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(378.75 KB 600x719 guide to physical removal.jpg)
Welcome to /liberty/ HHHPinochet Board owner 08/19/2019 (Mon) 22:30:01 Id:e35c08 No. 3 [Reply]
A board for discussing private property norms, Austrian-school economics, and natural rights. Refugees not welcome.

1. Don't be a faggot. Faggots get bullied, and if they become a persistent nuisance they will be banned.
2. Refugees not welcome. Dissidents--NEETSocs and commies alike--are not forbidden from posting. However, keep in mind you are guests of this covenant e-community, not residents, and will be physically removed if you violate Rule 1.
3. Keep whataboutisms, gotchas, and similar low-effort critiques of libertarianism in the designated shitting thread, i.e. the QTDDTOTT.
4. Please spoiler all NSFW images.

If you have banners or flags you'd like me to add, please post them here. Complaints/comments/concerns regarding moderation and board policy go here as well.
Edited last time by HHHPinochet on 08/24/2019 (Sat) 17:20:09.
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certainly lynxchan does, so yea probably so.
It does, yes. /cow/ and /monarchy/ both have some custom CSS going.
Also >>>/film/
BTW banners can be any dimension, not just 300x100
That's nice to have then, sadly I am not some visual guy but maybe someone else will be willing to come up with a branded css.
we could use some more posters
I'm not against custom CSS in principle, but overall I've been pretty happy with the default look of Lynxchan. The black/goldenrod theme is implicitly ancap, it actually looks similar to the theme of /ancap/ back on 8chan.

(38.74 KB 680x660 pls spoonfeed.jpg)
QTDDTOT Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 15:24:25 Id:797cb6 No. 10 [Reply]
Questions that don't deserve their own thread. Socialist gotchas, whataboutisms, etc., go here.
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They also don't understand that if they took all of this money from the capitalists and gave it to the working class and went to go buy stuff with it, it would just cause massive price increases and the working class wouldn't be any better off.
The working class already, under capitalism receives virtually all consumer goods and services while the capitalists receive an extremely tiny portion. This is is we're talking about pure numbers.
This is probably the biggest contradiction in socialist theory. I don't know why we don't use this argument more often.
Should I take welfare money and invest it?

Buy chainlink
>They also don't understand that if they took all of this money from the capitalists and gave it to the working class and went to go buy stuff with it, it would just cause massive price increases and the working class wouldn't be any better off.
I don't know why, but this reminds me of an argument against the minimum wage that I thought of that I was wondering if anyone looked at seriously.
A lot of pro-minimum wage data comes from individual cities passing higher minimum wages (c.f. Seattle, NYC, etc.). And I wonder if the following is what's really happening:

Imagine Chicago and the suburb Joliet. Chicago is planning a minimum wage increase while Joliet is not. Big box and other stores that have chains throughout the area notice this. Any operations that can be done more in Joliet would be more efficient than in Chicago. Likewise, restaurants or factories close down or relocate from Chicago to across the city line. On net employment moves out of Chicago and into Joliet because of this, and there's either larger commuting from Chicago to Joliet, or the total employment of Chicago decreases (because of the net negative migration from Chicago), while the unemployment rate may be stagnant or even fall.

Now I remember why what you said reminded me of this. I've always wondered whether increasing the minimum wage also increases price inflation at all. I've also wondered if there has been any attempt at defining how increasing the minimum wage "makes job shittier." I.e., if I was paying you $5/hr I might not expect much and will be rather lax if I catch you goofing off, but if I'm paying you $15/hr you better goddam be worth it and I'm going to rail on your ass if I find you playing on your phone all the time.
>not XMR

(397.37 KB 1280x903 worse than a jew.jpg)
(1.75 MB 1600x1600 20190420_232358.jpg)
(1014.96 KB 1280x847 shut the fuck up keynesian.jpg)
(121.64 KB 451x500 democracy is a fuck.png)
(581.14 KB 760x1280 failure_of_the_new_economics.jpg)
Content Thread Anonymous 10/13/2019 (Sun) 11:58:06 Id:d1c73e No. 212 [Reply]
Post content (memes, cartoons, etc.) relating to all aspects of libertarianism, whether it be history or economics or foreign policy or anything else. Sharing others' is fine, but anything original is greatly encouraged!
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(1.28 MB 3729x4010 1 (6).png)
(25.28 KB 373x373 1 (7).jpg)
(488.00 KB 1474x1724 1 (7).png)
(145.01 KB 880x312 1 (8).png)
(146.23 KB 889x960 1 (6).jpg)
(722.22 KB 998x894 1 (9).png)
(377.58 KB 1300x1292 1 (10).png)
(28.58 KB 400x400 4 (1).jpg)
(152.96 KB 500x638 4 (1).png)
(17.68 KB 600x399 4 (2).jpg)
(204.16 KB 512x512 4 (3).jpg)
(63.81 KB 500x321 4 (4).jpg)
(63.34 KB 600x600 4 (5).jpg)
(20.99 KB 838x559 4 (6).jpg)
make moar OC plz

(10.74 KB 554x369 ancapistan (1).png)
INTERNATIONAL RAID THREAD Libertarian Raider 11/19/2019 (Tue) 13:27:51 Id:3d17c8 No. 775 [Reply]

turkish democratic socialist organisations

Social media acounts:
https://twitter.com/liselibirligi (youth organisation)
https://twitter.com/vatanpartisi06 (political party)
https://twitter.com/genclikbirligi (youth organisation)


1-hate free speech,support ban sites and books
2-support ruhani,morales,maduro and jinping governments

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

um.... what?
(1.28 MB 1280x720 Greeks land in turkey.png)
Not your personal army, faggot.

Anonymous 10/17/2019 (Thu) 08:08:56 Id:3926ef No. 338 [Reply]
This short video has convinced me that all libertarianism is wrong forever. Sorry guys.

(but seriously, how do you debate this? Aside from pointing out that browns cannot be saved)
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>You don't need a NEETSoc government to be an ethnostate, it's really not that hard to keep niggers out of a privatized covenant community.
the difficulty is in keeping your privatized covenant community at all

>You're retarded and don't understand what a covenant community is.
I understand what it is and you don't seem to understand this has been tried and it failed. As soon as some kind of industry pops up and people get dependent on it you compromise on the rules of your community and start changing them in ways that fundamentally break libertarianism. At best you'd create a bunch of little fascisms. We tried this shit with a little thing called the United States of America, remember? What happened to the states will inevitably happen to your covenant communities. At most you're just decreasing the size of the community and operating it on an even smaller scale than a state, but there's no practical difference

>banning me for your own retardation
>lmao why the fuck do you think this?
Because it's very LARPy and cringe. you can't create any sort of genuine identity from civic ideals; who you are is defined primarily by your ethnicity and religion--and within that group, your identity is your family and the community in which you live. Trying to substitute that with political memery isn't going to create anything real. You can work together with other people to achieve certain goals, yes, that doesn't make those goals your identity.

>We literally ARE an ideology.
No, we're not, or at least I'm not. I have no intention of fighting for an ideology. I'm not going to devote scarce time and effort to supporting total strangers to myself in, say, Yemen purely because we have similar ideologies. I am not an ideology, and I don't see myself as part of a movement. I want what's best for my family and my people, due to the biological in-group preference that exists in all men. I see praxeology and the tenets of liberty as the best tools to achieve this end. Using these tools I can see that a society based on the free market natural order will be more preferable for myself and my family to live in than any other.
OP and confederate-flag are jumping between racialism, some weird pro-socialist theory, anarchism, and identitarianism without any clear points of discussion at all. But then again, OP's first post wasn't all that clear to begin with either.
Kek this faggot tripfag got banned on /fascist/ today too
>They seem to be doing both and they're winning.
Leftists are only winning in the sense that they are successfully co-opting every major institution by means of manipulation and deceit, not winning arguments or shit like that. Egalitarians get continuously humiliated on the internet because they can't win people with their ideas, so they have instead subverted all relevant institutions so they can censor all dissent and impose their tranny doctrine on everyone. If you think they are "winning debates" then you're delusional, their success comes exclusively from their usual commie tactics.

Video Content Thread Anonymous 10/13/2019 (Sun) 17:37:19 Id:07c0c2 No. 266 [Reply]
Post webms and mp4s here.
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Join or die bitch.
We're fucked without solidarity.
LARPing as an ideology isn't going to bring you solidarity, because you can't build an identity from an ideology. Does the aut-right look like it has much solidarity to you right now?
Why not? The commies do it just fine and succeed.
The commies only use ideology as a substitute for identity because they're all rootless and atomized, with no ties to their family and no children of their own. I also wouldn't say the commies have much in the way of solidarity; they're constantly infighting and have no clear direction they want to go. Their handlers just make sure to keep them separated enough that they don't destroy themselves. The reason this works for them is they're not trying to build or preserve anything. Communists are vermin, who only seek to destroy the fabric of society. Three nests of termites eating away at a house are not coordinated and have no solidarity; but the house will fall away just the same.
(12.73 MB 640x360 CRUSH THE ANTIFASCIST MOB.mp4)
Back on topic, here's another clip from that same speech:

(233.05 KB 1000x785 PROPAGANDA.png)
OC Thread: Julay Edition Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 22:48:44 Id:fd811b No. 451 [Reply]
OC, fresh memes, and rare Aurelias.
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second one
(119.66 KB 600x375 Karen.png)

I just wanna say you're pretty fucking based.
Keep making more anime libertarian memes please.
(36.29 KB 593x720 15732578878930.jpg)
Thanks anon, if I can solve my money problems, I'll happily make content more often.
I would donate to you if I wasn't broke.
Can you make something like this image but "SHUT THE FUCK UP DEMOCRAT"
but with Hoppe, or preferably an anime girl.
Also different shiny fonts for each word.

Just an idea if you're bored.
>I would donate to you if I wasn't broke
Thanks bro, but if you're broke, you should try sort out your own problem first.

>but with Hoppe, or preferably an anime girl.
Sounds like fun, I'll see what I can do.

(1.70 MB 2575x2726 1563820365738.jpg)
INFOGRAPHICS, WE NEED MOAR Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 04:54:28 Id:4f739b No. 694 [Reply]
Why are we so bad at infographics?

I hate getting into arguments with people and having to explain the same thing a million fucking times when I could have just posted a well done infographic with sources.

We should make infographics on the following things:

-the gilded age and how it was actually a massive benefit for the working class with real wages increasing, working hours declining, child labor going away for the first time in history etc.
-how the reason healthcare is so expensive is thanks to government intervention and how it used to be cheap in the 50s and 60s
-same but with college tuition
-how the entire reason wages have stagnated over the past 50 years is due to central banking and government intervention destroying our wages and savings, nixon got us off the gold standard allowing for massive government spending and debt etc etc

The fact normies by default will believe the leftist narrative on these things is troubling and is definitely fucking our movement over.

>why don't you do it
I'm lazy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'll post infographics I have and bits and pieces of data for someone else to maybe put together something decent.
12 posts and 25 images omitted.
(735.17 KB 648x3308 gun myths debunked.png)
(446.51 KB 720x960 google_cia.png)
(73.89 KB 800x500 gun violence chart.jpg)
(2.07 MB 5244x4054 cfr-imperial-council-hdm.png)
(2.64 MB 3781x2702 cfr-media-empire-hd.png)
(116.88 KB 1281x541 race_gun_murder.jpeg)
(210.44 KB 1024x576 usdpurchasingpowergraph.jpg)
Is anything in this video worthwhile?
Why so many metrics?
You know, this may seem like an offhand comment, but it's very relevant. I think the reason libertarianism is shit at infographics is because:

- Infographics need some sort of statistics or metrics to display.
- A lot of libertarian economic theory is against aggregation--a la Hong Kong's Cowperthwaite's dictum against even collecting economic statistics.
- Given the previous two points above, it makes sense why there are so few good infographics.

Given this, it also makes sense why a lot of libertarian propaganda material is "some dude's face with a block-quote wall of text beside it."

(548.31 KB 1920x1030 1565820148662.jpg)
Anonymous 10/04/2019 (Fri) 13:51:51 Id:787691 No. 146 [Reply]
Let's talk about the brave freedom fighters in Hong Kong.
34 posts and 18 images omitted.
(28.74 KB 300x300 Bull of Heaven (cow).jpg)
I find it weird how there have been protests in the five continents of the world lately.
It's too odd, I support HK but not so much about the others.
I wonder what will happen to her. The cops seemed angry, and there were several of them. Looked very serious.
(237.25 KB 1017x1588 screenshot.jpg)
>Nobody believed the walls could come down, like with the Berlin wall and the fall of the soviets and recently this thing with North Korea
The Berlin Wall came down because people misunderstood the will of the East German Government, which in turn misunderstood the will of Gorbachev. IIRC Gorbachev was trying to reform the Soviet Bloc since many countries were effectively flexing on the Soviet Union, like the Baltic states, so he wanted to loosen up immigration policies among other things, East Germany thought that meant they would be able to travel to the West flat out so they announced it to the people, but they fucked up the wording and people thought they were literally going to be united and just went and demolished the wall thinking it was 'legal', at that point no one knew what the fuck to do anymore and just went home, except Gorbachev who had to be gotten out by the army from Communist Coaches. Or at least that's the way I heard of it. IIRC the West German govt was just about to move their own official buildings to Bonn since they hadn't been to Berlin in years.

At any rate: why aren't the protestors wearing yellow and red like Winnie Pooh?
And 'Murrica, with their plainclothes no-knock raids.

Maybe they found out she had -O blood and no diseases so they decided her organs could be put to better use.
(1014.24 KB 900x515 hk-protests-18-nov.png)
There's apparently a standoff at a university or more like a siege by the police, after some protestors were ambushed by police. They were caught off guard so they fled into the university and then the police surrounded it and has been actively preventing the protestors from leaving
Some groups tried to get in to help the trapped protesters but then the police prevented any entry to the area
There was also a big fire in the building

Also the mask law was found to be unconstitutional so its no longer being enforced

(116.03 KB 800x682 pinochetsHelicopterTours.jpg)
Was Pinochet a force for Chilean liberty in the long run? Anonymous 10/13/2019 (Sun) 13:17:18 No. 215 [Reply]
I am not asking the prescriptive question of "Should we offer free helicopter rides to communists," but the historical descriptive question of, "Did Pinochet's regime's policy of execution/arrest of communists result in a more economically liberal society?"

Again, I understand the NAP issues with throwing Antifa out of moving helicopters across the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean thousands of miles from any body of land left to drown or be eaten by sharks and all the great memes, but is it likely that the fear of holding communist ideology or "forceable removal" of those that did mean that there are now less communists than otherwise would be in Chile? Or is it more likely that there was blowback and a counterrevolution to these actions that means that Chile has more communists than otherwise would be? What are the actual historical facts in Chile?
38 posts and 6 images omitted.
It just gets me how you can put that much effort into studying Marxism and making a whole game about it and still come out believing it.
The ones that study it in-depth and come out supporting it anyways don't do so because they think it's a good system, but because they think it will deliver them to power.
Don't forget "neoliberalism" and "trickle down economics".
(37.22 KB 430x410 14901096143910.jpg)
We might as well beat them to it and invent a post-neo-meta-anarcho-liberal-avantgard-anime-capitalism with Somalian characteristics.
Holy based


no cookies?