*
Man, I wish we could work with 0805 stuff as the norm instead of as the exception to the rule. I'm kind of jealous now since my bosses are sticklers for picking up every stupid project that comes in the door. I can't stand when I get a 2mm pitch cut tape with 12 parts on it and we're building 10 boards, and the tape it cut below the notch so you have to take like 2-3 parts off just to load it on a feeder.
>Oh boy, I can’t wait to see the corona virus thread and see what happened over night </tech/ niggers derailing the thread and won’t fuck off
>>9349 Rude. Tech hates anything hardware-related. There's not much to discuss with it until more information trickles in to tell us about how fucked everything is.
Open file (1.32 MB 1920x1080 KHUyaf.jpg)
Anyone willing to share a site that sells quality 40m filters in bulk? If this shit persists I have a feeling if it hasn't already started that they're going to be getting bought up quickly. Anyone already building corona virus decon kits please share as well. I know basic shit like face protection and hand protection/sterilization, but any aerosols/hazmat suits to recommend?
>>9331 Don't listen to >>9333 he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Get a respirator with a p3 or p100 filter(basically any military filter will work fine regardless of expiration cause you only need the particle filter part), either full face or combine it with swimming glasses because you can get infected through your eyes. The best way to avoid infection is still self-isolation though.
>>9353 >sells quality 40m filters in bulk? You're looking too hard. One word: Industrial.
Open file (4.99 MB 2531x1965 ClipboardImage.png)
>silicone autism Forgive me if this sounds like a dumb question but is it even feasible to revert silicone fabrication and QC standards to an affordably autistic middleground as in, picrel-tier reliability in CY+5? Current sub-10nm fabrication processes for cattlecore CPUs and SoCs have very low yields compared to their predecessors, given that manufacturers gradually stopped giving a fuck about longterm reliability in favor of short term shekels decades ago I wonder if shit may be fucked even without Lenovo's suicidal Thunderbolt firmware and the like. t. doesn't work in the semiconductor industry
https://archive.is/ajsZ7 >Nurgle set to reopen casinos in Macau since there weren't any new cases and everything is fine https://archive.is/gbOB8 >Burger madlad walks outta "quarantine" in Cambodia, flies back to the US with a quick stop in the UAE >US customs&border patrol knew about him but let him go since he wasn't in China and everything was fine https://archive.is/NfyOg >88 new cases on the Death Princess incl. some boomers who were making vlogs to calm people down, infected are reportedly coughing stronger
>>9357 >the chinese not allowed to scavenge through trash like a racoon. lel
>>9357 At this point it looks like they're writing off the whole city of Wuhan and waiting for everybody there to die from either the virus or starvation. They should have done that from day 1, just firebomb the city and kill everyone before they spread it to the rest of China. 10 million insects out of more than a billion isn't that much to sacrifice.
>>9359 tbh thats what they should have done to the chinese thousands of years ago.
>>9357 So... they're ordering their people to stay inside to starve and they're actually doing it? No riots no nothing? They really are a bugmen hivemind.
>>9361 My sister shown me some video where building admins were barring the individual apartment doors. And we had one posted earlier where they were welding the main entrances shut. Chink idea of protesting so far was just setting themselves on fire or jumping from 20th story.
>>9359 Thing is I wonder if they can contain their Suiyang-tier writeoffs to Wuhan or at least Hubei province, Corona-chan has spread throughout all of China and if the CCP has to kill cities like Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shanghai which they might soon as the numbers of dead and infected there have been on a steady rise they will perma-nuke their economy and lose the mandate of heaven in the eyes of the average middle class college educated peasant with Western business connections. And even if the CCP manages to weld all protestors to quarantine zones they'll be extremely weakened due to all the doctors, soldiers, policemen, party officials and whatnot coughing to death with China's regional neighbours out for blood and shekels to fix their failing globohomo economies.
Anyone here Chinese? How you feeling about all this?
>Man Runs Ultra Marathon in Apartment as China Fights Virus >“I felt a little dizzy at first, but you get used to it after you circle many times,” Pan told AFP by telephone from Hangzhou, near Shanghai. https://web.archive.org/web/20200218152054/https://www.breakingasia.com/news/man-runs-ultra-marathon-in-apartment-as-china-fights-virus/
>On the cruise ship “Diamond Princess”, which is under quarantine in Japan, the number of detected infections with the novel coronavirus has again increased significantly. > >The virus was detected in 88 other people on the ship, Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato announced on Tuesday. According to the report, 65 of them showed no symptoms of respiratory disease Covid-19. An astounding 542 infections on the ship have been detected. That is by far the most cases in a place outside of China. https://web.archive.org/web/20200218152640/https://nationoverload.com/the-number-of-detected-corona-infections-on-diamond-princess-cruise-ship-increases-drastically/
If you live in an apartment block with central air, and Wuhan Flu can be airborne transmitted, is that a significant risk vector? I don't know much about HVAC.
>>9276 Stockpile on meds then >>9279 The rake is too good for them >>9282 In addition to this, the Chinks have performed the same kind of deal that unfair competition lawsuits are made of but on a national level, in that they purposefully bankrupted themselves just to get as cheap prices as possible and fuck over all other industries. But this is the fault of globohomo, you cannot trust to have just a single point of failure in your supply chain. >>9294 The problem isn't planned obsolescence, it's the fact that it's 1) hidden for no discernible reason when it should be on the fucking licensing and 2) to this day the Right to Repay is so taboo that the companies behind shitphones will ree at you trying to even take the damn battery out. Why else are all modern phones and laptops impossible to pry open unless you literally destroy the casing, rendering the warranty void? Anyhow, currently using a Sony phone, damn good brand all things considered but it may just be because no one else is buying them, much like the Nokias.
>>9368 this is fucking insane.
>>9299 >but plastic shit was never built to last as long time in the first place It's not just the quality of the materials, it's the code most phones are running off of that is built to shit the bed after a certain amount of time it's being used, and that is if it's not bloated after updates, in some cases forcefully so. >>9305 Excellent but you missed some important ones I think, like the security guard having a seizure. >>9301 The only place that consistently gets bad on purpose is the camera. The battery, you can sort of justify it since they're built to fast-recharge. But it's such a travesty that you're not allowed to find replacements without killing a warranty.
Open file (1.13 MB 1920x1080 2020_olympics.jpg)
>>9368 I can't even tell anymore if this is supposed to be CCP propaganda or just a chinaman going stir crazy. >>9369 It's time to rename the ship into Pestilent Princess and change the flag to the threefold circle of Papa Nurgle.
>>9372 Restless wagie syndrome. Slav normalfags who are forced into early retirement or prolonged leaves do similar things, constantly loitering around their flats, senselessly moving things from one place to another and then back. >Pan ran 30 kilometers on the spot in his bathroom and live-streamed it to inspire others So this is the power of 5G.
Open file (11.34 MB 1280x720 wuhan_food_delivery.webm)
Open file (2.86 MB 1280x720 body bags china.webm)
Open file (2.84 MB 368x640 1580678076226.webm)
>>9376 Hey that's actually pretty smart. How much you wanna bet only party members get this treatment?
>>9374 Communists go absolutely bananas when they're about to collapse. Gorbachev shot that terrible Pizza Hut ad that was basically the US flexing on them. I think the Czech communist govt had it worst though, with them believing rock bands were terrorists.
>>9376 >The Chinese discovered the mystical Panaro three hundred years after the Italians ebigo
If Corona-chan has greater lethality on Bugs than Whites would Kazakhstan help Uyghurs break out of reeducation camps and declare independence? They are one of the whiter muslim ethnicities after all.
>>9381 no, fuck mudslimes scum. Kill all the men, women and children, especially the children.
>>9379 >the Czech communist govt had it worst What? Nigger, they're still in power here.
>>9275 where did you bought it and for how much?
>>9376 >send the trash down
https://archive.is/CHxg5 How long until the Chink propaganda machine coughs with no survivors? Corona-chan will infect 50 cent warriors sooner or later if she hasn't already unless they are working from self-quarantined NEET caves or military bunkers.
>>9389 Amazon 50euro.
Open file (9.54 KB 214x200 1437197784792.jpg)
>>9357 >mfw coughing stronger >>9368 China will grow larger.
>>9391 The NEETs must leave their rooms sooner or later :^)
Open file (44.73 KB 680x436 bat-soup2.jfif)
>>9368 His downstairs neighbors must love him.
>>9391 Lying msm faggots, 50centers are just disposable useful idiots who will be discarded at a moment's notice in true commie doctrine. Anyway imagine eating/killing an animal like this, it looks like a little miniature dog and eats fruit. Not implying this is a cause for the disease, which it as now evidenced by the analyzed virus shows isn't. Only a moron would believe it's more likely that a zoonotic bat virus would suddenly would have sars/aids and other unrelated never seen before genetic imprints, in an "influenza" virus. It's impossible for those proteins to remain unaltered if the mutation was "natural" as they claim.
Open file (155.48 KB 1455x889 1580406872701.jpg)
Open file (157.88 KB 589x566 1580416176709.png)
Open file (387.41 KB 495x739 1580378966572.png)
Open file (563.33 KB 1296x1209 1580373843090.jpg)
>>9398 Another highlight that i forgot to mention was that this virus has been successfully treated with AIDS medication in American university(for a flu virus lmao) Leaks of bioweapons deliberate or not do happen, in many cases they are never admitted to unless enough people start to have health problems or die, china in this case will never admit it. I just don't get why they expect brainlets to believe it's not a Sverdlovks incident or perhaps even another porton down. If given enough consideration a destabilizing event may be very convenient for globohomo jews not regarding the economy of course, but their paper money is an artificial machine at this point, we already found out that the the jewish dual citizen and Israeli prized researcher Charles Lieber was in charge of setting up one of the Wuhan laboratories and in addition he has been involved in recruiting for a global chinese spy ring to steal infectious agents and has since been arrested by the FBI for this. In any case Bioweapons are an laissez-faire, Inconspicuous way to overthrow/destabilize governments. Seeing as how the media(also jewish controlled) downplays the concern in favour of globohomo narrative is also concerning. I don't think anyone should underestimate how crazed and neurotic jews actually are.
>>9368 It’s amazing how the BBC camera men can get so deep into insect hives and film an individual worker drone scurry about like that. Their news section might be utter shit but the documentaries they put out for BBC earth are fantastic.
>>9404 Nigger, he filmed himself, please quarantine yourself.from the genepool.
>Detected Cases / Deaths ►73,434 / ►1,874 >China ►72,437 / ►1,869 >Rest of the world ►997 / ►5 >LATEST 13:10: 8 new cases in Japan 12:00: 4 new cases in Singapore 10:00: 88 new cases on the Death Princess Death Princess 542 Singapore 81 Japan 73 Hong Kong 61 Thailand 35 South Korea 31 Malaysia 22 Taiwan 22 Australia 15 Germany 16 Vietnam 16 United States 15 France 12 Macau 10 United Kingdom 9 Canada 8 UAE 9 Philippines 3 India 3 Italy 3 Russia 2 Spain 2 Nepal 1 Cambodia 1 Sri Lanka 1 Finland 1 Sweden 1 Egypt 1
>>9406 I want dara about honorary niggers. nigeria.
>>9405 It’s okay strelok, we can’t all have super-60 IQs.
What kind of air-tight safety goggles do Streloks recommend? Also, how do I get my 3M respirator to stop making fart noises when I breathe? I think it already messed up my chances with one girl.
>>9404 Their documentaries are pure soy, kill yourself.
>>9410 May your day be filled with sunshine and joy
Open file (24.37 KB 400x465 good-job-horse1.jpg)
>>9408 >>9412 If it's any consolation, at least one of us got the joke.
https://archive.is/a0iLA >6000 surgical masks stolen from nipponese hospital Not sure if autism or desperation. Don't tell me Nippon is underreporting cases too...
>>9406 >>9408 >>9412 >>9413 Fuck i can't read
Open file (90.88 KB 680x1365 1580623829715.jpg)
>>8580 Meanwhile in clown world
>>9420 Should've included a reference to normalfaggots saying its racist to worry about it.
>>9417 Maybe it was stolen by the chinks that reside in nipstan.
>>9420 Proofs? All those fake numbers have been debunked. Everything is fine.
>>9421 Thanks I already have half-masks though so looking for googles to go with them
>>9409 Would you mind explaining your master plan in regards for preventing virologically unwelcome material from being carried to your home and living quarters in your clothes? >>9417 Well look at all the previous disaster control or reporting from Japan. Ofcourse they are going to under-report it initially.
>>9273 I have a Czech CM3 mask, (bought 2 polish NATO filters on eBay which were fucking expired but still sealed [early 2000’s I think.]) the mask fits alright but it’s not very comfortable, I think it says it’s a size 3 which I believe is supposed to be medium but I suspect it might be a small. It may just be my face since I am fairly Nordic looking and the mask is designed for slav faces. Anyone have any recommendations for me? I want a modern gas mask with side filter, not front or cheek filters as cheek filters are shit and front filters get in the way. I’m thinking the Swedish Forsheda A4 but it’s hard to find the military models and the civilian ones don’t have drinking straws. The German M2000 is a front filter which is outdated imo. Pano lense would be nice but not necessary, also cost is a factor. The British Avon S10 is supposed to be one of the best but I’m just not sure. Maybe I’ll check the Kommando store, I think they got a bunch of surplus masks recently.
>>9430 Also forgot to ask if those expired filters will work against Corona-Chan? The particle filter shouldn’t ever expire but can the filter be used for weeks since it’s not actually gas or chemicals I’m dealing with?
Why is China running out of toilet paper? Is that something we should be stocking up on a bit? I already have enough food for a month or two in case of shortages and could easily stretch that out to another month on top of that.
>>9432 >less advanced than pajeets Just use your non dominate hand and then rub that in anti bacterial sand.
>>9429 I don't have a great plan for that, except for to strip down clothing in the threshold after going out and to minimize contact in the first place. I also sanitize my hands when I get back. I'm already only going out 3 times a week for the most essential errands. Although you mentioning this has given me the idea to go to the grocery store in the least busy hours.
>>9429 Not that anon, but... >disposable gloves >disposable poncho with hood/scrubs >disinfectant spray bottle >hand sanitizer >hightened proprioseptive awareness to your surroundings >limiting exposure to people to as little as possible
I hope anons are keeping their gas tanks full and catching up on most critical backlog of errands to get them through the next few months
>>9436 Why not just wear a rigid CBRN with SCBA, with an airlock into your house which the suit attaches to on the back allowing you to enter your house without ever touching the outside of your suit and without even having the suit enter you house? Basically the concepts for Mars/moon space suits to prevent fish from being tracked in.
>>9431 As long as you don't have a funny taste in your mouth you'll be fine.
>>9439 Why not indeed
>>9436 >disposable gloves Genius. I bet this will go a long way and keep my hands from drying the fuck out from using hand sanitizer in the winter
How are customer face wagecucks dealing with this? I could see employers discouraging their employees from wearing the mask if it scares customers. Seems like a raw deal. Also I feel bad for health workers like doctors and nurses. This is going to hit them hard.
>>9445 Healthcare pros are probably wearing masks already.
Open file (104.47 KB 1280x986 download (3).jpg)
>>9430 Maybe look into the Belgian BEM-4GP, its pretty unique in that the filter can be rotated from one side to the front to the other side. A good batch of these showed up with the fernez ones as well(at least in Hungary) >>9431 >particle filter shouldn’t ever expire but can the filter be used for weeks The only thing that could happen is they clog up with dust, but a filter sock should delay it if you are worried.
>>9432 That SHTF guide from Bosnia mentioned stocking up on loads of toilet paper and paper towels because they run out much faster than you'd think. I'd also say it's good to have baby wipes, it can spare you a lot of toilet paper. For wiping things other than your bum or nose, some countries also sell much cheaper cellulose swabs and pads. It's harsher than regular paper and it has mostly medical uses, dentists and surgeons use it a lot.
Open file (851.02 KB 684x1604 clowns.png)
>>9423 Here you go
>>9450 I thought the masks that had female 40 mm adapters on either side and a plug for the one not in use (unless you want two filters) were seven enough, I’ll look into it though, it looks a lot like the German M2000 but with a pano lens. >a good batch of these showed up with the fernez ones as well(at least in Hungary) Shit, I was just in Budapest last week, would have been much cheaper. Was thinking of waiting until I got back home but will have to check when I go to Danzig, I’m in Mongolia now and then the Baltic states which should all be much more pricey. Helsinki is sad, been here for 4 hours and saw more niggers, gooks, poos, and shitskins in my 30 minute train ride and 10 minute walk than I did in 4 days in the Ukraine. But thanks anon, will have to look up reviews on that one, is that the drinking straw underneath?
>>9382 Imagine being this kike-pilled lmao
https://archive.is/r5EZG >P*tin bans all Bugpeople from entering Russia CHINA WILL GROW LARGE On to more practical discussions, how can one expect the /k/askade to play out? Which economic sectors will see major layoffs/declare bankruptcy first, which goods will first become scarce and which major nation aside from the PRC will descend into war first? I'm betting Saudi Arabia for the latter as their economy hasn't exactly been in top condition and their repeated failures against Houthi madmen have put the reliability and safety of any oil investments there under scrutiny not to mention all the degenerate princes aggressively competing for the bestest administrative positions at Aramco and the Saudi military to the point of assassinating or otherwise removing one another.
>>9465 Seems like the board has got some astroturf niggers recently lol
>>9468 Is it worth trying to run this through a plague inc. simulation?
>>9474 How horrifying. Spoiler that shit
>>9470 六四天安门广场大屠杀 6月4日天安门广场大屠杀 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 劉曉波动态网自由门
Open file (1.41 MB 720x514 5q878vji.bmp)
>>9417 Maybe it was koreans, chinks or yakuza.
>>9398 Are bats docile creatures when raised?
>>9482 they are as docile as any creature as long as you don't try to it alive like chinks
>>9485 eat it alive*
Open file (889.18 KB 336x720 1580277846707.webm)
Open file (1.09 MB 368x640 D6Z7F2b4B8OQVNkR.mp4)
I wish I knew the context for the first two. At this rate they might reach Baltimore levels this week.
Open file (968.26 KB 817x537 1412951556530.png)
>>9354 >he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. No, you're just being sensationalist and trying to meme a bunch of Streloks into running around with expensive party masks because ultimately good hygiene is going to protect you more than a Bane mask. Coronavirus is spread via droplets of fluid produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It CAN spread through contact through surfaces, but that's because people are disgusting and wipe their slobber on their hands/arms and then touch things, creating a micro-aquatic environment on the surface of stuff. This is the same reason tardigrades can live on a blade of grass or in the desert even though they're an aquatic species. A surgical mask uses a tri-fold design that generally effectively filters particles as small as 200nm. Keep in mind that's a clean, freshly worn mask. The main benefit of a surgical mask is that those infected cannot effectively aerosolize the viral particles if they are stopped by a surgical mask, but that's not the only benefit. >But Coronavirus is ~125nm in diameter! Yes, and it has to travel through a liquid vector whether through direct contact or "airborne" particles from sneezing/coughing. In addition, the filter for your surgical mask is 200nm but other particles get caught in that filter, and being smaller than the filter DOES NOT mean you will pass through, much in the same way an electron can be deflected (and often is) by an atom-thick layer of gold despite being smaller than gold's nucleus and having relatively huge empty spaces to pass, it still bounces off. For a virus to be an issue, it not only has to locate the host and point of infection, but it also has to propagate after landing. Coronavirus needs a warm, moist, mostly pH-neutral environment to propagate (such as your eyes or mouth). Unfortunately I don't have good enough numbers, but I can speculate that Coronavirus has about the same propagation rate (not death rate or other inane stuff) as the flue. Much how a western whore can potentially fuck multiple people with STDs and not catch a single one or how you technically get a lethal dose of botulism every time you eat honey and yet only infants die of botulism from honey, coming into contact with Coronavirus THAT ONE TIME does not mean it won and it's going to wreck havoc on your immune system. While a sneeze can "theoretically" travel 200 feet on a snot bubble, it tends to fall short of that. By 6 feet most sneezes have lost their forward momentum. By 20 feet, they might as well be harmless. >What does all of this mean? While Coronavirus is most certainly dangerous and anon should protect himself by all means, it's also a fact that if you're worried about catching it, the soy cucks are correct that practicing basic fucking hygiene is much more effective. Wash your hands with antimicrobial after handling anything suspect or after any outside venture, wear gloves when appropriate (and practice proper glove removal), change out your surgical mask/gloves if you suspect someone infected has been near you, do not touch your face under any circumstances, not even to blow your nose unless your hands are freshly washed, open doors with your sleeve/foot/not your hands, avoid air dryers, and cough/sneeze either into the open or into your elbow to prevent putting your hands near your orifices (where the virus infects you). If you buy a stupid filter, I can guarantee your smug ass will have the virus before me because you'll think you're safe and do something stupid like expose your eyes/ears/mouth/nose to the virus. >BUT DOCTORS HAVE IT ANON!!! Doctors catch a lot of shit. They're almost as bad as wastewater workers in that regard. 3rd world doctors are even worse. When it comes to doctors having it, that has more to do with probability than it has to do with PPE. The only places truly "clean" in a hospital are the surgical unit and the infant care unit, which is why it's usually a big deal when a case of X spreads from/through those units. tl;dr- You're not going to get Corona-chan if you practice basic hygiene and take basic measures to keep yourself from being exposed to fluids (like surgical mask/gloves), faggots.
>>9356 >but is it even feasible to revert silicone fabrication and QC standards to an affordably autistic middleground as in, picrel-tier reliability in CY+5? It is, but it's not worth it economically since doping facilities are expensive as all hell. Something that I think NASA of all places has been pushing for commercial adoption is Vacuum-based nano-transistors that act like a CRT television tube in terms of hardiness but like a traditional transistor in terms of power consumption. Assuming these catch on, they would be the same price to produce as modern semiconductors while being closer to that autistic middle ground you speak of in terms of quality. You'd likely see a lot of "budget" CPUs swap over to them due to being hardier if not slightly less efficient.
>>9370 Not particularly. Your chances are about the same in that case as getting herpes from a toilet seat at a night club.
>>9487 Is that last one the Chinafuzz wrecking up an illegal gambling joint, or is it not illegal, but wrecked up just to get the old folks to not hang out in the corona den all day?
>>9494 Chinks are not allowed to meet in public places or gather in quarantined areas. So even playing cards or getting together to shill for glorious leader will get you arrested.
Open file (62.18 KB 500x532 ass-was-fat-stalin1.jpg)
>>9495 Man, the only thing worse than dying is being bored while you do.
>>9398 fucking chinks man
>>9480 Shit that one's pretty good.
>>9398 Imagine being such a heartless bastard that you eat these adorable little fuckers.
>>9534 The trailer doesn't really touch on any limb-eating. Once again, I am let down by the Nigerian film industry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUBFqeLtxG4
>>9473 Go ahead, it might prove useful.
>>9545 What would the world realistically look like if the only survivors were in Greenland and Canada?
>>9546 >implying Madagascar will inherit the Earth.
Open file (2.63 MB 344x391 chink repellent.gif)
>>9476 You're still an astroturfing nigger. This shit doesn't work when the Chinks are quarantined anyways.
>>9491 >in the same way an electron can be deflected (and often is) by an atom-thick layer of gold despite being smaller than gold's nucleus and having relatively huge empty spaces to pass, it still bounces off. Retarded analogy, 99% of electrons in that experiment are detected on the other side of the gold foil, the only reason you can detect so many bouncing back is due to the sheer number of electrons in a beam, they’re still a tiny fraction of the total amount.
Open file (27.31 KB 300x250 hitler-and-goebbels.jpg)
>>9487 How does bashing up a bunch of mahjong tables help fight a bio-weapon epidemic? Somebody more cosmopolitan than me is going to have to clue me into this ancient Chinese wisdom.
>>9573 Something something breaks up community gatherings of old farts? I don't know, man.
>>9487 The first one is a bunch of angry chinks trying to block off the transport of some sick motherfuckers into their province's hospital during the early phases of the outbreak. >Source: Some shitpost I read on 8kunt a few weeks ago
Corona-Chan official Scoreboard As of Feb 18st, 2020 (Sauce: BNO) Japs enter position #3, Worst Korea #5 Bug Hive: 74,137 Cruise-Ship Chan (JP): 542 (up from 355 last bread, testing and evac continues) Singapore: 81 (72 last bread) Japs: 64 (up from 53 - another big jump) Hongkinese: 62 (56 last bread) Worst Korea: 46 (from 29) Thailand: 35 (stopped reporting for tourism sheckels along with rest of SEA bamboo niggers) Malaysia: 22 (from 19, covered up according to hospital anon >>43985 ) Taiwan: 22 (18) Vietnam: 16 (stable) Deutsches Reich: 16 (stable) Shitposting land: 15 Burgers: 15 (leaks indicating 1000 cases already) Frogs: 12 Macau: 10 Bongs: 9 (more cases reported) Sandniggers: 9 (+1) Leafs: 8 Pooperpower 2020: 3 (stable and surprisingly quiet) Pastaniggers: 3 Phillipines: 3 Ivan: 2 ISISrael: 2? (unconfirmed but footage available of 2x entries to hospital) Spain: 2 Cambodia: 1 Nepal: 1 Sri Lanka: 1 Sweden (yes): 1 Spurdoland: 1 Belgium: 1 Pyramidniggers: 1 Apefrica: ????
>>9573 >>9574 It could very easily be a cop caving under pressure and taking it out on poor defenseless gaming tables. He'll be putting that hammer through the old men's skulls in a week.
>>9576 >Apefrica: ???? Wouldn't it be some shit if this turned out to be the one disease the monkeys are immune to? They get fucked hard by literally everything else.
>>9581 >implying they won’t genetically develop corona fighting cancer or some other disease which will prevent Corona-Chan from entering
>>9576 >>9581 Lots of Chinese expats in East Africa, things must be heated up down there since most Africans know that the Chinks aren't like Whitey and they give barely any gibs. >>9543 Why would anyone snuff the life out of these creatures so heartlessly?
>>9543 To be fair we eat even more cutesy things. The question would be imagining being such a heartless bastard that you eat those adorable little fuckers ALIVE
>>9588 >even more cutesy things Like what?
Open file (1.01 MB 3840x2160 wisdom.jpg)
>>9589 Cows and ducks. In the chinks' case: dogs, cats, toddlers, porpoises, what the hell just about everything.
Open file (25.88 KB 474x474 venison.jpg)
Open file (2.30 MB 3876x2584 lambchops.jpg)
Open file (34.59 KB 474x460 veal.jpg)
>>9591 Ungulates ain't cute.
>>9592 t. chinaman
>>9592 >Doesn't want a cute cervitaur gf
>Nips releasing passengers of the Death Princess as the 14 day quarantine has ended >some will be transferred to hospitals for further quarantine measures while others are free to roam as they please
>>9597 >14 day quarantine when we've had multiple confirmed cases after 14 day quarantines A bugs a bug, I suppose.
Open file (16.29 MB 1024x576 boomer_vlog.webm)
<Nips don't have enough hospital bed to isolate and treat infected boomers from the Death Princess https://archive.is/6NBbv >Bug companies no longer paying salaries to their worker ants https://archive.is/AhoUd >CCP sends 40 mobile crematoriums to Wuhan How many chinks there have died if they need that many? 150,000?
Nip quarantine worker talks about the absolute state of the Diamond Princess containment efforts.
>>9576 >No Mexico That's strange, there's a shit ton of chinks in the bordering cities.
>>9604 Would anyone even notice or care if beggars and cartel members started coughing each other to death?
>>9586 Africans wouldn't just go and started attacking Chinese would they?
>>9603 Well, that's some suspicious and shady shit happening with Nip bureaucracy. Considering how much Nips hate Chinks, this is not the level of professionalism and caution you'd expect.
>>9606 Not really it would be a blessing imo. Most likely the cartels will go on a chink massacre and bomb chink restaurants.
>>9603 >no distinction on the ship between green and red zone How horrifying. This is on an isolated, known zone of infection with the eyes of all media on them and large amounts of resources at their disposal to handle it in a focused manner. Makes me think there is no way our governments will be handling this in a competent manner at a larger level.
>>9602 I guess at this point the CCP is practically fighting a firestorm with a bucket of water. >>9603 Either someone or some country doesn't want the infection to stop spreading (to study it or more likely to use it as a political tool) and/or there's tons of incompetence at the higher levels of bureaucracy. Though to be honest I could see Nips voluntarily infecting in a controlled manner some of their own to justify shutting the border permanently and seizing Chink assets for "quarantine evaluation" to run them off.
>>9546 Why the hell would cuckada survive? We're getting nearly a hundred people from Hubei every day and we're not even screening them (not that that would even help).
>>9603 jej at the end "I can't bear with it, I can't bear with it" I think that was a direct translation of "tamaranai, tamaranai". I could practicaly hear him saying it in Japanese behind his English
>>9619 All elderly chinks will die, the virus doesn't seem to affect anyone else lol
Open file (10.64 KB 250x250 1573439045044.jpg)
Open file (552.14 KB 650x562 1573437775277.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 598x800 1573439547240.png)
Open file (200.14 KB 736x754 1573439569121.jpg)
Open file (270.61 KB 480x360 QUARK EVIL LAUGH.webm)
>African resistance >Beginning on 11 February, reports - quickly spread via Facebook - implied that a Cameroonian student in China had been completely cured of the virus due to his African genetics. While a student was successfully treated, other media sources have noted that no evidence implies Africans are more resistant to the virus.. www.ransbiz.com/2020/02/cameroonian-survive-corona-virus.html en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misinformation_related_to_the_2019%E2%80%9320_Wuhan_coronavirus_outbreak #CAMEROON #Melanin #AFRICA AYO HOLD UP, SHIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTT!!
>>9628 Now to spread the rumor that getting the virus will awaken the secret Yakub genes within every African and allow them to make Wakanda real.
Open file (32.01 KB 480x640 Imastrongnigga.jpg)
>>9629 pic related >This is a story shared with me by one of my friends from Sankofa. This is why the Caucasians is always at war with our black skin because they know our melanin is our defense against all that they throw at us. This proves yet again that the black man is indestructible Oh lord my fucking side.
>>9628 If only it was real it would be an undeniable proof that niggers are entirely separate species.
Open file (153.13 KB 1280x720 9898465546123231.jpg)
>>9543 I agree. :^)
Open file (99.99 KB 774x643 yakub.jpg)
>>9629 In the Yakub Mythos, Yakub is actually an evil African scientist who created the white man in order to subjugate the black population.
>>9606 >>9614 Knowing the chinks they would be hiding other chinks that escaped Shina, I just hope they all cough to death. Now if only ebolachan would visit the place to kill all the niggers that invaded tacoland t. beaner
>>9634 niggers can't even into a decent lore ffs
>>9636 Yakub was a nigger hapa, one of his parents was from some underground slant-eyed cheeto race. Pure niggers bullied Yakub through all of his childhood that he's a mutt, so he decided to punish the niggers when he grew up, the same way hapas lash out at entire white race.
>>9603 >actively rejecting and removing infectious disease experts and people with legit experience handling situations exactly like the one they have now >bringing in volunteers and random professionals from every possible field from all over the country but not holding any of them to basic disease control standards >no red or green zone >people improperly using PPE gear all over the place >FUCKING EATING IN AN INFECTED ZONE WITH GLOVES STILL ON >officials more interested in removing anyone who might be able to correctly assess what they're doing >didn't even check him out or clear him as clean or not on the way out Incompetence would be a bunch of know-nothing dipshits still trying to do the bare minimum, like wearing masks and gloves and spraying disinfectant everywhere. This level of mind-boggling fuckery shows that someone is very clearly trying to spread Corona-chan throughout the country faster. There's clearly some interest in getting this shit as global as possible and that's deeply concerning.
>>9642 >imagine falling for the meme flu that only kills 80 year old chinks the absolute state of incels
/tv/ posters deserve to have their balls bashed with a hammer and nails driven into their eyes.
>>9644 This, but unironically
>>9602 >mobile crematoriums >mobile death cubes >maybe even mobile gassings disguised as disinfecting Where were you when chinks took the most ridiculous myths from the holohoax and made them a reality? How long until they have rollercoasters that send bugs directly into sealed off hospitals, or machines designed to masturbate them to death before they can spread the virus further?
>>9642 But why allow it to spread? What could they possibly gain? Don't they see China's completely paralyzed and fucked over?
>>9650 That's what's so weird about all of it. You'd think they'd consider turning the ship around or never letting the infected off until they were 400% sure that there was no chance of spreading the virus. Instead, they went about it in a way that guarantees more people will be carrying the virus off that boat with them.
Open file (1.05 MB 720x1280 gas troopers.mp4)
>>9649 >maybe even mobile gassings disguised as disinfecting
>>9649 It'd be easier for the CCP to take videos of Chinks setting themselves on fire to escape the quarantine, have soldiers deliberately KyoAni apartment block after largely derelict apartment block in Wuhan and blame it on foreign funded terrorists trying to spread rumors to divert from the CCP's righteous victory over the coronavirus. Corona-chan isn't fireproof, right? >>9651 I'd imagine the reason to be a mixture of boomers thinking it to be just another fad which will never seriously disrupt the economy, officials knowing the severity but trying to play it down so it doesn't affect the economy and their posts+planned retirement, investors in tourism trying to play it down so it doesn't get the Olympics cancelled and certain factions within the government wanting to cull Japan's massive boomer population so they stop hogging resources and stagnating the country.
>DETECTED CASES ► 75,302 ► 2,013 >LATEST 17:00: 2 new deaths in Iran 09:53: 79 new cases in Japan on the Diamond Princess 02:00: 1 new death in Hong Kong >CHINA <<MRC: ONLY 10% DETECTED>> ► 74,185 ► 2,005 >WORLD <<MRC: ONLY 25% DETECTED>> ► 1,117 ► 8 Diamond Princess 621 Singapore 84 Japan 84|1 Hong Kong 65|2 Thailand 35 South Korea 51 Malaysia 22 Taiwan 23|1 Australia 15 Germany 16 Vietnam 16 United States 15 France 12|1 Macau 10 United Kingdom 9 Canada 8 UAE 9 Philippines 3|1 India 3 Italy 3 Russia 2 Spain 2 Iran 2|2 Nepal 1 Cambodia 1 Sri Lanka 1 Finland 1 Sweden 1 Belgium 1 Egypt 1 More: http://pastebin.com/raw/qy5RFpVX
>>9658 How the fuck did Corona-chan even get into Iran?
Open file (44.31 KB 800x533 confused-a-rab.jpg)
>>9660 That's the million-rial question. In Qom, nonetheless, not even Tehran.
Open file (567.32 KB 768x768 animu_jews.png)
>>9660 >How the fuck did Corona-chan even get into Iran? >(((How))) China has good relations with Iran and they've been investing into the anti-burger Shia crescent in recent years so there being some degree of air travel between the two countries was expected though I still bet Jews smuggled a few samples into the country as Iran isn't terribly dependent on Chinese imports last time I checked. Let's hope they can contain Corona-chan effectively without the US getting involved. I'm starting to get worried about Syria though, King Roach has given NATO advance notice of a TAF operation in Idlib just as Aleppo saw its first commercial flight since 2011. Idlibistan or what's left of it would be a great hotbed for Corona-chan, as would many other parts of Syria which isn't really in a state to conduct large scale biohazard containment efforts right now.
>>9663 >2nd spoiler Meme responsibly, nigger.
>>9603 >People in charge are incompetent nepotism and cronyism is the real virus.
>>9615 Well there is absolutely zero chance of that happening. Governments don't plan on unforeseen disasters that public doesn't know or care about, like diseases. Military does plan to some degree, as it is the very job of NBC specialist to deal with biological warfare as well, but military doesn't get to affect civilian life in any way unless a miracle happens and some policy maker remembers that NBC specialist even exists. But because economy and shekels for bankers are more important than people, nothing will be done until relatives of politicians start dying.
>>9658 >Finland 1 Fug better take the ferry to Tallinn then
Open file (6.38 MB 854x480 finland stronk.mp4)
>>9669 Don't forget the sugar. You'll need lots of kilju to keep your strength up.
Open file (239.81 KB 288x361 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9660 Iran and the Chinese have been doing some business together. In fact, the Chinese were investing in many infrsatructure projects, including an airport... in Qom. So, business meetings between the two and the Iranians leave with an unexpected parting gift. That's my hypothesis, anyhow.
>>9669 That one is treated in Lapland district hospital, somehow being in the south is safer than squatting out there with the abos.
>9669 Anyone got a Linkola Spurdo
Open file (2.72 MB 332x720 body_bag_street.mp4)
Open file (798.87 KB 1280x720 bug_policeman_dies.mp4)
https://archive.is/nyRTE Grorious CCP is once again correcting the numbers of suspected and infected cases in an unprecedented show of transparency that sets new standards in Pandemic disaster relief efforts. >>9686 >oil It's Propane though. Shouldn't be too much trouble what with the Ukraine and Russia existing.
>>9690 >27 sec >body is still moving What?
>>9693 Maybe he's trying to escape the quarantine by playing dead.
>>9654 >When China acquires the GLA Barracks
>>9690 Are they really just going to waste all that meat?
>>9698 They’re just letting it cure.
>>9402 Wonder if Mr Harvard scientist is dead yet.
Open file (173.22 KB 419x430 shitty_OC.png)
https://archive.is/vSLNM >Nip taxi driver that drove passengers from the Death Princess around is dying https://archive.is/hDThT >CCP tries to reopen factories only for more bugs to get infected https://archive.is/wip/tktrj >Iran quarantines 25 suspected cases https://archive.is/SosIU >Mass pharma shortages across Burgerland expected to hit in March https://archive.is/S4urn >Corona-chan could lead to the loss of 1+ trillion shekels https://archive.is/wip/IFFxm >149 Virginian burgers under suspicion of carrying Corona-chan's love THE FUN CAN NOT BE HALTED
>>9100 I always see people get mad at jokes too and call them bait. it's pretty funny
>>9703 >138 medium risk >11 low risk Fingers crossed, then, see what happens there. If those confirm I'll call it God's punishment for gun control from the parliament heathens.
>>9703 >the spic-nig cycle will be broken in about a month >worldwide dieoff of boomers who can't afford their necromantic pills >kids will stop being fed SSRIs and ritalin for a while >no more estrogen pills for roasties and trannies >doctors without borders will have nothing to save niggers with >Guangdong coastline pozzed in several places, Shenzen surrounded by hotspots >chink factories not making any goyphone or wireless network infrastructure parts which will deprive normalfags of phones and dramatically slow down 5G rollout; surveillance state might get hit Not even Ted could have thought of a better way to fuck civilization's shit up.
>>9710 Isn't his whole argument that such a complicated civilization is bound to fail at some point due to its complexity?
>>9702 Probably in israel already.
>>9711 That's about what's happening in this instance anyways. Having lost boomers, soma, and electronic doohickeys, civilization would start collapsing hopefully.
>>9710 If one were a smart pharma business owner, you'd already be looking to build a factory in the next least costly shithole.
>>9703 >149 Virginian burgers YES, now all it needs to do is make its way to DC and hopefully Maryland.
>>9718 It's the future they chose
Open file (619.79 KB 1000x1413 antifuture-copy-2.png)
>>9703 >149 Virginian burgers under suspicion of carrying Corona-chan's love And you all wanted to make fun of me for living out West. Guess who's going to get the last laugh now?
>>9690 can someone explain how this illness is causing people to collapse like this or suddenly have seizures? ive never seen an illness do that so suddenly.
>>8655 White 'girls' look lhyper masculine.
>>9724 Jewgle is zero help because they're insisting I "educate myself" on seizures when I'm trying to locate a historical event. I know when I was younger, I read about how there was an event of some sort in Asia where about 50 people all had seizures at the same time in the same area. Authorities investigated the shit out of it seeing if there was something in the air or food (so they could weaponize it probably), but ultimately couldn't come up with anything. The best explanation they got was that someone saw someone else having a seizure and proceeded to have one themselves and then someone else saw those two having a seizure and it triggered something in their brain, etc. until you had 50 people twitching on the ground. While I don't think illness would explain it (that's the sort of thing that just doesn't happen with bacterial/viral infections. Even when they cause that stuff, you tend to have other symptoms long beforehand), it could be that the cop suddenly recalled someone else dropping unconscious in a similar situation and it triggered some sort of psychological "switch" in his head causing the same thing to happen to him. Asians in China/Japan, especially those who don't learn a western language (which has been shown to physically alter their brain chemistry/restructure how they think), have been shown to be particularly susceptible to psychological effects, especially when tied to group events. The only other thing I can think of is that the way he's walking suggests he might have had hypertension or something and basically had the upper-body equivalent of locking your legs while standing at attention.
>>9724 Apparently it causes a brain hemorrhage which is further exacerbated by the coughing of the virus attacking your lungs. Take this with a very large bit of salt however because this is simply a rumor I've heard through fear-porn type content on bitchute, haven't been able to substantiate it but given the videos released of people suddenly collapsing I'd figure an attack on the CNS by the virus is possible, whether or not that's actually a brain-bleed however remains to be confirmed.
>>9703 >Mass pharma shortages across Burgerland expected to hit in March Who will scream louder: the wailing of the actual dying or the collective screech of a million memeshitting trannies as they all get cut off from their estrogen pills at once?
>>9727 I don't think it was the Hollinwell incident, but it is very similar to the case I was thinking of: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollinwell_incident Feel free to read up on the others: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mass_hysteria_cases
>>9729 Funnily enough I think the trannies are the only ones who won't get hit by this since Hormones tend to be produced domestically or in Mexico. It's going to be the collective screech of a million memeshitting autists/ADHD children's parents when their thirty day supply of meds dries up between March and April. It'll be interesting to see what happens to society when suddenly all those autism pills and lithium anti-psychotics are no longer being force-fed into children/young adults. These kids would have been lobotomized back in the days but pumping your kid full of chems is the new-age lobotomy. I'm not looking forward to the court cases when they start arresting divorced fathers who couldn't physically obtain the pills that they were court-ordered to shove down their child's gullet, but I am looking forward to the homicide cases of those children killing their mothers.
Open file (3.45 MB 600x450 zommerwaffen.gif)
>>9731 >An army of zombified white kids are about to go completely feral Finally. Jesus.
>>9731 Don't forget dead diabetics.
>>9733 The only diabetics who will be dying are poorfags without insurance who are too stupid to use alternative poorfag animal-based insulin or to control their diet. Type II diabetics can generally lead productive lives on pretty low amounts of insulin/can even go weeks without insulin doses from what I've heard. Insulin production is more than possible in Mexico/The USA, it's just more expensive.
Open file (18.82 KB 300x300 diabeetus1.jpg)
>>9734 >poorfags without insurance who are too stupid to use alternative poorfag animal-based insulin or to control their diet. So yeah, they gon' be dyin'.
>you may live to see the collapse of Jewish controlled society >all because the Chinese can’t do anything right >mfw
March is going to be a fun month
https://archive.is/En05Q <Iran deploys soldiers to quarantine the city of Qom, evacuates and quarantines a hospital there, 20 cases are said to be confirmed https://archive.is/8CrQB Corona-chan claims the lives of two Death Princess passengers https://archive.is/IZuIV >Bong hospitals will deny care to r*cists and s*xists come April https://archive.is/YpXur >Bug economy still dead, food prices surging https://archive.is/3KnTW https://archive.is/IIUpl >51 new cases discovered in worst Korea, virus has begun spreading locally, 1 gook dead >rumor has it most of the new cases are wamen who were attending some weird cultist church instead of the doctor >>9734 >animal-based insulin Is that even being produced at this time? Here in Deutsch-Osmanien animal insulin got superseded by human insulin in the 90s and hasn't been available since the early 2000s if I recall. t. 1 diabeetus
Open file (36.45 KB 300x171 post.png)
>>9746 How did it get there? >Brits denying medical service for PC points Somehow they always manage to one-up Canada and Sweden
>>9739 Is ① having a panic attack?
>>9722 There's been cases in California.
>>9729 The trannies. It's always the trannies.
Firsts deaths from Diamond Princess. http://archive.is/wip/p48sD
Open file (28.22 KB 1173x275 south korea.png)
>>9746 >>rumor has it most of the new cases are wamen who were attending some weird cultist church instead of the doctor Considering that shit their government does, this wouldn't be surprising.
>>9739 >the breathing noise in the first video
Open file (319.26 KB 436x435 hatin.png)
>5400 quarantined in California as of Feb 14th Any reliable update site for the US? Coming up with confirmed cases as 15, but only old or out the ass numbers for quarantine.
>Chinese frog breeding council says humans 'yearn' for wildlife products >Wildlife trade in China blamed as possible cause of Wuhan virus outbreak >TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Chinese council that promotes frog breeding has been ordered to cease operations over its opposition to the government’s ban to halt wildlife trade amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak believed to have originated at a seafood market in Wuhan. > >On Sunday (Feb. 16), the Frog Reproduction Council, which is under the auspices of the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA), posted an article on its official Weibo account titled “Wildlife farming is a feat of humans’ ancestors.” The article lambasted Beijing’s decision to forbid the trade of animals last month in the wake of the epidemic, saying “it’s arbitrary, unscientific, irrational, to impose the sweeping ban because of one epidemic.” > >Outbreak of Wuhan virus prompting renewed calls for enforcement of laws against the trade in and consumption of exotic species. https://web.archive.org/web/20200220150358/https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3878749
>>9773 Oh no. What ever will the world do if dirt farmer pingpong in some buttfucking corner of nowhere china can't buy tiger penis when it is his turn to fuck the village hole chained up in the communal barn?
>>9777 Gay kek meme aside, it's frogs. My takeaway from that is I can't wait to see what shit the 'Western' gubmints will crack down on to cure corona-chan.
>China posts sharp drop in new coronavirus cases after criteria change >BEIJING (Reuters) - Mainland China reported on Thursday the lowest number of confirmed cases of a new coronavirus since late January, partly because of a change in diagnostic criteria for patients in Hubei province, the epicentre of the outbreak. > >China had 394 new confirmed cases on Wednesday, the National Health Commission (NHC) said, sharply down from 1,749 cases a day earlier and the lowest since Jan. 23. > >That brings the total accumulated number of confirmed cases in mainland China to 74,576. > >The new coronavirus emerged in the city of Wuhan, the capital of the central province of Hubei, in December, having apparently been passed to people from wildlife sold illegally in a market. > >Just how cases are diagnosed and confirmed has had a big impact on official tallies of cases, and changes in the method have raised questions about the extent to which daily tallies accurately reflect the state of the outbreak. > >Initially, authorities were using nucleic acid tests to identify the presence of the virus, but such tests require days of processing, and there were also shortages of nucleic acid. > >So last week, Hubei introduced a new, quicker diagnostic method through computerised tomography (CT) scans, which use X-rays, to reveal lung infections, and to confirm the presence of the virus. > >The CT scan method of diagnosis resulted in suspected cases that showed signs of pneumonia, but did not test positive for genetic traces of the virus, being counted as confirmed cases of the coronavirus. > >That led to a surge of more than 15,000 new coronavirus infections for Feb. 12, and sparked unfounded fears that the virus was suddenly spreading much faster. > >But on Wednesday, the NHC said it was removing that category of clinically diagnosed cases from its criteria for confirmed cases, meaning 279 cases would be removed from the Hubei tally. > >The commission said the nucleic acid test was the preferred method of diagnosis. https://web.archive.org/web/20200220154858/https://news.yahoo.com/mainland-china-reports-394-confirmed-021820896.html
>>9779 Yeah I'm not sure how it prevents the virus. If anything it's creating negative press for them by taking the "chinks eat fucking bats!" angle and adding to the frenzy by tacking on other seemingly exotic animals. They probably should have left well enough alone in this case.
>>9781 >nucleic acid test was the preferred method of diagnosis Double talk bullshit. If they're not using nucleic, and they're not using CT what are they using now?
>>9783 2d6 Crit fail count as infected.
>>9784 That or only the bodies they get busted burning. This shitshow somehow just keeps getting better and our girl is just beginning to blossom. So proud.
>>9775 Pirate /k/rews soon?
Open file (16.81 KB 210x215 chinkspair.jpg)
>>9783 You misunderstood, they say they went back to nucleic acid tests. Of course those are still available only in limited numbers, and they can limit them even more by simply not sending them to the hospitals, so soon enough we will learn that Shina in under complete shutdown because a mere three people are still coughing. Of course the street are still going to be filled with bodybags, but only hysterical alarmists like we would think that something's up.
>>9788 The article says shortage, delay of processing, and "preferred". Not that they're actually doing it. They could be, but it's typical bug politician speak. Seems odd considering how often they just bald faced lie, wonder if other governments are actually getting in now.
>>9791 I thought that apostrophe was a comma for a second: >Chinese Officials ‘round up and execute Villagers, pets to stop the infection
>>9791 >food shortage >WHO says pets can’t get the virus >Chinese execute a bunch of cats and dogs anyways >no more food shortages in a week?
>>9792 Potato, potato
Open file (736.99 KB 800x600 larvae1 copy.png)
>>9793 You would think they would have learned their lesson about eating animals harvested in unconventional ways.
>>9731 They wouldn't have been "lobotomized" back in the day because people would have known that they are just regular kids with shitty parents. ADHD is a myth.
>>9793 >Xinjiang hit by Locusts >Chinese eat all the Locusts >no more Locusts, no more grain, livestock starving >Chinese eat all the livestock >no more livestock >Chinese eat all pets and work animals >no more pets, police dogs, horses >Chinese eat all the wild animals and insects >no more wild animals and insects >Chinese eat Uyghurs >starving Uyghurs eat Chinese back, get sick and die >decisive CCP strategic victory Who besides the ROC and Mongolia/Russia would want to use Corona-chan to invade Bugland so as to ensure proper containment procedures are conducted in affected border regions?
>>9796 I hear Corona Virus cure when eat African. Give you power for long time.
Open file (31.75 KB 500x500 beat_your_kids-m_4.jpg)
>>9731 >arresting divorced fathers who couldn't physically obtain the pills that they were court-ordered to shove You can be court-ordered to give your kid ADHD drugs? >>9797 Back in the day they would have simply been beaten.
>>9800 >You can be court-ordered to give your kid ADHD drugs? you can be ordered to put them on fucking hormones
>>9800 >You can be court-ordered to give your kid ADHD drugs? A woman was orderd to get her son circumsised lol, and a bunch of fathers have been hit with child abuse over not forcing their kids to be trannies.
>>9797 This is correct because real world ADHD is detectable by brain MRI not some touchy feely jew shit as now, kids who are high energy (for varying reasons) in brain prisons are classified with (((disorders))) basically. As if it's not completely normal for a kid to get agitated in a boring as fuck classroom or liberal teachers that just POZZ has nothing practical to do with the real world. Think about the whole load of nothing beside basic niggershit you probably learned from +10 yrs in school before university and tell me im wrong, it was a waste of time. Instead we could have those 16 year olds ready and willing to go into the workforce immediately or into university and not suffering burnout. That used to be a choice anyway for boomers, not for us. Also imagine not having practical schools 2020 because western school is more about brainwashing and narrative pushing than it is about inspiring practicality and real world applied knowledge. Back in the day they learned real world applicable things and you'd get caned and fucked off, separated into other classes for being a little cunt anyway, this way most of them shut their mouthes and didn't need any brain altering meds. >>9804 As if its the normal americans pushing for it, lol kys
>>9800 Not only can fathers be court ordered to give their kid drugs, but as far as the courts are concerned, the child refusing to comply to the point of needing to be force-fed drugs, the father not being able to afford them, and/or the drug becoming unavailable are all considered legal grounds to have the father arrested on criminal charges in America.
>>9802 I can't find anything on that. Link?
>>9806 >As if its the normal americans pushing for it They arent stopping it either lol, all those guns and you cant even prevent your son from being forcefully turned into a tranny by the government? lel
>>9806 >16 year olds Honestly if the kid can read and do basic arithmetic, you can have them working as early as seven. Anything beyond elementary school should be considered optional so long as the child has a guaranteed employer in something that's better than minimum wage.
https://archive.is/wip/aJCyy >Beijing put under Wuhan-style lockdown in order to preserve Social harmony and show the Party's determination in the fight against Corona-chan >Iranian deaths rise to 9
>>9809 >Implying that's solely an American issue That's a western first world issue, anon.
>>9809 >they arent stopping it well thats just wrong. the guy won custody and his kid went back to normal after being seperated from the mother. where do you think this is? whatever cess pit you come from?
>>9813 >its not just americans I dont see europe cutting their kids dicks off or being forced to consume HRT pills, maybe you can find me some articles on that? >>9815 He didnt do anything to stop it, he only won custody because of the social outrage, if no one sperged out over it the mom would still have the kid now
>>9817 well it happened a few years ago and nothing happened yet. >>9818 >1 post is spam >>9819 >He didnt do anything to stop it, he only won youre literally mentally retarded.
>>9820 did he win because of any action on his part? no, then he did infact do nothing to stop it >1 post is spam any nigger can see that you are the same person, try changing your writting style zhang before being assmad americans exist
Open file (2.71 MB 901x788 lc64uh2t.bmp)
>>9812 >>9817 >words words words: the post lol illiterate nigger >>9810 The point these days is to keep kiddos in brain prisons for as long as possible it applies globally to become equality warriors for pic related
Can you fags shut up and post moar dead chinks?
Open file (28.27 KB 501x380 ted.jpg)
>another episode of /k/ gets baited by flags
>>9822 >did he win because of any action on his part? yes, he won a custody battle that he initiated in a courtroom and won. >everyone who disagrees with me is a different person or maybe youre bad at reading. >>9823 >everyone is a cuck dont project your cuckold fantasies onto everything, its not healthy.
>>9828 >>9829 To be honest, hating americans is more interesting than dead chinks.
>>9830 Court battles mean fuck all, cuck. It's still being a cuck at the expense of the kiked courts and just paints you for redflagging. It means nothing.
>>9827 >image are all of those on the right written to be faggots? or are you having a laff >>9832 >court battles mean fuck all >even when they force a child out of the hands of his mentally ill mother, and into the hands of the father and reverses his tranny mental illness overnight whatever you say, but you just sound angry that happened. why does it bother you? does saving kids from mentally ill trannies go against (((your personal agenda)))?
Open file (880.37 KB 796x1016 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9816 The thing about the guy in TX is old. They went back to court and it was ruled that the parents must both consent to any medical treatments of that poor fuckin' kid, effectively staying the mother from feminizing him. Pic related is happy end in clown world for once.
>>9839 It's clownworld. Nothing good ever happens in clownworld. Which is why the story is fake.
Open file (304.17 KB 828x920 1580409007982.jpg)
>9832 Look at this dumb fag that doesn't understand how law or courts work.
>>9844 Laws and courts mean nothing. Just a reminder if who has power over you. Unless you're important or have money, you're worthless and the courts and laws can fuck you over however they please. That's how it's always worked.
How will the JewN handle the coming bug genocide by African men of ancient Egypto-Nordic heritage?
>>9847 Their brains will melt because trying to interfere on either side will make them rayciss.
>>9847 >webm Everyone hate niggers?
Open file (879.18 KB 1242x1397 1580407517149.jpg)
>>9846 Not how it works, but anyway the real question is if everything is just so le dark and le dismal why haven't you just kill la killed yourself my man
>>9837 >non-European if you dont count russian as european, youd only be left with extreme left wing liberals and 10 remaining right wing europeans torposting to avoid their nanny state arresting them for wrongthink. >>9840 that actually wasnt the only case. there was one with some mother from (((california))) and the father was in another state. the (((california judge))) ruled one way, but jurors in multiple courts ruled differently and they eventually won. apparently jurors are overwhelmingly anti-trans when compared to appointed jewish judges. who would ever guess such a thing? >>9842 >>9846 i dunno, i picked up 1800rds of ammunition for $150 yesterday. thats pretty good. ever consider that maybe youre just a cuck and accept that so easily because youre weak and defenseless so you project that weakness onto others?
>>9851 Because someone has to spread misery around. That's how imageboards work after all.
>>9811 >So far, the confirmed cases in the city have been scattered around 15 of its 16 districts. >all the WHO and similar NGO officials who just arrived in Beijing bitched just last week that CCP doesn't let them leave Beijing for infection sites >if Zhang can't bring gweilo to virus, virus will bring itself to gweilo <Cases are also surging in Singapore, where Deutsche Bank confirmed that an employee in its Singapore office had contracted the virus. It's actually hitting more jews and shabbos goyim than any revolution or world war normally would. I wonder how many filthy rich kikes are already sealing themselves in their bunkers.
>>9854 >I wonder how many filthy rich kikes are already sealing themselves in their bunkers. Knowing (((their))) way of doing things, I bet they hide in their bunkers in november or october of 2019
There's been pics of Best Korea spraying disinfectant around but anyone got any reports?
>>9793 Reminder that any time a Chinese leader orders to shoot down animals to solve a problem it only makes it worse. >>9800 You do not understand just how much money goes into the American jail system. They have so many convicts not just because they have certain minorities, but because it's profitable to keep them around for private companies. >>9816 Dude just use wayback machine
Open file (292.03 KB 573x525 zgrehzdhdgzegr.png)
>>9853 So basically you're just some manic depressive homo screeching lol good job being a fag >>9854 Watch out for politicians and systemniggers not doing their usual public appearances
>>9840 I'm getting mixed reports on this. Vox says otherwise and that the kid chooses to dress as a girl and goes by the name "Luna" when his father isn't around.
Open file (1.48 MB 352x640 chink_incinirator.webm)
>>9856 They are doing something with their border with china, they know if they get infected their entire country is fucked >>9860 >vox
>>9854 >filthy rich kikes are already sealing themselves in their bunkers. Can current day kikes even into long-term prepping? It's been a long time since their last major persecution, they've zogged themselves to hell and back if CY+5 Israel is any indication. Also, >CCP will now pay $716 to family members of doctors that got coughed to death Would you pay a pozzdrone in the SF Bay Area to cough on their fellow thrillseekers?
>>9847 Quick, does anyone else have those articles about African officials begging whitey to come back because at least they gave them infrastructure and education?
Open file (163.85 KB 550x512 1522553083.png)
>>9063 >just a flu bro you only had to listen. why didn't you trust me? sciencedirect. com/science/article/abs/pii/S0166354220300528
>>9860 Vox's non-historical news is written by literal third wave feminists though. Do not watch any video by them that isn't about geopolitics or history, and even then take some of what they say with a grain of salt, especially when racism or xenophobia come into the mix. >>9861 What the fuck are they doing to that woman
>>9862 Those at the very peak of hierarchy have some elaborate shelters but I don't think they planned out their continued existence once the billions of goyim and niggercattle that used to sustain their cozy lives are gone. Some of them probably banked on automation and robotics but that tech isn't here just yet.
>>9866 its a portable incinirator, she's getting cooked alive
>>9866 it's a catch-and-release program, they're preparing to rehabilitate her for a return to her natural habitat a mass grave
Open file (182.81 KB 600x400 black-smurf1.jpg)
>>9860 There are many confirming that the kid's back to being a little boy now, around the same time as the Vox article, in fact predating it by a few days. It must have taken like a week to cram so much bullshit into the Vox article, so you can forgive them for being late to the party. >good god, that article. >"Before the custody battle, Luna’s father launched a campaign to “save” his child that’s been championed by the far right." Not wanting to jack up a 7-year-old on hormones is now a radical, far right position? The ride really never ends, does it?
>>9868 Where's the smoke coming out then? Why would they burn her alive even?
>>9871 I don't think it really is some kind of death box. Might be some sort of quarantine/isolation box though. Then again... >screams >screams >sudden silence
>>9812 >>9872 >>9871 >>9868 It was posted like a week ago, newfags. It's a containment/isolation /k/ube for the potentially infected being transported to local hospitals.
>>9871 >smoke nazi oven technology prevents smoke from forming >why would they burn her alive if someone is infected with a virus then they just kill them burning is more effective than leaving corpses around the place >>9873 Transported to hospitals that are quarantines that are already overfilled? maybe she reaches the hospital in an ashtray
Open file (71.38 KB 450x960 zimbabwe lol.jpg)
>>9853 /k/ is a board of peace, anon. >>9872 >>9874 its not an oven, its a makeshift quarantine tank. thats also a pretty old video.
>>9876 >thats also a pretty old video. you have a single fact to back that up?
Open file (672.07 KB 847x445 put a tarp down bro.png)
>>9853 >Because someone has to spread misery around How bad is it going to shatter what's left of your morale when you find out you aren't even spreading misery, but at worst mild annoyance? If cancerposting is all you have left, just take the plunge. You'll thank me later :^)
>DETECTED CASES ► Detected: 75,773 ► Died: 2130 >LATEST 08:21: 1 death in South Korea 02:40: 2 deaths on the Death Princess 17:00: 2 deaths in Iran 02:00: 1 death in Hong Kong ► China 74,577 (2119): Hubei 62,013 (2029) ► International 1196 (11): Diamond Princess 634 (2) Hong Kong 65 (2) Iran 5 (2) South Korea 104 (1) Japan 92 (1) Taiwan 24 (1) France 12 (1) Philippines 3 (1) Singapore 85 Thailand 35 Malaysia 22 Germany 16 Vietnam 16 Australia 15 United States 15 Macau 10 United Kingdom 9 UAE 9 Canada 8 India 3 Italy 3 Russia 2 Spain 2 Nepal 1 Cambodia 1 Sri Lanka 1 Finland 1 Sweden 1 Belgium 1 Egypt 1 More: http://pastebin.com/raw/qy5RFpVX
>>9877 It was already posted: >>7294
>>9880 So?
Open file (156.16 KB 750x972 1581274765389.jpg)
>Gee, what's up with all the newfag shitposters? China deploys 1600 internet 'trolls' http://archive.is/3RYq6 >The propaganda department in virus-stricken Hubei Province has engaged over 1,600 censors to scrub the internet of “sensitive” information relating to the coronavirus outbreak, according to an internal document obtained by The Epoch Times. >The internal report, dated Feb. 15, detailed the agency’s efforts to ramp up censorship measures. It was drafted after a speech given by Chinese leader Xi Jinping via video link on Feb. 10 to “frontline responders” of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, where the virus first broke out. >The revelations come as the Chinese regime tightens information controls over the worsening outbreak, as netizens have increasingly turned to the internet to vent their frustrations about the authorities’ response, or document what is happening on the ground. CHINESE HOTPOCKETS LMAO
>>9881 So it's a pretty old video by the standards of this happening.
>>9882 Its a little bit to late for that.
Open file (125.44 KB 1192x672 EPt3M2TU8AAyM6w.jpg)
>>9884 In times of crisis, you're only as good as your training, and the only thing commies are trained to do well is lie and obstruct and starve.
Open file (74.40 KB 613x606 ERKjeRTX0AANYvw.jpg)
>>9882 >According to the document, the department has hired more than 1,600 trolls, known as the 50-cent army in China, to regulate internet speech continuously, 24/7. 50 cent army
Open file (92.57 KB 720x524 peak americana.jpg)
>>9885 >>9884 I know that whole paper about the Americans not having to follow their own doctrine is fake, but some times I wonder if it's just something that got memed into reality. >>9875 No, there was another one about some ex-British African colony wanting the Brits back and blaming the chinese. Also a Jamaican article around the same points where the Jamaicans wanted to reunite with Britain.
>farmers can't sell food to city dwellers due to lockdowns >have to destroy surplus and incur heavy financial losses >farmers try to sell food on the black market at night >Chink police hunts down the farmers and destroys their food as punishment >quarantined residents growing increasingly hungry Decisive strategic people's victory soon.
Open file (1.07 MB 526x533 t7yircz4.bmp)
>>9894 >do the community a service by selling food >when you could have just ate yourself and stashed away >get arrested for helping out le ebik gommunism in action, that's all folks
Numbers have doubled overnight in Korea and people are being urged to wear masks even inside. In addition there’s probably 1000 people spreading corona who went to a church service a couple weeks ago. http://archive.is/8CUlK
>>9894 Only commies would destroy food while a city starves. It always ends up the same with communism. Farmers aren't exactly bright either though, there's preservation methods for pretty much any vegetable, from fruit leathers to pickles, chutneys, jams, drying, salting, smoking, fermenting, etc.
>>9894 This are pretty old videos, the one with the wall steel is the only new one. They where just destroying all the food because it wasnt up to code. Stop spreading lies, anon.
>>9896 Good, Worst Korea is one level higher in goyphone manufacturing. Their factories were already bound to shut down soon enough due to a lack of parts imported from Shina, but now they too will have to be replaced, so simply manufacturing chips in India won't be enough.
>>9896 UM Listen sweetie its nothing but the flu don't get all worried what are you a CONSPIRACY THEORIST?????? * coof * * coof * ITS LITERALLY A NORMAL FLU have trust in your based leaders they will surely do the best they can and command the best course of action
>>9868 >spreading disinformation to get (you)s Kill yourself, nigger.
Open file (36.58 KB 656x366 1581000357483.jpg)
>>9901 Remember ram? yeah and that was for no good reason. Reminder that mic goy electronics will surge in price soon, buy what you can before it goes up. you could probably even scalp normies on ebay in a little while
Open file (33.73 KB 505x576 chink_merchant.png)
Open file (2.63 MB 344x391 chink repellent.gif)
>>9882 "westerners will never finds out" >>9883 "western capitalist pigs, please don't look at video!" >>9900 >"Stop spreading lies, anon." >>9904 >"disinformation" >>9915 >*posts a propaganda film* I wonder just (((W.H.O.))) is behind these posts.....
>>9917 Get fucked you're lowering the quality of this thread.
Open file (612.81 KB 1200x1000 bullshit.jpg)
>>9917 There is a great site called 4chan with people whom you'd find quite similar to yourself. I advise you to go there and never come back.
>>9919 >>9920 gotta earn those food stamps, am i right?
Open file (2.34 MB 672x911 25b98hyh.bmp)
>>9915 What substance are they even using to disinfect? And does it even work?
Open file (108.64 KB 1280x720 adagaki_disgust.jpg)
>>9921 You fuck off, cuckchanner.
Peak communism is when there's no shortage of anything so the government has to find ways to rectify that. >>9922 Humanity lives on.
>>9915 It's so incredibly obvious that they are only doing this for propaganda, and yet he even calls it the nemesis of the virus. I'd ask who the hell believes this actually works, but then I remember that normalfags are a thing.
>>9915 if they survive this, I bet they will die of cancer because of the disinfectant. >collecting the food they ordered online <police destroying tons of farm food at night Disinfectant simulator when?
>>9899 You can only preserve so much, anon. If you only have X vinegar and Y salt, and Z time to pressure-boil things, you're not going to be able to preserve crates and crates of food without attracting the gommunist government's attention.
>>9921 Laughing anime girls are the new pepe wojack
>>9930 >. If you only have X vinegar and Y salt, and Z time to pressure-boil things Pressure cooker? Time? City slicker alert. Lol nigger, you make it sound really fucking complicated when it's really not.
>>9894 Those cops are heartless bastards. They are ven marching in formation like a military.
>no reports of Corona-chan's arrival in my home country >not sure if it's because there weren't any infected or if my inept fucking government failed to control for them What do I do in the meantime?
>>9937 Think about who you'll deliberately spread it to if it shows up where you live.
>>9935 I probably can/jar more of my own home-grown produce in a year than you have in your life time, but whatever faggot.
>>9941 putting toilet paper in a mason jar doesnt count. and nobody cares how good you think your cold brew coffee is. >>9928 i mean, its probably lysol, which would kill the virus. probably fine to breath in too. let that lysol fill your lungs to kill the virus living in there. but in all seriousness even though it probably does kill the virus and may even help slow the infection rate to some extent, its like putting out a forest fire by driving around while using a large humidifier when you really want to save the world you just need to saturate israel with missiles and overwhelm their anti-air defenses.
Open file (263.42 KB 596x633 1582250466408.png)
Open file (50.20 KB 742x463 203.png)
Open file (51.30 KB 761x412 204.png)
Open file (37.72 KB 760x343 206.png)
Open file (57.28 KB 767x511 205.png)
>June 9, 2020 Corona-chan I know you can cancel E3. I will pray to your altar tonight.
>>9945 Is it really happening? For real this time in an unironic most literal sense? This is starting to look like the world map in Crusader Kings whenever a plague hits. I'm also pretty sure most of those plagues started in south east asia when they hit europe. I hope it's not too late to rent a home in the country if that matters at this point this might actually be some blackops warfare going on and nukes will start flying soon. Sickness and death awaits us all.
>>9946 SONY WITHDRAWS FROM PAX EAST UPDATE: Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment made the decision to cancel its participation at PAX East in Boston this year due to increasing concerns related to COVID-19 (also known as “novel coronavirus”). We felt this was the safest option as the situation is changing daily. We are disappointed to cancel our participation in this event, but the health and safety of our global workforce is our highest concern. https://archive.is/sD6aZ https://blog.us.playstation.com/2020/02/13/playstation-at-pax-east-play-the-last-of-us-part-ii-final-fantasy-vii-remake-more/
Open file (614.61 KB 2400x1348 mecca.jpg)
>>9945 >Iran This could be bad if the virus persists until Ramadan, but I expect things to be under control by then.
Open file (1.03 MB 582x900 Kaf.full.2577086.png)
>>9951 You knew exactly what to say to make me happy, anon. Thank you.
>>9951 >Ramadan starts April 24th Depends entirely on if Africa gets it or Egypt has it spread worse.
>>9882 Would be hilarious to see all these chink trolls packed in a room dying together while hoping they have enough strength to post one more time before the virus finishes them.
>>9953 Just imagine. Millions of pilgrims, none which will be or can be turned away for any reason. Coughing and hacking their way around Mecca. Inshallah.
>>9945 What a fucking time to have a cold.
>>9959 This. I’ve had a cold for 3 weeks and it was pretty much gone for the past week then I stopped taking vitamin C and it came back hard. I try my hardest not to cough because every time I’m out people look at me like corona-chan is doing lewd things in public to me, but it’s winter and I’m 99% sure it’s just a cold.
>>9961 Are you asian?
>>9962 No, but I’m in Helsinki right now. Since I’m already sick my immune system is stronger but busy, and not even the Finns are Mongolians meme, there’s so many Chinks, Gooks, Nips, and Flips here I’m worried I’ll get Corona-chan while already sick.
http://archive.fo/jJYWt >Coronavirus may spread through poop Guess that means India is fucked then?
Open file (1.69 MB 1500x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Have there been any media reporting on or research done on the internet girlifying viruses to make them cute? I'm kind of curious what the kikes have to say about the practice.
>>9965 Someone made a research paper on ISIS-chan so probably if you looked.
>>9959 I've been sick for quite literally four months now, light cold and flu mixed with allergies, I unironically feel like being slightly sick saved me from being actually sick. >>9965 What if the Tibetans started worshiping Corona-chan as the coming of retribution for the Han Chinese? Does anyone have enough skill to make that happen?
Asian pussy even tighter when they cough
Open file (5.81 MB 1280x1080 burn it all okuu.webm)
https://archive.is/wip/5vl4Z >gooks will now legally imprison anyone who refuses to test for Corona-chan https://archive.is/wip/opJ46 >burger hospitals don't have enough protective gear to isolate the growing number of Coronavirus cases https://www.tweedekamer.nl/downloads/document?id=5aa8166f-1156-4932-95d1-1e134ee67f71&title=Antwoord%20op%20vragen%20van%20de%20leden%20Kuik%2C%20Van%20Helvert%20en%20Omtzigt%20over%20de%20passagiers%20op%20het%20schip%20Westerdam.docx >Dutch CDC will only confirm Coronavirus infections if the infected is already coughing >>9900 That reminds me, what ever happened to all the reefer ship cargo sitting in port at Hong Kong, Shanghai and elsewhere? Shit should've expired by now. >>9945 >canadian iranian transmission Peak clown world.
>>9974 So hospitals have everything they need to keep 600 pound niggers alive, down to cranes and lifters, but they can't afford more than a sheet of plastic for people with highly contagious diseases? I wonder if FEMA stocked on anything other than 6 gorillion plastic coffins.
Open file (183.90 KB 1000x1415 Happening.jpg)
https://archive.is/iU7Sw >North Korea cancels the 2020 Pyongyang Marathon https://archive.is/OYFCL >Iran reports 13 new cases and 2 additional deaths in Qom >Corona-chan now touring in Tehran
Open file (2.13 MB 480x360 videoplayback.mp4)
>>9974 interesting song choice.
Open file (80.38 KB 656x597 miho scared.jpg)
>left my NEET cave to buy some necessities >see lots of chinks innabus >walk past a white boomer who occasionally coughs >few days later and now my ears hurt I-it's just a regular flu, r-right?
>>9977 You know shit's bad when the glorious leader can't single handedly stop a virus
>>9988 China says the majority of the dead are the elderly. And China wouldn't lie to us. You're not an old man, are you anon?
Open file (29.40 KB 637x358 teto.jpg)
Praise Teto-chan, singing about the apocalypse. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=e_Qb1UP002c
>>9990 but the corona virus has caused cytokine storms in some young adults which can be fatal
>>9990 >China wouldn't lie to us of course not. they said no kids have died so far either. video related. > You're not an old man, are you anon? my first vidya game was an NES. am i fugged? >>9988 tbh youre probably not long for this world, you should tie up any loose ends over the next few days. you can always jewgle your symptoms. picture related.
>always wanted China to get its shit kicked in >its people destroyed, they seriously deserve it >other countries to take back their industries by pulling out and manufacturing at home >always figured it'd take professional coordination and expertise if it were to be done by hand >China ends up importing a virus, developing it to extreme levels of potency and accidentally spread it among themselves >Islam might be next Christmas came early, or my present from last year is a bit belated. This is nice, as long as it doesn't fuck everyone else over.
>>9945 RIP in peace Yellow people.
>>10001 >pulling out and manfacturing at home >home Would you accept "the next cheapest and least contaminated shithole?"
>>9994 >they said no kids have died so far either I need a link about that.
>>10005 Reluctantly, but it's a net gain over China.
>>9945 I like how you retards never mention the number of people cured from the meme flu - 18.000 Also, just a reminder that 7 million chinks die each year as is.
>>10008 >a million infected in Wuhan alone >only 18k cured proper >7 10 million deaths annually >while between 1950 and 1996 live births averaged 20-21 million every year >life expectancy keeps increasing thanks to retirement age lower than anywhere in Europe and boomers benefiting from kiked medicine
Open file (1.32 MB 1200x1359 cheers m8.png)
>>10011 (checked) Also, protesters are uncorking champagne to celebrate police officers getting infected.
>>10006 >(((sources))) get a load of this faggot. here ya go
>>9994 Let's just hope the meme about Corona-chan being less lethal on wh*te men isn't a meme. >>10008 >18k cured/sterilized >75k+ est. killed, CCP restarting textile factories to meet rising demand in body bags >killed include all age ranges incl. kids and young adults due to cytokine storms >760 million chinks welded into their homes quarantined, bug economy deader than a bat in soup >Scores of boomers getting infected on cruise ships, sporting events cancelled all over the place incl. fucking North Korea >rising number of infections in the West and Mideast >South Korea now starting to quarantine entire cities too >Locust swarms crashing East African, Pakistani food supply with no survivors >Australian crops getting ravaged by drought and fires >Roaches on the brink of open war with Russia in Syria https://archive.is/0exO9 >47 out 50 US States unprepared to handle Corona-chan >8 new cases confirmed in Spaghettiland >Almost an entire batch of evacuees from the Death Princess was confirmed positive after landing in the US, yet evacuation and unloading of passengers continues >even the (((WHO))) admits to shit getting fucked at an alarming rate Maoism will win
There a lot of new videos, but most of them are too short to comment, because the title says all. https://invidio.us/channel/UCnw9XCToAscVvvq7NbnK8rA
>>10001 It just means ZOG sphere of influence expands as its rivals crumble.
I really hope this shit stays in China. I don't want to die from a fucking plague.
>>10008 So this is the CCP’s CIDF? You guys aren’t very good. At least the kikes try not to stand out.
>>10029 If you were white it would only make you sick for a week. Too bad you were born as a slave race, but objectively there’s already too many of you and too many different types. I know it’s hard to come to terms with but your people have caused enough harm to the earth, don’t worry, your sisters will be sterilized and treated well when their holes aren’t in use of the nigger slaves to keep them docile.
Open file (69.51 KB 1024x1554 1448299396524.png)
>>10033 It's my punishment for being born Italian-American. It can't be helped.
>>10026 ZOG, being fundamentally antithetical to all human life, is rivals with everybody, and the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. No love lost for a continent of thieving, dog-torturing communist chinks, I say.
>>10037 I see the 50cent army has arrived.
Open file (52.60 KB 1793x243 Israel_case.png)
>Cases have hit Israel
Open file (1.48 KB 536x43 2020-02-21.png)
>>10040 it may kill me and my family, but i'll be happy as long as israel goes out too. picture is of my wife's response to this glorious news.
Open file (129.33 KB 1280x720 I_am_very_happy.webm)
>36 cases in the United absolute States of America Let's hope Corona-chan can locally adapt to Negroes and Hwites, she's already shown herself capable of reinfecting cured Chinks after all.
>>10048 are you hoping whites get infected? or is a hwite something else
>>10049 hownew.ru? Hwite = Hispanic "white"
>>10049 >>10050 Hwite is making fun of some baste hwite nationalist who pronounce the wh of white like the h in human. It's a shorthand for amerimutts who have questionable ancestry yet want to tell us Europeans what we should think and do. The typical idiot who just calls us jews and says some inane bullshit (e.g. no moar bruderwars!!) if we tell him what we don't want to destroy our nations in the name of Hwiteopia.
>>9965 iirc there was an article about niggers in Africa making shrines to Ebola-chan, but I can't find the archive and it may have been a joke. Otherwise I can't think of any examples, and I honestly hope the kike media doesn't latch onto it because you just know twitterniggers and cuckchanners will give it the wojak/pepe treatment.
>>10054 Ugandan madmen who made Captain Alex did it
>>10050 >>10053 i thought it was interchangable with white but just spelled the way some very white americans pronounce it. i thought it was people making fun of the accent, hence my confusion. similarly people from those areas also say "wash" like "warsh" and "washington" like "warshington" i can dig up some old folk songs with pronunciations like that. >>10055 >hes back. oh knock it off.
>>10057 He never left, he's been spamming /k/ nonstop. You fags should be able to spot the autistic kraut immediately by now.
How did so many newfriends make it here? Genuinely curious. >>10054 There was an entire board dedicated to worshipping Ebola. The narrative was that it was a white man's invention, and doctors were intentionally killing Africans while white men did fap tributes to Ebola-chan and her power. The only debatable portion is how effective it was at getting mudskins to refuse to be seen/treated.
Open file (49.65 KB 800x533 doctor-confused1.jpg)
>>10011 Is "cured" the same as "simply didn't die?"
>>10040 >temporary ward specially erected last month for coronavirus Those inscrutable Jews... that would seem somewhat premature, given they hadn't any cases last month, and are just barely getting one now.
>Trump overruled the CDC and put 14 infected on a plane with 300 other passengers back to the US >"The infected passengers had no symptoms and could be segregated on the plane in a plastic-lined enclosure." Finally did something based http://archive.ph/awF8s Also; CDC briefing recording. Just started listening, but they already mentioned local authority quarantines. https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2020/t0221-cdc-telebriefing-covid-19.mp3
>>10060 >Is "cured" the same as "simply didn't die?" I remember reading that people who 'recovered' are still infectious. so yes The official numbers of new infected are slowing quite a bit each day. If this stops spreading and takes a month or two of panic before it starts to wine down what would be affects? >China's Mandate of heaven lost >Manufacturing shifting domestically or generally away from the chinks > irreversible economic damage I wounder why its not spreading to south america? I assumed it was a climate thing, being hotter and different in humidity than most of the places we have see so far, but the cases in the middle east disprove that.
Open file (172.86 KB 256x302 ClipboardImage.png)
>Lombardy, Italy has closed schools, bars, eateries, discos, dancehalls, gambling arcades and sporting facilities as a precaution at least until Sunday. >The first case is a man, 38, who is believed to have got the virus after dining with a friend who had come back from China. <No further mention of his friend >The man was said to be in a serious condition, with respiratory insufficiency - but Galera said his condition had "improved slightly" >infected his wife, a pregnant teacher >Police have reconstructed his movements over the last four days, when he went running and to work, played football and took part in three dinners. >The man works for Unilever <150 employees from a quick search >A female colleague of his has been hospitalised with the virus https://www.ansa.it/english/newswire/english_service/2020/02/21/coronavirus-six-people-infected-in-lombardy-4_4d8c8975-04ba-422d-976a-e397861f3792.html
Open file (394.30 KB 596x711 world clean.png)
>DETECTED CASES ► Detected: 76,812 ► Died: 2250 >LATEST 14:22: +2 cases in UAE 13:33: +2 cases in Australia 12:21: +1 cases in Lebanon 11:15: +1 death in South Korea 11:55: +3 cases in Italy 11:06: +1 cases in Israel 10:25: +2 deaths in Iran 10:25: +13 cases in Iran 10:05: +2 cases in Italy ► China 75,465 (2236): Hubei 62,662 (2144) ► International 1347 (14): Iran 18 (4) Death Princess 634 (2) South Korea 204 (2) Hong Kong 69 (2) Japan 107 (1) Taiwan 26 (1) France 12 (1) Philippines 8 (1) Singapore 86 Thailand 35 Malaysia 22 Australia 19 Germany 16 Vietnam 16 United States 36 UAE 11 Macau 10 United Kingdom 9 Canada 9 Italy 9 India 3 Russia 2 Spain 2 Nepal 1 Cambodia 1 Sri Lanka 1 Finland 1 Sweden 1 Belgium 1 Egypt 1 Israel 1 Lebanon 1 More: http://pastebin.com/raw/qy5RFpVX
Open file (518.57 KB 684x688 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10065 >official numbers of new infected are slowing We're just getting ramped up.
>>10068 You're a real human bean anon. You doing the new thread?
>>10065 >I remember reading that people who 'recovered' are still infectious you fool, do you think this ride ends? also, CDC said that this virus may return each year or never fully leave but i cant find the article at the moment.
>>10001 Given that the Taiwanese seem to be marginally better, is it the system that makes the people, or the people that make the system? Without the CCP, the Chinese may have become different, but is it really true? >>10005 Indians would still be a step up from the Chinese, because they don't have as many natural resources. So you'd get this situation where Australia and Brazil suddenly became the countries with the most materials exported while India and Indonesia could become the industrial powerhouses of the world with the benefit that for once you'd get at least four different combinations to get your goods instead of just everything being made in China.
Open file (374.87 KB 629x468 ClipboardImage.png)
CDC recording standouts: Only 3 US states are able to test due to problems with the test kits. Airports are just doing routine screening aside from China, they didn't specify any difference, but it's something they're working on. Doing "community surveillance" on some respiratory case patients in the states. Wants to test all flu patients for corona starting next week Asymptomatic patients - they have no clue how to deal with it. "gathering info" CDC says they're looking carefully into rumors as much as official numbers, CCP btfo China travel is the only red flag indicator for further testing at the moment
>>10067 I want to add to this story. Poz'd Italian govt, which is basically one of the most left-leaning of Europe right now, lambasted Northern mayors (majority of which are center-right, far-right or independentist) for wanting to segregate the Chinese the moment they step down of a plane and place every citizen with Han ancestry under quarantine to mitigate the effects of Corona-chan. The govt decided, in their infinite wisdom, that: 1) Italy cannot prevent Chinese travelers from getting on the ground (biggest source of income for the country after wine/food) on the grounds that it's rayciss 2) They put a dozen of possibly infected people in a quarantined dorm, except they allowed them some break time where they were allowed to mingle, which meant that they infected each other and had to prolong the quarantine 3) Had the Prez walk around mixed classes to show how diversity is our strength and there's nothing to worry about So now all of a sudden, after plenty of Chinese have come to the country (and bear in mind the guy who got infected had a second hand infection from some guy who also met his Chink co-worker) and after possibly even more people coming in contact with the infected faggot, to stop all air travel from and to China.
>>10067 >The first case is a man, 38, who is believed to have got the virus after dining with a friend who had come back from China. raughs.webm
>>10075 A family member works at a hospital in the US and came back from vacation in a nation with out any cases. The flight was almost fully depopulated and every one was wearing masks. When she landed, she got a call from her boss asking only two things; did you travel to china and do you have flu like symptoms? With a no both she is working next Monday. It boogles the brain that its not only lax rules for passages but medical care workers as well.
>>10059 I know there was a board, that wasn't the question. The question was how many articles were made about it. Try reading more carefully next time.
Open file (8.81 KB 163x207 1329635577762.jpg)
By god I hope I catch this disease, I'm going to poz so many negholes.
>>10079 >>10076 Almost like it's intentional
>>10081 >iirc there was an article about niggers in Africa making shrines to Ebola-chan This is incorrect. Try not pulling things out your ass next time. As for the articles, they're not hard to find.
Open file (162.01 KB 419x530 italian tits.jpg)
>>10047 based wife >>10076 What a way to fuck Europa over. Anyway I think its time to look for an NBC suit as well to go with my new mask, maybe a few more filters and canned food.
>>10084 I don't think this is intentional. I think that lefties genuinely fear to be labeled as "raycis," because in their world, where that weapon is effective, it spells certain doom for them. They're genuinely afraid to literally stop disease from spreading because of it. Yes, that seems so far-fetched that you'd think it was some kind of coordinated effort to spread sickness, but I think they're just that caught up in their own little world. Might see the rise of the right, afterward, unless everyone dies.
>>10088 That plays a part, but I'm not convinced all of it. Gives them an excuse to chip away at civil liberties and condition people some more, as well as Agenda 21. WHO are blue helmet shitters. Either way, your conclusion seems unavoidable. Libshits have been killing people due to political correctness for awhile. If it's come to fucking pandemics, there's legitimately zero chance to continue down the same path for much longer.
Open file (47.77 KB 300x389 chinese-no-no-no-01.jpg)
>>10092 >excuse to chip away at civil liberties They don't need excuses to do that. That's the platform they tend to run on. What's that old quote, though: "Never attribute to malice, that which can adequately be explained by stupidity?" That seems more apt than people seeking re-election sickening their voter base, blue helmet agendas or not.
>>10047 what did your wife's child said?
>>10087 SE PERÒ GLIELA TOLGO, LEI MUORE??? >>10082 Yes, I can see tons of people acting like they were enemies in Serious Sam >>10088 Not farfetched at all, Communism is a death cult and they're ready to die for it, up until they actually smell real problems. Then it won't be other limp wristed faggots they would need to rob of supplies, but Bubba Joe and his nugget. Anyways, @mods, you should probably get someone else to clean up after the /pnd/ rejects.
>>10093 They also never let a good disaster go to waste. Hanlon's razor is fine, but it doesn't work as often in politics. CDC/WHO/etc positions aren't going to have any real impact on the election cycle given the state of things anyway. Put it this way. You've got a pension crisis and upside down pyramid scene of social security that will buttfuck the world you're in charge of. You get what's likely to be a decent help to that laid at your feet, but it's a "problem". You're irresponsible and frankly retarded if you rush to solve it.
>>10097 check out sportschan.org
>>10097 Also with moderation.
>>10074 Well, Chinese people are made to be ruled with a iron fist. Hence why the early governments of China (including nationalist right wing) was so strict. The only reason Taiwan is bearable now is because of mutt influence. If I was a peasantnigger living in early nationalist China, I might become a communist bugman myself. The reason why the Chinese are shit is because they evolved to be ruled by dictatorial leaders. Imagine if Taiwan's territories was larger than just a island, do you really think things would be the same?
>>10068 >11:06: +1 cases in Israel Oy gevalt!
>>10101 Perhaps I simply give politicians too little credit, as they all seem so myopic and incapable.
Open file (252.27 KB 757x507 c.png)
>>10110 Ahahahahahah Cured = not dead when leaving hospital Grorious administration of the people
https://archive.is/wip/zS4Gn >Chinks filming some movie but then the memes become reality So this is what it looks like when the bread runs out and the circus descends.
>>10076 Fug, I was going to go to Rome in a month. Süd-Tirol reunification when?
https://archive.is/uMtXr >r*cist T*betans kicking filthy foreigners i.e Han chinks out of their mountains Secession soon?
>>10085 How does that prove me incorrect? I was saying nobody was asking about boards before you brought it up. Are we even talking about the same thing?
>>10114 Why would South Tyrol want to unify??? They get tons of gibs and tax cuts from the Italian government and get to have double (illegal) passports from the Austrians, if they unified not only would they lose both but they'd be treated like the niggers of Austria (as well as traitors by right wingers).
>>10120 Who said that they'd have a choice?
>pandemic happening RIGHT NOW why arent we banding together innawoods again? shit is hitting the fan hard
>>10129 Because its only really hitting the fan in asian countries. Also I dont want to be in a camp with a bunch of stinky guys, at least take a shower first strelok.
>>10129 too busy making passive aggressive potshots at internet strangers in an effort to stir shit up
>>10136 >Because its only really hitting the fan in asian countries And it is going to hit us hard soon with all the chinks roaming about and the government allowing them to fly. next week europe and california will be infected in the 10000s >>10140 You can still be passive agressive IRL
New thread?
>>10109 Politicians themselves, sure. Any and all decisions that aren't renaming post offices are by committee or billionaire zogbot donor.
>>10143 >with all the chinks roaming about You made me realize that all the areas on the west coast and Canada they bought up and invaded are going to be fucked. God hates the chinks lmao
Open file (396.64 KB 762x497 s21.png)
BREAKING: South Korea reports 142 new cases of coronavirus, raising country's total to 346 - Yonhap https://archive.is/TUI0L https://twitter.com/BNODesk/status/1231021220835069952
Open file (796.41 KB 648x705 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone else feel a zen sense of calm anticipation and satisfaction with this? Normally I'm anxious about happenings, this feels more resolute somehow
>>10158 Me too, I'm planning to work in a hospital for the next half year, and then join the army. I'm not from Burgeristan. If it turns into a full scale happening, then I have a good chance to witness something very real.
Should we make another thread since this one is bumplocked?
Open file (266.22 KB 600x450 snowman.jpg)
Hey guys what's up? Been catching up and it looks like we're all fucked. are we all fucked? i think we're fucked at this rate. I could stop it. Should i stop it? Has it gone far enough? I think this might be for the best. How can i make the most of it?
>>10165 >are we all fucked? yes >Should i stop it? No >Has it gone far enough? It hasnt killed israel yet >How can i make the most of it? Do whatever you want unless you want to try and survive
Open file (4.12 MB 460x258 1574741712742.gif)
>>10166 >try and survive nty
>>10169 Then go all out, make some avant garde kino, shitpost IRL or start your own mlitary. Anything and everything is possible to you now
Open file (103.05 KB 1024x737 1581023295465.jpg)
Based boomer Dr Drancis Boyle, Bioweapons advisor and experts spills the beans and confirms NCOV is 100% manmade chimeravirus (with HIV in it as well) citing Indian genetic analysis with a likely death ratio actually being 15-18% when you omit bad/unreliable stats according to him. >"IT'S LETHALITY IS AROUND 15-18%"= muh nazis tho kek fucking boomers https://youtu.be/_On7NB34QEc He also did a video with shekel jones recently. He's already been ostracised by his colleagues for telling the truth he says.
>>10180 >corona chan has aids >somehow ebola chan doesnt
>>10181 >751 posts Is there a limit?
>>10189 >>10163 There is a post limit because mobilefaggots complain about the threads taking too long to load.
>>10059 >How did so many newfriends make it here? Genuinely curious. Give a faggot an inch and he'll take a mile.
Open file (1.16 MB 1024x1165 1570380885507.png)
>>10190 Phoneposters deserve to be bullied.
Open file (39.42 KB 245x245 1387645495706.jpg)
>>10190 >placating mobileposters
>>10155 Not necessarily. If you follow the vector paths in Western countries, they're all regions that Chinese businessmen travel to, E.G. major urban population centers/economic power houses.
>>10158 I'm a little concerned about the immediate fallout before the real clown world begins since this is indirectly affecting my job right now and there's going to be an interim where people are expected to survive on their own before societal collapse (assuming a societal collapse and not just a Greater Depression).
There's one thing I'm not quite up to date with. Regardless of wether the "bat virus" story is bunk or not, do we have any info on wether Corona-chan crosses the species barrier? Can it be transmitted by vermin or livestock?
>>10198 Indirectly it can be spread by a micropocket of water on their fur and such, but I wouldn't worry about it too much (at least not right now).
>>10190 Fuck phoneposters, what the hell are you doing? I'm willing to bet most of the low quality cancerposts that have been flooding the more active threads here were made by the kind of dumbass that bends over and drools at his phone all day.
>>10192 >>10195 >>10201 I personally don't like 1000+ post threads as the moderator UI on this site is really shitty, but if you guys want me to increase the limit for threads before they bumplock I don't mind doing it.
>>10203 I don't care about the bump limit, I'm just saying don't cater to faggot phoneposters if they're the only ones complaining, they are always the worst quality niggers on any given site and coddling them will only invite more of the cancerous zombies.
>>10215 it was the first reason that popped into my head
>>10203 just make it cyclical my guy
>>10217 I don't want posts deleted; if I go through older threads on an archival service it's nice having it all in one place. Lynxchan is shit and the thread can't be un-anchored, but I increased the overall bump limit to 800 which will apply to future threads.
>>10158 I feel it too. I hope anons are ready to be the gray man. Chest rig under a jacket, or whatever to survive. Maybe I should start with just getting more food.
>>10196 >GVRD gets vaporized >All better than expected
Open file (6.36 MB 640x360 corona_punk.mp4)
If china breaks down I'm going in to loot and go full ancap
>>10120 >but muh benefits >being in the same country as my people is less important than gibs Belgian detected.
>>10232 >going in to loot and go full ancap That's not how spell ancom you commie fuck.
>>10232 >going in to loot and go full ancap That's not how you spell ancom you commie fuck.

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