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Open file (237.27 KB 1280x800 hotpocketvault.jpg)
Board Requests/Claims Anonymous 02/03/2020 (Mon) 17:46:07 ID: 8a505b No.3534
What is this all about? JulayWorld doesn't allow anons to create boards themselves, and boards are handed out by global moderators. You can use this thread to request a board. Additionally, if a board is dead, you can request to claim it. How do I request a board? Create a user account on this site by clicking the "Account" link at the top and then registering. And then, make a new post in this thread with the following details: >Board URI >Board name >What is the board about? >The account you just created (You don't have to create a new account if you already have one, just use the account you already have.) What are the rules for owning a board? The main rules are listed at https://julay.world/.static/pages/globalRules.html#board-ownership . Basically, don't request a board for illegal shit. The rules are pretty lax on board creation but the decision is still at the jannies' discretion. How do I claim a board? Just make a post requesting that board and your username (register first as explained above if you don't already have an account). Which boards are claimable? Go to the boardlist by clicking "Boards" at the top. A list of boards will be shown. Boards which have a skull icon next to them are dead and are claimable.
Edited last time by robi on 03/29/2020 (Sun) 15:22:08.
>>7593 >>7549 >>7484 I don't want to see /strek/ go and wish they'd come back. dukat given yesterday's events what are you plans for the board?
>>7593 8kunt is practically down already, please come back.
Does anyone know where the hell /fringe/ ended up? I'm sorry to ask this here, but it doesn't appear to be anywhere on the Webring, and they don't appear to have any bunkers, either. It's really strange, and unfortunate, since they had some really good content back on 8.
>>7741 >/fringe/ >good content kek
Can the inaction of a BO be considered important for the admin/mod team to send someone to mop up a mess if the users themselves are requesting it? If so, can i get a mod position, even if temporary? i rarely did a ton with my user account but i've made some moves unrelated to all this that proves i'm not a dolphin, you have my word i won't meddle with any other board than the one reporting stuff/requesting a clean-up.
>>7755 >Can the inaction of a BO be considered important for the admin/mod team to send someone to mop up a mess if the users themselves are requesting it? Depends, is the board you're asking about allowing things that violate the global rule? If not we don't get involved in how the board owner runs his board. >rest of your post I would advise requesting a board. We only have globals to enforce the one global rule (nothing illegal in the USA can be posted).
>>7756 >If not we don't get involved in how the board owner runs his board. Yes, i understand but i thought there could be a "special case". Thanks anyways. >We only have globals to enforce the one global rules Makes sense, i thought it was a multi-task kind of deal due to janitors already enforcing that. >I would advise requesting a board Very well, due to unstable conditions in most boards related to the topic i would like to request a video game "temporary" exclusion board. /vz/ Vidya Zone Arcade parlor for big boys Lensman
>>7758 >I thought I could waltz my fat jewish ass in here and get a board owner booted This isn't 8chan.
>>7760 Nice projection there
>>7758 >"temporary" exclusion board. Why is it going to be temporary? If you're just going to abandon it I don't see any point in making it in the first place considering board creation was closed for awhile so we can figure out what to do with boards that have no posts at all.
>>7763 >Why is it going to be temporary? Because we don't know how much our BO is going to be on "apparent" hiatus. Personally i don't wish any bad, i have no qualms against him right now as i don't know his intention but a good sizeable part of the board has requested a "clean up" or a comment regarding the current status for a while, which is concerning to say the least. Right now they are not posting that because nobody is really posting at all other than one or two isolated generals that haven't been touched yet. I browse the board a good part of the day while i'm doing other things on the PC and i can manage to check often over the day in a place people might want a constant eye on. I understand there's been not one but two new off-shoot video game related boards already (three if we count some new posts at the old /vr/) but this one would be based as an option on a current situation that might be defused after a while, but it's been 24 hours already and we don't see how or why it could. Hence the "temporary", it's a moderated place to continue our activities while we see if it passes by, if it does i'm aware of the "delete board" function and i can and will use it when things are cleared. If it doesn't then i might have to deal with it, that's one of my suspicions with our current BO, he stepped in to stabilize things but he might not want to keep doing it and i can understand why if he did it for help and not for passion or necessity.
>>7741 I never used /fringe/ and I have no idea, but as it happens, back in August when 8chan first went down I did actually receive an email from someone who mistakenly thought one of my old 8chan.co email addresses was owned by the BO of /fringe/. He was asking the same question as you though, and I didn't respond to it, so unfortunately it's not much of a lead, but you could try emailing him yourself unless you are him, in which case, holy shit. There was another /fringe/ anon in smug/a/'s meta threads around that time too, but those threads have since turned into cafe threads, and they'll smack your ass with a banhammer you if they see that you don't have a post history on /a/, so I doubt that'll help much either. Sorry I couldn't be of more help anon.
>>7764 Sounds responsible, since board creation is currently closed I am going to speak to robi first before I make this board but if he's okay with it I will create it sometime in the next 24 hours provided you agree to wait until a global can move all threads to another board (most likely >>>/v/) should you decide to delete it. In the meantime I encourage you to attempt to contact the current BO of >>>/v/ either through the meta thread or on #julayworld on Rizon (I think he's asleep right now). As far as I know he does not have any vols so this can probably just be resolved through dialog and some help keeping an eye on the board. I do not think splitting off will solve the problems with /v/ since I've seen a regular pattern with it in the last 8 months. There has been an on-going effort by outsiders to shit it up since the day it was created and I don't expect it'll ever stop as long as certain people think they are entitled to control of all vidya discussion. I sympathize with what you're trying to do here but you need to understand exactly what you're getting into. I don't want another situation where a BO quits within a week and transfers yet another board to the globals.
>>7766 >provided you agree to wait until a global can move all threads to another board should you decide to delete it. Agreed, that sounds better than i thought. >I encourage you to attempt to contact the current BO >he does not have any vols so this can probably just be resolved through dialog I'm open to that, hope he responds in the next 24. Going to log into the IRC for him to chat. >I do not think splitting off will solve the problems with /v/ It's tricky because if these past days have taught us something is that longtime 8k/v/ users and JW/v/ users (which are a mixture of 8c/vg/, old renegades from 8c/v/ and local denizens) cannot coexist comfortably due to "culture" shock and pre-conceived notions, even in a ground zero environment both groups have different behaviors due to a couple of years isolated from each other. With that i meant to say 8k/v/ or its bunkers might not be an ideal place for most of the users and this /vz/ situation would be more of a supporting action to /v/ than an antagonizing one, but i cannot guarantee an odd situation of users not wanting to leave, which i highly doubt it as many think alike regarding jumping the least times possible. >There has been an on-going effort by outsiders to shit it up since the day it was created Same thing happened once in a while on /vg/, it's a seasonal thing. >I don't want another situation where a BO quits within a week and transfers yet another board to the globals As long as i don't kick the bucket i'm going to be present, but if it extends a lot then i might fall back with vols or downgrade myself a vol if someone more capable wants the place, which is seeing things too far and hypothetical to be fair. Thank you for your time.
>>7767 After discussing matters on the IRC i think i will have to take this back, i don't see the point of doing this as a supporting measure. I think it will utterly pointless at the end of the day and nothing will change. Good day, sir.
>>7768 Got logs? I'm waiting on the pruning to make >>>/vg/ or >>>/svidya/. The "splitting" meme is retarded seen as we're in the same site.
>>7769 Not worth it, i like your idea but i don't think it will work here. Just go with the flow or jump ship, i am out.
>>7770 Why isn't it worth it? Muses was hired because nobody was trusted enough to mantle >>>/v/ after 3 bad judgements from robi. It worked for a little while until kimeemaru rectally fucked him. I'm fine hosting a >>>/v/ so long as I'm paid. I'm not retarded to work 4FREE.
>>7765 Hey, no worries, and thanks for the lead -- it's more than I've been able to find on my own. I have to admit, though, that second image freaks me out a bit -- kinda makes me wonder if it's somehow connected to why the board hasn't come back. It's just really bizarre that this might be the only board with a significant presence that never was restored. I'm almost compelled to just try to start a new /fringe/ myself, but I would have no clue what the hell I was doing. Not only that, but I don't have the time to devote to moderation or anything like that. In the meantime, I don't know yet if I'll email him; I feel like I'd be missing out on something if I didn't, but we'll see. Thanks again.
>>7769 >/svidya/ So a board full of butthurt faggots that nobody wants to use who only exist to shit on other boards?
>>7822 t. markgoon
>>7823 8/svidya/ was pretty shit regardless of mark. Most of its posts were clustered in the meta thread and the entire board basically just defined itself as 'not /v/' rather than having an actual identity.
>>7331 But most of those are archives and bunkers.
>>7331 how the fuck does one archive these boards (oh no its already culled)
>>7245 why manip and chronoy deleted (other boards in list are fine) also what is /dolphin/ for
>>7769 wait what
Requestan' a board made for organizing gamenights >Board Name: Gamenight Organization >Board URL: /gamenight/ or /gn/ >Purpose: Organizing and setting up gamenights for various /v/ communities through the webring and other imageboards >Username: Solomon gib board plz much thank
>>7948 i'm sorry i missed the final last time it all happened so fast and i got the dates fucked up
>>7080 Someday, lefty.
The real reason why /leftypol/ got deleted is because I claimed the board and then proceeded to dump nigger dick pictures and scat porn all over the placeim just playing around to test the features. I also broadcasted the board to anon on /r9k/ as a refugee camp if /r9k/ got nuked again. Here the evidence, i shilled the board on /r9k/ and people thought I was dolphin and deleted it. https://fatchan.org/r9k/thread/46.html#557
>>8028 Not surprising, dolphin used plenty commie euphemisms. He used the name "ComradeScum" when he first tried claiming /r9k/. The fact that you used /leftypol/ perfectly fit Dolphin's behavior.
Open file (93.96 KB 1322x472 1574630294256.cleaned.jpg)
>>8032 >using Tor >not understanding sarcastic usernames
>>8033 He used commie euphemisms, I never said he was a commie himself. Just that he liked with fuck with /r9k/ that way, so it wasn't surprising that >>8028 was pinned as dolphin since that's exactly how dolphin could have fucked with them.
I would like to claim /ss/ please. My account name is araara123.
>>6593 >>6610 So has the stance on /cutebois/ changed? This board is hosting pretty much the same kind of content.
>>8044 no. fuck you euphoria.
>>8046 Fine faggot, you can have your shitty board to yourself. Can we have a straight shota board please?
JulayWorld will no longer accept new boards or do claims.
>>8105 what about now, king nigger on /v/ is being retarded again
/LakeofFire/ Punishment for Skinner Machines Probably a deterrence against computer games Lucifer Migrate \v\ backups to this board instead to desist the autism.
Open file (402.22 KB 712x622 ClipboardImage.png)
give me /v/ so I can rule it with an iron fist >Board URI >Board name >What is the board about? >The account you just created /v/ â–½ideo games not videogames notbaph
>>3534 Asking for claims on /monarchy/ greatHitoHato is my account
I would like to claim /gamergatehq/, my username is boney /gamergatehq/ boney
>>12832 Sorry, it's been transferred to Cole Lamberson now.
Hey Roni, im Lamuel and i want to claim /bandada/, its a dead board now. Thanks
Open file (476.68 KB 640x432 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3534 I'd like to have /hyper/, if it's not going away User: Zoom

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