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Open file (527.67 KB 632x1158 ClipboardImage.png)
Hunt Down the Janny Robi Board owner 05/15/2020 (Fri) 17:53:24 ID: 1932c1 No.12231
The recent events have proved that currently moderation powers at Julay are strained. I'm looking for janitors to handle any cleaning of internet excrement. How to apply State the following: >How available are you during the day? >General timezone (don't need to specify down to UTC+X, just state which area of the world you're in) >Julay account name How many jannies will be appointed? I'm thinking of 2-3 right now, one for each area of the world (burger, eurocuck, spider), and more if the need arises. What can global jannies do? They can delete individual posts on any board. They can also see IP hashes (not real IPs). Note that global jannies don't have access to bans or mass deletions. What do I do when jannying? Clean up illegal shit. If you see CP and it's not from Tor (it has an IP hash), unlink the file and notify me via IRC or by globally reporting as I have to report those IPs to NCMEC. Use capcode as sparingly as possible (no capcode-fagging would be the best). If you see something going on, notify me instead. Compensation By applying, you agree that you will not be financially compensated by Julay.world for your janitor duties. This means that you will work without salary (for free). You will earn $0 (0 USD) during your unpaid work for Julay.world for free. But hey, it's like being a nurse and looking at patients' naughty parts.
>>12231 >How available are you during the day? Generally ~0100 - 0600, UT-5 >General timezone (don't need to specify down to UTC+X, just state which area of the world you're in) UT-5 >Julay account name Chobitsu As before I may need to take an abrupt break in the future again, but for the moment I'm happy to hotpocket. I was present during my time-frames of the big CP dump attack that recently occurred and could definitely have helped reign it in instead of leaving a single man standing to face the onslaught. :/ BTW, I need a detailed, step-by-step babby-tier explanation on how to IRC anonymously. I haven't understood a single usable approach that's been given to me thus far, heh. Pretend I'm a potato-based tourist. TIA.
qwerty I'm french, pretty much on the internet from afternoon to midnight everyday
Open file (36.72 KB 480x360 1589570986117.jpg)
>he does it for free
>>12255 Still better than doing it for 30%
>>12237 >Chobitsu Would you look at that, the same libelous >>>/robowaifu/ BO that left for anoncafe wants to become a gvol all the sudden. >IRC anonymously. Rizon has a wiki faggot. >>12252 >21:39 France time So, 14—0200 UTC is what you're saying you can cover?
Open file (170.09 KB 540x751 lo 015.png)
>>12231 As long as lolis aren't called CP by retards and actual pedophiles.
>>12274 Nice cp you got there pedo.
>>12274 >I jerk off to drawings of children but I'm not a pedo Lmao cope
>>12274 >people have no problem calling drawn bestiality bestiality >people have no problem calling drawn rape rape >people have no problem calling drawn torture torture >lolicon is named after arguably the most prominent book dealing with pedophilia >Japan, where the term was popularized, uses lolicon to describe pedophiles. >"M-muh anything but-cp!" Fuck you and your self deluded pedo mind.
might as well add this
Open file (1.03 MB 2144x3000 7f21383b5.jpg)
>>12278 >>12280 >>12284 >think that drawings are the same as people That is why you always lose, leftards. You are born retards. And your blue haired old hags can't compete with the perfection of lolis.
>Being this much of a newfag in addition to being this much in denial Lolis are perfect, but self-hating 2D cucks can't have them.
>>12300 Dubs of truth.
>>12297 But this drawing imitates a person. Anon you are being delusional, the only reason why you sperg out so much is that you're scared of being labeled name. Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to fuck little girls, I just don't proclaim it because I don't want to get lynched by the irrational mob. Teenage boys want to fuck teenage girls and it is socially accepted that teenage boys fuck teenage girls, so why is it that adult men are supposed to suddenly stop wanting to fuck teenage girls? The idea of beauty has always been about innocence. Just a few generations ago it was common sense to marry a girl around 15. No matter how much you deny it, it is a drawing trying to convey the idea of an underage female. Whenever you play violent video games, there is always a desire to commit murder. Movie producers know this too, that's why action movies are so popular. But it doesn't mean that you or the majority of people will certainly be influenced to commit the act in real life. There is always something holding you back. First you have the fear of losing social status, you wouldn't want you or your family humiliated by other people. Secondly, the fear of being thrown to jail or possibly face death penalty. Julay doesn't want cp not because they are scared of being shut down, Rabi and his tranny gangs just doesn't want free speech and make up an excuse to throw you out. If Julay went full tor, people would have had the ability to post whatever loli they have without fear of getting the boot. I'm almost entirely sure that rabi has a statch of loli and real cp folder to com >implying leftists aren't pedos All of them are anon, all trannies want to fuck children. The only difference is that they fantasize about raping and torturing the child, not headpat and bring up a healthy family. The irrationality of the normalniggers(can be said to a lot of "people" here as well) is how how horrible it is if an old man fucks a little girl, but it's heaven bless if an ara ara strokes your cock and pour honey into your ears.
>>12304 Forgot to say this, but look has a lot to do with it as well. You would be disgusted if an ugly old fat pig raping de loli, but rather less disturbed if de rapist was a 6'5 buff chad. No one likes ugly people, the same way you wouldn't want a land beast to rape you. In conclusion, it's all about how attractive the rapist is that influence how much normalniggers scream "OMG RAEPE".
>>12272 I'm a neet, at least for a few more months. I'm on the computer pretty much all day so I always check julay every hour in between.
Open file (423.19 KB 400x503 go fuck yourself.gif)
>>12231 Fuck you Robi. Cassy deserved better.
>>12272 Luke can you stop using the word libel? It's fucking annoying. Didn't I tell you to stop acting like a complete fucking retard over at the /k/ thread? Just fucking stop no one likes you Luke Delf, kill yourself.
Open file (147.97 KB 177x306 Azuma.png)
>>12300 >>12301 >Checking your own dubs Kill youself, pedoni/gg/er. >>12307 What the fuck are you talking about, ni/gg/er?
>>12311 Dubs of asshurt.
>>12306 >NEET No wonder you haven't bought a wife! >>12309 Finish faggot, all warfare is deception. If people continue to lie about their motives, you're asking to delete the site completely. >>12311 it's bad jim, really bad: https://thebarchive.com/_/search/text/Agent%20Johnson/ https://arch.b4k.co/v/search/text/Agent%20Johnson/ https://www.desuarchive.org/a/search/username/Agent%20Johnson/ There's a literal cuckchan/a/ pedophile group, and nobody is stopping them.
>>12319 You mixed me with Chobitsu AGAIN, you stupid fucking imbecile. AAHAHAH how can someone be so stupid?
>>12319 No wonder no one likes Rabi and his retarded gang, Jesus fucking Christ if you are going to play the blame game, AT LEAST MAKE IT CONVINCING., YOU RETARDED FUCKING NORMALNIGGER NIGGER TRANNY SHIT.
>>12319 I haven't been on cuckchan once since 2014, and never posted on /a/ even back then. But I like how the archive search is shitloads of posts where the word 'agent' and name 'Johnson' aren't even referencing one 'Agent Johnson' and when they do it's mostly being used as a stereotypical glownigger name and not referring to me in particular. Which makes sense because I adopted this trip in response to being referred to in that manner posting todcon on 8channel. It's like the whole Q thing, generic callsigns with common words are great at reinforcing schizo delusions. I am basically forcing you to create an egregore of me with your shitpost PTSD and random garbage reminiscent of my totally generic identity, and it's got you so fucking ruse cruised you're 1. Attributing shit I'm not even aware of to me and 2. Going to take this as further reinforcement and fuck yourself harder. I'm a fucking god.
>>12327 Btw come to tengureich so I can post smug insta girls at you while I gloat. Jewlay is way dead.
>>12297 cringe
>>12284 >people have no problem calling drawn bestiality bestiality >people have no problem calling drawn rape rape >people have no problem calling drawn torture torture >>>>>>implying A picture of a dog isn't a dog. A story about a chick getting raped isn't rape. A picture of a dismembered arm isn't a dismembered arm. They're all just fucking pictures, drawings even.
>>12331 But what compels someone to draw something sexualizing a thing but an attraction to that thing or attributes of that thing? Unless commissioned or something. And what compels someone to then masturbate to the drawing of that thing but similar attractions? Denial is pathetic and no one but other lolicons in denial are going to buy it, not antis and not pedos. Cope.
333 get
>>12333 wasted trips
>>12332 If drawings offend you then you could always go back. No one is stopping you.
>>12335 I'm the one that spammed totcon until Robi chimped, newfag. Drawings don't offend me.
>>12336 Clearly they do or you wouldn't be seething as you are right now.
>>12331 They are pictures depicting grotesque things that (you) degenerates get off to, if a picture of a prepubescent child being molested gets (you) hard than (you) are a pedophile and (you) need to kill yourself or get v& already. CORY R BARNHILL IS A PEDOPHILE AND SO ARE YOU FAGGOT
>>12337 Project your 2D only rage some more, self-loathing cuck.
>>12338 Anti pls we got this, no need to shit your spaghet all over the place. Lolicons are pedos and we should handle this in-house.
Open file (72.59 KB 712x865 ralph.jpg)
>How available are you during the day? I have a flexible schedule due to the plague. >General timezone (don't need to specify down to UTC+X, just state which area of the world you're in) Vermont >Julay account name theCUNTamongus I don't want to get involved with IRC faggotry so I'll use global reports. I just want to delete garbage.
>nobody wants to moderate this flaming garbage pile, except some /cow/ sperg that likely just wants to get back at all those pedophiles posting cartoon children mark wins lol
>>12339 Yeah dude it's pretty obvious your are offended by a drawing. There's this guy called Freud and he explains it better than I can. Basically you are insecure about your opinion so you seek to hurt others in the process. It's just a drawing dude, on the internet, it hurts no one. If you weren't so obsessed with child porn you wouldn't have spammed.
>>12351 >(1)
>>12353 >There's this guy called (((Freud))) and he explains it better than I can But Freud is a fucking hack. He's was just on such a level of peak pseudo-intellectual that he was seen as actually intellectual and gained popularity. The idea of early life experience having a strong effect on a person was no something revolutionary at the time. The idea of accidentally slipping your true intentions, a Freudian slip, was not revolutionary at the time. And he inserted his fucking fetishes into his pseudo-intellectual dribble like wanting to fuck his mother and kill his father. >>12319 >it's bad jim, really bad: >There's a literal cuckchan/a/ pedophile group, and nobody is stopping them. You didn't answer my question at all. Who the fuck is Cassy and what does he have to do with Robi?
>>12365 There's a reason incest is a widely popular fetish.
>>12325 Two people were cited retard. >>12326 >YOU RETARDED FUCKING NORMALNIGGER NIGGER TRANNY SHIT. You lost. >>12351 Mark has mods?
>>12278 >>12280 >>12332 >>12336 >>12339 I know too well, since it can be seen from a fucking mile, that you all are just bait. Or mostly, maybe not all. Probably from the tengureich. But still, just for once, I'll bite, just out of pure spite. When you will understand that a drawing is not a crime. That if ink on paper offends you, then you are the problem. The point here is not what can be drawn, but the implication "drawing>>>>possible crime irl" which is absolutely ridiculous. If you follow this logic, you should ban all for of violence because it makes people violent. Are we really saying that comics like Dylan Dog or horror movies should be banned, or worse people charged of crimes because of them? This is insanity. Keep crying about drawings being real, having feels and about the need to protect them. That is surely the right thing to do, not to actually try to stop REAL child molesters. No no. tl dr. Fuck you, this argument is old af and only used as bait to trigger people. And if you are being unironically offended by drawings then yes, go back. And never come here again.
>>12371 >Mark has mods? Ye. The color cabal from 8Qunny followed him monstly.
>>12374 >When you will understand that a drawing is not a crime. It is a crime. t. Muhammad
>>12376 Can you list'em? I know Pewter, Cole, and himself only, who else?
>>12380 Is Cole Colbalt? If so, then I can't recall the other names. He got at aleast three of them.
>>12374 You typed all of that shit and missed my point completely. I don't know how much more obvious I could make my actual stance. Loli is blatantly pedophillic, that's why it's great. It's not a crime, it's pedophilia, pedophilia isn't a crime either. Sex with children - an act of practicing pedophilia - is illegal. But that's not relevant. And no I don't dislike drawings, I jerk it to loli all the time tbh, you'd be aware of this if you weren't colossal newfags.
>>12388 Also practicing pedophilia shouldn't be illegal either because they can consent tbh.
>>12388 >>12390 >Loli is blatantly pedophillic, that's why it's great. It's not a crime, it's pedophilia No jesus christ it is not. That's was pedos like you say to justify it to yourself. Tell me in which part a drawn loli looks similar to a real kid, body size aside. Not counting the few styles that are made on purpose to look realistic. I am talking about normal anime styled lolis. Who thinks lolis are like pedophilia is who would go out and go after real kids too (like you, since what you typed after this). Which is not my point. I am here just to try enjoying drawings, not to do anything else. >practicing pedophilia shouldn't be illegal either because they can consent tbh I won't even answer to this, because it is objectively wrong. Until a certain age, children are not able to make a decision like this with consciousness of the consequences. Anyway what I said was not for you, was mainly for who keeps answering "fuck off pedo" to who just likes lolis.
>>12400 how new are you? this fuck is a pedo, probably. wonder why there was a sudden of flood of it on /v/, after hanging_flesh more or less made a request for it to be posted, so quickly?
>>12401 Here on Julay, quite. Been mostly a lurker. So I didn't know until he answered. But yeah I was just humoring him now. I want to see his arguments you know.
>>12402 have you been absent during the last few days? the moderation staff here made quite convincing "arguments" lately, so convincing that most people, outside the retarded normalfag /cow/ cabal, already left
>>12403 I missed the last couple of days thanks to stuff to do, yeah. But I know a mass shitshow happened, just didn't know it involved the mods being undercover pedos. Great.
>>12404 Here you go. If you came for /v/, don't bother, it's gone, and even if it comes back, it will be rulecucked, and most likely shut down by yet another rogue BO. Lurk some, and figure out where everyone, including julay refugees, migrated already
>>12405 Well, shit. Guess it is another place gone. Not even gonna bother answering here anymore, see ya somewhere else. Hopefully all this faggotry will die here once and for all.
Open file (33.51 KB 1174x880 See you space cowboy.jpg)
>>12406 Don't worry, same here. Anons never die, we will probably see each other again elsewhere
>>12406 If you liked fat/v/, the fat/v/ board owner just claimed the /v/ on zchan.cc
>>12409 Nice. I'll check it out. Hopefully they'll join the webring.
Open file (1.03 MB 1275x1553 003.png)
Open file (1.29 MB 1275x1553 005.png)
Open file (356.50 KB 723x1000 56751142_p1.jpg)
Open file (829.63 KB 1600x1135 68808748_p1.jpg)
Open file (1.36 MB 1372x2000 80544894_p0.jpg)
>>12400 >body size aside. Pretty much all proportions save for the head, which is overly cartoony, and the hands/feet, which are often poorly drawn. Sure, they lack detail on pores and knees/elbows and such, but so do 99.9% of all anime styled characters. Yet anime homos are still clearly fagshit, even when they look less like real men than lolis look like real children. I used to think like you, but I hadn't actually seen much CP. I avoided it like the plague. Then /v/ was spammed with it the other day and I realized that lolis and real kids look the same if you put a bag on their heads and erase some minor details like knees/elbows that don't have anything to do with sexual attraction in the first place. Take these for example. These are images that on a wide number of occasions are lauded as some of the best works of art by my fellow lolicons. Yet they're only a stones throw away from the appearance of actual kids, those that don't have ugly bodies at least.
>>12400 >it is not Absolutely is, cope. >to justify it to yourself Lmao pure projection, you say its not because you can't cope with being a pedo. Too bad, pedo. >Tell me in which part a drawn loli looks similar to a real kid All of them. Flat chests, limited secondary sexual characteristics. > Who thinks lolis are like pedophilia is who would go out and go after real kids too Ultra broken English, retard. You don't have to go after real kids to be a pedophile, it is the attraction to child bodies and personalities. Which is why you like loli, pedo. >I won't even answer to this, because it is objectively wrong More like because you can't cope with the fact it is true.
>>12412 This is critique I can talk on. Yeah, not gonna deny those are closer to reality. But the main point to prove here was that loli -> automatically a pedo is wrong. Sure, there could be lolicons who also would go that far. But saying ALL are like that, and making lolis the same as CP, is wrong. That is for people like me who wants just cute drawings and nothing more. >>12413 Fuck off. Elaborate like an adult instead of screeching. Keep telling to yourself that liking a drawing is being a pedo, sure. Bye.
>>12332 >>12338 Anons, I never made any stance on the loli question, I just pointed out you were being essjaydoubleU tier retards if you think that a picture of a girl getting raped is quantifiable as real rape, or a picture of a dog is equivalent to a real dog. Is pic related a real chihuahua? Is there a real chihuahua on your screen, right now? In objective, legal terms, would it be called a 'chihuahua' over a 'drawing of a dog'? Calm your tits over your obvious moralfag crusade. If you want my stance, I think it's degenerate, and should rightly be shunned because it acts as a gateway fetish (much like how weed, though legal depending on the municipality, is an obvious gateway) yet at the same time I think it should be legal because, much like Weed and the drugs route, if somebody wishes to remove themselves from the gene pool voluntarily, it means I won't have to do it later when shit hits the fan, and if they ever try to lay a finger on my kid, I'd unironically kill them and be completely innocent. Societal shunning is more than enough of a deterrence, it's the reason why, though technically legal, people don't walk around in transparent clothes or piss and shit on street corners. People aren't fucking robots, they can usually delineate between right, wrong and just punishment without the need of stringent ruling on what is and isn't (((kosher))). However, who is evidently more of a fucking issue are the screeching fucking harpies like you who cannot comprehend a multifacted viewpoint which isn't predicated on external logic which isn't if the person in question is a pedophile or not (much like how somebody can have a stance on the weed question without caring about weed itself). And by you doing this, it gives validation to the people who, like me, don't care about the question itself - but this time want to do anything to bait out more anger (assuming you aren't concern trolling to begin with). These are the same people who would post nigger dicks in /pol/ or gun collections on resetera - Look at you, you've completely derailed a thread about Janitor applications because you cannot stand anybody has a different point of view, to the point you're seeing literal ghosts of arguments that were never made. Fuck off already, get better material.
>>12414 Imagine being this shittershattered because you're a pedo. It's nbd fam, kids are cute af. Just deal with it.
>>12415 tl;dr manlet
>>12415 This too. I won't reply anymore, as this is derailing a thread that is not for this. But the main point is, stop seeing stuff where there is none, faggots.
>>12418 >t. World's most obvious pedophile
Open file (54.92 KB 140x481 addicting.png)
Open file (32.71 KB 179x249 discovered.png)
Open file (37.96 KB 125x260 elementary.png)
Open file (10.85 KB 105x125 Foreheads.png)
Open file (205.53 KB 470x376 gay porn and shota.png)
>>12414 >Sure, there could be lolicons who also would go that far. Go how far? You mean actually seek out pictures of real kids? Seeking out CP is not a requirement of being a pedo. Unless you're talking about pedophilia as a disorder and thus something that must have a negative impact your behavior. >But saying ALL are like that, and making lolis the same as CP, is wrong. It's attraction to the bodies of children, sans the faces. Sexual attraction to the underdeveloped bodies of children is the core of the definition of pedophilia, both in laymens terms and as a paraphilic disorder. That's not to say it's the same as CP, since for obvious reasons that requires real children and thus is illegal. But they are the same at their core, and most lolicons are in denial for obvious reasons. I was until just a short while ago. There's also the conceptual idea of fucking children, which is less core and has somewhat more to do with taboo fetishism, that is common in many loli works that aren't overly silly or have legal lolis. The line in the sand between lolicon and pedo practically vanishes when moving to text only work. I'm thoroughly enjoying the anon mod of Corruption of Champions, but you'd have to practice some pretty strong double think to think you're not a pedo as the game describes Gargoyle's child pussy and undeveloped body. Or probably if you rape those two girls, Lynn and Lara, in Tel'adre, but I haven't done that yet. Another well accepted "loli" game that really muddies those waters and which I've greatly enjoyed is Degrees of Lewdity. I've heard anons talk about how the ATF community has a lot of "genuine pedos" in their text story section in their forums. I have to wonder how true that is. That is, I have to wonder if those "real pedos" are really people that differ from lolicons in that they actively seek real children in some form, or if the idea that those people are "real pedos" comes from the inability to keep up the doublethink on fiction=/=pedo when confronted long detailed text stories of fucking children and no cartoony face as barrier from comparisons to reality.
>>12420 I see where you are going. And I'll give a last reply, because I find myself agreeing to this. My english is not the best, so probably my point hasn't truly come across. What I mean is that, by personal experience, the attraction and appreciation for this sorta bodies ends in the moment where you exit the 2D area. Even in text form, what I imagine is a drawn loli. If we go into realistic fields, or even straight out real bodies, all the attraction for me vanishes, and becomes almost guilt and feel that it is wrong. That is my point. I am sure I am not the only one like this, and that's why I don't like the loli equals being a pedo reasoning. There are a lot more shades in it that a word like pedo can't contain. And I am tired of shitheads yelling at me that I am one when I'd never even touch a real kid, or imagine to.
>>12423 >t. pedophile
Open file (2.85 MB 2000x1244 Toy03.png)
Open file (3.86 MB 2000x1853 Toy207.png)
Open file (3.98 MB 2000x1853 Toy209.png)
Open file (2.71 MB 2000x1167 Toy308.png)
>>12423 I'd say covering the face would probably give you a 50/50 chance of reducing the guilt and raising arousal if you find the illustrations in >>12412 sexually appealing.
>>12425 Being completely honest, not for me. Again, this is a totally subjective statement. But for me it is simply a no no. And this is why I don't like the generalization of this term. Using pedo to call all of them without distinction. Especially in this world where normalfags would yell for jail or worse for stuff like this. See my point? Too subjective, can't go yelling "fuck off pedo" to every lolifag. Simply that.
>>12426 >t. pedophile
Open file (14.67 KB 480x269 Pathetic.jpg)
>discord pony spergs out >discord pony becomes a soundboard >this is who runs this site
>>12427 >t. tripfag
>>12424 >>12427 t. homophile
>>12431 just call him what he is, a pedophile. he was most likely the one who dumped CP when his boyfriend, hanging_flesh, ordered him to, and this is his pathetic damage control. the projection here is off the charts, it's like seeing a doujin tier breakdown in real time
>>12432 Hanging Гунт banned me for posting clothed lgs, schizo.
>>12434 Hanging Гунт banned you for posting low quality garbage
>>12435 >being furious >having shit taste
You're benned. END OF RINE
Open file (4.11 KB 570x42 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12439 >he censored the word "pussy" >this is all it takes to get banned from the epic oldfag irc of julay.world 4chan unironically has better moderation than this shithole, at this point
>>12440 mark, i-is that you?
>>12440 that could be a fancy character your os doesn't have to display
Open file (261.51 KB 729x519 based and pedopilled.png)
>muh cp May the Allah show this retard intelligence, and deprive him of his ignorance, Mashallah.
Open file (105.90 KB 612x612 1428632335001.jpg)
>>12492 >not posting the story associated with it.
>>12492 Cucks and soyface numales use the "muh pedophilia" excuse to try to hide the fact that they can't even get young girls to have sex with them. They are so socially unskilled that they can't impress a little girl.
>>12496 >cant impress a little girl You mean by offering them candy and toys like classic pedophiles?
>>12497 ice cream works better
Open file (402.94 KB 916x568 Nocandy.png)
>>12499 They figure out the candy trick too quick, eh?
>>12496 or, they cry about lolicon the hardest because they are the real pedophiles THE PERFECT CRIME
>>12506 Antipedos are male feminists, age of consent laws are a feminist invention to raise the sexual market value of grannies. They did not exist before feminism. Cope.
>>12523 you sound upset, spergo. have you spammed any boards with certified CP today?
>>12524 Soyboy mad.
>>12529 you didn't deny that you don't have any illegal materials in your possession I can't think of a bigger soyboy than some retard who thinks he's an internet tough guy for posting illegal content over the internet, but I guess you are an expert on being a soyboy, so I will trust your judgement
>>12532 tl;dr baby rager
Open file (79.14 KB 494x720 based and lolipilled.jpg)
>>12496 >nazis are cucks I see you a million miles away, (((federal agent)))
>>12307 Somebody please tell me what the fuck this nigger is talking about?
Open file (237.03 KB 499x271 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12571 allow me, I speak retard it says: >"hunt down the janny"
>>12590 So Cassy was HangingFlesh's RL name or something? Being a female admin would make heck a lot more sense.
>>12596 Yes, that's why I call it Handling Female.
>>12642 Ah, your that butthurt pedoreich spammer that called kimeemaru based. Shoo shoo, off you go TORpeod!
Open file (196.77 KB 1867x724 julay broken.png)
Open file (140.40 KB 1866x319 julay broken01.png)
>>12677 thoughts?
Open file (109.61 KB 495x720 lolitrain2.jpg)
julay /meta/
Open file (12.58 KB 180x180 wkk1.jpg)
>>12681 Ask Cole Lamberson
>>12688 mate, everyone is laughing at how julay trannies are damage controlling itt. I hope you're not one of them, cause you're making them look awfully butthurt and retarded right now, not like you will accomplish much more than this
Open file (25.07 KB 704x396 bamboo-blade02.jpg)
>>12690 >julay trannies Crotch pics, or you keep bsing. Do your civic duty and report all child abuse.
>>12694 so, you took down 8chan, huh? good to know, cause I saw some anon taking screenshots of all your posts there, right before it went down. oops!
>>12701 Wait, where were the backup sites?
Open file (30.71 KB 890x282 fallback.png)
>>12703 Now don't lose this. You have to be sure you know right where to go if julay.world gets taken down.
>>12711 But what about 8ch.Moe?
>>12711 >>12713 Nevermind, it's back up
When will vanwatech get actual DDoS compliant equipment to host both, Jim Watkins's pig pen, and Cole Lamberson's loyalist? Tune in next time, for the next episode of paranoid pedophiles Z!
Open file (406.83 KB 570x489 1368999391460.png)
>>12405 >>12681 >muh tengu >koikike dindu nuffin
Open file (143.21 KB 874x789 touhounanking.jpg)
>>12890 tengu was based and the new /bo/ is an old /2hu/ mod
>>12893 cringe

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