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Open file (87.78 KB 694x295 good girl chan.png)
Official jula/v/ Meta Thread Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 12:56:16 ID: 39ef03 No.1986
I think it only makes sense to move this thread here since the one on /v/ was taking in most of the activity on the board. This is where any discussion about the board itself and how it is run will be. I'll answer any questions if you would like.
>>4175 >spoonfeed me
>>4176 Back to (((TOR))) now? Please edumacate me, I'm a special needs (((identificator))).
>>4177 No ones taking the bait anon. This is getting boring.
>>4178 Good, clean up your thread >>>/v/16199 I'm letting you 11 hours and 28 minutes to correct yourself, and future duplicate threads.
>>4174 damn, jonah hill shreddin
>>4179 Don't you get tired of the same routine? Larp as a mod/BO on /meta/, constantly link people to your shitty /b/ threads and demand people stop talking about things you don't like, it's all so tiresome by this point. At least mix things up a bit or try to be interesting enough that your antics are entertaining. Even the dolphin pedophile went the extra mile and put effort into his autism. You're just really lame dude.
>>4181 I'm am indeed tired of your same antics of making the problem, requesting for solutions, only to profit later of your attempts to disrupt peace. Don't you have games to play tonight other than imageboard flamewars? I'm at hope playing KOFXIV. Whatchu playing?
>>3979 This Very disappointing You don't need to curate every fucking thread If it's spam or seriously off topic, delete Anything else can live or die by how many people feel the need to take part Don't go down this retarded road
>>>/v/16199 This seems like an obvious duplicate thread, but I will hear the OP out on how this thread is different from the previous thread despite the topic in of itself makes sense to be in the original?
>>4188 1. Is the boomer a moderator? >>>/v/16280 2. One thread is supposed to be more about the actual games. For 200 posts, the other thread was about the Linux platform itself.
>>4179 That isn't me. Nice job having a meta on a different board where you can't properly correlate users.
>>4190 He's not one, so you shouldn't listen to him. Well, since you answered and I've seen that the original thread is more /tech/-oriented and wasn't getting that much activity until recently. I guess I could archive it, and let yours be the new one. Who knows how much different it would be in the first place.
>>4192 Don't be too fervent about duplicate discussions. Let the topics branch out. We don't need a stagnant catalog where months old threads persist on the bottom.
>>4193 I just wonder how OPs would feel if their months threads were replaced by newer ones. Will discussion pan out?
>>4194 >I just wonder how OPs would feel if their months threads were replaced by newer ones. >Will discussion pan out? In my opinion it's a terrible idea and a case of overmoderation. To make my point independently of the "duplicate" threads rule, there's the problem of an old thread having some dozens of posters that were originally following it now suddenly dealing with a thread that disappeared. You can even disagree about the threads being duplicates. One is obviously about platforms and fence sitters anons (a debate to decide how to configure a system), and the other is about anons already on a platform and playing games.
>>3692 >>3744 You'd really want a rule against "backseat moderation" or an equivalent "not shitting up threads you don't like" rule. At least mark/v/ has one and the problem is nigh non-existent there.
Oh yeah, I made some peaceful outreach today in case anyone wants to talk about >>>/gamergatehq/12 I told gg their autism isn't welcomed on /v/, but they can sperg in my board. In case it filters over, I apologize in advance.
>>4202 Whoops, forgot to sign
>>4203 Ah, namefield doesn't work here too, np.
And the actual 8kun https://archive.vn/ksRRo
>>4198 fuck off mark
>>4202 >advertising the webring on 8glow Gamer gate autism once again proving to be absolute fucking cancer.
>>4212 I actually did a good job this time of not linking the website URL on both sites, it would take modicum intellect to know it has to be here instead. Though, I cannot stop what google, slate, some german news site, and cuckchanners are already done. This was partly done for autism and peaceful relations. Remember why Julay was created in the first place!
>>4213 There's no reason to even mention the webring on 8glow anymore. >Remember why Julay was created in the first place! Somehow I doubt you know why julay was actually created.
>>4206 It is not that hard to: >have a rule where faggots can't shitpost a thread they don't like nor pretend to be moderation >have a few basic rules outlined like no template threads, spam, threads with incomplete sentences, and so forth >only apply thread deletions, (bump)locking, and so forth only when a thread is violating a rule >not try to curate the board such as but not including implicitly adding a bunch of invisible rules out of preference >not try to establish which thread out of two similar ones is the one to have around This is what cakekike at least does.
>>4214 That's the thing, I haven't mentioned the webring, only that they are welcome to use my board. And I kinda already said why, but let read your thoughts.
>>4213 >I actually did a good job this time At name dropping julay on /v/eech ? Nigger, go back at working on zeronet.
Just letting you anons know that captchas have been temporarily activated since there's botspam on the board.
>>4218 I'm glad you responded so quickly. The /animu/ bunker had at least forty or fifty posts in each thread before the spam stopped.
>>4202 >>4213 Kill yourself. >post last edited by AcidKike Wait a minute, are you actually AcidMan?
>>4219 Are you a regular or mod or owner of prolikewoah? And do you know of any other sites that were spammed?
>>4215 >it's not that hard to be completely and utterly rulecucked kys mark
>>4205 fucking lol the ad at the top
Open file (1.36 MB 1398x2816 79440946_p0.jpg)
Converse with BO about what we assume is obvious shitstirring by CakeJew & his goon, while allowing him the opportunity to clarify himself: https://archive.vn/TrZgf https://archive.vn/xZiTF Hopefully he notices our struggles and finally shows us grace. If not, well, I can say we tried.
>>4254 Such a small board and now trying to scheme some shitty merch for shekels already. Who would have thought lmfao.
>>4332 >https://archive.vn/TrZgf >"Keep in mind Ron has arthritis, meaning he's literally working in pain. Maybe we can set up a live stream on DLive or some shit to resolve issues anons have. This way there's more communication between ron and the userbase." >LITERALLY Imagine being this low energy, should just pop a pain med and go back to work like everyone else, what a little bitch.
Open file (728.78 KB 1536x2048 79580753_p0.jpg)
So far he's denying involvement, I'm giving him the opportunity to rectify this once and for all. https://archive.vn/wUB5u https://archive.vn/MRgkf
So far 8gooners are denying involvement, blaming hirocuck, and celebrating some >>>/k/ users for leaving julay >>>/k/10178 I'm not taking anything to chance.
>>4432 I'm not sure why activeshooter deleted my post on /k/, but here's gamergate celebrating their return https://archive.md/U2GqK
>>4432 >>4435 Sorry, someone had posted some phishing shit 10 minutes before your post and I was on alert. You can post it again if you'd like.
>>4437 No troubles, I figured it was something like that after I read GG gloating. You can repost it if you want and let your users know. I'm dealing with similar issues in >>>/v/ because we are tired of whomever is spamming both our boards. If Mark makes an announcement on his board, I'm satisfied dealing with this ultimatum.
>>4438 >8kunt /k/ posting is lower than julay >half of it is people complaining about spergkraut on julay
>>4432 First /n/ got spammed, mainly for an eternal leaf rule but still, and now /k/ for its defacto political containment threads. No sir, i don't like this, smells bad.
>>4439 Yeah, I was just curious about what GG thought of my ultimatum to find those posts their archived thread. Saw something similar to that when blockchan's main github repo was flagged down. >>4440 Same, why we went over to IRC to talk about it. My theory is a third party that hates political discussions, since even Mark&goons are denying involvement, like the German shooter. I'm fine with baiting and trolling, but not spam.
>>4440 /n/ got spammed to free the lolis, toutatis took over, do you have any complaint about it?
>>4442 no not at all, but it got very heavy handed by some parties

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