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Open file (233.05 KB 1000x785 PROPAGANDA.png)
OC Thread: Julay Edition Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 22:48:44 ID: fd811b No.451
OC, fresh memes, and rare Aurelias.
Open file (135.32 KB 600x854 big snek.png)
Open file (230.54 KB 600x854 big snek bg2.jpg)
Open file (162.17 KB 680x997 anarcho-chaditalism.jpg)
Open file (154.83 KB 708x617 monopoly.png)
Open file (198.46 KB 720x489 hongkong.jpg)
Open file (417.65 KB 1080x1019 HOFnfeHZfQY.png)
I'm sorry, I don't get the third one
Open file (219.33 KB 752x450 saki.jpg)
Because niggas just need their minimum wage pennies.
Which one is preferable, with or without lens flare?
Open file (507.68 KB 1280x1280 yoshi_irs.jpg)
Open file (567.92 KB 1280x1280 yoshi_irs_watermark.jpg)
The second one is funnier imo
Open file (126.61 KB 604x437 I8tKrrxTjp2.jpg)
Open file (204.34 KB 604x437 I8tKrrxTjp3.jpg)
Is this the belle of /liberty/? Cute new OC.
We should have a crossover. Aurelia and Grace. This time a good one, and I think I will recognize this Aurelia's right to waifu here.
t. /monarchy/
Thanks fam! I also want to do a crossover one of these days.
Open file (96.87 KB 680x666 aurelia run.png)
Open file (605.79 KB 678x662 aurelia run.jpg)
Open file (286.80 KB 1080x810 Wobuoqk3bBY.jpg)
Any alternatives for the text? I feel like it's a bit too long and complicated to be funny.
"wow you'd rather work for profit instead of getting handouts for free?"
u rly don't want to pay me to tell u how to live?
Gonna post a rare Hans Hoppa smoking during a short conversation with the late Mauro Meneghini, who was an Italian libertarian.

The interview doesn't say anything original, only interesting thing is Hoppe saying that BTC is good but cannot be used as money for now, and that the blockchain is also cool because it lets you keep track of property titles (while specifying that he isn't an expert of course).

Open file (267.39 KB 1080x810 YES1.jpg)
Open file (255.55 KB 1080x810 YES2.jpg)
Open file (262.20 KB 1080x810 YES3.jpg)
Open file (849.45 KB 604x720 Grace in laurel.png)
Seeing as how /monarchy/ and /liberty/ have become kin under a sovereign crown, I suggest making a crossover piece to celebrate. I would contribute, but I want to dedicate my time to getting revenge on /leftypol/ for a guillotine pic.
But this is like the unity of crowns for England and Scotland into one Great Britain with one monarch, seeing as how... I think we have the same BO So I would be damned to not have a crossover with Grace and this Aurelia.
If /liberty/ plays board-tan games with us, /monarchy/ will reply with their own.
/liberty/ and /monarchy/ have a PU?
I believe so, a personal union, or at least a crossposter.
Open file (3.54 MB 1422x1080 15723778017971.webm)
I'd love to and I have a few cool ideas planned for a crossover, but I'm struggling with irl work right now, so I can't contribute as often as I'd like. As far as I know, I'm the only artfag on this board at the moment so it will depend on me getting my shit sorted out, but I'd be happy if someone could do something in my stead.

I wanted to make a meme like vid related, with Integralist-chan on top, Grace in the middle, and Aurelia at the bottom. Do you have any ideas for the music/decorations Grace would have in her room?
The BO is the same for this board and /monarchy/, besides him, I'm the only crossposter that I know of.
Grace could have a torn in half constitution. If you want to go the animu route maybe some stills of Code Geass or Legend of the Galactic Heroes. For music, any of the royalist anthems would do. God Save the Queen would be most recognizable to normies. I'm partial to either Слався or Гром Победы, myself.
I always wanted Aurelia and Grace in this pic, except replace /b/ with /monarchy/
Hell, it could easily be done with /liberty/, too, if we're talking about the old liberty on h8chan.
What about for /liberty/? I think the obvious choice would be that one Pinochet song, but I'm considering better options.

That's a good idea. I could try do something like this too.
How about this?
Iced Earth has some libertarian songs too
That's an easy solution: two versions with the board names swapped
needs to look more like toast
looks like a shoe desu
second one
Open file (119.66 KB 600x375 Karen.png)

I just wanna say you're pretty fucking based.
Keep making more anime libertarian memes please.
Open file (36.29 KB 593x720 15732578878930.jpg)
Thanks anon, if I can solve my money problems, I'll happily make content more often.
I would donate to you if I wasn't broke.
Can you make something like this image but "SHUT THE FUCK UP DEMOCRAT"
but with Hoppe, or preferably an anime girl.
Also different shiny fonts for each word.

Just an idea if you're bored.
>I would donate to you if I wasn't broke
Thanks bro, but if you're broke, you should try sort out your own problem first.

>but with Hoppe, or preferably an anime girl.
Sounds like fun, I'll see what I can do.
Open file (3.56 MB 640x360 misaka nap.mp4)
>when a nigsoc violates the NAP in ancapistan
Finished a video I started long ago. Any suggestions for the text?
>I don't suppose it's possible for the captions to be white text with a narrow black outline?
Of course, I'll get to it a bit later.
Open file (90.43 KB 322x324 epilepitc laughing.gif)
>Let's find out exactly how much your organs will fetch on the market

Good shit anon, but the captions are a little hard to read because of the nigsoc's labcoat. I don't suppose it's possible for the captions to be white text with a narrow black outline?
change the text though to make it easier to read
needs a black outline

Also, make a youtube channel, there are a severe lack of anime libertarian channels.
fuck this stupid ass image and its flashes
Open file (7.54 KB 258x195 soy007.jpg)
this board plays gif automatically, so it's a problem for people sensible to repeated flashing or with epilepsy
Open file (487.97 KB 768x720 Grace x Aurelia.png)
Open file (200.16 KB 1280x720 15754515625110.jpg)
Hahahaha, wow.

Don't assume that we'll ignore this slight.
I'm assuming

Please draw more of this cute liberty girl though.
What is her name?
I'm anti monarchy btw
Incoming NAP violation.
Open file (993.33 KB 1816x2100 Ancap 1.png)
Open file (1.13 MB 1681x2360 Ancap 2.png)
Open file (2.85 MB 1700x2200 Ancap 3.png)
We should make more of these memes. It's quick and easy to find transparent renders of anime girls with guns on google images and to copy-paste them onto an ancap flag. Also, getting pictures of anime girls holding books and photoshopping the covers into something ancap-tier.
Do you know some books I can use? I have an entire folder of anime girls holding programming books
Open file (772.09 KB 1600x1800 Ancap 5.png)
Open file (475.96 KB 817x965 Ancap 6.png)
Open file (433.57 KB 2344x2336 Ancap 7.png)
Open file (373.26 KB 1760x2512 Ancap 8.png)
Open file (186.54 KB 700x1150 Ancap 9.png)
Open file (888.19 KB 3415x1920 Ancap 4 wall [Pixelated].png)
Open file (1.36 MB 3415x1920 Ancap 4 wall.png)
Open file (81.54 KB 1059x1497 page_1.jpg)
Open file (205.13 KB 907x1360 71Ck0JDEf3L.jpg)
Open file (1.73 MB 1800x2700 securedownload-1.jpg)
Open file (1.54 MB 2426x2676 ulHYj6m.jpg)
I think anything by Hoppe or Rothbard would be fine. Maybe other anons have some better suggestions.

While we're on the topic, does anyone know any good, easy books to recommend to normalfags curious about libertarianism itself and not Austrian-school economics? I usually recommend Spontaneous Order because it makes for an excellent FAQ to get newbies acquainted, but I was wondering if there's anything better. The commies always recommend that bread book, and neetsocs shill Siege everywhere, I think we should also ideally highlight our own gateway literature to get people hooked on our basic ideas before delving into more complicated stuff.

Very nice.
OMG These are fucking amazing desu.
Please make more.
Although the ones with the lighter color yellow kind of look like the mutualist flag, which is kind of confusing.
Keep up the good work.

Man, Economy and State by Rothbard for SURE
Human Action by Mises

Socialism by Mises
This Brazilian Twitter account makes tons of ancap anime memes and they have over 3k followers.

I didn't realize how big libertarianism is in Brazil
I wish it was that big here.
>While we're on the topic, does anyone know any good, easy books to recommend to normalfags curious about libertarianism itself and not Austrian-school economics?
Anatomy of the State. It's relatively economics-neutral, but really highlights *why* libertarians hold the state in such contempt.
Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt
The Law by Frederic Bastiat
The Production of Security by Gustave de Molinari
Open file (352.70 KB 433x713 Ancap book 1.png)
Open file (552.74 KB 1280x719 Ancap book 2.png)
Open file (545.60 KB 460x460 Ancap book 3.png)
Thanks for the suggestion!
Open file (4.47 MB 1920x3272 Ancap book 4.png)
Open file (1.05 MB 1280x720 Ancap book 5.png)
Open file (599.75 KB 873x1079 Ancap book 6.png)
Open file (6.85 MB 500x272 Hotline Clone.gif)
I think we can make a game about ancap because I made a hotline miami clone and I can just change somethings to make it a stand alone game
And add more board tan with their own traits like /liberty/ can only use guns and /monarchy/ can only use a sword
lmao, I'll definitely be using these.

That would be fantastic, anon! I could try help you with it in any way that I can.
Yeah, I've been following them for a while now. They do good stuff.

>just noticed they even did a Monogatari edit
Truly men of culture.

>I didn't realize how big libertarianism is in Brazil
Yeah man, Brazil is fucking based. I wouldn't be surprised if they will be the first to achieve ancapistan and lead the world into a new era.
Have Bastiat's name on the back of Karen's book.
There's other books called, the law.
Which means in about 10 years everyone will be "unironically fascist" :|.
I don't think that's necessarily the case. The conditions in Brazil aren't identical to those in the United States.
That will not be the case in latinamerica, our left is Nazbol as fuck.
I did some anime girl edits.
Always welcome, good job senpai

Try to do edits of things they are wearing, clothes etc too desu
Noted, will remember.
Open file (244.36 KB 1080x810 yes (1).jpg)
Open file (540.12 KB 1080x810 yes (2).png)
I think those are lacking punch. The point of this is that the brainlet makes a "gotcha" question that he thinks is embarassing, but the one on the right doubles down on it. The question has to be something the brainlet would really ask, in his own language; for the "yes", it cannot be something he does not, from his own perspective and his own language, agree with.
I thought about these two because the more bizarre and outrageous the proposal, the better the response is, so might aswell use tropes from the infamous Picardía images. But the second image could use a more exotic-sounding name for the private militia.
>You don't want a state monopolized central bank
>ancap is just neo-feudalism XDDDD
>You think everyone should be allowed to own a fighter jet?
Ahh yeah, that's totally right. Ahahaha...
Meant for >>1117
Controls are:
1-change character
Shift-further look
left click-attack
right click-use special
Numpad 1-5-change song
mouse wheel-lower or higher the volume
Anyone can pixel art? I'm just using some models from Hotline Miami
The story for this game is that different political ideologies are each in their own country until in ancapistan. Rumors about communist living in there corrupting people so countries made a task force made up of different board tan that fights communism called the Anti-Communism Operative. They will go building to building guns blazing, hacking and slashing communist. Any ideas will be appreciated.
/r/ing a Gadsden flag with a tsuchinoko as the snake with the text in japanese
Open file (102.20 KB 933x702 tsuki1a.png)
Open file (117.03 KB 933x702 tsuki1b.png)
Open file (71.78 KB 933x702 tsuki1c.png)
Open file (48.56 KB 912x818 tsuki2a.png)
Open file (761.92 KB 2043x1767 tsuki2b.png)
Open file (854.33 KB 1312x2146 tsuki2c.png)
>R9K prevented your message from being posted
Open file (126.33 KB 719x950 Hoop_snake.jpg)
These are all bretty good
Open file (413.79 KB 1382x1800 kirapasta.png)
Anon, this is fucking amazing. I will do pixel art for you.

>The story for this game is that different political ideologies are each in their own country until in ancapistan. Rumors about communist living in there corrupting people so countries made a task force made up of different board tan that fights communism called the Anti-Communism Operative. They will go building to building guns blazing, hacking and slashing communist.
Could you explain the story in more detail? I don't really understand.

>Any ideas will be appreciated.
Let's just aim low and try to make at least three good levels for now, and then we can see where to take it from there. There's too many good projects stuck in alpha because the devs had a grand idea and bit off more than they can chew.
>>1160 forget what I said here its too complicated >>1195 Here is a simple plot. The characters are a group vigilante against a communist mafia. They have their own reason why they hate the mafia so they banded together that they will destroy the mafia. Basically like the Hotline Miami 1 plot on jacket but with more characters. Also side note my pc is broken so I might send more info when I got it back
>>1237 You might want to look into Angry Goy II--it's similar in very broad terms to your concept, but from a generic dissident right perspective rather than explicitly ancap. https://radicalagenda.com/ag/
I got some stuff I've accumulated over the years.
Open file (538.87 KB 1920x880 arab molyneux.webm)
More anime grill edits
Open file (201.91 KB 2072x2056 mises_shirt_girl.jpg)
Variations on number 4
>>1280 >>1281 I imagine these will rile them good. >>1024 We need more Aurelia.
>>1281 Her taste in guns is shit but nice images.
>>1280 Good job I love these anime with libertarian quote images Could you make more of them? Also the "the state is a parasite" one should be more explicitly anarcho capitalist.
>>1285 >Could you make more of them? I plan too. >the "the state is a parasite" one should be more explicitly anarcho capitalist. How so? The color theme and text are already pretty AnCap.
>>1281 >>1280 These are fucking lovely. >>1282 >We need more Aurelia. I have one being made.
Open file (3.14 MB 3072x3072 m4a1_s.png)
Open file (287.43 KB 910x559 rememberwhen1.png)
Open file (237.80 KB 1024x841 ThatsHowAncapBegins.png)
Open file (132.29 KB 796x1024 LeslieFaireRaisingFlag.jpg)
Open file (245.29 KB 1280x1024 GadsenFlag.png)
/mlpol/ sends its regards. Our sheer amount of weaponized autism pushes back the shills so we're lending you a little bit of it. >>1040 "The Law" by Bastiat is a must. Short and easy to read, it still holds relevance even after 170 years. "For a New Liberty" by Murray Rothbard is also pretty good. "Liberty Defined" by Ron Paul and "The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History" by Tom Woods are recommendations. >>1042 During the prior (socialist) administration of Brazil there were protests with placards that read "Menos Marx, Mas Mises." The reason Bolsonaro was elected was because he was running on a generally libertarian platform. >>11238 Also "Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day." It's can be considered /ourversion/ of Grezzo. https://www.2genderz.org/
>>1374 Bolsonaro is fucking garbage though and not a libertarian. He loves central banks
Open file (2.41 MB 3225x3082 Monarchomachist!.png)
>>1373 Now THAT is good art! Could you make an edit with /monarchy/ too?
>>1377 NVM, found it. I was surprised to find this art. I didn't expect OC to come my way. So I'm genuinely impressed
>>1373 >>1379 Reminds me of that idea I read in /monarchy/ of a Grace-chan x Aurelia-chan slash yuri fic starting up a High School Commie-Killing Club, first as a joke, until some dictator gave them a helicopter and they started doing it for real.
>>1412 cool but have Gadsden flag in the background all vaporwavey
>>1396 >Reminds me of that idea I read in /monarchy/ of a Grace-chan x Aurelia-chan slash yuri fic starting up a High School Commie-Killing Club, first as a joke, until some dictator gave them a helicopter and they started doing it for real. This should be a the plot for this >>1237
>>1412 Wallpaper-tier. It would be nice to have the image with just the background though, so we can make variations of the text.
>>1414 >>1416 Here you go. And a background-less version of the girl, too.
>>1420 Background snek needs more yellow Thank
Open file (534.29 KB 3429x1920 remove_degenerates.jpg)
Open file (266.82 KB 1080x663 yes (3).jpg)
Open file (524.83 KB 1080x622 yes fighter jet.png)
Open file (489.03 KB 1080x616 yes private property.png)
>>1534 Thankee.
Open file (2.25 MB 2728x2624 LARP02.png)
>>1289 We need more OC like this. I think it captures the spirit of the board.
t. /abdl/
Open file (341.50 KB 1101x711 032.png)
Fresh OC. I like this one better than the original version, it makes more sense and doesn't make us look like bootlickers.
Open file (151.68 KB 696x640 when.png)
Also this lol
Open file (316.87 KB 1101x711 muh_exploitation.png)
>>1694 I made it a little less wordy.
Open file (346.67 KB 450x485 output_xHsyCe.gif)
>>1697 >>1694 kekeke
Open file (24.38 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>1732 This image is based and redpilled.
>>1733 I never knew /liberty/ was so diaperpilled. Based
Open file (43.25 KB 640x486 med_1477922350_image.jpg)
>>1732 >>1733 >>1736 What the HELL are you two doing?
>>1737 Giving new meaning to 6 hot loads it seems.
Open file (42.08 KB 666x467 quarkexpress.png)
>>1693 >>1732 >>1736 I noticed that this /abdl/ raider has specifically selected the OC threads on /liberty/ and /monarchy/ but not /fascist/. Very cringe and not dharma-pilled.
>>1743 Saying that /fascist/ is attempting to subvert the monarchy and liberty with diapers?
Open file (827.09 KB 1000x559 marx.png)
>>1744 Doubtful. /fascist/s only know how to proselytize for white Hindu socialism and put any objections in three sets of parentheses. I just think our /abdl/ friend is unduly neglecting the third political board here.
Open file (208.65 KB 864x854 jesus_kills_a_furry.jpg)
>>1745 Or the shill realized /fascist/ is too gay to be a threat.
Open file (359.81 KB 1470x502 OH NO NO NO NO NO.png)
>>1743 I think he realized /fascist/ is already gay enough without diaperposting and took pity on them.
Open file (56.33 KB 359x519 0n7el4bh.jpg small.jpg)
The raids have only strengthened the bond of /monarchy/ & /liberty/ in their mutual disgust.
>>1749 This /liberty/ x /monarchy/ dynastic union we live in has never made me feel more like we're fellow brothers. Complete with that weird feeling of "wanting to kill you but deep down caring about how you're doing" thing.
Open file (109.37 KB 584x577 0000999992123.jpg)
>>1751 wtf, that's not dharmapilled. >Complete with that weird feeling of "wanting to kill you but deep down caring about how you're doing" thing. Tbh, that's what /monarchy/ feels like sometimes when I post there. The personal union is not by popular consensus between /monarchy/ and /liberty/ because there are plenty of people on both boards who might object. And while there are people I might neglect and some like more than others, it doesn't dismantle it. I am making the best of this coincidence... it makes it even better, if /monarchy/ and /liberty/ are considered an unlikely couple. But I long for a day for shitposting w/o angry ideological pretenses myself.
Open file (8.16 MB 3541x5016 post-image-7584546.png)
>>1752 >consensuscucking Gay and democracypilled, bruh. /liberty/ is like the Hanseatic League to /monarchy/'s Holy Roman Empire.
Open file (106.26 KB 685x592 231203.jpg)
>>1756 Some will resent my despotism. But I don't rule the board although I breathe a lot of air around the board
>>1752 >consensus Who gives a shit lol, the boards are associated whether you peasants like it or not.
Open file (3.71 MB 3640x3308 No_Bitcoin.png)
Open file (3.72 MB 3640x3308 With_Bitcoin.png)
Open file (3.35 MB 3640x3308 Plain.png)
A gift from /monarchy/ The diaperfag menace will be utterly obliterated for not being dharmapilled enough,
Open file (319.12 KB 578x564 aurelia uwu.png)
Eyes might need blending/adjustment in the iris.
Open file (2.31 MB 480x270 tenor(1).gif)
>>1766 Wow! Nice!
>>1754 I think this was already posted here but it's funny none the less.
>>1747 Is that a real board flag? I've reloaded it quite a few times and I have been unable to get it. [spoiler]sorry for doubleposting/[spoiler]
>>1792 >spoiler reeee polite sage
>>1792 >>1793 Do ** on bother sides to spoiler, I think. That's much easier. https://julay.world/.static/pages/posting.html Other than that, fail... epic fail.
>>1792 >>1793 It's a real board flag, yes. However, the board includes a script which prevents women and queers from posting with that flag active, which is why you might be having troubles.
>>1795 Ooph.
>>1795 Hue
Based god Rothbard approves of this thread
Open file (229.47 KB 2040x2880 Fight the state v2.png)
Open file (277.92 KB 2040x2880 Fight the state.png)
Will be posting more in the future
Open file (239.16 KB 1024x2048 Ancap 11 v.2.png)
Open file (228.67 KB 1024x2048 Ancap 11.png)
Open file (235.86 KB 700x560 jjjc0hFfmvU.jpg)
>>1035 >>1038 >>1280 >>1420 Wow, check it out guys! I found some of the memes you made here on the Russian part of the internet: https://vk.com/ancapaestet
Open file (2.99 MB 1400x1887 ron_paul_aesthetic.png)
Open file (21.50 KB 699x506 HATE FOR JEWS.jpg)
Open file (325.22 KB 1080x1080 loEde1581764058.jpg)
>>1766 Try it again, statist.
Open file (15.61 MB 3600x1800 Rise of Liberty.png)
>>1930 >>1931 What text should I add here anons?
>>1018 The mostest based
>>1932 >>1933 Taxation is theft!
>>1157 >404

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