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Open file (54.10 KB 150x200 ClipboardImage.png)
The Rebirth of Julay 2 Robi Board owner 05/03/2020 (Sun) 17:35:35 ID: 0eea99 No.10485
Welcome back. TL;DR JulayWorld will be recreated with a few boards remaining under a different name (TBA) using a new imageboard software. I'll be helping the BOs who are willing to create their own imageboard migrate their boards. The elephant in the room: Which boards are to be kept? I've decided to keep the following boards: /v/ /meta/ /cow/ /k/ /ita/ /tech/ /robowaifu/ /x/ /sw/ /strek/ /retro/ /mu/ /film/ /jenny/ because the BO has special circumstances, will help until they can find a better place I've also realized that 3 months is too short a time for some smaller boards to find a suitable home. I'll allow boards which couldn't find a home in on a per-request basis until they can make their own imageboard or find someone else to host them. Rebirth Date JulayWorld will be re-born on 2020-07-27. Garfield has stolen the pipe, but the paper is in a loop -- and you can see that once again, Jon is sitting in his chair reading his newspaper. Rationale I'll copy this verbatim from the first thread since my thoughts haven't changed. In these past 9 months, I've come to realize that the idea of a centralized imageboard with open/semi-open board creation is flawed in the current year. In my experience, entralization causes three main problems when it comes to imageboards: a) Big responsibility, b) Disinterest in the imageboard, c) Single point of failure. Running an imageboard with a lot of boards is a risky endeavor with a big responsibility. Until now, I've been fine with running it, but as of recently, more and more threats have showed up for Julay, and I don't want the management of Julay to take over my life like it did for Freddit. I honestly have a lot of IRL things to do, and everytime something happens on Julay I have to drop everything I'm currently doing and work on fixing whatever happened, which (in the case of stuff like takedowns) costs both serious amounts of time and also money. In the past few months, I've felt that I've become more and more distant to Julay. The main reason is because I don't use most of the boards that are on Julay. I don't want to manage boards that I don't personally have any interest in, and so their moderation woes have become more and more of a burden as time went on, and at this point I don't want it to go on like this. I'm sorry to disappoint people, but I'm not going to become Moot 3.0 and devote my life to Julay. It also worries me that there is only a single location for most of the boards in the webring. The entire point of the webring was to have many boards each catering to their own community and their own related boards so a board going down wouldn't affect the others and the other boards could provide a shelter temporarily if necessary. However, human nature states that people will always flock to the lowest barrier to entry. It is much easier to create a board on an existing imageboard than it is to start a new one for yourself. Therefore, Julay has overgrown to almost 100 boards, which is a shame and something I should've prevented early on. However, at the time (August-October 2019) there were still many communities left without a home as 8chan died and left behind a void that has been unfilled since (8kun is not, and will never be 8chan), and so I've provided board creation for boards that didn't have anywhere to go. However, since then a lot of dust has settled and I think it's time for people to slowly expand out and fulfill the webring's original purpose. What will happen to everyone else? Board owners can contact me with proof of their board ownership to get help with setting up their own imageboard. If multiple board owners are willing to set up an imageboard together they should also let me know. You can contact me at admin <> julay ! world, or #julayworld @ Rizon. I am going to be working hard to make an easy to understand guide for people to set up their own imageboards within the next few days. I will try to make it as retard-friendly as possible, and I will try to provide help to people who have trouble setting it up. Additionally, I've gotten back to working on Final Solution day and night. Final Solution (when completed) will create an imageboard mesh, which should (hopefully) eventually replace the current webring system and be more resilient than the webring. What about the donations? I currently have enough donations to cover the time Julay will still operate as Julay. I haven't decided whether I will accept donations again after the rebirth. What happens if the site goes down before that? If Julay goes down before I have finished all my preparations, there will probably a period of downtime before the new site is launched. It's been 5 days since the announcement and we already have 3 new nodes in the webring. I see this as a great improvement. Hope everyone can find (or make themselves) a home.
Edited last time by robi on 05/03/2020 (Sun) 18:26:48.
>>12872 Thanks i, love you.
>Time: 05/12/2020 (Tue) 11:08:55 >User Malasadafag deleted board /mon/. https://spqrchan.xyz/.global/logs/mon/2020-05-12.html Damn, I had a joke to share.
Open file (154.71 KB 1600x900 WTF.png)
Can anyone else post on hoppe-sama.xyz? It's not working for me. The "Posting... (100%)" is shown, but my post has never goes through even if I wait. I can't even post on the meta thread to complain!
>>12900 The posts on the meta thread were complaining about that. The admin just fucked off and never fixed it so it's basically dead.
>>12900 Why people give up so fast with their imageboards?
Open file (102.46 KB 420x248 Mad Marisa.png)
>>12906 >The admin just fucked off and never fixed it Did something happen to him? It's so weird. Does anyone who is reading this know how to contact the guy? >>12909 Did you mean to put a "do" between "Why" and "people"?
>>12900 >hoppe-sama.xyz I can't even access it right now. Maybe the admin just took it out to pasture; and shot it.
>>12915 >I LOVE THESE POLITICAL BOARDS t. /pol/ was a joke guys you shouldn't hate the kikes
Open file (918.92 KB 500x281 baste_piggu.gif)
>>12932 truly the smuggest of smug animu grils tbh.
>>12933 I'm laughing even harder, Mark, a kike, gets to gloat he owns the fascists, and the libertarians get to cope for supporting a literal fascist.
>>12912 >Does anyone who is reading this know how to contact the guy? Yes, and he didn't reply to any complaints directly from the BOs themselves.
WTF happened to /doomer/?!
Can anyone else connect to sportschan?
>>12932 >>12915 >>12935 Kek /fascist/ nuked it’s 8chan.moe location following continued controversy surrounding the location. Mark BTFO
>>12949 Well that's good news. At least they had sense enough to leave that honeypot shithole. This also explains the samefagging good_cop/bad_cop d&c shitposting that is obviously the cakefat over on Anonchan over the past 24hrs or so.
Open file (26.79 KB 455x314 e95~2.jpg)
>>12949 >continued controversy surrounding the location. >>12950 >over on Anonchan over the past 24hrs or so. Gib jewcy deetz plz
Is TOR detection broken? Tyring to access cake bakery, says I need TOR, swapped 342675635734 nodes but still says so...
>>12856 Okay and how do i access it now? I opened it with Tor and it still says "Tor-Only" so what do i need to do?
>>12954 >>12955 Get fucked pedokike.
>>12944 I deleted it while drunk. PPH was nonexistent here. Other supposedly non-cucked sites would rather host much edgier content than a board for depressed nihilists. Dunno why. I was considering "rebranding" the board to something else to get away from the faggy le doomer meme, and just have a discussion board for comfy dark meta shit where we could hang and talk (isn't that what all of us wanted anyway?). I'm still working on getting a dedicated IB up for something, but I'm clearly a retarded faggot so it might not happen. Look for /abyss/ or algol.club. It will be up at some point somewhere. Or not. fml >t. BO
>>12957 >I deleted it while drunk Bummer >PPH was nonexistent here Sad but true >Look for /abyss/ or algol.club Can you link to them? I don't see them on the webring >I'm still working on getting a dedicated IB up for something Cool, I hope it would work out
For any migrants: I wrote a small, lightweight imageboard engine in Rust here https://github.com/sethierophant/longboard. It's easy to install/maintain and can be run on a hidden network like Tor or i2p using a reverse proxy.
Anyone know where /delicious/ went if anywhere? It cant seriously still be here after being forced to use tor and having an admin that got promoted to that position right after sperging out over lolis right?
Where did everyone go? Its so empty.
>>12963 Anywhere but here as per the owners request and his friends retarded actions that made everyone hate him but just lead to him being given more power.
>>12962 They're apparently happy with the slightly less cucked version of 8chan that is 8moe. Or at least don't have any other option as everyone else has shown themselves to be utterly incompetent and/or unwilling to do the job.
>>12965 >shown themselves to be utterly incompetent and/or unwilling to do the job. What in the fuck do you expect lolipedos have the mental capacity to achieve? They won't even afford 5$/month to host a SPoF low-end VPS.
Robi please keep /nido/ up, we dont have a home
How do I force text to go under images in CSS?
>>12966 They had the mental capacity to make 8moe and simply not sperg out at the slightest hint of controversy so now everyone seems to have moved there. Maybe theres more to it than them liking something you don't like.
>>12969 >to make 8moe So, you're saying Mark was behind >>>/delicious/ & >>>/loli/ all along? 'Cause iirc, Cole Lamberson went out of his way to contact another tech guy to get lynxchan up and running, and he owns lainchan. >simply not sperg out at the slightest hint of controversy so now God, your newfaggotry sure smells. Lolipedos 'ONLY sperged out here, thrice. It's why you see the Autismboard icon on the top. >Maybe theres more to it than them liking something you don't like. Like maybe 2k$+/month?
>>12970 I'm saying mark is a "lolipedo" too that only cared about how much 8chan was getting cucked when they took his lolis away and was perfectly happy playing along up until then. Your opinion that hangingflesh dindu nuffin is self evidently an unpopular one seeing as only people who believe that are still coming here where as everyone else left when he was promoted. If any kind of activity returned after the sperging stopped that would be one thing but this place is a fucking ghost town now. But you can believe whatever the hell you want while you go on endlessly about ecelebs with the last dozen core members of this fucked site that don't give a shit what happens as long as they can continue to gossip like school girls.
>>12971 >I'm saying mark is a "lolipedo" too that only cared about how much 8chan was getting cucked when they took his lolis away and was perfectly happy playing along up until then. Mark, “8chan” had been dead for years because you let your bias influence how you moderate a board. James Arthur Watkins won 8chan from Fredrick dirty (bedchan.mp4), and so did Fredrick let it die. Move on. Nobody cares you masturbate to fictional visual depictions of children. I just don't think pedophiles are capable of forethought. >Your opinion that hangingflesh dindu nuffin This is what projection looks like. >he was promoted Just go back an kiss Cole Lamberson's and Lain's feet already, gay.
>>12972 How can you accuse me of being mark after my total denouncement of his character and that I'm projecting my defense of hangingflesh onto you when I said the people who think he dindu nuffin have a shit opinion and that it was his spergery and then promotion that caused everyone to leave? Your post makes absolutely no sense, I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.
Hey Rabi, looks like you deleted /abdl/ by mistake I hope you can fix that soon
>>12983 Good, that abomination should have been deleted much sooner.
>>12983 >deleting (((/abdl/))) >a mistake it is do not
How do you join the webring?
>>12987 you don't :^)
>>12987 You don't just join the webring, you become one with the webring.
>>12988 >>12989 Very funny. Now tell me
>>12990 invite-only. are you a tourist or something?
>>12992 Thanks what an absolute trash algol.club doesn't seem to work... >whizchan is now the most decent doomer-like board FUCK
>>12995 Turns out 9chan have a /doomer/ board - https://9chan.tw/doomer/ 9chan does feel more like good ol' 8chan than 8chan.moe

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