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Open file (54.10 KB 150x200 ClipboardImage.png)
The Rebirth of Julay 2 Robi Board owner 05/03/2020 (Sun) 17:35:35 ID: 0eea99 No.10485
Welcome back. TL;DR JulayWorld will be recreated with a few boards remaining under a different name (TBA) using a new imageboard software. I'll be helping the BOs who are willing to create their own imageboard migrate their boards. The elephant in the room: Which boards are to be kept? I've decided to keep the following boards: /v/ /meta/ /cow/ /k/ /ita/ /tech/ /robowaifu/ /x/ /sw/ /strek/ /retro/ /mu/ /film/ /jenny/ because the BO has special circumstances, will help until they can find a better place I've also realized that 3 months is too short a time for some smaller boards to find a suitable home. I'll allow boards which couldn't find a home in on a per-request basis until they can make their own imageboard or find someone else to host them. Rebirth Date JulayWorld will be re-born on 2020-07-27. Garfield has stolen the pipe, but the paper is in a loop -- and you can see that once again, Jon is sitting in his chair reading his newspaper. Rationale I'll copy this verbatim from the first thread since my thoughts haven't changed. In these past 9 months, I've come to realize that the idea of a centralized imageboard with open/semi-open board creation is flawed in the current year. In my experience, entralization causes three main problems when it comes to imageboards: a) Big responsibility, b) Disinterest in the imageboard, c) Single point of failure. Running an imageboard with a lot of boards is a risky endeavor with a big responsibility. Until now, I've been fine with running it, but as of recently, more and more threats have showed up for Julay, and I don't want the management of Julay to take over my life like it did for Freddit. I honestly have a lot of IRL things to do, and everytime something happens on Julay I have to drop everything I'm currently doing and work on fixing whatever happened, which (in the case of stuff like takedowns) costs both serious amounts of time and also money. In the past few months, I've felt that I've become more and more distant to Julay. The main reason is because I don't use most of the boards that are on Julay. I don't want to manage boards that I don't personally have any interest in, and so their moderation woes have become more and more of a burden as time went on, and at this point I don't want it to go on like this. I'm sorry to disappoint people, but I'm not going to become Moot 3.0 and devote my life to Julay. It also worries me that there is only a single location for most of the boards in the webring. The entire point of the webring was to have many boards each catering to their own community and their own related boards so a board going down wouldn't affect the others and the other boards could provide a shelter temporarily if necessary. However, human nature states that people will always flock to the lowest barrier to entry. It is much easier to create a board on an existing imageboard than it is to start a new one for yourself. Therefore, Julay has overgrown to almost 100 boards, which is a shame and something I should've prevented early on. However, at the time (August-October 2019) there were still many communities left without a home as 8chan died and left behind a void that has been unfilled since (8kun is not, and will never be 8chan), and so I've provided board creation for boards that didn't have anywhere to go. However, since then a lot of dust has settled and I think it's time for people to slowly expand out and fulfill the webring's original purpose. What will happen to everyone else? Board owners can contact me with proof of their board ownership to get help with setting up their own imageboard. If multiple board owners are willing to set up an imageboard together they should also let me know. You can contact me at admin <> julay ! world, or #julayworld @ Rizon. I am going to be working hard to make an easy to understand guide for people to set up their own imageboards within the next few days. I will try to make it as retard-friendly as possible, and I will try to provide help to people who have trouble setting it up. Additionally, I've gotten back to working on Final Solution day and night. Final Solution (when completed) will create an imageboard mesh, which should (hopefully) eventually replace the current webring system and be more resilient than the webring. What about the donations? I currently have enough donations to cover the time Julay will still operate as Julay. I haven't decided whether I will accept donations again after the rebirth. What happens if the site goes down before that? If Julay goes down before I have finished all my preparations, there will probably a period of downtime before the new site is launched. It's been 5 days since the announcement and we already have 3 new nodes in the webring. I see this as a great improvement. Hope everyone can find (or make themselves) a home.
Edited last time by robi on 05/03/2020 (Sun) 18:26:48.
>I've also realized that 3 months is too short a time for some smaller boards to find a suitable home. What? How the FUCK is three months too short to find a home? You only need a day to get an imageboard set up, maybe a couple weeks if you've literally never used linux before. This isn't rocket science. Some of us hauled ass to start getting everything ready for a migration now so we could test the waters moving forward, having never used linux and never leased a server or domain from someone before, and being 90% of the way there in three days, and yet there's lazy niggers insisting they can't even do that much? Fuck that bullshit.
>>10507 Some people really are terminally illiterate. I'm not going to keep those boards around forever, only until they can find a place.
Added /strek/ too, because Julay-chan is Swole-chan.
Yare yare looks like /agdg/ will have to piggyback on /v/ again
>>10485 Well, thanks for the news Robi. I'm sure that helps out everyone tbh.
>I don't want to host for bunkers >Keeps mostly bunkers Are you dumb or just retarded?
>>10514 I never said that I was going to delete bunkers. I said I was going to keep boards that I was interested in. Them being bunkers or not is irrelevant. I've kept the OP text mostly the same from the previous threads. The only part I could understand as being interpreted that way is end of point c), and that explains that the addition of so many bunkers should've been temporary.
>>10485 >jenny/ because the BO has special circumstances Huh?
>invites people looking for a community to establish themselves here >people do so <"lol jk I'm gonna delete everything because I don't like a lot of the boards" Simply wew
>>10516 Okay let it put it to you a different way >Kicks off the boards that produce OC so he can keep dead boards and boards that produce nothing Overall you should have not been a complete fuckwit about this and announced immediately what boards were going to be kept rather than kept everyone dancing around for a few days. All you've done now is breed animosity with what were staple communities on julay.
>>10520 the idea of the webring was to set up lots and lots of different places to host various boards. people weren't doing the very thing that needs to be a thing, the place isn't a bunker for a one off shoot it's the continued survival of IB.
>>10525 Yes, and that was what was established and Julay was already a solid component of it. There are various other sites already in the webring. Robi should have never even accepted other boards at the rate that he did if he was just going to scatter them all to the wind again.
there's 220+ english image boards you'll be fine
>>10528 a man' got a right to decide who stays in his home, besides if people have the will they'll make their own home
>>10525 >>10530 Why invite people in the first place if you have no room for them? This whole affair highlights the elephant in the room that julay could never decide what it wanted to be or who it actually wanted to have so invited everyone only to cause yet another exodus. There's good communities getting tossed into the wind here which Robi has downright given the middle finger to without even anything remotely close to an apology.
>>10530 Again, should have never advertised for them to set up shop here in the first place. He should have just announced that he'd be closing board-creation. What does it even matter whether he doesn't use all of the boards? I don't read all of the threads on the board I operate and yet I don't nuke them all and keep only what I like.
>>10531 good intentions letting leeches have their way with you? nah robi' fine doing this he doesn't need to be overburden because you can't make your own shit
>>10533 t. robi
Open file (113.28 KB 812x648 1x2yn0pb.png)
Seems like it would be useful to have some kind of concept of a "bunker-only" board. Something that people can have until they can find a permanent place in the webring. Something that discourages them from staying without having a strict "do it or get deleted" deadline. For example it could have worse features, like 1 image limit per post, 5 minute delay between posts per person, super shitty and compressed image thumbnails, no custom CSS, etc. It's still usable for gathering and organizing and planning what to do, but you'd rather want a board without those limits.
>>10533 >Implying they are leeches Way to miss the fucking point fucktard and make complete assumptions. If you are insisting on being a complete dumbass and I assume you are Euphoria as only Euphoria would be assine enough to make a comment like you have there's boards here with anons that have essentially paid for server costs being told to leave while the leeches you are crying about are actually the ones staying. How does that make you feel?
>>10531 >>10532 How retarded are you? Julay went up half a year ago, it was a completely different climate back then, most people thought 8ch will come back at some point and 90% of the boards set up here were for a few weeks, temporary. Now that it became clear we're here for her, it's time to clean the attic and actually make the webring work properly, as in not have 200 board hubs.
>>10535 >what is id >>10536 there was a suggestion of something like this and I don't disagree with it however that's up to whoever owns the sites to decide if they want to do so. >>10537 lmao you think paying entitles you to stay.
>>10538 So work properly by actually keeping boards that nobody is going to use cause there are bunkers for places eleswhere including 8kun? How about you grow a braincell before replying?
>>10539 >Cries about leeches >Cries about fags that keep help julay running You can pick one and only one.
>>10541 does paying reduce work loads? no? that's not helping keep julay running clearly otherwise this wouldn't be the situation you're in.
>>10531 >not having multiple bunkers ready to fall back to immediately if SHTF You people have no one but yourself to be blamed. The 8chan incident should have been the wake up call to set up bunkers ready to use 24/7. But instead you just whine and whine and whine about not having the home to yourself. >why invited them all over? Robi turned retarded and couldn't see the consequence. >why toss them out? Because he's not interested in them. >quality board got toss out Lel >no apology Fuck off and find your own home over the hundreds existing imageboard trash. There would be zero disturbance and fracture of a community if the board owner had taken the minimum amount of time to write down a fallback plan and force its user to memorize.
Open file (24.72 KB 384x354 3-0205.gif)
>>10520 /thread >>10533 >yeah SO WHAT people come to a community and the jim tier retard who owns it shuts it down out of nowhere, yeah just stop "leeching" this specific ghetto site that costs nothing >owner totally didn't leech and lie to anons, caused them headache, and unironically betrayed them cocksuckers like you are what's wrong with the world, your owner is jim 2.0.
>>10519 The BO is having trouble setting up an imageboard. I'm going to try to help him out but if he can't do it after the days are over he can temporarily stay. >>10520 Already addressed this in OP, have you read it? If you have, what part are you having an issue with? >>10521 I didn't "kick anyone out". Kicking people out would be deleting their boards immediately and then telling them to go fuck themselves. I'm giving people 3 months to set up shop somewhere else on the webring, am writing a guide for people who want to learn how to set up their own imageboards, and am writing software that should with enough support remove a lot of trouble from boards having to exist on a single site only by creating an imageboard mesh. What else do you want? >>10531 Read the OP. >>10536 This was suggested before and I definitely think a /bunker/ is a good idea. I'll create one soon. >>10537 Again, you didn't read the OP. I'm always grateful to people helping with the server costs. I return the favor by helping boards out with setting up on another place. Refer to my previous reply: What else do you want? >>10540 >>10541 Who keeps Julay running? Do you have any actual idea about what you're talking about? >>10544 >out of nowhere at 3 months' notice*
>>10542 >>10543 I'll laugh when I watch you fags complaining when Robi decides to turn you out next because he gets bored. I would not be surprised if julay.world and it's rebirth is dead completely within a year.
>>10546 Change your diaper.
>>10539 You are clearly Euphoria or another one of Robi's discord tranny buttbuddies
>>10547 Then make a fucking backup. Why are you relying on me to keep your precious board? If it's so precious, you should already have a backup. I'm not your messiah or your Moot.
>>10544 NOOOOO WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M NOT ALLOWED TO POSTERINOO HERE! I'M INCAPABLE OF MAKING MY OWN SITE!!!!11! >>10547 I'm fully prepared to be kicked out, I'm under no delusion over eternities. >>10549 gotta be the in group right
>>10547 >seething this hard your board must be some degenerate shit
>>10546 >>10550 I am going have to side with >>10544 You really are Jim 2.0 if you can't see how your entire approach to this has been completely wrong. Why would anyone even want to stay on julay regardless of staying as you've inspired no confidence or any security? You are basically saying you don't want anyone at all.
>>10520 what do you expect? robi is a pussy
>>10546 >im betraying users because I'm "bored" but really it's because i allowed pedos who have tor that fucked everyone over but oy vey it's ok, i gave a notification, no problem. Cool story jim
>>10540 Are you literally retarded? Actually read what was written you nigger mongrel.
>>10547 >implying my main board has ever been on julay Kill yourself Enjoy not having a home and internal fighting with your faggot friends I guess. That's what you get for sucking Kamisama cock too much and felt betrayed when he just didn't care kicking you out.
>>10553 You're not entitled to a board, and your weak attempts to try to turn anons smell like low effort D&C. >>10555 "Betray"? What the fuck are you talking about? Where did I say anywhere that I guarantee that your board will exist forever and ever? Did you buy a board from Julay at some point and I don't remember?
>>10546 >/bunker/ I meant more in the sense that any board can be set up like that. It's harder to find a bunker for a certain board when it's inside an umbrella board like that, and it's harder for people to stay there for the time being and continue operating even somewhat normally because they'll be mixed among many other boards' users. Maybe it's not necessary in the long term though, but it would be useful in the current situation.
>>10559 Oh yeah, we did discuss about that. Anons can request a bunker board when their imageboard goes down to regroup, and that's perfectly fine.
>>10558 >You're not entitled to a board, and your weak attempts to try to turn anons smell like low effort D&C. If you think pointing out that you've been an obvious dumbass about the whole thing and could have handled things infinitely better is a D&C then there really is no reasoning with you.
>>10561 What would you have preferred for me to do instead? Give me a better plan.
just hand over the site to a bunch of outsider jannies of course.
W-what about /bandada/?
Open file (129.73 KB 500x532 no_longer_certain.jpg)
Why is every fucking imageboard hosted in sissy western servers that ban you for wrongthink? Why can't we host in some balkan country and have any board we want? Imageboards without /pol/ and the like are pretty much reddit 2.0
>>10563 Well for starters as I said here >>10521 You should have decided immediately before making any announcements what boards would have been staying before making any fucking announcements. Granted you admitted the panic caused by >>8102 but shows a trend of yourself to act before even remotely thinking through the consequences and when shit hits the fan try to backtrack. Stick to something, think it through and actually set out clear goals. Your whole approach has been to make shit up as you go along which means even for boards that are staying anons are going to turn around and be unsure that maybe a month down a line that you could easily change your mind. So what that translates to even the boards you would like to keep are likely not to have any activity in it as everyone will have gone off elsewhere.
>>10566 >Balkan There balkanchan.ga
>>10568 >no /pol/ >no /k/ >no /v/ And into the trash it goes
>>10566 If someone hosts one, I'll be glad to add them to the webring. >>10567 Thanks for the post. >You should have decided immediately before making any announcements what boards would have been staying before making any fucking announcements. >Granted you admitted the panic caused by >>8102 but shows a trend of yourself to act before even remotely thinking through the consequences and when shit hits the fan try to backtrack. These points I agree and I apologize for waiting 5 days before announcing the boards. That's a stupid mistake I've made. I just haven't been certain about what to do and I did act spontaneously. >Stick to something, think it through and actually set out clear goals. I think I haven't changed my mind since the reboot idea, and I hope it came off that way. >Your whole approach has been to make shit up as you go along which means even for boards that are staying anons are going to turn around and be unsure that maybe a month down a line that you could easily change your mind. Yeah, sorry if it came off that way, to be honest a lot of this shit makes me uncertain and it sucks that it shows. I plan to keep the boards I defined above after the reboot. I don't expect any changes, but I will announce with clear explanations if anything changes.
Open file (1.95 MB 600x850 f8loxiug.bmp)
>>10558 >make imageboard >become popular >anons come >wow cool >allow/do some stupid shit >but then suddenly (((something))) happens and then >immediately turns on users saying they are "entitled" for expecting a stable mongolian basket weaving forum >"but its okay because they shouldn't have expected anything, not my fault" >turn it on people who "for no reason at all" expect something the rest of the internet has >nah people can't expect anything the rest of the internet has lol wow thats dumb >"but its still okay because they shouldn't have expected anything, their fault, not my fault, im not a cuck 2" >so umm lol stop leeching guys, yeah thats the problem im not a traitor or betrayer who gives enemies fuel and what they want >became just like the creature, jim, that anons fled from to here, unironically. >another exodus >"Listen guys, Its still okay i betrayed people over nothing, you can trust me the next time for sure."
>>10569 Make and grow your own then, or do you expect robi to do it for you too?
did you whine to your parents when they kicked you out too?
>>10546 >The BO is having trouble setting up an imageboard. I'm going to try to help him out but if he can't do it after the days are over he can temporarily stay. I see. Will you temporally keep other boards that are working on their own bunkers (like /hgg/)?
Hey Robi there is clearly a mistake in your list, you forgot /abdl/ I hope you fix that soon
>>10536 On anon.cafe and rita.null they have, respectively, /server/ and /com/ for niche boards without a home. I'm sad so many are going to burn, especially because I'm a degenerate, but eh.
>>10575 Get used to it, nigger. Day of the toilet soon.
>>10571 >become popular I never wanted to become popular. As another anon said, back then the climate was very different. >immediately turns on users saying they are "entitled" for expecting a stable mongolian basket weaving forum I only said that because you got me pissed off, I should've acted more level-headed. I stand by my points in the OP. Anons need to spread out and bunker-become-main boards need to go. Call me a faggot for doing it, I don't care. I don't want to see what happened to 8chan happen to Julay. >turn it on people who "for no reason at all" expect something the rest of the internet has What do you mean by this? >so umm lol stop leeching guys, yeah thats the problem im not a traitor or betrayer who gives enemies fuel and what they want I didn't talk about anyone leeching, you're confusing IDs. I don't consider owning a board "leeching". Comments are owned by Poster. >who gives enemies fuel By making it harder for enemies of imageboards to take people down by making people spread out and become decentralized? >became just like the creature, jim, that anons fled from to here, unironically. Tell me more. >>10574 If they extend outside the 3 months, sure. Nothing will happen for the next 85 days, at least not from me I don't know about Eshter. >>10575 The cabal must be controlled
>>10575 You should probably make a bunker and invite /d/, /hyper/ and all the other fetishist boards
>>10570 Can I ask you legit: Do you want an imageboard yes/no? Cause the attitude I have been getting from yourself lately and this entire thread has been a resounding no. If the answer to the above then yes then what exactly do you want from an imageboard? Cause again I have no clear idea what the hell you are wanting due to what feels like constant flip flopping and believe that you aren't quite sure yourself. These are the questions I am asking and tearing you a new one about because despite what has been said previously I am not convinced they have been 100% answered in a way that you won't change your mind about at a later date or you yourself are confident you won't change your mind on. If everything in OP is set in stone then please don't change your mind on but do expect to rightly get flak for it.
>>10571 Your post made no fucking sense. You have this place for 90 more days, do something with it. Make your own site and add it to the webring, or leech off the newly created ones. Why do you people suddenly forget that we are supposed to spread out instead of congregating inside a little cave? What betray? YOU HAVE 90 MORE DAYS TO PLAN OUT. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? WHO EVEN ARE YOU PEOPLE COMING FROM?
>>10580 I don't know, but I'll answer your question. What I want from an imageboard is casual discussion, shitposting without destroying entire boards, and in general just fun. I've not been having fun. What I've been feeling in the past 3 months is like getting a 3 inch wide metal rod inserted slowly into my dickhole.
>>10582 >>10580 Or you know what, I'm not gonna pussyfoot around: No, I don't want an imageboard. I want to go back to being an anon. But some boards have no real alternative and I care too much about them to let go.
>>10582 You know there won't be much sympathy as there's plenty of anons have told you "not to invite x as it brings cancer" and behold it did right?
>>10571 Back to whatever hole you come from niggershit, you stick out like a sore thumb.
>>10584 Probably highlights a point I was going to add. Hosting is a pain especially when it brings cancer and julay.world not exactly being stable also causes issues like where it decided to autopost there without me clicking anything. Speaking of which did you ever fix the issue with the anons with satellite internet? Cause /k/ just fucking died and lost pretty much all it's quality posters when that happened.
Open file (811.57 KB 2000x2829 abdl tarrant.png)
>>10575 Robi PROMISED that we, the prime OC engine of Julay, could stay WHY DID YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND, ROBI?
>>10584 Many of the later boards weren't created by me. I should've closed board creation. That's my biggest mistake and is what caused most of this shitstorm. >>10586 I think another admin must've replied to you, I've never heard of the satellite internet issue. Is the onion also not accessible? It should be.
>>10571 >be a leech >demand to be able to post whatever you want, wherever you want, webhosting rules be damned >get outraged when the people who pay for the site tell you to stop being a retard >never put your money where your mouth is >when the site goes down and the site owner tells you it was the host, you complain about the owner, not the host go be a retard somewhere else or better yet, make your own castle and invite anons over there so they can post whatever they want, wherever they want, webhosting rules be damned
>>10589 *licks boot*
>>10590 still waiting for (you) to make your own site put your money where your mouth is
>>10591 t. Robi
>>10589 Sic semper jannies
>>10588 It was an ongoing issue when it went from grunt to julay that anons reliant on essentially countryside tier internet were unable to connect and post. It happened ages ago but knew it lasted for a while. Think you lost a few early BOs cause of it and I noticed a considerable drop in the posting and quality of boards like /k/ simply because the country anons were unable to post and all it left were citytards. I was wondering if you were aware of it cause such issues really hurt julay and in a board like /k/ if you lose the countryside fags you are basically losing everyone with easy access to funz which is a death sentence to a board like that and is an example of a userbase you never want to leave.
>>10594 If that issue is still there I'll definitely fix it. I think I remember something like that in the very early days of Julay and it came down to DNS not resolving, which is something I can't really fix; anons would have to add Julay's URL manually to their hosts file. If it was that, then it really does suck but there's nothing I can do about it. I don't remember whether anons tried spqrchan.xyz at the time, that's from another NIC so it might've worked even when the .world TLD didn't.
Will the new domain name be Гунт related?
>>10596 Yes. I'm keeping my cards close to my chest so Eshter can't act early, so I will reveal the new domain after the 85 days.
>>10507 Where's your imageboard? >>10508 This. Patrick Nelson, tvch.moe operator is literally this illiterate. >>10511 ( ・∀・ )ゞ >>10514 >Most boards >109 boards in the database, >=14 >>10529 This >>10558 Watch out, he's going to call you a plebbit user for using defined words like entitled before the internet existed! >>10565 They made a website, look up the board >>10566 Change the laws, change the world. >>10578 This. >>10579 How much are all of you combining to make a deviant.art imageboard? I don't mind hosting all my >>>/d/eviants tbth. >>>/d/ >>>/abdl/ >>>/trapshota/ >>>/loli/ >>>/delicious/ >>>/vp/ >>>/lgbt/ >>>/furry/ >>>/fur/ etc. how willing are you to pay every month to host you? I really need my 2k a month, but I can barebones just for your fetishes. Real barebones, 3 servers, DoS protection, no DDoS is up around 500€/month, and that's assuming you won't get bad actors&enemies. I'll need all shifts. Child porn or talk about actual children would be discouraged, esp. erp. I'll be hosting internationally, and rotating nearly monthly. I'll be using a custom Nekoserver fork, with hopefully non global moderation by the end of August.
>>10595 I was never quite sure if it was resolved but is an example of something that could still be ongoing and become a new issue when you rebirth the site. It would be hard to tell you though if that issue was resolved since as far as I am aware the anons that would have had it moved elsewhere. They wouldn't have been exactly able to tell you cause of course they wouldn't have been able to post. I am just bringing it up cause I haven't really been able to talk about guns on /k/ since 2019 as the anons that were strelo/k/s haven't really been posting and wondered what happened to them
Open file (60.48 KB 415x480 neimoidian approval.jpg)
>>10485 Based
>>10599 I'm really sorry that happened. I think the discussion on /k/ swayed after the Coronavirus threads which brought in a lot of people who had no interest in guns and only had an interest in political shitposting. Again, my mistake of not allowing a /pol/ early on where all that bullshit could be kept to so activeshooter didn't have to turn a blind eye to blatant off-topic on the board. Hopefully /k/ can become more on topic again after the reboot.
>>10598 >how willing are you to pay every month to host you? I really need my 2k a month, but I can barebones just for your fetishes. No one is going to want to pay you for this, just barebones it.
/nido/ is such a waste of space, i just visited that shit ans its just chilean garbage
Robi baby why did you do this to me, I thought you promised that we would have had out own little family why do you choose these people who were vene these people robi please I will be your little mistress please let me stay I have no where to go I will lick your anus everyday like how you wanted robi please let me in baby please oh jesus robi please I'm pregnant with our child our child do you understand robi out child do you want him to just not have a father and let some other men take care of it yes it's a boy robi not a girl just like how you want I will give you another baby boy too please let me in robi why would you let phat Jenny whore in while I'm can do so much more for you I promise I will be a obedient slot I will let yo uhave sex stig you anytime you want I will even learn how to cook I will stop shutting on to the toilet bowl and I will stop drinking for out child if you leVe me I will be very sad and I will drink till our child will have fecal alcohol syndrome please robio let me in
>>10575 >>10587 Get fucked diaperfags
Open file (9.53 KB 262x192 234544rtegsegrgres.jpg)
>>10589 >Don't need anons who are all "leeches" said jannyfag bootlicker >No, anons need us, we are going to cuck and be another PC, reddit 2.0 4cuck and there is totally no alternative!11 >Wait people don't like that? wow leeches! surely something is wrong with them! <wow aren't we so benevolent and grand for granting anons this and the opportunity that turned out to be pure unfettered cuckoldry they fled from in the first place >we lied and created a mirage but you can still trust us >ishyggdt Do you ever look in the mirror? What do you see?
>>10598 >>10598 >500€/month Ouch If you put it at THAT price, you should probably seek even more degenerates so that some may supply enough money. Alternatively you could set up something very small with 2-3 pages tops per IB (and only one for deli) and/or a single board for the nichest of niches, to save up costs. But seriously, is that as low as one could go? I'd love a barebones place if it just meant shooting the shit with other degenerates.
>>10608 You can host an imageboard for as low as $5. I know the "stop-this-myth" anon will come out of the woodwork when I say this, but he's quoting things from people who have been targeted by Eshter and/or are going for the long game keeping a single site with many users up against active attacks.
>>10603 I don't like working on spare time, My spare time is better suited for my real hobbies while my scrapers fetch my porn. That's why I'm asking. I'm not going to repeat a robi here. >>10608 This is a simple network model: 1) Front facing http proxy , 2) actual database server, 3) VPN for 2) It's DoS but not DDoS. DDoS requires multiple servers across the planet willing to die and remake another nearby, making true distribution.
>>10600 Using a meme while highlighting posts without checking what was said doesn't make you a big boy. Just shows you are new and trying to fit in. >>10602 There's an argument that adding a /pol/ early really wouldn't have adverted a cancer, more likely accelerated it. There's quite a lot of anons who don't like /pol/ just because they don't like politics in general and would rather keep to their autistic hobbies sperg free. IT issues aside it's now more a question now of what and more importantly who do you want to keep and how do you intend to keep them?
Robi baby why did you do this to me, I thought you promised that we would have had out own little family why do you choose these people who were vene these people robi please I will be your little mistress please let me stay I have no where to go I will lick your anus everyday like how you wanted robi please let me in baby please oh jesus robi please I'm pregnant with our child our child do you understand robi out child do you want him to just not have a father and let some other men take care of it yes it's a boy robi not a girl just like how you want I will give you another baby boy too please let me in robi why would you let phat Jenny whore in while I'm can do so much more for you I promise I will be a obedient slot I will let yo uhave sex stig you anytime you want I will even learn how to cook I will stop shutting on to the toilet bowl and I will stop drinking for out child if you leVe me I will be very sad and I will drink till our child will have fecal alcohol syndrome please robio let me in
>>10607 eagerly awaiting the url of your pro free speech site where we can all post lolis and argue over politics
>>10609 Robi, I'm right here. 5 lowend VPS on on Francisco's model doesn't cut it with how much bandwidth porn users procreate, and their edits. You already know which >>>/d/ group I'm in constantly editing images from authors, and I'll have O(n^n) duplication of every image. In fact, just hosting elzikyuchi already swallows 2 VPSes full of porn.
>>10614 Wouldn't a post limit save bandwidth?
>>10566 >Imageboards without /pol/ and the like are pretty much reddit 2.0 Not everything needs to political faggot, if anything /pol/ have ruined so many hobby boards over the years.
>>10616 Why, would I attempt to limit users from posting porn? I want them to post all the porn they want, all the edits they want. I'll just be upfront with costs, and if I could work full-time on it, I'll be pleased.
>>10618 >Why, would I attempt to limit users from posting porn? It could deter bad actors. You could uplift the limit for whoever's paying. I know this sounds scummy and all, but generally speaking I don't see much of a solution for the money you're talking about. If they had that kind of money, I don't think they'd be needing someone else to host a place for them, but then again we're talking about people who regularly splash the cash on commissions.
>>10616 I think I misread this User x posts 5 delicious images Lurkers download those images 5 × how many lurkers there are × how may times they retry to download it if they have a bad connection × how many edits the make to repost them with their slight change.
>>10620 Unlike Robi, since they're paying, I'll operate with their wishes, not mines. I wouldn't limit their connection simply because the bandwidth limit was reached, I'll just show them the capped, and the host is demanding this extra amount this month.
Open file (97.87 KB 260x289 1403723194950.png)
Open file (226.90 KB 1500x1700 iui.jpg)
>>10485 I'm glad /retro/ can stay, but we really need a BO.
>>10566 8chan.se has a /pol/, though it's not currently active. Every site doesn't have to host every board, that's the point of the webring.
>>10626 we should say goodbye to users of /bandada/ and /nido/
>/jenny/ You are a nigger. Any other board would have been better. >no nsfw boards Now this couldnt possibly be because of the recen esther person? >no fascist board This will fail
>>10566 reddit 2.0 is exactly what /nupol/ is
>>10485 Is it possible to set up an imageboard in an anonymous way? What kind of prices are we talking about for a small community with only 1 board? I know some people have mentioned VPSs for like $2/month but it's hard to believe it would cost so little. Also, what other expenses are involved besides leasing the server? Would this be at the mercy of some disgruntled jew sending a single email and taking everything down? >I am going to be working hard to make an easy to understand guide How's this coming along and will it be publicly available or will we have to request it from you? Maybe creating a different thread about imageboard hosting separate from julay meta would be a good idea. Having one place with all the useful info and answers to common questions would be useful.
>>10632 /fascist/ already have their bunker with /liberty/ and /monarchy/
>>10632 Did you even read anything at all in the post or just saw the list and started typing your retarded post? Fascist is already on another node. We need more nodes not more boards on julay you stupid nigger.
>>10637 Robi doesnt mention that YOU stupid nigger.
>>10637 >not more boards No,we need more boards. Doing it this way will just split the userbase.
Nice dumpster fire.
>>10485 >It's been 5 days since the announcement and we already have 3 new nodes in the webring. I see this as a great improvement. Hope everyone can find (or make themselves) a home. What are they? rita.null, hoppe-sama.xyz, then what? Also neither of them is appearing on the webring page.
Open file (23.98 KB 300x370 L M A O.png)
4chan still allows lolicon, 8cuck and justfuckmyshitup.world and all the other shitty imageboards won't, think about that for a moment nothing of value will be lost when julay2.0 will be even less populated than 8kun
Open file (12.34 KB 878x692 8cuck logo.png)
>>10644 halfchan only allows to certain extent until the mods notice and then they ban you, and /trash/ is mostly full of cringe and /grotesque/. Please dont ban the porn boards guys, its bad enough what happen to 8cuck.
Open file (55.17 KB 665x444 Moot.jpg)
>>10647 4/b/ is full of lolicon, nigger, what the fuck are you talking about? face it, 4chan is LESS cucked than all the other alternatives, at the moment. holy fuck, I never thought I would see the day, enjoy your new cuckshed
>>10644 Kek all of these kosher reboots always implode
>>10635 You can't be fully anonymous unless you find a VPS provider (or something similar) that can be paid in cryptocurrency. The payment is the point of failure, not really anything else. >it's hard to believe it would cost so little. The actual price fluctuates depending on how much you use it, but I'd say the cheapest without any particular mechanism to defend your site (basically just the VPS with the software to run the imageboard, nothing else) is something along $8 (for really cheap and maybe shady providers) or $15 (for more reputable hosts with a not-too-shabby configuration.) Then there is the annual price for the domain name, but some places (like those provided by OpenNIC) are free of charge, so you can save up some money there. Domains are pretty expensive: for example with the .io TLD it requires hundreds of dollars to get a domain (not saying you have to get a .io domain, it's just an example.) >Would this be at the mercy of some disgruntled jew sending a single email and taking everything down? Yes.
>>10632 /fascist/ is already discussing completely leaving Julay soon
>>10635 VPSes can be cheap because there's multiple of them running on the same server machine. That's also why if you want a bigger imageboard you should get a dedicated server instead of a VPS, because you get way more computer resources.
>>10653 Good, fuck em
>>10656 Seething Jew
>>10648 >less cucked. >the site that filters the words soy, soyboy and cuck with BASED. >touching /b/ >EVER NO, just NO!
Open file (165.08 KB 1024x649 your new home.jpg)
>>10657 /fascist/ is a reddit board which literally has a muslim as their board tan, nothing of value will be lost when they fuck off and be even less active than they are now >>10658 4/b/ is unironcially less cucked and more active than any board in here, get rekt
>>10659 >literally has a muslim as their board tan Retard detected https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_Integralist_Action
>>10661 >it's a spic shitskin lmao, even worse based and redpilled mutts! they still love BASED AND REDPILLED islam there, so my statement isn't false, might as well be a muslim
>>10644 We all should go back to 4chan, its the only legal imageboard.
Open file (336.62 KB 750x700 Sargoy_gun3.png)
>>10644 >justfuckmyshitup.world JEWSH, good luck in Germany! You missed the memo on Ron banning loli, and the loligeddon in hirocuck. >>10665 It's null, the foxdickpedo
>>10635 Yes, there are hosts that can be paid anonymously in cryptocurrency. Here's an updated version of my list of suggested hosts and registrars: Potential hosts I know of for a (/v/-only or just a few boards) webring site, does anyone have others to suggest? I am not an expert and mainly went by hosts I saw others using or recommending as free-speech hosts, this is not exhaustive. 1. Buyvm.net, which used to host Fatchan and still hosts Julay and smug. Obvously the fact they took down Fatchan is not promising, but supposedly part of that is because they were using anycast IPs that relied on Voxility. Also the log mentions Fatchan's (almost entirely inactive) /pol/ board so a /v/-only board might not run into that problem. 2. www.trabia.com, the host in Moldova used by Exhentai. Not sure what their stance on "hate speech" is but for a /v/-only site they might be good, hopefully a loli-allowing host in Moldova isn't going to flip out because someone in a videogame thread said "nigger". Their TOS mentions they will ban you for certain illegal activities but doesn't mention any non-illegal things they will ban you for. Has their own DDOS-protection service included, though it looks like if you actually come under attack and need to announce prefixes they charge you 100€ per month, probably more than you'll be paying for the hosting itself. 3. Steadfast.net hosts Sankaku Complex, including their booru that has a loli tag and makes no attempt to hide it. They are probably the most mainstream host on the list and seem to cater to businesses. Requires you get a quote from them rather than having prices on their website. In trying to look up their policies I saw this 2014 Slashdot comment: >SomethingAwful is over at Steadfast.net, who has a rather first-amendment heavy interpretation of most laws. I know first-hand how their abuse desk works, and they'll allow practically anything that's not explicitly illegal. While obvously allowing SA is not the most glowing recommendation it might indicate they don't respond to frivolous complaints, since SA used to piss plenty of people off back in the day. Their TOS doesn't allow piracy even via hosting torrent files rather than content itself. Unclear how they would handle either /pol/ or offensive content on non-/pol/ boards. 3. nearlyfreespeech.net Included because they're a U.S. host named after free speech that supposedly takes it seriously, but it looks like their pay-as-you-go pricing scheme might be too expensive for an imageboard. 4. zensurfrei.com I don't know anyone that used them but their entire website is about how much they care about free-speech and how they don't believe in hate-speech. Might be more oriented towards /pol/ but they probably allow loli too. Their site is pretty ambiguous about exactly what sort of resources they give you for any particular price, you have to talk to them. I read a comment that you pay them by mailing an envelope of cash so it might take time to set up. 5. Flokinet talks about free speech on their website but here is someone talking about how they banned his site for offensive content: http://archive.is/dEVWA 6. 1984hosting.com Based in Iceland. Named after the novel and in the same Slashdot thread someone said "they have defended their customers freedom of speech all the way up to the highest court in Iceland numerous times", don't know how true that is nowadays. [UPDATE: I have been informed Iceland explicitly bans loli and has have-speech laws.] 7. alexhost.com Another host in Moldova, they proudly boast about ignoring DMCA (which they can do since they're not in the U.S.), but the page also mentions freedom of speech and only mentions illegal activities as banned. https://alexhost.com/page/dmca-ignored-vps--dedicated-servers/ 8. ititch.com U.S. host, their website proudly talks about how they're committed to free-speech and privacy and will keep sites up in the face of opposition. Primarily (only?) payable in bitcoin, and lets you pay anonymously. However their low-priced options all have a pretty small amount of storage space, so for an imageboard it might be too expensive. I'm not sure just how much storage space would realistically be needed. 9. lolekhosted.net Moldova host, their website proudly brags "Never Receive Abuse Complaint", "You can host anything here!", "Marketing Emails, Scanning and more allowed", and "no-log policy". Clearly they cater more to piracy, spammers, and criminals of various sorts. But presumably at the point where you put "Never Receive Abuse Complaint" on your website you're not shutting anyone down for loli or controversial politics either. Can be paid in cryptocurrency. Be careful about backups in case they suddenly get shut down by Moldova police for some of the other stuff I assume is on their servers. Supposedly they've been around for 11 years but it looks like they were in Poland instead 2 years ago (according to a comment that said they allowed anything except CP). Only offers 40GB of space unless you're paying $100 per month or more, so same potential problem as the last one. 10. Colocation. I don't know much about this but colocation services might be more permissive. I noticed Trabia offered it but there are countless others. 11. Having a server in your house and paying for some sort of business account from you ISP that gives sufficient upload and doesn't forbid servers. Shows your IP if you don't use a service like Vanwatech or Cloudflare. Hard to shut down if you aren't doing anything illegal in your country, because it's your own damn server. If you compare with the plans we're thinking about it's not like the nessesary hardware is really all that expensive, and some or all of it might be in a spare computer you already own. The business account is probably the more expensive part, depending on where you live. Registrars: 1. Eranet International at Now.top is some Chinese (formerly Hong Kong) registrar that hasn't taken down 8kun.top despite extensive efforts against them, after several other domains were taken down. That seems as resilient as it gets. 2. Smug just switched to Tucows. They banned 8chan but should be more resilient than most to a random angry email. It's looks like Tucows doesn't sell them directly but goes through various resellers, so you would go to a Tucows reseller like EasyDNS, which supposedly is resistant as well. 3. r01.ru is used by dailystormer.su. They used to be at dailystormer.name using Eranet, and that domain is still under Eranet and redirects, so they weren't taken down from there either. Russia bans loli, I don't know if that would affect the decisions of a registrar. Looks like their website is only in Russian, which might be inconvenient. Searching their name finds this wiki complaining about them providing services for fake pharmacies, and they have a list of other offenders that might be of interest: https://fraud-reports.wikia.org/wiki/R01_RU Obvously just because a registrar allows criminals doesn't mean they allow legal but controversial sites, but it might indicate a registrar that just doesn't care about complaints in general. (For example I saw the aforementioned EasyDNS praised on blackhatforums for "only suspending sites for a court order", but they're a reseller for Tucows which banned 8chan. Though as mentioned they still might be better than most for sites that don't attract 8chan levels of notoriety.) 4. On a similar note here is an article with a list of "bulletproof" registrars used for piracy sites and various illegal activity. https://web.archive.org/web/20200430160454/https://medium.com/@chris.ambler.domains/bulletproof-domain-registrars-in-the-world-c749d5e66259 However note most (all) of them are resellers rather than ICANN accredited registrars, so someone could go further up the chain to see if the company they resell from will ban you. But some of those companies they resell from are Chinese or whatever and probably don't care. 5. Some of the registrars on this list of hosts and registrars that allow warez might be okay: http://archive.is/oRznG Many of the hosts aren't, I went through the lists under "U.S.", "Moldova", and "Other Hoster with many locations" and incorporated a few good ones but the others had policies against "racial hatred" or the like. Registrars seem a bit harder to evaluate but the nice thing with them is they just need to send it out to DNS providers, there's not really technical requirements and weird foreign registrars should work just as well. Technical requirements and pricing The Fatchan board owner said he paid around $50 a month and didn't hit any limits hosting all of /v/. The Julay/meta/ sticky says this about their server: >2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1241 v3 @ 3.50GHz 8GB RAM 180GB SSD DDOS-protection, if it ends up being nessesary, is trickier and ranges widely in price, from free to significantly more expensive than hosting, and different types of DDOS protection might not be very similar. Also the owner of anon.cafe recently uploaded this which might help make it easier if someone wants to try making a Fatchan sucessor (though it's for Lynxchan instead of JSChan if you want the same software as well): InstantIB.LynxChan: An Imageboard Host Builder https://anon.cafe/meta/res/10678.html http://archive.is/JlpJY
>>10635 Also note you want to pay in Monero because the transactions with that are anonymous, if the site only accepts Bitcoin use xmr.to to automatically convert from Monero to Bitcoin for you.
>>10668 There's a good lad. You told 'em on the 8s?
>>10668 >owner of anon.cafe Rulecuck. Use dolphin's script instead.
>>10674 I posted it in the 8kun/v/ cyclical and 8chan/v/, and an earlier version was posted in the 8kun GG thread and 8chan/vg/. Obviously feel free to share it with other boards that could use it. Just keep in mind it's hard to be certain because I haven't contacted any of these companies or anything, this is based on searching what hosts other controversial sites use, what sites people recommend as free-speech, and what Terms of Service say.
>>10668 Where's your imageboard?
>>10688 >I haven't contacted any of these companies or anything, Thanks for literally wasting everyone's time.
>>10692 It's a starting point, it's better than people having no idea who to even consider or everyone centralizing on BuyVM because it's the only one they know. Contacting the company you think sounds good to confirm before actually paying them is probably a good idea, especially if the site is expected to be relatively high-profile.
Open file (366.98 KB 735x720 1248659803.png)
>>10600 s-source?
>>10663 Considering how the entirely of the 4chan staff gives negative fucks about the state of the site and how incredibly stupid is the user base, I think a hostile takeover could be possible.
>>10697 If that's true, where's your imageboard?
>>10569 so make them?
>>10575 I have a board for you. As of now it's onion only. If you have a domain we can point it to it.
>>10699 Are we going to start the 4chan Reconquista?
>>10485 For about two weeks now I've barely been able to load julay to the point where posting was basically impossible and lurking only just viable with broken images/webms all over other sites are fine now suddenly shit works again. What's up with that?
>>10668 >1984hosting that's josh wasn't it
>>10739 or maybe it's better to remain onion only
>>10743 No, Josh is 1776 Hosting. I don't know his policy on loli for customers, since he has weird restrictions on it for 9chan. His top-end slice only has 40GB of space, which might not be enough.
>/bandada/ >the BO is a woman who use the board as personal army >the victim is saving pictures of julay to start a judgement Robi, if you want to delete the board the time is now because you could avoid a legal problem.
>>10745 You’re not allowed to post pictures of child in ANY context on 9chan, let alone loli. It’s ultracucked
>>10741 This only happens if you live in Israel. Are you a Jew? >>10747 How do South American sites affect Mongolia?
>>10750 >Mongolia The site owner isn't from Mongolia, but I'm not going to dox him. Dolphin leaked it on the Гунтstream.
>>10750 >How do South American sites affect Mongolia? I'm thinking in Robie, authorities will contact him if there is a judgement.
>>10652 >The payment is the point of failure, not really anything else. What about DNS registration? I know there are services that take care of it for you so that you don't show up on whois, but I imagine those will in turn request and store your info (and charge you for it too). >Yes. Encouraging.
>>10753 Run your own Bind9 DNS servers. Buy a few sketchy Russian VPSes and set them up as slaves, e.g. ns5.mychan.net
>>10750 I'm in Europe.
Open file (1.03 MB 800x1167 this thread.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 800x1167 this thread.png)
>>10762 >>10761 the fuck, why was my shitpost posted twice?
>>10748 But that's fucking wrong you dolt.
>>10751 Site hosting has nothing to do with the residence of an administrator. >>10752 South Americans will contact Robi, because of a Mongolia site. >>10755 Good luck >>10759 Flush your DNS entries. >>10765 Let him libel, he thinks it works.
>>10775 he's not from Mongolia Dolphin said this on IRC: <DolphinKun> robi's from Italy; <rabbipires> and DON'T TELL ANYONE that i'm from italy okay
>>10776 So fatpeople/v/ is Robi now, and the Server is hosted in Italy?
>>10777 No, the server for Julay is hosted in the US.
>>10778 So again, what do South American authorities want to do with an Italian?
>/v/ was listed before /cow/ OH NO NO NO NO NO
Open file (864.66 KB 800x1500 betteh.png)
>>10511 Doesn't /agdg/ already has a board over on anon.cafe?
Open file (527.97 KB 1280x1843 happyend.jpg)
>>10776 Now him banning lo.. I mean porn makes sense. I wouldn't want to admin a site that is being attacked for something I could get thrown in jail for in my country either.
>>10644 >julay2.0 will be even less populated than 8kun I wish. Go care about muh PPH back to cuckchan
>>10485 >/mon/ is getting deleted Shit, now where will I go to shitpost about Pokemon now?
>>10862 Ask for bunker somewhere else.
I'm going to effortpost the shit out of this because I need to get it off my chest, and because I feel like I keep contradicting myself based on what I'm thinking at the time. I'm even typing this out in a word processor so I can double check that I said everything I wanted to say in a clear manner. First off, I'm sorry to let go of most of the boards in Julay. Honestly, in an ideal world, I would want all boards to have permanent housing. In an ideal world, 8chan would've never died. I will get to this later, but I'll just say that this is a necessary change because nobody knows what the future holds yet. The reasons I have with the reboot is two-fold: it's both about the sustainability (or lack thereof) of the centralized imageboard model, and also more of a personal reason (which I've already stated, but I'll repeat it here in a bit.) It personally pains me to make BOs scramble to get new housing, and I'm not happy about what's happening, even though it has brought benefits to the webring, such as new nodes popping up which I'm glad for. The problem with the internet today is that it's too easy to send a "think of the children!" e-mail to some hosting/domain provider and kill off an imageboard. The landscape is different from 2004 or 2014 and you should be aware of this already. The shutdown of 8chan killed or nearly killed many niche boards, I'm pretty sure some boards never recovered completely and some others don't even exist anymore. The main problem of 8chan was that Jim wanted to keep everyone in a single place, because he was only interested in the ads and the "newsplus" (news news news news news) and the Goldwater. And anons were happy with the situation, because even after the Saint Tarrant shooting nothing happened to 8chan, and anon took it as a sign to trust 8chan even more and centralize harder. So when 8chan died, it simply left a void too great. Julay was originally created for a single board, /cow/, because there was simply no alternative for it at the time and /cow/ anons needed a place to regroup. After seeing that other anons had been dealing with the shutdown in a much worse state, I announced that people are free to make bunker boards in Smuglo.li's meta threads, and so people did. The site quickly grew to over 30 boards, and steadily got bigger and bigger. I think my biggest mistake with Julay was not cutting it off at 30 boards and then telling people to make their own imageboards instead, and that was largely due to me shrugging and saying OK whenever an admin asked "should this board be created?" I truly consider this my greatest failure, and I should've forced people early on so something like this wouldn't have happened, but alas. I started growing distant from the site over the course of February and March as more and more admins went away due to different reasons (which I can't disclose, because they're great people whose trust I can't betray) and I got burnt out with the sheer amount of boards that I had to deal with. I realized that at that point, Julay had become a chore rather than something I really cared about. Also, with the start of the recent attacks by Eshter, I realized that if I didn't act, a situation similar to 8chan's shutdown would happen. I'm glad that anons trusted Julay enough to use it as their primary board, but it's time for people to use the webring for its true purpose. I understand if this comes off as an excuse for me to throw out people simply because I'm not interested in them, and that's not fully incorrect: while I'd love for a big imageboard to happen, the current climate of the internet does not permit it anymore, at least not at my paygrade. 8chan was backed since 2016 by Jim Watkins who had thousands of dollars to throw at a project with no profit in sight. I earn barely enough to keep myself and my family alive, and Julay has been kept alive mostly by donations, which I appreciate. Because my foundation is this unstable, if someone comes for Julay, I cannot guarantee that I can keep it up. I do not want the 8chan fiasco to happen again. I've heard complaints about me only selecting boards because they're SFW or because they're "safe". That's not the case; you can post whatever you want in the boards. It's the porn dump boards that I wanted to get rid of. I don't like mindless porn dump boards. I'm sorry for the people who used them and posted in them, but it's just something I'm not interested in. There are way too many places on the internet where you can find porn, both 2D and 3D, and having yet another on Julay is completely pointless to me. With /pol/, it's simply that nobody is using it. Look at /pol/ on Julay right now: even before the diaper shitposts, it didn't pass 250 posts in 2 weeks' time. If there was so much interest in a /pol/, I'd have expected way more discussion and posts. I don't understand the people complaining about "dead" boards. I'm not running Julay because I want to stroke my e-dick to a thousand posts per hour. 1000 posts containing nothing but "go back to reddit/cuckchan" are completely worthless to me and I'd pick 5 posts per hour with actual discussion over it. I ran Julay because I enjoyed running it. I want to enjoy running Julay again. I can't enjoy Julay without caring about it. I think the reboot is necessary because of this. I'm sorry that I can't become your next Moot, but I don't want to be the next Moot. I understand why people treat me differently compared to other webring admins: I've acted as the Moot or Hotwheels of the webring for far too long and people trusted me too much, so this feels like a betrayal to them. I'm sorry that I didn't keep your board. Call me a faggot if you want, but I won't change my mind. I'm sorry for announcing boards too late and causing a panic for all boards. I should've announced what boards to keep with the very first post. To be honest, in the beginning I really was going to close Julay for good, wash my hands and go away forever because I want to go back to being an anon. But I've come to realize that some boards have no viable alternative. Once Final Solution is complete and those boards can find a place in the imageboard mesh, I'm probably going to disappear for good and "Robi" will die, which is something I'm looking forward to. I hope that this post is satisfactory. If you have any other questions, I'm happy to answer them. I know it's long as fuck but I've wanted to clearly and accurately explain where I'm coming from and my autism prevents me from condensing it further.
For what it's worth, man, I appreciate that you had the scrote to take on /delicious/ after Jimchan kerploded. Lotta people would have told "those evil pedos" to pound sand. I get that you're basically doing that now, and I understand why, and I can't blame you even if I disagree. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. World's about to get crazy. Well, crazier. I hope the management of an imageboard is the most stressful thing you have to worry about in the coming years.
Open file (4.29 MB 720x1280 gahoole tiktok ogre.mp4)
>>10485 >/jenny/ >>10868 I AIN'T READING ALL THAT SHIT FAG-GHET
>>10868 tl;dr also fuck j*nny and 3D
>>10868 >I earn barely enough to keep myself and my family alive, and Julay has been kept alive mostly by donations, which I appreciate. Because my foundation is this unstable, if someone comes for Julay, I cannot guarantee that I can keep it up. I do not want the 8chan fiasco to happen again. mfw >Once Final Solution is complete and those boards can find a place in the imageboard mesh, I'm probably going to disappear for good and "Robi" will die, which is something I'm looking forward to. Literally what happened to Overchan/SRNd Haskell dev.
>>10873 tl;dw:
Open file (61.92 KB 1003x878 4Xnde1G.jpg)
>>10868 >Once Final Solution is complete and those boards can find a place in the imageboard mesh, I'm probably going to disappear for good and "Robi" will die, which is something I'm looking forward to. >I'm probably going to disappear for good >"Robi" will die NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
>>10868 For what it's worth: I get wanting to keep a good balance between helping the larger group and not wanting to deal with all the bullshit and I don't begrudge you for it.I've done the same In fact, I think getting a good set of resources together for setting up an ib as well as a good decentralized system in FS should be everyones focus, not a given instance.
>>10877 I'll still be around as anon, but I don't plan on namefagging after I abandon the Robi namefag.
Open file (56.81 KB 400x400 Robi_tears.jpg)
>>10880 well thats a relief but all my robi oc will become worthless
>>10868 >I'm probably going to disappear for good and "Robi" will die Then who will run the reboot? If you're not around who will run julay2.0? You make it sound like you're going to help a few boards setup but leave after that. What will happen to the big boards then? Will they just die off?
>>10883 Read that part again, please.
>>10648 Moot was quite literally the first person to ban loli. It might have been semi unbanned after he left sure but he quite literally did it first, look up Anon Talk, newfags I fucking swear.
Open file (40.62 KB 640x480 logh72.jpg)
>>10868 You did good.
>>10507 write a step-by-step guide for setting up a imageboard. start from buying a domaein and VPS.
>>10890 You are wiseman. Newfags don't realize that 4chan/8chan/Julay.world/etc. are ILLEGAL clones of Anon Talk. >It might have been semi unbanned after he left sure but he quite literally did it first, look up Anon Talk, newfags I fucking swear. Daily reminder, if you don't start using proper grammar and punctuation, you will get shitlisted and your password scrambled. >>10897 no U and your're mom.
>>10901 >The discussion of paedophilia is actively encouraged and any form of anti-pedo shit is considered trolling and thus you get a ban. Sounds based as fuck. Too bad it was before my time.
>>10890 >>10901 also, a second instance of M00t's faggotry is the time when he deleted the textboards (T*nyChan) from 4chan. >>10905 lmao, you don't have any idea what you have missed. <https://bulletins.iwantabro.com/1
>>10909 About the way I figured it went down, tbh. Kinda kills my sympathy for people bitching about the loss of this place, considering this is the bed they made. Sucks that somebody with a few CP images can obliterate any site they choose but, hey, these are the laws most of you guys supported. I hope the sheets are clean, at least.
>>10604 Pretty much this /nido/ was created as a retard vesion of /bandada/, easily the worst board out thete.
>>10543 Heh, even cafe/r9k/ had a backup board setup. What exactly happened to fatchan anyways?
>>10917 >What exactly happened to fatchan anyways? You can go there right now and read what happened
Remember that 8ch exodus board? Maybe that could be repurposed for emergency broadcasts or /bunker/, incase anything happens. It was originally used to help find various 8ch bunkers anyways
>>10918 Last i checked it was kill, I'll check again.
>>10909 Its always interesting to learn tidbits about history. Makes me feel like when people look back at today, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting
>>10921 We are in a September 2014 or January 2015 situation, depending of what happens next this month. Big time to be around.
>>10920 Make sure you use fatchan.org not fatpeople.lol, the SSL for the latter ran out. Which you can get around, but why bother.
>>10923 Ah, i was encountering the ssl issue, thanks. I don't know how this will end, but as long as i can find streloks and navy generals and robots (and maybe hgg) on the webring I'll be ok.
>>10923 fatchan.org is dead too
>>10926 It's dead, but it should display the farewell message still? I never said it's alive.
Ff>>10928 Its all gone. Too late to see it then, maybe its archived
Open file (269.18 KB 975x1143 ClipboardImage.png)
What happened to /v/? 8/v/ has us beaten with 2.5 more the post. I am hopping it is just mindless meta posting at least, but it seems like there are a few active threads actually.
>>10942 >8/v/ you mean cunt vee?
Open file (181.84 KB 1440x1291 me euth.jpg)
am i the only one who feels like this is the death of imageboards as we know them? there's no one to pass the mantle to anymore that isn't going to just become a massive fucking cuck instantly. everyone's gonna have their own little hole with 3 posts per day where they'll wait for the inevitable takedown by the communist regime that will take over the country after the next trump period. it feels like we're being put on auspice to wait for death.
>>10945 So shitpost on the stretes. t. notafed
>>10945 Most boards have always been "little hole with 3 posts per day". Whether it's on the same website with a bunch of popular boards or alone in it's own website doesn't change that.
>>10942 The traffic spike shortly after post loli ban was mindless meta posting. I don't see why it wouldn't be different now, or ever. 8chan/kun is too politically charged to not be at least 51% meta/political posting for the rest of its life, regardless of its PPH.
>>10951 I don't see why it would*
Open file (436.36 KB 740x1576 lew wad.png)
>>10485 >No /2hu/ Expect to hear from the (((tengu))), goy.
>>10963 He got coofed on.
>>10868 ROBI Could you please also compile a bunch of general tips and pointers from what you've learned? Something that may seem obvious to you but could help those that are technologically illiterate. Anything would do, as long as you phrase it like you're talking to a window-licking tard. Massive thank you for what you've done, I appreciate it. Its for the best.
>>10862 Maybe /toy/? At least for discussion about shit like toys, statues and cards. No idea if (but it probably isn't allowed) videogames are allowed there too.
>>10974 >Something that may seem obvious to you but could help those that are technologically illiterate. /throd.
>>10963 2hu is on smug though
Open file (713.84 KB 1096x1600 yukari_boobs.png)
>>10963 Blame Zun for making Reimu too fast in UFO. Robi was not amused.
>>10868 Robi, you're doing the right thing by trimming the board down. For the webring to fufill its purpose, it needs to be spread out. Many anons don't seem to be willing to make that investment and create their own imageboards. Perhaps a lot of this panic is caused by the fear of anons losing their home again, cause it seemed like julay was becoming the dominant website in the webring, with so many boards. Its good you admit your mistakes as a website owner, and while it seems biased to many to only keep the boards you seem to be interested in, maybe you have a better reason for keeping them than I can imagine. (personal attachment, fractured community) I don't think you deserve to be compared to Jim. You really care about this site, and thats what makes this hard. Overall, I believe you are doing the right thing, you gave the website three months of notice so that anons can make their websites and coordinate and migrate. We can only hope that julay doesnt get taken down. Best of luck to all the anons moving, and I wish the best for any future webring imagrboards and julay.
Open file (45.40 KB 1115x306 ClipboardImage.png)
This might sound weird. But i believe Analockman(tripfag) is behind all of these sites getting shut down. He made this post 1 month ago. And he stopped using imageboards altogether. Well he stopped tripfagging atleast. Coincidence?
>>10995 No,im certain. Analockman did this.
I have a lot of material in my Board, too much to find a way to upload it in a new site, is there no way the mine can still exist?
Could you post a more clear form of contact for those who wants to save their boards?, because the form you posted is not clear at all.
Why is everyone mad at Robi. There are too many boards with an unsubstantial amount of posts.
4chads, where we at? We should be going back there instead of staying on this sinking ship. Sure, 90% of the userbase are sub-100 IQ normalfags who can't think of anything original, but who cares about post quality when the PPH is in the triple digits? Plus, you can't post or even browse the site with TOR or a VPN, at least without giving lowtax gookmoot $20, which helps with spammers, and it's not like 4chan glows harder than sun, so protection is unnecessary. 4chan is the way to go because it allows loli on one board.
>>10997 I'm pretty sure there is a way to perform migrations automatically Anon. So, we can assume you are moving from Lynxchan IB, what's the type of IB software being used where you'll be going, any idea?
>>10785 Who knows but now I might remember if this place goes tits up
>>11000 this, but unironically
>>11025 dolphincuck honeypot do not click
>>10995 Nah, I'm still seeing this faggot on 9chan
>>11000 lol I'm permabanned from cuckchan and I don't feel like spoofing my MAC address anymore just for the chance to cast pearls before swine Enjoy your neutered chanboard, homo
>>11036 >permabanned anywhere >not using 7 proxies at any given moment go back you absolute normalfag
>keeping fucking /jenny/ Why? Are you a simp like them or what?
>>11038 robi literally simps for diaperfags, are you surprised?
>>10896 >Implying he's not doing that right now
>>10630 /nido/ was just a shitty metaboard to cry over /bandada/ moderation. barely had users. its a waste of space.
Thank you for keeping /strek/. It is very much appreciated.
>>10485 This is wrong and you should feel bad.
>>10871 is not so much about pedophilia, is more about posting cartoons, imageboards should e Anime-only. That's the way they were meant to e used.
>>11058 Burn in hell alongside the rest of the newfaggots of 8gag now residing in these burnt-out remnants. And nice English, fucking foreigner.
>>11059 what if he's japanese? Shouldnt you bow down to his heritage since imageboard is the creation of his peeple?
https://forums.digitalpoint.com/threads/any-place-to-host-illegal-content.984515/ Im mentally retarded, but how do those child porn sites stay afloat despite hosting only illegal content?
>>11062 There are no child porn sites that stay up on the clearnet. They are only accessible as TOR sites with .onion URLs, which hides where the server is physically located.
>>11062 Same reason the jewtube algorithm funnels people with softcore child porn while any political content is immediately banned and censored. When people come across CP they think "oh fuck that's weird hope the feds don't show up at my door". When people come across political forums they lurk, engage, and are often radicalized. It's a lot more likely people will share and engage with political content, and it's a lot more likely that people who are butthurt about that political content will report it. At least that's the charitable explanation for why child exploitation goes by under the radar. The uncharitable explanation is that the kikes legitimately want to see child sexualization normalized and are unashamedly actively choosing to push it onto people. >>11064 Depends on what you mean by child porn I suppose. Jewtube and social media is plastered with softcore child porn.
>>11064 If it hides the server then why dont we just turn julay accessible only by .onion link only? If we are required to run our own server, is it enough to run ads and donation to keep the site running?
>>11066 Because forcing everyone to use Tor, even though it just requires downloading Tor browser, creates a barrier to entry that in the short run harms activity and in the long run prevents new blood from discovering the site so that it stagnates and dies. Part of the point of the webring is to increase discoverability, after all. Also using Tor slows performance somewhat. RIght now things aren't so bad that such a step is necessary, since there are still hosts and registrars that will work with Julay and other imageboards.
>>11067 > increase discoverability How many people honestly want that?
>>11067 >require tor Tor should be mandatory for browsing imageboard. I find it tolerable browsing imageboard on tor except for webm. >prevent new blood Everyone here came to Julay because someone else once shilled it to him. I got shilled to smuglo.li, afterward I discovered julay and all the other sites in the webring. If new users refuse to bookmark an onion link then he doesnt seem like a good user to begin with >right now things aren't so bad Sure, but eventually it will get bad enough and we will have to go through same hassle once again just like today to combat the normalniggers. Why dont we just go a little extra step to have more resilient platform and completely normalfag free since we all know how much they hate tor and the hassle they have to deal with?
>>11075 >Everyone here came to Julay because someone else once shilled it to him. Not that I generally disagree with you, but I unironically discovered it on purpose, so to speak. A month or so after the 8ch false-flag I set out to find a new home for my board. Being a homebody, I didn't know a thing about julay or any of the other boards on the webring. After a couple of days exploration I found the boards that accepted requests, Julay accepted me & worked with TOR and the rest is history.
>>10485 What is your exact reason for purging /fit/?
What will happen to /delicious/? I don’t want to have another 8chan situation....
>>10868 >coomers go away B A S E D
>>10485 Robbay, how about renaming /v/ to something else after the reboot, it attracts too many normalfags and is in danger of becoming the designated /v/
Open file (226.61 KB 1084x581 cow no anime zone.png)
Open file (9.09 KB 1176x68 cow no lolicon.png)
Open file (588.20 KB 1912x1063 cow whines about loli01.png)
Open file (254.35 KB 1879x803 cow loli is pedo.png)
>>11094 It's gonna be gone. Robi is a /cow/ goon, and they liken it to actual CP, like the normalfag scourge that they are
>>11104 I should note that the first post in the fifth pic seems to be some sort of female mutt called "Verti", who can't even take her of her cats, and her whole house smells like catshit. When they finally come for you and your lolis, and tell you what you are and aren't allowed to jerk it to, just remember that the ones who made it happen were underage, discord using normalfags, thots who can't even take care of their cats, let alone themselves, and orbiters who do the bidding of both, like robi
tEST 124
>>11104 What makes this site different from 4chan or 8kun, aside from having a superiority complex?
Reminder that board creation is enabled @ 10chan.net for the boards that aren't allowed here
And check my digits too.
Open file (228.24 KB 800x600 check em.png)
>>11109 hit the problem right on the head. same kind of redditors who browse the 2 mentioned sites post here hopefully, the reboot will kill it outright, with the niche boards having set up shop somewhere else, and taking a good portion of the userbase with them. look at how dead 8goon is, and that site has "brand recognition" going with it, legacy of 8chan and what not, this site has jack shit, other than the rotted away corpse of /cow/ nobody gives a shit about and it's own brand of discord tranny drama nobody wants anything to do with >>11111 Nice Job
Open file (3.38 MB 310x310 you glow.gif)
>>11110 >>11111 Nice quints though.
>>11104 >it's the seething lolifag nothing of value will be lost with you fags gone lol
>>11115 Aside from activity outside of your e-celeb circlejerk? All of these recent events are the worst thing to happen to the webring, and I doubt it's going to get any better.
>>11115 you're going to be even more irrelevant than 8kun, might as well rename julay to ibs.sports, at this point >all of this petty anger I thought /cow/ was supposed to be made for laughing at crying lolcows, not being one, but I guess they don't tell that to the newfags at your circlejerk, who have become the very thing the actual users of /cow/ used to laugh at
Open file (174.29 KB 1931x1855 76.jpg)
>>11116 >>11118 >waah waah how dare you not allow me dump loli porn Seeth harder faggot, you're out of julay lol
>>11101 Not a bad idea. >>>/Megan/, to keep the tradition alive.
renaming the problem boards seems pretty 100% to me, specially since the autist demanding for a pol when there's TWO there is back being autistic again
What are the odds, smug apparently got hit with another takedown notice while (((/cow/))) was sperging over 2D pictures being real children.
>>11132 be quiet and sperg out about 2d porn or board drama, goyim
Here's the email exchange I had with Namecheap, FWIW. Hello, We are writing from the Namecheap Legal and Abuse team. It has come to our attention that there is child pornography content at the following URLs: hxxps:// julay [.] world/delicious/ hxxps:// julay [.] world/ [.] media/771254d9281efa1013f4b6ea078ee1ea-imagejpeg [.] jpg hxxps:// julay [.] world/ [.] media/400596477d0541cc84d80398729cf17c-imagegif [.] gif hxxps:// julay [.] world/ [.] media/329aa98d911276ea52bd4398be1b8b4a-imagejpeg [.] jpg hxxps:// julay [.] world/ [.] media/0de86ae1b1b1b47117f7b2e6ffc99015-imagejpeg [.] jpg Typically, we try to avoid interruption of our customers' services. Given the gravity of this illicit content, we require that you remove the reported content within the next 24 hours in order to prevent any service interruption for the julay [.] world domain. If you feel you received this notification in error, please contact us at legalandabuse@namecheap.com with more information as to why. If this is the case, we do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you, and we are looking forward to your response. ----------------------- (I started a domain transfer to another service after that email, but Namecheap held the domain for 5 days before transfer and only gave me 24 hours. I talked with them over live chat about this. This is their response.) Hello, Thank you for your reply. Per our check, the following webpages promote, encourages or engages in child pornography which is prohibited by paragraph 7. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of Namecheap Universal Terms of Service Agreement available at https://www.namecheap.com/legal/universal/universal-tos.aspx : hxxps:// julay [.] world/delicious/ hxxps:// julay [.] world/ [.] media/771254d9281efa1013f4b6ea078ee1ea-imagejpeg [.] jpg hxxps:// julay [.] world/ [.] media/400596477d0541cc84d80398729cf17c-imagegif [.] gif hxxps:// julay [.] world/ [.] media/329aa98d911276ea52bd4398be1b8b4a-imagejpeg [.] jpg hxxps:// julay [.] world/ [.] media/0de86ae1b1b1b47117f7b2e6ffc99015-imagejpeg [.] jpg Additionally, regarding your request in chat [redacted], unfortunately, it is not possible to provide you with such timeframe. Let us underline, once the content is removed and no longer accessible, the case will be considered closed and you will be able to proceed with the transfer without a possibility of any service interruption. Your understanding is highly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you within the previously provided timeframe. ----------------------- (At this point, I implemented the "cucked by namecheap" page.) Hello, I believe I've removed the content in the links that you have specified, be sure to check for yourself. Hope that resolves the issue. Have a great day! Best Regards, Robi Pires Oh, BTW. Was the original report sent by someone named "Eshter M. Aronowitz"? That individual has been going around reporting similar sites fradulently. Sad to see that he actually made an impact. ----------------------- Hello, Thank you for looking into the issue. The case is considered to be closed for now. If any further report is received, the corresponding notice will be sent to your Namecheap account email.
>>11138 that's funny.
>>11138 Did they give you a ticket number?
(((Namecheap))) cucked out again, this time on Smug. https://smuglo.li/support/res/800.html#q1535
>>10531 I'm guessing you never hosting your own fucking board either, fag. I did. After HateChan went down, I was hosting 08 on ZN with fucking pedo spam and glowniggers (redundant) and insane boomers all over it. Faggots who baselessly complain about those who contribute to the anon cause never have--guaranteed.
>>11157 >I was hosting 08 on ZN Hi Cole, ready to turn your cakechan users to the CIA niggers yet? I don't know what's more impressive, the fact that there are retards so dumb they'd rather post on a site owned by a literal glowie and a jew than one where "the community is mean :(" or the fact said glowie and jew are in positions of power despite being two mouthbreathing sub 90 IQ morons.
Robi can we get some sort of clarification on this shit going on in >>11104 ? It is causing all sorts of shit to occur across the webring and the lack of communication outside of /cow/ calling random people various lolcows is making things worse.
>>11138 location / [.] media/771254d9281efa1013f4b6ea078ee1ea-imagejpeg [.] jpg { return 403; } no need to thank me
>>10978 >>10963 No it isn't, /2hu/ has no bunker currently. The retarded new BO just thinks he can merge it with his board on PLW because it hosts sokuniggers. /2hu/ is still mostly populated from the same people that were also there in pre-shutdown 8chan.
>>11166 Here is your clarification: everyone I don't like is from gamergate, everything I don't like is gamergate, everyone that needs to be discredited is mark, and basically, fuck you, I'm a giant cuck that will ape 8kun's "family friendly" imageboard with a le oldfag posterbase that "grew out of" /pol/ and lolicon, and won't allow neither on my new board, and if you don't like it, you're mark Regards: Robi PS: Did I mention I hate gamergate? Nobody brought it up, but I would just like to mention, I hate Mark and gamergate with a passion
>>11206 Shut up, Mark.
>>11207 This is your 4th IP this thread, Mark. Muses in IRC confirmed it. Sloppy job! Whoops, new IP!
What Pewter forgot to mention was that he cropped a (((You))) in his fan fiction of events at >>11206 https://archive.vn/https://fatpeople.lol/v/thread/1819.html#11200 Unless there's a new >>>11200 in town.
Open file (116.03 KB 429x332 1440803748683.jpg)
>because of my retarded bait taking and overreaction, I have been labeled (((pewter))) th-thanks Robi.
>>11227 What the fuck are you doing anon, you aren't supposed to reveal your bait like that. We're all here not revealing our baits and enjoying this shitshow.
Open file (300.44 KB 1830x705 fixed.png)
>>11227 Are you the one who wrote this wall of diarrhea? btw, how do you like this?
>>11231 That one isn't me thankfully, I don't type that horribly.
Open file (23.25 KB 474x296 OIP (3).jpeg)
While revealing our combined individual baits, who wrote this libelous work of fiction? >>11106 Who's id:7a3969
>>11233 It doesn't matter if it's a shitpost or not, a7 is right. This IB won't be remembered for anything in particular, except for it's drama, like many other mundane and un-spectecular events and groups have gone down in history. The only ones getting upset about that image are the guilty parties involved, and I hope he's continuing to update it fuck with these retards in that thread it's pretty funny
>>11233 geese said it was mark and considering lots of new ids coming around praising it (like the post above) I'm inclined to agree.
>>11283 I will praise chris's festering "vagina" if it makes you spergs twitch. if you actually, unironically believe, that poster, or anyone in there, is actually mark himself, then you're mentally ill. Nothing like a schizo lolcow to make a thread interesting, not like /cow/ itself would know anything about it anymore, tho >knowing your e-fweends on first name bases lmao, pathetic
Open file (340.32 KB 1452x2038 giggles.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fYzG5VuRnk You should have listened to this before making an imageboard, Robi. I'm pleased to see these halfmeasures. You constantly threw undeserving people under the bus for your own personal gain. Even then, you got what you wanted, and it scared you. Do things right or don't do them at all. The wheel always turns.
>>11286 Shut up, Mark.
>>11284 it's not what I believe, but the timing is something I can't feel something off on. see when last this happened like this it was around the time certain people were trying to gather other people for 8kunt' /v/ after those certain people had made a fool of themselves on the webring by deleting a site which had certain boards on it. and now what with julay nice little panicked drama it's the best time to stir the pot. if it is if it's not I don't care, the fact is this whole thing is artificial and reeks to me. people blaming mark and people unironically defending him doesn't really have a place on that /v/ meta and it's over lapping other more important discussions and is just what do you do but to shit post back let them think they're winning by spouting their boogeymans back maybe they'll give alittle hint into their actual nature. who knows.
>>11288 >and it's over lapping other more important discussions Like what?
>>11306 I'm pretty certain I saw two posts asking why their thread was locked or something, can't see them now so I guess not then.
FAKE NEWS This is your friendly local reporting tengu back with more bald-faced lies and slander. The Julay empire is crumbling as the userbase reels from the idiotic decision Robi made to delete most of the boards on the site and relaunch it in 3 months. This follows rumors that Robi might actually be Esther M. Aronowitz, the operative behind shutting all pedo boards down. It wouldn't be the first time an admin masqueraded as a bad actor to change his site covertly to avoid establishing a precedent. This tengu approached Rabbi Pires' den of debauchery on IRC demanding answers. What I got in response may shock you: Radio silence from the head janny. Only a couple of Weasels came to his defense with no coherent arguments except a >wew Clearly, this silence speaks volumes about the current speculation. Something unusual happened today on prolikewoah, the premier up-and-comer imageboard known for it's easy nature and lax moderation. If you're not aware, it has recently opened up a new video games board titled /geimu/ that promises to be better than any /v/ that Mark has touched. A bold claim, but it seemed to be living up to it for its first day. Unfortunately the fledgeling board had an abrupt dip in quality after the janny decided to delete all meta discussion and redirect it to another board for seemingly no reason. Now drama and crossposter shitflinging has renewed in full for the first time since Mark's exile. In this humble reporter's opinion the board never would've undergone this violent shift had it just been given to someone who can handle the bants, like the owner of /japan/. What's interesting is that Smug Tranny influence can be felt now more than ever, with their agents advocating for stricter rules and automods throughout the threads. Give an inch and they'll take a mile. If they weren't such rulecucks their tactics would almost be respectable by tengu standards. I just hope that things calm down soon and go back to the easy ways of old. If anyone has a HOT LOAD TIP they want to share with their friendly local reporting agency, this tengu is MORE THAN WILLING to perform sexual favors in exchange for information. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Hatate-crushing, femdom, gokkun, CBT, enema treatments, and anal sex. Find me on fetlife for more details. This has been your friendly local reporting tengu, signing off.
Why the fuck hasn't anyone actually made a Tor-only Imageboard? 99% of these problems could have been avoided if normalfags hadn't been able to easily infest this place. Getting more users is a retarded reason as anyone who can't be bothered to install Tor and bookmark an address isn't the kind of person who should be posting here.
I can't differentiate between dream and reality, no matter how ridiculous it is. Sometimes I would just collapse and scream non stop until the gods allow me to escape from my nightmare. Like today, for example, I dreamt that my mother died and no matter how much voodoo shit happening, I just could not wake up and I simply cannot realize that i was in a dream. I kept crying and screaming for my mother. It feels like an eternity. Then I woke up and I dont know if I made any noise IRL, though I don't think anyone ever complains that I talk while sleeping. But then I felt too tired and slept again, and the same dream fucking followed me again. This time its me and my brother discussing why mother died and he, from nowhere picked up a plant that looks like a cock and eat it in front of my face, telling me that this thing is the cause of her death. >>11321 I said it again and again but no one cares. It's all the same shit. >muh pph >muh new blood >muh slow When 90% of the posts have id you know the kind of people that use this shit site. >Why the fuck hasn't anyone actually made a Tor-only Imageboard? There's antareschan. By having word filters preventing people from posting + accessible only from tor with bearable speed but not too fast, you can eliminate the majority of retards already. Shills really don't like it when their mind numbling spamming section is heavily reduced from all these obstable lying around. The average, honest anon would just post 4 to 5 times a day and lurking imageboard on tor is not that horrible.
>>11322 look like I contain another post though, have fun reading it.
>>11322 >>11323 >antareschan Is it actually active and do you have a link for it, not evil can't seem to find it.
>>11324 >Is it actually active and do you have a link for it, It's pretty dead, but here's the link: http://antares.oss:15000/boards.js
>>11322 >that first paragraph what in the hell
>>10507 Some of us aren't used to doing literally everything from the terminal like we're still in the 80s, and putting up with the jargon in the errors. You'll find more widespread adoption of linux the day it prioritizes the GUI over the terminal, until then people will just keep using windows.
>>11321 bvll. neocities.org/test/
>>11343 That's dead anon.
>>11321 >>11322 >>11324 >>11327 antareschan isn't Tor only and it's on the webring. Also this is the tor link: l2sv2h6eoxdu6y6s.onion
>>11201 this
Open file (1.41 MB 242x270 1584035057675.gif)
>Robi puts too much food on his plate and can't finish it >instead of being reasonable everyone gets pissed at him >lolicons are mad that their popular and widespread choice of wank material which is available on multiple imageboards is not allowed here lol
>>11341 >Some of us aren't used to doing literally everything from the terminal like we're still in the 80s Yeah no shit, neither am I. That's not an excuse.
A goddamn fucking shame that Robi's chosen the retard's path. I hope Corona-chan infects him and makes his life a literal fucking hell.
It’s kind of a shame that /loomis/ is gonna be removed. It was fairly active on here...
>>11364 I made an offer, to every >>>/d/eviant. They have yet to say: “Aye, I'll work 5$ a month at the least to pay for hosting” I have zero problems hosting y'all, but you have to fess up what it costs to host.
Open file (738.53 KB 1600x900 Dorothy vs Ozma.png)
Let's settle this shit like MEN!
>>11364 There's /art/ on tvch.
>>10485 >>8102 oy admin is there a way to archive julay world will there be a downloadable zip containing a sitedump like libre land if you wanna pull the plug thats fine as long as we keep the stuff historically also whats this canary bird thingy on the footer (newfag)
>>11182 I went more sophisticated and redirected it to a "CUCKED BY NAMECHEAP" page, but yeah pretty much the same thing.
>>11368 5$ per person minimum seems a tad steep, considering what's known about imageboard hosting requirements.
>>11410 Tell me more.
>>11419 https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/3175.html#3858 PLW costs 720 bucks a year to run (aka 60$/month) And that is with the admin streaming from the same server. I remember Robi and the smug admin talk about their server costs too, but don't remember where, but none of them paid more than 60 a month, IIRC. 30-60$ a month is what you're looking at.
>>11457 Ah, you meant too cheap. I'm going by dividends, 300-60$ is a good dedi, 5$ is literally a lowend VPS. But no takers mean not even doing home service. So far twiddling my dumbs.
>>11321 <Why the fuck hasn't anyone actually made a Tor-only Imageboard Nanochan there are two of them
>>11462 >dividends Other people have tried and failed to make imageboards profitable, anon. They've all failed and shat up their sites in the process.
Open file (80.74 KB 1280x720 CpdHq3BXEAEFJL1.jpg)
>>11493 Dividends as in: you have to pay this much if you want to continue keeping it. Is English your second language?
Open file (46.69 KB 732x395 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11494 But that's not what it means you dumb nigger, is English your second language? Hell, if anyone's an ESL-nigger it'd be the faggot who doesn't know what the word "steep" means.
You haven't seen the last of me.
>>11496 >>I'm going by [individual shares of [server costs] distributed], 300-60$ is a good dedi, 5$ is literally a lowend VPS. >>But no takers mean not even doing home service. >>So far twiddling my [thumbs]. You know, words have negative and positive connotations right? But since I still see no hands, I guess I'm going back to twiddling.
Open file (234.98 KB 1920x1280 wyatt-dabbs-letoii.jpg)
>>10989 >>10868 >tfw we Golden Path now Based Robi god emperor of image boards, showing us the way to future proofing eternity.
>>11716 Oh man I love Star Wars! xD
>>11719 >Star Wars Pfft, newfag. That's plainly the dude that that grew up into the giant starship-eating space worm from Star Trek, moran. Sheesh, kids these days.
so umm when will we archive the whole site
pls don't kill /fit/
Open file (5.40 KB 222x227 dabbing groy.jpg)
Julay Shuts Itself Down For Two Hours To Show Its Immense Power over /v/irgins.
I warned ya'.
>>11706 Tor allows you to anonymously and safely run servers from home without port forwarding. You can just get a good VPS from wishosting. It's real and safe. I use them for my private chans.
rip /v/
Open file (20.67 KB 474x266 OIP (4).jpeg)
>>11792 What happened to deepdotweb faggot?
>>11792 >It's real and safe. I'm sure it is, FBI.
>everything is falling apart across the webring because of fucking nuclear autistic /v/igger meltdowns >except for on tvch because ghoul told /v/ to fuck off Man I never thought I'd see the day when gahoole was the least retarded hotpocket.
>>11799 It wasn't even a meltdown, literally 3 coomers shat on the board, all he needed was to delete like 3 threads. Instead he gave up, what a faggot. That's what, 3rd BO that gave up.
Open file (110.33 KB 1024x1024 Congrats.jpg)
>To tranny mod on a power play. Your diploma from ClownU arrived. Congratulations, you qualify as an entire circus now with the amount of drama you're bringing.
>>10661 >>10662 How can anyone hate /fascist/ b-tan?
>letting /v/ get spammed to death with child porn Good fucking show, robi.
>>11877 Where?
>>11880 /v/ meta
>>11810 >twitter meme >>11877 lolicon isn't child porn. get fucked
>>11880 Kill yourself, pedo.
>>11896 lol angry feminist is angry
>>11894 As if I give a shit about loli on a fucking imageboard, faggot. I mean actual child porn being left up because kimee is letting all this fucking spam through that he didn't notice. He's holding the board hostage for some IRC drama and because he's a massive attention whore.
>>11898 as far as i can see, he's deleting CP. if anyone is leaving it up, it's the global vols raising their hands in the air and saying "not the site's problem" during a fucking cp raid
>>11901 Kimeemaru is the only person right now deleting anything from /v/ whatsoever. If it wasn't for him, there'd be CP all over the place. No thanks from that Hanging Flesh faggot.
>>11898 Hanging_Flesh is literaly telling the other jannies not to delete CP just because he has some autistic grudge towards Kimeemaru. So Kime is right now stuck at his computer having to track down every bit of CP posted while the spammers are randomly posting it in threads and forcing Kimeemaru to track it all down.
>>11919 Isn't that like the one thing these hotpocket niggers should be deleting if they want the site to stay up?
>>11921 They expect one of us in the wreckage brother.
>>11919 HangingFaggot has claimed plausible deniability and that he and his fellow simply weren't touching the non-CP child models that were being posted, as if that makes things much better. Though it seems from the logs only Kimemaru is deleting CP spam.
Open file (162.70 KB 1264x394 Untitled.png)
>>11925 How did this absolute faggot get a global position?
Open file (58.29 KB 702x573 hexchat_qHXeZpuawT.png)
>>11926 Word on the grapevine is he's friends with Robi.
>>11928 He is. Robi told me he used to play TF2 with HangingFlesh on a Russian server because HangingFlesh is from Russia.
>>11927 Nice to see the drunk excuse he threw out for being a faggot in the /v/ meta was a straight out lie.
>>11929 russian bots rigging the exodus confirmed
>>11925 >I don't like you as BO so I'll risk the entire site being shutdown by leaving up literal CP just to spite you This is some next level autism.
>>11932 And that after nuking half the board and banning a fuckton of people for loli because "it could get the site taken down" Despite Robi explicitly allowing it.
>>11933 So does this support the theory that anti-loli /cow/ spergs are secretly just straight up pedophiles projecting?
>>11484 there are more than two but no one uses them
>>11935 To spam CP, you need to have CP on your computer. There is really no way around it.
>>11484 there are more than two but no one uses them
>>11935 I've been telling Anons here about this for months. The jews are all about raping, torturing and cannibalizing children. The moloch worship stuff, Podesta Pizza emails, it's all unironically true. They do money laundering and CP swapping on EVE Online, as well as discord. There's a massive web of these freaks. Goons, trannies, jews, glowniggers, they all intersect and almost every road leads back to the jews, israel, mossad, Rothschilds, Sacklers, pharmajews. The children are doped up on drugs, the organs and blood, stem cells get farmed out and are used for the jews longevity serums. There are good anons on the other side. Why do you think trannies tried to attack the NSA TWICE? Loli fucks with the jewish monopoly on CP and child harm, so they hate it. The cuteness also causes aggression because of their underdeveloped amygdalas. If the jews lose control of their CP and child snuff blackmail, they lose control of the world. They're losing their grip on media control, the public is waking up to that, and assassination is becoming harder for them every day.
>>11940 Take your meds.
Open file (19.99 KB 200x200 custom.spoiler.jfif)
>>11938 What if it's someone else computer? Like, you know, the people's computer?
>>11940 >(1)
>>11943 >jfif Why did you betray julayworld NyanRalph?
Open file (313.61 KB 430x764 markthompsonnyt.png)
>>11941 Take your life kike
>>11948 Nobody doubts that these faggot CEOs all fuck kids while touting their morality, but you were talking about life extension serums and shit you dumb nigger.
>>11949 The life extension serums is where you drew the line huh? Not worshipping moloch while trading CP on EVE online?
>>11950 I wouldn't be surprised if EVEniggers traded CP
>>11949 Not me. But ok you go ahead draw the line newfag who hasn't even heard adrenochrome, stem cell(fetal tissue) drinks or the hot "new" kike trend which is young blood transfusion. Meanwhile the same jews want us to live like dogs and eat literal insects. The dead super kike rothschild sr had about 6 heart transplants to keep his demonkike blood pumping just to do more damage to the society unfortunate to tolerate the jew instead of just putting the satanic demon out of its misery, for a few more years. God knows what else, we don't know because that's secret kike talmud magic that relates to consuming blood and unborn baby killing. >>11950 Funny how he has to "draw the line" for some reason.
Open file (147.39 KB 500x350 checkmate.png)
>>11952 Keep spouting off more retarded shit to taint the water glownigger
>>11953 lol faggot
Open file (501.62 KB 520x376 rumia_is_that_so.PNG)
>>10507 I think hosting a imageboard is a big responsibility no matter how small the board is and it must be scary to get into that specially if you're not tech literate. >site goes down >no fucking idea why. >has to look for someone to help fix it. >DDOS attack. >no fucking idea how to stop it. >has to ask around for a solution. If I were them, I would wait for the "imageboard for dummies" guide robi is making before attempting anything.
lmao you think your spouting at underaged pedos is gunna effect deep state pedos, you realize that's what they want right. no child for thee but all for me
http://archive.fo/wrKhW funny how (((Joshchan))) is gloating and bragging about shitting up the place really makes me think
>>11959 So what now, exactly? We keep living on spqrchan?
>can't access without using the tor meme browser what the fug
>>11963 Just use tor with a different browser noob.
>>11962 That domain is with a bad registrar so he needs to either transfer it to a resilient one or register a new domain with one. He's already seen it, but for anyone setting up a new webring site there are some suggestions for registrars here: >>10668
Julay is kill
Open file (50.23 KB 501x464 oo.jpg)
>>11973 julay is fine
>>11963 >t.glow
>>11972 Ah, thanks for the heads up.
Open file (6.37 MB 480x270 1582524772010-1.gif)
/v/ BTFO
>>11940 >Loli fucks with the jewish monopoly on CP and child harm, so they hate it. kek, loli is the gateway they use to get people hooked to CP
Open file (146.76 KB 850x692 pedomophiles.jpg)
Hello there I have just made a new /v/ over at Balkanchan. You guys can stay there for the time being. https://balkanchan.ga/v/
>>12036 Isn't that same website Rodent & Sergio use to talk about lynxchan development?
>>12077 >no https://balkanchan.ga/lynx/res/1.html Yeah, I'm not gonna trust a liar.
>>12080 >there's at least one actual 3DPD CP site in that list >they just openly link to it Wew lad.
Open file (2.67 MB 2568x1440 962049.png)
Ok, we will not have a /bandada/ board. Someone knows where are they taking refuge?
>>12117 Sorry, i'm answering myself. -> https://bandada.club/ ESTE ES EL BUNKER
Open file (93.62 KB 1280x720 rafita.jpg)
Open file (52.22 KB 200x206 b8.png)
Open file (148.44 KB 1045x590 Mark.png)
Wait so Julay and Smug are part of a CP ring according to Mark and that is why he tried to take Julay down? https://8chan.moe/v/res/6382.html#6902 http://archive.is/LvCyT
>>10566 >>10569 It's for the better that /pol/ has it's own stand alone site, I see no benefit sharing with /v/ or any of the hobby boards. I don't want gayergate to post offtopic threads on /pol/ like they did in 2014
>>12145 That's not Mark, that's Acidnigger.
>>12147 Speaking of acidnigger I was searching for julayworld mentions the other day on twitter and came across this article someone wrote about a week ago, with acidcuck as the main source for the current IB going ons. https://archive.is/IEGfO >The current iteration of Julay.World will be shutting down on July 27th, 2020. When the rebooted version does come back, it won’t be the free speech platform that refugees from 8chan/8kun thought it would be. No freespeech on Julay!
Open file (109.53 KB 1042x326 acid2.png)
Open file (15.69 KB 1135x301 acidman.png)
Open file (405.66 KB 736x404 acidmanfbi.png)
Open file (900.46 KB 1770x1006 acidmansubmissive.png)
Open file (91.94 KB 965x662 acidemail2.png)
>>12145 acid man unironically thinks triangles have taken over julay here's some lulz from back around the time when he compiled dox on his imaginary enemies and sent a "dossier" to the FBI with a sob story about how he was being trolled by triangles and they needed to save him and a couple hilarious posts from ages past
Open file (41.53 KB 594x172 Acid DM on Dossiers.jpg)
Open file (53.04 KB 963x339 acidemail.png)
more acid man
>>10661 >>10662 Fascists are basically turbo civnats. National Socialism is the only one that gives a shit about race. Also a true natsoc board wouldn't have cuckime as their avatar.
>>12151 OAG is a Mark's friend in Jew York, he also made a piece about Mark defending anon's honor against evil ol' Codemonkey and Jimbo.
>>12165 wow Gamergate 3.0 its about ethics in image board drama when?
>>12152 >6'6" >270lbs >supposed former powerlifter >interests: forced feminization and crossdressing I feel like I've heard this one before
>>12165 I was about to ask why this article reads like a low key advertisement for Markchan. Also, the equation >no loli = no IB culture Made me suspicious.
>>12152 Was acid SWATed or did he just catch wind of an attempt to get him SWATed?
Open file (51.83 KB 462x997 EXuCBA7UEAE9JGK.jpg)
>>12179 this
>>12179 lol get fucked /v/ermin you're a collective lolcow and you will be julayed until your udders are dry
>>12179 fug man
/v/ got high on hehpills and is sleeping the weekend off. Play with yourself until then. Over and out.
>>12179 >wanting to use a /v/ where jannies like HangingForeskin do it for free 30% >where pph was at 10-15 peak hours and almost all posts were in the meta thread Just use another /v/ you dumb faggot
Open file (66.96 KB 500x324 gamegenie.jpg)
>>12185 other /v/s fucking suck and are run on sites controlled by giant flaming faggots like cakejew and the acid man fbi I wish for a /v/ without namefag attention seekers
>>12185 >implying any of that mattered No one cares about the drama aside from the raiders. We’re not /cow/fags.
Also, bring back /v/ in read only mode so we can collect salvage from it please.
>>12188 >not a single video game in sight lmao
>>12186 >other /v/s fucking suck and are run on sites controlled by giant flaming faggots like cakejew and the acid man fbi And they are still better than the absolute unmitigated faggotry of the weasel.
Open file (359.79 KB 1881x727 ClipboardImage.png)
Big heh.
Daily reminder that there is an alternative /v/ from balkanchan where I, value freedom. You can shitpost however you want, as long as it's not trannies and faggots trying to dc or attentionwhore. All for the lulz. Yes you can post loli, because i unindex the board from publicity. https://balkanchan.ga/v/
Open file (433.58 KB 469x498 smugmack.png)
>>11116 >/v/ gets nuked >twice >boards start leaving julay en masse, activity slows down I told you so.
>>12230 anyone with half a brain will see that. only major league cuckolds who willd double down in defending hanging flesh and the rest of these gay faggots(read: mostly /cow/) will stay here. funny how julay was hailed as the salvation of imageboards not too long ago, now, it's just another half-dead drama filled sperg depository
>>12186 Just use /geimu/.
I want /v/ without animespergs
>>12261 I heard the miserable cunts over on tvch have been contemplating making an anti-anime, anti-loli, anti-porn, anti-fun vidya board, maybe that will suite your tastes.
>>12266 so, a board filled with normalfags wants to create a safespace for normalfags? sounds like this place
>>12175 The fed employee he sells guns to told him about their reports of their SWATting and was confused, iirc. When pressed for information, he told them who were behind it.
>>12273 Nah. No FBI friend here. He called up his local station, and they let 'em know that some idiot was attempting to swat him. He got triggered to the point where he blamed everyone he disliked, filed a dossier with what he knew about them, and sent it to the FBI.
>>12266 Representative of tvch here, that's bullshit. Nobody wants /v/ on tvch. Keep your autism here. Oh wait, you can't, your board's deleted lol
>>12154 >(((hello fellow white people))) >>12181 >>12168 >>12261 >>12276 t. butthurt leftard.
>>12276 You have two threads over there right now that unironically discussed the creation of a video games board. Since I posted >>12266 , gayhole announced that he's decided against creating it for now, with the sole reason being that nobody on /tv/ could come up with a good enough name for it.
>>12279 >You have You faggots coming over and spamming your bullshit doesn't equal us wanting you around.
>>12279 >with the sole reason being that nobody on /tv/ could come up with a good enough name for it What's wrong with /nofun/?
>>12270 That's just tvch as a whole: Normalfags pretending they aren't.
>>12276 >>12279 78fffdup BTFO
Open file (16.17 KB 235x262 disgust.jpg)
>>12289 imagine watching tv
>>12294 I liked Gargoyles.
>>12279 >You have Just because one of you wayward retards waltzed over and created a thread doesn't suddenly mean /tv/ wants you around, you got denied hard when mark was first kicked off of kun/v/, and I thank god for that every day.
>>12266 so you can't have fun without lolishit and porn?
>>12345 so you can't have fun without saying niggers and homophobia?
>>12355 the only nigger here is (You)
>>12355 This tbqh fam.
Open file (39.30 KB 570x526 Double_nigger.jpg)
>>12345 >>12355 >lolis and porn >saying niggers and homophobia Sounds like the quintessential imageboard experience, that's all I ever wanted.
Open file (79.45 KB 1024x576 lo 003.jpg)
>>12355 So you can't handle the eternal beauty of lolis?
>[19:44] == SunnasRise was kicked from #julayworld by rabbipires [start a blog] >[19:47] == #julayworld Cannot join channel (+b) So, you want people to exploit lynxchan for the coming months? That's your master plan, let Esther win by planting child pornography into your server because of a glaring bug in Sergio's shit code? Also, if you knew koisheep was a pedo, why did you even let him run the board? You're actually making the pedoring theory stick.
Open file (27.87 KB 1874x186 julay pedophile mod.png)
>>12397 Pretty sure there is plenty of child pornography on that server with or without esther, going by what some of the moderators here are saying >>12392 >implying the normalniggers who host this site would know that
>>12397 you were banned from irc for posting food porn
>>12399 And what's wrong with >>>/ck/? JEVVS uses it all the time, and he doesn't get banned.
>>12421 I'm not going to unban you ▽
>>12433 Ok, I got my penultimate answer. Have fun cleaning the database. I'll just watch from the background.
Open file (90.16 KB 800x1000 1583234673128-pol.jpg)
>>12397 >glaring bug in Sergio's shit code? What's this about?
ROBI O B I Your webring.json file still reports itself as julay.world so all webring links are broken.
>>12446 Something he, Sergio, and Rodent know and have been exploiting for years now. I addressed my concerns about it last month, "but he conveniently forgot". He banned me yesterday, after I kept reminding him to patch it. >>12447 I don't think he cares about lynxchan code, or his webring anymore. Ask him in IRC in a few hours.
>>12448 Tell me about the bug. I'll prevent it in BelugaChan.
>>12450 Isn't that crap code Luke Delf is trying to surface?
>>12452 Luke, why are you linking me your repository, like, who are you trying to convince?
Open file (36.48 KB 1226x283 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12454 You to use it. It's really good. I've also been working on a fake honeypot web-shell.
Open file (1.99 MB 5024x2824 Dead dolphin.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>12456 post more anoncafe owner
Open file (210.53 KB 1421x800 Dead dolphin 2.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>12457 >anoncafe owner try again
>>12458 More, idiot.
Open file (45.52 KB 484x374 Dead dolphin 5.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>12459 >More, idiot. you want more dead dolphins and dolphinbat? ok
>>12461 Dump 10+
>>12456 The only way you're going to stop a malware developer is to successfully dox him and kill himself yourself. You're wasting your time meming what he essentially choreographed. >>12461 Stop, the both of you.
Open file (15.82 KB 771x104 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12463 Really, now?
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>12462 >>12463 i like posting dolphinbat
>>12464 >SaaS paid
Open file (6.58 KB 300x180 Dead dolphin 3.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>12468 /dolphin
Open file (2.27 KB 42x28 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>12469 >/dolphin HOW EMBARRASSING
>>12471 t. GentleГунт
>>12464 I like you used hexchat as your client, it shows your def. friends with koisheep, slandering HangingFlesh. Soon to be® BelugaChan SaaS, own your own Beluga®, for a dox.
>>12473 >Who is Klab? <Klab> i installed hexchat because it's the first thing i saw <Klab> LOL
Open file (125.17 KB 1024x538 Dead dolphin 4.jpg)
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>12472 >t. GentleГунт try again
>>12475 Sick of /v/tards? Oh, wait, I deleted the before-koi backup hahaha
Open file (261.21 KB 889x573 dolphin_bat.png)
>>12476 >caring about v-turds
>>12477 >out of dolphin photos pathetic
>>12474 You have a log for this? attach it as .txt renamed .pdf. >>12476 Proof? Btw, I figured out the loleorn, Mark, & Luke plan: Do a Hiroyuki, copy 2ch posts into his bot scraper, hoping people catch on.
Open file (43.71 KB 474x474 OIP (8).jpeg)
>>12481 Thanks, just the few exchanges in 5-1 make me regurgitate
>>10485 shall SMC be kill ?
>>12481 >failed to load what's on it?
>>12505 open with txt editor
>>12505 It is 2 weeks of Klab's now outed as dolphin's alt account IRC log, it seems >>12478 Here you go, dolphag
>>12510 Devil's advocate: As klab and dolphag are friendly in irc and seem to be working together on belugachan, it's conceivable klab gave dolphag his log.
Open file (589.82 KB 1280x720 dolphins.mp4)
>>12530 I have no clue why they even resist. This site is filled with normalfaggots, and it disgusts me, tengu fag was right to try and burn it to the ground
>>12530 Spamming reminder that you will never get rid of THICC aras.
>>12530 Oh look the /cow/ faggot spammer is back.
>>12538 hanging_flesh, stop. those pictures are disgusting, your taste is pure shit, and you are not an epic oldfag. it's time to let it go, and go back to 4chan
>>12541 Ok Koisheep, you can go back to masturbating to your pedo doujins now.
>>12542 who are you quoting, (1) per this ID?
>>12512 Yep. He demo-tested BelugaChan
>>12545 Hmm... trip didn't work.
Hey robi, have you purged /v/ yet? I really want to save that bio write-up in the music thread about that composer. It's the one thing I'd really like to salvage.
>>12560 >>>/mu/297 I figured someone would want that, so I asked someone to move it there for safekeeping. t. /mu/ BO
>>12561 Are we getting slices of the backups, or is robi restoring a form of /v/? There's a few threads I want to import.
>>12564 He's busy with stuff, but I'll let him know that there are people interested in importing some threads.
>>12565 K. When's he ready to apologise, >>12433 I'm good too. I hope he's amended relationships with HangingFlesh.
>>12561 I fucking love you, anon.
Open file (4.99 MB 1280x720 janny.webm)
Open file (355.59 KB 800x450 Tears_of_joy.jpg)
>>12582 This is beautiful, you really need your own >>>/cow/ thread.
Open file (2.12 MB 1536x864 janny.webm)
>>12582 >>12583 Improved version
>>12582 >>12586 Sing, you bitch! SING!
http://waifuwyuu7fqlf2haidb3izomxyhxme2mk4kdlibdiwgmzelt2iorxyd.onion/ This imageboard is dedicated to sharing pictures of AUTHENTIC underage girls and everything is dandy and happy. Reminder that if Julay went full tor, there would be zero problem in the first place. It is evident that the moderators of Julay loath fictional pictures of little boys and girls so they refuse the onion route to have an excuse of gathering more control of the website. Robi might just be an honest dude, but his friends are not. Having friends is always bad, because we peasants are always a step lower in hierarchy compared to his inner tranny circle. Nepotism always triumphs because no one likes hurting friends' feefee, but anons, we are literal nobodies to him.
>>12600 >Nepotism always triumphs >Being this delusional.
>>12618 You don't understand what I mean. I'm not supporting nepotism, I'm just saying if you let your friends in on the game, eventually the friends will exploit you and "force" you to bend to their demands. Robi is an idiot for not controlling this entire show by himself and now it blows over. There will be no fixing this, the poison has seeped in too deep. But keep believing that Robi cares more about you than his friends, cuck.
>>12600 this is illegal in the usa
>>12600 why am I not surprised that julay is full of pedophiles? tengu did a service exposing you sick fucks
Open file (144.44 KB 627x1022 fumufumufumumumumumuu.png)
Open file (16.44 KB 203x266 OIP (8)~2.jpeg)
>>12673 Do your part today!
Open file (196.77 KB 1867x724 julay broken.png)
Open file (140.40 KB 1866x319 julay broken01.png)
>>12675 thoughts, pedophile?
>>12683 Seems like seething from shitposters @pedochan. You're going to report them today too?
Open file (33.50 KB 489x467 guntshock.jpg)
>>12686 Wait, so loleron runs pedochan? I don't think I can co-sign that.
>>12689 I'm unaware where those snapshots are from boss, if its those 8chan domain, that belongs to Cole. If it's prolikewoah, then that belongs to loleron. Just link the post the caps are from and nobody gets hurt.
>8chan goes down >at the same time as someone mass reporting other websites >it's all documented I think I know who you are, m8. Don't worry, I will be speaking with appropriate people about this as well
>>12600 You do know that even linking to that site is a federal offense cause it counts as the act of making child porn available, right?
Is the hosting guide out yet?
Open file (682.36 KB 800x8300 hosting.png)
>>12723 That one?
>>10485 Lolis are still here. You can't stop what people like.
Open file (371.67 KB 800x8300 1590135239.png)
>>12725 Silly anon, pedophiles are not people.
>>12727 so, julay's irc staff aren't prople? because posting lolicon doesn't make you a pedophile
>>12729 Liking it does tho.
so, the old good-cop/bad-cop shtick again ehh? seems like you 'people' would come with a new approach by now tbh, it's all so tiresome.
>Days left: 73 why is this broken
>>12749 Why are you broken?
Did anyone tried to contact whoever did the webring to change the old julay domain to the new julay domain? The webring still has the old julay domain.
>>12784 That would be Robi, Looks like he didn't update the config url that's published in the json; or I suppose it could use the requested domain host by the client to make it resilient to such changes.
Open file (460.47 KB 257x200 jon_dancing_1.gif)
yfw julay.world back in business Nice work.
Open file (244.66 KB 557x605 7ef.png)
>>12819 holy shit, wtf, that's great!
a polite request for /hypno/ to stay but not to let the BO decide what content is appropriate as long as the content is on topic instead of banning things on topic based on personal taste.
>>12851 >Eiritana Is this some kind of joke? Either way, don't you own an entire site already? https://hypnohub.net/
i dont want to read all the thread where is /delicious/ going to move to?
>>12855 Goto >>>/delicious/ to find out?
>>12855 >>12856 speaking of which, we really need to get it active once more
>>12869 and btw, don't forget to use the Tor accespoint. i think that's the reason the board has not been active. the acces link is posted on the top as "JulayWorld fallback document - SAVE LOCALLY" click that. see you on the other side
>>12855 This is all I know about the loli and shota boards. /delicious/ moved to 8chan. There's an unofficial one on 9chan that is dead as fuck. The BO of /loli/ disappeared and two boards with the same name were made on 8chan and 9chan. Both of them are dead, but the 9chan one has spam on top of it. /sm/ moved to 9chan, but the board is dead. There's a more active one on 8chan. The BO of /trapshota/ has boards on both 9chan and 8chan, but only the 9chan one is active. Bonus: 8chan has a /tot/ board for toddlercon, while 9chan has /lolishota/, which is more active than the other loli board on the site.
>>12872 Thanks i, love you.
>Time: 05/12/2020 (Tue) 11:08:55 >User Malasadafag deleted board /mon/. https://spqrchan.xyz/.global/logs/mon/2020-05-12.html Damn, I had a joke to share.
Open file (154.71 KB 1600x900 WTF.png)
Can anyone else post on hoppe-sama.xyz? It's not working for me. The "Posting... (100%)" is shown, but my post has never goes through even if I wait. I can't even post on the meta thread to complain!
>>12900 The posts on the meta thread were complaining about that. The admin just fucked off and never fixed it so it's basically dead.
>>12900 Why people give up so fast with their imageboards?
Open file (102.46 KB 420x248 Mad Marisa.png)
>>12906 >The admin just fucked off and never fixed it Did something happen to him? It's so weird. Does anyone who is reading this know how to contact the guy? >>12909 Did you mean to put a "do" between "Why" and "people"?
>>12900 >hoppe-sama.xyz I can't even access it right now. Maybe the admin just took it out to pasture; and shot it.
>>12915 >I LOVE THESE POLITICAL BOARDS t. /pol/ was a joke guys you shouldn't hate the kikes
Open file (918.92 KB 500x281 baste_piggu.gif)
>>12932 truly the smuggest of smug animu grils tbh.
>>12933 I'm laughing even harder, Mark, a kike, gets to gloat he owns the fascists, and the libertarians get to cope for supporting a literal fascist.
>>12912 >Does anyone who is reading this know how to contact the guy? Yes, and he didn't reply to any complaints directly from the BOs themselves.
WTF happened to /doomer/?!
Can anyone else connect to sportschan?
>>12932 >>12915 >>12935 Kek /fascist/ nuked it’s 8chan.moe location following continued controversy surrounding the location. Mark BTFO
>>12949 Well that's good news. At least they had sense enough to leave that honeypot shithole. This also explains the samefagging good_cop/bad_cop d&c shitposting that is obviously the cakefat over on Anonchan over the past 24hrs or so.
Open file (26.79 KB 455x314 e95~2.jpg)
>>12949 >continued controversy surrounding the location. >>12950 >over on Anonchan over the past 24hrs or so. Gib jewcy deetz plz
Is TOR detection broken? Tyring to access cake bakery, says I need TOR, swapped 342675635734 nodes but still says so...
>>12856 Okay and how do i access it now? I opened it with Tor and it still says "Tor-Only" so what do i need to do?
>>12954 >>12955 Get fucked pedokike.
>>12944 I deleted it while drunk. PPH was nonexistent here. Other supposedly non-cucked sites would rather host much edgier content than a board for depressed nihilists. Dunno why. I was considering "rebranding" the board to something else to get away from the faggy le doomer meme, and just have a discussion board for comfy dark meta shit where we could hang and talk (isn't that what all of us wanted anyway?). I'm still working on getting a dedicated IB up for something, but I'm clearly a retarded faggot so it might not happen. Look for /abyss/ or algol.club. It will be up at some point somewhere. Or not. fml >t. BO
>>12957 >I deleted it while drunk Bummer >PPH was nonexistent here Sad but true >Look for /abyss/ or algol.club Can you link to them? I don't see them on the webring >I'm still working on getting a dedicated IB up for something Cool, I hope it would work out
For any migrants: I wrote a small, lightweight imageboard engine in Rust here https://github.com/sethierophant/longboard. It's easy to install/maintain and can be run on a hidden network like Tor or i2p using a reverse proxy.
Anyone know where /delicious/ went if anywhere? It cant seriously still be here after being forced to use tor and having an admin that got promoted to that position right after sperging out over lolis right?
Where did everyone go? Its so empty.
>>12963 Anywhere but here as per the owners request and his friends retarded actions that made everyone hate him but just lead to him being given more power.
>>12962 They're apparently happy with the slightly less cucked version of 8chan that is 8moe. Or at least don't have any other option as everyone else has shown themselves to be utterly incompetent and/or unwilling to do the job.
>>12965 >shown themselves to be utterly incompetent and/or unwilling to do the job. What in the fuck do you expect lolipedos have the mental capacity to achieve? They won't even afford 5$/month to host a SPoF low-end VPS.
Robi please keep /nido/ up, we dont have a home
How do I force text to go under images in CSS?
>>12966 They had the mental capacity to make 8moe and simply not sperg out at the slightest hint of controversy so now everyone seems to have moved there. Maybe theres more to it than them liking something you don't like.
>>12969 >to make 8moe So, you're saying Mark was behind >>>/delicious/ & >>>/loli/ all along? 'Cause iirc, Cole Lamberson went out of his way to contact another tech guy to get lynxchan up and running, and he owns lainchan. >simply not sperg out at the slightest hint of controversy so now God, your newfaggotry sure smells. Lolipedos 'ONLY sperged out here, thrice. It's why you see the Autismboard icon on the top. >Maybe theres more to it than them liking something you don't like. Like maybe 2k$+/month?
>>12970 I'm saying mark is a "lolipedo" too that only cared about how much 8chan was getting cucked when they took his lolis away and was perfectly happy playing along up until then. Your opinion that hangingflesh dindu nuffin is self evidently an unpopular one seeing as only people who believe that are still coming here where as everyone else left when he was promoted. If any kind of activity returned after the sperging stopped that would be one thing but this place is a fucking ghost town now. But you can believe whatever the hell you want while you go on endlessly about ecelebs with the last dozen core members of this fucked site that don't give a shit what happens as long as they can continue to gossip like school girls.
>>12971 >I'm saying mark is a "lolipedo" too that only cared about how much 8chan was getting cucked when they took his lolis away and was perfectly happy playing along up until then. Mark, “8chan” had been dead for years because you let your bias influence how you moderate a board. James Arthur Watkins won 8chan from Fredrick dirty (bedchan.mp4), and so did Fredrick let it die. Move on. Nobody cares you masturbate to fictional visual depictions of children. I just don't think pedophiles are capable of forethought. >Your opinion that hangingflesh dindu nuffin This is what projection looks like. >he was promoted Just go back an kiss Cole Lamberson's and Lain's feet already, gay.
>>12972 How can you accuse me of being mark after my total denouncement of his character and that I'm projecting my defense of hangingflesh onto you when I said the people who think he dindu nuffin have a shit opinion and that it was his spergery and then promotion that caused everyone to leave? Your post makes absolutely no sense, I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.
Hey Rabi, looks like you deleted /abdl/ by mistake I hope you can fix that soon
>>12983 Good, that abomination should have been deleted much sooner.
>>12983 >deleting (((/abdl/))) >a mistake it is do not
How do you join the webring?
>>12987 you don't :^)
>>12987 You don't just join the webring, you become one with the webring.
>>12988 >>12989 Very funny. Now tell me
>>12990 invite-only. are you a tourist or something?
>>12992 Thanks what an absolute trash algol.club doesn't seem to work... >whizchan is now the most decent doomer-like board FUCK
>>12995 Turns out 9chan have a /doomer/ board - https://9chan.tw/doomer/ 9chan does feel more like good ol' 8chan than 8chan.moe

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