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Open file (2.66 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Requesting a Board Robi Board owner 08/08/2019 (Thu) 23:15:30 No.3 [Reply]
Currently board creation is not enabled for regular users. If you are willing to own and moderate a board do the following:

- Create a user account on the site.
- Reply to this thread with the following:
Board URI
Board name
What is the board about?
Your user account name

I don't really care much about what you want to do with your board so as long as it's legal you're gonna get the board. Boards which are dead* for more than 2 weeks are up for claims.
*dead means the BO is absent.

/x/ - dead since 17th of August
/hypno/ - dead since 17th of August
If you login to your BO account before someone else claims your board, it will be closed to claims.
Edited last time by CP/M on 09/26/2019 (Thu) 03:37:12.
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Many thanks.
No problem, and I meant board management, but I'm sure you can figure it out.
I got what you meant but I still feel retarded, there's no such setting in the board management page. Not that big of a deal, however.
I set it to SFW for you.
Open file (44.71 KB 320x240 1334512440431.gif)
Sweet, thanks.

Open file (329.95 KB 474x476 ClipboardImage.png)
Meta Meta thread Robi Board owner 08/08/2019 (Thu) 23:09:05 No.2 [Reply]
1. Stay on topic (site issues, board issues, etc.)
2. Don't post or link content illegal in the United States of America
3. While we all appreciate autistic drama, try to not get too involved in shitflinging between boards
4. Enjoy your stay
Shekel Beg/Give Me Money
This bunker costs foreskins to operate. I can cover it from my pocket but if people could chime in that'd be great. I need $33/mo to run this place. I'll use any surplus to cover for the next month.
If everyone who read this donated $1, I would earn more than Ethan Ralph does in a week.
BTC 1LK5C1oHBMiGwc3nSGa8Xioc6AApy5NBk3
ETH 0x5B9ab40e2098F5eF0c88fEe2e594BA318752a788
If you have other currencies/anonymous payment methods I'll add them.
Server Specs
2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1241 v3 @ 3.50GHz
Source Code
Frontend: https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx 2.2.x branch

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by robi on 12/04/2019 (Wed) 18:35:12.
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>>1984 checked lol
Elaborate this for me, do people still use 1) Windows 2) and Print Screen and paste directly to the attachment section without cropping and altering a bit so remove deanonymizing markers?
not a windows user, but they probably use snipping tool which can draw/annotate and copy to clipboard
Open file (16.12 KB 1193x89 ClipboardImage.png)
Seems to work fine for me using Linux. You can just take screenshots and send them to the clipboard with most distro's and operating systems, including windows. Then you can usually paste them into the posting box and they should go into the files. Sometimes it doesn't work if I'm pasting form a different virtual machine though I've noticed, but that's probably just some user error on my end.
Make me a video recording of this, I've never heard of this "feature". Your "screenshot" here is cropped, and immediately identifies you as an owner of a 1280x, custom css, sans serif 12point user.
Video of what? Just take a screenshot and paste the clipboard into the post box and you should be able to directly upload the image. What does profiling have to do with this? Also resolution is spoofed in tor. Obviously I wasn't making an attempt to anonymize the image with custom CSS running.

Open file (454.36 KB 613x606 ClipboardImage.png)
Alphabet soup warrant canaries Robi Board owner 10/20/2019 (Sun) 09:07:12 ID: 59453f No.1243 [Reply]
All warrant canaries for julay.world live at:
Today's server move broke the transparency page. This will serve as a temporary canary until the page is fixed.

Hash: SHA256

As of 12-03-2019 Julay.world has not been served with any warrants and is not currently under any gag orders.
Julay.world moved servers today and it seems to have broken the page for our warrant canary located at this address:

The two keys used to verify signed messages were also hosted on that page. I hope you backed them up so you
can verify this message. The canary should be fixed within the next 12 hours and will be updated at that time. Some
headlines to verify current date as always follow:

- - Clinton News Network headline: Keeping up with China: US Navy orders $22 billion worth of submarines

- - Faux News Network headline: House Democrats vote to adopt Trump impeachment report, blast scheme to 'solicit foreign interference' in 2020 race

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

The transparency pages have been fixed. A canary update is coming soon.

Statement about recent downtime Robi Board owner 11/30/2019 (Sat) 05:04:06 ID: 366b9c No.1547 [Reply]
Julay.world was down due to an imageboard software crash on 2019-10-30 between 03:30 UTC and 04:45 UTC.

What happened?
The database was filled with expired captchas. For some reason, the scheduled command to clear the expired captchas in the database was prevented from running. When Lynxchan crashed there were 1,051,459 captchas in the database.

How did this happen?
We are still investigating the cause. We're going to be monitoring the captcha counts in the database over the next couple of days to make sure that this doesn't re-occur. Currently the captcha counts are at normal levels.

Possible causes/speculation
Julay.world had to deal with an issue where MongoDB and subsequently Lynxchan would repeatedly crash due to MongoDB hogging almost all available system RAM. This could mean that the scheduled task that was meant to clear captchas may not have been triggered.
Of course it is also possible that a malicious attacker could've repeatedly requested captchas until the database was filled to the brim; however, our findings make this an unlikely case.
Lastly it is possible that an exploit exists in LynxChan to bypass limits on captcha generation.

Response to the incident
We are going to be closely monitoring the captcha expiration scheduling system to make sure it doesn't cause this sort of error again. Other than that, there doesn't seem to be any attack vector right now.

You can verify the authenticity of this message by verifying https://julay.world/.transparency/DOWNTIME-2019-11-30.txt with the key https://julay.world/.transparency/keys/robi.gpg

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (45.74 KB 640x480 gondola_rome_burning.png)
>kikes take down 8ch to distract from the fact twitter, twitch had the stream up for hours
>other kikes pull the plug on vch
>8kun is a piece of shit
>julay just fucking dies
Why does this keep happening?
It's just giving you a taste of what will happen to society soon.
>implying we're that lucky
recent posts don't show as "5 minutes ago" etc but just show the overall date like old posts.
>other kikes pull the plug on vch

loli boards Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 15:12:16 ID: 05341e No.882 [Reply]
Any one else unhappy with the loli board being created and now being a top board? I think it's going to attract the wrong sort of people here. /a/'s bunker already allows lolis as a form of gatekeeping and would be more suitable for people with those interests.

8ch had a huge problem with CP because it tolerated loli and "legal" child modeling pictures. I'm sure those people are also looking for a bunker to dump their stuff on and I'd rather it not be julay
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>No pedo boards
>Abdl listed near top
Is this nigger serious
The current iteration of /abdl/ sticks to 2d shit.
Pedo shit is fine as long as it's 2d for some reason.
It still seems suspicious to have /fascist/ board right next to shit like /hypno/ /furry/ and /abdl/
Unless that is the goal, paint all neon gnatzy as degenerate diaper furries
On the same boat of anti-censorship, there is no whining.
US don't ban loli and nazi at the same time, if a country does ban loli, most likely it WILL ban nazi (feminists and (((such)))) or they are some third world sh*tshow.
ABDL doesn't equal kids, most ABDLs are attracted more to the humiliation of it, or have piss/scat fetishes which happen to coincide with ABDL. I haven't ever seen an ABDL attracted to actual kids. Look, I know ABDLs are strange and weird, and strange--I'm self-aware the public sees as as deviant and perverted--but do not confuse us with [i]them[/i]. We have no interest in kids, or anything like that, at all.

Open file (352.71 KB 449x983 heaven and hell.jpg)
Site theme issues Robi Board owner 12/01/2019 (Sun) 15:11:59 ID: b0a91a No.1639 [Reply]
I finally got off my ass the make the site look presentable. Post any issues you find here.
Tomorrow theme is planned and is going to be coming in a couple of days, just close your eyes until then.
Edited last time by robi on 12/01/2019 (Sun) 15:13:41.
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Try pasting an image from your clipboard.
Where's the fucking dark theme?
Yeah, I kinda miss it too...now JulayWorld looks like Endchan.
between settings and watched threads there's a drop down menu, pick Tomorrow :^)
I'm not stupid, sorry.

Extending the Webrings functionality Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 20:05:02 ID: bd45f8 No.1912 [Reply]
I'd like to talk about adding some features to the webring or alternatively change some of the sites UI to encourage and enable more distributed posting.
I am not sure if the admins/devs are already working on something like that but my idea is that the webring could benefit from the ability to share threads between boards that are on different servers in order to A) keep boards lively even if there are different versions of them on the webring that would otherwise split the userbase B) further follow up on the decentralization the webring wants to offer by dublicating the thread over multiple servers and ensuring that it doesn't vanish if a particular Server gets knocked over.
To make it explicit: If I say create a Share Thread on Julay/v/ I could at thread creation decide(if enabled by BO) if I want to stripe this thread over to a selection of other instances of /v/ on say smug or anon.cafe.

The major concern for most anons would most likely be moderation since a lot of boards, even though they share the same name tend to have at least somewhat different cultures and as such these features would need to expose to the BO and anons the possibility to hide threads and anons by server.
This would undoubtedly be some work but I think it would be worth it in order to deduplicate common threads while making them more active and making it more appealling to "vote with their feet".
A current example would be, that I think it would have helped if the /agdg/ and Space threads from vch had been synced accross the different servers and anons could have just switched to greener pastures instead of following the migrated threads to 8kunhabits and sticking with what you know is a strong factor even if the BO is shit

The much easierat least I think so alternative would be to make it easier to keep tabs on other boards activity but don't really know how that would be implemented since at least Julay tends to use the full screen pretty decently.
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Final Solution is an imageboard I am working on. It is going to be a federated imageboard software; multiple different nodes will be able to host boards together and people will be able to reply to each other from different nodes. You can think of it like the Fediverse, or Fidonet if you're an oldfag. PDF related is the first draft of the federation API (that I have yet to work further on, unfortunately).
You can find the current version of Final Solution here: https://gitgud.io/rb/FinalSolution
It is simply an imageboard API, meaning it does not serve any pages, only endpoints. To render the API outputs into regular imageboard pages you need Final Frontier: https://gitgud.io/rb/FinalFrontier
I am going to be busy until January, so until then I don't expect much progress. I would appreciate it if people can contribute; it's Python3 + Flask on both software. You can find me on #julayworld on Rizon.
Great work Robi. Where would you like to receive comments?
Open file (269.70 KB 1280x1600 1468453037180.jpg)
Can I add the webring to my board CSS if the bunker in which it lingers has it integrated on the site but not in the UI?
Idk Marks a ginormous faggot, I probably just said something he didn't agree with and he censored me for it.

Open file (87.78 KB 694x295 good girl chan.png)
Official jula/v/ Meta Thread Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 12:56:16 ID: 39ef03 No.1986 [Reply]
I think it only makes sense to move this thread here since the one on /v/ was taking in most of the activity on the board. This is where any discussion about the board itself and how it is run will be. I'll answer any questions if you would like.
Archived the old thread: https://archive.vn/XAoR9
Also, thank you for making a true arbitration friendly /meta/ thread.
Wondering if there's a way to customize something to link this thread there with the basic rules.

Open file (19.62 KB 390x371 bigcactus.jpg)
lolico##1pZhgc 12/04/2019 (Wed) 09:38:54 ID: 1cd682 No.1944 [Reply]
Someone suggested I take this here so here's a copypaste...

I would like to add my site heyuri.cf to the webring, but I don't run lynxchan or vichan. I don't mind implementing it myself but I would love to read something or have a good starting point to help me with it.
Take a look at the lynxchan and vichan addons.
Also, you cant join unless an existing member of the webring follows you.
Plenty of teen vids. And not only...

Yay! I got it working!
I added julay and smugloli
My chan is heyuri.cf btw

Proper rendering inside code tags? Anonymous 09/11/2019 (Wed) 14:44:56 No.683 [Reply]
Please pardon a newfag if I'm asking something that's already been answered, I did look first.

So, on /robowaifu/ coding is a very important part of the board culture. I just wrote a simple snippet and it didn't render newlines at all.

Is there a trick I'm missing or a setting I need to fix somewhere?
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>(which does not seem to exist unless I am blind).
Never I just saw examples again so, my mind obviously needs sleep.
Any chance in all the flurry atm that this issue could finally be laid to rest guys. It's annoying af having to look at double-spaced code blocks still.
Weird, I'm not seeing double linebreaks with the current CSS, but they do show up when copying text to somewhere else.

Anyway, it requires one of
- apply a rule code br { display: none; }
- switch to lynxchan 2.3 because 2.2.x doesn't have the fix
- fork lynxchan
- fuck lynxchan and move to another engine
I think it was already established (ITT?) that it's sensitive somehow to which browser is being used to make the post wasn't it? At least I recall someone who was looking into it asking me specifically what browser/OS I was using (I think b/c my post looked normal). But on /tech/ for example, unless there's a new programming language named RedditSpacing, then this is still very much an issue. I'll be happy to make a capp and show you what I see on my end if you'd like.

no cookies?