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There's no discharge in the war!

2020 White Minority and Gun Rights Strelok 02/15/2020 (Sat) 05:29:16 No.8837
In 2020, whites became a minority in the USA for anyone under 18 years old. This was only seven years after 2013 when newborn whites became a minority. In seven more years, our age range will become a minority. Why is this a problem specific to /k/? Because non-whites have formed a voting bloc against guns. Now that they have solidified their majority, it is becoming numerically impossible to outvote their anti-gun bloc. This issue is being censored in absolutely every gun community, even though it will directly lead to our guns being taken away, forever. We must address this issue or it's over for us. Tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of funs. Hundreds of years of tradition. Heirlooms for our children, all gone forever. VA showed us that even if you have nothing against non-whites, even if you have non-white friends, even if you bring token pro-gun non-whites to rallies it doesn't matter because you cannot beat demographic destiny and voting blocs. If the ballot box is no longer a feasible solution, what do we do? We have to start talking about how to deal with it outside of the legal system. Even if we're not doing anything personally we should at least stop counter-signalling against people who are willing to, and stop silencing people who bring up the issue. You can't just separate politics from guns anymore because they are coming for us no matter what our politics are. Whether you're libertarian, national socialist, economic left, apolitical or anything else really it doesn't matter to the other races who just see "white" = "enemy". And nothing will convince them otherwise, ever. Even the small percent of non-whites who are on our side cannot control what their greater tribe does, assuming they even want to beyond giving us the most superficial lip service. This thread is to discuss strategies to secure our gun rights for this generation and the next. And the ones after that. We want our descendants to enjoy this hobby and this right just like we do today. I see a few primary ways to do this, including but not limited to: 1) Explicitly recognize the demographic issue as related to gun rights 2) Call out those who silence us for mentioning the demographic issue 3) Support those who take action beyond the ballot box, and call out those who counter-signal them 4) Develop verbal kill shots that reframe the discourse to our reality. We'll probably be hearing phrases similar to "race traitor" a lot more in the future 5) Discuss the most productive and humane ways to secure our gun rights now that the ballot box is no longer an option Understand that board rules and global rules apply. This thread should also serve as a containment thread for politics as related to demographics. /k/ is a board with the purpose of high quality discussion about firearms and militaria. Respect that because we are in this together. This isn't an official /k/ thread or anything. We can only control what we ourselves do so try to elevate the quality of this board while posting here regardless of how others may act.
What about those of us who have always been loners for the most part? I've got two friends in this world, and one is a magatard (though getting more and more disenfranchised) """""native american""""" he's like 1/32 native but he still goes to reserve meetings or whatever the fuck they're called and the other is willing to listen to what I say, but still buys into the paste non-whites mentality, and also has a young kid, so getting him to take any stand that would endanger his reputation is pretty much not an option. Outside of these two I have no one I converse with on the regular, save for family, but they're so far gone and too may of them have halfnigger children I'm not even going to bother with them. I genuinely have no idea what to do outside of moving to the countryside asap and waiting for someone to fuck with me and then probably dying in a shootout.
Open file (3.14 MB 2242x1520 1565204003043-1.png)
Don't really care. I've found the boundary of Plato's virtuous love, Pygmalion's virgin, so to speak, so I don't really give a rat's ass about demographic shift. When SHTF I'm going to have more important things to deal with than a mating press, and I've already sown my wild oats in several non-white countries from my escapades in my younger days. Deal with it yourself, faggot. I'm enjoying being a celebrity in other countries for my European mutt "white" genetics. If they take away my funs I'll just break the law and not tell the government or I'll expatriate and take my skillsets with me. This is solely a problem for those of you who can't escape the dark death approaching while those of us who've given up all hope revel in our own debauchery making fun of whores and watching this clown world implode. Fuck the police, fuck hospitals, fuck human beings, and fuck the state.
>>8848 Unless you're fleeing to certain eastern yuro countries you're not escaping shit and are in the same boat as the rest of us.
>>8848 OK you left a love child in another country so you have to double down on being a race traitor? By the way you didn't escape the dark death, sounds like the exact opposite.
>>8842 Moving to the country is not a bad idea. White flight is instinct. Hopefully your friends give up on counter-signalling their race. Especially the younger one if he listens to you and doesn't throw you under the bus for your views that's a good quality. Ideology is like fashion it comes and goes. I think one of the lowest hanging fruit for what we can do is #1-4 in the OP since they don't require any action that takes one past the point of no return. They are also in ascending order of difficulty. #1 is the most important because it's essentially the first two "O"s in an OODA loop, and as such is a necessary condition to secure our gun rights at this point. We've already seen even the normalfaggot gun communities embracing the concept of boog. The next step is to make the racial component clear so everyone stops spinning their wheels on it.
Open file (41.34 KB 538x494 chinkguncontrol.jpg)
Thanks for making this thread bröther, can't understand why so many are choosing to stick their head in the sand on this. To continue on >>8873's point, maybe we can build on the momentum of the "boog" memes increasing in popularity, and work in some race-related stuff that is maybe subtle enough to bypass the normalfaggot brain filters. I'm drawing a blank on examples of doing this but I'll try to think on it and share what I can come up with. Maybe stuff along the lines of pic related, highlight nonwhite officials pushing gun control, nonwhite plebs pushing gun control. It has to be really dumbed down and simple for boomers to understand and get emotional about; like Tarrant said, the masses don't even read let alone get passionate about info charts like in the OP. Hell I didn't even look at them and I already care about this shit. Maybe this can serve as a memetic warfare thread?
Wasn't it around that moment that the racial tensions on the Balkan had gone tits up when sandniggers got the majority by the under 18s?
>>8888 nice numbers, anon
Open file (28.04 KB 951x151 ethno-martyr.png)
>>8887 If we take a meme approach to things then we need to consider our target audience and boomers probably aren't the best target anymore. Maybe a decade or so ago. Right now most boomers are either in or approaching their so called "golden years", they know they don't have a whole lot of time left no matter what so they are pretty apathetic for the most part. They may straight up not care what happens to their collections when they're dead, they may have actually not thought a single step beyond their kids inheriting them, and so on. If we meme to boomers we need to appeal to their overinflated egos, I propose this guy from muh revolooshun: winchester.us/DocumentCenter/View/3528/White-Horseman. This is the stuff of legends and civic-minded boomers eat it up, it is ripe for meme potential. We can meme something along the lines of them refreshing the tree of liberty as their last stand against tyrants just like the pale rider. Alternately or as a parallel strategy, we target gen X and older millenial gun owners who still have to live with this shitshow for awhile and may have more incentive to give a shit. They could have children who are floundering, they could be childless and starting to feel the weight of their mortality. Gen Xers hate being confused with boomers despite being practically indistinguishable on most fronts, so we have to appeal to that and try to provoke them by likening them to the soft little bitches that boomers are ("don't be like these faggots who pissed away half your rights already with muh vooting"). Some other ideas for those who do have kids is to highlight examples of shitskin-on-white crime, especially with illicitly gotten guns, and remind them that this is their kids' future and their grandkids' future, if things continue, and if they should even be so lucky as to have grandkids. Raw, vivid images of the victims contrasted with the blackest nigger gorilla apes or the nastiest fucking spic perpetrators, it has to be max emotional appeal.
>>8887 13do50 seems to have gotten a lot of traction even among normalfaggots. Maybe we need something similar for voting stats. 75% of hispanics, 66% of blacks, and 75% of asians are against gun rights. We could also take over the word Stepper. If you think about it these foreign races are "Stepping" onto our soil and disproportionately "Stepping" on our rights.
>>8900 Asian shitholes usually don't allow gun ownership, so being without a gun is normal for the average gook. Niggers know that they get guns on the black market, and want the whites they rob to be unarmed.
One thing I'm wondering about is Bloomberg. The slimy kike literally bought VA's last election (GOPniggers probably took bribes to let seats go uncontested as well), and he's running for president, but outside of his commercials that make all the typical politikike promises I hear nothing from dems about him having an actual chance. I know it's all a dog and pony show, but that nose nigger has me really worried about what kind of shit he's pulling behind the scenes.
>>8951 He isn't wrong about minorities and their hate of the constitution. They honestly want free shit to the point of societal collapse. Sure you get some who embrace the shit out of it but the majority of them just want shit on your tax dollars. Don't help that picture related is generally the cause of the decline of rights and so forth, if the Russians could figure this out in the 90's you should probably have clued in by now.
>>8964 Funny thing is they're not even really minorities anymore, they're majority of all people on the verge of adulthood. I wonder when people will stop calling them minorities. Maybe when they are 3/4 of all people under 60 and 51% of absolute the absolute population. If they wanted to endear themselves to us they could have just assimilated and stopped voting against gun rights. I expect plenty of crocodile tears when the white man finally wakes up to our rights being taken away forever and actually fights back.
>>8896 If you can think of any specific memes you want made, and aren't capable of making them, let me know and I'll give it a shot. I have over 6 million confirmed kills in Photoshop.
>>8837 Evolutionary pressure isn't a bad thing for a race's development. Less white people means tighter communities that agree on things, the ones that adopt gun rights and defend themselves will survive, the others will die out. Equally with the death of the white majority that made the USA a superpower in the world, the USA will lose its status as a superpower. This falling from power will massively weaken the Federal Government, which cannot ignore internal problems simply by starting another war. The resulting tension will lead to a real Civil War 2.0 with other Global Powers supporting factions inside the USA.
>>9018 Thanks for the thoughtful post. I definitely see this as a possible scenario. However things might just get worse and worse. For example in Latin America this never happened. Whites just got bred out and the spark of high civilization was lost forever there. It does seem possible that there is almost an infinite potential to endure worsening conditions as long as there is basic bread and circuses. Television, alcohol, Internet and videogames requires very little resources to maintain at a basic level, so people could be distracted forever as long as they have heated homes and food on the table. We may not even have much choice except to see what happens. I do agree that either way we need to band together and explicitly agree we are on the racial same team for things like gun rights (not to put words in your mouth, I'm sure my interpretation could be somewhat different than what you had in mind). I hope you are right about smaller communities banding together. I genuinely fear that with smaller numbers it will just lead to us being easier targets to be bullied by a majority. The South Africa scenario is working out horribly for them. Basically a loss through attrition. But of course things can change very quickly.
>>9018 >>9019 While I agree about the evolutionary selective nature of these times, we must also need to produce a 'quantity of quality', so to speak. If we have too little numbers, we end up with Rhodesia/South Africa-tier events. We need enough to be able to fight a war and win with.
Open file (432.29 KB 500x281 source.gif)
>>9036 >We need enough >>9019 >We need to band together >>8900 >We need X >>8896 >We can meme >>8887 >We can build on momentum >>8873 >We've seen >>8837 >We >We >We Friendly reminder that "we need/should/can" is codeword for "you do X while I safely sit on my fat ass out of harm's way and away from any repercussions." Are you fucking niggers really willing to put your life on the line for something? It's not a fucking cake walk, it destroys a man down to his very soul and I doubt anyone using the "we" card here could follow through. Show some of YOUR accomplishments and some of the steps (You)'ve taken before demanding this "we" shit from those around you, faggots. There is no "we" in this unless everyone involved has fucking collateral on the table and a track record. This is not some fair world where sophistry is going to fucking get you anywhere. Take this "we" shit and shove it up your ass.
>>9040 >Show some of YOUR accomplishments and some of the steps (You)'ve taken before demanding this "we" shit from those around you, faggots If you want that, I've been trying to work out and lose weight; and I've also gone back to college in order to get a trade, get enough shekels to buy farmland, get married to a qt waifu, and have a large family with her.
>>9040 >1) Explicitly recognize the demographic issue as related to gun rights >2) Call out those who silence us for mentioning the demographic issue >3) Support those who take action beyond the ballot box, and call out those who counter-signal them Quoting the word "we" a bunch of times isn't some gotcha. The above don't require risking your life. You won't die from not counter-signalling those who do something. There is no risk to your person in recognizing the demographic voting block against us. Yet those are necessary first steps that the gun community hasn't taken yet. I get what you're saying but you take it way too far as an all or nothing.
>>9047 >I've also gone back to college in order to get a trade >muh trade Trrade schools are a meme and going to trade school college is an even bigger joke >get married to a qt waifu youre mentally handicapped if you think this is realisticly posssible in the cy. All women are whores even your mother was a whore. >>9055 >I get what you're saying but you take it way too far as an all or nothing. hes unironically right though, stormweenies are a joke and dont live in the real world
>>9056 >Trrade schools are a meme and going to trade school college is an even bigger joke As I've said before, it's to finance my other plans, dumbass. >youre mentally handicapped if you think this is realisticly posssible in the cy. All women are whores even your mother was a whore. Your Napoleonic adage aside, virtuous women still exist, if in greatly reduced numbers
>>9064 >virtuous women still exist uhuh where then faggot?
>>9064 Just ignore him. Someone trying to discourage a man from making a living or procreating to fulfill their biological imperative doesn't have your best interests in mind, at least the way he said it. You do you, Strelok.
>>9065 You seem to imply that being a NEET is a bad thing in this post, when in reality the condition of NEETdom is the only position possible where true freedom and humanized existence is possible in the modern age. In the ancient world, the aristocratic ideal was a life of leisure free from manual labor, while wage-labor and slavery were left to inferior human beings. The condition of the wage-slave has become dominate today, as has the bourgeois mentality that the only thing that is worthwhile on Earth today is to produce and consoom, that the highest value is to WORK WORK WORK your best years away until you're old and decrepit, ready to retire, having spent your entire existence working away for a kike corporation. Wage-cucks and their slave morality is disgusting. They see the truly free man, the NEET, and they 'resent him with all of their heart, they want to drag the NEET down to their level, they want him to be a fellow worker slave as well. They call him a parasite, they call him lazy. WE REJECT YOUR WAGE-CUCK SLAVE MENTALITY
>>9075 its the harsh reality dumbass
>>9080 It's certainly your reality
>>9083 Don't fear the wagecuck with 20 guns. Fear the NEET with one .22
>>9083 >don't fear the NEET
>>9086 Who is that guy? I bet he won't do shit
>>9087 He’s merely a humble Norwegian police officer
>>9093 >implying I'm not a National Socialist NEET myself Supplement National Socialism with Aristotelian ideas of the virtuous life and natural slavery, you will see how it all makes sense. The lower exist for the enjoyment of the higher. Some are meant to work, others not.
>>9094 If you can accept the ideas of the virtuous life and natural slavery though, and mixed the ideals of National Socialism with NEETdom, I would ask how you can come to a disagreement with this anon: >>8848 who has come to the ultimate reality of banging top shelf 2D in the form of his waifu? Is his philosophy not the same but taken to a different extreme?
>>9093 Keep calling libertarians and apoliticals who want to keep their gun rights Nazis lol. You're doing a great job
Open file (1.86 MB 640x640 MURRICA.webm)
>>9147 I'm here to discuss military stuff like the events in Aleppo or the current happenings with Corona-virus or the Virginia Rally (when it was happening), or Knife man's newest knife that circumvents British Law. A 3D printing/CNC thread would be pretty fun too as well as improvised weapons and such, and I'm always up for discussing the physics of a well-placed hammer swing and why it will cave in a skull instead of piercing it. In terms of actually shooting, I'm more interested in the /out/doors than funs, as I like hiking/camping, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy shooting or owning them. I live far away from all the gun-grabbing regions and our local gun-grabbers have no power over my city so I'm relatively "safe" to observe without having to directly influence. The spics around here are friendly and pro-gun (aside from the illegals, but everyone hates them anyways). Frankly I just don't care about demographics in general since it's mostly a self-correcting problem and it's not like I'm planning to reproduce. I don't want anything to do with western whores after dealing with them, fucking them, etc. for the last eight years. They're disgusting and I'd rather let the "white race" die off before letting those things spread their genes any further. If I didn't care about firearms I wouldn't be on /k/. If all I cared about was demographics, there's a handful of reasonably active boards to discuss that sort of thing outside of /k/.
>>9153 This is what I'm talking about, dude. We're speaking different languages. I want to have a discussion about why X siege or Y policy had this effect and how it could have gone better/worse or why this country turned out this way while this one didn't based on economic/political/resource-based/gun rights based reasons. Then someone comes in and shouts "because dey WHITE!" or "Cause dey NOT WHITE!" I don't care about how their whiteness affected it. Sure, it did, fine, whatever. I want to discuss the policies and why/how X could have done it better. Shouting about race just shuts down the discussion or makes anon look like a retard when discussing things on a more detailed level. Saying "well the shitskins would have never thought about doing X but perhaps they could have done this instead" is a much more intelligent response than "they didn't think about it 'cause dey ain't white! :^)"
>>9157 >>9153 wasn't me, that's a different anon. I see where you're coming from, but what I don't see is why you can't just make those threads you want to see and hide this one. It's one thread out of an entire catalog (that isn't even full from what I can tell). Surely you can let those of us who are concerned about the effects of demographics in our regions have discussions about it. Not everyone has the luxury of living in a generally white area, or a state where major voting blocs are populated by shitskins that have a disproportionate amount of say over whether the rest of the state is allowed to own guns or not.
>>9160 >or a state where major voting blocs are populated by *aren't populated by
>>9166 That wasn't me? I went off to read a book.
Open file (95.92 KB 1280x720 tricorn feelings.jpg)
My state has been a Republican stronghold for a very long time. Unfortunately hispanic and asian immigration has rapidly turned it Democrat. Now many bills are being introduced to ban guns, including insidious ones like red flag laws. Our gun culture is in real threat of being extinguished forever. Families who have been here for many, many generations will soon have an essential part of their culture pulled out from under them. I don't think it's fair to expect that multi-generational households pick up their way of life and move, losing their roots in the process. What's more, this same process has occurred in all surrounding states. I don't feel that the hispanics and asians should get a pass on their actions here. They are the ones overwhelmingly voting for this. They have taken over the cities and are bullying everyone in the rural areas with the democratic process. These people have entire continents to themselves but they come here specifically for economic gain and openly mock us while subverting our way of life. It's not fair to expect us to be silent while this happens. It's not fair to censor our voices. It's wrong to gaslight us and pretend race isn't the core issue when it's the main axis for these voting trends. They tell us we have free speech but threaten our jobs when we mention this issue. If we try to discuss it online they ban us and tell us we can go somewhere else to discuss it. Well now almost all of the main websites on the Internet have censored us, and we don't really have much where else to go and discuss it. And now matter how hard we vote we can't overcome their combined ethnic supermajority. It's not right. We shouldn't be forced to sit here in silence and take it while our gun rights are stripped.
You've probably noticed that almost every person showing up to these pro-gun rallies is white. Yet some try to say that asians are natural conservatives or are our allies. They parade a few token asians with guns, or put a pistol on their asian wife's hip and put her front and center for photo opportunities. Well, the numbers speak for themselves. Even for the few pro-gun asians, the rest of their family is using government as a tool against us to strip our rights.
>>9174 Exactly.
>>9176 Of course the races whose governments have been autocratic in nature are fine with the same form of governance elsewhere.
I don't think it's a coincidence that many in this thread who are most vehemently against us talking about this issue seem to be nihilists who aren't planning on reproducing. All they care about is getting theirs while the getting's good. The rest of us can get fucked. It's not enough to just live their lives and let us be. They have to signal against us and spread their misery even while we are trying to build a future for our children. Many of them have a backup plan on fleeing to another country, but not before spitting at us on their way out. Maybe they know a few hispanics they will prop up as exemplars but the statistics say otherwise. And most of those hispanics secretly hate them anyways. It's no coincidence that Texas, one of the most stereotypical gun-toting red states is in imminent danger of becoming one of the biggest blue states in the entire federation. When it does, these double-crosser whites will move to our states and pretend it's a good thing because they are conservatives and coming here to help us. But relative to us they are not conservative. They will bring their pro-hispanic and pro-asian attitudes with them and drag us down to the level of the state they left. Make no mistake, they don't care about us one bit. It's evident in their attitudes, in their mannerisms, and even philosophy toward life. They only want to protect their own egos, even if it means dragging us all down with them.
>>9179 Nihilists and soul crushed do nothing, good for nothing type of people hate hard problem solving and argumentative reasoning because they are weak and it reminds them that they are wrong and it makes them feel bad for being nihilist egomaniacs, it reminds them of their own failure. Essentially all their domino's fall over because they can't suddenly excuse themselves anymore without looking like fools when the reality kicks back in and reminds them what's going on. They even want to share their poz with other people so that they can live with other people in this pathetic state, new colloquial for these fags being "doomer", fucking pampered soyim need to grow up. Same with leftists and other faggots. That's why they always just sperg out and never bring don't bring up anything except bullshit as a coping mechanism for being human trash individualist bastards who can just continue to consoome in a vegetized state, that they for some reason love so much. These soul crushed people also love bringing excuses like overwork, PC, whatever nonsense fits best even though if there was some pussy or a couple of beers around the corner they'd claw and deceive to get there in an instant even though they were ""exchausted"" from X. For these people it's all complain/ignore literally never; "What can I do to help??" It's always the "WHY WONT SOMEONE DO SOMETHING" and literally never "WHY WON'T I DO SOMETHING." These types of people fucking pathetic I hate their fucking guts, people like this who will not take some form of personal responsibility are some of the lowest forms of people, they're the reason we're in this hot mess in the first place, retards like this allowed it all to happen because they were too fucking cowardiced to get out of their comfort zones for a change, just like their retarded boomers parents, instead of making their dreams outside the grind work for them they lived an uneventful non-interesting life slaving for the system that hates them with utter scorn. Don't perpetuate that. If any of you people fit the bill here i want you to think about that, do you think the easy life or the hard one which was the most interesting and the one you'd have most memories of? Start today, if you're young you'll live to see the degrading, jewish muttification and destruction before your eyes, you'll be old and regret you knew but did nothing about it. It's the future you choose.
>>9176 I wonder how that would look broken up by state. The largest number of Asians are in Commiefornia after all. It's possible that there weren't many asians at these rallies because there's just not that many around.
>>9182 >the largest number of asians are in California >the largest number of asians are in the state with the strictest gun laws currently, until VA legislature shits all over Virginians >maybe they weren't at gun rallies in other states because there's not many there Or maybe they were there because they don't support gun rights just like they don't in California.
>>9183 WEREN'T God damn
There goes Texas.
The US is done. End of story. There is no fixing it now. We could have fixed it under Obama by rising up and fighting back and for the longest time some serious headway was being made but then we got le donald cuck and everyone just sat back down and took it up the ass. I am sick and tired for fighting. I was never very good at it in the first place but I thought "there must be good, honest virtuous people out there. They are just scared/unwilling/ignorant. So I will fight now in the hope of change". No. The MOMENT these faggots got the chance they bent back over and took it up the ass. Now it doesn't matter if the US has a wall. It only locks the citizens in with the criminals or stops the citizens from fleeing across the border when shit gets tough. Do these drooling simps really think they will be able to flee if even a hint of shit is going down? They are going to lock the country up so fast it's going to make your head spin and anyone who tries to leave will have to do so at the barrel of a gun. Not to mention fleeing doesn't matter. Unless you own a private island in international waters or some kind of underground/sea complex far from a government's radar you're fucked. If you're LUCKY some place like Poland might pull their shit together and make their country nice to live in but I somehow doubt, even if they did, they'd want you cowards there any more than anyone else wants you. So fine. Let them come for my guns. I stopped following laws I don't like a long time ago. No taxation without representation and all that. If they come knocking I will fight them back or die trying. I suggest everyone in this thread does the same.
>>9216 >The US is done Good. One less jewish state.
>>9216 God dammit blackpillfag just fuck off already.
>>8900 I prefer to call them carpet baggers
>>9233 The US imploding wouldn't be a bad thing at all, what the fuck. A blackpill outcome would be if the US remains alive for decades, possibly centuries after it becomes a fucked up mix between Brazil, South Africa, and China. With a collapse of the empire the shitskins will wind up killing each other just as much as trying to target hwites, except in a collapse scenario all the white guilt retards will die very quickly and leave the non-suicidal population completely unrestrained by their mental illness.
>>9056 <Don't marry and have children, goy, all women are whores! >ignore the fact that "minorities" are slowly replacing whites in america as evidenced by this entire thread You made me respond, good job.
>>9242 Yes but people believe in a political solution, so that level of reading comprehension is beyond them.
>>9242 I think part of the confusion is when you say US you are maybe referring to a political entity, whereas Strelok interprets it as saying that everyone in the US is doompauled with the implication of just give up and die sinces it's all over anyways.
>>9249 Well I'm referring to the US politically and demographically here, not all that many whites are suicidal retards that absolutely must suck nigger cock to apologize for shit they had nothing to do with, but, as we all know, the minority are very very loud and have a disproportionate amount of clout in the media, the internet, academia, and the government. If the US collapses politically those particular areas will of course be thrown into utter chaos and they'll wind up being devoured, but others with a sense of self-preservation can live without enforcing a retarded self-destructive narrative 24/7. Just because whites haven't gone full 1488 doesn't mean all of them want to lay down and have their gene pool and history wiped from existence. >interprets it as saying that everyone in the US is doompauled with the implication of just give up and die sinces it's all over anyways Well he can keep preaching that shit all he wants, I refuse to believe things are so hopeless that I should just give up and get fucked.
>>9181 Well said anon
75% asians in favor of gun control. 75% hispanics in favor of gun control 65% blacks in favor of gun control.
It's not about convincing those who have already made up their mind. It's about getting the facts out there past the censorship. Non-whites are voting to take our guns away. The numbers don't lie. No matter how angry it makes some people that we are not being censored in this thread.
>>9401 >It's about getting the facts out there past the censorship What censorship? Theres nothing here to really censor on a forum of less than 10 posters at most. >Non-whites are voting to take our guns away. Wheres the proofs? >The numbers don't lie. What numbers? Alot of those infographs are bullshit and dont coincide with reality, plus alot of them are tinkered or completely fabricated. >No matter how angry it makes some people that we are not being censored in this thread. The posters here truly are humanity's last line of defense.
I'm talking about censorship in the broader gun community. This is the only place we're allowed to post these statistics. The numbers have been posted many times in this thread. All of the numbers show that whites own most of the guns, are the ones voting for pro gun policies, and the group pictures of the pro gun rallies are overwhelmingly white.
As long as we can post facts about who is voting to ban guns, all the screeching in the world doesn't matter. Lurkers can make up their own minds.
>Strelok doesn't math so well We all know there are a lot of whites voting against gun rights. The proportion of them is drastically different among race. This is why we use concepts like percentage or per capita.
What can we do to get non-whites to stop voting against gun rights though. I feel like it's not my job to tell them what to do, it's their job to not try and disarm us. They just won't stop voting as a group to take away our guns and it's maddening.
I do have a couple of "based" hispanic friends who support gun rights but the rest of their immediate and extended families just keep pulling that lever against us. And realistically even my based friends are not really into guns they just support it in theory. One of them is actually consistent, he's libertarian. The other one is pro-gun but votes for anti-gun politicians anyways, oddly enough. It really seems like guns are primarilly part of white culture. We are the ones who own most of them, we have invented most of the technologies, we engineer most of them, we organize most of the events for them, we are the ones who turn out in support for them.
>>9448 >blind >not arguing for anything and just spam wordvomit garbage* without context Weird because that's the only thing you've been doing ITT remember? >>9449 >All I care about is the gun rights aspect not the ideological bullshit. As if mentioning jews or recognizing which forces are behind gun control counts as ideology somehow. Good job being a jaded retard. Apparently you just "don't care" enough to recognize it's always the judeoleft or just jews themselves with their organizations which a little powerful 2% minority of population directly pushing for it and many other destructive things. For ages. https://youtu.be/vzDO86iSKWU Jewish Groups and Lawmakers Seeking Gun Control Get Major Boost from Obama http://www.timesofisrael.com/obama-backs-california-senators-assault-weapons-ban-as-jewish-groups-work-toward-gun-control/ Jewish Groups Push for Action on Gun Control http://www.jewishjournal.com/nation/article/jewish_groups_push_for_action_on_gun_control Jewish Groups Urge Senate to Pass Gun Control Legislation http://www.jta.org/2013/04/11/news-opinion/united-states/jewish-groups-urge-senate-to-pass-gun-control-legislation Jewish Gun Control Backers Plan New Push http://forward.com/articles/175270/jewish-gun-control-backers-plan-new-push/?p=all Jewish Politicians Lead Chorus Calling for Tighter Gun Laws http://www.timesofisrael.com/jewish-politicians-join-chorus-calling-for-tighter-gun-laws/
>>9461 Nope in all my posts I provide reasonable arguments and counter arguments provided with evidence or context. >Apparently you just "don't care" enough to recognize it's always the judeoleft You do realize that the right spews the same rhetoric that the left does...
>>9461 >As if mentioning jews or recognizing which forces are behind gun control counts as ideology somehow. Good job being a jaded retard. Relax friend. You sound like you are just lashing out not really trying to have a conversation. The point of this thread is about gun control not gibs. That's all I was saying, even if this stuff is connected it's worth trying to stay close to the topic when possible and not just talk over others. If you calm down and put in a bit more effort it might go a long way. I'm guilty of this often as well, I think most of us are, no big deal.
>>9469 Well I'm OP. I tried to put some effort into most of my posts including statistics. I'll try to step it up further though.
>>9467 >>9469 Very rude, no wonder why reasonable people dont take your kind seriously.
So far I've seen zero counterarguments to the fact nonwhites consistently vote for gun control, and nothing but screeching about /pol/ instead as if you'd have to be a nazi roleplayer to see the writing on the wall. You deserve to have your guns taken if you're going to be this much of a retarded faggot when someone points out such a major issue.
Open file (128.57 KB 1280x1440 1581178727993.jpg)
>>9489 Many people including you apparently still haven't realized how hard it is in the third world, many gullible sheltered western retards especially liberals who haven't even stepped outside their borders cannot understand, and are spoiled of the fact that low wage jobs in our countries being from the third world is something like a paradise. They have a completely different mindset. That mindset they have is what makes the third world what it is. It comes down to group/social dynamics. Most of them don't care, they literally are just freeriders. They want the easy life, and "we" have given them the easy life(but we didn't ever vote for it). Other races don't care about our issues because they see them as '"our problems" get it? They see our countries as it's not theirs(at least not yet) so as long as the gibs, scholarships, special programs keep flowing and they get whatever they need for free(as it does) there's not a reason in the world to care, they're content with getting government handouts because they're already used to such a shit life in the third world, because there are literally no standards there. To these fuckers those novel ideas such as gun control, universal suffrage, freedom of speech etc etc are white 'lofty' foreign ideas and of course they don't consider them as their own and so it's discarded, it's not important to them. There's always an exception to the rule. But everyone knows that's not how the real world works because we're talking about the forest here not the trees. Another thing is them wanting us disarmed because as I said they see the country as as it's not theirs(yet). And/or not giving a fuck, realizing that whites want this to end and that would be bad for their group/race. They themselves keep making their own race and racism a big deal because they're secretly ashamed of not being white while living in our nations and obsess with it h as their race as a coping mechanism and to prop themselves up whether it be financially or otherwise, because they fucking can thanks to Jews like Emanuel Celler opening the flood gates in 1965 by railroading the "Hart-Cellar" bill through executive orders, when in actuality nobody voted for it, nobody were allowed to vote for this shit. There are so many real world examples of this. It's just the same group interests that the Jewish Taqiyya propaganda push. To make Americans "feel their pain", and make Americans help Israel. Exact same thing. Third worlders don't honestly consider themselves to be a part of the white country that they're in or culture even though they will say otherwise because MSM popularized it and because it's politically correct, they still know it's not true they don't belong here and that we're completely different people, everyone knows that deep inside. Notice how even with MSM kike propaganda most of them self segregate and only look out for their own interests and those interests are simply from being guest workers making 100x their pay to now full on parasitism. They take everything they can get with no shame. They have a complete US vs THEM mentality that whites were brainwashed by jews and marxists to forget, while they kept their natural and important tribal mentality fresh off the boat or from their parents while being second or third generation. Literally these people want is to get the easy life, because it is piss easy compared to what uncivilized bullshit they're used to, that's why they want to go to white areas/countries/neighborhoods in the first place. They take any job, our entry level jobs which doesn't exist in their uncivilized countries, and thereby stealing ours, that's fine for them because they live the easy life in white countries which mean civilization.
>>9489 Many people not including you*
Open file (103.97 KB 347x300 1572668605530.png)
>>9496 >they have a complete US vs THEM mentality that whites were brainwashed by jews and marxists to forget There was never an 'us vs them.' individual ethnic groups have always tended to gravitate to serve themselves and their fellow members. Thats not something le juws or marxists created d u m b ass.
>>9500 True although whites are not following the us vs them mentality. All the other races stick together but we are getting stabbed in the back by special snowflake individualists who think they're above it all. Only whites call each other racists. Hispanics blacks and asians and the tribe which cannot be named don't really call each other racist. And they definitely band together against whites.
>>9489 You have to get over trying to convince people who have already made up their minds. It simply won't happen. Focus on getting the facts out there in a calm manner so bystanders who aren't so ideologically invested can figure it out themselves. It's only through mass censorship and social bullying that a false consensus can be created. To stay in a holding pattern of trying to convince hardened ideologues is just masochistic.
>>9496 Damn good post. Thanks for taking the time to write this out.
Open file (531.67 KB 491x517 21341296758321.png)
>>8842 >What about those of us who have always been loners for the most part? What do you think? The cockroaches from Mexico have LA RAZA in your country and it's widely popular, unquestioned by your jewish media. Why wouldn't whites have the same but not subhuman and actually effective? There's literally no excuse not to bring this out in society and start advocating and acting. If you are scared about being called effeminate words like "racist" or whatever by enemies and not brave you already lost. Wanting to have self determination is a basic fundamental human right even according to UN. The solution comes down to doing rather than talking, even if votes are cheated people have to activize and found/join interest groups to act, speak up and protest, be subversive. Clever. Real life is where it counts a group can work in many ways by being inciteful to change rather than relying on full on political solution. To get some ideas about how to move forward Rules for Radicals by Alinsky is a decent book to get some inspiration as to what can be done. Yes the man was Jewish, but his methods work and are proven as they work in practice. >>9500 There has always been this mentality forever retard racial differences are a basal natural truth, and it exists inherently even babies recognize it early on. That's why it's so important to propagandize the "we are all equal" tropes ad nausem to whites in school, in kindergarten, in university and in the media, no other nation does this but white nation under globalists. But then you notice how the other races do not comply why? because it is not their society and also their culture weren't literally subverted into NOT teaching it for 60 years you fucking retard.
>>9508 It's a good theory, but the other races turn on each other in their own continents too when they don't have a common enemy. South America for example is pure crabs in a bucket. Africa seems to be possibly on another level beyond that. Whites have become complacent because they are the top dogs and take everything for granted. When bread and circuses are gone, prison dynamics will return. Unfortunately the floor level to get to that point will probably be very, very low. Smug hyper hyper individualism will reign supreme until people are getting their faces smashed in directly and they have no where left to move to. How many people have you heard say something like "all I need is TV and Internet".
>>9510 Calm down qoomer. >no other nation does this but white nation under globalists Yea because cumskins are mentally gullible and submissive they will comply because they have always been bred like dogs to comply.
>>9516 It's a good point. Not that I have some ultimate truth insight here, but I think the multi-cultural aspect even among Europeans may have played a huge part here. Majority Anglos and then Germans (both Germanic you may notice) were most of the early colonial stock. That balance was fairly stable for about 300 years. Around the turn of the 20th century the floodgates opened and other Europeans such as Italians, Spaniards, Russians, Greek, and myriad others rapidly came in and from very disparate backgrounds. They didn't identify as much with colonial Americana so those values got watered down. Again not to say this is some stroke of genius on my part or the single biggest factor, but it's something I've noticed even now with recent European immigrants. At a 4th of July party I let a first generation Portuguese and a first generation Russian shoot my guns and they had an absolute blast. 30m after we were done and drinking beers I was getting lectured by the Portuguese guy about how they should be banned. I just couldn't believe it. The Russian guy agreed even while saying America was the greatest country. Later on the Portuguese guy was going on and on about white privilege. I never hung out with them again.
>>9518 >poortugese >russian <european Biggest reason why all the subhumans were able to get into the US was the jews, they brought chinks and niggers, the more diverse set of people and mixing that happens means the jew can blend in more easily instead of sticking out amongst any european, even just looking at a movie from the 20s and comparing it with a flick from today you can easily see the difference in facial structure, you can instantly tell a jew actor from a white actor in the 20s but now americans are so mixed you could shoot a movie outside of the US with no white actors and not be able to tell the difference. Main reason as to why there are so many anti-gun europeans is because all the pro-guns died in the wars
>>9517 Why should they have gratitude? They don't owe us jack shit. All races except the Jews who didn't go extinct have played by Might Makes Right. When given the opportunity every race will conquer to the extent of their capability. European global dominance in the past 500 years has been so overwhelming that other races have either gone extinct or had to cede to gunboat diplomacy. So if you are a latino, black, or asian and you are backed into a corner with no room to manuever, but then are faced with a weakened racial enemy why would you not take that opportunity when it may be your last one? You can't live by Might Makes Right and reap all of its benefits and then cry when the sword is turned against you in a moment of weakness. If anything the other races deserve respect for showing strength right now. You don't have to be best friends with them or want them in your lands. But if you don't respect them for standing up for themselves then maybe you need to check your ego. Your own attitude is dangerously bordering on jewishness itself. I can't imagine belittling someone for standing up for themselves. I'm not saying this is the ultimate manifestation of you for all time but damn, consider for a moment your attitude here.
>>9521 Yeah I know all about the jewish involvement in immigration and their motivations for it. The World Wars were incredibly shameful. Brother wars disgust me.
>>9524 >brother wars Europeans are different, we are not brothers. the (((anglo))) is the shabbos goy of europe that needs to be destroyed >>9525 >stormfags what are the stormweenies upto nowadays?
>>9525 Well it's about gun rights to me, regardless of rhetoric and a couple windbag posts by others. The voting statistics by race are still a reality on the ground.
>>9528 >LARP But they are minorities when they're <50% white >>9529 Still dont get the gun rights thing, if you have a gun but some law passes that bans guns, are you really just going to hand it over? no 1776ing? I thought the constitution was specifically designed so that people would shoot tyrants that tried to take their guns? gun control is impossible to enforce unless you goys willingly hand over your guns
>>9522 It wasn't a big mistake? You dont see a nobility in sharing then your mind is more judaized than mine. If might made right such things would have not happened. Asia was underdeveloped too but learned faster because of western conquest gave the inspiration. Millions of Africans and people in other nations depend on foreign money and food for ages already, only reason many nations could have so many people is because they eat billions if not trillion worth of donated UN World Food Progam rice beans all day long and given free expensive medications less worth in Africa than in modern countries. many countries would be dying and starved not over populated and polluting if it were not for billions spent on those monkeys prevented from learning and developing by westerners fucking w natural selection because they have received some kindness and look their nations are still shit. Big mistake. Again bite the hand that feeds them.
>>9531 >1) Explicitly recognize the demographic issue as related to gun rights >2) Call out those who silence us for mentioning the demographic issue >3) Support those who take action beyond the ballot box, and call out those who counter-signal them Well I tried to put a bit of effort into these points. The first one is for people to pull their head out of their asses and stop pretending race is not a factor in voting for gun rights. So many people extrapolate their one based buddy onto everyone else but that's not how statistics work. My second point is that it's bullshit that bringing this up should be censored, as it is in almost every single social media website. Just by bringing up facts you can lose your job, or if you make your own website you can lose your web hosting or even DNS. My third point is related to your 1776 comment, which is to stop counter-signalling people who actually do stand up. You see all of this posturing about 1776 from libertarians and such but when someone stands up it's all disavow and criticism because they didn't stand up in the perfectly optically correct way, the ideal of perfection that everyone has in their heads when they won't do jack shit themselves. I don't claim to have the perfect solution to all this and it's surely a mess. I definitely don't think we can even approach one without a bit of breathing room to discuss it though. And I really really hate censorship that's preventing it in almost any public space real life or virtual.
>>9533 Yeah, sharing is noble. But do you not understand that the "sharing" was not free? It was all very much strings attached. Here you can have this aid. Just convert to our cult religion. Just let us set up shop and extract your resources. Just give us dirt cheap labor. Obviously a lot of those deals were set up by and for people who mostly aren't us. The richest traitors among our own race, and "whites" from another tribe in disguise. But normalfaggots were happy to go along with it as long as they could get a trickle down of cheap goods. I don't understand why you feel the need to be on this high horse like you think the white race was just giving others a pure blessing. It's arrogant, and delusion. Are you trying to fool others, or yourself? It's not an attitude that's necessary. I'd go as far as to say it could contribute directly to our downfall. I'm not saying to get on all fours and say "I'm sorry!!!!" as if all the other races are so much more noble than us in comparison. But I think we're going to need some real self awareness to get through this. We'll never get that from the majority of normalfaggots I don't think. But our best and brightest might be able to grow up a bit and lead us out of this quicksand.
>>9539 Think about some people like Africans doing the same thing Europeans under colonization did to underdeveloped nations to white nations and tell me. Saying there were not a single good intention in that exchange in western colonization for the period is just ignorance though it clearly was a mistake, only asia could be helped because of the capability of recieving it, because not being actual monkeys. In this case that you were right, why do anything like building schools at all? It would better of not developing or building at all and just exploiting 247 to this and just doing the bare minimum which is not what happened. Oh wait. Thats exactly what the chinese, their new owners, are doing right now! They do not give a single fuck and have taken over their economy using it as a waste basket, taking all giving nothing. So strange this did not apply to white nations giving most foreign aid and such to this day. Because you are wrong.
>>9548 Well yeah there were good intentions too, you make a good point. I think a lot of the good intentions came from the common man, and the worst intentions came from the detached elites. Although even among the common man I'd still say it was still a mix of good intention and transaction. I think hispanics and blacks and to an extent arabs are really playing a gambit here because like you said their next rulers will likely be east asians and the deal will be way more lopsided for them. I don't think the asians will have much qualms with just wiping them all out once the pretense of humanitarianism that they must maintain around Europeans is no longer needed. There's also the other gambit of pushing Europeans too far to the brink of destruction and getting a much much worse deal if European hegemony rises again. Even still from the perspective of hispanics blacks and arabs their best bet is probably still to just keep pushing forward against us, so I get it from their point of view. There is also a bunch of other fucked up stuff like they have concepts of bettering the race. Hispanics and asians actively want to mix with whites as an escape route from their race and their parents and grandparents encourage it. Their women go for white men, and their men go for white women when they can get it, even if many are in self denial. Most whites just don't know about all this because they live in their own worlds. I just don't see the point in talking down to other races and telling them they're dumb for not taking the deal we gave them if it's true that pushing forward is their best chance to grab territory and mix into our race, which seems to be by their own attitude and actions a belief of theirs that it's a good thing. >>9551 Come on man put more effort into your post. If this is really your understanding of history then elevate it. It even sounds like you are just trying to start a fake argument with yourself here to stir shit. You don't deserve any more Yous.
I do want to add that not all asians are hispanics are like that about the "bettering the race" stuff by any means. Realized my post could come across as painting with too broad a stroke. I definitely respect the dignity of the ones who are against that stuff because they have to put up with bullshit from all sides.
Open file (27.90 KB 250x300 disgusted child.jpg)
>>9554 >not all [x] really nigger? you think we're all not aware there are exceptions to the rule? you think those exceptions even come close to making up for the damage the rest of their kind have done, and will continue to do at the expense of the ypipo they hate so much?
>>9557 You're misunderstanding. I'm just trying to be respectful to asians or hispanics reading it who aren't actively trying to mix out of their race. There are some who aren't hypocrites, that I even know in real life. The post was not for your sake.
For the streloks here who are against censorship on this issue, I'd like to ask you a favor of going above and beyond to be polite, calm, and diplomatic in this thread. Of course this type of thread will attract people who want to shut it down and will try every tactic in the book to do so. And on this issue you won't convince those who are highly politically ideological, certainly not by argumentation. We already have the facts on "our side" (the side being that these facts should be available and not censored). So the only differential will be tone and rhetoric. And the real audience is not even the people arguing in an inflammatory manner, but the lurkers and the honestly curious people who pop in. So don't try to bash streloks over the head to "win" an argument which absolutely won't happen. Just let the ones who desperately want to shut this discussion down look goofy in comparison with their low effort posts. If you are angry and worked up too much try to pause for a moment to recognize that and either vent elsewhere or pause and take the time to revise your post.
>>9611 >censorship on this issue You fags are censoring yourselfs, if you just stopped replying to bait, stopped talking about the bait and just reported it then move on there would be no problems. >convince why do people always think about convincing other fags? to those pro-gun no convincing is needed, to those anti-gun convincing is impossible. >just let the ones who desperately want to shut this discussion down look goofy Follow your own advice, the last 20 posts are some fag and people complaining about the fag,people should return to the topic
I found a chart on gun ownership rates by ethnicity. Interestingly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, ownership rates are roughly the inverse of the percent in favor of gun control. 75% of hispanics are in favor of gun control, and 29% own guns. 75% of asians are in favor of gun control, and 15% own guns.
Open file (108.10 KB 630x505 guns_fommdfi.png)
Non-whites are substantially less likely to be in favor of protecting gun ownership than even college educated white women. 70% of all non-whites are in favor of gun control laws. Let that sink it for a moment.
>whites are becoming a minority in USA >USA is the pozz capital of the world >literally more jews than in Israel It's literally impossible for whites to pass any law that would benefit whites or harm non-whites. Why even bother? Just move to a decent European country that has no niggers in it, or move to a white state and support separatism. Stop feeding niggers and shitskins with your taxes and labor.
>>9625 Can you name a yuro country where I'd have ready access to firearms, where my tax dollars wouldn't be feeding niggers, and where I wouldn't be ostracized and/or murdered for being burger?
>>9036 >If we have too little numbers, we end up with Rhodesia/South Africa-tier events. Rhodesia and South Africa could only happen because of the Wests post WW2 sentiment, pushed above all by the USA. The moment the USA falls from power, there will nobody be around anymore to pull a Rhodesia/South Africa as the mightiest Golem of humanitarian concern trolling in the international arena will be gone. The leaders of European Countries are too weak to do such a thing and will be kept busy with keeping their own country in line. >>9078 Keep thinking that way and you will end up in poverty once you reach retirement. Somebody who tries to make a living on unemployment benefits or goes to the self degrading act of registering as mentally ill will never live in freedom or have a humane existence, as he will effectively exist at subsistence minimum and be government owned. The great aristocrats of old who you praise so high ended up all owned by the Jewish bankers and when they weren't needed anymore the French Revolution came an lobbed their heads off. Its the same with NEETs today, you think you are the rebel who is at the top of the world, but instead you are just a useful idiot who will be the fall guy once the kikes topple the system to get more shekels. Also the goal of earning money isn't to spend your whole life for some kike corporation, that is only done by stupid niggers and those too lazy and cowardly to do their own thing. The true goal is to save capital so you can start your own stuff. Make an investment, own property, get your own business. The earlier you do it, the earlier you will be set for live and enjoy more freedom and riches than the government owned NEETs.
Open file (7.14 KB 370x244 suicide_demog_2016.png)
Open file (65.10 KB 840x473 Slide9.jpeg)
How are we going to save whites when boomers are dying off and millenials are killing themself via gun? No wonder white parents want guns out of the hands of their children if they are only using them to kill themselves with. Its not some jew whos killing them its the white children who are KILLING THEMSELVES!!
>>9670 >They're just killing themselves for no reason lol. Maybe burgerland should stop snipping their foreskins off at infancy and raising them in god-forsaken(literal) jewish hellworlds.
>>9670 Men use the most effective means available to commit suicide. Look at Japan they just switch methods. Really not directly a gun issue.
>>9670 >The suicide is the cause of the suicide ??? Yeah, we know that the suicide rates are high. That's why we are trying to pinpoint and fix the source. You have successfully noticed a symptom. Given the world changed post WW2, jews are a likely reason for it, since the winners spawned the world afterwards while the vanquished were roundly silenced.
>>9625 >telling mutts to move to europe Mutts arent white, they would still destroy europe as much as any nigger or sandnigger would. USA and mutts are the main reason why all this kike multiculti anti-gun shit even hit europe, their GIs raped white women in WW2 just as much as the russians did. >>9670 >How are we going to save whites Have kids and dont be a shitty parent, dont cut their benis at birth, make them value fitness and health, dont let them watch the ZOGbox and teach them at a young age about firearm safety. Biggest thing affecting whites is the lack of community and how easily someone will tell on the authorities over the smallest of things that arent even illegal
>>9785 >USA and mutts are the main reason why all this kike multiculti anti-gun shit even hit europe I'd like to see the explanation you have for this.
>>10052 Figured I'd just get the typical halfassed kraut response.
>>10052 I get the multiculti bit but how in the everliving fuck do you think we're anti-gun? We literally have more guns than people in our country.
Open file (131.62 KB 1223x474 jap_gun_control.png)
>>10091 One law for me, an other one for thee.
>>10091 >We The american citizens, at least a diminishing amount of them, aren't. It's the US government that pushes anti-gun stuff in occupied nations, I'm sure you have enough brains to know why. You know, the same government that's been hell bent on taking american guns since at least the thirties. You know, the America that did ruby ridge, and waco and laid the groundwork for ethnic replacement in europe and america. ANd carried out endless wars in the middle east for a nice constant flow of """Refugees"" America is the bad guy. Don't think we aren't. The US is the biggest boot of international hyenas. You have the democrats who go with it gleefully and retarded conservitives who KNOW the government is bad, but still sign up in droves to fight fur freedummmm!!! Don't confuse your nation for yourself. America as it is, is not worth being patriotic about. You should hate it with more vigor than any nigger, spic, or arab. Because it's done more to harm american citizens and europe than anyone else. They are a disgusting soulless corporate entity that pushes immigration and faggotry on everyone. If you cannot see that, you are absolutely blind. The second amendment does not anywhere say guns are a fun hobby you do every weekend. It's pretty clear it's purpose. Start thinking about that. Stop defending america and start thinking about how to change it for the better.
>>10100 Well no shit the burger government needs to be destroyed, everyone who isn't a MSM swilling tranny knows this, but that's clearly not what he's talking about. He's pushing as if the average burger ever wanted, or even cared about gun control in yurup and implying we deserve to be punished for shit that has been so far beyond the average Joe's control since the end of the American civil war. He's also conveniently ignoring how without communism, something created by a fat yuro-jew mutt NEET, we wouldn't have multiculti shit in the first place.
>>10091 >>10051 before WW2 almost every country had relaxed gun laws with many fags owning guns, it was only after mutts came in droves, infected people with their jew culture/movies and physically occupied places along with the soviets did the world become anti-gun, they didnt just occupy germany and de-nazify them, they did it to the whole world. But they always supply communists with as much guns as possible >We literally have more guns than people in our country. with restrictions and niggerlicious laws that you allow to be set in stone, your gun rights get taken away bit by bit and you wont do anything even when it is to late >>10117 You are forgetting that capitalism was also made by a fat jew NEET, which main purpose is to import cheaper labour to increase profits and create a negrodic mutt race of golem
>>10119 Capitalism has much more nebulous roots than that.
>>10127 it has much more jewish roots than you want to admit
>>10133 Prove it then kraut.
Mentioning this could cost you your job. If you posted this on social media your family business could be subject to a media frienzy and your family's livelihood ruined. You will be called "racist" and people will say the numbers are "debunked". Every tactic will be used against you, but they will NEVER address the actual numbers. They will never extend a show of good faith about getting their own to start supporting our gun rights. They will goad you into "why haven't you 1776'd yet?" and in the same breath call for your censorship. These people are not sincere. They do not have your interests in mind. There was never a "debate". It's all rhetoric to aggrandize their own power and they will move the goalposts as soon as they feel they have enough political capital to push things to the next step. Then the next step after that. And so on. Would you really be surprised if It's only a matter of time until you get red flagged for mentioning these statistics? They can call it a hate crime. Never throw your own under the bus, because we're in this together.
>>10208 Some guy was posting that at the VCDL twitter and nobody really responded to him.
>>10213 Doesn't surprise me one bit. Although I wouldn't read too much into reality as presented by twitter either. They have a complex system of shadowbanning just like facebook or reddit. The map is not the territory, and all that. They really can dictate the narrative. You see a similar thing on wikipedia where legions of approved scribes get to write reality. People are so brainwashed nowadays that they aren't even willing to have a conversation about it, they say google it or look it up on wikipedia without understanding that the algorithm is controlling them and they are moving even further from humanity by tossing away the human element. I hope historians of the future will be able to look beyond the censorship and find primary documents and first hand accounts. Sorry for the tangent.
>>10219 >I hope historians of the future will be able to look beyond the censorship and find primary documents and first hand accounts Considering so much shit is paperless now, and fags control the narrative so thoroughly, I'd rather have the magnetic poles suddenly switch, or have a sunburst (or whatever the fuck its called) happen so that all computer technology gets wiped the fuck out and these people starve in the hellscape that follows.
>>10208 I get you but you're exaggerating here about the shoah part. I mean honestly and even if you posted that completely tame statistical picture and it meant that you got fired somehow why would you help support such a company in the first place? You'd mostly have to be working for fucking Goldman Sachs or some Globohomo company like amazon to get fucked over for that as an employee. Why support such disgusting places who think statistics b raycizz with your lifework, time and all? There aren't just cuck businesses and bosses out there. I've had a lot of non pc banter in my endeavors, even with the bosses chiming in lol. It's not always as square and as PC as you think, but yes its generally not a good idea to bring politics to the workplace unless its banterized, which is still effective mind you. Running your own biz though is different as we've seen. And if you're scared of that put ur fb or whatever on private if you can. And if you can't well, you know what to do.
>>10213 figures
Open file (226.40 KB 1058x1174 cancel-culture.jpg)
>>10229 If I posted that image to a twitter and some concern tranny from my industry caught wind of it and decided to dogpile it would absolutely effect my employment opportunities. Look at the media shitstorm surrounding a guy wearing a Trump hat and he was just doing Linux. Of course you can find another job. But if you're effectively weeded out from a large proportion of them it will really hurt you. Especially if you get blacklisted by the local industry clique.
Open file (93.59 KB 959x1219 threat level.png)
Open file (21.73 KB 474x511 wew.jpg)
>libertarians higher threat than muslims
>>10322 They're really pushing that "52% of domestic terrorism is ypipo supremacists" angle.
>>10323 Of course they are, because (((they))) rule.
Open file (232.20 KB 480x480 abomination1.png)
>>10117 >implying we deserve to be punished for shit that has been so far beyond the average Joe's control since the end of the American civil war Joe Average lives in a place where he can buy guns and a cabin in the mountains, and prepare all he wants. Joe Average also lives in a place where most towns only have a few lazy bastards who can't hit the broad side of a barn for law enforcement, and said town's infrastructure is most likely so vulnerable he could shut down the electricity with a single well placed shot. Joe Average could do a disproportional amount of damage and easily get away with it. Yet point all of this out and Joe Average says ˝I know your tricks glownigger! I'm going to outsmart you by crying about niggers on /k/ while doing nothing, even though I'm literally posting from a room with muh raifu and cans of ammo. Gotcha!˝ Can you see why Joe Average is a detestable idiot, or will you just call me a fed?
>>10361 No, I'm going to say you have a fucked up and out of touch view of what Joe Average actually thinks and does because you've spent far too much time on the internet gorging yourself on shitty memes and cherrypicked images. Joe Average isn't constantly screeching about boogaloo, or calling people feds on the internet or whatever the fuck, he goes to work and tries to provide for his family and is usually among the last to find out about shitty laws because he's not scrutinizing twitter and other cancerous sites 24/7 for something to stay furious and demoralized about.
>>10371 Joe Average works then comes home masturbates drinks a beer and watches a lot of TV. He agrees with what he thinks is socially acceptable to fit in. The end.
Open file (105.73 KB 960x727 spurdo_bolis.jpg)
>>10371 >>10381 O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
>>10381 >>10385 Oh I see what you're doing, this is where I'm supposed to run into a niggerpill loop. Not gonna happen, sorry, but keep preaching about offering up your asshole to kikes because some twitter lunatic said something about muh boog, I'm sure you'll get someone to kill themselves eventually or whatever horrible outcome your twisted mind is vying for.
>>10387 The closest the average person has come to actually doing something is recognizing that Epstein's "suicide" is bullshit, but otherwise they haven't said or done anything. Then you have the occasional Tarrant that some people will praise, then do absolutely nothing, and others will call a MOSSAD FED SHILL PSYOP ACTOR USING CGI AND LIES and do nothing. If someone even stood a chance of getting the reach of an Alex Jones-like figure, but with a message telling people to actually do something instead of trusting in puppets and traitors like Trump, they'd be Waco'd and slandered so badly everyone thinks they were a child molester and a scary evil nazi.
>>10322 >Black Separatist Extremists: This threat category moved from low to moderate after two individuals associated with this ideology targeted law enforcement and the Jewish community (oh no another holocaust when will it end) in Jersey City When did that happen? Was I asleep? Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that africans would successfully differentiate between europeans and ashkenazi jews. >Homegrown Violent Extremists >White Supremacist Extremists Heh. As it should be. I need to read to see how long it took the ol' 76 revolution to simmer before it started boiling over into direct war.
>>10404 >>10381 >>10385 Do people like this actually think coming here and making these posts somehow will have a magic effect and turn us all in niggerloving sjws?
Open file (609.44 KB 2048x1536 lolbert (3).jpg)
Open file (531.66 KB 622x474 progun.PNG)
Open file (466.84 KB 960x2678 YTGunCommunity.jpg)
The greater firearms community seems to be burying its head in the sand and pretending that if they keep shouting about how gun control is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and other re-purposed left-wing talking points that non-whites will suddenly become libertarians that support free speech and gun rights. It's pathetic watching them virtue signal and stand shoulder to shoulder with fucking communists and anti-white identitarian groups while crying "Please oh please! Eat us last!". Look at the majority of popular internet gun personalities; Ian and Kyle are massive faggots and half of the other ones have black kids or grand kids, so they are never going to talk about the real reasons gun grabbing communist fucks keep gain ground. The other half are too attached to their youtube ad bucks so they won't say anything controversial, even if it is true and if addressing this could save gun rights in the long run. They don't care enough about your gun rights to fight back. NutN'fancy's video about why gun rights will be lost didn't once mention demographics or immigration, but at least he admits that he won't fight back when the time comes unlike the other guys. These fucking nu-lolbert faggots are going to be the first to turn their guns in or on you so fuck them don't support them, they are useless. Thankfully every real person I've talked to at the range about gun control is aware of the demographics issue. And by the way, it doesn't matter how many of you know a based minority who totally supports gun rights if they keep voting to give them away in favor of gibs. I'm also not trashing all libertarians, just the ones that only care about smoking pot and sucking dick, the modern libertarian party is fucked.
>>10419 >Kyle Sorry. I meant Karl, I forgot his name for a second.
Open file (713.98 KB 498x367 wrr11z4g.bmp)
>>10419 Lolberts are fucking hilarious
>>10387 Describing the "Average Joe" is not a niggerpill it's just reality. It won't be the average joe standing up for our rights until it's socially acceptable to do so. Part of this thread is to bully those normalfaggots and move the window back to where the average joe no longer feels the need to counter signal us for mentioning racial stats. Zoomers may not remember this but there was a time when even normalniggers would call someone acting like a bitch a faggot, or call an urban yooth a nigger when the news reported him robbing and raping.
Open file (106.19 KB 1220x950 enough.jpg)
>>10419 >chuck yaeger is a proud ethnic replacer Holy shit you can practically see the two future anti-gun votes countering his own within the frame. Not to mention the spawn they will have in turn. Into the trash it goes.
>>10454 >>10456 Looks more like the trigger is backwards so you aim the gun at your face. So some sort of Spic Suicide Gun
>>10419 >3rd pic What Paul Harrell video is that from?
Give up retards, Joe Average does all of the cuck shit I fantasize about, and nothing you say or do can prove me wrong.
>>10406 >When did that happen? Was I asleep? It was late last year. It didn't get much press coverage because they weren't white and it didn't get much imageboard coverage because they were niggers. >>10419 Where did the "right" get the impression that optics matter and why does it persist after not working ever?
>>10738 Because unlike the left rightwingers get everything taken from them if they go full 1488. Job, family, not being in prison, all that shit? Why do you think Tarrant was "brave enough" to pull something? He didn't have much to begin with and kiwi prisons are pretty nice. Burgers, bongs, and most of Europe doesn't have that luxury.
America is forfeit, Europe might have a chance if the next few generations stop being massively cucked and Jews lose interest. If you can't get rich enough to move to SEA or somewhere relatively decent in Europe I would start planning on trying to make smaller communities with likeminded people in forgotten areas of the US. You're on the defensive now, its time to act like it.
>>10738 They don't care about success if it requires them to take any social risk at all. They're cowards, simple as that.
>>10816 True but that doesn't explain why whites will throw you under the bus even in small private groups. "Bruh I ain't down with race baiting", said the fat faggot when it's just 4 white dudes hanging out. For what purpose? Complete and utter cowardice. They have become the feminine. How To Win Friends and Gain Influence: be a cocksucking coward bitch.
>>10419 >"See, look, we hate those ebil nazis too! We're one of you!" I don't even know where these peopl even come from. Haven't met a blue collar normalfag yet grubbing around in grease and dirt for his living who didn't know at least a handful of ethnic jokes and would always take the most extreme stance the republican party would allow against minorities, and then a little extra. Seriously, where do they come from?
Open file (523.76 KB 1212x637 va 2a.png)
>>10939 The red circled areas have a lot of fags that see owning a gun as a funny ironic meme to flaunt in front of their retarded cuck friends at the local coffee shop, and I can almost guarantee you the vast majority of them are transplants from New York or Massachusetts. They'd show up to literally any rally just for the attention, and the moment these laws pass they'll just shrug and hand over their overpriced fish guns they bought on impulse and probably never even fired and say "oh well lol BANGSTICK TURN IN SELFIE XD". Norfolk in particular has a lot of these types, if I were able to nuke cities in VA then Norfolk would be gone right after Alexandria and Arlington. It's honestly worse than Charlottesville. It's probably because it's a port city with a major naval base on top of having a fairly large college, this makes it even more of a ripe infiltration point for out of state cockslurpers than Charlottesville could ever dream of being. I hate that my state has become a total shithole because of this handful of faggot hives. The next decade is going to be a total nightmare.
Open file (76.57 KB 600x500 bixvotemanigga.jpg)
>>10947 It's happening everywhere in the northeast. PA, ME, NH and even VT are getting hit real fucking hard by these fucking carpetbaggers. Once they gain a foothold they create a bubble where they can jerk each other off to globohomo ideas. Then they immediately complain about how where they are now is not as good as where they came from. The stores aren't open late enough. There's not enough ethnic restaurants. There's no culture. The traffic moves too slow. Downtown is too boring. There aren't enough public services. Everyone is ignorant. I hate them so much. And they think they are god's gift to us because maybe they are libertarian or some shit and have such nuanced views, and they have some professional high five figure job and a lot of facebook vacation pictures.
>>10947 Tyranny of the majority. Stops working when and only when you whittle them back down to being a minority.
>>10986 God bless you then Corona-chan, these bloodsucking vultures enlightened world travelers will quickly go, with any luck, since a fellow doesn't get to take care of them himself without going to prison for life over it.

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